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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 27, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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one new york escapee shot dead, the other still on the run, new detail this is morning as the search is ongoing at this hour. an exclusive look inside one of the cabins where the convicts apparently stayed does it tell us how they survived since they broke out of prison? president obama's big week from two key supreme court decisions to a stirringing eulogy putting the last few days in perspective. looking for answers, three terror attacks in one day overseas. are they connected? the latest in a live report. good morning everyone. welcome to weekends with alex
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witt. new developments this morning in the story of the two prison ees capes, one of them richard matt was shot to death by police late yesterday afternoon in the woods near malone new york. residents cheered the news. >> they got one guy down. >> yeah! >> they caught one guy? >> well the search for the remaining inmate has inp tense fied even overnight. more than 1100 officers have been involved in the search since the pair escaped from the clinton correctional facility june 6. nbc news got a look at this cabin some 15 miles from the prils. police got their first break in the search there when police found dna evidence a match to both convicts. let's bring in chris in malone new york for us. good morning.
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a little after daybreak there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, alex. once police shot and killed richard matt they immediately moved in to set up a perimeter on the banks of the salmon river south of malone new york. they believe that this perimeter they are manning now is choking off any means of escape for david sweat. a swarm of police cars the first indication that the three-week-long manhunt could be nearing an end. escaped murderer richard matt shot and killed in the woods after a driver reported his camper had been fired upon. >> the team came upon matt who was an escaped prisoner engaged mr. matt who was armed and mr. matt was shot and killed. >> reporter: this comes during a concentrated search two days after finding evidence of richard matt at a burglarized cabin. matt's accomplice still on the run. >> we have no reason to believe
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that mr. sweat was not with mr. p matt at the time. but we don't have any confirming evidence that he was either. >> reporter: the inif mates escaped from clinton facility june 6 in elaborate plan that included cutting through steel, navigating pipes, breaking down a brick wall before emerging through a manhole. two prison employees are facing multiple criminal charges in connection with the prison break. from the air and along a treacherous wooded terrain, thousands of police search hundreds of square miles for the men. >> we remain vigilant because sweat is still out there. is considered dangerous. >> reporter: police vowing the search will not stop until they find david sweat. police said yesterday when they shot matt they did not see sweat. as you heard the governor say there, they had no evidence that the pair was not still traveling together although they couldn't confirm that. so the manhunt continues south
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of malone new york officers going through the woods trying to track down sweat in day 22 after this escape. >> chris can you put into perspective what the local citizens what kind of stress they have been living under? a small town 1100 police officers on the search and then yesterday that news. >> reporter: it's been a mix, alex believe it or not. in some areas where the search was going on you had police check points and people out cutting grass, going about their daily lives. i think some thought okay maybe they are in the area. or maybe not. but, when things started to clamp down yesterday, there was a palpable feeling of tension in the air, wondering is this finally coming to an end? i think you saw how people here in malone felt last night when we got word that there was going to be a news conference about 8:30 with the governor, people started amassing in a supermarket parking lot across the street just sitting in chairs and sitting on cars
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waiting. then they started making their way across the street. by the time the news conference started there were probably 100 towns people standing around to listen to the governor directly. >> big relief for them but it's not over. thank you so much. let's bring in arthur deputy assistant director of the department of homeland security, a former assistant director for investigations at the u.s. marshal service. so with a welcome to you, do you think it's a matter of time until police find david sweat? >> good morning. yes, i'm surprised we're sitting here talking this morning and i was hoping overnight that this thing would have been ended. you know it sounds like the perimeter they have set up they have him contained hopefully, and again, i agree with the governor that they were probably together. generally, when you escape these types of escapes, they will stay together until they are completely out of the danger area. in this case obviously this manhunt has gone on for 22 days now.
