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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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down! >> dana erin and jason, thank you for joining us at the movies. the "rachel maddow" show starts right now. oh, look, you guys are in my front row! awesome. stay there. thanks you guys. thanks you at home. >> the morning that they voted to impeach bill clinton because of his extra mayor at that time affair, it was that same morning that the man who had just become speaker of the house he resigned, that same morning, the day of the impeachment vote. he resigned in a surprise announcement on the day of the clinton impeachment vote. we now know that that happened was because of this man, larry flint, the publisher of "hustler" magazine. larry flint ran this ad in the
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"washington post" a few weeks before that house vote on impeaching bill clinton. the ad said "reward: larry flint and hustler magazine award a cash reward of up to $1 million. have you had a sexual encounter with a current member of the united states congress or a high-ranking governor official? if so larry flynt and hustler magazine will pay you up to $1 million if we choose to publish your verified story and i use your material." and it paid off presumably for whoever tipped larry flynt and it played off for larry flynt when he got to claim the scalp of the next speaker of the house, bob livingston by outing bob livingston for his affair and claiming a scalp actually on the day that the house of representatives was voting to
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impeach president clinton for his affair. whatever you think of larry flynt and his life's work the man, frankly, puts on a good pageant when it comes to teaching everybody the meaning of the word hypocrisy. so it is one of those strange parts of the raging republican years from the mid 90s, right. afternoon newt gingrich and his republican revolution and their great political overreach against bill clinton, the republican impeachment of bill clinton and the backlash against that and republicans losing the mid-term elections in 1998 in the middle of the impeachment thing, historically unprecedented losses for republicans in those mid-term elections and then they pushed newt gingrich out and tried to clean up their mess but the first guy they picked to replace newt gingrich was laid low by the publisher of "hustler"
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magazine. and when bob liskvingston had to go, they picked dennis hastert instead. now today, all those years later, another shoe dropped that frankly nobody was waiting for until it dropped. but now we know who and what brought to light the denny hastert scandal that didn't end his political career but has resulted in a federal criminal un indictment of denny hastert. last night we found out he was being charged with structuring large amounts of cash withdrawals from his bank accounts and he was charged about lying to the fbi about what those cash withdrawals were for. the indictment spells out in
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detail the prosecutor's view about what denny hastert was using that for $1.4 million so far, less than half of what he apparently agreed to pay. what he was doing with all that cash was alleged lively paying it to someone to compensate and conceal his own misconduct toward this unnamed person in years past. as of last anyway we didn't know what the lajd misconduct was or to whom he was allegedly paying this money. tonight we still do not know to whom denny hastert was alleged live pay that money. but law enforcement now say the person in question the person to whom the money was being paid was a male student who attended the illinois high school where denny hastert taught and coached
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for years. we don't know when this student was there. but anonymous sourtsces say the alleged misconduct was sexual misconduct with this student that he is now paying. there's a few things to figure out here. one is how and why this came to light now after decades have gone by since the alleged misconduct, including many years in which denny hastert was one of the most visibility and high ranking politicians in the company. when you have the kind of job he it it means people are constantly trying to dig dirt on you, constantly the press and political opponents. people are going through everything they can find about you to find any shadow of scandal. nobody ever turned it up until
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now. from the indictment we have some bread crumbs to follow in terms of how it came to be. and it was the cash. the feds say in their indictment they started in 2013 looking into large, suspicious dennis hastert had been withdrawing since 2010. they started looking to see if he was using them for a criminal purpose. according to law enforcement sources today, he was not being criminally extorted because of something he did while he was in public office he was alleged live beingallegedly being allegedly extorted for something he did before he took
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office. isn't he still being extorted? isn't that in itself a climb? prosecutors agree that he was being shook down for this $3.5 million and he was paying it sloppily which is why he got caught. why is there no indictment for whoever was extorting him, shaking him down blackmailing him. and this is according to law enforcement sources speaking to multiple press outlets today. but if federal prosecutors turned up evidence that dennis hastert engaged in some kind of sexual misconduct with a student while he was a teacher and a coach, isn't there an underlying crime there that we should expect to also be charged? "the washington post" says tonight no that dennis hastert is not expected to face any charges related to the alleged misconduct because sport don't believe they have enough
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corroborating evidence to bring a case against him. end quote. so there's this one accuser, who he allegedly was paying off but that's not enough to corroborate that the sexual abuse or sexual misconduct actually happened. okay. but then there's this tonight from the l.a. times. look, a top official who would not be identified speaking about the federal charges said investigators also spoke with a second person, who raised similar allegations that corroborated what the first student said. the second person whoeverhowever, was not being paid by dennis hastert. federal prosecutors considered but did not pursue additional charges to the former speaker, which would have included reference to not just an individual a but individual b, one of potentially several alleged victims. now, nbc news has not verified this aspect of the reporting, this second person who can
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corroborate the sexual abuse allegations. nbc has not -- has not corroborated this aspect of the reporting and is not testifying to it. that's why i'm being specific in attributing it to the "l.a. times "and to "buzz feed." but where we're at now is speaker hastert has paid bail he's out on his own recognizance, he's due to be in court as soon as next week to face these charges, but if these reports from law enforcement sources today turn out to be accurate, i mean two big questions, right? if dennis hastert was being extorted, if he was being shook down by someone he alleged live sexually abused when that person was a teen-ager and he was a coach and a teacher, how is the decision made and is the decision now made as to whether or not to charge his alleged sexual abuse victim for shaking him down for extorting him, for blackmailing him. extortion is a claim.
