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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2015 5:00am-9:01am PDT

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malfunctions and fires into the crowd. >> i always knew this was going to be competitive. hillary clinton hits the road in new hampshire. and hits at the other democrat who is drawing bigger clouds. >> good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the east. 5:00 a.m. out west. here's what's happening. law enforcement across the country remaining on high alert this morning amid continued concerns that supporters of isis could try to attack over the july 4th holiday. authorities urging people to say alert but say there are no specific threats at this point. joining me now is nbc's kristin wellker at the white house. good morning, what's the latest? >> law enforcement is always on heightened alert during big national holidays like the 4th. officials say based on recent intelligence this is an increased threat this independence day. you can expect as many at 7,000 officers in new york for
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fireworks and tight security everywhere. as the nation celebrates independence day with parades, and fireworks, there is heightened security across the country. while there's no specific threat, this weekend major cities are on alert. >> we're stepping it up just to make sure it can be as secure as possible. >> in boston undercover and uniformed officers will be deployed along with tactical units and helicopters. in new york city enhanced counterterrorism and security measures. and more patrolman deployed to the streets. new york governor andrew cuomo directing emergency management to enhance the monitoring of tonight's celebrations. in the nation's capital a heightened police presence. in los angeles, increased officers and security measures and the city's emergency operations center is already activated. all this after isis has been stepping up calls for attacks. >> we had a message from isis last week when ramadan, the holy
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muslim month was starting, where the spokesperson of isis said you should make an extra effort during ramadan. >> adding to the jitters, the recent beach attack in tunisia linked toize isis. officials are on guard against lone wolf attacks. >> lone wolf is our worst nightmare. we have nothing to indicate we have any of that going on. >> the message to americans, enjoy the holiday, but be vigilant. while officials say while the threat from isis is new, the same old rules apply if you see something, say something. but they also stress this is a holiday, and people should also just focus on having fun. back to you. >> sounds like a good plan. thank you so much kristin. this morning, we're keeping an eye on the terror threat here and abroad. state department spokesperson john kirby telling reporters yesterday a security alert sent to state department out posts
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overseas is routine and not the result of any specific threat. there's been an increase of isis attacks outside syria and iraq during ramadan. joining me now is msnbc contributor and editor at large at the atlantic. good morning to you, steve. we know there have been 24 isis plotted foiled this year by officials. >> there have been people that have been on our alert list that fbi and other intelligence agencies have been trackricing and monitoring. some of these we've seen disrupted. we've seen arrests after the incidents in texas. so whether or not it's higher or lower there's increased chatter. that's been reported. and that chatter is going to some of the individuals they've been trying to recruit or develop relationships with into these dark rooms online.
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so some of that is going on that's not inconsistent with what is happened in the past. but we do see when you see isis call for action everyone needs to worry. it's one of the things that used to be a paranoid thing. >> along with the warnings are extra precautions being taken at u.s. post overseas? >> there are precautions, military sites government sites, as the warnings from the government have said it's also just people out there that you know americans broadly have been tarkgeted. it's good to keep in mind it doesn't mean everyone is completely vulnerable in this and that there are limits to what any single lone wolf can do. it's unnerving when you can go out to a celebration or picnic or a community place and find yourself targeted by someone who is inspired by this horrific
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rhetoric. >> you mention the chatter, isis is using social media to recruit sympathizers. how do the fbi and other agencies track that activity? >> we have intelligence activity in the digital sphere. what is happening, and it's classified and difficult to know to what degree we're able to penetrate some of these dark places on the internet. as encryption has improved it's become difficult to go into the places that are highly incrypted by the u.s. government. you see even in the hacking attacks that no government is vulnerable and the security agencies infallible and all powerful and being able to penetrate these places. we have tremendous capacity. my sense is that we have good tracking ability on some of the most significant traffic. and i think we should take some comfort in that. >> steve, how serious is the government taking any sort of threat that they hear via isis?
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>> i think they're taking everything very seriously. isis is not one lately to offer threats that it doesn't follow through with. it's a different beast that al qaeda was. al qaeda would pride itself on taking down prestige trophy targets and would coordinate attacks, would work largely to try and avoid the death of muslims and whatnot. it wouldn't always succeed but it had a kind of protocol. isis is messy. isis is willing to just you know, have people rise up from within our society, within british society, western european society, and take action. and, you know oftentimes you hear in this attack case the young man who killed 30 britons on the beach was a student in college. and so you think, how can that radicalized individual be in a place of higher learning a place where other students and other cultures, that's what's happening. we have to come to grips with that and figure out how to unwire that message and the
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seduction of people from this cult. >> steve, thank you so much for weighing in on this. we appreciate it. now, to breaking news out of vienna. diplomats say iran and six world powers have reached a tentative agreement. another step toward a final agreement. the deadline for reaching the deal, only days away. we'll continue to monitor and check in with andrea mitchell later in the show. coming up the best breakfast table in politics mitt romney is the host with the most in new hampshire. up next. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to
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welcome back. turning to politics hillary clinton was running hard in new hampshire yesterday showing she's ready to take on challengers. bernie sanders is proving to be
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quite an opponent. surging in the polls and attracting a stadium full of people. he held the largest iowa rally of any 2016 candidate so far this cycle. in new hampshire yesterday, clinton said she's comfortable running on her own progressive record. >> i take a back seat to no one when you look at my record and standing up and fighting for progressive values. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is following hillary clinton in new hampshire. good morning. hillary seems to be going after bernie sanders in new hampshire, right? >> i'm sorry i had a little trouble hearing you there, so kind of a bad on my end. the phone line in our ears cut out a bit. here's what i would say about that. she's being asked about bernie sanders because of the really remarkable crowds he's been able to draw. that's somewhat different than choosing as a candidate to go
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after an opponent directly. when you cover these candidates out on the field, that's an interesting thing to watch. if a candidate like hillary clinton chooses to challenge one of her rivals and there are a handful of democrats in the field, that really sets it into a different level. at this point, hillary clinton is acting like a front runner. at the same time acknowledging her competitors. it's coming at a time when bernie sanders with his sort of authentic nature and his definitely talking about a populism has ignited interest. now americans know hillary clinton very well. many more are less familiar with bernie sanders. that may be part of how he is drawing crowds getting small donors to back him. so here's the distinction. she was asked about bernie sanders and this is how hillary clinton responded to the crowds he's getting compared to her own. >> we each run our own campaigns. i knew this was going to be competitive. i want to have a great debate in
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the primary caucuses around the country. that's what i'm looking forward to. >> so you get a sense of how she's handling that. as a candidate, you don't want to appear to be unnerved by an opponent. also there are many democrats who say hillary clinton would be better served by having rigorous competition in this very long run up to the actual primary time. today, i can tell you that this is the local flyer here for the spectacular for the parade that's coming up. she'll appear at 2:00. it's a parade day for candidates. hillary clinton be out and meeting voters. we're in the very north part of new hampshire which is not typical for getting around. it's closer to vermont. what does that tell you? we're nearer to bernie sanders' home than some of the more popular destinations. that might say something, too. back to you. >> enjoy the 4th and the parade.
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thanks for that. and now on to the republicans, newly announced presidential candidate chris christie waking up in the vacation home of former republican nominee mitt romney. he and his wife is hosting christie and his wife as well as fellow 2016 presidential candidate marco rubio at their house. oh, to be a fly on the wall at that breakfast table. christie has made a dozen stops in new hampshire since announcing his bid on tuesday. let's bring in a national political reporter at "the washington post." chris christie, mitt romney once rumored to be running mates in 2012. now it seems there's a relationship. throw in marco rubio staying at the former republican -- at the candidate's house? what is going on in new hampshire? >> you're so right to be a fly on the wall. a reporter's dream.
