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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 29, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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why. >> we did learn that. i learned an awful lot. i'm going to go back and look at the whole three hours right now because it was so so much. >> i think your polling methods are unethical. >> this was an instant classic of "morning joe" and we thank you for being a part of our little slice of history. >> see you in palm beach tomorrow. >> what does that mean? >> wrap up it's time to stop talking. >> you can't tell. it's in your head. >> thank you so much beeian. that have a good weekend, everybody. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart and we begin "the rundown" with breaking news from waterlogged texas. this morning, towns across the lone star state dealing with more destructive flooding from the record-setting rainfall. dozens of drivers quickly became stranded by the fast-moving waters. look at this. this happened in dallas overnight, the driver tried to go through the floodwaters, bad
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move. the floodwaters just lift the car like it's a bathtub toy. fortunately, dallas police were there and pulled the driver to safety. this was just one of dozens of emergency water rescues across the state, dallas just one of several cities in texas as well as oklahoma inundate bid the torrential rains. this has been the wettest month on record in the region. they're not even done yet. more severe weather is in the forecast today and over the weekend. we're seeing a rise in the death toll. 25 people are confirmed dead 14 listed as missing left's begin breaking coverage in the flood-devastated town of weapons of mass destruction, texas, where nbc's gabe gutierrez is this morning. gabe? >> reporter: jose good morning. we're finally getting a break in the rain after a torrential downpour overnight and further to our north in austin crews had to rescue a houseboat that had broken free from its dock. now, flood alerts are now in effect for some 800 miles from texas to missouri.
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this morning, oklahoma is bracing for more dangerous flooding after fast-rising water waters stranded divers. >> it went from like not being anything like this then all of a sudden it was dramatic. >> reporter: soldiers stepping in to help. >> we put them before us so it's only the right thing to do. >> reporter: across texas, swollen rivers are threatening homes. parts of lubbock underwater. near houston, voluntary evacuations are under way as other residents clean up. >> everything's just gone and destroyed. >> reporter: with more rain in the forecast some in hard-hit wimberley, texas, aren't taking any chances, they're leaving. >> when the water comes it's coming, you can't stop that water. >> oh no! >> reporter: it was last weekend when it seemed the water would never stop. the blanco river bursting through this home bushing into a living room the incredible scene captured on cell phone video. how in the world do you keep
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recording? >> i don't know. i was in shock. >> reporter: sara perez and her husband ernie were on a memorial weekend vacation, their four-year-old daughter sleeping in the next room. >> the water came through like a train. that's the only way to describe it. >> that water so powerful it knocked their suv into their neighbor's house. did you ever think it would stop? >> no. i didn't. >> reporter: but the river did stop -- just in time and rescuers were able to pull the family from their second-floor window to safety. >> just terrifying. >> reporter: today the couple is thankful. >> they saved many i daughter so -- >> reporter: and a family still in shock. hopes they'll never have to face this horror again. the death toll confirmed in texas and oklahoma is now up to 25. 14 people are still missing. the search continues today and hopefully, jose it's not
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hampered by any more rain. back to you. >> and gabe you know, being there with you these last couple of days, that blanco river behind you it's really extraordinary to see just the strength of the waters on a regular day. now it's so much larger. but then gabe it grows in just a matter of seconds. >> that's exactly right, jose. you can see behind me this is a different vantage point of the blanco river than where we were the previous couple of days but you see the devastation here these trees simply uprooted. residents saying it looks like a tornado not just a flood. they have opened some of the roads here and so traffic the moving more freely but this rain overnight caused concern. earlier today this morning the river had been rising just a bit. thankfully, though we have gotten a bit of a break in the rain. hopefully it doesn't -- the rain does not last throughout the day or anything like that jose. being to you.
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>> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. we'll monitor the flooding situation in texas and bring you updates throughout today's edition of "the rundown." now to washington where a former speaker of the house is under indictment. dennis hastert, the longest-serving republican house speaker in history facing federal criminal charges accused in a scheme of paying millions of dollars in hush money and lying to the fbi. justice correspondent pete williams is here with the details. pete? >> this comes from a grand jury indictment. it reveals the charges but raises two big questions it doesn't answer -- who does the government claim the former speaker was paying and what was the past misconduct the grand jury says was worth millions to keep quiet? the kwharnls scharges were filed against dennis hastert, now 73 who was speaker of the u.s. house of representatives from 1999 to dwefb 2007. prosecutors say the charges include payments to someone in
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yorkville, illinois, where hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach, a point of pride when he became speaker. >> as a classroom teacher and coach i learned the value of brevity. >> reporter: court documents say four years ago he agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to that person from yorkville identified only as "individual a," someone who has known hastert for most of that person's life, the government says. the documents say hastert agreed to make the payments "to compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct against individual a that occurred years earlier." the documents do not say whether individual a is a man or a woman or what the misconduct was. prosecutors say hastert paid almost $2 million, withdrawing money from his accounts $50,000 at a time but cut that back to less than $10,000 at a time to illegally evade federal bank transaction rules. the indictment says when asked about the withdrawals he lied to the fbi saying he didn't feel the banking system was safe and
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"i kept the cash, that's what i'm doing." >> this indictment was shocking not only because who it involved denny hastert, but that the investigation had been a secret. >> reporter: there's been no response to the charges from the former speaker. a spokesman for the lobby firm where dennis hastert has been working says he has resigned. he'll make his first court appearance next week in chicago, jose. >> a lot of questions still to be answered, pete thank you very much. we'll keep you updated on this story as it develops. but turning to a different kind of scandal -- as if it wasn't enough drama at the fifa congress in zurich -- a bomb threat briefly disrupted proceedings ahead of a vote on president sepp bladder. the threat was cleared a little over an hour. the main event today, fifa's 209 soccer federations will vote for their next president. either sepp bladder or his opponent jordan's prince ali. bladder, who's lost much of his
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executive staff amid corruption accusations is still favored to win an unprecedented fifth term. despite the massive bribery allegations that happened on his watch, he claims he's still right guy to run fifa. >> translator: today i'm appealing to unity and to team spirit so we can move forward together. it may not be easy but it is for this reason that we are here together today and we are here together to tackle the problems that have been created. we're here to solve them. >> cnbc's wilfred frost is live in zurich. good morning wilfred. explain what's happening snowed. >> so the fifa congress kicked off last night. it's continuing as we speak. there's lots of item on the agenda. but as you touched on, the
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big-ticket item is the election of 2 next president for fifa the bottom of the list in terms of when it comes and latest guess is we're two or three hours away from the vote and the vote will probably take about an hour to process. two people standing, the incumbent, president szep balloter and the challenger prince ali of jordan. you need a two-thirds majority to win straight up. if that fails we have to have another round of votes. but the crucial thing to think about in terms of who is likely to win is this -- there are six geographical areas of fifa, a total of 209 votes will be cast. only the european grouping, with 54 votes, seems to be really behind prince ali. across the other five, loyalty towards the company szep blatter is very high. that's why he remains the favorite. >> wilfred frost in zurich thank you very much. still ahead on "the rundown." we'll talk to retired major league soccer player jimmy
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conrad. developing news just coming into us defense officials tell nbc that army officials in utah have discovered live anthrax in a batch that was sent to australia back in 2009. that batch was supposed to have been irradiated to kill live bacteria. this follows news the u.s. accidentally sent live an looks to a number of different states because it thought the samples had been killed. after that discovery, officials tested other groups of supposedly irradiated anthrax and found this latest batch. we're just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown." back in our miami studios, just moments ago new york city's newest tourist attraction opened to the public. this is live from the window of the observation deck at one world trade center. we'll take you there live. up next, "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins me on the ever-growing gop field for 2016. one issue they'll face the fight against isis.
