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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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mines around artifacts. and that is all for now. the ed show is coming up next. good evening americans and welcome to the ed show. live in new york. let's get to work. tonight walmart gets a challenge from a u.s. senator. >> we've got a have a conversation here in this country about the kind of weapons we make legal. >> plus taking on race issues. >> america's long struggle with race is far from finished. >> later, salvaged in the senate. >> on this vote the yay's are 60, the nays are 37. it is agreed to. >> we today don't do anything to help those workers that lose their jobs. >> and polls for people power. >> we've been talking about this and the large crowds that bernie sanders in particular has been getting. but when you looked at the new poll now it is not even close.
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it is 75% for hillary clinton. good to have you with us tonight focus. well, it has really been a remarkable day and a remarkable reaction. the confederate flag revolution if you may, has avalanched all around this country. after nine black americans parishioners were gunned down in a south carolina church people across the state called for its removal from the capitol. here was the scene in charleston south carolina today. demonstrators flooded the capitol grounds shouting bring it down. >> we don't need anymore talking. all the points have been made. the governor has spoken. the flag ought to come down. >> one last time take it down. take it down. take it down. take it down. >> south carolina lawmakers got into action. they voted to consider removing the flag today. the son of a staunch
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segregationist former senator strom thermen said it is time to pull the symbol from the state house. >> i'm proud to be on the right side of history voting to remove this symbol of racism from the state house. it is time to acknowledge our past, atone for our sins and work towards a better future. >> state governments across the country ignited with debate today. virginia governor terry mccullough announced his attempt to phase out the flag from state license plates from the state of virginia. and house speaker says it's quote become a point of defense that needs to be removed. the movement quickly spilled into the business sector of the country. nascar threw its support behind removal. ebay, amazon others decide ed to prohibit the sale of the
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flags in stores and on websites. sears, walmart will remove containing the flag from their shelves. senator chris murphy from connecticut wrote good for walmart. for saying they won't sell confederate flags. now how about all of those assault weapons? murphy has led the charge for gun control legislation after the 2012 newtown shootings in his state. despite over 90% of americans favoring stronger gun control laws, the effort fell by the wayside. nbc news confirms dylann roof legally purchased the semi-automatic handgun he used in the shooting in south carolina. initial reports describing him receiving the gun as the gift were false. he was facing a drug charge
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which does not prohibit him from buying a gun under federal law. and more news they released this video today of dylann rooch being arrested. this this is dash cam footage of him being taken into the custody during a traffic stop. back to the flag removal for a moment. is this going to effect your life? let's tell it like it is. this is feel good legislation. it is somewhat of a sad commentary in our country and nourin our society it takes the death of nine people for us to realize what is really morally right and wrong. but it is good we are there. good to see how the business community and free market has worked on this today and there are so many changes taking place. but if it flies on top of a building does it affect your life? does it change anything? and the confederate flag is everywhere. look outside my window. the bottom right hand corn over that screen. you may not be able to see it
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because of the tree but flags fly right at the rank at 30 rock here in new york city. there is the mississippi confederate flag right there. the stars and bars flying here in new york city. it is a part of our society and it is an ugly part of our society. and i'm glad to see that mississippi is going to do something about it or at least they are starting the conversation. but does it change your life that a flag is going to be removed? and the answer is no. i say that all of this talk about the confederate flag is an easy lift. we should have done it years ago. we should have recognized what it represented and how wrong it is. the heavy lift and what will effect your life and which will change people's lives is background checks and we couldn't get that. why is it that we can remove flags but we can't come forward with legislation of security that is going save lives. the president pointed out the other day, well there are 31,000 lives lost every year in this country to gun violence.
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maybe if we had stiffer laws we might have some of those folks still with us. that is reality. this is an easy lift moving the flag. it is a hard lift putting gun legislation, smart legislation, even when 90% of the american people want it. we can't get it. do you feel like your government is working now. get your cell phones out. tonight's question: is it enough just to take down the confederate flag? go to vote. and senator, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> your thoughts on what we're seeing unfold in the last 48 hours surrounding the flag and also speak directly as to why you tweeted what you did today. >> i'm proud of south carolina and all of these companies for recognizing what they should have recognized decades ago. that the flag is a symbol of racism and not so quietly
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endorses those people who would either harbor racist thoughts or carry out as with racist intent. but this is a cover for doing absolutely nothing continually about the onslaught of gun violence in this country. the fact is every day 80 people are dying from guns. and yes it may be that the flying of the confederate flag had a small part in the racist thoughts that led this young man to do such damage in charleston. but if we're not going to have a conversation about fixing our mental health system or passing expanded background checks or quite frankly getting the military style assault weapons that wall smart still sells at their stores with totally unqualified clerks to send them out to consumers, then we just haven't done our duty. >> sure. >> and here is my real point here. if we do nothing. if we are totally silent, then that essentially makes us complicit in these murders.