5:16 am
i've been at that compound. it's on a beautiful lake. romney used to go there when he was running. what's intriguing about christie going up there. there have been tensions about the 2012 campaign and how everything went down. romney and christie have always had a pretty strong ruport. >> "the washington post" is getting the exclusive. they got it yesterday with the make up of governor christie's campaign team. there's a lot of new hampshire type operatives working with him now. how big is winning new hampshire going to be for the christie campaign? >> on the record and on background christie's aides and confidants they say new hampshire is everything. they think tonhalls can revive his candidacy. if he shows commitment to new hampshire, does a little bit in
5:17 am
iowa and south carolina. and says the new hampshire electorate is what he's been. economic hawk foreign policy hawk they can have a come back. >> new hampshire is the first battle. jeb bush christie and ohio governor kasich. you've got scott walker and donald trump polling well in new hampshire. can christie have a viable path if he finished second or third place when the primary rolls around? >> it's a great point. there are already 14 official candidates it's going to be a field that's expanding. if you can out in new hampshire in the top three that could give you a bounce in south carolina. you need to come in the top three, especially if you're part of the center right area of the republican party. iowa is more of a fight for the hard right, so is south carolina. if you're kasich christie jeb bush rand paul new hampshire is almost everything. >> caller: and-- not a dull moment.
5:18 am
another candidate jumping in we have jim webb. >> he's known as an anti-democrat someone who was elected because of his opposition to the iraq war. he'll be mostly a dove. he's a gritty man. someone who doesn't love the press. to those blue collar democrats who think hillary clinton is not engaging enough with every day people even though she says she is or they're not a fan of bernie sanders, jim webb presents someone who is a veteran and anti-war. >> "the washington post" robert costa, thank you so much. if it's the fourth of july nathan's hot dog eating contest is hours away. we'll be joined by two of this year's participants. how they plan to scarf down all those hot dogs. 20?
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many americans would say you can't have the fourth of july without hot dogs. a few of them would say you can't have the fourth of july without a lot of hot dogs. i'm talking about nathan's hot dog eating contest. men and women scarfing down as many hot dogs as they can in just ten minutes. last year's men's winner joey chestnut ate 61 hot dogs. on the women's side she consumed 34. joining us are two competitors eater, michelle is currently ranked eighth and yasser is ranked 15. he's also a triathlete. how do you prepare for today? >> it's about a four month preparation.
5:23 am
for a marathon i give myself 16 weeks to increase my running ability and aerobic capacity. same thing with hot dogs. i'll eat progressively more broccoli and call flower and increase the amount of water i'm drinking. i don't approach hot dogs until the last few weeks. at my peak i'm doing eight pounds of broccoli and call iflower. >> what do you do? >> we start training months out. sporadically throughout it you're training for hot dogs. it's where everyone wants to be it's the super bowl of competitive eating. several months out started training with some hot dogs sporadically throughout. work with the natural casings because that's what we have at
5:24 am
coney. game day conditions you want to keep them the same. training runs outside in the arizona heat is pretty comparable to coney island on the fourth of july. >> how do you train to eat the hot dogs? >> there's a lot of technique involved. there are lots of different strategies people use. you play around with what works for me. what beverages do i want to use. that make as difference. during my practice runs i'll have a single thing i change. >> are there any foods you can substitute to the place for hot dogs? >> for capacity purposes you want to hit hot dogs and if you get full you have to stop eating. i'll eat watermelon it's something healthy. you get the stretch in. >> you're both into competitive eating here. what do you consider your
5:25 am
specialty? >> i'm a sweets guy. a couple years ago i won the cunoly eating contest in little italy in new york city. there are other categories. there's capacity foods like chili. where it will push your limits. there is sweets. my favorite. and then there's hot contests like straight up jalapenos. there is ribs and wings. so sweets is where i like to be. >> this is an all year round competitive eating thing? >> this summer i'm a high school math teacher. the day i got out of school i flew to west virginia for pepperoni rolls. i flew to denver the next day for burritos. the summer it was nuts. i think that my specialty would be foods like he was saying ribs and wings. i just won a rib contest. >> these are so not really good
5:26 am
foods for you. how can you do this? inyou're a triathlete how can you eat this food and still manage to train and stay in shape? >> i consider eating contests my cheat days. so you know, if i'm heating hot dogs or wings or burritos which we did a few weeks ago. all those things are just ways for me to treat myself. i train hard all week. i do you know two hours a day during the week day. training whether it's running or swimming. on the weekends i'm doing four or five hours a day. and when i do an eating contest that's my way of rewarding myself for hard week's work. >> on the same note it's extra mental preparationing for all the triathlons you do because pushing through an eating contest is close in my experience when you run when you're feeling like to give up.
5:27 am
>> joey and matt are going to be close today within five hot dog buns of each other. joey will do 65 and 66 and matt will do 60 or 61. i'm shooting for third or fourth place. these guys are superhumans. i'm trying to be the best human i can be. >> what about you? >> i think the weather conditions are fantastic right now. i think joe a is going to hit a record. i think he's going to hit beyond the 69 which is the world record right now. i think mickey is going to have a good day. the women's division is going to be as close as it gets. the top five now are all within a couple dogs of each other. it's anyone's game. >> what a fun great competition. thank you so much for being here. best of luck to both of you. coming up the latest on the string of recent shark attacks in north carolina and tips to
5:28 am
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millions of americans flocking to the beach this holiday weekend a. fourth of july tradition. but a string of shark attacks off the north carolina coast has the national park service asking swimmers along the outer banks to be alert. men fishing in kill devil hills know why. they found a shark at the end of their line. the former editor of the boston herald is recovering from an attack. it's the state's seventh attack. we are live on wrightsville beach where two teenager lost limbs last month. >> the sun coming up peeking out behind the clouds that have kept people away for much of the morning. as the temperatures heat up we'll see more and more people tempted to go in that water and cool off.
5:32 am
some telling us they're not going to do that right now or they'll stay shallow because of the rash of shark attacks. we're talking about seven in north carolina in the past four weeks, four in south carolina since may. experts are calling the conditions the perfect storm for sharks, warm water, higher salt content and a lot of people going for a swim. there are no plans to close any of the beaches, but experts are cautioning people to stay alert. use their best judgment in the water. they're issuing a number of tips to help keep you safe. no guarantee anytime you get in the water. don't swim at dusk or dawn taking off jewelry that might look like fish scales to a shark. and to avoid any areas where people are fishing or where you see birds swooping down to feed. they're hoping this combined with alertness of beach goers keeps everyone safe.
5:33 am
>> we can see that people are already gathering on the beach. it is early in the morning there. has there been a difference in the crowds coming to the beach? >> they're still expecting record crowds. i talk today the manager of one hotel to see if she's seen any cancellations. she said not a one. >> i'm sure there will be more people on the sand. is there any kind of alert system they have out there other than life guards? >> we are on a life guard beach right now. other than that they're relying on word of mouth. they have puatrolspatrols, firefighters, and police going up and down the beach. nothing aerial we've seen. there were when two teenagers lost limbs not too far from here.
