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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab and good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart coming at you live from houston, texas, with special coverage of this historic flooding here in the lone star state. and developing now on "the rundown," new worries about flooding. new possible flooding prompting more evacuations in this state
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as the death toll continues to rise. >> oh, no! >> take a look at this video. this is amazing. this frightening video recorded by a family in a home along the blanco river which surged more than 30 feet above flood stage. can you imagine just looking down from the second floor of your home to see the floodwaters rushing in? hundreds of homes were lost to the flooding. many cities remain in danger of flooding from rain-swollen rivers and that is leading to new evacuations. an hour to our south in wharton, texas, residents in 300 homes have been asked to evacuate due to the predicted rise of the colorado river there. here are the latest numbers. 23 people are confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma. nine people are still listed as missing. >> today texans are hurting.
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they're hurting here in san marcos, they're hurting in wimberley, they're hurting in houston, they're hurting across the state. >> let's begin our coverage in wimberley about three hours to our west. nbc's gabe gutierrez is following the latest developments as he has been doing since the beginning of this crisis gabe good morning. let's start with the video of the floodwaters rushing into the home. it's terrifying. >> jose amazing. you were talking to people over the past couple days that were describing that but to actually see it is truly remarkable. let me show you the blanco river here. it crested about 44 feet over the weekend and left the a trail of destruction behind you can see the debris still strewn about everywhere. some trees have been knocked over by the homes that were just ripped out of their foub decontaminations. today the search for the missing in hayes county continues, there
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are still nine missing throughout texas. search crews were hamper bid severe weather. we're seeing rain drops and flash flood fears extend throughout the weekend. we are hearing these emotional stories about some of the victims here we spoke exclusively with the family of alyssa ramirez. she was the homecoming queen in devine texas, on her way home from prom saturday night into sunday morning. she called her father. here's how he describes the phone call. >> i got a phone call from her at 2:45 in the morning when i was asleep. she wakes me up and i said "honey, what's going on?" she said "dad, what do i do? my car has been hit with water? what do i do?" i said "back the car up," she as we go "i can't, dad, the car is tipping." i said "i'm on my way" and
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that's the last i got to speak to her. >> simply heartbreaking. overnight authorities announced here in wimberley they had just discovered the body of a child and they're working to positively identify the body. a horrific scene here in wimberley, back to you. >> it is. gabe, before i let you, go we were spending half the day right there, you and i. when you're as close to the river as you are, you saw yesterday that in just a matter of seconds it would go up. the volume of water would rise in almost seconds. then it would drop back down. that's just on a day when as you said it's kind of sprinkling in and out throughout the day. but the possibility of more flooding is very real if new and more insistent rains break out again. >> hearth, jose. something to understand here in this part of texas flooding is
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not exactly new. residents have seen flooding for years. what makes this so different, they have never seen something like this. it rose up so quickly as we saw in that video. went up 40 feet triple the flood stage, jose. any more rain in these swollen rivers throughout the state of texas is causing a lot more fears right now. >> gabe gutierrez in wimberley, thank you for your coverage as usual. back here with me in houston i'm joined by nbc's charles hadlock. when we were speaking yesterday in this specific area this was half covered with water. >> that's right. right down here jose, is buffalo bayou. houston is a city defined and shape bid bayous. there's six small rivers that run through town this is one of the largest. it looks like it runs into downtown. it curves to the north and into the ship channel then into the gulf of mexico. but on monday night and tuesday morning we got 11 inches of rain
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here. no city can handle anything like that. six inch fell in one hour. that made this bayou fill up. it covered this entire area full of water. >> almost all this green was underwater. >> so that was the iconic shot you saw tuesday morning. it looked like houston was inundated. informs it was this basin and part of the low-lying area of downtown. but other areas, brays bayou came out of its banks rushing through city streets. we have underpasses here where cars go under other railroad tracks. those were filling up with water in the nighttime and we had people drive into those without warn ing warning we had seven people drown because of that. another two people drowned when the fire rescue boat overturned and they were swept downstream. even though they already put on life preservers, the water was too much for them. >> charles, now the water has dissipated but it's still very
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wet year? the ground is saturated. houston is up and functioning. all the roads are passable now houston is back to normal but the key is more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. they're talking about a 50% chance of rain tomorrow. the ground is saturated, there's no place else for the water to go but up and into the streets. >> charles thank you so much. i want to get the latest on the forecast. charles is talking about the possibility of maybe more rain something this area of texas right now does not need. is bill karins is in our central studios in new york. is bill what does the weather forecast look like in the next couple olf days here? >> it doesn't look as bad. it's very rare to have historic once every 200 year floods then a couple days later to do it again. that doesn't mean we can't get isolated problems with flash flooding. we're watching over oklahoma and
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north texas heavy rain that went through oklahoma city mcalester will get heavy rain. oklahoma city got up this morning, that's kicked to the north, kansas city has rain. this area has been drenched all month long with rain in the forecast over the next four days through sunday flash flood watches issues from wichita, oklahoma city to dallas-fort worth, san angelo. are notice we don't have houston in the flash flood watch, that means they're not expecting enough concentrated heavy rain to cause flash flooding. that's good for them. one two two inches daily with these storms is possible so guk get day after day after day. you're going to have some problems but you probably won't have the wide scale problems like we just finished with. our computers are estimating between one and three inches of rain. we have to deal with severe storms. we had a good sized tornado yesterday in northern portions of texas. we could have isolated strong tornados again today, texas, western oklahoma and western kansas. jose, every thursday morning we
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get our drought monitor out and the drought conditions are pretty much gone from oklahoma to texas. that was a year after year drought and in one month we wiped out the deficits in almost all areas. >> just to think, bill that gabe was talking about this. around the blanco river 10 inches overnight. charles hadlock telling us this rain kept coming down down and down but then the question i have bill is when you have ultra saturated soil any kind of significant rain could be disastrous! >> we easily could get flash flooding the next couple days. typically if you get one to two inches of rain in texas and oklahoma you're like "oh, it's raining hard." but with the soil saturated one the two inches could make creeks quickly rise. i'd be surprised if we get any wide scale things like we just dealt with. that was historical what happened at the blanco river.
