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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with breaking news. in just the last hour the official all-clear was given at the washington navy yard and that lockdown has been lifted. workers inside are no longer under orders to shelter in place. right now, we are awaiting an update from d.c. officials with the very latest. we'll bring you those comments live. all of this comes after a report of shots fired triggered the massive police response from fbi agents, u.s. marshals, also d.c. metro police. federal officials say a methodical sweep of the yard found no evidence of a shooter or evidence of any shots fired. the initial reports of an active shooter came in just before 8:00 a.m. this morning. it is not clear what sparked that report. our nbc station in washington says investigators have located the person who made the emergency phone call which triggered this massive response.
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this of course is the site of the deadly shooting rampage in september of 2013 that was the second deadliest shooting on a military base carried out by former contractor aaron alexis. since then security at the navy yard has been heightened. nbc's tom costello joins me from right outside the navy yard. also joining me nbc's jim miklaszewski. tom, as we await this news conference, are you hearing anything about how all this started? >> reporter: i think that's a big mystery right now, alex. we heard there was some sort of an initial call to 911 possibly from inside the navy yard itself. that triggered this massive response from all of the area police departments federal, local, as well as fire and rescue response. behind me you can see the police presence has now dramatically come down. they are now starting to pick up and leave. and really the biggest presence down the street closer to the navy yard itself has also
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started to lessen. in fact, if you can pan up the street right there, you'll see there's a s.w.a.t. team vehicle right there. they're also pulling out. that armored vehicle right there that has what looks like a federal insignia on it -- no, it's metropolitan police s.w.a.t. team vehicle. all of this now starting to come down rather dramatically. this started, we're told right about 7:30 in the morning, when that initial call went out. we were over at reagan national airport doing a live shot for the "today" show when we got the call at about 7:40. the initial thought was, not again, because two years ago, i was standing right about here talking about this terrible shooting at the navy yard in which 12 people were killed and eight people were injured. and so this morning, the robust police response involving it looked to me like hundreds of police officers and firefighters and medics responding to the scene. thankfully, after having swept that navy yard facility twice, we're told both the navy and
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also the police say there is no indication there was ever a shooter. >> tom, we're going to get the official word from the mayor of d.c. let's take a listen. >> we are here to give you a report on this morning's incident at the washington navy yard. we want to report that the police were called and asked for assistance by officials at the navy yard. we understand that an employee at the navy yard shortly after 7:29 reported that she may have heard gunshots in the facility. the police officials at the facility sent out the call to law enforcement in the area. our police responded, our police went into the facility with the assistance of our federal partners. at this time there is no evidence of gunshots.
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there is no evidence of a shooter and there's no evidence of any victims today. we look forward to finding out that all of our partners responded as they should have. the chief of police will convene an after action meeting shortly after the incident is cleared to see how everybody responded. i'm very proud of all of the officials that answered the call. we know that there have been a lot of lessons learned from previous incident fatality here at the navy yard. we have found that there has been a clear, coordinated and convincing response to this scene. we are grateful at this point that we have found no shooter, evidence of shooting or any victims. i want to turn it over now to the admiral so that the admiral can describe how navy officials
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responded and the current investigation in the center. and then we will hear from the chief of police -- the metropolitan police department, kathy lanier. >> thank you, mayor. i'm vice admiral dixon smith, navy installations command. i'd like to thank the mayor, d.c. met roar all of our first responders from the federal and metro area. their response was outstanding this morning, very much appreciated. as the mayor said we received the report of an active shooter this morning at 0729. we responded to that and called in assistance from metro d.c. as the mayor stated there's been no signs of a shooter, no shootings and no injuries. the navy yard remains in lockdown and building 197, we're finishing up the final walkthrough right now checking and opening up all of our secured spaces. we expect that to be done within 20 minutes, assuming we find nothing, then we'll open up the navy yard again.
