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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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s great to meet you. >> thank you, rachel. >> if you want to help us declutter our offices while playing at least the most hoopity game on msnbc news, tell us who you are and you'd like to play. weekends with alex witt starts now. texas tragedy. it's still unfolding. waters are rising and more evacuations expected as daylight breaks. a live report next. collateral damage. >> the colorado shooting spree trial testing the line between sanity and insanity. what did jurors learn listening to the accused killer himself. patriot act politics. what's at stake as the clock ticks towards the end of key national security provisions. will it put the country at risk?
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>> what happened years ago that left former speaker dennis hastert -- an unfolding story, new details. good morning everyone. welcome to weekends with alex witt. developing right now, new rain worries after a week of deadly stores. widespread thunderstorms in texas today. a portion of a highway in dallas is closed after roads became flooded on friday. near houston, a triple threat. waters rising on the san gentleman sin toe and colorado rivers. the colorado could crest at just over 43 feet today causing major flooding. the city of wharton ordered a mandatory evacuation due to the rising river. my colleague janet shamlian explains how much the state has seen in terms of water. >> more than 35 trillion gallons of rain have fallen in texas in may. its rainiest month ever.
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that's enough to cover all of texas in 8 inches of water. >> yikes. flooding in oklahoma also forced several highways to close on friday. president obama signed a disaster declaration for texas. 27 people have been killed in texas and oklahoma from these floods and 12 remain missing. and joining me now from wimberley, texas, sara with a good morning. i know you have more heartbreaking news to sharon that vacation house that was swept away from the flooding. >> reporter: yeah that is correct, alex. difficult news to share this morning. authorities have announced they have recovered two more bodies of people who were in the home. 6-year-old andrew mccomb and 73-year-old ralph harry. nine people were in that home when it detached and was swept away by swift floodwaters. authorities have already recovered the body of michelle, the lone survivor so far, jonathan mccomb was treated and released from the hospital on thursday. some 500 civilian volunteers
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have joined in the search for these missing remaining people. they complement the official law enforcement search which is ongoing. the volunteers have been helping map the yar from both the air and the ground. one of the relatives yesterday said they will not quit until they've located all of the loved ones. >> we know we have a long road. >> how long will you keep it going? >> until we're done. >> no matter how long it takes. >> doesn't matter how long it takes. >> the family of ralph kerry saying they're absolutely devastated. they asked for privacy as they continue to grieve as a family and pray for the swift recovery of their loved ones. that volunteer search is scheduled to get started again here at 8:30 this morning local time. however, that could all be changed by the weather. rain is expected to arrive momentarily here. those organizing the search say safety comes first.
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they're not comfortable, alex letting the volunteers on the riverbanks if it's raining. >> such a terrible time there in wimberley. thanks for that update. is there any relief in sight for texas? joining me with that and the rest of the forecast, steve sos that. >> this never ending nightmare continues. areas that don't need the rain. ft. worth, dallas, hearing the roar of thunder and teeming downpours in these areas. there is good news in sight. this complex i'm following on radar is the last complex of storms that will be impacting texas. we're going to get a several-daybreak. but we have to get through this morning. there is a lot of flooding out there across northern texas. these red shaded boxes, these are flash flood warnings. that means flooding is occurring right now across the dallas-ft. worth metro area. we're seeing 1 to 3 inches of rain. today we could see locally, 4 to 6 inches of rain in some of the
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heaviest thunderstorms. as you can imagine, they've seen 10 to 15 inches of rain already this month. any more rain is not going to help. it's not just a few location. look at the swath of pinks and bright whites. that's 15 to 16 inches of rain in one month. you can see it's all across central northern texas, oklahoma city 19.5 inches of rain for the month. texas and oklahoma you've never seen rain this much in one month worth of time. we need a break. we have to get through these thunderstorms first. more flooding in and around dallas. north and central texas. then the storms push off to the north and east. notice that dry pocket across texas. that's not going anywhere for the next couple of days. meanwhile, rain will push up the east coast. areas seeing a drought in pennsylvania, new york new jersey they'll start to see needed rainfall by tomorrow. so good news for the northeast. and also good news for texas here over the next couple of days. alex? >> if only we can get rain in california to help with the