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maybe a background check wouldn't have stopped this guy from killing nine people in charleston. but when we just remain totally silent in washington, we send a message of silent endorsement to the carnage and that's got to stop. >> if i may offer, it depends on what kind of background check we're talking about. you can't get into canada if you have pending legal action of an issue against you. but you can buy a gun in america? that is a fact. he was facing a drug charge. so under federal law that doesn't disqualify him from buying a firearm. but the fact is it depends upon what kind of background check you are going to have and what kind of teeth is going to be in the law. that is where you are at right now. let me ask, what do you want walmart and retailers to do? you said now what about those assault weapons. what do you want them to do? >> i would rather a place like
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walmart not sell guns. if fs upit was up to me walmart that really has no trained specialists in selling gun, in training people how to use guns in looking for the kind of people who when they walk into the store are exhibiting signs such that you shouldn't sell them a gun shouldn't be in that business. i have no problem with licensed independent gun dealers selling weapons. i just don't think walmart should be in that business. at the at least shouldn't be selling assault weapons. and that was a screenshot i sent out of a advertisement. and in that advertisement, they hits it as the military style assault weapon used by law enforcement and the military. designed for that usage. they are marketing in weapons that are designed for the military and law enforcement and not for personal use. so i'd rather them just quitget out of the business entirely.
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and it is not enough just to stop selling the confederate flag. you have got to be part of this discussion about how we can continue to allow almost 100 people every day to die from guns. that is part of your corporate social responsibility. i hope more step up to the plate. >> thanks for being with us tonight. i appreciate your time. i think you tweeted reality is what you did. i want to bring in erica soto lamb. your reaction to the reaction of the flag today by the business community throughout this country. >> i think you said it right. it is not enough. as senator murphy said. and we're taking this fight into the state legislatures. the response to charleston over the last few days has been a bit defeatist, that we're not making progress when in fact the last session we have killed or watered down more than 40 nra priority bills. just last month people may have
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missed the oregon past and became the 18 state to require background checks on all handgun sales. >> what kind of background check do you want? >> background checks on all handgun sales is the number one way can reduce gun violence the gun violences that killing 88 americans and injuring hundreds more every day. and that's why we've taken the fight to the states. washington can be intransigent on this issue as it is on many. we're fighting in legislatures and making progress. >> do you think the action taking place with the confederate flag and the conversation that is going to go on is going to lead into the possible legislative action on background checks? >> it is a meaningful first step. the reaction has forced all of us to say what can we do? political leaders, corporate leaders and individuals. and all eff of us are rising for charleston. taking the action we can to change the law and prevent the gun violence plaguing the
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country. >> back to the shooting in connecticut of the elementary school children, which was gut wrenching history for this country. no legislation was passed after that. and the expectations were so high. >> we changed the playbook. the fact there was a vote was meaningful. the conversation at that time was not based on whether the number one policy measure to reduce gun violence is and now we all know it is background checks. we changed the conversation after new town. and since then we've taken it into the legislatures. and. >> thanks for joining us tonight. appreciate it so much. remember to answer tonight's question at coming up. race becomes a hot topic on the campaign trail. we'll have hillary clinton's
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down for a round table discussion about race near ferguson missouri. clinton visited a black church four miles from the place where unarmed black teenager michael brown was killed. clinton made clear america is still struggling with issues of race. >> i know it is tempting to dismiss a tragedy like this as an isolated incident. to believe that in today's america bigotry is largely behind us. that institutionalized racism no longer exists. but despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, america's long struggle with race is far from finished. >> and former secretary clinton made the very profound point. she went on to address segregation in schools in america. >> the quality, opportunity, civil rights in america are
2:18 pm
still far from where they need to be. our schools are still segregated. in fact more segregated than they were in the 1960s. >> for more let me bring in political analyst and georgetown university professor, also a professor at harvard law school. gentlemen great to have you with us tonight. i think that hillary clinton hit the nail on the head. we can teach racism. we can teach hate. so it starts in education. and i think that this is part of the discussion. if we do not have equal resources, it is different. there is a different appearance. there is going to be a different outcome. that is what i believe. i also think that this -- there is going to be a new level of discussion and intensity in this country when it comes to race. because of what unfolded tragically in south carolina. michael your reaction to what
2:19 pm
now is unfolding on the campaign trail? and bernie sanders has also talked about it as well. your thoughts. >> i think you are right at the resource disparity. a 60 million dollar school in the suburbs with high speed internet access and zoological classes they are going to have a quality of classes and pedigree of schooling that is far different than an inner city school with less resources, no high speed internet access and hardly any textbooks. so the ability to challenge soft deeply entrenched and profoundly rooted believes about racism. and i think what hillary clinton is doing is exceptionally good. you have to address not only the persistence of sentiment. you have to talk about structural realities as well. the educational system here as been rezbatssegregated to the point as she said to reflect the 1960s.
