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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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but for a company with more than a million drivers across the world this could create yes, uber serious problems. that's all for now. the ed show is up next. welcome to the "ed show." let's get to work. >> i've not been a big supporter of fast track. >> a malfunction in the house on friday. >> trumping bush. >> i'm not a big fan of jeb bush. the last thing we need is a another bush. >> weak on immigration. in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy? ju just can't do it. >> donald trump took you on today. about immigration. >>. [ laughter ] sorry. i shouldn't have done that. >> and the bernie poll.
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within 10 points of clinton. >> and i appreciate that. and i love you too. >> good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. at this hour the house rules committee is meeting to pave the way for fast track. paul ryan is planning to attach fast track to a bill with firefighters pengssion on the line. this means the president would get trade promotional authority without assistance for displaced workers and puts president obama in a new position. a tough spot. the president has promised the veto any trade bill without taa. if he really wants trade promotional short he is going to have to lead workers out in the cold. at least that is how it stansds now. the fact that the president wants taa is as admission. his trade deal will outsource
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american jobs. so how is that good? the new plan requires a revote in the house on fast track, possibly tomorrow. the first time it passed by a couple of votes. then heads to the senate where the future is not clear. now if even a few members of congress flip then of course the deal is going to be off. the president will have to rely heavily on republican votes. later tonight president obama will be holding a picnic for members of congress. and i'm sure the conversation is going to be pretty intense. the grills are all set. they are all ready to go. and i'm sure the president and members of congress will have a couple of cool ones kick back and eat a hamburger. but you know what's on the president's mind is going to be focused on one thing and that is trade and that is fast track. he wants that authority to do the tpp or the taa. all right, now he's got a lot of work to do here at this point. he's got very little support. on tuesday, minority leader
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nancy pelosi told cnbc her thoughts on fast track. >> i've not been a big supporter of fasttrack. i don't think it is even necessary. it is a convenience for the administration. it is an advantage for the business community. but it is a hardship for workers. because there just -- it just isn't fair. >> the word is president obama hasn't spoken to pelosi since she sunk this trade deal on friday. it's clear house democrats aren't in president obama's corner like this so what do you do? i guess you have a picnic. a ball game last yeek. might as well have a picnic now in the backyard. pelosi is right. and fast track is great for corporations because they get the right the rules. meanwhile a huge disadvantage for american workers. they don't have a voice unless all, and i mean all of the democrats hold their ground. get your cell phones out. tonight's question is fast track a good idea?
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go to pulse.msnbc and vote. also with us tonight, gentlemen great to have you with us tonight. congressman, is the progressive caucus fighting back against the president on this? what you are hearing the house rules committee is going to set it up where they can get a fast track vote and seems like they are throwing a bone to the firefighters on a pension bill. what do you make of it? >> this has been the whole problem. the problem is there's been no real process, no regular order on this issue and one attempted manipulation after another and not dealing with the real issue. the real issue is they are going the ask for a vote. and the opposition remains the same. we're opposed to fast track. for all the reasons you have listed over and over again. human rights, no protection for workers. no real protection for the
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environment. and the list goes on and on. the manipulation comes with the trade assistance that you mentioned for displaced workers in which the president has to hold firm and democrats have to hold firm. they are tied to each other. if you want to beat fast track, you have to understand that the vote tomorrow is important and also important would be a trade adjustment vote. >> and congressman, this is a new position by the president. he is basically telling boehner and the republicans, hey i know you have obstructed me for the last 6 years but my guys are just going to have to trust me that i'm going to come back later on and get trade adjustment assistance. isn't this an unbelievable leap of faith? >> there is no way the president can sign without trade adjustment assistance. you can't take away american jobs and hurt wages and not provide assistance for the workers negatively affected. >> the president is now apparently putting it in position we'll come back and get taa later. do you believe that?
