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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  May 24, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here. is the nsa entering shutdown mode? all right. good morning, everyone out there. thanks for getting up with us this sunday morning, a holiday weekend sunday morning. this is of course memorial day weekend 2015. maybe a national holiday weekend but there's still a lot going on out there. in cleveland, more than a dozen arrests during largely peaceful protests after a police officer was cleared of all charges related to the killing. we'll be joined with the latest
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from cleveland a few minutes from now. also big changes may be in store for national security procedures. the nsa is taking steps to shut down its controversial phone data collection program. more on that in a moment. plus a big victory for obama in the senate this weekend which has approved giving him fast-track authority to finish his big pacific trade bill. no victory lap just yet for the president. that still has to make its way through the house. two members of the house on opposite sides of that issue, they are going to be here later this morning to discuss that issue. also, the democratic field for president is about to expand. will the real challenge to her candidacy make hillary clinton more compelled to talk to the press? plus a hillary/rubio matchup. and the host of the first debate says it will be trying to keep the gop number down to ten.
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how will they decide who makes the cut? and i'm totally confused about what this ten games at once thing really means but one of the top experts on international soccer is going to be on hand to help me understand what is at stake on the pitch. a key component of the patriot act on the verge of vanishing. the obama administration is closing down the nsa bulk phone collection records. they failed to authorize the expiring portion of the patriot act. an official telling "the hill" newspaper, "we've said for the past several days that the winddown process would need to begin yesterday if there was no legislative agreement." and in one week today from a rare sunday session before next
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sunday to once again try to address the patriot act issue before the provisions expire at midnight. may 31st to june 1st. that's the expiration looming right now. mcconnell may run into the same problem all over again. >> senator from kentucky? >> i object. >> objection is heard. >> senator rand paul also from kentucky vowing not to give in after objecting three separate times late friday early saturday in the senate as mcconnell tried to move forward with a vote. in an e-mail to supporters yesterday, paul writing "it's critical you and i hold the spy state off for eight more hours on may 31st." rand paul as you know currently running for president. he's staked his campaign, in part, on the issues of privacy concerns and he's betting that now is not the time to waiver. all of this is only a piece of a key part of the patriot act, section 215 it's called. and that section of the patriot act is due to expire as we
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said, on june 1st. that's one week from tomorrow. the senate will now be returning next sunday just hours before that deadline. the house will also probably need to act. the expiration at least temporarily of this section of the patriot act now seems likely. it's a stalemate that has left the senators from kentucky at odds with each other. what will they be able to accomplish by the end of next weekend? anything? a congressional reporter is joining me. this clash between mitch mcconnell and rand paul and mitch mcconnell saying we better be ready to act next sunday when we come back. are there any indications that this will play out difficultly then? >> no. thanks, steve, for having me on. and good morning. you just read from that e-mail that rand paul sent out to his supporters yesterday and he
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said, if we can hold on for just eight more hours, we would have defeated the nsa. that's a pretty call to arms and that doesn't sound like a guy that is ready to compromise give up and stand down. now more than ever it's hard to say how anything changes a week from now. >> so he says to defeat the nsa, to defeat this bulk collection program, would that be a temporary victory? you know, like for a woke or so will they be able to reauthorize this in some way or is there a chance here that this is going to go away for good? >> no. there is a chance that they could reauthorize this and could have done it months ago if mitch mcconnell had decided that it was worth the senate's time to take it up. what was sort of working against, you know that happening is that things take time, especially things that are very contentious like these are,
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to take time to happen in the senate. he said he was going to do trade first instead of doing nsa and save this until essentially the very last minute the very last seconds, in fact of the senate's business before they went for this week-long vacation. so that's why we are where we are now. is that you know it's a very you know -- very clear decision for mitch mcconnell not to deal with this earlier. >> is there any scenario here you have this version that passed the house, the house version. we keep bulk collection alive but it would say, well the phone companies have to keep the records, the government can't be keeping the records. mitch mcconnell and some republicans in the senate were saying that's not good enough for us. we like the provisions as they occur. is there any chance given how much support there is for that bill to pass the house and the fact that the white house supports it that the republicans changed their mind about that? >> you know there's always a chance of anything steve. but, you know what we saw in
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the final hours friday night and saturday morning was just both sides digging in to their respective sides. we didn't see any sign from mitch mcconnell that he was softening. he did you know sort of going from i want this program as it exists, reauthorized from five years to just two weeks in hopes of getting some sort of compromise that doesn't go quite as far as the house bill does. but, you know he is in no way indicated that he's willing to accept the terms that are set out in the house bill and the house bill remains the only way that this program continues past midnight on may 31st. and smoke has made clear he doesn't support that bill. he's not going to support passing that bill then. what he does support is extending the current program for a short period and then going back to the bargaining table.
