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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 19, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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too early." good morning. it's friday june 19th. i'm ayman. we begin in charleston south carolina where the suspect charged with killing nine at a historic african-american church is in custody a man hunt aided by pure luck led local and law enforcement officials to find dylann roof. after waiving expedition he was flown back to south carolina in shackles. roof is accused of going to emanuel ame church sitting in an hour before killing nine people including some of the most senior members. let's goes to david wagner in charms charleston. what details can you shed?
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>> reporter: amazing police work and community as well. they got the picture out quickly. they had his photo and vehicle description. what that led to was a woman in north carolina, four hours away. she's a part time florist. she was driving down the road, saw what she thought was the suspect's car. she decided to follow that vehicle, called and talked to a friend and said i believe this is the car. eventually they called police pretty quickly there. police pulled over the vehicle. sure enough it was the 21-year-old suspect is. here is what the florist had to say. >> seen the white tag on the front of of the car. that was another picture they showed on the news an emblem with a black circle. i said oh lord. i got off the exit and called
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todd and i said i think i just passed the boy that killed the the people in charleston last night. i said i don't know. i don't want to overreact or whatever. i said todd i'm going back out here to get on 74 to see if i can catch up and get his tag number. i turned around and started back. when i did, i thought i'm going to turn back around is and see if they at least pull him over you know? if i can get close enough to see. todd called when i was doing that and he said debbie that was him. they caught him. i'm crying every time. i can't not cry. >> reporter: we're also hearing chilling details from a childhood friend of the suspect. they recently reconnected. according to the friend joseph he said the suspect had changed. >> i'm speechless. i don't really know. it hit me hard you know.
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seeing the best friend on there you've known seven years a that can do something like this. it's pretty crazy. he wanted segregation, wanted white with white, black with black. that he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to white race. >> that is joseph meek the childhood friend of dylann roof here, the suspect. a memorial is taking place outside the ame church in charleston. this is a city of 345 years of history. this is one of the darkest chapters in the history. >> dave wagner live in charleston. thank you. investigators are continuing to learn more about 21-year-old can dylann roof. here's more on his history and run-ins with the law. >> 21-year-old roof was raised
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in columbia and lexington, south carolina. earlier he had run-ins with the law. in march he was arrested for possession of narcotic after employees told police he was asking suspicious questions about operations. at the say same mall, he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. he was banned from the mall three years. his facebook page showed his jacket bearing flags. south carolina senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham told abc "the view" his niece went to school with roof. >> strange, disturbed man. >> marcia said she would see roof at a local restaurant. >> sometimes you look at people with different hair cut and different eyes and he looked like he needed love. >> records show roof went to school in lexington, entered
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high school there and repeated the ninth grade. no indication of whether he graduated. this afternoon, state agents were at the home that belongs to his father. they wis they were there several hours searching the home. when we went this afternoon to ask questions, no one was willing to talk. >> i'll call the police. >> law enforcement officials say the gun used in the shooting was a gift from roof's father and searches of roof's computer have not turned up anything to suggest others were involved. >> we're learning about the nine lives lost in charleston. they gathered at the ame church as they did each week. ministers, library, speech therapist among the victims. >> charleston is a city in
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mourning. nine are dead, six women and three men. among those killed the church's pass store, clementa pinckney married father of two who preached at ame since he was a teenager. >> we invite you into this place, your house. we thank you for the spirit that dwells here. >> pinckney was a i long time member of the state senate where a black cloth was draped on his desk. >> senator pinckney was a giant. he was the moral compass of the general a assembly. >> several who worked at church are among the dead. including doctor who retired in 2005, mother of four. singleton was a mom of three, speech therapist and high school track and field coach. sanders was a 26-year-old barber who recently graduated from south carolina allen university. and cynthia hurd 54-year-old
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branch manager in charleston at the library which will be renamed in her honor. her brother says the last 24 hours has been agonizing. >> she left home to go to church. not hearing for her so many hours. >> confirmed dead susie jackson, ethel lance, mira thompson and daniel simmon who is died after being taken to the hospital. a community is coming together to remember nine lives taken in their place of worship. >> our thanks to craig melvin for that report. the nine victims are remembered coast toe coast. vigils were held in chicago, denver and portland. as dozen law members packed on the capitol lawn. haley and scott are among the hundreds that attended vigils
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yesterday. haley fought back tears hearing the suspect had been captured. >> we woke up today, and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. so we have grieving to do. we've got pain we've got to go through. parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe. that's not something we ever thought we'd deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful state. we love our state. we love our country. most importantly, we love each other. i will tell you there's a lot of prayer in this state. you are going to see all of us trying to lift these nine families up in prayer because they need us. >> it was an emotional day in the state legislator where pinckney was a senator.
