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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 21, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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o "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. tonight, disastrous deal. we make decisions here to throw people out of work. plus the d.c. murder mystery. >> the manhunt for the suspect in a chilling murder case in the nation's capitol that's captivated the country. >> if anyone sees this person, assume he's maybe armed and dangerous. later, the clinlt eton e-mails are out. >> pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail account. >> i did not e-mail any classified material. >> and trouble for scott walker. >> what possible corruption going on in governor walker's job? >> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. we are waiting a press conference from baltimore state attorney marilyn moseby as you get the live shot right now, we expect new information in the case of freddie gray.
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when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. but first, movement on fast track and the transpacific partnership in the senate today. the senate passed a key vote to move forward on fast track. authority from the president of the united states, a vote could come early as tomorrow. fast track then will head to the house where its future is much more uncertain. south dakota senator john thune think some republicans are split on the issue. >> i think we're going to have most republicans voting for it. it's a big problem in the house. some in the house, some in the senate don't want to give this president that authority. we got some who represent states where trade is still problematic for them politically. it's a combination of things but overall, i think you'll see a pretty good vote among republicans and a good number of democrats who support this as well. >> thune was right. there are several different camps on the republican side and several different schools of thought.
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you have those who support fast track and tpp and republicans actually opposed to the issue for all the right reasons, that would be jobs. and then you have republicans who will oppose just about anything to obstruct the president of the united states. this combination could mean a quick death for fast track in the house and meanwhile, nafta, remember that? nafta is causing major problems for bee franchisers and consumers here in america. canada and mexico threaten $2 billion in retaliatory tariffs. it must have a label showing where the beef was produced. world trade organization ruled on monday the requirement violates nafta. this has caused an uproar who demonstrate how free trade can affect u.s. law. house republicans work quickly to repeal the law.
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it could be from brazile or argentina or southeast asia and have no idea where it came from. as montana senator john tester point pointed out, will see that usda seal to see it's american meat and it's not. this comes at a bad time for president obama as he pushes the tpp. senator elizabeth warren has been citing examples after examples, such as origin of labeling suit in her fight against the tpp. she released a report this week showing united states has a terrible track record on enforcing labor laws. let's go to baltimore where marilyn mosby gives us an update on the freddie gray new video on death. >> circumstances surrounding the tragic incident with the death of freddie gray. may 1st our investigation revealed we had sufficient probable cause to bring charges against six police officers. as our investigation continued, additional information has been
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discovered and as is often the case, during an ongoing investigation, charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. these past two weeks, my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that just today returned indictments against all six officers for the following offenses. officer caesar goodson jr., depraved heart. murder. involuntary manslaughter. second degree negligent assault. manslaughter by vehicle and gross negligence. criminal negligence. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner. reckless endangerment. officer william porter. involuntary manslaughter. second degree negligent assault. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding the safety of a prisoner. and reckless endangerment. lieutenant brian rice. involuntary manslaughter.
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second degree negligent assault, misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty for safety of a prisoner and illegal arrest. reckless endangerment. nero. second degree intentional assault. misconduct for illegal arrest. misconduct in office for failure to perform duty regarding safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. office garrett miller second degree intentional assault. misconduct in office for an illegal arrest. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding the safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. sergeant alisha white. second degree negligent assault. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. now that the grand jury has also found probable cause to charge the aforementioned officers based upon the evidence these officers who are presumed innocent until proven guilty are now scheduled to be arraigned on
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july 2nd. thank you. >> state's attorney marilyn mosby at a press conference live in baltimore. joining me now is joy reid national correspondent for msnbc. sufficient probable cause. as the investigation has continued. and she's announcing all six officers have been indicted. >> right. >> let's start at the top, joy. how the maryland criminal justice system works. is it the grand jury is convened an then the charges come much different than most states. >> every state has their own process. in the state of maryland it's a two-step two-step. by the prosecutor which we saw may 1st. once those charges are put forward, a grand jury automatically convenes and the grand jury produces the indictments against the officers and over the course of the process, sometimes as prosecutor mosby just said the charges can actually change somewhat. so we had a set of charges and what we need to now look at is
