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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  June 15, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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identity. now she says she is stepping down. her parents will join me live for their first interview since she announced her resignation. but first our question today, our bing question, is it okay to be trans racial? the ruls is now live. weigh in at plus still at large, ten days after breaking out of a new york state prison two escaped murderers remain on the loose. are officials any closer to tracking them down? meanwhile, we have chilling new details about the convicts' relationship with their accused insider accomplice, joyce mitchell. three shark attacks in four days in oak island north carolina. are the beaches safe while they remain open? >> it was like a scene from "jaws" all of a sudden people are yelling get out of the water, get out of the water call 911. >> more concern over the safety of the waters. we're going to speak to the beach town's city manager in a few minutes.
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hi, everybody. i'm thomas robtsz live in washington, d.c. today. we begin with new developments in the manhunt for fugitives richard matt and david sweat. joyce mitchell who helped them escape made her second court appearance this morning. dressed in a prison uniform and looking down during the hearing. her attorney waved a felony hearing, mean that her case now heads to a county court. she's pleaded not guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges. the district attorney says more charges could come. >> there will be additional criminal charges involving mismitchell. at this point in time those issues are all still being investigated. >> meanwhile day ten of the intense manhunt remains in full swing. 800 officers and agents combing the area with no sign of matt or sweat. new york governor andrew cuomo says at this point these two could be anywhere. msnbc's adam riess is live in morrisonville morrisonville, new york, close
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to where the two men escaped ten days ago. adam, what's the next phase of the investigation now that we know joyce mitchell is in custody? what are we learning about the relationship between her and the inmates? >> thomas good afternoon. the d.a. says she had a most unusual relationship with these two convicted killers. she was investigated for a sexual incident with david sweat and she thought she had a romantic relationship with richard matt. so much so was she not only going to be the get away driver but she was going to run away with them as well. they would meet at midnight the night of the escape they would meet her at the power station. they then then drive for seven hours. ohio, points north to maine and can that darks maybe to philly and d.c. but she got cold feet. she told authorities she loved her husband so much that she just wouldn't go through with it. >> adam let's talk about the investigation itself. ten days now. talk about investigators and their optimism that they're actually going to capture these
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two men. >> reporter: they're still optimistic. they're not giving up. governor cuomo ordering an investigation today by his inspector general as to how this could have happened. they're still out here. 800 searchers. they believe this is the right area. no reason to believe otherwise. they're on foot. they're together where deep in the dense forest behind me. they think they're going to get them, it's just a matter of time. but if you talk to neighbors here they say if they haven't caught them yet, they're probably long gone. thomas? >> adam riess reporting for us in morrisonville, new york. now we move on to the other big breaking story. just a short time ago that rachel dolezal, the embattled president of the spokane chapter of the naacp resigned her post. dolezal came under scrutiny after a local news clip of her donling a question about her ethnicity went viral. it was later revealed that she had lied about her background and was really a white woman portraying herself as black. in a statement dolezal said that she would continue fighting for human rights and her departure
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is not about her but about justice. msnbc's kim joins us now from spokane, washington. this just happened over the last hour. what's been the reaction to her resignation? >> reporter: well, you know i'm sad to say that a lot of it has just been venomous. if you see she basically posted this statement on facebook so she made this statement to the public and to naacp through social media. and, therefore, a lot of comments have come in since then and a lot of it is just so angry. and we just spoke with the former president of the naacp here in spokane, and he says that's just not called for. he's now feeling really sorry for her because he said just a little while ago that this sounds like a woman who is just crying for help and it may be that she needs assistance more than attacks right now. i think what really angered everyone to see this face booing resignation was that nowhere in it does she say that she is
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sorry for having lied or misled the public. and she was a very prominent civil rights activist here as well as an academic which is what attracted everyone to this story. so will that apology ever come? we don't know thomas. >> msnbc's jinah kim reporting in spokane, washington. coming up in less than 15 minutes i'm going to speak with rachel's parents ruthanne and larry dolezal. exclusive first interview since rachel announced her resignation. we're going to find out if this is what they wanted all loy ng, to see consequence for the fact that she was portraying herself falsely and a reminder keep voting on our question of the day, is it okay to be transracial. vote and we are expecting new updates any minute now on the pair of shark attacks in coastal north carolina. here's what we do know so far. two young swimmers lost limbs in two separate shark attacks in oak write landisland.
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first attack targeted a 12-year-old girl sunday afternoon and less than two hours later a 16-year-old boy was attacked. it happened just two miles away from the first one. dispatchers received a number of chilling inging 911 cats. we want to warn you ahead of time the calls we're about to play may be difficult to hear. >> we have somebody a shark -- a shark attack. >> okay. where are you at? >> over by the pier. >> are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looks like her entire hand is gone. >> joining me now from oak island is msnbc's dave wagner. dave authorities won't tell people that it's safe to go in the water just yet but what are they saying about the beaches and the water itself? >> yeah thomas the beaches are open right now. but people are kind of self regulating here. we see very few people going in much further than maybe ankle deep or perhaps knee deep in some cases. very few people going in the water. i want to introduce you you tim hol man, manager of oak island.
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what went into the decision to allow the beaches to stay open here? >> we had a lot of resources, a lot of beaches. we had a helicopter up earlier. it will be out again this afternoon. we've had beach patrols on the beach talking to people. we are trying to get our hands on some brochures to tell people what to do to prevent any kind of shark encounters. with that information, keeping the beach open and letting people be discretionary as for their participation in the water sports. >> the young girl who was injured yesterday in the shark attack, she was injured very close to the pier that we're standing next to here. people are fish for sharks on the end of this pier here. that obviously attracts sharks for the area when they're chumming the waters. is that a concern for yours and will you continue to allow that? >> fish is a concern in general, a little fish attack attract to birg fish. we're concerned about that. the reports of chumming have not been substantiated at this time. we've had reports of that. we're looking into ways to discourage that kind of activity. like i said all of those have been rumors as far as shark
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fishing off the piers or the surf. >> there have been three shark attacks in about i don't know maybe 30-mile area here. over the past four days. how unusual is that? >> that is highly unusual. and we've been talking to experts all over the world to try to give us insight into that. but it is highly unusual. >> all right. that's tim holloman the town manager of oak island. i should point out tom, if you've ever flown over some of these coastal waters in a helicopter you will notice when you look down there are a lot of sharks around a lot of the swimmers. swimmers are oblivious to that. sharks are living out here among the swimmers but in most cases they don't attack like they did this past weekend. >> dave thanks so much. great interview. a big day in the 2016 race for the white house after several months of looking like a presidential candidate, former florida governor jeb bush is officially about to become one. now, the official kickoff comes two hours from now in miami.
