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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 28, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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living in those areas. right now the death toll at 23 across texas and oklahoma. nine remain missing. the search for the missing continues today. just a moment ago, families of those missing gave an update. they said they don't want to give up in their search. >> this effort is not over. we are 100% committed to finding laura, andrew leighton randy, will ralph, sue. >> while those families try to come to grips with the search is for their ro lost loved ones many in nbc 6 news exclusive, we're hearing from the family of ramirez, high school homecoming queen when her car was swept away. her brother regrets not warning her properly. >> that night it came across my mind that road might get flooded. it crossed my mind once as i was
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sitting there in bed. i just was too lazy to go and tell my parents maybe we should warn her about it. that's something i'll never do again. >> just look at. that what would you do? this is what one family saw, gush of water flowing in their home. they watched helplessly above on the second floor. we continue to cover this breaking news from multiple angles. charles had lock is in houston. we want to begin with jay in women wimberley. we heard from a representative of the families of those that were swept away. what's the search and rescue operation? >> reporter: it continues. it's been hampered by rain today. no choppers up earlier, no boats on the water. more rain could be on the way, something they really don't need as they continue the effort.
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the team still calling this a rescue mission. families as well working by their side. let me show what they're working through. the row of trees demolished as it jumped the banks of the river and moved up the hill here to places it had never been before. these homes never worried about flooding. now they've been ravaged. you move across and see more. some completely rip lyly ripped apart. this is the devastation, debris family members and friends are continuing to work through on this river trying to find their loved ones. a tough, emotional go. it looks like it will be for quite some time. >> it's hard to hear from these families and what they're going through. jay, thank you. want to check in with charles had lock. he joins us from houston. give us the update on the latest. i know weather issues and update from officials asking people not to burn debris as long as the search and rescue mission continues.
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>> reporter: yeah the situation here in houston is back to normal here. the city is up and running. all the free ways are open. the bayous small streams are back in their banks today. if you're seeing images of cars underwater or free ways flooding, that was tuesday morning when they had 500 high water rescues here. seven people have drowned. several others still missing that the hour. right now the concentration is on trying to find those people and clean up the mess left behind by this almost hisstoric storm. this is not unusual for houston, but it was unusual to happen at night. that's when people got in trouble driving in underpasses that were flooded. water came up so fast they didn't have a chance. >> they were vulnerable. charles hadlock in houston. thank you. >> it was a short time ago the
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em battle d president that governs world soccer went back at critics. just a day before this body votes on whether to give him a sixth term blatter says potential ousters are wrong to hold him accountable. >> i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. if people want to do wrong, they will also try to hide it. >> major advertisers are expressing concern about the $150 million scandal. we're going to have a break down later in the hour. tomorrow's vote is likely to be a close one. russia's vladimir putin said they had overstepped their bounds.
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russia was awarded the world cup games. russian sports administer told the "new york times." i see no threat to russia or any problems. willford explain the vote tomorrow. some can't understand how blatter would survive and remain many position of power. >> well it's a very good point indeed. the vote takes place tomorrow as you say. there are 206 fifa delegates spread across six confederations. 11 have been suspended from voting leaving 195 voting delegates. the european federation has been the biggest antiblatter voice. they have 54 votes. it's likely most of those 54 will go to his challenger prince
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ali. the other five confederation have been loyal to blatter. the developments in the last 48 hours, astonishing as they have been. begin the vote is going ahead, blatter is the overwhelming favorite to win. >> i want to play an excerpt from espn. they're reporting on fifa and the bribery allegations. take a listen to what she witnessed. >> i witnessed the country team offering to different members in exchange. >> you were there? >> i was there in the room yes. >> how many money? >> $1.5 million. >> per? >> per foot. >> to three different members.
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>> so buying votes from three members. $1.5 a million each. why did it take so long to crack down on fifa is the question remaining if this woman alleges such a quid pro quo was so blatant? >> it's a very good question. that points to two particular factors. one goes back to that spread that i mentioned earlier. it's the european voices and likely outside few that cried foul and for change. that hasn't been enough. the other fact is nature of fifa and what it does. it doesn't get held to account by shareholders. it oversees soccer sport most valuable of players. those don't tend to seek power. the check on the balance of power hasn't really taken place.
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overall you said why has it taken so long to crack down? the crack down hasn't happened yet. we have charges, not convictions. these charges aren't against fifa itself. they're against nine particular members of fifa none of whom are the president's. we're still a long way from being able to say soccer is free from corruption. >> you make a great point. thank you. conrad is a retired soccer player, host of a tv show covered world cup. here we are talking about blatter and the fact he's probably going to remain. if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck it's most definitely a duck. >> it is definitely a aduck. >> how is this not a fish rots from the head sm. >> to give you another analogy,
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he's the head of the snake. whatever move he makes influences the rest of the body. his only card to play is distance himself from the allegations and say he was a unaware this was happening. do you want a leader that was that unaware? >> who could be his major rival? he brought up prince ali to come in. he doesn't have the voting block needed to oust blatter. >> there's no one else besides prince ali to bring transparency to the organization and put checks and balances in. that's what fifa needs. >> what more can fifa do to reform itself if the inquest and investigation continues from the u.s. and swiss and is there seems to be the status quo of blatter staying in place?
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>> great question. if blatter stays in charge there's a negative perception for fifa. he's thinking in the best interest of the organization, he needs to step down. that's the only way this corruption will disappear. >> most your former colleagues and players, do you think the votes should be suspended for now. >> >> yeah. i don't know why they're not going to suspend it. i think that's the wrong way to address it. >> host of "kick tv." i saw you parra scoping before. hope i didn't do anything bad. >> you look sharp today. >> thank you. workers at three labs are treated for anthrax exposure after the pentagon accidentally shipped live samples. cdc investigating how the samples were sent to labs in nine states and a military base in south korea. so far no reports of exposure. cdc doesn't think the public is at risk are.
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nbc chief pentagon correspondent. mick what are are officials saying about how this major misstep could happen? >> they're all at a loss to explain exactly how a small amount of this anthrax came from utah sent to 19 facilities both civilian and military labs and that u.s. military base in south korea. 22 of the officials there are now undergoing a regimen of cipro, the serious antibiotic to counter any possible threat that could have come from live anthrax. no evidence, only a precautionary measure. today the pentagon is very aggressive in trying to assure the public that nobody was at public risk. so far there are no stein signs that anyone confirmed or suspected has come down with
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anthrax infection. the cdc is gathering all the samples from from those 19 different facilities including dugway proving ground. they're so confident in the shipping process, those were shipped via commercial fedex for goodness sake. cdc is so confident in that process they're gathering the samples from those 19 different sites via fedex. >> at the pentagon for us thank you sir. at this hour, as suspected governor pataki throwing his hat in the very crowded presidential race. we'll show you how it's anyone's race to win. details on the frightening scene in florida. a pilot who had been drinking
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the back door approach to abolish the death penalty in their state. the legislator getting exactly the votes they needed and not one more to override veto and end the capital punishment there. some are asking if this will have ripple effect across the country. this is the topic of our live question of the day. francis is live on the streets with more on that.
