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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  June 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," we're expecting an update on a pair of shark attacks in north carolina. this is in oak island about 40 minutes south of wilmington. this morning, two teenagers are out of surge ray at a local hospital with some pretty serious injuries. we can tell you that both victims, a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, have lost at least parts of one arm. the attacks occurred about an hour apart sunday afternoon just miles from each other. this is not far, by the way, from another shark bite that one involving a 13-year-old girl last thursday. today, the beaches are open but
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officials are urging people to use caution and perhaps skip the swimming. while we wait for that update george joins me on the phone, the director of the program for shark research. this is the third shark attack in this area in four days. what's going on here? >> well jose cleary there's one or more dangerous sharks in the area. and the attacks yesterday so close in time and space is pretty suggestive that there could be a single individual that's been involved. the important thing at this point is not to panic. but to be smart and to get -- have beach safety personnel making good solid decisions based on safety concerns. and if that means pulling people out of the water, then they need to do that. but they're the ones who need to make those calls.
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>> and george how rare are these types of attacks? >> serious attacks involving the kinds of injuries we saw yesterday are unusual. last year we had more than 50 shark bites in the u.s. and only a handful of them involved injuries similar to this. in fact most of them aren't even this dangerous. but that said there are big sharks that occasionally do attack humans. and our fatality rate in the united states is less than one per year. so you can see how unusual that is. but when you have a big shark, be it a bull or a tiger shark, which are the likely candidates in these particular incidents, or a white shark bites along the west coast of the united states
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the consequences obviously can be severe. >> george we're awaiting a news conference to begin. i think it's about to begin with the latest. let's go to that. george stay with me if you would. >> involved a young teenage girl approximately age 12 in north carolina who was here vacationing with her family and about 5:51 a gentleman, 16 from winston-salem, the second incident occurred by 6:00 near 55th place street. we have not been able to speak to the families of these victims. the town is beginning coordinated efforts with the sheriff's office border rescue ems, and other agencies in response and an attempt to locate the shark that may have been involved. late yesterday afternoon, we want people to get out of the water and contact the town beach, and they in turn initiated that process as well.
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i'll allow the chief to give you an account of yesterday's events. >> late yesterday afternoon, approximately 4:40 p.m. we received a call for a traumatic injury in the area of the ocean crest pier. captain jack baker, and firefighter s firefighters arrived on the scene to find a 13-year-old female who had been attacked by what was believed to have been a shark. the ems and pd also responded and the u.s. coast guard was advised of the situation. 5:51, another call came in for a similar injury at the 55th street beach access. that involved a 16-year-old male. the fire department crew responded to that call as well. when they arrived on the scene, the victim's friend had begun life saving treatment on the beach. the ems, oak island police department and air rescue
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responded to the second call. both victims were reported to be about 20 yards off shore in waist-deep water. both of the victims were transported by ems to a landing zone and air lifted to a medical center with life threatening injuries. as of last night, both victims were out of surgery and in stable condition. >> thank you, chief. now, ems director will talk about his agency's role yesterday. >> thank you. just to elaborate a little more on the injuries from yesterday. the first patient a13-year-old female, she had injuries to her left upper extremity as well as her left lower extremity. the second patient, the 16-year-old male had a pretty significant injury to his left upper extremity. both patients were potentially life threatening injuries that were both air lifted to our
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trauma center and as was indicated, they are both out of surgery. they're both in stable condition this morning, but honestly they have a really long road ahead. the keys to the success yesterday was the fact that our bystanders on the beach with both of these patients did very quick first aid the correct way. we had to have very quick response from our 911 center who assisted with bleeding control over the phone and things like that. and our first responders were very quick as well. also the patients were transported directly to the trauma center and certainly that makes a big difference as well. >> thank you. now, the sheriff is here as well. he'll talk a little bit about the actions taken by the sheriff's department and the actions in the next couple days.
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>> the sheriff's office's role is that of support to the town of oak island. that means our helicopter and our boats. we're utilizing those resources to help monitor the coastline and watch for any sightings of sharks, and if that does aoccur, we will report it to the town and take appropriate action. >> at this time the town has been contacted by the shark research institute and we're talking to them about potential ways to avoid future incidents and also study what has happened here which is out of the norm for this area. we want to remind people that the beaches are open. and some things to be advised if you're in the area. pay attention to fish swimming
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patterns. chances are there could be a predator nearby. a refrain from swimming near those activities. skip swimming after heavy rains. that sometimes attracts predators into the area. steer clear of dolphins and sea birds. also avoid the gulfs between sandbars that can attract the predators as well. avoid swimming in dirty or murky water. don't go into the water if you have a cut. avoid areas, we had reports of sharks in those areas. try to swim on sunny and clear days. make sure you have a partner with you. stay alert as to what's going on in the surrounding environment as you enjoy the coast and the beach. at this time we'll take a few questions from the audience. right there, sir. >> this question would you say
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it's possible that had the bystanders not been there, the kids could have died? >> absolutely. absolutely. the bystanders to go ahead and start the process of stopping the bleeding that was the biggest concern with these patients, was the blood loss. without that we would have had a different outcome. >> do you reconsider having lifeguards on the beach at all? >> brunswick county doesn't have beaches that are not within municipalities, so it's their responsibility to determine that, and so i really can't answer that, maybe tim can. >> at this time we don't have changes in policies. we may look at it in the future. question there. >> do you think lifeguards would have make a difference in this situation as far as maybe being out there, seeing what was going
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on or getting people out of the water sooner? >> i don't believe in this particular instances it would have make a significant difference, no. question over here. >> do you know if it was one shark or multiple sharks? >> we can't confirm that. chief, you want to address that? >> with the size? >> we can't confirm the size and we can't confirm whether it was one or two. there's no way of knowing that. >> question here. >> in regards to the fishermen on the pier i read a couple comments, pleem said they thought they were throwing chum off the pier. is that something you want to prevent in the future? >> we have heard rumors. that's not prohibited. we'll try to encourage people not to engage in shark fishing. but those rumors have been unconfirmed at this time. >> would you recommend people swim today?
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>> well there's no way that we're going to stop people from going into the water. if they want to go in the water, they're going to. you know there's rip tides out there, people shoot fireworks off on the 4th of july, we tell them not to do that either. there's no way to control that. we can advise people just to be careful, be alert, and some of the recommendations that tim read off, we recommend that people follow those guidelines. >> would you gentlemen swim in the water today? >> i'm sorry? >> would you gentlemen swim in the water today? >> i would swim in the water today. >> are you concerned with -- sorry, right before the start of the season are you concerned this is going to have any impact on the tourism? >> we're always concerned about an incident of this kind no matter what kind of time it is. we can't speculate on the affect on tourism at this time. oak island is open for business. we have beautiful beaches and we're still open for business.
