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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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penalty kick, kaptcaptain karly lloyd scored the team's first goal. later followed up by kelly o'hara. and it's been six years since the u.s. women's team has won the world cup. but all of that could change sunday when they face either england or japan in the final game. >> we didn't come here to make the final. we came here to win it. so we have to go after it next game. >> the ed show starts now. good evening, americans and welcome to the "ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. >> tonight tough new rule. >> governor of california signed into law one of the toughest vaccine bills in the country. >> protesters made it clear they will fight this decision. >> plus notorious and noteworthy. >> donald trump is now in second place. >> another presidential candidate will be making a stop in wisconsin. the senator from vermont is expected to draw more than
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90,000 people. >> and back in business. >> the united states has agreed to formally reestablish diplomatic relations with the republic of cuba. now we can be friends. >> the president is dead wrong. good to have you with us folks. thanks for watching. here we go. parents are going to be paying attention to this all across the country. actor jim carey and california is outraged over the state's new vaccination law. jerry brown signed it into law and people are responding. children are required to get vacuated edvaccinated or won't be able to attend school. the law strikes down california -- under the new law, only children with serious health problems will be exempt from mandatory vaccinations. the move caused actor jim carey to rant on twitter saying
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california governor says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum vaccines. this has to be stopped. carey went on to treat i'm not on antithimerisol. it's. mccarthy believes her son's autism was caused by vaccines. and the cdc has repeatedly said there is no link. well back in 2009 when mccarthy and carrey were dating they both spoke out about vaccines on cnn. >> no one has ever suggested not. >> going back when shots were only ten and the mmr was on that list. i don't know what happened in 19 1990. there was no plague --
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>> let's that warranted 26 more vaccines. >> greed. >> are all of them absolutely necessary. >> they want to make money. >> of course. >> greed that is quite an accusation. mccarthy and carrey think people need to be cautious when it comes against vaccines. >> what are you against, don't vaccinate for this and don't -- >> you should educate yourselves. do we need the chickenpox. do we need the hepatitis b shot on the second day of life? >> i don't think we can afford to assume that the people who are charged with our public health any longer have our best interests at heart all the time. parents have to make their own decisions. educated decisions. they have to look at the information. >> space out the vaccines. delay them till after 1. clean out the toxins that are in them. >> mccarthy and carrey are specifically worried about the
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mercury-base d mercury-based ingredient in some vaccines called thimerisol. the cdc says no vaccines in the united states still contain it. jim carrey attacked the cdc in his twitter rant saying the cdc can't solve a problem they helped start. it is too risky to admit they have been wrong about mercury and thigh mare sol. they are corrupt. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think tonight. should vaccines be mandatory? go to to cast your vote. we'll bring you the results later on in the show.
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for more dr. cory aber. what is your professional conclusion? is there risk in vaccines to the level where it has -- people have to be concerned about it being mandatory? >> well honestly, after doing research for the last 20 years in this field, at this point there are no scientifically-based studies to say that there is anymore risk in vaccination that would cause you to not want to vaccinate your child because of the risks of the actual diseases that are out there in the united states right now. for example, we're talking about the measles vaccine. measles vaccine is very important. but in california we also had a measles outbreak. we also had a meningitis outbreak. we also had a pertussis outbreak. and let's be very clear here.
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there are some parts of los angeles that have vaccination rates below 20%. and that is less than in some developing countries. if you don't have a herd immunity of at least 90%, then the people that really need to be vaccinated, meaning the children, they are not going to be vaccinated. they are not going to have the antibodies high enough to fight the disease if they don't happen to get vaccinated because they are too young. i have a practice right now. i can't have a 4 month old in my practice and he is not old enough to get the measles vaccine, but your child is one year old and you refuse to get the vaccine and then you give that 4 month old the measles, whose going to be happy then? and tongue in cheek i just have to say, when your child gets measles and a gets a infection and they are about to die, call jim carrey then and see who you would want to talk to. your doctor or jim carrey.
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who would feel dumb and dumber then, ed. >> well the opponents of this mandatory law argue that those numbers are very small. and it just doesn't -- it interferes with the civil liberties of a family that they are being told what has to be injected into their child. when across the board it is not totally perfect. would you admit to that? >> right. nothing is totally perfect. we know one of the biggest killers in america is tylenol and nobody reads the package insert on that. so we have to talk about science here. so the reality is that, you know, when you have -- there are risks with everything. but without vaccination and sanitation the united states probably wouldn't be here right now. >> all right. i'd like to bring in christina hildebrand founder and president of "a voice for choice." i want to continue our discussion. your main focus on this is it sounds like a civil rights issue. that you want parents to have the final say over medicine.
