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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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as a vehicle in this broader scheme to line executives' pockets with bribes totaling $110 million. >> the scandal erupted early today when swiss authorities arrested seven fifa officials at the exclusive hotel in zurich where the world's richest sporting organization was gathering for a meeting. jeffrey webb who runs the u.s. region. joining me live from london joe prince-wright, from nbc sports who covers soccer. thank you for joining us. let's first give people a great understanding of why this is such a major announcement and really the earthquake that's gone through the sporting world today. >> well tamron it's huge because these investigations have been going on for over 20 years and now the fbi, they've finally got fifa. it's incredible the amount of money that's been thrown around over $5 billion was the last tv deal for the world cup and
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because the authorities and officials were so keen to show what a problem it's become and all this in zurich less than 48 hours before the next presidential election blatter has been in charge since 1998 and is just about to become the fifa president again. this is a huge shock wave and everyone is trying to wrap their head around it because it's massive. >> absolutely, and the timing as you pointed out, as well with the election or re-election of the president of fifa who many are wondering now when the shoe will drop on him. let me play a bit of what happened this morning as a spokesperson for fifa talked about this case and defended the organization. >> this for fifa is good. it's not good in terms of image, it's not good in terms of reputation, but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of everything what it is the last four years, in terms of the process is good.
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>> this is good. i mean how does he go to that extent? >> he's done a good job, obviously, fifa need this they need to be cleaned up. so many allegations, their own internal investigation into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 world cups in russia and qatar, they cleared nations of wrong doing there, but garcia was in charge of that investigation, he walked away and there's been so many question marks around this whole investigation and fifa for years have had these allegations hanging over their head. it seems tamron now we may have gotten to the bottom of this but in the words of the fbi, this is not the final chapter of our investigation. there's so much more to uncover here. >> so much more. thank you so much for your time. let me bring in renowned former new york times sports columnist, also the author of "eight world cups" thank you so much for
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joining us. you've been a busy man this morning. >> whenever there's a fifa scandal, i'm right there. >> did you see this one coming? >> oh sure in my book as they say, i have a paragraph that says fifa was found out in 2014. the people around the world, while the world cup was going on became aware of all the scandals going on. they didn't know the details, but people became much more aware it was a corrupt organization. >> many people point to the moment the name qatar was announced as the winner of the world cup, do you believe that was the breaking point? >> well blatter made a big mistake of having two elections at once because it encouraged dual bidding, people making deals back and forth. money was just flying around the headquarters there and it was documented by intrepid reporters. yes, that was a key moment when he linked the two and russia and qatar, you know two of the more democratic nations that we know of, wound up getting the world cup. not to say russia won't be a
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great host but qatar is very suspect. >> absolutely, from the climate, to again, that country's quest to buy influence and image, quite onnestly around the world. >> as soon as qatar had the world cup, other things fell into play, television deals in france, france delivering the key blow going back on his promise to vote for the united states as the host then going over to qatar. there was so much going on at that time. left your head spinning and u.s. without being host but the big mistake fifa made was to bring in michael garcia a lawyer from new york great reputation, to bring him in to make a report. then they didn't use his report. he went back home. i have no idea i have not been covering this i don't know who he's talking to but the fact i see loretta lynch and comey in there today, she knows them from new york and it's all connected somehow.
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for fifa to face these kind of allegations, all coming from the u.s. >> right, and it's been happening in new york. one of the reasons why fifa has had a very careful relationship with the united states. they want the united states money, they want our corporate money, but they don't necessarily want the relative transparticipant si that we have in the united states. as said in the new york times, the story just out on the line the american sponsors companies, coca-cola, visa companies like that they didn't want to know. they are part of the food chain, but now they are going to have to answer for how they can do business with fifa. >> fifa according to the information between 2011 2014 $5.7 billion. much more potentially at stake.