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black and hat latino kids go to schools that nearly the level of segregation they endured in the 60s. so until we address the efforts and sentiments and passions we won't have much racial progress. >> professor, your thoughts on what the next level of discussion needs to be. >> i agree about the things need to be changed. but i would dig a little bit deeper. i would appreciate the fact that upcoming i hope president clinton hillary clinton will move beyond the issue will talk about the same things we talked about welfare. we went through this before. we haven't had that discussion and i think all of us every single person needs to have it. i'm a member of the ame church in cambridge. and this makes me bleed, makes me sorrow what happened to the people in charleston south carolina. but i think that we as a community have to figure out how we're going to have a conversation to get beyond race.
2:21 pm
talk about it but get beyond race and talk about health. talk about jobs. talk about education. talk about housing. all of those things are important. >> well professor, what about that? do you believe that income inequality sets the table for racism to grow? because there is different lifestyle. there is different priorities. there is different opportunities. and with that becomes animosity and stereotyping. your thoughts on that? >> part of that -- for me. part of that is yes income inequality is a problem. and i'm looking now to the black males who want to work here in the united states and can't find a job. they want to work. they are not lazy and not unwilling to work. and i think we need to do that. and i'm the middle class or upper class african american and i've givenbeen giving money to every organization that will hold out a hand and say we need your donation to help things move forward. i think our churches have to be strong. our businesses have to be
2:22 pm
strong. our educational institutions have to be strong and we have to in a sense use this as the sense of what we've gone through and make sure that we deal with race. race race race. in the 21st century. >> michael. >> well see i think that what you said is absolutely right but i want to see those issues you talk about getting beyond race all of those issues implicate race and implicated in racial discourse. when you talk about health disparity, african americans access to high quality healthcare, which thank god for obamacare has leveled the playing field for some. but it's still -- the disparity is still yawning there. the income inequality is huge and it is not a matter of access to higher grades of education and better ways of living. it is also the kind of deeply rooted racial resentment the antiblack sentiments that are deeply entrenchd in the culture. even people with high forms of education unfortunately perpetuate a legacy of stereotype and don't know the other. all of those things have to be talked about simultaneously if
2:23 pm
we are to be effective in rooting up and just extricating ourself from the horrible culture of racism. >> and how does what happened to the confederate flag today and the business community heal the situation? i want to play a clip hillary clinton again addressing the confederate flag. >> i appreciate the actions begun yesterday by the governor and other leaders of south carolina to remove the confederate battle flag from the state house, recognizing it as the symbol of our nation's racist past that has no place in our present. or our future. it shouldn't fly there. it shouldn't fly anywhere. [ applause ] professor ogle tree your reaction to that and where does it go from here? >> i think it is very important to talk about the flag but it is just an issue, just diversion from the issue that michael and i have been talking about. you have to change society and the flag is important.
2:24 pm
but it is only a step. and i don't want people to think that they, you know bring the flag down that we are not a unified country. we are not there yet. we need to talk about race and i think michael is right and our community is ready to have the conversation from children to people in school. people who are unemployed, to people who are in business. people who are in the churches all of those places. we have to have a real discussion about race and deal with it as hard as we can. even if it takes a long time. >> gentlemen, great to have eowith us tonight. thanks for the discussion. still to come. the future of trade adjustment assistance hangs in the balance. it is a trust me moment for the democrats looking across the aisle. we'll have the latest on what is ahead for congress. and joyce mitchell's husband breaks his silence on her role in the up state new york prison break. that and the latest on the search for prisoners. stay was.