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we will continue to monitor the situation, but we can't forecast effects on the economy at this time. >> i called the hospital and they said the girl was 12. is she 12 or 13? >> 12. >> we've been hearing two different numbers. >> question over here. >> did the victims say, did they have a warning, did anyone see a fin, anything? >> to my knowledge, no advance warning of either of these incidents. question over here. >> just another clarification about the amputations. do we know in the surgery last year did they lose their limbs? >> the best answer is i'm not sure. i wasn't able to get that information from the hospital this northernmorning. that might be something you guys can get from them later. >> we have been watching a news conference from oak island north carolina where two young people were attacked by a shark yesterday.
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a shark or multiple sharks. we don't know that. i want to go back with george burgess. i think there's nothing in that news conference that kind of surprised you. the question that i have is 4:30 in the afternoon, it was a pretty sunny day. yesterday in that area. nothing that would, you know cause alarm, right? >> no. from everything i have heard, there's nothing there that's particularly out of kilter. what i don't know and i have not heard is whether there's been -- there were a lot of bait fishes in the area or a lot of fishing in the area. those are things we want to follow up on. >> george thank you for being with me this morning. appreciate your perspective and your time. >> we'll have much more
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throughout "the rundown" including an eyewitness to one of these shark attacks. now to breaking news on the intense manhunt for a pair of convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prison in upstate new york ten days ago. prison worker joyce mitchell has arrived at the courthouse in platsville where she's expngted to make her second appearance in moments. she's accused of helping david matt and sweat escape. let's get the latest from adam. good morning. >> jose good morning to you. the d.a. saying she had a very unusual relationship with these two convicted killers. nbc news has learned this morning she was investigated for a sexual incident with david sweat, and she thought her relationship with richard matt was love. not only was she going to be the getaway driver but she was going to run away with them as
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well. the plan was they would meet at midnight on the night of the escape and drive for seven hours. they could have made it to ohio points north, canada maine, maybe as far south as philadelphia or washington. but as we know she got cold feet. she said that she loved her husband too much. she didn't want to hurt him. now, this morning, the governor has ordered an investigation with his inspector general as to how this all happened. officials here believe they're still in the area. no reason to believe otherwise, that they're on foot they're together, somewhere in the dense forest behind me. they believe they'll get these guys. they just say it's a matter of time. if you talk to residents here they say if they haven't been caught yet it's likely they're well on their way and they're long gone. here's the governor. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area. or if they are in mexico by now. right? enough time has transpired, but we're following up every lead
6:16 am
the best we can. >> now, the search remains intense. there are 800 searchers out there today, and they're not giving up. jose. >> thank you very much. and i want to bring in now someone who could really kind of help us focus on what's it going to take to catch these guys. let's bring in bounty hunter john scanlon. thank you for being with me. the search now in its tenth day. how likely laely is it these guys are in the dense forest now combed by 800 members of law enforcement? >> it could be still a possibility. i believe they took a direction and they committed to it and they're going to keep going in that same direction. that's the good reason why they haven't been caught as of yet. >> and what do you mean by that? apparently they were expecting to have a getaway car, maybe driven by mitchell. when that didn't appear they had to go to a plan b. what do you think they thought and what are the options they have if they come out from a man manhole cover and their ride
6:17 am
isn't there? >> what happens is they turned around, they realized there was no getaway car, and they had to speak their plan a bit and panic kind of set in and they probably picked one direction, and like i said, they definitely committed to that direction. and they seem to be doing fairly well so far because they haven't been caught. >> ten days plus and now do you think they're still together or did they split up? >> they work well together stow i believe they're probably still together. until they get far enough away where they feel safe and that's maybe where they'll part ways as well. >> do you think there's a good chance they stay close to the area or would they have taken the first hours before a lot of people knew they escaped to get as far from the prison as possible. >> they probably stayed in the prison a little while because they probably had to regroup. they're probably looking for a change of clothing looking to come up with a little bit of a better plan than what they had, and that's when they probably committed to a direction.
6:18 am
if i was law enforcement, i would broaden the search a lot more than just staying in one area. >> all right. john, thank you for being with me. appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. >> continue monitoring the latest developments on the story and bring you anything as we get it right here on "the rundown." we're just getting started on this busy monday edition of "the rundown." starting with huge movements on the 2016 political front. live in new hampshire with the hillary clinton camp, and here in south florida, where in just a couple hours, jeb bush will officially make his pitch to become the next u.s. president. and potentially ground breaking decisions coming out of the supreme court as early as today, same-sex marriage the fate of obamacare, among the many cases that could change the law of the land. we're also keeping close watch on this weather system. expected to be upgraded to tropical storm bill, bringing massive amounts of rain from texas to the ohio valley. much more on this with bill karins. coming up on "the rundown."
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major developments this morning in the world of presidential politics. hillary clinton continuing her swing through early primary states after her first big rally on saturday. meantime, jeb bush is making his final prep for his big speech today, where he will formally join the race in just a few hours right here in miami, the son of the 41st president and brother of the 43rd will make his first pitch to convince americans he should be the 45th. overnight, bush unveiled his campaign logo with his famous last name noticeably absent can this morning, advisers tell us bush will portray himself as kind of a mr. fix it. those themes are on display in his first video. >> i'm proud of the fact many
6:23 am
families now have a chance to live lives of purpose and meaning. you can improve the life of people whether it's in programs for the developmentally disabled or fixing the economic or the higher education system all of these things can be fixed. i'm absolutely convinced of it. what we need is new leadership that takes conservative principles and applies them so people can raise up. america's best days are in front of us and we're going to lead the world. >> joining me now from the site of the announcement in miami, casey hunt. casey, good morning. >> jose good morning. we're waiting here for bush to finally kick off what we have known for months really that this was going to be a presidential campaign. he's been raising money, been out on the campaign trail, having to be very careful about not going so far as to say he is a candidate. he does not have his last name in the campaign logo behind me although i will remind you the "b" in bush stands for bush. an abbreviation of his initials.
6:24 am
jon ellis bush. the speech is expected to focus on his record as governor in florida, designed as a contrast with some of the senators particularly with marco rubio, his friend and somebody he mentored and is now running against him. after the speech concludes, he'll head to new hampshire for a campaign stop that gives you a clue as to what his first priority in the presidential race is going to be then on to iowa and south carolina jose. >> and that jeb 2016 logo looks surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly very similar to the logo he had when he was running for governor. >> i think it looks a lot like the bumper stickers you have probably been seeing around florida for a lot of years now, jose. >> exactly the same with a different date on it. welcome back to miami. good to see you, thanks. take care. >> thanks. let's shift to the other side of the political spectrum. we see hillary clinton at the top of the hour as she continues the first public events of her
6:25 am
campaign and also for the first time as an official candidate, she's sitting down with reporters. she gave two interviews after taking a position on the controversial trade bill. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi, who have expressed their concerns about the impact that a weak agreement would have on our workers to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal. >> and joining me now is anthony. good to see you. let's talk trade on that clinton ended up siding with congressional democrats and labor unions against president obama. >> good morning. secretary clinton went a little further than she has in the past.