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i think they are getting close to bringing it to an end. >> certainly we're staying on top of that and watching every move. richard matt was armed with a shot gun according to police found after he fired a shot at a camping trailer. are you surprised that he didn't surrender given that he had -- big arms with them. >> not at all. he was doing life without parole. and you know we heard reports that he wasn't going to go back to jail. i this could have been a simple issue of suicide by cop also. i think you know thissy have been out three weeks, they have been under immense pressure. they probably haven't been eating correctly. more than likely possibly had dysentery, dehydration, and everything that comes along with being under this type of stress for three weeks. so i think they were you know obviously matt was at the end of his rope at this point and armed with a shot gun, police aren't going to take chances and they did the right thing. >> now, this first real break,
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it appears to have come when the escapees' dna was found in the cabin. authorities said that cabin is owned by corrections officers. two prison workers facing charges in connection with this case, do you think there is a chance the investigation will uncover more involvement by people at the prison? >> that's always a possibility, but this could have been an innocent conversation they overheard between guards about their camp or their hunting cabin. and of course, you know up in that area that was always a concern. in fact, i think we might have talked about it last week you know, you have to be careful, the summer homes are starting to open. cabins are starting to open and people are coming back to the area. and that's exactly what happened in this case. >> i'm curious about the motivation for prison workers to assist convicts. what could that be? >> convicts they are what they are, they seek out victims and
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in this particular case they found a good one in joyce mitchell obviously that story is still coming out. that soap opera is unfolding as we speak. and one reason why i'm hoping there obviously would catch sweat, you know alive, is to find out exactly what happened there. but when you're working with inmates in close proximity this does occur. this is a very small town small population up there and i think they sought out a victim and found one in joyce mitchell. >> okay. good to talk with you. thanks so much. a bit later on we're going to get a live report from the search area there in upstate new york. let's go now to the landmark ruling by the supreme court declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. pete williams was outside when the decision came down. pete. >> reporter: alex, it was a landmark ruling by far the most important gay rights ruling ever and comes after decades of legal battles from a supreme court
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that just 30 years ago said gay people could be punished as criminals. a huge cheer, then singing as the decision reaches the crowd out front. the historic ruling struck down the bans on same-sex marriage still in effect in 14 states all of them in the south and the midwest. it was already legal everywhere else. justice kennedy wrote the ruling joined by the liberals. the rite of same-sex couples to marry is part of the liberty promised by the constitution kennedy said which grants them dignity in the eyes of the law. the crowd seemed to grow people wanting to be closer to the supreme court. couples who fought the bans in kentucky were ecstatic. >> it's been a long path for us in 33 years, we know that people have been fighting this fight for decades. >> reporter: pam and her partner battled ohio's ban.
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>> this started out for a dream to add my name to our son's birth certificate. >> james wanted to be the survivor on his spouse's death certificate. >> i know in my heart john is with me. >> each of the four conservatives filed a dissent. justice john roberts said the couples made strong arguments in social policy and fairness but such a decision he said should rest with the people not judges. justice scalia called the reasoning a threat to american democracy. if he had written the ruling he said i would hide my head in a bag. >> we hope that this decision today will not be used as an excuse to ostracize, to demonize or punish people for holding views contrary to what five of the nine justices said today. >> massachusetts in 2003 was the first state to permit marriage for gay couples, others followed slowly, then a rush of court rulings in the past two years brought it to 70% of the nation's population. >> people don't have to hold
