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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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will stay in jail until the appeals process is over. his case is especially unbelievable because he spent nearly half a century in solitary confinement, longer than any other prisoner in america. good evening. welcome to the ed show live from washington, d.c. i'm michael eric dyson. let's get to work. tonight, the final push. >> i am disappointed taa did not pass. >> obama might get one more shot ahead of tuesday to try and push this through. plus day seven. >> the two killers still on the loose. >> i believe we will catch the guys. >> later, ready for launch. >> every day americans and their families need a champion. a champion who will fight for them every single day. i want to be that champion.
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controversy. >> a prominent naacp leader accused of lying about being black. minority leader pelosi told the floor she would vote down taa to stop fast track. >> while i'm a big supporter of taa, if taa slows down the fast track, i'm prepared to vote
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against taa because then its defeat, sad to say, is the only way that we will be able to slow down the fast track. >> taa went down with 302 votes. both bills were necessary for the president's trade package to advance. the white house went all out to woo democrats this week including pelosi. the president made a surprise visit to the annual congressional ball game with beer for the winning team. the president criticized for ducking out of opportunities for being with members of congress shook hands with both dug outs. moments before the critical trade vote he joined a house democrat meeting to drum up last minute support. they called the maneuver insulting. >> the president tried to both guilt people and then impugn their integrity. i don't think it was a very effective tactic. there were a number of us insult
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bid the approach. he said you're not playing it straight if you use the only tool you have to stop tpa. they've got the votes for tpa. i've been here before. i've seen this scene. once you get tpa, the whole deal is a done deal. >> trade adjustment assistance provides support to workers who lost their jobs as a result of trade deal. the bill was pushed forward to entice democrats receiving pressure from labor groups. the effort backfired. opponents of the larger trade bill saw it add an opportunity to derail the whole deal. house majority leader tied taa to tpa. he proceeded with the vote any way. trade promotion authority passed by a sliver but doesn't move without taa. the house won't consider the trade assistance until monday evening. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. will democrats hold the line
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against the tpp? i'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me now is congressman peter defazio. the house could consider taa on monday. could president obama get enough democrats to move on this vote during the weekend, more beer parties or outings or picnics or something? >> after you've neglected the house for seven years, sort of a last minute dating approach isn't particularly effective. so, no. it's pretty hard for people to explain why they changed their position between a friday and a monday. we don't know what kind of legislature demeaner the republicans will come up. the president's talking about
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being straight with us. they used every trick they had to try and jam this thing through, get us to give up our constitutional authority to actually meaningfully participate and meaningfully amend it. he said we used trade adjustment assistance to slow them down. we're guilt. they're guilt because they didn't listen to us. they didn't work with us. 85% of the democratic caucus is opposed to the currently written trade package. >> that ll is not cool. maybe some speed dating on his part might assist. what are you hearing from your colleagues after the vote? >> people were happy that we had managed to slow this down. the way they set it up is the whole package goes forward or nothing goes forward. how they're going to resolve that, i don't know. one way the best way would be
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for the president to begin to listen to the democrats who have been proposing ways to fix this agreement and ways to make congress be meaningfully involved. his people have totally blown off the democrats. they cut a deal on the senate side but on the house side they blew off all the democrats on that committee and worked with the republicans for this proposal. >> josh earnest says it expires in december. is that a new deadline? >> i thought it was the end of the year and not the end of the fiscal year. i'm not sure. if the president says to the republicans and corporate america who desperately wants this deal. if he says my price is a really robust trade adjustment two or three times, and a couple other
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changes to this agreement so we get meaningful labor standards, currency currency manipulation, a couple other things it could be a better trade agreement. if the president wants to side with the republicans and corporate america and not improve this then we're going to do everything we can to derail it. >> do you think nancy pelosi holding the line is extremely important? >> i think that was very important to have our leader hold the line. we thought that was going to be a much closer vote. if you saw it progress first she kind of broke the dam a little bit there and secondly as the vote moved on they did not pick up. they lost a lot of republicans. >> all right. thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> now i want to bring in director of public citizens global trade watch. i'm going to ask you about your action plan that now the taa has
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failed. are you celebrating? yesterday you were indicating some of the profound and complications with this deal. you have to be feeling good now in. >> well, the good news is despite there being a two-year effort by a huge corporate coalition, the president of the united states and the republican leadership most unusually the allegedly unstoppable momentum of that coalition actually hit the immovable object called grass roots democracy. it's one of those rare occasions where democrats, republicans, tea party, progressives across the country have really done living democracy. they have hounded their members of congress. it really made that difference. you had enough members who wunone way or the other got within an inch of taking down the whole bill and they took down the half of it that derailed it going forward. it was a good moment.