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and now to the race for the white house and the increasingly long list of presidential hopefuls. former republican governor of new york george pataki officially threw his hat in the ring. yesterday in new hampshire that brings the number of declared republican candidates to eight. and there are nine more still considering a run, including former governor of florida jeb bush who took aim at hillary clinton yesterday in michigan. >> i know for a fact that the
6:15 am
next president, if we want to restore america's greatness and security, i know for a fact it can not be hillary clinton. tc not be hillary clinton. here's the deal she's been riding shotgun for four years. she'll try to do the heisman on the president's policies. i can already see it. she can say "well, i wasn't there when all this happened." it started in the first term when we pulled back and disengaged in the world. joining me now to talk through the growing gop field is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> given the foreign policy associated with the bush family name, does that line of attack against hillary clinton work? >> i don't know. i mean i think it's harder because you've got a public that may be not happy with president barack obama's foreign policy which secretary clinton i don't think will be able to distance herself very much from but at the same time they didn't like the george w. bush foreign policy. so i think it will believe -- it's certainly going to be a harder contrast for jeb to make
6:16 am
than other candidates to make on foreign policy, i really do, which is how does he present a new vision that doesn't get bogged down in his brother's vision? >> and then there's the growing gop field, chuck. let's take another look at the field of candidates. eight declared already, potentially another nine on the way. take a look at that. we are going to need knew graphics packages to include more people on this. >> it's harder to put on one screen at this point. >> you can get like a jumbotron and you'll still have to get more space. the latest poll shows five of those names all tied at the top of the pack. how do republicans deal with this and is -- and here are the top five. but i mean even for, like debates, chuck, how do you deal with so many people? how do people get through? >> well i think it is -- i think the idea of figuring out how to create smaller multiple debates i think is going to have to be what some organizers think about. you know it's when you look at
6:17 am
it right now i'm glad that that nbc has a debate in february on the republican side. i'm kind of glad we can wait until then and use actual results from the early states to decide who gets in debates. but in the early debates at this point in time rick santorum was asterisk in the polls so the idea of using national polls to eliminate candidates is a slippery slope. i understand you have to find some metric, i just think that that's a really poor metric to use because you just put up that poll, everybody's at 10%, throw in the margin of error and basically we're saying the entire field is tide when you throw in margin for error. so i think here's what we do know -- jeb bush and scott walker who many thought six months ago were going to be the co-front-runners, their stumbles have made others feel as if "why not me"? so it's encouraging more to get in. you have to celebrity aspect to running for president. it is sort of america's longest-running reality show the way presidential campaigns
6:18 am
work on both sides of the aisle. so some people want to run for attention because maybe they think that can make a buck if they do well in a debate or spark and get more speaking fees. so we have a very low barrier entry to run for president. there's a higher barier to entry to run for the u.s. senate in some states and governor than to run for president. >> i have to stay i worry it demeans the process. there are some really good eight, nine ten very serious candidates that you'd like to see be a i believe to have a chance to flesh out better ideas and run but then you have a whole bunch of people that have no business being in the race that are doing it for other motivation and i think it's not atory that sort of second tier of serious candidates because they may not be able to get is the objection general to get into first tier. >> on the other hand, if we remove a little of the cynicism we have 24/7 there a lot of people who think that they can make a difference and that their ideas are ideas that are different than everybody else's
6:19 am
and that they can make a difference because they think they can represent the people. there's also the natural process of democracy that helps sift through candidates and i think, you know, the problem is how do you get through when there's so many other people running? >> that's the thing. how do you get everybody a shot at this? there's nothing wrong with nine ten. like i said there are nine or ten very serious either personalities or people that have serious constituencies they represent who belong in this field. good ideological diversity inside the republican party. what you worry about is the vanity candidates people running for their own egos ruining the debate where -- for that pack of ten that are really good and serious. >> chuck quickly, what are we going to see on "meet the press"? >> 18 candidates are running right now. i have a sixth of them going to be on the show -- rick santorum kasich on the republican side bernie sanders on the democratic side, the big nsa debate starts on sunday as well so packed
6:20 am
show my friend. >> chuck todd thank you. see you sunday. remember check "meet the press," check your local lis gs.wcal listing. you can meet enfoce on telemundo. after the break, a dramatic day in court at the movie theater shooting trial in colorado. plus, a volcano erupts in japan prompting the evacuation of an entire island. take a look at these pictures. first, we'll take you live 102 stories up, to the world trade center observation deck. it opens to the public today.
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6:24 am
significant milestone for the city of new york and the nation as a whole nearly 14 years after the 9/11 attacks. nbc's ron allen is live atop one world trade center on the 102nd floor. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. this is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. it's opening today and there are tickets available. they say it's about the view and experience so i'll get out of the way and you can look out the window. it's spectacular to see manhattan, that's the empire state building rockefeller center is up there as well, the hudson river and up into connecticut, you can see 50 miles which takes you up to stamford connecticut, or maybe further north looking south to princeton, new jersey. it's three floors all inside not an outside deck and the experience the begins the moment you get on the elevator coming up here. lots of video displays, the history of new york you come up 100 floors in 48 seconds. i'm not sure what the speed of that is but it's very very fast
6:25 am
and engaging and that's the idea, to bring people here to show them not just the view but a lot about new york city a lot about the experience of the city, the highlights of this place. it cost 32 bucks per adult, 26 for kids. so, you know you can buy tickets online and it's available. it's not that backed up. there's like 300,000 sold but you can get a ticket for tomorrow or the next day. it's not that bad yet until the tourist season starts. >> ron allen, thank you, great view, thanks so much. after a quick break, this weekend sections of the patriot act will expire and it looks like congress has run out of time to stop it. plus, our own kerry sanders goes swimming with the sharks. look at him, that's him inside a cage. he's saying hello to el tiberon, problem is there are los tiberones, lots of sharks. that's a great white.
6:26 am
my suggestion is don't take any pictures with flash, don't use pa big camera like because other than that you should be kerry sanders, relatively safe. >> and i guess you'll check in with me tomorrow to make sure this works out because we'll go out here in a bit. >> yup. that's great. we'll either check in with you -- or we won't. congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease
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learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. on capitol hill it is a race against the clock to renew a controversial component of the patriot act. the senate will return on sunday just hours before the midnight deadline to vote on whether to keep a provision that allows the nsa's bulk collection of phone data. we're joined by nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. luke, good morning. what's happening? why is this going down to the wire? >> well, as we often see here in washington jose, there's disagreements between the house and the senate but in this one, it's striking because a
6:30 am
bipartisan bill called the usa freedom act which essentially is a edward snowden-inspired reform to the way the nsa collects phone data passed earlier this month 338 -- sorry, 338-88. one thought that after that passed so overwhelmingly with the support of the house gop leadership that it could move to the senate and face smooth sailing. however, mitch mcconnell, the senate leader has been opposed to this. he wants to reinstitute the status quo nsa part of the patriot act in terms of bulk data collection. this reform bill would all the bulk data under the umbrellas of the phone companies, not the government. anyway, when this reform went forward, it got 58 votes, not you have no to break the 60-vote threshold. they have to find two more votes and they'll try to do that tomorrow night. in terms of what happens, if, in fact, this does expire june 1, they'll put the mechanisms in
6:31 am
place, unplugging servers, going through different data and shutting them down starting at 4:00. if they can't pass it by 8:00 p.m., it might take three or four days before the program can get fully functional again after it shuts down. this is ununcharted territory. it remains to be seen what can happen in the senate but more likely than not you'll see a compromise because nobody wants to be blamed for a faulty lack of intelligence because of political steal matealemate. today at 2:00 p.m. minority leader nancy pelosi will discuss the patriot act and more live with thomas roberts right here on msnbc, don't miss it. to developing news out of iraq, the death toll from a pair of car bombings in baghdad risen to 15 with more than 40 people wounded. the explosions went pauf almost simultaneously in the parking lot it was two hotels blowing out windows and destroying cars. no one has yet claimed responsibility but iraqi government officials are blaming isis. the terrorist group engaged in battles in iraq's western anbar
6:32 am
province and holds territory less than an flour the capital. i bring in mikey kay, former adviceor to the u.s. to the ministry of defense. mikey, is this part of an isis strategy is is it part and parcel of everyday existence in iraq? >> this absolutely is jose. this is what contemporary warfare is all about. this is problem that america and the uk and the west have been nation ever since 2001 is that how do you find an insurgency? how do you fight an enemy that doesn't play by the rules? america and the uk and european countries, they have to abide by the genevas, their own statutes the international criminal court. when you look at isis and al qaeda and the taliban, they don't. they use what ice called a symmetric war father. what has allowed isis to gain such traction in anbar province and ramadi is the fact that they hit ramadi whardhard was v ieds.
