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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 2, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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d.c.'s police chief both then and now. here's how she said it played out. >> the person who made the call heard what she thought may have been gunshots and she made a call, which is what employees here are trained to do. we have no concerns that this was a hoax whatsoever. >> nbc's tom costello has been following this story from washington, d.c. tom, what's the latest on the situation? what do we know about the caller? >> thomas i just got back from the scene. having left there at about 12:20 or so. it is now completely free. the streets are now open to all traffic. police have left the scene. and everybody has been given the all clear. the caller at about 7:29 in the morning reported she thought she might have heard what sounded like gunshots inside the navy yard. in fact, inside the same building that was the scene of the shooting back in 2013. that shooting as you may recall killed 12 and injured 8. so her call to the local security office within the navy yard prompted an immediate call to metro police here in washington and then that
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resulted in an emergency dispatch if you will in which metro police called for a citywide response which is typical in this kind of situation, certainly typical if you had a report of shots fired at the navy yard where there's already been one mass shooting. the response was incredibly robust. homeland -- various police departments within homeland security military police atf, as well as d.c. fire and emf. we saw multiple ambulances roll in to the scene but none were needed. d.c. fire and ems saying they never had to transport or treat anyone. and then as the morning progressed we heard from the police department the fact that there was no shooter and nobody was injured. so it was a very busy morning, tense morning, but thankfully as we now head into the fourth of july weekend it turned out to be a false alarm. >> we know that homeland security secretary jay johnson put out that memo. >> thomas i'm sorry. producer in my ear and they just
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over rode you. can you say it again? >> they probably told me to wrap and i haven't even asked my question. that's how we start this show. but jay johnson, homeland security secretary, put out a home moteling people if you see something, say something. >> i think that's exactly -- and, listen that is exactly what the mantra is across the united states. but probably no more so than a new york city and in washington, d.c. these two cities always on this heightened state of alert. the police chief here in washington making the point this person did what she should have done. if she thought she heard something suspicious contact local police or local security and she did just that. all of this is happening as tensions are already high over worries about isis-inspired attack over the weekend. that's in part because this year the fourth of july and the muslim holy days of ramadan coinciding. there have been relentless calls for attacks on isis social media
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as a result. last weekend isis leader called for jihadists to make ramadan a month of calamity for infidels. he got a look at how cities like new york are preparing for this weekend. >> what's your message to somebody who wants to come out to new york and watch the fireworks? >> we want to assure them they can come and celebrate the country and be secure and confident in the police department and the other agencies that are going to police this event. >> pete williams is nbc news justice correspondent and he joins us now. pete, is this really different than any other year? how are authorities saying that they feel it's different? >> they are you're right, there's always increased security around the fourth for a couple of reasons. one is it's symbolic and it's ternting. secondly there are big crowds. but this year is a little ircht the because authorities have been quite open about saying that isis social media has had these repeated calls for attacks during ramadan, which coincides
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with the fourth this year and also attacks on people in uniform, government employee sporting events large crowds. so you put that all together and that kind of increases the level of concern about this time of year. the message that you mentioned from this homeland security secretary has been the same. we hear this familiar message and, once again, they're saying it with a little more enthusiasm this year. go to the events. be confident they're well protected but be alert. if you see something that you think is suspicious, don't think twice. tell the authorities. >> pete how are investigators authorities saying that social media is something that they're looking -- a flurry of activity as we were reporting on because of the fact that we are seeing the fourth of july coincide with ramadan holidays? >> well, two things about that. one is that in the last six months they say isis has really sort of changed its focus to drill in to younger people people under 25 especially
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people under 21 even folks who are under 18 juveniles, to try to get them involved to try to reach out to them and they just are relentless about it. they pour these social media messages out. that's the first thing. and the second thing is they candidly thomas, we have heard about this concern over the last couple of weeks. it's sort of -- the concern level kind of rises and falls as different dead lynnlines suggested by isis attacks come and go. we've already passed a couple of these. july 4th is the next one. >> pete williams pete great to see youkser, sir. united express fright flight diverted due to an unruly passenger and someone said to be threatening. it was flying from st. louis to washington, d.c. when it made the landing. the crusade the passenger made threatening comments though the nature of the threat has not been revealed. the plane was taken to an isolated area.
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police then responding to the scene. donald trump is feeling the heat once again today over his controversial campaign remarks on mexican immigrantses. add serta mattress company to the list of companies severing business ties while the pga and lpga and other groups are distancing themselves from trump as well. de blasio is considering the city's concession contracts with trump after calling his remarks disgusting. good news for trump, the reelz channel will air the upcoming usa pageant. that was dropped by msnbc's part company nbc yun universal. they ended business ties with the presidential hopeful. despite all the pressure the donald remains defiant as ever. >> people can't handle pressure. that's what they did. they did a total fold. that's okay with me. it's okay with me. it's a very small business. let mem do what they want to do. macy's was unable to handle pressure. they folded like dogs.
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>> jane tim is joining me live with the latest. we have jeb bush coming out with a statement talking about trump's view on immigrants calling it wrong. >> absolutely. this is what trump is doing. he's making other republicans have to answer to some of this crazier and more offensive remarks. the gop would like to avoid this. when we think of trump as real estate mogul, it's his name that seems to be one of his biggest assets. financial disclosure form he released when he was rupping for president said $3.3 billion of his assets come from these brand licensing deals. that's everything from the macy's, you know, success by trump perfume to the mattresses to the buildings that lease out his name so they can have trump's seal of approval. this is a very lucrative strid and one most susceptible to public opinion. they are not going to want to be associated with a brand that's political and controversial. we've already seen flo rida pull out, emmitt smith is out.