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we still have some more work to do. >> do you think you'll be able to trade -- you kill the entire bill. what would that hinge on? >> the cynical gimmick is the trade adjustment assistance is put in there to provide cover for the democrats who would not feel it's safe to vote for the fast track which we'll offshore more jobs. basically the vote in advance for the burial insurance that they will lose their job and bury their economic future. because they said you can't take us for granted and put this bait out here on the mouse trap. we sort of came up and went hmm. we see that thing coming. we're backing right up. the bait of the taa wasn't sufficient to get democrats to actually take the last few steps. the ones who are willing, the handful to vote for the fast track won't do it without the taa. it's a total catch 22.
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>> congressman defazio looked a bit unnerved by the president's gall in coming there. what do you make of his last ditch efforts to go to congress for man who has not been seen as well met? >> what i heard from a lot of members which is sad in way, it's not so much personality wise. it's more like where was he? why wasn't he up here when we were trying to pass new union rights? why wasn't he up here when we were trying to raise minimum wage? why wasn't he up here making this level of passionate personal appeal for something that was for the democratic base? something that his entire democratic caucus but also labor, environmental, small business, internet freedom. you basically say what is the
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entire democratic base human rights, civil rights food safety consumer together and that's who is he cross ways with. >> what do you make in by contrast nancy pelosi standing firm and voting down the taa? >> what everyone needs to do this weekend starting with people in san francisco is thank congress people. first piece of business is to thank democrats and republicans alike who did the right thing. it really was an ugly scene there. it was tense. >> why is the president pushing this so hard? what investment if your entire democratic base not just parts of it, but mostly the entire democratic base is against this and certain republicans have joined those democrats. what does he gain from this? yeah. tlp it is. thank you so much for your time tonight. remember to answer tonight's
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tonight's question, will democrats hold the line against the tpp? keep voting throughout the hour. you'll see 87% say yes. 13%, now 14% say no. it's still up in the air. you keep voting. we'll be right back. two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford
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edge. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut. the judge has been a judge for 31 years.
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he's a public servant. it's interesting to see what the prosecutors who will do who are also public servant in honoring the people's wishes. >> that was the attorney for the family of tamir rice sharing his reaction to a judge's opinion saying there's probable causes for charges including murder to be filed in the death of tamir rice. now the case sits in the hands of prosecutors and will go to the grand jury. the community is calling for the arrest of the officers involved. nbc ron allen has more. >> reporter: this video captured the moment last november when tamir rice was shot and killed by officer timothy loman. today a judge found probable cause he should face multiple charges including murder and probably cause for negligent
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homicide. the court is still thunder struck but how quickly this event turned deadly. his opinion and response to activists who used an obscure ohio law to ask the judge to weigh in. >> we are asking for an arrest. that's what the statute calls for. >> reporter: the judge's opinion is advisory. while aware that grand juries have not charged police in some recent high profile shootings, rice's mother said she was trying to be optimistic. >> at the end of the day he was still a kid. 12-year-old kid. >> the judge's opinion is solely advisory. only the prosecutor or grand jury can bring charges against the officers. the attorneys for officer loman said the judge's order does not and should not impact the investigation being conducted by the cuyahoga county sheriff's department. we respect the authority of the
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prosecutors to review and investigate this case. reaction from the community following the judge's ruling? >> there's been so much community attention placed on this. people from all around the world are paying attention to this case. the first thing i would say is there are different parts of the community. you have that cleveland eight as tamir rice's family attorney has dubbed. the eight people who went with that citizen's affidavit asked the judge, we want charges. we want arrests. they were ecstatic when i talked to member who had come to the judge asking for this. the reality is they didn't get what they wanted. there were no charges issued. this now a political football was tossed to the prosecutor who has promised he will then toss it along to a grand jury to decide if charges will be issued in this case.
