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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  May 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. just had an assault with injuries to the inmate. >> after an inmate is assaulted. >> the blood came out when his head struck the floor. >> the jail identifies a suspect. >> he is a bully. he likes to prey on the weak. >> but the violence doesn't stop there. >> he sucker punched me. >> this ain't the first time you assaulted anybody. >> what is the evidence? >> it's scary.
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>> there are people over there that have hunter tattoos on them and they are looking at me wondering what i'm here for. >> a young inmate gets a a crash course how to survive in jail. >> don't tell people you were 18. tell them 24, 25. >> as he prepares to deal with the consequences of his situation. >> your decision killed two people. their lives forever. and now the best days of our lives are over. ♪ just north of the ohio river is another city of sorts, the hamilton county justice center, population 1,300.
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most of the men and women in this jail are only accused of crimes and are awaiting trial or the resolution of the cases. >> we are returning a small city basically. it is a city that never sleeps. when your city never sleeps there is always something that you need to pay attention to. disagreements, argument, assaults, fight, attempted murders. i've seen it all. anything can happen. >> you can either have a good day or you can have a day to go straight to hell. >> and it's not been a good day for an inmate unone of the jails general population units. >> we just had an assault on georgia 51, with injuries to the inmates. >> then i hit the eye. >> as long as you can. >> you got hit in the eye? let me see. oh it's swollen right here. >> what did you get hit with? >> somebody's fist. >> the inmate is john willis, serving 180 days for theft.
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suffered a gash to the back of the head. >> we'll keep an eye on until the doctor comes and gets some staples in you. >> the alleged assailant is chris lackey. lackey is in jail on charges of assault, aggravated menacing and possession of a weapon by a felony. and pled not guilty to all. he's been moved to a holding cell pending further investigation. but deputy rose says he witnessed the incident. >> i saw the punch. the victim was punched in the face. he kind of sat back in the seat right here and fell backwards. and so the blood came out when his head struck the floor. the whole thing lasted maybe about 20 seconds. everybody knew it was coming. they had been arguing on and you have a all day long. >> white guy walked up onem black dude said something and dude hit him. anybody hit their head on that ground it is going to cause some damage. >> he'll stay down here until
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they take care of his head. he'll be gone a while. all right? bye-bye. >> the sergeant is investigating. >> what is the real issue going on upstairs? >> he's been extorting people and taking people's [ expletive ]. took dude's magazine. had some dude's shoes last night and trying to extort him for phone time this morning by giving his shoes back. just lame. it's. >> okay. >> he's u.s. -- >> he the only one or more than one. >> just him. >> just him. >> he's the main one. >> he's the main but. but he's not the only one. >> i mean has little peon followers. they all do. >> but he's the only one that does damage. >> you cut the head of the snake the snake's dead. >> so he disturb. >> no i told him to come to my cell. he wouldn't. but then he went ahead and sucker punched me. >> why did you tell rose what was going on? >> didn't have a chance to. >> i mean was it worth it?
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>> worth the big gash on the back of your head now you gonna get staples? >> sure. >> you're the one who's injured. he's not. >> don't matter. the head is cutoff the snake isn't it? >> i get you. we removed him from that pod anyway. so you don't have to worry about that. >> am i in the hole? >> no because he did assault you. it wasn't a fight. it was ant fair fight. you got sucker punched i'm going to let you slide on that. >> do you want to press charges? you don't want to press charges. >> because he doesn't want to press charges lackey need not worry about additional time but he'll still face punishment within the jail. >> receive 10 or 20 days lock in until he serves his time. >> lackey say he is didn't attack him but admits the fighting.