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how is the decision made and is the decision made as to whether or not to charge dennis hastert of the underlying climb of this lajd sexual misconduct with a kid or with kid while he was a teacher and a coach back in illinois before he ever entered politics, especially if prosecutors did talk to more than one kid, who says he or she went through that with him, even if only one of the kid decided to blackmail him for it down the road. legally how did we get here? joining us is jeff riffrey cramer. thank you for being here. >> gangood evening, rachel. let me ask first about what appears to be extortion. haven't prosecutors alleged here in the indictment that dennis hastert was essentially the victim of extortion, that he was being shook down by somebody
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threatening to go public with it. isn't extortion a crime? >> extortion is a crime. just because individual a was not charged today. it doesn't mean a charge might not be coming down the line or it could be a charge exists right now and is sealed and we don't know about it. i don't think just because there are no charges pending at least public live now, we don't know what's going to happen down the line. >> i asked, too, keeping in mind other different types of criminal charges against public officials where it's more typically what we're looking at is something like bribery or an alleged quid pro quo, for those of us who aren't involved in the justice isn't, how can there be a bribee without a briber? shouldn't people always be charged on both sides of the crime in prosecutors can prove the crime occurred? >> i would make a distinguishment of the bribe
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claim that you just described. here you ever don't have a bribee and a briber. you have individual a, if it plays out, was a victim of sexual abuse at one point, who is then turned into presumably an extortionist. and you have dennis hastert who is the flip. you have the person looking for money, millions of dollars at one point, if it's true was the victim of sexual abuse. >> on the abuse allegations, i want to be clear the sexual misconduct, sexual abuse allegations, i'm sourcing them from anonymous leaks. if those leaks today are accurate that the underlying past misdeed here is some sort of sexual conduct, some sort of sexual abuse between dennis
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hastert and a student or students when he was a teacher, when he was a coach, what does go into the determination about whether or not that conduct should be charged as a crime? >> it's a calculus. we don't know exactly what the mis conductconduct was. however, if you look at the indictment, the wording where it lists he was a teacher and a coach at the high school in a certain period of time. federal prosecutors don't put in language of that kind unless it's relevant. you could argue misconduct that was worth millions of dollars to mr. hastert to keep quiet. so there is a logic to what people are saying right now. and if it was sexual abuse at that time can you see why he would want to keep it secret but it's a calculus prosecutors will look at into how to bring these charges and equally important what language to put in the indictment. and they appropriately did not include that language in there because it's not relevant to the
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charge, which is structuring. it's in and of itself a pretty boring charge. structuring transactions so the banks don't alert the federal authorities that something over $10,000 is going in or out. it's that misconduct part right now that obviously has people's interest. >> is there a statute of limitations issue if these things did happen sometime between 1965 and 1981 which is when he was at that school? >> i'm not sure what the statute of limitations was for sexual misconduct or sexual abuse, whatever it might be called at that time. now we're talking 25 years later. but also there's a statute of limitations problem i would think. >> jeffrey cramer thanks for helping us understand this. very clarifying to talk to you about this. >> certainly. >> coming up a thing i learned in today's news that surprised me so much they've physically fell over. and that's not hyperbole and i can show you how it happened. plus we've got coming up tonight, a plan to defeat isis
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i e-mailed him because we have all his information. i didn't call him. >> i thought he was in salt lake city. it's salt lake city in india.