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their breath as they cross state lines, going to lose their protections as they do. >> reporter: this ruling settles the issue of marriage nationwide, it could be undone but only by a constitutional amendment or by a future supreme court that changes its mind and neither of those seems at all likely. >> thanks for that. hundreds gathered to celebrate the ruling others took the first step to embrace their new found rite. same-sex couples in states impacted by the ruling lined up to apply for marriage licenses some even tied the knot. >> by the authority vested in me by the constitution of the united states i pronounce you spouses for life. >> it's been a long journey. when we got together it was a frightful time to be gay. we've done a lot of work and
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here we are. >> i think a wonderful day of my life to have the supreme court justice validate that we were full red blooded americans who had every right, people that i live next door to have. >> i'm not a second class citizen anymore. i have rights too and i can marry the person i love. >> we're going to have live reports from new york's stonewall inn, a historic side of the gay rights movement and that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. in other news now, secretary of state john kerry is back in vienna in advance of the june 30 deadline for a nuclear agreement with iran. the secretary will meet with irarn's foreign minister to hammer out details of the deal. among the key issues reducing iran's uranium stock pile and relief from sanctions. >> a new shark attack. 47-year-old man was swimming in waist deep water in the outer banks when someone yelled shark, the man was able to get four other people out of the water before he was bitten on his
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right leg and lower back. he was air lifted to norfolk. no word on his condition. this is the fifth such attack in north carolina this year experts believe that sharks are in the area because of sea turtles there for the nesting season. on too thailand. authorities burned drugs worth $622 million. the batch were seized from thousands of criminal cases that included cocaine, heroin ecstasy and crystal meth. this was the 45th year in a row that thailand staged a mass incineration of drugs to combat the country's growing narcotics problem. u.s. officials warn of a terror attack to coincide with the july fourth weekend. isis takes credit on friday including one that left dozens dead in tunisia with. more next. ♪ don't let'em pick guitars and drive them old trucks ♪
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>> >> today security officials from new york to europe and the middle east are stepping up precautions following yesterday's devastating terror attacks in france tunisia and kuwait. dozens are dead and isis claimed responsibility for the shooting in tunisia and the suicide bombing in kuwait. nbc's kelly kobly aia is at the scene of the attack. >> reporter: terror on the sand. tourists running from the grounds of their beach hotel friday morning. the horrifying scene posted on line by a radio station. gun shots ringing out over and over. bodies in the sand. at least 39 are dead and nearly as many injured. >> i just saw the gunman firing
4:18 am
shots, randomly at people lying on the beach. >> reporter: the gunman was shot dead. at least two others were arrested. just three months ago an attack on tunisia's national museum left 20 the dead most tourists. this morning isis released a message and picture of 23-year-old student, it was one of three terror attacks on three continents friday. in kuwait security cameras showed the moments before another attack a suicide bomber posing as a war shipper at a packed mosque. at least 25 were killed more than 200 injured. the third attack at an american-owned gas factory outside lyon france. flags bearing arabic inscriptionings. the suspect, his wife and two others arrested. this week an isis spokesman called on muslims to make
4:19 am
ramadan a month of calamity. u.s. officials say there was no indication the attacks were coordinated. the emmanuel ame church will be the site of two funerals paying respect to cynthia hurd also tawonda sanders. this was the scene yesterday, thousands gathering as president barack obama delivered an emotional eulogy for the reverend clementa pinckney. td arena was so packed hundreds watched on the street in front of mother emmanuel. >> a lot of emotion, my church and i, we travel from orlando, florida to come here to be part of this. it's monumental. >> joining me is sarah from charleston. with a good morning i know you spoke with several people following the service.
