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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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new jersey you have had to refinance or been graded down a little bit. >> nine times. >> and the problems you see in wisconsin. >> that is part of the game. >> it is going to be an exciting fall and spring and summer and all the rest. that is it for now. the "ed show" is up next. >> good evening americaning, and welcome to the "ed show." live from new york. let's get to work. >> tonight, elephant stampede. >> republican race already has 12 candidates. >> jindal makes it 13. >> probably won't be the last. >> chris christie could announce as early as next week. >> focused on sending another good jobs bill to the president and that is trade promotion authority. >> legacy he was so happy yesterday he actually embraced joe biden. >> and later, defender of confederacy. >> it's very easy to beat up on dead confederates. southerners are entitled to be
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proud of robert e. lee. >> and heck of a catch. >> good to have you with us thanks for watching. louisiana governor bobby jindal announces he's running for president, he's about to take the podium for his official announcement. but let's take a quick look at governor jindal's record as the louisiana governor. it is not pretty. jindal recently passed an a executive order giving companies the right to discriminant against gay consumers. slashed money from the state's higher education system. higher education in the state of louisiana is currently facing a $1.6 billion budget short fall this year in 2015. how do you run on that? >> he's refused to expand medicaid on under obamacare in louisiana. over 16% of louisiana residents are unensureinsured. one of the highest rates in the
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nation. jindal slashed millions from std prevention budget and prevented new planned parenthood clinics from opening up. given a billion dollars in tax breaks to multimillion dollar corporations including the fracking industry. this is just the short list. unfortunately for him the polling looks as bad as his record. the latest poll has him in 14th place with less than 1%. how is he going to turn this around? not far away is new jersey governor chris christie whose at 4%. the scandal plagued new jersey governor could make his announcement later next week. christie might be looking for a job because his new jersey approval rating is pretty much in the tank right now. over the last months since january 2013 his approval rating has dropped 43 points to 30%. the lowest number ever with 55%
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of the voters disapproving with the governor of new jersey. and donald trump. where it counts early he's doing pretty good. or could we say he's hired. in new hampshire. donald trump in second place at 11%. ask yourself the question do you think jindal would like to be in second place in new hampshire? donald trump gave a speech on tuesday for maryland republicans. he immediately took a shot at bush. >> i can't believe bush is in first place. some people are thrilled. i'm not. how could he be? this guy can't negotiate his way out after paper bag. >> trump of course criticized president obama's negotiating skills. >> we have a president who honestly is not a negotiator. i don't want him negotiating for me. everything he makes, he makes
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bad deals. he doesn't know what a good deal. is he's a terrible negotiator. some people would say he's incompetent. i would not say that. eh yes i would. >> donald trump also made it clear he makes a lot of money for speeches and he's going to take it. >> by the way forbes just came out and said i'm the highest pads speaker in the world. over a million bucks a speech. more than clinton. [ applause ] and by the way with me you know that i get nothing. i don't have to do something for somebody to get the speech. it's just a speech. >> so at least donald trump is keeping things interesting. we are expected to take a little bit of bobby jinldal's announcement. when we get the shot from louisiana we'll hear a few words from him. get your cell phones out. can donald trump win the new hampshire primary? go to to cast
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your vote. let's bring in the guests. whether you like him, think he's a clown, whatever. his policies. he is polling okay where it counts early on bob. what do you make of trump early on? it's almost as if he's out to make everybody else's life miserable in the republican ticket. >> she a caricature not a candidate. and at the end of the day republican primary voters are going to look at him and say you are fired. but in the meantime if you look inside that new hampshire poll you understand that while he might be in second place he doesn't have a lot of room to grow. because his unfavorables are very very high. on the other hand there is a very good chance he's going to be in those republican debates. and as you just saw in that speech in maryland when he stands on the stage with the other candidates he is going to
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be a non stop machine attacking them. i guess i'm happy he's in the race. i think it is going to helpic democrats. and i'd be thrilled if he he was the republican nominee. he'd lose in a landslide. >> he offers up a sound bite every 30 seconds. jenaveve, what about this? you have trump with the tv moxey, polished. he can speak. and he has air about him, i have everything to gain and nothing to lose. that is a tough dynamic to face. >> and he's also let's not forget, he's got his own money. he is not dependent on a lot of other folks out there having to raise small dollar donations for folks. he's got his own money. and look he's also got a well known name. he's better known than probably over half the others running currently in the gop field, including a number of the governors. but it takes more than that to win a nomination. so i agree with a lot of what bob just said. i think he is going to make a