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yet medicine says we've got to protect society. where do you come down on this? >> i agree with you. it is completely a parental rights issue. it is also a constitutional issue. it is also a "how far can the government reach," and is this over reach? and it is over reach. we can't be having our government telling us what we put into our bodies and children's bodies when its comes to pharmaceutical drugs. especially vaccines. there is no liability for the vaccine manufacturer. so you cannot sue if you had an adverse reaction. that is huge to. mandate a vaccine, regardless of whether you are for or against vaccines, to mandate something there is no liability for, you cannot sue over for the government to do that is just flat out wrong. there was a course -- >> doctor what about that last statement? >> i think what she's saying is very important. because there is a reporting
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agency called vars that is a reporting agency for all adverse events. >> there is but it is very underused and people don't know about it. >> more than underused. it is also erroneous because anyone can actually report to them. not just a doctor. so if i have a fever after a vaccination i can call. or if there is a bum on the street that says my friend's child has a vaccination reaction he can call too. so we've got to be very careful about that. so when parents hear about vaccination injuries they hear about all of these things in vars but it is not regulated and anyone can call. >> i'd go even further to say vars is not properly used. it is pretty much on salute. it is not used correctly. regardless, when you look at it there is a vaccine court which is a government organized and no fault no juried court, where you
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can go if you have an an anaphylactic shock and a permanent disability or if you die from a vaccine. that is your one in a million number of vaccines. if you have anything less. there are plenty of children out there who have as seizures. and the package inserts -- >> not true. >> you are given a one page piece of paper from the cdc. you are not. >> that is always available to you. >> it is available but it is never given. and on that package insert it gives you all the reactions that your child can have or possibly can have. if there is a risk involved there has to be a choice. >> well there is no choice. after this law. and the question is is this going to spread across the country? but doctor this is as heavy a hand as we've seen by a state to do something like this to tell
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parents you must do this with your child or you are not going to be able to send your kid to school. has nothing to do with religion. all of that stuff is exempt out. all of that stuff is wiped a way i. is this taking science in a new direction. is this -- >> it is taking the pharmaceutical companies into a new direction. >> it is a very harsh law. i totally agree. but you got to remember. not only can you be exempt if you have a medical reason. but even if you have a family history of a medical reason you still can be exempt. so i think that that's pretty fair. >> but that is not what happens in a doctor's office. >> i'm a doctor -- >> i understand that. but when you go into a doctor's office that doctor's office can have any rule they want. if you ask give me a medical exemption based on family history. right now most doctors are not going to do that.
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>> that's anecdotal for you do say that. >> and i will say if you come in there the insurance companies also have a huge say in this. of what the doctors do. every -- >> that is another point i want to bring up here. >> -- sent viseincentivized for. >> hold on. i believe the american people do not trust big companies. that this is profit driven. this is one of the things that jim carrey was really getting at. is that we are trusting profit takers. and we are trusting people who want to make money. and getting in a position in the government to make sure that a law is passed that their drugs and their vaccines are going to be used. doctor do you have any concern about that? >> it is always concerning because there is no way that everybody can police every corporate organization. we found that from wall street to main street. but what we have to look is at the science and the 20 to 30
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studies that have come out in the last 10 years to show the safety of the vaccination. >> okay. >> and who are those studies done by? they are done by the pharmaceutical companies or by researchers that are that are paid by pharmaceutical companies. >> some are independent and some are not. you are correct. >> very few are independent. >> it doesn't matter some are not. >> it does matter. it does absolutely matter. >> what ke w de. >> we have independent studying to show the vaccinations are safe. >> vaccines are not 100% safe and effective. they are not. >> let me bring up this point if i may. let's say the law is going back to the old way. that this law did not pass. how many kids are going to be put at risk? doctor, i think that is a fair question. isn't it? >> that is the thing -- >> -- we know. >> there is no crisis at the moment. and this bill did not need to go through. we had a personal belief
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exemption. there was a law in place in 2014 the 2014 school year which basically said now if you want a personal belief exemption you have to get a doctor signature. you have to have the conversation with your doctor to have -- whether what the benefits and the pros and the cons of that are. we're talks about 2.5% of california 5 to 18-year-olds and of that 2.5% we are no idea because the state doesn't count it whether these people are fully unvaccinated or -- >> christina i want to give the doctor here -- hold on. [inaudible] >> let me -- >> hold on. i know this is very passionate. we could spend hours but i want to give the doctor the final word on this. >> let me -- >> christina says there is no crisis. doctor respond to that and we got to go. >> i do respect her position. the one thing, you say there is no crisis.