4:20 am
it was emotional to watch. i imagine more so being there. >> reporter: just a very emotional in fact, the restaurant we were in when the service was going on broke into song along with the president when he started to sing "amazing grace." all service stopped. some people saying they felt chills running up and down their arms. the service was so crowded that they actually reached capacity they pushed people over into an overflow center. people were going to restaurants and bars that had televisions turned to the service to hear the president's message as well as the other eulogies provided in that lengthy service for the reverend clementa pinckney. another day of funeral scheduled today here for this grief stricken community, all charleston county libraries will be closed so that employees can attend the funeral of cynthia, it will be renamed in her honor. later this afternoon there will
4:21 am
be two people laid to rest during the same service, an aunt and nephew. 87-year-old susie jackson and her nephew tawanda sanders, a recent graduate of college. these come a day after the president's strong message which continues to reverberate throughout south carolina. >> i'm very proud to be a south carolinian. i'm proud to be -- to live in a time where we can all come together and have support and my brothers and sisters in christ and the world and south carolina and the united states of america and the whole wide world are coming together and supporting each other. >> reporter: during his eulogy the president called for the removal of the confederate flag from places of honor currently it flies outside the state house here in south carolina some lawmakers making a push for its
4:22 am
removal. it's already come down in states including alabama and yesterday georgia announced they will no longer be printing it on one of their specialty license plates. >> thank you very much for that report. president obama had quite a week from his trade deal win to a pair of historic supreme court rulings. we'll look at the week that may define his legacy ahead. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools so you only pay for what's right for you which saves money. they settle claims quickly which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save. because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter
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let's go to the weather. record heat hitting the northwest, temperatures expected to be 20 degrees above average through the weekend. in the northeast, it's getting a lot of rain here temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees below average as you take a look from the top of the rock. and in the midwest, we will be seeing severe thunderstorms, this is what it looked like in cleveland earlier this morning. and the weather channel's mark elliott is here. good morning, mark. >> good morning. good big stories, one in the
4:26 am
east one in the west. in the east some big time storms will be featured heavy rain maybe flooding, severe weather potential here in the mid-atlantic down to the southeast, all along a cold front that's going to be trekking through this area slow moving storm so where it's raining it will continue to rain for the bulk of the day. even into tonight, heavy rain moves into new england, severe weather in the mid-atlantic and the southeast. along that cold front. again, flooding is a threat. steady rain 2, 3, 4, 5 inches of rain before tomorrow is done so yes this is a big time event. severe weather continues into the southeast, it's been so hot, it's so humid, so storms will fire up along the cold front. speaking of hot, houf about out west. record breaking heat potential, any of these dots on the map tying or breaking records today. it's going to be a tough day across the west especially the pacific northwest where readings will get into the 10s. and that is something that doesn't happen that often.
4:27 am
portland averages one 100-degree a year. boise 106. tomorrow not much relief as we'll continue to see warm temperatures easily above average conditions continuing for the entire weekend. alex, back to you. >> thank you for that. on the run, the search intensifies for escaped killer david sweat after his partner in crime is shot dead by police. the latest next. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. americans drink 48 billion bottles of water every year. that's enough plastic bottles to stretch around the earth 230 times. each brita filter can replace 300 of those. clean. clear. brita water. nothing is better.
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[ male announcer ] take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." the search is inthe tense fiing for the last escapee from a prison in new york state. one of the two convicted murderers was shot and killed on friday, some 40 miles from the clinton correctional facility. police stepped up the manhunt. the pair escaped on june 6. nbc's stephanie gosk is near where richard matt was killed. good morning. what is happening there today?
4:31 am
>> reporter: well, good morning, alex. right now the hunt is still on the streets are closed all of this began with a 911 call vacationer who realized his camper had been shot at. he phoned police police brought in a border team in a chopper that landed in the woods and then encountered matt and shot and killed him. people here went to bed hoping that overnight with flares in the streets and an fbi plane circling overhead they would find david sweat. they are waking up to the news he is still on the run and the manhunt is still on. david sweat is thought to be in these dense woods, still at large this morning. after authorities shot and killed his accomplice convicted murderer richard matt. >> customs and border protection met up with matt in the woods, challenged him, and he was shot dead by border patrol at that
4:32 am
time. >> reporter: multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news matt and sweat were traveling close together, 50 miles from the clinton correctional facility when a border patrol team encountered matt and opened fire when he pointed a shot gun at them. >> there were several leads that are being tracked down as we speak, but we don't have anything to confirm where mr. sweat is at this the time. >> reporter: a break came a week ago when dna evidence at a cabin near owls head new york was found to be a positive match to both convictings. we got a look at that cabin deep in the woods off of a dirt road. it's a hike up here and matt and sweat would have had to come along this road. the question everyone has who lives here is how did they know to make the turn back there how did did they know to keep walking? it's part of a hunting camp called twisted horn owned by corrections officers. raising more questions. still, matt's capture is instilling a sense of relief in
4:33 am
the community. >> i mean for 20 days we've been having to lock our doors. >> reporter: authorities continue the hunt for sweat. still on the run this morning. >> i'm sure he is well aware of the shoot-out between matt and what went on there, so he's desperate. >> reporter: authorities want to catch david sweat alive, they want to know how that prison break happened but they are concerned right now that he is even more dangerous, more desperate now that his partner has been shot and killed. >> with can imagine. what did you find in that cabin? >> it was an incredible journey. the first thing i would say is that you are struck by the fact that on our way up there we came across maybe six or seven cabins that were far more easily accessible and none of those were broken into. it was this one that they went to up this dirt path 40-minute hike, a mile and a half in the woods, muddy, difficult to traverse.