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francis? >> hi thomas. here we are in the ideal place to see how people are thinking. should the death penalty be abolish add crossed across the country? how do you respond? >> i feel it should be banned throughout the country. there's two issues. you have the wrongly accused put to death. it is actually cheaper for a life sentence versus the death penalty. you have the privatization of the jail system. it could turn out to be more money. i think it needs complete overhaul. >> it may seem like a money law. some say it's bigger punishment to stay in jail. you stand firm on your thoughts. thank you for that. john want to bring in new mom from minnesota. she also feels strongly about this. we take this question to you. should the death penalty be abolished across the country?
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>> t absolutely. my partner would say it's such an easy way out for someone that committed a horrible crime that they should have to live with it. for me, i think we really don't know why people commit horrible crimes. could be society genetic disease. before we have research who are we to put people to death? >> you stand firm thinking maybe being in one person's own mind in a cell is more punishment than being put to death? >> well absolutely. >> we appreciate that. very interesting to hear the take of people here on the streets of new york. we invite you at home whether kelly or john's responses sparked a view of your own. please vote. let us know what you think. should the death penalty be abolished across the country. >> it's interesting to see people and their responses. typical people are visceral.
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we want to have everybody continue weighing in. our next hour, we'll have a guest on this. the man that escaped the death penalty. we ask everybody to keep weighing in on our big pulse question of the day. >> this morning i announced i'm a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. there we have it as suspected george pataki three term governor of new york and as of this morning, latest republican declaring a run for 2016. more candidates are expected to declare many the coming weeks. you see who was announced, set a decision date. the quantity has produced one clear front runner for their 2016 nomination undecided. that's the winner of the latest poll with 20%. after that it's a five way tie.
10:20 am
those in the five are jeb bush who has though the declared. ben carson huckabee scott walker. each grabs 10% of that poll. nbc political correspondent joining us now. perry why do we see a so many candidates on the gop side? we saw this in 2012. it discounted them when they got into the general. >> it was. lindsey graham was asked a few weeks ago. he gave two reasons. the plane and the house. i assume he was kidding. when we get to serious why is it such a big field, there are two reasons. first is that there's no front runner. everyone thinks they can win. the second reason is running for president has become a way to become famous become rich become influential. i have a hard time seeing ben
10:21 am
carson in the oval office in two years. my guess is he does as well. these guys like president obama's job but would also like thomas roberts job as well. they want to be famous, have television shows. you saw mike huckabee bee run for president and lose but got a show on fox news. a lot of guys want that job even if they can't win as president. >> there isn't a lot of fame with this job. coming up here shortly, we have a shot of where he'll be speaking in a moment. they remain on the stump in all important states like iowa. hillary clinton visiting south carolina as well as carly fiorina. comments from jeb bush overheard on a private conference call for alabama republicans. he's talking about legal status for immigrants. it was reported quote, i find it interesting people that share that view rather than stick with the view and try to persuade
10:22 am
about it in many cases have abandoned their views. i think the next president is going to have tougher times dealing with these issues than dealing with vladimir putin. if we're going to bend with the wind it will be hard to imagine how we solve our problems. are we about to witness the gloves coming off? >> i think we are. one big reason. you basically have three people. it's a wide open race. there are three front runners. rubio and jeb bush have the same views. it has to get personal. rubio has been calling jeb bush old for weeks and weeks. he says we have a new generation. he says jeb bush is a nice man too old to be president and yesterday's candidate. you see jeb bush politely suggesting he's the real guy with real fiber and rubio doesn't have that. that race is between rubio and bush going to have subtle jabs. by january, i think the jabs
10:23 am
will be more direct. you see that in the early stages of the race. >> these are people that typically like each other in the past. that's the all important state for electoral and latino vote. we'll see how this goes if jeb bush throws his hat in officially. i want to point out tomorrow on msnbc live i'm joined by nancy pelosi. we'll talk about the piethfight for marriage equality. what kind of impact is the soccer scandal having on the world of soccer? we told you at the top of the block, weigh in on our bing question of the day. as the state of nebraska goes to abolish the death penalty, we want to know should it be abolished across the country? log in now and have your vote
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for the first time since he created the twitter handle president obama is holding a twitter chat that started 20 minutes ago. the hashtag is trending. the president answer ago questions about the climate change. earlier today he toured the hurricane center in miami where he got detail about the impact of climate change. >> the best climate scientists in the world are telling us extreme weather events like hurricanes are becoming more powerful. when you combine storms with sea, that's recipe for devastating floods. climate change didn't cause hurricane sandy, but may have made it stronger. it made the storm surge worse. >> noah wa the scientists that
10:28 am
keep an eye on hurricanes predicts six to 11 named storms. ahead this hour we have a lot of information including new evacuations in texas where severe thunderstorms threaten swollen rivers. we have the latest from the flood zone. plus details on former president bill clinton's ties to soccer's governing body accused of massive corruption. stephen curry and golden state warriors head to finals after eliminating the rockets last night. why is this what everybody is talking about? >> cause everybody was enjoying the moment. >> i feel best. >> you wanted to say that. it was special because -- hold on, listen -- let me try it again.
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it's difficult to give in words the tremendous loss pain fear we are feeling. still we find comfort in our faith and in support of family friends, community. >> there kelley burke, representative for four families who's family members are missing. this is what it looks like in wimberley, one of the areas hardest hit. the small town absolutely devastated. gabe gutierrez spoke to a survivor that describe what had he heard -- what he heard. >> the sounds got bigger and stronger. just surreal. couldn't figure out what was going on. sounded like lightning going off. it was big trees breaking off. >> our colleague continues his reporting from texas. here's the latest from texas.
10:33 am
jose, good afternoon. >> thomas good afternoon. i'm coming at you today from houston, texas. i want to step out of the way and show you buffalo bayou in houston. it's that body of water. it's back to normal what it looks like in houston. people are getting back slowly to their regular lives. why? until yesterday, that water that came out from the bayou actually flooded almost this entire area you see in green here. that volleyball court under water. this was under water until yesterday late in the afternoon. that's the situation here in houston. about 200 miles away in wimberley, the situation there also very difficult. people trying to get back to their lives after death and destruction. the blanco river crested at 34 feet above the average.
