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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  May 31, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here. even more tragedy for the biden family. good morning. thanks for getting up with us today. a sad sunday morning in the world of politics with the nation waking up to the news that vice president joe biden's son, former attorney general of delaware, a rising political star in his own right has passed away at the age of 46 from brain cancer. much more on that in just a moment. also new at this hour john kerry has been taken by held
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continuer in switzerland. he is said to be in stable condition there. kerry was hurt in a bicycle accident in france likely suffering an injury to his his right leg. we're going go live to europe for much more on this developing story. waking up this morning to the staggering and incredibly sad news that john kerry's son died of brain cancer at the age of 46. he was delaware's attorney general at the time. more recently after leaving that office biden was said to be thinking about a run for delaware governor.
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biden was deployed to iraq back in 2008. he spent one year there, returning for a brief visit when his father was sworn in as vice president. beau's life was defined by service to others. as a young lawyer he worked to establish the recall of law in war-torn koes voe. as a major in the delaware national guard he made it his mission to protect children from i- abuse. beau embodied my father's saying that a parent knows success when a child turns out better than he did. beau's mother and baby sister died in a 1972 car accident. beau and his brother hunter
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survived that crash but they would spend many months in the hospital. joe biden was at that time in washington on that day. this happened right after joe biden had first been elected to the senate at the age of 29. beau talked about that time in his moving introduction to his father father. >> my dad always at our side at the hospital. we my brother and i, not the senate, were all that he cared about. we decided not to take the oath of office. delaware can get another senator but my boys can't get another father. however, however, great men,
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great men like ted kennedy, mike mansfield, humphrey men who have been tested in their own right convinced him to serve. he was sworn in at the hospital in my bedside. >> throughout his three decades joe biden would make the commute every day by amtrak so he could see his family he could see his sons every day. he has talked to military families who had lost their own sons and daughters. >> my family had been in an accident. just like you guys know you knew when you walked up the path, you knew when the call came. you knew. you just felt knit your bones.
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something bad happened. and i knew. i don't know how i knew. but the call said my wife is dead. my daughter was dead. and wasn't sure how my sons were going to make it. for the first time in my life i understood how someone could consciously decide to committed is. by the way the moms and dads no parent should be predeceased by their son our daughter. i unfortunately had that experience, too. i remember looking up and saying god, i was talking to god myself. you can't be good. how can you be good? you probably handled it better than i did. but i was angry. >> earlier this month, beau biden was admitted to walter reed medical center. no details on why were given at
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the time. in 2010 it was reported that beau zufr suffered a small stroke. in 2013 doctors removed a small lesion from his brain. only two weeks a i go the vice president given the commencement address at yale. he did talk at length about how proud he was of him. he spoke once again about that crash that nearly killed beau biden and his brother and taking the lives of his wife and baby daughter. >> sixth week after my election my whole world was altered forever. while i was in washington hiring staff, i got a phone call. my wife and three children were christmas shopping. tractor trailer broadsided and killed my wife and killed my daughter. and they weren't sure that my sons would live.
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many people have gone through things like. that because i had incredible good fortune of an extended family founded in love and loyalty embued with a sense of obligation emparted to each of us, i not only got help but by focusing on my sons i found my redemption. >> knowing what we know now, that speech is more powerful. joining me now, steve and a friend of the late beau biden. but we will start with you.
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so ewe knew beau. tell us about the man you knew. >> it's hard to keep come poe sure. beau was really one of those extraordinary people. you see someone very much like his dad who is committed to protecting people. protecting children. beau is a real gladiator on behalf of kids in delaware and he just served. but not as a nasty or ruthless person. and yet brings a goodness to it. it's hard to convey to people what we're hearing in the news is how obsessed all of the members of the family are with each other. they're very supportive because
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the family has been hit with so many different things. to see them tie together and be supportive. they are a very resilient strong family. i remember i talked to beau many times. we would run into each other. i remember one time in particular where after his father had really on a morning talk show had kicked open the door on lgbt and same-sex marriage much to the consternation of some people in the white house. that created a week of havoc. hunter and beau made it clear to me that their father would never apologize for stepping forward for the rights of people to marry and love each other.
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>> getting more reaction also from the white house. let's go live to the white house. >> steve, this is a capital that is in mourning. his passing was announced late saturday night. after he battled brain kanser with the same integrity, courage, and strength he demonstrated every day of his life. michelle and i are grieving tonight. beau biden was a friend of ours. a lot of people were hopeful. he was readmited about a week and a half ago.