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what happens next? what happens when qatar, what happens with fifa here? >> they say they are not going to go back over their choices for 2018 and 2022 but there are other things involved. when you keep having a number of officials indicted as you have now and then working backwards, the previous president, brazilian guy, he is in old age in huge disgrace back in brazil so fifa has a terrible look around the world and it's not just in the united states. we're finally catching on and this is what blatter probably deep down was afraid of. now this is a guy who loves new york loves to come here to eat and goodness knows what but it's going to be hard for him to come back here because somehow or other they are going to want him to testify, if not be indicted. >> quite a story, thank you so much for joining us. great pleasure having you on. >> any time. we are also following, of course, that severe weather still taking hold over the
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southwest. these are images in fact of a dam in ellis county that is near dallas now being monitored by the agriculture department over fears it could break, but over the last hour engineers say it appears to be holding, though they are not giving it the all-clear just yet. another flash flood warning issued for parts of houston, bringing more misery to a region already devastated by unprecedented weather. the storm stretching from oklahoma to southeast texas have now left at least 19 people dead and more than a dozen missing. earlier on the "today" show an official with houston's office of emergency management acknowledged concerns over what a new round of storms could mean for the city. >> we still have a lot of our neighborhoods under water. the systems of bayous are doing a good job of draining but at a certain point when you have this amount of rain in such a short amount of time it's going to take us a while to fully drain the city. >> and in the small town of
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wimberley, 11 people 11 people are still missing after the devastation of the flood waters that rushed through there. it is one of 46 counties who issued disaster declarations by texas governor greg abbott. >> well this is known in wichita falls and hayes county and in multiple parts of the state as the flood of record. meaning this is the highest flood that we've ever had in recorded history in the state of texas. >> nbc's charles hadlock joins me now from houston. obviously, charles, we can see what's happening behind you, but what can't be lost is the number of people missing and how quickly people were overcome by these flood waters. >> reporter: yeah most of the people missing are still up in the wimberley area. here in houston there are two people still missing. they were swept away as they were trying to be rescued by
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fire department rescue boats. the boat overturned a second rescue boat came and rescued the firefighters and other passengers on the boat. one of the victims was found late last night, the other victims, elderly couple 85 years old and 87 years old, have not been found yet. let me show you this tamron this is buffalo bayou as it passes through near downtown houston. this is one of the six rivers that defines the city of houston. they came out of the banks yesterday, buffalo bayou and swelled out of their banks after 11 inches of rain fell in the city in just six hours' time. no city can handle that especially a city like houston that's flat as a table top. the water has nowhere to go so it ponds until it slowly drains away. this stream goes around downtown houston and out to the ship channel, then into the gulf of mexico. even with today's rains, we're
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under another flash flood warning, they have not -- the water is still not rising. it is still going down. it's a very good sign here just on the edge of downtown houston as it's still raining, the water we had in the bayou is still draining away. that's the good news what people want to see here as they try to clean up and get back to business here in houston. tamron? >> thank you very much charles. joining us by phone from wimberley, texas nbc's jay gray. as mentioned by our colleague, many of those still missing in the area where you are right now. what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, tamron we know at least 11 people still missing the search efforts really hampered today by rain and we're getting more of this now. in fact, we're seeing rain in some cases driving not hard as it was when it occurred but hard enough it grounded