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>> it was just a one on one fight. we clashed. dropped. boom. went to sleep. next things you know he woke up, bloody head. i just beat him to the punch. i hit him with two. next time he think about approaching somebody like me, that's what he got to think about. i'm gonna hit my head again. >> according to jail records, this isn't lackey's first assault inside the jail. >> looks like there was a fight before the inmate lips fight. again, he assaulted another inmate and got 15 days lock in. so that is two assault. within less than a month apart. >> i don't be regretting nothing i do, you feel me. because it be reason for everything. >> according to lackey, the fight results from lips talking to others about lackey's reputation. >> couple guys let me know he be
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saying in the room later. and i got tired of it. don't be painting pictures to other people just because you feel some type of way. we all grown men. >> he is a bully. he likes to prey on the weak. he doesn't feel that he should have to ask for anything. he just likes to take it from you. he likes to be the leader basically of a pod. >> lackey says he wasn't extorting nobody. >> it wasn't extortion ring. i ain't extorting people. it happen. but it only hop to people that let it happen. some people deserve to get extorted or put themselves in a situation to get extorted. their way of keeping people off that you are [ expletive ] is paying them. so if y'all call that extortion then i guess it's extortion. >> since the assault the unit has been on lockdown. before the inmates come out of their cells sergeant curtis has to message to deliver.
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>> i go back to the cell and talk to the inmates and explain we don't do extortion inside the facility. nobody in there is in charge of any pod. >> all right guys. we gonna have a conversation while you eating chow about what happened this morning. i heard that the incident happened because somebody was taking other people's properties. being extorted. everybody know that's against the rules in this facility, right? if it is not your property you don't take that property. there are no bullies in here. everybody in here is grown. if you all come back out and i don't have anymore problems, then you can stay out. any other problems? any other bullies in here that need to be moved out? let me know. i go by my word. they know that. if i say something that is what i mean and if you want to try me i'll show you what i meant. >> as soon as they clean up this
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blood you can let them back out. everybody got any understanding? we good? all right. >> honestly i don't think i'm prison material. >> a young inmate's first time in jail. >> i'm 18, 125 pounds. >> and another assault live leaves an inmate with a broken jaw. >> sucker punched me. twice. >> and the suspect is a familiar face. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck, and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place, so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip.
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inside the hamilton county justice center in cincinnati, it's only been a few days since don lips was the victim of assault after he confronted chris lackey about allegedly extorting other inmates. the attack left lips with five staples in the back of his head. but lips says he has no regrets. >> at the end of the day, yeah it's well worth it.
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all my peers respect me because they are not getting bullied. i've had several guys come up and say thanks, man. sorry about your head. >> lackey has been moved to the jail's disciplinary segregation unit where he'll serve 20 days for the assault. he will lose all his privileges and is only allowed out of his cell one hour each day, during which we can shower and move about the unit's day room. >> you go so crazy in here like you in the cell 23 hours a day. door closed. window. it bother you. it's a mind thing for reel. you got to work out and read and think about the past can the future for real. that's all it be. i use it to work on my music. give me self time you know what i mean? build up my own rhythm, my swag, my stole. ♪ i really don't want to let
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go ♪ ♪i really don't want to let go ♪ i really don't want to let go ♪ put your feet on my shoulders and all y'all chose the life that i chose ♪ ♪ but a lot of you a fool on your grave for i bring flowers for you and when i was standing here i took more showers than you ♪ ♪ i really don't want to let go ♪ i really don't want to let go ♪ i till back to the streets i go ♪ i-i- >> not getting go of the street life has led lackey to multiple incarcerations. and he's had prior drug sentences and recently completed a five year sentence for cocaine trafficking. >> i've been in and out of jail since 15. i done went to the point where i just think it's normal now. >> but for another inmate
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incarceration is anything but normal. >> i'm not prison material, honestly. i'm an 18-year-old, 125 pound kid, you know. talking about someone who's never even been in a fight or even been in, you know, a bad area. when you hear that door close you know i'm not going to be able to escape. i'm not going home. it is scary. it's got a smell to it. and there is people over there that have a hundred tattoos on them. and they are looking at me and looking at me wondering what i'm here for. >> kyle stein is currently waiting sentencing after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide due to reckless driving. he was in an auto accident that
