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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  June 16, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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with humira, remission is possible. i did feel that at some point, i would need to address the complexity of my identity. i identify as black. >> good morning. we'll have much more on rachel dolezal breaking her silence, but we begin with breaking news on the west coast. we have these aerial images just moments ago. five people are confirmed dead. eight others are hospitalized after a balcony collapse at an apartment building in berkeley california just blocks from the uc berkeley campus. >> it looks like it may have collapsed from the fourth floor and then struck the third floor balcony that is just below it but we don't know specifically how it's happened at this point. that's all part of the investigation to determine what happened. >> jacob is following the
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breaking developments and joins us with the latest. good morning. >> jose good morning. police and fire rushed to the scene. this was just after midnight in berkeley, california. of course in northern california. they found a balcony that had collapsed from the fourth floor of a luxury apartment complex just a block away from the university of california berkeley. the government of ireland has now confirmed that those that were killed the five were in fact young irish citizens they say. they're also unconfirmed reports this was a birthday party celebration going on at the luxury apartment complex. now, we know from police that they are investigating with building inspectors to find out what happened, what caused that balcony to collapse but they say they do know that threne people were on it when it fell. four people were killed instantly. one other died at the hospital and eight others were injured, and many of those have life-threatening injuries. as we said close to the campus
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but we don't know for sure if those that were injured and killed are students at the university. we're getting new images and new information as we speak throughout the morning. of course, as we get that we'll bring it to you. i'm live in the newsroom. back to you, jose. >> jacob, thank you varery much. we'll continue to watch for developments in the story. now to breaking news on the weather front, and a super soaker down south. make no mistake, as bad as it's been in texas, the wert is about to get a whole lot worse. that's because tropical storm bill just a few miles off the koesz is about to hammer the area around houston. it's so bad, schools in hooususton and gal vustlveston have been closed to keep folks off the road. it's the same area recovering from severe flooding just a couple weeks ago. this is downtown houston at the end of may. east texas could get another foot of rain today. that's not all. oklahoma, arkansas missouri, all the way to st. louis, folks at risk of new flooding.
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we'll get the latest on these storms and the risk you may be facing when bill karins joins me in a couple minutes. now to the other big story we're following. for the first time we're hearing directly from the woman at the center of that race identity controversy. rachel dolezal is giving her side of the story this morning, just a day after stepping down as the naacp chapter president in spokane, washington. the controversy erupted late last week when her parents went public saying dolezal is white, even though she's identified herself as african-american. here's part of matt lauer's interview where she answers questions about her race and much more. >> i did feel that at some point, i would need to address the complexity of my identity. >> let me just -- we can't talk about the big picture that you have created without talking about the small picture first. let me just ask you the question in simple terms again, because
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you've sent mixed signals over the years. are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> you identify as black. let me put a picture up of you in your early 20s, though. when you see this picture, is this an african-american woman? or is that a caucasian woman? >> that's not in my early 20s. >> a little younger, i guess? >> 16 in that picture. >> is she a caucasian woman or an african-american woman. >> visibly, she would be identified as white by people who see her. >> but at the time were you identifying yourself as african-american? >> in that picture, during that time no. >> your parents were asked this question this week. they didn't have any trouble answering it. they said she's clearly our birth daughter and we're clearly caucasian. that's just a fact. your father went on to say, she's a very talented woman doing work she believes in. why can't she do that as a
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caucasian woman, which is what she is? how do you answer that question? >> well first of all, i really don't see why they're in such a rush to whitewash some of the work i have done. and who i am and how i have identified. and this goes back to a very early age with my my self-identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> when did it start? >> i would say about 5 years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american. >> drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and the black curly hair. that was how i was portraying myself. >> so it started way back then rachel. when did you start, and i'll use the word you can correct me if you don't like it when did you start deceiving people and telling them you were black when you knew their questions were
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pointed in a different direction, when someone would say, are you black or white, you would say i'm black? you didn't say i identify as black. you say i'm black. when did you start deceiving people? >> i do take exception to that because it is a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of are you black or white. i was identified when i was doing human rights work in north idaho as first transracial and then when some of the opposition to some of the human rights work i was doing came forward and started, the next newspaper article identified me as a biracial woman, and the next article when there were actually burglaries, nooses et cetera was, this is happening to a black woman. i never corrected that. >> why didn't you correct that? you knew it wasn't true. >> because it's more complex than, you know being true or false in that particular instance. >> but the cynics and the skeptics will say you didn't
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correct those reports. >> i didn't correct those reports. >> because it worked for you. because it helped you meet your goals. is that fair? >> i don't think -- i don't necessarily think that's fair. i think over not just at that time but before then too, i have had to answer those who have seen me and because i'm a black hairstylist, have stired my hair many different ways. have been identified as mixed, light skinned, black, et cetera. and you know i've had to answer a lot of questions throughout my life. >> you've changed your appearance. your complexion appears darker than it did in the photos of you as a young lady. have you done something to darken your complexion? >> i certainly don't stay out of the sun. you know and i also don't, as some of the critics have said put on black face as a
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performance. >> let me bring in contributor and opinion writer for the washington post jonathan. good to see you. >> you, too, jose. >> as you know so many people are talking about the story. we have a bing pulse question. now that you, jonathan have had a chance to hear from rachel dolezal, what are your thoughts on what she had to say? >> well i mean i have a sort of mixture of fascination and frustration because she sort of danced all around matt's questions. but in terms of the specific questions about her identity i have to say that i have -- i was glad to hear her explain clearly that she identifies as black. when matt asked her, when did you start deceiving people she acknowledged the fact and admitted the fact that it was through news accounts descriptions of her, that progressed from biracial to all the way identifying her as african-american, and never
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going back to correct the record. and as i have written many times, i have no problem with someone white strongly identifying with african-americans and african-american culture. we can use all the allies we can get, in all aspects of our lives. i have no issue with her identifying as african-american. the problem comes in with the deception. making up stories about her life history. posting a picture of an african-american man and describing him as her father. that's where i have the issue. >> and jonathan, i mean matt specifically asked her about your "washington post" piece on this. you write, quote, black face remains highly racist no matter how down with a cause the person is. here's how she responded. >> i have a huge issue with black face. this is not some freak birth of a nation mockery black face performance. this is on a very real