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but the people on the other side of the bargaining table have made clear themselves there's nothing left to negotiate. we've passed the bill that we passed in the house and that's going to be in. >> all right. mike debonis with "the washington post," thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate that. let's bring in leanne caldwell josh baer a correspondent for the upshot of the "new york times" and bob herbert, a tis binge distinguished fellow. let's talk about where you think this is going. if there's a prospect of this going away entirely the phone collection program going away entirely, we're going to hear a lot of noise in the next week about the potential risks of that from the white house and nsa basically telling us if this disappears this country is a lot more vulnerable. >> this is like so many things
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in washington right, where it looms over and it's the expiration of the patriot act and you have to think about who really cares about that? the mitch mcconnell side cares about that threat more than the rand paul side. that's why i have to assume that we end up close to the house bill at the end. maybe you have a few days in which the law lapses but the way the fights have ended, which is that the side that finds it most painful that the threat has been unleashed, that's the side that wants the patriot act reauthorized as it. i think we're going to end up with something like that. the question is just when. >> it's an unusual dynamic t. it's the house digging its heels in and there's some sort of compromise. here you have the bipartisan bill that passes the house, the white house supports it john
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boehner supports it. against the senate and mitch mcconnell says basically, no not tough enough. i want to be the hard liner here. >> when you have a bill that passes with 338 members in the house, that's kind of a big deal. civil liberty groups are kind of split on it but they are glad that there's a conversation about this now. and then when this coalition -- when you have the right and the left coalition, that can be powerful in washington and that's where the senate is stuck and so what happens next? while they were here through the night on friday night, the deadline is really not until june 1st so they have a whole week. you're going to see a lot of pressure on both sides of this and who is going to buckle first. >> what do you think about rand paul? a couple years we were talking about how there was this opening for a candidate like rand paul a. voice like rand paul in
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american politics the excesses of the security state, the overreaction to 9/11. a lot of people were thinking in those terms that there's an opening for them. the republican party specifically but the general public has moved a little bit more in a hawkish direction when it comes to foreign policy and here's rand paul making a stand that a couple years ago we would have seen him making and now it's more risky. >> if nothing else rand paul gets the attention on some of these very important issues. if there's a lot of noise, for example, about this bulk collection program, i think that's all to the good because i don't think americans really understand it. a lot of americans think that the government is listening in on their phone calls and reading their e-mails. i always thought that the bulk collection was without a point. there's been no evidence that this has thwarted any plots. let's talk about it and see what kind of compromise if that's
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what happens, emerges. >> it kind of works from both sides of this debate right? people have said where is the evidence that this has thwarted or disrupted any terrorist attack. and on the other side they say where is the evidence that the government has the potential to read about your private life and your phone records or e-mails but where is the evidence that they have been doing this that they actually care about that? >> i think people focus on this because it's high tech and feels like a spooky movie thing. people can see everything that you do even though they can't, actually. it strikes me that this is the thing that's become the focus of the national conversation about whether the police nation is overreaching. the department that is most overreaching through policing in an ordinary day is local police departments doing very low-tech things. we're talking about this at the same time we see stuff going on in baltimore and in the past year in ferguson. it's really rare to me that this is happening in two separate conversations when really if
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we're concerned it's not the federal government. it's the local government. >> so a week from now, we don't know what the house is going to do but where do you think this is going to end up? >> i think house speaker john boehner is pretty confident. he has 338 votes. he's like look we have the upper hand here and this comes down to an issue of trust, really. the government can't point to anything that says we have thwarted these attacks. and they are saying trust us. this is a really important program. there's not a lot of trust in the government right now so i think it's going to come to the deadline and they are probably going to pass an extension for a few days and keep working on it. >> all right. well, a lot ahead in the show today, including hillary clinton taking the heat for not answering reporters' questions but is she in a strong enough position to get away with that? first, we'll go live to
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at least a dozen people have been arrested in cleveland during largely peaceful protests after a police officer was cleared of all charges related to the shooting deaths of an unarmed black couple in 2012. timothy russell and melissa williams were killed following a high-speed chase. 13 officers opening fire on their vehicle. officer michael brello specifically climbing on top of the hood and firing 15 shots into the windshield. 137 shots fired at the vehicle in total. he was found not guilty yesterday of voluntary
5:18 am
manslaughter because it was not clear if his shots were the shots that killed the victims. kevin tibbles is joining us live from cleveland. what is the mood there this morning? >> reporter: well, i think the mood is a collective sigh of and leaf relief, to be honest with you. there was a tremendous presence on the streets last night. the mayor had been working with community leaders for some time and the police in order to maintain calm here in cleveland. there were protests. for the most part peaceful, as you just mentioned. there were a couple of incidents where things started to flame up but in many cases and i have seen a lot of the footage, in many of the cases it was ordinary citizens who sort of came by to help calm things down. you did mention that there were about a dozen arrests, many of these people have sense been released. but again, i think that cleveland this morning is breathing a sigh of relief that
5:19 am
things did not get out of hand after the verdict that essentially said that the officer was not responsible for the deaths of these two people. a very strange incident. it happened to be a car backfiring that got the police attention. then there was a high-speed chase involving some 60 cruisers and, as you mentioned, steve, the tragic outcome of this man and woman being shot to death in their car. so we'll wait to see what happens here today but overnight things were pretty much under control in cleveland. what's interesting today when i say the mayor and community leaders, you know even lebron james of the cavaliers came out with a message urging calm in the community and lebron is going to be playing in the playoffs tonight right here in cleveland. so we'll see how that turns out today. >> all right. kevin tibbles, live in cleveland, appreciate that report. thank you. ahead on the show is the middle class disappearing from american politics. but first, does the media
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do you have a perception problem? many americans don't believe that you've told the truth. >> well i'm going to let the americans decide that. >> that was hillary clinton surprising reporters in new hampshire on friday by taking questions for the second time in the week. before tuesday, it had been 21 days that she had gone without taking a single question from the press and that only came about after the former secretary of state was asked whether she would come to talk to the press. >> i might. i'll have to ponder it. but i will put it on my list for due consideration. >> the normal rules do not apply when it comes to hillary
5:24 am
clinton, says jack shafer. she's running for president she's running as president and all the usual rules when and how she should speak don't apply to her. and we learned this week that her first big speech won't come until mid-june. now, any leading campaign for president would probably shield their candidate from the press if they could. but can hillary clinton actually get away with it? let me ask the panel that question. bob, what do you think? >> no she cannot. and i hope she goes -- i hope she continues to stonewall the press, although it looks like it's breaking down a little bit because two things will happen. one, reporters will do a lot more legwork and they will be hunting for stories about hillary clinton and they won't be positive stories with that kind of an approach. and, two, the feeling of the press in general will turn
5:25 am
against hillary clinton. so stories will get shaped in ways unconsciously. so for example, if bernie sanders does well here or there or if some other element happens, the press will -- there will be kind of an unconscious hostility to hillary. i don't think hillary will continue to stonewall because i think the clinton camp is smarter than that. >> i see a pattern that maybe is repeating itself here which is they sort of go into it -- both sides go into this expecting the best and worse in each other. the clintons assume the best thing to do is to keep the media as far away as possible and the media takes that as they are hiding something, they are covering something up. it's just this mutually assured destruction almost you know? >> and then on top of that they are hiding something. it's the three decades of clinton scandals a combination of them running up to the line over and over again.
5:26 am
putting a private e-mail server in your basement is a weird thing to do. the press and republicans will imagine all sorts of things that might be in that e-mail and i did benghazi and you will of that sort of nonsense. the clintons stoked this fire by behaving like this and having that foundation. >> that's exactly it. it invites suspicion even if there isn't anything it makes it look like there is something. >> they think the fire will be there, in any case. so why not take foreign donations to the clinton foundation? if you don't take the foreign donations, people will come back to you about something else but it's also a symbiotic situation. >> i agree with that. >> loves and hates it at the same time. i think in terms of avoiding the press, can you remember the last time a nonincumbent presidential candidate was this much of a front-runner? because al gore needed to distance himself from clinton in 2000. >> yeah. he fell behind. there was a period against bill bradley when he fell behind.