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he was a political rising star in his own right. he was widely expected to run. he valued family above everything else. the pictures are heartbreaking to work at. many noting that beau was a lot like his dad. speaking for the entire family joe biden said quote, beau biden was quite simply the finest man that any of us have ever known. >> yeah. and you mentioned some of the chronology and we will learn more about that in the coming days but we had spore rattic reports. that maybe his health might not be that great. but i guess the news came as
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such a shock to people because not many people recognized the gravity of the situation. >> this was the diagnosis that the biden family had largely kept quiet. some knew that the diagnosis was very serious. i think very few people grasped how serious it was. they knew it was certainly not a good sign. hoping this would not be the outcome. really everyone in mourning today. >> thank you very much for that report. we want to turn now to andrea mitchell also the chief foreign affairs course correspondent.
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let me start with the other headline. that was about john kerry. >> he has broken his right femur and he is going back to boston. he has previously had a new hip put in. he wants to see the same surgeon to look at the leg. he was in france because he was in geneva. as you know he has been traveling non-stop. he had previously been in nigeria. >> i believe the deadline for those to get that deal on the line. you're saying that kerry will be
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coming back to boston to deal with this. >> steve, i think the deal is june 30th. the u.s. said they would not agree to an exception. meet ing meeting so they can carry on. there's a big team working with the iranianss. kerry had had meetings yesterday. as you know these things are never easy. including the level of inspections. >> we played a clip from joe biden a few weeks ago at yale.
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and now beau dying at the age of 46. obviously we covered him in through the years. >> bow biden was an extraordinary man. so dead kaded to family to public service. clearly formed his family's work and service. i traveled to baghdad with both of them a number of years ago and it was just after he had completed his year of service. he ended up with a bronze star. this is -- was a man who was beloved by everyone. they shared so much but mostly they shared family. joe biden has been dedicated.
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they thought it was in remission. it's just so incredibly sad. i have known him and interviewed over the years. the family has attended the university of pennsylvania and philadelphia and children. it's just the saddest thing that i can recall in politics in recent years to see this young man, attorney general marking his i own way. sit a remarkable family. i am just grieving for them. >> andrea mitchell thank you so
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there will come a day, i promise you, and your parents as well when the thought of your son or daughter or husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. it will happen. >> that was joe biden three years ago talking to family members of soldiers who had been
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lost talking about his own experiences with grief and personal loss and tragedy and how he endured through it. obviously in light of losing his son at the age of 46 obviously worth taking another look at. i want to bring the panel in here. we're going talk about politics. but then news like this breaks and everybody hits the pause button for a little bit. particularly when you look at joe biden himself, that story, the tragedy that andrea mitchell was talking about, just to lose a wife and child is more than anyone should ever have to deal with in life. now to lose his son, a son he was so close to. >> i was saying during the break that it's a great scale in the sky of how much horror one should endure in one's life and
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he has had more than his share. i recently wrote a piece about biden that said even if the vice president doesn't run, there will be a biden on the ticket next year. they kept this very private. that is why it comes as such a shock to all of us. hearing the vice president speak about how he dealt with the initial tragedy and how angry he was and how he made his peace with his god, he's a religious man. maybe today he's thinking his son is joining his mother and sister. i hope he can think along those lines. >> one of his -- one of the best achievements is what do you do
5:23 am
with that? you have a platform. people claim the families of the troops. providing something of value. >> really amazingly moving. beau biden was a great american hero. >> beau biden was coming into his own right. >> he was widely described. the really harrowing thing is to look back and see that he was getting criticism for not being out in public enough.
5:24 am
now we know why. >> steve, again, you knew him. talking about what his career might have been. >> we would have seen this man continue to not rise to big office but to go to big challenges. i found him an optimistic deeply inquisitive person. he was not a broadcaster. he was a humble and modest person. very interested. not someone that was so tell f absorb absorbed. so he brought a lot of those things that were part of the dna of the biden clan.
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and how the two newest candidates stack up. and taking a hilt he officially ept er lyly enters the race. we will ask chuck todd what graham has to do to keep the hope going.
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this morning. today we will turn to the world of politics. we will start with a new poll out this morning in iowa that shows a clear leader at the top of that very crowded republican presidential path. scott walker is in first place. jeb bush and mike huckabee tied for fourth. and absent are two republicans who appear to be on the verge of jumping to the race. all of this comes with candidates scrambling to adjust to the controversial rules that
5:30 am
have been announced for the first debate to be held in early august. you discussed all of these latest developments that we have. let me start on the state of the republican race now. we have this new pole we mentioned in iowa. at the same time the news of -- you look at the entire field. and casick makes the most sense to me. what is your sense of his potential as a candidate? >> i agree. i think we would be talking about the establishment wing of a party split maybe perhaps between a roll the dice of rubio or walker or do they go with somebody like john casick.