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i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection.
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... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. this story is a genuine mystery. it is a mystery that has national significance. we think we exclusively have solved parts of this mystery. and it begins in a place called salt lake city. when you think salt lake city, you think utah right? you think mormon church beautiful scenery, mountains, salt lake city equals salt lake city utah. but this is what knocked me off my feet from sheer wonder at our news meeting yesterday. the salt lake city at the center of this story is not the one in utah it is here just outside
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calcutta in india. it is the westernized name for a suburb of calcutta. it was an area that was built. can you see some water there on the map, it was built quite near a salt lake hence the name salt lake city salt lake city india is hope to a company called harris pharma llp. unavailable export available into the united states is a drug they can manufacture or obtain that's called sodium thiapental that is used for executions. there is no approved
6:21 pm
manufacturer or distributor for that drug. so naturally the states that were relying on that drug to kill their prisoners had to come up with plan bs and plan cs or plan ds to find either that drug somehow or find some other means of killing people. and that's where harris pharma in salt lake city india comes in. specifically their ceo, guy named chris harris. he tried to step in to save the day. look at this. from chris harris to the nebraska department of corrections dated may 11 2011 6:02 a.m. subject: supply. ou" "hi, steve. this is to state that my company is willing and capable to supplying the required pharmaceutical products to the department of corrections nebraska for a period of five years. the day is key because in may 2011 nebraska was gearing up to kill someone using lethal
6:22 pm
injection for the very first time ever. nebraska had just switched from the electric chair to lethal injection. they wanted to use it to kill this guy but they didn't have enough sodium thiopental on hand to kill him, until chris harris reached out and said i can sell it to you and he did. he wanted to be the middle man and he arranged for nebraska to import the drug from india, salt lake city india. it ended up being a disaster because the d.e.a. found out what nebraska was up to and they came in and formally admonished the state and took the sodium p thiopental away.
6:23 pm
this is a memo that was sent "the d.e.a. is going to come and take the drugs away. the drugs will be devoid and they could give us an admonish admonishion. that prisoner was never executed. he still lives on death row. this week nebraska made headlines when they voted to repeal the death penalty and they did that -- a lot of them explained that part of their reasoning around this is that logistically speaking nebraska couldn't actually do it. nebraska couldn't get the drugs they need to kill people. they tried with chris harris and india. they failed and got in trouble.
6:24 pm
but when the pro death penalty side of the government were trying to persuade them to keep the law on the books, they argued they would get the drugs. finally, they had arranged to get the drugs. this whole idea that it was impractical to carry out the death penalty in nebraska that argue men was over because they had the sodium thiopental. this was from the police officer's union. "nebraska will soon have the drugs necessary for lethal injections." where did nebraska get those drugs in the last month? they got them once again from chris harris salt lake city india. subject, hi. "hi patrick. just wanted to let up know we have a few states who have already ordered sodium
6:25 pm
thiopental. would nebraska be interested as i will have a few thousand vials extra extra." . this ises response "hey chris, sorry i'm not sure where corrections stands on this subject mim as i'm no longer with them. >> chris harris, by the way, from what we can tell has no training as a pharmacist, he's been a middle man selling these drugs but he is not trained in this field at all. harris pharma llp does not have a web site. this is the site they list but it is under construction. we've e-mailed and called chris harris, he has not responded, but we do know that chris harris has tried to sell sodium thiopental to other states in the past. states are buying this from his company because there's nowhere
6:26 pm
else they can get it. really they can't get it from him either. at least they can't legal lif get -- legal lively get this from him. the fda told us it is against the law to import sodium thiopental into the united states. last month chris harris mentioned two other states have placed an order with him. we have these documents thanks to the aclu of nebraska filing a freedom of information request with the nebraska corrections department. if it is illegal for nebraska it is illegal for anybody. when he says i got two other states importing from me you want in on it? which two other states? which two other states are right now in 2015 trying to get this drug into this country
