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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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t for two fugitive killers in upstate new york comes to a dramatic end, one prison escapee shot and killed friday. the other shot just over a mile from the canadian border sunday. and his condition has been upgraded today to serious. >> the nightmare is finally over. it took 22 days but we can now confirm as of two days ago, as you know mr. matt is deceased and the other escapee, mr. sweat, is in custody. back to square one? we'll go live to the nuclear talks in i have that where iran's top negotiator left a day before the deadline with huge obstacles remaining on some of the most basic tenets of the deal. the family of jason ritzy imprisoned in iran trys a new tactic, apply pressure in person. >> what would you say to foreign minister zarif, if you could? >> this doesn't look good for his government or the people of
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iran and it just needs to stop now and you can let him go. and supreme celebrations. after friday's landmark court ruling gave same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states why the fight for equality is far from over. and a very good monday to you. i'm kristen welker filling in for andrea mitchell who is in vienna. we will check in with her if n. a few minutes. first, top story, after three weeks of round the clock searching the manhunt for two escaped prisoners in upstate new york is over. convicted killer david sweat has been upgraded to serious condition this hour at a hospital in albany where he was taken after being shot and churd sunday by an alert police officer just over a mile from the canadian border.
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joining me now from albany is nbc's miguel almaguer. tell me how the dramatic events all unfolded and what's the very latest there today? >> kristen, as you mentioned, david sweat was just upgraded in to serious conditions. doctors are adding it appears as of right now he does not need any surgeries. he was brought here shot twice in the torso yesterday. he was rushed to this hospital first airlifted and then driven by ambulance on scene here. investigators say their investigation is still very flu i'd at this time. they have not been able to sit down and talk to david sweat. officials here at the hospital are protecting his privacy. even doctors say they have not -- would not say whether they've had conversations with the inmate as of yet. officials also say he will likely be at this hospital for several hours. as you alluded to he was captured yesterday, state trooper tells us he was on the side of the road when he saw david sweat walk past him, asked him to stop. he kept walking. asked him again to stop. he turned around and then ran
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towards the forested area. that's when the officer pulled out his service revolver shot him twice in the upper torso as he was fleeing into the woods. he was seriously injured. he was in critical condition yesterday and just upgraded to serious as you mentioned. this also ends the three-week manhunt for both of those convicts who escaped. the other, of course was killed on friday. >> just incredible miguel. it's like something out of a movie. governor cuomo was very clear that he wants to get to the bottom of exactly how this could have happened in the first place. obviously as you pointed out interviewing sweat is going to be key. but they also want to get information from potential the accomplices and determine if there were any more than already have been charged with this. >> that's right. two people have already been identified as accomplices. they're both going through the criminal justice system right now. both pleading not guilty to their involvement in all of this. that is still developing.
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today there will be another court hearing this afternoon for one of them. still very fluid. the district attorney told us he believes several people may have been involved. so far two at least accomplices have been described by the district attorney's office as that investigation also pushes for ward. >> miguel i want to play a little bit of sound from governor cuomo and then get your reaction on the other side. >> it was a very courageous act. i said to sergeant cook who has two daughters, 16 and 17 i said well, you go home tonight and tell your daughters that you're a hero. >> i think a lot of people hailing him as hero today. set the scene there, miguel, today. is there just a huge sigh of relief and praise for this sergeant who made this possible? >> yeah in the area surrounding where the capture was made yesterday there was certainly a lot of fear over the last several days knowing one of the other prisoners had been killed two days earlier on friday. there was certainly some tense moments for folks who lived in
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this areand around the surrounding communities, people are fearful. both men were convicted killers, considered dangerous and desperate. one was armed, richard matt apparently had a shotgun with him. news that both have been captured has alleviated that. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks kristen. all right. we want to go now to breaking news this morning from the supreme court. three big decisions released today and word from the justices that a major case on a affirmative action is back on the docket. pete williams joins me now. pete, good morning to you. i want to start with this lethal injection decision. the court approved the system that oklahoma is using for lethal injections. what are the broader implications here and to what extent does this expose divisions about the death penalty within the court? >> the broader implications are in the short term oklahoma and other states using the same protocol can continue doing it. secondly, the court lays down a