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these folks are very excited about it but it didn't have the outcome they were looking for. >> yes, senator turner, the family's attorney says this is a blue print of what being engaged in your community can do but how much did it have and will it create a resentment in the prosecutor's office as he sends it to the grand jury. >> i will say the african-american community are not, we are not homogeneous be the folks are pleased with this. the cleveland eight brought pressure to bear and the judge responded quickly. that is something that the community has nod gotten as of late when it comes to these types of cases not just here in cleveland but all across the country. a stake has been poked in the
2:20 pm
sand that it's saying that the cleveland eight and other community member who is are concerned about this that they will use every legal means necessary to continue to elevate this case and put it dead center where it is supposed to be. i would say in that regard that the cleveland eight did win. >> right. hillary, is there a time frame when the grand jury will hear the case and make a decision? >> not at all. not at all. that is something if i had a krystal ball, if i knew the answer to that question, i think i would be a very rich woman at this time. it's absolutely something that we do not know and -- >> do you have any sense of why it's taking so long? >> that's a question a lot of community leaders are asking. that's why this group of eight people went to the judge looking to put sort of a little more attention on this. it just a recommendation. it calls attention to what's happening but in and of itself doesn't mean there will be any
2:21 pm
charges. i think what's happening now is the community has another chance to rally around it. i also think we have to take into account what the other side is saying also. you have some really strong rhetoric coming from the other side. the police union president saying that these people have miserable lives for calling attention this way. you still have to go through the grand jury. this isn't a process that can go around that grand jury. you have folk who is are saying it's grand standing and that's all that it is. the reality is it does call attention to what's happening. it does call attention to the fact this happened back in november. if that's what they were looking for then they definitely accomplished that. >> senator turner today a federal judge approved an agreement between the city of cleveland and the department of justice, do you think that program is enough to improve practices and relations in the city there.
2:22 pm
that damming, scathing doj reports a lot of work has to be done. >> we have to believe that. even he said this is be pathway to start to restore the relationship between the community and the police. we definitely need that relationship. we need that bridge. this is the beginning of a pro process and not the end. we've got to keep on going. we cannot stop here. this is not just about front line police officers. this is an indictment on the entire system in this country of justice or the injustice of a system. we got to keep pushing forward. we have to believe that. without this we won't be able to set a strong foundation to move forward for both the community and the police. >> all right. thank you so much for your time tonight. still ahead, hillary clinton faces growing competition as she
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use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. withelcome back. the man hunt is intensifying tonight for the two escaped murders who have been on the run for a week now. authorities have received more than 700 leads in the investigation but the men are still on the loose. nbc jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: the show of force is growing up in upstate new york. more than 800 officers and federal agents on the ground now. only three miles or so from the maximum security prison where almost a week ago david sweat and richard mack made their break. >> we want to catch them. >> reporter: teams using every available resource to work through 20 or 30 acres of rugged heavily wooded terrain in the target area.
2:27 pm
>> everything is being searched with dogs. you've seen helicopters. you have atvs. you have armored vehicles. >> reporter: every move coordinated in this homeland security command center. >> it's saturation and containment now. that's what the operation consists of with a quick response capability if a sighting does occur. >> reporter: so far the violent criminals have been out of sight and on the run and the community on edge. >> feeling nervous? >> i think they are getting a little antsy. >> reporter: as the man hunt stretches into its seventh day here. >> nbc's adam reese joins me now. what's the latest on the prison employee police have been questioning in connection with the case joyce mitchell? >> reporter: we expect her to be arrested and arraigned tonight. we believe they met in the tailor shop and befriended her.
2:28 pm
they so called groomed her and making sure she would assist in the escape. we believe she was going to be the get away car but she got cold feet. she's going to be charged with bringing in contrabands. she may end up with significant jail time. let's look at the search going on three miles south of where we are. they're going with 800 law enforcement officials. state, federal and local grid by grid inch by inch. very difficult terrain. they believe this area is the correct area because there's been no reports of any stolen cars. they suspect they probably are still in the area. the choppers are back up. dhs tell us they have a black hawk helicopter up there as well. we spoke to them earlier today. they gave us an idea of what this terrain is like and what the search is like. >> what is law enforcement telling residents in the area?