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helicopters, caused some of those in boats to actually pull off and wait until things slow down. at least for a little bit because they can't get around. there's still a lot of people who say they are going to keep going for as long as they can. that's the effort right now. those teams still calling this a rescue and recovery effort right now. but they are working through the night and through the day here. and again, just the rain the big problem right now, tamron. >> all right, thank you very much, jay. let me bring in meteorologist bill karins, he is standing by with more rough weather still coming that direction, bill? >> this morning was scary. we thought another big line of storms, here we go ground's super saturated, but houston lucked out this time. still a flash flood watch in case, but for the most part the threat has ended through the region. the worst of this line is now sweeping through louisiana, so the baton rouge area to new orleans, the storms have
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weakened a bit, baton rouge, get ready for rain shortly, down to morgan city. as far as towards the west goes little bit of light rain left here in houston. we did get three inches of rain north of the city but that's not where it flooded yesterday, it was the south side of the city. here's today, 61 million people at risk that's a lot of people. i'll show you why in a second. today's storms in west texas, kansas, a few tornados are possible but the biggest threat will be wind and large hail. flash flooding shouldn't be too bad in this region. they've had rain but not as much as to the south. dallas late tonight could get strong storms. we've included d.c. philadelphia baltimore, just outside of new york city the entire hudson valley northern virginia, cleveland, detroit, columbus, cincinnati, all locations that could see strong storms today but the tornado threat is slow. this is the part of the country that needs the rain. we have a drought situation that's been building in the northeast, the timing of the
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storms will also interfere with air travel northern new jersey philadelphia, possibly baltimore, right around 6:00 p.m. is when the strongest storms will be going through, then they should weaken up to boston. again, the biggest threats are over with this morning for the flash flooding. i think we're really turning the page tamron. we have a weather pattern change coming isolated storms but nothing like the last month. i think texas and oklahoma can get a much deserved break. you know texas more than most people. do you remember anything like this, a whole month? >> i don't, my family is outside of houston, i've seen flooding but nothing like this. >> tropical storm allison, except for that but that was one event. this is a month long. >> and still just remarkable how many people were caught in their vehicles and even swept away inside homes. >> that was what was unique. every year we have about 100 deaths for flash flooding.
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half of them are typically in vehicles. it's common for people to perish driving in the water, but to be swept away in your house with your family is unimaginable nightmare none of us can picture. >> thank you very much bill for the update. coming up new reaction after the city of cleveland agrees to overhaul its police force following a scathing report from the justice department. >> this is becoming a way in which we do business in the city of cleveland, becomes part of our dna. >> the report found police took part in a pattern of excessive force and civil rights violations, so what does this add to the larger conversation about relations between the police and the community? i'll talk live with civil rights attorney john burris. also ahead, the clintons are facing new criticism after a report says bill clinton set up a, quote, shell company to receive payments. what does mitt reserve deputy have to do with this? it is part of today's first read. and taco bell and pizza hut
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welcome back. more rallies are expected in cleveland today over the acquittal of officer michael brelo for his role in the shooting of two unarmed people. this as the city begins implementing new police reforms as part of its settlement with the justice department over a stunning report finding a pattern of abuses. among the claims in the doj's report were examples of officers engaging lives by shooting at
8:19 am
suspects and cars and in some cases hitting people over the head with guns and using stun guns on suspects in handcuffs. the broad set of changes outlined in the settlement included an independent monitor to oversee the reforms more focused on community policing a shift to de-escalation techniques rather than force, and new training. the reforms were worked out over five months of negotiations following the department of justice report. cleveland mayor frank jackson called the reforms a step forward. >> i look at this agreement and the reform not as a program. this is not for us a program. this is becomes a way in which we do business in the city of cleveland, as i said before it becomes part of our dna. >> joining me now is prominent civil rights attorney john burris, who handled a number of high profile cases, including the rodney king civil suit.