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a lot of people don't want to be involved with this guy right now. >> a lot of fall out certainly. as we look at what it means politically versus business jane, we've got trump now maybe in trouble with mayor bill de blasio as they review the concessions. what does that mean? >> the tracts they're talking about is the ice rink town golf course in the bronx, a couple of things like that. and basically it's saying that, you know you could indeed losemoney. the very thing that put trump on the national stage, business prowess, hard negotiator business, it might be the thing that hurts the most in his presidential bid. >> great to see you, jane. developing news in that devastating and deadly gulf oil spill from back in 2010. we've got five states reached this huge $19 billion settlement with oil company bp. florida, alabama, mississippi, texas, and louisiana all were deeply impacted by the deep water horizon mishap. you will remember these iconic images, the pictures of the deep water horizon oil rig on fire in
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april of 2010. 11 workers were killed in the initial explosion and around 134 million gallons of oil were spilled. that left more than 7,000 animals dead and a massive response along the coastline for so many states impacted. a reporter for msnbc, host of "greenhouse on shift" on msnbc. and tony let's talk about the massive settlement. enough to fix the environmental issues or not? >> some of these issues are not fixable at all. it is a big settlement but it's not as big as it could have been. the justice department argued that bp should be on the hook for $13.7 billion on the cleann this deal, they got that knocked down to $5.5 billion. a major win in many records for bp. so explain how much money was poured in to the initial resource the response. do we have a figure. >> bp is going to spend $40 billion overall on cleaning all the shorelines, paying the victim compensating businesses
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which is a huge sum. but what's interesting is they were able to predict it one or two years after the incident. they knew it just became an accounting problem for them. they put it down on a piece of paper and now they hit their marks. they fought tooth and nail in the courts and hit their marks. of course on the news of this settlement their stock price goes up. they're moving in the future. more drilling baby. >> what does it mean for policy shift, how the deep water rigs are policed, operated maintained? >> it's already had a big impact there. the obama administration rolled out more stringent rules, proposed rules to make sure this doesn't happen again. but some people say it's like drunk driving. you have to ban it out right. you can't be drilling in sensitive areas out all. it's morally not okay. that's somewhat of an extreme position but there are people who hold that. with the atlantic opening up under obama's next recommendation for more drill drilling, it matters that we fix the potential fallout. >> fix it now. tony thank you so much. be sure to watch "greenhouse" on
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thursdays. coming up next is this the summer of sharks? we take you live to the outer banks after an alarming surge in open water attacks. we're going to ask experts if it's safe to go into the water. plus dramatic shootout at a new mexico hotel makes headline news. find out how a former cnn anchor turned private eye survived an attempted robbery gone terribly wrong. on a lighter note. holy guacamole. "new york times" recipe suggesting adding peas to the classic dish. it's our bing pulse question for you today. we're in the holiday mood. should ga uk molly be made with peas? i'm getting a no from don. you're saying no. no. all right. but feel free. it's a democracy about guacamole here. tell us what you think at we're going tva chef and recipe's author right here live to do a food test on guacamole. tony, we'll let you have some, too. ♪ your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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thousands of people descend on beaches across the country this holiday weekend, beachgoers in north carolina are on high alert after a 68-year-old man swimming in waist deep water was attacked yesterday. that means there have now been seven confirmed shark attacks at north carolina beaches in just three weeks. one witness says the attack put him on the edge. >> i was freaking out, hoping he was all right. hoping his family is okay. >> then in south carolina a 12-year-old was bitten while swimming off the isle of palms. required eight stitches to close up the wound. >> i like turned around and saw the shark's fin like swimming away. i couldn't really crawl anymore. >> msnbc sarah is live for news oak island north carolina. how are people reacting to this
10:16 am
latest story, this latest attack and what they say it's going do to their weekend plans? >> reporter: well, it's definitely what everybody is talking about, come mass. but it depends who you ask, how they are reacting to it. there is on one hand a group of people that know statistically your chances of getting bitten by a shark are less than getting hit by lightning. they're saying they're going to go in the water no matter what. on the other hand you've got people being much more cautious. you know statistics forget about them. you've got seven attacks in a month. and people are concerned. now, officials right now gearing up for this holiday weekend. it's going to be one of the biggest tourism weekends here. they want everybody to be safe. they're not planning to close any of the peaches. they're asking people to pay attention, use their best judgment when they're going in the water. don't go swimming between dusk and dawn. avoid area where's people are fishing or you see birds swooping down to feed. and they say little things like remembering to take off your watch, any jewelry you might have that's going to be underwater because those items might look like a fish's scales
10:17 am
to a shark. >> lit catch their eye. msnbc sarah dallof. thank you. bring in jeff wildlife biologist and host of "oceans mysteries" on abc. is this an ocean mystery, what's happening off the carolina coastline, or can we just say that this is a unique coincidence? >> hey there thomas. well, it's sort of unique coincidence. shark attacks do happen around the world, but again, as you alluded to the percentage is so low, one out of 11 million people are ever in their lives having a negative encounter with the shark. and there's a number of things that we can do in our lives when we're in shark waters to dramatically reduce already that remote chance of being attacked by a shark. >> if we've got the ten attacks off the coast of north and south carolina. certainly certainly there are people concerned about going in the water. the beach rest not going to be closed. what are recommendations for people who want to swim, want to
10:18 am
feel good about it? what would you say? >> there are a number of things you can do. you guys touched on some of those points. you should avoid the waters between the sun rise and sun sket where it's murky, where it's dark where something in the water could have a mistaken identity encounter with you. you want to avoid swimming in shark water or places where sharks frequent. after rainstorm, again, mercking it up create that turbulence. in a place where there's swells of bait where people are fishing, or during times of the year where sharks come together and reproduce. these are critical times for sharks. this is the region where these animals pup. this is their nursery sites. there are also a lot of food in the area. baby sea turtles and baby birds. it's new life and sharks capitalize on that and unfortunately sometimes hue maps get stuck in the food chain. >> are certain parts of us the humans that are out there that are doing things to attract these attacks that i'm talking
10:19 am
about overfishing the waters? >> well, in this part of the world shark populations are pretty stable. the species of sharks causing this which are for the most part a bull sharks are very successful species of fish. so i would say that in this part of the world that's not the case. around the world is a different scenario. sharks are farm more in trouble from us than we are of them, thomas. sharks have been reduced by 90% around the world. these are species that are time tested. they've been on our planet for hundreds of millions of years. we will likely lose a number of shark species within this century due to overfishing, pollution, and destruction of our ocean eco systems. but when you're in the water, the other thing you can remember, which is i think kind of freaks people out, is when you're swimming no matter where you are in the world, if it's saltwater, you are likely not more than 100 yards away from a swimming shark. so that tells you how close you are to sharks all the time and
10:20 am
they're really not doing anything. >> i'm not going back in the water. pools, going to go to the pool jeff. that's what i'm going the do this weekend. wildlife -- >> don't wear that flash in watch. >> cuff links, too. jeff corwin thank you. when we come back, a would be robber picks the wrong couple to mess with at a new mexico motel. plus, are airlines in a hoots to keep ticket prices sky high? a new government investigation is i trooing to find out. details. and in south carolina there are still questions about what caused a fire tuesday night. investigators working to determine the cause. in an interview with msnbc's craig melvin governor nikki haley says arson is not suspected. >> more lightning strikes and one of them hit the steeple of the church. and so it burned from the top down. >> the governor's statement is consistent with initial assessments from investigators but the local fire chief contradicting the governor's claim. samples taken from the scene have been sent to crime labs and
10:21 am
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see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. two journalists known for delivering the news find themselves making headline news. today after a deadly shootout at a new mexico motel. erica hill joins me now with the dramatic details. >> eye opening. it is dramatic. great way to describe it. former cnn anchor lin russell and her husband were celebrating their upcoming first wedding anniversary with a road trip when a would be robber held them up at gun point. not knowing he was messing with the wrong couple. chaos outside a motel 6 in albuquerque. the aftermath of a late night shootout. and in the middle of it all, a familiar face from cable news. >> thank you for sharing your evening. >> lynne russell was an anchor on cnn headline news from 1983 to 200012001. her husband also a former
10:25 am
journalist. >> this is chuck decare ro. >> late tuesday night lynne left their room to go to her car when she was confronted by a gunman. >> he had a .40 caliber big shiny silver handgun. >> reporter: what the man didn't snow is lynne is a private investigator and two-time black belt. her husband chuck has a long background in the military including special forces. >> we both have concealed carry permits. >> reporter: as lynne and the gunman entered the no tell room chuck stepped out in front of the couple's handguns lying on the bedside table next to lynne's purse. lynne moved toward the purse acting like he was looking for money, instead, slipping one of her guns in the purse. >> i took my purse and handed it to my husband and said do we have anything in here we can give him chuck said oh, yes, there is. the gunman began shooting at
10:26 am
chuck and he returned fire. took three bullets himself. >> i want to say i'm very proud of my husband. he is my hero. he saved my life. >> albuquerque police they sar initial investigation confirms lynne and chuck's story. the two handguns were legal as she said. lynne and chuck were married in italy last july fourth. this year they will be spending their first anniversary in the hospital recovering. one thing she said to us on the phone is how it's so important that even though they have these permits for the guns that people know how to use them and not react too quickly and well trained. she wanted to stress that. >> lynne is experienced, background we recognize the studios there from cnn. >> yes, we do. >> from our old day there's. but that is amazing. thankfully they are okay. >> yeah. >> nbc's erica hill. coming up next sweeping new security measures at the prison where richard matt and david sweat sawed their way to freedom. plus, bernie sanders telling his reporters to think big, and they delivered. why the vermont senator's long
10:27 am
shot campaign just got real. and pass the peas. still ahead, results of our bing pulse question today should guacamole be made with peas. erica? >> i'm all for adding vegetables for things. i love green vegetables. >> you've got to hide them from the boys. >> my kids eat kale thomas. only raw. they don't like it cooked. >> these are special young men you're raising. go to to cast your vote. we will try to get erica to stick around to make the peas. >> i've got a meeting. i got to meet with an intern at 1: 1:30. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you
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new york state correctional officials are dropping the hammer on the clinton correction alpha isity where richard matt and david sweat escaped last month. the facility now has a new sumd.