6:27 pm
illegally? he says two more states are doing it. which ones? which states? if chris harris is telling the truth and his company is in the process of making this drug for several american states which ones? we know about nebraska although it's moot there now because they don't have a death penalty anymore as of this week but who are those other states? law school at u.c. berkeley says they are in the process of finding out which states chris harris has maybe sold these drugs to. they're filing freedom of information act requests in states all over the country and trying to find out which states besides nebraska are waiting right now for their illegal sodium thiopental shipments from salt lake india. we asked maybe just the ban applies to nebraska. can any state get around the ban, they told us again tonight exclusively, they told us no. quote from the fda, no it is
6:28 pm
unlawful to import for the purposes of lethal injections and that applies to all states who intend to use it for that purpose. so genuine mystery, what? this is a live mystery right now. who right now, which state government right now is trying to get this drug illegally imported into this country from harris pharma in salt lake city india? the nebraska attorney general said today meanwhile he plans to challenge the repeal of the death penalty in his state. he want to make sure it should still be able to kill the ten people on death row it promised to kill before the change was enacted. if he wants to go ahead, that means the shipment from salt lake city in india can't arrive soon enough. i don't know how they'll get it by the feds. this is a weird crime and
6:29 pm
punishment story. part of the law may be the state governments trying to evade the feds and illegally get these drugs shipped in from a foreign country that can't legal lively sell it here and this is a crime that is apparently going on right now and we are trying to figure out who the culprits are. watch this space. ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. right now, verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want.
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one thing to keep an eye on this weekend is that the u.s. senate is coming back to work this weekend on sunday. they've been off for a whole week for memorial day, don't
6:33 pm
feel bad, but the patriot act is set to expire on sunday night. they're back to try a last-minute vote to keep the patriot act on the books. i think the thought is forcing senators to work on a sunday pushing them right to the very end of the deadline before the law expires, that will just pressure them into passing the extension. but mitch mcconnell wasn't able to do that last week when he tried the same thing before the memorial day break and so far there's really no concrete reason to think it's going to be any different this sunday. i mean if it were anyone other than mitch mcconnell trying to pull this off on sunday i would say bye-bye patriot act, it's gone as of this weekend. but mitch mcconnell does have a habit of pulling rabbits out of a hat at times like this. we'll see. sunday will be weird. it's weird to have sunday be a work day in the senate but also it is weird to have any day in washington be suspenseful at this point. but this sunday is really going to be both. nobody knows what's going to happen on this thing and it could be a very, very big deal.
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interest is the word monster. what do you see in the "o"? there's a cross. you cannot deny that that is a cross. and what is witchcraft? when the cross goes up side down. bottoms up and the devil laughs. something to think about. this is how clever satan is and how he gets into the christian home and a christian's life and it breaks god's heart. >> that is how clever satan is. that lady the monster energy drink is the work of satan lady. with she is not warning people about the sign of the beast in their soft drinks she has a side gig of disrupter of peaceful events that involve muslim americans. >> jesus christ died on that cross over there. he is the reason why we are to worship only him. jesus christ is our lord and
6:38 pm
savior. we have built -- >> let me explain the call for the prayer. the call for the prayer it is in arabic. >> it was a muslim service being held at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. last november, and that's the monster energy drink lady disrupting it. this is kind of the way she spends of days of her one and only life on earth. she told reporters she lives out of her car, travels around the country telling people satan is in their soft drinks and tries to disrupt people's peaceful events and she showed up in texas at annual muslim day where muslim kid come to learn about civics and their state government. >> i stand against islam and the false prophet mohamed!