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splash. look he is clearly successful in business. i think a lot of people admire that. washington probably could learn a lot from donald trump. but i do think there are negatives that come with his candidacy. so how long it will go we'll have to see. >> jenaveve what does bobby jindal bring to the table? i listed some of the things that aren't real good about some of the things that have unfolded while he was governor of louisiana. clearly he's a tax break guy for corporations. he has defunded education. i mean these are things that just don't poll very well with average every day folks. what does he bring to the table and what he's he thinking polling so poorly? how could he not see? >> i think bobby jindal has been a very reform minded governor. he's done a lot when it comes to education. i know you don't like school choice and educational choice. but i do and a lot of conservatives do. he's been a leader on that front. he's done a lot in the
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healthcare reform arena. look, he like a lot of the other people running, especially a number of the governors, he is going to be able to put real policy measures on the table. bobby jindal is a very smart man. he knows policy inside and out. he's been accused of being a walk at times. i think he's going to impress many people who today don't know who he is. >> the only irn i've got with all these republican governors cutting a billion dollars in education, they are not coming one a better product. yeah you can get choice and that helps out the rich folks, no doubt. but the resources are the resources. >> let's give their policies half the time to work that we've given the national education bureaucracy over the past 30 years to work when their answer is spend more money and grades keep going down. i think jindal governor jeb bush when he was governor in florida and others have good ideas and that is going to play out in the debates. that's what i'm excited about. yeah there are a lot of people running but there are a lot of smart people running who have
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new ideas, real reform ideas and i want to hear it. >> i -- closing schools is not what you do to neighborhoods. that is just my philosophy. i've seen public education in this country work for a long time. and are there, you know, places in america where it could do a heck of a lot better? absolutely. no doubt about it. but you are not going to make it better by cutting a billion dollars. and no one has ever won an election on the heels of saying you know what? i caught billion dollars in my education fund. elect me. what about that bob? >> jenaveve and are i in real disagreement. i don't think he brings much to the table. he has a poisonous relationship with his own legislature, a lot of the gop party in louisiana. david visitetter whose going to run for governor and i think probably be elected as senator next year in louisiana doesn't like being in the same room with him. with a 1% draw in the republican polls he is not going to get into the debates unless he
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improves his position materially. he is not a very good campaigner. he doesn't come across as presidential. and by the way, talk about health reform, how can you brag about health reform when you have one of the highest rates of people without health insurance in the country? we have a motor kad of republican candidates. right now we're talking about the clown car. i don't think any of these guys have has a serious chance to become the republican nominee. >> what about christie? >> ted kennedy used to say that in politics when the door opens you have to go through it. 2012 in my view was christie's door. he could have been the republican nominee and a formidable candidate. since then the embrace of the president obama during the hurricane. and bridge gate and an economic mess in new jersey with the state's rating constantly
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downgraded and maybe even more fundamentally was kind of an attractive shtick in 2011 and 12, and he's now seen as the bully and someone who won't listen. so nominate him, one thing i'm very sure of is hillary clinton will carry new jersey. >> and jenaveve about christie? can he leave new jersey baggage behind? and is it too late for him to get in right now. i don't think it is no one is consistently running away with it. >> i don't think anybody right now knows whose going to win the nomination. you may be able too name a couple but nobody knows for sure. and i think elections ought to be about ideas. >> what about christie. >> if we only allowed people to jump in who were sure they were going to win then each party just have one person get up there and we don't need a
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debate. you are not having a lot of debate or talk about ideas right now because you don't have to. on the republican side having multiple voices and multiple ideas will bring forth a lot better debates on ideas themselves. and chris christie you talk about is he popular in new jersey and louisiana. let's remember al gore didn't win his home state of tennessee. i'm going to guess that hillary clinton doesn't win arkansas even though she lived there for a number of years. this is a national election not just state by state. >> why doesn't the republican party take the position whoever is running we're going to get them on stage no matter where they are polling to exploit all ideas to the people. we're about ideas. you could put names in a hat and draw them and have a lottery and this candidate goes to this debate and this to that debate. they are excluding voices. polls don't mean anything if you have money. and the republicans have made sure there is plenty of money around.