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meanwhile, his campaign has released three online campaign videos in advance of the launch. a big part of the bush message is about his economic record. however, the bush campaign is also using these videos to demonstrate a come packs nate conservative side kind of like his brother. >> my core beliefs start with a premise that the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line, not the back. and as governor i had a chance to act on that core belief. >> msnbc's kasie hunt joins me now live from miami. and, kasie, it's no secret that jeb bush's campaign has had a rocky start, at least in the days and weeks leading up to this. we've had fund-raising questions, staff shakeout poor answers on iraq. how does he get back on track and grab the momentum in a crowded field? >> well, thomas, i think all those things you said are true. the broader question on whether or not this is going to resolve itself is going to come as we see the two 1/2s of bush's campaign interact with each other. they're not going to be allowed
10:10 am
to coordinate. you have the super pac on one side and the official campaign on the other. the super pac is where he's been raising millions of dollars. the question is how far he's going to fall short of that $100 million goal. i think, thomas today is designed to give him a fresh start here to take him out of that not actually a candidate phase, move into a real campaigning phase. barbara bush his mother is going to be here. she said at one point that the country had had enough bushes. she's obviously taken that back. but conspicuously absent are george h.w. bush and george w. bush and of course the last name in the logo although i will say that j-e-b are the initials john ellis bush. >> as we break apart the acronym we know what it officially stands for it's not the case that he's getting away from the bush name. however, social media, kasie, really buzzed about it. one of the funnier ones i saw was jeb! the musical, but this is a
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campaign insignia that he's used for a long time something she feels comfortable with and that has worked for him. >> it has worked for him. it's something that people down here have made the remark that this is a bumper sticker they've been seeing for many years on the backs of cars ever since jeb ran for governor. thomas, the other thing, speaking of social media, joeb bush is making an interesting use of snapchat for his announce announcement announcement. they're going to have snapchats from behind the scenes. but a geo fence around this area so anybody that's using snapchat here in the campaign announcements space will show up there, take a look at it if you want to see something new. >> msnbc's kasie hunt reporting from miami. kasie, great to see you. thanks so much. hillary clinton is in new hampshire today, two days after officially launching her campaign in new york. we're going to show you life pictures. this is at her first opening campaign events in concorde. and it comes after she traveled to iowa over the weekend. we see hillary clinton about to be introduced there in the back. she addressed though in iowa the trade measure divided house
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democrats and president obama. and while not taking a firm position she did appear to lean toward the position of house leader nancy pelosi. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi who have expressed their concerns about the impact that a weak agreement would have on our workers to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal. >> as minority leader in the house pelosi and dems helped scuttle the fast track authority that obama said he needs. the bill may come up for another vote early this week. oh, my god.
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>> to some of the gunfire during that dramatic police standoff over the weekend outside dallas police headquarters. 14 officers are now on routine leave after the shooting on saturday. saying each of them engaged with the suspect at some point. they are investigating why 35-year-old james fired at police officers from an armored fan. he had a history of mental illness. he was killed in the standoff. in ohio a teen boy charge with four counts of murder over a grizzly quadruple homicide sunday one day after four people were found dead inside a columbus home. family members of the victims are heartbroken by the loss. >> it is a tragedy. very much a tragedy. 16-year-old girl that got killed by the -- she's in critical condition in the hospital. >> she's the one that's injured? >> yes, sir. both my sisters are. my dad and my sister got killed. >> now nbc news is not naming the suspect because it's unclear whether or not he has been charged as an adult.
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police tell nbc affiliate wcmh they're working around the clock to find another man that they also believe is involved. when we come back rachel dolezal's parents join me live to talk about their daughter's decision to step down as an naacp leader after they revealed that she is white instead of black, as she claimed. we're also tracking your pulse inned to's question of the day. is it okay to be transracial? you can weigh in at on a different note we've got these incredible images. zoo animals missing after a devastating flood in the country area of georgia. we're going to up date you on the chaotic situation there. plus they are back. "jurassic world" at the weekend box office but just how much, we have it for you. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus.
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back to our breaks news. rachel dolezal has resigned her post as the head of the spokane chapter of the naacp. at a membership meeting tonight dolezal was supposed to clear the air. whether that meeting will still happen is unclear. we're taking your pulse on rachel dolezal and controversy, is it okay to be transracial. you can vote at we are going to share the results coming up here shortly. rachel's parents, larry and ruthanne dolezal is on their first cable news interview since her daughter stepped down. this is big news in the last hour about rachel's resignation. people questioned your motivations about telling the truth about her daughter was getting her to resign the post at the naacp, larry, the intent
10:19 am
of what you wanted to do? >> certainly not. >> how do you feel about rachel's resignation then? >> well, we support her in her decision. we read her letter. it was very well written. and we just hope and pray that what she said in her closing will be also inclusive of her family. >> ruthanne, your daughter had given an interview to another network where she talked about you and larry and said she really doesn't care what you think. how do you respond to your daughter those sentiments and also to her resignation? >> well, of course it's still very painful to hear her say that about us. but i noticed in her letter of resignation there was no actual addressing of the issue of being dishonest about herrest ethnicity nor was there any apology. so i see that as a first step in
10:20 am
her path to moving away from the negative feelings that she's had toward her family members and i pray that she will take the steps necessary to embrace her true personal identity and not feel compelled any longer to be false or malicious toward her family. >> false or malicious. we're getting no sign of whether or not she's going to be speaking in front of a ram a any time soon to give an interview. we do have the facebook letter but it was this morning on the "today" show that you talked about rachel trying to damage her biological family. can you explain what you mean by that? and, larry i want to ask you specifically, was it because she had posted a picture to facebook advertising a black man as her father saying that he was going to be coming to visit in january, also speaking at an event that the naacp was sponsoring? is it that image that made you
10:21 am
want to speak out and that's why you think she's harming you and the biological family she comes from? >> that image isn't what made us speak out. act a week ago we were first contacted by the press, the local paper in idaho, asking us if we were in fact her birth parents. and we had never been asked before. the question had never been presented to us. and we had the choice of lying telling the truth, hanging up or telling them no comment. we have always taught and trained our children to tell the truth, be straightforward. we told the truth. >> so as a fat thr though when you see that image, how does it make you feel and the fact that she was portraying someone else publicly advertising them as her dad? >> well, it hurts deeply because she used to call me papa. >> the relationship that you
10:22 am
have with her daughter obviously is strained right now. and, ruthanne you are a blended family. you have four adoptive black children so trying to teach your children about being colorblind. as they were raised was probably something that you went through as a family to make sure everybody felt that they were equal. we've been asking our viewers today in the bing pulse question of the day is it okay to be transracial, and similar to how some people might identity as transgender. how do you feel about people describing themselves as transracial? do you think that's even a thing? >> i don't see any honest way that a person can describe themselves as transracial because your ethnicity comes from your genetic code and what's handed down to you by your parents. your real biological parents. and i think the healthy path to take on this kind of discussion is to find a way to embrace and celebrate who you are or who you
10:23 am
really are. >> are you worried for your daughter now that she has lost this post larry? >> no i don't know what her options are or what her future pursuits will be and i don't know if this post was a voluntary post or paid post. we're not informed or involved so i don't know what kind of an impact this has on her. >> are you worried about her mental health ruthanne, and the exposure that this has brought her might be harmful to her going forward? >> i am concerned for rachel particularly because of her dishonesty and then the unwillingness so far to address that and choose a new course. and i think that will be absolutely necessary for her to move forward. >> ruthanne and larry dolezal,
10:24 am
thank you both for joining me. i wish you and your family nothing but the best moving forward. thank you. >> thank you thomas for having us. >> thank you. when we come back, the devastating flood that left a dozen people dead and sent wild animals into the street. how a community in georgia is trying to get back on track. but first, outrage from nearly 200 passenger on a united flight from chicago to london after a mint nance issue forced an emergency landing in canada. passengers say they were forced to stay the night in a near freezing military barrack while the crew stayed at hotel. >> no united representative ever reached out to anybody, no phone calls, no human beings, nothing. nobody had any idea what was going on. >> our replacement plane showed up more than 20 hours later. shuttling passengers to newark new jersey, before they finally resumed their flight. united is promising a full refund for all. i think she tried to kill us. are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories.
