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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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starts right now. >> new flooding today leaves hundreds of drivers stranded in dallas. former speaker of the house dennis hastert is charged with hiring someone to hide misconduct. but first, the race for the white house is rapidly accelerating and taking some bizarre turns. it's friday may 29th and this is "now." >> the increasingly long list of presidential hopefuls. pretty soon going to have more candidates than voters. >> i think my whole life has prepared me for this moment. >> governor martin o'malley announcing that he plans to run. ♪ this land is your land this land is my land ♪ >> look at all the other people who are in this race. >> what you worry about is the vanity candidates.
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>> nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. >> donald trump is serious. >> i would know how to bring isis to the table, or beyond that defeat isis very quickly, and i'm not going to tell you what it is tonight. >> why won't you tell? >> if i run, and if i win, i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. >> the 2016 field has been getting larger and today it is getting weirder and more hostile. with the first attack ad of the 2016 cycle courtesy of rand paul's super pac. >> rand paul. versus the head of the washington spy machine. barack obama. and so-called conservative accomplices, the canadian ted cruz. senator lindsey graham tries to read your e-mails.
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>> if that is not weird enough for you, consider that the donald yes, the donald really may actually be entering the 2016 field this time. trump has hired staff in three key primary states. it is a prospect so profoundly intriguing that some people are rethinking their career plans. [ laughter ] i made up my mind. but the expansion plans are not solely for the gop. tomorrow, democrat martin o'malley jumps into the fray with a campaign launch in baltimore. o'malley's launch comes precisely as senator and rival bernie sanders seems to have made inroads with key democratic constituencies in key early states. then again, if the 2016 race is showing us anything thus far, more may not be better.
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but more is certainly more fun. joining me now is author and public radio host of studio 360 kurt anderson, reporter for "the washington post's" fix blog janell ross. that's a new title and i like it. senior political writer for buzz feed news, mckay koppens. and founder of the inside agency robert gibbs. robert, did you make that ad? it just has inside agency written all over it. >> i believe that's an ad that's really going to breakthrough the early states and get people to really focus on the important issues out there. >> the unsavory alliance between barack obama and ted cruz. that's a first. >> and the brilliance to back that ad up with the donald coming into the race. i mean you have to make there's a carnival-like atmosphere that's going on. you do have to wonder if you're the republican party, if you don't look at some of the more serious candidates in this race
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that have done some serious work before running for president and in this intermittent period. that they don't just look around and shake their heads. that all that's going to get noticed is these crazy ads by rand paul and whatever donald trump has to say. >> let me say, i'm shaking my head, yes, please. more sir. more air brushed rand paul heads on weight lifting bodies and eagles screaming. >> let the circus begin. >> let it begin. >> so what do you think was the point of that ad? >> well, here we are talking about it right? >> yes. >> in the last couple of weeks, it seems to me that rand paul has decided to let it all hang out. >> let the freak flag fly. >> exactly. he's no longer hiding his libertarian fringiness. >> yes. although one wonders mckay
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whether letting that freak flag fly is an immediate disqualifier. this is the sort of skepticism about paul right? that this guy isn't serious. the super pac, which is arguably supposed to be doing good things for the rand paul campaign, it puts that out. >> first of all, i would say that this is the prototype of what super pac ads should be. he can technically be like i didn't make that up. >> had nothing to do with it. >> but i think, though rand paul has always been outside the mainstream of the party, but also outside the mainstream of the elite establishment, the donor class, the foreign policy establishment of the party. he's gone back and forth as to to how aggressive he wanted to be in making that contrast. i think kurt's right that in the last couple weeks, he's basically been like you know, this is what makes me different. i'm in a very crowded, very competitive field. there are, like 400 candidates running. so far, he's the only one who has adopted this kind of -- this
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agenda that's very -- more isolationist. so he's kind of like this is what will dish me. he doesn't need to win 30%, 40% of iowans he needs to win 15% and that could be enough to win the state. >> i think he's also trying to set himself apart by having a sense of humor. right? name-checking and geometro and putting lindsey graham and having it explode into flames is obviously not a serious proposition. i feel like he's trying to get some sort of comedic magic. barack obama had all of hollywood and entertainment on his side in 2008 and 2012. is rand paul trying to make a bid for some sort of funny or die audience? >> maybe that's what he's after. i think he's definitely after some intense google searches. this is a way to transform what could be a paid commercial ad into something that everyone will be searching for