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drought conditions there. steve, thanks for that. >> we'll have a live report from texas on the situation there coming up at the bottom of the hour. let's go now to the new revelations about the criminal indictment of former house speaker dennis hastert. hastert is accused of lying about paying hush money to someone in his past. and now federal law enforcement sources tell nbc news the payments relate to hastert's days as an illinois school teacher and coach and sexual misconduct with astudent. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has the latest. >> no sign of dennis hastert at his home in plano about an hour's drive west of chicago. in nearby yorkville where hastert was a teacher and coach, strong support and disbelief. >> i would prefer to have never known anything like this happened. >> a federal indictment says hastert agreed to pay someone from yorkville $3.5 million to conceal what's known as past misconduct. the charges don't say what the misconduct was or who the person
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is referred to in the documents as individual a. it strongly suggests it happened while he was a teacher at yorkville high school from 1965 to 1981. law enforcement officials tell nbc news the payments were to a man that the misconduct was of a sexual nature while the man was a student. the yorkville school district says it has no knowledge of his alleged misconduct. nor it says has any individual contacted the district to report such misconduct. he was a wrestling and football coach in yorkville and former coaches and students were coming to his defense. gary matlock was hastert's first state champion wrestler. >> the gentleman was a super professional as a teacher, as a coach, as a human being. i would refer to him as my second father. >> anthony houle was hastert's assistant coach. >> there isn't anything that
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happened in the six years that i worked with denny that would ever make me believe that there was anything improper. >> prosecutors say hastert had withdrawn $1.7 million from four of his banks to make the payments. but cut back on the size of the withdrawals to illegally evade federal bank transaction rules. former congressional colleagues expressed surprise at the charges. both republicans and democrats. >> it's surprising i think, that would be a universal response. and of course it remains to be seen what comes forth now. but it's very sad for him and sad really for the congress. >> that was nbc's pete williams reporting there. other news now. a religiously charged rally in phoenix friday night attracted a sizable crowd along with heavy police presence. on one side of the street a group of anti-islam protesters armed with guns and waving the american flag gathered outside a mosque for a controversial
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mohammed cartoon contest. on the other side of the street a counter protest preaching a message of love and tolerance. >> iblg that diversity is something that makes our communities really strong. i just don't like to see any minority group being harassed or threatened. >> their religion is based on killing my religion that makes them my enemy. >> police say no one was hurt or arrested in that standoff. >> the live anthrax shipments were sent to more places than originally reported. in a statement, the pentagon said shipments went to 24 u.s. labs and two foreign labs one in south korea and one in australia. they're all believed to have received live anthrax samples that should have been deactivated or dead. the cdc is testing in other labs to see if more were coop tam nated. dustin diamond was convicted of two misdemeanor charges after he stabbed someone with a knife during a bar brawl last
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christmas. the 38-year-old actor testified that he never meant for anyone to get hurt. he was simply protecting his girlfriend. diamond could face up to nine months in prison. he played screech on that 1990s comedy. sunday night at midnight, sections of the patriot act including the one that allowed the nsa to collect bulk data on american citizens are set to expire. the senate will hold a rare sunday session to attempt to come up with some sort of solution. president obama yesterday pressured the senate to act. >> i don't want us to be in a situation in which for a certain period of time those authorities go away and suddenly we're dark and heaven forbid we've got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack or apprehended someone who was engaged in dangerous activity but we didn't do so simply because of inaction in the senate. >> we're going to have nbc's kristen welker live from the white house coming up to further
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switch today and get the no mistake guarantee. comcast business. built for business. looking at the capitol, the halls of congress are noticeably more quiet on the weekends. not this one. the senate will hold a rare sunday session in an attempt to come up with a solution for the expiring patriot act. nbc's kristen welker at the white house for us. welcome to you. what is the white house expecting from the senate on sunday? >> alex good morning. i think they're expecting a nailbiter. the white house proponents of extending the patriot act argue that this is necessary to protect in fighting against terrorists.