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connected level, how i've actually had to go there with the experience not just a visible representation but with the experience, and the point at which that really solidified was when i got full custody of isaiah. and he said you're my real mom, and he's in high school and for that to be something that is plausible, you know certainly can't be seen as white and be isaiah's mom. >> so it all has to do and it seemed, jonathan as she kept saying over and over again, everything is more complex. well i guess everything is more complex in life. but the issue here of black face is that the experience you have is never going to be the same as
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if you were born and raised and dealt with realities of a certain race. >> right. and let's put my black face comment into context. she talked about isaiah who is actually one of her adopted brothers. but another brother, ezra told the "pog post" last week she was the one who made the illusion to black face. back in the early 1900s, what she did would be considered highly racist. then came my statement about how black face is highly racist even if the white person who is doing it is weighed down with the cause, as rachel dolezal is. i don't question for one minute her commitment to african-americans and civil rights for african-americans. but i can understand why ezra why her brother, ezra dolezal, would call her out, and what she's doing as black face. >> and jonathan i think we can both agree that you can be down
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with a cause, you can feel extreme solidarity, you can feel part of a cause without saying that you are what you're not. >> yeah exactly. you know in the piece i wrote yesterday, i pointed out the fact that i know three people personally who are so into african-american culture and in the african-american experience that many times i often forget that they are not indeed african-american. >> right. >> that they are white. and to me that makes them even stronger allies in the civil rights causes that they are a part of because, you know they are white people who know the ins and outs and complexities as rachel dolezal talks about many times in her interview of the african-american experience that i think it makes them even more powerful civil rights advocates on behalf of african-americans. >> jonathan also a pleasure to see you. >> thanks. this morning, my colleague milessa harris-perry has
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finished her interview with dole zaul. we'll have that on "the rundown," and one more time. our bing pulse question is have rachel dolezal's answers about her identity changed your opinion of her? weigh in at bing.pulse.msnbc. >> now new developments in the new york manhunt for a pair of convicted killers. a law enforcement source tells us that investigators are looking into the possibility the prison worker joyce mitchell may have wanted the escapees to kill her husband. new development as the intense police manhunt enters its 11th day. police say more than 800 members of law enforcement have searched 13 square miles of dense forest just east of the maximum security prison. adam reese is in morrisonville, new york, at a police check point. what's the latest? >> good morning, jose. this sordid tale becomes more bizarre by the day. not only was her relationship with the two convicted killers
6:14 am
about love and romance, as we learned, but nbc news has learned that investigators are looking into the possibility they may have wanted her to kill her husband lyle as well before the three of them took off together. >> i think it's entirely possible that they had the assistance of somebody else or they had the assistance of you know another individual that was cooperating with them even while joyce mitchell was. but at this point in time the only person that we have been able to identify is joyce mitchell. >> now, they left markings all along the route of their escape inside the jail directions leading them out for their escape. we're in day 11 now. there's 1,000 tips in 800 searchers out there, but not one confirmed sighting as the trail grows cold. jose. >> 11 days. adam, thank you very much. i want to bring in lenny, retired chief inspector
6:15 am
commander with the u.s. marshal service. thank you, lenny, for being with me. >> you're welcome. good morning. >> good morning. police say they have searched 13 square miles of forest just miles from the prison. what tools do they have to track the killers down? >> they have all assets that are needed manpower state of the art equipment, an intense manhunt. over 500 homes ss that are being tactically searched. most of them are still locked up from the winter. and there's some cabins on the lake too, that they need to search to try to find these guys. and we're hoping they're still contained in this perimeter. >> the fact there are a lot of homes that aren't used currently and that are locked up gives them the possibility of you know, going from one to the other, even and being out of sight for some time. but talk to me about the fact that if they're not contained in that area i mean the governor of new york said yesterday they could be in mexico. canada is relatively close. what's the possibility that they are actually in another country
6:16 am
by now? >> that's a great possibility. you know you have the intense manhunt going on and you have the fugitive investigation, the u.s. marshals in support of the new york state troopers that's what they're doing. they're hitting on all cylinders, covering their tracks looking at known associates, maybe family members in other states and certainly, we've got some leads going out to canada through the states all the way to mexico. so we'll leave no stone unturned, as they say, in this investigation. >> talk to me about the fact that we're 11 days in and these two guys are still, you know on the road somewhere, or hidden out somewhere. what's in their mindset, and how are you able to survive for so many days on your own? >> again, put that into perspective. my gut reaction and feeling to all that is they were never there in the first place. again, that's -- i'm hoping they're contained in this perimeter, and they stumble onto
6:17 am
them somewhere, and this goes down without incident but i think there was a plan b. i think joyce mitchell was just a part of it. they fed her all kinds of information knowing that law enforcement would have her on their radar because of her past complaint with david sweat. so you know i think somebody else picked them up from the get-go. they had an eight-hour jump start, and they're in the wind. but it's a matter of time. the u.s. marshals are pretty good at what they do. >> lenny, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." beachgoers capture these images of sharks in shallow waters off st. lucie county in florida. further up the east coast, we'll have more from north carolina on that double shark attack over the week. >> we're also hitting the campaign trail. jeb bush heads to the granite state after his formal announcement yesterday. and we will be there to greet him. that's later on "the rundown" on msnbc. eartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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developing this morning, beach' goers on the east coast remain on edge and for good reason. take a look at these picture of sharks spotted off the coast of st. lucie county. the beach was closed early. meanwhile, the beach in oak island, north carolina remains open this morning as we learn more about the two young victims still recovering after losing their arms to sharks within hours on sunday. and we're hearing from the first paramedic on the scene to the 12-year-old girl who we are not identifying as the family's request. >> when i got to her and realized how bad the injuries were, i guess i just kind of went into work mode. so she was bleeding significantly, and she needed to
6:22 am
be -- the hemorrhage needed to be under control. we got some strings off a boogie board and a tent and i made some makeshift tourniquets until we could get the proper equipment on scene. >> joining me now, gabe gutierrez. good morning. what do we know about the victims this morning? >> hey, there, jose. good morning. as you just played in that interview, amazing stories coming out about how some of the bystanders rushed in the off duty paramedic using a string from a boogie board and a tent amazing. the latest on the victims here. the 16-year-old teenage boy, he remains in good condition this morning. as you mentioned, the family of the 12-year-old girl has asked for privacy and asked that her name and condition not be released. this all happened two separate attacks on oak island beach, right off oak island beach, in waist-high water sunday afternoon. the first one around 4:40 and the second one, that 16-year-old boy, a little more than an hour later.