2:29 pm
>> just southeast is heavily forested. it's rocky. it's very difficult to traverse. that combined with humidity, rain, the layout makes it difficult for sustained search. we're trying to keep our folks fresh. we don't want them going in there tired and having a possible encounter with these folks where they're not at their maximum capability. >> reporter: this is called containment and saturation. they saturated it with troops. they hope the weather will hold and the temperatures don't drop too low tonight. they continue the search through the evening. michael. >> adam thank you so very much for your report. stick around, the rapid response panel is next.
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business. welcome back. the 2016 presidential race is heating up along with the summer. tomorrow hillary clinton will be in new york city to reintroduce
2:34 pm
herself as a candidate all thanks to jay-z. on monday jeb bush will make his official announcement. clinton's democratic rivals are talking about the issues she hasn't touched. here is vermont senator bernie sanders today. >> it's hard for me to understand how any candidate, hillary clinton or anybody else cannot have a position on what is a major, major issue facing the american people. you forit or against it but you have to have a position. >> her candidacy is not in the bag. we have more on what she may be up against. >> reporter: we've already seen her soft launch by video and van brought to you by a massive pack of media but now begins her hard roll out. >> more fun. i think we have a huge fund deficit. >> reporter: in new york city on sad saturday, the first big rally to be held on an island just off
2:35 pm
manhattan named for a member of another democratic dynasty. why it's easy to think of her as already competed in the general election. >> governor scott walker governor chris christie. >> reporter: this is how she looked at this stage of the race eight years ago. >> tonight is your answer. >> reporter: for the first term senator from illinois proved the only sure thing in politics is there are no sure things. this time around she'll need to get through a growing field of fellow democrats. you can expect each one of them to be gunning for hillary when they face off in six planned debates. she only barely won the straw poll with bernie sanders breathing down her neck.
2:36 pm
first out of gate iowa. it's a contest where then senator clinton finished in third place in 2008. >> i see what's happening. we have to reverse it. >> reporter: she did better in new hampshire winning but this time around the neighbor from right next door vermont will be on the ballot. >> we love you bernie. >> i appreciate that. i love you too. >> reporter: most likely outcome, clinton wins iowa and wins new hampshire and wins them convincingly locks up the nomination early. when it comes to picking presidents, these are two states that often have minds of their own. >> joining me now is our rapid response panel. steve, you talked about a hiccup that would come early.
2:37 pm
what are the potential trip wires out there? >> if you're looking at the democrat race we tend to overlook it. >> she's generated the most energy. if you look at bernie sanders those states set up pretty well for him. you go to iowa. that's a caucus state. it's much more activist oriented. it's somebody with his populous message tends to do well. iowa is a place where it could be fertile ground. the character of the voters in new hampshire. these are voters he might have a natural connection with might do
2:38 pm
well. >> given what steve has given us in terms of an analysis about bernie sanders presence. what do you expect hillary to talk about tomorrow and do you think bernie sanders is having a noticeable effect on her discourse. >> i think he is pulling her further to the left. i very much align wpith his values i don't think he's electable. i think hillary clinton does have this wrapped up and tomorrow i would anticipate she's going to talk about her four-point plan to protect families, national security the growing gap between rich and poor and also corporate money and politics. that is her platform. she's laying it out very symbolically on roosevelt island. she's conjure up images and
2:39 pm
stores the of elenor roosevelt. those are the core concepts of her campaign. >> how important tomorrow. you've been around the barn a few times with this. how important is this official announcement tomorrow? >> i think it's huge. to the points that both steve and emily have made speaks to that. carolyn, i'm sorry. for hillary, everything she's done up to now has been dodged by bengazi, hehazi, e-mails. i think tomorrow is her reset. this is hillary 3.0. she's going to have a chance lay out her plan set her vision and launch that campaign. jeb bush will do the exact same thing. these two campaigns that we look at is possibly being the to
2:40 pm
nominees for the respected parties are in reset mode. they really need to roll it out right. if they don't then they'll feed that energy that steve talked about that you see for bernie sanders and we see on the republican side for folks like rand paul marco rubio, et cetera, et cetera. >> steve, what's going on with the trend to pre-announce and then announce? >> welcome to this new age of politics. the big announcement now is i'm going to have a big announcement three weeks from now. it seems to work for these folks. you talk about the republican side is particularly interesting to look at right now. we have been seeing these candidates as they have the announcements of announcements. they are in a will the of cases getting a polling bounce from this. we saw when ted cruz announced earlier this year. we seen it for marco rubio. you look at what they are up against now. they are up against a much more urgent deadline. that is august.