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marker to people who want to challenge lethal injection. they say that if you want to challenge a lethal injection you have to show that some other method that you can identify would be better would be more humane, and because they said the challengers in this case failed to do that and failed to show that the drug that oklahoma came up with wouldn't be effective, they lose. now, you're right about the deep divisions here because while the majority said that oklahoma can go ahead, two of the justices steven breyer and ruth baiter ginsburg, say they think it's time for the supreme court once again look at the constitutionality of the death penalty, justice breyer and his dissent says you've got these problems of people wrongfully accused. you've got the problem on the one hand executions drag out. sometimes people aren't executed for 18 years after the death penalty is imposed but he says if you shorten that time when you run the risk of executing people that were wrongfully convicted before you find the
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dna evidence. so for all of those reasons he and justice ginsburg says you aulth to take another look at this. two of the court's more conservative justices say, no just the opposite ought to happen. the supreme court ought to look at expanding the use of the death penalty. this case brought out some very deep divisions. >> fascinating on that point. they also weighed in on redistricting in arizona. this was a little bit of a surprise, right, pete? >> very much of a surprise because during oral argument the supreme court seemed skeptical of this idea that independent commissions that voters set up could basically take away the power of state legislatures to draw the political boundaries for congressional districts and state legislatures. the goal of this movement is to try to take the power of districting and gerrymandering away from legislators, make it less part son and try to reduce partisan gridlock. california has followed it. the supreme court said today that's perfectly constitutional. >> and finally, the court
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weighed in on epa regulations. but based on your reporting, which i've been following all morning long, pete it seems like this might not be the final word. >> by no means. there are so many cases against the epa challenging its ability to restrict b pollution, there's a whole new set of regulations, the obama administration has come up with. on this the supreme court said the epa should have despite what the epa said, looked at the cost versus benefits before it decided to regulate certain pollutants. look at how much it would cost the industry look at sort of a dollar value to the public health benefits. epa failed to do that. supreme court said it should have. >> all right. and pete finally, we want to look forward a little bit. we learned that the court is going to take up a case on affirmative action. this is a win, right, for opponents of affirmative action the mere fact that they're going to look at this case? >> it's bad signed for advocates that the supreme court is going to take this up again because just a couple years oi go when it examined the system at university of texas at austin
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it sort of cast a skeptical eye on it and said well, it's going to be okay if the school can prove that it is using affirmative action as little as possible and only what it needs to round out to have a diverse student body. it sent the case back to a lower court, which said, yep, the university of texas passes that test. but the challengers said oh, no they didn't. asked the supreme court to take it up again and the court agreed to do that. that's not a good sign for advocates of affirmative action. it's a hopeful sign for people who have been trying to get a ruling out of the supreme court. doing away with it once and for all in college admissions. >> all right. pete, thank you. covering all angles from the supreme court. another busy day there for you. we really appreciate it. >> you bet. heading over seas to breaking news in vienna where the deadline for a nuclear deal with iran was supposed to be tomorrow but obstacles in the negotiations mean that deadline
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will have to be pushed off. andrea mitchell is there with the litatest. i understand you're getting new information about these negotiations. >> yes indeed. kristen, we just came from a background briefing senior u.s. official telling me the talks will go past that deadline, tomorrow's deadline. they are not granting a long term extension. they say that is not going to happen. john kerry is up in his hotel suite here. he's unable to walk on his broken leg. he's now home alone. the other foreign ministers have gone back to their capitols. iran's foreign minister went back to tehran to try to resolve serious disagreements after the ayatollah backtracked last week at least publicly on the framework they all negotiated in lieu zahn switzerland, last april. kerry's u.s. partner at the talks is ernest moniz. i talked to him about all of these obstacles just before we flew over here and blackout was imposed on all interviews and this is what he had to say. >> mr. secretary, there's been a
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lot of concern, even by some former advisers to this administration that the deal is not a good deal that inspections, for instance will not be possible for the u.n. inspectors to get to those military sites. can't iran hide what it is doing? >> well, of course the deal has to be judged on how it turns out. and clearly the article you refer to for example raises a set of concerns which are very much on our minds. we have every intention of emphasizing very strongly verification, transparency access to sites where there's reason to suspect activity that might go outside the bounds of the agreement. that's all what we have to negotiate in these next days. >> we thought that that was all negotiated back in march and april and this it was just technical things that were being worked out. is iran backing away from this deal? >> no i don't think so. there were several issues that were not fully resolved in the