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themselves. >> rand paul does among the republican candidates have a constituency among younger people. and what he's doing, the youth are going to like that. >> yeah the kids. speaking of what the youth will like, the donald confirms he will make a "major announcement" on june 16th in manhattan before embarking on a trip to new hampshire. robert, there have been a lot of announcements that donald has made through the years. i won't say that i necessarily believe that this is a presidential campaign announcement, but he has actually hired people who are not just interns for ivanka trump's jewelry line, but actual campaign staff in iowa, new hampshire, and i believe south carolina. so? >> well, you know, part of me thinks his nbc contract must be up. he must be trying to renegotiate. >> just renewed! 15th season in february. nbc renewed it. >> the other part of me thinks please, please, please let this
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happen. not just because maybe jon stewart would rethink his retirement. but look, if you're the republicans, you have to cringe. you've identified two and a half years ago that you have a brand problem. now you're going to roll out donald trump who is just about everything that could possibly be wrong with the republican brand. it's got to be hugely upsetting over there. >> he may take someone's spot on a debate stage, because his polling right now, i believe he's polling 4.5% nationally. which is probably name recognition more than anything else. >> which is probably double somebody with a serious legislative record like lindsey graham, or john kasich or somebody who isn't beginning to qualify because of a vanity candidate that gets, as you said, 4% in a couple of polls heading into the first debate and then the whole thing becomes theatre of the absurd. >> theatre of the absurd. you didn't think we could go from that rand paul super pac ad
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and then say the theatre of the absurd with something else. this may also be the theatre of the absurd. tomorrow, former governor martin o'malley makes it official joining hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the race for the democratic nomination with a campaign kickoff in baltimore. what do you think the point of martin o'malley's campaign would be? >> there's no -- he really is no jim webb. martin o'malley in a normal year, where there was not this apparent overwhelming favorite in hillary clinton would be a kind of attractive normal -- >> yeah not so bad. >> kind of a meh, but might get the nomination. other meh democrats have gotten the nomination. and he could. but i suppose -- well, there are two things. a, he puts himself out there so he gets to run more seriously perhaps next time. and two, i mean, hillary clinton does have a ticking time bomb aspect.
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she could implode one way or the other in the next year. and if not -- >> someone needs to be there to catch the nuclear fallout. >> yes, exactly. or michael bloomberg. >> what is the strategy mckay? some people will say okay i believe this is a quote from politico. running for president is rough and tumble said one longtime clinton confidant. maybe one of the reasons o'malley is not getting distracted is that nobody knows him. but nobody's going to know him if he soft pedals. >> like come and hit our candidate harder. >> right. but, like disqualify yourself from getting position in the administration if you hit hillary clinton hard. >> if i was martin o'malley, i would be a little bit frustrated that, like at least 50% of the punditry around his candidacy revolves around how hard he will hit hillary clinton. i mean, he does have a serious record and career. mayor of baltimore, two-term governor of maryland where he
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actually created a lot of very progressive policies. i think part of the problem with him -- i mean yeah, if he came up with some good zingers, he might get some more attention. the problem is that it's not just that voters don't know him, it's that everyone in the media is like i don't really know what to say about him. >> some certain unnamed people in the media are not that excite ed ed. i wanted to get to this story because i think it's very important. the hopy changy stuff. asked if president obama has lived up to his hope poster. california artist shepherd ferry -- oh robert's already chuckling. says not even close. telling esquire magazine "obama has had a really rough time, but there have been a lot of things that he has compromised on that i never would have expected. i mean drones and domestic spying are the last things i would have thought he'd support." janell before i go to robert, what about this? >> listen, i think these are
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reasonable critiques of the president. and this gentleman has never pretended to be anything but a progressive himself so he has a right to his opinion. these are totally reasonable things. i thought it was a rather gentle critique of the president and he has a right to say it. i appreciated it. >> robert did you feel like it was unfair? >> no look. everybody's entitled to their opinion. when i first read it i thought i was on the onion. it just sort of seemed like you know, guy who makes a poster so what do you think about how the president did. you know, look, i don't know that the president was ever going to live up to everybody's hypothetical dreams for what was possible, and i think that's probably a bit encapsulated by what he says. >> do you think -- i know when i was covering the white house and you were press secretary those many years ago, you were i don't know not particularly enthused about some parts of the progressive left. do you think that's what sheppard ferry represents? >> look, i think if you look at