4:34 am
then there it is. and it left us with the impression that they had to have known it was there. and we walked up there and we walked in what you saw inside that cabin is a place where they really if the they had not been caught or stumbled upon probably could have been there a while. there was food in the cabinets comfortable beds this the was a place that was well stocked. >> interesting. stephanie, thank you for that live report. let's bring in former fbi profiler clint van zandt. it's good to see you as always. let's talk specifically about that cabin. i understand it was owned by corrections officers. now, that does not mean that they said hey, go to this cabin. it was suggested earlier that they might have been talking about it and that these two convicts could have overheard conversation too. >> i think that could well be the case alex. we know from some sources that there's a belief these inmates planned on this escape for upwards of a year. and realize 24/7 inmates on the
4:35 am
inside, many of them simply plan fantasize about escape. part of that is gathering information. where do i go and what do i do once i get outside that wall. so either by hook or crook, it appears they may have come up with information and of course the investigation continues inside the prison trying to find out who other than the two individuals that have been named already that had contact with these two guys who may have helped them by giving them provisions, information, et cetera that investigation is wide open. >> the fact that richard matt had a shot gun with him and didn't surrender, any surprise there? >> no. none whatsoever. realize what finally caught him was this alex. police heard a cough, and when they were closing in on the area the tactical team heard that cough, they knew obviously that's human, that's not animal.
4:36 am
they saw matt they challenged him, drop the gun, allegedly he turned around with the gun in his hand. that's all it takes. these 1100 men and women are not going to take a chance with these two killers and give them a chance to kill them. >> yeah. david sweat, how worried are you that he is going to be wildly swinging at anything? you know that phrase he's got nothing to lose. >> yeah. i think so. he's had every chance he knows likely that matt has been killed. authorities have got pictures from trail cameras of the two of them together carrying a weapon they have two sets of footprints recently so they know that they have been traveling together. sweat may have been within ear shot or eye shot to see what happened to matt. all he had to do is put his hands up and say i quit. he hasn't. he's still on the run. authorities thought they were heading for canada and i guarantee you there's a lot of
4:37 am
mounties on horseback at the border waiting for him to come across if he tries it. >> thank you very much. big celebrations this pride weekend following the supreme court's landmark ruling same-sex marriage legal in all 50 stays. this was in new york city outside on friday when the ruling was announced. amanda is at stonewall for us where the barricades are up ahead of the parade. how big of a deal is this for the pride parade you think? >> reporter: good morning, alex. this is truly a historic decision that came down and this is really an incredible symmetry to the timing of this. this also happened to be on the day that of the two-year anniversary that the same court vuk down key aspects of the defense of marriage act. it's leading into the annual pride weekend. the big event is going to be on sunday when we have the parade come down here at midtown, manhattan and to greenwich village. there are tens of thousands of people that usually come out and
4:38 am
we should expect even more this time. we're standing outside of stonewall inn which is the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement. we saw celebrations last night. it's incredible that there were the riots here during a time you could be arrested just for being gay, now we have celebrations here that all 50 states have marriage equality. listen to what some of the people had to say. >> i didn't think i'd see it in our lifetime. >> i'm thrilled. i think it still hasn't hit me yet. >> it's really an accomplishment. >> i'm beyond deliriously happy. >> reporter: some of the last few stragglers coming out from last night's celebration getting ready for more and more this afternoon. >> i was going to say i saw a few celebrants on my way in to work as well. thank you very much. let's bring in mike who covers the supreme court for the "national journal" with a
4:39 am