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>> i agree with you that i think we have to really seriously maybe rethink how the debates are going to be set up. the people polling at the top ten, maybe that is a good idea but i don't know every debate has to follow the same rules because i -- >> i want to hear them all. i want to see them all up there. i want to' a bunch of camera shots. >> there has to be done in a way we have at least have a discussion. >> thank you so much. remember to answer tonight's question at check out my facebook feature "give me a minute." and coming up. a huge day for fast track in congress unfolding at this hour. house democrats could be flipping in a big way on taa which would pave the way for what i say is a bogus trade deal. we're talking to key house democrats next.
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2:18 pm
the senate is expected to take that up and pass taa tonight. it will head to the house for a vote tomorrow. the future for adjustment assistance for folks who lose their job to get retrained, the future of that became a little more clear today. earlier this month nancy pelosi blocked it in an effort to derail fast track. after the bills were split apart, well she's changing her mind. while we may not all vote in the same manner on taa i will support its passage because it can open the door to a full debate on tpp, trans pacific partnership, the big trade deal which i think stinks. republicans are generally opposed to adjustment assistance. they think it is going to cost the government too much money to retool workers. although it appears democrats are ready to give president obama the votes he needs to see taa pass.
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if the president gets fast track with adjustment assistance, it will pave the way for the largest trade deal this country has ever done. 40% of the global economy and that is the trans pacific partnership. meanwhile a new report shows the trans pacific partnership does not address the value-added tax. the president has been selling the tpp as a tariff free way to export goods to boost the economy here in america. but even with tariff free access 10 of 11 tpp free countries can still impose this tax. 19% for chile, 18%, peru. 16% in mexico. that is getting goods in there. and so on. it also depends what goods are being shipped in what the tariff is going to be. the only company with no value added tax is brunei. so even with tpp u.s. goods will
2:20 pm
be still subject to high tariffs. on the flipside the united states has no value-added tax. so foreign goods can just flood the united states market. tariff free. commentary tonight. i've covered this for over a year. at this hour i don't recognize president obama anymore. i don't know who this guy is. this is not what he campaigned on. i'm totally confused at everything he has done throughout this entire process. it's been a lot of generic talk and a sell job but no specifics and promises that have never been lived up to. the president, remember never mentioned a word about the massive trade agreement during the 2012 reelection campaign. in fact president obama made outsourcing and the actions of mitt romney closing down plants a focal point of his campaign. let it be said beyond a shadow
2:21 pm
of a doubt this is the biggest wind wall street has ever had when it comes to trade. t there's never been a bigger deal. also the biggest loss labor has ever had in this country. a real black eye it. seems to me this president has turned his back on the very people that put him in office. he wouldn't have been there in 20u 2008 and never would have been reelected in 2012 had he not had labor behind them. and the president turned his back and said well this is what we're going to do. i can't figure out it o. it must be a national security thing that we need a military presence and a bunch of bases in that part of the world because at the end of the day we're really worried about china and we sure as hell don't want to get in a shooting match. for more let me bring in two advocates for workers, no doubt about it. congressman, what has unravelled
2:22 pm
for the democrats in this process in the last 24 hours? because taa was really the last hope that would turn this whole trade thing around. your thoughts. >> well we got some clarity with the senate passing the tpa. giving the president the authority to negotiate without any amendments from the house. that train has left the station. that is going to pass. they have the votes in the house of representatives and in the senate. the president is going to sign it. train left the station. and i think now we're faced with congresswoman waters and i is and our colleagues are faced with these same people that have been displaced in the past in nafta and caffeinateta. and that is the position we're in. and we have to help him. i have one of the the highest concentrations of taa member healthcare tax credit members of any congressional district in the entire country. and here these folks are being
2:23 pm
used as a pawn in this game. and now we're forced to choose. and, you know, we're going to have to help them to the extent that we can. but i think to watch democrats pass this bill ed is a tragedy. and i will say that i can't believe not only did democrats vote for this bill we didn't get a damn thing for it. we didn't get a transportation bill. we didn't get increase in pell grants. we didn't get campaign finance reform. the major corporations come into this place and get what they want the pharmaceutical industry is getting exactly what we want. but if you look at other issues those provisions have all been diminished. so we didn't get a damn thing and the american workers left to suffer and now we've got to throw them crumbs like we always have. and it's a shame. it's a tragedy what's happened here. >> congresswoman waters some may come to the conclusion that democrats didn't fight to the finish. what is your response? >> oh no. we fought. and we fought very hard.