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>> i think before he can sign tpa he needs taa. right now a lot of democrats that supported him are at the white house even before the picnic. and we've got people telling him they need a public statement from him that they won't go through unless both go through. and we'll see if they stand up to it. the only thing he talked to us last week is how important taa was. there is no way we can credibly sign the fast track authority without the trade assistance. >> your reaction to that? >> i totally agree. the president is in a spot. and i think the center point, do we trust boehner? do we trust ryan? do we trust the senate leadership? no. it has to be up front and clear. why democrats have not only opposed fast track but opposed the manipulation in a callous way using medicare and dialysis repayments to fund the trade
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adjustment. that's why we oppose. it's been a manipulation and a shadow game and the president shouldn't be a part of it. >> congressman, where are the democrats going to be on this stand alone trade promotional authority vote then? would this change the outcome? >> i hope it does. and the other people are now considering that we're doing a stand alone build, no trade adjustment, which is one of the reasons they supported any legislation. no real verification as to when that trade adjustment will be and how it will be paid for. and so i hope that the people don't allow the fasttrack to go on until there is a full disclosure, regular order and the american people have a little bit of a say in whether it's up to this point been a very convoluted and secret process. >> the president of the united states is asking those 28 democrats to trust him, to hold the line to give him trade promotional authority and we'll
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come back and get something later on from a bunch of guys that have done nothing but obstruct me for six years. are they going to buy that? >> there are people in the senate that believe that. at least go. cantwell and kahne whocain who said they don't support without the tpa attached. so the president is going to have to make sure that trade adjustment assistance happens if he is going pull this kind of game around the fast track authority. bottom line is you can't cost the american workers jobs and not have any assistance to try to make up for it. >> isn't this going to be kind of a picnic where you got to make sure this hamburger is well done congressman? >> are very well done. and also with the dressing being public opinion and the dressing is very much against this fast track and the american people are very much concerned they are not part of it and their elected representatives are not parking lot of it.
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>> is this picnic all about this situation on trade tonight? >> well i think the timing is pretty convenient. you know i think they were waiting to figure out do you want to have till july 30th to do this. but having every cabinet secretary and from the white house. and the president there. and if you want water or beer you are going to talk to one of them. >> great to have you with us tonight. keep up the fight. and for more, larry cowen leading the labor coalition to fight fast track. your thoughts of what's unfolding at this hour. obviously the rules committee is doing what they have do to set it up to get the vote they want. but this is a new position by the president, a new tactic and of course it is going to get kicked back over to the senate. unpack it for us. >> first at that picnic tonight the american people are going to get grilled and secured. no question. secondly this is secrecy on top
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of secrecy. as we sit here no one knows which way rules kplee is going to go. but whatever they do is going to bring it tomorrow morning. and this is not what democracy looks like. the whole fast track things is not what democracy looks like. and the american people should demand a no vote on fast track however they package it. and we're going the need a flip to the rightside and fasttrack goes down. that's all it would have been taken last week. and lastly as we just heard, that's all that goes to senate. we'll be in full-court press. the whole coalition of millions in the senate to say wait a minute you packaged this one way. you said it was necessary. now you are going to tyke it like this. who is flip-flopping here? >> has this unfolded to be a real political struggle between the president and nancy pelosi.
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>> i think it's between the president and his own part party and he won't stop. 85% of house democrats voted no on both questions last week. and he persists. he is supposed to be a party leader. there is an election coming. and i might add where is secretary clinton. she should at least be saying no on fast track. put tpp aside as pelosi said. >> this just in. this is a new joint statement by speaker boehner. and also the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on trade. "we are committed to ensuring both tpa and taa get votes in the houpsse and senate and sent to the president for signature. it is our sbhentintent to have a conference on the customs bill and complete that in a timely manner so that the president can
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sign it into law. mr. cowen your reaction? >> yeah they are making this as complicated as possible. so the customs bill in the house. they added on nothing that any trade deal can acknowledge climate change. so that has to go to conference. because the senate didn't have that. they also added details on immigration and preventing immigration or labor mobility from being part of any trade deal. any trade deal. not just tpp. that is the customs conference committee. then they are adding somewhere there will be another vote and somehow the house will approve some version of trade adjustment assistance. this is outrageous. american people need to rise up and say stop this tomorrow. vote no on fast track. >> all right. do you think the president will sign a bill without taa? they are obviously trying to give him something but that might not be feasible. >> might not be feasible. and hopefully he will not sign.