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killed two of his friends. >> we saw a nicer car and wanted to get a closer look but the car sped up. and we decided to keep going with the car. and i lost control and wrecked into another parked car. >> according to authorities, at the time of the impact stein was traveling in excess of 75 miles an hour in a 35 miles an hour zone. >> i didn't wake up until the next day. you know, my mom was over to my left and she was sitting there crying. she slowly said "do you remember what happened?" after i said i don't know she said, well, you were in a car accident. and it took several days for her to really tell me what happened. my two friends that were there in my car with me died that night. >> the 16-year-old female passenger in his car was killed
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on impact. a 19-year-old male passenger was thrown from the car and died an hour later. stein suffered skull fracture, which he says affected his memory. >> it actually took a long time for my memory to come back. in your mind it slows plays over and over again. it's hard to explain how bad it is, seeing the little pieces of your car flying past you. hearing everything happen so quickly. >> but speed may not have been the only factor in the crash. according to toxicology reports, stein's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at the time of the accident. there were also elevated levels of marijuana found in his system. stein's lawyer however negotiated a plea deal which removed two charges related to driving under the influence. >> in the court of law i pleaded guilty to a non-alcohol and marijuana charge. so basically it implies that
6:18 pm
alcohol and marijuana had no significant role into the accident. >> were you drinking that night? were you smoking weed that night? >> i still stick with my -- with my statement, before. and say that it was not part of the accident. >> stein's plea deal will result in a one to ten year sentence. the final decision will be made by his judge in three weeks. prosecutors say they were satisfied with the deal and wanted to spare the victim's families from a lengthy trial. >> i'm looking at one to ten years. i expect something of the higher amount. my mind is set on the ten years, just to prepare myself. i need to pay for what i did. and i took two people's lives on accident. i can't live with that without, you know, saying that i -- i paid -- i paid the time. you know, i paid back to society.
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it's scary. it really is a bad thing. you know the people here aren't nice. but you know what? i have do it. i have to go through it because i want to move on from this. >> coming up. >> don't be so friendly man. you can't be yourself. >> kyle stein gets a jailhouse education. >> you're gonna have to fight in there. otherwise if you don't fight and show them you are not going to put up with the bull, then they are going to end up taking your stuff. >> and commissary day turns violent. >> as soon as the guy gets the bag the other inmates walk up, knock him out and took his bag. >> i turned back around and get more stuff and that is when he sucker punched me twice you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need, and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty.
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and soy-ginger salmon. hey, this is my plate. get yours while you still can. at the hamilton county justice center in cincinnati, 18-year-old kyle stein is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. stein is now jail but he's been getting tips how to survive from a couple of veterans.
6:23 pm
josh arnold and chris marshall are both serving short sentences for theft. but say they have been to jail dozens of times in the past and know what newcomers have to face. >> he's got to worry about people trying to bully him around because he's small. he's short, you know, like 5'3", you know, and really no weight on him. >> i tried to work out with him. get him built up, man. it's going all right i guess for him. he could do like 200 push-ups now. >> oh come on. >> no you do more than that. >> i didn't really expect to hear people actually being friendly or at least nice. it is kind of a blessing, actually. so. >> that's my little buddy man. i don't know. he's young. won't let nothing bad kind of happen to him, you know what i mean. not because he's like my bitch or nothing. he's a good dude but because he is's like a little brother kind of. >> i first came to this place when i was 19.
6:24 pm
i was scared man. and i wish somebody would have probably set down and talk to me. you have to adapt and adjust to your surrounds. and something can happen so fast and so simple and over the stupidest things. i'm just trying to teach him and learn and take what he can and he'll be okay. >> stein will be sentenced from anywhere from one to ten years in prison. >> people try to extort you. i told him you're going to have to fight in there. and otherwise if you don't fight they're going to end up taking your stuff. >> that won't happen in here though. some people won't let that. i won't let that. >> he don't definitely need to be in prison. it's not because i think he's weak. he's not. he makes up for that in other ways. but some people aren't made out
6:25 pm
for that kind of life. >> any other tips though, seriously? >> don't tell people you're 18. tell them you're 24, 25. that way you don't have people trying to take advantage of you. because they will. they thrive off that kind of stuff. that is what they do. you have people picking on you and singling you out thinking you're a pushover. taking are your shoes or whatever. no telling what they want -- maybe even more man, you know? i had a past where i sold drugs. i've been in the streets and just ran around and, you know, other things and things i'm not proud of. we all make mistakes. and i think that he's one person that will learn from his mistakes and learn from this. don't be so friendly. you can't be yourself, unfortunately. always remember who you are. always remember who you are. don't let that ruin you, man. because you will be coming out to real life one day.