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the charges we put forward on may 1st to see if there's any differences but we now see the grand jury largely returned indictments that pretty much mirror what the officers were charged with by the prosecutor including the most serious charge which is against officer goodson, the driver of the van, which is second degree depraved heart murder that's the most serious charge. second against brian rice, the head of the fight patrol unit in yellow on the screen. the person the supervisor of the unit has the second most serious charges, involuntary manslaughter and second degree negligent assault and in the charges proceed from there with two sets. first, the bike patrol team. the three officers you see on your screen that actually arrested freddie gray and you heard illegal arrest is now a misconduct charge against some of those officers and then the second set of officers who were the ones in the van who interacted with freddie gray in the van. >> these charges have been revised and of course marilyn mosby who took some criticism for being very aggressive when
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these arrests were made all six have been indicted. everything from assault to misconduct in office to involuntary manslaughter. i mean, this is really serious stuff. now there's new video of the arrest. this has been all part of the investigation that has taken place. but we haven't released, see, she didn't preference the new video. just said new information. >> what that tells us is the new video and the new things that emerged not altered the fact that these officers either by indifference to freddie gray's suffering or arresting him illegally in the first place cause the death of freddie gray. that has not changed. a lot of rumors flying around a lot from within the police department questioning whether or not the charges were appropriate and whether or not the prosecutor believes she has sufficient evidence to prove it. remember, a prosecutor is not supposed to bring charges in a case like this unless they
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believe, have a good faith believe they can actually prove and convict on those charges and essentially heard marilyn mosby saying there was sufficient evidence, anything new that's come forward may have altered a charge here or there and just my quick reading and doing notes, sounds like some charges were slightly altered but the fundamental charges remain. >> if i use the word forceful in his announcement at the podium let's go attorney paul henderson. your thoughts on what you heard from the podium just moments ago from the state's attorney of baltimore, marilyn mosby. >> in addition to the statements she made and the video trying to discern what the distinction is made between what the original charges are and now they've changed. here are my thoughts. so the video in and of itself as it relates to what she charges the individual with raised actually more questions than it provided answers. so at one level, it clarifies
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that the injuries didn't take place at the initial detention because we saw that. we saw he was able. he was able to stand up even though he was crying out and yelling, but we also have the information from the autopsy report indicating that there was a singular injury. so something happened in the van that we still don't know and the reason we know that is looking at the charges that were amended now to address the involuntary manslaughter with a vehicle. right, so that indicates the car was used in some way addressing the most serious charges in all of these officers. i want people to know and understand is that all of this is still stemming from what she is still qualifying as an illegal arrest that should not have been arrested anyway but if he was in the custody of the officers, which we know that he was, they did have a duty of care that extended to him and that's why you have those charges about safeguarding a
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prisoner. because that was not taken care of either and obviously she believes that beyond a reasonable doubt she can prove there's some lcriminal liability to the behavior in the van and whatever they did with him. >> legal analyst, paul henderson with us tonight. joy, how is the community going to respond to this? >> i think the first instance on may 1st when marilyn mosby announced these charges, an incredible calming effect. people were euphoric but also tempering saying we need to see the process go forward. there's been a lot of rumor amongering mongering. the charges can be thrown out, but i think being reaffirmed by a grand jury is going to continue start the hope of people in baltimore resulted as what they see as justice for freddie gray. >> mosby was heavy handed
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called overboard, a word uses. this somewhat vindicates her position. >> what you saw is the medical examiner did return a report saying this was a homicide and the prosecutor proceeded from there. there was some criticism she had the report for a very short time but you have to remember that the prosecutor's office was conducting a parallel investigation at the same time that the police department was conducting its own internal probe. if you look at just the ordinary citizen, typically if someone is arrested, they are charged with a crime. the police actually put forward a police report and there are charges. you can proceed to indictment quickly. it's just when you talk about police officers, it's normally not as quick as it is for a civilian citizen. >> national correspondent joy reid with us tonight. coming up, we'll continue on the fast track of the tpp and later, a new twist in the murder mystery in the capitol. how a pizza plays into the search for a suspect who is reportedly in the new york area. we're right back.