8:20 am
john thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the fact that it took the department of justice to implement or negotiate these -- this arrangement with the city. it leads to very simple changes that one would have assumed with leadership could have been implemented without the involvement of the department of justice. >> that's absolutely true. what the department of justice has essentially done is said we're going to implement the best practices, and the best practices are areas that everyone knows, but very few departments will do particularly in urban areas. much of what the department has been doing down through the years is fundamentally wrong and not good policing but the culture of the department is such that it establishes these kind of conduct. it will be difficult for these changes to occur, it will take a period of time. on the other hand, the chief is involved, the mayor's involved all of them are extraordinarily important in trying to bring out these changes. it will take a minimum of five years. i should not think anyone is
8:21 am
going to get this done over a period of time, but you have to have a buy in on part of the unions, the community has to buy in of course the command staff has to buy in. if they do not, you'll have resistance from the officers. we're able to do this over a period of time, but ultimately the independent monitor has to audit very closely what has taken place on the part of these various reforms that have been established. oersz otherwise you won't have accountability. >> you talk about the buy-in on this looking at some of the changes outlined it says a shift to de-escalation techniques rather than force, new training to avoid racial stereotyping and dealing with the mentally ill. cleveland is 53% black, two-thirds of the police officers are white the mayor and police chief are black. why wouldn't everyone buy in on an idea for more training on racial stereotypes? >> one of the reasons is because departments have their own culture and that culture may have been cleared over a period
8:22 am
of time, kind of the force you use, lack of supervision, lack of accountability, and that's understood fundamentally ingrained so you have to make those officers abide by the new regulations and hold them accountable. ultimately a turnover in the department where many people have to go because they cannot make the adjustments, but you would think this would be easy to do but it isn't, the monitoring is important and the judge willing to enforce the agreement is important. >> i want to play what president steve loomis said regarding the report he says is offensive and included allegations that police used tasers on mentally ill suspects. let me play what he said. >> we don't want to hurt anybody. that's against our nature. >> some people think you do want to hurt them. >> those people are wrong. >> bottom line they say you use excessive force too much here. >> they can't prove it. >> so with that response and as you pointed out the need for a
8:23 am
whole buy-in for this to work what do you think happens here? >> well that's not a good sign okay, the union has to have a buy-in. when we did it in oakland, we could not get this done. i'm going to tell you, if the union has that view the unwillingness to account for and acknowledge for things that happened that might be a public view, might not be the view they'll take when it's time to work through the agreement. i would probably take that with a grain of salt. three to five years to know whether the union is buying in or not. >> quickly here 18 states where 32 police departments are either under investigation by the department of justice or reforms have already been ordered. seeing what happened in cleveland, what's happened also with the police department in ferguson after the department of justice there, do you believe that we are at a point where there is some move forward to better policing and better relationship with communities? >> well i absolutely think so. i think the doj on the attorney
8:24 am
general holder has done a very remarkable job in bringing these attentions to various cities. once he leaves the department changes, then the question has it become sustainable, because it's one thing to get agreements in place, but the issue is can you sustain over a period of time and generally pass the present administration in the department. i hope so but i think it's a very good thing the department of justice has come in and dealt with these departments and let the departments know what the right way is in order to get good policing. >> john burris thank you so much for your analysis. greatly appreciate that. coming up a federal appeals court delivers a major blow to the president's immigration plan that puts it closer to ending up in the supreme court. the latest is next. plus will britain leave the european union? what queen elizabeth said this morning about the government's new plan. it's just one of the things we thought you should know. here's a look at what's happening today, wednesday, may 27th. the nebraska senate could vote
8:25 am
to end the death penalty in that state. senators will look to override the veto that kept the death penalty in place. dustin diamond is headed to trial in wisconsin today. he pleaded not guilty to accusations of stabbing a man during a christmas day bar fight. and officials at noaa will release their forecasts for the upcoming atlantic hurricane season. it officially begins june 1st. this will be the tenth season since hurricane katrina and rita devastated the gulf coast. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual
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developing now in massachusetts, this video just coming into us of massive water main break in a boston suburb. it opened up a sinkhole almost swallowing the truck, that black truck there. a state of emergency has been declared in the boston suburb after the main ruptured earlier
8:29 am
this morning. water service has been interrupted for most of brockton residents and businesses prompting the high school to release students just a short time ago. we'll bring you more information on this but again, this is east bridgewater, where you're seeing this video come into us of this water main break. we'll get more information on why it's had such a massive impact on that area. now to a major setback to president obama's immigration plan that puts it closer to ending up in front of the supreme court. a federal court has rejected the administration's request to lift the temporary freeze on the action that protects up to or could protect 5 million people from being deported. 26 states led by texas are suing the administration calling the president's actions unlawful. joining me now with the breakdown, contributor. what are you hearing as a headline for many people who really want to see this reform and you said disappointing, but wanted. >> right, right.