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opponents argue that it's a violation of civil liberties. opponents are also rand paul. we'll get to that in a minute. it comes down to one section the provision that allows the nsa to sweep up the phone records of millions of americans, things like the number dialled, the duration of the call. now, there is stiff opposition to this. people who say that that is a violation of civil liberties. this is the program that was, of course, exposed by edward snowden. the white house vowed to alter that program. you have a compromised piece of legislation which passed in the house and by partisan support that would put the phone records ability under the umbrella of telecommunications companies. but it stalled? the senate. in part because rand paul argued against the legislation for more than ten hours on the senate floor. so the question here is where do things go from here? can the senate reach some type
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of compromise bill? will they sign off on the house lenl lags, for example or renew the patriot act for a period of one to two days? that's what remains up in the air. look, alex even if the senate does reach a deal on sunday the house doesn't come back until monday. it's quite possible that you will see these surveillance programs lapse for at lowest a period of time. maybe a few hours, maybe longer. because the programs are so complex that they will have to start to be dismantled starting late afternoon tomorrow and will likely be halted altogether by 8:00 p.m. alex? >> okay. 11th hour politics on this case sounds like midnight hour politics. >> exactly. >> thanks, kristen. we'll see you again. >> thanks, alex. the race for the white house. eight candidates official will the gop field. voepters are getting lost in the options. a new quinnipiac poll shows among those confirmed and likely candidates, not a single one has the support of more than 10% of
4:17 am
republican voters. shouldn't be a surprise that it's a different story for the smaller democratic field. hillary clinton comes in with 50% support with bernie sanders a distant second at 15. >> joining me now ed o'keefe covering the election for the "washington post" and for us this morning. good to see you, as always. >> good to see you. >> before we get to the election, i want to faug dauk about the big story of the day. dennis -- talk about the big story of the day. dennis hastert. >> stunned and stupefied is the way i describe it. he hasn't been in office for eight years. he had a big influence on capitol hill when he was speaker. longest serving republican speaker in history. think about the time period he was in control of. he took it from basically clinton impeachment through 9/11 through the start of two wars and a flip in control of congress from republican to democrat. you know, it really -- a real
4:18 am
interesting and sort of accidental figure in washington in that he wasn't really angling for this job. but it happened when newt gingrich was kicked out. when bob living ton had to resign in the late '90s. our friends at "the new york times" put it he got his job through a sex scandal, lost his speakership because it was thrown by a sex scandal mark foley and now he's got his own sex scandal. >> stunned and superified. that sums it up. let's talk about the patriot act. the nsa bulk data collection expires. the senate coming in for a rare surn session tomorrow. what are the political stakes for the white house and congress if a deal is not reached? >> you know it will certainly cause real instability and some questions about to what extent does this program really end. might they find a way to keep an eye on certain things they have to. the one guy to watch tomorrow throughout the day is rand paul. he has really made this his big
4:19 am
issue. he was the one that drove this before the recess began and sort of forced the senate to come back here on sunday night. if you've seen this wild video released on friday it's sort of a wwe or wrestling video where he's sort of setting himself up as the instigator and going against who want to keep, ags he puts it reading your e-mails. he realizes this is an opportunity to distinguish himself from the field, especially against guys like marco rubio and lindsey graham in the senate with him and running for president. this is an issue that brought him a lot of attention about two years ago when he was filibustering another part of the national security laws. we'll see what he decides to do tomorrow night. there have been talks to try to get this settled and it will just be another deadline driven drama that capitol hill is well-known for. >> i want to be clear. the phone companies, internet
4:20 am
companies, all this information is saved from them. correct? i mean they've got it. >> i believe so, yes. it won't go away. it's just whether or not the government has access for a few hours or so. >> okay. let's talk about what happens a few hours from now. former maryland governor martin o'malley is expected to announce his nomination. how do you expect him to boost his image? >> i think he's trying to cast himself as the more liberal and youthful democrat alternative to hillary clinton. the big question for him, to what extent does he really go after her record and her character and try to cast himself as a generational change agent. there's some thinking that the reason that you're seeing bernie sanders and martin o'malley and jim webb and others is to give attention from democrats, find somebody who will say all the things they've been thinking and appeal to that pent up anxiety amongst liberals and progressives that perhaps the president hasn't done enough to help.
