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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. 100 people in dallas pulled from their cars after flash floods hit texas overnight. >> all of the sudden it was dramatic. >> i just rolled down the window and get up on top of my car and the water kept raising up. it was above my knees and i decided to swim across and go up. >> was it hush money? dennis hastard indicted for lying about money. but why? >> as a classroom teacher and coach i learned the value of gravity. >> full house.
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the republican presidential field keeps growing. why the rush to run? my interview with the latest entry. >> we are founded on a miracle, a heroic past built on courage, inventories, visionaries and heroes. a god-given belief in the nobility of the human spirit. >> we are following shocking news today concerning dennis hastard, republican speaker of the house for nearly a decade accused of concealing payments to close to $2 million from an unidentified person. and lying to fbi agents when requested about the payments. pete williams has details.
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>> the charges were filed against dennis hastard, now 73. tapping a quarter century in public life. the charges involved payments to someone from yorkville, illinois, where he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach during the mid 1960s and 70s. a point of pride when he became speaker. >> as a classroom teacher and coach, i learned the value of gravity. >> four years ago he agreed to pay 3.5 million in apparent hush money to that person referred to as only individual a, someone who has known him for most of his life. hastard agreed to make payments to compensate for and conceal his conduct that occurred years earlier. the documents do not say whether individual a is a man or woman or what the misconduct was.
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he paid almost $2 million. but cut that back to less than 10,000 at a time to illegally evade federal bank transaction rules. when asked, he lied to the fbi saying he didn't feel the banking system was safe and saying kwet i kept the cash. that's what i'm doing. >> and pete williams joins me now from the newsroom. this is a mystery. dennis was brought in as speaker after bob livingston and newt gingrich both had ethics problems. >> i think everybody is very surprised by this because he was considered a very straight shooter, a boy scout, somebody who was above suspicious. he was investigated during the time he was speaker. several members of congress were looked at for potential financial issues. clearly the government has gone
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to great lengths to prevent disclosure of who this western is and what the conduct was. the indictment does not say -- it simply describes it as past misconduct. it doesn't say it was criminal conduct. doesn't mean it was or wasn't. if it happened when he was a teacher in the late 60s and 1970s that whatever it was is not anything the government can prosecute now. that's a bit of a mystery. he has resigned from the lobby firm where he was working. we know that his bail has been set. we believe he will make his first court appearance next week in chicago. it would seem the government is going to great lengths to not disclose what this is about. >> chuck todd is moderator of meet the press joining me now. since he left congress and he
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was the longest serving republican speaker in american history, he's been a very well plugged in lobbyist for a lot of corporations. >> he and his son, by the way. his son was a big time lobbyist as well while he was speaker. but the collective reaction from folks that i have talked to, people that worked for him had no idea no clue. but you shouldn't be surprised. if you lie to the fbi, he would be lying to people that work for him as well. >> if it's proved. but it is certainly a mystery. i have talked to people who worked with him and for him and they are just stunned. >> it's one of those you can't believe of all people and this is the part of this that demorallizes me. you know washington, we want it to be well thought of. i always try to tell people that congress is not full of crooks and creeps but you look at the former speaker of the house,
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maybe he is a crook and a creep. but this just defiles the institution yet again and it certainly doesn't help the confidence of the american public that you know what? do we end up with the best and brightest to come to do things? >> this indictment comes from illinois. >> illinois. we don't have time to go through the list. i mean you know you have got a current member, now a former member of congress who is under indictment. you have got now two. never mind some that jesse jackson jr. out of prison. you have got governors serving time. it used to be a running joke. now it's just coming across as sad and pathetic. >> we should say innocent until proved. it is a strange indictment. >> it is. it's a sad end to a chapter that here was a guy that became speaker because of scandal, not his. lost the majority arguably because of scandal although
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there were others as well. >> not his. >> and now a scandal all alone to itself. >> and let's talk about presidential politics. there we go. another another, the eighth republican. >> today's a big day. today's the first day in a week that we haven't had somebody announce. tomorrow we get another candidate. >> on the democratic side. sheer a pick of my conversation with george pataki. we will show that in a second. in any case. let's talk about george pataki. it's 9/11 9/11 9/11. it's sort of a rudy guilliani. he and his wife were actively campaigning against hillary clinton in 2000 when rick ran against her for the sflatenate. they have experienced running and losing or helping the republican nominee against hillary clinton when she ran for senate. >> his resume seems like a great
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presidential candidate for 2008. you know? you just wonder it's very hard. he hasn't been governor in a decade. it's been a long time. is he too far removed? he's a three term governor and he's very moderate on social issues. some would call him liberal on social issues. you could look at it in some ways saying it's going to provide some idealogical diversity. >> how do you get past the primaries? >> how do you get past the primaries and how do you get into the debates? >> let's take a look at rick santorum on "morning joe" today. he is another candidate who is trying to soften his social issues candidacy which it was last time around and be the, you know the working class guy from outside pittsburgh and also very strong on foreign policy against rand paul. >> this is a public relations war that the president's fighting. he's not fighting a real war.