5:27 am
>> right. >> in the summer and fall. part of this is what you're saying. we've never seen a candidate in the primary like hillary clinton who is not an incumbent president. maybe we're seeing new rules happening as we speak. >> she has nothing to lose. she's at 60 70% flavorability among democrats and they think she has nothing to lose and we're still eight, nine months away from iowa which she may not have a fierce competitor in. she has this big rally june 19th which is the unofficial start of her big campaign. so come june 13th is she now going to start taking questions from the press? >> so this week things may change a little bit. bernie sanders says he's running but has his big official launch in burlington. and then next saturday in baltimore, martin o'malley will be getting into the race.
5:28 am
she'll have declared democrat competition. >> sort of. bernie sanders is highly likely to become president of the united states and i got that sentence out without laughing. >> bernie can hurt hillary in new hampshire. >> i don't think so. i think bernie sanders can vin boston. >> it's a suburb of vermont. it's home turf for him and if you would only remember gene mccarthy, he did not win the new hampshire primary but -- sg >> the interesting thing about bernie sanders and his appeal if you look at vermont and parts of new hampshire, bernie sanders has strong appeal and does this in way that natural liberals do not appreciate to these white rural working-class voters. one of the things that he's done is he's very conservative on gun control. he's forged this kinship and
5:29 am
when you look at the change in politics in new hampshire, it's become a more democrat tech state, that change has taken place in the rural areas of new hampshire and that's where i think he could have some connection. >> he's an appealing personality as well. he's a good candidate. he's not going to win the nomination but he definitely can cause hillary some trouble. >> new hampshire is the state that almost saved hillary in 2008. people said it turned in new hampshire. she won it after getting humiliated in the iowa caucuses. >> what do you think would happen if bernie beat her this time around? >> i don't think it will. >> i don't think that either but when do you think it will happen? >> it's a suburb of boston and i will grant that bernie sanders will win many towns in new hampshire if he run as strong campaign but that leaves hillary with 65% of the vote. >> i was going to say, if he gets 40% of the vote how do you think that will play in the
5:30 am
press? >> i think they will go to south carolina and she'll clean up after that. >> competitive campaigns are much more interesting to cover. >> if you talk about the bernie sanders campaign i couldn't see past iowa but definitely see in iowa, the nature of his message, i could see it resonating there. and, yes, new hampshire has been a good state for the clintons. but bill clinton got 22% in 1992 and hillary clinton got 39%. it's been good to the clintons but there are not built-in loyalists to the end. >> in iowa there's a strong liberal contingent of democrats there who will be attracted to bernie sanders. and what bernie sanders is going to do, is push her on messaging.
5:31 am
something that she will not even get in the race. and he's going to be on a debate stage. there's section democratic debates, which seems like a lot of debates for me for one, two, three candidates. that conversation is going to exist and that's what bernie sanders is going to do. >> i like that we got all of this talk in but i'm going to burlington and i'm going to be reporting from that big announcement on tuesday. still ahead on the show pat's colors run deep in new england. and a very interesting story you're going to want to hear. that's ahead. next which republicans are going to be allowed to debate this summer. why some of the most established names in the party may get shut out. stay with us.
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too many cooks. that is the problem facing the republican party in television
5:35 am
networks as they've been trying to figure out how to win down the number of presidential candidates who can fit on one debate stage. fox news the host of the first republican debate coming out with the first set of criteria on how it might all work and the debate schedule is going to take place two months from now. one of the rules that fox news has now, only one of the top ten candidates in the polls will be allowed to participate. they are not sure what they will do if the candidates are tied. the second rule they will be based on the average of the five most recent national polls before the debate. polls conducted by reputable polling organizations. only ten slots for those 18 contenders on your screen right there has the potential of squeezing out some of the established names. patrick murray is a pollster. one of those organizations that will be included in the criteria for these debates. he has a lot to say about who gets on the stage and who doesn't.
5:36 am
he joins us now. thank you for being part of this. just to set this up for people we took what we think are the five most credible national polls. this would be the average right now. these would be the ten candidates right now who would get in and you see the name for instance donald trump, chris christie, these are right around the cut line. these are in danger of missing it. the flip side of that is these are the candidates who are left out. bob ehrlich, carly fiorina and lindsey graham. how do you determine, when you're polling right now, given the importance of your poll who gets in and out of these debates? how do you determine who to include in the debates in the first place? are you going to include all 18? >> so far we took anybody who started an exploratory committee, a pac or 527.
5:37 am
>> how many did that give you? >> that gave us 17 at the time. john bolton had a pack. he's announced that eavesdroppedhe's he's dropped. that's our determination. i noticed a lot of polls that came out and it's going to hurt if we had to have the poll average right now because he's not in a lot of the polls. donald trump, we don't know if he's going to run but certainly in the top ten right now. >> let me ask you, we can go back and take a look at this. donald trump, the average is 1.8 but the averages it's a question of whether he gets included or not in the poll. it seems like he's running 5, 6%. >> right. most polls are not including him. i included donald trump because he has an exploratory committee, he has staff.
5:38 am
one of the criteria is that you have to follow your form two, which actually declares you officially as a candidate for president. he wouldn't be in the debate regardless of where he is in the polls. if you look at the averages of the candidates there with the decimal points we have candidates, i looked at my own poll where the difference between jindal and graham is the difference is a percentage point if they are going to use these polls, i think we have to round them off because of the margin of air rorerror and start reporting them to the decimal points. some of these candidates don't get in because they are number 11 who knows could start filing lawsuits and petitioning the pollsters who have been included. >> i hope the lawyers are getting ready for that. from your standpoint you've been empowered. people like you have been
5:39 am
empowered in a way we haven't seen before. >> yeah. >> in a primary process where your polls are going to determine the difference between in these debates and not being in these debates can be big. sense this announcement this week have you been hearing from any of the campaigns from the republican party? >> not yet. but i'm wondering, rick santorum, who has been the most critical of this process, he wouldn't have been in the debates four years ago if this had been the criteria. he was doing well in the iowa polls, well enough or not in the national polls. i'm wondering if a candidate like that decides i'm going to push back my announcement because of the bounce that you get. >> any bounce that moves you up one or two points is a difference between -- >> that could be the equation. >> final question, the first debate is scheduled august 15th. >> it's august 8th. i think it's two days after ames. >> fox is saying the five most recent polls, those are going to be the ones that determine it.