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welcome back to the ed show. new york state police are describing the hunt for two men who escaped from a maximum security prison as an accurativee ive active and developing situation. about an hour ago law enforcement vehicles were converging on a campground. officials secured the perimeter and asked residents in the area to leave. now the situation has subsided and officials are departing. meanwhile we're learning new details about the woman who has been supplying richard matt and david sweat with tools inside the facility. andrew wiley tells nbc news joyce mitchell smuggled hacksaw blades and a whole punch into the facility that she would smuggled in inside ground beef.
2:29 pm
joyce mitchell has pleaded not guilty. according to wiley gene palmer, the corrections officer placed on administrative leave on friday would bring the meat to sweat and matt. he said he didn't know he was bringing them tools. also her husband lyle is cooperating with police and discussed his wife's alleged role in the prison break and how he thought his own life was in danger. >> you said did you help these two prisoners escape. >> i said how can this happen. i hold my head and i was scared. she said i got something else to tell you. i said what's that. she said their plan was they want to kill you. i said what? they wanted her to come pick them up. >> so she admitted to you that once these two escaped from
2:30 pm
clinton and made their way to that manhole that she was supposed to be the one to pick them up and drive them away. >> she told me that matt wanted her to pick them up. and she said i never leave nowheres without lyle. never. and he said i'll give you some pills to knock out out. and she said i am not doing that. i am not hurting him. and she knew she was over her head and said i can't do this. and then they started threatening her that someone was going to do something to harm me or kill me or someone outside the jail if she didn't stay through with it. >> and they were going to kill you for what reason? >> to just get me out of the way. but she said she would have never went through it. that's what she told me. >> we'll have reaction to today's senate vote on trade promotion authority and more right after this.
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and we're back on the ed show. thanks for watching. earlier today. the senate advanced trade promotion authority for president obama in a key
2:35 pm
procedural vote. fasttrack narrowly passed 60 to 37. fast track is expected to be on president obama's desk by the end of the week. this paves the way for the president to finalize the trans pacific partnership, the key program that is missing from today's bill is trade adjustment assistance for displaced workers. the senate plans to hold a separate vote on taa. it is expected to pass the senate but its future in the house is not clear. immediately after today's vote majority leader mitch mcconnell addressed the chamber. >> this is a very important day for our country. we've demonstrated we can work together on a bipartisan basis to achieve something that is extremely important for america. >> moments later bernie sanders responded to mcconnell on the senate floor. >> in my view this trade
2:36 pm
agreement will continue the policies of nafta, cafta permanent normal trade relations with china agreements that have cost us millions of decent paying jobs. we need a new trade policy in america, a policy that represents working families and not just the big money interests. i strongly disagree with the majority leader who called this a great day for america. it is not a great day. it is a great day for the big money interest. not a great day for working families. >> president obama will now have to trust john boehner and mitch mcconnell to send him assistance for displaced workers. the president in the past said he would not sign anything unless there was that bill on his desk to go along with trans promotional authority. we'll see. for more here is ohio senator brown who also went to the floor today and discussed over this tpa. senator unpack it for us. what do you think of the outcome of today's vote.
2:37 pm
>> i'm very disappointed. i wasn't shocked because the handwriting's probably been on the wall pause of thebecause of the influence of the president and republican leadership and corporate america all pushing the same direction. but what was most disturbing is even the most vigorous free trade activists, the vigorous free trade cheerleaders the "wall street journal," editorial board, others like that. all say that a passage with a trade agreement dislocates workers. even if they think they create jobs overall, the decisions we make in washington on trade politician when we pass a trade agreement, many individuals are thrown out of work. what they are saying is we make a decision on something that cost them their job but senator mcconnell and the republican leadership are unwilling to help those workers at the same time. >> and republicans have never been a real fan of trade adjustment assistance. so this is a leap of faith, is
2:38 pm
it not? >> absolutely. >> of the 14 democrats in the senate only one turned back to a no vote from the last vote and that was ben cardin. so where is the trust coming from? >> good question. keep in mind 70% of democrats in the senate voted no on fast track. 85% of democrats in house. overwhelmingly strong democratic opposition. the 13 members who voted for tpa are trusting john boehner to do the right thing. and when you see the heritage foundation and other right wing think tanks and the pressure on republicans to kill trade adjustment assistance. they clearly don't care about the workers. we know about that. but tpp is 40% of the world's economy. this is a $400 million program. it is peanuts compared to what this trade agreement is. and republicans -- i mean i don't trust boehner on it. republicans are willing to jetson these workers. and jedsen. >> and unfortunately too many
2:39 pm
republicans -- >> do you think obama is going to move forward on this taa? republicans have given us no reason to believe what they say. okay? >> yeah. >> and so number one, where is the president going to land on this? and number two, just what kind of a package are we talking about? >> i met with some labor department people today and asked them to convince the president and others in the administration to put the same effort into the minimum wage in enforcement of overtime. and creating building trades jobs and many other jobs in the highway bill to put that same effort into that as the president and his allies and the administration put into tpa. i don't know if the president will sign this without taa. i don't know. somebody's got to have the conversation with him before they vote on it in the house. >> i think the president will make a statement about it where he stands on this. this is -- every union in this country did not want to go down this road.