10:34 am
it didn't crest top. it went wide. it took with it cabins houses people's lives. that's the reality that people here in texas are dealing with. oklahoma had similar problems. things are today getting back to normal. the sun is shining. with the super saturation of the ground people are just hoping that they don't see more rains in the near future. back to you. >> jose thank you. you can watch jose every weekend here on msnbc. returning to one of our top stories today. the world of soccer rocked by allegations. sponsors are rocked as well. francis is back with more. we're talking about the cash behind the scenes. >> all the money pump into this. sponsors are speaking out. take a look. these are global companies you recognize by logos.
10:35 am
these sponsors are firing warning shots. why is that? there's a whole lot of cash at stake here. fifa makes $177 million a year from its marketing partners. that's according to the 2014 financial report? here's what some of fifa's sponsors have to say about this scandal. the credit card company is one of fifa's main partners. it threatened to end the continuation continuation. then coca-cola had this to say. this length think controversy has tarnished the mission and ideals of the fifa world cup. it didn't threaten to end like fifa did. >> the corruption allegations are extremely concerning. it takes ethics and corruption
10:36 am
very seriously. adidas speaking out saying they're fully committed to create a culture that promotes the highest of ethic. you've got a note here. when it comes to percentages, 90% comes from broadcasting marketing, hospitality and licensing rights. they have to try to balance sensitivity. also the relationship they had and invested with fifa over the years. a lot of companies and sponsors taking this approach. especially now seth at the hand and where his future will stand. >> peeling back the onions, lair layers and layers. everybody is crying about this scan scandal. the daily beast reporting
10:37 am
the clinton charitable foundation received 50 to $100,000 from fifa and that the committee have given collectively up to $5 million in recent years. we have the editor at "the daily beast" that broke the story. you report there's an appearance of a connection when qatar won the world cup. >> the clinton foundation has nothing to do with the clinton scandal, neither with the former president. president clinton was part of the u.s. delegation to bring the world cup to the u.s. the telegraph reported at the time he was so angry when the u.s. lost the bid he threw something at a mirror and it broke. later, the committee that was putting together the world cup for qatar gave the clinton
10:38 am
foundation a pretty hefty down nation. was there with quid pro quo? problem not. this is a reminder how vast the clinton foundation is. every time there's an organization in the organization as rich and powerful as fifa it's easy to connect back to clinton foundation. they take money from a lot of different, very big powerful players on the world stage a. >> qatar is supposed to get the games coming up in 2022. this is currently under investigation like the russia bid won for 2018. as we talk about the clinton foundation, is there anything unusual for -- as you point out -- the clinton foundation to organize and take money from such a rich nation like qatar? >> the thing about qatar, you don't have to do much of a google search to see the human rights abuses that have gone on particularly with this world
10:39 am
cup. not to mention you can't play er in soccer in summer in qatar. that's the criticisms you're hearing from outside the foundation. >> there's been a number of allegations that qatar used force labor in the build up to world cup. do you know if this was factored in to decision making on whether or not the clinton foundation would accept money? you say it's easy to google human rights violations in the country. >> i don't know the answer to the question. you hear the foundation say things like listen this money is going toward good thing, to help people in these countries that they have taken money from that have had human rights abuses. there's the question and it's worth asking whether they should have taken this money at all. >> thanks for joining me. >> thanks. details on a father arrested for operating a vehicle under
10:40 am
the fluchblts what makeinfluence. more compelling is the father was flying a plane. how one maryland family is now fighting back. and now this the fight to treat our nation's vets with ptsd with medical marijuana.
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10:44 am
we want to warn you this is difficult to watch. in it you can see 9-year-old collins repeatedly beaten by another girl on the back of the bus until she curls up in a ball crying and begging to be left alone. her family is now going after prince george county school system and bus driver that didn't try to stop this attack. >> it's not about the money for us. we're not worried about suing for money. we're worried about prince george county schools acknowledging bullying. >> she is afraid to go to school. her mom says bullying has been an ongoing issue at the school. the driver is on leave but won't comment on the pending lawsuit. the pilot of a small plane is under arrest in florida accused of flying the plane while drunk with his son a board.
10:45 am
board. now he is facing charges for reckless operation of an aircraft under the influence and neglect of a child without great bodily harm. yesterday afternoon authorities say he was trying to taxi down the runway when he crashed into the shed in melbourne, florida. that's 30 minutes from where nasa does the major launches here in florida. hall has a history with faa. it's a positive one in fact. he was awarded airman certification where he's recognized for being positive on the runway. he ignored directions given him to by air traffic control many this incident and instead kept on going. >> hold your position.
10:46 am
i didn't tell you to move. where you going sir? turn your engine off, sir. kill your engine. >> now thomas after the crash happened, cops found a half empty bottle inside this plane, bottle of unopened wine and water bottle also inside. the authorities say it was not water inside of that. they're testing that substance. haul is an engineer that works for a local company in the melbourne area. he was on his way to ohio to take his son to an aircraft museum. >> unbelievable to think that type of booze was found on the plane with his young child on board. thanks. now back to one of our top stories. nebraska becoming the first conservative state in more than 40 years to end the death penalty. will this have a ripple effect across the country?
10:47 am
>> this is something a lot of americans feel strongly on capital punishment. we went on the streets to get our bing question of the day. now we ask you at home. should death penalty be abolish add ed across the country? 90% of voters saying yes, it should be abolished across the country. 10% saying no. based on the past minute or so taking pulse in real time how you're voting again matching that trend what we've been seeing here in the past minute. the majority of you saying yes, it should be abolished. interesting to look at political party and see how viewers are voting. take a look at this in the past five minutes, no republicans seen in red have voted at all. if you lien to right, more conservative at home. if you want to weigh in, now is your time to do so. democrats have been voting
10:48 am
primarily in the last minute or so saying yes. before this time before 1:42 eastern time republicans pretty much have been mixed. again, an invitation for you to weigh in and answer our pulse question of the day. should the death penalty be abolished across the country? stick around. we'll see if that changes or sticks at 90%, 10% no. we'll bring you those results and also results from people we asked on the streets a little later. >> people do give answers. we're going to speak to a person that escaped death row. you may hear something that changed your mind about this topic as we speak to a prisoner who lived there for three years before being released? we ask you to keep weighing in? kids of pro athletes stealing the spotlight from their parents. has it gong too far? coming up next. and the power of water. this video showing how
10:49 am
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kind of enjoying the moment. >> i feel -- >> you wanted to say that. everybody's got to be you know determined to whatever comes our way. >> you've always been a confident person -- ♪ >> sh. sh. >> very optimistic. back in 2012 before all this started -- >> i like her, but seriously, some people are complaining about scenes like this. golden state warriors star stefcurry, 2-year-old daughter riley, turning an otherwise calm post-game conference into must-see tv. last night wasn't the first time riley stole the spotlight at an nba event. fan have weighed in for days on her unscripted spunk. her appearance is sparking talk about whether it's endearing or distracting to have kids at the sports podium. riley occury is hardly the first -- curry is is is hardly the first to show up with a parent.
