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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 22, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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duggars on these things and see -- i see my faith as completely congruent with my political views. if anything the charge that my faith gives me to be kind to others fits in exactly with my progressive liberal causes. >> anna marie cox, thank you so much for your time and thoughts as well. thanks it for us. "the ed show" is next. good evening, americans, welcome to the ed show. live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! tonight, the blame game. >> when it comes to blaming people about iraq the person i blame is barack obama, not george w. bush. >> isis was created by barack obama. >> i believe this president has committed presidential plal practice in his foreign policy. plus a bombshell report. >> the duggars pea's oldest son josh is now apologizeing after reports he was once investigated on child molestation claims. >> later, captured. >> a suspect is in custody in
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that murder mystery in the nation's capital. >> many people are asking investigators as well, what was the motive. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. republican presidential hopefuls are turning the tables. they're trying to rewrite history on iraq. many americans obviously concerned seeing isis taking ground in iraq and syria. although republicans are using this as an opening to attack the president. on thursday it all started with rick santorum. he had this to say. >> we look at the problems that are confronting this country around the world and you look at isis for example. isis was created by barack obama. >> that's a stretch. republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is making similar claims. jeb's had some pretty tough days especially last week after finally saying that he would not have invaded iraq. now jeb bush is slamming president obama for the way he's been handling isis in iraq. here's bush earlier today.
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>> leading from behind is not a foreign policy. think about it. as isis continues its march to create a caliphate, taking over ramadi growing in its influence in syria and also spawning other forms of islamic terrorism, not just in iraq and syria but around the world, leading from behind is not a policy. >> so what are we witnessing here? well that is the republican sales pitch as of late. president obama is leading from behind. we've heard it before. the president has been taking the fight to isis in a very smart way, in a way the american people seem to go along with. air strikes and tactical operations have absolute sli ramped up pressure on isis. last weekend u.s. special forces killed a senior isis commander. americans don't have the appetite for boots on the ground in another war in iraq. the president campaigned on getting america out of a failed mission in iraq. the american people knew exactly
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what they were getting whether they voted for president obama -- an end to all of this. now the iraq war was based on faulty intelligence from the bush administration. don't let jeb bush fool you. you know the old saying you can't get fooled again. his brother is responsible for the rise of isis. ousting saddam hussein from power created the vacuum for isis to take hold. and keep in mind the republicans have short-term memory loss on this issue. the united states was unable to come to a service forces agreement with iraq a security forces agreement with iraq. so far, jeb bush has been careful about criticizing george w. bush's presidency. that changed thursday with these comments. >> i think that in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. i think that he could have used the veto power. he didn't have line item veto power but he could have brought budget discipline to washington, d.c. >> yeah too much money on war
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and it was off budget until the democrats got the house in 2006. now a 2013 study from harvard revealed that the iraq war could end up costing taxpayers $4 trillion. the facts are against republicans on this issue. there's no doubt about it. republicans are trying to cover their historical tracks with a bad development called isis? it's an interesting political tactical move. but the bottom line is that we could not come to a special services security skragreement because immunity was not going to be available for american soldiers and this country not going to be to pull the american soldiers in an arena of vulnerability. who would do that? the american people weren't for it. get your cell phones out. want to know what you think. tonight's question -- do you trust jeb bush to be commander in chief? for more let me bring in former admiral joe sestak a former
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pennsylvania congressman who is now running for senate. thanks for being here. does this political rhetoric match the reality on the ground of what has unfolded? >> no it doesn't. that's the shame. i can remember having the carrier battle group, 30 ships, of which only ten were united states ships, as we were doing the air strikes into afghanistan. i was told to take this battle group through the straits of hormuz into the persian gulf so we might begin an early running start to the war. only the british and the australians came with us. rest of the world did not. we went into this where we divided our forces it away from afghanistan into iraq. people didn't even understand the difference between the shia and a sunni. for anyone to have thought that leaving 10,000 troops after that tragic misadventure within iraq where would they would have been