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we are back. fast track scored a victory today in the senate as they passed a key procedural vote to move forward on the legislation which would give the president authority to rubber stamp trade deals without any debate in congress. it would be an up or down vote. a final vote on fast track should come tomorrow in the senate. for more let me bring in senator jon tester of montana. good to have you with us tonight. what has unfollowedded with nafta, the country origin of labeling isn't going to make it. and now you've got the secretary tom vilsack saying the congress has to change this law so the united states can adhere to this trade rule. i know this is big with ranchers and farmers and of course the food industry in this country.
2:17 pm
where do you stand on this senator? >> i mean this is crazy, ed. i mean this is why you need fair trade, not free trade. listen i heard the previous segment we had talked about food being labeled, coming from the united states. and they found that to be illegal. what is wrong with that? it's amazing to me that we're going to let an organization outside of the united states world trade organization tell us that a law that congress passed that was signed by a republican president in 2008 is illegal. that's crazy and it's what's wrong with these trade agreements. they don't allow for countries to be able to do what's right by their consumers and what's right by the american consumer? is tell them where their food is from. it's simple as that. it's not that big a deal. pretty common sense to me. >> senator, this is really unfolding to be a perfect example as to how international trade deals can circumvent a representative government here in america. where you vote on something, it gets signed but really not law
2:18 pm
if there's a trade deal internationally where other countries can come in and dictate to america. what do you think this is going to do to the debate? >> i don't know. it didn't seem to affect the debate much in the senate. what i heard from many of the folks i serve with that this trade agreement wasn't going to impact our laws in this country at all and then presto change-o. country of origin labeling is no longer legal and we throw on $2 billion worth of tariffs if you keep it. it's crazy. and i just i can't believe it. i mean you know, i tell folks at the family farms and ranches are the backbone of this country and it's decisions like this that aren't even made by the united states of america or its people that end up working against us and working against family farms and ranches in this country. >> now country origin of labeling has been in the farm bill since 2008. and this of course is big for food security food protection. and now, where's this going to go? is this going to get ripped out
2:19 pm
of the farm bill or do you think that the vilsack, the ad secretary said you've got to reverse the law to fit the trade deal? this would be a big fight. 92% of the people want country origin of labeling. >> i'm part of the 92%. it's very important. what we've seen is a bill kicked out of the committee to reveal country of origin labeling. i just can't express my dismay with having to live by rules created by somebody outside this country. it doesn't make any sense. and it really doesn't make any common sense. now, people are going to go to the grocery stores. there's going to be no labeling where the country came from. they see the usda inspected seal. it may come from argentina or anywhere and they'll assume it's american beef. we raised the best beef in the world, the best pork in the world. we ought to be able to label it. >> senator jon tester
2:20 pm
appreciate your time. bring in laurie wall director of global trade watch. with us larry cohen, president of indication workers of america. this is exactly what you have been talking about. is this the perfect example of what could happen under tpp? >> unfortunately, it is. and it's not the first time. it's just the latest time that we've seen a trade agreement undermine u.s. or consumer law and in this instance tribunalists in switzerland telling us a republican signed u.s. courts reviewed and said was just fine has to go or else we get slammed with trade sanctions. and that comes on the string of these rulings. we have thrown out the ban. that's not killing dolphins. that's a different trade ruling. we rolled back endanger species
2:21 pm
regulations. we added three years. that's why it's so important for folks to make sure the senate to support fast track. the fight is in the house. >> it is. >> we can stop it. >> right now, there's a mixed bag there of opinion as to how the house vote would go. but to stay on the trade agreement for a moment mr. cohen, how are we going to enforce labor laws overseas? this is the second part of the story. we keep being, we're told by the administration and the president that there are new enforcement provisions in here that will be unlike any other trade agreement we've had in the past. your thoughts on that? >> sadly, it's not true. there's no evidence that human rights organizations anywhere in the tpp universe have been talked to at all. we spend a lot of time working with allies in mexico.