6:26 am
previously she said any deal needs to protect workers and create jobs. here, she sided with nancy pelosi and seemed to distance herself from president obama. that's not satisfying all of the liberals in the party. bernie sanders said she needed to pick a position. and funny enough on the other side of the aisle, congressman paul ryan said something similar, she needs to pick a position. that's what leaders do. we'll see if she does that in new hampshire. her first trip to new hampshire where the public gets to see her. she'll talk to voters inside this venue behind me. a little smaller than what she expected because of the weather, a little rainy. she was supposed to be outdoors. her campaign said in iowa about 700 people but here in new hampshire, seeing a much smaller crowd. a little chilly here. >> anthony, thank you. you're in new hampshire on a chilly and rainy day. we'll see what hillary clinton has to say in new hampshire. that's the top of the hour. we're going to go back to
6:27 am
concord then. coming up we could get ground breaking decisions from the supreme court. among the headline pp lienline cases, changing same-sex marriage and determining the fatd of obamacare, and then north carolina following developments there for two teens seriously injured by shark attacks there. we'll be back on "the rundown." stay with me. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic
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6:31 am
in the area are open today. >> well there's no way that we're going to stop people from going into the water. if they want to go in the water, they're going to. you know there's rip tides out there, people shoot fireworks off on the fourth of july. we tell them not to do that either. there's no way to control that. we can advise people just to be careful and be alert. >> joining me now is steve, who was on the beach when the young girl was attacked. thanks for being with me. >> thank you, jose. >> describe what you saw. >> okay this was on the first day of our first full day of our vacation here. we live inland in southern pines. my wife brenda and i were sitting down here doing the typical thing on the beach, getting some sun, trying to read. and all of a sudden as brenda said, it was like a scene from "jaws." people are yelling get out of the water, call 911. it was something to see, then
6:32 am
you see somebody wading into the shallow water, carrying this poor girl who had been so severely attacked. quite a shock. >> so steve, a couple questions. when you said that people started saying get out of the water, that was after this young girl had been attacked correct? >> yes. instantly after that when people realized what had happened. everybody got out of the water. >> did anybody -- did you see the shark? did anybody see the shark? >> no i was looking. i did not see any sign of a dorsal fin or anything. >> right. so talk to me about how, because officials say if it weren't because of the people that were on the beach and responded, were helping that little girl during the minutes it took for her to be taken via helicopter to the hospital, she probably would not have survived. talk to me about how people reacted to her. >> that's my impression too. she was pale and obviously going
6:33 am
into shock. people were swarming around her. there was one woman whose name i don't know who obviously is some kind of medical professional and she was barking orders to everybody, fashioning these impro improvised tourniquets, and people kept talking to the poor girl to keep her conscious, which she did remain conscious, but she was definitely in a kind of state of semi-shock. >> yeah, and you know steve, just to think about this that you actually saw people going into the water to get her out, right? you said people were saying get out of the water, then you see someone coming out with her. it's very clear that people were doing everything they could to help her and to assist her, under, you know there's a great unknown out there, and something just attacked a little girl. >> yeah. it was just an instant response. suddenly going from you know a heavenly scene, you could say, to a hellish one.
6:34 am
and people immediately responding. >> and steve, are you and brenda back on the beach today? >> we're going to go back to the beach. our daughter and her friend are with us. but we may be wading up about ankle deep but that's about all. >> probably a good call today. thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> developing now, the parents of a woman at the center of a race identity controversy are talking to nbc news. they appeared on the "today" show sharing new details about their daughter rachel and the naacp leader in spokane, washington. the couple said rachel has been falsely portraying herself as african-american. savannah guthrie asked her parents why she would do that. >> we're puzzled. we're not sure. >> she may have felt that she
6:35 am
had some advantage in her activism by being portrayed as a black woman. >> rachel is expected to address the controversy at an naacp chapter meeting dood but she sent out an e-mail yesterday abruptly calling the meeting off. let's go to jenna kim. good to see you. how are you? >> good morning, jose. i'm doing well. well as you just heard, her parents were trying very hard this morning to address the issue, the moltive, which is what everybody is wondering. why would she do this? and part of the reason they said this morning, was that being black helps her career as an activist. the other part that you didn't hear was that they feel she's still angry at them is trying to distance herself as much as possible from her white family. and this is her way of getting back at them. now, she has claimed in the past that her parents were abusive. this morning, the couple said absolutely not, and their
6:36 am
daughter knows that this too, is a lie. >> and the naacp's response to all of this has been what? >> well so far, they are supporting her, at least publicly. the regional office here in the pacific northwest of the naacp issued a statement saying that race is not a requirement to be a leader in the organization, and to her credit by all accounts, she has been a positive influence on the organization raising visibility raising membership especially in this predominantly white region. now, as you said we were supposed to hear from her directly. so far, the media has not had any straight answers to what her motive may have been and now that the meeting is canceled we don't know when that's going to happen. in place of the chapter meeting tonight at 6:00 there's scheduled to be a protest outside the chapter offices behind me. >> thank you very much for being with me. later today, thomas roberts will interview her parents live.
6:37 am
you can catch that on msnbc, 1:00 p.m. eastern time today. now, to developing news in immigration. the president's first immigration executive order, deferred action for childhood arrivals, known commonly as daca, was put into place three years ago this morning. the anniversary comes as the pred's latest execution of immigration actions continue to be held up in court, leading up to 5 million illegal immigrants in legal limbo. there are more than 664,000 dreamer dreamers benefitting from daca so where do things stand for them now? three years later? let me bring in the co-director of the dream action coalition, a dreamer herself. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> three years later, how different would your life be and others' if daca didn't exist? >> it has definitely made a huge change in the lives of many of
6:38 am
us. we have been able now to have a work permit in every single state now in the united states. we now have an ability to also drive legally, and i mean all that has really made a huge impact in all of our lives. being able to help our families financially, and you know contributing back to the country we have been fighting to contribute to for so many years, has definitely made a huge change in all of our lives. >> let's talk about the politics of this because immigration clearly at the center of the 2016 campaign. among those who introduced hillary clinton to her launch was a dreamer. clinton has said she would go further on daca than the president did, if nescessarynecessary. how realistic is this? >> to me it's interesting to see that. it's going to be interesting to see hillary really trying to bring up the legal arguments, since we have been bringing up the arguments for a really really long time. when the president announced a couple groups including
6:39 am
ourselves, we said the president can go further. the president can give us the expansion of daca and dapa to many more people like my own mother who didn't qualify or wouldn't qualify if this comes out of court. it's going to be interesting to see if she can prove that. for us it's why wait until she's president? if that's the reality, if it's legal, the constitution says that the president can do it why not do it now? also many other things she has said she would do like detention, you know really reform and detention right now, in many other policies we're hoping even before she becomes president, if she does win, that can be done now. why wait until she comes in? >> thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> thank you hoeszy. >> coming up a major round orthu.s. airstrikes in libya targeting this leader. >> but first, take a look at
6:40 am
this, animation footage of the comet lander feely, which woke up after a seven-month hibernation and communicated with earth for more than a minute. what happened that it was not communicating with earth? was there something else happening? well, by the way november became the first spacecraft to land on a comet. scientists are hoping the samples collected will reveal information about the planet and maybe how life evolves. i'm thinking there's more to the story.
