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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 29, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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covering some 60% in the nation's bodies of water and the source of drinking water for millions. that is all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! tonight, breaking news. >> two unnamed federal law enforcement sources saying that dennis hastert was paying an individual from his past to conceal sexual misconduct. plus the trade war. >> i want to judge this when i see exactly what is in it and whether or not i think it needs my stamp. >> i am hoping right now, as we speak, to lead the opposition in this transpacific partnership agreement. and, bracing for trouble. >> they are going to have another drawing contest of the prophet muhammad. >> and they're encouraging hundreds of armed people to gather outside of a mosque during a prayer service wearing
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t-shirts saying f islam. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we start this evening with major developments in the indictment of former republican house speaker dennis hastert. a federal law enforcement official told nbc news hastert was making payments to a man in order to conceal a sexual relationship they had while the man was a student at yorkville high school in illinois. the transcribeibune citing two law enforcement officials. also saying the former speaker was paying an individual from his past to conceal sexual misconduct. when asked why hastert was making payments an unnamed federal official said it was conceal hastert's past relationship with a male. the quote was, it was sex the source said. the other official confirmed the misconduct involved sexual abuse. the alleged actions date back to hastert's time as a yorkville illinois high school wrestling
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coach. the source said "it goes back a long way, back to then. it has nothing to do with public corruption or a corruption scandal." this development comes as a video of the former speaker hastert on c-span in november of 2014 is getting some attention. here's the clip. >> illinois is our next call. here's bruce. independent line. hi. >> hello, danny. >> hi how are you doing? >> pretty good. remember me from yorkville? >> bruce, you're on. go ahead. [ laughter ] >> we have no idea who that person was or if that's related to this story in the "l.a. times." but tonight there are still many questions. for more let me bring in timothy phelps the reporter for the "los angeles times" who broke this story. he joins us by phone tonight. mr. phelps i appreciate your time tonight. when i first saw this story, i couldn't help but think that this could have been possible extortion. what can you tell us tonight?
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>> well i think you put it exactly right. it's quite possibly but not definitely extortion. it is remotely possible that hastert decided to pay this guy off to keep him quiet without a demand for money. he is handing this money in $50,000 increments at meeting places around town. so most likely he was being asked for cash from this person who we are told he knew most of this person's life. >> mr. phelps do we know at the time if the victim the person involved with the former speaker was a minor at the time? >> we do not know that. it's quite possible because it
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dates back to hastert's time as a high school wrestling coach and teacher. >> how did investigators get on to this story? >> well it actually -- they stumbled upon it. because they were alerted to a series of banking transactions which violated federal law. you're not allowed to -- the legal word is structure. your bank transactions to avoid reporting requirements. he started doing this after the banks asked him about this large amount of money he was withdrawing. he started withdrawing in less than $10,000 increments. and that's actually illegal. >> we should point out in there has been no comment from the former speaker or his attorneys or the lobbying firm that he works with.
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also finally, mr. phelps is there any possibility of other victims? is this a pattern or in your reporting is this an isolated incident? >> well, we don't know that yet. we only know about the one victim. and it's quite possible that this could shake loose others but that's speculation at this point. >> do you know if the money is going to the person that was involved with mr. hastert, or is a third party involved here getting the money? >> my understanding is that it was going directly to this person. >> okay. timothy phelps reporter who broke this story from the "los angeles times" with us tonight here on "the ed show." thank you, mr. phelps i appreciate it. for more let me bring in mike rogers of what is your reaction to this news tonight? >> well on one hand of course it's another case where it
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appears to have another politician who spent all of these years in washington telling everybody else how to live their lives, when the last thing they wanted people to do was look at how they themselves lived their lives. we're hearing speculation and we're waiting for the facts, which i appreciate which you've been doing. and as these reports come out more and more, we're seeing that he had zero rating in terms of the human rights campaign for six years that he was rated by the congress. a zero rating. and then we find out that he's off doing these kinds of things reports are coming out. it's just -- i would say it's unbelievable, but for the fact that it's another case that's so believable. and the standards that these guys want is always a double standard. >> not only did he have a zero rating politically he was known for the hastert rule. the majority of the majority. this is a man who clearly was obstructing minority views and