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welcome back. i'm francis rev a in new york. libya, here. a u.s. target targeting senior al qaeda leader officials say there is no confirmation he was killed early sunday but u.s. f-15 bombers targeted the building believed to be his home southwest of benghazi. he is responsible for an attack on an algerian gas plant in 201 that killed at least 38 mosshostage it is. update on that wild scene out of georgia. officials are looking for a pull ber of potentially dangerous animals after severe floods destroyed the gates of the zoo. tigers, bears, hippos escaped that began prowling the streets and some animals were shot by police. others were rescued and sent to a safer place. the floods also killed at least 13 people. ten people remain missing. all eyes are on the gulf of mexico where off the coast of texas is developing a new tropical depression.
10:29 am
the national weather service says the system presents a serious and life threatening flood threat to eastern texas including houston and dallas. still recovering from those floods. over ten inches and possible areas there we'll keep an eye on that system as it develops. so for now, we'll take it back to thomas in washington. thomas? >> francis, thanks so much. still ahead, how safe are the beaches? as you are headed off for summer vacation vacation. we're going to uk talk to an expert about what happened this weekend. attacks in north carolina. we're going to break down just often shark bites, shark attacks actually happen. plus, we'll talk to an international boubtnty hunter about how authorities are tracking down two killers still on the loose who escaped from upstate new york. and, jeb bush is about to take the plunge officially but does he still have the advantage of being the gop front-runner?
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there was no actual addressing of the issue of being dishonest about herrette etterette etterette ettextraterrestrial necessity nor apology. i see that as a first step in her path to moving away from the negative feelings that she's had toward her family members. and i pray that she will take the steps necessary to embrace her true personal identity and not feel compelled any longer to be false or malicious toward her family. >> in their first live interview just moments ago that was rachel dolezal's parents speaking with me and we learned just over an hour ago that the naacp leader has stepped down from her post at the spokane chapter. this comes days after dolezal came under intense pressure when he parents reveedaled that she is white. the controversy sparked the debate of race and identity and whether it should matter, can
10:34 am
you choose for herself? let's go back to fran chis in new york and find out how people are responding to our pulse question of the day. people have a visceral reaction to this. >> they do because we bring up this term that has made news, the term, transracial. when someone identifies themselves as another race. this is what we're asking you. with the rachel dolezal controversy is it okay to be transracial? the pulse is live and we're tracking your responses i understand is the of the hour. this is overwhelming. 71% yes. they believe that it is okay to be transracial. and 29% say no and interesting to see how we are looking when people are voting in realtime with kind of all over the place as you can see from this graph. some people saying yes. overall as we've been seeing in our last 30 minutes since we launched our bing pulse question that most people think that yes,yes rks
10:35 am
yes, it is okay. to factor in what rachel dolezal dolezal's mother said if she leaves tranracial thing is a thing that exists. she said no it comes from your genetic code genetic makeup. there is a lot of debate out there on social media if there is even such a thing as trans transracial. a lot of people are taking offense when you compare that to transgender, too. >> francis, thanks for taking the pulse with we'll talk again soon. we want to go back to new york state upstate, and get you updated on the search for the escaped inmates. richard matt and david sweat. more than 800 law enforcement personnel are involved in the search for these two. all assets are being deployed around the clock to assist in their capture. and officials are following more than 900 leads with ten days in and still no sign of them new york governor andrew cuomo says at this point they could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they are
10:36 am
still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. right? enough time has transpired. but we're following up every lead the best we can. >> zeke i thinker is an international bounty hunter. from your per specter, do you think that matt and sweat are still in the area that the authorities are dragneting? >> we have to assume and investigate, but if you look at the totality of the investigation. you have two individuals intelligent enough to breach a maximum security prison and elude 800 officers for ten days. they set up a perimeter very quickly in this matter. i happen to believe that the suspects are in that perimeter and it has to be looked at very dill jenltigently before we look elsewhere. we have to follow up all leads coming in but we also don't want
10:37 am
to chase a red herring. we don't want to spend time looking at things that may not need to be looked at. >> zeke, let's talk about red herring s because we know joyce mitchell, the insider working with them has told authorities and the district attorney revealed this that she was going to be their get away driver and take them about seven hours away toward an unknown wooded area. do you think that she could be a red herring that's providing these guys more time to craft where they're going to get to safely? >> i don't believe so. you know, these guys have prior military experience and i think when they made their escape and things fell apart they adapt and overcome. i think right now they're laying low. they're trying to figure out what to do to get out of this. i believe they will be coming back, whether in handcuff or body bags but they will be coming back. >> international bounty hunter zeke unger. i appreciate turning now to developing news. a pair of shark attacks that we've been covering out of
10:38 am
coastal, north carolina two young swimmers losing an arm each in two separate attacks over the past several days. francis is back now with the deep dive in how common this really is as many people start to ramp up for their summer vacations. >> especially when they hit the beaches there. thomas, keep in mind here that most unprovoked shark attacks happen here in our own backyard in the united states and the university of florida. they have records on shark attacks since the year 1580. it goes that far back, if you can believe it. let's show you what they found and let's start with this world map as you can see, by the numbers here. look, the united states they take the lead with more than 1100 attacks and ahawaii is in a category itself with over 136 attacks. us a australiay all of the way on the other side of the world hold the distinction of the most fatal attacks of the 572 attacks since 1580 more than a quarter have been fatal. now let's take a deeper dive into the shark attacks in the
10:39 am
continental united states and the breakdown here in the color, red, florida. it tops the list with 717 unprovoked attacks since 1837. and then all the way to the west coast, california with 114. and also south carolina you can see those states represented in orange. north carolina where most the recent attacks have happened they're in fout place with 52 and all of the states you see in blue texas, north carolina georgia here they have between 10 and 75 attacks. the states in green the lowest between 1 and 9. let's look at the trend of shark attacks over the last several years base odd than chart. last year 2014 here there were 72 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide. that's down from the year before, 2013 but as you can see there's kind of an upward tick since 2009 that was the lowest then at 68. but you can see that's still going up. generally as attendance at beaches has risen so have the shark attacks.