5:40 am
is that when you'll conduct your poll? >> obviously i've been asked this question already and i'm thinking about it. but, yes, at the end of the day, it will affect. >> you want to be one of the five? >> or do i not want to be one of the five and could that be part of the equation as well? >> do you want to be or -- >> i'm leaning towards that. yeah. >> patrick murray appreciate you joining us. >> my pleasure. >> thank you very much for that. still ahead, two members of the house in a position to decide one of the biggest priorities for president obama's second term. they are going to square off. first, is marco rubio the republican that democrats fear the most? that is next. stay with us. now, verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data, and reliability.
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with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. all right. there's a lot going on this morning. time to get caught up on some of the news making headlines. this was breaking news in the republican presidential race
5:44 am
yesterday. ben carson wins the southern republican leadership conference straw poll. this is in oklahoma city. a lot of the candidates went there and talked for about half an hour. ben carson the retired neurosurgeon coming in first place at 25%. scott walker right behind him. ted cruz with a strong showing. first of all, we always talk about these straw polls being limited at best value in terms of understanding where the race is. also carson and cruz those are the two candidates who really put effort into this yesterday. carson really looking to make a statement. this tells me when they are the ones going all out and scott walker is at 21%, that's the most impressive number on there. >> straw polls matter a lot. that's why it was down to the wire between rand paul and michele bachmann. i put a lot of stock in it. >> i bet ben carson does. >> i want ben carson to do well.
5:45 am
it's just going to show what the republican party is like. >> speaking of the republican party, how about this one "the new york times" headline, "a hillary clinton match-up with marco rubio is a scary thought for democrats." the thought that rubio could offer a generational contrast to the 68-year-old clinton, the kind of contrast that barack obama drew in the 2008 primaries and i actually think there is something to this one. >> i think there is too. if it's bush versus clinton, the arguments kind of cancel each other outgoing back going back to the past. rubio can also appeal to the hispanic voters and which scott walk ser a generational difference and could be a strong match-up against hillary clinton on his issue of immigration he's
5:46 am
really going to alienate a lot of latinos. >> i think the rubio appeal is a theoretical thing. first of all, he won in 2010 with 48% of the vote. in a really strong republican year for senate races, he's running on this tax plan that has a zero rate on capital gains and it's going to be cat nick for hillary in an election doubling down on the mistakes that romney made and i think walker is who people should be afraid of. he's overperformed in a blue state and won a lot of races that democrats thought they ought to be able to beat him in. i think people think that marco rubio is latino and therefore he'll do well with latinos. >> i think the idea of a bush versus hillary match-up there's an advantage for hillary. but rubio, it's not only that is
5:47 am
he younger but there's a charisma around him and he just -- i don't know. this country -- i think back to the election in '92 when bill clinton was the new generation against 68-year-old george bush sr. >> it remains to be seen what kind of national candidate he is. we don't know if he's ready on the national scale. if he is then i agree with you. if he's an appealing candidate, he is youthful i think that he will make inroads in the hispanic vote against hillary. so -- but it's still difficult for me to imagine him defeating hillary one on one. >> let's see. we still have plenty of time. one final i want to sneak in here. this is from "boston herald." fans backing tom brady even beyond the grave. the obituary in her local paper
5:48 am
reading, "she would also like us to set the record straight for her, brady is innocent." well spoken, patricia. and these obituaries are being used for final statements. still ahead, the senate may have voted to give president obama negotiating power he needs to negotiate a trade deal but that doesn't mean the house is on board. we'll talk to two members on opposite sides on how they plan to vote. that's coming up. first, the key phrase that presidential candidates seem to be avoiding on the campaign trail. that is next. stay with us. ♪ where do you get this kind of confidence? at your ford dealer... that's where! our expert trained technicians... state of the art technology and warranty parts keep your vehicle running right. it's no wonder we sold more than 3.5 million tires last year and durning the big tire event get a $120 mail in rebate on 4 select tires. ♪
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. we're going to fight to build the economy of tomorrow not yesterday, and make the middle class mean something again in this country. >> that is a statement hillary clinton has made repeatedly since entering the race for president last month and she's not alone in noting that the phrase middle class has lost some of its meaning in recent
5:52 am
years. campaign speeches used to sound more like this. >> in the name of the hard-working americans who make up our forgotten middle class. >> on behalf of the middle class who deserve a champion and those struggling to join it who deserve a fair shot. >> an economy like this the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class. >> lately however, speeches have sounded more like this. >> this message of liberty is for all americans. americans from all walks of life. the message of liberty, opportunity and justice is for all americans. whether you wear a suit a uniform or overalls whether you're white or black, rich or poor. >> now the time has come for our generation to lead the way towards a new american century. >> even bernie sanders, a self-described socialist has
5:53 am
refrained from saying the words "middle class." this may have to do with the decline of that economic demographic. now, 51% of americans identify as middle or upper middle class. that's down from 60% who self-identified that way during the last decade. as "the new york times" wrote this month "the phrase long synonymous with the american dream now evokes anxiety, an uncertain future and a lifestyle that sin creasingly out of reach." bring in the panel and talk about this. you go back 20 years and that was the rallying cli for bill clinton in 1990s is we're going to stand up for the forgotten middle class and now we're not hearing much about the middle class anymore. >> i'm not sure how different this rhetoric is. 50% describe themselves as upper or middle class. as compared to the populous as a
5:54 am
whole, i think when people say i'm here for ordinary american this devotes them in the same way. >> i wonder what you think, bob, between how people think of the middle class and this thing that people aspired to right, a generation or two ago, a creation of post war america, is it something that people look at as sort of besieged group? >> right. first i think there was a corrective. i think candidates talked so much about the middle class that a lot of people said enough already about the middle class. there are other people besides the middle class we ought to be addressing. i think that was one thing going on. but beyond that i absolutely buy this idea that you're touching and provoking the anxiety of the middle class when you start talking about the middle class because what are you saying to people? most of the folks in the middle class are sort of struggling. it costs so much to send your kids to school. health care is so expensive and all of the other things that go along with being middle class. it's a tough road whereas before
5:55 am
it used to cannot a certain level of comfort. >> i think it's funny that this is a topic because before clinton even jumped into the race, my colleagues and i were talking about if clinton focuses on the middle class, it might be a symbol that she's kind of stuck in the past. but we went a step further because it depends on the policies as well that these candidates described more than the rhetoric and, yes, there's people that are feeling very squeezed but there's people at the bottom and are these candidates going to talk about people who are living paycheck to paycheck and who are really struggling and what kind of poll teas will they put forward rather than just how you define people. >> i think both parties are shifting towards the middle
5:56 am
class. we saw with democrats in the obama middle class, these enormous initiatives of greatest importance to the poor. obama had gap insurance for people in the poor to middle class and people long-term unemployed in the recession. if democrats shift their focus towards issues like child care and things like that these are issues for families mostly in the workforce. more middle class concerns than before and republicans, i think, are trying to grope towards economic ideas other than cutting tax rates at the top and on capital. i don't think they've made the shift on policy but there's been a rerk cognition that it needs to move towards the middle class. you're seeing hostility towards programs like cash welfare, trying to find ways to make poor people jump through hoops. i see more of a substantive shift away from the polls of the economic distribution. i think that's interesting, if
5:57 am
there's a rhetoric shift, there's a policy shift. all right. another full hour of news and politics is straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ one, two, three o'clock. four o'clock pop. ♪ five, six, seven o'clock. eight o'clock pop. ♪ ♪ nine, ten eleven o'clock ♪ ♪ twelve o'clock pop ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ ♪ put your glad rags on and join me hon' ♪ ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop ♪ ♪ ...around the clock tonight. we're gonna pop, pop, pop ♪ ... 'till the broad daylight. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ pop in new tide pods plus febreze a 4 in 1 detergent that cleans brightens and fights stains. now with 24-hour freshness.