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that was off the charts. i don't think any of us have ever seen anything like that. it's not like a dam burst, just river and heavy rain. that's rare. >> bill thanks so very much. we have other news to cover this morning. we'll go back to our central studios with frances rivera with a recap of other top stories. frances? >> thank you jose we'll check back in later on with those stories and images. developing now, an anthrax scare after a government mixup. a small group of employees in three commercial labs are receiving preventative treatment for possible exposure to anthrax. the centers for disease control and prevention investigating how live anthrax bacteria was accidentally shipped through fedex to labs in nine different states. let's bring in jim miklaszewski. jim, what are officials saying about how this could happen via fedex? >> that's right, it's a routine way many of these shipments are
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sent around the united states and around the world, actually and have proven to be safe in the past. in this case however, this was a shipment of at least one case live anthrax that was labelled inactive anthrax so that does raise concern. as of this morning, they have raised the number of people is receiving antibiotics as a precaution against any potential health threat. now it's up to 26 people. four in a civilian lab in the united states and 22 military and civilians at a military base in south carolinakorea south korea. again as a precaution against any health threat. the centers for disease control has fanned out today to military and civilian labs across the u.s. to determine if they received live anthrax from the military. the cdc is also at the army's
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dougway proving ground in utah which shipped live anthrax instead of inactive bacteria to as many as 20 labs in nine states and as far away as the u.s. military base in south korea. >> there's no known risk to the general public and no personnel have shown any signs of possible exposure. >> the potentially deadly brew came from a batch of anthrax produced at dougway more than a year ago. at the time it was radiated to kill any active spores. but only last week a civilian lab in maryland discovered it received live anthrax. since all samples came from the same stock, odds are high other labs also received the deadly bacteria. while exposure to anthrax can be fatal, everyone in that delivery chain will be under intense medical scrutiny. >> the symptoms can manifest themselves in 12 to 14 hours and there will be time to give them
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preventative antibiotics or to treat the infection rigorously. >> reporter: there is concern, however, how the anthrax was handled when it was believed to be inactive. it was shipped commercially in protective packaging as inactive. but defense officials say live anthrax would have required even more secure packaging and warning labels. lab workers would have been required to wear full protective suits to guard against any possible exposure. defense officials emphasize this morning that as of today there is no sign that anyone has contracted anthrax infection as a result of handling any of the anthrax. and cdc is collecting up all the samples from all 19 locations. how else? they're going to be fedexed to the ceci in atlanta. >> jim miklaszewski we thank you for that update. in california, three beaches are closed after what appeared
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to be balls of tar washed ashore on wednesday. a group of five public health and environmental agencies are investigating the substance and clearing it off the six mile stretch of beach. the u.s. coast guard is testing the tar against the oil from last week's spill in santa barbara. further up the california coast where tar balls sometimes occur naturally in that area but they're not usually so plentiful. we are just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown" with me in new york and jose in texas. still ahead, we'll talk politics, hillary clinton takes on south carolina on the same day a judge orders the state department to release a batch of clinton e-mails every 30 days. will that have an impact on her campaign. and fifa fallout. a major sponsor denounces the organization and is watching closely to see how the world's governing soccer body responds to the indictment of 14 people on corruption charges. and also we'll go back to jose in texas. he spent time in the devastated town of wimberley and talked in spanish and english to some
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let's head overseas where the battle for ramadi is still taking shape. the pentagon reported u.s. air strikes in the area earlier this week to help take the city back from isis. the u.s. led coalition has conducted over 4,000 air strikes
6:19 am
in iraq and syria but they've had limited success. while baghdad and damascus remain in government hands, a string of major cities in both iraq and syria have fall on the islamic terrorists including raqqa, palmyra, and ramadi. let's get right to it, ambassador. the skepticism is growing. can you give americans a reason to be optimistic about this fight against isis? >> well obviously we're going through a rough time right now. the main problem is the sunnis of iraq don't want to live or work with the shi'a of iraq. so that's one main problem. the shi'a of iraq don't want to liberate sunni lands for the sake of the sunnis. so there's a real problem there. . the military formations that have been most successful are the shi'a militia group which is tend to be much closer to iran
6:20 am
than the average see ya in iraq so this is a big problem. but i wouldn't overreact to the fact that 100 isil fighters were able to take other ramadi. i suspect that can get reversed fairly quickly. the broader issue is can you put together an iraq that will stay together? >> well let's factor in u.s. involvement here. we can't just look at -- let's look bigger picture. you wrote recently "confronting the islamic state and stabilizing iraq syria and yemen will require an allout u.s. diplomatic effort." that means alying saudi fears, rebuilding the relationship with egypt and, yes, reaching out to iran. so let's talk about diplomacy. sometimes we hear the air strikes aren't working when it comes to strategy. do you believe i want is dithat diplomacy the key here? >> we need to be more active with the sunni arab states to make them understand whatever their concerns and misgivings
6:21 am
about shi'a iraq is that the real enemy is extremist sunnis represented by isis. so that sounds obvious to you and me but if you're a sunni arab state and you're worried about iran as saudi arabia is and you're worried about iran's influence with arab shi'a, you're not so incline it had think the biggest threat the extremist sunnis, you're inclined the think the biggest threat are the shi'a. so i think the u.s. needs to get on this. it's not fair to say the obama administration hasn't been working on it but this is a work in progress. >> especially the white house communications director saying the u.s. needs to adapt its strategy to fight isis. ambassador christopher hill thank you for your perspective as always. >> thank you. still ahead on "the rundown," we'll look at what some say could be the next great war zone. now to developing news around hillary clinton's race for the white house. the former secretary of state will get a monthly reminder of her state department e-mails after a judge ordered a batch of
6:22 am
those 30,000 e-mails to be released every 30 days rejecting a state department proposal to release them every 60 days. that came on the same day she brought her 2016 campaign to south carolina where she reminded an audience of her 2008 primary loss in the palmetto state to senator barack obama. >> we ran a very hard campaign against each other, he won; i lost, then i went to work for him because he and i shared many of the same positions about what should be done in the next presidency and then he won and then he asked me to be secretary of state and i said yes for the same reason -- we both love our country. [ applause ] >> we all remember what a blow that loss was. joining me is msnbc political reporter alex seitz-wald and nikonck confessore.