6:23 am
today, authorities will be back out here on the beach searching for sharks. and there have been visitors who continue to come here but many are heeding the warnings and staying out of the water, jose. >> so they are asking beachgoers not to go into the water today, gabe? >> well here's the thing. local officials are trying to walk a very fine line. they are defending the decision not to close the beach. and some of them are saying it's probably not the smartest idea to go in the water, but they say they can't stop people from doing it. they're not saying to stay away from the beach, but many beachgoers are worried. there are many parents with young children and they're not going to the water and staying on the stand. authorities here are searching for sharks here today. they plan to. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks for being with me. >> we're going to zoom through some of today's other top stories including a disaster declared due to raging wildfires in alaska. also an up to the minute forecast as tropical storm bill
6:24 am
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and we continue to watch these pictures from berkeley california, where irish officials have just confirmed all five people killed in that balcony collapse are from ireland. we're continuing to monitor, and look at that. that's how that balcony just collapsed. five the dead are irish nationals. noi want to talk to the weather, the deep south hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst as tropical storm bill creeps closer to making landfall. bill karins has much more on what we can expect. >> we have a landfalling tropical system. you know bad things are about to happen if not happening already. there's one piece of good news at least for the houston area where the huge population center, the storm has trended a little further towards the west. it's now making more of a v-line for victoria.
6:28 am
this is just to the south of port lavaca. bay city to victoria elcampo, and just to the west side of houston, the heaviest rain. see the shield of rain the bright yellows? this is torrential rain. that's going to come onshore in the day today. that's where the worst flooding will be. a pretty unpopulated area. a lot of small towns which those people are going to struggle with the storm, but a letter better forecast for the houston area. there could be isolated tornadoes during the day today. very common with the outside feeder erer bands of the storms as they come onshore. typically, they're weak but you don't want it to hit your house. let me time it out. we're getting landfall in the next couple hours. by 4:00 p.m. the storm will be just to the east of victoria. feeder bands near houston, the steadier rains to the west side of houston. then as we go through the night, the storm goes towards austin and waco. by 8:00 a.m., it's near waco with a very heavy band of rain near the dallas-ft. worth area. it looks like the metroplex will
6:29 am
have a difficult morning commute with torrential rains, flooding on the roads. the dallas-ft. worth area keep that in mind. and 5:00 we track it to wichita falls. it should weaken to a tropical depression or a remnant low. this is just an estimate and some areas have a chance of getting up to 12 inches of rain a foot of rain. our computers are estimating this purple shading in here is the best shot of that near the elcampo area. maybe 15 inches of rain. imagine what 15 inches of rain would do. houston, 3.5 inches of rain minor flooding would occur. we wouldn't get the big jackpot bull's eye over the city itself and hopefully won't have anything like what happened a couple weeks ago. also, we talked about this the last couple days. after we go through texas, we take you through oklahoma back to missouri even to illinois. the rainfall totals will be epic even through st. louis as we go throughout the next couple days. a lot of flooding concerns but making landfall as we speak, and
6:30 am
houston, so far, your forecast is looking a little better. >> bill karins thanks so much. we'll continue monitoring tropical storm bill and bring you updates right here on "the rundown." alaska wildfires, dennis hastert case and stanley cup champs. out of alaska wildfires continue to tear through thousands of acres of forest wiping out a number of homes. residents forced to evacuate after the fire broke utlate sunday. fire crews have been called in from across the country to battle the flames with more crews on the way. officials say they believe someone is to blame, though the exact cause is still unknown. a federal judge in the dennis hastert case has agreed to keep key evidence secret surrounding the allegations of hush money. prosecutors asked for a protective order last week claiming there was, quote, sensitive information in the case, that may include the identity of individual a, who the former house speaker allegedly agreed to pay $3.5 million to. district judge thomas dirken
6:31 am
wants a tonedonor to hastert's campage granted the request on monday. thousands of hockey fans still celebrating an historic wint from the blackhawks. take a look at the crowds. they didn't just become the 2015 national hockey league champs. this is the third time in six years they take home the stanley cup. to make things more special, the blackhawks won the championship in front of hometown fans and that's the first time since 1938. now in new hampshire, the first full day of jeb bush's presidential campaign. the former florida governor declared his run on monday six months after saying he was interested. he's already created an impressive fund-raising network, thanks in part to his famous last name, but the last name is hard to find as he tries to sell himself as his own man. >> i will campaign as i would serve, going everywhere speaking to everyone keeping my word facing the issues without
6:32 am
flinching, and staying true to what i believe. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart, and i will run to win. >> but immigration reformer protesters interrupted part of bush's speech. he responded from the stage, criticizing president obama. >> just so that our friends know the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved not by executive order. >> chris jansing is following the bush campaign in new hampshire. he's really doubling down on the argument of electability. >> he has to. i was obviously at that event yesterday in miami, and i was talking to people who were leaving, and i asked them why they supported jeb bush. the number one answer i got is we want someone who can beat hillary clinton. he's the person with the name. he's got the biggest war chest. the question is can he overcome the downside of the name.
6:33 am
he tried to do it yesterday. he told that story about i met my first president when i was born, the second when i was brought home from the hospital but the central point of his message is he's going to be his own man with his own policies and part of it is coming as it always is in campaigns to small tees like this all across the country, making his case that he is not just another member of a tired dynasty. there are republicans concerned about that. concerned it takes a very strong argument away from whoever opposes hillary clinton. that's sort of the climb that he has to make in the coming days weeks, and months. >> chris, taking advantage of the fact that you were there yesterday, i understand there was some kind of a mishap with a food truck yesterday? tell me about that. >> yes, so you know one of the things you do you create these photo ops, but you also create an opportunity for the candidate to be with the people. he went into this food truck. nobody seemed to want the food. they wanted to sign autographs
6:34 am
and immigration protesters confronted him on his position on that. whats part of what it means to run for president in america. it is going out to these events. the one thing i will say, and i have been with governor bush several times before his official announcement yesterday, is he is out there. he's answering questions. his campaign likes to say they have kind of been keeping track of the number of questions that he's answered since he started this journey about six months ago. it's around 1,000, so he is accessible trying to draw the crast contrast to hillary clinton, but sometimes you'll find yourself in situations that may not be considered optimum. >> here's the other issue, chris. he was giving away meatballs to a mostly luteinatino crowd. if you give away tacos, that would have been much more popular than giving out meatballs. that's just me. >> he said he didn't have any. >> there's another one he would have succeeded on. chris jansing on the now official jeb bush campaign. good to see you.