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minority efforts to legislate in the congress is that not right? >> this is a man who brought so much of that division to the congress, where they won't even let things come to the floor unless they know that their side is the ones who will pass it. so you have these wrenches going on these kinds of things that they really get in there and have all this kind of hypocrisy. it's another example of how they'll take a system and under any circumstances they'll make it about them and how they benefit as opposed to fairness and equality under the law. >> now, this happened a long time ago. and i don't know the law on this. and maybe you do mike rogers. if was a minor involved at the time, what does it mean? >> i don't know what the statute of limitations are for that but i think what it will mean and whether or not there are civil cases or things -- i'm not an attorney, so i want to be careful with that. but what i think it does and what it means for denny hastert,
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is when will folks like this get out of the lives of other people? he'll have to deal with all the legal repercussions for what he's done. maybe there will be other people involved. there's banking laws that are possibly being violated. but it's the kind of things that guys do and then they sit in judgment of everybody else. you know what can one say anymore at this point? >> when reporting anything over $10,000 that moves in an account has to be reported by a bank. those are federal banking laws and apparently this is how investigators got on to this because there were was some big money being transferred. what's your reaction to $3.5 million for silence? that to me is -- and that's why my first question to mr. phelps was possible extortion. i mean to bring a person to the
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brink to get at that level, and to go so far, which is in the indictment to lie to the fbi. >> it's a lot of money, ed. you're precisely right. and i wonder what information this person who is being given all this money, what else does he possibly know? i don't know any case where people were extorted for anything close to that amount for a simple one-time sexual encounter or even an ongoing sexual encounter. so i think as these details unfold, there's a lot we don't know yet, and however it unfolds, it's not going to look good for denny hastert, we know that. there certainly appears to be enough out there that he was willing to flaunt the rules of banking. and, of course a lot of these rules were passed with the bush administration's to support all of the moving of money in response to 9/11. so they passed the laws. and once again, even though they passed the laws they don't want to be the people who live under
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them. and in the case of denny hastert, when asked why are you taking out all of this cash he says i didn't have faith in the banking system. so we have a former speaker of the house who is willing to speak out to the level of i don't trust the american banking system, all on an effort to protect himself. that's pretty scary. >> mike rogers great to have you with us tonight on "the ed show." appreciate your time. follow us on facebook and watch my facebook feature "give me a minute." you can also get my video podcast at coming up hillary's headache. how hillary clinton's trouble with trade issues is affecting her on the campaign trail and what's the future. and later, as the country waits for big rulings from the supreme court, we'll look at how the next president elect could impact the nation's highest court. stay tuned. we're right back. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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coming up on "the ed show," more trade talk on the campaign trail. you won't want to miss "hardball" with chris matthews.
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he's got an exclusive interview with kentucky senator rand paul, 7:00 eastern, right here on msnbc on "hardball." i knew instantly that this! it's crest hd. it's amazing. new crest hd gives you a 6x healthier mouth and 6x whiter teeth in just one week. it gets practically every detail. that's why it's called hd.
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try new crest pro-health hd. let's talk trade. activist groups are gathered at the war table to figure out the strategy for next week. fast track and the tpp are heading into the 11th hour in congress. the house may vote on fast track next week if they have the votes. meanwhile, the democratic frontrunner for president is flailing on the issue. hillary clinton has not come to a conclusion on the tpp. she makes generic statements like this. >> i have said that i am going to you know make up my mind -- i've been for trade agreements i've been against trade agreements. voted for some voted against others. i want to judge this when i see what exactly is in it and whether or not i think it fits my standards. >> the senate has already voted and it's passed up hillary
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clinton is hoping congress will vote on fast track so this won't be a big issue on the campaign trail where she has to take a position. americans deserve to know where hillary clinton stands on trade. on the flip side her competition, and only announced other candidate for the democratic nomination is senator bernie sanders is firmly opposed to the tpp. he has been criticized by the former secretary of state for refusing to take a position on trade. >> right now, as we speak, to lead the opposition. now, hillary clinton, can be for the trade agreement. the president is. she can be against the trade agreement. i am. elizabeth warren is, many of us are. i just don't know how you don't have an opinion on this enormously important issue. >> the clinton campaign is feeling the pressure.