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for the folks that were evacuated out of 197, the humphries building, they went over to our conference center. and based upon the events of a couple of years ago, we have counselors and our chaplains with them now providing the support that they need or desire. i'd like to thank the mayor and the police chief and all the first responders for your quick response this morning. we've learned a lot over the last couple of years. we've exercised hard. we'll review this again to see what went right and what we can continue to improve upon in the future. chief? >> first, a call was placed from inside of building nav-sea command this morning at 7:29. that call once received for possible sound of gunshots was
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immediately taken by the naval district of washington, d.c. and the request for the metropolitan police department and other law enforcement officers to assist with a potential active shooter. our units along with metropolitan -- metropolitan police department along with the united states park police metro transit police ncis united states marshals atf and others capitol police all responded to that request for law enforcement assistance. many of the things we talked about in our after action of the washington navy yard response a couple of years ago went very, very smoothly. officers were immediately able to access the gates and get in. we were having radio communications both in my command center and in the field immediately from the naval district of washington police officers inside of nav-sea command's building.
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within 20 minutes of the first call, i was sitting in unified command with the admiral, police chiefs from the fbi and ncis and other federal law enforcement agencies. in just about the same amount of time the metropolitan police department officers and fbi agents were able to get into and take control of the command booth and access everything we needed in terms of cameras and stuff inside of the building. having spent a lot of time doing the after action from the first incident at the navy yard it appears all the things we tried to correct and make go better from the last incident went very, very well. a very smoothly well-coordinated response here. and very happy that there is -- this turns out to be a great exercise for us to see that we fix what had we wanted to fix and nobody is hurt and no evidence of any shots fired. so at this point, we'll take any questions that you have that we can answer.
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>> this appears to be the ultimate kind of practice drill, spinning it as positively as possible. looking at the analysis and saying it went just as well as could be expected. tom costello, i return to you, what do we know about the woman who was identified by the mayor of d.c. as the person who made that call around 7:30 this morning, hearing shots fired? >> reporter: i think clearly that's going to be the issue that they try to work through here in the next couple of hours. i would also say, i think that both the mayor and the police chief and the admiral touched on the most important points here. that is, they are determined -- they were determined to try to learn from what went wrong at the navy yard shooting two years ago and try to make sure that those mistakes were not repeated. in terms of a coordinated response -- this is a city with so many different police departments operating on different radio frequencies that
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two years ago when they responded to the navy yard shooting they literally couldn't talk to each other on the radio system. there was miscommunication. they pulled back officers when in fact they should have sent the officers in. there was a widely accepted report that there were a lot of mistakes made on that navy yard shooting two years ago and they needed to make significant corrections. what you heard the chief there say was that they have made significant corrections and that this was a very good exercise to put all of that to the test. it will be interesting to see, though, if there's an outside look, an outside look to see whether in fact it did go that well, whether the communications issues were refined and whether they had a much better coordinated tactical response this time. but from the admiral's point of view and from the police chief's point of view, that is exactly what happened. thankfully no shooter today. nobody injured. how this all went down and how was there miscommunication? we don't know the answer to that right now. >> at least all is well that
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ends well in this particular case. certainly the different scenario than it was on september 16th of 2013. tom costello, many thanks for that. developing now as we head into the july 4th holiday weekend, federal authorities are sounding the alarm about the potential for terrorist attacks inspired by islamic extremists. while authorities say there's no specific threat law enforcement agencies nationwide are on heightened alert amid calls by isis for its followers to launch spectacular attacks by any means they have at hand. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is joining us now from washington. pete, with a welcome, it certainly feels like there's a stronger sense of urgency to these alarms than in recent past over the jowl 4th holiday. >> reporter: what you saw at the washington navy yard points out a couple of things. number one, this is what officials have been saying people should do. if they see anything suspicious let the authorities know. that's what happened here. someone heard what they thought were gunshots and made a phone call. the second thing is you saw this massive response of police
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partly because there are so many nearby partly because of the history of the shooting at the maef yard navy yard two years ago. but also the possibility of isis-inspired attacks as we head into the fourth of july holiday. new york's getting fireworks ready for america's birthday. washington, d.c. is preparing for the huge celebration on the national mall. all of it amid heightened fears of home-grown terrorism inspired by relentless calls attacks from isis social media, folking on the july 4th period and the muslim holy days of ramadan which coincide. >> it's not a particular threat but driven by the unfolding world events. >> reporter: just last week an isis leader called for attacks.