10:53 am
many kids have had their moment in the spotlight. >> mama? >> continue to look and see what we did -- >> mama? mama! >> come out -- >> do you have homework with you? >> i haven't done any of my homework. [ laughter ] >> but i -- >> you most certainly are. you haven't? >> say something nice about me. [ laughter ] >> say you like his hat -- >> i like his hat. >> make the face. [ laughter ] >> turn the -- >> daddy? daddy? daddy. >> yeah. bay pet us at home. and -- they beat us at home and we beat them at home. that's how you feel? >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> kids say the darndest things. cindy born is a sports writer for the "washington post" and joins us now. all right, want to put it out there, where do you fall on this? is this endearing or a complete distraction? >> well, i'll tell you, first off, i'm one of those journalists who's often on deadline. i find it completely adorable endearing. i can't remember the last time one of these media sessions
10:54 am
after a big game actually turned up, you know revealed something that was really important. generally they're just sort of boring, and the players go through them. one of the rare times you'll get any rare spontaneity is when a person has a kid up there. you know, bring -- more riley. that's all i can say. >> i know. #moreriley. i like this. this is fun. we've got former player and sports commentator charles barkley weighing in on this, saying, "i don't think it's a big deal but would prefer players ton bring their kids. reporters are trying to toging to do their job." you have been with the crowd of reporters on, deadline trying to get your job done. do you think that charles barkley has a point? >> well i understand and believe me i love it when anyone is sympathetic to the plight a journalist -- >> i know that's rare. >> but if you watch curry in these interviews he is thoughtful, he looks every
10:55 am
single interviewer in the eye as he answers. and he makes sure that even while riley's acting up or singing or you know saying "be quite, daddy "-- "be quiet daddy," he makes sure to get the answer answered. the questions -- the answers aren't harmed by what she's doing. he gives a thoughtful answer. you know, it's -- the sessions are not revealing. they're not really great sessions. >> right. >> basically a reporter wants something, you know, something out of the mouth of the star or the loser. you know from the game that they can put in a story. it's just not -- to me it's a nonissue. i appreciate barkley's comments and i understand other reporters have been grumpy about it too. maybe they need to just chill out. >> meanwhile riley's daddy is a pretty big deal. leading the golden state warriors with 26 points. the warriors head to the nba finals for the first time in 40 years. i imagine we'll see a lot more of riley, which we can all hope for. the "washington post's"'s," cindy
10:56 am
born. thank you very much. we want to ask what you think of the bing pulse question riley was delightful, disruptive or you don't care go. to and vote there. i say delightful. much more coming up at the top of the hour including the continuing flooding cleanup in texas where scenes like this all too common. and they prepare for more rain in the area. also the fallout from the arrest at soccer's largest governing body. sepp blatter embattled the, speaking out about the -- embattled president, speaking out about the shame and humiliation at fifa. but he expects to remain at the top. and efforts made to save the oceans' sharks from commercial fisheries. here at friskies, cats are in charge of approving every new recipe. because it's cats who know best what cats like to eat. up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit this hour on msnbc, breaking news. new evacuations and more rain for texas with neighborhoods already under water. >> oh no!
11:00 am
plus video captures the moment the blanco river rushes into a family's home. what would you do? also ahead soccer's governing body holds an emergency meeting the day after the mafia-style takedown of 14 fifa official. fifa's president reacting publicly for the first time. plus nebraska legislators defy their governor and abolish the state's death penalty. we're asking in today's bing public schools -- should the death penalty be abolished across the country? and we have an interview coming up that may impact how you vote. hi, i'm thomas roberts. great to have you with us. we want to start with breaking news out of texas. 23 people are confirmed dead. nine people remain missing this hour due to the record-breaking floods. the president spoke out about the devastation while at the national hurricane center in miami today. >> there's going to be a lot of rebuilding. we as a nation have to help the same way we do any time that folks are affected by these natural disasters. we will stay in close coordination with them to make
11:01 am
sure that our response is quick that we're cutting through bureaucracy, and that we're helping them recover. >> this natural disaster brought a lot of damage. look at this wimberley, texas. one of the areas hardest hit. search and rescue operations underway for the missing, but more rain is headed that way. that could hamper the active searching. there are new fears for more flooding due to several rivers expected to rise. involuntary evacuation verdicts been issued for people living in cities near those rivers. meanwhile, we're hearing from those with families affected. four families held a news conference and updated their search and vow to keep looking. >> this effort is not over. we are 100% committed to finding laura, andrew leighton randy, will ralph, and sue. >> also speaking, the family of alissa ramirez high school senior and homecoming queen, on her way home from prom when her car was swept away.
11:02 am
her father talked about what he told her when she called him. >> she said "dad, what do i do? my car -- my car's been hit with water. what do i do? what do i do?" i said "back the car up. back the car up." she said "i can't, daddy. the car is tipping." i said "i'm on my way." that's the last i got to speak to her. i never talked to her again. >> heart business ds breaking ing-- heartbreaking for that happily. charles hadlock from houston. houston is drying out. explain what the evacuation orders are for other rivers and residents outside of houston. we're seeing those waters on the rise. >> reporter: that's right. here in houston the streams that flooded on tuesday and came out of their banks flooding the streets, those streams are back in their banks now. there's no standing water in houston. houston is getting back up and running. to the west of here, the colorado river, brazus river on the rise. the colorado river as it passes through wharton, 90 miles from here, the river is on the rise.
11:03 am
it's not going to be dramatic like what we saw on the blanco river. this is going to be a slow rise. it's not going to be a deadly flood. it's going to be an vin jeans as the water rises into the streets blocking off access to several homes. that's why the mayor has asked for a vary evacuation. also the independent school district in wharton announceded that classes will be suspended for tomorrow. to the north of here the san jazz inci jacinto river is out its banks. the home are mostly on facilities. it's going to be an in-- stilts. it's going to be an inconvenience for people getting in and out of their homes. not a life threatening threat. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. certainly a terrifying scene that was captured on camera in wimberley, texas as one family's living room became raging with water. look at this. where the river just pours in. happening within seconds. flooding the first floor. the perez family watched from the second floor of their
11:04 am
vacation home as this wall of brown water forced its way into the home sending furniture spinning and churning. fortunately, firefighters were nearby when the blanco river started pouring into this home. crews were able to rescue the family. no one was hurt. they were able to capture this amazing video which shows the power and force of the water. and joining us is joanna curran river engineer and geo geomorphologist who studied the blanco river. thank you for joining us. to us it seems shocking that homes have flooded as fasts as they have this week in texas. even more shocking to see the video where the water comes so fast you don't know if the home is going to be carried away and devastated completely. this is your area of study. can you explain if people saw this, like yourself, an expert, did you see it coming? >> this size of storm is unusual but does happen down there. it hasn't happened to that level
11:05 am
in quite some time. there's anecdotal statements from the 1800s that there were 40-foot waves. but it's not something that we would have predicted. the problem comes with how we are dealing with the likelihood that some of these large storms might become more frequent in the future. and what we can do to mitigate so we don't see this extreme flooding, we get people out of harm's way faster. >> what can be done to mitigate this? especially as there was some evidence potentially of -- in the 1800s where this happened. now we have the facts of what is the potential, what can happen. what is the precautionary plan of action? >> to me it's a precautionary looking forward type of plan. we have to take what we know and move forward. what i did eight years ago, started to look at modeling the watershed itself and how it would -- the flows in the rivers would react to urbanization. now we have increased likelihood of large storms. so what we would.