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what he said, the domestic spying, for instance the national security agency was reauthorized -- the spying program was reauthorized while the president was running for re-election. something he supported. so the notion that he supported -- >> that was pre-snowden. that was pre-edward snowden. so maybe people didn't understand the extent of it. >> well, it's not as if the program wasn't covered before edward snowden. granted, there's no doubt he unleashed a lot of it. also, again, i think that part of it was i think a lot of people projected on to barack obama a set of beliefs that they didn't -- that barack obama may not necessarily have brought to the table when he was either running or was a candidate. i think that those are people that are automatically going to be let down. because they think that can't possibly be the case. >> you know how they projected those beliefs because of that poster. i'm just kidding. robert gibbs, always good to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. when we come back the
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longest serving republican house speaker is accused of lying to the fbi and allegedly funneling hush money to a longtime acquaintance acquaintance. plus, life-threatening flooding hits dallas today submerging cars and stranding hundreds of drivers. we'll get a live update from texas. and later, hundreds of people are expected at a draw muhammad cartoon contest tonight in arizona. we will discuss the right to offend. that's next on "now." hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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now on to shocking charges shrouded in history. a federal indictment released late yesterday says former house speaker dennis hastert is charged with trying to hide bank transactions for hush money and lying to the fbi about cash withdrawals of $1.7 million. the indictment says it is all part of an alleged deal hastert
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made to provide $3.5 million in order to compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct against an unidentified person listed only as individual a. the indictment does not spell out the nature of said misconduct, but it does reference on page one hastert's time before he entered politics when he spent 16 years as a teacher and wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois. the indictment says individual a has been a yorkville resident and has known hastert most of his or her life. a federal law enforcement official tells nbc news this afternoon that hastert was making the payments to a man in order to conceal a sexual relationship they had while the man was a student at yorkville high school. the panel is back with me. revisiting hastert in the era of hastert brings to mind a myriad of scandals that plagued republican leadership. there was the foley scandal
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where he was sending inappropriate maleessages to a male page. how much do you think the republican party is going to have to deal with this again? >> i don't think the republican party will have to. >> or congress? >> it would be better for them if he were a democrat. but it is interesting that the party of family values does seem to have -- >> a family values problem. >> a family values program. to me, though, jond thebeyond the reasons for his apparent blackmail, the fact that a guy after -- who left high school teaching unable to become an assistant principal for politics, and served 20 years in politics, made millions of dollars as a congressman, and then has made many millions more as a lobbyist enough to pay this guy, whoever it was, the $3.5 million, that's a shocking thing. more than any sexual misconduct he did when he was 30. >> and apparently -- so he tapered the sides of the cash
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withdrawals to avoid financial oversight. said at one point he was withdrawing the money because he did not trust the banking system with his cash. so presumably was keeping it for himself and stuffing it under his mattress. >> that also stood out in the indictment for me. i thought it was interesting that a man who had been a former u.s. government official thought it would be wise to say to the fbi that he did not trust the banking system. and that this would be believed and just sort of go over. okay. so are you no longer using a checking account? >> just bitcoin all the time. i also think you know we are at a point now where public confidence in our elected officials, specifically in congress, is at an all-time low. and that is, like, a bad thing for our democracy. it is bad to malign congress. i think it's bad to starve congress and have pay freezes and ensure that the only people in congress are people that can afford to be in congress which is to say mostly rich people. i mean we have a whole set of problems that plague this institution that also happens to
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be doing nothing. >> right. that's why i think -- obviously republicans would prefer that this was not happening to a republican. but at the end of the day, the public animosity flowing toward congress is not actually that partisan. sometimes democrats have slightly more support. sometimes republicans have slightly more support. but the fact is stories like this, all they do is add one more data point to the general belief that congress is full of crooks and corrupt people. what's also interesting is if you ask people their opinion on their local congressman, who they might know a lot more about, they tend to have a much higher opinion. >> one thing republicans are going to have to do is come up with a new name for their convention, that more than half their caucus has to vote for something. it's no longer the hastert rule i'm betting. >> a rule which speaker john
1:22 pm