10:40 am
thomas obviously the young people here who hit the beach, lucky to be alive. the last shark attack fatality in the continental united states was pretty recent. if you think they've been taking these records since the 1500s, that last one was in 2012. thomas? >> still gets everybody's attention about what happened this weekend. we'll talk about that more coming up. dr. reese halter is a cancer conservation biologist and joins us now from los angeles. doctor, does it surprise you at all that these attacks when we talk about oak island north carolina, was so close in proximity and timing? >> not really. good afternoon, thomas. look, you've got a probability of 1 in 11.5 million of having an encounter, an accident with a shark. i think to set the stage straight sharks are doctors of the sea. look their role is to keep their populations of prey fit by calling the old weak and sick. over the last 15 years humans have removed 1 1/2 billion
10:41 am
sharks from the seas. so keeping that in mind what we think is happening is there's a burgeoning recreational fishing industry that's attracting the sharks. you have to understand as predator, they've been around for 400 million years, by the way. they can smell one part per million of blood. they're being drawn into these crafts. there's more people going into the water. when you're in the water, thrashing around most of the incidents happen when you're surfing, you look to -- you appear to the shark as though you're a a seal or a sea lion in distress. when they move in clamp down bite you. they spit out the bone. there's no fat. so, doctor, what's the best advice though for people that are concerned about the best time to swim and what advice they should give to their kids? >> you know you got to obviously got to be very careful. we've got to -- along this beach
10:42 am
in north carolina i would think twice before going in for the next couple days. in the meantime just enjoy, enjoy being near the shores and i don't think we need to get into this hollywood "jaws" thing. sharks are not looking for people to eat. >> dr. reese halter thank you, sir, for joining me. >> thanks thomas. coming up in just over an hour we have jeb bush jumping into the 2016 race. the question is, has waiting so long helped or hurt his official campaign kickoff? former rnc chair michael steele and jonathan allen are going to be here to answer that question and more about the political field. plus officials hunting for two escaped murders feel desperate men could try to steal a get away car with somebody still in it. we're going to tell you what other information that could keep you alive in the case of an attempted carjacking. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands
10:43 am
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10:46 am
the questions about your staff and about fund-raising and about polls. where is that on your priority list right now? >> it's not on it. all the here and now stuff, thankfully there are smart people focusing on that. i don't have to. >> so there we have it, jeb bush speaking with chris jansing over the weekend. in over an hour from now we have a former florida governor announcing his 2016 entry into the gop field. these are live pictures of the stage that has been set in miami. when that happens it's going to make him the 11th candidate to officially declare in a crowded gop race. michael steele is an msnbc political analyst and former rnc chairman jonathan allen is chief political correspondent for vox. it's great to see you here in person, especially in washington, d.c. we're going to talk a little hillary clinton, too. i just got some advance jeb bush excerpts from the speech that's coming up. first, michael, let's look at this new poll that came out and it showed gop registered voter,
10:47 am
dr. ben carson still in the lead with only 11% though and it's close after that. scott walker coming in at 10%. jeb bush there at 9%. so he rampgs in the top three. one of the more interesting ex excerpt excerpts, we will take washington, the static capital of this dynamic country out of the business of causing problems. so this dynamic country and that capital has been led by his father and his brother. so how does he advance the narrative to say, i'm my own man and i can -- >> i doing to do it different. i'm going too layout starting today and probably over the next couple months leading to the first debate how he's going to do it different. i think so many folks right now, particularly in the media, want to make this linkage between him, his father and his brother. let's see how he plays this out before we jump to any conclusion, i think at least, on what jeb is, who jeb is and how jeb is going to lead. he was a very different governor in the state. no one made the comparisons
10:48 am
between him and his brother in texas and florida. and so let him carve out the space that he carved out for himself as a governor and see how he does it. i'm willing to give him that benefit of the doult anddoubt. and if he can't do it then let's have the conversation about his inability to make that separation. but we are preclude that from happening by prejudging what it will be. >> meanwhile, we've had the ramp-up, jonathan staff shake-ups and trips over iraq in public and his phrasing of what he would have done or what he feels should have been done in hindsight. but how does he emerge now that he's officially in the race? has he been vetted and gotten the rust off and now he's ready to go? >> well, i think the thing here is that we all expect him to be a little more polished. i think he suffered from an elevated bar of expectation, that he was going to be like we had seen george w. bush in public or george h.w. bush in public. he's never been on the national stage at that level. i think he let those expectations get out of hand a
10:49 am
little bit. this is an opportunity for him to relaunch, to reintroduce himself. i think more important than the question of whether he is like george w. bush or george h.w. bush because of his last name is a question whether he has policy solutions that make a difference for the american public and i think we will hear some of that today, a little bit of that today, but i think that's really what's going to distinguish him from the field or not. >> it want to talk about hillary clinton because we had mitt romney on "morning joe" this morning and he was taking some spots shots at the kickoff that clinton had over the weekend. i want to remind everybody what he had to say. >> i thought that text touched the various places she needs to touch to try to keep her base intact. somehow though when you see her on a stage or when she comes into a room full of people she's smiling with her mouth but her eyes are saying you know where is my latte? >> oh. so that is a good line. but when we look at the polls and not where her latte is she's doing better than any gop
10:50 am
candidate. who do you think in the gop can really connect with people the way that she has so far? >> i think a number of folks can. this for me thomas has always been something i think that is true. the governors when they enter the race starting with jeb bush coming in, i think collectively the governors will show a way forward for the gop. they have governed through the recession, the recovery dealt with obamacare. i think they bring that energy to this race that hillary and even some of the senate candidates may not bring because they led with executive leadership so i think that dynamic is fascinating one and to your point i think an opportunity for jeb bush to go out there and to talk about how he's governed and what kind of policies he would lead on as president of the united states. >> meanwhile, jonathan we got hillary to talk about trade and leaning toward pelosi and away from obama. >> i interpret that differently than i think a lot of folks do.
10:51 am
she said you should call and work with nancy pelosi but the truth is all of that is within the contract -- construct of hillary clinton thinking there is a transpacific partnership deal that could be struck and that would be good. the president should work with minority leader to get it done not the president should abandon this and so i actually think what hillary clinton was saying is she likes trade deals. >> look at all that red, white and blue up there. we'll see if -- >> that's a lot up there. we'll probably see the same thing from jeb bush at 3:00. gentlemen, thank you. when we come back, we'll break down the global recordbreaking box office weekend for "jurassic park." jonathan and michael were in the seats this weekend, i'm sure. yeah? no. okay.