6:33 am
vehicle ieds. that's why you saw the government of the iraq army capitulate. they weren't able to defend. one of the problems america has had, if you think there are 180,000 coalition troops during the surge in 2007 they were only able to attain the insurgency because we have to abide by some form of rules of engagement and these guys don't and that's the big problem we're facing now. we're finding it difficult to get our heads around. >> i want to ask you a bit about the u.s. support in the fight against isis because on average i understand we're launching about 15 air strikes a day compared to run wills a day during the iraq war. is this enough? why is 15 being used on a daily basis? >> jose, we shouldn't be looking at this. those are the metrix we shouldn't be yugsz. we should be looking in terms of capability. the thing about air strikes is collateral and unintended consequences of what happens when you start hitting collateral i.e. civilians and
6:34 am
homes. so what the concept is the dynamic targeting that uses time-sensitive intelligence through predators and drones along with precision-guided munitions that hits targets when they see them hoping. therefore measuring it by number isn't the right thing to do we should be measuring bit effect and by the nature of what isis are doing, we need to make sure we're hitting the right targets when they pop up. that's what we need to measure by. >> i think it's aren't point. michael, good to see you. now to colorado where jurors in the movie theater shooting trial are hearing chilly audio from defendant james holmes. on thursday prosecutors played a video of an interview recorded about a year ago, in it holmes tells a court appointed psychiatrist he regrets the deadly attack and sometimes he cries about it. >> what bring tears to your eyes
6:35 am
sometimes. >> regret. >> can you tell me more? >> um usually it's before i go to sleep. >> regrets about? >> about the shooting. >> reporter: holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the july 2012 shooting that left 12 people dead and 70 injured. the trial resumes in about an hour and we will have more on this trial in our next hour. i want to go now to jupiter, florida, just about 90 miles north of here where kerry sanders has talken the plunge literally. necessary a cage deep underwater on the hunt for some great white sharks. kerry? >> reporter: jose we are in search of the great white. we know that two great white sharks have been spotted in this area in the last two and a half weeks so let's go down and see what we see.
6:36 am
we are surrounded by bull shashlgsharks who are attracted to this area by chum -- that's chopped up fish that they come to feed on. right now i'm in side this case which is at the surface. our camera woman becky schott is just outside the cage. the difference between what she's doing and what i'm doing? she's been diving with sharks for more than 10 years and never had a problem, including with great whites. i've never done diving with any sharks until i've gotten to this location here. so this is a whole new experience for me. the sharks that are in this area could also be in the area here with white sharks. it's not as if the white shark would necessarily scare them away, but so far our attempt to find any white shark and
6:37 am
specifically catherine, the shark that had a tag on it and although it's been a while since she surfaced and transmitted information, she transmitted that information just len in this area. so we head up to find her. she may show up in a little while, who knows? >> so we're back up here on the surface, becky schott, the very brave and competent underwater photographer now apparently i've joined the shark club. catherine, where was catherine? she stood us up jose. >> kerry sanders, thank you so much. where is catherine, the beautiful great white somewhere outside here. kerry, i don't want to brag but i kind of do. i know you were in a cage you were a little concerned for your personal safe as you should have been. let me show you what i do. this is a picture of me -- this is not by the way, like in a cage. this is actually about 45 feet deep in the open waters off the bahamas. that's me just pat ago little
6:38 am
shark. a seven of eight-foot shark. petting. after the break, we'll tell you which state has become the last to end a ban on driving privileges for dreamers. first, check out this incredible video of a volcano erupting in japan forcing the evacuation of an entire island. japanese officials are sending a coast guard vessel to get residents out. japan's airways says they're diverting some flights as precaution. another bit of cool video from boston. this may look like a pile of trash, but it's a gross amount of snow from boston's extraordinary snowfall. the snow pile still 75 feet high. it's slowly melting but it could take weeks. by the way, the trash is actually frozen inside the ice.