6:41 am
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hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. a family of a man accused of opening fire on dallas police headquarters, said they knew he needed help but the system fails. authorities judged the 35-year-old to be sane despite an attack on his own mother two years ago, and obvious signs of failing mental health.
6:44 am
his father said he was furious at the police after losing custody of his own little boy. >> every one of us has a breaking point. some at one point, some at another, but we all have one. >> he is expected of planting pipebombs outside of police headquarters and opening fire at officers from inside his armored van. he then led police on a chase to a restaurant parking lot where he was shot and killed by a sniper. thankfully, no one else was hurt. up next major air strikes in libya taking out a huge terrorist target. i'll have the latest on this man, next. ♪ ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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6:48 am
strikes launched early sunday killed this man, muktar elmuktar elmuktar. the u.s. confirms the air strikes but will not confirm he was killed. with me steve clemens washington editor at large for "the atlantic." this man has been nicknamed the uncatchable by french military. what do we know? >> he was a major terrorist kingpin in libya and also at the corner of with algeria and has been long on our list of people that we were trying to target. he's a smuggler been known to smuggle all sorts of prohibited goods. he was nicknamed mr. marlboro by many, but he was someone in the fight between isis and al qaeda, remained supportive of al qaeda but with a testy sort of individual that had a legendary status of surviving every effort to take him down until now, perhaps. >> yeah, i mean this is not the first time the united states targets him, but he's been able to outlive it so far.
6:49 am
this may have been the one that got him. gr gr. >> yeah, he was a real legend. one of the interesting things about libya, libya has become a wild west of contending factions. we see isis incrementally taking ground but two large militia groups controlling the country and lots of smaller groups. he controlled and had at least the loyalty of some there, but the big thing that he did was he had connections with terror networks all over the world, and those that were moving everything from cigarettes and drugs. libya has now become a really big drug center which is surprising given that it was very hostile to drugs in the gadhafi period. he is someone who was trafficking in all that and had large financial operations. this is a major player. >> and libya just continues to spiral more and more out of control, different groups there. isis, as you said gaining a stronghold there. we got to keep a watch on that
6:50 am
country, steve. thank you for being with me. >> my pleasure jose. up next a jurassic world record bringing some life back to the box office. minutes from record bringing some life back to the box office. we also expect to hear from hillary clinton after she kicks off a big campaign event in new hampshire. we'll talk about that and a lot more right here on "the rundown." song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
"jurassic world" now the world leader in the biggest worldwide weekend debut ever. the fourth installment of the jurassic franchise raked in more than half a billion dollars in ticket sales. nbc's angie goff joins us with more on the summer blockbuster that devoured the competition.
6:54 am
>> it sure did. good morning to you. "jurassic world" also set the all time domestic box office record. almost 205$205 million in ticket sales. this makes it the second highest of ticket sales here at home and it put it 25 behind just in the first weekend. but the tally is not over yet, so it could be in jeopardy. richard pratt reached out on facebook saying on behalf of everyone involved in the making of jurassic world, and believe me, there are thousands of us i want to say thank you. we are incredibly blessed and overcome with joy of the outcome of the movie and couldn't be more appreciative for the amazing support you've shown so far. chris pratt has already told
6:55 am
entertainment weekly that he plans to sign on for a "jurassic world" sequel. jake and gabe just broke a big one riding a jurassic park ride -- get this -- 12 hours straight. their association with the franchise scored them 65 rides in a row, all documented on instagram as well as youtube. what is the secret to this dyno-flick success? chris pratt has proven to be a bankable star and his star is rising. other people say it's the 3-d images and the bigger and better creatures, but some of us just love the old movie. i'm going to go with jose nostalgia. >> angie, have you seen it yet? >> not yet. it's on my list. >> mine too, although i did do some dinosaur viewing over the weekend. i saw the rolling stones and they were fabulous. >> this is more classic than that. >> that's correct. coming up here on "the rundown," much more on a busy
6:56 am
monday, a busy monday in miami. florida republican jeb bush expected to make it official. and on the left, hillary clinton kicking off three events in new hampshire today. plus the beaches are open in north carolina right now after not one, but two, shark attacks on the same stretch of beach yesterday. we'll be right back with a whole lot more on "the rundown".."
6:57 am
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. . so these are a lot of pictures i want to show you. this is in plano, texas. see these folks? they're standing by for a very apparently, cool thing that's going to happen. they're going to watch a water tower that is no longer being used that is going to be blown up. i don't exactly know how they're going to do it but i know they've torched their way into this thing. they've obviously cleared it out of people and everything.
7:00 am
and they're going to blow it up. so everybody is one, there to say goodbye to the traditional water tower of plano, and the second thing, probably the real reason they're out there, they're going to watch this thing be blown into smithereens which has all the makings of a commercial or residential project they're going to be working on. they're standing by and so are we. if we get any cool blow-up pictures, i'll show them to you. they didn't blow it up they just knocked it over! look at that! we missed it. on live tv! apparently there were no big explosions, but look at that. so that's -- that was what it was? anyway. that was it. let's go back to "the rundown." we want to go back to those devastating shark attacks off the coast of north carolina. this morning a 12-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy out of surgery and in stable condition after being attacked separately about an hour apart from each
7:01 am
other yesterday. we're told their injuries are pretty severe. both have lost their left arms and the little girl also lost part of her left leg. the local sheriff's office has just released some of the 911 calls in the moments after the attacks. take a listen. >> somebody just got bit by a shark on 55th street. >> is he alert right now? >> 55th street oak island. >> is he alert right now? >> is he alert? he is alert. >> can you tell me what part of his body is injured? >> his left arm. >> despite the two attacks, local beaches are open today. we're going to go live in ocala, north carolina later this hour. developing in new hampshire any minute we're expecting to see hillary clinton as she continues a tour of the early primary states. today's comes after that rally over the weekend, the big event of her campaign.