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we're not doing any substantial damage on the air against isis. we have to step up the bombing campaign and you can't do that unless you have more boots on the ground. you have to have an understanding of targeting and more. i'm not talking massive invasionnary force. many have suggested that we have to double or triple the 3,000 that we have on the ground right now. >> rand paul has a big online con stit wency. libertarian and otherwise against any foreign entanglements for what he is doing on the surveillance pariot act this weekend. but, boy, i don't know how that survives a republican primary. >> if rand paul were running as an independent, read his book. sometimes if i didn't tell you, you would think this guy must be wanting to run as an independent. there is always one that performs best against hillary
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clinton and i don't care you pick the state it's always rand paul and there's a reason. he does better among independents and young voters. they are not big formed policy hawks. borderline isolationists and certainly pro containment or leave that stuff over there. that is i think that is a struggle for paul at some point. i'm convinced if he was running as a third party candidate, it would be a fascinating conversation we could be having. >> to be counter intuitive, contrary to what has been written, i am hearing more and more from young people who are really intrigued by bernie sanders. >> that's right. it is more of hillary clinton's reputation is very cautious. she is risk averse.
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when she takes -- watch her. look what she has not set on trade and look at how she has campaigned. that type of thing. it's very risk averse. i think they will gravitate to a candidate that might be a little more ram bunk shs. the talk before was is martin o'mally going to be enough? i'm wondering how he gets past bernie sanders. i don't know if he can. will he ever be seen as a true blue progressive? they would like i think some would like bernie sanders to force hillary clinton to answer to the left a little bit more. >> and a couple of quick points about hillary clinton. they say they want to raise $100 million for primary money only.
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things that have been written about $2 billion it will be $100 million, the same as barack obama excludeing super pacs. they say they have a 50 state strategy. they are serious about iowa and trying to lower expectations. nobody has gotten more than 50%. really interesting the way she tried to take on both the race and the gender issue. she wz campaigning. trying to fix what bill clinton messed up so badly in '08 where he got accused by many of playing the race card. >> you know if you were somebody that cared about civil
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rights issues you didn't hear much out of sanders. he is a this is probably if things go really bad on economics and all of these things you know she still has this. you look at the way sanders is running and you're saying he could intellectually give her a run for her money with liberal white elites. he's not as connected yet to african-american voters or hispanic voters and i don't know how he gets there. >> it is meet the candidate on meet the press. >> what is it? there's 18 candidates? i have one sixth of them on the show. >> so you have rick santorum john casik and bernie sanders. >> lit be a great show. my newest interview with george
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pataki. >> why are you running? >> well i think my whole life has prepared me for this moment. i know i can lead the country and not just run but change the direction of a difficult complex government and i know i can win tough elections. >> and now to the weather continuing to slam texas and oklahoma where tens of millions of people are facing more severe weather today. dallas had a huge rainfall overnight causing flash floods and stranding hundreds of motorists. the weather channel's dave malcof is in dallas. >> >>. >> reporter: it was a wild night here where rescue workers did the most swift water rescues they have done in the last five years including right here at the overpass near lovefield, the airport, where several vehicles were trapped under the water. so many so that we could not even see the vehicles when we arrived this morning. the water was over the roofs.