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subject to iraqi potentially shia law, we could never do that to our service members. we broke it like general powell said. we broke it and these splinter groups are the result of our going into iraq. >> the republicans are blaming president obama because we're still not there. just a refresher course here. the bottom line is we could not come to a service forces agreement, a security agreement with the iraqis because it would have put our forces in a very legally vulnerable position. is that right or wrong? and explain it. >> that is absolutely right. if you remember president bush initially said all troops out by 2011. then president obama worked assiduously to see if we might leave 10,000 or so there. but once we knew that they would be subject, our members there, to their law. he said one other issue here. if 150,000 troops in iraq could not make maliki stop going after
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the sunnis there, what makes anyone think that we could have controlled maliki going after the sunnis as he did, with only 10,000 troops there? no. the absence of the ability to keep maliki to take care of his own country, are we to go in and remain there because they won't take care of their own problems? absolutely not. >> so congress plan moving forward and looking at the way we are handling this the american people have no appetite for boots on the ground. number one, we can't afford it. we have a hard time taking care of the veterans the way it is. post traumatic stress disorder is another issue in itself. it is breaking the bank. we're increasing military funding again in the next budget. but the country has to be moved to do this. is president obama doing what he's doing strategically because it's what the public will accept? or because it is the right thing to do and the most effective way to fight isis? your thoughts. >> i think the president is now
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doing the right thing. but, ed i did say on this show that a year ago from this past february isis was within 60 miles of baghdad. and i think we were slow to respond to that until the following august. that said where artillery from the sky, aircraft are being the artillery that's needed as we train the kurds, over time to come south and the baghdad forces to come from the east is the correct way to do it. will there be some special forces? absolutely. when we take that laser that special force has to get the head of isis we don't want to hand that over to some sunni or shia where they may turn on each other. because remember this is a government that can't yet take care of itself. and to spend more blood on the ground of our national treasure our men and women, if they can't do it themselves from the ground is not worth it. >> admiral joe sestak
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appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. let me bring in ambassador joe wilson and also caroline mechanical man hell helman. does this bush have any more credibility? >> no. he has the same advisors who skewed the intelligence to make case for war in the first place. they're now skewing facts to make themselves look good and avoid any sort of accountability whatsoever. i might add mr. bush likes to say that he likes his parents. we're going to to get over that. inlike his parents, too. i'm over that but i'm not over him and he should not be our president. >> aren't we getting a replay here from jeb bush? he says he wouldn't have invaded iraq. but moving forward right now with his criticism of president obamand a and the way he's handling
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isis doesn't that lead us to believe he would be enthralled put pentagon troops on the ground which the american people don't want? what about that? >> i think he and in fact a number of the other candidates have got these neoconservatives on their foreign policy advisory staffs. for these neoconsciouservatives, it really is how many arabs are you going to kill today, tomorrow and the next day? they got us into the war in the first place. they refuse to take any responsibility in the first place. they want to double down kill sunni, kill shia be, kill extremists, kill anybody they can find. it is insanity. >> professor, this seems to be a political quagmire for the republicans ot this point. they are trying to get it right on iraq they are trying to get it right on isis. but there's only so much the american people will accept when it comes to a full-throated
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military effort. what do you make of this rhetoric? what's the end game for republicans politically here? >> i think they're in a very bad position because president obama's surgical strikes against isis are actually quite popular. as we know 7 out of 10 americans support them. so republicans don't really have a way of differentiating themselves from the democrats at this point in time going into the 2016 election when it comes to foreign policy that they usually own. they're doing crazy things. like saying hey, i lit my neighbor's house on fire but now i'm going to be critical about the way that the firefighters are putting out the fire. they've got us into this. no doubt about it. it is a very unpopular war at this point. 7 out of 10 americans think it was a bad idea to go in. they have no place to go with foreign policy so they're lashing out with what is unarguably a lie that president obama got us into this mess. he simply did not. >> so as far as the republican
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candidates are concerned, what's your prediction on it? is it going to be the one who outrights the right to get the nomination or to get a foot in on all of this? and is national security going to be again one of their biggest topic and only topic because they've really failed on domestic in many regards? >> i think they're in a bad position with foreign policy as well because president obama's approach is so popular at this point in time. as much as they want to rewrite history we don't have amnesia for things that happened ten years ago. the american public knows president bush got us into this war under false pretenses which people like ambassador wilson were ready to expose as well as other experts at the time. we haven't forgot about that. they are in a very -- republicans are in a very bad position in terms of foreign policy going into this election especially since hillary clinton is the big dog when it comes to foreign policy. which typically that's republican but in this election hillary clinton has that advantage. so i think they're in a corner domestically and i think they're in a corner whether it comes to