10:52 am
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"jurassic world" is leader in the global box office in the largest debut ever. the fourth installment of the franchise raked in more than $500 million and francis is back with more on the summer blockbuster that devoured the competition. >> it is amazing the money it raked in and close to setting the all-time domestic box office record. nearly $205 million in ticket sales just in the united states. that makes it the second highest in ticket sales here at home. puts it right behind "the avengers" in 2012. but final tally isn't in yet so the "avengers" record could be in jeopardy. chris pratt reached out the fans on facebook saying on behalf of
10:56 am
everything involved in making of "jurassic world" i want to say thank you. we are blessed and overcome with joy of the outcome of the movie and couldn't be more appreciative of the amazing support you have shown so far. fans thinking when's next? i need more. well looks like chris pratt will go prehistoric once again saying that he signed on to a jurassic world sequel. so with a secret to this success? some say it's him, pratt, with a bankable star rising. and then there's the even bigger creatures in the 3d effects and of course for those of us who love the original coming out the 2 years ago, if you can believe that, of course there's just good old nostalgia in the first, second and third installment and people say if you didn't see the others, you can jump and see this one and pick up right there and love it just as much thomas. >> for everybody to get the trilogy on demand and catch up
10:57 am
that way. thanks so much. much more on the top stories coming up. rachel dolezal stepping down from her post at the spokane naacp. we'll talk to another naacp president with a perspective on this and bing question today -- is it okay to be transracial? we're going to give you results and it was like a scene from "jaws" says a witness who saw two shark attacks hours apart on the same beach in north carolina. live from the scene after this. the citi double cash card. it earns you cash back now and cash back later. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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11:00 am
welcome back. i'm thomas roberts in washington, d.c. today and beginning this hour with breaking news on rachel dolezal, the embattled spokane chapter of the naacp resigned that post. she said her resignation with allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and that she would continue to fight for human rights and i spoke to her estranged parents a short time ago and got their response
11:01 am
to the news. >> we support her in her decision. we read her letter. it was very well written. and we just hope and pray that what she said in her closing will be also inclusive of her family. >> i pray that she will take the steps necessary to embrace her true personal identity. >> so we're taking your pulse on the racial dolezal controversy. is it okay to be transracial? you can vote at we'll talk now about the reaction that's being heard there to the resignation of rachel dolezal. what is it from the naacp and from the community that respected her so much? >> well thomas we reached out the the naacp, national headquarters as soon as we heard about the resignation. they have yet to say a statement. they say it's coming shortly but
11:02 am
we don't have that. the resignation on facebook and the world is now weighing in with comments on that post and, unfortunately, many of them are very venomous and negative but the local former naacp president here in spokane says wait we don't need to attack her right now. what she needs more than anything is help. he's urging forgiveness. this statement seems to bring somewhat of a closure to this firestorm of controversy that erupted late last week but as you said it has sparked international debate about racial identity that's going on for a while to come. thomas? >> thank you very much. we'll gate unique perspective on this story in the next block when i speak to the former naacp head from miami. we turn our attention to this developing news. the manhunt for the escaped prisoners. richard matt and david suite, the sergeantering the tenth day. no sign of them.
11:03 am
joyce mitchell who officials say helped them she appeared again today in court and her case now heading on to county court. but the district attorney is not ruling out the potential for more arrests. >> it's possible. i've been saying over the last couple of days based on the investigation, additional other people that may be arrested based on the information that we continue to receive on a daily basis. >> meanwhile, new york governor cuomo directed the inspector general to conduct an investigation into the factors leading to the escape. adam reiss is live for us in morris sonville new york. >> reporter: good afternoon. joyce mitchell would face further charges. the district attorney saying other people could be charged. they're far from finished with their investigation. and now the govern nor's getting involved. ordering his inspector general to look at all factors that went into this escape.
11:04 am
who else helped them? what was joyce mitchell's involvement? were there cell phones on the inside that they used and people on the inside and outside? they want to look at everything that went into this escape and how they were able to stay out for this long. thomas? >> and let's talk about the location of matt and suite. what are investigators and those in charge of the manhunt saying about where they could be at this point? >> reporter: well, we know the governor said yesterday they could be anywhere. they could even be in mexico but people here on the ground the searchers here, 800 of them believe they're still here and no reason to believe they have left. they still are going with the original theory they're together. they're in the forest and they're on the run. thomas? >> msnbc's adam reiss, thank you. i want to turn to lenny depaul a former u.s. marshal. here we are, day ten since the men escaped successfully. in your mind that you would they still be in the designated
11:05 am
search area? >> i hope so thomas. i hope they're contained in this perimeter. they've been searching over 500 homes in upstate new york over the weekend. a lot of them summer homes, still locked up and not opened up yet. i'm hoping they're bedded down somewhere. ten days in has law enforcement scratching their heads that's for sure. >> joyce mitchell is really the key so far that we know of about giving pivotal information about how they were able to escape what her role was going to be once they got out n. your opinion, could she be the only one that was helping them or do you think there were others involved? >> my gut reaction to all 0 of that, my opinion and i hope they're contained in that perimeter, however they probably used joyce as best as they could. they got a lot of things from her. but i'm thinking there's a plan "b." possibly pick them up and joyce didn't know about it. >> do you think that there are some aspects of her story that she could even be providing them a red herring to get more
11:06 am
distance making the escape? she thought she was in love. we have reports she was in intimate relationships with both. >> anything's possible thomas. i mean you have the intense manhunt ongoing and then the fugitive investigation and i know my former task force, u.s. marshals sending leads from canada down to mexico so in several states in between so they're certainly not leaving any stones unturned. >> former u.s. marshal, lenny, great to see you. thank you. developing now waiting to get more information on the condition of two young swimmers attacked by sharks in coastal north carolina. what we do know now is both 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy are listed in good condition but they each lost a limb. the shark attacks were separate but were only two miles from one another. and they were less than two hours apart. dispatchers received a number of chilling 911 calls. they may be difficult to hear. >> somebody just got bit by a
11:07 am
shark. >> where are you at? >> oak island. >> is he alert right now? >> is he alert? is he alert? he's alert. >> okay. and can you tell me what part of his body is injured? >> his left arm. >> so chris, the fire chief for oak island spoke with andrea mitchell in the earlier part of the day about why the beaches aren't currently closed. >> we can't control what's out, you know in the ocean. the beaches are open and beachgoers are made aware of the situation. and asked to be more careful and be more alert as to their surroundings. and but, you know we can close the beaches if we want to and not stop swimmers from going in the water. >> beaches, waters remain open. nbc's jim dave wagner joins us now. you are seeing people on the beach. what are the feelings about
11:08 am
going into the water? >> reporter: well, they're not interested going in the water, thomas. for the most part. people are getting in maybe ankle deep water around here and really a lot of kind of self regulating going on here. i don't think they need to close the beaches at this point because people are too afraid to go in the water. this is the busy time of year for oak island around here and the tourists come in and this is when the vendors mere make the dollars off of this and bad news for them but i'll tell you that this is kind of an i-95 for sharks here. there are sharks that come from the northeastern united states and go all the way down to florida from here and they vary. they're all kinds of sharks that are out here year around and they're making a trek back and forth. we're talking everything from tiger sharks to bull sharks to great white sharks. i talked to dr. bob hutter in sarasota sarasota, florida, and skds him about this belief of a so-called rogue shark like you see in the movie "jaws."
11:09 am
he says there's no scientific evidence of a rogue shark out there. no clear indication that rogue sharks even exist, they're out there attacking people. so at this point, they don't know what type of sharks attacked the people out here. and frankly, there are sharks here all the time. the swimmers aren't aware of it and very unusual for there to be shark attacks, particularly three shark attacks in just four days. thomas? >> more common than we know they're in the water and don't realize how close they are. dave wagner in north carolina thank you. and political news for you, jeb bush is in miami at this moment and coming up in the next hour he will finally take the official plunge into the 2016 waters. early excerpts of the speech have been released and like several campaign videos released this weekend, the speech will tout the record as govern nor of florida. it's an optimistic speech stressing job growth and free enterprise and says, quote, i
11:10 am
will run with heart, i will run to win and also expected to paint himself as a compassionate conservative like his brother george w. bush. here he is in a video released on sunday. >> my core beliefs start with a premise that the most vulnerable in the society should be in the front of the line, not the back. as governor ai had a chance to act on that core belief. >> i'm joined by krontd chris jansing. you got a chance to talk with jeb bush. >> reporter: yeah. i spent five days with him in europe where he met with the leaders of three countries, and that was considered a big success because, first of all, you go there to get photo-opes and he met with the three lead earls, but also do no harm and he didn't make any faux pas. the revoous of people in private meetings with him were good. he felt positive going out of it.