6:39 am
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now to breaking news from texas. several inches of rain dumped on dallas overnight. roads and homes are flooded. police conducted dozens of water rescues in the overnight hours. the weather channel's dave malkoff is on the scene in dallas. good morning, dave, what's the latest? what have you been seeing? >> good morning, jose this is the most swift-water rescues seen in the dallas area in this decade. in the last five years they have not done as many as they did last night. all this was covered in water. you can see dallas police trying to pull these vehicles out of here including dan winne's vehicle, the lexus, tell me what happened to you as you were getting off work. >> i got off from work at 2:30 a.m. and then when i got to over here the water just washed me away sucked me in all the way
6:43 am
to over here. >> in your opinion theyou were in the car? >> i was in the car. i got on top of my car and stood up and waiting for rescue. >> reporter: it didn't come though? >> i took off my shoes and swam across. >> reporter: through the water as it was pouring down? >> really hard really strong yes. >> reporter: if you look jose he has no shoes on and he's walk walking around here. at least your cell phone works, you could call for help but there were people all around here? >> all over, yes. >> reporter: and if you look at this vehicle back here you can see that's sam eun's brand new bmw. it was pulled up and rolled by the force of that water. >> the water real strong. >> he had to get out of there. there were a lot of people down here. we're next love field, you're an airline mechanic you work on fancy jets. >> yes. >> reporter: so you got off work
6:44 am
and into trouble but look all the water is gone. jose, as we're going back let me show you how high dan is. he's right up to the waterline. this is how much water there was here and it's not just here, all over the dallas-fort worth area. >> dave, just how quickly the water comes in and then dissipates. >> it is completely gone now. i mean we heard it swishing down through those storm drains so it's gone from here. but there's more water to come throughout the weekend. there will be more rain so you can see how fast this can happen. >> really strong really fast. >> very strong and very fast indeed. the weather channel's dave malkoff, thank you. we'll continue to monitor the flooding situation in texas and bring you updates. developing in nebraska for the second time in two days the state legislature voted to override the governor's veto. this time the issue was immigration related. state lawmakers voted to end nebraska's ban on driver's licenses for young undocumented
6:45 am
immigrants. republican governor pete rickets vetoed the bill but it was overridden by the state's legislature ending the country's last ban on driving privileges for dreamers. meanwhile, developing news around president obama's latest executive immigration actions, suffering another setback this week at the fifth circuit in new orleans. the court upheld a temporary freeze on the lawsuit against the president's actions brought by governors in over half the nation, a decision the white house has decided not to appeal to the supreme court. joining me now is president obama's former director of hispanic media luis miranda and former spokesperson for president george w. bush, marcella. cecelia munoz told me yesterday the presidents is not backing down but how can there be certainty among so many people in the latino community with these actions held up in the courts, apparently indefinitely. >> it's important to understand that the ruling that happened this week had to do specifically with the injunction it's not on
6:46 am
the merits of the case. so it's a smart legal strategy to leave the injunction alone and focus on the merits of the case because there's a hearing coming up the first week of july. so on the case itself, they have a strong case. it may be the same panel ends up hearing the merits of the case,ened i think hukd expect it h pleebl reach the court given the ruling but the reality is that the white house is on ground ground here in terms of the legal rights and authorities that the president does have. this is limited action i think. what gets lost here is that the president didn't legalize he didn't change anyone's stratus, he just applied prosecutorial discretion in a way that prioritizes law enforcement and that has strong precedent. congress needs to act to be able to give people legal status. >> correct, luis. but if you give work authorization, the possibility of not being deported, the possibility of getting driver's licenses to four five five and a half million people, isn't
6:47 am
that in effect legalizing people right now are on the brink of being deported if they're detained for anything? >> it's basically a stay and they'll have to renew it the same way the deferred action for dreamers applies. so it's not a permanent change of status. i think that's where this gets conflated is where they try to make the argument well the president did something he previously says he couldn't do. no, he didn't do that. you still need congress to be able to change the status of those folks. this gives them a temporary same where they can work, they can stay here without the threat of deportation but they're going to have to adjust status after congress acts. that's why in the end the legal case is strong and the white house will win. but this was on the injust. it's smart to wait for the myrths of the case to be argued in july. >> of course that may takeling in maybe months before the election of 2016. but on the republican side of things, no matter what the
6:48 am
courts ultimately decide on the president's actions, it doesn't seem like there's a very clear party policy on immigration reform. specific clichl what to do with the undocumented community that has lived here many of them for decades. >> sure, i think when you look at it from the congressional stand point, speaker boehner made it very clear that he wants to work with president obama to fix 2 immigration system. however, once the president took the yuanunilateral executive action in december, that caused mistrust with congress, the fact that they weren't going to work together to get something done. so the question has become making sure in congress, for example, where they have decided to take a piecemeal approach in the house, tackling theish shusz of border security, tackling the issues of the visas and the critical question of what you're going to be doing with undocumented immigrants. that's something that they themselves have to come to
6:49 am
agreement whether silt that earned status -- earned status to legalization or citizenship. and i think that's where the part cream with is trying to sort itself out. and the gop candidates actually, are a bit divided on that issue. >> sure but are you telling me that you think had the president not acted as an executive action that by today, that by the end of may, 2015, there would have been something immigration reform done by the house of representatives? is what what you're saying. >> >> i wish i could say that by today something would be done on immigration refrm o. i think because of the president such take such aggressive action, this could be put off for a long time which runs into the issue of 2016 and the presidential election. >> it's laughable the house would have acted but i'll tell you there -- >> quickly. >> the activists need to realize that their strategy over the last several years of focusing strictly on obama was wrong, they needed to do more to get congress in a good place. >> that's right. and the president had to bring together the congressional
6:50 am
leaders, bring them around the table and say let's get this done. but the president threatened to vie toy any sort of -- >> very quickly, it doesn't matter if you're a republican or matters and it makes you do things. >> yes. >> thank you both for being with me. >> thank you, jose. after a quick break, the final batch of files linked to the assassination of president john f. kennedy are one step closer to being released. will they put conspiracy theorys to rest? we'll be talking to a very important historian about that, next. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
today would have been john f. kennedy's 98th birthday if not for that fateful day in dallas. conspiracy theorists surround be jfk's assassination have been around almost since day one. now, the final records linked to the death are finally in the process of being released. a special team has been set up
6:54 am
at the national archives to go through 40,000 documents. the law says they must be released by the fall of 201. it's not a done deal. intelligence agencies can keep them hitting if the sitting president agrees. so the decision will be in the hands of whoever wins the white house next. michael beschloss is nbc's presidential historian. good to see you. >> same here jose. >> what do you hope is in these documents, michael? >> i think what we'd all hope is that there's an answer that will satisfy everyone about who killed john kennedy in 1963 tragedy, no matter what is in these documents, i don't think we'll find that. >> so what could be in these documents and why have they been withheld from the public for so long? >> well you know as you said the law in 1992 that said you had to release millions of documents even vaguely related to the assassination said that they could be kept secret for a couple of reasons.
6:55 am
one is revealing things like sources of methods -- and methods of our intelligence agencies. my guess is that probably what is keeping most of these back is that they will show something that the u.s. government in these recent years, considers still sensitive about the cia or the fbi or maybe relations with friendly nations. >> do you think all the documents will ultimately be released? >> probably not. there are still probably reasons to keep a few of them back and you can only guess what those might be. i think anyone who is just imagining that in october of 2017 at midnight a vault is going to open and there will be the final answer to the kennedy assassination, i just don't think that's going to happen. the tragic thing among many other tragedies is that since 1963 this has been so a great degree of traumatized country. we've never had closure. one of the reasons for is that that people still do not have the answer to the question. >> and so many of these
6:56 am
conspiracy theories aren't necessarily based not even on a shred of evidence. others base themselves on some dispatches, some cables some information here and information there. >> right. >> is there anything, you think, that could ever be presented that could clear up one way or another what exactly did happen? >> no. because 51 years have been 51 years of conspiracy theories and people are very dug in. this was a country before 1963 that did not really believe in conspiracies. one of the results of november 22nd is that since then we do a lot about all sorts of things, sadly. >> michael beschloss, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. coming up on "the rundown," we take you back to texas where the latest round flooding is hitting the state this morning. it's happening in dallas and it's not over yet. we'll get the latest forecast for another possibly rainy weekend ahead.