2:41 pm
can they get in the top ten of the polling so the announcement help them move their numbers and get into the debate. >> new york city major said he will not attend clinton's announcement tomorrow. tell us what's behind that move. >> i think it's purely partisan move. this will be her reset. this will likely launch her, at least what i like to call operation humanization. this will be a turning point in her campaign. i can see partisan politics that play here very obviously. >> what do you expect jeb bush to say on monday? >> he'll probably do what we see hillary do is lay out plan and a vision. that's the moment where he begins to take his brother off his back or attempt to get his brother off his back and set what he wants to do as president as opposed to what people think he will do because of his brother. >> the clintons and the bush's part two part three.
2:42 pm
>> we're right back where we started from. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. still to come, a local naacp leader is facing tough questions on race her race. we'll have the latest details ahead. stay tuned. the question i get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip
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2:47 pm
27-12 in the fourth quarter to put cleveland away. lebron james had a few caught on camera moments during the game. with under six minutes left many the first half he took a tumble. an unlucky camera man got an extreme close up. the camera left a gash on his head but the king would not leaf the court leave the court and he played the rest of the game. earlier in the evening he got some over exposure. the pregame show caught him adjusting his uniform on the sidelines. we're calling a technical foul on the director. stick around. there's a lot more coming up on the ed show after this. d so does: jetlag ♪ ♪ woman: whoa. ♪ ♪ woman: ha ha... ♪ but you, you booked a room with . . . the switch
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like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the ed show." the president of a washington chapter of the naacp has come under intense scrutiny after her family told local media the civil rights activist has been falsely portraying herself as black for years. gabe cohen has more. >> reporter: rachel's future remains uncertain because of the questions raised by this transformation. >> she wants to re-create reality. she wants to reinvent herself. >> reporter: her parents say she's white. >> she's caucasian by birth. >> reporter: and these photos prove it. she told khq she was biracial and in a city job application she checked the box for african-american. she received that job.
2:52 pm
but her parent assist he misrepresented herself. >> she knows it's false, but i think she's told herself as well as she's told others this erroneous identity of hers enough that by now she may believe it more than she believes the truth. >> reporter: now the city's investigating whether or not she violated city policy. >> the naacp is standing by dolezal. "one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for naacp leadership. the naacp, alaska-oregon-washington state conference stands behind ms. dolezal's advocacy record. in every corner of this country, the naacp remains committed to securing political, educational and economic justice for all people and we encourage americans of all stripes to become members and serve as leader in our organization. joining me now is dr. james
2:53 pm
peterson director of african na studies and columnist dean obadiah. she got a full scholarship to howard university. she teaches african na studies. >> this is one of the more bizarre stories that i've ever had to sort of cover or pay attention to. the naacp is kind of right here that the history of the naacp has been one of being multicultural and there's no sort of racial litmus test to join or participate. but we have to understand the history of passing as a fraught history within the united states. you know this doc, that black folks passing as white historically is something that has been subversive but also just fraught with all sorts of tensions and a complicated relationship between those individuals and blackness and also the sense of power hierarchies in our society
2:54 pm
having to do with race. so when you see someone like ms. dolezal inverting that paradigm black folks are insulted because of that type of black history. i don't know if there's any legal recourse for the city. there's not for the naacp. but there will be outrage from the black community because many folks are aware of the hit of passing and the ways in which she's inverted it here seem to be disrespectful to that history. >> some could argue on the other hand look race is a social construct, not something we're biologically inheriting when we're born. that the meanings of race depend on a society to give meaning to them and substance to them and as a result of that the legitimate concerns that dr. peterson raises is there but also maybe we have to challenge the category of race itself where she would invest in being black because black is more than biology. >> it's a very interesting point that in america race is not just skin collar it's the way often
2:55 pm