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april 2nd announcements. if you look at our fact sheets for example, you will see that there were clearly areas to be resolved in terms of how exactly what triggers various stages of sanctions relief. there clearly remains the issues of working out the specifics between iran and the iaea of resolving possible military dimensions of their pass program. we have said and we continue to say that resolving those issues has to be part of the agreement. >> there's been a lot of criticism that this negotiation is leaving iran with the nuclear capability the capability whether it's ten years from now or 15 years from now to rebuild and create a nuclear program that could be easily turned into a weapons program. you're the expert. you're the scientist. are you confident that iran will not be able to build a nuclear bomb? >> absolutely. we have to have the confidence
9:13 am
in that. now, the way this works, at least in my view is that clearly in the very long term the idea is that iran has had the opportunity and hopefully has succeeded through its actions to convince the international community that its program is peaceful. at that point, they behave -- they have all of the flexibility of any country developing civilian nuclear power, although very importantly with a commitment to having been made to remain of course within the nonproliferation treaty restraints. >> and the supreme leaders demand the sanctions be lifted immediately up front before iran has to profit any ability to be complying? >> we've been very clear that any material sanctions relief will come when the nuclear parameters have been met. those that establish the minimum of one year so-called breakout time, the time to assemble the nuclear material for a first --
9:14 am
a first possible weapon. so once iran has achieved those, that's when there can be material -- material sanctions relief. >> how much pressure do you feel from all of these nuclear experts, past advisers and negotiators, democrats and republicans, from different administrations who are all saying uh-uh, this is not the good deal that we were told it was going to be? >> well, i think what they're really saying is that it's not that it's not a good deal. it's that for it to be a good deal they are laying out what they think are essential parameters and essential agreements. as i've said, those are, in fact, right on the table. >> and are you prepared to walk away from it if they don't agree to all of these things? >> absolutely. we have -- we have made it very very clear. the president has made it very clear that -- that the deal has to be a good deal and it has the features that we've discussed with a very strong emphasis on we must have the verification
9:15 am
capabilities that we will need to address not just explicit nuclear sites but potentially covert sites. so that's absolutely core to the deal. i think without that we just can't go forward. >> secretary moniz is a nuclear physicist. he has been a very important witness to congress to verify that this is a good deal. his endorsement has carried a lot of weight with members of congress. he's also been a very big player in the negotiations to deal with the head of iran's atomic energy agency. both of these men were educated at m.i.t. the iranian has not been here this weekend. he's had recent surgery but probably going to return to the talks from tehran tomorrow with foreign minister zarif. as for the mood here. let me share this with you. we just came from this briefing. a senior official said, quote, this is staggeringly conversations queshl. everyone here feels the responsibility and the burden of what we're doing. it's consequential, he said for
9:16 am
the national security of the united states, for the region for iran and for the world. so the official said this is tough. and obviously they're going to stay here until they get it done. but they said not beyond -- not an extended period of time kristen. >> a lot of uncertainty, andrea as you continue to follow these incredible complicated, complicated negotiations. don't go anywhere. we're going to check back with you. we know you have more interviews coming up. andrea, thank you for that. of course, the white house watching closely as well. coming up next texas hold em. state workers can deny marriage licenses after the supreme court's ruling on marriage equality. and it's all greek. the debt crisis in greece is taking a toll on world markets today. a live report from athens is coming up. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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over the weekend millions of lgbt americans, families and friends took to the streets across the country for pride weekend. a celebration that carried extra significance with the supreme court's ruling friday making marriage equality the law of the land. some opponents are fighting the ruling on new grounds, the texas attorney general has told county clerk in his state they can refuse to issue licenses based on religious objections and texas' republican presidential candidates join their competitors in voicing their displeasure with the majority opinion. take a listen. >> i've spent my life fighting to defend the constitution and there is a constitutional means. if someone wants to change the marriage laws in the state the way the constitution allows you the do so is is to convince your fellow citizens to do so through the democratic process.