6:57 am
we'll see storms today from the great lakes all the way through the southern plains. the heat sticks through the midsection and off to the east. it will get cooler as we head through the weekend. storms remain saturday down through the southern plains. we'll see that come to an end by sunday. the rain will move off to the east coast and cooler temperatures through the midsection. have a great weekend. spectracide gives you year long control... of just roaches. their label says so. got more than roaches moving in? get home defense. the label tells the story. ortho bug b gon gives you season-long control of all these types of bugs. spectracide gives you season-long control... of just ants. their label says so. bugged by more than ants? get ortho bug b gon. the label tells the story. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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7:00 am
and good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. beginning another hour of "the rundown" with breaking news from texas. towns all across the lone star state and oklahoma are under water this morning as the area continues to get soaked by the record-setting torrential rains flood alert are in effect for an 800-mile stretch of the region with more severe weather in the forecast today and over the weekend. this has been the wettest month on record in the region. dozens of drivers quickly became strand by the fast-moving waters and dallas police have been conducting dozens of emergency water rescues. this driver was caught after being -- was rescued after being caught overnight in these floodwaters, they come in and come right out. we're seeing a rise in the death toll, 25 confirmed dead 14 are listed as missing. let's begin our breaking coverage in the flood-devastated town of wimberley, texas. that's where nbc's sarah dallof
7:01 am
is this morning. >> another harrowing night for people in the path of this extreme weather. that is an area that stretches from here in texas up into central missouri. now, here in wimberley, overnight rains caused river levels to rise once again. it is making search and cleanup efforts very difficult. in some areas debris is stacked as high as 20 feet. we're talking about branches personal items. we've even seen furniture wedged together tightly by these strong floodwaters. let's go to dallas where some 200 people had to be rescued overnight. most of those people believed to have been in their cars when the floodwaters overtook them. no reports, thankfully of injuries or death. so far out of that area. on lake travis just outside of austin texas, 16 people had to be rescued when a houseboat and a dock separated from the marina. crews working around the clock to try to keep up with extreme weather. according to the national weather service in ft. worth, there's been another rain in
7:02 am
texas this month alone to cover the state 8 inches deep. that gives you an idea jose of the sheer amount of water they're dealing with. back to you. >> thank you very much. even more rain is in the forecast. let me bring in msnbc meteorologist dominica davis. good morning. >> good morning. >> what sara just said there's another rain to cover the entire state of texas with 8 inches of water. that's extraordinary. >> too much of a good thing. we were talking drought just last month. they are no longer looking at that. the flooding will continue and the problem is jose we are looking at more rounds of storms not only today but through saturday as well. and then finally on sunday it looks like we will get relief and see a little bit of drying. nexrad radar is showing showers and thunderstorms from kansas down through oklahoma city and houston. we did have a pretty good batch of showers and thunderstorms that were moving through the austin area and dallas. that has pushed off to houston. this will be another round that fires up later today and then again through the weekend.
7:03 am
this is all still associated with the cold front that's moving through. colder air is coming in from the north. that's clashing with the warm moist air coming in from the south. that is going to fuel some thunderstorms that could contain flooding rains. because with any of these slow-moving thunderstorms we could get an additional 2 to 4 inches. so flooding, flash flooding is going to continue to be the biggest threat over the next 48 hours. here's what we could see right now. as far as the models what they're reporting for the next three days is an inch to three inches. with some of the slower moving storms, we could get two to four in some areas. back to you. >> dominica davis, thank you. we'll continue monitoring the developing weather situation in texas and throughout the region. bringing you updates on "the rundown." we're following two developing stories in washington. first, the capitol hill countdown. the senate will have a rare sunday session this weekend to vote on whether to renew a controversial component of the
7:04 am
pay patriot act. and the surprise indictment by dennis hastert, facing federal criminal charges, accused in a scheme of paying millions of dollars in apparent hush money and lying to the fbi. let's bring in our two guests. set the stage for us frank, where does everything stand on the patriot act. >> they'll come back on sunday as you said and try to find a compromise that will stop this program from ending. but in reality, it's probably going to sunset at least briefly. the senate, unless it passes a bill the usa freedom act that passed out of the house two weeks ago, logistically they can't pass anything that will allow this program to extend past midnight on sunday night. so they'll come back. they'll try to work through a couple of different options. at the moment they're going to try to find a compromise that would adjust that usa freedom act that would get some of the
7:05 am
republicans who feel like there aren't assurances included in the bill that would allow for this -- allow the telecom companies will be holding on to the data long enough for them to feel comfortable with this alternative. the usa freedom act would take the the full collection of data being done by the nsa and instead have the telecom companies take care of it instead. last sunday the senate was unable to pass any kind of extension whatsoever. they kicked the can down the road. they said we'll take a week off, come back on sunday and try this again. the big question is what's going to be different on sunday that was different -- that was different than on friday? so it's likely they're going to come back on sunday even if they are able to pass anything, the house isn't in until monday. and as a result this program is likely to sunset. >> so ari, what happens if nsa's phone collection program sunsets for a while or ends.
7:06 am
>> if it sunsets three powers go away. they can't hold on to the bulk data themselves the government can't as frank was referencing. and there's a lone wolf provision in this bill that basically has always allowed the government to surveil someone who ask a lone wolf connection. and helping the government track people if they ditch a phone, sometimes called a burner phone and move to another line this allows them to keep tracking the line. those are three powers that end which means they can't do that stuff legally. >> what would the government do with all that bulk data they have stored in the nsa? what happens to that information. >> that's a great question jose. it is not clear legally that just because the power sunsets going forward that they have to do anything going backward. the president himself says he supports a version of the freedom act and is okay moving this stuff over to the phone companies as long as certain basic precautions are made so they feel they have access to it and there's details there around
7:07 am
how long the stuff gets held. that's all short term. i think long term people do expect that the congress will do something. this is significant because it's the first time since 9/11 that we've gone this close to the deadline and had this sense in washington as frank was reporting, that they're not going to get anything done. i will make another point, though, everyone has heard about the filibuster, mitch mcconnell is subjecting the reform bill to a filibuster needing 60 votes. it has over 50 votes, the freedom act, if he wanted to allow that this weekend. >> ari, quickly, let's talk about the indictment involving former speaker dennis hastert. what jumps out at you? >> what jumps out there was a scheme apparently involved including tens of thousands of dollars to an individual that is only defined as having some sort of information about an alleged impropriety. we don't have the whole story yet. we don't have hastert's side of
7:08 am
the case. it's stunning to think there was this much money sloshing around for this long even after he left office. >> thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. millions of soccer fans worldwide are keeping a close eye on zurich where the big vote is scheduled two days after corruption allegations shook the foundation of the sport. more than 200 soccer federations have gathered to decide if the president should keep his job. joining me now, jimmy conrad. >> let's talk about blatter. he's been re-elected without a real major issue. he's now in the process of saying i know there's a whole lot of alleged corruption but i'm the guy to solve it. >> that sounds about right for him. he seems to playing that card of clueless old man that he didn't really know what was going on and it's surprising to me that
7:09 am
voters want to put somebody in charge that seems that inept. of course, the other side of him being a leader that he could be the most corrupt person of all time so it's interesting to me how it even gets to this point. but even though he's still in office or whatever ends up happening, something serious will happen with blatter. the u.s. will come after him. he's going to get indicted at some point. there's no way it doesn't get to him in the future. >> jimmy, so far, though nothing has been talked about as far as blatter himself, no allegations, nothing as of this point. but today we've heard that the british serious fraud office may get involved in the fifa investigations. is this like an onion you're thinking? >> no question. they'll try to get the people underneath him to flip like they did with blazer the head of concicaf. they're trying to get the next level of people to get hard
7:10 am
evidence to go up against blatter. >> i'll flip the whole chart. let's talk about the sub-20 happening this saturday in new zealand. what are your thoughts? do you have any players or anybody you're looking out for? these young kids are the ones that are the near future huge stars. >> i think we have a tendency here in this country in every sport to anoint the next greatest superstar. i'll try to refrain from doing it this time. i'm excited about the u.s.'s chances. anytime we have a chance to pit ourselves against the best countries in the world at any level is a good test for us to show we're getting better at the sport. >> yes, we always have to cut difference between, you know what may be going on in fifa and the sport of soccer which is just the most extraordinary sport. it's really worth watching. jimmy, good to see you. big fan of yours. >> thanks jose. >> take care. up next, staunch hillary clinton supporter to 2016 political rival. martin o'malley is expected to
7:11 am
announce his candidacy tomorrow in baltimore. first at 10:30 eastern, in charm city, a joint press conference related to the violent protests that rocked baltimore last month. we'll hear from the mayor, along with several members of congress speaking live on "the rundown." ♪ want to survive a crazy busy day? start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. one of nature's most effective skin tone correctors. to help reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. it's positively brilliant. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®.
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it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'.