2:24 pm
as a matter of fact we won when we refused to allow them to trick us in voting for the trade adjustment along with the fast track authority. we beat them. but then the republicans went and voted for the agreement for the president to have this authority and they sent it over to the senate and the senate is agreeing to it. so we got outmaneuvered. they used a lot of tricks. so what they have basically done is they have taken the trade adjustment authority and they have coupled with the a go up. that is trade with africa so that it could handicap. >> that would have been passed anyway. >> it would have passed. but whether they tried to do was they tried to get the authority for the president to have this authority to move forward by coupling it with the trade adjustment. and we would not allow that. so they came back and the
2:25 pm
republicans got their way. >> congresswoman, give us your true assessment of president obama on this issue. never talked about it in 2012 with the run up to reelection. it was being negotiated. we all know this is going to outsource jobs we we wouldn't even be talking about taa, trade adjustment assistance for displaced workers. is this the president obama you thought was elected? isn't this -- isn't he turning his back on the middle class? >> well you know that we are extremely disappointed. we did not want him or any president to have the authority by which to go and negotiate without congress having the ability to vote to amend, to really be involved in anyway. what we have now is a possibility that we are going to have a trade plan that simply will come to the congress. and we can look at it. but we can't amend it. we can't do anything. >> this is for six years. this isn't just for the rest of
2:26 pm
obama. this is for six years. the next president is going to have to deal with this. so there are going to be more trade agreements coming down the pike that could be worse than this one. >> no question about it. and if you get a republican president there is going to be -- it is going to happen even quicker. and what is stunning is we have the evidence, ed. uv been you have been in ohio. i've seen you there many times. you have seen our communities after nafta, after cafta. we can see the end result and yet we chose to do it anyway. and for another six years, whatever president comes into office they are going to have the ability to negotiate this. just bring it to congress for an up or down vote. maxene waters tim ryan. we don't have the ability to buttput a labor agreement in there or nothing. >> and multinationals. >> and wash the jobs go off shore. >> the corporation, the multinationals now run the united states government. they play a big, big hand.
2:27 pm
a bigger hand today than ever before. and the president keeps talking about all of these customers. that 95% of the customers are outside of the united states. 80% of the people that live on the face of this earth make less than $10 a day. where are all of these new customers going to come from? >> yeah. >> i don't know. what i see is exporting jobs off shore to these countries that are paying their people pennies a day or pennies an hour to do this work. and we're going to lose jobs. and lose manufacturing that we're trying to build up. here in this country. and not do good job creation here. and i think it is going to hurt our economy. >> it is. >> i'm really concerned about it. >> it is going to hurt the economy. >> and let me just say quickly. the number one issue here is campaign finance reform. we have got to get the money out of this political system. it's corrupted the system. the average person knows that the deck is stacked against them. they see it particularly with this issue here. we've got to clean up the money
2:28 pm
in politics because that is what's driving the whole machine. we can talk about trade, tax cuts, whatever you want to talk about. behind that is the massive amounts of money in the political system. and until we fix that problem this system is going to continue to be corroded. >> congressman, congresswoman. thanks for joining us tonight. and one final comment. donald trump has been working over the president on his negotiating skills. to the credit of the president looks like he did a pretty good job on this one. he got exactly what he wanted for the corporations and wall street. who would have ever thought. till ahead, bill kristol is worried about americans losing respect for american history. rapid response panel will give kristol a refresher course. coming up the man hunt for the two escaped murderers continues in upstate new york. the latest from owls head, new york. stay with us.