2:22 pm
i was there recently. no conversations at all about tpp and human rights in mexico. i saw the pictures of 43 dead young men on reforma and people demanding to know what's happening to them. human rights is worse than ever in mexico and telling some secret trade deal is going to improve it. it doesn't work whether it's in the united states, mexico vietnam, or any of the other nations. >> so, laurie how do you see this enforcement provision that would be any different? >> ed the problem is not just hasn't the obama administration not enforced but a question about enforceability. so as you've pointed out, the investor state tribunals, where the corporations can go and enforce their tpp rights they can go there and basically, boom. suddenly the u.s. government has to pay them cash dollars from
2:23 pm
all of us taxpayers because they don't want to meet our laws but under the rules, even the ones that we know the obama administration is putting in to the tpp, which are based on rules in the bush administration last four trade agreements, you have just at the end of last year a government accountability office study where they actually reviewed for one of those agreements five years. >> yeah. >> in practice hadn't made a darn difference. >> oerkkay. finally, mr. cohen, the vote in the house. will those who oppose this hold their ground or is the pressure going to be too great on some of them? >> right now, we're gaining ground. the millions of citizens across the country, labor, environmental, immigrants faith-based groups students i was in iowa state saturday. i was amafzed the breadth of this coalition across the country not only holding firm it's growing. so they're in a rush job and we're mobilizing everywhere. we're going to win in the house.
2:24 pm
i'm confident today, senate vote exceeded expectations. >> laurie wallach larry cohen. thank you so much. hillary clinton benghazi e-mails go public. next new information on the lead-up to this week's oil spill on the california coast. stay with us. we're right back with "the ed show." york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices. and saving money helps you buy... (laughs happily) more tennis balls. sentry® fiproguard® plus - available at these retailers. show." more on the cleanup effort on the coast of santa barbara, california. oil spill was on tuesday. estimated 150. roughly 8,000 gallons of crude has been raked or skimmed off the surface of the water. nbc's kirk hawkins has the latest. a state of emergency along the scenic southern california coast is now worse than expected. the u.s. coast guard says as much as 105,000 gallons of oil
2:28 pm
may have reached the ocean in santa barbara. >> clean-up doesn't occur overnight. it's long process. california jerry brown declaring the state of emergency to free up additional resources. >> we will do everything necessary to clean california's coastline. >> reporter: investigators work into the possibility of criminal charges, environmentalists say it's too soon to tell how it will affect other birds and animals. >> this is one of the worst places to have an oil spill. >> reporter: federal record shows the texas plains company responsible for the pipe had 171, more than three times the national average. >> we are committed to continuously improve our safety and excellence program across all of the plains. >> reporter: two state beaches are now closed for memorial day
2:29 pm
weekend. a race to clean up the coast that makes this area a popular vacation destination. stay with us here on "the ed show." we'll have new clues about the d.c. murder mystery and the suspect's connection to new york city right after this. we're right back. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks end mostly flat. dow is up a fraction. the s&p adds 5 points. the nasdaq climbs by 19 points. filings for new jobless claims jump last week. climbing by 10,000 to 274,000 even with the big gain claims are still near multiyear lows. home resales were unexpectedly weak last month. existing home sales dropping more than 3% missing expectations for a 1% increase. and shares of hewlett packard are rallying after its latest earnings report. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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show." the search continues for a man suspected of killing three members of washington, d.c. family and housekeeper. the house was set on fire. authorities are looking for 34-year-old darren dylan windt in the murder of three members of savopoulos family and their housekeeper. police were able to identify windt after seeing the pizza crust in the house. the pizza delivered on may 13th the day before the victims were discovered. authorities say windt may now be in the brooklyn/new york area. they consider him armed and very dangerous. nbc's brian moore has the details. >> reporter: a week after a wealthy washington family and their housekeeper were found
2:34 pm
dead in a burning home near the vice presidential mansion, police announced a break in a case that's shaken the nation's capitol. >> the metropolitan police department seeks darren dylan windt, black male 5'7" in height weighing approximately 155 pounds. >> reporter: windt's last known location was brooklyn, new york. police sources say the big break from dna found on a piece of pizza where the housekeeper were all killed. >> it does not appear this was a random crime. there is a connection through the business of the suspect. >> reporter: streesmysteriously asked
2:35 pm
for $40,000. they believe the family was bound and threatened for a day in what one official calls an act of evil. >> joining me is rahemaellis. why do they believe he's in the new york area? >> reporter: i should tell you i'm standing just across the street from the 69th precinct. we believe inside that precinct is a girlfriend of the suspect and that's why they believe he's in this area. there was reportedly a sighting of wint in the brooklyn area last night. authorities believe he may have taken a bus to this area and may have spent a night with this girlfriend and that's why authorities are questioning him. there is some talk she was convincing him to turn himself in the family in maryland would like very much for him to turn himself in and that's what has brought us here to the section of brooklyn because brooklyn is a very large part of new york city. it's a couple of million people