6:35 am
thanks for being with me. >> i mentioned the protesters at jeb bush's event in miami. they heckled bush on immigration reform spelling out shirts that says legal status is not enough. it's the only time he departed from the prepared remarks. with me now, a dreamer born in mexico but she's been here since she was least months old. tell me why you decided and others, to at this campaign kickoff, confront the governor. >> well we know it's very clear that jeb was not going to speak on immigration, and it's an issue that is very dear to our heart, so we had to make a stand andrupt our families and our community and let him know legal status is not enough. >> what is it you would like to see, if not legal status? >> well as a documented individual, i want to hear from any presidential candidate whether it be republican or democrat, that you know we are going to keep daca safe and
6:36 am
there's a possibility of expanding it, and down the future, a pathway to citizenship. >> as you know, you're a daca a person who has been part of daca the expansion of daca and dapa the president's executive orders are frozen in court. if that is the reality right now, what are the other options available, you think, to deal with people like yourself and so many other millions of people? >> there is no other way at this moment. sadly, there is no candidate that is really talking about our issue, and the only relief that we have right now is dapa or daca and you know they want to take it away from us. we're here to let them know that that is not going to be something that we're going to stand for. >> hillary clinton in the past has said she would go further than president obama. she would have executive orders that would be even more widespread than daca expansion or dapa but the fact that these two are in the courts do you think that's a real possibility or another promise that politicians make that they just
6:37 am
can't keep? >> i think words are pretty spoken, but as of now, we send them not standing next to us. they're just saying things. we want them to stand next to us, fight with us and say i stand for your community. >> what about governor bush? do you think he should say things more clearly, do you think he should exactly be saying what he would do as president. he said in his speech not prepared, the next president should have immigration reform and not executive action. is that enough? >> he has been inconsistent in the past. in 2013 he said yes, then no then yes again. we need a pathway to sitcitizenship that is not going to take 15 to 18 years. we want something that is fair inclusive, and includes millions and millions of people who are undocumented in the country. >> thank you for being with me. we will have much more on this, but coming up we're going to have more on rachel dolezal breaking her silence today, exclusively at 30 rock. we're taking you pulse all morning. huge reaction to what she is
6:38 am
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and developing now, rachel dolezal in her own words. the former leader of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington is talking to melissa harris-perry this morning. she's been at the center of a firestorm after her parents went public saying she's white, even though dolezal identifies as black. francis rivera joins me with more. what is she saying now? >> rachel dolezal is saying a lot. she's addressing several issues this morning, less than 24 hours after she resigned from her leadership position with the naacp chapter in washington state. just moments ago, she spoke to melissa harris-perry about the controversy that's making headlines across the nation. >> i've heard a lot of people ask you the question are you african-american or caucasian.
6:42 am
i'm not going to ask it that way. are you black? >> yes. >> what do you mean when you say that? what does it men to you to assume the identity of blackness? >> well it means several things. first of all it means that i have really gone there with the experience in terms of being a mother of two black sons and really owning what it means to experience and live black blackness. and so that's one aspect. another aspect would be that i, from a very young age, felt i don't know if it's spiritual, visceral, just very instinctual connection with black is beautiful. you know just the black experience. and wanting to celebrate that. and i didn't know how to articulate that has a young
6:43 am
child, kindergarten, you don't have words for what's going on but certainly, that was shut down. i was socially conditioned to not own that and to be limited to whatever biological identity was thrust upon me and narrated to me. and so i kind of felt pretty awkward a lot of times with that. and i remember when i chose to adopt my younger siblings and i knowing some of the resistance to just my independent spirit and creative ways that i wanted to express myself i was -- i felt like who is going to be the link for the kids in coming to the family?
6:44 am
>> now, we're wanting you to get involved. we're asking your reaction this morning with our bing pulse question today. now that you had a chance to hear from rachel dolezal, have her answers about her identity changed your opinion about her? let's take a look as we asked that, launched it at the top of jose's show. 53% of you are saying yes, your opinions have changed about her. 47% say no. you are voting in real time right now, so let's take a look at the pulse and see how the votes have been coming in in the past minute or so in real time. let me tell you, this has changed more than five minutes ago, moe of you were voting toward no. again, two minutes ago, a majority of people at that time who voted towards yes, and now that seems to be dropping. invite you to keep the conversation going. keep voting at we'll bring you the results later on. if you have voted on your opinions about the change be sure to come back. it makes it interesting as far
6:45 am
as the bing pulse question of the day. it's essentially taking the pulse of our viewers. >> thanks so much. in the next hour more of the interview with rachel dolezal. we'll play you what she said about feeling isolated nearly her entire life. that's coming up. up next bracing for more severe weather in texas. storms again threatening the flood drenched places that need it the least. and this time it could be worse as tropical storm bill makes landfall. check out this impressive image from space. that's tropical storm bill as seen from the international space station. photo snapped and tweeted by scott kelly. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, exercise... and may take an omega 3 supplement but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new
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6:48 am
and now to the fight against international terrorists. no word on whether the u.s. got its man when it went after an al qaeda leader in libya on sunday but it appears we did kill a top figure in yemen. joining me now, former white
6:49 am
house mideast policy adviser. good to see you. >> good to be here with you, jose, from london. >> that's right. let's talk about nasir al wuheeshy. who is that? >> he's the inheritor and one of the disciples of amen al wulocky, the head of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. what we're doing in yemen is essentially trying to knock off the rising number of lieutenant commanders in al qaeda who have been able to regroup and reconstitute plots against the united states. they're like bad weeds that keep cropping up. now that we knocked this guy off, he's going to be probably replaced by another one we're going to have to target in a few months. >> all the headlines in the past couple months appear to be isis-related. so al qaeda every now and then like in this case we hear about it but give us a reality check as far as where al qaeda stands in that part of the world and
6:50 am
isis as far as strength and even missions. >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula actually remains the arabian peninsula actually remains the dominant jihadi force that targets the united states. that's why the government was a blow to american terrorism policies. al qaeda also has a major branch that's fighting inside syria. in libya, al qaeda has teamed up with isis and isis has been able to expand its brand and its territory not only in libya but also throughout syria and iraq. and sometimes we have found that al qaeda, in the franchise of syria, has been cooperating with isis. so there is times when we've seen the forces of evil join forces against us.
6:51 am
>> interesting. they have been cooperating, apparently, in some ways. but in other ways they haven't. apparently there was a letter sent from taliban leadership to isis leadership basically telling isis to back off. it says, the islamic emirate wishes you good and does not interfere in your matters, and we expect the same from you, not to interfere in our matters. it is for the good of islam and our jihad and afghanistan. where are they having problems? >> the taliban want to create and keep their own brand, just like al qaeda. ironically, jose it's almost as if the madison avenue of terrorism is operating, because each wants to maintain their own recruit network. and one thing the taliban does not want to do is take orders from isis and mosul iraq and from the leadership there. they want to fight their own fight on their terms, and they themselves have kept somewhat of a distance from al qaeda and pakistan.
6:52 am
but let's also remember that the authority, the theological jihadi authority that isis obtains, is by being able to make representation thaz it hast it has in effect been able to create umbrella forces. any time it joins forces with another terrorist organization whether it's in libya or north africa or the sinai principal, it creates an authority. and that's what we have to destroy, that land authority that it claims. >> marc sandberg coming out of london. thank you. this storm in the united states, it's just now reaching the coast of texas. we'll have much more ahead on this very dangerous storm, next on "the rundown."