6:23 am
alex, on the subject of these e-mail, hillary clinton said she wants the e-mails to be released as quickly as possible. she's got this little thing here called heifer campaign. how is she going to handle a monthly reminder? is it dodge ball every month when it comes to these e-mails? >> it's not ideal. they wanted to get these out as soon as possible but not in drips and drabs, not 30e6r days where it will be another distraction, another headache another chance for republicans to dig through and find something even if there's no smoking gun to attack hillary clinton with. the good news is she's much better prepared to deal with this than she was a couple months ago. when the e-mail story first broke it was before she had a campaign up and running. she has a all the team in brooklyn, they brought on a director of rapid response so they'll charge on all cylinders. there's no doubt it will distract from the message she wants to push. we'll talk about her e-mails from here until who knows
6:24 am
whenever month. >> and we'll pepper the romneyization, the rom anification of hillary clinton. especially when it comes to the wealth. talking about the income, the 25 million income pic's shell company as well. talk about romney back in 2012 and how everybody is saying ah we remember that and see that parallel here. somehow that going to push back? >> it's a question of the clintons finances versus the finances of the average person. the average person pays taxes on a w-2 form that gets taken out of their paycheck. they can't take advantage of trusts and shell companies or manage their tax burdens and do exotic things. people who will are wealthy can and the clintons do. >> how do they separate that though and say "i'm a champion for the people" but this keeps at it? >> a voter who cares about this thing would rather have a candidate for them on issues and does tax maneuvers than somebody
6:25 am
who does maneuvers and isn't for them on the issues. so i think they can manage it easily. it creates a distance. the average voter is like hu, a trust for your house, why is that and what is that? >> alex chime in when it comes to the point as far as she reminding this audience of her strong support of president obama after that loss in 2008. is that a theme we'll see on the trail or was that something kind of custom to south carolina? >> i think you'll see more of this. this was last year a lot of talk about how clinton would have to distance herself from barack obama but increasingly there's a rell sags that these two people's fates are completely lashed together. it's very difficult for someone to win a third term of the same party as the current white house. she needs barack obama's approval ratings to be high and he needs her to preserve his legacy. a lot of what he's done has been through executive actions. so you'll increasingly see them
6:26 am
marching in lockstep. >> i want to turn now to the gop here and take a look at this and what might be a little bit of jabbing here when it comes to ohio governor john kasich expected to announce at the end of this month that he's running, taking a jab at jeb bush's super pac "right to rise." in an interview he said this "i don't know anything about bush's theme, i really don't. what's right to rise? getting up in the morning" so you're starting off with, that how much of a preview is that of a potential rivalry? >> well first he has to get into the second tier of candidates before bhek a rival of jeb bush he's just started, hasn't even declared yesterday. >> second tier out of many. >> his defining characteristic is that he's one of the few republican governors to have taken advantage of the expension of health care. he's out there saying he's not for obamacare, just the benefits of obamacare. it will be an interesting test of the toxicity of that position
6:27 am
in a gop primary. you've seen this slow walk affray from the obamacare fight inning on. that i've stopped trying to overturn it and repeal it. the question is can he survive and thrive a gop primary having been a part of that expansion? >> especially with more people in that ring we thank you alex seitz-wald and nick confessore. still to come here on "the rundown," former new york governor george pataki confirm head will enter the republican presidential race and we'll have much more on the ever-expanding republican field. after the break we'll zoom through today's other top stories, including a conserve conservative leaning state banning the death penalty. eping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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6:31 am
bladder's vice presidents. bladder has not been charged but he stayed out of site and released a statement saying "it should be clear we welcome the actions and investigations by the u.s. and swiss authorities. such misconduct has no place in football and we will ensure that those who engage in it are put of the game." bladder is supposed to go up for reelection in zurich as he seeks a fifth term as fifa president. there are new calls for the election to be delayed. the head of european soccer said a majority of its member associations will vote for bladder's opponent jordan's prince ali. the bottom line, the broad scope of the corruption allegations have shaken the foundations of the world's most-popular sport. sponsors like coca-cola and visa are watching to see how fifa responds. u.s. officials say as far as the investigation is concerned this is just the beginning. nbc's bill neely is following this from london and also with me, nate scott, sports writer for "usa today." bill, with so much more to come what the we expect with this getting bigger?
6:32 am
>> frances, good morning. it's a soccer scandal but it's developing into an angry global diplomatic row. rush's president vladimir putin has gone on state television to criticize the u.s. investigation saying it's none of america's business, it's a blatant attempt to extend u.s. jurisdiction to other countries and accusing the u.s. of trying to take the world cup from russia. russia is due to host the tournament in three year's time. sport and politics should be separate, said putin. of course, in an appearance where he used sport to talk politics. the british prime minister has also weighed in. he says he wants the current president of fifa sepp bladder, to resign. britain's foreign minister saying something is deeply wrong at the heart of fifa. the french foreign minister weighing in saying fifa has a disastrous image in addition to this, the south african government has di nighed wrongdoing in connection with the world cup it held in 2010. remember, the u.s. indictment alleges that huge bribe ss were
6:33 am
paid to ensure south africa could host the tournament. the south africans say their audit was clean. so at the core it's soccer but it's widening out into a huge and angry diplomatic row. >> going at the chain with world leaders now chiming in. nate, i want to ask you, the person at the top of this getting off scot-free but the heat is on. szep baghdadepp bladder said this culture of corruption won't end until bladder is gone. is he going to survive is this this? >> i don't think so but it will take more time than people think. bladder has stayed in command since 1998 when he won an election under dubious circumstances then. he's faced plenty of controversies, plenty of accusations and he's managed to stay in power.
6:34 am
until all the fifa nation can push him out, he'll stay in power. there's too many people underneath him. he's a smart guy. and i think yes eventually he'll be gone but this will take more time than people think. >> >> and talking about the monies, the many zeros there in the millions involved and hundreds of people involved as well. bill neely and nate scott. >> developing now, new england has -- nebraska has become the first conservative leaning state to abolish the death penalty. pete rickets vetoed the appeal but state lawmakers voted to override the veto. they need 30 votes to override and that's what they got. nebraska's governor fought hard to keep the death penalty in place, including announcing he made arrangements with a pharmaceutical company overseas to obtain the necessary drugs for lethal injections. the fda told rachel maddow "with
6:35 am
very limit exception which is do not apply, it it would be refused to enter the united states." after a quick break, jose joins me live from houston, he'll talk with the white house's cecelia munoz about another setback in court for president obama's immigration actions. what's next? plus time to cue the "jaws" music now. kerry sanders will join us for a search live for great white sharks. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you. not you. so if you have a heart start optimizing your nutrition with
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♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. we continue on "the rundown" with another story developing right here in texas around governor greg abbot's lawsuit against president obama's immigration executive actions joined by 25 other states.