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massive hunt for escaped convicts is now in day 19. the search in 75 miles of thick rugged forest. searchers found dna and other clues just 30 miles from the prison where the men escaped. >> we have every reason to believe they were at the point last season where the cabin is. their distance from that cabin could be extensive if their travel was unimpeded. with this 75 mile square area and that is being generous they could have made it out before law enforcement encircled them. we are not limiting the investigation to owls head. we continue to look nationwide
2:33 pm
and have all the assets at our zoez disposal to take this nationwide. >> they have pursued 2200 different leads in this search. and we're learning more about joyce mitchell's involvement. for more let me bring in adam reese live from owls head, new york. what is the latest? >> reporter: lots of leads and lots of dead ends. frustrating for the law enforcement here. yesterday they thought they had their men hat that location they swarmed the area and came up empty. after that went to titus mountain and also came up empty. and then another tip, empty. they have a thousand searchers running down 2200 leads. all they have is a last known location where they found some items.
2:34 pm
they found under wear, possibly some food dna and today they tell us it is possible they left a bloody sock. and even more importantly, they may have made off with a shotgun. that would make the search everyone more dangerous for the searchers. officials today spoke at a news conference. they want to make sure these guys are on the run and looking over their shoulder not having a moment of rest. >> we don't want them to have a restful peaceful night putting their head on any pillow. whether it ends here today in owls head or an indeterminate amount of time going forward we will resolve this case and return the individuals to corrections. >> we're almost three weeks in. not one confirmed sighting. ed. >> that is amazing. and that was my next question adam. we're in day 19 and there's been no confirmed visual of either one of these convicts. what does law enforcement say about that? >> reporter: that is absolutely correct. they have had all of these
2:35 pm
leads, some false alarms. someone saw somebody jumping a fence. someone saw somebody in philadelphia that fit the description getting into a taxi. moments ago we saw state police vehicles racing out of here once again. we don't know where they are going. we don't know if it is a good solid lead or if it is another one that is going to turn out to be a false lead. >> adam reese, report interesting owls head, new york. thank you.
2:36 pm
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and we are back. the alabama governor removed the confederate flag today from the state's capitol grounds. governor bentley called it the right thing to do. the flag still flies outside the south carolina state house today inside reverend clemente pinckney's body lays a memorial to pay respects. and some south carolina mourners are still holding onto the flag. and and. >> it is a lack of understanding of what the flag is and what it means. it is a war memorial.
2:40 pm
it is a battle flag that represented over 25,000 men from south carolina who parishedir perished for southern independence. >> this seem to be the think of bill kristol who wrote, the left's 21st century agenda is to expunge every trade of respect, recognition and acknowledgment of americans who fought for the confederacy. he also says he would vote to take down the flag and calls himself a union guy. joining us on our response panel. michael eric dyson. and greg stewart with us also. a member of the sons of confederate veterans and executive director of bovar, the last home of jefferson davis.
2:41 pm
gentlemen thanks for your time. mr. stewart i want to start with you and give you a leading question here if i may to qualify it. the s theis the reaction to the confederate flag in this story over board in your opinion? >> obviously. it is a shameless exploitation of a tragic event. and i think there are some other things at play here that haven't been discussed much. but you have got a republican, the national republican party that needs to clear that issue before the candidates get to south carolina. and then we may be seeing and i think i just saw your story on it a classic case of wag the dog. they just passed a trade deal that the public got very little information about because we were off on this witch hunt of dead confederates of 150 years ago and we've got a supreme court that is coming down with huge decisions and we're being fed all of this other
2:42 pm
information that has nothing do with good policy. >> what should be said about the confederate flag? where do the sons of the confederacy stand on this? the removal of the flag and other states reacting to it. >> the sons of the confederate veterans is a national heritage organization whose members spend most of our time in cemeteries cleaning up cemeteries and erecting monuments or e cleaning monuments. and that is our only purpose. and we have camps all over the different states and we talk about obscure battles and which way some canon was point on some hill somewhere. and that is what we really do. but our other charge is to defend the good name of the confederate soldier. and of course these people have been dead a long time. so attacks on their character and making them out to be monsters is part of our charge. we need to answer that and we need to have an honest
2:43 pm