6:39 pm
islam will never dominate the united states, and by the grace of god, will not dominate texas! >> it's one thing to think this is the thing that the crazy energy drink lady does alone, right? but at that texas event, just outside that tightly shot footage of her screaming, there was actually a bunch of other people holding these we hate muslim signs and scream teg muslim kid there for civic day because of their religion. and individual nuts or bigots showing off is gross enough. it's not like we haven't seen this before in our country, right? but we are in a modern american moment hadwhen it comes to prejudice and hate in that it's american muslims having to deal with this to a greater or lesser extent all the time. this is how the muslim kids were taught about texas civics. this couple was waiting in their car to pick up their teen-age
6:40 pm
son from a party when a lady walked up and started creamscreaming at them and told them they were suspicious and held them at gunpoint. here's your not gratuitous mug shot of the lady this week. it is one thing for regular american muslims doing nothing wrong to have to deal with this kind of hate and threat and harassment and bizarreness from individual nut balls. it's another level of terror when it not just individuals doing it, it's some kind of organized effort. that is what's happening tonight, right now actually outside of the islamic community center in phoenix, arizona. >> the man behind the event openly admits he hates islam and wants protesters to ride in on motorcycles, bring their firearms and make a statement as muslims actually head in for prayer service. >> the guy who is setting up this protest has been known to walk these sidewalks in front of the mosque wearing a t-shirt
6:41 pm
with a curse word followed by the word islam. he's encouraging those to come and show their support for the second amendment as well come armed and prepared. >> come armed and prepared as people funnel into that mosque to pray. the reporter was references this an "f islam" shirt that the organizer regularly awarewears when he walks outside of the islamic center. the head of the islamic center telling people who are coming to the mosque and coming to pray telling them not to engage with the protesters. >> we're going to tell our members what we told them before not to engage them and they're not looking for an intellectual discussion, they're looking to stir up a controversy and we're not going to be part
6:42 pm
of it. >> so again, this is a live shot right now from that protest tonight in phoenix. there is a group of anti-muslim we hate muslim protesters and they have been met tonight by counterprotesters, people who are angry about that message and it happening in their community. the police in a very organized line in the middle. they have separated both sides. there have been tense moments and some people have brought weapons, as instructed. that's happening in phoenix, arizona. watch this space. i prefer without a doubt the escape over the cr-v. what doesn't this truck do? but these great deals end soon so act fast and don't miss out. do you want to take my trade-in right now? hurry to the final days of the ecoboost challenge. and get a fusion with 0 for 60 plus $1000 bonus cash, plus $750 cash if you own a ford or qualifying competitive vehicle.
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time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. we got new news on 2016 exclusive coming up here next exclusive news tonight about two potential new contenders for the presidential nomination because there just aren't enough. that's next. stay with us.
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this winter i learned ice fishing in new hampshire. i learned it on lake winnipesaukee. look got him! ha! like winnipesaukee is a legendary ice fishing, fishing, boating, vacationing outdoor wonderland in central new hampshire. tonight lake winnipesaukee has a boat floating on it that contains four possible presidential contenders all in the same boat. it is a sunset cruise for the republican presidential cruise.
6:47 pm
it has on it george pataki scott walker, george ehrlich and dinsmore are both on the sunset cruise with george pataki and scott walker tonight. neither one of them is ready to make an announcement. so keep your fingers crossed. we got word this man has
6:48 pm
scheduled his announcement june 16th. who knows what he will announce on june 16th though he has planned a trip to new hampshire the following day. he is preparing fertile ground for his possible presidential run by making important and deft foreign policy announcements. this is one of the best things that has been on tv thus for for the 2016 run. >> i know how to bring isis to the table quickly. i'm not going to tell you tonight. >> donald, why won't you tell? we need all the help we can get. we need a dialogue. >> if i win, i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. unfortunately, i'll probably have to tell at some point, but there is a method of defeating them quickly and effectively and having total victory. all i can tell you is that it is a fool proof way of winning, and
6:49 pm
i'm not talking about what some people would say, but it is a fool proof way of winning the war with isis and it will be absolutely 100% -- they'll at a minimum come to the table and actually they'll be defeated very quickly very very quickly. >> it's a secret plan but it is fool proof and only he knows about it. if kind of goes like this isis you're fired! but that man says he will make his announcement june 16th. we're also definitely going to get an announcement from martin o'malley, former maryland government tomorrow. we told we'll get an announcement from link chafee former rhode island governor tomorrow and then we are waiting to get a possible announcement from these two guys, who i'm not sure which is which.