5:31 am
in some ways he is squeezed by walker and by jeb. walker because he's the other mid westerner two term governor and then jeb because they share a lot of the problem solving conservatives. they are not afraid to touch third rail issues like common core immigration or even in casick's case expanding maryland kad. >> a lot of people when he started making noise, kind of dismissed it. they didn't think he was all that serious. his home state is this very important consequential early primary. the first in the south. >> more importantly, i think
5:32 am
there is nobody they don't feel like they have a prayer in iowa. frankly this is a place that you talk to some folks. they worry that the bush people worry that john could play better in a new hampshire the bush family has done well there before. if lindsay is sitting there, he is more likely to be a jeb voter. i think it really is a problem for jeb bush. >> i want to get you to weigh in on the debate situation. the first debate will be held in early august.
5:33 am
they said okay. we will basically cap it at ten. obviously rick santorum is raising fell about that. is there a possibility that that will be revisited? >> i'm going to criticize the standards there. i understand they are looking for some me trick and you sit there and say to yourself you and i both know this fact. not a single delegate is awarded based on a national poll. that is not a good idea. i think you're better off using the early state polls. they don't want to offend fox. but if you make it about national polls then it alters the campaigning.
5:34 am
less time everywhere. by the way, and more time in green rooms having to talk to a national audience that's the part of this that is frustrating the campaigns. >> that eegs a good point. we see it right there. rick santorum is more in iowa. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. all of them today on meet the press. and a suddenly interesting democratic race. that is next. stay with us.
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a moment. for now we want to take a look at the race for the democratic presidential nomination because that race is on finally, two candidates stepping forward to challenge hillary clinton in the primaries. so what once seemed like a lonely debate stage is suddenly blossoming with additional company. yesterday morning in his home city of baltimore, o'ally taking the podium to announce his bid for president. >> today to you and to all who can hear my voice, i declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> he is positioning himself to
5:39 am
the left of hillary. >> i see the faces of so have many who have helped so many people in the life of our city and the life of our state. together we have made our city a safer, healthier and better place for kids. together we have made our city believe again and we invented a better and new way of governing and we got things done. we need to prosecute cheats. we need to reinstate glass and if a bank is too big to fail without wrecking our nation's economy, then we need to break it up before it breaks us again. >> what is going to make his strategy tough to pull off is another candidate is also running hard to clinton's left. that's bernie sanders. after holding his first rally in vermont on tuesday, he has been drawing large turnouts in iowa
5:40 am
and new hampshire. now as we mentioned there are reports about former governor lincoln chafee will be entering the race this coming wednesday. he says that clinton's vote for the war should disqualify her from the presidency. so hillary has some real challenges now. could any of them give her a real run? so panel, who wants to take this one first? o'mally is in. chafee is getting in. can any of them make hillary sweat? >> is hillary hand-picking the people? o'mally is an extremely karz matdic politician. he reminds me of bill clinton.
5:41 am
he has a problem is and what tha is what happened in maryland in 2014. >> and basically ran against the o'mally record. he said i'm going to repeal the tax increases. they basically rejected it. i would not do this. >> the polling we got this week. hillary not surprisingly in first place, 57%. look at that. bernie sanders getting a little traction at 15 and nobody else really registering. >> that's the first time i have heard martin o'malley being called charismatic. most think that he is too white bread and doesn't seem to be inspiring anybody. he basically fashioned himself after the clintons.
5:42 am
he's their protege. i think he wants to be part of the clinton team. so it's going to be difficult. he has got to criticize her but not too much. i think that seasoneders is the one that democrats look at him. he's pure. he's always about the issues. he would like to be president but it's not about personal ambition. i think he will do well in new hampshire. people who vote for bernie sanders will be voting for hillary clinton. >> he's the only candidate in the democratic field who is actually willing to go after
5:43 am
hillary clinton but the point, the knock on o'malley is nobody knows who he is. they believe once he gets out there and give mrs. speeches he helped himself a lot by firing up the base. if he does more of that the hope that the campaign team is making is that people will like him a lot more. someone who can actually win and draw a generational contrast. someone who has the resume. to steve's point, i think the 2010 election is going to matter more. >> i wonder though like the idea of firing up the base coming at hillary from the left. it feels to me like -- how are
5:44 am
you going compete with sanders? whether you like him or not, this is a guy telling you everything he believes. o'malley seems a much more conventional politician. he is trying to convince the base oh yeah i am one of you. >> there is little space to hillary clinton's left. it's not really true. she has got more support from moderate conservative democrats. >> o'malley at this point you feel like he's going to practice in front of the mirror. >> martin o'malley does seem like the parente of the democrats. it made sense on paper.