boehner has broken but which they presume to still govern. nancy pelosi former speaker of the house, who came in after the hastert reign, to clean up and drain the swamp was on msnbc just a few hours ago and was asked about this. let us hear what she had to say. >> when mr. hastert was the speaker, our run for winning the house in '06 was to say that we were winning against a culture of cronyism and incompetence. at the time, many indictments but we had no idea that that would include the speaker of the house. >> i don't know janell. tim mckay's point. we tried. it goes on. >> are you asking me is this the nature of congress? >> i don't know, is this the nature of power? although this happened when he wasn't in congress. although the payoffs happened presumably after. i don't know. >> in fairness, his actual crime is not something that he appears to, as far as we know in terms of the details that have
1:23 pm
emerged. the actual crime that was committed here was the act of structureing these withdrawals from his bank in such a way to try to avoid federal reporting requirements, and then lying to the fbi. >> so it's the cover-up of the cover-up of the cover-up. >> the means by which he made payments to someone who may have been extorting him and then lying about the fact that he was doing so. if he had, in fact, told the truth to the fbi, he might not be facing federal charges. >> he would be $3.5 million poorer. >> it's not actually illegal to pay someone who is extorting you. >> i did not know that. >> good to know! >> going to be something that would drive someone who feels that they have something to lose like power. so it is something to keep in mind. >> speaking of power, but having nothing to do with the hastert story. i do want to get this in. this week many in the media noted that hillary clinton's return to south carolina also
1:24 pm
marked the return of a southern drawl. >> i'm going to live again at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. but i don't want to be there all by myself. >> is that a southern drawl? i heard a softening of a vowel. >> okay i think it's funny. i think it's there. but the thing is -- i heard it. but this is a very common thing. when barack obama started to the campaign trail, he started dropping his g's. tim pawlenty adopted a southern accent a little bit. and mitt romney didn't adopt an accent, but he tried to use southern lingo. >> he tried to sound like a human. i'm kidding. >> general human language. but it is -- you know, something maybe automatic, reflexive when you're talking to a big group of
1:25 pm
people in a certain region, maybe you start to talk like them. i still think it's funny. >> it's empathetic. >> it's a little bit of pandering, though. >> like what's the difference between empathy and pandering? i don't know. that sounds cynical. >> that's your best quote ever. >> it's a little sad that this is one of the major news stories of the week. >> this is just a little side kicker to push people through their friday afternoon. >> i think it's also possible that this is a case of nerves. barack obama goes into black preacher mode when he steps before large groups. i honestly think it's possible you can be a little nervous and in your attempt to connect with people, you start to speak the way that they do. anybody who interviews people for a living knows a lot about that. >> like kurt andersen. >> when i go home to nebraska i lose this fake eastern thing i've adopted. >> when i go home to washington, d.c., i immediately become more cynical and partisan. i'm going to leave it there. thank you for discussing these
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now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. the flooding in texas and across parts of the southwest is far from over. today in dallas hundreds of drivers were left stranded in flood waters for hours after nearly seven inches of rain fell in the area overnight. joining me now from wimberly texas, is nbc news correspondent jay gray. jay? >> reporter: hey alex. there was more severe rain here overnight as well making things even more difficult for the search and rescue teams still working through miles of debris. mother nature's attack has been relentless. the scope and intensity overwhelming. it's been the wetting may ever
1:30 pm
in texas, according to the national weather service in ft. worth. 35 trillion gallons of water have been dumped on the state, and there's been at least four inches of rain somewhere in texas for 23 straight days. those are the numbers. this is the reality. historic flooding in dallas houston, the hill country. water pouring into places it's never been before. swallowing communities, ripping apart homes, and lives. it's become a somber ritual. hundreds gathering each day at the first baptist church in wimberly, now a command center as rescue teams and more than 2,000 volunteers continue to search for those still missing. >> we're going to have up to you know 28 to 30 teams in the field throughout the day over a large margin of the river. >> reporter: teams working through mountains of debris wet, and rugged terrain. >> there's so much ground to cover, it seems impossible. but everybody's taking it one
1:31 pm
step at a time. >> reporter: hopeful their next step will lead them to a survivor. >> at this point, we're still praying and hoping for the fact that we'll find somebody still breathing out there. this has not turned into a recovery mission yet. >> reporter: though mideast here seem to understand time is running out. jay gray nbc news wimberly texas. back live in wimberly there is a real sense of urgency here right now. also pushed by the forecast, which shows there will be more heavy rain here through the weekend. tough go alex. back to you. >> thanks for that update. nbc's jay gray. coming up, washington, d.c. just banned all issues-oriented ads from its subway system. i'll tell you why. that's next. here at friskies, cats are in charge of approving every new recipe. because it's cats who know best what cats like to eat. up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish.