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tell that to the babies i've held in my arms that have died from -- >> you tell -- >> [ inaudible ]. great to have both of you with us tonight. we'll do this story again because this is not over. it is going to go all over america. there are other legislative bodies across the country that are going to be taking this up. and of course tonight we want you to remember to answer this question at coming up donald trump, the competition's in. new polling. while bernie sanders is drawing record crowds across the country, our political analysts weigh in on the competition on both sides of the aisle. and later a string of suspicious fires have southern communities on alert. do they need to be? we'll have that when we come back. y go roam sleep in
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good to have you back with us. thanks for watching tonight. hold the phone. donald trump according to the polling is a solid prospect for presidential front runner in michigan. trump is in a three way tie in the state for number two with jeb bush and ben carson. public policy polling puts them at 14%. the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump in the top tier. tied with ben carson for number two. nationwide, the cnn ocr poll has
2:20 pm
him in second place following jeb bush with 12% to his 19%. look folks, i know it is entertaining but you cannot deny trump is a force in the republican field early on. he is climbing in the polls despite all the controversy and news. our parent company, nbc universal ended its relationship with donald trump earlier this week. macy's also ended its relationship with trump today. citing remarks about immigrants from mexico. trump continued to mix it up legally. the donald has filed a $500 million lawsuit against univision after the television networks decided not to prod cast the miss usa pageant. meanwhile hillary clinton is getting a serious challenge from bernie sanders. clinton is drawing huge polling numbers. bernie sanders is drawing huge crowds. the vermont senator is packing the halls, in minnesota with
2:21 pm
some 4,000. in denver over 5,000 filled the university stadium. and an out door screen where they could hear him speak. and talking about taking corporate money out of politics which seems to be the buzz subject matter throughout his theme. tonight bernie sanders is expected to shatter all of those numbers. some 10,000 people are expected at his madison wisconsin event tonight. it is set to be the largest event so far in the 2016 presidential race. i'll be in madison tonight right after the show to cover the event and we'll have a one on one with bernie sanders which we'll play tomorrow on this program. i got to see 0,000 people. folks this is july 1st 2015. i thought there was supposed to be political exhaustion in this country. hillary clinton and jeb bush have big names but bernie sanders and donald trump, they
2:22 pm
apparently have the voice and the attention of the people. they are captivating voters across the nation with a pull no punches campaign. at least that is the way it appears right now. joining me tonight, caroline heldman, and ron christie daily b's columnist and former special assistant to former president george w. bush. can we come to the conclusion that this whole table is set to have more fun with politics than we've had in a long time. does it get any better tan this early on? >> no it doesn't. good evening ed. i think for people like us who sit around the water cooler and talk about politics, this could not be a more crazy time. and as a republican i sit here and look at the policy and say donald trump is number two? are you kidding me? a guy with a checkered business record, no political experience. someone always in it for
2:23 pm
himself. and always in it for the head lines. i think for my republican brother across the country. this is not the guy i want with his hand on the button trying to solve these problems. >> you bring up an interesting point. i drew a parallel on the program last night about the jesse ventura effect. jesse ventura, pro wrestler was elected governor in minnesota and bet a humphrey name. crazy stuff in politics. what is unfolding with donald trump? >> i think there are a lot of people who look at the republican field right now and say it is the usual, stereotypical politics having their hands in money and you can say a lot of things from donald trump trump. but i think there is a lot of dissatisfaction from the status
2:24 pm
quo. >> caroline what fascinates voters as you see. >> he gave a speech where he was overtly racist towards latinos and gets 12% in national polls now. i think his message is resonating with the 57% of americans who hold either implicit or explicit racial bias against latinos who buy into the stereotypes certainly because they have herd it for years and years on conservative talk radio and television programs where stereotypes about latino criminality and laziness are pushed and pushed constantly. ann coulter said something similar last month. i'm actually very concerned that donald trump is playing so well after those specific remarks. >> with that concern it would seem to me that when the debates get doing -- and i know the republicans want to control the debates caroline. but my moderator worth his or her salt is going to refer to the comments that donald trump is making and try to draw the
2:25 pm
other candidates out to the point where maybe they are going to have to distance themselves from trurp in big way. do you see that happening? >> i think it would be weise, especially for the front runner jeb bush. but i think you will see ted cruz and other tea party candidates espousing the same troubling belief and i hope it comes out so it is made obvious to the american public what is driving the debate. >> interesting point you make they would distance themselves from donald trump. ron christie so far they haven't done that. no one has come out and said what he said is outrageous. it is almost as if they are walking lightly around it like they kind of agree with him? >> i don't agree with that ed. i wouldn't give the guy any air time. i wouldn't give him the time to have his message out there. i think he's somewhat of a joke of a candidate and if i'm the others, i wouldn't give him the time of day.