10:31 am
30 years correction vet, michael kirt patrick. the instituted new security measures to make sure this type of escape never happens again. adam riess is live for us in danamora, new york. what are the security improvements? >> the new sumd vowing to tighten security make sure no one ever escapes from here again. 13 new rules in place. among them no more honor plok. that was the privilege block where sweat and matt lived. weekly checks of cells. check the integrity of the cells weekly a. and daily checks for contraband. those checks will be random. this is in addition to the governor's inspector general taking a look at the jail and the fbi has their own corruption probe looking into everything in the jail as well as possible drug dealing, thomas. >> what's been the reaction though because this goes again, all of the way to the top here. former superintendent being placed on administrative leave. adam, what are people saying? >> reporter: a lot of support
10:32 am
for him in the community. 37-year veteran. they're putting up orange ribbons around town. everything that happened in this jail had to be approved by albany and he is just the fall guy for things that were decided in albany. thomas this. >> msnbc's adam riess reporting for us. coming up in the next hour, president obama speaks in wisconsin about a new plan to increase middle class pay. this after june's jobs numbers elicited a mixed are we action from analysts about 223,000 jobs were a. we'd the unemployment rate now the lowest since april of 2008. that's good but revisions to the previous two months of job report numbers showed we gained 60,000 jobs fewer than previously thought. cnbc's john harwood is joining me live from washington, d.c. i want to talk about the president's wisconsin visit but, first, the jobs report and revision numbers. explain that to us. >> these surveys are just surveys. as more data comes in they revise them with each passing
10:33 am
month. we're down 60,000 from the previous couple of months. that's not a good thing. and we do see a modest trend toward a smaller level of job gains. even though the job gains are not bad, it's worse than it was at the end of 2014. so there's some concern there ways are not rising very rapidly at all. and we had people exiting the workforce now which reduces the participation rate. that's why the unemployment rate fell. some of that may be baby boomers retiring. the administration noted that the particular point at which this survey was done may not have captured some people entering the workforce for the summer. but this is very much a mixed bag and not something to cause celebration even though we continue the streak that we have of private sector job creation which has gone on for quite some time. >> it looked like in may people were coming back into the workforce however these revisions show us something
10:34 am
else. was know with the president speaking in wisconsin coming up talk about the plan to boost overtime for up to 5 million people. how is this going over and there are people on the right that are saying that this is going to cost jobs that this isn't going to create jobs. explain the reaction. >> it's a big debate about it. you know this is the follow on to our discussion a moment ago. you look at a weaknesses in the jobs report and you say, what can we do about it? the president is trying to do things he can use his own executive authority to do. what he's done is try to adjust the overtime rules so that if you're classified as a manager and you make up to $50,000, you work more than 40 hours, they have to pay you overtime. the previous threshold for that -- excuse me if you make more than $23,000, you have to be paid that overtime. and this is something that the administration is able to do on its own, if they can get this rule through. it is producing a backlash from
10:35 am
employers because they don't want to pay that overtime and republicans say, well, this could have unintended consequences. this could lead fewer people to be classified as managers or affect the starting wages that they have to keep the over time cost down. we don't know how this is going to play out. this is an attempt by the administration to do what it can since this president knows he's not going to get any more economic stimulus from this congress. >> we're going to be hearing the president's pitch coming up in the next hour from wisconsin. cnbc's john harwood. president obama's new plan got stadium size love from 2016 democratic candidate bernie sanders. >> let me congratulate president obama for doing something that is long overdue and making sure that millions of working participate finally get time and a half when they're working 50 or 60 hours a week. >> so senator sanders may have set the bar for campaign events this cycle.
10:36 am
the a.p. estimates 10,000 people packed veterans memorial coliseum in madison, wisconsin. it's the biggest rally of any campaign so far. erin mcpike is a political journalist joining us now. we have new fund rayer numbers. 15 billion bucks raised since april 30th. that's a third of what hillary clinton's team said she has raised. also sanders had 250,000 donors. but that money in context when we think about it erin means what? is he the dark horse that can maintain a challenge of hillary clinton? >> certainly a dark horse. he deserves some credit. what he's done is impressive. but i would put this in perspective a little bit because where he drew those 10,000 people last night is in madison, wisconsin, which is a mecca for progressive activists. and i would also point out that back in 2007 barack obama had some really impressive numbers, too. he was drawing huge crowds.
10:37 am
not just in progresses places he was going everywhere and drawing huge crowds. then on top of that he had the most sophisticated voter turnout system ever. really good number crunchers on his team. and yet he still went to the very end of the primary with hillary clinton. and now some of those same people are working for her. >> right. >> so having big crowds doesn't necessarily turn into votes. it's really hard to mobilize people who are coming out to see you in to votes. again, there are a lot of progressive activists and whereas barack obama had people all across the political spectrum not just those progressives, he was pulling people into the system and getting them to come out to vote for him. >> to that point about the edge here, we look at the iowa poll from quinnipiac university. clinton has a domineering lead over sanders. bewe look at the comparison versus the last poll sanders cut into clinton's lead significantly. should clinton be worried, especially the fact that she is
10:38 am
going to have to answer to some of bernie sanders' political suggestion, what he's putting out there? >> well, just a little bit. i think the reason why is that he is delivering a message better than she is. he comes across more authentically, more genuinely. her team is trying to deliver and hammer out a message of economic fairness. but he comes across better doing this. i think what it's going to do is sharpen her as a candidate throughout the democratic primary. right now she's running a rose garden strategy. she may have to alter that a little bit. but this will probably make her at the end of the day a better candidate going into the general election. >> we'll be talking about it for months to come. erin mcpike, thank you. thousand of customers were left without power after a tornado touched down in lee summit missouri last night. show you this video. you can see how the twister picked up debris from the roof of the building. thankfully, there were no injuries reported in all of this. wild to watch though. severe storm brought as much as
10:39 am
four inches of rain. more storms forecast for the region over the holiday weekend. msnbc meteorologist dominica davis has details about the holiday forecast. it looks clear for the most part right now. >> for the most part. still dealing with the stalled front. tornado threat is going down but the flash flooding threat is going to continue to be there. storms are firing up. severe thunderstorms from the panhandle of florida up to georgia. they're starting to push into the tennessee valley and the ohio valley for today. now, here is our expansive severe weather threat that pushes from the plains all of the way to the southeast. over 14 million people are at -- in a slight risk for today. today's storms will be focused through the mid of the country. the heat is still waging out to the west and this pattern of the hot out of the west and the storms through the middle of the country are going to stick right through friday and unfortunately into the holiday weekend. pretty much what you see today is what you're going to get through the next couple of days. back to you. >> thanks so much.