welcome to you. anything in this decision that surprised you? >> in the same-sex marriage decision i would say no. it was all pretty much expected. justice kennedy supplied the majority vote. the dissenters came out guns blazing, four from four judges. it was a pretty big case. >> justice kennedy as a matter of fact wrote in his opinion here as some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness excluded from one of civilizations oldest institutions. they ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. the constitution grants them that right. it was that language that resonated with the crowd. do many cases before the supreme court bring such passion? >> not necessarily, though these cases and several others that justice kennedy tends to write have that kind of language. you saw in the justice scalia
4:40 am
dissent it's up for a good amount of ridicule for those who don't agree. he has written this way in abortion cases in the same-sex marriage cases. it's something that he is celebrated for on the streets by americans affect theed by the opinions positively, but something he is ridiculed for by his detractors. >> i'm going to have my director throw up what chief justice roberts wrote in his dissent. you can read that for yourselves. is this the truly law of the land or any legal obstacles anywhere that could remain for same-sex couples who want to get married anywhere in this country this is >> the obstacles are more political. you have republicans coming out on the federal stage saying this is something that we may live with but we still don't agree with it. you have state governors saying we're not going to institute same-sex marriage in our state until the supreme court fully
4:41 am
hands down its mandate saying we can proceed. that goes through often the circuit courts the fifth circuit, go ahead and get married. there is a question about chief justice roy in alabama, waged his own resistance against the same-sex marriage mandates. but ultimately this will resolve in short order. the next front is religious liberty, whether not only individuals, clergy but for-profit businesses can deny same sex married couples privileges of business in doing business with their companies, with their shops. the typical cake baker if you will. and that's going to be the next front mike lee has already put forward a statute saying we should prioritize religious liberty of for profit companies, of individuals who want to say we don't want to be discriminated against the state for making us serve.
4:42 am
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? law enforcement sources tell nbc news there is growing concern of an isis inspired attack during the july fourth weekend, the threat is reportedly based on both intelligence and analysis and comes amid the three terror attacks yesterday and leaving dozens dead. joining me now jack jacobs. it colonel jack good morning. isis taking credit for the tunisia and kuwait attacks but seem to follow the inspired by model. you see a broader coordination going on? >> not yet. isis provides money, training but not yet transnational command and control, so they are not controlling everything and
4:46 am
coordinating it to the extent they typically are in military organizations, but this is not necessarily good news for us. fragmented organizations are notoriously difficult to destroy and you have to knock them off piecemeal. takes a long time. >> we heard concerns. you think this holiday there should be a higher alert level than any holiday? >> isis is very much into symbolism symbolism. these attacks after exhortations that its ramadan and try to make things as miserable as possible for inthe fainfidels. none of this the makes it easy. we're an open society. it's diflt provide physical security every time. >> these attacks were on relatively soft targets, a beach full of people a mosque a work place. how much can you really do to prevent them? >> it's impossible to protect especially a country like the
4:47 am
united states like i said that's open. if you go to a place like the airport, extremely difficult. tight security. but there's no security until after you start heading for the gate, physical security is extremely difficult to provide. and you can't just chalk it up in the middle east for example to failed states tunisia was in pretty good shape. physical security is difficult to do. good intelligence is the only way that's going to be -- able to be any control over these attacks. >> colonel jack jacobs always a pleasure. the watershed week in washington. how might it change the nation? ♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently.