6:26 pm
>> a lot of people will come out of the prison a worse person. and some people can come out a better person. you know, i've set my mind on being a better person. and i don't care what i have to go through to become a better person. >> you can't divide these. >> a step towards that goal for stein has been to volunteer as the tutor for the jail's ged program. >> even though there is a decimal place there you can tell -- >> at first it was something to do and passed the time. but it really helps and makes me feel better at the end of the day they helped someone achieve something. >> hold on. don't say nothing. carry the eight. >> he is benefitting by being here when society says "you are kind of useless. you are just a criminal." and yet we work with them as if they were the best person in the world that we could be working with right now. so what it shows him, everybody is worth while. >> i'll check up on you in the next page. okay?
6:27 pm
>> look here. you all look out for my little homey, man. don't pick on him. >> kyle stein finds himself with one less protector. >> sucks that he's gone for me. kind of have to be something i guess used to. >> chris lackey is accuse of another assault. >> that's a bull [ expletive ] what he done to me. flat out. hell yeah i want to press charges. and it could result in criminal charges. >> hundred percent sure i ain't did nothing. but the outside charges -- i'm worried about my case.
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tweeted this dramatic photo. officials say this is not lake bastrop. they are urging people to find higher ground. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. if the hamilton county justice center in cincinnati is like a city within a city, you might say the treasury department is down on the first floor. this is the commissary stock room. >> this is where we keep all of our stock for the inmates. every week we order stuff to keep it filled. >> the jail, this is kind of like money. >> twice a week inmates are able to order up to $65 worth of stuff from commissary. >> a lot of inmates don't like the food they served. here they can get coffees or
6:32 pm
little cakes or ships. >> the starbuck's of the hamilton county justice center. >> but like any form of currency, commissary can also cause problems. >> they will fight over it. i've seen riots start almost because they don't get their coffee, honey buns or nutty bars. as soon as a guy got his bag other inmates walk up and knock him out and get his bag. >> the victim this morning is josh cox who is in jail on charges of leaving the scene of the accident of and driving with a suspended license. he pled not guilty. >> came up to me and said he got punched in the face. i seen blood on him. he seemed dazed and didn't know really what was going on. i called them up to escort him to medical. >> cox was transported to a hospital where he received treatment for a broken jaw. he has since returned to the jail's medical unit.
6:33 pm
>> this is the commissary they got punched in the mouth over. >> the alleged attacker is people have come to know. >> inmate lackey broke my jaw. sucker punched me, twice. >> inmate cox was assaulted on his unit and he says it was inmate lackey who assaulted him in his cell. and he said he also took his commissary. >> lackey had only recently been moved back to a different general population unit after completing 20 days in segregation for assaulting don lips. according to cox, lackey entered his cell around 8:30 that morning while cox was unpacking his commissary. >> got my commissary. i was getting a couple things out for a couple buddies. turned around and looked up and seen lackey there and didn't pay
6:34 pm
much attention and turned back around to get more stuff and that's when he sucker punched me twice. >> lackey says a different story. he says he was sitting in the day room when he saw a injured cox leave his cell. >> when dude came out the room i started laughing like dang he didn't even have his -- a whole 10, 15 minutes before he come out the cell [ expletive ]. i thought it was funny. >> lackey says being accused of the assault took him by surprise. >> am i being punked? it's got to be a joke. i say check my hands. no cuts or bruises. y'all just going to do some type of the evidence or are you all just taking me to the hole just because somebody said i did something. i'm here chilling. you all bothering me. >> lackey was returned to the jail's disciplinary unit pending a hearing that could send him back to segregation. but now he could face far more serious consequences.