10:40 am
appreciate that. and we are tracking this developing story out of maryville, tennessee where a car on a csx train derailed late last night. this train was carrying a flammable and toxic substance. a fire was still burning as late as 8:00 this morning. thousands of people within a two-mile radius. they had been evacuated from maryville. ten law enforcement officers were taken to the hospital after breathing in the fumes. now, this afternoon officials had a message for people on well water in the area. >> options, we're asking that they do not drink the well water, their well water. we are going to be providing, csx is providing water, drinkable water that can be picked up. >> we'll keep you posted. coming up find out which airlines have just been subpoenaed in a federal probe over possible behind the scenes scheming to keep airline ticket prices high. first, a heroing scene in the philippines after a ferry capsized overnight.
10:41 am
more than 170 passengers were onboard the mv kim nirvana when it went down in bad weather. a spokesperson saying it capsized immediately. 118 people have been rescued but around 20 are still missing as of this morning.
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ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now.
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hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. major news regarding the country's airlines. the justice department says it's investigating whether airlines have been colluding to limit the number of available airline seats and in doing so keeping airfares higher than you. the investigation focus on whether they illegally signaled to one another how quickly they would add new flight route, and extra seats. cnbc's phil lebeau is joining us from chicago. what led to this? >> thomas it's unclear what sparked this investigation. it wasn't long ago that senator bloomingthal out of connecticut said i think we should look into whether or not the airlines are in collusion with each other
10:45 am
because a number of executives have made comments about maintaining discipline when it comes to how they approach -- whether they add flights, how they price their flights. what's interesting here is collusion is really really tough to prove. you're going to need either a smoking gun document or a whistleblower, something who can say, look, it was me at this particular airline reaching out to another particular airline and this is the agreement we had. unless you have that it's going to be really tough to prove that there was collusion to keep capacity limited. >> phil, when it comes to the customer how can this affect cheaper airfares for people throughout the remainder of the year? >> i don't think it's going to have any impact at all through the remainder of this year. it could have an impact down the road if the government makes a determination that, yes, these guys were working in concert to limit capacity and, therefore, there's going to have to be corrective actions taken. short of that i don't think that the market is going to change much and the consumer expect much of a change any time
10:46 am
soon. >> unfortunate for people who already think that they are overspending when it comes to all the different things you have to pay for, whether it's your bag, leg room all the things on flights that you're trying so hard to pay for now. >> phil, thanks so much. coming up next for everybody, give peas a chance. we're taking "the new york times" suggestion to put peas in your guacamole. seriously. you don't want to miss this. it smells really good in here. in the meantime, weigh in at the and tell us if you think peas belong in guacamole. created a fire storm on twitter. whole foods apologizing for over charging shoppers. top executives say they quote, made some mistakes. investigation reveals stores had consistently overcharged new york customers but execs say the errors were inadvertent and some prices ended up lower. whole foods said it is taking steps to make prices accurate.
10:47 am
automated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on?
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10:50 am
that scored the winning point for japan sending them on to the finals. teammates surrounded bassett that was inconsolable. the u.s. faces off against japan in a rematch of the 2011 world cup that happens this sunday. now president obama and jeb bush found something they can agree upon. peas are a no go. the great guacamole debate started after the new york times posted a recipe suggesting that adding peas to the dip was a good idea. the post had the internet up in arms. on fire. the president tweeting respect the nyt.
10:51 am
but not buying peas in guac. jeb bush chimed in, you don't put peas in guacamole. joining me now is the woman starting this debate with the post. and we have the chef here that is a guacamole specialist and we are going to be making guacamole. i wish this was smellavision because it smells good in here. >> because it's guacamole. >> but are you surprised about the reaction? people are visceral. >> i am surprised. there's all kind of room for different guacamole. i say give peas a chance. please go look up the recipe and try making it for yourself because it's really good. >> #givepeasachance.
10:52 am
as you prepare some guacamole for us here explain what the traditional recipe would be and why you think just from an ingredient standpoint that this could be an interesting addition or not. >> well traditionally we use california california avocados only. >> these are canned peas. >> in fact i believe the recipe was not originally that but they wrote on it but the idea was to incorporate something from the green market. i understand. but what we're going to do is make something a little more traditional. i don't feel like peas and the avocado go even though they're both green. >> i did make it and i didn't necessarily have it. i was like we're going to make a traditional guacamole. >> in here we have a little bit
10:53 am
of onion, cilantro and salt and we'll add a little bit of chili and mash it up and get that rolling. >> i'm going to open an avocado real quick. >> don't be nervous, chef. >> doing that as a kid growing up it was every summer night at home. >> i see. >> this is fast. this is impressive. >> you're doing a great job. >> i don't do this at the restaurant. i have guys doing it for me. they're laughing as well at me right now. >> there's some parents though and while you work there's some parents that say this is a way to sneak peas in. they love guacamole. >> the peas are not really a pronounced flavor. they're mild. but they accentuate the
10:54 am
sweetness of the avocado and play up against the chile and lime juice. i reported on it. >> you reported on it two years ago. and not a peep about it. >> not a peep about the peas. >> i will say what they did, again, i don't think that it was necessarily a, hey, this is the best guacamole you're going to have there are other ways to use peas. this is from the fresh market down the street. let's try to make people eat more healthy. however, that is not guacamole. >> you are a guacamole purist. >> there are people more progressive and innovative. you can like traditional and the new. >> can we taste? >> we can. >> let's taste. >> is that bacon. >> that's bacon.
10:55 am
>> wait a second! >> wait a second purist. >> so here's the thing and i think a lot of the issue with maybe putting peas in had to do with nutrition and then that's also fine but avocados are very high in fiber. they have a ton of potassium and healthy fat. >> so this is the guacamole. >> okay. which is -- >> no peas. >> no peas please. >> this is really good. >> and this is the peas. >> that's delicious. guacamole is delicious. >> i have no issue with eating the pie guac. >> who made it? >> i made them both off camera. a little magic. i made this one at hole. >> it's really good. >> i personally did like the recipe. oh that tastes like peas. >> yeah. >> that tastes hikelike peas.
10:56 am
>> you almost feel like you're being punished when you have to eat this guacamole. >> i think you shucked too many peas as a child. >> i may have. >> excuse me. >> much better with bacon on the peas. >> did you put bacon in it. >> bacon on the peas. >> now that is a good idea thomas. >> thank you for starting this debate. we appreciate it. >> we're asking you to weigh in on the debate. should guacamole be made with peas? it should definitely have bacon. this is how you have been chiming in and we can see that people have been a little bit more on the yes side the no. what's the overall number gang? can we put that up there? they're working on getting it while we eat more guacamole. your opinion matters. there we have 80% say no. no peas. my thanks to melissa clark as we stuff our faces.