11:06 am
to do is build in a smart way so that we are infiltrating as much water as possible. so as we increase the number of people living in wimberley and neighboring communities, we'll increase the number of sidewalks, the number of paved address. we can do that with permeable paving that will help take over some water out of the system. if they do a lot with cisterns on individual houses or businesses that also helps collect some of the water before it can reach the river. you're still not going to stop this -- a major storm like this. you're still going to have flooding. you might help reduce the extreme not of it. >> joanna occur, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate your insights. to the other big story today. the federal government investigating how live anthrax samples were inadvertently shipped to private and military labs in nine states and a u.s. military base in south korea. several military personnel and civilians who came in contact with the bacteria are taking antibiotics. they're doing so as a precaution. joining me is nbc chief pentagon
11:07 am
correspondent jim miklaszewski. how did this happen to nine different places? >> reporter: that's the big question being asked by both the pentagon and the centers for disease control in atlanta whose investigations, formal investigations have really just started to get underway. now this batch of anthrax was produced in dougway proving ground in utah more than a year ago. it was irradiated and tested. when it was shipped to labs across the country, one in particular in maryland, they discovered that they had a live sample of anthrax. investigators went back nold dougway, retested the original batch, and found that they did have some live anthrax in that batch. the question is, it was human error? was it the process of irradiation in which the failure occurred? that will come out in the
11:08 am
investigation. interestingly enough however, and a lot of people find this strange, the cdc is collecting samples from 18 different sites in the united states potentially deadly samples live samples of anthrax which will be shipped commercially via fedex to the cdc in atlanta. that's how much confidence cdc has in their system. thomas? >> nbc news chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. thank you. earlier today, it was the embattled president of the organization that governs world soccer hitting back at the critics. sepp blatter opened fifa's 56th congress calling wednesday's indictments of officials and sports executives accused in a massive bribery scandal unprecedented. a day before the body votes on whether to give him another term blatter says his potential ousters are wrong to hold him accountable. >> i cannot monitor everyone all of the time.
11:09 am
if fifa want to do wrong -- if people want to do wrong, they will also try hide it. >> major advertisers expressing concern about the $150 million scandal. tomorrow's vote is likely to be close as blatter still has many supporters. russia's vladimir putin today chastised u.s. authorities who issued the indictment saying they had overstepped their bounds. russia was awarded the 2018 world cup games. that winning bid is under a new investigation from the swiss. and the russian sports minister told "the new york times," "i see no threat to russia or any problems." nbc chief global correspondent bill neely, is in london and joins us now. walk us through tomorrow's big vote and sepp blatter having the votes necessary to win another term as the fifa president. >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. he's the most powerful figure in world sport. he's been running world soccer for the last two decades. everyone expects that tomorrow he will be re-elected to serve as president until he's 83 years
11:10 am
old. why? well he's got the loyalty of a lot of small countries in the world. especially the african-american and asian confederations. he doesn't have european support. most of those countries will vote against him. but that won't be enough. and his jordanian competitor isn't expected to win. it's extraordinaire given what he said today. you heard some of his remarks there. he said corruption charges against fifa have heaped shame and humiliation on the game. basically they have nothing to do with him. it was a pretty brazen claim. it's a storm now directed at this man. there was denial from him. he said he couldn't be held personally responsible and condemned the actions of individuals for bringing humiliation on football. the u.s. authorities are alleging systemic and deep-rooted corruption. he says it's individuals, and he can't monitor everyone all of the time. he did what he does so often.
11:11 am
he was moralizing he was making big promises pleading that he bore no personal responsibility. he said we cannot allow the reputation of football to be dragged through the mud. has to stop here and now. it was a performance. he's on track to be re-elected tomorrow as president, aged 79 thomas. >> serial amazing. nbc's bill neily in london. thank you very much. we have to remember that there is a human element to this fifa story. behind the execs, there are the migrant workers building qatar's infrastructure for the 2022 world cup. a shocking amount are estimated to have died since 2010 when qatar won the cup. and frances has that side of the story. this is amazing. >> reporter: it is, you consider so much talk about the money. the millions at stake. but also the lives at stake. the human toll. these numbers are alarming. they give you a sense of the scope of the issue surrounding fever a. for some context, the -- fifa. for some context, the country of
11:12 am
qatar were scheduled to hold the 2022 world cup under controversy. that came under fire because of qatar's dismal human rights record, also its blistering heat and more. human rights watch says it's particularly problematic for the growing migrant workers population. according to the group, they experienced forced labor, employer abuse, and even more. the conditions are evident in these alarming numbers. in fact, 1,200 migrant workers have died in qatar since december of 2010. according to the international trade union confederation which says that it's pulled numbers if two countries. it's hard to know how many of those are exactly world cup related. the union estimates that that number will more than triple by the time the world cup begins in qatar in 2022. let's compare that other world sporting events from last year. are you looking at the death tolls of migrant workers from the 2014 brazil world cup. and also -- that's ten -- 60 migrant worker deaths from the 2014 olympics in sochi. compare it side by side look at
11:13 am
all this. look how much here the world cup in qatar spikes up here with 1,200 -- much greater than last year's world sports events as far as thoses deaths go. 1,200 as opposed to the ten in brazil for the world cup and the sochi olympic being 60. in fact, if you're going to think about it as far as grim statistics, there is one from the group play fair qatar. they predict more than 62 worker will die for each game played during the 2022 tournament. you see that represented with each silhouette representing one life lost. that's 62 workers per game who will die. so "the guardian" autopsy reporting that last year the nepalese migrants in qatar were dying at a rate of one every two days. and then you have to consider the fact that qatar's saying they're going to address these safety concerns. that they are reforming those labor laws. you look ahead 2022 that's if
11:14 am
it happens. there's -- could there be the possibility that they forfeit the fwhk 2022 -- forfeit the world cup in 2022 if the scandal el congratulates? -- escalates? >> we'll see what happens. thank you very much. next, rand paul versus the world. the latest comments pitting the kentucky senator against his own party. also ahead for you, nebraska banning the death penalty. we're asking in today's "pulse," should the death penalty be abolished across the country? we have an interview coming up that could influence your vote. ♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins.