2:26 pm
>> so we ignore a guy in second place. >> i think once you get him up there on a stage with other candidates talking about platforms and positions he's going to plummet. i think he has no significant substance as a political candidate and i think the american people are going to see that when they get him up there on the stage. i'm not too worried about him sticking around far too long. >> he has billions of dollars. i don't know how you're going to run this guy up. i'll tell you what i'd rather have a guy like trump running for president than this guy attalson. i think politically he has to get some kind of respect in that regard. he says obamacare is going to ruin the country. wait a minute not everybody likes obamacare but i don't think it is going to ruin the country. so he's got some explaining to do. here is thing. ron, are you concerned he is just going to suck too much air of the room and hurt the party? >> not really. he'll get on the stage in the
2:27 pm
first republican debate and i think people will see him for who he is. they will gauge him against bush and rubio and a strobl republican field and say really? not a chance ed. i'm not worried about him at all. >> okay. caroline. bernie sanders, what do you make of 10,000 in madison, 4,000 in minneapolis, 5500 in denver. what is going on here? is this a movement. >> it is certainly a movement but i don't think it will be successful ed. as the democratic socialist myself i have a pipe dream that one will get into the white house but as a political scientist i know he has about a snowball's chance do so. up against clinton he doesn't have the money. she has over 100% of endorsements. more pp he's only pulling 5% from people of color and they
2:28 pm
compose a large percentage of the voters. and he has socialist in the title of the party he's affiliated with. >> thanks for joining us. still to come, more on the investigation into a string of fires at historically black churches around the country. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen.
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i just ran a couple of sweaty miles with these guys, and now i'm going to get them to smell my shirt. smells good yesterday i washed my clothes in new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant, for your clothes. you just throw it in with your detergent it neutralizes odors on the spot new downy fresh protect >> in our last segment i asked what does 10,000 in madison mean, 5500 in denver. wherever bernie sanders goes, he's drawing a big crowd. the word socialist is a dangerous word to a lot of americans across america. but also i think that identity politics is old school. it is issue politics. and one of the reasons bernie sanders is getting all these crowds is he cuts right to the chase on the issues. the issues of wall street the issues of corporate taxation or fair taxation. the issues of sending your kid to college and having them come
2:32 pm
out of college in debt 40 $50,000 and not being able to live the american dream. this is what sanders is talking about. he is talking about the future for the next generation. he is talking about what's fair and not fair and income inequality and how he is going to address it. this is where the country is right now. now for some reason he's getting all the crowds. eventually the poll numbers will catch up with the crowds. that is how i see it. when are you going to call it a movement? i talked to the rest of the media tonight. if this was chris christie getting 10,000 fans what would the corporate media look like? if there was jeb bush getting 10,000 fans what would the head lines look like? but no it's bernie sanders and we've already labeled him through identity politics that he's a socialist so he's not getting the true respect. let me tell you something. this guy is a real danger to hillary clinton's campaign. and if she doesn't get out and do the kind of things that bernie is doing, hey if you are
2:33 pm
all on the same team and the same party, why not do it. if this is what the people want to hear, make some of it. when you get something good do you know what you do? you make more out. bernie is doing it. and he's for real and he's going to have enough money to run his campaign because the people are following him and those are the best ambassadors you can have in the political arena. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks rise as focus shifts to jobs. the dow climbs 138, the s&p adds 14 and nasdaq is up 26. employers added 237 jobs to payrolls in the private sector in june according to adp, more than the 218,000 economists were expecting. the government employment report is out tomorrow a day early due to the 4th of july holiday. and as you have been hearing the fall out from trump's immigration comments continues
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and we are back on the "ed show." thanks for watching tonight. overnight a fire blazed through a historically black church in south carolina. no injuries reported. the same church was torched by the ku klux klan 20 years ago. >> we don't know what happened what started the fire. we're going to yield that to all the other officials to figure out what happened out there. but we just say right now that we're going to continue to pray for that church. >> investigators are still determining the cause of the fire. according o a federal law enforcement source who spoke with the press, preliminary
2:38 pm
indications show the fire does not appear to be arson. >> just a few weeks ago the governor of south carolina nikki haley told nbc's craig melvin the fire was inunequivocably the result of four lightning striation. mount zion is the 8th black church to catch on fire in the last few weeks. four remain under investigation still by authorities. these have occurred after nine black worshippers were shot and killed at a charleston parish. at this time there are no common cause between the fires but parishioners remain vigilant. joining me mark botok. and reverend mark tyler. great to have you with us tonight. mr. potock how concerned are you that there might be some connection between these fires?