6:39 am
it's a lawsuit that picked up another win tuesday, leaving a temporary freeze on the president's actions in place when the administration it will not appeal to the supreme court just yet. meanwhile, that leaves up to five million undocumented immigrants in legal limbo and uncertainty around the president's actions, swirling potentially until late next year. joining me now from the white house is assistant to the president and director of the white house domestic policy council, cecelia munoz. cecelia, thank you for being me w me this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> this is another setback for the president's immigrations actions. what is your message to the people maybe five and a half million people that saw what the president did last november and thought that it had been researched and dealt with enough that it would not have this kind of legal blocking going on. >> the president is confident his actions are well within his authority under the law and that
6:40 am
that they're the right thing for the country as well as people affected by this. so he want to make sure we can get to a place where we can implement this policy and provide the people coming forward with the certainty they will know this policy will stick. that's the theory undergirding the legal strategy that the justice department announced yesterday. the president will continue to fight for this vigorously because it's the right thing for the country, because it's absolutely within his authority under the law and it's also the right thing for keeping families together and upholding values in this country. >> the white house has said it will not appeal directly to the supreme court to kind of fast track this to the supreme court. why? >> because it's very important to provide certainty that if people are going to be coming forward to apply for something, they'll need to know it won't get tangled up in the courts. we have an argument to make on the merits of this case the first week of july, that's the pathway that will provide certainty and the clearest avenue to win this case on the
6:41 am
merits and provide people with the certainty they can come forward and petition for this relief. that's the way to get to the result we seek for our country and communities. >> but it is already tangled up in courts and 26 states have said what the president did was overreaching his authority. it's already stuck in the courts. isn't it better to finally get the supreme court to deal with it one way or another and not leave millions of people in uncertainty? >> so the -- we think that the case we're arguing in july may ultimately get to the supreme court. the challenge is if we were to appeal this stay, the decision that happened this week one way or the other, whether the the government won or lost we would still have this other argument to make and people would not have the certainty they need in order to benefit from this program. so this is about making sure we are fighting vigorously winning the case on the merits so that when the time comes that we're implementing this program people can be sure it won't get further
6:42 am
enhang l entangled in litigation. >> i read you the "wall street journal's" editorial. it says "it's a tragedy for immigrants who mr. obama teased with his illegal legalization. my question is if this goes on until next year next summer just months before the elections in 2016 and then the new president coming in in january of 2017 doesn't this bring it back to just politics what whatever happens, will there be enough time to implement it? isn't this in politics? >> i hope not. it's never in the interest of the country for annish shoo of this importance that is so critical to our well-being to our economy's future, to our community's future to be entangled in politics. the president took this action because congress failed to act. we need an immigration reform that solves that problem once and for all. until that happen this is
6:43 am
president will do everything he can to make sure he's doing what's right for the country and our communities. >> cecelia munoz at the white house, thank you for being with me, a pleasure to see you. >> thanks jose. we continue with more of "the rundown" from our studios at 30 rock and frances rivera. >> thank you very much. we'll see you later on. developing right now, the washington monument is closed because of an electrical issue associated with the elevator. there are no visitors inside the monument at the observation level. the service contractor is on site and the monument will reopen as soon as possible as soon as they fix that glitch in the elevator. of course keep it right here and we'll keep you posted on that. still ahead, the duggar family's political fallout. we'll talk about how revelations of molestation by the family's oldest son plays in the 2016 conservative field of candidates. first, in case you missed it the nba finals are set. the golden state warriors will play lebron james and cleveland cavaliers for the title. but once again it was steven
6:44 am
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6:47 am
with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. new pressure on 2016 gop hopefuls but from an unexpected source. the explosive allegations surrounding josh duggar surrounding tlc's "19 kids and counting" and former director of the family research council's lobbying arm. a report says he molested several underage girls in 20032- thourks00020002 and 2003. he apologized last week his close relationships to republican bigwigs are coming under scrutiny. will reaction become a litmus test for the conservative field?
6:48 am
joining me now is conservative reporter mame margelan. he resigned from the family research council a few days ago but a lot of important political fronts still supporting him, mike huckabee was one of the ones supporting him. how important is that support and the reaction from these political bigwigs? >> that's right. josh duggar's twitter profile is a who's who of american politics right now. he's met and at the least posed for a photo with nearly every member of the emerging republican presidential field mike huckabee defended him but the silence is the gop candidates don't want to say anything that could turn off the evangelical portion of the republican party's base. the duggar's are very popular with primary voters and that whole narrative of josh sinned but he has repented strikes a
6:49 am
chord with their christian values and to say anything negative about the duggars risks alienating all or some of that base which doesn't dominate the republican party but it's still a very important group. >> it's going to be a tightrope walk for them to not necessarily distance themselves but keep it so they won't be so criticized for supporting them as well. emma margolin thank you so much. still ahead, will this be the summer of the shark? we've already seen tracked sharks like mary lee get attention online. well, our own kerry sanders is getting ready to dive down into the deep for other great whites. she joins me next here on "the rundown." excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch...
6:50 am
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6:52 am
can you believe this summer marks the 40th anniversary of
6:53 am
the release of jaws the movie "jaws." do you believe it was 40 years ago that movie came on to our existence causing generations of people to fear sharks like never before? with a new era, a new attitude. sharks now as social media superstars. new tracking technology allows shark watchers to track their favorites online with the two most popular. they are great whites named mary lee and kathryn racking up a combined 100,000 twitter followers. kerry sanders is in jupiter, florida today looking for sharks. you are a seasoned war correspondent, you have traveled the world. i don't think i have ever seen you in a cage looking for sharks. >> i have never done this before jose. this will be a first. this is the shark cage. as you noted, both mary lee, which has a tremendous number of
6:54 am
followers on twitter and kathryn, coming up not too far behind in terms of twitter followers, are being tracked. we have a general idea of where kathryn is off the coast of florida here. mary lee, further north off the coast of new england. anyway, we are going to go out to an area where we believe we may be able to have this one-on-one encounter with kathryn and show her beyond a dot on a map where people are following. interestingly, those following maps you know those roots that are being charted on there, the scientists tell us this is a first. for three years, they have been able to follow the sharks. they can't figure out what the roots mean. they have 53 great whites being tracked right now, jose. >> kerry, let me ask you this. you are going into a cage. i don't know if you know this but i have been certified to be
6:55 am
a shark feeder in the wild, but, kerry, you and i know sharks don't really like the taste of humans, especially kerry sanders. not their favorite dish in the water. how are you planning to get close to this great white masterpiece of an animal? >> okay. so that's called a tuna but we are going to call it chum. we are going to toss the chum into the water and the chum is going to bring the shark closer to us. the problem is i don't want that shark to get so close to me that it then thinks i'm part of the chum. that's what this is all about. quite frankly, when i'm in there, my hands will be like this so nothing is floating around so the shark takes a little nip. >> yeah. kerry, i don't want to like add to the stress level you must be feeling. i know it's intense.