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6:00 am
not so fast for fast track. and thanks for staying with us this sunday morning. president obama was able to get his fast track trade bill passed in the senate on friday night but what is its future in the house? two key members will be along to discuss and debate its chances. also ahead, the flat tax is back in the news with 2016 candidates advocating for a single tax bracket. but does this platform fixture have any chance of gaining traction this time around? one of the architects of rand paul's forthcoming plan going to be around in a little bit to discuss. plus, watching out for the
6:01 am
right flank. will bobby jindal be able to build a constituency of primary voters. also is hillary clinton capturing the hipster vote? that and other headlines hitting newspapers this week. also so many games and so many understanding on this network one hour from now, ten british premier league matches will be taking place live. why in the world is this happening? my attempt to love european soccer is ahead this hour. we will be the unofficial pregame show at the very end of this hour for all of you soccer fans out there. but we begin this hour with a major victory for president obama. late friday night, the senate voted to give the president expanded trade negotiating power. fast track is the shorthand for that. a power that is going to make it easier for him to finalize a huge trade deal with asia. president obama has many republicans to thank for this. >> this is an important bill mr. president.
6:02 am
likely the most important bill that we'll pass this year. it's important to president obama and i know it's important to many of us here in his chamber and shows when the president is right, we'll support him. >> the chamber's liberal democrats usually at the president's side lamented their defeat. harry reid said, "i just voted no on the fast-track trade bill. if there was an option to vote h lechlt ll hell no, i would have voted that." many believe that this would send jobs overseas and lower american wages and undermine our regulations. for his part president obama will neutralize china and fast
6:03 am
track is going to head to the house where liberal democrats who oppose the president there could find themselves aligned with tea party republicans who don't want to see power to obama on anything. >> since it's an obama deal the odds are the united states is going to take it in the shorts. as we have on so much of the obama agenda. >> joining me now, senior white house correspondent chris jansing. chris, the white house gets a victory in the senate. they still have to get this thing through the house. a little uncertainty there. what is the strategy for them? >> yeah, a little more than even a little uncertainty, steve. this was always going to be the hard part of this. it was very much a convincing victory, as you pointed out, a big victory for president obama. but he's really going to have to dig in and work hard and folks
6:04 am
say he is going to continue to do that. the question is how. expect a lot of phone calls. a lot of visits from senior officials first you have to look at the changes and amendments to it, perhaps the most significant of which was the currency provision. and foreign governments would allow to make their exports cheaper and imports more expensive. so here is something that the white house thinks that it can work on that it has sort of put some of these major concerns aside. but the obvious concern is that it's going to mean that more jobs are going to move overseas
6:05 am
and one of the countries that is often cited is vietnam. i can tell you i talked to one democratic member of congress who recently went on a fact-finding trip to vietnam, said he didn't have an open mind and claims none of the other members he went with saw anything to change their mind. and so he says one of the things he's been noticing is the president is particularly working to talk to some freshmen democrats. there are not many of them. again, steve, he's going to have to change at least more than a dozen minds because he's only got 17 declared democrats out of the 30 he'll need, steve. >> wow. so they definitely have a challenge there on their hands. chris jansing, appreciate that. >> sure. now, we go to two members of the house where that battle over fast-track authority is now heating up as chris jansing was just describing. i am joined by congresswoman man debbie dingle from michigan and charlie dent from pennsylvania. so you are coming to this from opposite sides. let me ask you a slightly
6:06 am
different question. congressman dent in the set-up there we played a rush limbaugh who has loyalties on the conservative side and your party saying, hey, republicans, do not give this president authority to negotiate a deal because he's bad at negotiating deals. what do you say to republicans who say they can't trust the president to negotiate this kind of a trade pact. >> what i say to my republican colleagues is this fast-track authority does not provide any new authorities to the president. and more importantly i would say to my friends on the right, that this authority is really not so much about president obama but the next president of the united states who might be a republican president and that president will demand this type of authority just as every president has had this same type of authority. this is also about setting rules and standards and that's why we the u.s. and other pacific rim
6:07 am
nations, freeier nations, should be setting these standards and not the chinese. >> congressman dingle we just heard that they were not just looking at democrats but freshman democrats. you're a freshman in the house. is there an idea that maybe it would resonate with the fast-track authority that given the authority to cut the deal and then make a decision on the deal once it comes back to you. what would you say to that? >> no. i'm not willing to do that. the fact of the matter is we're advocating what congressional responsibility is. they are not cutting these deals. they were cut in secrecy. i suspect there is currency manipulation and the president
6:08 am
has already threatened a veto over the subject. i represent the auto industry. i have the working men and women of the auto industry. with the yen at 120 to 1, there's an $8,000 cost preferential per vehicle that the japanese are using to undercut and what they are selling in this market. the fact of the matter is we can compete with -- i know those auto workers. we can compete and need to compete in a fair global market but we can't compete with the bank of japan or the government of japan and we need fair trade policies. >> congressman dent there's been resistance from the white house and supporters to doing anything related to currency manipulation. congressman dingell saying why she sees that is a problem. what do you say to that? >> let's be very honest about currency manipulation.