2:39 pm
and do you have any reason to believe that they would be? >> well it is concerning that these fires came very rapidly in the immediate aftermath of the hot debate about the confederate battle flag. i know there is real rage out there in the white supremacist world about this. they are talking cultural genocide and the cleansing of the black southerners and so on. that said so far we really have nothing. we don't have a single case in which there is real evidence at least that has been made public that it was in fact a racially motivated arson. so we're really at this point waiting to hear what the investigators find. >> okay. but you have seen an up tick in the conversation of taking down of the confederate flag by white supremacists by your study. >> absolutely. there is a theoryfury out there that
2:40 pm
is hard to gauge. they are talking about how this will help them recruit and so on. >> and what is your concentration saying reverend as black churches around the country -- is this just a coins depends? coincide coincidence. >> our congregation, is actually the founding congregation of all the ame congregations on now five continents and 39 countries. we're very close to mother emmanuel. their founder is buried in fact at our congregation. this has had a chilling effect in some degree. but also it has also given a chance for people to really demonstrate their faith. people have come out to church more than normal i think really to be determined that they are not going to be stopped.
2:41 pm
i will just say that while it looks like the fire at mount zion appears to be lightning and we hope not a criminal act, there is no question as to why people would not become suspicious and try to connect the dots. there is a long history on america with attacks on churches. even within ame, mother emmanuel was taken down in 1822 in the reconstruction era when ame preachers went through south carolina some were actually hanged for trying to organize churches. reverend joseph delane who organized to try to end desegregation in schools had to be taken in a coffin out of south carolina and into new york to save his life and get him out of the state. so there is is a long history and no wonder why people would become suspicious. >> reverend what is the proactive move here? what should be done moving forward? should law enforcement be paying
2:42 pm
more tx to these churches? >> first of all,en one of the conversations we've been having as the denomination our bishops have been great insisting to pastors and local denominations what you do for security. yet you still have to be vigilant. this person did not break in. the person in emmanuel was let in. so we have to be very cautious, you know, about those kind of things. so that is certainly part of the conversation. but, you know, i would reiterate that what we don't want so the allow fear the drive us. we continue to preach and believe in church that we walk by faith and not sight and the moment you allow fear to dictate your steps you have already lost the battle. >> has your organization seen not church related hate crimes since the charleston shootings? >> not in particular. i wouldn't say that we've seen a big out break of hate crimes.
2:43 pm
it seems very possible. of course what we do see is clan groups trying very much to take advantage of this. the local white nights and coming to charleston to demonstrate. this is an example of these kind of groups trying to essentially get publicity, make hay while the sunshines. they know by going charleston they will get national and international press and that is really what they are looking for. >> appreciate your time tonight. thanks for joining us. still ahead the united states moves forward with plans to reopen relations with cuba. we'll have reaction to the embassy announcement. grip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place
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2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
united states and cuba have taken a major step forward in ending decades of division. earlier today president obama announced the re-opening of the united states and cuban embassies. >> the progress that we mark today is yet another demonstration that we don't have to be imprisoned by the past. when something isn't working, we can and will change. >> secretary of state john kerry will travel to havana for the opening of the sumpu.s. embassy next month. >> this transition this moment in history is taking place because president obama made a personal, fundamental decision to change a policy that didn't work and that had been in place not working for far too long. i believe that's leadership. and i appreciate that leadership. >> vice president joe biden wrote on twitter, calling the move a game-changer. on the flip side, some of the most outspoken opposition is coming from the gop presidential
2:54 pm
hopefuls. florida senator marco rubio, son of cuban immigrants issued a statement, saying in part as the castro regime has stepped up its repression of the cuban people, the obama administration has continued to look the other way and offer concession after concession. chris christie reacted during a stop in portland maine today. >> i oppose it i think it's a bad decision and i urge congress to do whatever it can do to make sure it doesn't move forward. including funding, yes. >> jeb bush also released a statement. in part, i oppose the decision to further embrace the castro regime by opening an embassy in havana. the united states and cuba have been negotiating since president obama's announcement about restoring ties with cuba. joining me now, ricardo herrero, the executive director of cuba also with us former florida state representative anna revis logan.