10:57 am
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hi everybody good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts and fourth of july is two days away and it's the fear. just the fear of theorist threats making headlines. sources just told nbc news that even in england the raf is cancelling an annual fireworks display at one of its bases used by the u.s. and all of this comes after reports of an active shooter seen at the washington d.c. navy yard turned out to be a false alarm and d.c.'s police chief says the person that called it in just thought she had seen something. >> we have interviewed the person. we have no concerns whatsoever. this employee did what we ask employees to do. if you have a concern something is not right, please call the police and let us figure it out. >> so tom joins us live from washington d.c. and tom, i think we have some new cell phone video here. this is the entrance to the navy
11:01 am
yard from earlier today and we can see how people were not allowed to enter the complex but what more can you tell us? because as you compare and contrast what you saw today firsthand and two years ago it was a completely different scene. >> it was only different in so far as thankfully nobody was injured. we did have a incredible police response today which comes nearly two years after the incident in 2013 in which 12 people were killed and 8 people injured. as a result of that incident in 2013 there were several investigations which determined that the police really in some ways were hampered in their response because of poor coordination and poor communication. and so today according to kathie the district police chief the response was much more coordinated, much better communication. i personally saw, i would guess, thomas nearly 100 maybe more maybe many more than 100 police officers on the scene today from
11:02 am
various jurisdictions as well as ems and fire personnel. this is all a false alarm that one caller thought at about 7:20 or so this morning she thought she might have heard gunshots that triggered this incredible response. first the security office within the navy yard, which by the way, more than 1000 people work there, and then that call to metro police and the subsequent citywide emergency respond. i would point out that this also incurred from building 197. that's the same building involved in the shooting nearly two years ago so you can understand why people there are still on this heightened sense of alert and concern despite the fact that they had more than $6 million of renovations and upgrades and repairs done so that facility since the 2013 incident but they do stress they don't believe this was a hoax. this woman with the best of
11:03 am
intentions thought she heard gunshots and called it in. >> tom, thank you so much. appreciate it. jonathan is wnbc's chief investigative reporter and nbc news contributing corresponder and joins me on set. i know you just got out of a briefing. what was the response as to what they're already in motion doing to protect the city. >> just a short time ago they said no new threats to new york but for this holiday weekend the new york city police department will have the biggest counter terrorism overlay t biggest security presence we have seen in this year as well given the nature of the general threat climate that is out there. that's the rhetoric coming out of isis. spokesmen were saying attack with a car, with a knife, anyway you can at any time. so the police taking that seriously. the fbi taking that seriously so a large security presence but the police stressing no specific
11:04 am
threats at this time. >> and jonathan you talked about the influence of social media. what is the commissioner saying if anything about the fact that we're having this intersection of ramadan and the july 4th holiday and that there is more chatter online? is that something that has his attention or always has his attention. >> it really has their attention right now because the isis leadership is calling for attacks during this period and we have seen some events overseas. tragic and they are not taking any senses. we saw in the last two weeks a series of round ups here in new york and new jersey. five people arrested and charged for plotting isis inspired attacks here so they're getting several people off the streets in advance of the holiday weekend and it will remain throughout the weekend. it's not only from isis but al qaeda. >> if there a big -- maybe we don't know exact figures on this
11:05 am
or how he refers to it but a flood of calls that comes in tips, there's a difference between concerned citizen. after hearing the employee they're working was in building 197 where the shooter originated from two years ago, but is there a flood of different tips and reports that come in? >> it goes away. we see security scares in this city daily. streets get shutdown. the bomb squad gets called in because of a call or something that you know if you see something say something, you hear it over and over again in this city but it's more than that because of the online rhetoric and the online campaign as the social media that's being used. you have teams on the terrorism task force that are monitoring this chatter all the time and that's another aspect.
11:06 am
it's monitoring the social media. there's lots of ways these threats and concerns come in. they're working around the clock. >> that is the fear of the water and the potential for shark bites and it comes after 7 reported shark attacks off the north carolina coast in just three weeks. just the latest coming yesterday when a 68-year-old swimmer, a man, was in waist deep water and was attacked. he was bitten on his lower left torso. he is listed in fair conditions now and moments ago the north carolina governor gave his advice for people heading out to the beach this holiday weekend. >> use your common sense especially if you're in and around the fishing area at this point in time. >> are you afraid? we want to know if you're afraid
11:07 am
to go in the water this holiday weekend. you can weigh in and cast your vote sarah joins us now from oak island north carolina. you are right there along the coastline. we can see some young families some beach goeersrs behind you. what are people saying today? >> i'm interested to see the results of your poll. we're getting very mixed results out here. some people say they plan to go in the water no matter what. they say the chances even though we're seeing all the cases lately, overall the statistics say you're not likely to be bitten by a shark. on the other hand you have people choosing to be on the beach with their toes in the sand instead of in the water. officials are issuing a number of warnings to people. they're also advising people to not swim during dusk and dawn. and they're also saying remove your jewelry. don't wear any watches in the
11:08 am
water. anything the shark could be able to see in the water and mistake for fish scales. overall the word out here is use common sense. use your best judgment when getting in the water but officials not closing any of the beaches in north carolina. >> sarah reporting for us there at oak, island north carolina. dr. reese halter is a conservation biologist and joins us to talk about this. so are we seeing something more than just consequence or that's all it is? it's just a consequence. a string of activity off the carolina coastline. >> well early happy fourth. this is what we know. the climate crisis is weighing very heavily in this situation. first of all, the oceans are warmer than they normally are. second of all, we have a nasty drought in the carolinas which is impinging upon the creeks of fresh water from running into the atlantic. it's saltier. that's attracting the bait fish and the sharks that follow the bait fish are coming in.
11:09 am
it's hot. people are going in the water and it's the perfect storm. >> so when we talk about this being the perfect storm, what are your recommendations as we try to inform people about the likelihood, we know the numbers 1 in 11 million your likelihood of getting bitten by a shark. however for people looking at this up tick there are concerns. what advice can we give? >> look don't be afraid be aware. if you see a school of fish swimming around you i would suggest getting out of the water and if you really want to heighten your awareness, next week is shark week with my good ens friend, and hollywood director. i'd catch it. >> this is the real life shark week for some people living through it in north carolina and i'm sure we'll be talking again. thank you for coming on today. appreciate it. so we're asking you to join the conversation.
11:10 am with all of these different reports about shark bites happening are you afraid to go in the water this holiday weekend? so let's take a look at what people are saying so far. 54% saying yes. 46% saying no. so kind of in the midpoint right here. we ask you to keep voting at developing news in the case against d.c. mansion murder suspect. he is expected to appear in court any minute. this is a preliminary hearing. he is charged with killing them their son and a housekeeper back in may. he held the family captive up to 18 hours before being paid $40,000 in ransom and then he stabbed and beat the victims to death setting the house on fire. he was caught one week later after dna linked police to him. >> another company severing ties
11:11 am
with the business man turned presidential candidate. but while he faces more heat his presidential stock is continuing to rise with the gop base. >> plus a deadly fourth of july danger you might not expect. all right so we take a look at your barbecue grill. what could go wrong and other things you need to know to stay safe this holiday weekend. >> dramatic video as residents leap for their lives after an in inferno breaks out at their apartment building. we'll have it for you here on msnbc live. that big steve... hey! come back here, steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts. with each 150 calories or less try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one!