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and young westerners are being recruited. here in washington security will be more visible on the fourth and bulletins warn police nationwide that isis called for attacks on law enforcement, government employees, sporting events and other big public gatherings. >> you can rest assured that we have concentric circles of security. it will be well patrolled and well monitored. >> reporter: savannah guthrie got a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on in new york. >> what's your message to new yorkers? >> we want to assure them they can come and enjoy the fireworks and celebrate the country and be secure and confident in the police department. >> reporter: elsewhere, police are urging fireworks dealers to report unusually large purchases that could signal plans to build a bomb. and the fbi is stepping up arrests of people who have been under surveillance for months suspected of plotting attacks here. ten picked up in the past two
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weeks. and from all government agencies the same message as we head into the holidays come to the parties, enjoy yourself. but be aware and if you see something, say something, which of course is exactly what happened this morning at the navy yard. >> absolutely. emboldened in my mind, see something, say something. thank you for that reminder, pete williams. let's bring in democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas, a member of the house homeland security committee. welcome, ma'am. nice to see you. i just want to ask the question are you aware in your position there of any specific threats? >>. >> first of all, good morning, alex. i think the first comment i'd like to make for the world to see is we are prepared. the alleged shooting or the call of a shooting in the washington navy yard and the exhibition of the collaboration of law enforcement is the perfect statement to make to lone offenders or to make to americans that we are prepared.
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alex there is no specific credible intelligence for any imminent activity over this weekend. however, all of our major cities and others law enforcement and others that collaborate on these issues of security are prepared. and i think that's really what the message is today. that we recognize that lone offenders exist. we recognize the chatter that has been going on for a very long time. in fact fbi director comey months ago said there is an isis threat in almost 50 states. we know they exist and we know there are copycats. but the real point is to tell the american people that we are collectively and collaboratively prepared. they can communicate with each other. and they can feel safe and secure in their attending of celebrating the nation's birthday. they don't have to go out defiantly like we're going out standing up the against the threats.
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they can go out safely and securely with their families. >> given the rise of isis over the last year and their ability to effectively communicate via social media do you have more concerns about an organized potential attack by an isis or an al qaeda or someone who's merely inspired? and isn't that more difficult to track? >> you're absolutely right. over the past two weeks, we've been in a number of security briefings. yesterday i was in a briefing at a certain level here in houston, texas, just to be able to get a sense of how we were working together. but there is no doubt that the new offender in this process of terrorism or domestic terrorism is the internet. and it is also the lone offender or the lone wolf that many know it to be and they can self-radicalize themselves. they can speak internationally and they can get the spirit and inspiration that comes when you
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feel that you have a cause that is more superior than life and anything else. we have to be prepared and we are. we are constantly seeking new ways of dealing with this technological threat using new technology. we constantly seek to be in front of the offender. but i think the word should go out that americans are safe to celebrate. they can rely upon law enforcement not being singularly acting without the reach of intelligence resources that reach as far as washington, d.c. that's a new component to being able to secure local communities is that the intelligence sharing is at the highest level. that, i'm very comforted by. and i think that's going to be very helpful from los angeles to new york from houston to chicago and places beyond in terms of this coming weekend and beyond this weekend. >> safe to celebrate is the key there. that extends to our elected officials. i hope you have a lovely fourth of july. thank you so much.
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>> thank you, alex. happy fourth to all of america. celebrate the fourth of july. happy birthday. >> indeed. thank you. developing now, a freight train derailment in tennessee forced more than 5,000 people to evacuate an area outside of knoxville because that train carried highly flammable and toxic gas. the evacuation could be in place for up to two days. it occurred within a two-mile radius of the derailment. still ahead as we head into the july 4th weekend, safety concerns at the beach after another shark attack in north carolina. it is the 24th attack this year in the nation. we're live with what officials are telling swimmers. plus -- >> in case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people here. tonight, we have made a little bit of history. >> lots of people. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders drawing the biggest crowd of any 2016 candidate yet. in today's first read should hillary clinton be concerned?
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to north carolina now and yet another scary shark attack. the seventh such attack there in three weeks. a 68-year-old man was bit several times while swimming in waist-deep water just 30 feet from shore in north carolina. he was treated at the scene then transported to a local hospital. we are now hearing from the 12-year-old victim of another shark attack tuesday, this one in south carolina. tyson weekley says he's doing okay.