2:36 pm
who live here and if not for the connection of having a girlfriend here, it would be a very wide area for authorities to search. that is what led us here. again, a connection with a girlfriend. someone apparently who knows him and now police are questioning her. authorities say she is not under arrest but is just someone they hope to get information from that could lead them to the suspect. >> nbc's rahima ellis from brooklyn. thank you. let's turn to karen desoto, professor of political science at new jersey city university. dna, pizza crust. put it together. >> this is amazing. touch dna, a relatively new technique, actually been used in high-profile cases before which ramsey for one. it's interesting because usually in regular dna testing and since the mid 1990s, we've gone through a few generations of dna
2:37 pm
testings but touch dna, they can analyze one or two cells of shedded skin or cells. whereas you would need 15 to 20 in the regular kind of dna. so this technique which i'm assuming they used on the saliva in this case is extraordinary. the technology is amazing. the fact they were able to do that and it wasn't burnt in the fire is quite a good thing. >> this is a big break for investigators. >> it's a huge break for investigators because that dna obviously, if he's in the database which apparently he was, now in many states and under federal law since 1999 if you are incarcerated in a federal prison or if you're in a state that collects database you go into the system. and therefore, if you ever do anything and there's a sample they can simply run it through that system which in fact they did here. i know it was reported that he was arrested for burglary. there was a second degree assault charge. he was in the system and now
2:38 pm
this is dna tracking is a very controversial area of the law. >> what do you make of the fact authorities have not ruled out there may be other people involved? >> usually in home invasions, it's usually not just one person. usually there's one or two people, especially when you have multiple people that are in the house to begin with. one person couldn't overpower a dad and mom against a son. usually there are two or three people involved in these home invasions and i'm thinking because this was a mansion, because this was a wealthy family i'm sure he has partners in crime and it's unfortunate but now we know who possibly one suspect is you could start going through the investigation. see who he did time with in the jail cell and the other little indicators that give you that big break. >> now the dna, back to that for a moment. certainly a big break as you say but someone had to deliver the pizza. >> of course. >> there's an eyewitness. can we assume that? >> not necessarily. if there were instructions saying i'm going to take a shower leave it at the front door. but the other piece of evidence
2:39 pm
that's very interesting is that were they dead already? how long were they in the house? who paid? did they leave money on the front porch and say i'll leave you a 20 on the front porch, leave the pizza? there could be a lot of additional clues correlated to that as well. >> karen desoto, thank you for your time tonight. appreciate it. still to come riding high in the polls in iowa but new details about his economic record could derail his presidential ambition. stay with us. we're right back. y? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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hillary clinton's e-mails released today. we'll talk about that next with democratic strategist bob from the american conservative unit. we're back. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. show." thanks for watching tonight. this morning, the new york times released 349 pages of hillary clinton's private e-mails from her time as secretary of state. the first batch of e-mails offer a glimpse into the exchange of information surrounding the 2012 attack in benghazi. the documents show clinton's personal e-mail account had
2:44 pm
information the government calls sensitive, but not classified. sensitive information included the location of state department officials in libya. clinton also received and passed along numerous memos about the situation in libya from sidney blumenthal a long time friend of the clintons an employee of the clinton foundation. blumenthal was barred from serving in the state department by the obama white house. the new york times reported earlier this week much of the intelligence passed on by blumenthal appears to have come from a group of business associates he was advising as they sought to win contracts from the libyan transitional government. while these e-mails don't support republicans' wider benghazi conspiracy theories they raise questions about blooul blumenthal's involvement. mr. salath you first tonight. clearly, blumenthal has been a friend of the clintons for
2:45 pm
years. there's been a long association there. he took the information from blumenthal who was a trusted friend but not a public or should i say government official. how do you see that? >> i think, look elected officials and their advisors get information from a wide array of people. i think the problem with mr. blumenthal is he's been a political advisor to hillary clinton, clearly advising her on politics and had business before the state department. he wanted to get approval for a deal that had to get some kind of state department approval in libya. that deal did not occur or happen for him but once again, with the clintons when you talk about the clintons in office it always comes down to business deals as well for the wide array of people who come with them. i think this is more troublesome news for hillary clinton. >> bob shrum, how do you read it? >> when you look at the new york times story, what the administration was saying and what secretary of state clinton was saying is true.