6:53 am
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we have lots ahead on "the rundown" for you where the action turns to capitol hill and dual arks dual news conferences. and a major moment in the benghazi investigation. long-time hillary clinton con confidante sidney blumenthal is about to have a conference behind closed door about libya leading to the benghazi attack. and he's about to announce his presidential plan. will he become republican candidate number 12? he has a lot of flags behind him. that and more when "the rundown" comes back. and what everybody is buzzing about, raising a lot of questions about race in america. rachel dolezal is speaking out for the first time. we'll have more on that exclusive interview, next. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
. welcome back to "the rundown." developing now the woman at the center of a race identity controversy is breaking her silence this morning. rachel dolezal just spoke with us here at msnbc less than 24 hours after she resigned from her post as the ncaap chapter leader of spokane, washington. dolezal's parents said their daughter is white, even though dolezal identifies herself as black. she addressed the issue directly with my colleague moments ago, saying how she has felt isolated nearly her entire life. >> my mother is a white woman who grew up in spokane, washington who has raised black children but she herself doesn't feel black. she's the white woman doing the work of parenting black children. help me understand how you feel a distinction, on the one hand being a white person raising children whether or not they're
7:01 am
your siblings or adoptive children, all the different way we make family versus feeling in your own skin your own personhood, that you yourself are black. >> right. i felt very isolated with my identity virtually my entire life. nobody really got it that i didn't really have a personal way to express it and i can't imagine that maybe at some point, especially after the kids were graduated from high school and in their adult stride that maybe i would be able to really process that own it publicly and discuss this kind of complexity. but certainly, you know i'm not expecting it to be thrust upon me right now. >> we want to bring in the professor of the university of miami and msnbc contributeor of
7:02 am
black studies. let me get your reaction to what rachel dolezal has been saying today. >> i watched her interview this morning, and i was struck by two things. one was a complete failure to acknowledge the pain or disturbness this causes black women even if she's not claiming to be a black woman. second i was struck by her affirmative action. >> how so? >> she talked about the fact she might have been denied money because she was a white woman, and so one, i think that was a caricature of how that actually works, but two, it shows how -- i have an understanding of how we might use higher ed policies for redistributeive justice, right? >> james, is there anything she said that you did not want her to say? >> there's so much jose so much that i would like to hear her talk more specifically about. i think, first and foremost is
7:03 am
she conscious of how her antics are impacting the community that she claims to want to identify with? is she conscious of what she's doing and how that impacts the black community, the black academic community, the black women community, just the community in general? is she aware of the fact that there have been white women for generations that have raised black children so that her idea that she needed to be black for her sons i think, flies in the face of all those things. and also there's so much here jose but i also wonder can she speak specifically to how this affects how we start to talk about and see race and identity and ethnicity? for example, can i just come onto your program right now and say, i feel white, i want to be white. does that work? can she acknowledge the privilege inherent in what it is that she's doing? i haven't seen any of that yet. i'm looking forward to watching more of melissa harris-perry's
7:04 am
interview, i hope she'll be able to go more in depth here, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> i think we can acknowledge that if you're a white parent and you parent black children maybe your sense of being white changes. i get that but that doesn't make you black. that space doesn't make you black. she's really missing an opportunity to help us think through what it means to maybe give up some of the power that comes with whiteness, maybe take on a political blackness? but that doesn't make you racially black, even though it might be useful for us to think about what it means to give up that power. >> we're looking at the big question we've been asking all morning. we're exactly at 50-50 in terms of has your opinion ever changed. james, you can identify with something of which -- where you were not born.
7:05 am
you can identify with something, support it feel that it is your own. but when you start saying i am that that implies that you carry with you the sensitivity and experience not only of your immediate self but also generational of what it means to be something and to have suffered and felt for generations something that you can't say you do if you just take the color of your skin. >> or change the hairstyle. it minimizes the experience jose. this is why you're seeing a lot of outrage from black women in particular, because the most hated and also the most imitated people in our country are black people right? this minimizes that experience in some ways. she's got to acknowledge and account for that. because the reality is she can let her skin lighten itself back up go back to her straight hair, and she can live a certain kind of experience. the fact that she has the capacity to do that is what
7:06 am
undermines her discussion of this sort of move towards embracing blackness without acknowledging the purpose that she has to not be black. so she's got to speak really cogently about this. again, i haven't seen any of that, jose. we're not even talking about all the other things, all the false reports about persecution, the lawsuit against howard university as a white student. i mean there is a way in which she's embracing what some folk refer to as the victimology without recognizing the implications of what she's actually doing here. >> tell me why it's not okay according to you for me to feel so closely tied identified, with someone else that i choose to change my hairstyle? what damage what pain is that causing? >> well it's always a mimicking of what it means to be black.
7:07 am
there's nothing wrong with changing your hairstyle. >> or dyeing your skin going into the sun -- >> a lot of people like lighter skin. was it wrong to enter the world with a white female status? i can't do that i can't choose to take that on or off. there are women who enjoy lighter skin but they also have a passage to this experience. they have relatives who are dealing with the impact of having darker skin so you can never really escape blackness even if you wanted to. so she's not acknowledging that that's a very different experience, her ability to escape is real and her failure to acknowledge, again, how this feels for many black women. it's a real problem and it makes me question her ahuthenticity about anything other than herself. >> samulia james and james
7:08 am
pierce, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. coming up next hour on msnbc, we're going to play more of melissa harris-perry's interview with rachel dolezal where she answers this powerful question: are you a con artist? you also want to hear rachel dolezal's response to a whole lot more. we're also following breaking news from the bay area in california. five people were killed others injured, some seriously, after a balcony collapses in berkeley. we're now learning from the foreign ministry that all five of those killed were irish nationals. the ap reports they were students in the united states on a temporary visa. brian, good morning. tell us the very latest. >> reporter: right now those victims in the hospital are also irish citizens, and there are a number of other irish citizens
7:09 am
on the sidewalks this morning confused dismayed and concerned about their friends, their neighbors who have either been injured or killed in this collapse. it happened around 12:40 this morning. we're told there was a 21st birthday party going on on the fourth floor of this apartment building when certain people of that balcony toppled to the ground below as it sheered off from the side of the building. it is sticking out from the building all splintered. it went at a 180-degree angle, falling to the ground below. it sent all of them to the sidewalk below. we know now that four of those young irish citizens died at the scene. a fifth person died at the hospital. eight more taken to the hospital listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries after that fall of at least 40 feet onto the sidewalk below. we're told that they work here on a j-1 work visa that they've
7:10 am
been here for some time. again, celebrating a birthday party last night when that balcony came crashing down. just a tragedy this morning. you see the faces of those who are here they're away from their family aware fromy from their relatives. looking at the debris on the sidewalk and just confusion about the dead and the injured and trying to get them back with their families. >> thank you very much r being with me this morning. now a storm that's about to slam the lone star state. 60-mile-an-hour winds could deal another foot in an area that has had way too much of that lately. houston is trying to lighten the risk of more flooding. charles, say it ain't so. it's like de ja vu all over again. >> reporter: you were here just three weeks ago, but the good
7:11 am
news is that the center of tropical storm bill is now making landfall at madegora island about 70 miles north of houston. it's going to move over there and indianola before making its way to victoria and austin and the dallas-ft. worth area in about 36 hours from now. that's good news for houston, but nobody is letting their guards down because there are feeder bands that are going to swing through southeast texas, dumping large amounts of rain in a very short amount of time. it only takes about two inches of rainfall an hour to flood houston streets. that's what happened three weeks ago when we got 11 inches of rain in an overnight period that just walloped the city of houston, flooding streets. eight people died in that storm system as it moved through. this is a different scenario because people have warning. they have known this storm was going to approach the texas coast for about a week now, and
7:12 am
houston has been on high alert. people have been shopping for supplies, although this is not a wind event, it's not a storm surge event. it is a flooding event for somewhere in texas, expecting to get somewhere between 4 and 8 inches of rain as the system makes its way slowly across the state of texas which, in may, saw its wettest month ever. >> charldes hadlock. charles, thank you for being with me. coming up we're closely monitoring two news conferences on the hill. the gop and house talking behind closed doors. the investigation house committee will question hillary clinton adviser henry blumenthal. he exchanged dozens of e-mails with hillary clinton about the benghazi attacks. all here on "the rundown".."