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it wouldn't be one bill now. that is not guaranteed. but hopefully he would say unless i have a series of bills that include trade adjustment assistance, i won't sign any bill for fast track. he hasn't said that yet. i would hope he does. but i at this point he's so far down the road he won't change. >> to tell the president he is totally wrong on this then? >> it absolutely is. i think leader pelosi will be doing this as well as the progressive caucus but i think all of us the american people need to rise up and say whether republican or democrat you represent us in the house. we expect vote know. this is not what democracy looks like. >> we'll continue to follow the story. remember to answer at pulse.m
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make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. welcome back to the "ed show." is it fair to say jeb bush has been waiting his entire life to enter the race of president.
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and here comes donald trump. >> i watched jeb bush. he can't even put on a jacket. it took him five days to answer the question on iraq. he couldn't. he didn't know jeb bush is weak on immigration. >> i'm not a big fan on jeb bush. the last thing we need is another bush. believe me. the last thing we need is another bush. >> fighting to get the spotlight back. today he is visiting iowa voters. trump says it is useless. trump says bush doesn't have what it takes. >> i think that bush is a nice man. i call him -- he is a man that doesn't want to be doing what he's doing. to be honest. i call him the reluctant warrior and warrior is probably not a good word. but i think bush is ab unhappy person. i don't think he has any energy. and i don't see how he can win. >> not a happy person?
2:19 pm
got inside information there? and bush was reluctant to fire back. >> short segment lightning round. just give one word answers. donald trump. >> rich guy. >> jeb isn't interested in throwing around fighting words at this point. voters are asking if he's ready to fight for the presidency. joining me herald cooke and mercedes slap former spokesperson for george w. bush. great to have you with us. the mud slinging early into this. they're getting after it. what do you make of the donald trump focusing on bush? is he the guy to beat? >> well let me just say, let the party begin. donald trump came out swinging hard. but donald trump is incredibly smart. he knows bush is one of the top contenders. he needs to knock him down if he's able to gain even any
2:20 pm
traction in the states and so he's made a decision that rather than focus on the campaign solutions or the vision for america necessarily, he's picking on all these other contenders and hoping to take them down one by one. starting with jeb. >> is trump right when he calls bush a reluctant warrior? that is a very interesting term and a description. it is not -- i mean it is not a derogatory depiction of him. it is an opinion of a guy saying, you know, i don't really think this guy wants to be president. this is an interesting tactic, isn't it? >> i think a lot of what he said about bush was derogatory but that's not. and it's interesting. i think what trump was doing is trying to knock bush off of the pedestal pedestal. you know, if you are a perceived front runner in the top tier. the last thing you want to do is get in a big argument with someone who just got in the race who may or may not catch on.
2:21 pm
so i think trump was probably, you know, wisely. i don't know if it's his wisdom or his people but wisely trying to push jeb bush into a fight and thus elevate trump. and it didn't work. i think bush was wise to soft pedal it in response. >> so is that going to be the strategy? is this the best way? was a when trump gets on a roll going after someone he normally doesn't back off. and is this the strategy from jeb bush? don't take trump too seriously? what do you think? >> i think that is the right approach. i think you saw in his speech mobbed he was monday was very strong and gave a positive vision of america and he talked from the heart. you could totally see that fire in the belly a lot of republicans had within questioning. so he is basically going to ignore him and continue on his track. a very strong campaign team. and raised a lot of money. so i think for donald trump he's got to do whatever he can to get
2:22 pm
the attention he needs and participant of that is going to be as herald also mentioned, knocking off the top contenders and making these comments. he called senator rubio weak. he is going to go after them one by one but jeb bush is his primary target right now. >> and bhabt the strategy we don't need another bush. how does that play with you? clearly he's trying to plant the seed. >> and i think a lot of -- you know, i think you are going to see that coming from other contenders as well. unfortunately that is -- that is so unfortunate for governor jeb bush. as you can tell he spent several months trying to answer and respond to what his brother did, what his father did. and really jeb is his own guy. those of us who know jeb and worked with jeb realize that he really wants to be part of this race. he wants to run to win. he wants to come across with solutions and quite frankly ed he's got a good conservative record in florida. the question will be will
2:23 pm
conservative voters give him a second chance. look at him and say, you know, what lest see if jeb can come across being this conservative governor like he was. >> don't you think this is a chance that for jeb bush to be presidential, to -- >> oh absolutely. >> to go above the tree line on all of these comments. don't pay attention to trump. hey look there is always going to be some -- treat trump as it's chatter out there. what do you think about that? >> well i think donald trump has a huge problem. his entry into the race was the answer to a lot of people's prayers. unfortunately for trump those people were mostly comedy writers and democrats. >> the fiorina says we shouldn't underestimate trump and the other candidates are worried. >> the problem for that line of thing is that trump is really good at undermines himself. which is what i wound assume jeb bush is counting on.