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politico reports hillary clinton's campaign is "frightened of sanders." not that he would win the nomination, but that he could damage her with the act of his base by challenging her on core progressive positions in debates and make her look like a centrist or corporatist. the pressure will get worst especially when she gets to iowa to get an answer. her refusal to take a position on the tpp i think will only hurt her position with progressive voters. let me bring in larry cohen, also with us tonight, lori wall wallach, and genevieve woods. we're coming down to the wire. if the house votes on this issue next week and it passes, mr. cohen, does hillary clinton
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skirt this issue on the campaign trail? what about the timing here? >> no she doesn't skirt it. i think what's most urgent is that she speak out against fast track. she wants to lead the democratic party. 70% of democratic senators 85% minimum of house democrats are voting no. they have to run for election with her. she needs to be in the heart of where the democratic party and base is. that means no to fast track. our demand is we want to see tpp. we don't need fast track. tpp is 90% done and she should join us in calling for that. we'll get the tpp when we can read it. for now, it's no on fast track. let's see what has been done. >> genevieve wood what is the strategy of the republicans at this point? you've got 85% of house members on the democratic side 85% of the democratic members on the house side saying they don't want this. but yet the president is still pushing it. it's really -- it's one for the archives politically, isn't it? >> well it is.
2:18 pm
last time i looked at numbers, 50 to 20 democrats said they were going to be for it. republicans have said look at least 30 house democrats have to vote to get this thing through. there are a lot of republicans who don't like it. a lot of conservative republicans don't want to give the president fast track authority because they don't trust him because of what he's done in immigration and other issues. but right now, he is relying upon republican support. even if they don't vote for this thing and it goes through, i think hillary still has to make some answers. won't people in the democratic party stand up and say why didn't you do more to stop this when so much of the base did not want to see this trade agreement go through? i mean part of being president is being a leader. and while i may not agree with her positions, if i were in the democratic base, i would be a little bit upset that somebody who wanted to leaved my party can't have a position on this issue. >> lori, what kind of arm twisting and influence do you think the white house is going
2:19 pm
to go after with these democrats in the house? >> well unfortunately i think they are showing a level of commitment, twisting of arms the use of resources unlike they've deployed for any of their priorities. i think folks who are watching your wonderful coverage over the last year-plus of fast track and the tpp want to make sure that there is no way that a majority of democrats and republicans in the house end up supporting fast track, then they are really the only remedy. the only thing that beats the arm twisting is direct feelings of pressure from constituents regularly to their house of representatives member constantly when they're home on the phone. that's the only force to a president who's really committed. >> what's the strategy next week to stop this? >> the big strategy next week is
2:20 pm
on wednesday, national call-in day. we expect more than a million people across the country to call their member of the house and say to them whether they're independent or democrat or republican, we expect you, you represent us to vote no on fast track. we want to see the tpp and then we want to have at it. why should we be the only country in the world with fast track? and secondly, we're going to be saying directly to the u.s. trade representative, let us see it. the president keeps saying anybody can see it. we want to see it and we want to be able to hold you accountable for what you've done here. >> what is the reason that hillary clinton's campaign is giving every union leader in this country? what's the reason for not being committed on this? for not giving an absolute. organizations that she's going to need to get elected. you can't win ohio without union support. no one's ever done it before on the democratic side. is this not somewhat of a russian roulette for her politically?