4:21 am
those suffering in in economy. hillary clinton, perhaps needs to be dragged to the left before she becomes the nominee. we'll see. the fact that bernie sanders is even getting 15% in some of the polls is notable. this is a self-described socialist from vermont. a guy that wouldn't a year ago have been taken seriously in this realm. he's suddenly popped out there and it suggests through the summer or the fall a lot of democrats will have akah that is right i can experience following him around and lis toeng him. the question will be to what extent does hillary clinton adopt that and run forward. it's hers to lose. with 57% of it and all the other guys trailing far behind hard to see how somebody pops up. they're in this. i think their main hope is that she remembers really the base of her party. >> yes. can i ask you on the gop side. concerned at all from republican leaders that there are too many in the field right now? nobody is picking up any kind of majority in the polls. >> yeah. it's early. i've been traveling the country following jeb bush around
4:22 am
mostly. we've talked to people in airports and up listen to people. most people aren't paying attention right now. the five guys getting 10%, that's name brand. you got a bush ben carson popular -- he's done this before. rubio, people have heard about him. walker appeals to republicans. he took on labor unions in wisconsin. that's name brands right now. come august, september, people start paying more attention. what should concern them is you're now seeing situations where you've got different candidates from different parts of the country getting into this. ohio now is thinking of moving its primary to march 15th. that's the same day as the florida primary where you'll see jeb bush and marco rubio fight it out. that's a winner take all primary. if ohio moves its to march 15th that becomes a winner take all primary as well. who is thinking about running for president but the ohio governor john kasich. you might be setting up the geographical wins and the possibility of and we say this every four years, but it's
4:23 am
looking more convention. that is what will cause great pause for republicans as they head into the fall. the idea that you're going to have so many disparity people winning all the different races and the possibility that nobody emerges. >> you just made this really interesting. >> that's what we're supposed to do alex. >> thanks, to you. lost, not found. you won't believe how much forgetfulness is costing you. it's in the money headlines. it's up next. before we go heartbreaking news for the hopeless roman particulars. the city of love decided to break it off. the practice has attracted couples from around the world to decorate a pad lock and hook it on the footbridge overlooking the senn river. it fell under the weight of thousands of locks. paris officials say about a million pad locks weighing 45 tons are expected to be removed to avoid a repeat incident. sorry about that.
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in three big money headlines. a second look, fast changes and the cost of the lost. joining me to break it all done, regina lewis. good morning to you. we'll start with second look. it isn't pretty in talking about the economy. what's the latest word? >> no, it's not. gdp now in negative territory for the third time since the recovery from the recession. it happens in q 1. some blaming the weather and wondering if the government doesn't seasonally adjust rt numbers, we do -- a lot more in may for instance than in february. going forward, think hope the number to be 2, 3%. in the meantime negative hurts. let's go to fast changes. what is mcdonald's up to? >> their new ceo is looking for a fast turn around. he's starting with basics. he came out of the box and said for starters we're going to make the burgers juicier and the buns hotter. by toasting them five extra
4:28 am
seconds which makes them 15 degrees warmer. you know, he said it's the little things that were bothering customers and he has a big turn around on his hands. taco bell saying they're going to start home delivery in and around college towns. i compared notes with college students who thought that was a genius idea. >> that might be. i can see that. what about kfc has a new series of commercials featuring the comeback of colonel sanlders. as a matter of fact, let's look at that. >> i'm colonel sanders. and i'm back america. >> i'm back america. >> it's still finger licking good. he looks a lot like the first colonel sanders. the original. why is that? >> he's coming back. >> that's darrell hammond of snl fame. kfc celebrating its 75th anniversary. chick-fil-a is coming on their heels a little bit. they wanted to do something
4:29 am