9:21 am
what we saw instead was five unelected lawyers saying the views of 320 million americans don't matter. >> mark solomon is the national campaign director at freedom to marry. he joins me now. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> obviously a major victory, but based on what's happening in texas, major challenges remain. talk a little bit about texas. what specifically can you do legally to counter the call there to essentially deny people marriage licenses on religious grounds? is there something you do legally? >> first, i would say what's proes important is most important is the vags majority of clerks in texas, austin, dallas san antonio, are issuing marriage licenses. so i think the -- you know you certainly hear some of the politicians making some noise, but things are going very smoothly. the other thing i would say is that public officials shouldn't
9:22 am
deny marriage licenses to members of the public. that's simply not the way we do things in america. the south has been through a tradition of -- the souths that experienced situations 50 years ago when public officials denied certain people their constitutional freedoms and not others. i don't think we want to go back there. >> all right, mark, let's talk about the next battles on the horizon. employment housing. employment nondiscrimination act passed the senate as you well know but it hasn't gotten a vote yet. in the house the bam administration is pressing congress to do this. what's your strategy to make this happen? is there any indication that this can happen before 2016? >> i believe that we can harness the momentum coming out of this profound win in the courts. and the win for the country on marriage to, you know both leverage people's understandings of who gay and lesbian and by sexual and transgender's people
9:23 am
are as well as the power we have built, the company hundreds of companies that have lined up behind the marriage ruling to -- and have them mobilized to help us get a comprehensive nondiscrimination law passed. something we sorely need. >> mark, i want to read you an exexcerpt from your colleague. he wrote, wrote, in too many parts of the country, people can still be fired, evicted, refused service or even humiliated at stores or restaurants because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. in other words, just for being who they are. how do you counter your opponents though who say, look some people due to their religious beliefs, might not want to and should not, therefore, provide services for wedding cake for example, to same-sex couples. how do you counter the religious argument? >> the way i would counter it is that in america if you are open to business, you're open to business for everybody. we've been through this debate 50 years ago on other crucial
9:24 am
civil rights matters. and you don't have a policy where companies, business essay yes to many people but no to some. that's a non-american approach and i don't think the american people don't won't stand for it. >> all right. mark solomon, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up too big to fail? find out how global markets reacting to the financial crisis in greece. a full report next. and still ahead, fourth of july threats, a warning from top u.s. officials ahead of independence day celebrations. stay was.
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9:28 am
the s&p down 26. and the nasdaq down over 71 points. global financial instability was sparked by the decision from greek leaders to close banks and the nation's stock exchange for at least three days limiting atm withdrawals to 60 euros a day. and denouncing a referendum vote this sunday on whether to accept bailout measures from international creditors or default on billions in debt and possibly exit the european union. nbc is live in athens. thanks so much for joining me. what's the latest there from greece? this is obviously something that has ripple effects here in the united states and more immediately across europe. >> look kristen, this looks like a greek drama that may soon turn into a tragedy. as soon as tomorrow, as a matter of fact, because tomorrow is a deadline for the last for the latest repayment by greece of that bailout by the european union and its creditors that kept this economy afloat for the
9:29 am
past five years. now, here's the problem. greece does not have that money. the repayment is not even that big for a county. $1.7 billion. they do not have that money. so what do they do? they rejected the latest conditions set out by creditors the past week and, therefore, the ecb, the european central bank, said, you know what, we're not going to give you the liquidity to the banks that have been basically keeping the banks i float for the last few months the last six months and, therefore, the banks had to shut down. they closed down today. the banks are closed. will be closed for another week. there's been wide spread panic. now, of course the only thing thaw you can do as of course if you are greek, is you can withdraw the $66 that you can take help you to barely go through by your day. and they don't know how long this is going to last. of course we've been seeing things at cash machines.