2:46 pm
there's a fog of war. people didn't know quite what had happened originally. was it a spontaneous demonstration? was it an al qaeda or al qaeda connected plot? which is what sidney wrote the second that he wrote the e-mails. secondly sidney is a very substantive person. man, i got to tell you, he is not just a political advisor. he's a very smart guy and he knows a lot about policy. number three, i think if this is what the republicans have and they go down this road they're not going to get anywhere. we've been going through this for a month and a half and at this point hillary clinton hasn't been hurt at all. she's leading republicans by pretty good margins. they've been doing this for 23 years to the clintons. how's it worked out? >> well, matt schlepp, is this the smoking gun? >> there probably was interesting information and we're never going to read it. most likely the state where
2:47 pm
we're not going to learn something that's dramatic or smoking gun. but it goes down to the main facts. congress investigated this two, three, four times and we never knew about an e-mail server and this investigation with terry, we found out about a server. found out there's lots of e-mails and deleted a lot of e-mails. until hillary clinton puts all this on the table and i think she said she wants it on the table, it would be to her interest to put it on the table and answer all the questions of all the reporters, she is not going to get beyond this. >> bob shrum, you don't think blumenthal's involvement changes the dynamic at all? wouldn't you think the republicans want to subpoena blumenthal and get in front of the committee and find out what he knew and communicated? >> sure they're going to subpoena him. and just as he was subpoenaed during the investigation in the monica lewinsky scandal and i don't think it's going to get them anywhere.
2:48 pm
matt contradicts himself. he said, this is really bad for clinton. all this business stuff going on and no evidence that the business was connected with anything he wrote to hillary clinton and at the same time -- >> it was in libya. the business was in libya. >> she deleted everything. she deleted everything that would have been embarrassing. why didn't she delete these? i think she's telling the truth. she deleted personal e-mails. turned all this over to the state department. now gone to the committee and obviously in "the new york times". >> it only went to committee after congress looked at it a couple times already. she looks like she's stone walling bob. i'm not yelling, i'm just laughing at the idea sidney bloomblew men that will blumenthal had no connection. >> sending these e-mails to her, i think they are old friends and he does give her advice. >> let me jump in there. let me jump in there.
2:49 pm
i'll give you the fact that when you are in office you should get advised from a wide array of forces including your friends but his sources in these e-mails were his business associates who he was putting in front of the state department as legitimate folks in libya. he was credentializing them and the business side by acting like they had the right information. >> they did. by the way turned out they did the second day he sent her a memo saying that his sources told him that this was a preplanned attack. not a spontaneous demonstration. so we've got to look at this. >> we have to leave it there, gentlemen. this is a third of the 850 e-mails that are expected to be released. bob shrum, matt schlepp. good to have you with us. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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finally tonight, scott walker is leading the polls in iowa, but he's carrying some serious baggage. the governor is already dealing with a probe into possible illegal ties with his 2012 campaign and conservative groups, but wisconsin democrats have now called for a federal investigation into his privatized wisconsin economic development corporation. walker started the agency after making big promises during his 2010 governor's campaign. >> 250,000 new jobs. that's my goal. 250,000 new jobs by the end of
2:54 pm
our first term in office. >> is this a campaign promise, something you want to be held to? >> absolutely. >> 250,000 is my floor, not my ceiling. i think it's at least 250,000 jobs. >> good goal but he came up short. wisconsin added under 128,000 jobs during scott walker's first term as governor. his development corporation had control of millions of taxpayers' dollar. the wisconsin economic development corporation lost track of their finances quickly. the deal at the center of the inquiry is a $500,000 loan to a construction company issued by the wedc. no jobs were created and no money was paid back. the loan came after the owner of the construction company dropped $10,000 into walker's 2010 campaign. the governor said he had no knowledge of the loan although a 2011 letter that walker received says otherwise. walker pulled the plug on the wisconsin economic development corporation after the state
2:55 pm