6:56 am
i'm going to let you know you are not cut or anything right? you are solid. it's a good thing. and, two, you know what attracts sharks more than human beings? you know what they are attracted to? lights or flashes. my suggestion is don't take any pictures with flash, don't use a big camera light because other than that you should be kerry sanders, relatively safe. >> i guess you will check in with me tomorrow to make sure it checks out. >> great. we'll check in with you, or we won't. >> you'll have a different story to report. >> yeah, really, without you in it. thanks. all the best. this is a fascinating experiment to be able to track the great whites that are extraordinary creatures of the sea. folks, really do not fear sharks. they don't like the taste of humans. the only time there's a shark attack is because you are in
6:57 am
their environment. they don't like us or want to eat us. they want to be left alone. we are going to take a quick break. we are going to retake the focus of the story on mother nature. the weather has been a real problem for this part of the country, oklahoma and texas. severe flooding for the last couple days. is that about to change? we are going to look at the forecast and more when "the rundown" comes back, live from houston. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. he didn't want his skin care line sold over-the-counter. he copied a big business strategy. he hired sales reps to market the brand. now it's sold in doctors offices nationwide. for more watch "your business" at 7:30 on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card.
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible.
7:00 am
no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. good morning, we are live from houston, texas. days and days of epic rain and flooding. this morning, new flooding concerns. an hour to the south, residents in 300 homes have been asked to evacuate due to the predicted rise of the colorado river. the latest numbers, 23 people confirmed dead in texas and
7:01 am
oklahoma. nine people are, at this hour still listed as missing. hundreds of homes along the blanco river were destroyed. this morning, a terrifying glimpse of what it was like for one family. >> oh no! >> this video was recorded by a family in a home along the blanco river that surged more than 30 feet above flood stage. they can only helplessly watch from the second floor to see the floodwaters rushing into their home and hope and pray for the best. let's begin with wimberley, texas, three hours to the west. gabe gutierrez is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the death toll in texas and oklahoma is now up to 23 and many rivers and creeks in the state are swollen. more rain is expected. now, we are hearing some heart breaking stories of loss.
7:02 am
this morning, after relentless weather, rain floods and a tornado that literally sounded like a freight train. texas is reeling. >> she was the most spunky one. she knew how to like make us happy. >> in tight knit devine texas, this the town held this 18-year-old's funeral. she was on her way home from prom when her car was swept away. her father describes the final moments. >> i got a phone call at 2:45 in the morning, when i'm asleep and she wakes me up. i say honey, what's going on? she said dad, what do i do? my car has been hit in the water, what do i do? i said back the car up. she said i can't, the car is tipping. i said i'm on my way. that's the last i got to speak to her. i never got to talk to her
7:03 am
again. >> student council president co-ed tor of the yearbook. a week from graduation. >> she wanted to study biology like her sister and some day be an optometrist. >> reporter: in wimberley, texas, more heart break. authorities identified the body of a 42-year-old after a wall of water swept away a vacation home. we spoke with her sister and brother-in-law just before the tragic news. >> we are going to survive this together, as a family. we have faith that we will get through this. >> reporter: today the search continues for the missing and those already lost are being missed. >> i will not sit there and requestion that night and i will not requestion what should i have done because i can't fix it. i'm going to torment myself. i will grieve when the grieve
7:04 am
comes and i will let it come and pass z. >> reporter: sadly, overnight, authorities in hayes county found the body of a young child along the banks of the blanco river. that body has yet to be positively identified jose? >> thank you very much. i want to go to the weather channel's dave. you got a view from high above as part of the massive search effort, didn't you? >> reporter: that's right. there's still people missing in that terrible search area. it's hard to get around. it's also hard to communicate with everybody. that's why they need help from above. searching a flood disaster this big takes more than ground troops. >> i'm steve robertson, member of the civil patrol. >> i'm a pilot for civil air patrol. >> reporter: up here in tiny planes, there's an unpaid
7:05 am
volunteer air force. >> professional pilots, we have members that aren't pilots at all. >> reporter: how do they help the texas task force one on the ground? they are expects at urban search and rescue down here in the mud, there's limited, if any cell phone service. >> they are having trouble communicating. radios with a line of sight in limited range. >> reporter: the small planes fly in circles over the search zone boosting rescue radio power below. without the antenna on the cessna's belly, they can't talk to home base. >> i expect that type of communication can save lives, too. >> absolutely. >> from the air, you get the whole picture, which dams are most at risk. >> the spillway is wide open. >> reporter: you see flooded fields no one's reported yet. even airports. >> this is part of the runway that is under water.
7:06 am
>> the southern third of the runway. a photographer sitting here with a camera out that window. they would take thousands of pictures of those river beds and send them down to the team in austin from the university of texas. >> i can tell you, there's more water than i have seen in the whole 25 years i have lived here. >> reporter: for every member some 60,000 nationwide this job is personal. >> we have members who live in that area that were impacted by the flooding disaster. >> reporter: this is how texans stretch a hand to texans from 5,000 feet above. >> proud to be able to serve. >> reporter: the pilot there learned to fly in the vietnam war flying above vietnam. he's been serving ever since in various capacity. this is not just these people. there are seven crews just like
7:07 am
them flying around your area all the way up to dallas today. >> yep, and we have seen them in the wimberley area helicopters flying up and down the blanco river. sometimes private helicopters, people looking to see how they can help. before i let you go when i look behind me and you see the volleyball court and the buffalo buy you, it looks like it's back to normal. talk to me about how super saturated the soil is and what it would take for things to get messy again. >> reporter: i can show you a live look of the trinity river. this is the saturated ground you were talking about. it's so hard to push the water down below because the water is just so saturated, almost like a full sponge. it's going to take a long time but, as you know we have rain in the forecast. so if that comes down there's no way for it to go or nowhere
7:08 am
for it to go. it can spill back into the spillways here and cause more problems. that's the bad news going into the weekend. dave thank you very much with extraordinary pictures. let's head back to 30rock with francis rivera. >> thank you. we'll see you later on. even though you are not in miami today, president obama is there. in a few minutes, he will tour the national hurricane center speaking on storm preparedness and storm safety. it's a week of security questions for the president nationally and close to home. luke russert joins me now. give me an insight what's ahead for the president today. >> reporter: well, francis, the president attended to democratic fund-raisers and decided to stay in miami to receive his annual hurricane preparedness brief.