2:24 pm
he's got at insulting other people. he's done it for years. he's not good at articulating ideas that are forward thinking and i think jeb bush and other contenders are probably betting, at least in the early rounds, that trump is mostly going to provide fodder for late night comedy and not much else. and if that turns out not to be true they can deal with it later. but think that is a smart bet on their part. >> and mercedes finally, how does the rebel republican part embrace what donald trump said about mexico and mexicans and depiction of people coming across the border that want to be in this country? >> i think the republicans are going to move a bit away from a this, from his comments on that. i think immigration has been a difficult issue for the republican party. divided the party in a lot of ways. but the vast majority of republicans support immigration reform. they want to figure a way where there is a pathway to legalization for those that have
2:25 pm
come here and undocumented workers. >> but the ugly word amnesty comes up. >> and divides the party and that is a big issue. i think donald takes it a bit too extreme and i don't know what point that is going to play in a positive way. >> well they are criminals. he took a longer sound bite but basically said look we got a bunch of criminals coming across the border and no one is going anything about it. and i'll build a fence and take care of it. and i mean is the republican party going to embrace that? we'll see. great to have you with us tonight. as the supreme court decides obamacare's fate, republicans sfrugal to alstruggle to come up with plan b. they don't even have plan a. rapid response panel weighs in. and discussing iran's nuclear future. stay with us. time upon a once people approached problems the way same. always start at the starting.
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show." in his first state department conference secretary of state john kerry signalled the united states could lift sanctions before getting answers about past nuclear activities. >> we're not fixated on iran specifically accounting for what they did at one point in time or another. we know what they did. we have no doubt. and what we're concerned about is going forward. it is critical to us to know that going forward those activities have been stopped and that we can account for that in a legitimate way. >> the interim nuclear deal which was struck in constructed back in april said sanctions relief would depend on iran answering questions about its history of convert nuclear activities. however secretary of state john kerry seems confident we already have absolute knowledge of the activities iran engaged in and he's prepared to move forward. what does that mean? the critics are wondering if we
2:30 pm
can trust iran to obey a nuclear agreement if they won't come clean about their past. where are we at this point as the clock ticks? joe, good to have you with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> is this an olive branch? what is this? is this kerry saying we ougts to relieve the sanctions before we get a deal. >> shooting to wrap up a deal by the end of the month. might slip a few days but probably not much more than a week. this is going to be a deal that is going to slash iran's program, cut centrifuge bis three quarters. cut supply of uranium by 98%. and then install a state of the art 24th century inspection program. that is not based on trust. this is on verification and monitoring. and that is the point of the secretary's remarks. we have these issues of past research iran did back in the
2:31 pm
1990s, we suspect they did it on nuclear weapons research. the public evidence is circumstantial but quite strong they did this. and kerry said interestingly, we know what they did. our u.s. intelligence nails us down. we're just now establishing the mechanism where they can come clean. >> not to misinterpret what the secretary kwuz saying. but it sounded like he was saying, you know, they have been kind of clean as of late and, you know, we got to move forward in a new era here. so maybe we should lift some sanctions before this thing. which of course the republicans would go nuts over. what about it? >> he is reacting to the critics that insist we have a complete confession. a mi cullea culpa. we're not going to get that. and that is what the critics are saying we have to have before we do anything. he says we know what they did and they know that we know.