2:55 pm
let me ask you first, anna what is the popular thinking in florida about this? is this a big political divider? >> yes and no. it is among the hardliners but we know the hardliners are not going to support president obama on anything he does. however, i'm hearing more and more from the residents of south florida that they want to visit cuba and as a daughter of cuban immigrants, i would like to one day go to cuba. >> president obama planned this. it's on schedule and it's moving forward. a lot of people were in denial this was figure to happen.going to happen. how big a step is this? >> it's a momentous step in the right direction, it takes us away from a 50-year policy of isolation, instead, on a policy to empower the cuban people to increase the flow of contacts resources from the united states to the cuban people and advance
2:56 pm
our interests inside that island. >> is this all about winning over the next generation? the harsh words coming from the republicans kind of mix into that question. what about that? >> yeah well i mean you're seeing the republicans position themselves because they all have a florida primary coming up not too long from now. so to secure the south florida vote among the republican base which is largely elderly cuban americans, they're going to take this position. but what we've seen over the last decade is that a growing number of cuban americans, quite a majority actually including second-generation cuban americans and recently arrived cuban americans, are all in favor of a policy of engagement. they see the value of traveling to the island of increasing the flow of resources to their brothers and sisters down there. and so they are largely supportive of this policy. >> what about the 2016 race? how political are these statements, anna coming from
2:57 pm
the republicans? >> well once again, as rick said, and he's absolutely correct. you know these candidates have to win a primary, and they have to win a republican primary in the state of florida. and the large elderly cuban population are very hardliners. and very few of them have moved towards engagement. however, i'm seeing more and more and more a softening of some of those hardliners and definitely the younger generation, the second and third generation is a completely different ball game. but they don't vote in primaries. they don't get out to vote in primaries. the younger vote is a general election vote. so these candidates are definitely you know kowtowing to the elderly cuban hardliners that will help them win a primary in the state of florida. >> what is futuristic, rick about what the republicans are saying about this opening up the embassy? i mean it's like they can't even fathom the next generation. these younger -- the younger
2:58 pm
demographics are going to really enjoy the benefits of this in the next generation. why can't the republicans just embrace that and realize that this is a generational move? because that's really what it is. >> if any of them wanted to actually show some leadership, they would. but i think they're more concern about the immediate math of the florida primary. so they know that the folks that are going to turn out during the republican base are the elderly cuban cuban americans, the ones that lost everything 50 years ago and maintain very strong emotionally charged positions towards this issue, and they're not going to take into account the younger cuban americans who respect the views of their -- of the generations that came before them, and no way more sympathetic towards the castro regime, but just simply were folks that don't see the old policy getting anywhere. we have been living our entire lives under it and we've seen
2:59 pm
it yield zero results. so i think those candidates, they're not looking to lead they're looking to do whatever it takes to win, and that's what we'll see for the next few months. hopefully after the primary, we'll see some common sense inserted into their discourse over cuban policy. >> as cuba now executive director, have you seen a softening of the hearts of any of the older generation cubans? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i mean, has there been since president obama, has he softened the heart of a lot of these folks in south florida at all? >> absolutely. you see it even within the republican base. you see it in all levels of the cuban exile community. a lot of folks have just come around to realizing that after 50 years of trying one approach that yields no results. it's time to try something new, and they see the value of engagement. they see the value of sitting down and trying to negotiate a better future for the cuban people. so they are supportive of this policy. >> rick herrero, anna revis logan, great to have you with us
3:00 pm
tonight. i appreciate it. i'm all for the embassy in havana, i think it's the right thing do did and it's for the next generation. i'm off to madison, wisconsin, tonight to cover the bernie sanders rally. we'll have a full report tomorrow night on "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. ♪ tonight on "politicsnation," president obama's momentum it's been a historic couple of weeks, and today, another historic step for his legacy. and macy's is the latest company to drop donald trump for his controversial mexican immigrant comment. but the republican party has a problem. he's surging in the polls. and the investigation into that fire at black churches and at the black


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