8:23 am
>> i turned around and saw the shark's fin swimming away. i wondered if i was going to get bit again by a shark. but i think i'm fine with getting back in the ocean. >> he's pretty brave. most of those recent attacks happened in shallow water and with the fourth of july just around the corner beachgoers wonder if it's safe to take a swim. sarah dallof is in north carolina. with a welcome to you, first of all, can you give us an update on the latest victim his condition and what officials are saying about anything people can do to help protect themselves? >> reporter: yeah those are great questions, alex. 68-year-old andrew costello is in fair condition at a hospital on the mainland. he suffered bites to his leg, his torso, hip and both of his hands. amazingly, he was able to get himself to shore where witnesses say he emerged pretty pale and obviously very shaken and stunned by what had happened. he is expected to be okay.
8:24 am
meanwhile, officials issuing a warning to the throngs of people coming down here to celebrate the fourth of july weekend. they're saying you need to pay attention when you're in the water, avoid swimming at dusk or dawn keep a careful eye to stay away from fishermen or any birds sweeping down to feed. that indicates sharks could also be trying to feed there. and they say little things, too. remember to take off your watch, any bracelets or jewelry that will be under water. those might look like fish scales to a shark. >> that makes very good sense. that's all very practical advice to be heeded. but how about the numbers here seven attacks, three weeks? are they offering any explanation as to why it seems like there are so many attacks this season? >> reporter: they're calling it the perfect storm. a variety of factors all coming together that they think are contributing to this spike in shark bites. the water is a perfect 80 degrees. they've spotted herring and sea
8:25 am
turtles close to land that's bringing the sharks in to feed. and they say the salt content of the water is high this year due to a dry year. and that also brings the sharks closer to land and closer to swimmers. >> nbc's sarah dallof, great information from north carolina. thanks so much. developing now, the monthly jobs report is out showing the nation's unemployment rate is down. but it's not all good news. we're going to break down the numbers for you. and the episcopal church makes major changes in its stance on marriage. woah woah marge... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance and we both feel integrity such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you.
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? developing now, more solid job growth in june. the monthly jobs report released by the labor department this morning shows employers added 223,000 jobs last month, slightly fewer than expected. the nation's unemployment rate dropped 0.2% to 5.3% the lowest
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level in seven years. but that is martelly because many people gave um looking for work. let's look at wall street's reaction. everything is down across the board. 20 and change down on the dow p. joining me now, ron insana. it's a good report not spectacular, though, in terms of the numbers of june. but nearly 500,000 also gave up looking for work. in addition as we were checking those numbers for april and may, 60,000 fewer jobs were created than originally reported. add it all up what do the numbers tell you? >> the economy may not be accelerating as well as people hoped. it's strong enough to be consistent with 2.5% maybe 3.0% economic growth if some of the other data would accelerate in housing and manufacturing. but it's just soft enough that
8:30 am
it raises a question as to whether or not the federal reserve needs to start raising interest rates anytime soon. so i would kind of rule out the market response today. we're going into a long holiday weekend. you've got the greek referendum on sunday. the chinese market was down last night. there are other factors thatfor people to keep their wallet on their hip today. >> you mentioned wallets. in terms of hitting home for those who are working, only tepid wage growth over the past year. how big of a problem is that for the overall economy? >> it's something that janet yellen, the chair of the fed, and the entire federal reserve is keeping an eye on. they would like to see wage growth accelerate and distribute the gains from this economic recovery, however you want to characterize it more broadly across the spectrum. and that hasn't been happening. wage inflation is virtually nonexistent. running north of 2.0% annual
8:31 am
rate. when we see general inflation relatively subdued, the employment mandate that the fed has for maximum sustainable employment is being met almost but the inflation mandates are not. so it leaves the fed in a difficult situation having hinted it would like to raise rates this year. it's still not getting all of the metrics it needs to do so. >> let's take a look at where the jobs are. if we look at professional and business services, those up about 64,000. health care up 40,000. but construction, zero jobs added, any surprise in those numbers? >> with construction, we're hearing from homebuilders that there's a pick-up in activity. so those data might be a little off and could be revised upwards. housing starts are picking up a little bit building percentages, permits to start construction on housing in the future, have gone up in recent months. so that number might start to accelerate if interest rates and mortgage rates have gone up
8:32 am
recently, if that starts to kind of bake into the equation people might accelerate their purchases to avoid a rapid rise in mortgage rates. so we could see more action down the road there. but because housing was the area where we had the biggest bubble in the most recent recovery and boom and then the biggest bust it's been very, very slow to recover. but there is a shortage of supply of available housing. so that could be good news and better news down the road. >> i'm curious if there's a relationship between stocks being a little bit lower today and the referendum in greece on sunday. what is the relationship there? >> with relationship i think, given that the market is treading water here after having bounced yesterday is that nobody really wants to be too exposed to equities going into a long weekend where you've got china trading tonight, it's down about 23% in two weeks. people are keeping an eye on that. while it looks like the greek people will vote to accept the creditor terms from the european union that have been proposed the yes votes seem to be out front right now.