7:09 am
quite honestly who would rather have it in washington when you can have it in miami? the president is taking advantage of that. interestingly enough because of the el nino it is expected this will be a light hurricane season. nevertheless nevertheless, expect the president to reference climate change and why cities have to be prepared for flooding to rise from hurricanes. in his staff, he received tours of the miami beach area to try to offset the effect there. that will be the message. he's going to take questions on his twitter account that will be interesting if you want to chime in. >> i want to ask you, on his to-do list the patriot act due to expire on monday. the tick toking is happening. the president is pushing for congress to take action before then. what is likely to happen here? >> reporter: this is a fascinating debate that is happening in the united states senate. the usa freedom act, a reform
7:10 am
inspired by the leaks of edward snowden, that passed the house overwhelmingly. itis been stuck in the senate. they are going to come back for a special session on sunday to work it through before the june 1st deadline. >> the fact is if congress doesn't renew the authorities, they can't go to a judge to get the approval. if they don't have access to what they say is critical to conducting investigations to keep us safe. the fact is that's what's gotten lost in the debate. there is a controversial collection program that's been reformed. the government is no longer in the business of holding this bulk data. we reformed the data to protect civil libertyiesliberties. the protections that are not controversial. they are what law enforcement uses every day. national security professionals
7:11 am
need to conduct terrorism investigation. >> reporter: there, you hear him making the point the government is no longer in the business of the collection. that will be done by phone companies and a judge would have to approve that information going forward. this is a tough issue for republicans. mitch mcconnell wants it to go forward without the reforms. john boehner, the house speaker said, no, we want to have it move forward. they are going to try to work it out sunday night. a big story. >> june 1st, a couple days away. thank you for the update. the corruption scandal for fifa. 14 people indicted. tomorrow he will seek re-election as fifa president. something that came up in a session with john oliver that was taped before the indictments
7:12 am
came down. >> so confident of victory, refused to debate campaign for election. this is how he responded. >> the last years in fifa and 40 years in fifa and i am 17 years the president of fifa. this is my manifesto. >> stands by my work is like a puppy standing after work it did after being left in the house for the first time. hey, you see what i do. i stand by it. this is my manifesto. >> john oliver's crystal ball. also with me here in new york is nathanial. thank you for being with us here. i want to start with you, wilfred. do you anticipate it happening? if it is delayed, will he win
7:13 am
re-election? >> reporter: i give you quite a simple answer yes, the vote will happen. he remains the overwhelming favorite. there are six geographical divisions of fifa and europe was the only one that was pushing for a delay of this vote. i just come from their own press conference european organization and they confirm the vote is going ahead. there are 209 delegates in all that get a vote. europe commands 54 of the votes. it's likely the vast majority of the 54 votes will go toward the challenger, pris ali of jordan. the other five geographical areas of fifa have been strongly in favor of him. it's likely the last 48 hours led a few people to change their mind. here on the ground in zurich it will be a huge surprise if he failed to win. >> the man at the top coming out
7:14 am
unscathed unscathed. i want to talk chuck blazer a top soccer official in the united states. tell us about his role and how he factors in in the scandal. >> he's been an informant for the fbi for at least two years. he was approached in 2011 by agents from the fbi and irs and he cooperated with the investigation. he had access to all the top figures in fifa and we know for a fact he was recording some of the conversations with them. >> this is unbelievable in the past two years knowing this scandal spans two decades. over $100 million in this. i'm wondering who is going to come out with a movie when it comes to this. why haven't we heard little bits and pieces coming out before this happening, before this coming to light? >> in november, we had a story in the daily news that disclosed there was an fbi investigation
7:15 am
in the eastern district of new york. it's a grand jury investigation. strict rules. they were very very careful about it. they went far and wide to collect as much information as they could. >> interesting to hear from so many soccer fans who love the game saying it won't change how they love it. world cups, they will watch it. thank you for being with us we appreciate it very much. we have breaking news right now out of boston. the judge in the tsarnaev case set formal sentencing for wednesday, june 24th at 9:00 a.m. it will take place in the same court where they sentenced tsarnaev to death two weeks ago. some will be able to speak at the sentencing. tsarnaev himself, has the chance to address the court and the judge. we have much more ahead on this special edition of "the rundown."
7:16 am
jose will be back live from houston, texas. there in texas and oklahoma flooding. major developments on the 2016 front. rand paul is holding a voter meet and greet. meanwhile, a big swing at democratic front-runner hillary clinton. more on this and others next, on the rundown. >> i'm criticizing hillary clinton because i come from a world where a title is just a title. and talk is just talk. and actions speak louder than words. ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car.
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7:19 am
developing right now, live image as a construction worker is being rescued near pittsburgh pennsylvania after a trench collapsed after 9:00 a.m.
7:20 am
in lawrenceville, pennsylvania. again, a live look from the air here. what appears to be a construction site. you can see one of the workers being taken away. based on what we knew earlier, it doesn't seem as urgent. they are carrying them away. hopefully it's an indication that this person isn't as seriously hurt. we see some people scrambling there. there we go. we see an ambulance there and other medical personnel transferring them from the stretcher. we don't know the circumstances. again, a trench collapsed from what appears to be at this vantage point, a construction area here outside pittsburgh pennsylvania. we'll continue to monitor it and bring you the latest as it warrants. now, to the developing news for race two the white house. on the republican side, rand paul is continuing his campaign in clinton, iowa right now. on the democratic side hillary clinton campaigned in south
7:21 am
carolina on wednesday. she crossed paths with the other woman in the race a republican. >> hillary clinton must not be president of these united states. but not because she is a woman. hillary clinton must not be president of these united states because she is not trustworthy and shellacs a track record of leadership. >> joining me on set in new york, the ladies of "the cycle." nice to be here with you. >> nice to be with you. >> love you being here. how will that line of attack on hillary resinate with republican women? >> first of all, i'm not sure she needs to bring up the fact hillary is a woman. we are past that. >> it's not that she's unqualified because she's a woman, none of us were thinking that. >> this is an attack line i have heard her use a number of times now. i think it's something that the american people have an issue with with hillary clinton. there's a poll saying the
7:22 am
majority of americans think she's not trustworthy. i think there's a reason she's saying that. it resinates with republican women and americans outside the republican party as well. what i think she's hoping for is to play with the big dogs and hillary clinton is one. she wants hillary to mention her because she is a player. >> to a certain extent it's a smart strategy but she's gone over the line where she's trolling hillary clinton and looking pathetic following her around from event to event. >> we'll see since she was speaking outside her event yesterday. also at the event, hillary clinton mentioned hair talk. talking about getting gray hair in the white house. let's listen to that. >> now, let me tell you, i'm aware, i may not be the youngest candidate in this race but i
7:23 am
have one big advantage, i have been coloring my hair for years. [ laughter ] >> no you are not going to see me turn white in the white house. >> so clearly the hair situation is an advantage over the men running. you have to embrace it and own it. what is the message democratic woman are looking for when it comes to hillary clinton that they are not going to hear from carly fiorina? >> i think where she stands on paid leave, for example, the u.s. being the only developed country in the world that doesn't guarantee paid leave after women have a baby pay equity, they are issues she's strong on and will be central in
7:24 am
any campaign. it's interesting with carly fiorina. at some point you have to have a message outside, i'm a woman, therefore i'm the best to take on hillary clinton. she doesn't have the greatest track record to run on. she lost the senate race ousted as ceo of hp. i don't think that's disqualifying, but it is on you to put forward a message of what i'm about not just the opposition. >> she has a lot to talk about. if she answers questions about why were you fired, she is articulate. hillary and carly fiorina, they have made it to the top of their industries and pushed the envel lope. >> you have your whole show coming up later on in the afternoon.