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another day and another republican may enter the 2016
11:18 am
race. this time new york congressman peter king. here's what he told my colleague, andrea mitchell, a short time ago. >> how seriously are you considering getting into it? >> i've been up in new hampshire about nine times. i'll make a decision in the next month. >> in the next month. so if so, king would enter a super-crowded field which today saw former new york governor george pataki enter the gop race as at least 19 candidates who have declared or signaled they might run. one thing king shares with many of those candidates, though, a distaste for some of the positions held by candidate rand paul. piling on the kentucky senator has become something of a gop sport. many in the gop dislike his views on isis and the nsa. here's rick santorum on "good morning america" today. and he declared his intentions for the white house yesterday. in this interview, he hit paul for thing that the senator said during a sit down with msnbc's joe scarborough. >> rand paul had something interesting to say about isis this morning. >> isis exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms
11:19 am
inscramnatalie. and most arms were snatched up by isis. >> i expect that from bernie sander not somebody expected to run for the republican nomination. >> katie wolf report for politico. great to have you here. now we see apparently rand paul is the person that everybody wants to take a shot at. is it his views on the nsa, or is there something more? do they think he really has a shot, and they're going after him because of that? >> great to be with you, thomas. it's nothing new to see others in the republican party sort of tussling with rand paul. we've seen this taking place the last several years. rand paul tends to opt for a little bit of a more forward lookingpproach on foreign policy. he's less quick to say that he support things like authorizing the use of military force maybe than some of his other colleagues. it was really that comment he made yesterday on msnbc that really lit up the republican
11:20 am
field. you had people like bobby jindal weighing in with harsh rhetoric. rick santorum of course building on criticism from chris christie that's unfolded this week and last. you know, this is an intensifying critique from around paul. the presidential candidate in iowa today. >> we have the pjs hitting the -- the "wall street journal" hitting the senator. the headline is "rand paul created isis." it begins, okay, our headline goes too far. the claim is it as plausible as rand paul's outburst that republican internationalists like lindsay graham and john mccain are responsible for the rise of the islamic state. and then it goes on to later say an aide might want to remind senator paul which party's nomination he is seeking. a lot would say st. paul an isolationist who doesn't want to enter into these issues. how will it course correct rand paul in his approach to the white house? >> it's an interesting question and interesting balancing act
11:21 am
for rand paul. he and his advisers and supporters say he's not an isolationist. they say he does support a strong defense. he thinks it's the most important facet of government. at the same time, he very much does take the more inward looking approach on foreign policy. he's supported defense cut or at least that they be offset elsewhere. and so for him, it's sort of that question of how does he talk about sort of reining in national security powers. the patriot act, for example he prior sizes civil liberties. how do you -- prioritizes civil liberty. how do you balance that with showing are you tough enough on national security, terrorism issues, at a time when those are the issue that are really riling the republican base. so it's something he's continuing to calibrate on. it has opened him to criticism for from some potential rival republican contenders. >> meanwhile no one has shots ahead. quinnipiac has a new poll out. undecided, undecided is the big winner here. otherwise, there's this five-way tie for second place.
11:22 am
you don't see rand paul in this graphic because it's at 7%. he's in a close margin of error of the 10% club. overall, how do you think his candidacy is doing? we still have a way to go. >> certainly. we've got a ways to go. as you noted together a crowded field. at this point you do see a lot of people jockeying to break out of the field. some supporters of senator paul have noted that his position at least when it comes to protesting elements of the patriot act, really coming out there with a strong stance on civil liberties, that that actually distinguishes him. that helps him break through a little bit because he is in a different page on that particular issue. and the long speech he gave in congress last week that issue is helping him sort of distinguish himself little bit. really at this point, you know, you just see everyone sort of trying to break through.
11:23 am
but because that field is so crowded, you do see so many people clustered around 7% -- 10%. >> great to see you. thank you very much. in that cluster, we want to show everybody now jeb bush who is speaking in lansing, michigan. he has not declared officially that he is throwing his hat in the ring for the race of 2016. he does put himself out and around the country looking like a candidate. and one with much interest. again, quinnipiac putting it in the 10% five-way tie. president obama opens up his first twitter chat since opening the@potus twitter page. it's trending. we'll have some of the q&a and what the president wanted to answer and talk about. also ahead, twitter fight. j.k. rowling style. her public disputes with the westboro baptist church. have you seen this?
11:24 am
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11:27 am
welcome back. i want to check in with frances following the top stories trending on social media now including the president's twitters chat which lasted about 30 minutes to an hour. >> such a big deal when he joined twitter with potus, as well. he held his first-ever chat from his new account called @pat pottsus, using the hash tag tag @askpotus. he talked about getting action from congress and said "the science on climate change is overwhelming. what will move congress will be public opinion. your voices will make them open to facts." also trending is best-selling author j.k. rowling deferring to ireland's new gay marriage law against people on twitter. she's defending that. in response to a fan wondering of one of her male characters could marry "lord of the rings" gandolf. she tweeted they could in
11:28 am
ireland. then the twitter account at the westboro church known for disrupting events like funerals tweeted that if the two married in ireland, they would picket. rowling shot back. "alas, the sheer awesomeness of such a union in such a place would blow your tiny bigoted minds out of your thick slopping skulls," is the tweet. 140 characters or less. people are also tweeting up a -- frenzy about women being included in a popular game of soccer. 1 0,000 tweets following the announcement by ea sport. female players from america to europe will be included in the action-packed play of fifa '16. many have joked that features like maternity leave need to be included, spawning a backlash against sexism there. one user tweeted, "are men so insecure in their garage i'll little egoes that they can't stand the idea of women daring to play football just like them in fifa '16?"