5:45 am
>> this is all about whether hillary faltered. the name that you uphold earlier is joe biden. i think the party migrates to you know a leader like biden. it's interesting to me that he as not been in a discussion. >> that's a thing that i have heard as well. maybe it's not the current field. this race as we say, it is on. still ahead, more reaction on the passing of beau biden. plus in the wake of stunning allegations against dennis hasterd, how solid is that legal case against him?
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>> a quick update on john kerry. we are being told that he broke his femur. he is now going to be flown back to boston we will continue to monitor that situation and bring you more as we learn it. there is actually good news for people in texas and oklahoma. we have been dealing with some of the worst floodwaters they have ever seen. forecasters expect clear weather for the next week. at least 31 people have died since memorial day. has been one of the towns hardest hit by the floods.
5:50 am
>> this is what people have been waiting for a long stretch of good weather. of course they didn't get it without getting some of the bad first. rain swept through wimberly last night, saturating the ground bringing up memories. this morning the rain had stopped. crews are able to get back out there. they were able to accomplish quite a bit. a number of texas restaurants and non-profit kitchen providing food. that gives you an idea of the
5:51 am
support this community is receiving. back to you. >> all right. thank you for that. still ahead, the resilient of joe biden will be relying on that strength once again. that's next.
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5:54 am
>> in just a few minutes, we will have bigger stories in the morning with the death of vice president joe biden's son beau at the age of 46. that's a broken thigh bone from a bike accident in france. we will try to clear up some of the confusion surrounding dennis hasterd. he had a sexual relationship with a student back when he was a high school teacher decades
5:55 am
ago. sexual abuse charges are off the table because the statute of limitations. let's turn to legal experts. paul butler a former classroom in the department of justice specialized. wrel come to both of you. let me ask you, just the basic take the sexual stuff out of this. this idea that hasterd was taking deposits out in a way that if you go over $10,000 the bank has to disclose it to the fed. then the fbi catches wind. they come to him and ask him and he makes up a story.
5:56 am
is that a clear cut case on those grounds? >> steve, i think it's a lot of things. apparently there's not enough legitimate federal crime where these guys are going take a statute, the structuring statute that is designed to lock up dope dealers, gang bangers and terrorists, to ring up a guy in the twilight years. this is a technicality in the strongest sense of the use of this statute. and the fact that he may have lied he probably should have told the fed go bang your head against the wall it's none of your business. making reparations to a complaint that apparently dates back to the nixon
5:57 am
administration. >> from what i understand is a technicality that comes with potentially ten years in jail. that this structuring statute is usually part of something much bet bigger than just structuring. is that unusual? >> it's unusual. but as a prosecutor you go after the case you can prove. make no mistake. he is being prosecuted for higher misconduct. they can get him on these technical cover up charges. >> try to find some sort of back door way to prosecute something? he is the first speakerer of the house to be indicted. others have resigned. this is a guy that was in line.
5:58 am
they want to send a message. if you have got a skeleton like this in your closet don't be speaker of the house. >> we have sketchy details. anyway, this is an abbreviated segment. i appreciate both of you. and another full hour of news and politics is ahead including joe biden's history of bouncing back from tragedy that is next. stay with us. then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you. not you. so if you have a heart start optimizing your nutrition with my nutrition. planters. nutrition starts with nut. hey pal? you ready?
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>> tragedy for the vice president. all right. thanks for staying with us this sunday morning. we are keeping an eye on the airport in geneva switzerland.
6:02 am
john kerry is going be flown back to the united states to continue treatment for a broken thigh bone following an accident. kerry was in the region. rewill have lots more on his condition and what that means for those negotiations in just a bit. we have also been talking about the tragic news that beau biden has died of brain cancer at the age of 46. >> condolences have been pouring in many saying that beau was a lot like his dad. it is with broken hearts that hallie hunter ashley jill and i announce the passing of our husband, brother, and son
6:03 am
beau after he battled brain cancer. president obama also released a statement. he wrote michelle and i are grieving tonight. beau biden was a friend of ours. the president wrote i have believed the best of every man and find that to believe it is enough to make a bad man show him at his best or even a good man swing his lantern higher. he was diagnosed nearly two years ago but was give an clean bill of health. he suffered a relapse and readmitted about a week and a half ago. he served as delaware's 44th attorney general and he was widely expected to run for governor in 2016.