7:14 am
hillary clinton will soon be facing even more competition in the race for the white house because 230r78former democratic governor martin o'malley is expected to announce his candidacy. a recent quinnipiac poll revealed 80% don't know enough about him. >> reporter: he can bring the house down on the guitar. ♪ we love the shamrock shore ♪
7:15 am
>> reporter: but does he have any hope of taking down hillary clinton? >> that inevitable front-runner is inevitable up until he or she is no longer inevitable. >> reporter: he inspired a character on hbo's "the wire." >> it would appear media attention is also focusing on the negative when talking about baltimore. >> reporter: the former president once wrote to him, quote, i won't be surprised if you go all the way." in turn o'malley supported hillary clinton over barack obama in 2008. >> we are going to need a strong leader of intelligence and, ladies and gentlemen standing with me today is that leader hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: he's planning an announcement saturday in baltimore's federal hill. polls show him way behind clinton and trailing even
7:16 am
senator bernie sanders who's already in the race. so far, o'malley hasn't the aggressively criticized clinton but he's taken veiled jabs like this one. >> history celebrates profiles and courage, not profiles in convenience. let's sign some bills. >> reporter: liberals praise him for expanding gun control and ending the state's death penalty. as mayor, he also implemented zero tolerance policing a policy that came under scrutiny when riots erupted last month after freddie gray died from injuries he sustained in police custody. o'malley cut short a trip overseas, saying he needed to be home. but the welcome he received could be a sign of more trouble to come. >> i am more inclined and deeply motivated to address what's wrong with our country and what needs to be healed and what needs to be fixed. >> that was casey hunt reporting. and a day before governor o'malley is officially expected to enter the race major democratic opponent hillary clinton spending some time fund-raising right here in the
7:17 am
sunshine state. of course, whoever wins the democratic nomination could be running against a big florida name, either senator marco rubio who's already in the race former governor jeb bush expected to run. joining me now, two reporters who know these campaigns well. msnbc political reporter and politico's florida reporter mark caputo on set with me here in miami. you've covered these races closely. what name fares better with floridians, clinton or bush. >> they say this will be her race to lose hillary clinton, at least in florida. these are early polls. i wouldn't put much stock in it until an actual campaign. >> but florida has two folks who have been representing it sometime or other, senator rubio, current senator and
7:18 am
former governor bush. do they each have a different strength in the state of florida? >> you know the quinnipiac poll that was released last week it was -- better said yesterday, it was a national poll but very often you find national polls mirror the polls in florida. it shows that marco rubio fares better against hillary clinton than jeb bush. it doesn't say why. >> nationwide. >> nationwide. i think the nationwide polls generally mirror florida. florida is a mini nation after all. i think mark row rubio does have a little bit more of an appeal especially among conservatives. makes their hearts go pitter patter. jeb bush is a cerebral candidate, rubio is more of a biography candidate. >> why not hold public events in what will undoubtedly be a crucial state in the general election election. >> it's a great question, one that me and my colleagues put to
7:19 am
campaign officials yesterday in brooklyn when we met with them at a meeting. they say this is what she wants to do. hillary clinton wants to have small, inmat gatherings with voters and with supporters down there in florida because it's not time yet. she's going to have a june 13th rally, a big kickoff, then she'll start doing more public campaigning. right now they say they're getting ready for the smaller things. they pointed out the fund-raising emphasis is a direct response to what jeb bush is doing, your other florida guy there, he's raising so much money, they're nervous. they want to put as much money in the bank before she starts kicking off the bigger things and has less time to do fund-raising. >> two things i think is interesting, jeb bush is raising money hand over fist but at least every opportunity he's seen takes a question or two from the press. hillary clinton, it's difficult to find her on the campaign trail, certainly while she's in florida. they have decided not to do a public event so far. the tampa bay times asked her, what's your position on offshore oil drilling, which is becoming
7:20 am
a national campaign issue, a florida campaign issue. campaign wouldn't respond. now there's a question being raised does she support medical marijuana which could be on the florida ballot. the campaign is not clear on what her position is. republicans are making hay over there. >> how is the clinton campaign going to approach the third potential candidate? >> well so far they're going to ignore him. that's what they think he deserves at this moment. you know this is aguy who is at 1% in the polls. he's arguably the most credible alternative to hillary clinton, he's young, two-term successful governor, former chairman of the democratic governor's association. but has so far had difficulty getting traction. and what's going to be really interesting is to have the two main opponents to hillary clinton bernie sanders got in tuesday. i was there in vermont. huge crowd. we'll see what martin o'malley does tomorrow. i think he has to first overcome
7:21 am
bernie sanders. can he attract a big enough crowd? can he raise enough money? before he can think about taking on hillary clinton directly. coming up we're expecting to learn more about efforts to help the city of baltimore bounce back from the unrest and violent protests last month after the death of freddie gray. here's stephanie rawlings-blake speaking at 10:30 eastern time. we'll be carrying parts of the event live. first, lighthearted drama at the national spelling bee. get this final two kids were so good it ended in a tie. i can't even say the final words. >> scherenschnitte. s-c-h-e-r-e
7:22 am
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7:25 am
and developing now, a new report shows the economy actually shrank. cnbc's dominic chu is here with the "rundown." >> we knew it, the economy was set to slow down a bit. we got more evidence. america's gross domestic product, gdp, shows we did shrink in this first quarter of the year. the effects of bad weather and foreign currency moves compared to the u.s. dollar helped contribute to the economic weakness. now, sticking with the economy and how it affects companies, banking giant jp morgan is looking to cut around 5,000 jobs. that's going to come over the course of the next year. that's according to a report from the "wall street journal." those job cuts are expected to come from across the bank's wide
7:26 am
range of operations. the consumer banking unit may feel the most impact as it closes branchs to streamline some of its operations. and jose how about this how likely are you to buy branded groceries. the internet giant will push further into the business of selling food and other household products under its own private label brand. it could include amazon branded milk, baby foods, household cleaners, you name it. that's according to a report again, from "the wall street journal." amazon joins a host of other retailers who are pushing into this more generic product category. i have to say, jose it's interesting. those who know me i go to costco all the time and buy the kirkland stuff on a daily basis. it's a pretty interesting move if it does happen for >> dominic chu thanks. several pilots reported seeing a green laser pointed at their planes while in the air over long island new york. according to the faa the planes were flying at an altitude of 8,000 feet between 9:30 and
7:27 am
10:00 p.m. last night when the lasers were pointed at them. police searching nearby bethgate state park last night searching for signs of lasers being used. no arrests have been made. no injuries so far reported. two delta flights and two american flights were affected. at least three of the flights had taken off from jfk airport. up next we take you live to baltimore for an update from the city's mayor and several members of congress. they'll be addressing new efforts to boost the city's economy after last month's violent protests. we'll be right back on "the rundown." ds... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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7:31 am
the substance came from and if it has any connection at all to last week's oil spill in santa barbara. joining me now, conservation biologist reese halter. good to see you. >> good morning. >> what's the likelihood that these goo tar balls are connected to santa barbara. >> not likely. it takes at least 30 days jose for the oil to turn into tar. this much we do know about this tar. first of all, 30 cubic yards or 11 pickup trucks and counting of toxicity. this toxicity carries potentially the vibrio bacteria that gives, if you're cut and get it on you, you can suffer from ceptasemia. this toxicity carries with it the flesh eating disease. so this is another example of what's going on in our oceans.