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foreign policy. >> ambassador wilson what is the diplomatic solution here if there is one? when you're dealing with such an ideologically bent and religiously bent isis group? i means there a diplomatic effort that would bring us to a conclusion? >> i don't think the republicans are trying to get right on iraq. i think the republican rhetoric is telling american people that if you elect us we're going to go back militarily into the middle east. that is not a diplomatic solution. a diplomatic solution requires we work with the neighbors, the people in the neighborhood who are most affected by this extremist group. and i would limit any sort of military action to the sort of strikes that we're doing now. i would increase the humanitarian effort. i would increase the effort to ensure that this violence
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doesn't spill any further over into jordan or into other places southern turkey or other neighboring countries. try and contain it and try and work with those in the neighborhood to see the extent to which we could work together to extinguish this conflagration of extremism in the region. other than that there isn't a whole lot we can do. the government in baghdad is shia dominated. they send their militias out. they kill sunni on the ground as well as the sunni extremists. there's no love lost between them. in addition to having this isil problem, you've got a civil war that is bubbling away there. there's very little we can do except to maybe make things worse and make ourselves everybody's enemy. nobody is happy -- nobody becomes friends of ours because we intervene on one side or the other. >> ambassador joe wilson, professor caroline heldman,
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appreciate your time. answer tonight's question at pulse.msnbc/ed. we'll have the results after the break. coming up disturbing allegations against a reality tv star. we'll look at how the party of family values is reacting to the josh duggar bombshell. and later, jeb bush shuns, again, climate science. we're right back. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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numbers are coming in. here's where we stand on tonight's poll -- do you trust jeb bush to be commander in chief? 11% of you say yes. 89% of you say no. no no not jeb as commander in chief. can't do it. lots more coming up on "the ed show." we'll be right back. t vision
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and integrity, confidence inspiration and passion. pitching wedge. thanks phil. and always having the courage to take your best shot. see the best of the best at the kpmg women's pga championship.
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we are back on "the ed show." we have shocking developments tonight on a television famous family. the old eszest son in the duggar family featured on tlc reality show "19 kids and counting" has allegedly been involved in child molestation. yesterday josh duggar issued an apology and quit his job at the conservative lobbying group the family research council. nbc's erica hill has the story. >> reporter: the headlines are shocking. josh duggar accused of child molestation. in response the now-27-year-old father of three issued a statement which reads, in part 12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcusably for which i am extremely sorry and deeply regret. i hurt others including my familiar and close friends. >> most people come in and say -- >> reporter: the incidents occurred in 2002 just before family began filming its first tv special, "14 children and
2:20 pm
pregnant again." >> 14 children is unusual. >> reporter: police records obtained by "in touch" magazine which were destroyed thursday by request by an arkansas court show josh duggar was accused of repeatedly molesting five under age girls. some touched inappropriately during the night while the victims were "sleeping." apatientsly the victims were sleeping in a common room at this time. >> wow. it has been very busy. >> reporter: those same records also state josh's father jim bob, knew about the incidents but waited more than a year before contacting authorities. nbc reached out to both josh and jim bob but neither responded to our request for comment. in a separate statement posted on their facebook page jim bob and michelle duggar called this one of the most difficult times of our lives and went on to say he made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. investigation was open in 2006 paf a caller contacted producers from the oprah winfrey show who in turn contacted the department
2:21 pm
of human services. i sat down with the duggars earlier this month before any of these allegations were made public. that interview was for a special that aired tuesday on tlc. >> we do -- we do plan to stick with -- >> reporter: josh's wife anna who's pregnant with the couple's fourth child shared josh shared his "teenage mistakes" two years before the couple became engaged. >> the family research council released a statement saying that they believe josh duggar's resignation "is the best decision for josh and his family at this time. we will be praying for everyone involved." effective immediately tlc has pulled all episodes of "19 kids and counting" from the air. joining me tonight, wayne beeson radio host and executive director of "truth wins out." good to have you with us tonight. your thoughts on the parents knowing and not coming forward. what does this mean? >> i think it is obscene.