7:02 am
also in southern florida, jeb bush will formally become the 11th candidate in the republican race. in addition to these more public events, we're also finally hearing from the candidate herself on some of the big political stories of the day, like trade, right? >> reporter: absolutely. she gave her first comment sunday in iowa. first to the des moines register, then if a public event, first finally talking about one of the biggest issues dividing the democratic party, the issue that has divided the democrats in the house from the president of the united states. it was a huge rip-off to the president. however you feel about trade, the internal family politics of all this are really pretty tough. hillary clinton came down oltn the side of nancy pelosi against president obama, even though in the past she has endorsed this very same trade deal. while the specifics have not been worked out, she was in favor, but she argued for it
7:03 am
when she was secretary of state. this has put her in a saddled position and this morning she was, under a great deal of pressure, forced to come out very much against the trade deal as it is now. she says it has to be renegotiated and unless it is negotiated to favor workers, to better protect workers, it should not be passed. she's doing an education reform this morning and then she's coming to this apple orchard. it's a wonderful place, a scenic place, and of course, it's cold, it's rainy. this is the first day she's in this primary state, she's in new hampshire, and jeb bush is announcing what we call the battle of the dynasty candidates. >> andrea i'm wondering, the campaign is now shifting. it's a different campaign. what are we going to see going forward as far as events and availability? >> she's still doing a smaller forum on education this morning. she still, i think they feel
7:04 am
relates to smaller events with people, but there will be rallies and bigger events. today's event is being forced to move inside so it won't be as large as they expected. but still a public event, and she's speaking to the democratic party leaders here in new hampshire at a party dinner tonight in manchester. they're mixing it up more there will be more interviews local tv interviews this week in a couple places in new hampshire. i think you'll see a more accessible hillary clinton. they realized listening to her went on perhaps a little bit too long and it was perceived, at least, she was being criticized by republicans and some democrats for being too shut down and too inaccessible. >> there was a time when she was listening to a very small group of people at a time. hopefully that's going to change. andrea, thanks for being with me in a cold new hampshire morning. it's pretty warm here in south florida. you're welcome any time you can. >> i'm on my way down. >> we'll see you soon. you can see andrea live at noon
7:05 am
for "andrea mitchell reports" right here on nbc. now jeb bush the announcement expected for months. the former florida governor will join the growing field of republican contenders. that speech happening at 3:00 p.m. eastern time at miami-dade college. he wants to bill himself as mr. fix-it for problems facing the nation. and with me here in miami, politico mark pudo and evan keith of the "washington post." martin let's talk about this. a lot of people didn't think jeb was going to run. >> i was one of them. >> you're one of them. things have changed, like your voice. >> tough weekend. >> politically speaking, what is jeb going to do today and how is he going to be different from the other group of candidates? >> if you listen to some of the folks who fashion the message around jeb bush he says he's going to be the solutions conservative. he's not going to be a grievance
7:06 am
conservative. everyone is out there bashing obama. the question is who is going to be out there saying here's my record, here's how i'm going to fix things here's how i'm going to deliver a better tomorrow. of course all that feel-good stuff starts at the beginning of the campaign. by the end it turns into a mud fight. >> that's the question. there are a whole lot of other republican candidates that are going to look at his record and pinpoint other things that at least in the primaries a lot of republicans don't support. >> that's right, and the two big things are immigration and education. the third thing is being a bush and how do you transcend that? >> i guess the order of those three things is going to be difficult to put. >> absolutely. and the irony is on the immigration and education front, those were things he was active in really after he was governor. so it almost creates a sense of here he is trying to talk about his governorship over eight years, but a lot of other republicans want to talk about what he was doing as a private citizen and as an advocate in the interim. >> i think he was caught by
7:07 am
surprise, a lot of us were about the blowback of the common core. common core was an interesting thing, not a federal thing, and all of a sudden it's become a very big part of it. >> why has it become such a federal issue when it really is a state-by-state? >> if you listen to obama, it's obamacore, and others inevitably control it therefore, federal money will dictate standards, et cetera. >> talk about immigration. the former governor has been in the past very clear about immigration. there was some muddling for a bit. how is he different from other candidates? or is he? >> he is because he candidates for a big overhaul than the way the country sees the nation. that's very different now than what marco rubio has said lindsey graham rand paul -- >> even though graham is the party of eight. >> exactly. there was an understanding that washington wasn't able to do it. his answer is we have to try again. i'm the guy that can do that.
7:08 am
whether it's a path to leader status that's fine as long as there is something big going on. obviously, again, it creates a lot of skepticism for critics who don't want to see that who prefers taking a step by step process and not do it all in one big scoop. i think if he was president, he would try to do it all. >> he said earlier, you have to be willing to lose the primary to win the general election. there is a possibility general voters will take him up on that offer. what about the fact he is a bush and he hasn't been very effective so far in this pre-campaign campaign of distancing himself from what he believes are the errors of his brother and assuming some of the things his brother did or didn't do. how is he going to do that going forward? >> i think visually you see it already. the jeb exclamation point very familiar to floridians, but to the rest of the country, that's
7:09 am
a symbol that he's trying to be his own guy. he wants to show his heart and prove he's his own man. i think that starts today by talking about the florida story reminding people who live in the other 49 states saying look as governor i did a lot of things i turned this state around. there is an advocate for that for republicans who want to see results. but it will always be a reminder to voters that he's a bush. i think there is a huge hill to climb on that when clinton is also running and arguably would be a more historic president just given her gender. >> a lot of republicans don't have a desire for jeb bush also. another thing we should also focus on, when he was gofrvernor, he cut lots and lots of taxes. that's because the economy was good but if you believe too
7:10 am
much government spending is bad, there was a lot of it in florida under jeb bush. thank you both. good to see you. and jeb bush's announcement is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch it right here on msnbc live. breaking news in new york for an intense manhunt for a pair of escaped convicted killers. georgia mitchell is making her second appearance in pla plattsburgh. people are talking about joyce mitchell's relationship with david sweat and richard matt. adam is at a police roadblock just a couple miles from the prison. good morning. >> good morning. joyce mitchell said she had an unusual relationship with these two convicted killers.
7:11 am
she was investigated for a sexual incident with david sweat while they were in prison and she thought her relationship with richard matt was love. that's why she wasn't just going to be the getaway driver she was going to run away with them as well. the plan was on the night of the escape they would meet at midnight at the power station and they would go from there. a seven-hour drive. we don't know if they were going west east north or south, but that was the plan. as we know she got cold feet. she said she couldn't do it to her husband, she loved him too much. the governor has ordered an investigation by the inspector general as to how these men were able to escape. officials here still believe they're in the area. no reason to think otherwise. they believe they're on foot they're together and somewhere in the forest. jose? >> adam reese, thank you very much. i want to talk to someone who has done time behind bars and warns others about prison. larry, good to see you.