2:32 pm
and this is setting up where we can get access to the sites and stopping the program now. it is more important to prevent anything over the next 20 years than it is to answer all the final questions over what they might have done two 20 ears ago. >> is congress going to be okay with questions unresolved or unanswered. >> this is going to be a big issue. as long as there is a process laid out. as long as they see in the final deal there is a process to answer the questions and the answersle of the questions is key to the sanctions relief i think they will be okay with letting some sanctions lifted early and the rest fazed in. >> okay. on the joe motoreter here, give me a percentage? >> i think we are in the 90% range at this point. all parties want it. it is just a question of hammering out the final details. it is not just us and the iranians. it is our closest allies pushing for this deal.
2:33 pm
i say june 30th is unlikely but july 8th 9th. almost certain. >> joe always good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> stick around. rapid response weighs in on the future of obamacare. and the tpp takes a toll on clinton's campaign. whether it means for her and her competition which is gaining in the polls. your market wrap. stocks end higher this day. the dow gains 31 s&p adding 4 and the nasdaq up 9 point. the big story, the federal reserve will leave interest rates unchanged. however many fed watchers expect two rate hikes this year. and oracle shares are sinking after hours. the company reported revenue and earnings that fell short of estimates. that is it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. don't know "aarp." aarp and aarp foundation are taking on hunger with 31 million meals donated.
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back on the "ed show"." thanks for watching. by the way republicans don't have plan b. the conservative supreme court is poised to issue a ruling on a lawsuit which claims the affordable care act denies subsidies to states that do not set up exchanges. its republicans senator john barrasso barrasso's job to come one a legislative response to the decision. but he has nothing. recently said he wants to get the new president time to come in and bring a new solution forward. well that is no plan for now. that is kicking the can down the road. past 2016. that is what that is. democrats have blasted the court's decision to even take up the case at all. harry reed gave a strong message
2:38 pm
to the supreme court. >> the language is very clear. the supreme court shouldn't have taken up this case. they did. the language is clear. i hope the supreme court can read english. i'm sure they can. >> if the supreme court strikes down obamacare, it would cut healthcare funding for up to 6.4 million americans in 37 states. reuters reports some economists say billions of dollars will be lost going to hospital drugstores and drug makers. but if you are like most americans across the country you are pretty much clueless about this case. in fact a new kaiser family foundation poll says about 7 in 10 americans say they have heard little or nothing about the case. only 16% say they have heard something about it. and 13% said they have heard a lot about it. it is going to effect a lot of lives and we're talking billions of dollars if they reverse this. joining me tonight is a rapid response possible.