5:34 am
this is a long line of coast to cover. officials are asking for beach goers to stay alert and tell anybody immediately if they think they see something suspicious in the water. >> that's great advice. dr. halter is a biologist and has been working to safe the shark community. tell us. why is north carolina seeing so many shark attacks this year? >> good morning. happy 4th. look the water is their home. right? and here's what we know. the ocean's have been terribly fished overfished. the sharks who are the doctors of the sea are hungry. they're coming in they're following their bait. and we have conditions of unseasonably warm water. we have droughts and less fresh water going into the ocean, the atlantic. it's saltier. and so the bait fish are
5:35 am
attracted. and we've got the perfect storm. it's hot, it's the 4th. people are going in the water. it's a cocktail that has unfortunate outcomes. >> you are working to protect sharks. what kind of threats are they facing? do they have anything to do with the uptick of shark bites in north carolina? >> globally this is a disaster. in the last 15 years, we've emptied the sea. we're talking one and a half billion sharks we've taken out of the waters. and so the ca -- just imagine this if we took 90% of the doctors away from america or australia where i work our economies would grind to a halt and our societies would collapse. this is a delicate situation we're dealing with. it's got a terrible outcome because if the sharks die, we die. >> it's not just the beach goers that are having an issue. north carolina fisherman are
5:36 am
complaining much of their catch is being eaten by sharks. is there just too many sharks off the carolinas? >> no, i think the remaining sharks are starving. i think we've taken their food away. i think they are very much attracted to the recreational fishing which draws extra blood into the water and they sense it they move in. and this is an indication that their populations are in great strife. and sadly, people are in the way. but, you know we say don't be afraid, be aware. so when you go in the water today, and by the way, go in the water, be aware if you see a school of fish come through you, get out of the water. >> good advice. dr. halter thank you for being here. tomorrow is a big world cup show down between the united states and japan and the u.s. is hoping to avenge their loss to japan in the 2011 final. we'll get to see the match for
5:37 am
third place between britain germany. nbc's ron mott is here with more on the story. >> this is one of the sports stories that's difficult to talk about. seeing someone cost their team in such a big stage like the world cup. but dara is getting support where a lot of other athletes have been scorned. it was a game winning kick for the wrong team. but rather than kick her while she's down. the soccer world has largely embraced english defender laura basset whose error sent japan to the finals. instead of scorn, she was praised by her coach. supported by her teammates. offered words of comfort on social media amid the usual spate of internet trolling. far different responses than
5:38 am
british superstar david beckham got. ten heroic lions, one stupid boy p. escobar was murdered days after his mistake in 1994 >> a lot of people comparing the two. beckham was treated so harshly and she's getting a pass because she's a woman. >> basset's booboo is the latest in the collection of sports no noes. >> behind the big. >> who can forget buckner's little roller and huge consequence in the '86 world series. >> they call a timeout, michigan doesn't have any. >> chris weber's ill fated time out. athletes aren't the only things that botch things up coaches do. and seattle's pete carroll got ridiculed at the most recent
5:39 am
super bowl. given time basset's mistake may fade where others have remained. painful reminders that sports aren't always fun and games. now laura basset back on the field today, hopefully she'll get reception from the crowd and maybe make the long trip home a little bit less painful. we will be watching tomorrow's final usa versus japan starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. live coverage on telemundo. greece is gearing up for a huge day at the polls hours from now. that's up next. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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people in greece took to the streets last night for dueling rallies. the nation is divided on a vote on their economic future. this morning people lining up at banks to withdraw the daily maximum of 60 euros a limit in in effect all week to prevent
5:43 am
bank runs. greece's prime minister went to tv saying greece can get a better bailout. polls ahead of tomorrow's refer rendm so the two sides are neck and neck. we are live in athens. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. those polls suggest that the no vote is 1%. just 1% ahead with 10% of people undecided. and you have to assume they will decide at some point. because, there is not a single person that you speak to in this country that isn't obsessively only talking about what is happening here because it's affecting everyone's lives. because no matter how much money you have in the bank you're only allowed to take out just over $60 from the atm per day.
5:44 am
because they know that there are these real concerns that in the coming weeks, there will be actual shortages of basic stuffs like food and fuel because the producers and importers aren't able to pay their bills because cash is running out in greece. it leaves this weekend with many greeks wondering whether it will make any difference whether they vote no or yes. many saying that they think they should vote no as a matter of national pride. there is very very strong emotions swirling around this. those people who say they should vote yes say that greece's future has to be tied to europe. and that without europe greece will be left isolated and on its own. dara, the debate is continuing complete division complete splits here in greece. and the decision will emerge the poll will emerge some time late tomorrow we think.
5:45 am
certainly monday. then we'll know what future for this country. >> truly is neck and neck. thank you for that report. the news of greece leading to a tumultuous week for the markets. the nazsdaq and s&p 500 all dipping. we turn to a cnc contributor. let's take a look at what this means for greece. this is a struggling economy h. we have supporters on the bailouts, some want it some don't. the greek pripsme minister is saying vote no. >> they vote no and they're out of the euro zone and they get no money. there is some reports that banks could run out of money tomorrow and do what was done in cyprus where the banks hold on to everybody's money and haircut their deposits by as much as 30%. if you have $100,000 in the bank
5:46 am
you'll get $70,000. their gdp has contracted 26%. the unemployment rate is 26%. this is where the united states was in 1932 during the depths of the great depression. if they vote no -- again this is you know pride goth before the fall. if that's the reasoning they want to use. they won't get immediate assistance and possibly not for the european central bank which has been providing euros to the greek banking system for the last several weeks. >> you mentioned unemployment. joseph stegall writes in the guardian that accepting these strict austerity measures in the bailout deal would mean depression almost without end. that is a very very severe prediction. what's your reaction to that? >> joe and paul "the new york times" economics writer and also
5:47 am
nobel prize winning economists are anti-ositarians. i would tend to agree in this instance because greece has few options without getting additional funds and debt relief. if they don't forgive some of the $271 billion that greece owes and just put on more restrictions on what they can do in terms of having to cut pensions, having to raise taxes with the numbers we already see they will get worse. one would assume that younger people in greece would look for somewhere else to live. there are no job opportunities when you have unemployment that's going to go from 26% to 60% or higher. >> it's like a no win situation here. what's your prediction? >> if it goes no you'll see a sharp reaction in european markets that could spill over to the united states. it won't affect the u.s. economy in any way shape or form.
5:48 am
it will call into question the situation in some of the weaker countries. spain and italy have similar debt problems. greece has an economy the size of miami. so from an economic perspective, if they're out of the union it means little to europe. it means a lot of greece. it also means market turmoil if they end up falling out tomorrow. >> we have the ripple effect. >> just as an aside, china's market is down 30% in three weeks. no one is paying attention to that want that has some negative implications for world markets. >> great to have you. thank you so much for your input. coming up some of the summer's best destinations are here in the usa. you'd be part of a science experiment to boot. those details are up next.
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5:52 am
there were thunderstorms over the magic kingdom in disney world last night. this video of lightning striking near cinderella's castle. could storms be in store for you as you celebrate the fourth? >> for you and our friends across the country it looks like a good looking forecast. chicago mosty sunny skies with 83 degrees. minneapolis we're talking to mid 80s with splaent of sunshine. the sunshine will be contagious. you get the rain in the east. new york 74 degrees the high. tomorrow, better conditions and slightly warmer too going into the 80s. further south you go better chance of seeing scatters showers and thunderstorms from atlanta. the best chance of severe storms could take place across the
5:53 am
midatlantic. strong winds, maybe even some tornadic activity. not likely but it is possible. certainly keep that in mind. in terms of delays think you'll have plenty of those possibly today. if you're trying to catch a flight out of the nation's capital. very warm for you in billings montana. with 98 degrees. dara, back to you. thanks i will keep that umbrella handy. the national park service is looking to track a new species ot in our parks. scientists are giving visitors tracking devices. if you're not sure about wearing a tracking device on your vacation summer is a prime time for visiting a national park. there are over 400 to choose from. joining us to narrow down the list we have a travel advocate. so great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> such a busy travel week what is the best time to say catch a rodeo in the rockies?
5:54 am
>> next week july 6th-12th is the rooftop rodeo. it's in estes park. it kicks off with a parade. they have competitions for the kids who want to be future rodeo stars. there's a country western dance, the queen's dance. there's a lot going on. that's in rocky mountain national park. >> what about the best place to see the stars? we'll go to california for that. >> in northeastern california there is lassen volcanic national park. because it's so removed from any light pollution. the skies are clear. they have the dark sky festival in early august. planetary geologists and research scientists come and study -- explain cosmic mysteries. anybody can show up. they have plenty of telescopes to look through. half the park is after dark.