7:12 am
>> how you doing? >> we've heard for details about joyce mitchell. multiple sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that she had been investigated for a sexual incident with david sweat. the district attorney said she planned to run away with both of them after their escape. how common is this? >> relationships in prison between guards and inmates is quite common i hate to say that. they're in close proximity, and there's a very fine line between a guard and an inmate. when i was in prison guards were bringing alcohol in bringing cell phones in even bringing drugs in. so it's quite common. >> so if you have -- you know if it's not that uncommon to have guards bring in cell phones and other things to prisoners, this escape ten days plus what does that tell you? have they had access to communications? have they had access to other people? what are your thoughts on that? >> well you know thinking
7:13 am
about the whole entire case i think it's been planned out for a long long time at least between the two. i don't think they brought the lady in and told her exactly. they started bringing her along and saying we need this we need that and she brought it in. it might not have been a whole tool, jose it could have been just the blade, and then they can manufacture the other part of the tool the actual motor in prison with batteries and pencil sharpeners. you can manufacture a lot of that equipment. so i think they started planning it a long long time ago. i still think there is more people involved jose because how did this lady get either the schematics behind the prison walls, or did these prisoners work in prison maintenance? so either they worked in prison maintenance and somebody else was involved to either let them look at the plans. how did they know where the tunnel came out to where exactly to pick them up? do you think that lady went into the shop and got the plans and could even read the plans of a plumbing or the back end of --
7:14 am
like i said the schematics of the prison and the die gram. >> larry, do you think they're together? did they split up? do you think they're in this area just outside the prison and they haven't left there? >> you know, a lot of people say they are, and law enforcement is doing a great job, i want to say that. they're trying to keep the community at ease. but i would be very surprised if they're in the area and not caught by now. they are survivalists. don't ever think they're not. people don't realize what you survive in prison and your mind is bad, and everyone knows survival has a lot to do with the mind. these guys are very strong in mind. i don't know about splitting up but i think they're out of the area. i hope not and i hope they get them, but i think they're out of the area. >> larry lawton thank you, appreciate your perspective. we're going to continue to monitor the development on the search authorize fees guysfor these guys. coming up on "the rundown," the formal announcement of jeb
7:15 am
bush. later, more on that double shark attack off the north carolina coast. scary moments for beachgoers on sunday. >> we have somebody a shark -- a shark attack. >> where you at? are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looks like the entire hand is gone. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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7:18 am
developing right here this morning in miami, we're just a couple hours away from florida's former governor jeb bush who is supposed to make his 2016 campaign official, just like hillary clinton made hers on saturday. the last time around mitt
7:19 am
romney gave his take on the event. >> i thought the text touched vart the various places she needed to touch. somehow when you see her on a stage or she comes into a room full of people she's smiling with her mouth, but her eyes are saying, where is my latte? we're here with congresswoman debra schultz. where is my latte? what is the answer to that? >> is she's asking where is my latte, then he's asking where is my kool-aid. they all sang off the same song drank the same kool-aid. they wanted to go back to trickle-down economics that's been tried over and over again in their party. whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders or barack obama,
7:20 am
their argument is to gifrve everybody a chance to succeed and fight for economics. >> let's talk about strengths from the opposing side, because everybody is saying he's pretty formidable as a candidate. >> i think we're going to see the real jeb bush the jeb bush that floridians know who, when he was governor engaged in really the most my way or the highway governor structure that i've ever seen the most in flexibleflex inflexible governor who always thought he was right. someone who was so cutting taxes for the unfortunate that left our economy in a place when the great recession came we were in worse shape than we would have been had we taken a more balanced approach. this is someone who now has finally been called out for his belief that women who give birth to children out of wedlock should be publicly shamed --
7:21 am
>> this is from a previous book of his. >> from a previous book. and he allowed a bill that passed in florida legislation to become law that actually required women, who wanted to give their children up for adoption even if they had been victims of rape or incest to publish their sexual predators in a newspaper. >> do you think he has strengths people should worry about? >> i think jeb bush is going to be just like his brother. he can say anything he wants about being his own man, but he supported the privatization of social security just like his brother -- >> he has been just like his brother. he supports immigration reform. >> he allows dreamers in jeopardy of being deported. dreamers wouldn't expand it to make sure their parents could remain in this country, doesn't
7:22 am
support a path to citizenship. this isn't someone who has carved out a leadership role on immigration reform. whether it's jeb bush marco rubio or any one of a number of them have the same song sheet because they are really focused on the extremist tea party agenda that they have to focus on in order to get their nomination. >> debra wasserman schultz, thank you for being with me i appreciate your time. i want to take you -- by the way, jeb bush will be officially announcing at 3:00 p.m. eastern time right here in south florida. that is noon pacific. you can watch it right here on msnbc when it happens. we'll take a short break and be back with a whole lot more on "the rundown." stay with me. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it.
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7:25 am
side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. i want to show you some video we just got in from plattsburgh, new york. this is from just moments ago when joyce mitchell the woman accused of aiding two escaped convicts, appeared in court. >> what we're going to do right
7:26 am
now, judge, is we're going to waive a preliminary hearing. >> if you're waiving, then the matter will be transferred to county court and your next court date will come from county court. anything to add, mr. wiley? >> yes, your honor. >> anything to add? >> no. >> then we're adjourned for today. bail continues. >> just moments ago, joyce mitchell in her second appearance in front of a judge. you can see that her attorney was speaking with her just before she was taken back to detention. adam reese is standing by with the very latest on this. adam good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she appeared shackled. she seemed a little dazed, looking down. she's got a new attorney. they waived the first hearing.
7:27 am
they've set a date with the county court, and i guess we'll see her then. the courtroom was crowded. we know that she had a very unusual relationship with these two convicted killers. nbc news learned this morning that she had an alleged sexual relationship. there was a sexual incident with david sweat that was reported before they escaped, and she thought her relationship with richard matt was love. so she appeared in court this morning. again, a very brief hearing. she was in shackles. she looked a little dazed. conferred with her attorney. he's a new attorney and now they've set a date for another hearing which will probably happen pretty soon. jose? >> is she wearing a flak jacket there? >> it's unclear whether it's a flak jacket. she was wearing a vest and it appeared to be a striped short-sleeve shirt. we're not sure if they're prison stripes or not. it didn't look like a bullet-proof vest. >> it has something over the heart area. it's still too early to tell but that was her just moments ago.