8:30 am
because you have to remember this is -- this 5th circuit, this is the most conservative circuit or judicial region in the country and the two judges who ruled against the obama administration within that circuit, two of the most conservative judges there. and the way to think about this development, the legal procedures, it's confusing. even for attorneys, people reading through the opinions saying what's happening here think of it this way, there are two tracks going on first of all is the actual case over executive action. that's whether or not president obama has the authority to do his executive action. what happened yesterday did not have anything to do with that. that is yet to be decided. what happened yesterday is all about the preliminary procedures so that's talking about what's going to happen until a court rules on that executive action whether or not it can go through in the meantime. so yesterday's ruling was a technical ruling for the most part. >> i want to read a quote by the 5th circuit judge steven higginson, an obama appointee,
8:31 am
who says it's not up for the courts to decide the order in which non-citizens without documentation must be removed from the united states must be decided presently is being decided and always has been decided by the federal political branches. >> right. and see what he pointed out, which is very interesting, in this instance these two 5th circuit judges they actually ruled against their own circuit because last year another lawsuit struck down brought by some immigration officers challenging executive action within the 5th circuit and last year a washington court struck down a lawsuit brought by judge arpio, so all this procedural maneuvering is playing out. we have the legal battle going on, but meanwhile what's at the heart of the case are up to 4 or 5 million people who are still in a sort of limbo. they can't come forward to sign up for the program. they are living with tremendous economic and social instability
8:32 am
and for the country for most people, however you feel about the immigration debate i think almost no one is satisfied with our status quo and what this ruling does is leaves things basically as is. >> and potentially unresolved, even after obama's out of office. >> right, or very close to when he leaves office. sooner or later both of these tracks will converge, it will end up at the supreme court. and one thing to keep in mind also is however you feel again, however you feel about the immigration debate there's a real economic cost that we are paying in the meantime. several nonpartisan agencies like congressional budget office social security administration, they all have pointed out the tremendous net benefit to our economy by allowing programs to go forward. the center for american progress estimated just dapa alone went forward, we'd see $61 billion to gdp in five years and potentially $164 billion over ten years, so that's a real loss. in the meantime i believe most immigration reform advocates are
8:33 am
looking at this as a delay, not a defeat. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. still ahead, even though he's not yet a presidential candidate, republican scott walker says he might skip a primary in a major swing state. it's one of the things we thought you should know. and more sponsors pull their ads from "19 kids and counting" and the duggar family deals with allegations of child molestation within their home. it is one of the stories we are updating around the "news nation". ♪ sfx: engine sounds introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved. i am totally blind.