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4:50 am
developing news right now in columbia, south carolina. an activists pulled down the confederate flag flying over the lawn. a woman scaled the wall and took down the flag as police watched from below. earlier this week state leaders
4:51 am
called for the flag's official removal. we'll have more on the story as it develops. the white house was awash in color. lit in a rainbow to celebrate the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage. it's the culmination of what history may find to be president obama's refining week. healthcare upheld. an oratory on race. and gay marriage legal across the land. joining me is kristin wellker. what is the mood there at the white house after this historic week? >> good saturday morning to you. it can only be described as jube llant. staffers gathered behind me late last night. any headlines this week could have been monumental. together, they form an unforgettable moment in history. images that pungs wait a defining week. an out pouring of emotion at the
4:52 am
supreme court. the white house growing in a rainbow of pride. earlier in the day in south carolina, the president helping to heal a community and a nation. >> to the families of the fallen, the nation shares in your grief. >> this could be remembered as the week that really set president obama's legacy into stone. >> a stunning turn of events for a president who has been locked in a bitter battle with republicans. this week it was republicans who secured a victory for him. justice john roberts upholding obamacare for a second time. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> the supreme court legalizing same-sex marriage. a land mark moment. >> today we can say in no uncertain terms that we've made our union a little more perfect. >> all that was tempered by a hate crime that claimed nine lives in a church including its
4:53 am
leader. >> a preacher by 13. pastor by 18. public servant by 23. what a life clementa pinckney lived. >> in a rare moment the president broke into sound a call for unity in the battles not yet won. ♪ that saves a wretch like me ♪ >> truly an incredible moment there, alex. the president took on the issues of guns and race joining the call to bring down the confederate flag in south carolina. all capping a week that will leave an indelible mark in history. >> that amazing grace moment was that planned? >> well it was planned. but i think that the president -- white house
4:54 am
officials were surprised by the reaction you saw the entire congregation arena stand up and join him. the organ started playing. people who were outside, alex watching this started singing as well. and those who were there say it was really an unbelievably emotional moment. >> i started singing while sitting at the flash cam as we were covering this. it was inspiring. thank you so much. joining me now from that flash cam philip bump from "the washington post." let's get an assessment of this week. a do you think the white house is basking in these victories and which one is the biggest? >> i think the white house is -- they've been there long enough. they know these things are not going to last for very long. there will be a lot of contentious contentiousness. part of the president's speech
4:55 am
is a reminder that he has been things he hasn't gotten done. he's very passionate about gun control. he's not made any traction on that. i think the white house understands there is a lot of work to be done. the biggest thing, the gay marriage ruling historically is the biggest. president obama has less ownership over that. public opinion shifted. i think his obamacare win, i think that cements his legacy as having reduced the uninsurance rate across the country. >> okay what about the gop? was it the worst week for the potential 2016 candidates? how do you think they'll address same-sex marriage and obamacare in the future will they do it as the same in the past? >> yes. they're in a tough position for a gop candidate that wants to be the party's nominee and win a general election next year. they're in a tough spot. the people who are most opposed to same-sex marriage are the ones that are most likely to
4:56 am
vote in the primaries. let's get rid of the supreme court essentially which is what bobby jindal said they have to say things like this because they have to make headway. they need to get two or two percentage points. the problem is it paints the party as being against what independents and what democrats think is the right way to go. that's not going to be helpful. >> with respect to obamacare you wrote that republican voters won even if the gop lost. >> what this obamacare ruling focused on was the federal exchange and people who weren't in state exchanges. state changes exist in new york and california. it was a 3-1 margin. people who lived in mitt romney counties and would have lost their subsidies, three times more likely to live in counties that mitt romney won. there is a lot of republican voters that would have been negatively impacted.
4:57 am
>> thank you varery much. that's a wrap of this hour. straight ahid more smart political talk with up with steve kornacki. ead more smart political talk with up with steve kornacki. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. ♪ kraft barbecue sauce's new recipe
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