6:04 am
but those who know him say he valued family above everybody else. speaking for the entire biden family, joe biden wrote beau biden was quite simply the finest man any of us have ever known. steve? >> with thank you for stha. appreciate it. the the news of beau biden's death would be sad under any circumstance. the fact that the biden family has been through tragedy before. beau biden and his brother survived a 1972 car accident that killed their mother and baby sister. their father was only 29 years old at the time. a loss that would define the family but never let it destroy them. in 2012 just before memorial
6:05 am
day, joe biden talked to military families who had lost their own sons and daughters about just how difficult that time in his family was. specifically when biden talks about overcoming such a personal tragedy. >> some of you the loss occurred two years ago. some of you maybe two months ago. just when you think maybe i'm going make it and you pass a field and you see a flower and it reminds you or you hear a tune on the radio or you just look up in the night and you think maybe i'm not going make it because you feel at that
6:06 am
moment the way you felt the day you got the news. in ait's almost harder for the parents of our fallen heroes. parents never expect to have a child predecease them. never. there will come a day, i promise you, and you parents as well when the thought of your son or daughter or your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. it will happen. >> in 2009 joe biden spoke at the wake of a long time senate friend and colleague, ted kennedy. he spoke of how crucial that friendship was in getting through the loss of his family. >> when my wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident and my two boys were badly injured and hospitalized,
6:07 am
one is here with me today. the other is in iraq. i got a call from your dad. i didn't know your dad too well. i had just met him the one time. he convinced me to go to the senate. i had told my governor after that election that we're going to appoint someone else. i didn't want to go the senate. it was your brother who came to tell me that i owed it to my deceased wife and my children at least to be sworn in and stay for at least six months. when i got to the senate he would literally come by once or twice a week.
6:08 am
i didn't want to be there. he took on the role of being my older brother. he just was there all the time. and he never asked. >> i want to re-introduce this morning's panel. one thing that just occurred to me in listening to that is the age of his son, of joe biden's son. 46 years old. there's another story of near tragedy for joe biden in 1988. he suffered an aneurysm. >> he suffered that after he was forced out of the race over charges of plagiarism. he later said if that had not happened he probably would have ignored the headaches he was
6:09 am
having. he came to recognize that that very embarrassing episode in his life actually turned out well. but listening to him he captures the nature of grief. you think you're over it and something reminds you of it. he also explained how you can find your way forward. and reminds us that this is a man of great depth and intelligence. we think of him as good old joe and make fun of him. but everybody loves joe biden. he thinks he's everybody's friend. he has suffered the tragedies that moe of us hope to not. >> he holds it together. and the thing is a parent of
6:10 am
three that strikes me is here is a man who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and beau biden almost died and then he goes off in the military and serves his country. he's a great american hero both of them. >> what really struck me is we all have this idea of joe biden, the characterture, and looking at the tragedies he has faced in his life it is amazing that he has been able to maintain a sense of humor throughout all of that. >> apparently there was a relapse. we had heard the reports of a ministroke. >> i don't know they ever said
6:11 am
the words brain cancer. >> that is why it came as such a shock to the political world. it's a terrible personal tragedy for the bidens. democrats in particular saw him and he was doing all the right things. there was this thinking he had a chance to make it to the oval office. >> i remember being there in 2008 at the democratic convention. he had been through so much. and there he is 64 65 years old and he gets this incredible moment and there is his son. they hug each other. it was a very emotional moment
6:12 am
at that convention. beau biden is dead at the age of 46. still ahead we will be returning to europe for more on the condition of john kerry. he is expected to be flown involved in the next stage of high level negotiation. and next we will turn back to politics. the senate gearing up for a rare sunday session. just hours left to save key provisions of the pariot act. we will ask senator amy when she joins us next. ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
6:13 am
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in just a few minutes we will be going europe for the latest on the condition of john kerry as he prepares to be flown back from switzerland after suffering a broken femur during a bike ride in france this morning. this is file tape of a similar ride kerry took back in march. and joining us now is a former senate colleague of joe biden. senator, thank you for joining us this morning. you served with joe biden. >> well beau biden as you have talked about all morning was an american hero. great attorney general, family man. but when i think about him, i