audit determined his agency was basically not producing. now walker must answer serious questions about the privatization disaster and alleged political favors. joining me tonight, wisconsin state representative, peter barka. also with us, ruth connif editor in chief of the progressive magazine. great to have both of you with us. mr. barker, was there not any oversight of wdec? what happened here? >> well we're trying to find out, ed. in fact, they've been stonewalling us on providing records. senator watts and i, we sit on the board as democratic legislators and board members have requested a copy of all the records connected with this group. in fact, the other part that's so incredible is that these loan documents are missing. and, you know, it smacks of some sort of a cover-up or perhaps, equally worse, maybe they never did do any underwriting -- >> you mean to tell me --
2:56 pm
>> slush fund at least $500,000. >> you mean there's a $500,000 loan out there and there's no records of it? >> they indicated they could not find the records in the documentation. now, we've asked for that and we've also asked ed what other liabilities can there be, how many other unsecured loans did they give. and how many loans that their underwriters raise issues about did they still give? and they won't turn over the records. >> ruth connif how much of a problem is this? >> well walker has been trying to stay a step ahead of this disaster. this agency he created, privatizing job creation in wisconsin, making himself the chair of this board, the flag shiv economic agency it's been a disaster. as you pointed out, it hasn't created the jox than it was supposed to. it created about 8,000, we loss 13,000. it's a net loss. giving money to cronies, campaign contributors spending money willy-nilly, not tracking loans, not tracking job creation. what he's saying now is he
2:57 pm
doesn't want anymore of these loans to go out. he said that because this news was about to break. said it on a friday the news broke on a sunday. and he's also said it was a mistake when he proposed that this agency be except from disclosure. so this agency, which is sort of the last agency you could imagine you would a want to keep things secret was under walker's proposal, not going to have to disclose any of the information that we now know that peter barker is talking about. >> is it clear, did the government know about the loan? >>well, it's not clear what he knew and when he knew it, he is chairman of the board, though. so he obviously has far more access to records than the rest of us. i would assume as chairman he knew of every loan that was sent out. in fact, he was cc'd on a loan document or a form that indicated this loan was made. now, his office is claiming he never received that letter despite the fact that he cc'd. >> so mr. barca, tell me about
2:58 pm
what you're requesting. a federal investigation by who? >> well we've asked the attorney general and our two u.s. attorneys in wisconsin to have an independent investigation. i mean clearly, the borrower defrauded the wedc agency because they did not check off a boxencumbrance encumbrances. and that's required. and the agency itself should have caught this. a cursory review of looking at ccap or other legal services should have found this out, because he was in deep legal trouble and had issues in oklahoma, where he had indicated he was going to use the wisconsin money to pay off this deal in oklahoma. which, of course that's not what the wisconsin taxpayers want their money to be used for. they want to create jobs in wisconsin. so we've asked the u.s. attorney to look at these issues analyze the fact that we have missing documentation, and find out, is there, perhaps, even corruption going on that you have
2:59 pm
pay-for-play, because it's so suspicious that he gets the maximum contribution, which at that time, only had 32 people max out to him for governor, his first race and just a short time thereafter, his campaign manager and his top aide met with the secretary of wdec and he indicated, the secretary, he thought it was a fairly shaky deal but because the secretary pushed him, it appears that's why he made it. >> ruth are the republicans having the back of walker right now in wisconsin? >> you know the republicans have had it with walker in wisconsin. and they will say this privately, though, not publicly. walker is running for president and he is leaving a big mess behind him in the state of wisconsin. so, he has taken an ax to our flagship university system a tremendous university system. he's voucherizing the entire public system in wisconsin. we are second only to alabama in per-student cuts, which has been a top-tier school system. and this job corruption agency
3:00 pm
is a corrupt mess. people have had it and they're ready to say good-bye. >> so we can get hillary's e-mails but can't get the loan papers from government walker. great to have both of you with us tonight. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton begins right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. we start the breaking news indictments in the freddie gray case. the announcement comes almost three weeks to the day, at a time's attorney marilyn mosby first announced charges against six baltimore police officers. within the last hour she had another announcement. a grand jury has returned indictments on most of the charges. >> east pass two weeks, my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that just today returned indictments against all six officers. these officers who are


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