5:55 am
>> fascinating. let's go daytime. where is the best place to go biking? >> they've opened up some back country bike trails in mesa verdy national park. in colorado. it's a world heritage site. they've opened up roads that used to be for tram service, some bike trails and you can go on ranger led hiking and biking adventures. go up to scenic overlooks with spectacular views of the cliff dwellings where the people lived. >> this sounds like it's family fun, too. >> totally. they have bikes you can rent which makes life easier. >> better for travel. one more this is one of my favorites, dinosaur tracks in utah. >> in moab utah which is at the southern corner of dinosaur diamond. that's where they first discovered the dinosaurs in the wild west. it's where the greatest number of species have been found. they're opening up a dinosaur
5:56 am
exploration park. it's like an out door museum of dinosaur tracks. that's where they've been doing their discoveries and they're making it available to the public starting in earlyy september. >> thank you so much for your tips. great to have you. >> happy july 4th. >> still ahead, the very latest on the nuclear negotiations with iran. andrea mitchell is live in vienna, austria. up next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? coming up this hour on msnbc, word of a tentative deal on a sticking point with iran. law enforcement on high alert here at home. >> they didn't read the rest of the sentence. okay. got to close the deal. who said that? i like that. >> donald trump doubles down on
6:00 am
his controversial comments. is it hurting him in the polls? and breakfast at wimbledon, one of the most iconic tennis players will be here to talk about the 13 year drought for american men in grand slams. good morning, happy independence day. it's 9:00 in the east. 6:00 a.m. out west. here's what's happening. preparations are underway here in new york for the big fireworks display later tonight. law enforcement across the country are still on alert as concerns over lone wolf terror attacks by isis supporters remain high for the holiday weekend. u.s. government officials saying there are no specific threats. the state department is saying yesterday that an alert sent to overseas posts was standard procedure. kristin wellker is at the white house. >> reporter: that's right law enforcement is always on heightened alert during big national holidays like the fourth. federal officials say there is an increased threat from isis this independence day. so you can expect a heightened
6:01 am
police presence as many as 7,000 officers deployed in new york and tight security just about everybody. in boston there are going to be undercover and uniformed officers who will be deplayed along with tactical units. in new york there will be 7,000 officers and more patrolman deployed to the streets. the governor wants to enhance the monitoring of celebrations. here in the nation's capital a heightened police presence. in los angeles, increased officers and security measures as well. the city's emergency operation center is already activated. the cause of all of this is isis has been stepping up calls for attacks through social media. experts are worried most about those so-called lone wolf attacks. they're trying to monitor that. officials say this threat from isis is new, but the same old rules apply. if you see something, say
6:02 am
something. have fun tonight but also be vigilant. thanks so much for that. and as kristin said 7,000 additional police officers expected in new york city this weekend on alert for one of the nation's biggest fourth of july celebrations. new york city expecting over a million people to flock to its waterfronts to watch tonight's firework displays. across cities across the countries they're expecting large crowds as well. joining me is the former deputy secretary of safety for the state of new york. andrew cuomo, the governor had mentioned that everybody's on high alert now. there are more police. we should pay attention to this terror warnings. is this standard procedure now? >> we have had a joint intelligence bulletins from the fbi for many years prior to this one. before any of the big events. so what you have here is you have your damned if you do
6:03 am
damned if a you don't. if something happens you've dmautdone the job. isis represents a different flavor now. it's not what we thought about al qaeda where they train teams and they do something. this is about the person who is sitting on their couch and decides to get involved. that's a difficult thing to defend against. you don't know when they're coming. how do you defend against that? deterrence which is why you're seeing increased police officers. that's what you can expect at the mass gatherings. >> you're talking about the lone wolf, rogue person that could go hay wire tonight. we know the crowds are going to be increasing. what is the nypd doing and what is the fbi, what are they specifically looking for in the crowds? >> they're really trying to do three things one, is they're listening to all of the intelligence that comes through. and what are they seeing in the net? what are they seeing in the
6:04 am
streets. they're going to their informants. the only challenge with that there is so much of it. it's no longer a needle in a hay stack. they're making sure people know they're out there in force ready to respond quickly. there's a deterrent. if you want to do something, now is not the time because you won't be successful. third is they're coordinating. they're saying what are you hearing at the federal and local level. let's make sure everyone has as much as information as they can. >> let's talk about what the spectators are going to go through. we have the people coming into the city and cities across the nation. what about them traveling to the celebrations what should they be looking for and how can they help law enforcement? >> the phrase is don't be scared be aware. that's what everybody has to pay attention to. and the eyes and ears of the public is so crucial to law enforcement. law enforcement cannot be everywhere. they have to be a part of this
6:05 am
whole security system. and it doesn't mean you get paranoid. trust your gut. if you see something that just doesn't make sense to you. it's out of the ordinary. somebody acting weird. just put a quick call in. let security and police officers resolve that issue. >> what would be something a spectator would see? give me an example of what they should be looking for. >> the boston bombing, we had two individuals who was walking through the crowd. they have a package, leave the package and walk away. that could be innocent, maybe they'll be right back. if it's there for a little bit. call an officer, a guy left a bag there. it's a hot day, and they're wearing a long coat. maybe that -- why you wearing a hot coat? it's things like that that's common sense. or folks who just look bizarre and maybe they're on drugs. that kind of behavior. it's not just about terrorism
6:06 am
it's about public safety. the last thing is the public don't be on that cell phone every single second. i got teenager. everybody is on that phone. when you are, you're not in the place where you are. you're on that phone. >> you've got everybody taking their cell phones hands in pockets, out of pockets, into bags. even with 7,000 extra police patrolling the area and securities on guard, you've got noise, you've got crowds you have people reveling. how are you going to discern what noises are what? >> here in new york city they probably have one of the best experiences. new year's eve. thousands and thousands of revelers every year. nothing happens because of strict control. you don't have that same type of control because people can kind of come in from all different areas. it's a shorter duration. you have the fireworks and everybody goes away. it's the usual pace of the city. it makes it harder. just like la too, they have a lot of experience with this. they know what type of things they're looking for and they're
6:07 am
ready. >> experience is certainly going to come into play tonight. thank you so much for your input. thanks for being here. now, breaking news out of vienna the associated press reporting that diplomats say iran and six world powers have reached a tentative agreement as part of a nuclear deal. another step toward a final agreement. the deadline for reaching that deal days away. iran's foreign minister saying in a video yesterday that an agreement has never been closer. andrea mitchell joins us now from vienna with the latest. >> reporter: hi well officials here say yes an agreement has never been closer but it's not a done deal until everything comes together. they caution that there has been a tentative agreement of what they call the expert level. the technicians who are drafting language. there may be some 70 to 100 pages of text. that is a tentative agreement on part of the sanctions controversy that has been dwooid dividing the powers with iran.
6:08 am
that is not a complete agreement on sanctions and it is not accepted yet by the foreign ministers. nothing is accepted in this very complicated negotiations until the foreign ministers accept it they will not be back here until tomorrow night. they can community back and forth between their capitals. there is no final sign off from the ministers on sanctions. there are other issues many other issues that still have to be finalized. that is the inspections, access of un inspectors, there was the report today from the director general of the un nuclear agency here. that by the end of the year he thought he could have that agency sign off on all of the questions that have been raised about iran's past nuclear activities and its current nuclear activities. that would be by the end of 2015. they still have to deal with inspections and a number of other questions. they have not completed everything they have to do on sanctions. and even this tentative deal is not at the foreign minister's
6:09 am
level. that gives you a sense of how they are closing in. their narrowing differences but they're not yet. we've been here more than a week. it looks like we'll be here for several more days. >> extremely complicated but closer. that's good news. andrea mitchell thank you for your reporting. moving from vienna to london, next up he already prevailed in one of the most epic wimbledon show downs at all time. he's now set in another battle royal. does he have the gas to win it. watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 for switching back to verizon. and so can you!