8:33 am
anything can happen. if they were to vote no it would be a referendum on whether or not they want to stay in the european union. i don't think anybody wants to be exposed to the markets where they can't trade and have a surprise over the weekend that leaves them in a bad position monday morning. >> and the poor greek people how long can they exist on 60 bucks a day cash out of your atms and that's it. that's the max. >> and they're in a depression. their unemployment rate is 26%. their gdp has contracted by 26%. this is the type of number we saw in the 1930s in the united states. they need help desperately. i'm not sure necessarily that more austerity is going to do them any good. but bailout funds would be critical here. >> ron, as always, many thanks. coming up as we head into the holiday weekend, keeping an eye on severe weather. this tornado video coming from missouri. we'll zero in on the biggest threat straight ahead for you. plus the draft biden moment is gaining steam. will vice president joe biden get into the race for 2016?
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original. or one of our new veggie blends. all 60 calories or less. our first read on political this is morning. bernie sanders draws the biggest crowd of any 2016 candidate yet. but hillary clinton is certainly leading the money race. her complain has raised more first-quarter cash than any presidential campaign in history. and speculation is building that vice president joe biden could soon join the race for the democratic nomination. the vice president is now in second place behind clinton in the latest national poll. joining me now, carrie dann. with a welcome to you, let's start with bernie sanders. not many political watchers are giving him a chance against the juggernaut that is hillary clinton. but there are at least 10,000 people in madison, wisconsin, who disagree with that. >> that's right. the biggest crowd we've seen for any candidate so far and
8:38 am
something that bernie sanders pointed out in his remarks yesterday. sanders has sort of become the vessel for the same wing of the democratic party that wanted elizabeth warren to run. so you are seeing a lot of enthusiasm. i think it's worth noting though, this event in madison, wisconsin, is a college town, a very progressive area. that's sort of the crowd that bernie sanders is reaching out to and the one where he's really getting a lot of enthusiasm. he doesn't have the coalition that hillary clinton has. and i think that as much as these headlines seem to be a little bit of a warning to hillary clinton, the person who might be hurt the most by bernie sanders' little mini surge here is martin o'malley another person who wants to position himself as an alternative to hillary clinton. right now, sanders is occupying that spot. >> absolutely. let's talk about hillary clinton right now in terms of the money because her campaign is breaking records. announcing it has raised an impressive $45 million since she launched her campaign. is she going to spend all that
8:39 am
money in the democratic primary? does she have to? >> this money is allocated for the primaries. these are the same donors she can go back to if she's the nominee in the general election. the clinton campaign boasted yesterday that 91% of those donations were under $100. they're pointing to that as a sign of grassroots support. as we see the numbers in the coming days we'll be able to compare it a little bit as to how much money she raised versus her other democratic rivals and how much republicans have raised as well. >> let's talk about vice president joe biden. he's not signaled his intentions. but the poll puts him in second place behind hillary clinton, still trailing significantly by 40-plus points. and there's the growing draft biden super pac online that's garnered over 90,000 signatures. what is your take? is there anything to read indicating whether he's going to run? >> there was also some reporting earlier this week that biden's sons, beau and hunter beau who tragically died last month from brain cancer urged their father
8:40 am
to run and that might be something he's taking into account. democrats really like joe biden. even in recent days with the same-sex marriage decision from the supreme court, they're looking at biden as somebody from the administration who advocated for that. if you look nationwide especially if you look at polling nationwide and if you look at the structural advantages that hillary clinton has built up whether it's fund-raising or endorsements more than 30 democratic senators are already saying they're backing hillary clinton. >> carrie dann thank you for the updates. still ahead, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting at a popular tourist spot. it's a story we're updating around the "news nation" for you. plus, bp has announced it will pay out some $20 billion to settle claims from that massive oil spill in the gulf. but first, there's a lot going on this morning and here are some things we should thought you should know. in about four months same-sex couples can get married in the episcopalian church. the church gave the green lights
8:41 am
for its bishops to perform those ceremonies after november 1st but no member of the episcopalian clergy can be forced to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. and the aloha state is saying good-bye to plastic bags in grocery stores. retailers can't give customers plastic bags at the grocery store. have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. we're following breaking news right now. a united express jet has been diverted to port columbus ohio because of an unruly passenger. this is according to airport officials. this is a live look at what's going on on the tarmac. the passenger is reportedly making threatening comments. police are on the scene there. some air traffic in the area has been delayed. safe landing. this information coming to us from our affiliate there, wcmh. we'll bring the details to you as we get more info. as we head into the weekend,