6:17 am
always think about his dad. joe biden was there for his children when his wife suddenly died. he has consoled so many people throughout his life. there are so many stories to meet with cops' families when an officer was killed. a friend of mine had worked on it and a week later he suddenly died. i told a story and he said i want his widow's number and i said you don't have to do that. two weeks later he called her on her first day back to work. he talked to her for 20 minutes. he didn't even know her. she wasn't in politics and she said pull over kathleen i want you to write my cell phone on your hand. do you have paper? no. just write it on your hand. and that's just one story. he did that over and over again
6:18 am
to perfect strangers. and i loved whattel noer said. he has learned to ask so many people -- teach them how to grieve. >> that is a great story especially on a morning like this. the reason we originally asked you to join us is those provisions of the pariot act that are due to expire at midnight tonight. now one scenario would be to pass the freedom act. pass the house easily. the other is that you try to renew the pariot act. they are not due back in session until tomorrow. the expiration of these
6:19 am
provisions no matter what. there's a lot of moving parts and details here. came three votes shy of getting the 60 votes that it needs. is there any chance of that bill or something very similar to that emerging tonight or in the near future? >> i sure. >> shawn: there is steve. i'm a co-sponsor. it would have support of privacy experts from the left to the right. many members voted for it. it has solved a lot of the problems. and the fbi director who is my
6:20 am
classmate and i trust says he needs at least this freedom act in place. so when rand paul is standing up running ads in order to raise money off of this i find it offensive. i have no idea why mitch mcconnel let it go so long. i hope fl tl is some kind of compromise. if there isn't the pariot act will expire. it will take at least 60 hours to get the usa freedom act passed. >> if it does expire because that does seem the most likely outcome. practically speaking for people watching this and paying attention, what is that going to
6:21 am
mean? it's not just this bulk data collection program but this loan wolf provision it's called. there is a provision that allowed for wiretappings. if that happens, what will that mean for the american people? >> first of all, the loan wolf provision has not been used and so while i think that's important to have in there, i think the bigger concern is on the sort of winding this down instead of having a way to move forward which we have with the raus freedom act. remember the data collection has to stop. it would be much better to have a transition between the two and have a bill passed.
6:22 am
instead of just letting it expire. so there's good reason to try to get this done before midnight tonight. it is pretty crazy situation when you have two republicans one wanting the pariot act to stay in place. both from the statement state. it's like a two-man kentucky derby and the rest of us are sitting in the middle. i'm hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and will be able to get this done. >> knowing everything you know now would you say that we're likely to see the pariot act expire?
6:23 am
>> i can not predict what will happen. we have pulled off things before. i think senator mcconnel will have to look at the facts here. he already has 12 republicans including everybody from senator cruz and others. i am very hopeful that he will find some way to decide that we don't want this to expire. the house has said they will not do an extension. what's in the mix is passing a compromised bill that has brought support. >> i think you may have taken a little bit of a low blow. there is real concern and a real
6:24 am
debate between this issue of national security versus prooifty and protection of civil liberties. but i think there is -- to say that he is just doing this for political and fund raising purposes, do you really think that's what he's doing here? while his views are real i believe that he strongly believes in privacy so i want to make that clear. it's a good point. when you look at what he's doing with this crisis that he is causing, i think that that is a different matter. it is something that we should be debating and i believe that we have a bill that has brought people together. the foundation has issued a report favor tobl the usa patriot act.
6:25 am
he can oppose it. that's fine. those are all things you're allowed to do as a senator. what i do question is using the controversy to do what i consider to be an offensive ad. i have had people indicted for trying to help our country. >> what are the odds that that the usa freedom act will pass in the next what? 72 hours? 90 hours? next week? we're not looking at this legislation going completely dark are we? >> well, i think that the others there's a very good chance that it will pass in thefect few days.