discussion, which i want and i think everybody wants. i'm a little alarm about the speed of things because it seems to be coordinated and back to wagging the dog. i don't think that the public at large is being served with this witch hunt that we're seeing right now. >> all right, dr. dyson, you heard his explanation there. should confederate soldiers receive national respect? and your thoughts on the discussion about where bill kristol stands on this and this gentlemen. >> to mr. stewart, of course we should respect all human beings and especially american citizens. the irony of course is that we're asking for respecting an american culture where the confederacy tried to secede. it is now loyal to a secession attempt. the attempt to be disloyal to the united states of america and to form its own particular country. which i find highly ironic. but beyond that i think mr. stewart because he's an honest
2:44 pm
man and wants to have an honest conversation should acknowledge that that flag did not in one sense only accompany people who are fighting in a war that was about slavely, despite what people say and about this nation in regard to color but also was revived in the 1960s when deployed as the symbol of the bigotry and hatred towards african americans people in this country and those who wielded that flag also engaged in heinous krams andcrimes and murders of the african american people. >> he makes a very good point. the flag has been misused and misappropriated by other people as has the u.s. flag. and i'm wondering if dr. dyson is offended at all in the current conversation where some people have lumped all black people as thinking one way and not able to think individually or have their own thoughts. that has been a constant comment
2:45 pm
that i've heard over the last two or three days and it is really offensive. and i wonder what he thinks about that. >> i absolutely think it is offensive. but here is the if you will the false equivalence there. because african american people are fighting the very bigotry, the very refusal to acknowledge our individuality that has been summoned by that flag and those who have deployed it. i'm not suggesting that every human being whose waving a confederate flag is a racist u. i'm saying that that symbol is bigger than their individual intent. their individual intents may be honorable and note worthy but the symbolism of that flag is so overwhelming it obscures every human inclination those who carry it can signify. >> mr. stewart you get the final word. >> if you had a choice between respect, which is what black americans deserve and need and certainly are entitled to or an empty flag on a poll somewhere, which would you choose?
2:46 pm
>> i'd want both. i would want the flag lowered so that what can rise up in place is respect for african american people. it is not simply a symbolic reputation. i agree. it should be economic equality it should be social justice, it should be righting of the wrong -- >> and finally mr. stewart, do you think the confederate flag should be removed off state grounds in south carolina? >> that is a south carolina question. i hope. and the speed of this thing is robbing the citizens of south carolina the time they need to have a meaningful discussion. it should be left to the people. and i hope they are given that opportunity. >> okay. michael erik dyson, greg stewart. i appreciate your time. and. scott walker's presidential hopes could be sab tanld by people in his own stayed that's why i have the spark cash card from c ital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. o is.
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here are the numbers as they roll in. tonight's question can donald trump win the hbnew hampshire's primary? 56% of you say oh yeah. keep voting until the end of the hour. we're right back on the ed show.
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>> in tonight's two-minute drill, catch this a multi-tasking cub fan made this incredible catch tuesday night at wrigley field. now that's one good daddy right there. keith hartley grabbed the foul ball on the first base side while feeding his young son. the umps called the batter out on fan interference after don mattingly challenged the call despite the out. cubs fans gave the guy a standing ovation. it was a much different story in 2003. remember the steve bartman incident? led to a cubs collapse in game 6, the team was five outs away from their first world series appearance since 1945. bartman's botched catch in the stand cost them an out and led to an eight-run inning by the
2:52 pm
marlins and the marlins won the series in seven games. cub fans in chicago are saying why are you reminding me of that? but you got to say it was a heck of a catch by daddy on the first base line. let's go to bobby jindal. he's saying he wants to be president of the united states. >> america is indeed the land of the free and the home of the brave. [ cheers and applause ] 37 years later, my parents eldest son became governor of louisiana. it was the aftermath of katrina, our economy was locked in a downward spiral. our biggest city was reeling for 25 straight years. more people had left this state than had moved into it. louisiana was in big trouble. so we had to make big changes. we had to believe in louisiana again, and that is exactly what
2:53 pm
we did. [ applause ] we reformed our ethics laws we went from one of the worst states to one of the best states in the country. we privatized our outdated government-run hospital system. we reformed education with nearly 100% charter schools in new orleans, and now we have statewide school choice because every child deserves an equal opportunity for a great education. [ applause ] instead of the child following the dollars, we made the dollars follow the child, because we trust the parents, not the bureaucrats, to make the best decisions for their kids.