7:32 am
i have to say this what we do to our oceans we do to ourselves. and two weeks ago, 22 of my colleagues released a study that irrefutably showed that unprecedented numbers of dolphins died from the deep water horizon debacle. their lungs were filled with lesions, basically they suffocated. >> and this reese, is something we have to talk about more. it's not just the ones that will die immediately as a consequence of this goo, this weird flesh-eating bacteria that's going to just eat us all alive. let's not talk about the immediacy, there's long-term effects to our wildlife that don't deserve any of this. they have no responsibility in any of this. >> yes. my colleagues tell me the word comes to mind ecocide. also, on tuesday, the international monetary fund jose, released numbers that are jaw dropping.
7:33 am
around the globe, fossil fuels are being subsidized $5.6 trillion and part of these subsidies are relaxing the environmental laws that were designed to protect you, me and our children. >> and the animals. and the sea life. and the birds and everything else. >> yes. toxic. >> dr. reese halter thanks man. this is so concerning. i want to know where this goo came from and we have to find this out. right now it doesn't look like it happened related to santa barbara. it came from somewhere else. thank you, reese. now to texas where they're bracing for even more torrential rain and dangerous flood overnight, police in dallas kept busy rescuing dozens of drivers like this person stranded by the flood. weather channel dave malkoff has the latest from dallas. good morning. good morning, jose. what a wild night it was here in the city of dallas. the water has gone down significantly. it was over my head in this
7:34 am
overpass. we couldn't even see that there are six individual vehicles. in fact, take a look at this. this is the water line. it came up here and it was deeper as it went underneath the overpass. there were people inside these vehicles swiftwater rescue teams from dallas fire department had to come out and pull people out of this area and several areas around dallas-ft. worth. very, very crazy night for them. the most swit water rescues they've done in the last five years. but not everybody was lucky enough to have a first responder come to their vehicle. this is sam's brand new bmw, going to the junkyard now. he was inside here. he couldn't get out because the water was so much pressure outside his vehicle, he actually ended up -- this is broken and this is broken and this is broken. he ended up coming out through one of the windows. it was very difficult for him to get out. his shoes are still in there.
7:35 am
his cell phone is somewhere else. so he's in the middle of dallas late at night, far from home no shoes, only shorts on. he had to run to the convenience store out there and call anybody he could, first responders couldn't get to him, because they were out on other calls. so he ended up calling his cousin. his cousin came and picked him up. it's been a wild night. it's been very very difficult for everybody who is living around here. they're now going to cordon off this area and pull these vehicles out of here now that the water has drained away. as you know jose there is more rain in the forecast. and this kind of flooding event can happen in just a few hours. back to you. >> dave thank you so very much. developing now in colorado, a dramatic turn in the movie theater trial resumes in just a couple of minutes in a denver area courtroom. prosecutors called their first expert witness thursday to testify about the mental state of james holmes on the night of the shooting. july of 2012 when 12 people were killed and 70 others injured.
7:36 am
jurors were shown a chilling video interview recorded about a year ago. the psychiatrist asked holmes about his parents slit ss visiting him in jail. >> did you get a tear in you're eye? >> nope. >> do you ever get tears in your eyes? >> yeah, sometimes. >> what brings tears to your eyes sometimes? >> just regrets. >> regret. can you tell me a little more? >> usually it's before i go to sleep. >> regrets about? >> about the shooting. >> holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. joining me now is "weekend
7:37 am
today" analyst and former prosecutor. the psychiatrist testified that holmes was mentally ill but legally sane when he opened fire in the aurora theater. how crucial is this testimony and video interview for the prosecution. >> it's not as legally significant as one might think because sanity is at the time the incident happened. so anything that you're talking about a year later is really not significant in the sense of defining legal sanity. however, it does present some interesting questions on what he felt and guilt and, you know what his emotionally for the jurors listening to this may play into the prosecutor's strategy of showing that he may be mentally ill but you know, he is sane. >> yes. just the snippet we actually heard from just moments ago, it seems as though he's matter of fact responding to things. there wasn't a lot of emotion in what he was talking about when he was describing that every now
7:38 am
and then he got a tear in his eye thinking about what ha happened. >> by this time, jose he's been interviewed so much. we do know that he is seriously mentally ill, schizophrenia, from the evidence shows, and has been having serious mental issues for many years. i'm sure that is not the first interview he's had with a psychiatrist. and i'm sure at this point, it probably is more matter of fact for him. >> now, defense attorneys are expected to call another psychiatrist to testify holmes was insane at the time of the shooting. how is that going to play? what do they have to try to do? >> there's time limits on the trial, jose. the judge said you have eight weeks for everything to get done and he'll hold each side. the defense is about to start their defense at this point. and it's very significant, because obviously this is an insanity trial and whether or not the psychiatric evidence is really going to be key here. also, it's going to be important for the jurors to kind of understand his background. you know these cases are very difficult with insanity especially when you have the
7:39 am
horrific circumstances you have here. you have 12 people dead and, you know, these are serious issues. the psychiatrist testimony and his mental health prior to this and who knew what is going to play seriousny in the jurors' minds. >> thank you. >> thank you, jose. former senator rick santorum coming out swinging after launching his second campaign for president. this time he's taking on fellow republican senator rand paul in the debate over re-authorizing reprovisions of the patriot act. >> rand paul and i are not on the same page on this issue. am i concerned about security? personal security and invasion of privacy? absolutely. but i think the patriot act has shown it's had a good balance. again, you had ten hours of debate by senator paul in about once instance. we do know as i just commented,
7:40 am
there are those who do want to hurt americans and do cause problems to our economy and having that information is really important. so striking a balance is where i would go. >> joining me now, nbc news political reporter leanne caldwell and "boston globe" political reporter as well. do you think we'll start to see more of the candidates go after each other or stick strictly with hillary clinton as their target? >> they start out being nice to each other attacking the democratic opponent, leading candidate hillary clinton. but it's definitely going to change as more and more candidates jump in this race you'll have to differentiate themselves from each other. the attacks are going to start and they're going to start in ernest soon. i mean rand paul actually has been attacking many of his candidates for months now, trolling them on the internet, calling them out. and so there's no love lost between rand paul and many of his competitors.
7:41 am
and they're not shy. they're going to start attacking his positions. we saw jeb bush earlier this week start to attack wisconsin governor scott walker over his changing positions on the issue of immigration. and so this campaign is just starting. it's going to become much more intense and much more volatile. >> james, there are eight formally declared gop candidates, another nine expected to enter the race in the next couple of months. what will it take for all of these to break through and differentiate themselves from the pack? take a look at the number of people that are considering running for president or have already announced. >> it's quite amazing, isn't it? that's where i think ironically while many people think they're doing themselves a lot of good by attacking rand paul rand paul is the one who could be benefiting the most. the fact is he does stand out on a couple of these very big issues. you may argue rand paul only represents a slice of the
7:42 am
republican party. at least he has that slice all to himself. but on the earlier point in terms of when people will start attacking, that's what makes this particular election cycle so interesting. we can debate to the cows come home about whether or not it's going to be who's going to run the first attack ad on tv. is it going to be jeb bush hitting scott walker? rand paul and, say, ted cruz fighting out who's the most conservative candidate. that is almost an irrelevant conversation because it could all be about super pacs and who they think they need to hit and when they need to hit them and have absolutely nothing to do with that particular candidate. >> we have highlighted reasons why he thinks so many republicans are jumpening into the race among them, fame, funding and influence. no strong front-runner and a republican party divided on policy. none of these things are changing anytime soon. how long before we see the candidates start to, well, drop out?