2:21 pm
what do you think? >> i think she needs to speak out on fast track first, come back to tpp. she needs to say i'm against fast track and then she needs to say, in my books, in my writings, i've indicated issues about investor state dispute settlement and other issues and let's take a look at tpp and let's see where it stands. >> where's the political opening here for the republicans? >> well the problem for hillary is that she doesn't really have a big challenger right now. so bernie sanders is beginning to make some trouble, but she's not speaking out because she's not being forced to. on the republican side, i think most of the republicans i think that are running right now, i don't know about every position most of them i think are for fast track and they are for the trade agreement. but the reality, they can start talking about why isn't hillary coming forth on this. but i think the bigger issue is within the democratic party itself right now. you've got a president, president obama, who basically needs republicans to get this through, but he's ticked eded them
2:22 pm
off by going around them in times past. now you have someone who's not willing to stand up and say where she even is. so if i'm a democrat right now, or i'm in the liberal base of the democratic party, i would be very upset with the person in the white house or the person who wants to be in the white house representing my side. >> you know, lori there's a lot of conversation about currency manipulation. two of the biggest cheaters out there when it comes to currency manipulation is japan and china. there's nothing in this trade deal that deals with currency manipulation. hillary clinton has said that she will only favor a trade deal that would deal with that. so what does that tell us? i don't think we're ever going to get to currency manipulation. that this is one of the things that the united states just seems to push the chip right across the table and say okay, we'll accept what you're doing. what's the future here on this? >> well, to me the argument that the administration makes which is we can't do the currency thing because japan and some other countries might walk
2:23 pm
away. well that should be a really strong warning that if you have the currency disciplines that say you can't cheat by lowering your currency and wiping out the cuts and the tar i haves that would otherwise let u.s. exports into another country. if a country's going to take a walk over making it fair for us that's probably a very strong sign that either you have to have the currency rules or you shouldn't have the agreement. but here's the interesting thing, going on to what genevieve said. about half of the republican candidates are against fast track and tpp. so jindal and trump and feeiorina and rand paul. >> santorum. >> santorum. thank you very much. santorum is also against. and for any candidate right now, this is the issue about middle class jobs about u.s. wages, about whether we'll have affordable medicine about what the infrastructure and financial stability will be like.
2:24 pm
there is no one who should be running for office who can't say their position. >> larry, lori genevieve, thanks for the conversation tonight. next week a big week when it comes to this issue that has been building for over a year. still to come anti-islam protests target the phoenix muslim community in phoenix, arizona. we'll hear from the protest organizer and have the community's reaction. and the supreme court could be in for a major makeover. historian doris kearns good winwin joins me tonight. we're right back. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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2:28 pm
encouraged participants to utilize their second amendment right and come armed, just in case our first amendment rights come under much-anticipated attack. reporter joe dana has the story from phoenix. >> i don't even really want it to be about me. i want it to be about pushing out the truth about islam. >> reporter: john ritzheimer calls himself a patriot and an atheist. he said news of the texas shootings motivated him to hold a protest against the religion of islam. now he's taking it further with a rally outside a phoenix mosque. >> i don't condone any threats being made to the mosque. >> but his rhetoric is hateful. supporters wear profane t-shirts. >> the t-shirt, f islam, anyone will look at that most people and say that's hate. >> i'm a marine and i am far from politically correct.
2:29 pm
i'm outspoken, and i've just had it. >> reporter: he believes the quran incites violence, not the extremist groups that interpret the quran for their own purpose. >> it's not that some are perverting their religion. it's that these guys are following the book as it's written. >> everybody has the right to be a bigot. everybody has the right to be racist. >> reporter: he says members of the mosque have been encouraged to attend prayer services friday as schedule. >> we're going to tell our members the same thing that we told them before not to engage them. and they're not looking for an intellectual discussion. they're looking to stir up a controversy, and we're not going to be a part. >> joining me tonight, dean good to have you with us on this issue. there's a couple of things i
2:30 pm
want to point out that was said by the organizer. he wants to push out the truth about islam. what's your reaction to that? >> what he's saying is frankly no different than a klan member saying i want to push out the truth about black people. it's hate. and this protest not about freedom of expression. it's going to be hundreds of protesters with guns. the goal is to intimidate the muslim community, to tell them you don't belong here. you don't have the same rights as us because of your religion. just like the past in our religion where people have tried to deprive people of their rights because of their race or ethnicity. to me it's pure hate. the man is not only an atheist, he's an anti-theist. he especially has a problem with islam. >> the other thing i took notice was when he was asked a question, he wroeproped in his military experience saying he's a marine. to my knowledge, the united states marines have not taken a position on the faith of islam.