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his desk draped in a black cloth. colleagues paid tribute to him in the chamber. outside the u.s. and south carolina state flags were brought to half staff. yesterday, president obama and vice president joe biden phoned charleston mayor to give condolences. then the the president addressed the nation. it's the 14th time he's had to make a statement after a shooting. >> there's something particularly heartbreaking about the death happening and the place. we seek peace. i've had to make statements like this too many times. communities like this have had to endure tragedies too many times. >> at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact other countries do not have to deal with this. it is in our power to do
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something about it. >> speaking in las vegas yesterday, hillary clinton began her marks invoking one of the other most famous church attacks in history. >> 50 years ago martin luther king, jr. told the families of girls killed in the bombing of the 16th street baptist church many birmingham alabama, you do not walk alone. today we say to the families of mother emanuel and people of charleston, you do not walk alone. you do not walk alone because millions of americans regardless of race or creed or ethnicity or religion are walking with you. >> republican senators ted cruz and rand paul addressed the tragedy at a conference many washington. >> today the body of christ is in mourning. i want to begin with by reflecting on the horrific
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tragedy of last night at the emanuel ame church. a sickened and deranged person came and prayed with the historically black congregation for an hour and murdered nine isn't souls. >> what kind of person goes in a church and shoots nine people? there's a sickness in our country, something terribly wrong. it isn't going to be fixed by government. it's people straying away people not understanding where salvation comes from. i think that if we understand that we'll understand and have better expectations of what we get from our government. >> rand paul also making news with a policy proposal intro introducing a plan to quote, blow up the tax code. he says he would replace with 14.5 a rate for all individuals and businesses eliminate payroll tax on workers.
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he said it will would in $2 trillion in taxpayer savings over ten years. there's new hope for president obama's trade agenda this morning thanks to republicans. the republican-controlled house voted 218-208 in favor t of the fast track bill. the outcome remains unclear. it would help president obama move forward on the largest free trade deal ever. it had support of 190 republicans but 28 democrats. house minority leader nancy pelosi is down playing the the dispute. >> we have a deep relationship of trust with the president and every category you can name. he has been excellent. if you want me to i'll spell out for you some of the great accomplishments of his presidency. we highly regard his leadership. this has been a long-standing
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difference in the democratic party having nothing to do with the president of the united states and everything to do with our bosses the constituents we work for. >> and hillary clinton is now speaking out on the issue and breaking with president obama. >> she said positive things many times in the past. >> no joe, i said positive things about the process and potential. >> would you vote for tpa when it gets there? >> at this point probably not because it's a process vote. i don't want to say it's the same as tpp. right now i'm focused on making sure we get trade adjustment assistance. i would not vote unless i was absolutely confident we would get assistance. still ahead, more than a dozen mass shootings at places of worship in the last decades,
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is it time for churches to come up with more safety plans? more "way too early" right after this. >> i want cynthia to be remembered where where she died in the church. she was a strong lady of faith, committed to her community, loved her family. she loved her congregation. >> so i tell my family this is what we go to church for. this is what we pray for when this day comes we have the strength to stand. we ask god to give us that strength to stand. ♪ every auto insurance policy has
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those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big. the church has a very proud history and has really stood for the spirit of african-americans. i even say spirit of america in charleston since 1818. a spirit of defiance and standing up for what is right and what the true.