11:29 am
what a day for fifa and what a day for people on twitter. quick, snarky right to it. back at you. >> quick and snarky 140 characters or less. thank you very much. ahead, inside the mind of a suspected killer. personal notebooks introduced as evidence in the aurora movie theater shooting trial. and we're going to have this for -- nebraska banning the death penalty. and our pulse question -- should the death penalty be abolished across the country? we're going to influence you probably after you hear the interview with jeremy sheetz. he's coming up and the first person released from nebraska's death row in 2001. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend- even-though-you'll-feel-it- later kind of woman you are. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin
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11:32 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit in texas search and rescue operations are underway for nine missing people. and there have been record-breaking flooding in the area with more concern about weather today. in wimberley, survives continue
11:33 am
to survey -- survivors continue to survey the damage. gabe gutierrez spoke with one survivor who still can't believe what happened. >> we've been through several floods, and we actually had one back in halloween that made what we considered a big mess. but it -- it paled in comparison to this. knocked down a few of the little road trees, but nothing like this. it's never been like this. >> nbc news correspondent jay gray joins us now from wimberley, texas. what's the latest on the search? >> reporter: well they're being hampered now by what is a rain system developing here. we hear the rolling thunder. we see lightning in the distance. that's a problem that they're going to have to deal with over the next several days. i want to show you what they're dealing with on the ground. let's start with the intensities of the floodwaters. you see it ripped away the bark of the trees. that's something you normally see in a tornado as it jumped the banks of the blanco river. it moved up the hill here. obviously much quicker than i am at this point. it got into areas where it's never been before. up here where the houses are.
11:34 am
initially, homeowners said we're fine, we'll never have to deal with flooding here. now look what they are dealing with. the water ravaging these homes, ripping them apart, as you see in this instance. that's the kind of debris the devastation that so many of the rescue teams and family members and friends of those missing are working through right now. it's a difficult process. adding to that the rain coming in, just a tough go. thomas? >> nbc news correspondent jay gray in texas for us. thank you. those devastating floods have impacted dozens of families across texas and oklahoma including the family of alissa ramirez. alicea being a high school senior, homecoming queen on her way back home from prom when her car was swept away. nbc's gabe gutierrez spoke with her family. they talked about their last conversations with her in a very emotional interview. >> i got a phone call from her at 2:45 in the morning. when i was asleep. and she wakes me up.
11:35 am
and i say, "honey what's going on?" she said "dad, what do i do? my car -- my car's been hit with water. what do i do, what do i do?" i said "back the car up. back the car up." she said "i can't, daddy. the car is tipping." i said "i'm on my way." that's the last i got to speak to her. i never talked to her again. >> this water was rushing fast. it was right there and black, and the road was black. i don't think she saw it. generally the state is real good about getting people out to monitor a water crossing and put up barricades. they had not gotten to the point of putting up a barricade so my daughter didn't are v a clue that was a problem. >> that night it came across my mind that the road might get flooded because before everybody left, it was storming bad. it only crossed my mind once as i was sitting there in bed. and i was too lazy to go and tell my parents, maybe we should warn her about it. it's something i will never do
11:36 am
again. >> really heartbreaking comments from the family of alissa ramirez. she is one of 23 fatalities confirmed across texas and oklahoma due to severe weather. that was our gabe gutierrez reporting. the past two hours, we've been asking you your thoughts on the death penalty in this country. this all comes after nebraska made history last night abolishing the death penalty for the state. frances back with a deep dive on the really divisive issue. and more on what people are saying. >> reporter: that's right. you got to consider nebraska's the first conservative state to abolish the death penalty in 40 years. here's a deep dive into the state of the death penalty. there are 31 states that still allow the death penalty. you can see them all highlighted in yellow here. washington, d.c. -- they've outlawed the death penalty. in 2007, maryland connecticut, illinois and new mexico new jersey, banned it. and north dakota was the last conservative state to abolish it in 1973. you see those states that are not highlighted. let's look now at the top five states with the most executions since 1976.
11:37 am
that's when the supreme court reinstated capital punishment. the state of texas tops the list at 521 followed by oklahoma at 112. virginia follows that with 110. and then florida with 90 executions. missouri at 81. let's look at how states executed their inmates. take a look at this animated map actually. we want to pull that up here. you see how those executions have been going through. in 1971977 you see they executed people in a wide variety of ways. you see the silhouettes? the blue shows electrocutions. the red shows firing squads. the green show gas chambers. the yellow show hanging. the black, that represents lethal injections. combination of which are subject to a major controversy these days. so when you see that animation and silhouettes popping up representing how these inmates have been executed. all right. so much so that these states have brought back older methods
11:38 am
of execution. ute's governor signed the bill in march to bring back the firing squad. and you have other states seen here in yellow like alaska wyoming, and idaho here considered bringing it back. in tennessee, tennessee reinstated the electric chair last year. though as it stands right now, lethal injection remains the primary method in all states. there had been more than 1,200 of them since 1976. that's followed by 158 electrocutions, and also 11 gas chambers. three hangings and three firing squads. interesting to see that broken down by how it's done and which states. now, we'll find lots of opinion on how americans feel about the death penalty. earlier we asked some people, we're also asking your viewers to weigh in. that brings us to the bing pulse question today -- should the death penalty be abolished across the country. look how this has changed in the past hour. this has dropped almost ten
11:39 am
finds 81% saying yes, it was up close to 90%. now 19% of viewers saying no when answering should the death penalty be abolished across the country. so as you can imagine, it strikes a chord when you ask people out there, thomas, especially when it comes to capital punishment. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll ask everybody to continue weighing in on the pulse especially now. we have joining us jeremy sheetz. jeremy was in nebraska in 1997 convicted of murder and put on death row four years later. he was released after his sentence was vacated. sheetz became the first person released from nebraska's death row in 88 years. it is nice to have you with us. i know you worked with the group witness to innocence. their slogan -- empowering the exonerated to end the death penalty. what's your reaction to the legislature's vote in nebraska? >> well really i'm ecstatic. i mean this is an amazing opportunity for the rest of the country to kind of step back and look at what's going on here. this is a very conservative state.
11:40 am
these are the same people that tried to execute me 14 years ago. i'm kind of shocked honestly. it's a great feeling. >> you know, i was a cub reporter in lincoln, nebraska covering your story when you were convicted in 1997. and i remember it specifically the case itself you were implicated through a friend of yours who gave a taped confession who later killed himself in jail. he was unable to be cross-examined. that was how you were able to get out. you were then vacated of the guilty verdict later on in 2001. that's when you were able to leave. do you have a sense, though because of the way nebraska and other states have handled the death penalty, and this is a personal question, do you have a sense of survivor's guilt? >> no, i don't have survivor's guilt. i'm grateful to be alive and free and able to continue living
11:41 am
my life. but i don't have a survivor's guilt. you know i got to know some of the guys that i was locked up with. i became friends with them over the years. i definitely don't want to see them executed. but i don't want to see the blood on anybody's hands. no, i really don't have survivor's guilt. >> the lead police investigator in the case called the result of your freedom a travesty but said it was probably the right legal call. it wasn't an exoneration of sheets. how do you respond to that? >> well i would like to see any evidence whatsoever saying that i'm guilty. the only evidence that they had against me was this guy making one statement. they did not allow the autopsy report to be put in to my murder trial. how do you not do that? they didn't allow the autopsy report. the police made up evidence. they had people lie. so really the tragsee it is them continuing -- travesty is them
11:42 am
continuing to say i'm guilty. >> the statement you referred to was made by adam barnett. arrested in 1992 for the rape and murder of 17-year-old kenyata bush. the same victim in the alleged case again you that you were put on death row for. when you think about the impact that what nebraska is doing could have on other states -- you work with the group called witness to innocence. what's your message to other states that carry the death penalty? >> well, if you have the death penalty, there's always going to be human error. there will always be human error. rather somebody throughout the process is overzealous, they believe they're doing the right thing, sometimes they do it on purpose. whatever the reasons are, there's always going to be mistakes made. and as long as you have the death penalty, there will be innocent blood on your hands. >> jeremy sheets, we appreciate your insight. thanks for joining us today. thank you. >> thank you very much. this story is really one you need to see.