7:28 am
now goes to county and supreme court, her case does. adam, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. we're following developments from wall street as well. stocks are down and they're down pretty sharply to start the new work week. cnbc's mandy is here with the latest. mandy, good morning. >> jose good morning. the biggest headlines are that greece is closing to a default after talks with international creditors fell apart over the weekend after only about 45 minutes. the dow was once again lower now for the year, but we're still a very long way from anything like a correction a 10% dip. the last time we saw that was in may 2011. we have slower new york manufacturing data today, also falling in production. then you've got the fed meeting this week which is the last before september. you probably know september is when most people expect a rate hike the first in almost a
7:29 am
decade. the one bright spot u.s. homebuilder sentiment which rose more than ever in june. always nice to end on a high note. >> i want to take that discussion on the segment of greece. the imf was a lot stronger in greece so a lack of response in that country. they don't have a lot of time left. >> they only have two weeks. they have to make a big payment, about $1.8 million. they have to make that the end of this month. they have two weeks to make that payment or it looks like we're moving closer and closer to a default. yeah. >> very complicated, and there is the whole issue of not only if greece defaults but what would happen to the euro. you know it's a whole new possibility that we haven't thought about in a while. >> it's probably not priced into the u.s. markets. it's partly priced into the
7:30 am
european markets. the european markets have been showing weakness of late but it's probably not fully priced like a disaster scenario in europe. it's probably not priced into the u.s. and that's what we would be watching for. >> thank you. that race identity controversy in washington state. the parents of the woman at the center of that story are revealing new information about their daughter this morning. they say their daughter is white and she's been falsely portraying herself as african-american. rachel rachel dolezal is currently estranged from her parents, as they described on the "today" show. >> we still hold out hope that we'll be able to be reconciled someday. >> and we hope that rachel will get the help that she needs to deal with her identity issues. of course we love her and we hope that she will come to a place where she knows and believes and speaks the truth.
7:31 am
>> and we're always ready parents to forgive and move on. >> the naacp has issued a statement backing dolezal's accuracy record saying race does not play a role whether someone can be a leader in that chapter. at the same time dolezal is now under investigation in the city of spokane after stating she was african-american while applying to be on a police oversight board. let me bring in msnbc competitor james peterson also director of english at lehigh university. professor, always a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. how you doing? >> good. did dolezal cancel a meeting scheduled for today where she was supposed to address this controversy? what would you like to hear from her? >> i would like to hear more from her. the cancellation of today's meeting seems interesting. this is a complicated and interesting story, jose. i think, first and foremost we in the media need to understand
7:32 am
that it's always important to have conversations about race but we tend to focus on these sensationalized individual issues sometimes and we miss the larger broad eer points and systemic issues that we need to stay focused on. what i would like to hear from ms. dolezal is her acknowledgment on that that her story is really not about racial issues happening right now, and it's really taking more of a focus than other things more important, as far as i'm concerned. >> if she did intentionally mislead people about her race i mean, forgive me but what do you see -- >> this is where i'd love to see a stronger position from the naacp here. yes, the naacp is a broad tent but it's also about how she see representing or misrepresenting herself and all the confusion around race and ethnicity about can you just assume a race or can you assume a certain ethnicity? for a lot of black folks, jose this seems disingenuous and it
7:33 am
seems to underline the fraught intensity of passing, where black folks thought they had to pass as white in order to survive and thrive in north america. so i think there are issues attached to race and ethnicity in our country, and this particular story, the story of somebody sort of putting on the clothing of blackness in some ways, sort of strikes at the heart of some historical issues that black folk are finding offensive in this particular moment. >> and that's i think, is the important thing. people identify themselves -- you can consider yourself to be i think, anything you wish and we shouldn't be judging that. but if you use it to try to get ahead, that does make a difference. >> it does make a difference and also i think it's about respect for a certain kind of cultural and racial heritage as well. people are offended jose, because at the end of the day, there is a lot of history that attaches to the concept of race and the concepts of blackness in the united states. and the idea that you can sort of arbitrarily choose to be
7:34 am
black or not be black is a certain level of privilege, a complicated level of privilege that i think has turned folks off. so the best thing for ms. dolezal at this point is to really come clean, be forthright, explain to the people in her own community exactly what's been going on in terms of how she's been positioning herself in terms of blackness and her own identity. very complicated stuff here. >> indeed and then there's the relationship with her parents and how she rejects them on clearly a number of different levels. >> yeah. her parents have some adopted black children and we still don't know the full story on what her relationship is and whether or not there is some kind of custody issue with respect to one of her adopted siblings. again, complications here. i hope folks understand that some of the outrage comes from frustration that black folks feel of living in a society where white supremacy is still prevalent, racial discrimination is still present, and the idea that you can move in and out of
7:35 am
being black in a moment where state-sanctioned violence police brutality protesting for black lives matter there is a whole discourse in which this particular case is emerging that i think highlights the ways in which people are feeling disrespected by ms. dolezal's actions. >> dr. james peterson thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> thanks jose. >> by waitthe way you can catch rachel dolezal's parents live on msnbc at 1:00 p.m. eastern today. we started our broadcast this morning with a young girl and a 16-year-old boy are out of surgery. they're expected to survive, but local officials say they have a long road ahead. both have lost their left arms and the young girl has also lost part of her leg. this happened sunday afternoon in oak island north carolina. nbc's gabriel gutierrez has the very latest. gabe? >> reporter: this morning two teenagers are out of surgery and
7:36 am
in stable condition after a pair of terrifying close calls sunday on the beaches of north carolina. the first around 4:00 in the afternoon. a teenage girl losing part of her arm and possibly her leg from a shark attack in oak island just south of wilmington. an hour later, another call. this time a teenage boy losing his arm in another attack just a few miles from the first. both near ocean isle beach where a shark bit a 13-year-old girl on thursday. today the beaches are open but authorities are on patrol. >> we'll continue to monitor. also encourage them to maybe be a little bit more beach oriented tomorrow and stay out of the water until we can get a better handle on the situation. >> reporter: in the last century in north america, there have been 90 shark attacks. last thursday was the first reported in the state this season. but with others turning up in florida and hawaii already this year beachgoers this summer are on high alert.
7:37 am
>> that was msnbc's gabe gutierrez reporting in north carolina. it wasn't a shark on the loose but a whole zoo full of animals on the loose. take a look at these pictures. a surreal scene in the capital city in the eastern european nation of georgia. flooding that killed at least 12 people has left 10 more missing, also destroyed the enclosures in the zoo, allowing animals, hundreds of them, to escape. among them tigers, lions, bears and some of them unfortunately had to be put down. others like this massive hippo had to be wrangled in the streets and brought under control. they darted him right behind the ear, didn't they? yeah. coming up we're keeping close watch on this massive weather system off the gulf of mexico expected to become tropical storm bill. our own bill karas will tell us about that next.