9:30 am
they're very angry and they look at us, the foreign, we can just go in and withdraw money and they can't. they think this is all very unfair unfair. this why right now in the main square in athens there are thousands of people starting to gather for a massive demonstration to say, no to a referendum that has been called by the greek government to say -- to vote ate either in favor or against the eu deal that the government said this is not good enough because it's humiliating greece because it set conditions rather than helping greece to get out. >> that shot just incredible. >> you can see that from the square? >> yeah. i just want to play some sound. kerry sanders did some videos with the tourists. let me just play some sound and we'll get your reaction on the other side. >> i am completely out of euros right now. i feel luke i can't get any more. so i had to have someone pay for my breakfast. >> knowing what you know now
9:31 am
would you come to greece on your vacation? >> i would have say no to that. >> you talk about the anger and frustration. obviously felt by tourists as well. just set the scene there. how much frustration is there right now, claudio? >> well, rather than frustration among the tourists there has been a confusion, as a matter of fact, we spoke with some american tourists this morning. they said well, i just didn't have enough euro i didn't realize the money and i just have enough to get the taxi back to the airport or but in a way we spoke to some of the tourism boards and even a real estate agent who said this is a good moment for tourists. people thinking about buying a house here on the island if you just want to retire or if you're a greek-american or anybody who wants to just have a nice -- who doesn't want to have a nice house on a greek island? they said the prices are plummeted in the past few years and this is the right time to buy. and if of course europe and greece does not reach a deal in
9:32 am
the next few days there is a serious risk that greece will have to drop the euro get out of the euro and go back to the drachma, the old currency. that will mean massive valuation and bad news for the greeks and good news for whoever else wants to come here as tour sglis and that could, in fact be a greek tragedy. thank you so much for your reporting this afternoon. we appreciate it. the fbi and atf have opened a preliminary inquiry on a string of suspicious church fires. according to the southern poverty law center at least six predominantly black church necessary four southern states were damaged or destroyed in the past week. the series of fires came in the week following the shooting rampage at mother emanuel church in charleston that killed nine. vice president joe bidened a his son hunter attended services at mother emanuel sunday. he said they came back thauz their family wanted to show solidarity with your family and church. and one of the reasons he went
9:33 am
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to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. officials are urging americans to be extra cautious this july 4th following the horrific terror attack that killed at least 38 people at a tunisian beach resort on friday. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. as many as 30 victims are believed to be british nationals. u.s. officials say there's no specific terror threat but are urging americans to be vigilant because of the obvious target of america's birthday as well as spread of isis on social media. joining me now is msnbc, thanks
9:38 am
so much for joining me. appreciate it. we are learning a little bit of breaking news a new jersey man was just charged with conspiracy to provide material support to isis and witness tampering. federal officials have said there could be an uptick in arrests. talk a little bit about what what can we anticipate over the next several days? >> there is indeed an uptick in arrest and i believe there's an escalation in united states security forces applying security measures and precautionary measures to prevent any possible attack in the homeland. we've seen the jttf was investigating the boston knife wielder a few weeks ago that tried to attack with a knife and he was shot dead. another man was being searched at his home and also attacked an fbi agent using another knife. we know that isis fighters on the ground who will speak english are recruiting on social
9:39 am
media individuals at home to carry out the attack, we know the texas -- the shooting at garland, texas, the individual might have had relations with some fighters on the ground and, you know the story goes on. so it seems that there is an uptick definitely in arrests. >> just to underscore this point based on my reporting there is no specific plot that intelligence officials are aware of and these concerns surfaced several weeks ago. however, what we saw in tunisia and other attacks have heightened concerns. is that your understanding? >> absolutely hiding concerns but also follow the trend of isis adherence and other radical factions tried to target what we call soft targets. individuals guard is lowered, you know they're not really extremely vigilant. they're trying to have a good time in is when isis is striking the same thing we saw the suicide attack in kuwait where worshippers were just you know at the moment of subdued when
9:40 am
they were neiling ingkneeling. that's when the guy attacked. these are attacks of opportunity. extremely deadly. they will take advantage of any event when people are not being vigilant. >> great insight. thanks so much for being here. there is eye anxiety for beachgoers in north carolina ahead of july 4th after two more shark attacks reported at area beaches over the weekend. >> should we be doing this? >> get away. >> should we be doing this? >> unbelievable video. this is youtube video that appears to show a seven-foot shark being reeled in on the beach on friday. it was shot just an hour a way from where a shark attacked a 47-year-old on the same day. on saturday 18-year-old boy nearly died after being attacked by a shark. he's in serious condition after undergoing several hours of surgery. in the past month ago there have been six shark attacks in north carolina. so the big question on everyone's mind, are the beaches safe? joining me now from los angeles