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and now for our first read on politics a report by the associated press is bringing new scrutiny to the finances of bill and hillary clinton. the report reveals that former president bill clinton has used a shell company to receive payments for consulting and other services. the company is called wjcllc and does not appear to have any employees. the report also shows that hillary clinton's campaign did
8:37 am
not include the company in her financial disclosures. officials with the campaign and with bill clinton's office say the disclosure is not needed because the company has no assets. and joining me live now, msnbc political reporter benjy starlin. is that explanation enough to make this latest question go away? >> well, the early read seems to say there's nothing inherently wrong with this you don't have to disclose assets under a certain amount. and there's nothing necessarily fundamentally wrong with using one of these shell companies to manage your income but it's also not something the average person does. this is a sort of unfamiliar financial instrument for a lot of people. you usually don't get your income through this and it points to the way the clintons have gotten their income through multimillion dollar speaking tours and consulting fees, you know things that the average person does not conceive
8:38 am
of as a normal kind of job. so to the extent it draws scrutiny towards that yeah there's going to be a lot of these problems. >> the first read team writes this, the clintons have a mitt romney problem on their hands, wealth and otherness that voters might not be able to relate to especially when the likes of bernie sanders are campaigning against wealth. you want to elaborate? >> yeah this is a situation that democrats sort of set up for themselves the last two election cycles. there were a lot of attacks on mitt romney's wealth and john mccain's wealth. some of these had to do with actual allegations of things the democrats said were wrong, like layoffs and companies that bain took over in romney's case for example, but a lot of it was things like the shell company, things that seemed odd or things that seemed like a rich person would do and no one else. how many times did you hear about mitt romney swiss bank
8:39 am
account? there is never any indication there was anything wrong with mitt romney having a swiss bank account or he used it for any nefarious purposes whatsoever it was just an asset he had, but it looked so unusual. they just loved harping on it over and over again. i think you'll see something similar there. >> i think a lot of people would agree, you're right, we'll probably see that a lot. let me transition to attorney general loretta lynch making this huge announcement regarding this massive investigation of fifa and the world of soccer. prior to that announcement she did touch on the expiration of the patriot act, which is set to expire in days. let me play what she said. >> unfortunately, some of the vital and noncontroversial tools that we use to combat terrorism and crime are scheduled to shut down on sunday. without action from the senate we will experience a serious lapse in our ability to protect the american people. today i join the president in urging the senate to work through the current recess in order to make sure that we can
8:40 am
continue to appropriately safeguard this country and protect its citizens. >> there you have it of course that debate continues. mitch mcconnell has ordered senators back to washington for a rare sunday session. >> this is an unusual situation here. usually when we have a must-pass bill coming up and there's questions about whether it can make it out of congress it's usually the house that's the problem. usually you have a problem john boehner can't get his moderates and conservatives and democrats together on a bill and there's a last minute crisis there. this is different, right now the senate has become the issue. the house has passed a bill that would reauthorize the sections of the patriot act but with some new limitations on bulk collection that's in question. right now the senate with days remaining has yet to come up with a compromise either the house's or some other version to keep the program going, even for a few days to buy more time. so they really are under the gun right here with a few days to go until the program expires.
8:41 am
>> benjy, thank you very much for covering the first read for us this morning. coming up isis militants launch a new round of suicide attacks. it is one of the stories we are updating and following around the "news nation." plus the irs is reaching out to nearly 100,000 americans whose personal tax information was stolen by hackers. what this means for the people affected and what it means for your protection. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. put your hand over your heart. is
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8:45 am
deals, while a separate swiss investigation is focusing on alleged bribes paid to secure the world cup. 19 people have been killed and more than a dozen people are still missing after unprecedented flooding hitting parts of southeast texas. among the missing are eight family members whose vacation homes were swept away in wimberley, texas including a mom and her three young children. further south in houston, at least five people have been killed in yesterday's flooding which saw nearly a foot of rainfall in just a span of several hours. many roads are still under high water. the irs says it's reaching out to more than 100,000 taxpayers whose personal information may have been stolen by hackers. the agency says hackers use the irs's own online system to access people's past tax returns and other filings, which they then used to submit fraudulent returns. the agency says it sent out nearly $50 million in refunds
8:46 am