6:09 am
it's true the japanese bank are devaluing there's currency. through quantitative easing we were doing the same. we're not pure when it comes to manipulation. i'm not for it. i'm not sure how you prevent it. i don't know if we want to politicize the central governments. that said, i don't know that i have the answer today on currency manipulation and i don't think it should be part of the trade agreement everybody's hands are dirty on this issue. >> congressman dingell, let me ask you about the idea of china, the idea of putting a big trade deal like this together a big block of pacific nations being able to rival china, being able to check china. we talk so much about the potential economic threat that china poses to the united
6:10 am
states. here's an opportunity through this kind of bill through this kind of alliance to check china. what would you say to that? >> well i do believe we don't want to allow china to drive world trade policy. the fact of the matter is that these kind of trade agreements are doing exactly that. we heard all of these same arguments that we're talking about right now. okay. let's look at what the reality is several years later. could we have increased exports to koreas and koreans increased exports to the united states by 461 461,000. tell me where the fairness is. we need to be driving a fair world trade policy and that's what i'm concerned about in this trade negotiation. every time one of these comes up we hear the same old arguments and every time this comes up look at the north american -- nafta. when we passed, that we lost more than a million jobs because of the free trade agreement. when do we say enough is enough a deal with what is really happening? i'm protecting the american
6:11 am
worker. >> congressman dent i'm curious, nafta has come up so much in the last 22 years or so but when you look back at nafta and the other trade deals over the last generation or so do you see them as a net plus or net negative with the economy for this country? >> first, the united states has 20 trade agreements. we run a net trade surplus for those 20 countries. trade has increased to 1 poen $2$1.2 trillion. when we talk about nafta, let's be clear and honest there has been an enormous amount of investment as a result of that in the united states and a lot of what comes into mexico 40%, is american content. i think we have to be very clear about this. and we have -- when the united states has bilateral trade
6:12 am
agreements, we tend to run surpluses. it's where we don't have agreements that there are trade deficits. that is not a small point. these trade greemagreements are trying to knock down foreign products and goods into these countries. that is absolutely essential. >> all right. congressman charlie dent and congress dingell, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. still ahead at this hour building a constituency on the far right. can bobby jindal make an impact on the 2016 republican field? and next rand paul talks about the biggest tax cut in american history. but that plan includes a flat tax. does a flat tax have a chance of succeeding? we'll talk to one of the architects of the paul plan right after this.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
instead of a tax code that crushes innovation that imposes burdens on families struggling to make ends meet imagine a simple flat tax. >> ted cruz emphasizing a flat tax along with getting rid of the irs as part of his platform in his cam peanpaign for president. he isn't the only republican hopeful pushing for a flat tax. rand paul will call for a flat tax in his tax plan. scott walker rick perry, ben carson even john kasich have all indicated support for a flat tax. now, of course this content is far from new. steve forbes made the flat tax
6:17 am
his cornerstone for running for president and it was a democrat jerry brown who first championed the flat tax back in 1992. simplicity is the biggest selling point for a flat tax but is it actually a good idea? we have steve moore from the heritage foundation and economic adviser to rand paul steve has been working on the flat tax plan. and jared bernstein, former adviser to vice president joe biden, senior fellow at the budget of policies. jared, in layman's terms, i went through tax season go to h & r block and trying to decide all of this stuff and i'd what is the problem with it? >> well i could answer that in
6:18 am
pros or read you a poem i wrote this morning. if a calendar year could be divided by 4, a flat tax will come knocking at your door. it's a total schnoozer and a revenue loser. tax bill would go up across this great nation. no question our tax code is fraught with complexity but a flat tax will not fight that. it's really hard to find a rhyme for complexity. in other words this idea it doesn't scratch any of the hitches in our tax code that you articulated. it's simple because it has to do with how we define income not the rates. if we define income much more simply, you could have a thousand rates and it would be simple to pay your tax. you look up your income in a table. it's a big revenue loser and,
6:19 am
interestingly -- and this part i didn't know about until some recent polling, it's actually very unpopular with the public. a poll that digged deep into this each less than a quarter were for this. >> did you write the poem you just read? >> i wrote this poem this morning in the honor of your show. >> we're definitely putting this segment on the web. steve moore, jared gave you the critique of the flat tax. this is regressive, something that is going to hurt people in the middle. we were talking about middle class earlier. it's going to be sort of a wind fall for the wealthy. what do you think about that? >> i think most americans want a tax that is fair and i define fairness as everybody plays by the same rules and that if you
6:20 am
live next to me and have the same income i do we pay the same tax. and that's not the way our current tax system works. on this regressive issue, if you look at the loopholes and favoritism in the tax system right now, steve, the top 1% the 1% richest americans get about half of all of the deductions and loopholes. you get rid of those loopholes get the rate down as low as possible and i think that's fair and you'll actually raise a pretty good revenue when you take into account the growth. look, if we had the lowest tax rate in the world, rather than one of the highest tax rates, you bring a lot of capital to this country. but, again, i get back to this issue, it's sort of a washington versus america issue. everybody hates the flat tax because it's at the center of power of the irs code. if you get the rates down low and get rid of the deductions could literally have k street be
6:21 am
vaporized. >> some of those -- we talk about what a mess the tax code is these days. >> yeah. >> i think part of the popularity of the tax code is the hatred of the irs and all of that. those deductions at the same time are popular when it comes time to paying your taxes. >> that's true steve. you talk about the mortgage deduction and charitable deduction. by the way, some of these plans would retain some of those really popular deductions like the charitable and mortgage deduction. i favor getting rid of all of them and making it as uncomplicated as possible. but bravo for mentions that jerry brown ran on the flat tax -- what was that 24 years ago? and by the way, i would mention one other thing. in 1986 we had not a flat tax but reagan had tax reform where they got rid of all of the darn deductions for windmills and nascar racetracks and all of that stuff. >> and they all came back.