2:22 pm
particularly for the daughters. they had to watch their brother get up on stage and slither around the country and get standing ovations for family values groups and they knew what happened and the parents allowed this to happen. in terms of the family research council, this isn't the only example we have. there is another individual christopher doyle, who works direct lip with the family research council who admits having sex with the little girls in his mother's day care. and yet he's there working hand in hand with the family research council. so it doesn't seem that protecting children is a high priority for this family values group. >> well what does it mean now that the show has been pulled? is it over? is it over for this reality show? is tlc really in an untenable position in the wake of all of this? >> it seems tlc will give a show to any undesireable who bring flz a script.
2:23 pm
we've seen other shows which are morally reprehensible. i think they'll pull it now and see if other shoes drop. if they do they'll probably keep it off the air. if not, maybe they'll go forward with this. they don't seem to have a very high standard of broadcasting at tlc. >> well josh duggar was an activist. he campaigned against antidiscrimination to order to protect "the well being of women and children," as he puts it. what's your response to that? >> it absolutely makes me sick. i've seen him before speak at these family values conferences because i monitor them. it's two-faced blue-nosed hypocrisy at its worst. here's someone going around saying you live this way and you live that way, and i'm better than you, i'm a paragon of morale. when in fact if you look at what he did, he's a moral degenerate. i think it is absolutely appalling with be especially with lis attacks on lgbt
2:24 pm
community community, transgender people of late, and he's got these skeletons in his closet. a pew research poll came out i believe it was a week ago that said a lot of people are turning away from religion particularly christianity. i think it goes directly to these two-faced hypocrites like the duggars and the family research council who have been the worst thing to ever happen to religion. i think particularly for young people they see what's going on and say we don't want any part of this! >> you don't have to look very far on the internet to see this guy pictured with every conservative who's in the national spotlight. he has endorsed conservatives like mike huckabee who defended him today, by the way. and also rick santorum. he defended him in the past. are these endorsements harmful at this point or is this going to be another one of of these, well, kick it under the rug, pay no attention to it he had problems and let's move on. why did mike huckabee -- why did
2:25 pm
he ra is to forgive josh duggar today? i mean there a he so much here. >> i think this is going to hurt mike huckabee. i think he has a good personal reason to defend josh duggar. his own son was rocked by allegations of hanging a dog. and which is awful. and speaks to not the best parenting. so of course he wants to seek forgiveness for somebody else's child who has done reprehensible things because he a he seen that in his own family. i do think this is going to harm mike huckabee especially also in light of his hucksterism when it came to selling that fake diabetes cure. people are going to start look being at huckabee and saying this guy lass based his entire campaign on morality who is this man? what does he stand for and what really is his morality? >> okay. wayne beeson appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, ed. still ahead -- arrests are made in the murder of a washington, d.c. family. as the tpp makes progress in
2:26 pm
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it's covered by most health plans. welcome back to "the ed show." man suspected of killing three members of a prominent washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper is under arrest tonight. daron dylon wint and five others were taken into custody last night following a traffic stop in d.c. authorities found $10,000 in cash in one of the vehicles stopped. and wint appeared in d.c. superior court earlier today. he has been charged with first degree felony murder while armed. authorities are now saying wint may not have acted alone. nbc's has the latest. >> reporter: 34-year-old daron dylon wint was captured in a war along with three others in the washington, d.c. area. earlier in the day investigators traced cell phone records toen wint's girlfriend in new york,
2:30 pm
but she told police he had already left and was back in d.c. after wint was spotted at a maryland hotel, more than a dozen officers followed wint's car and a box truck traveling with him. moments later wint passengers in the car and the driver of the truck were all taken into custody without incident. wint has been charged with four counts of first degree murder in the brutal killings of the savopouloses and their housekeeper. >> this guy probably didn't buy pizza for the people that he's torturing. he got it for himself so they were able to find the dna. >> reporter: wint also has a history with the family. he and his family both worked at american iron works where salve vop savopoulos was the ceo. the family released a statement today thanking it law enforcement saying "while it does not abate our pain, we hope it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and to our city."