before it detected the scheme. joining me now, nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing, what timeline are we looking at here? when did the irs realize it was hacked and how soon did it notify the victims? >> they've known it for weeks and they are just getting everything organized to let people know starting last night, in fact letters are going to go out to everybody who was affected but the irs says this was a very sophisticated operation, probably run by an organized crime syndicate and here's how it works. there's a very popular part of the website called get transcript. you go on there, say you were buying a house and needed past tax returns to get a mortgage you would go on and be able to access that but to do it there's a multilayer security system and it starts with things that are pretty obvious that most people would know including your social security number, date of birth, your address, but then it gets to more personal information, maybe
8:47 am
questions about, say, the name of your high school mascot or something you put in about a car you bought recently. then the question becomes, how do these crooks get that information? well it's something called data gleaning, and what they do is pore over websites and they compile that information into a database. let's say they go to facebook and get some of your personal information that you would not even think twice about posting. they also might go to a credit bureau, where a lot of your financial information would be so they put it altogether in this database then they go in they did it about 200,000 times and were successful about half the time. so if people are affected who actually had that information used to steal their tax refunds, they will eventually get it but it can take a while. right now the backup is about 120 days tamron. >> chris, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. up next ending epidemics, a
8:48 am
teenager invented a system he says wiped out germs on airplanes. and he's even won the top prize at the world's largest high school science fair. up next meet the 17-year-old inventor who may change all of our lives up next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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a wave of suicide attacks in iraq's anbar province tops our look at stories around the news nation today. at least 17 iraqi troops were killed in the isis-orchestrated attacks near fallujah trently held
8:52 am
breakthrough, new technology could help stop the next pandemic in its tracks. the 2014 -- get this -- at 17, he invented a
8:53 am
new air circulation system. he won top prize at the intel international science and engineering fair. that is the largest high school science fair in the world. he joins me from vancouver, canada. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me here. >> okay. let's first talk about the germs on a typical commercial flight. what did you discover that we are exposed to when we travel? >> yeah. so basically when i started looking into disease epidemics, what i found initially were pretty scary statistics. for example, the center for disease control has actually found that.
8:54 am
i found these large turbulent swirls of air inside these airliners like typical 737s. and what happens is that actually disease propagates everywhere. if the middle seat sneezes, it spreads cross sectionally as well as longitudinally and make a mess. >> we're on the flight someone can be several rows from us, that person sneezes, we might have that look on our face as a result but we can be exposed rows away because of circulation of the air. you have an idea that takes it from something like h1n1 to something potentially more dangerous to the world. >> what i'm able to do is redirect the air flow.
8:55 am
instead of having huge swirls of turbulent air that propagates different pathogens, i'm able to re-create individual streams of personalized breathing zones that basically enable every passenger to get their own fresh air. and by doing that we're actually able to curb disease spread by up to 55 times as well as promote fresh air inhalation by up to 190%. no matter where someone sneezes you're covered. >> wow. you received $75,000, the gordon e. moore award, the intel award to continue your studies. what happens now? how do we get this great idea and all of your knowledge, research, hard work into a reality and all of us in a healthier environment on a plane? >> i've had the good fortune to speak with many judges from the airline industry at the fair. this includes boeing, as well as several airlines in terms of moving this forward and
8:56 am
implementing it in the real world. i'm hoping to be able to use some of the next few months including my summer break to get this on the road. and i already have a patent pending design on this. and so i hope to move it really forward through regulatory processes and get it to implementation soon. >> i've got seconds here. give me a year that this might happen. give me, you know 2020? what are you thinking here? >> i'm hoping as soon as possible because the faster we can stop the next disease epidemic, the better. and the more lives we're going to be able to save. >> raymond, congratulations to you. brilliant idea. you're quite a tv charmer, as well. you will be able to sell this to anyone. congratulations, buddy. we're so proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> of course. that does it for this edition of "news nation." go raymond. next "andrea mitchell reports" live from south carolina.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the deluge, texas hit again after floods destroy entire communities. today, a dam outside dallas could break. actually had water, lots and lots of water pouring over the top, giving an immediate imminent warning they were thinking that this dam was any second. southern strategy. hillary clinton is in south carolina for the first time since an epic defeat to barack obama in 2008. she's being shadowed by the only woman in the republican race. >> i'm criticizing hillary clinton because i come from a world where a title is just a title, and talk is just talk. actions speak louder than words, and people want to know what is your track record and what you have actually


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