7:13 am
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7:16 am
developing news on capitol hill for speaker boehner and house republicans as well as nancy pelosi and house democrats. but the big news may be behind closed doors as the house committee proposes hillary clinton and henry blumenthal passed e-mails about the benghazi attacks. good morning. >> good morning, jose. there is news about henry blumenthal in the complex picture of what happened with e-mails with hillary clinton. henry blumenthal has turned over to the committee about 60
7:17 am
additional e-mails that had not been previously produced. and so those could provide some insight into his interactions with the former secretary of state when she was in office talking about communications they had related to the benghazi attack and perhaps other subjects as well. now, this is not a hearing in a way we've come to see it on capitol hill. this is a deposition in which the 12 members of the benghazi committee, both republicans and democrats, are able to question him about both of those topics we expect. his information, and you can tell he was sharing with secretary of state clinton at the time and shortly thereafter the attacks in benghazi and the issue of her e-mail server which came to light in this process. we heard on "meet the press" over the weekend, former staff member didn't know there was some e-mails at his home that he was using for business.
7:18 am
so this again emerges at a time when hillary clinton is launch herring campaign and he may possess some information that could shed light in some corners about how she conducted herself as secretary of state and how she communicated. jose? >> and that's why it has to be behind closed doors. >> well initially what happens is that these sorts of depositions are done privately. that's fairly common with a number of witnesses. and then they do some fact gathering, and then at a later date when they've gathered more documents and more testimony, that can help to prepare for when hillary clinton herself could be a witness in front of the committee, which we expect could happen at some time. she has worked with the committee to try to set that up. it's also possible that blumenthal could then be called before the committee. but this initial step is not unusual. it gives him a degree of privacy, the committee an ability to question and probe without cameras. but chances are we will hear something about it and the
7:19 am
committee chairman said he expects to release these additional new e-mails to the public at some point in the near future. jose? >> shelly o'donnell, thank you very much. up next right here on "the rundown," more major flooding expected from texas to the ohio valley. more on tropical storm bill as we take a look at a live shot in galveston, texas. in less than an hour we'll hear from donald trump. his future we know there are american flags and there is a logo that says "trump" on the microphone area there. but we do also know that if he does run for president, he won't have any money problems. but we're going to look into that. we'll be right back. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue
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7:23 am
abdul kareem has been charged with conspiracy weapons possession and lying to federal prosecutors. he allegedly gave a gunman assault rifles and taught him how to shoot them. tropical storm bill is just 100 miles or so southwest of galveston. the city has closed schools and provided some services as it braces for that storm. stephanie abrams from the weather channel is in galveston. it looks like it's actually getting stronger stephanie. how is it looking to you? >> it is getting more intense. the temperature was dropping but this thing is about to get on shore. when it's over nice warm ocean water, it uses that to strengthen. when they hit land they start to fall apart and the wind becomes a lot less. it's like taking a car over a hard floor and then it hits the carpeting and it slows down.
7:24 am
i'm talking on the seawall that was built after the 1900 hurricane that killed approximately 8,000 people. this is 17 feet high. there is an army corps of engineers folks i've spoken to that say it used to be 15 feet. we're gusting at 27 miles an hour 25 miles an hour so anywhere between the 25 and 30 range. but as i walk down these stairs and you get a little bit lower in elevation -- because, remember, a one-story building is about 10 feet tall. that's a one-story building and you come down on the beach, now i'm reading 14 miles an hour 17 miles an hour. there is a little bit of a difference in just that short elevation there because there's nothing blocking the wind. we have an east wind. you can see it here on the vegetation that's been holding in the sand dunes, and that means the wind comes from the east and blows west. all the palm trees blowing in the same direction. the pier behind me they named
7:25 am
is pleasure pier. i didn't name it i'm sorry, but i thought that was kind of a funny name anyhow. this was destroyed after ike in 2008. that was a category 2. we're not going to have any issues with that. rain is going to be a problem in those flood-prone areas, but jose, the tide has now gone out so the water is not coming up as high as it was. you can see the waves. it's rough out there. we lost two people on sunday due to rip currents. we don't want people on the water, but we know people will do it anyway and they just have to be really careful. >> as far as surge, how big is it expected to get at its peak? storm surge. >> this is really when it comes to the waves and the surge and the surf, and coming ashore right now, this is about as bad as it's going to get. what people are dealing with now is what they're going to deal with. we'll have some rain but not a huge surge or anything. >> stephanie abrams thank you
7:26 am
for being with me. appreciate it. a search still on for the two escaped prisoners. we're learning a lot about joyce mitchell, a woman who helped them escape allegedly motivated by prison love. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet, those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. how can something so little... help you do something so big. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before
7:27 am
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7:29 am
we're following new developments from upstate new york where the search for the killers are now on its 11th day. more than 800 patrolman have searched through 13 square miles, most of it wooded. there is a woman in the prison who helped them escape. they are looking into allegations that joyce mitchell may have wanted these escapees to kill her husband. msnbc's adam reese is in morrisonville, new york at a checkpoint. good morning.