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when i say that -- >> emanuel ame church pastor pinckney speaking there, killed in the church. now churches rethink security. attacks on houses of worship are nothing new. since the bombing in 1963 in birmingham alabama there's been 13 around the country. religious leaders aren't taking any chances including one pastor in new jersey. >> this church you're standing in spends thousands of dollars a year for armed security. very every event we have thousands of dollars. unimaginable how much we spend so that persons that come to worship can feel safe and feel protected. that's a shame in the 21st
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century. >> here in new york mayor bill de blasio announced the nypd was adding security as a from precaution. a heartbreaking story. a 2-year-old boy's body was found after he was swept from his father's arms. his father was attempting to cross the water that was rising. the father was overtaken and lost contact with his son. two other deaths are blamed on the tropical system as well. >> can you imagine? >> absolutely heartbreaking. >> saddest thing i've heard. i wish that dad well and family too. that's crazy. storm itself is still with us. it's been four days. still a chance for flash flooding. hopefully won't be as bad as the last two days. wasn't catastrophic flooding from the system. a lot of rivers high and heading toward crest.
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east texas, oklahoma and also arkansas. here's aerial pictures yesterday outside dallas and fort worth. you could see a ton of water everywhere after one of the wettest springs we have seen throughout texas, oklahoma missouri and arkansas. this morning, the storm is located over northern arkansas missouri getting drenched. south side of st. louis getting wet. this moisture track across the ohio valley and mid atlantic this weekend. it's going to be a slow moving system. as far as rain totals nothing epic. not going to see much in the way of flooding. it will rain out plans saturday in kentucky. on sunday that moves through d.c. philadelphia baltimore areas. keep that in mind for father's day plans. here's the forecast today. warm in the southeast.
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pretty nice weekend in new england. warm in the southeast. great in chicago great lakes. your father's day forecast is humid. a lot of downpours philadelphia, d.c. new york city. may not range the entire day. unfortunately plans outdoors may not work out in that region. >> still not an excuse to celebrate father's day. >> take him to a good movie. >> absolutely. thanks for the update. officials call it a hate crime. no doubt about that. does it fit the definition of terrorism? we'll have more when "way too early comes right back.
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i don't want to get into the political argument of the guns and things but what blows my mind is the disparity of response between when we think people that are foreign are going to kill us and us killing ourselves. the if this had been islamic terrorism, it would fit in -- we've invaded two countries and spent trillions of dollars and thousands of american lives. now fly unmanned death machines over like five or six different countries all to keep americans safe. we've got to do whatever we can.
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we'll torture people. we've got to do whatever we can to keep americans safe. nine people shot in a church. what about that? they're already using the nuance language for lack of effort for this. this is a terrorist attack. >> jon stewart weighing in on how mass violence is classified in the media, usually the identity of the person committing the act. senator bernie sanders writes quote, what transpired in charleston south carolina was not just a tragedy a, it was an act of terror. we know what happened was an act of evil. shouldn't it be described as terror? fbi describes terror as violent act that violates federal or state law. it is intended to intimidate or coerce a civilized population. one of the headlines in "the washington post."
2:56 am
shooters of color are called terrorists or r thugs. why are white shooters referred to as ill. "the washington post" said quote, it's important to use the word terrorism when we see it in order to be consist end. terrorism is already used without hesitation for many non white. to avoid the term becoming simply insult or worse, racist insult, it should be used when basics are applied or not at all. let's in mika. >> thank you. we're live in south carolina with information on how police captured the suspect in the
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charleston massacre. we'll hear from the woman that spoot spotted spotted him and called police. and of course the victimsment a pastor, high school coach, library worker among the nine killed. outpouring of grief from around the country. former governor of maryland o'malley and many more coming up next on "morning joe." [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on
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we woke up today -- and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. and so we ask for grieving and we have some pain we have to go through. parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe and that's not something we ever thought we would deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful


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