2:31 pm
a city and family still in shock as the investigation into the quadruple murders continues. >> still ahead on "the ed show," jeb bush's arrogant anticlimate change stance and how it could impact national security. stay tuned. we're right back. i'm josh lipton with your cnbc market wrap. stocks end lower across the board. the dow falls 537 points. the off four. talks between microsoft and break down without a deal. the news sent microsoft shares down 1 % while salesforce shares ended up nearly 3%. shares of heavy equipmentmaker deere rose 4% after its earnings beat estimates. however, revenue fell short. that's it from the cnbc first in
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we are back on "the ed show." earlier this week president obama said denying climate change endangers our national security. former florida governor jeb bush responded with this. >> for the people that say the science is decided on this is just really arrogant to be honest with you. it is thissen intellectual arrogance that now you can't have a conversation about it even. >> well former governor bush you don't have to be a scientist to know climate change puts our military readiness in danger. all you have to do is go to my hometown of norfolk, virginia. >> the pentagon says that climate change poses an increasing set of risks to our national security. >> it threatens homes, businesses and even our military. >> the base could become
2:36 pm
unusable. >> there's a lot at stake. >> reporter: norfolk, virginia is the home of the world's largest naval station. their infrastructure is crucial to military readiness. >> home to about 75 ships, 200 aircraft, a large training and maintenance and logistics infrastructure to support those forces. sea level rise impacts the ability of the base to carry out its mission. >> the folks can't get to the base. >> the land is sinking and the other reason is the water's rising. the ocean's warming up and expanding. >> the gulfstream pushes water up against virginia more so than anywhere else on east coast. so we're getting the triple whammy. >> before we would see flooding during an actual tropical storm or hurricane. but now we just see flooding in certain areas during our lunar high tide. so we see the water coming up. we see it on the tide gauges but we also see it in the streets. so that's really a significant
2:37 pm
indicator of flooding becoming more frequent and more broad. >> as sea level rose since the base was built in world war i, the utilities at high tide are more an more often immersed in seawater. and that can cause outages. additionally, it's getting more difficult to make repairs. >> the national security risk from climate change has kautz the caught the attention of military and intelligence agencies. >> as the oceans increase it will affect our bases. it will affect islands. it will affect security across the world. so just from my narrow perspective, wla perspective, what i have responsibility for, that's happening now and we have to be prepared. >> climate change global warming, whatever anybody's preference to call it is increasingly a national security threat. >> this isn't about the battle
2:38 pm
of climate change and the issues related to that. this is about what we are seeing happening. and the intelligence that flows from that. and that is important for us to consider as we look at issues that could threaten our national security. >> reporter: local leaders have come out in front of this issue. >> senator tim kaine andwas on a panel that held a discussion along with environmental, military and preparedness leaders. they all talked about the problems today and they all seemed to be in agreement that something needs to be done. >> they're seeing 200 to 300 hours a year of flooding and it is going up dramatically. >> reporter: but only congress can move the ball forward. many remain in denial. >> the first step in getting there is awareness and understanding among navy leaders, dod leadership and the congress. congress, because they have to appropriate the funds to keep the bases operational. >> you've got to understand we
2:39 pm
have people with their lives tied up in trying to make this hope a reality. >> i personally am very disappointed when i hear members of congress criticizing individuals particularly individuals who are advocating adaptation to climate change. >> today the global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat earthers. >> it is in many respects an insult to professional military officers officers who are striving to carry out their responsibility to protect national security. >> first of all, global warming is not taking place. it is kind of laughable right now with all of the records that are being sent. >> reporter: the entire community depends on action. >> our storm water system can't handle the increased amount of rainfall because the water is rising and pushing up on our old
2:40 pm