2:39 pm
great to have both of you with us tonight. mr. holera. i don't think it's unfair to give plan b to the american people. let's just say that the conservative mission is accomplished. and we all know the conservatives want to get rid of obamacare. that is what they talked about. repealing it in the house and senate. so they are going the route of the supreme court. then what? say you get a favorable ruling in your ideology by the supreme court. what is plan b? >> what plan b should be is to take a look at what has caused so many problems for tens of millions of americans over the last couple years. and what you had was a series of mandates and regulations that drove up the cost for every single american. not just those getting subsidies but every single american. and what the conservative plan should be, what the republicans in congress should do is say this is the problem and we're going to make sure especially in the states now effected we're going make sure they can opt out of all the mandates and
2:40 pm
regulations that obamacare contained and that is going to drive costs down for everyone. not just those with subsidyies but every user of healthcare. >> it is a fact that healthcare expenses have gone down since obamacare and the increases during the bush years and previous years were double digit. they are not double digit increases now for most americans. mr. potter what happens if the supreme court reverses this? where does this leave obamacare? >> it leaves the country in a big mess. about two-thirds of the people who would lose subsidyies are in red states. so we would have a big big problem. and you are right, o most people really don't know what to expect because they haven't been paying much attention. but millions would lose ability to get access to the care they need whether going to the hospital or chemotherapy or just to the doctor for regular check ups. that goes away for millions of people. and i really think that you would see probably not a plan b
2:41 pm
out of congress. i think you will probably see the governors of the red states making a b line to washington to figure how to fix this. >> and from spending by the newly insured would take a hit. especially the hospitals. that is what reuters is reporting. and a kaiser family foundation economist puts the figure about $15 billion based on the proportion of insurance premiums earmarked solely for medical costs under the healthcare law. mr. potter your reaction? >> that eat exactly right. not only would hospitals take a big hit if this law is up ended but insurance companies would have a huge huge problem. they have been profiting a great deal because they have been getting a lot of new revenue obviously from this law. but this would also create a problem not just for those who have been buying coverage through the exchanges. it would create a big problem for everybody who has individual insurance in those states because it would create a death
2:42 pm
spiral in those states. i know this from having worked in the industry. >> dan, it seems that the proponents of obamacare, to keep the law the ways the, one of the briefs they filed with the supreme court made the financial case and how it would unravel the lives of a lot of americans. are they going take that under consideration in your opinion? are they going strictly by the law and say well the obamacare is in territory where it shouldn't be? how during that is going to come down? >> i would hope the supreme court goes strictly by the law. i would love to have seen this precedent go by the law. is law is very clear. the whole reason the law was written the way it was was to coerce states into to setting up exchanges. if they didn't set up exchanges they didn't get the subsidies. that is as clear as possible. the idea there would be any other factor that influences the supreme court's decision aside from the text of the law is concerning not only on this
2:43 pm
issue but for our entire nation. >> what about that mr. potter? >> it's non sense. i spend a lot of time in washington during the time this bill was being debated. there was never ever any understanding this would apply only to the states that established their own exchanges. i also talked to the people in hhs and the white house. never was this ever considered to be the way the law would be written or interpreted. >> mr. holler how does this impact 2016? >> right now we're going to see some sort of supreme court decision that is going to pole vault obamacare back into the narrative. and any time there is an election based on the bombo bomb care the rubbleepublicans do really well. >> and has healthcare insurance gone up for every american as mr. holler just said? >> not at all. in fact health insurance is affordable for a lot of people in this country.
2:44 pm
many people who couldn't afford it at all. in fact it is now available for millions of americans who couldn't buy at any price because of preexisting conditions. we forget many of the things that a lot of people before the law was passed could not buy coverage in the past. >> wendell potter, dan holler. thank you. we'll look at how the trade issue is boosting the senator's standings in the polls. t you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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the results of tonight's poll. the question: is fast track a good idea? it's going to be interesting at the white house tonight. the noers are out in full force. 89%. keep voting. we're right back. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas.
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drought with a win game six in cleveland. iguodala was the mvp of the series for bringing the warriors back three straight games. golden state's win means cleveland fans they are going to have to wait a little longer to celebrate a championship. no professional team from cleveland has won a title since 1964. so wwe super star seth rollins took advantage of it. he doesn't have high hopes for the browns this year in the nfl. he took a shot at johnny football during a stop in cleveland monday night. >> take a good look cleveland. took a good look. because this is what a world championship looks like. johnny idiot face over there is never going to bring you title. so soak it up.