2:31 pm
i think that needs to be pointed out. you spoke with the leader of the mosque where this event is planned. how are they taking this and what's their plan for tonight? >> i spoke to who you just saw on the video. their goal is to avoid any confrontation. he didn't get the press coverage he's wanted so two weeks later he's back. i asked him, are people in the community afraid? he said yes, they are afraid. my question is -- as a parent how do you tell your children that there are armed angry people outside yelling horrible things about you and your faith simply because of your religion? how do you have that difficult conversation? he said, it truly is challenging. and it's painful to tell kids that some people view he's less than american because of your faith. these young kids i think are going to have to live with this as they grow up the idea that you don't belong here. you know who else wants that? isis wants that my friend. they want to see marginalized muslims in this country so they can say your country doesn't
2:32 pm
want you, so join us. that's their sales pitch around the world. >> the arizona council of american islamic relations held a press conference today. here's what they had to say. take a listen. >> as a father, i wanted to share how extremely painful this experience is. raising my kids surrounded by hate and bigotry. some elected officials are utilizing divisive rhetoric for personal gains. this has now spilled over to the rallies of hate such as this. >> coupled with the fact that they're coming to do a draw muhammad contest and they are armed. it's like they're looking for trouble. how else do you interpret that? how many other rallies take place in america where it's promoted that you've got to bring your gun to it? i mean if that isn't provocative to the point of we want a confrontation, i don't know what is. >> that's absolutely right, ed.
2:33 pm
and i'll be honest the muslim-american community does not care if you draw the prophet mohamed. it's just someone you've made up. you do have muslims afraid for their lives. you have a man who's armed who said muslims are terrorists. so why would you not shoot them if you view them as terrorists? that's not my concern, is why will there be violence. why won't there be if you take this man at his word? i had marines who said they want nothing to do with this man. saying this does not represent them. we just observed memorial day. there were four muslims buried in arlington cemetery with purple hearts for dieing in the iraq war serving our country. that to me is a patriot. someone who fights for the freedom all of us have, the same rights for all. someone who says you don't have the same rights because of your religion or race, that's a bigot and that's what this man is. >> dean, good to have you with us tonight. thanks for your time. still to come bill nye takes on climate deniers.
2:34 pm
he'll join me later in this hour. stay tuned. you're watching "the ed show." i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. negativity prevails on wall street. the dow falls 115 points. the s&p sheds 13. the nasdaq falling by 27 points. stocks sold off after the government's latest read on first quarter gdp. it showed a decline of .7 of a percent, fall below last quarter's 2.2% growth. growth figures will be revised again next month. consumer sentiment fell in may to a six-month low. however, the decline was not as steep as economists had expected. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it
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show." thanks for watching tonight. the supreme court is set to make some very important rulings in the coming weeks. they will decide if obamacare tax subsidies are legal in states with state-run exchanges. if the court rules against the affordable care act millions of americans could start losing their health care coverage. the court will also rule on same-sex marriage. in a historical civil rights decision, the court will rule whether same-sex couples have the right to marry nationwide. it will be the culmination of a 20-year legal and political fight in this country for marriage equality. so far 37 states and washington, d.c. have legalized same-sex marriage. these decisions will impact millions of americans. the next president of the united states will have a huge role to play in deciding supreme court justices. the next president could nominate up to four new justices. in january of 2017 justice ginsburg will be 83. justice scalia and kennedy will
2:39 pm
be 80. and justice briar will be 78. there hasn't been much talk from presidential candidates on the supreme court choices, but senator bernie sanders has a simple formula. >> if elected president e willi will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a supreme court justice. and that nominee will say we are going to overturn this disastrous supreme court decision on self-defense united because that is undermining american democracy. i do not believe billionaires should be able to buy politicians. >> hillary clinton has also said that she would only nominate justices who support overturning citizens united. the next president of the united states said he will have a major impact on american lives for the next number of decades. let me bring in doris kearns goodwin, presidential historian. it's so nice to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time.