2:40 pm
and now here we are. i want to point out in your state of ohio a new poll out shows ted strickland with a 6 point lead over rob portman. and this has been a big issue in your state. what do you make of this? >> it's a huge issue in the state. and when you contrast senator portman has been a free trade cheerleader all his career. and governor strickland has been opposed to these trade agreements and stood with me against nafta and cafta and pntr in china. and that contract is pretty short. and you don't pass a trade agreement in a even numbered year. of course not because the public doesn't like the trade agreements and i don't think democrats are trusting bane tore fix any of this. >> for more let me bring in larry cowen whose leading the coalition to fight fast track. also jim keaty the director of
2:41 pm
educating for justice who just got back from vietnam. jim we'll start with you. what did you hear what did you see in vietnam? >> i spent the last week of may there. did a collaboration are senator sanders office. the president held up nike as an example of the free trade and the tpp. and we should have more companies like nike. i wanted to go firsthand and meet the laborers there. i knew the lay of the land in southeast asia. when i got there i was shocked at the dislocation of the underground labor movement with what is going on with the international trade union movement. there is no infrastructure. there is no funding. there are no independent trade unions. it is illegal to form unions. some of the men i met with their colleagues have been jailed. there was a guy i met with just gotten out of a 5 year jail sentence for handing out a flyer asking for a free and open election. even when the deal goes through, and url it looks likes the going to happen. and the president is saying they
2:42 pm
will have a chance to have independent trade unions. there is no infrastructure to help them do that. >> and no record of their lives getting better because of any trade deal. >> absolutely not. and in my 15 years in working in indonesia. the spending power for workers has not increased in that arc. even though wages go up they are actually making less now in terms of what they can buy in local markets than 15 years ago. and this is one of the myths the fundamentalists tells you. open the trade and pump in foreign investment. the rising tide lifts all ships. corporationish and we get cheaper products. but nike's revenues have gone up from a couple hundred million to $27 billion last year. and they can buy a lot of political influence with that. and our democrats for the most part have been bought and sold
2:43 pm
by these corporations. >> mr. cowen your reaction to that comment bought and sold? >> first of all senator brown said two-thirds of all democrats, 85% in the house are voting no. the real question is where is the white house? and what's happened to them racing to the bottom? and where is the other third of the democrats in the house that three of them could have blocked this today. and more over why do we have fast track. why do we need secrecy at the highest level when in all the other countries the congress gets to read the agreement before they fast track it. if they they don't fast track it a all. >> how much of a disappointment is this on labor's part and the action by president obama? this is -- certainly he didn't campaign on this. and the entire 2012 reelection campaign, the focal point was outsourceing jobs.