reverent. we grew up with colonel sanders. we'll see if it works. >> i did not know that was him. when he did that funny little laugh thing, i thought that sounds like darrell hammond inl person nating george bush. can i ask about the cost, how that adds up? >> over the course of a lifetime, americans lose $5500 worth of stuff. that's enough to feed a family of four for four months. hefty price tag. it's not hard tokeys home keys scarves hats, that kind of thing and jewelry. the most expensive lost looking for them. many give up within a week. this was the most interesting part. we call them senior moments. turns out, mill en yells lose more stuff than seniors and that's because they're perpetually distracted or because parents are hovering around them. >> whatever it is regina lewis, thank you. the new evidence in the colorado theater shooting trial
4:30 am
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welcome back to weekends with alex witt. another democrat expected to jump into the 2016 presidential race today. former maryland governor and baltimore mayor, martin o'malley. he will make an announcement in a couple of hours from now. let's bring in our reporter alex sights wall. it's not a crowded field on this side of the aisle but a tough one. hillary clinton has staked out the center. bernie sanders appealing to the progressive wing. where does governor o'malley fit? >> well, good morning, alex. that's right. martin o'malley is hoping to be the credible progressive alternative to hillary clinton here. he used to work for gary hart. he mounted a campaign in the 1908s twice. came close to winning the democratic nomination. that's what he's hoping to repeat here. he looks at bernie sanders, he's glad there's a liberal alternative, ultimately not a
4:34 am
guy they think will be president. hillary clinton, not liberal enough for a lot of the base. he's going to be there. he's younger. he's represents a new type of leadership in their mind. he thinks he can sweep in kind of late at the last minute in iowa and gain momentum on to represent a newer generation of democrats. >> i want to pick up where you are. you're in baltimore. he was mayor. considering the recent events there, how might that affect him on the national stage? >> reporter: yeah, alex. it's a great question. i mean i talked to a donor yesterday who said that the events have helped crystallize o'malley's thinking about running for president. crime was the big reason he ran for mayor. he literally announced his campaign in front of an open air drug market. on the other hand, he's been criticized and there are planned protests from one of the groups involved in protesting police brutality around the freddie gray protest. he was tough on crime -- they're trying to reintroduce that
4:35 am
record and make sure people are aware of it. he'll have to spend more time speaking about his record as mayor than he might have liked to. >> then there were four. another democrat entering the race? >> lincoln chaffe from rhode island. not well-known on the stage at all. an exploratory committee, it sort of just appeared online in april. now we hear that in george mason university in washington he'll make a big speech announcing his run. the take away here is that in a field so dominated by one candidate i, by hillary clinton, a lot of the top tier candidates are not taking a shot at it. you have people like lincoln chaffe hoping the stars will align and something works out for them. >> alex sights wald in baltimore waiting for the announcement by martin o'malley. developing now, four more bodies found in texas adding to a growing death toll from record
4:36 am
setting storms and more dangerous flash floods could be on the way. today, after president obama declared texas a disaster area. well, joining me from the town of aubrey is nbc's janet samly an -- shamlian joining me now. not good enough to show you the spillway alex. it's unbelievable to me that the rain is coming down like this again today. we've got a flash flood warning. after everything this state has been through in the past week here in north texas it is -- they are just getting slammed once again. this is going to be an uneasy weekend for a lot of people. >> another round of punishing rain for flood ravaged parts of texas. >> in wharton, south of houston, a voluntary evacuation turned mandatory for some along the swelling colorado river. >> it's like a ghost town now. hardly nobody here. >> the deluge hit dallas friday.
4:37 am
the ground already saturated from weeks of rain. this time it came down so hard so fast, roads flooded in an instant. dozens had to be rescued. for some the only way out was to be airlifted. part of one highway will be shut down for days. >> this water will not disappear overnight. it could take days. we are asking for people to head home early and to find alternate routes. >> it's been the wettest month on record for texas. 35 trillion gallons of rain in may. that's enough to cover the entire state in 8 inches of water. perhaps hardest hit, the central texas town of wimberley where it's hard to know where to start. there's devastation in every direction. >> when you see the damage that has been done not just to ourselves but to all the houses on this street and the damage that the river did, i think we're recovering from the shock right now. >> the cleanup is stressful and could be dangerous. no one is certain what's in all the mud and muck.