infrastructure which can't handle it. >> buildings have to be built three feet higher than they were a year ago. >> we have had a lot of water damage when the house was right on the ground literally and in the garage and we to have all the hardwood floors replaced down to the joists. literally ripped out and replaced. since the house is elevated we still have flooding. it is scary to see the water rushing in. >> businesses are closing and they're losing days that they aren't staying home and making money. commuters are unable to get to their jobs. i know that that's a huge huge problem. and school buses have a really hard time getting to kids. there are pictures that show big school buses driving through flooded streets to try to get
2:41 pm
kids top and from their houses, to school. we had one school that was pretty badly flooded -- or the street in front of it was flooded. don't know if the school was itself. they kind of had like rafts taking kids of out their classrooms. >> you can't just raise the homes. you've got to raise the docks, roads, railroads, tunnel entrances, all that stuff has to be part of the package. >> here in hampton roads, the miller that is 45% of the local economy. if the bases have to move because of sea level rise the economy would be devastated. that's just not an option. >> reporter: combating the rising sea bevellevel comes down to one thing -- money. >> each city here it is at least $1 billion for each city just to build structures to stop some of this. >> if there is not a sustained funding stream for adaptation bases are going to face increasing difficulty carrying out their missions. >> climate change is a serious
2:42 pm
threat. >> reporter: congress must take the science seriously and act. >> congress has seen the need to address sea level rise and recently authorized a very large study for the whole north atlantic region. >> federal government's going to have to coordinate much better than they usually do. >> the challenge -- and yet i would actually call it an opportunity -- is bringing all those resources together getting the maximum use of them. making sure that we establish a unity effort. >> to try new things. new approaches. >> we're repairing old infrastructure and we're also doing new infrastructure at the federal level that ranges from anywhere from hard and expensive seawalls like what you are a he seeing in places like new orleans, to more greener solutions like planning wetlands that will attenuate or break up waves in the storm surge before they hit land. a whole gamut from hard structures to more greener structures.
2:43 pm
>> if we could speak with one voice and that have one team one fight strategy then i think we're going to be pretty successful. >> still to come on "the ed show" -- new details on the devastating environmental impact of the gulf oil spill. and next -- the president's promotion of the tpp. puts the spotlight on the country's possible trading partners. sharia law? stay tuned. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. fast track has hit the campaign trail in a big way. today hillary clinton acknowledged for the first time investor state trade disputes. >> i have concerns about the investor settlement dispute mechanism that permits corporations to challenge health and environmental and labor provisions. so i want to judge this when i see what's exactly in it and whether or not i think it meets my standards. >> republicans need to take notice of this. for years conservatives have been concerned about sharia law here in america. this is rather strange, because tle are about to pushthey are about to push a deal through with a country that has sharia law. >> it is a great pleasure to to welcome my good friend his majesty, the sultan of bernai.
2:49 pm
>> i'm very grateful for the friendship. >> the small oil rich country recently condemned by the united nations by its strict new penal code for newses code. >> the lgbt community has certain civil rights concerns in malaysia vietnam, their record on labor is very suspect. >> the oil-rich asian country is one of the nations joining the transpacific partnership. the trade deal is nafta on steroids. jobs will go overseas. corporate interest will definitely be put first. >> president barack obama and i have had an excellent meeting on the transpacific partnership agreement. we are negotiate inging.
2:50 pm
>> they are pushing for a trade relationship with the united states. the obama administration called the sultan a friend. human working with you. >> human rights activists put the sultan of brunei on the radar when he established the abusive sharia law in his country. >> implementing laws that will ultimately lead to the stoning to death of gay men and lesbians. >> american jobs and human rights will take a back seat to corporate profits. >> the tpp is a dangerous pact in its own right. like nafta it will offshore millions of good-paying american jobs. >> on all fronts more people in congress are realizing that the transpacific partnership and trade promotion authority should be killed. >> who will benefit from the tpp? >> this gives me a good opportunity for a new and long-standing and warm friendship between brunei and
2:51 pm
the united states. >> up next a new study shows the devastating ecological impact from the deepwater horizon disaster. stay with us. we're back on "the ed show."