8:45 am
you're wondering about the weather. parts of missouri are recovering from severe weather overnight. this is amazing video of a tornado that hit the town of lees summit, missouri just south of kansas city. look at that twister picking up the debris from the roof of the building that thankfully didn't have any reports of injuries from anybody inside. the question now, is more severe weather in the forecast for the holiday weekend for all of us? let's go to dominica davis who joins us. what's it looking like? >> stormy through the nation's midsection. the pattern we're seeing is this stalled-out front making for showers and thunderstorms through the ohio valley this morning. this set-up is going to persist through the next couple of days. what you see today in terms of severe weather is what we're going to get through much of the holiday weekend. today's severe threat affecting over 14 million people. this will go from the southern plains all the way into the lower ohio valley. tornadoes not a major threat but
8:46 am
certainly flash flooding will be a big threat as we've been seeing that through parts of missouri. today's forecast is showing that heat still raging to the west. that's something we're going to also see for the next couple of days. so it stays hot out to the west through the weekend and stormy through the nation's midsection as we head through the fourth of july and off to the southeast. and unfortunately that pattern will continue right through sunday as well. back to you. >> thanks. up next a grocery store experiment that is seeing huge success by offering seriously deep discounteded. you will not believe the numbers. it's today's born in the usa. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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♪ developing now, funeral services are under way for the last of the nine victims of the emanuel ame church shooting in charleston, south carolina. the reverend daniel simmons, an army veteran, he was a minister at several ame churches in the state. he was 74 years old. the shooting death of a
8:50 am
tourist in san francisco tops our look at stories around the "news nation" this morning. police are investigating the shooting at the city's embarcadero district. it appears to be a caused the death of a 31-year-old woman visiting san francisco with her family. police have a person in custody matching a description of the suspect. oil giant bp and five gulf states announced a settlement of nearly $19 billion for claims stemming from bp's oil spill back in 2010. those states are florida, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, and texas. a federal court still has to approve this settlement. a heartache of a play took place in the women's world club with the scored tied at 1-1 between england and japan. england tried to clear the ball but instead scored a goal in her own net. instead, look at that. shah gave japan the game. japan faces the u.s. in the final on sunday. and there's a new name for our iconic building here at 30 rockefeller center in new york city. it's now called the comcast
8:51 am
building. the rooftop signs at the comcast logo and nbc peacock replaced the ge initials. comcast is the parent company of nbc news and msnbc. it is time for the "newsnation" gut check. twitter going crazy after "the new york times" posted a recipe for guacamole that includes spring peas calling it a, quote, rad kol move that is also completely obvious after you taste it. president obama even weighing in when asked about it during a twitter chat saying shs quote, respect "the new york times" but not buying peas and guac on johns, garlic at peppers, classic. jeb bush seemed to agree. he tweeted quote, you don't put peas in guacamole. what does your gut tell you? would you add fresh peas to your guacamole? vote on clearly this holiday weekend question for all of you. it is time for continuing series on "newsnation." born in the usa where we highlight american entrepreneurs
8:52 am
and their successful businesses. today we feature a new grocery store which has found a way to offer deep discounts at time when one in seven americans don't get enough to eat. daily table opened a month ago in boston's working class dorchester they door hood. it became an instant success. it's a brain child of former long time president of trader joe's who helped turn that chain into a national phenomenon. doug is joining us now from boston. with a big welcome to you, doug. wabt to ask you first the inspiration here addressing the two big problems presumably hunger and food wastes. how does this work at daily table? >> at daily table what we're really all about is getting great tasting food in a wonderful warm environment at prices that everyone can afford because that's really the key, is affordable nutrition. and this really started just out of a recognition at hunger in america isn't a shortage of calories for most of those one in seven, it is the
8:53 am
unaffordability of the foods they should be eating foods that are really healthy and nutritious. >> okay. first of all where do you get this food that you are able to turn it around at such an inexpensive price? >> we get it from a lot of sources. we get it from everything from going out literally gleaning in farms, a product that was too large, the carrots were a little crooked, wouldn't go in the bag, too large like lettuce that's outgrown size. produce markets at the end of the day, sometimes there's bananas a stage two ripe almost yellow. just to be clear, not banana bread bananas. bananas almost ready to eat but not quite but by the time it got through distribution chain for the average grocer they would be too ripe. so we take those products. we also end up buying product at special prices that is you know excess inventory, overstock, all perfectly good wholesome, healthy product.