2:40 pm
is the next president going to shape this country for the next 50 years? >> well it's very possibly so. even if you assume that four of these people on the sitting supreme court will be in their 80s by the time that the president's next term is over, two of them will be in their 70s and the fact is that some of the others, something could happen to. you're possibly seeing six appointments and just one term. most of the judges retire. this is a major change in the numbers that this new president is going to have to deal with. >> and is this unprecedented? has any president had this much at stake, or any presidential election? >> well the interesting thing is that of course accepting f inging inging inging inging -- excepting fdr, the only other two presidents in the 21st century who have approached
2:41 pm
these numbers, taft had six appointees and eisenhower had five. interestingly, neither turned out the way either one of them might have hoped. of taft's six, three were gone after three years. one decided to run for presidency, another died in their 50s, another retired in their 60s. eisenhower, two of the five that he appointed became liberal stalwarts. he was asked at the end of his term if he had made any mistakes. he said yes, two of them and they're both on the supreme court. so you never know how it's going to turn out. but this is a large, just a coincidence that a large number of older judges are sitting there now so the next president gets a chance to shape the court and perhaps the country through that. >> you know not to take the conversation a bridge too far here, but i get a sense that this next election is going to possibly determine the life span of citizens united. what's your thoughts on that? >> well i think the question we have to ask as citizens is yes the supreme court will have a huge amount to say about
2:42 pm
citizens united whether it gets overturned or whether it gets expanded as it has ever since citizens united but there's another route for advocates who are not upset with that decision to take and that is a constitutional amendment. a majority of people oppose citizens united but they say it's too hard, it's impossible to have an amendment. history suggests otherwise. and we've had applen amendment that gave women the right to vote. an amendment that created the progressive income tax. popular election of senators. it's just a question that in the congress today, there is the 28th amendment standing there with i think over 140 congressmen and 41 senators for it. but people just feel that they're spectators that there's nothing that they can do. and maybe that's a route that's going to have to be taken rather than hoping that the supreme court changes and you get a president who will do so. >> interesting. in this lead-up to this interview, we pointed out that the supreme court is going to be making some big decisions here. if the supreme court rules
2:43 pm
against the affordable care act, what do you think this will mean for president obama's legacy? i mean, when i think of president obama, i think about an economy that he was handed that no other president was handed other than fdr. i think about the automobile turnaround. i think about health care. if the supreme court moves on health care, what's it mean for his legacy? >> oh i think it will be huge. clearly he'll always be the first african-american president, as you said. the economy will have turned around and there's other things that will be part of the legacy. but passing that first national health care act in 100 years after so many presidents tried and failed would clearly be within the first couple lines of his legacy. and if it gets overturned then obviously that big piece of his legacy much less the terrible things that will happen to the country at large and the disruption in people's lives, more important perhaps even than his legacy. so it's going to be a really important decision that we're going to see in these next few weeks. >> no doubt. doris kearns goodwin, i've been a fan and admirer of your
2:44 pm
knowledge and your resource for a long time. i really appreciate you being on "the ed show" tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. i love history, so it's great whenever you get a chance to talk about it. >> absolutely. i love it as well. thanks so much for joining us. i appreciate it. still to come on "the ed show," ted cruz continues to ignore climate change even as his home state feels the effects. bill nye joins me with his take. conservatives have been really taking him apart. we're right back. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter
2:45 pm
simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you.
2:46 pm
back on "the ed show." in typical fashion, congress is waiting until the last minute to do their job. the patriot act is expected to expire on monday. the senate is planning to work a rare sunday session in an effort to pass the bill. senate leadership aides told nbc news congress likely won't be able to get anything done before the program expires. even if the senate comes to an agreement, the house isn't expected to consider the bill until monday afternoon. last week the house passed a version that takes the bulk collection of data away from the government and leaves it to telecomm companies. this version of the patriot act failed in the senate where it got 57 votes. the white house is calling gridlock in congress national security russian roulette. we're back right after this with the two-minute drill.
2:47 pm
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2:50 pm
12 goals this postseason. the anaheim ducks and the chicago blackhawks battle for the western conference title on saturday. the series has featured three games, outstanding, and, of course chicago's history could mean another nail-biter this weekend. can you catch all the nhl playoff action and the stanley cup finals of the networks of nbc. stick around. there's a lot more coming up on "the ed show" right after this. >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm!