7:30 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. not only is this story becoming more sordid than ever we're learning more about the tale. we're learning that she wanted these two men to help her out to kill her husband. this is what nbc news has learned from investigators close to the investigation. we're also learning that the d.a. says they left notes along the way, little notes, little post-its, directions leading them out of the jail. we're in day 11. 1,000 tips 800 searchers out here but still no sign of them as the trail grows cold. jose? >> msnbc's adam reese, thank you very much. we'll bring in nbc contributor and former fbi agent, clint walker. fbi investigators looking into the possibility she wanted to have her husband killed? what does this mean for the investigation? >> we don't have the exact definition yet, jose. she may have wanted her husband killed. that may have been part of the
7:31 am
deal. i mean many times when an affair like this takes place between a staff member and an inmate, it's about love it's about sex, it's about money, it's about personal favors. the other side of that jose is that they may have threatened her husband knowing that he worked on the inside. they may have said okay we'll kill your husband unless you cooperate with us. now, you and i say, well couldn't she just go tell a guard, and it was all over with? so there is a lot yet to be resolved in this case that is currently setting back the taxpayers of new york and the federal government a million dollars a day in this search. >> let's talk about that search because it's 11 days in. it doesn't seem like they're, you know improvising a lot. >> well you know i think they put all their chips on the table, so to speak, jose looking in this 3-mile area around the prison. why have they done it? because they have no discernible
7:32 am
information that puts these guys in a car, a bus, a train, anything else outside of the area. in fact they have no sightings whatsoever. so are they pursuing leads from canada to mexico? the answer is yes. but they're still betting, they're betting 800 men and women a day on this search, that these guys are still somewhere in those mountains hidden under trees and a cave something like that. because if they're not there, they don't have the slightest idea where they're at at this moment in time. >> let's talk about these post-it notes. we first saw on day one they had this "have a nice day" little note left behind. now we're hearing they had these post-it notes kind of throughout the entire exit area. is there a possibility they had gone through there a couple of days to find the best way out and left these little bread
7:33 am
crumb post-it notes so they could finally fine-tune how to get out of this place? >> i bet we're going to find jose that these guys roamed around in the catacomb of these pipes for some time. every night they put these dummies under their blankets they called through the hole and they're wandering around through the bowels of the prison. one of the things you would do is put maybe a yellow post-it note so you remember what route, what is the best way to take out? and number two, i think these guys want to be infamous jose. i think they left these notes there to taunt police and to be part of the legend of the only two to ever make good an escape like this. >> thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. developing now, in just about a half hour the number of republican presidential candidates could hit a dozen.
7:34 am
donald trump will let us in on his plans in about a half hour. we've been here before and every time in the past trump has decided against white house runs. we are expected to hear his personal finances ahead of that announcement, and the "washington post" says to expect upwards of $9 billion. jane tin is in trump tower in uptown manhattan. jane, we're on the edge of our seats. what can we expect? >> reporter: good morning. i think we can expect quite a scene. it's donald trump. we have hundreds of fans out here and they're excited and fired up. i was told to expect a thousand people. i haven't seen that many people but the people who are here are pretty excited, really interested in a trump candidacy. we talked to a few of them before this. let's take a look. >> when you're successful people always criticize you. so he's not afraid of that and i think he'll take on other
7:35 am
countries in the same way. other countries laugh at us and i think he's the guy who can make the best deal for our country. >> i think he serves up a lot of situations but he hits the situations on the head. he will add controversy while doing it but he will get the situation done. >> those fans are exactly why donald trump can mount a credible, viable campaign. they come out in huge numbers no matter where he is. hundreds of people in small towns in iowa and those are the people who are signing voter pledge cards on their way out the door. they may come for the celebrity, but they're staying there. he got the president, the leader of the free world, to release his birth certificate, so who is in control there? >> so jane do we know if he's going to announce or not? >> you know he's being pretty coy. most politicians who are very
7:36 am
earnest with announcements. the music they're playing, "you can't always get what you want," "dream on," i think we'll have to wait to see exactly what he says, but i'd be surprised if he doesn't give us some of what we want. jane, nice to hear from you. it doesn't appear donald trump will have money problems. neither will jeb bush apparently. we're going to get a look inside his campaign in a few weeks when he releases a first campaign finance report. they had him with a goal of raising a million dollars by the summer. he might not need it to stay in what's expected to be a tough primary for his candidacy. let's start with the most pressing question of our -- i think, of our time. do you think trump is going to
7:37 am
run? >> i don't know. as you alluded to he's hinted at this before. the thing that makes it a little more interesting this time is that he actually has staff on the ground in new hampshire and he's preparing to release his financials or at least a summary thereof. that is, a summary of how much he is worth. this has been a subject of much debate where forbes has estimated him at $1 billion, others have estimated him at less. he says, no way, he's worth $10 billion, so now he's actually putting ink to paper to demonstrate how much he's worth. this is also a criteria for getting into the presidential race, so the fact he has people on the ground releasing his financials maybe makes this a little more serious, a little more likely in the past. but in the end whether he's going to be taken seriously even if he does run, that's the real question. >> let's move to someone who already is running for president, jeb bush. he's got all this money because early states like iowa and new
7:38 am
hampshire will be tough fights for his campaign but has he done what's necessary to prepare for a place like iowa that you know, maybe money isn't the most important factor there? >> it's going to be tough for them and that's the dichotomy right there, the folks that make him popular and able to write these huge checks. that's his name and his stance on immigration reform make him a little distasteful, including the people of iowa the activists there who have a disproportionate role in deciding who wins major party nominations. i think he's done a good job to this point, with maybe the exception of his rock stumble, to sort of prepare himself to run seriously in iowa and some of these other states where conservatives have a disproportionate say in sort of the nominating process. but as he alluded to in his speech yesterday, it's not going to be a cake walk he knows it's going to be a serious challenge.
7:39 am
>> on the other side hillary clinton also addressed the money issue yesterday. listen to this. >> i'm very grateful for the success that bill and i have had. we both come from hard-working families, and we have worked really hard both of us over the course of our lives. and we feel blessed. i think that is an issue that is secondary in the minds of people at least the ones that i talk to and hear from because what they're interested in is what are you going to do as president? >> do you think their richness or lack of it is really on the minds of voters? >> i don't think it is as much as some in the media. it's clear some are focused on her finances. however, voters do not tend to hold against candidates their wealth and success. i do however, think with hillary clinton there is something different, which is
7:40 am
the sources of some of the income she and her husband have made since he left the white house in 2001. that is, speeches from some of these companies and foreign countries that have sought favor from the u.s. government including when clinton was secretary of state, as well as the donations to the foundation the clinton foundation from foreign regimes that have spotty records on human rights and women's rights. i think those potentially could be issues that might resonate with voters, more so than just her wealth. >> on the last election cycle, we heard over and over again that romney's wealth meant he couldn't identify with the average person. has that disappeared this time around? >> i think that that actually gets at some potential problems for hillary. it's not just that mitt romney was rich it's how he made his money. that allowed democrats to cast him as a greedy corporate raider venture capitalist was thrown around.