6:22 am
>> here's the interesting thing. that bill jared, that created 28% tax rate that passed 97-3 in the united states senate. people like ted kennedy and howard voted for that. >> but if i heard you right there, they all came back. >> here's the thing. steve may envision a much simpler code but, in reality, it's just not going to happen. so what you're going to end up with is if you ever were able to get a flat tax through the politics, which you absolutely wouldn't, this is going to be a nonissue in a number of weeks. >> jared, how would we do it in 1956? >> let's have equal time here. so what you're going to end up with is something that sounds a lot more fair than it is and, interestingly, people get that now. when people say they want a fair and equitable code they don't
6:23 am
mean that everyone should pay the same amount in percentage terms. they mean they want a progressive system where the rates are graduated. the rates go up as income goes up. now, if you implement a flat tax -- and this has been simulated many many times over -- you're going to actually increase the tax liability of people in the middle scale and in the middle of the scale and you're going to significantly lower the tax liability of the people at the top. this would exacerbate after-tax inequality. this goes in the opposite direction of what you want a tax code to do. more importantly, people recognize that. >> actually we've got to cut it off there. steve moore from the heritage foundation appreciate the time. msnbc contributor, jared bernstein, thank you for getting up this morning and appreciate your creative contributions. still ahead, hipsters for hillary. how she's winning over a demographic who had doubts in
6:24 am
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6:27 am
in oklahoma near tulsa, there's word this morning that a firefighter has died while attempting a high-water rescue amidst catastrophic flooding across that region. in texas, residents are being asked to evacuate as a nearby river continues to rise. more rain is expected today. this is already the wettest may on record there and there's still a week left in the month. stay with msnbc and throughout the day for the latest on that situation. still ahead, the latest from the pitch. unless we're talking baseball. i actually have no clue what that means. apparently it has something to do with soccer. there's going to be a lot of it coming up on this network. first, bobby jindal will he gain any traction? that is next.
6:28 am
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6:31 am
our religious beliefs are not between me and hillary clinton but between me and god. we believe in first amendment rights and religious liberty rights and that's a foundational right in the constitution and it's under assault in our country. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal playing up his conservative credentials at the southern republican leadership conference only days after issuing an executive order in his home state on tuesday, a bill that had been rejected by louisiana state legislature. critics in the state and across the country believe the new rules condone discrimination against gay residents. louisiana measure is not all that different from the legislation that proved a firestorm for indiana governor mike pence earlier this year. but the backlash for jindal hasn't yet reached that level. it's been a chance to appeal to christian conservatives and not just religious freedoms that he
6:32 am
has staked out conservative opinions on. he's contrasted himself with former governor jeb bush on education as a staunchly as an anti-core governor. he was on "morning joe" this week. >> we need the next president to do something, not just want to be somebody. i'm the only potential candidate with how to repeal and replace obamacare. every republican talks about it. we're the only one that's actually written down how do you do it. i think that would set me apart. >> jindal has been polling near 1% in the national polls, barely registering among republican voters. he's at risk if he misses the cut for republican debates this summer and fall. do jindal's moves to the right help him make inroads? is there a path for him to being noticed? the panel is still with us
6:33 am
leigh ann and josh barro and washington editor. i think the interesting thing for me on jindal is this liberty question and what he did with the executive order, the turf he staked out and it strikes me that jindal sees in opening as a candidate nationally while the rest of the party gets a little uncomfortable around these issues and says this hurts with the general election audience he says there are a lot of republicans out there who don't want to budge at all and i can go after him. >> he certainly does. look jindal made himself a force in the republican party as the ideas guy, the 24-year-old who was running the louisiana department of health and human services at age 24 and he will remain a force but for that reason. i don't think he's going to become the nominee because he champions religious leb better tea. that's actually not a minority position within the republican
6:34 am
party. i don't think he's going to be unique in that regard. i think he will remain a force because he's the wonk and the ideas guy. he's pitched religious liberty but that's not what he's going to stake out in 2016. >> i want to play a clip of him. this was bobby jindal on tuesday talking about -- the way he's been talking about the religious liberty issue, there's a battle in the republican party between the grassroots the conservative grassroots and big business and they say they are trying to pull it to the left on cultural issues. let's listen to that. >> sometimes big business has allied itself with the radical left. you saw it in indiana. you saw it in arkansas. you saw a little bit of it here in louisiana. they are making a big mistake. my warning to republicans like myself is look we are not the party of big government. we better not become the party
6:35 am
of big business. >> what is the future for bobby jindal as a candidate? >> as a candidate it remains to be seen. we saw ben carson this weekend and he got 25%. stranger things have happened than jindal rising in the field. the way he's talking about religious liberties, he's trying to court evangelicals. i think jindal will be a force because of his wonkishness and his ideas, not because evan gel evangelicals rise to his defense or a major base for him. he's working in a tight space. mike huckabee and ben carson. it's going to be tough to make inroads there. >> josh how do you see that as an executive order? >> he was the ideas guy and he's a road scholar and then over the last couple of years he's tried
6:36 am
to identify with the most reactionary part of the republican base. it's not working. partly because i think it's crowded and it locks like an act. but there's a reason that he's not registering in the polls. if you want a candidate far to the right as possible ted cruz is already available to you with a national profile. it's not clear why he is needed. either he hasn't been able to get his ideas through in louisiana ors and auto very unpopular governor. he went out on a big limb. he got slapped down by his legislature even though there is a republican majority in louisiana. i don't think there's space for him here. he's going to be one of the candidates. >> i was wondering, too, it's seven or eight years ago when he gave that response it wasn't that long ago, but gave that response to the state of the union, i wonder if that's sort of that tainted him from the beginning and he's never been able to overcome that image. >> he was the rising star back
6:37 am
then, right? that was a disastrous response. i think what jindal did was look at this field several months ago and it's going to be easier to compete against huckabee and son for santorum or chris christie or a jeb bush. scott walker has now moved into that space. but then you have ted cruz who has also moved into the space, competing against santorum and huckabee and jindal hasn't pivoted. he's trying to conservatize and it's not working. >> the primaries within the primary, to win this portion of the party so you can compete for the rest of the party. when you have 18 candidates i guess that is what happens. thanks to eliana johnson for stopping by. still ahead, getting me to understand premier league
6:38 am
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word out of cleveland this hour from authorities that 71 people in total were arrested in last night's peaceful protest. demonstrations following yesterday's acquittal of a white police officer in relation to the 2012 shooting deaths of two black motorists. that story, one of the many stories making headlines this morning. we're going to get caught up of what is in the papers that has piqued our interest with the panel. hillary clinton claims to capture the cool. they are asking if clinton is winning over the hipster vote. oh my god. can clinton rally young trendsetters like in 2008?