7:25 am
we appreciate when you guys stop by. >> thank you francis. >> you can catch "the cycle" here mons. up next a major anthrax scare allows the united states to receive accidental shipments of anthrax. >> water rush sboog someone's home. much more on the devastation and recovery with jose live in houston, when we come back here on "the rundown." you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies
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7:28 am
welcome back to "the rundown" as we continue our special coverage of the epic flooding here in the state of texas. i'm joining you from houston. developing as we speak, new
7:29 am
flooding concerns throughout texas this morning. hundreds of evacuations have been ordered as officials expect swollen rivers to spill their banks. here are the latest numbers. 23 people confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma. nine people are still listed as missing this morning. 1200 people are homeless. a ministry from blue ash, ohio is sending relief supplies to the hayes county area where hundreds of homes were destroyed from the surging blanco river. let's speak to vickie from american red cross. thanks for being here with me. talk about the latest. bring us up to speed on what you have been doing and how many people have been helped. >> we are working with state and local officials to respond to additional flooding concerns by opening more shelters at their request in neighborhoods that are most affected. we are providing immediate disaster relief a warm dry
7:30 am
place to stay meals, comfort, emotional support, which is so important. when everybody is so stressed out with the repeated ravages of severe weather. >> every now and then the rain has been coming in. you can see a lot of folks, even though it's just drizzling. you can see they were getting more tense because of what they lived through. talk to me about more flooding and rain concerns in the future. how can people prepare? >> we have a great way to prepare by visiting and look for flood safety information, flood preparedness information and what to do when grow back to your home after the flood. great tips great information. please visit >> you have texas and oklahoma dealing with this. there's also tornadoes, so many things mother nature can bring
7:31 am
us at the turn of a hat. we have to be as prepared as we can. >> right. there's another way that people can stay prepared for anything whether it's a severe thunderstorm, a tornado or a flood. please download the red cross emergency app for your smartphone. either android or iphone. it's free. set it for the county that you live in or that your families live in. >> the hurricane season is starting upright now. >> june 1st. >> that's right. >> that's right. that will help you be prepared for a hurricane as well. >> what is it that we can do to help? >> the best thing you all can do to help us is to donate money, any amount helps. $5 helps because we can stay prepared and so we can be ready to respond when ever and wherever we are needed. >> thank you for being with us. thank you for everything you are doing. it is so widespread. >> it's really our honor and pleasure.
7:32 am
>> thank you. we are going to continue with more news at 30 rock and francis. stocks are lower in the first hour of trading as investors keep an eye on greece and china. we have the market rundown. good to see you. >> hey, there. you are right. we are moving down today. yes, there are still concerns about greece but keep in mind that there have always been a lot of concerns about greece. wait and see what pans out here. amazingly, the market shrugged off bad things about greece. we got the unexpected rise in jobless claims which is not good news for the market recovery. if you want to find the good news that offset that this morning, that was good news on the housing market. we have pending home sales hitting their highest level in nine years of 9.4% from a year ago. that's good news on the economy. other than that a very down day. coming off a good day yesterday. back to you.
7:33 am
>> thank you very much. china's cyber rattling is getting louder. beijing may be preparing for war. this week the chinese government laid out a strategy to embrace. according to a policy document, china's navy will shift focus to the combination of offshore water defense and open seas. shift focus from territoryial to both defense and offense. part of this revolves around a dispute over violence in the south china sea. it may go well beyond that. according to time magazine if china continues on the course and the international community doesn't back down military confrontation seems likely. gordon is a forbes columnist who has written books and joins me in the studio. good to see you. let's break it down now. what is china up to and most importantly, let's talk about
7:34 am
the potential threat to the united states. should we be worried about what's going on in china? >> china is trying to close off the south china sea, international water, disputes a number of countries claim islands. each year there's $5.3 trillion worth of commerce that goes over the south china sea. it's more important than the panama and suez canals combined. what china is doing is building islands from coral reefs. essentially, it wants to put military facilities there. the united states has an interest because although we don't have territoryial claims we have befending since the birs of the republic. >> that may be the involvement. what is going to be the main topic. you have ash carter who is going to be in singapore for the conference coming up. what is that going to be as far as our approach and making sure we are protected in the event that it escalates to that.