6:35 pm
unlike the victims in his prior jailhouse assaults, josh cox has decided to press criminal charges against him. >> it would be different if i seen it coming if i had it coming to me. i'm not a man to want to sit there and press charges to people. i don't do that. that's why we're in here because of [ expletive ] like that. but that's [ expletive ] what he done to me. flat out. hell yeah i want to press charges. never even really talked to the dude. he asked me for a couple of phone calls one time. institutionalized punk is all it is too it. >> it is what it is though. life in this hamilton county justice center i guess. >> the charge like this is bogus. i ain't even worried about this. i'm so 100% sure i ain't did nothing. but the outside charges like i'm worried about my case. know what i mean? >> if convicted of the assault lackey could be sentenced to an
6:36 pm
additional six months in jail. kyle stein will soon learn how much longer he'll be locked up. >> a big day coming up tomorrow. i have sentencing. >> stein pled guilty to two count of aggravated vehicular homicide due to reckless driving. he faces up to 10 years in prison. >> there is a lot of unknown. there is a lot of unknown. i expect something of the higher amount. i don't want to be sitting here thinking i'm just going to get one or two years and then walk in in and get 10 years. >> while stein says he's ready to receive his sentence, he isn't looking forward to the process. >> the victim's families will be in there. the two people in the car were best friends. one of them was the boy in the car. and he was always, you know, energetic, up for anything. he was a good friend to have.
6:37 pm
he would always have my back. the girl was in drama with me at my high school. and she, you know -- we became friends through that throughout the years. they're just loving caring people. it is very hard to be the one person that lived. and, you know, knowing that -- knowing what happened and knowing that your friends were there and they died. it is, you know, again, very traumatic. it is hard to deal with it. >> and stein's support system is about to get smaller. his friend josh arnold has been just approved for early release. >> where the hell are you going, dude? >> i got to go. i got release. >> i just worry about him because he's so small man he's so nice and friendly. he don't really need to be in here in a place like this. >> y'all look out for my little homey man. don't pick on him. i got you are information. i'm gonna write you. be god.
6:38 pm
be good. >> i'll find out where he's at and send him a letter. make sure he's okay wherever he goes but i believe he will be okay. >> all right fellas. be good. >> my buddy josh just left. that's good for him. but sucks that he's gone for me. because, you know, that was my buddy to talk to. gonna have to be something i get used to. >> for now stein's focus is on his sentencing hearing in the morning. >> do you think you will get any sleep tonight? >> i don't think i will be able to tonight. it's just going to be a hard night and a long morning. long day. >> coming up -- >> state of ohio versus kyle james stein. >> kyle stein is sentenced. but not before he hears from the victim's families. >> there is no such as healing in there. this doesn't go away. we just have to live with this from now on. .
6:39 pm
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at the hamilton county justice center, it is a big day for kyle stein. the judge will decide how much time he will spend in prison for two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. due to a plea deal, the judge will sentence stein as if he had not been driving under the influence, even though toxicology reports showed he was. but stein could still face anywhere from 1 to 10 years in prison. >> best case scenario -- i don't know. i don't know how to give a best case scenario in this situation. i'm seeing people, i'm seeing people being emotional. that's kind of hard. >> as part of the hearing stein will be allowed to make a
6:43 pm
statement to the family of the victims. >> i feel, yes, that i do owe it to them to say i'm sorry. we're not sure how the families will take it though. we don't know. saying i'm sorry is part of a process that i have to go through. >> all right. state of ohio versus kyle james stein. >> good morning your honor. my client would like to make a statement to the victims' family in this case, if you please. >> sure. >> you know what you want to say. >> there is nothing i can say to change what happened. i pray every day and every night for their forgiveness and for your forgiveness. it's hard to put into words how i feel about what happened that night. i hope all of this can end with peace and that everyone can find
6:44 pm
peace in what happened. and again i'm sorry for what happened. >> the court also allows the victims families to make a statement. first to speak is the grandfather of rachel, the female victim. >> first of all i would like the say that i've already forgiven kyle in my heart because i don't want to carry vengeance and anger in my heart any longer. rachel and i were really close friends. and it is -- it is a shame. i feel the pain, my loss. but then there is no sense. we've already loss two lives in this incident and there is no sense ruining a third live. ao i would ask the judge be cognizant of this when you make a sentence. thank you. >> all right thank you very much. >> my name is steven lee mormon, i'm eric's dad. kyle stein, it's been a long seven months since your wild intoxicated driving killed our eric.