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several people were inside those cars including this one right here this brand new bmw. that is sam ong's brand new car heading to the junk yard right now. the rescue workers were not here to pull him out so he had to self-rescue. take a listen to his or deal. >> i was just driving and the car stopped. and then i tried to turn the car back on and it wouldn't turn on. and when i opened the door all the water came in so i just walked to the nearest gas station but my phone was already under water. >> reporter: he was able to get to that convenience score. his cousin picked him up. that car is trashed. not only do we have flooding danger but it's causing a traffic nightmare. we are right next to the airport and the cars are wacbacked up for
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miles because they just can't get through the main overpass so another problem because of all the rain overnight in dallas. andrea? >> thanks to dave. and joining me now from wimberly texas. what's the situation there, sarah? >> reporter: the national weather service in fort worth said this month alone, texas has received enough rain to cover the state 8 inches deep. that's video shot by sarah perez who was renting a vacation home along with her cousin when the water began pouring into the home. they were in the second story of that house, luckily survived without injury. they were very lucky. that hasn't been the case everywhere. across oklahoma and texas, 25 people confirmed dead with 14
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people currently unaccounted for. here in wimberly we had overnight rains and we saw the river go up a little bit. right now we are lucky. clear skies and some sun giving crews a chance to try to play patch up with their search efforts and with debris remove. in some areas the debris as high as 20 feet. a mix of tree branchs, personal items and we have seen furniture forced together by the force of the floodwaters. this break is not going to last. more bad weather is forecast for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. sorry to hear that. and coming up kicking and screaming. just two days after a scandal that rocked the world's most popular sport, it's election day at fifa. >> looks to me that they're going to jail for all the money that they stole! complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. sfx: ahhh
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>> and now to breaking news the united states officially today dropping cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list. cuba was placed on the list 33 years ago during the cold war when cuba was accused of aid inging latin america. this marks the end of a 45 day required congressional review period. congress did not act to intervene in the decision. including opening embassies in washington and havana. only iran sudan and syria remain on the u.s. state sponsors of terrorism list.
9:22 am
and the soccer world's governing body is holding elections. voting is underway and it's expected to re-elect its long time leader. current fifa president was not indicted and he says he's not responsible. he's looking to win an unprecedented fifth term. i'm joined by grant wall. explain the politics of fifa. >> you have to consider who the voters are and the voters are the 209 national soccer federations from around the world. one country one vote no matter how small or large your country is. the world cup last year had nearly $5 billion in revenues.
9:23 am
they use it to build stuff and do other soccer things. that's why they're voting for him today. >> and the underdog challenger is the 39-year-old prince ali. he's well regarded but doesn't seem to have much of a chance as seth has bought off the votes of all of the small countries. >> it's a situation where prince ali is a guy who wants fifa to be reformed. yet the voters in the election they don't really think that fifa needs to be reformed. that's why if you really want to change fifa the highest levels of the u.s. government and attorney general are going after fifa in an investigation they say is only starting. >> you have spoke on the the head of the u.s. federation,
9:24 am
what do they have to say? >> the head is also on the fifa executive committee and he announced that the u.s. would be voting for prince ali, the chal enger. even if that means risking the world cup. it looks like the u.s. candidate is not going win today. >> that could have been in the hopes of finally getting a world cup here. now the chances of getting a world cup to the u.s. since the u.s. is leading the prosecution? zero to none? >> anything is on the table right now because of this u.s. department of justice investigation. clearly they're trying to get more evidence that might totally change the way we look at fifa. keep in mind the swiss
9:25 am
government announced that they will conduct their own investigation. that's an investigation with subpoena power that might actually get something on russia and qatar. >> thank you very much. >> and the faa is investigating who targeted passenger planes leaving new york's jfk airport with laser pointers. they can disorient pilots and make it impossible for them to see their control panels. a green laser hit their planes while they were flying at only 8,000 feet over long island. no one was injured in last night's incident as authorities continue to investigate. and sit ait is a federal crime punishable with years in prison and a $250,000 fine. and my interview with the middle man, george pataki as he entered