9:41 am
is ralph collier who is the president of the shark research committee. thank you so much for joining me, ralph. so bottom line is this an uptick in shark attacks from what you typically see and, if so why is this happening? >> it's not really an increase in activity between sharks and humans. i think what we're seeing right now is you have migrations of prey fishes that are moving up the coast at the same time you have sharks coming in to feed on them. and its population dynamics. it's summertime. people go to the beach. and so it's not unusual that we're going to have an interaction between a shark and a human. i think it's unique that we've had so many clustered in such a short period of time. >> what do you make of that? and there is a sense that these sharks are coming closer to shore. is that a fair characterization of what's happening here? >> they might be moving closer to shore. they could be following the bait fishes in. the other thing you need to remember too, is that sharks
9:42 am
have pretty good vision. they can see their prey. when they're in murky water which you have close to shore where people swim, they don't have good visual acutie for the objects they're looking at. >> why would they be moving closer to shore? do you think they are, why is that happening now? >> following their food. sharks go where their food is. as the food moves up and down the coast, the sharks are going to move up and down the coast. >> bottom line are people safe to go in the water? >> you're more likely to get injured in an automobile accident driving to the beach than you are to be injured by a shark at the beach. i think you need to use common sense. if sharks have sighted in certain areas, don't go to those areas. >> all right. ralph collier, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. and coming up we'll check back in with andrea mitchell in vienna with breaking news this hour. iran nuclear talks will be extended past tomorrow's
9:43 am
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welcome back everyone. i want to turn back to my colleague now andrea mitchell who is live in vienna with more on the nuclear talks. incredibly complicated negotiations. andrea? >> and thanks kristen. as iran's foreign minister as you know returned to tehran to try to clarify their negotiating position last night, i took to the british foreign secretary after he had just met with john kerry about whether the western allies are now prepared to make more concessions. >> we're here not to renegotiate luzon. we're here to reduce luzon to a formal write that we can sign at the end of the process. yes, it will take a few other days. this is not open ended and it can't be made open ended. we've got to nail this down over the next few days.
9:47 am
and if for written minister zarif needs to go back to tehran for further instructions to do that, then the sooner he does it the better so we can then sit down and get it nailed. >> and while the talks are on hold in vienna vienna has become a magnet for human rights activists, including relatives of americans held prisoner in iran pep with just learned that secretary kerry talked to zarif about the american detainees and about bob levenson missing fbi man. i spent some time yesterday with ali, his brother jason is a "washington post" correspondent, an american, born and raised in san francisco. he's been in an iranian jail now for even months. despite protests from the u.s. government most recently from john kerry in the last couple of days and from fellow journalists around the world. the foreign minister is right over there a block away from over here right now talking to
9:48 am
john kerry. >> huh sdpluf with what should john kerry say to foreign minister zarif? >> they're making accusations about jason that he worked for the government. jason never worked for the government. he was a journalist. he was here last year the meeting at the same time. he worked for the "washington post." that's what he did. and none of the things that they accused him of doing are any different than any other journalist would do, any other person doing business in iran would do. so what i would say to john kerry and anybody else who speaks to the iranians is that when you treat beam like that, when you make up these kinds of things that it makes it impossible for other governments and for other companies to do business with you as well. if you're a businessman and you send somebody over and they talk about the for written exchange in iran that makes them a criminal apparently? it doesn't make any sense. and it's been a year with waiting for them to come to that real sooigs. >> given the way they treat jason, why should john kerry trust what they agree to do on
9:49 am
their nuclear research and technology? >> yeah, the politicians up to the politics and diplomats, i think that's a really great question. >> also here in vienna is the sister of former marine he's also in an iranian jail. we'll have more on her story and what she's trying to do to try to rescue her brother coming up tomorrow. tomorrow, of course, is the day the nuclear deal was to be done but clearly that is not going to happen. kristen, they say there are hundreds and hundreds of pages of text. this is unlike luzon which was just a framework. this is an actual deal that has to be writtened and lawyered and near not going to get it down by tomorrow. ministers are coming back tomorrow and certainly going to be spending another couple of days here if not through the july 4th weekend. >> and we know you will be tracking it, andrea. you packed a lot of clothes i know because there's no clear end in sight. >> we have. >> appreciate that incredible interview with ali, by the way.