7:43 am
>> well the first debate is going to be a big litmus test. since it's in early august they'll have to do well enough in the polls to even get on that debate stage. if they don't make it there, it will be difficult for them to keep continuing as if they're not getting any traction or air time. but, yes, up to 16 17 18 candidates, there's a whole host of reasons why people run for president. and being -- occupying the white house isn't always one of them. in addition something that will be really critical this campaign season is who has a wealthy donor backing them? because they can go out and secure all the big and small donors they want. if they just have one person who's willing to give tens of millions of dollars to their campaign that can sustain them through the crowded primaries. >> absolutely. leanne caldwell and james, thank you both for being with me. >> thank you. an update on a story we've
7:44 am
been following all morning, speaker house speaker dennis hastert has been charged with trying to avoid bank laws and lying to the fbi. bail was set at $4,500. no date yet set for his initial court appearance. hastert facing several federal charges including that he tried to conceal cash withdrawals used to keep a prior misconduct secret. we're also awaiting live remarks from baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. they're expected to address efforts to help the city of baltimore bounce back after the unrest last month after the death of freddie gray. that's next on "the rundown." stay with us. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
7:45 am
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take zzzquil and sleep like... you haven't seen your bed in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit forming sleep-aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. for the second year in a row, there are two top spellers in the country. vanya shivashankar of kansas and gokul venkatachalam of missouri
7:48 am
are co-champions of the 2015 scripps national spelling bee. here are the co-champs earlier on "today." >> i think it's great to be a co-spelling bee champ. more people got an opportunity to win and less hearts were broken. >> so here are the winning words which i'll try to say but i'm going to massacre. hold on a second. bring the word back. it is scherenschnitte which means the art of cutting paper in a decorative design. and nunatak which means hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice. as you can see, i tried my best. couldn't do it. can you imagine trying to spell that? they did. we're . we're about to hear live remarks from stephanie rawlings-blake, expecting to address efforts to help the city of baltimore rebound. let's listen in for a minute. >> ma'am.
7:49 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> sir. just sign right here. okay. we're good to go. >> good morning, everyone. >> everyone's ready? >> we're good. >> good morning, everyone. i am very glad to be here today and to stand with sba administrator maria contreras who has been a friend to the city of bror. thank you very much for your support. i'm please be with senator ben cardin, congressman cummings congressman sarbanes bbc president bill cole all of whom stand with me to announce additional sba resources for those businesses impacted by the civil unrest. we know that more than 380
7:50 am
businesses suffered damages or losses. most of these were small, independent businesses and many or minority or immigrant owned businesses. we also know that the vast majority of these businesses have re-opened. but too many are not -- are still not at full capacity and are still in need of help. i'm glad to join dedicated partners like the sba who are as resolved as i am to get these businesses back on their feet. so the baltimore city is stronger than ever before. i want to thank the sba and bdc for their assistance immediately following the unrest. i was bragging to congressman cummings about my bdc team and my economic and neighborhood development team who worked in collaboration with the sba. they visited every single impacted business at least twice, some many more times than that, to make sure that people
7:51 am
understood what resources were available and people felt comfortable moving forward and seeking that assistance. i'm extremely proud of the aggressive way in which my team has responded and been in constant partnership. the date after the unrest bdc launched its website they launched that website to connect impacted businesses and they've worked around the clock with the city to compile resores available at the federal, state and at the city level. meanwhile, thanks to the sba, two assistance operations centers have been open to give support to these businesses to facilitate disaster loan programs for affected businesses and to make sure that our local businesses understand what resources are available through the federal government to support their success. today, we are very proud to announce that the sba is increasing support for baltimore
7:52 am
city and will be offering grants in addition to the loan program. so that businesses can rebuild as soon as possible. these funds are absolutely critical, as small businesses work to re-open and to rebuild. again, i want to thank the sba for their support during this very difficult time. we know that baltimore is stronger than this moment. but we won't have our history defined by violence. weather, we will be defined by how we come together rebuild and grow stronger than ever before. with that i want to again thank our sba administrator and introduce maria contreras-sweet. >> thank you mayor rawlings-blake for this opportunity and for your bold steadfast leadership in response to the recent events. but i also want to thank senator cardin for being one of the most
7:53 am
forceful voices in america and a strategic ally for us at the sba representing america's small business -- >> you've been witnessing and watching this press conference by the mayor of baltimore, other public officials including miss contreras-sweet, the director of the sba. i want bring in weekend "today" analyst and former prosecutor and ari melber. this is an announcement the sba is increasing grants and loan programs to baltimore. what's it going to really mean? >> well look what this means is you have a community that continues to try to rebuild. there's a financial component to that, which youing some of the grants from the federal government which is why you have the federal officials and senator cardin there. more big picture, this is an issue that will obviously still turn on the outcome of the case against those officers. we've seen the police officers
7:54 am
returning saying they don't think they can get any kind of fair trial in this city because of the unrest this money we're seeing in this press conference that arrest essentially touched everyone in the community. while the rebuilding is important and there's broader city initiatives that are important, i think it's fair to say that the outcome of that legal process is what a lot of folks in the community are going to be looking towards. >> karen, i mao en that legal proceeding goes on completely independent of what we're seeing today. >> yes. >> but the issues that the defense of these officers are saying is that they simply don't feel they can get a fair trial in that city. >> well, i think that's probably correct because of the unrest because of the publicity. and you know i think it's very nice they're having press ops for the business community. again, jose we're faced with a situation here where you need some kind of community mediation, not just with the police department and the community and the businesses throwing money at the problem is not going to fix what's broken
7:55 am
here. they need mediation. they need serious mediators to go in there and heal this community. that needs to be talked about at a press conference not throwing money and legislation at the businesses. >> on the other hand ari, there are a lot of businesses that were destroyed or affected by the protests that occurred in that city just a little while ago. and a lot of those folks, you know really don't have the insurance necessary to pick back up and they don't have the opportunity to start again, if it weren't for somebody to give them the opportunity to open their doors again. >> i don't want to be glib about it but a lot of these issues depend on when you start counting the time line of the problem. if you go in and look only at the protests these people the citizens in the street are being violent or challenging the officers, that's a problem. certainly. if you go back further and see the pattern and practice of some police abuses which doj is investigating, that's a problem. if you go back further to the
7:56 am
life cycle of some of these businesses right, local, honest people working in the community, jobs in the community and they're the ones that suffered that also is a tragedy. you can see the interlocking problems and see why each of them are sad while still trying to have some broader justice here and rebuilding which is what the community needs as well. >> thank you both for being with me. >> thank you. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. dr. carl thornfelt didn't want his skin caroline sold over the counter. he hired sales reps to market the brand. it's sold in doctor's offices nation wide thanks to his team in the field. for more watch "your business," sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide.
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ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache pelvic pain, breast pain vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." developing now, former house speaker dennis hastert still has not publicly commented on the federal indictment against him unveiled late yesterday. now, the longest serving republican house speaker ever is facing serious criminal charges. he is accused of agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money to an
8:00 am
unnamed person from the illinois town where he was a long-time high school teacher and wrestling coach. the indictment alleges that the money was paid to conceal hastert's, quote, prior misconduct. pete williams joins us live from washington. as you well know pete people really surprised, even stunned by this news yesterday. it came out of no it seems. >> it did. he was well regarded in washington always considered very upright, a boy scout. this is very surprising. and of course we don't know what this prior misconduct was, or whether it was a krip. the grand jury indictment raises these two questions who does the government claim the former speaker was paying and what exactly was the past misconduct that a grand jury says was worth millions to keep quiet? the charges were filed against dennis hastert now 73 who was speaker of the u.s. house of representatives from


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