2:54 pm
we did what they said could not be done we shrank our government. we cut our budget by 26%. we cut the number of government bureaucrats by more than 30,000. now, it wasn't easy. the big government crowd fought us every step of the way. they protested, they filibustered, they even took us to court, but in the end, we won. [ cheers and applause ] today we have more people moving into louisiana than out of it, our highest population in history. our kids are coming home. [ applause ] and now we have more people working than at any time in our state's history, with the highest incomes in our state's history, a job for your family a paycheck in your mailbox. they're the ultimate proof that
2:55 pm
your state is doing things right. but of course there's another side to the story. the big government crowd, they hate what we have done. they say we've cut the confident more than anyone. the government budgets are always running low on funds we need in the governor's office. my response to the big government crowd is simply this. yes. i am guilty as charged and our state is better off for it today. [ applause ] it's time for the folks in washington to admit the truth. you can't grow the economy and the government at the same time. it is an either/or choice. hillary clinton, she wants to grow the government in
2:56 pm
washington. we want to grow the real economy out here in america. [ cheers and applause ] here's the key difference. democrats evaluate success in terms of prosperity of government. we define success in terms of the prosperity of our people. my approach is different from most of the other people running for president. the united states of america was made great by people who get things done. not lots of talk or entertaining speeches. ork, to be sure, there are a lot of great talkers running for president already. but none of them not one can match our record of actually shrinking the size of government. if great speeches helped our country, we'd be on easy street right now.
2:57 pm
the guy in the white house today, he's a great talker. we have a bunch of great talkers running for president. we've had enough of talkers. it is time for a doer. >> from louisiana, governor bobby jindal announcing he wants to be president of the united states. seeking the republican nomination the first indian-american to seek the nomination. back to bob strong genevieve woods. what i read earlier in this broadcast and what i'm listening to right now, are we talking about the same guy? >> i was wondering if maybe he changed your mind. you have different lists. >> you know it's a pretty good sales pitch, but i don't see the numbers that way. what do you make of it? >> he's clearly going it run as somebody who's outside washington, not the inside guy. he's going to run as somebody who's a governor saying i'm an executive, i've done things. that's what we just heard.
2:58 pm
but what he talked about is going to resound well with the conservative base, and i think a lot of people who don't yet know who bobby jindal is i think they're going to like what he said on school choice. can he get up into the high teens immediately? maybe not, but it's a long haul and i'm surey knows that. >> he threw out hard numbers, cut the state budget 26%, and 30,000 government employees have been taken off the payroll in louisiana. how does that play bob? >> i think that plays very well with the republican base. it's a much better speech than just the part i heard that i thought he was going to be giving. he's really fighting here i think, for the sort of right end of the right-wing republican party. he's competing with ted cruz he's competing with scott walker. this kind of argument i think could help him. he has a lot of disabilities, not cheer that he can raise the money. not clear he can get much above the 1%. and he's wrong about one thing. in the 1990s, the size of
2:59 pm
government grew and the economy gru at a record pace. it's not true that you can't grow the government and grow the economy at the same time. but the republican base will love that. >> there's another number that's going to follow him. i've got to get this in genevieve. our sister network, cnbc annual survey of the top state businesses is out today and louisiana is number 46. i'm not hearing bobby jindal say that. genevieve? >> well, i was just going to say, to bob's point there, yeah you can grow them at the same time, but one eventually outgrows the other, and the government kept growing, the economy didn't. >> the economy stopped growing, genevieve, because george bush became president and ran giant deficits, threw away the surplus. >> no no no. bobby jindal and scott walker they've been re-elected. >> a lot of bad people get
3:00 pm
re-elected. >> lots to talk about. >> you're wrong. history will show you're wrong. >> i appreciate you joining us tonight on "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. ♪ tonight on "politicsnation," honoring their memory a new push to turn grief into action and restore voting rights for all americans. also the truth about terror threats here at home. new evidence this kind of hate is what police are really worried about. and have you heard about jindal mania? what about trump-mentum? the gop field gets bigger every day and party leaders are starting to sweat. welcome to "politicsnation," we begin tonight with


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