9:50 am
we will check back in with you tomorrow. and coming up unmanned spacex rocket exploded midair yesterday two minutes after taking off from cape canaveral. this is the third cargo ship to be lost in eight months. the rookt was headed to the international space station carrying more than 5,000 pounds of food, water, and supplies. nasa inviss the crew has enough provisions to last until fall. they're asking people who lives on florida's atlantic coast to be on the lookout for any possible rocket debris and to call police if they find any to figure out what caused the spacex to come apart. born to run? the big political story we will be talking about in the next next 24 hours. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that?
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in a trusting relationship you don't hold anything back. and if you're going the run for president of the united states and you're going to ask these people for their vote that is
9:54 am
the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen, is to give you their support. so you better tell them exactly what you're thinking and exactly what you're feeling. >> so which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that was a tease by the way. how about another republican joining an already crowded presidential primary race? msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt joins me now. after sagging poll numbers, bridge gate, other challenges it looks likes chris christie is going to make it official tomorrow? >> number 14. he's planning to announce where he graduated in 1980 and where he was actually class president. and you will remember back in 2012 there were a lot of republicans who privately urged him to run against mitt romney. they thought he would be a stronger candidate. a lot are saying now maybe chris christie missed his chance. things that have happened since that time. convention speech that fell flat. he has the scandal on the george
9:55 am
washington bridge. some other issues. he did take some steps to try to set the stage for this. he had lap band surgery two years ago. he's been out joking at that on the late night shows. i think at this point there's a question about whether or not he can stand out from this field. he's going to try to do that by as his slogan says telling it like it is. he's been giving tough love policy speech giving town hall meetings. at the end of the day christie believes the force of his personality can carry this through. that's going to be put to the test, it seems, starting tomorrow. >> all right kasie, thank you. look likes the crowd is going to get more crowded. scott walker expected to announce on july 13th. appreciate it. >> thanks kristen. well, that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show andrea continues her live reporting from vienna on iran's nuclear talks. as we've learned talks will go beyond tomorrow's deadline. she will be tracking it. my colleague thomas roberts
9:56 am
joins me now on what's coming up on "msnbc live." >> coming up next for everybody, a major blow or death penalty. big win for folks who want politics out of redistricting. a new terror warning. just ahead of the fourth of july weekend. plus, spacex trying to find out why their cargo ship exploded minutes after launching. and fight hitting the singer katy perry versus a group of l.a. nuns. you've got to see it to believe it. ♪ your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any
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could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. today on "msnbc live" shot and captured after leading authorities on a three-week manhunt. one murderer now in critical condition, the other dead. we've got the details on a dramatic end to the manhunt and what's next for david sweat. plus market melt down. stocks slide around the globe and here at home as banks in greece shut their doors cutting people off from their own cash. so what does it mean for your bottom line, for the euro and for all those vacation plans
10:00 am
this summer? we are live in athens with an update. great to have you with me today. i'm thomas roberts. we begin this hour with a major ruling today by the supreme court on a controversial drug used in lethal injection executions. by a 5-4 vote the justices upheld the use of a sedative in executions in oklahoma. for the first time two of the dissenting justices say they think it's highly likely to death penalty is unconstitutional. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is joining me outside the court. what does it mean for the death penalty opponents? >> the court reaffirms what it said seven years ago when it said the lethal injection itself was constitutional. what the justices said is that based on that decision and their ruling today if opponents want to challenge lethal injection or any method of execution they have to show that there is a better alternative that would produce less pain and less suffering for the


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