2:50 pm
because i am leaving this piece of crap town. and i am taking this title with me. do you understand that? >> ooh title with me. you understand that? >> ooh, what a smackdown, but is it going to be motivation for johnny manziel and the browns? stick around, lots more coming up on "the ed show." we're right back. nutrition starts with nut. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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welcome back to "the ed show." hillary clinton should take notice because bernie sanders is i on a roll. a poll is looking good from suffolk university shows hillary clinton at 41%, bernie sanders at 31%, 15% of new hampshire democrats are still undecided. if hillary clinton's campaign isn't worried about those numbers, they should be. within ten points and 15% still undecided and a lot of time left. hillary clinton's refusional to take a position on trade may be hurting her in the polls. senate sanders has called her out. >> you're for it or you're against it. i'm strongly opposed to fast-track and the tpp. what is secretary clinton's position? >> americans seem to be in step with sanders on trade. a new online survey from nbc news shows 66% of americans
2:55 pm
would rather protect american jobs than have access to cheap foreign goods. 71% of republicans, 66% of democrats and 60% of college grads agree. americans want answers from clinton on trade. she has said a lot, but it just hasn't seemed too definitive. the democratic front-runner i think, should be able to step forward and not side step such an important issue, especially after today's developments and where this is all going. for more let me bring in harold cook and mercedes schlapp. thanks for staying tonight. i don't many to overstate this harold, but it seems like the issue of trade has given bernie sanders a platform to deliver straight talk to get some attention. what do you make of that? >> i agree with that. but if it weren't trade, it will
2:56 pm
be something else, and here's why. i've said from the start that if secretary clinton treated it like a coronation, she'd end up in trouble. but it's a fact of life it's just a natural status somehow that absolutely secure candidates say very little and opposed candidates get more specific and threaten candidates very specifically move toward their base. so i think bernie sanders being in this race and being treated seriously by voters in the early states, even if you are a clinton partisan i think it's very, very good for the process and encourages her to show some of that fire in her belly, encourages her to get much more specific on issues that are important to democrats who are going to be voting in this primary process, and that's, i think, a very good thing, and if she's the nominee, and i think she probably eventually will be i think it better prepares her
2:57 pm
for the november election when it counts. >> so you're willing to say that she's probably going to be the nominee. we're a long way away and this move by bernie sanders is just more than interesting. mercedes, why is sanders moving forward? >> i think bernie sanders, he has nothing to lose. he's filling that space that elizabeth warren space. since she didn't run, someone had to. he delivers a strong populism message that's resonating with a lot of grassroots democratic voters. and where you have secretary clinton on the other hand basically in a gray area not willing to take a position on fast-track saying that tpp was a gold standard but not sure how she wants to handle it. all the gray area and the fact that the voters are not necessarily trusting her and the honest factor. she has a lot of questions to be
2:58 pm
answered. she only answered seven questions last week. that's surely not enough for secretary hillary clinton to make her position strong. >> bernie sanders is all over the cables. hillary clinton isn't. harold, what do you make of it in. >> well, it's what i said before. i think she needs to start feeling uncomfortable and while she may not like it i think it's good for her candidacy. it sharpens her message. i think if they start feeling threatened in the polls, they'll get out there more. they'll say more. they'll appeal to democratic voters more and that can only be good. >> seems to me if you want to be president, you got to be one of them. >> that's right. >> and i think bernie sanders is coming crass, heyacross, hey, i'm one of you. >> that's exactly right. >> i'm there for the working family, i'm not with the wealthy or the wall street ties like secretary clinton. and secretary clinton is coming across way too scripted. if she could loosen up i think
2:59 pm
it impacts her in a negative way. senator sanders and a straight shooter and basically sharing his positions. >> i would call on all the organizations that are doing all of this polling to ask the same questions about the candidates. i'm asking for a favor from everybody out there who does the polling. we keep hearing about hillary clinton's negative numbers. why don't they ask the public your negative thoughts or favorability rating on sanders. when does he get that respect? he's going to be in denver he's got over 5,000 people signed up. and also in las vegas. when does the word respect enter into the arena, harold? quickly. >> look, bernie sanders has something to prove and i think he's proving it but i think clinton's campaign has got to recognize that and act accordingly.
3:00 pm
and when she decides this is not a coronation, it's a real race i think she'll respond appropriately. >> harold cook mercedes schlapp great to have you both. that's "the ed show." nation "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> tonight on "politicsnation," donald trump is already a headache for the gop. what's he saying today about the rapist comment? and what the party is not saying. where are the killers? the search is expanding and investigators are asking the public for help. we're live at the prison. and a historic ceremony. president obama formally welcomes new attorney general loretta lynch today. we look at her vision on the fight for justice going forward.


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