2:44 pm
and this deal if it comes down the tpp is going to be bad trade deals on steroids. how could he get it so wrong? and where does this leave labor? >> well so number one, labor is part of a massive koegs iveive coalition of millions. and the good news is that coalition is bigger stronger made more of a difference in state likes north carolina where five members of the house voted no. that was way beyond labor. civil rights labor together faith-based groups. that coalition is massive and going to grow and the president has raised expectations. wait till we see the tpp and learn nothing much new it like senator sanders said and there is going to be rage across the country and we'll bring that on first of all to our supporters to help them and second to our opponents to say to them you stood on the wrong side. you knew what you were doing and we're not going forget it. >> and do you trust boehner and mcconnell they are going to deliver a bill with trade adjustment assistance. >> no i don't think they have
2:45 pm
the majority in their caucus to do it. and more over to the knockouts who democrats who voted today. they voting for a customs bill that says the antislivery provisions from the bill from two weeks ago will no longer prevail. >> do you think that president obama will move forward with this trade deal without taa? >> i hope he doesn't. because he absolutely committed that he wouldn't. so that remains to be seen. and sticking it in the africa trade agreement that everybody supported is a cynical thing to do. and i know that many members of the black caucus are outraged. so are we. labor supported the trade agreement. it would have passed without fast track easily. >> this story is a long way from being over. still to come. bernie sanders is drawing record
2:46 pm
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2:51 pm
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and we are back. new polling from nbc and "wall street journal" shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 60 points. she holds support of 75% of the democratic field. senator bernie sanders brought colorado residents out in droves on saturday. sanders hosted one of the largest presidential rallies of the 2016 election cycle despite remaining in second place and distant in the polls. des moines register has him at 16% to hillary clinton's 57% in iowa. new hampshire shows hillary clinton with a ten-point lead over sanders. clinton nearly beat -- narrowly beat sander in a wisconsin straw poll. bernie sanders' supporters don't see him as a second-place guy. the story comes down to who do you believe, polls or people? "the new york times" called out the problems with polling in a sunday opinion piece. they wrote, the growth of cellphones and decline in people willing to answer surveys has
2:56 pm
put election polling in quote, near crisis. polling is expensive and many must compromise their sample because of budget constraints. polling puts hillary in the number one slot no doubt about it. but the people put bernie sanders much closer than so many points behind. joining me bernie sanders from vermont, a presidential candidate. always a pleasure. your strategy you are on a lot of shows, not only this one, but many shows across the spectrum. is this the strategy? is this what it's going to take? is this part of your strategy to do this? >> look ed given my politics over the years, it's been hard for us to get on network television, by the way. and you have been very kind and i appreciate it. because i'm on your show a lot. but our main strategy is going out to the american people. we've been having many many town meetings. as you've indicated, just we've had extraordinary turnouts and
2:57 pm
enthusiastic crowds all over this country. >> so the pictures we're showing right now, you in denver over the weekend, it doesn't look like you're 60 points behind. >> no. by the way, we're not 60 points behind. no question but that hillary clinton is ahead of us. i think the gap is narrowing. i think that poll is very different than other polls that i've seen. if you look at new hampshire, if you look at iowa the numbers are closer and we're gaining momentum. >> well, i've been accused of jumping up -- or should i say described as jumping up and down for bernie sanders. one of the reasons is i don't see any republicans getting 5,000 people at events. obviously, what you're saying folks are buying early on. so much that the ready for warren group, the group that officially wanted to get elizabeth warren to run for president, they've endorsed you. what's your reaction? >> well we're really very grateful for that. elizabeth warren is a good friend of mine. she's been a great united states senator. we agree on virtually all of the
2:58 pm
issues. and what we understand is that in america there's something fundamentally wrong when the great middle class of this country is disappearing when 99% of all new income is going to the top 1% and when the top 0.1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. that's not america. >> what does it mean that this group is supporting you? >> it means that we're going to get a lot of energy from a lot of people all over this country. and i think they understand that we're going to be raising many of the same issues that elizabeth warren has. >> do you anticipate that any of your colleagues in the united states senate will endorse you? >> i think a few. but not a whole lot. you know i think most of them will end up being part of the democratic establishment and supporting secretary clinton. >> shifting inging gear what happened in the senate today. you took to the floor and called it a lousy deal. what's the recourse now? >> we'll see what we can do in the next day or so and what goes on in the house. but no question that today was a
2:59 pm
major setback and a real defeat. look, ed, when virtually every major corporation, wall street and the drug companies want something, they usually get it. and they got almost all the republican votes and they got too many democrat votes and i think it's a sad day for the american worker. because this trade agreement is a continuation of other disastrous trade agreements that have cost us millions of jobs. it should not be passed. >> do you think that the president will go forward with this trade agreement if taa, trade adjustment assistance, isn't delivered to him? >> well i think he's indicated that he would not, and i think that is one of the game plans left is to you know to see what we can do about that. what can i tell you? i just hope that he doesn't. and we'll see what happens. >> senator bernie sanders, always a pleasure. good to have you with us tonight, sir. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now.
3:00 pm
tonight on "politics nation," the freddy gray autopsy report. new details tonight on how he died and why his death was ruled a homicide. also turning the page. a dramatic vote on the confederate flag as some of america's top companies take a stand against hate. and death panels are back. republicans on yet another vote on obamacare, trying to make sure nobody pulls the plug on grandma. welcome to "politics nation." this is a dramatic moment for america. a potential turning point in dealing with the scars of the past. politicians, corporations, everyday citizens is are having


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