6:26 am
we want to get the compromised bill passed. senator has been working very hard to get the agreement so we can move forward on this. i think something like it. this bill will have to pass so it matches the house if we don't want this to go on beyond a few days. it makes no sense to not get it done tonight. to let this expire and to sort of start all of the problems in place when in fact i believe the votes are here to pass it. >> i wonder if you think the debate on this both sides of the debate might be overblown. we're still talking about something that is theoretical. any of this information has been used personally. on the flip side of it people
6:27 am
who raised concerns about how this is so vital to national security can't quite to an example. so both sides are sort of dealing in various heavy rhetoric of the theoretical sort. is this an overblown debate? >> there is evidence which allows the -- the intelligence officials to track people from foreign countries and engage in terrorist activities that it i has been helpful so this is separate and apart from the use by the nsa that this data collection is helpful. that being said i think from a civil liberties and privacy
6:28 am
perspective, the way we're doing it is to allow the phone companies to keep the data as they do now and then have a much more specific search term so that if the government wants to find data from this meta data they have to go the companies with an account number with a specific mobile device or some kind of an address. so they are specifically searching. the intelligence officials say it will work. so we have struck that balance between proteching civil liberties and going after the evil doers and terrorists. >> really appreciate you taking a few minutes. >> it's great to be on. thank you. >> the latest on john kerry breaking his femur in a biking accident. how this will affect his schedule and negotiations on iran right on the other side of
6:29 am
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6:32 am
>> all right. an update on one of the breaking news stories we have been following this morning. john kerry cutting short his trip to europe after breaking his leg in a bike accident. nbc's katie joins us live from lon don. kerry was air lifted to a swiss hospital. we are told he never lost consciousness and now is in stable condition. the associated press reports that a paramedic traveling with
6:33 am
kerry's motorcade examined the secretary of state after his bike apparently hit a kush. officials stress his life is not in any danger at this point. kerry was supposed to be traveling to madrid later today. because the break is close to where he had hip surgery he will be flying back. he has been an avid cycler and cycling fan since he was a child. we remember the wind surfing pictures of him from the 2004 election. also he is in good prices. >> we have been keeping an eye on the busy world.
6:34 am
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we have been juggling a lot with all the news about the death of beau biden at the age of 46. also the news that secretary of state john kerry had broken his femur to be flown back to the united states. we just talked to amy klobuchar. steve, i will start with you. you had an interesting exchange about the motives for rand paul in picking this fight.
6:38 am
rand has this video out there. talks about obama could be reading your e-mails and i want to put a stop to that. you don't see any politics in this today? >> he is running for president. this issue is what defines rand paul. that is what i was saying. i thought more on the national security side of the debate than the national security civil liberties side? we have seen the irs scandal that has many people nervous. >> democrats say it was not a scandal at all. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't want to litigate that
6:39 am
one now. >> information can be misused. >> this is a great issue for rand paul. i think he genuinely believes it. i would also point out on tuesday, rand paul is doing a press conference with supporters of releasing the 28 pages that were retracted in the 9/11 investigation which apparently implicates the saudis in the lead-up to 911. a couple of house members and now they have gotten rand paul to join them. so this is another issue, i think, more transparency playing on this notion that the government isn't always on your side and they are covering something up and a lot of people believe that. >> i wondered talk about the presidential politics.
6:40 am
we talked so much about how maybe in the wake of iraq and afghanistan in the wake of what a lot of people across the spectrum said is maybe overreach. the republican party might be moving more in rand paul's direction. but now in the age of isis with the beheading videos you have seen attitudes start to shift. does rand paul risk becoming version 2.0 of his father? is he just confirming to republicans that i am just like my father? >> this is an issue he has been consistent on. what rand paul has shifted on are issues like defense spending. now he wants to increase it. he was skeptical and now he is more strong and a robust
6:41 am
military response. within the republican base. but he's the only candidate who is really taking the side and taking the side strongly so i think there is a base to be captured. >> what makes him so important to republicans whether you agree with him or not is republicans are going to win the p presidential race. they will need the voters. they will need the libertarians and the young people. decently with minorities. >> the other interesting part. there is so much drama in the house. in this case here it is. the compromise bill got through the house.
6:42 am
>> they can't stand both being functional at the same time. >> the other 1% that tiny sliver of america that is never heard of hillary clinton, who are they? stay with us. we will tell you. the network that monitors her health. the secure cloud services that store her genetic data the servers and software on a mission to find the perfect match. and the mom who gets to hear her daughter's heart beat once again. we're helping organizations transform the way they work so they can transform the lives of the people they serve. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪
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that's where at&t can help. we monitor network traffic worldwide, so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. there's a lot going on this morning. more developments in switzerland. john kerry cancelled the rest of his european trip to fly back to the u.s. after breaking his femur in a bike accident. first we will get caught up on some of the other headlines. let's start in politico with this headline. 1% of americans say they have never heard of hillary clinton. who the heck are they? this is a tiny sliver of registered voters who tell
6:46 am
pollsters that they have not heard of the first lady and presidential candidate. it seems that nobody can ever get to 100% including hillary clinton. >> the margin of error is 3%. secondly this reminds me of the fact that sometimes people tell pollster things. 13% of the country told the pollster that they believed president obama was the antichrist. did they really believe that? >> or with they messing with the polssteres? >> we know the 1% is not the 1% that is working. >> this is the other 1%.