9:26 am
the crowded field with a moderate pitch. rsh >> i was a republican governor in a deep blue state in the state of new york. it's because at the end people realized my vision was not a partisan vision but a vision about people and what we could accomplish together. the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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ortho bug b gon gives you season-long control of all these types of bugs. spectracide gives you season-long control... of just ants. their label says so. bugged by more than ants? get ortho bug b gon. the label tells the story. >> as we continue our coverage of 2016 there are now eight official republican candidates with some well known names expected to announce in coming weeks as well. in the last hour i spoke with george pataki who is up in new hampshire just 24 hours into his candidacy about what sets him apart from other republican contenders and how he believes his campaign can rise to the top of a very crowded field. thank you so very much for joining us. you're in new hampshire. you're running. why are you running? >> i think my whole life has
9:30 am
prepared me for this moment. i know i can lead the country and not just run but change the difficult direction. if you believe in the need to change this country and change the government and to move us forward together with confidence, i think you're almost obligated to make the effort to try to lead this country. >> are you too moderate for your party in the primary? you have issues such as gay rights and abortion. how do you run in iowa? >> i don't worry about that. your views and ideas owhat they are. when i got elected governor in new york there have only been two republicans in 70 years. i ran as a republican and ran on the conservative party line
9:31 am
too. are we going be a government where the people tell the politicians what we want them to do? are we going to continue to see washington dictate every element of our lives? the politicians in washington knowing better than we do? that's not the america i believe in. i don't think that's the america that the american people want to see. we need to take back that government. make sure the politicians know they're supposed to be our servants and not our masters. that's a message that appeals to moderates and independents and to a certain group of democrats as well. >> isn't this republican field so crowded that you're actually helping someone like hillary clinton on the democratic side because she doesn't have to fend off as much competition? you guys will divide the thing up so much? >> you know it's a very crowded field and a very good field. i think that's positive for the republican party. i think it's positive for the
9:32 am
country. this is a healthy dialogue and a good thing to help the public understand the backgrounds and vision of people seeking to lead the country. we don't want the coronation. the american way is you start at the bottom and you go out and earn it. and i'm going to do my best to lead this country. >> do you object to what the republicans have decided to do about dividing the debates and not letting anyone who doesn't poll high enough get into the first round of debates. >> the rules are what the rules are. it's not where you start at the beginning but where you are at the end. the first debate is in august of 2015. the election is november of 2016. i'm more concerned about where i am at the end than where i am at the beginning. i would love to be in the debate. andrea, thank you for having me
9:33 am
on so i can talk directly to the american people and i intend to do that in new hampshire, in iowa, and south carolina and across this country. >> do you agree with rand paul on the issue of the pariot act, the usa freedom act, whatever you want to call it which is being debated right now and the whole question of isis and foreign engagement overseas? >> no i don't. you know i was governor of new york on september 11th. radical islam was thousands of miles and an ocean away that we were safe here. we were not then and we are not safe now. look at what almost happened in garland texas a mass murder of american citizens right in texas and the united states. isis is actively recruiting training, planning to attack us here. we have to do far more to help
9:34 am
the forces on the ground. we're not giving help to the suni sheiks to help them fight on the ground. we have to do everything we can to protect us. i would launch strikes against the training centers so they scant carry out another attack here in america. >> the newest entry into the republican contest, thank you very much for joining us governor. >> thank you andrea. >> and we go from politics to breaking news in dallas. you are looking now at new video out of dallas texas. a huge traffic jam caused by a flooded highway where there are what looks like hundreds of motorists stranded. there is a crane on site to have an opening for the traffic to get out. we will have more just ahead. and coming up next bourbon battle. rand paul and mitch mcconnel facing off in the senate.