11:43 am
newly released audio capturing the moment when air traffic controllers in florida tried to stop an allegedly drunk pilot of flying his private plane. police say christopher john hall had his son on board when his plane skidded off the runway, crashing into a communications antenna, and at the shed that you see there, the airport near orlando, air traffic controllers noticed that hall had taxied into restricted areas and began to question his flight plan. >> hold your position. i didn't tell you to move. return to your hangar and call the tower. okay, where you going, sir? cessna 3-2, mike kill your engines. >> hall was charged with reckless operation of an aircraft while under the influence and child abuse without harm. it's absolutely amazing when they found different alcohols on board, as well. coming up next a canadian man had a -- has broken a world record for the farthest journey by a hoverboard. look at this guy. 905 feet and two inches. five times longer than the
11:44 am
previous record. how did he do it? he stood on top of a drone. pretty wild. and steph curry's adorable daughter, riley, at it again. this time stealing spotlight from her dad after the golden state warriors won the western conference and he was named mvp. >> everybody was enjoying the moment. >> i feel -- >> you wanted to say that? it was special because -- hold on. listen. we'll try it again. that's okay. >> you've been a confident person -- ♪ . >> sh. >> the mini mvh eventually gave up and walked off the stage. roley had enough. the bing -- riley had had enough. the bing poll question was asked whether you thought riley was disruptive, delightful you don't care or other. go to msnbc and cast your vote. let's see what people are saying. and 61% lead the way with delightful.
11:45 am
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new developments in the trial of colorado movie theater shooter james holmes. taking the stand over an hour ago was the state-appointed psychiatrist who concluded he was legally sane. meanwhile, jurors are getting another look into holmes' mental state following the trial. as nbc news correspondent jacob rascon tells us. what more can you tell us about the doctor, william reed and the testimony? >> reporter: this is the first of many days on the stand for doctor reed. we didn't expect to get his opinion so early, but he said "my opinion is that whatever he suffered from did not prevent him from forming the intentd of knowing what he was doing and the consequences of what he was doing." in the coming days we expect to see all 22 hours of the interview between the psychiatrist and holmes played for the jury. of course, holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. of course we have this journal
11:49 am
a diary of a mass shooter. also critical. perhaps the most critical piece of evidence in this trial. starts with pages and pages of questions, talking about life and death the value of good and evil. then he comes to his self-diagnosis says highs skitfrenic, has a -- schizophrenic, has adhd, and calls it a mass murder at the movies. diagram after diagram of the theater. considering other venues like an airplane. the prosecution says it's a manifesto for murder. the defense says it's a whole lot of crazy. >> that notebook an insider look into a very dark mind. jacob, thank you very much. next kerry sanders embarking on a search for great white sharks. he's doing this on purpose. yeah. we'll be right back.
11:50 am
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when you think of great white sharks you probably think of "jaws," naturally. there are two other sharks out there gaining fame. mary lee and katherine. they have thousands of followers on twitter. they are actual sharks. they are captured and tagged sharks. researchers are following their movements with a shark tracker. nbc's kerry sanders is embarking on an adventure of his own to find them. >> reporter: thomas our plan is to get inside this shark cage and then submerge. if everything works as we hope it does we may encounter katherine or one of her friends. we know from looking at the map a general idea where katherine is. in reality, we recognize this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> watch out -- you got it. >> reporter: mary lee -- >> give her line if you have to.
11:54 am
>> reporter: and katherine are great whites. >> a female! >> we've got a good water flow. >> reporter: captured. >> put the accelerometer on. >> reporter: tagged with electronic transmitters and released released. >> they've been waitbait and switched. >> reporter: every time their fins break the surface, scientists get a pin on locations. so popular mary lee's shark has a big following is on twitter. the family just hit 70,000 followers. somebody break out the bubbly. >> that's the famous mary lee that everybody's paying attention to now. >> reporter: why are we so fascinated? >> because it's a white shark. white sharks are the most charismatic. now we're following one, spying on one. she's following back. >> reporter: she's traveled an
11:55 am
astoning 20,000 miles and katherine, 13,679 miles. in all, 53 great white sharks tagged and transmitting. so far, no discernible pattern. >> we're getting a sense of the scope at least of their movement. they're far more dynamic than we thought. >> reporter: from the coast off nantucket south to miami beach and into the gulf of mexico we now know great whites are frequently yards from the beach. a few charitable trust study says an estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year by commercial fisheries. at that rate 1/3 of all the 500 shark species are threatened with extinction, including some fear the great white. >> who better to speak for sharks than shark attack survivors? >> reporter: ahmed may appear to be an odd spokesman for sharks. it was a great white that bit his leg off. >> all i remember is as we were moving for the dips on the ocean, i can remember my body dangling along has body.
11:56 am
>> reporter: he was in danger of dying but still in awe. >> i was amazed by the size of it. what an amazing creature. >> reporter: amed's advice to me stay in the cage and just have my hands under there like that so nothing's floating around in case the shark comes by and tries to take a nip. if we are able to find katherine or one of her friends, it will probably be a first to actually transmit that live out because this is a real challenge. but bottom line is the goal here is to give those maps with those dots that they've been provided with tags to give it sort of a new meaning by seeing these sharks in the wild. thomas? >> kerry, that's amazing. kerry sanders thank you. we thank all of you. that's going to wrap up things for today. see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be speaking with house minority leader nancy pelosi on presidential politics, the fight against isis and more when she joins me at 30 rock.
11:57 am
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mother nature is showing no mercy down south. >> oh, no! >> good afternoon, i'm abby huntsman. forecasters are warning of rising floodwaters again near houston. the death toll from those southern storms is also rising now at 23 people. the threat could remain for weeks. right now, more slow-moving thunderstorms and heavy rains are sweeping in from stokes oklahoma and kansas. sparking fresh fears of flash flooding and even mud slides. president obama says the government must act now to counter the effects of climate change that are causing this type of catastrophic flooding. his thoughts are with the families.


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