4:38 am
>> part of the contaminants in the water, chemicals, bacteria viruses. >> floodwaters washed away tresh thaurs can never be replaced. >> they also delivered something no one wants. snakes and other reptiles turning up in unexpected places. >> not just the water. but the animals that comes with it too is frightening. >> and take a look. this may be as much of the sun as we see here in texas today. as we speak, we're still under that flash flood warning. there's a big mass moving this way. i don't know if the microphone is picking up the thunder behind me. this is just what this state, alex does not need. people are trying to clean up, they're trying to dry out all over the state. not just here in north texas. you've got wimberley and the houston area. you've got wharton. with showers like this the rain picking up again, forecasts for today and tomorrow, it's just as they say, insult to injury. >> we're hearing the raindrops
4:39 am
and we heard that thunder as well. janet shamlian thanks for being out in the elements for us in texas. the jury in the colorado movie theater shooting is learning more about the mind-set of shooter james holmes. prosecutors presented two key pieces of evidence. a journal and a videotaped interview conducted by a state-appointed psychiatrist last year. two years after the fatal shooting. >> you've got a tear in your eye? >> no. tears in your eye? >> yeah. >> what brings tears to your eyes sometimes? >> >>. [ inaudible ] can you tell me a little bit it. >> usually it's before i go to sleep.
4:40 am
>> regrets about? >> about the shooting. >> prosecutors have been going over certain parts of that interview with the psychiatrist since calling to the stand thursday. they're expected to see all 22 hours of the interview. joining me today legal analyst, former prosecutor to talk about this. karen, the gunman told the psychiatrist during the interview he was depressed, transferred those sad feelings to homicidal thoughts. how does that play in the minds of a jury? >> well how he feels afterwards doesn't matter. because the insanity defense is at the time of the incident. whatever he says after may give you some indication of what's going on in his head. but as far as the legal ramifications, not as much as you think that it would. however, he has a long history of mental illness. the prosecution is still putting their case on and we haven't even gotten to the defense. you're going to hear how he's been suffering from mental illness since he was 11. he tried to commit suicide and on and on and on. >> mental illness is one thing.
4:41 am
the fact that he had a history of being mentally ill. but at the time of the shooting is what it comes down to. whether he understood right from wrong or legally insane or not. >> did he understand what he was doing was wrong at the time he did it. it's more important to look at the stuff he was feeling right beforehand or his history. they're going to try to humanize him. the carnage is unsurmountable. the jury has seen pictures of graphic photos. testimony from 50 youngest victim was 6 years old. shot four times. at the end of the day, alex is the jury going to care he was mentally ill after you see this kind of horror? >> yeah. also yes, the journals i understand and the eight pages of the journals he keeps asking the question why why, why? there you see it. writing over and over again. he considers his killing. the rationale behind killing. how important is this? >> it's important because the prosecution is presenting it.
4:42 am
however, a regular layperson is going to see that and say, this is a person who is severely mentally ill. look at this. you also have to remember this was a ph.d. student in neuro science. he's also very intelligent. it reminds you of the movie, a beautiful mind. it's very important. but at the end of the day, even if he is found insane he's not going to be released similar to andrea yates who drowned her five children in her second trial was found that she was insane at the time. but she'll never be released from that mental facility. so you know just because somebody gets off as people would think, doesn't mean they're not going to spend the rest of their life locked down in a facility that is not very pleasant. >> incarcerated one way or another. karen de soto. great to see you. he was once a hometown hero. what do the residents of yorkville, illinois, now think about dennis hastert? the network that monitors her health. the secure cloud services
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4:46 am
former house speaker dennis hastert. hastert is accused of lying about paying hush money to someone in his past and now federal law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the payments relate to hastert's days as an illinois school teacher and coach and sexual miss conduct with a student. kevin tibbles is in yorkville with reaction from people who knew and worked with him. kevin, good morning. what are they telling you? >> well alex dennis hastert, indeed was very popular teacher and wrestling coach here in the small town of yorkville. just outside of chicago. these revelations that he's been paying hush money to keep secret past sexual misconduct has really left this community stunned. >> hastert has not been seen at his home in plano, illinois about an hour west of chicago. but just down the road in yorkville where he was a high school history teacher and popular wrestling coach,
4:47 am