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a show down over government surveillance. we will show you more from an ad coming up from a pro rand paul super pac giving it the weight of a heavy weight title. >> senator rand paul watch them battle it out on the floor of the united states senate. this sunday! sunday! sunday! it's the final days of the ford ecoboost challenge. here we go! last chance to save big on ford, and get our best deals of the season. fusion is rockin' it man. i prefer without a doubt the escape over the cr-v. what doesn't this truck do?
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>>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! as you probably guessed, rand paul and i are not on the same page on this issue. i'm not concerned about personal security and invasion of privacy, absolutely. but i think the pariot act has shown it's had a pretty good bout. >> rand paul stands alone in his own view to continue bulk collection of telephone records. he is the loan opponent of the passage of the freedom act that would continue most of the surveillance program. joining me now on our daily fix,
9:39 am
msnbc contributor and founder of the fix blog karen. thanks both to you. chris, this pariot act issue, the usa freedom act as it has been re-written rand paul is really making this his fundamental issue and standing up against the entire senate aside from some liberal democrats as well. >> that's right. a weird coalition. he has been very outspoken about spying and the use of drones. he is not anti-drone but sort of keeping a tighter reign on the use of drones particularly against u.s. citizens and he has been very opposed to the bulk surveillance program. what's new is that his new friend, mitch mcconnel, from the same state helped mitch mcconnel get reelectioned in 2014 that
9:40 am
they are on polar opposite sides fighting one another over there. >> karen is one of the few big name republicans who doesn't have a sugar daddy, some rich guy ready to fund him forever but he does have a super pac and here is another clip from that ad. >> sunday sunday sunday. get ready, america, for the biggest brawl of liberty of the century. the biggest rivals will go head to head. senator rand paul versus the head of the washington spy machine, barack obama. and his so called conservative accomplices. >> it's digital. it's an online ad but you get the picture. >> right. right. but he also takes on another foe that he calls the canadian capitulator who is ted cruz.
9:41 am
what's also interesting and what has shifted is that a few years ago when rand paul staged a filibuster like the one we just saw from him, he was joined this was about drone strikes. he was joined on the senate floor by ted cruz and by rub owe. i think the politics within the republican party have shifted so much since then largely because of the rise of isis that again, he is really finding himself much more isolated even than he would have a couple of years ago. >> you bring up ted cruz. your colleague did a column about ted cruz's shifting position on syria. he was the reason why the president didn't get congressional authorization for strikes against assad on the chemical weapons issue and now he has come out and blamed the president for not going after assad. it's pretty remarkable. >> this is why you rarely see
9:42 am
senators win presidential elections because they are on the record too many times. we are looking in ted cruz rubio, scott walker we are looking at a weak field in regards to foreign policy. the field is broadly strong as a group of candidates but there are very few people who have a detailed resume. so i think you will see more of this stuff where they take a position but it's not a position that is backed by lots and lots of thought. if we're looking at a foreign policy fight and i think we are, there is not a candidate who at least in the top tier or second tier who fits that bill i think we should do x, y, and z. >> it was interesting to hear george pataki and rick santorum talking about isis and foreign
9:43 am
policy. they also see this as a way of going after hillary clinton's tenure of secretary of state. >> the whole republican rational, they may not have their own policies but they do know that the president's numbers on handling foreign policy are low and they will do their very best to tie his former secretary of state to his handling. but again the actual policies that barack obama has pursued, the actual choices he had made are quite popular. >> thank you both so much. senator rand paul will be joining chris matthews tonight on "hardball" on msnbc. and for the second year in a crow the scripps national spelling bee, gokul gokul venkatachalam and vanya
9:44 am
vanya shivashankar took home the trophy after ten long words. and the winning words? >> scherenschnitte. s-c-h-e-r-e-n-s-c-h-n-i-t-t-e. >> correct. >> nunatak. n-u-n-a-t-a-k. nunatak. >> correct. >> they will each take home $36,000. they have accomplished something less likely than being struck by lightning and a lot more fun. we will be right back.