11:11 am
he accomplished what he wanted to yesterday, as well. he said he needed to kind of regroup and spent yesterday with his family, his kids flew in and kind of a day for him to look at the speech and have some family time. having said that he knows he has a big job ahead of him. you talked about the compassionate conservatism. here he is trying to walk that fine line and very difficult to get into those early primaries and be successful without espousing the conservative values and there are a lot of conservatives who feel uncomfortable with his stands on education and immigration. having said that i think the location here at miami-dade college is an indication that he recognizes if he's going to have a chance to win he needs to expand that republican base. this is a college that is incredibly diverse, as diverse as america is and this is part of the outreach to youth, to african-americans, to hispanics. areas where republicans haven't done well in the past and as you said, thomas he is termed to be optimistic and forward looking,
11:12 am
always a challenge given his history with his dad and his brother, the bush name and by the way, although his mom barbara bush is expected to be here, neither president 41 or 43 is expected to be in attendance. thomas? >> chris jansing, great to see you, thank you. with jeb bush formally running into the presidential race later today, we wanted the see how he's fitting into the big picture as it stands. francis is here with a look at that. francis? >> thomas the new campaign logo with buzz online and hoping that translates to growing endorse endorsements and more political momentum. let's break it down for you and take a look. if a general election happens today, here's the matchup of bush and clinton. clinton winning by 47.6 points to jeb bush's 42.4. now, the bush doesn't formally declare until later on this afternoon and still polling
11:13 am
ahead of the republican counter parts. bush at 11.3% there. wisconsin governor walker not far behind at 10.8 and senator rubio at 10.3%. neuro surgeon carson at 9% and then senator paul who round out the top five at 8.8% and stacks up differently coming to endorsements. you can see that breakdown here. bush still leading with the most of any republican in the race at 13. compared with rand paul's six right here. ted cruz's four and coming to marco rubio, lindsay graham and they have one each. hillary clinton at 106. all the candidates hoping for the momentum to keep those numbers growing and pumping upwards, thomas. >> it is still early. we'll see where it goes. thanks so much. much more on the controversy that erupted surrounding rachel dolezal. i spoke with her parents in the last hour. next, i'll speak to a former
11:14 am
miami naacp head with a unique perspective on this issue and our bing pulse question today, is it okay to be transracial? going ahead and vote. the air strike in libya may have taken out one of the biggest al qaeda leaders in the area. what affect will it have? we'll have that and much more of this. hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. right now, buy an eligible printer and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. ♪ building aircraft,
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11:17 am
so the fall of rachel dolezal happened as quickly as her rise. six months after assuming the president position of the spokane naacp it came crashing down. it's a simple question. are you african-american? earlier on this show this man who earlier andrea mitchell spoke to the person who used to have dolezal's job.
11:18 am
>> i wish her the best. i hope she gets the help she needs. you know? and then for the branch of course, i hope that it can maintain its credibility, that it can continue its collaboration and partnerships with the police department, with the city of spokane and with spokane public schools. >> so we're taking your pulse on the rachel dolezal controversy. is it okay to be transracial? you can vote. we'll have the results for you coming up. brad brown, former miami-dade county naacp president and now serves as the chapter's current first vice president. it's nice to have you with me sir. brad you are a handful of white people who have led the advocacy organization. do you think the color of skin ever diminished your effectiveness in that role? >> no.
11:19 am
i feel that i was able to be effective. and building naacp has always been open. i've been a naacp activist since the early 1960s and the opportunities for service and to fight for equality and against white racism for me is something that is part of my personal life. it was part of my professional -- i felt it should be part of my professional life and through the naacp it's been part of my community life. and now that i'm retired and working only part time i devote even more effort to its work. >> so, brad i spoke to dolezal's parents last hour and here's what they had to say, their reaction to knowing their daughter would step aside. >> in her letter of resignation there was no actual addressing
11:20 am
of the issue of being dishonest about her ethnicity nor was there any apology. so i see that as a first step in her path to moving away from the negative feelings that she's had toward her family members and i pray that she will take the steps necessary to embrace her true personal identity and not feel compelled any longer to be false or malicious toward her family. >> do you agree with that? do you think she was being false and malicious, certainly, in the representation of the role as the president chapter for the spokane naacp? >> i really don't -- since i don't know her i certainly can't comment on that. i certainly could say that given her track record from what i understand as an activist if
11:21 am
everybody had known that her background was as a caucasian, they probably still would have voted for her to become their president. so, i think you have to separate those out. and i really feel that there's -- just an overfocus on this fact that she had decided to try to change her background and i think we need to let her and her community, close friends, deal with that and i was pleased to see in her statement that she says that she will continue in the struggle for justice and equality and i hope that after she goes through this, this period, of time now that she's resigned she will continue to make those kind of
11:22 am
contributions as she's tried to make in the past. >> i can imagine it's not the last we've heard of rachel dolezal. sir, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. coming up developing nulls in the trial of james holmes the man accused in the "dark knight" theater shooting. why are so many jurors being dismissed from the case? we'll talk about the top story rachel dolezal. the pulse question today, is it okay to be transracial? weigh in and have the results coming up. but before we go, the archbishop of the minneapolis/st. paul archdiocese has resigned. according to the vatican, pope francis has accepted the resignation.
11:23 am
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11:26 am
we are back now with the developments in the "dark knight" colorado shooting trial where the judge dismissed a fourth juror today. >> juror number 901, for the following reasons, she indicated that her brother-in-law was the victim of a random shooting. he was apparently shot three times on june 9 and in this case, as i think the defense indicated involves a random shooting. >> 20 jurors and alter flats remain to decide the fate of the shooter james holmes and nbc's jacob riscone joins us now. >> reporter: so this juror 901 came to the judge on thursday and said her brother-in-law was a victim of a random shooting. the prosecution didn't object and the judge made no decision then. the morning, however he brought
11:27 am
the juror in front of him and the attorneys and thanks her for her service and asked that she be dismissed saying he didn't think she could be impartial and believing that she had not been totally forthcoming what she relayed about that incident. three others jurors last week were also dismissed though for different reasons, because according to the judge they did not comply with the judge's rules to stay away from media coverage. >> been a real roller coaster for the jurors, jacob. appreciate it. as the hunt for two escaped inmates reaches its tenth day police say they're getting actually desperate and more dangerous. what happens if they or any attacker happens to approach you and wants your vehicle? we have a report you need to see about the safety of what you need to know if you find yourself being carjacked. >> crawl out the other side as fast as possible.