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it's fourth of july weekend. that means must see tennis is underway at london's all england club. a match between john eisner and
6:13 am
marren cilic. they are locked 10-10 in the third round battle. you may remember that eisner won the longest match in 2010 after 11 hours. the winner of today's face off will advance. they are the last two americans battling for the men's title. only seven qualified for the match. an american man hasn't won a tournament since 2003. joining us from london 1972 wimbledon champion stan smith. and here on set, sports reporter harry chickma. this is wonderful. john eisner he's locked in another marathon match.
6:14 am
can you tell us about this battle that's underway? >> big john is amazing. i watched the match. i watched the last few games. the fifth went to 40-40. john won the match. hopefully he will be able to win and play another american. >> who do you think has the edge going into the play today? >> you know it's tough. cilic is a good player. he's been in the long matches. it will be one shot that might determine it. if eisner can get a return back or hit a passing shot that might determine the match. >> amazing that will be that close. harry, this is an exhausting match. what are the winner's chances today or going into the next round? >> they're still pretty high. john eisner has done this before.
6:15 am
he has a big game and huge serve. cilic has won a grand slam in the u.s. open. i think they'll go to the trainers, grand slams give you some time off to breathe. they'll come back with a lot of confidence. >> some time doesn't sound like enough time. they're keeping america's hope alive in the men single's competition. there are only seven american men qualified for the tournament. it's part of a bigger trend in 1984 there were 24 americans in the top 50 and six in the top 10. today there are three in the top 50 and none in the top ten. so what is behind this dramatic downturn in american men's tennis? stan, i'm going to go to you for that. >> the competition around the world is unbelievable. there is so many countries that have so many players that are playing, much more than before. we have good news we had three americans in the french semi finals, two in the finals and
6:16 am
one american won the french open championships. an american won the juniors at wimbledon. we have junior players that are out there. and the thing will be whether they can make the transition into the progame. and hopefully bring back some american spirit mere in the tennis tour. >> definitely something to look forward to. harry, we were talking about the juniors, who are the up and coming american men to watch? >> taylor fritz, the top player right now. and jared donaldson from providence, rhode island, he's a stud. he went to argentina to trade. he represents america. he believes in himself. had a great match against monfy. he believes. that's what it's all about, believing i having the focus like samperous and agassi had many years ago. stan smith had it as well.
6:17 am
>> the durability is amazing. there are two other people we need to talk about. the brian brothers. they've been number one in the doubles for more than eight years. they hold a slew of world records. the singles are struggling should bob and mike brian be getting more attention, what do you think? >> they have been the best team in the last ten years. and they have been carrying the american flag very very well. they're fun to watch. they have kept the doubles game alive around the world. because the fans come out to see them play doubles. a lot of times you don't see that with some of the other doubles teams. i've known those guys since they were 12 years old. they're fun guys and fun to watch. and they are -- have the chance. certainly they're seeded number one here. and hopefully they'll win the title again. >> it looks like they will be going for the title. let's go on to some other picks. stan, what's your pick? who is going to take wimbledon? >> on the men's side, djokovic.
6:18 am
ferder federer is playing well. a lot can happen here. the courts are playing very fast. it's been very hot this week. so the big servers, and hitters have an advantage. >> we've seen upsets. harry -- >> on the women's side we'll have serena williams usa flag will be on the top of the podium. that's good news for the red white and blue. on the men's side we'll see someone from switzerland. either federer or war winka. thank you so much. harry, great for being here. appreciate your input. we'll be turning to wimbledon. still ahead, donald trump not backing down on his comments about mexico and immigration. his new comments are up next.
6:19 am
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6:22 am
donald trump is not backing often of his hard line immigration stance. oo he redeesleased a statement yesterday yesterday. trump saying the death is another example of why we must secure our border immediately. adding to that he is the only one who can fix it. nascar is the latest company to drop trump. nbc universal, and macy's all ending their business relationships with trump for his controversial remarks. at the same time, he keeps rising in the polls. trump finished second this week in polls. let's bring in joe watkins and jane tam. good morning to you both. okay joe, donald trump comes
6:23 am
into the race. he assumes -- we assume this is a publicity stunt. but instead of boosting his brand as donald trump we thought he had hurt it. he has. but his poll numbers, he's rising. he's behind donald trump. >> if you were a candidate wouldn't you want to dominate the news? he's second in the polls. if you can hang on 12%, 13% you'll be somebody who can be reckoned with. from a political standpoint these remarks and hurtful remarks to mexicans have helped him. business wise is another story. politically speaking he's where everyone would want to be especially if you're one of the lesser candidates. >> you've been following donald trump's campaign. is he in this to win it or is this really a publicity stunt? >> i mean donald trump is not going to play by the rules of politics. but i also -- we're not sure what his end game is. i can't ever see a ballot with
6:24 am
donald trump's name on it. he's getting a lot of publicity. you know he loves that. he will call up reporters, he will write on your story and send it back to you and say this is wrong and fed exback to you. he loves to engage with the media. he has been on the news all week. who's laughing now? >> his name is out there. an actress wrote an op-ed said what you did was send more latinos to the polls. this could be working against him him. do you think he's hurting the republican party? >> no, i think he stands alone. he will be a force to be reckoned with. at the end of the day, it depends on who the nominee is if the nominee is jeb bush it will be a different story. he will be attractive to latino voters if marco rubio emerges
6:25 am
as a strong candidate he will get a lot of latino voters to vote with him. jeb bush is looking more and more like he may be the nominee of the party he won't have an issue with latino voters. >> we'll talking about donald trump now. will he sustain that in the next two or three four weeks? if he finishes second amongst the 16 or so other candidates here why do you think he's polling so well comparatively? do you think he has the sustainability? >> national polling, the stage is entirely name recognition. everyone knows his name. that's what sells so well. that's why this campaign is actually threatening his business a little bit. because his biggest moneymaker the biggest asset he has is his name. he sells it to developers macy's to sell products. he is hurting with this campaign the very thing that put his name into the national stage. >> he's trending on social media. he is number one in social
6:26 am
media. he's beating everyone when it comes to social media. >> which is amazing. it only has been a week two into the campaign. thank you so much for your input. it will be an interesting campaign. coming up, nascar fans are being asked to leave their confederate flags at home. not without the offer of getting something in return. one of the biggest names in racing is on board. those details are up next. stay with us. iment when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a
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6:30 am
we've been talking about this confederate flag here. especially with the republican party. it's really been a sea of change here. nascar traditionally conservative. this is a big deal for them. is this surprising for you? >> i'm glad to see that people are sensitive to the fact that the flag needs to be relegated to history and only be in museums, but not something that's flown. it's hurtful to people of color like me. i'm proud of somebody like governor nikki haley who took a stand and said i don't care if this is going to hurt me with some of my base i want to do what's right. she did it. i'm so proud of her. >> this new poll this week is showing that 57% of people believe the flag is a symbol of southern pride. # 33% say it's a symbol of racism. is there room for the flag as a symbol at public events? >> we're all americans but you have to realize we have a
6:31 am
difficult history. and people of color like me were in bondage back in the 1800s. that flag means something to us. it's hurtful. for black people who grew up in the 1940s and 50s and 60s who remember what that flag was and has been associated with. it's a hurtful sign and image. i'm proud to see so many americans standing up and say it may mean something to us because black people are americans also let's take it down. let's take it down. >> right. the debate is continuing. bree newsome is facing three years in prison. there was security. they're watching it t.. she could go to jail for taking the flag down how do you feel about that? >> she has the courage and conviction. she was willing to do what the civil rights leaders were willing to do back in the 1960s which is risk going to jail to make a statement. and she made a very powerful
6:32 am
statement by climbing up the pole. >> others are following that lead. right now the south carolina legislature are debating whether to remove the flag from the state house. this could be as early as tuesday. how do you think it's going to go? >> i hope they do what's right and take it down. they vote to take it down. i know it means different things to different people. but because of the fact to such a large segment of people it's so hurtful. i think they ought to take it down. >> it's amazing that a flag has been a point of controversy here in the united states where we are under one flag. al thank you so much for your input. appreciate having you here. coming up we'll be checking in on the boston pops conductor in advance of tonight's legendary boston extrav gaunza. tips on what not to do if you're planning a fireworks display. stay with us.