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we have some breaking news out of washington where
1:35 pm
president obama has just made a statement on the patriot act following a meeting with attorney general loretta lynch in the oval office. let's listen in. >> i thought this would be a good opportunity before we break for the weekend to just remind everyone that this sunday ath atted my might, a whole bunch of authorities that we use to prevent terrorist attacks in this country expire. the usa freedom act received overwhelming bipartisan support. and what it does is not only continue authorities that currently exist and are not controversial. for example, the capacity of the fbi for other law enforcement
1:36 pm
agencies to use what's called a roving wiretap. if we know that there is an individual where there's probable cause, that that individual might be engaged in a terrorist act. but switching cell phones we can move from cell phone to cell phone. not a controversial provision. reforms the bulk data collection program that had been of significant concern, and i promised we could reform over a year and a half ago. we have republicans and democrats in the senate that think this is the "way too early" to go. law enforcement, national security teams and civil liberties proponents and advocates who say this is the right way to go.
1:37 pm
a handful of senators are resisting these reforms despite law enforcement saying let's go ahead and get this done. we've only got a few days. these expire sunday at midnight. and i don't want us to be in a situation which for a certain period of time those authorities go away and suddenly we're dark and heaven forbid we have got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack or apprehended someone who was engaged in dangerous activity but we didn't do so simply because of inaction in the senate. i've indicated to leader mcconnell and other senators that i expect them to take action swiftly and that's what the american people deserve. this is not an issue in which we
1:38 pm
have to choose between security and civil liberties. an issue where we have struck the right balance and shaped a piece of legislation that everybody can support. so let's go ahead and get it done, all right? [ inaudible question ] thank you very much. great to see you. >> that was president obama with attorney general lynch discussing key parts of the patriot act, which expire sunday evening at midnight. speaking of civil liberties, just a few hours from now at 8:00 p.m. eastern, a group of anti-islam activists will hold a rally and draw muhammad cartoon contest outside a mosque in phoenix. the event comes just three weeks after two men were shot and killed when they opened gunfire in another muhammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. today's rally billed expretty si eded as a second round of the garland event will target the mosque where the two gunmen allegedly worshipped.
1:39 pm
>> i could say that i do hate the religion of islam. i do. i hate what's going on with it. >> he is encouraging attendees to ride in on motorcycles and utilize their second amendment right at this event just in case our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack. in other words bring your guns. the president of the islamic community center warned worshippers not to engage. >> everybody has the right to be a bigot. everybody has the right to be racist. we're going to tell our members the same thing that we told them before, not to engage them. >> the fbi and phoenix police have set up extra security cameras around the event and plan a heavy presence for tonight. a counterprotest billed as a love rally is scheduled to start at the same time. joining me now is author and senior correspondent at religion dispatches, and the editor and chief of nick
1:40 pm
gillespie. first generally, your broad reaction to the chapter two of this. >> really? that's the reaction. this is 2015 and people are leaving a house of worship, they're going to be surrounded by people wearing t-shirts with expletives on them carrying guns. >> you think it's inciting violence. >> of course. i don't think that anyone wants that but it's irresponsible it's dangerous behavior. >> nick what is your thought on this? he makes a point that this is about inciting violence. and potentially baiting people because of their religion. or definitely. >> there is a couple of things here. one is that we have to recognize that there is an absolute right to free speech. this is not something where it's either/or. in arizona from what i understand, the gun laws allow people to do open carry and whatnot. i think the people organizing this event are jackasses, there's no two ways around it. i also think it's extremely important that they get their ability to make protests as long as they're peaceful.