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ed show," parts of central texas are getting hit with another round of heavy rain. floodwaters and submerging highways are threatening more homes. at least 21 people have been killed and 14 are missing in the state. earlier this week bill nye, the science guy, sent out this tweet. billions in damage in texas and oklahoma. still no weather castor may utter the phrase climate change. many conservative climate change deniers went berserk over his post. conservative twitter tracking website twitchy called nye's comments so predictable. documented denier senator ted cruz of texas has not commented on the storm's link to climate change. however, the republican presidential hopeful did send his support to the families in texas. >> today texans are hurting. they are hurting here in san marcos. they are hurting in wimberley and houston and across the state. >> what's important here is bill nye never suggested the flooding
2:55 pm
was caused by global warming. he simply pointed out climate change, which experts say is exacerbating weather extreme events like this should be part of the conversation. bill nye joins us tonight here on "the ed show." bill, good to have you with us. appreciate your time. what do you scale -- what would you like to say to all of those conservatives who have blasted you for your tweet and your analysis on this? >> well as i say, shooting the messenger isn't going to help you on climate change. here's what though. would you vote for -- i want conservatives and -- and, ed we need conservatives. we can't have just one side running the show. nobody -- you've got to have give and take. but just ask yourself if you're a conservative voter if somebody like mr. cruz insisted that there was no connection at all between cigarette smoking and cancer and was just adamant about it would you vote for that person? would you think that he or she has good judgment? and i submit you probably
2:56 pm
wouldn't, and so the connection between climate change and human activity is established at least as well as cancer and cigarettes so let's get on with it and another thing i want everybody here to let's say our side msnbc, et al to consider is that -- who is the most strident anti-smoking person? the guy who just quit right? the guy who just quit smoking. nobody should smoke, so we've got to be ready when the people on the other side come around to accepting climate change and so we can all work together. go ahead, please sorry. >> i -- i find -- i find it hard to find democrats or liberals who are deniers. >> oh, no no. definitely -- >> it's almost exclusively all the deniers come from the conservative side on this. i mean they are out attacking you because of a weather event that is really in parallel with the science and other events that have taken human life in
2:57 pm
america, weather extremes. and this is all part of the pushback isn't it bill? >> oh, yeah for me it is and this is a very serious business so everybody -- i want people to think about is that this could be the future. this could be something that happens every year or every other year or every five years, and it's the loss of life of course, it's horrible but it's very expensive. when you flood the nation's fourth largest city it costs you a lot of money. when boston is under snow and restaurants can't be open for a month or six weeks, it costs you a lot of money, and so there's economic concerns that we should all be thinking about, and we're in the developed world where we have the means to address this so, you know i tell everybody, if you're in the sea wall business, this is going to be great for a few decades, so this would be time to act. the other thing, ed, that i talk about all the time very important to me. i was born in the u.s. i got my engineering degree in the u.s. i'm -- i have a license, engineering license in the u.s.
2:58 pm
i took a lot of physics in the u.s. i want the u.s. to lead. i want the united states to be the world leader in the things that we need to do to address climate change and -- and people criticize me for this. okay. it's -- the climate is still changing. as we say science is true whether you believe it or not. >> well the political power in washington is that nothing on climate change is going to get done until 2017 depending on how the election of 2016 goes. >> yeah. >> i mean that's what the deniers are doing to america right now. now, monday is the start of the 2015 hurricane season. >> well officially. >> you expect -- >> yeah-hour -- >> hurricanes don't read calendars, okay? >> well okay. >> go ahead, yeah beginning of the season. on the calendar there do you expect this to be an exceptionally rough one, this year? >> it's hard to predict. it's very difficult to connect any one weather event to this
2:59 pm
global phenomenon of climate change. with that said you -- we expect hurricanes to be stronger. now, there's another phenomenon where the hurricanes get decapitated essentially off the east coast of africa -- off the west coast of africa and so they don't -- they don't get as strong, and these things are very difficult to predict. however, an el nino seems to be developing so you would expect strong hurricanes but either way, either way, it's a very -- the chances of rough weather are much higher than not. 2014 was the warmest year on record. that's not a coincidence. it's human activity. 97% of the scientists in the world are on this so the people on the other side are really not -- they are closing their eyes to a situation they do not wish to acknowledge so it's very troubling. got to work together. i want the u.s. to lead. thanks for having me on. >> you bet. there is no doubt the country needs to get together on this no doubt. bill nye, the science guy.
3:00 pm
good to have you on "the ed show" tonight. appreciate your time. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live tonight in cleveland, ohio. we start with developing news on deadly violence rising in some american cities. as we head into another weekend look at the numbers. in chicago more than 30 homicides this month. in baltimore, 38 killed making it the deadliest month in nearly 20 years. these kinds of stories have become all too common. >> five people have been killed over the last 24 hours. >> members of the community fed up with the violence marched from west baltimore to city hall in protest. >> i really don't understand it at all. i don't understand it. >> the senseless fight with some


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