11:28 am
>> that makes sense. >> run. >> that's jeff rossen reporting for us. later on, look at the images. we have got hippos gators pigs, all loose on the streets. the latest on the efforts to round up certain dangerous animal who is escaped from the zoo during overwhelming flooding. the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!!
11:29 am
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11:31 am
back now with the breaking news we learned earlier today about that naacp leader rachel dolezal. she is stepping down from the president at the spokane chapter of the naacp. dolezal came under intense pressure over revelations by her parents she is white. the controversy is taken social media by storm and earlier i spoke wo rachel's parents and i got their take on our bing pulse question of the day. >> how do you feel about people describing themselves as transracial? do you think that that's even a
11:32 am
thing? >> i don't see any honest way that a person can describe themselves as transracial because your ethnicity comes from your genetic code and what's handed down to you by your parents, your real biological parents. and i think the healthy path to take on this kind of discussion is to find a way to embrace and celebrate who you are or who you really are. >> want to go back to francis in new york and tracking the reaction that you have been providing for our pulse question today. how are people responding? >> is it okay to be transracial provided you may even believe in it? as rachel's mother did not. here are our results we have gotten so far. 62% of say people say, yes, it is okay to be transracial. 38% say, no. the amount of people saying, yes, dropped ten points since we last checked in with you and seeing overall, what people are voting especially in the last minute or so. it seems like more and more
11:33 am
people are voting towards neutral or no and interesting update on what people are saying is saying you know what? coming to transracial, some people like her mother don't think that that is -- it even exists and people saying if you compare it to transgender, you can't. they're totally different things and interesting discussion with the question today, thomas. >> thanks so much. talking here shortly and an update on the manhunt for richard matt and david suite. check points set up not far from the clinton correctional facility and searching the cars and official say it is inmatds could be getting more desperate and that could show up to anybody's doorstep armed and dangerous. would you know what to do if these killers or any attacker showed up at your house? nbc's jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: the escaped inmates are probably on foot no getaway car. but with police searching the
11:34 am
woods and every road in between, officials fear they'll try to steal someone's wheels. carjackings happen fast and often violent. in fact escaped inmates have done it in the past from detroit to virginia. >> this guy just did a carjacking at 6911. >> reporter: preying on innocent drivers to get away. >> there are things you can do to prevent an attack. >> reporter: john peek is a self-defense expert with 15 years experience. today he is playing the attacker showing me how to get away alive. he says you need to be ready the moment a criminal approaches. like this. >> out of the car! >> reporter: hit the horn. hit the gas. get out of there as fast as you can. that's the number one tip. >> here's another tip. if you can't drive away you need to run away. pull you out of the car. >> reporter: fight back. >> run, run, run. >> reporter: key is to get away. they don't want you, just the
11:35 am
car. >> however, with the prison break in new york they may want all of your resources, money, cars, home, to hide out. shoving you in the car and can't drive, run, you do whatever you have to do. >> reporter: get out this way. >> don't let them take you with them. get away. worst-case scenario -- >> reporter: i would be panicked. do whatever they say. >> if they take you hostage, statistics show the likelihood of you being killed goes up. push the gun forward, accelerate and drive off. >> reporter: like that. now i have the gun. but perhaps even more scary, these inmates breaking into the home as you sleep. holding your family hostage. as they try to hide. some of the invaders caught on surveillance video kicking in doors. and getting violent. even attacking victims in their own bed.
11:36 am
so how can you get your family out alive? wallace zeins was an nypd detective and 22-year hostage negotiator. i hear a noise. >> real simple. a lot of people don't have alarms. they're expensive. what you should do is instead of leaving the car keys down stairs, you hear a noise, hit the red but on the identity. built-in automatic alarm. >> reporter: and he says there's something else you'd need in your bedroom, too. >> buy a can of wasp hornet spray in the supermarket because this is so potent. it's more powerful than police mace. the great part is if you spray it, it goes 20 to 25 feet. >> you can be at the corner of your room and getting the bedroom, you can hit them. >> spray them. >> what happens to them? >> temporarily are blind. >> reporter: check your state and local laws. here's another tip. sleep with all of your bedroom doors open. you want your kids to hear what's going on. then you go to them.
11:37 am
so the key to get family together, all in one place and then get out? >> exactly. as quickly as you can. >> that was nbc's jeff rossen reporting for us. we're following details coming out of libya where a u.s. air strike targeting a leader mokhtar belmokhtar. intelligence officials say there's no confirmation he was killed early sunday but u.s.f. bombers target add building believed to be his home southwest of benghazi. white house press secretary was asked about this moments ago. >> i can't confirm the results of the strike. but when we have more details on that we'll try to share it with you. >> not confirming or denying and joining by nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. explain what more we know about the targeted attack. >> reporter: i can tell you that defense and military officials are extremely confident that they got their man. that these air strikes killed
11:38 am
mokhtar belmokhtar over the weekend. now, he was considered to be one of the high profile target there is in north africa. in 2013 his terrorist group actually seized a natural gas facility in algeria and slaughtered 38 people including three americans. now, the reason they cannot absolutely prove that belmokhtar was killed is because the building itself was obliterated. dna would be impossible to find even if they had agents on the ground which they don't. so instead, they're monitoring all terrorist known websites looking for any kind of clue and some of the internet traffic as to whether they will believe or in fact announce that belmokhtar was killed. but again, u.s. officials are confident he's dead. they just can't prove it. thomas? >> nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski thank you.
11:39 am
did you see this? over the weekend, in the country of georgia, terrifying scenes of wild animals on the loose. residents in the capital have been warned to stay inside after devastating floods that killed 12 people and also damaged a local zoo. setting free about 30 dangerous animals including lions, tigers bears, even a hippo as you saw on the streets. many of the escaped animals were shot dead to protect humans while others including two bear cubs were tranquilized and rescued. exotic to farm animals check out the herd of goats causing an unusual traffic jam and purposely released by the berkeley lab in california to help keep our grasses short and reduce fire hazards. wild to watch and heard of cow tipping but have you heard about tipping a water tower? no. but look at that. you can check out video of a 900-foot high water tower.