6:33 am
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breaking news this hour out
6:36 am
of cuba with fidel castro made his first public appearance in 18 months. this is the first time we saw castro since president obama normalized relations with cuba. the first major american airline began regular service to havana yesterday. a jetblue charter flight to make the trip from new york to havana every friday. the u.s. and cuba will be reopening embassies before the end of the month. back here in the u.s. there are a few fourth of july traditions as exciting as holiday performances by the boston pops. ♪ >> the annual concert always features breath taking fireworks, exploding to the tune
6:37 am
of 1812 overture. tonight's performance will be special for boston pop's conductor keith lockhart it's his 20th performance since taking over. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> the boston pops has performed all over the world. what makes this show so special? >> it's an amazing thing. even 20 years into my tenure i can't get over it. one thing is just the people make it special. there are over 500,000 people in attendance at the live show not counting television and streaming audiences. they come together in peace and celebration. and we're at the center of this experience for the whole day. it's a thrill that a performer can't get over. >> special for the holiday but this is your 20th anniversary as conductor of boston pops. you were 35 when you took over
6:38 am
for john williams. those are big shoes to fill. how long did it take you to come into your own and move out of his shadow? >> it's hard to move out of his shadow because he might be the best known composer in the entire world. he's still involved with the boston pops. i have done this concert twice as many times as anyone else in the history of the event. i'm beginning to feel a little sense of ownership at this point. not too much. >> after 20s years i would hope so. we have formed with an incredible list of rock stars and personalities. who has been your most exciting person to perform with? >> some people who have been really exciting on the stage, steven tyler, sting was a great thrill to work side by side with. also classical artists like
6:39 am
yo-yo ma. the fourth is always great. we have an incredible list of acts that appeal to everybody in our demographic. we have theest littest kids to their grand parents. >> you talk about the classical and pop. you have collaborated with many musicians and merged modern music with the classical genre. oric strus are usually on the more classical side. >> the role of the boston pops ever since its inception 130 years ago has been to tie in the broadest possible audience with clas classical mucic classical music. we still play classical music, but collaborate with indy rock groups, we play jazz, broadway. we do those things to meet
6:40 am
people on their own terms. get them to fall in love with what anoric strucan do. >> tonight classical meets technology. because toontsnight's performance can be streamed all over the world. this is your 20th performance. do you have anything special planned? >> there's a lot. it's boston pops july it's going on yahoo at the same time. we hope people from all over the world will join in the celebration. we did our rehearsal concert last night. i think it's going to be one of the best ever. it's a long list of stars that bring the party. we have michael cavgnaw doing billy joel tunes. we have great r&b classics. patriotic hits featuring the uso show troop as well as the famous boston pops. it's great show from beginning to end. i think everyone who tunes in will agree it's a great way to
6:41 am
celebrate america's birthday. >> tonight, break a leg, thanks for being here. >> thank you. happy 4th. the many fireworks displays coast to coast are promising to be a great night out. theres a reminder last night that the dangers of fireworks can be all too real. nine people injured in colorado last night during a fireworks show. town officials saying fireworks went off before they were supposed to with shells careening into the crowd. whether you plan to leave the fireworks to the professionals or do it yourself at home how do you have fun and keep safe? richard miller is the michigan state fire marshal. he's here to help us out with tips that can keep you safe when dealing with fireworks. we know this incident in colorado, there was a terrible incident in michigan this week. where a 14-year-old boy is in
6:42 am
danger of losing his hand. how do you prevent situations like this? >> good morning. thanks for having me. that is an unfortunate situation and our condolences and sympathy go out to the family. i can start by saying if you choose to use fireworks, the best thing to use is have good solid judgment and calmanceommon sense. read the manufacture's directions that are on the packages. and never ever purchase anything that's wrapped in brown paper. along with that we recommend that use safety equipment. eye protections, hand covered with gloves and always have plenty of water on site whether it's a bucket or a charged garden hose. >> we know people get wrapped up in the celebration and accidents happen. if you are planning to light fireworks at home what are the best safety tips to keep in
6:43 am
mind? >> the best safety tips are know the proximity. know your surroundings. get permission from your neighbors to know that -- let them know what you plan on doing. again, have plenty of water on site. whether it's a pail of water, a garden hose. don't discharge them where you'll have dry grass, shrubbery and the likes. >> it seems like common sense, then you have a firework that doesn't go off and so many people are tempted to go and relight that. what are you supposed to do with that? >> here's the situation for that. do not approach a firework that has not discharged. do not try to relight it. douse it with plenty of water. and if you do decide to move it if you have to move it. use a shovel. never handle it with your hands. >> that's very wise words. especially with the shovel. how do you dispose of your fireworks at the end of the night? >> the best thing to do is
6:44 am
plenty of water. douse them with water. a steel trash can with a lid. don't bring them indoors or store them on wooden decks behind your house. >> you mentioned different types of fireworks, are there some fireworks that are safer than others? >> well, you know in our state we classify them in three ways. we have consumer grade fireworks, low impact fireworks, and novelty fireworks. consumer grade would be considered what people use fireworks and bottle rockets. low impact would be a sparkler. a novelty would be snappers or poppers. according to that a snapper or popper would be considered the safest but if they're mishandled or not used properly they could cause injury. >> a lot of it seems coming down to common sense and paying attention and have that extra pail of water? >> absolutely. >> richard miller thank you so much for being here. good advice.
6:45 am
have a happy fourth. >> thank you. turning to some other stories making news this morning. to tennessee where around 5,000 people have been allowed to return home. residence in the maryville area were evacuated on thursday morning after an oil tanker derailed spilling its contents which are hazardous if inhaled. the environmental protection agency tested the air water and soil in the area and deemed the city safe. a florida 66 people sat stranded 400 feet in the air after the orlando eye stopped midright friday afternoon. orlando firefighters were able to get passengers down with ladders and the help of a generator restoring power to the ride. all the riders were safely evacuated and no one was injured. still ahead, as we continue for many americans it isn't the fourth of july without a barbecue. and something cold to wash it down with. straight ahead, our look at the best beers you may not already know about. that's next. stay with us.
6:46 am
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6:49 am
the pilots of a very special plane are enjoying well-deserved day off today. unfriday the solar eclipsed powered only by the rays of the sun completed its journey across the pacific. hallie jackson is in hawaii with more on their death defying journey. >> reporter: even after five days in a tiny cockpit. no room to stand, no refrigerator and no bathroom except for the toilet in his seat. the pilot felt so good he didn't want to land. but when he finally did, he made history with the world's longest solo flight. andre is about to step out of the plane. right now he's getting his legs massaged. remember he hasn't walked in five days. along with his partner he's trying to make it around the
6:50 am
world using only solar power. live streaming almost every minute with millions following along and tweeting their support. >> did that you expect that? >> when i read this the way people were sharing what they felt. >> reporter: even though the most difficult leg of the trip is now over the real journey is just beginning for these pioneering pilots. people have described you as modern day wright brothers. >> we're solo brothers. >> reporter: hoping to convince america the future is solar powered. >> i love the u.s. because they're pioneers. i hope they will understand that it's for energy efficiency for clean technologies for energy saving, because this is the next step in the 21st century. >> reporter: their hope for this july fourth independence from fossil fuels and the freedom to see just how far clean energy can go. >> that was hallie jackson
6:51 am
reporting. what better way is there to celebrate the fourth of july holiday and keeping cool than drinking a nice cold beer. americans are expected to buy 63.5 million cases of beer but not all beer is created equal. with more and more consumers choosing craft beers in recent years. you may have noticed an explosion of micro breweries across the country. here to help us decide on some of the new brews worth trying is joshua bernstine, author of "the complete beer course -- beer camp camp." tell me what makes a craft beer a craft beer? >> it's more of an idea than an actual style of beer. i like to tell people it's anything you're not going to see advertised during the super bowl. it's not the typical 30 pack you may have drank in college, something more elegant, more flavorful. >> what are you looking for in a craft beer? >> right now i'm looking for something that is flavorful, that's lower in alcohol, something that is kind of like a
6:52 am
fire work is not going to make me flame out quickly, that i can drink it all day long. >> drink it all day long. okay. let's move on to this. what is the most popular beer here right now? >> i would say the most popular kind of beer is ipas, which is sort of the bitter a little bit sweet, aromatic citrus beer has taken off across the country. the problem is a lot of them are a little bit higher in alcohol. but session ipas deliver that promise without as many alcohol. they are beautiful, citrusy beer easy jack there, will have the new hops from germany that give a zesty, orange-like complexity. >> fourth of july, barbecue. the best beer to go with barbecue? >> i love a dark german lager. it has these roasty notes that match with the burger plucked from the grill.