7:41 am
it's not just republicans. whether there's a fight between democrats to suggest that she is too close to the wall street firms that have paid she and her husband for speaking fees. so we talked about that could potentially be used against her in a way that does resonate more than just the fact that she is a lot richer than most of the voters whose support she is asking for. >> but >>. a beach in california is back -- a beach in north carolina is back open after shark attacks. what are people thinking? we'll talk about the shark attacks. and rachel dolezal still leaving people scratching their heads. we'll have that, next. superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
7:42 am
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7:45 am
now to developing news along the east coast, waveland beach in south florida back in business after a shark forced them to close yesterday. meanwhile, in north carolina two young victims are recovering after losing limbs to a shark on sunday. we spoke to an eyewitness who took these pictures from the scene. >> we thought we would have some relaxing hours, get some sun, read a book or something. and my wife brenda said it was like a scene all of a sudden out of "jaws." people were yelling, get out of the water, call 911, shark, shark. good to see you, reese. how are you?
7:46 am
>> there's no sound. >> no sound? let's get that worked out, shall we? i do want to talk to reese about this whole increase apparently in shark attacks and whether we should or should not be concerned about heading over to the beach this summer. is reese with us? we don't have him yet? all right. let's see if we can reestablish communications with reese. hey, reese, can you hear me now? >> i can so. good morning. >> good morning, man. listen, of all people i do not want to lose contact with it's you because i have a lot to ask you about. let's talk about these sharks. you and i agree, i actually love sharks, but when you have this situation that happened off that island in north carolina it really is troubling. these were little kids that were in waist-high water. what do you see when you see that? >> here's the thing, jose. sharks are -- carniverous sharks are doctors of the sea, i call them because they keep diseases from going global. and they're hungry they're
7:47 am
perfect scavengers and there's no food for them. the oceans are empty. and also the climate crisis has got currents moving around. they're following their prey. so this is a very dangerous thing we're watching closely, and obviously, if you're on the shore, you might want to stay on the shore, yeah? >> reese, sharks don't like the taste of human, do they? >> no they don't. they don't. they sense the slapping on the water. they reckon that that's an animal in distress. humans, as we know, are bony most of us and the shark doesn't like that. jose, these are starving animals. and we're seeing this all over the planet. it's very frightening, and these are unintended consequences of burning in excess of 96 million metric tons of fossil fuels
7:48 am
daily. >> yep. and reese, let's not even talk about how the shark populations have been devastating. these are animals that are fundamental to the food chain, to the ocean, to everything. >> absolutely. look, if the sharks die, we die. and over the last 15 years, we've taken out of the ocean for shark fin soup 1.5 billion sharks. it has a horrendous outcome. >> man. and for shark fin soup. reese, thanks for being with me. this is important. i'm so big on the whole marine life issue. this is something we have to keep talking about. thank you, reese, for being with me. turning now to another subject. more on rachel dolezal who is breaking her silence about the race identity furor that she sparked after her white parents said she's been living her life as a black woman. >> i hear people say, are you caucasian or african-american. i'm not going to ask it that
7:49 am
way. are you black? >> yes. >> what do you mean when you say that? what does it mean to assume the mantle the identity of blackness? >> well it means several things. first of all, it means that i have really gone there with the experience in terms of being a mother of two black sons and really owning what it means to experience and live blackness. >> msnbc legal analyst jen faith. living through, i've gone there with the experience. what does that tell you? >> i listened to a few clips this morning from the "today" show and also that clip that you just played and i still have more questions than answers, because i think the real issue here for a lot of people is not about the way she says she so
7:50 am
identifies. i think it's about the deception. because if you listen to a lot of the stories, it's about the creating and making up these past experiences that she says that she had, which now i think is coming up and a lot of those things aren't true creating those experiences to make herself seem like she had these really authentic black experiences. so the real issue for a lot of people it is about the lies it's about the deception and creating a space for her in sort of the black community based on those lies. >> faith jenkins, thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. donald trump announces his presidential plans live in manhattan. that's enough to inspire today's
7:51 am
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sorp so so in just a couple minutes we'll hear from donald trump on his plans for 2016. will he run for president or won't he? in the meantime here's "five things trump card." number one, trump's dollars. as we take a look at the 58-story trump tower in new york city, trump is expected to announce in just moments that he's worth a whopping $9 billion. no wonder he has this golf course here in miami known as the blue monster. that's tiger woods putting on the 18th green. number two, from golf to football. this is trump back in 1985 signing then-heisman trophy winner doug flutie during trump as football owner. it was part of the united states football league. and this trump known for
7:55 am
bringing his miss universe pageant to south florida. here's this year's winner miss hollywood. of course, trump got his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. and in case you didn't know trump is really really famous. number four. what would this list be without mentioning his hair? here he is in the ring with vincent mann the billionaire back in 2007. the loser had to shave his head. of course trump's hair won. trump says it's real. it has a life of its own. and donald i do feel your pain about all these hair jokes. i take them very seriously and i don't appreciate them. bring me to number five. will he or won't he run for president? we've played this game before but we'll find out at the top of the hour. i want mr. trump to know he has an open invitation right here on "the rundown" and we can talk politics, we can talk hair
7:56 am
anything he wants except for a lot of details on hair. i'm not comfortable with that. but politics doors are open. and that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. up next rachel dolezal answers a powerful question from melissa harris-perry. the question. are you a con artist? the answer to that question next on "news nation" with tamron hall. we want to hear rachel dolezal's response. i'll see you tomorrow. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen.
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7:59 am
good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall and this is "news nation." we begin with developing news in the 2016 presidential race. after toying with the idea for years, donald trump could finally make it official today. that is his daughter ivanka trump, introducing her father. the international tycoon and tv celebrity is about to announce
8:00 am
his plans for the 2016 campaign in the trump tower in the heart of new york city. if he decides to run, trump will be the 12th republican to officially jump into the race. according to the "washington post," trump has signalled he is serious about a white house run by agreeing to release details about his personal finances right after this event, something he has not done in the past. the post reporting that trump will declare $9 billion worth of assets, a figure that would make him the wealthiest republican contender. trump also comes on the heels of jeb bush's formal announcement yesterday at a huge rally in miami. >> as our whole nation has learned since 2008 executive experience is another term for preparation, and there is no substitute for that. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're not dwggoing to clean up the mess in washington by electing the people who either created it or are incapable


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