you're treated or perceived. i look like a white person to most people. i'm of half arab heritage and muslim. i'm not treated like a white person. if you're a minority in america, you go through that is she trusted by her community any longer. there's a chance she could have lied to the police about a bomb threat sent to her or some threatening mail they're not sure now. there could be a crime there. there could be a crime in the application she filled out saying african-american she was giving that to a government agency. but there's no crime. in the community that she works within supports her and says you've done a great job reinvigorating our chapter of the naacp. we still want you. then i'm all for it. it raises complex questions in a broader sense that have to be -- the community itself has to answer, not for me to answer that question. >> sure. dr. peterson about those
2:56 pm
questions, then, what kind of questions could be put forth in terms of reversing the paradigm you spoke about in regard to passing. in this case here's a white woman seeking to identify with the broader community of african-american people. if she's not being proved to derive certain benefit from that, being the head of the naacp certainly is one but trying to represent the interests of those people is there leeway to say it's kind of jacked up but we understand the impulse? >> i can't personally give her that leewe dpleeway. dean is right the community would have to do that. such a strange story, because you're right that race is a social construct, but unfortunately this particular episode and what ms. dolezal is engaged in reveals the tentative and vulnerable nature of that social construction. while we want to understand it there's very little biological basis for the kinds of racial distinctions that we want the
2:57 pm
make in american society. those are protected classes. people protect that because we have to understand the history and the culture and the legacy that attaches to that it has very real consequences and very real set of experiences for black folk in this country. and so black folk are outrage and responding to this and there's a lot of joking about it. but you can tell people are upset because it looks as if her inversion of that historical paradigm of passing is in some ways undermining or poking fun or disrespecting what the awful legacy of that has and what it has been. the idea that you could choose to be black or not is something that it does two things it puts into bold relief the social construction of race, but it also reveals the vulnerability of what it means to be black in america and the idea that someone would choose to expose that vulnerability and play on it in some ways maybe for personal gain as opposed to professional gain is what's annoying folks in the community
2:58 pm
right now. >> dean you're a former lawyer. >> yes. >> tell us what you think the naacp can and should do and how should the community respond with regard to racial identification in the work that she's there to do. >> it seems the naacp has put out a statement. they're standing with her. i imagine they spoke to local community leaders. she's done a great job for us. but i wonder how you can trust her. it's interesting because of all the -- you see statement after statement, tweet after tweet where she says i'm black. and she walks away from a reporter saying is your father african-american. and she walks away very befuddled. it undermines the work on behalf of the naacp and in the future going on media outlets and talking about it. how do you trust her now? i hate to go back to this false in one false in all thing from law school. it's great to have allies outside your community. as a muslim i'm so happy. i don't know any people
2:59 pm
pretending to be muslims in this climate right now, but we'd love to have more allies. but you should tell people what you are about and what you are and not misrepresent yourself. that's what's so bizarre about this case to me. >> doc, one quick question. you talk in your work about whether or not blackness is intentional or incidental and i wonder how would you categorize ms. dolezal in this case because many are reading this as black face, but do you see this as being more incidental more intentional, does that framework even work in terms of what she's doing here? >> we have to go but that's a good point. in an era where police are putting girls down on the ground and whiteness has assaulted through police powers african-american unarmed people this seems to me to be an invitation to not only rethink the categories of race but to talk about who our allies truly are and how blackness signifies on a number of levels that offers opportunities to white people to find their truer selves as well. all of that is in the mix of the
3:00 pm
legit points you've made. thank you so much for your time tonight. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. tonight on "politics nation," police arrest the woman who alemglegedly helped those escaped murderers with the jail break. a news conference expected within the hour. we'll go live to the scene. the hillary clinton relaunch. a big rally tomorrow but can she get a big turnout from the obama coalition? and did this activist lie about who she was? i'll talk about what really matters when it comes to race and civil rights. breaking news tonight, joyce mitchell the prison worker


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