6:53 am
>> i love that roasted flavors. this is a connoisseur beer lover's beer now. >> it's been around for centuries. it's something that they are putting a spin on now. >> what about the beer where you're out doing yard work and, boy, you want to have a cold one? >> i love a great pilsner. people called them lawn mower beers, the beers you would drink during yard work people have taken this idea of the pilsner and given it a more crafty spin in a way. it has the same sort of refreshment to it but a bit more on the spicy aroma and herbalness. a type of beer you can drink all day long and comes in cans as well perfect for yard work. >> what is the key to being able to drink them all day long? what's in them that makes them so special? >> they keep the alcohol really low and they keep the flavor really high so it's the type of thing you're not going to get bored drinking it.
6:54 am
oftentimes you drink the same thing all day long you get fatigue, i don't want to drink this again and again. these always have something new, something exciting to discover in each sip. >> what about temperature? ice cold medium cold? >> if you keep things ice cold what people don't realize that destroys a lot of flavor. it works well when you have a light beer that you don't want to taste the flavor of something with a bit more flavor you don't want it super ice cold but slightly warmer than that. this beer can withstand a couple more minutes in your hand. >> a darker beer? >> sometimes when you get warmer beers, they're not quite as refreshing but the darker beer tends to withstand a couple degrees better. not ice cold but refrigerator temperature. >> which is your favorite here? can you choose one? >> you can't choose one. the best you can do is fill a cooler with all your favorite beers and let people pick and choose. the great thing about beer there are so many options, so much variety we're not stuck just having one thing anymore. >> can you pick and choose and mix these? you don't mix alcohol with wine
6:55 am
and things like that. >> i mean it's not like you're mixing categories of beer you're mixing categories of alcohol. pick and choose try different things and that's part of the fun as much as a great spread of food, have a spread of great food, too. >> joshua bernstein, thank you so much kicking it off to a good start. >> now it's time for a beer. >> thanks for being here. >> returning to breaking news. iran and six world powers have reached a tentative agreement on sanctions relieved for tehran as part of a nuclear deal and another step to a final agreement. as andrea mitchell reports, the deal is still just tentative and only deals with part of the sanctions. the foreign ministers have to sign off on this stage of the agreement before it is official. and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. richard lui joins us next. the latest on the protests from athens as greeks rally ahead of the economic referendum vote. plus in south carolina a vote on
6:56 am
the confederate flag could be only days away. how is it likely to go? i'm dara brown. i hope you have a great holiday. happy fourth of july.
6:57 am
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meals. experience the meta effect with our multi-health wellness line. well happy independence day. i'm richard lui and this is "msnbc live" holiday coverage. melissa harris-perry will be back next weekend at 10:00 a.m. weekend. in the news today, though this morning secretary of state john kerry is in vienna negotiating with iranian, european and russian officials in an effort to reach a final deal on iran's nuclear program before a tuesday deadline. the usa women's soccer team goes to the world cup tomorrow against japan. vice president joe biden will attend that game in vancouver. and in the midst of an ongoing financial crisis greece is preparing for a referendum tomorrow that could determine whether the country continues to use the euro as its currency or reverts back to the drachma.
7:00 am
joining us is james anglos author. so james, you've done extensive research for your book alone. you've been having discussions within the last couple of weeks about what the greeks have to do come the vote. what have you learned and what are they telling you now? >> there's a lot of uncertainty even what the vote means. there's a yes or no question about whether they want to accept the creditors' terms for assistance. those terms are highly complicated, are hard to understand -- >> for the voters? >> for the voters yes, and, moreover, they're not even on the table anymore technically because the bailout has expired. it's taken on a political and symbolic. >> you know from talking to relatives and experts as they go to the streets, they had rallies last night, do they know what they're rallying for? why are they on the streets if
7:01 am
they don't necessarily understand? >> it depends what side you're on. on the yes side if you want to say yes to the creditors' terms, what you think you're voting for is to stay in the eurozone. if you're on the no side you're agreeing with the government's strategy which the government is saying if you say no that's going to empower us give us a mandate to go back to the creditors and say -- hash out a deal that will keep us in the euro but on better terms. those that believe that are inclined to vote no. those that believe that a no vote would endanger the euro are going to vote yes. >> what's better for greece? >> in my opinion a euro exit would bring total chaos in greece. it would only show all kinds of political and social turmoil. over the long run the advantage for greece would be it would devalue its currency and make it more competitive in a global economy.
7:02 am
it would be destabilizing. >> finally, how tough is it for those you've spoken with every day things going to the bank going down to a shop that may not be open? >> you have to keep in mind greece has been through the past several years already a great depression-like collapse. and then now -- >> great depression. >> like collapse. and so now the banks are closed. they don't know what currency. every day that passes is like another nail in the coffin of a battered greek economy. the level of uncertainty is leading to, i would say, fatigue. people are very tired and every day that passes in a deeper hole. >> james angelos, thank you for that. you'll be back next hour to talk about what the effect greece might have on the united states and eurozone. a new poll released this week puts scott walker in the number one spot in the iowa
7:03 am
republican caucus. walker set to announce on july 13 that he is running for president has the support of 18% of likely participants in iowa's gop caucus according to quinnipiac's pole. coming in at number 15 with 1% support in the iowa caucus pole is chris christie who officially joined the pack this week when he announced his candidacy for presidency on tuesday. christie headed to new hampshire which today is the place to be on the 2016 campaign trail as the first in the nation primary state plays host to candidates from both parties. christie will be in new hampshire today as will hillary clinton, jeb bush rick perry, lindsey graham and marco rubio, all scheduled to participate in festivities celebrating the fourth of july. joining me right now live from the site of today's independence day parade in new hampshire is kelly o'donnell who has been following hillary clinton as she campaigns in state there and, kelly, can you tell us what the message is here coming from
7:04 am
hillary clinton as she is battling the surge of one other democrat that she's seeing scour iowa right now? >> reporter: well happy fourth of july to you, richard. hillary clinton is trying to do that dance that any front-runner candidate has when there's an insurgent challenger, to look like you're taking that person very seriously, giving respect to her friend and former senate colleague bernie sanders and at the same time try to not let anybody see her sweat. it's that balance of respect and confidence that is what you'll see on the campaign trail. i have the flyer here checking out the local paper where they're talking about the big, spectacular fourth of july celebration and the park behind me and the street over here hillary clinton will be walking the parade, greeting voters in the north country of new hampshire. we are far north, closer to bernie sanders' home state of vermont, than many of the other candidates namely the republicans appearing elsewhere in the state. but on a fourth of july this is
7:05 am
a chance for any presidential candidate in the first in the nation primary state to be seen kind of basking in the patriotism and the summer fun trying to connect with voters. you mentioned chris christie. i was with him in new jersey when he declared on tuesday he spent the whole week here in new hampshire. spent a little time with him yesterday as well as he was greeting veterans and making several appearances. one of the unexpected twists in this particular fourth of july, richard richard, mitt romney, who has a home here in new hampshire, and of course was the nominee of the republican party in 2012 he held a republican sleepover inviting the christie family and marco rubio's family to spend the night, have hot dogs and burgers, and enjoy some of the holiday fun. we don't see that very often with candidate sleepovers but new hampshire is the home for politics, so they're having a good time, too. >> you know how it goes kelly. good meal. i might be there, too next time. kelly o'donnell, thank you there from gorham new hampshire. for more on the 2016
7:06 am