2:52 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. a new study out from noaa is liking the deepwater horizon oil spill to dolphin deaths in the gulf of mexico. between june of 2010 and
2:55 pm
december of 2012 over 1,000 dead dolphins washed up along the gulf shore. it's over four times the usual death rate of dolphins. scientists found lung and adrenal lesions in the dead dolphins and the study found these lesions are consistent with damaged marine mammals usually sustained from oil exposure. researchers said the timing location and nature of the detected lesions support that contaminants from the deepwater horizon oil spill caused these lesions and contributed to the high number of dolphin deaths. bp is pushing back on the study. they released a statement saying the data we have seen thus far, including the new study from noaa do not show that oil from the deepwater horizon caused an increase in dolphin mortality. over 200 million gallons of oil gushed from the ocean floor for 87 days back in 2010. the fact bp thinks this had nothing to do with abnormal dolphin deaths over the last two
2:56 pm
years is flat out absurd. for more let me bring in p.j. haun pelican coast environmental consulting. mr. haun good to have you with us tonight. how significant is this study and this statement that has come out from noaa as you see it? >> ed i think it's very clear that what the study does show there were problems with the dolphins, with marine mammals in the gulf and it's clear that this study, they had very excellent peer review. i've gone through the report and it shows once again bp's denial of causing any damage whatsoever to the gulf coast. bp dumped 4.9 million barrels of oil into the gulf and they chased it down with nearly 2 million gallons of corexit. you know that won't bode well for marine life along gulf coast. >> any doubt in your mind that the spill had to do with these dolphin deaths?
2:57 pm
this is as conclusive as you see it? >> very conclusive. no surprise to anyone who lives or works along gulf. during the oil spill we started seeing a lot of dead dolphins showing up. they even early on in the spill even had what they called the dolphin -- dolphin program going out looking for dead and stick dolphins. problem was it was cancelled when we were finding too many dead and sick dolphins so the -- the -- the remarks by bp to just totally deny and brush away this report is sickening. i can't understand why bp continues to do what they are doing. obviously they found baghdad bob to do their pr for them and just deny deny deny that any of this stuff is happening when it's clearly -- yes, sir. >> mr. haun, is this pretty much consistent to their reaction to any bad news that comes out of the gulf? >> absolutely consistent, and, unfortunately, bad timing on their part. they tried to release a report saying the gulf is back and everything is fine and we found
2:58 pm
large tar mats off the coast of east grand tear. so obviously their pr people and the folks that are calling the shots are just fumbling the ball constantly, and i think most of the people along the gulf coast just want them to admit, look you did some damage. accidents happen. this was a terrible accident and now what can we do to help to fix the problem? but instead it's time and time again denial lies outright lies, but they lied from the very beginning. they lied from the day the oil spill happened as far as the amount of oil that had left the wellhead to -- to the amount of equipment that was being used and mobilized along the gulf coast. >> and we can only speculate other fishes being, of course species being affected not just the dolphin. from an environmental standpoint, scientific standpoint what are the chances of the dolphin rebounding in the gulf or is that not a mobility? do you think we'll see the population back to what it was? >> well you know that's hard to tell. only time is going to tell for us because you and i were out
2:59 pm
there and before we used to ride out there and see so many dolphins and see -- and they love to go up alongside the boats and the last time you and i went out there we could count on one hand the number of dolphins we saw. that's really unusual. i really believe only time will tell. there's been a lot of damage to the gulf. a lot of oil out there not collected, and i think this is just the tip of the iceberg what we're seeing with the dolphins. i think the dolphins unfortunately, will be the canary in the coal mine to other species that to tuna the sargasian grass destroyed during the spill, where the tuna generally have their eggs and spawn. there's just a number of things turtles that go through that area, just a number of problems that we're having that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> okay. p.j. haun pelican coast consulting here with us on "the ed show."
3:00 pm
i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. thanks to you for tuning in. we begin tonight with developing news. hillary clinton weighing in on the fight against isis hitting back against gop critics of the obama administration's policy? well, i think it's a very difficult situation, and i basically agree with the policy that we are currently following. this has to be fought by and won by iraqis. there is no role whatsoever for american soldiers on the ground to go back other than in the capacity as trainers and advisers. >> she says isis is a serious threat but the american people don't want to get bogged down in another war. it's a serious answer a very different answer from the saber rattling


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