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11:14 am
breaking news to pass along about the 2016 presidential election. jim webb announcing his candidacy for the democratic
11:15 am
nomination. he's former secretary of the navy under president ronald reagan. he comes in as a long shot behind former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. so 19 major candidates running for president all together. speaking of which the chips tonight to fall for donald trump the business man. serta saying they won't renew the licensing with the trump organization. the mattress company values diversity and doesn't agree with with the statements made by donald trump. meanwhile, the reelz channel says that they will air next sunday's miss usa pageant. the company bought exclusive rights after univision ended their broadcast deal. still donald trump the politician is not backing down from his june 16 comments on
11:16 am
latinos and mexicans. >> people are pouring into the united states, i guess some come from mexico but they come from all over the world. by the way, they come from the middle east. we don't even know where they come from. >> why do you have to say -- >> it's resinating with the voters. you look at the statistics on rape on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country, they're mind boggling. >> i read the washington post i read the fusion i read the huffington post and that's about women being raped. it's not about criminals coming across the border entering the country. >> somebody's doing the raping don. i mean you know somebody is doing it. it's just women's being raped. well, who is doing the raping? >> so the washington post political reporter is with me now. it's good to have you here and that was don lemon's interview last night with donald trump. i stayed up late to be with don to see that interview. it was interesting to watch. yesterday we had him coming out
11:17 am
condemning remarks just a short time ago. we have jeb bush saying his views are not reflective of the immigrant experience. he's just wrong. so how big of a problem is this for the gop or rnc with trump going forward and just plat out not recanting anything. >> it's taken all the oxygen out of the room all week. headlines and newschannels have been talking about it nonstop. so donald trump is getting what he wanted by making these comment which is is to be the center of attention. to be the person and candidate that everyone is talking about and it's walking with a subset of voters. look at the polls out of new hampshire and iowa and the national polls. they're showing him in second place behind jeb bush. that's something like 10 to 12% of republican voters say they would vote for donald trump as the president of the united states. >> but when we think about what this is doing to the latino community they're highly
11:18 am
insulted by the remarks that were made and meanwhile this saben fit to democrats who appear to be doing well in polls for the latino voting block that would really be happy to engage them on their side. >> absolutely. republicans have long said unless they can get the hispanic vote they're not going to win the white house ever again. and having donald trump out there talking like this is not helping them. hillary clinton brought donald trumps comments up time and time again. not using his name just saying a republican candidate which makes you wonder if she's trying to lump him in with the entire field. i was supposed that more republicans haven't come out like jeb bush to distance themselves from donlald trump. ted cruz this week said donald trump shouldn't apologize. that he's right and a terrific guy. >> now in terms of trump organization business four have distanced themselves.
11:19 am
the city of new york is reviewing deals with trump that sold himself as we all know his mo is a business man. drives hard bargains. he's going to bring china to its knees but that's a lot of rhetoric and is this something that can continue for a consistent campaign message? >> it will be interesting to see how donald trump eventually will be impacted by the business side of his running for president but he is -- if this is all for show he's keeping up appearances. i was in iowa a couple of weekends ago and spent time with his campaign operatives out there. he has hired real authentic campaign operatives and has a ground game in iowa and new hampshire and he's making a serious run for president and all of this and the fight with macy's and nbc is only emboldening that. >> thank you so much. >> developing news in that devastating and deadly gulf oil spill from 2010. five states now reached a huge
11:20 am
$19 billion settlement with the oil company bp. so florida, alabama, mississippi, texas, and louisiana were all deeply impacted by the deepwater horizon mishap. so these pictures of that experience, the deepwater horizon, the oil rig on fire in the spring of 2010. 11 workers were killed in the initial explosion and around 134 million gallons of oil happen to spill into the gulf of mexico. and that left more than 7,000 animals dead. coming up next what you need to know before you start to fire up that grill this holiday weekend. jeff rossen break do you understand the dangers of propane tanks on barbecue grills. >> and the world cup semifinal ending. it broke the heart of an entire nation and set the stage for a repeat show down between the u.s. and japan.
11:21 am
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all right. if you are planning a backyard barbecue this holiday weekend did you know there is a right and a wrong way to light your grill? with more on that jeff rossen on why it's critically important to know the difference. >> a fire ball in your backyard. >> whoa. >> a scary blast that can literally knock you down. and experts say it happens more often than you think. 7,000 gas grill fires every year. many from leaking propane, like this. you're watching a 4th of july nightmare in progress. he bends over to light his propane barbecue and then the explosion. his body sen gulfed in a wall of fire. >> as soon as i did it i looked down at my arm and seen the skin
11:25 am
meltd melt off here. >> he left the propane on too long building up and igniting. to find out how powerful a blast can be we set up a demonstration. we opened the gas valve to simulate a leak. >> i can smell it now. >> after a few minutes. >> 3, 2, 1. >> did you see that fire ball? she just went down. that could be you standing at the grill. >> a giant ball of fire erupting from the grill. >> so that was nbc's jeff rossen reporting. fire officials say that you don't want to keep pushing the igniter button on your grill. if it doesn't start make sure that the grill lid is open. shut off the gas and try again later. another sip, the soapy water test. use a spray bottle filled with soapy water and spray it on all
11:26 am
the piping. if you see bubbles don't use it. what about food safety? if you have food outside as long as the temperature is below 90 degrees food is safe for two hours. once the temperatures reach 90 and above food is good outdoors for only one hour. for more information about food safety practices visit food for a lot of people they're concerned about the weather being a bigger impact for their outdoor plan over the holiday weekend and severe storms and flash flooding that remains a threat where parts of missouri are still recovering. look at this amazing video of a tornado that hit lees summit south of kansas city. it picked up kedebris from the roof of the building. no injuries reported here. the end of the week holiday forecast. you're starting out west? >> yeah because the heat is still a big concern. this high pressure is locked in so we have the excessive heat watches and warnings and that's
11:27 am
going to continue for the next couple of days. we're talking this ridge of high pressure pumping up the temperature. so record heat that's what is building over the next couple of days and we'll probably see record breakers. temperatures over 100 degrees. 108 possibly today and tomorrow. from the rockies into the iowa valley and southeast we're seeing thunderstorms starting to pop up from georgia to the florida panhandle. now the 4th of july the heat will be blazing to the west once again. excessive heat watches and warnings but thomas most of the firework shows will be rain free and for you, i know you're interested in this the 4th of july macy's fireworks spectacular. temperatures in the low 70s. light winds, partly cloudy and rain free. >> we like that. thank you so much. we appreciate that. good fireworks viewing weather.