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another tense day in the colorado courthouse has james holmes' trial comes to a close. lawyers are working to prove he was not in his right mind. he killed 12 people and injured 70 more. >> brings tears to your eyes sometimes. >> regrets. >> regrets? can you tell me a little more? >> usually it's before i go to sleep. >> about? >> about the shooting. >> nbc joins me now with details.
9:49 am
how is this, the impact of this testimony, the doctor's testimony? >> this is the crux of everything, this is the heart of the case. we had to listen to all of the survivors and first responders. they have to prove each of the 166 counts of what he did but really at the heart of the case is the mentality of the mass shooter and this is what we're getting into. we're going to listen to all 22 hours of this interview with the psychiatrist. what he found after all of these interviews is this. james holmes he thinks was mentally ill. suffered from a serious mental disease or defect but was legally sane. that he was capable of understanding the difference between right or wrong. capable of forming intend and understanding consequences so in his mind he would be found legally sane. so after all of these interviews, several days of this video and going back to the psychiatrist and asking him his opinion, we expect to hear from a second psychiatrist who we expect to also say for the
9:50 am
prosecution that james holmes is legally sane. then the defense will come back with their own mental health expert and say that james holmes is legally insane. >> thank you so much. and an update now on the breaking news out of dallas. you're looking at live pictures of that traffic zwlam we just showed you. a massive back up due to flooding. a crane did manage to remove part of a concrete barrier. they are slowly and surely making their way out of this jam. we will bring you more updates as we have them. this is quite a traffic jam where the waters are still high. so many motorists in their cars and texas still may get battered
9:51 am
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and going back to dallas the city spokesperson is on the phone right now. you have got a massive traffic jam. we can see that cars are beginning to get through the barrier that has been lifted. what is the situation now? >> we finally have some relief for people who have been stuck there for almost -- for some of them five hours, upwards of five hours. it's been quite the situation. we cannot imagine the stress and frustration that drivers have faced this morning. it's a situation afterof rain, the tremendous amount of rain that came down and the duration over which it fell. so this water that you're looking at in this area that water has nowhere to go period. so right now, the city of dallas we're working with our
9:55 am
different resources and how we can potentially pump water and put it somewhere else. right now as you can imagine, we have so much water in north texas the really big concern is where is that water going to go. it's not as easy as snapping your fingers and pumping water out of there. we have to think about where that water is going go so we don't flood out any other part of town. >> what a problem that is. thanks for all you are doing to give some relief to the motorists. a new spectacular view of the new world trade center. the freedom tower is where ron allen joins me from on top. ron, a spectacular view of freedom tower. >> just incredible. just an amazing place to be. let me show you outside, the view they say you can see
9:56 am
forever. actually you can see about 50 miles and look at that. a beautiful clear day here in manhattan and you can see the george washington bridge up there and beyond. you can see the empire state building, chrysler building 30 rock. look at the water. you can see boats on the river if you come over that way. and when you pan down you can look down at the ground and see how small everything is. 102 stories up. it's an incredible perspective. it's not just about the view but about the hope and optimism embodied. there are a lot of multimedia displays and high-tech videos about new york and its history. not a lot about 9/11 itself and what happened here. it's mostly about the view and the feeling of majesty you have and the feeling of accomplishment that this build something here some 14 years
9:57 am
later. & andrea? >> that does it for us. a busy week. remember follow us online, on facebook and twitter at mitchell reports. and live next with democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> we will see some storms today through the great lakes down through the southern plains. through the midsection and off to the east but it will get cooler as we remain through the weekend. and then we will see that come to an end by sunday. have a great weekend. cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here.
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this hour on msnbc, dennis hastert indicted accused of making hush money payments and then lying to the fbi. why pay and to who? and soccer's scandal. plus, a wash out in dallas. the death toll rising as texas continues to flood and more rain is on the way. we're going take you live to dallas and recap what's been happening this week in houston as well as wimberly texas. we


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