11:40 am
crews used torches to cut the metal base and there you see, it goes down. the water tower built in 1985 and not used in the last five years. coming up wailing for a big announcement in florida where we take you specifically to miami, jeb bush expected to make a 2016 plans official. and any moment now hillary clinton will speak with reporters in concord, new hampshire. her first press conference since her official campaign kickoff over the weekend. both political dynasties, the bushes and the clintons coming up. with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. welcome back everybody. want to get straight to hillary clinton at a launch party in apple an orchard in concord, new
11:43 am
hampshire. >> -- to what they did, which i think on balance was good for the country. i am very proud of the 22 million new jobs created when my husband was president and very proud that president obama basically saved us from falling into a great depression. so i will do what works. i have the same fundamental belief that we have to build an economy by everyone where the rewards are shared by everyone. and i will be laying out policies that will give you a very clear idea of the direction i will head so that we can have an agenda in this campaign. i don't want it to be about me. i want it to be our country and our future. >> ann, why don't you go ahead? >> hi ann. >> -- one of your hallmarks. do you believe that you can have a successful pivot to asia without the transpacific trade partnership and are you running away from those accomplishments
11:44 am
on the sthoift asia by appearing at this point to turn your back on the trade deal? >> well ann, as you know i did spend an enormous amount of time and effort as secretary of state both devising and executing what we ended up calling a pivot to asia because i thought it was important for our country to be focused more on that part of the world where so much of the future is going to be determined. and the idea behind that was multifaceted. it was about strategic interests. it was about political interests. it was certainly about commercial and economic interests. and i think that's still the case. as i said yesterday, i believe that with the vote on friday the president has an opportunity to reach out to the democratic caucus in the house, in particular, to leader pelosi to see whether there could not be a
11:45 am
chance to use that as leverage to create some of the changes that have been asked for by people who are concerned about what is in the current draft of the tpp. i support that because in my book hard choices i said i had some questions about the dispute settlement provisions. i don't think you're at all walking away from or ignoring the economic and commercial aspects of our pivot by saying we want the best possible deal for the american people. and i've said from the very beginning that i would judge the tpp on whether protected american workers whether it raised wages and whether it was good for our national security. and, therefore, i hope that we can see this time as one to take advantage of and try to make it stronger on behalf of our
11:46 am
country. i will judge the final product. in the past i have voted for trade agreements that i thought were good for america and i have voted against trade agreements that i thought were not good for america and i will judge what's in the final agreement but i hope that it can be made better. >> hillary clinton giving some policy thoughts about the tpp saying that she would be in support of it for making it stronger for the american worker stronger for america as a whole and national security but this is the first press conference since officially kicking off her campaign over the weekend. hillary clinton there speaking after a launch party held at an apple orchard in concord, new hampshire. looking at the other big political news of the day, we have this event as one of the big heavy hitters having a chance to be in front of reporters and then another big event taking place down south in miami where we are waiting any moment now jeb bush to declare that he is officially in the race. and i'm joined now by politico's
11:47 am
eli stukel's in miami. i want to play you something that he told nbc's chris jansing over the weekend. take a listen. >> reporter: questions about your staff and fund raising and polls. where is that on your priority list right now? >> it is not on it. here and there stuff, it's smart people focusing on that. i don't have to. >> he doesn't have to focus on that right now eli. but after this speech these are all things that he has to officially focus on because he is entering the race. so can one big speech put bush's recent woes behind him? >> no. and today's not really about that. it is not about turning the page completely but becoming an official candidate in the eyes of the fec and raising money. it gets him attention but not a huge pivot here. the message doesn't change. jeb bush he hasn't gotten out
11:48 am
of the gate as quickly as maybe he would have liked to and not kept a lot of other candidates out of the race and he knows he has a fight on his hand and he told us over the weekend in europe i'm not worried about the polls. this is going to be a long campaign and he is not looking to catch fire right away. jeb bush thinks that he can make his ideas known, persuade people are some of the issues where he's fun afoul of the conservative base an thinks people will come around to him and going to have the organization to really make his case in a lot of states. >> all right. again, we expect to him seesee him at the top of the hour live there in miami with his political speech. thanks. a reminder to watch the full speech, jeb bush's announcement coming up at "the cycle" here on msnbc and continuing to watch hillary clinton's remarks taking questions in concord, new hampshire, from the press. but first, two shark attacks within hours of each other at
11:49 am
one beach in north carolina has everybody on high alert. what you should do if there's sharks sighted at your summer beach. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge.
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11:52 am
back now to update you on the terrifying two double shark attack rather out of oak island north carolina. and we had moments ago one of the doctors at the hospital where the two young swimmers are currently recovering speaking about the condition of the 16-year-old survivor. take a listen. >> he is in good shape. obviously, any time someone's gone under traumatic accident like this it's a long recovery. you know? i think in general people are first thankful they're alive and then the gravity of the injury sometimes sets in. certainly we have counselors here and make sure that he gets going in the right direction. >> again two attacks over the weekend. officials were not able to give attacks about the 12-year-old girl and we do know she is listed in stable condition. the two swimmers were in
11:53 am
waist-deep water when they attacked sunday afternoon in two separate incidents hours apart miles apart. joining me by phone, wildlife biologist jeff corwin. good to have you with me. it's common for sharks to attack only certain parts of the victim's body. in these two instances, what does that say about what happened? and is it the same shark? are they looking for one culprit here? >> it is unlikely the same shark. and it is most likely that these attacks are the result of mistaken identity. typically, sharks aren't targeting human beings and, of course they'll be biting any extremities underwater. they're not biting anything above water and toes and fingers and lengths and hands and limbs. >> what normally attracts the shark? or what makes it feel provoked
11:54 am
that it needs to go after and mistake prey? >> well basically, thomas what's happening here is that this is the season. this is the time of year where great quantities of sharks migrate into their areas of the ocean where they actually reproduce and have their babies. and fortunately, when people are there and sharks are there, you can get accidents like this. what's really happening is that these animals are attracted to movement. they're attracted to scents in the water such as taste and smells. and also there's been lots of rain so that you know, continues the amounts of rain murks up the water and increases the probability that an accident like this can happen. but even if it does happen and it gets a lot of attention, you have to remember that you have a better chance of winning the lottery twice than being attacked by a shark. >> right.
11:55 am
we know it's 1 in over 11 million the stats. one in 11.5 million the chances of being a victim of a shark attack. jeff, thanks, sir. great to talk to you. >> awesome, thanks. that's going to wrap things up for me today. once again, stay tuned because we have got the live coverage out of miami. this is where former florida governor jeb bush will be making that speech officially declaring that he is in it running for president. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual bleeding breast or uterine cancer blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant.
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11:59 am
this very hour jeb bush will formally launch his run for the white house. he'll be doing that while his biggest general election rival is stumping in new hampshire. the two candidates have at least one thing in common running away from their family names. hillary clinton pushing her mother's middle class rise and her own accomplishments before she became first lady. jeb bush will portray himself as a successful governor who is his own man. the famous last name is omit0omitted from the new campaign logo. that set up at the event this hour at miami-dade college. jeb's father and brother who both held the same job jeb is now fighting for will not be with him at today's announcement but his mom former first lady barbara bush will be on stage with her son. you know who else won't be on stage? casey hunt but our star msnbc political krontd is close by in miami for us. casey, jeb's hoping to find some magic in the magic city.
12:00 pm
what do you think? >> reporter: toure, good afternoon. we are waiting for jeb to finally make it official. we have known for so long now really that he was going to get into this to the point he was slipping up and saying i'm running for president and having to backtrack so i think in some ways this is a little bit of a relief for him. i'm going to be watching for how he performs delivering this speech. we have seen excerpts. we know he hits on a lot of themes he has been talking about on the campaign trail including the slogan a right to rise. the podium is not his best venue and especially off a teleprompter and interesting to see if he can rise to the occasion and whether or not this excited crowd here is able to get him to the point where he comes across as more comfortable and relaxed than he usually does. >> casey, the big story last week was the shake-up in campaign managers for jeb which is something that a lot of folks at home wouldn't see the difference but communi


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