6:45 pm
today we heard a professionally scripted rehearsed apology from you. well, it's too late. it is a waste of time. we don't need to hear, sorry about your loss, i made a mistake or some other excuse. so you know there is no such as healing in this. you can heal a cut, a bruise, or a disease. not this. this doesn't go away. we just have to live with this from now on. stein, your decisions killed two people and ruined our lives forever. you hurt countless people. you hurt our entire family. your family will never have to deal with that. you will get another chance. your family has hope. we don't have hope. and finally, just so there is never any doubt, you won't be forgiven by us. we will never get over losing our eric. no parent or family who truly loves each other ever does. i know the best days of our lives are over. some things always wrong in my
6:46 pm
life now. eric is missing. i'm never truly be happy again. and my family will never be whole again. >> thank you. >> mr. stein, on the day this happened you violated several laws that are specifically designed to protect public safety. your driving then produced tragic and completely avoidable results. there is no amount of time that will bring back the two young people, but you need to be punished for this. mitigating against that somewhat according to the statute is you don't have any prior adult convictions. you don't have anything that would raise this level of offense to another level of offense. on count two, the sentence will be 24 months in the state penitentiary. and you will pay a $10,000 fine. on count four, 24 months in the state penitentiary, you will pay a $10,000 fine. those sentences will run consecutive to one another.
6:47 pm
and you will have a lifetime driving suspension and will also pay court costs. >> i guess my hopes were kind of shot down. my hopes were about two years. two to three years. with a chance of getting my driver suspension revoked at some point. >> and the victims families spoke what was it like for you? what was going through your head? >> basically what was going through my head was stay strong. basically the male's family was mad. i don't think they are going to get over it. like me, i'm not going to ever get over it. but to cope with it is one step. the girl's grandfather did say that he forgave me. and that was a big thing. it hurt in my chest. but it felt good to hear that someone actually forgave me. >> coming up --
6:48 pm
kyle stein takes the long walk to the state prison bus. >> i got about four years to think about what got me here. ortho home defense gives you year long control of all these household bugs - roaches, ants, and spiders. spectracide gives you year long control... of just roaches. their label says so. got more than roaches moving in? get home defense. the label tells the story. season-long control of orthall these types of bugs. spectracide gives you season-long control... of just ants. their label says so.
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♪ do you know how it feels to be locked up in jail ♪ ♪ do you know how it feel do you know how it feel ♪ ♪ seeing you for real do you know how i feel to have a five month run ♪ ♪ spending time with your family ♪ get locked up can't make your bond ♪ ♪ do you know how i feel do you know how i feel do you know how i feel ♪ >> inside the hamilton county justice center chris lackey has little to do but work on new rap songs as he awaits a hearing of allegedly assaulting inmate josh cox over a bag of commissary.
6:52 pm
the incident could bring criminal charges. but first, lackey will find out his punishment within the jail. today a three-officer panel will hear lackey's testimony. sergeant curtis heads the panel. >> we hear his side of the story, if he have any witnesses. then we also ask the officers who were involved, wrote the report. and then we take what is said during that hearing to decide, you know, whether he's guilty or not of the charges. so what we need to hear from you is your side of the story on that day. >> well that day, all i know is i came out the cell and sat down and start watching tv. i seen like four guys come up out of his cell. and dude he gamble. when he came out the cell like five minutes later, when he came out and i seen his mouth bloody,
6:53 pm
i start laughing like, oh, to myself, thinking to myself, they must have took [ bleep ]. they come in and tell me to cuff up. for what? i just don't understand. >> we go about talking to the person who actually got assaulted and he was the one who pointed out inmate lackey was the one who assaulted him in his cell. were you and him and somebody else in the room at the time? >> no, ma'am, not at all. >> he saw your face. turned around and you punched him right in his face. along with another inmate in that cell collecting commissary. >> i don't believe that [ bleep ]. >> you don't believe what. >> i never been in the cell, for the record. >> everybody else is lying. and we already know your m.o. >> what's the evidence? ain't no evidence. because i didn't do nothing. >> he kept saying you don't have any evidence. how can you just go by someone's word? well, it was more than just one witness. we have a lot of people in the pod. we also have two people that was in the cell with him when the incident happened. so you plead -- still plead not guilty? >> yes, ma'am.