7:38 am
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some severe weather expected in the u.s. with major flooding. a tropical depression could dump a lot of rain in the south and height high the ohio valley. when is this expected to be a tropical storm? >> later today or early tomorrow morning. they didn't find any closed organized centers, that's why it's not considered a tropical storm now. once it gets a little better organized, it will quickly become tropical storm bill tonight or tomorrow. regardless, that doesn't matter much. 80% development, so they're almost guaranteeing it's going be
7:42 am
to be a tropical storm. it's going toward corpus christi and the houston area. that's the first great concern for rainfall tonight and tomorrow. this could be a pretty impressive system. let's take the timing of this as we go throughout today. this is tonight. our computers have it right near the shore sometime early tomorrow morning. that's a little faster than before. then it takes a turn to the north right up through a very soggy texas in towards oklahoma. you know how wet it's been in those two states over the spring. that's the area we least need heavy rainfall totals. over 7 inches of rain in the houston area and that swath will then spread northwards from there. that storm will last seven or eight days. you can see the map in east texas with heavy rain. that's tuesday and wednesday. oklahoma wednesday and thursday and we could get it heavy in st. louis. the missouri river and ohio river are already at their
7:43 am
banks. this will be on the top of it. that's why we'll talk about river flooding right through the weekend. >> houston was flooded and flooded. i'm thinking of the blanco river. they haven't had a break yet. >> people have to be ready. you live near a river, get ready to head out. >> bill karas, thank you so much. a police-involved shooting over the weekend i want to tell you about. this one in kentucky. i'll show you the surveillance footage from that one. we'll also be keeping an eye on the markets. down sharply this morning. we're down almost 160 points as this new week begins and it could drop even more. time upon a once people approached problems the way same. always start at the starting. and questions the same asking. but that only resulted in improvements small. so we step a took back and problems
7:44 am
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7:47 am
charging at the officer with a fly pole. the officer retreats twice and then fires, fatally injured the man. police responded to a report of a woman being assaulted. the police chief said the officer appeared justified in using deadly force. >> i think, you know the officer felt like he was in danger of being killed or suffering serious physical injury based on this which would allow him, under the law, and under our policies to go, to go to that option. and quite frankly, when you have someone coming at you with a dangerous instrument of that type, i don't know that in looking at that the officer had an opportunity to transition to a less lethal option. >> joining me now, prosecutor. good to see you. >> good to see you.
7:48 am
>> do you think this video is compelling? >> it will corroborate or contradict. from my original research kentucky has no duty to retreat. what was interesting about your intro, when you're reporting the facts, you're saying the officer retreated twice. >> there he is once and then -- watch. he goes back a second time right there. >> so that also corroborates at least his view of the evidence and view of the facts, and had that fear that he had at that moment in time that he was justified, then in his actions. and that's how the chief reported the facts as well. >> talk to me, because regardless of the state, i think it's pretty much anywhere in the country if an officer feels that his life is in jeopardy he has the right to respond using lethal force? >> we all do jose. if any of us has this immediate fear of death or serious bodily
7:49 am
injury, whether you're an officer or whether it's one of us jose we can respond with equal force and even deadly force, that is correct. >> so what about not using a taser, for example or a baton? >> i love you, jose and i love that question because i ask the same thing all the time. why don't these officers ever go to something else that they have within their immediate grasp? why don't they do that? i don't know the answer. it's really disturbing to me. but thanks for asking that question. >> seema, thank you for being with me. be sure to catch seema's show "the docket" at 11:00 a.m. every tuesday. up next on the immigration front as we mark three years since doca was put in place. we'll be back with that and a whole lot more.
7:50 am
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and now to more developing news on the immigration front, the president's first
7:53 am
immigration executive order deferred action for child arrivaled known as doca was first put into action three years ago. hillary clinton put immigration front and center at her official launch over the weekend. joining me now, immigration attorney and dreamer astrid sillo. you were in hillary clinton's first event in may when she went further than the president had. we saw a dreamer inducer on saturday. she said she would be willing to expand on president obama's executive actions. do you think that's realistic? >> well i mean if it's realistic or not is something we're still waiting on. but more importantly, we're still waiting on the lawsuit that's happening right now, and that's what our families need to have resolved at this moment. secretary clinton has made statements that to me are very
7:54 am
important to our community because we do need to know what her intentions are, and unfortunately, we haven't seen a lot of great answers from the other side. but to me what happens is what's going to happen to my family immediately. but we continue to wait on it. >> and like you, there are literally millions of people in this country that are facing something similar to what you're facing. let's talk about doca a little bit. it's been in place a little over three years. what are some of the questions you get now as folks that you represent try to determine their legal future and their legal status with so much unknown out there? >> well there's confusion first because of the executive order that president obama issued in november of 2014 and many have thought that perhaps it affected the old daca that passed in 2012. it's important to distinguish between the two. one is still up and going, and people should renew and continue to apply. and the other one is stuck in
7:55 am
court as astrid said earlier. the feeling is fear what is going to happen after. we have to remember that this is a process, daca that passed in 2012 that is temporary. it is not amnesty. it has given people a right to work and live here temporarily, get driver's licenses buy their homes, go back to school et cetera. in a year it will be over. it's a four-year program and then they'll go back into an nimtynim ty -- anonymity. >> so there is no extension? >> no legal extension. >> your father would have qualified under daca but he's faced deportation before. how do you deal with that as a family and so far there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement on capitol hill to deal with these issues. >> i mean for myself and the over half a million other dreamers who have qualified for this we've been given a wonderful opportunity, and i know that my family, special
7:56 am
mill -- especially my father, has always pressed on it and said it's important to take advantage of it. but he's waiting, so is my mother. had capitol hill acted on this we could not have had an executive action. however, they those, and particular republicans chose not to move forward. it was in the house. it had passed the senate. bipartisan support that included both my state senators senator reid and senator heller. unfortunately, it got stalled. my family does not have the option of waiting. today is the three-year anniversary. there's been other executive actions in the past. i'm a giant history buff and i know the emancipation proclamation was one of those actions, and i know my family will continue. >> thank you for your time. tamron hall is next.
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall and this is "news nation." we begin with developing news. joyce mitchell the woman accused of helping convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat escape from prison just made her second preliminary hearing. during the initial hearing, mitchell dressed in striped prison uniform, looking down. on friday she pleaded guilty to helping those prisoners escape. she smuggled hacksaw blades and other tools into the prison. she allegedly not only helped the two men escape but also planned to run away with them. however, mitchell says she backed out because she still loved her husband. the


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