1:41 pm
this one is. if there is violence, and if it's on the side of the demonstrators, they should be dealt with and dealt with harshly. and, you know, i think that the leader of the center actually got it right, where he's like don't engage in this. don't engage with these people. and this could be the point where this particular boil gets lanced. there is no question that there have been attacks on people who have talked about islam within the united states the cartoonist mali norris who came up with the idea of a draw muhammad contest as a joke a couple years ago is in hiding still because of death threats she received for that. that's messed up. this is also messed up. and hopefully this will be a peaceful event and that it will go away. >> hopefully the love rally will have more attendees. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it does. >> the media that would prefer more genteel freedom of expression case to examine, has been talking about and i'd like
1:42 pm
to get your thoughts. writing in january, given the fact that violent extremists threaten to kill any journalist who violates their interpretation of islam, establishing the freedom, he argues requires committing the blasphemy. >> yeah, but this is a bait and switch. they're claiming that the mosque represents islamic extremism. that's the problem. there is islamic extremism. it's a real problem. and of course, there have been attacks by muslim extremists against people who say things they don't like. but that's not that mosque. those two men who attacked the people in garland, texas, they never showed their radical views in the mosque because they knew they would have been shut down immediately. this is something that's happening on social media. it's not happening in american mosques. it's not happening in communities on an institutional level. what we're seeing is a bait and switch. taking the problem of islamic extremism and claiming it's all muslims, it's american islamists, who we are, it's what we represent. >> on a related note, pamela gellar who organized the
1:43 pm
muhammad cartoon contest applied this week to run an ad on buses and public transit in washington, d.c. featuring the winning cartoon from the draw muhammad contest. it depicted the prophet wielding a sword and saying you can't draw me. but the d.c. metro board blocked the ad by placing a ban on all issue-oriented messages in metro stations and buses for the next six months. gellar's response this is shari'a in america. as a solution how do you grade this? >> there's a couple things to consider about this. at, we criticize pam gellar. she's a very inconsistent friend of free speech and free expression. she likes it when it's on her side. she doesn't like it when other people want to do things that offend her. she won a court case like this in new york and the mta in d.c. is ridiculous in a lot of ways. we want an open society where there is free speech. that means a lot of browseuised
1:44 pm
feelings and that's the way that it should be. i think that the washington authority is starting to say we're not going to do issue ads. they start drawing lines that are ridiculous. we should have an open robust and oftentimes bruising but always peaceful discussion and culture of free speech. and i worry that you know both on college campuses as well as from the white house, you know, the white house in the wake of the benghazi attacks continued to say things about the innocence of muslims youtube video, which was not the source of that. we have a problem with free speech. people are afraid to talk freely and openly and honestly and that's a problem independent of anything related to islam. >> it's worth noting that this is not just the washington, d.c. metro system. i believe new york's nta voted to ban all political ads in the wake of a judge's ruling that they couldn't suppress another gellar ad hamas killing jews. >> her new york ads are an
1:45 pm
incitement to violence. >> they're not. this is a legal definition. >> if i said as an american muslim that my religion teaches me to kill jews i would be prosecuted. >> no actually you would absolutely not be prosecuted. you would absolutely not be prosecuted. >> i disagree with that. >> you think this is a good -- >> i distinguish between the ads. i think she has every right to put up the ads in d.c. i think the cartoons as offensive as they are, i think it's fine. she has that right. we should preserve and reserve and protect that right. but when you talk about killing people, that makes me deeply uncomfortable. >> don't you feel like that becomes a fuzzy -- >> i think it's a pretty clear line between killing people and not killing people. >> there is a legal category of incitement to violence and those ads come nowhere close to that. an incitement to violence has to be an immediate threat usually perpetrated against the speaker of the act. this is not. it's ugly speech. it's hateful speech.
1:46 pm
it is also totally protected speech. and i agree with you. you know pamela gellar is a horrible person. she's a horrible human being. and the great thing about america is that we allow her to reveal that in all of its utter ugliness, and we do the same going the other way. and that's what's important. these are fringe cases. what we need to do is to look at that broader culture of free expression and free speech that has to do with gays and has to do with lesbians and libertarians. it has to do with free speech. and that's what we need to keep preserving and enlarging. >> and if you are in the phoenix area tonight, you should be going to the love rally, quite obviously. thank you guys both for your time. and now here is hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> let's take a look at the markets as we head into the weekend and close out the month of may. the dow dropping more than 115 points. the s&p shedding 13. the nasdaq down by about 28 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. stainable tea tree oil and kale...