6:54 pm
>> right. all right, then. well, i think you're guilty. what do you think think? >> guilty. >> what do you think? >> definitely guilty. >> you always find me guilty. you ain't going through the evidence, you ain't doing no type of evidence, no search. how y'all just going to find me guilty because a inmate in here just like me going to say i pinned my hands on him. >> i'm not here to argue with you. >> i ain't either. >> you get 20 days lock in. >> they just found me guilty for nothing. i did nothing. that's what they doing. they just found me guilty for nothing. i ain't did nothing. that's what they do. that was their whole plan just to come down here and say i'm guilty. >> this is a typical reaction for any inmate that gets guilty of a hearing. they always believe they're innocent in their own mind. normally a couple of hours after the hearing he's going to calm down, he's going to forget about it. >> they still found me guilty, bro. i swear man that man, black ass bitch found me guilty for nothing. >> [inaudible]. >> twenty. >> we've read everything, talked
6:55 pm
to investigators, talked to everybody on the floor, everybody's overwhelming against him. >> [ bleep ] jail feel like punching on [ bleep ]. i didn't do [ bleep ]. i'm really innocent. i ain't did nothing. they just found me guilty. that was they plan. her looking at that man-looking bitch. i didn't like her. like this killing me more than that five years. >> in addition to lackey's segregation time he still faces a criminal assault charge that could result in even more time in jail. kyle stein's stay at the jail is almost up. >> i got to get ready for crc. get shipped off here this week, probably. >> stein is awaiting transfer to state prison. it will be his first time. but chris marshall has been there before. >> crc is where you go until they figure out what prison they send you to. trim your hair, buzz it up, send you out. as soon as you get to prison you can grow your hair as long as you want it. crc, they're going to shave you up. i've been giving him tips going up there to crc, man.
6:56 pm
anybody trying to give him attitude or something, he's going to have to stick up for himself. kick them in the [ bleep ] nuts just because of your size. >> the haircut reveals a connection the two men share. >> be careful up there. >> yeah i know. just like mine. [ bleep ]. me and him got the same type scar. his just ain't as long as mine is. >> both scars for the same thing? >> yeah, car wrecks. >> for security reasons inmates are not told the date of their transfers. stein's arrives three days later. >> yep, they woke me up this morning and told me to pack my stuff and i'm getting ready to go. >> ready to go. >> part of me does feel like i want to get there and get it over with. part of me is saying, i don't want to go. >> how you feeling right now, kyle? >> a little bit scared. a little bit anxious. >> what are you anxious about? >> just fights and certain
6:57 pm
things like that. >> do you think that's going to happen when you get there? >> probably. i do think it's going to happen at some point. >> you guys, listen up for one minute. i'm going to call you up one by one. when i call you up, bring all your property up here to me. >> i got a whole bunch of mail. i got a whole bunch of old clothes and stuff from the ged program. >> mr. stein, come on up, partner. all right. this stuff -- all right. >> now when you get up there, they're going to go through everything again. >> okay. >> when you get upstairs, let them do their thing. all right? that's their deal up there. hang on to your bag. step up to the window. that's all we're doing down here.
6:58 pm
>> hang out here. the ride's going to be here in a couple minutes. all right? anybody needs to use the restroom, use it inside there. because once we leave, it's a two-hour trip up and you know they ain't stopping for anybody. so use the restroom before you leave. >> here we go. >> put the big guy in the middle too. >> guys, go ahead and walk around the corner. do not go on the elevator. >> he said do not go on the elevator? >> that's what i heard. do not.
6:59 pm
>> yeah, i got about four years to think about what got me here. but i got here myself, i did it myself. not anyone else. so i got to learn my lesson. everyone thinks that they're invincible when they're young. you really aren't invincible. i was one of those people that sat there and said, oh this can't happen to me, this won't happen to me. it did.
7:00 pm
damn somebody got clocked. >> a jailhouse assault leads to one bloody inmate. >> who swung first?


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