11:28 am
coming up, the airlines in collusion to raise your ticket prices. we have the latest on a new department of justice investigation. and does the shark attack spike have you afraid to go in the water this holiday weekend? we have been covering these stories for weeks now along the carolina coastline. we're taking your pulse. you can go to pulse on and have your voice heard. president obama hit the road to talk the economy and sell his signature trade deal in a state that democrats will need to win come 2016. his remarks live here on msnbc after this. a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. the 2015 cadillac ats, the sharper performance sedan. lease this from around 269 per month. >> at least one tan car carrying a flammable and toxic gas derailed and caught fire. 27 cars were carrying hazardous
11:32 am
materials. several were hospitalized. the train operator is working with relief agencies currently. they're working to determine a cause of that accident. so as the summer travel season is hitting it's peak we're seeing some major news about the country's airlines. the department of justice saying it's investigating currently whether the airlines are colewding to limit the number of available airline seats and in doing that keeping their airfares high. phil let's talk about the investigation and which airlines are being suspected of doing this. >> we're talking about delta, united and southwest. they control about 80% of the seats in the united states when you're flying from one city to another. the question is whether or not they have been talking with each other, working in concert to limit the number of flights in certain markets. there's no evidence that's been
11:33 am
taking place but when you listen to some of the comments from the ceos about maintain discipline and not flooding the market with too many seats that's raised eyebrows and that's part of the investigation. they'll look into how exactly do these airlines determine when they had a flight, when they pulled back on a flight. what impact might that have on the market. if it's a case where they're running their businesses and not talking to one another, there's no collusion going on. you need a smoking gun or whistleblower. >> thank you. now the fall out over last month's prison break in upstate new york and correctional officials are enhancing security measures at the clinton correctional facility. this is the prison where they escaped from and spent three weeks on the run. the facility also has a new superintendent in charge. 30 year corrections vet michael kirkpatrick. adam is live for us. so let's talk about the enhancements that are in place,
11:34 am
especially given all the information that's been given to authorities from sweat. >> vowing to tighten security all over the prison. make sure no one ever escaped from here again. 13 new rules put in place. no more block, that privileged area where they lived, that is no longer. they'll check the cells once a week for integrity. check each and every cell once a week and every day they'll have random checks for contraband and that means drugs. this is in addition to the governor's search and the fbi investigation into the jail. back to you thomas. >> okay. adam reporting for us in new york. thank you so much. we have told you about the speech we were anticipating and now the president is there. these are live pictures. president obama will be talking about fixing overtime pay. a plan to boost overtime money
11:35 am
for up to 5 million american workers. so the president was greeted on the tarmac by a man that hopes to replace him as president. scott walker. there's a picture. the president's speech comes the same day the monthly jobs number were released. we gained 223,000 jobs but the unemployment rate tikd down to 5.3%. unfornltly the previous two months numbers were revised down by 60,000 jobs and the number of people in the work force declined to a 38 year low. what is the president trying to sell here to the crowd in wisconsin? >> he chose to make this message in wisconsin a state where as you pointed out that much anticipated meeting between scott walker who has had a very tense and difficult relationship during his time as governor. this is about the improved numbers in the economy and for the president to make his push that there should be a wage in the minimum wage and access to
11:36 am
those overtime hours. getting paid for that. this is about a state like wisconsin, a blue state. that's the message that the president thinks is residence nant there at a time when we learned about the jobs numbers today and the level of the unemployment rate at 5.3%. so he is trying to sell the argument that there needs to be more attention paid to this and in the larger 2016 race certainly on the democratic side the whole issue of income equality or inequality is certainly potent as a political force in this election season. so his remarks are well timed for that and the setting is always part of what we take in in the mitt cal theater. a notable point but very typical to have a governor welcome the president it had the extra sort of lenses of 2016 politics because scott walker has been so
11:37 am
critical of president obama. walker applauded, smiled shook the president's hand. the president speaking to a university group. these remarks could go about 45 minutes. so it will be an indepth discussion of his policies. >> as we look at the pictures of him being greeted by the governor we did see one of tammie baldwin. democratic senator from wisconsin. some of those images i'm not sure who took those images kelly. it looks blurry. her twitter feed has better pictures. the governor not in her images that she put out. but how is the appetite for d.c. for the president to do anything in congress with overtime? >> it would be a very difficult thing with a republican controlled congress.
11:38 am
those are quick snaps taken by one of the representative of the press pool. maybe our folks can turn that around and you'll get a full greeting to judge how friendly it was. but the issue with overtime is going to be very difficult when it comes to mandating that. republicans believe those should be decisions made by businesses. democrats of course are trying to do things to raise the minimum wage as well as to put a focus on trying to make a more livable wage for those that are working and working full time and working even overtime but still having trouble making ends meet. congress is out for the holiday and maybe they'll get feedback. >> okay. let's go listen to the president
11:39 am
speaking at the university of wisconsin lacrosse. >> it's been a remarkable few weeks in america. health care is now affirmed as something that everybody can get. not just some. and it's not just a matter of making sure that everybody has access to high quality care it's also organizations like gunderson here in wisconsin doing great work to help increase quality and control costs and then the freedom to marry who you love. that's now open to all of us. everybody. [ applause ] >> that's a good thing.
11:40 am
that is a good thing. that is a good thing. you know and then out of the worst of tragedies, this country is responding with the generosity but also the kind of self-examination that can lead us to some place better. you know some folks think all of this progress comes really quickly. but the truth is progress only comes with the persistent dedicated effort of citizens. people in their own small ways all across the country are working hard committed to the promise that always set this country apart. it doesn't happen because of the spring quarter or a president or a member of congress it happens
11:41 am
because ordinary people work hard and do extraordinary things together. the promise that through hard work and sacrifice we can each face our own individual dreams but we still come together as one american family to make sure that the next generation has opportunity as well. and that's especially true when it comes to our economy. and that's what i have come to lacrosse to talk about on this fourth of july weekend. america has always done better economically when we're all in it together. when everybody gets a fair shot. >> president obama speaking at the university of wisconsin lacrosse. speaking to a crowd there about his man to fix overtime pay for up to 5 million americans. >> if we operate here in washington d.c. there's an elevated threat level at all times. we never lower our threat level in terms of our posture and
11:42 am
we're aware of what the discussion and chatter is around the 4th of july events and those threats and we take those into account. we change our tactics up but never lower our posture. >> so back in the nation's capital there was washington d.c. police chief speaking earlier about july 4th safety concerns and it comes hours after police swarmed the navy yard after reports of shots fired on the grounds there. employee called police after hearing what she thought were gunshots. it turned out to be a false alarm but it brought back memory of the deadly shooting at the same place in 2013 that killed 12 people and unfolded as tensions are high over concerns of isis inspired attacks over the holiday weekend. that's in part because this year the fourth of july and the muslim holy days of ramadan coincide. he's a former assistant special agent in charge of the fbi joint terrorism task force. this morning they're saying this
11:43 am
is a false alarm and a big distinction from not being a hoax. they feel the caller was relevant. >> of course everybody knows the mantra if you see something, say something. that's what this employee did. she thought she heard a gunshot. acted appropriately to call in law enforcement. thankfully it was a false alarm. i guess you can say it's a good test of the system. the response protocols and so forth but tensions are high obviously as you said with the fourth of july ramadan, you have a confluence of factors hitting at the same time. they're tense. >> explain how much more so it's magnified because of that? the holy days of ramadan and our holiday july fourth. >> we always saw an up tick of threat reporting during ramadan. there's always a call to arms but now with isis so effective in their social media campaign they can put that call out. they can generate all of this buzz and interest. we have seen fbi directors open
11:44 am
an investigation in every date. we have seen close to 50 arrests this year. so you have that many more people in the system getting this message and it's seeming to resinate with them. >> all right. so when you talk about it from the perspective of what you lived through talking with the fbi, nypd joint terrorism fas ktask force. what's the difference between concerned citizen and paranoid hoax caller? >> that can be be tough and you don't know that all the time going in. you have to act under the presumption that every call is real you can't just wave it off which is what they had today. they had a massive response and it turned out to be a false alarm. you're going to act as if every threat and every call in is the real deal until proven otherwise. >> meanwhile everybody would encourage people to go forward with their weekend plans. not to feel burdened by this. >> i was always worried about
11:45 am
the threats i didn't hear about. use good judgment but don't cancel your plans. don't stay home. if you want to go to a fireworks show or parade. go to the parade. let law enforcement and intelligence official dos their job. >> have a great weekend. the holiday weekend. >> you too. >> did you see this incredible video coming out of sandy springs georgia. cameras caught neighbors coaxing a young woman and younger girl to jump from their burning apartment. they leapt to safety. it left 29 from 11 families homeless. thankfully everybody is accounted for. the cause of that fire is currently under investigation. now a man named doug from fargo north dakota passed away and his final wishes was a very short obituary and he got that. a simple doug died. she insisted on the short obituary. he came up with it himself and his daughter says doug lived a
11:46 am
full life and full of laughs. the bubble wrap may be losing it's pop. listen to this one. the company that makes the air filled plastic packaging says it's making a new version of the wrap to attract new business and save storage and shipping space but don't fret just yet. the company will still make the continued traditional wrap while they try to advance the product and make the kind that doesn't pop which is not right. >> steven colbert doesn't begin his new job until december but he is staying in the game. he drank wine painted nails, read the local news. it all had the vibe of a public access tv show but with the classic steven colbert witt. he even interviewed eminem who got the chance to sing a little bob seager.