7:35 am
>> it probably will escalate. there are few off ramps here. there's no room for compromise. the chinese defined it this way. what they did on monday is had an edtorial saying that wor is inevitable. they did this not in english, but chinese. they are preparing their people for conflict with the international community. >> you have the wall street journal to investigate ways to directly contest china's attempts at expansion. what is that point where there is a line drawn and then it's crossed crossed where the united states is inevitable? >> they crossed that line wednesday when they warned a navy plane to stay out of international air space. really, that is i think, the rubicon. what we are going to see going forward is the united states may be in connection with australia, japan, vietnam, countries in the
7:36 am
region, sailing ships through what china considers to be its territoryial water, but everybody else considers international. we are going to see planes fly through the air space. china believes it belongs only to themselves. >> interesting to see and watch. the dividing line is there. what is china's, what is everybody else's? gordon, thank you so much for the perspective and breaking it down for us. >> thank you. up next two gop presidential candidates expected to hit the ground running. just making it official this morning. fresh off his announcement rick santorum is making his first campaign stops in iowa. more on the growing republican field coming up. you love him any more? probably not. but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus. because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients
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7:40 am
announcement. >> i am running for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> the former pennsylvania senator will be meeting with voters in iowa today and tomorrow and it is a state he certainly knows well. he won the iowa caucus by a few votes in the last presidential cycle. he then went on to win ten more states after iowa. i have two guests joining me. let's start with you, bengie. let's talk about the republican feel so much different this time around than when santorum ran in 2012. what are his chances in the current landscape? >> we can really see the challenge for rick santorum in a poll that came out that tried to figure out the top ten people to
7:41 am
make the cut off for the first debate. santorum was not registering on the map. he was not in the top ten. the problem is there was a five-way tie for first place and one was mike huckabee who won iowa in 2008. there's a lot of things on the vote. >> that's what i want to talk about with robert. he's known for his conservative position on social issues. how will he be able to open that up broaden that appeal beyond that? >> i think two things. first and foremost he needs to be himself, which is an authentic candidate. santorum does not shy away. he answers questions reporters bring to him. sometimes it gets him in trouble. that is how he was able to win iowa. the reporter is right that rick santorum is behind in the polls, that's a fact. also a fact is throughout his
7:42 am
political career when he ran against the incumbent in 1990 he was 37 points behind. when he ran again in 1994 he was 22 points behind. even in 2012 as i lead to a few moments ago, he was 17 points behind in the polls. he wound up winning iowa. rick santorum has always been the underdog and underestimated. they have said he didn't have a chance to win. >> it can't be done without the money. speaking of that he's got the backing of donor foster freese who helped finance his last bid. will this help him out and give him the same longevity he naz 2012? >> it certainly changes things from the way they worked in previous elections. the last election cycle, rick santorum did not raise a lot of money at all. he did not until late in the
7:43 am
race when he was competing with mitt romney. because of the superpacs that take limited donations, it only takes one multimillion dollar backer to keep your campaign going. foster indicated he's going to lend some kind of support this time as well. as long as that's the case santorum can hang around and wait for his moment. >> as long as that money keeps on keeping on. asking robert about rick santorum. he took a swipe at hillary clinton yet. let's listen to that. >> hillary clinton and big business -- >> boo! >> -- they have called for a massive influx in unskilled labor. business does it because they want to control costs. hillary does it well she just wants votes. >> all right. keeping the regular guy, you know wanting to make a buck in
7:44 am
mind. came out in support of raising the minimum wage. how is that going to resinate as far as the conservative republican base. >> two things. one, i thought it was interesting he immediately went after hillary clinton. he positioned himself as the republican nominee. secondly, look it's pocketbook issues. secretary clinton is talking income and equality. they are talking about trade and so forth. this is going to be the major issue, i believe, of the 2016 presidential election. income and equality and what type of candidate is going to fight for you? what type is going to fight for the individual living paycheck to paycheck? that is playing by the rules, doing everything expected by them. they feel they are not getting ahead. rick santorum is trying to position himself that way. >> getting that message out and making sure they resinate and appeal to them. thank you, bengie and robert. always appreciate it. >> thank you.
7:45 am
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out west the colorado movie shooting trial is resuming right now in a suburban denver courtroom. you see images live images from the courtroom as they are getting started this morning. for the first time jurors are getting a crucial look at the defendant, james holmes notebook. it's filled with the horror he was planning to carry out. jacob rascone has the details. >> reporter: the meticulous plan of attack considering various venues like an airport. when the pros and cons of theaters, the exits, police response times. he writes what is the meaning of life or death? he examines his own mental state
7:49 am
self-diagnosing a broken mind. one word over and over why? >> 12 people were killed and 70 injured in the july 2012 attack at the crowded theater in aurora. let me bring in former defense attorney. thank you for your perspective. eight pages of the word why, over and over again, talking of a self-diagnosis of a broken mind. how crucial is this going to be in this defense, to say he was sane at the time of the shooting when you have this notebook? >> both sides are going to use that notebook to their addvantage advantage. the defense is going to take part that is correspond with his mental illness. here is an important part francis, about this whole case. that is this. just because someone is mentally
7:50 am
ill doesn't mean -- everything he wrote in that book shows he's mentally ill. people don't understand, when you are in the middle of a psychotic episode, it's not just a few hours, it could be years. within that time you can be very meticulous as jacob said in that piece. you can be planned. you can be method cal and carry it out. >> how are they going to determine, which, if you will is going to be their ammunition? >> exactly. that comes down to the experts. i am sure you have heard this over and over again, the battle of the experts. the experts job is to explain to the jury why this person is insane or not insane. then it's the jury's job to understand what that education, that information they are receiving and be able to understand. it's very hard to jurors.
7:51 am
>> it's got to be very difficult. >> you are asking someone to take 10 or 20 years of medical training in a few hours. >> tough to weigh that. i want to shift gears. in neighboring nebraska when it comes to death penalty trials and about how the legislatures voted to override the republican governor's veto eliminating the death penalty. one state senator explained that decision. listen to that. >> what really tipped it was this group of what i would call, fiscally conservative individuals who just see the death penalty as a wasteful government program that in our state is completely broken. >> nebraska's governor fought hard to keep it legal. the availability of the drugs and where he's going to get them. what do you make of this? >> i think it's politics. it comes down to politics. when you weigh the economic
7:52 am
impact of the death penalty, it sounds like that. people always take their financial responsibilities ahead of their ideologies in my opinion. even the criminal justice system works that way. it is what can save the taxpayers most money and protecting the taxpayers comes secondary, unfortunately. >> when it comes to capital punishment and life and death through the death penalty, a lot of stake in that one. thank you. catch her show the docket on msnbc at 11:00 a.m. eastern every tuesday. up next take a look at these images out of wichita falls, texas. for the first time in nearly five years wichita county has been declared drought free thanks to the historic rainfall this week. we'll head back to jose diaz-balart when we come back. bout it.
7:53 am
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before i leave you from houston, texas this morning, amid all the destruction and all the suffering and pain that we have been seeing in our reporting here and the epic flooding that has affected so many teem take a look at this. an american flag a remarkable sign of hope i saw traveling through wimberley, texas at the resort prove that the people of wimberley and all those hit by the floods will press on. it was the message i heard from the housekeepers i spoke to at that resort. a resort that lost everything in the floods except the will to rebuild. speaking of signs of hope what would a trip to texas be without a trip to the alamo? i saw the perseverance day in and day out here in texas. with that we wrap up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is news nation. developing now, how did the military send live anthrax to government and commercial laboratories laboratories? the pentagon is trying to find the answer to that question this morning. the labs are in nine states and at a u.s. base in south korea. it was shipped via federal express. four lab workers in the u.s. and 22 people at the south korea base are being treated for possible exposure. jim miklaszewski is joining us live. what do owe now about how the accident happened? >> that's the big question both here within the pentagon the u.s. military and, of


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