8:54 am
>> we've been showing the price tags that you have in terms of the signage listen daily table. i have to admit when i read about this wait we're missing some digit or numbers here because you talk about these bananas that are good to go and eat right away. 29 cents a pound for those. $1.29 for a dozen eggs. 79 cents for a box of cereal. 50 cents for a can of tuna. are you going to make any money here? >> well, you know we're non-profit. we're really focused on getting affordable nutrition to 49 million americans that are struggling right now. because they're struggling they're facing a number of major health issues. and so this is really about getting access to affordable nutrition. our goal the holy grail for us will be to break even. you know as a non-profit we don't have shareholders that we're looking to return a profit to. we're just trying to deliver on a mission. >> i understand no chips, no soda, things like that. you take a lot of fresh foods,
8:55 am
doug, and you are creating ready to eat meals like pick up that day, eat them that day. is that where you've found success? >> yes, close to 60% of sales is freshly prepared on-site by a wonderful executive chef and team that have created some delicious tasting product, all from fresh ingredients. and offer those as grab and go meals because, you know as we all know, most of us in america don't have time. and as you move down the economic ladder it's even more pressure. and so what we've learned from the community is give us meals that are ready to grab and go. we can take home walk in and in three minutes we've got dinner ready for our family. that's the biggest support you can give us. >> wow. i'm sure the folks in dorchester are pleased with your presence there. i hope you open some more stores. great business model and great social experiment. doug thanks so much. good luck. >> thank you much. that does it for me and this edition of "newsnation." i'm alex witt. see you right back here tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.
8:56 am
then again at noon eastern time. actually that's saturday and sunday we've got to get through friday first. up next, kristen hosts "andrea mitchell reports." american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked? american express' timeless safety and security
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there does not appear to have ever been shots fired and no indication anybody was in any way injured. >> a lot of people running for the exits. running for shelter. a lot of -- a little bit of confusion. >> thankfully now appears to be a false alarm. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," high alert. a tense morning at the washington navy yard as police around the country take heed of the warning to be vigilant around this fourth of july weekend. good day to you. i'm kristen welker in washington. andrea mitchell continues to cover the iran nuclear talks in vienna. first, a breaking news here in washington where there was a scare at the navy yard this morning with the country already on edge following a fourth of july terror warning from the fbi and department of homeland security. police and s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the navy yard around
9:00 am
7:30 this morning after a call made from inside the facility reporting possible gunshots heard. the navy yard was placed in lock down after they conducted two security sweeps but found no evidence of a shooting or injuries. all clear was given less than three hours later. >> i think we operate here in washington, d.c. that there is an elevated threat level at all times. we never level our threat level in terms of our posture and we're aware of, you know the discussion and chatter is around the fourth of july events and all those threats and we take those into account. we change our tactics up for different events but we never lower our posture. we always maintain a very high posture. >> join meging me now the navy yard is tom costello and pete williams. tom, i want to start with you. official just held that news conference. what's the latest on what turned out to be a false alarm? >> reporter: well, it's all clear here. in fact, i'm


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