1:47 pm
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with the syrian civil war in its fifth year and with no end in sight, president bashar al assad is losing more territory and fast. last week isis militants took over the ancient city from government forces and this week a group of insurgents led by the al qaeda affiliate seized the last government stronghold in the northwest province. earlier this year, reporters from vice news spent some time with jihadist groups after they captured territory from the regime. >> with the government gone jihadist led rebels are ruling this area of syria for the first time.
1:51 pm
>> vice news also spent time with civilians caught in the middle. >> regime air strikes are punishing the remaining civilians. many civilians have fled the city for the relative safety of the mountains. >> joining me now from london is head of vice news europe kevin sutcliffe. thanks for joining me. a lot of folks have heard about isis, but who is this group --
1:52 pm
tell us more about this group of jihadist rebels and how they govern? >> this is a new coalition and it's a very wide-ranging coalition. at one end, you've got very -- if you want liberal rebels who are fighting the free syrian army. and at the other end, basically al qaeda in iraq and syria. and they seem to have come together in some sort of alliance, where the common purpose is to rid syria of the assad regime. so you have a really strange situation where you've got american-trained fsa fighting alongside al qaeda, and you've seen the advances have been swift and very quick. and seeing that the regime today has effectively abandoned and retreated. >> where does isis fit into what seems like a triangle? al assad's forces and then you have this sort of mixed coalition. are they in opposition to isis? >> well i think this is a story
1:53 pm
really of nusra, the al qaeda affiliate, because they're the sort of strength in this coalition. they're the ones to watch as this develops. they are opposed to isis. what you're seeing is really two islamist blocks starting to emerge in syria. i think that's what's going to be interesting to see what develops, because what will happen next i think, is that nusra will turn south and may even turn toward the alawite coast and you'll see a very extraordinary reaction because that will really press the regime and start to cut its main supply routes. >> of that regime do you think assad's power is greatly being reduced? i mean how much of the tide is shifting at this point? >> it seems that he's being pushed. nobody really talks about the southern front. again, there is a push from the
1:54 pm
south towards damascus. you've got this latest development with amazing gains in ground. i think he's on the back foot. it's hard to see how he's going to sort of stop this advance. >> kevin, what is syria going to look like? this civil war has gone on for years. over 200,000 dead. millions displaced. do you see this coming to an end opponent any time in the next let's say decade? >> i think it's probably now at the point where you have to caesar and iraq. as an area full of small pockets of influence. you have isis growing across syria and iraq. they don't recognize the border anymore. you've got this growing influence in the northwest. you've got the regime. and of course you've got the sheer move
1:55 pm
shia moving forward to try to stem the advance of isis in ramadi. this is bubbling out beyond just a simple discussion about syria. >> the lines on the map are being redrawn. thanks for your time. >> thank you. coming up, you may not have noticed, but something really good happened for planet earth this week. i will explain after the break. i will take beauty into my own hands. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. from the world's #1. olay your best beautiful
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1:59 pm
and in other news of global good. protecting wetlands streams, and one odd bird, it has been a big week for executive action protecting the environment. yesterday, if interior department announced its plan to protect the greater sage grouse a bird that puffs up and struts its stuff over a wide expanse of the west. the move aims to keep the bird off the endangered species list by protecting it from petroleum drilling and other threats. extending it to 66 million acres across ten states. this has been called the largest ever wildlife conservation plan. it will also protect antelope mule deer, elk, and golden eagles, all of whom make their homes in sagebrush country. and there's more. this week the obama administration announced sweeping new rules to limit water pollution. new epa regulations expand anti-pollution regulations over smaller streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands covering some 60%
2:00 pm
in the nation's bodies of water and the source of drinking water for millions. that is all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! tonight, breaking news. >> two unnamed federal law enforcement sources saying that dennis hastert was paying an individual from his past to conceal sexual misconduct. plus the trade war. >> i want to judge this when i see exactly what is in it and whether or not i think it needs my stamp. >> i am hoping right now, as we speak, to lead the opposition in this transpacific partnership agreement. and, bracing for trouble. >> they are going to have another drawing contest of the prophet muhammad. >> and they're encouraging hundreds of armed people to gather outside of a mosque during a praye


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