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let's go. check! >> friday night news dump time. producer julian, who ask tonight's player? >> allison sanford from eastern maryland. she's a marine scientist. she has two kids one in tenth grade and one in sixth grade. >> allison, welcome. >> thanks so much. >> is it easton maryland or eastern maryland? >> easton. >> not eastern. >> easton. >> your kids in tenth grade and sixth grade, have they ever seen this tv program? >> are you kidding? yes. >> okay. i was going to say, if we need to keep it a secret from them that you're here that can be arranged. >> no, not at all. >> well, we're really glad that you're here. if you've been to the end of the earth three times, this is obviously going to be very easy for you. as you know probably you're going to get three multiple
6:54 pm
choice questions about this week's news. if you get two of the questions right, you will win this piece of junk. julia. >> this adorable tiny teirra mesh cocktail shaker. >> we don't even guarantee that it doesn't leak. >> the bonus tonight is a little weird. it is something random for you that until tonight has been cluttering up our offices. but tonight, we need your help. we are offering you a choice between two options. so julia, can you explain that? >> the first option is this can, which inside contains many puzzle pieces that create a puzzle and we're not quite sure what that puzzle is or if we have all the pieces even. >> but we're pretty sure it's nothing dirty. >> yeah. we've checked for body parts. >> it might be offensive in some other way, but we can't find any body parts. so that's a puzzle. >> and the second option is this awesome piece of junk in our office, which reads herman caan is an art project.
6:55 pm
>> and hopefully herman cain won't be an art project any more soon. >> i would give it back. >> we're going to need a disembodied voice to judge your answers. usually that is steve brennen from maddow blog but steve has a cold. so we're going to have one of our producers in the control room do it. your judge this evening is the all powerful and om initialent trisha mckinney. say hello, trisha. >> hello, allison. >> hey, trisha. >> there we go. ready for your first question? >> yeah i'm ready. >> last night's show, we reported on the surprise federal indictment of the long time speaker of the house denny hastert. denny hastert first became house speaker during which scandal, a, the impeachment effort against president bill clint job, b, the iran contra affair c, watergate or d, abscam? >> i am going to go with a, the
6:56 pm
clinton impeachment. >> trisha did allison get that right? >> well, you know i'm going to have rachel from yesterday give the answer to rachel from today. >> creepy. okay. >> turmoil in '98 after losing the midterms the middle of the impeachment, recognizing a political disaster the public has decided they need a play space. >> so the answer was, in fact a, the impeachment against president clinton and allison was right. >> well done. one in the bag. >> all right. gotta get two right to win at least the first prize. question two. this is going to be a visual one. this week we had not one but two candidates -- two additional candidates formally declare they're running for the republican nomination on 2016. on tuesday, it was my friend rick santorum. yesterday it was my friend george pataki. which of these people were george pataki?
6:57 pm
is it this man, a, is it this man, b, is it this man, c, or is it this man, d? allison, what do you think? >> well c is the former governor in the state where i live now. a is -- definitely not d. he is b. >> trisha is that the right answer? >> you know, i am going to defer to alex trebec. >> he took new york into the 21st century. elliott. >> who is bloomberg? >> no. who is george pataki. >> who indeed is george pataki? the choice was b and allison was also right. >> well done. allison is on a roll. right side for your last question now. this is from tuesday's show. we reported that the country that already have a statue of
6:58 pm
their dictator wearing a fantastic cape and already has a statue of their dictator standing on top of a tower rotating so he faces the sun. that country has a 69 foot tall statute of their dictator atop a giant marble mountain riding a horse while carrying a dove. which country? is it a, azerbayan, b, turkmenistan, c uzbekistan or d, terrible-self-esteem-istan? >> it's definitely not d. >> [ expletive ]. it's between b and c. >> jump in. go with your gut.
6:59 pm
>> b. turkmenistan. >> trisha, do you have the answer for us? >> i think we need to see that statue again. let's watch. >> turkmenistan got a new statue. the new one is 69 feet tall. it shows the country's current dictator carrying a dove and riding a horse. it's covered in 24 karat gold leaf and it's perched on top of a giant cliff of white marble. it's very subtle. >> so as much as we were hoping she would go for terrible-self-esteem-istan, it was actually choice b. she got it. >> allison, you swept. you extent. you're getting the leaky creaky cocktail shaker. do you want the herman cain banner or do you want the puzzle that we don't know what it's a puzzle of? >> oh, i totally want the banner. >> you get the banner. if he turns back into an art
7:00 pm
project, we're going to call for it back. great to meet you. great to have you here. >> it was a pleasure. thanks rachel. if you want to help us declutter our offices while playing at least the most hoopty game in cable news, please send us an e-mail tell us who you are, where you're from and why you want to play. first, though the warden would like a word. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advise dollars. a notorious drug dealer leaves his family blind. >> why did you get 50 -- on your eyelid? >> just because of my past a lot of things i had felt guilty for. and i didn't want my daughters to be without me. i didn't want my family to


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