6:47 am
>> 22 years now. >> very famous story. someone living in illinois that we had never heard of him and he said tell me who he is. we will have him di deported. >> and officially removing cuba. >> and giving notice before they would not have the power to block that decision. we are moving pretty much full speed ahead. the election on the right is what, it seems like everything we have done in this deal. republicans.
6:48 am
>> what we get is common sense. embargo that is not having the effect we wanted. i think it's ridiculous to have continued it. there is not going be an outcry in congress. we don't have the votes. >> i have not heard a concerted backlash to this. some concerns to the right. you look at the polling on this and it's 2-1 in favor of it. >> most of the country in support of it. >> something the president wants to make part of hids legacy.
6:49 am
>> they have got lip service. but people understand that that's not going happen. >> i remember when this first broke, the move towards normalization, we had somebody who i think it was her father. you still certainly pleasant write of people with a perspective like that. there are still political -- there are still political prisoners in cuba. we probably shouldn't sugar coat that. this is from the associated press. what would happen if western powers boycotted the world cup. sepp blatter was elected. it was suggested that these could exit the organization and form their own tournament. he down played that possibility yesterday. europe, south america, these are the anti-blatter countries.
6:50 am
>> he did empower the third world countries and that's what his votes are. it's hard for me >> he ep powered the third world countries. it's hard to see where the west withdraws to start their own tournament. >> he gave south africa the world cup in 2010. >> this is a scandal that may be almost ep i possible -- the bribery payments look very realment fifa may have to be blown up and a few organization take its place. >> whatever emerges they will probably be unified international soccer. >> something for mitt romney to do. >> the olympics. there you go. >> finally we have this one. npr, cbs's bob schieffer retires. he's been anchoring face the nation on cbs. he's leaving after 46 years. he's interviewed every president since if i can son.
6:51 am
his first big story was the assassination of president kennedy at the age of 78 he's decided to hang it up. we wish him good luck this retirement. >> you're the new bob. >> i should hope for a career this long or one a tenth of that. up next secretary of state john kerry breaking his leg in a biking overseas. a new report on the latest. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats. new friskies 7. for cats. by cats.
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with three years interest-free financing. plus, free same day delivery set-up and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we are keeping an eye on the hospital in switzerland that's been treating secretary of state john kerry this morning after he crashed his bike and broke his femur in france this morning. katy tur has the latest the from london. everyone has been keeping a close eye on every helicopter that takes off from the hospital there. what do you know about where exactly secretary of state kerry is now? >> we know a helicopter took off from the roof of the swiss
6:55 am
hospital where secretary of state john kerry was being treated. we don't know if he was in the helicopter. it could be just another dire emergency for somebody else. according to the state department he's returning to boston today. he broke his right femur. he's going back to boston because it's close to the place where he had hip surgery. they want to go to the same doctor who did that surgery at mass general. he'll be on his way today. unclear if he's already not on he is way. he broke his femur on the french border between france and switzerland, 25 miles from geneva where he's been in ongoing nuclear negotiations with the iranians. he was supposed to go to spain later today to talk to the prime minister and the king there. then on to paris for an international conference on isis. both have obviously been cancelled. despite the injury and the femur is a bad break. he is said to be this good
6:56 am
spirits now. steve? >> all right. thank you for the up update. appreciate that to wrap up secretary of state john kerry cancelling the rest of his european trip. he's expected to return to the united states from switzerland, possibly any time now after breaking his femur in a bicycle stent in france this morning pt it will be important to keep an eye on how his broken leg will impact this delicate stage of neg yaegss with iran as the parties try to reach a final nuclear deal by the end of june. also we have been following off of washington all of the country mourning the death of beau biden this morning. the vice president releasing a statement that his son, the former attorney general of delaware a rising political star has died after a battle with brain cancer at 46. want to thank the panel for being with us today. steve moore, eleanor clift of the daily beast. up nextmelissa harris-perry.
6:57 am
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this morning my question -- can lebron save cleveland? plus roxanne gaye and taylor swift. the new maksim magazine it girls. and the missing 86 minutes of video connected to a chicago police shooting. first, china is building something in the sea. it is not a new vacation destination. good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. this morning the country is waking up to saddening and stunning fews. it first broke late last night. beau biden, former attorney general for delaware and son of vice president joe biden is dead at the age of 46.


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