6:42 am
a staffer telling "the new york times," quote, if you go to a party and wear a hillary pin, people are going to be like right on. >> hillary will take those areas and sweep them. hillary, i'm just saying don't do it. don't try to capture the cool. it's not her thing. >> no. the hipster vote isn't going to get her to the white house? >> i like one of the stories about with her blackberry, she can't capture on it now. >> that's right. next time. >> when i go to a party in brooklyn, which will probably be never, i'll wear my old buttons. apparently that's a problem. this is related to hillary clinton. this also is from "the new york times." hillary clinton, that is the same thing i just read. that's the wrong one. this is the perils of disorganization. here it is. the first lady of new york,
6:43 am
eliot spitzer's ex-wife is hosting a 2700 a head fund-raiser for hillary clinton. this is the most notable person to be hosting this for her. >> yes. to get super gossipy here you have eliot spitzer who has been dating martin o'malley's press person. it's challenging. >> you can say it. >> i think that's interesting, though, because "the new york times" has a blurb on the front page referring to an article in the sunday review -- because your show was so early, i haven't had time to read it yet -- i think it refers to the fact that we are genetically programmed, or most of us to be unfaithful. so -- >> yes. i saw the headline. i haven't read it yet.
6:44 am
we're always well informed and well prepared for this show. this is from "usa today," real life forrest gump. he's trying to retrace the route that forrest gump ran, from santa monica california to, maine. currently he's made it to arizona. he's raising money to fight global poverty. >> i want to know -- he's running 30 miles a day and has a friend who catches up with him in a van. now you're in the middle of nowhere and sit around waiting. >> a lot of time at denny's. >> it's great for college grads. >> it's a great way to see the court, i country, i guess. >> this seems like boredom on top of boredom. >> some of those states are long and flat. i guess you don't have the uphill. colorado is going to be a problem for him, i think.
6:45 am
crossing the rockies. good luck though on that run. thanks to this morning's panel. nbc's leigh ann crawford and josh barro. up next the unofficial pregame show is about to kick off. what exactly is happening with premier league soccer on this channel 15 minutes from now at 10:00 a.m. and why is it happening? one of the top experts on international soccer is going to be along to straighten me out. stick around for that. and ten premier league games on this network all at once. go team.
6:46 am
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this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. . usa, usa, usa, usa, usa! >> all right. so i'll admit it when the u.s. men's national team was playing on the global stage last year i caught world cup fever. maybe not quite in the same way
6:49 am
as those folks but i watched all of the games and routed for the u.s. and understood exactly how that tournament worked. it was simple. fast forward to today. mostly what i feel right now is utter confusion. as soon as this show is over just a few minutes from now, all of the networks of msnbc -- msnbc universal, are going to be devoted to soccer. it is the final ten games of the premier league season. these are the top teams in uk soccer or football as they call it over there. battling it out at exactly the same time today. apparently there's now a market for this sort of thing now here in the united states. this, right here is the sports universe as i understand it how most north american fans probably understand it. you have your preseason, the games don't really matter you practice, prepare, get ready for the upcoming regular season. if you do well you advance to the playoffs. sounds very simple right?
6:50 am
it doesn't seem as simple in europe. here's how one of my producers tried to explain european soccer to me which is how her cousin bill has tried to explain it to her. it might involve a friendly match, an exhibition game a knockout tournament like the fa cup, more on cups in a moment. if you do poorly in league play finish at the bottom of the standings, you might be regulated or demoted to a lower league for the next season, what i think of as the minor leagues. they get a chance to move up to the major leagues. this is where you start to lose me. the team may be playing in more than one league at any one time. and then there are the cups the knockout tournaments that take place every year. this brings us all back to
6:51 am
today, the final ten games of the top league in the uk. the premier league. now, what is at stake? i don't know. what happen if you win? i have no idea. it is fun that way, i guess. economy hoping my next guest can tell you what to expect ten minutes from now. a former sports columnist with "the new york times," george vecsey. he's also an author. thank you for joining us and trying to shine a light on a very confusing topic for me. >> so what is the deal? ten games? >> right. >> what are we watching? . >> you're so up on the republican nomination trying to
6:52 am
squeeze these characters into the republican clown car. look at it this way. sock ser doing the same thing in the uk. three teams are going to be knocked out. what is really being decided on is survival sunday. you've got hull city in trouble, newcastle with a huge payroll. newcastle, if they tie or win, they are through. at the top, survival sunday can be a total blood bath because you have the best teams playing. >> it's interesting, because in american sports everything builds towards the end at the
6:53 am
top. >> right. >> all of the suspense in this league is at the bottom. >> that is this year. in other years, there have been days when a team could be dropped from the top four and that means not getting into now -- this is where it gets tricky, not getting into the champion league in the following season. that's a big deal. that means more money, more television money, midweek fixtures all over europe and teams that don't get in have to play in another league. . >> this is the thing. what i love about this. think about football in the united states. the regular season. >> right. >> trying to get the playoff
6:54 am
and there's one champ ion. it seems like a soap opera when we're talking about british soccer. is there a beginning and end to all of this stuff? >> there's something for everybody. they want people to include it. so an arsenal fan can say yes but we won the league cup. >> we're first this year going into the champion league next year. >> we know which team has the best record right? >> yes. chelsea clinched that a long time ago, owned by a russian, very complicated coach by a portuguese. i mean very complicated world, this international soccer. >> and manchester city apparently, southampton is going to be the game on this channel.
6:55 am
what should people be looking for? >> man city is one of the top four teams. they are going into the league next year and are owned by overseas owners, also. there are these teams that spend a lot on newcastle, which is scrambling to stay in the premiership for next year. they have the sixth highest payroll in the premiership. all of that money and they are digging in the next few hours. >> sounds like southampton is the under dog. southampton in the upset. my thanks to sports columnist for shedding a light on a very confusing topic for me. thank you for getting up with us today.
6:56 am
as we said up next manchester city and southampton. stay tuned. have a great holiday. boys? (music) stop less, go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. hurry in, and you can get 0% apr for 72 months on 2015 passat tdi models plus a total of $1500 in available bonuses. the citi double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time
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>> announcer: welcome to nbc sports presentation of championship sunday across the networks of nbc universal. >> welcome along, everyone to championship sunday. the final day of the barclays premier league season. we are moments away from all ten final games kicking off at the same time. we have every game available to you across the networks of nbc univers universal. here's where you can find each with the two crucial relegation fixtures on on nbc and usa. with the start of all ten seconds away time to send you to your match of choice. on the bench once again. still not fully fit.
7:00 am
watching him tallall the friends and family of lampard here today. >> more goals. lampard has played over 600 games in the premier league. will he end here with a bang today? we are all set . it will be southampton who will get the match under way. well this time last year there were champagne corks


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