disbelief. hastert coached gary matlock. >> the gentleman was a super professional as a teacher, as a coach, as a human being. i would refer to him as my second father. >> according to the federal indictment hastert agreed to provide $3.5 million to someone in yorkville to conceal his prior misconduct. it does not reveal what that misconduct was or who the payments were being made to. law enforcement officials have told nbc news they were to a man and that the misconduct was of a sexual nature when the man was a student. prosecutors say hastert had already withdrawn $1.7 million from bank accounts and had broken federal banking transaction rules. political reverberations traveled through illinois and beyond. >> i am saddened by this news, and nobody wants to see a
4:48 am
person's career of public service have this as their capstone. >> it's surprising, i think that would be a universal response. >> speaker john boehner in a statement said the denny i served with worked hard on behalf of his constituents and the country. i am shocked and saddened to learn of these reports. >> reporter: well, the next phase of this is the legal one. as early as next week dennis hastert could bleed guilty or not guilty to the charges that he faces. alex? >> okay. kevin tibbles, thank you so much from yorkville, illinois. it's an insider's view of the we'll take you to the new world trade center observation deck and it's awe-inspiring. all of those sight lines pretty incredible. it's coming your way next. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal
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a judge in cleveland known for imposing unusual sentences is at it again. this week a woman agreed to walk 30 miles as an alternative sentence for not paying for a 30 mile cab ride. she could have gone to jail
4:52 am
instead. another woman who admitted to spraying someone with mace was facing 30 days in jail but chose to be sprayed in the face herself as punishment. it was merely water not mace. the judge thinks he's making his point. >> i think it was the fear of it knowing that -- or believing that it was going to be pepper spray was enough to say -- >> he's like oh, it's water. i was like oh, okay. that's a relief. >> i wouldn't do anything illegal. >> well the judge says he thinks the judicial system needs to kinds of sentences he will continue to impose. for the first time in 14 years the greatest view in new york is back and open to the public. the observatory of one world trade center 100 floors above manhattan. it took for this building to rise from ground zero. joining me is "the new york
4:53 am
times" david doneunlap. i'm completely jealous of your spirit there. does it live up to the grand dure of the view and all the hype? >> i had the mismorten of getting my preview when there was a heavy bank of fog. i can't attest to the fact you can see forever, which is the slogan. i can attest to the fact that you can see all the way down to the fulton street. >> talk about the highlights for those that are visiting now in beautiful weather? >> one thing -- it begins with -- as you go up on the elevator. because you are taken through time from the 15 hundreds to the present day on a very convincing multiscreen presentation that traces the history of lower man
4:54 am
manhattan manhattan. >> talk about that sky platform where you feel like you're looking down but you're really not. >> i have to say as a chicago boy, it does not actually equate to the popout sky platform at what we used to call sears tower. it is a convincing illusion made possible by high definition screens that are mounted flat in the floor. and a set of gurgers above those and a glass floor above the girders. as you walk around what you're seeing is a live broadcast from cameras up higher on the building. and it appears as if the city is literally under your feet. >> do you have a sense of the
4:55 am
history of 14 years ago, is that incorporated into the experience when you're up there at the observation tower? >> to the credit of the legends haas hospitality which is the operator. at the beginning of the trip you are met with voices and faces of those who built one world trade center. and though there is not much emphasis as you can imagine on the terrorist attacks of 2001 neither are they ignored. those who come expecter to have continuity between the past and the experience they're about to have won't be disappointed. it's not underscored. >> a little bit of disappointment at the cost pretty steep cost for the tickets. $32 for adults $26 for children. the high prices at the restaurants, are you aware of people complaining about that or
4:56 am
do you think that will slow down the foot traffic? >> i wouldn't presume to predict the effect. but it's certainly between the $32 cost of the observatory and the $24 cost of the memorial museum, for a visiting family who comes to ground zero both to pay its respects and to take in the view that is indeed a steep, steep tab. >> but your take on the broader world trade center experience what is that? for many people who do want to pay respects do you feel it is worth it? what they get is pretty extraordinary? >> to me as a new yorker it almost has less to do with what i conceive from the building than what i can see from everywhere else in the city. and i think one of the things that interested me in the days after the attack was that even those people who architecturally had no use for the twin towers
4:57 am
missed what was our pole star. it really helped us see the tip of manhattan where new york began. and i think the reclamation of the skyline is for many people a very heartening development. >> those two towers are missed to this day. thank you for joining us. be sure to join me for a two hour edition of the show at noon. straight ahead, steve kornacki has the latest on the stunning turn on the case against dennis hastert. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪
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