11:47 am
>> against the wind. ♪ against the wind running against the wind ♪ ♪ >> that's pretty good. how about like a rock? >> i forget the melody. ♪ like a rock. there is no melody. he just screams like a rock for four minutes ♪ >> it almost looks like between two ferns. the u.s. is going to play japan in the women's world cup final but everyone is talking about this moment from last night's england japan game. it was with just one minute left the game was tied up 1 to 1 so england's laura bassett was going to try to clear a cross from japan when she kicked it into her team's net. that scored the winner for japan sending japan to the finals. bassett as you can imagine totally inconsolable. teammates surrounding her in support. the u.s. faces off against japan in a rematch of the 2011 world
11:48 am
cup final coming this sunday. >> you can imagine how badly she feels. coming up in case you missed it in our last hour i gave peas a chance. that's right. in my guacamole test here. adding peas to your guac. we also put bacon in there. hear about the recipe coming up. i'm one... i am one of the one's who discovered always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders. it makes me feel secure, confident. i feel protected. i mean i feel comfortable to move in them they move with me. i love always discreet underwear because of the fit. the fabric is very soft. i can wear whatever i want to wear. always discreet has made me a very happy woman. join over 500,000 women who've discovered always discreet underwear. for more stories and your free sample go to always so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive
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>> when the heard the word drone and images of war and privacy invasion that pops up into your mind. however they're testing out the device as a tool to save lives. more on the new thing that could change the way swimmers are protected. >> when a swimmer is is in trouble, a lifeguard dashes to the rescue. and every second counts. now some beaches are abuzz testing a new way to help with water rescues.
11:52 am
drones. >> it's great to have. it's a blessing for us out here. >> in the fraction of a time it take ace lifeguard to reach a victim a drone can carry a life ring and drop it precisely where it's needed. >> could make all the difference in the world. in the life saving business time is what matters. >> the city in florida is testing the idea. >> we have a couple more flags up. >> enlisting the help of ben richardson and his drones. >> if we help to save one life i think we have accomplished something. >> last year beach attendance was at an all time high and number of rescues was up by about a third over the previous year. so rescuers are looking for anything to give them an edge and help save lives. >> it takes one rescue to say this works. >> absolutely. yeah. we see potential in this. >> potential. that's pretty amazing. kerry sanders reporting for us. so as thousands of people descend on beaches across the country this holiday weekend we
11:53 am
have beach goers on high alert. as of yesterday there's been seven confirmed attacks in three weeks. we're asking you are you concerned or afraid to go in the water this holiday weekend? earlier 54% of you were saying yes. now 62 people say yes. we're asking you to keep voting at we were also asking you about one of this week's bigger controversies and it's guacamole. guacamole with peas. the debate began when the new york times posted a recipe suggesting that adding peas to the dip was a good idea. the president and presidential candidate, a rare bipartisan form of agreement said no peas. and earlier i spoke to the columnist that started the debate and the peckexpert and
11:54 am
purist. >> are you surprised about the reaction? people are visceral about where they can go in your guacamole or not. >> i am. i think we should embrace difference. give pieeas a chance. look at the recipe and try making it for yourself because it's good. >> i would say what they did again i don't think that it was necessarily a hey this is the best guacamole you're going to have. i think it was more to say there's other ways to use peas. this is from the fresh market just down the street. let's try to make people eat a little more healthy. however, this is not -- that is not guacamole. >> so this is your -- >> this is the guacamole. okay. >> which is no peas. >> should i make that one -- >> it's very good.
11:55 am
>> so this is the peas? >> i'm going to try it. >> it's delicious. >> i really have no issue with eating the pie guac. >> who made this? did you make it? >> both off camera and then i just made this one at home. >> that's really good too. >> but it is. it's wonderful. i did like the recipe it had some -- >> that tastes like peas. >> yeah. >> that tastes like peas. no. that definitely tastes like peas. >> you almost feel like you're being punished. >> come on. peas are delicious. i think you shucked too many peas as a child. >> i may have. much better with bacon on peas. >> everything is better with bacon. everything. our thanks for putting up with me. that's going to wrap things up for today. thank you for putting with up me. i'll see you back here tomorrow on msnbc. until then keep the conversation
11:56 am
going on social media. the cycle is up next. >> the question of the day, peas or no peas? >> bacon. >> all we're say as good give peas a chance. >> give peas a chance and trust me bacon. >> love it. thomas have a great holiday. good to see you. >> you too. >> kmug oncoming up, the latest on the scare at the navy yard and everything you need to know leading up to the holiday weekend. the best muy voifsovies of the summer. why donald trump is not just dangerous for the party. why he could be lethal. that's coming up next on the cycle.
11:57 am
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>> july fourth jitters, jobs jet lag, jubilations and juggernauts. brought to you by the letter j.
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>> good afternoon. we begin with that scary start to the holiday weekend now in d.c. this morning. millions of us woke up to those reports of an active shooter at the navy yard only to learn about an hour later that it was all a false alarm. as you would expect the whole place was put on lock down. 16,000 people work inside the complex. the yard spans some 2.2 million square feet. fbi and federal marshals had a lot of ground to cover and they responded within minutes. security sweeps found no evidence of a gunman. >> people were running for exits and running for shelter. stuff like that. a little bit of confusion. we heard someone yelling. get out of the cafeteria and everyone started running toward


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