presidential politics discussion raul reyes, news contributor. editor in chief of "national journal" hotline. good fourth to both of you. raul, i will start with you on this. you got the headline as kelly o'donnell so well described to us. that is the insurgent competitor to hillary clinton. some of the poll numbers she was alluding to, bernie sanders, has more than doubled his support in both states in the last month narrowing the gap as you see there in support against hillary clinton. he's within eight points in new hampshire. now although when we factor in the margin of error pretty much tied. that's putting some wind in the sails of bernie sanders. the question if you're in the hillary clinton camp am i worried right now or just too early? >> i wouldn't say they're necessarily worried but no doubt they are aware. what bernie sanders is doing, it's very remarkable. when you think of where we are as a nation right now, we're
7:07 am
coming off this historic quality at the supreme court reaffirmation of the affordable care act, the confederate flag is going away in the south. there's a sense this might be a liberal moment for the country and sanders is absolutely tapping into that plus he's putting forward these very bold policy ideas he wants huge investments in infrastructure. he wants to make college education virtually free by taxing wall street. he wants single pair health insurance. all of those sentiments appeal to voters right now and what he has that i think the clinton campaign is absolutely watching carefully, he has real deal appeal. maybe he's rough around the edge but he's an authentic candidate and that is resonating with the voters in the early states. >> scott, is it that he is the real deal or is that simply the democratic electorate has clearly moved further left more populace, and perhaps the clinton campaign is going, hmm, we may not be that person? >> i think there's always been a
7:08 am
strain of populist left in the democratic. the $15 million that bernie sanders brought in in his first fund-raising quarter is along the lines of what john edwards did when he was running for president back in 2007. and he was running on that two americas platform running very strong on health care. and so i think this is something that has always been there. and sanders has obviously figured out how to tap into it in a very real degree in the crowds he's getting and in the donations. >> $10,000 in his last crowd, right? >> that's right in wisconsin. >> so when we look at this that translates to what you're discussing there, scott, the issue of money. and the clinton campaign expects to hit its goal of over $15 million for the next recording cycle, i believe. what does this mean for bernie sanders, though? will he be able to actually despite the crowd numbers, get
7:09 am
money and numbers that are commensurate with that interest? >> sure. well, i think it would be difficult to bring in money commensurate with his crowd interest. his crowd interest has been off the chart. what he did do his campaign announced the other day, they had a quarter million donors in the second quarter of 2015 and that translated into about $15 million which, again, it's certainly not close to what the clinton campaign did. more than $45 million, which is a really really large amount. that's equivalent to what president obama raised in his first fund-raising quarter when he was running for re-election, when he had the entire party hyped him behind him. this means he will have the money to put a campaign together. >> hillary clinton took a stop got some ice cream. and had to answer to this question, all the interest on the bernie sanders side and she simply said each campaign has their different strategy. is she being able to as kelly was describing to us being a
7:10 am
front-runner yet be calm at the same time? >> it seems her approach for right now is to try to the extent that it's realistically possible to ignore bernie sanders. she is focusing on her speeches much more on the potential republican rivals and one of the reasons i don't believe the clinton campaign is too worried yet is that sanders still faces some structural barriers to really going forward as a mainstream candidate, one obviously is the money. the second one is the hillary clinton campaign has all the endorsements and granted, i don't think very many people make their mind up based on another politician's endorsement but they send a subtle message to voters that all these political figures think that hillary can win against a republican and also bernie sanders has yet to show that he can really broaden his coalition in the way president obama did and hillary clinton at least is poised to do now. hillary clinton right now still has the overwhelming support of african-american voters, moderate and latino voters. she's positioned better. but definitely her campaign is
7:11 am
keeping up with mr. sanders. >> they have the ground game and the money to improve the ground game. it will be tough for sanders. thank you, raul reyes and scott. thank you both. still to come law enforcement officers are planning extra security at independence day events today. next, we'll take a closer look at how isis uses social media for recruitment. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ed something filling yoplait the protein-packed need something filling yoplait taste bud loving,
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concerns about the potential of a terror threat by isis have added an extra layer of vigilance for the fourth of july this year. authorities say they are unaware of any specific or credible threat in the u.s. recently isis spokesman urged supporters to carry out attacks during the holy month of ramadan
7:15 am
which ends july 17. officials are taking extra precautions to deter terrorists inspired by the symbolism of america's independence day. large crowds attending fireworks displays around the country. joining me from washington technology editor of defense one. patrick, let me start with this. as you've been watching what has been said out there on the interwebs, on social media, which specializes in do you see anything that indicates we should be worried within the last 24 hours as you've been looking at those particular platforms? >> not a lot of change either in terms of the official law enforcement messaging about this particular terror threat or in terms of activity, even the broader internet about how concerned to be about this particular threat from isis' spokesman and it's still related to an audio recording that he made urging isis followers to
7:16 am
make ramadan a calamity for the infidels and it's all we're going on right now. there isn't any particular indication indication, as you said, of a specific threat and that's probably a good sign. >> make the comparison for us here patrick, how social media has been used this holiday, july 4th by isis and used a year ago by other terrorist groups. >> so isis, the way that they communicate broadly in terms of getting people to do different things happens at a lot of different levels. so in the event that something happens, the amount of material that is up to what is observable on social media is only a fraction of the broader internet communication that's taking place. and this is one of the things that differentiates them from other terror groups that have used the internet for different purposes like al qaeda. al qaeda specialized in one-way communication. if they made a statement about a particular holiday, it was
7:17 am
pretty much somebody at al qaeda making material and then that material was going to be distributed. the way that isis works is in the event there's something specific planned a lot of people from all around the world will be communicating in a lot of different ways and a lot of different places. the hope from u.s. intelligence community is to be able to pick up some of that and add specificity to threats they see. that's one of the key distinguishing features between the two groups is the amount of two-way communication that isis is able to do with followers. >> the tip of the iceberg and look at what you're saying with social media and the way it's being used and what else may be happening behind the scenes. thank you so much for that patrick tucker. after decades of negotiations and missed deadlines, the united states and five other world powers are closer than ever to a deal that would prevent iran from producing a nuclear weapon in exchange for an end to the crippling economic sanctions against that country. yesterday evening in vienna
7:18 am
secretary of state john kerry met with the iranian foreign minister to iron out details that are still standing in the way of a deal. yesterday's talks were nearing an end, iranian foreign minister released this video message about the negotiations. take a listen. >> this 11th hour, despite some differences that remain we have never been closer to a lasting outcome but there is no guarantee. getting to yes requires the courage to compromise. the self-confidence to be flexible the maturity to be reasonable the wisdom to set aside illusions and the audacity to break old habits. >> joining us now from the site of the talks in vienna is the host of "andrea mitchell reports" and chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andrea, we've had developments in the last 24 hours.
7:19 am
can you break those out for us? >> reporter: indeed. sure thing. the iranian foreign minister was personal putting a favorable gloss on their approach. u.s. officials would probably say having talked to them that the mood is improving. they have narrowed differences on some key issues. they are closer than they've ever been before. but the last issues are always the toughest and that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to because this is really as they've been saying all along like a rubix cube everything is so closely interconnected. so what is new is that they have at the expert or technical level here in vienna reached a tentative agreement on two aspects of sanctions. the united states sanctions and the european sanctions. but not, i am told on the very complex u.n. sanctions that are also on iran's nuclear program. that said even that tentative agreement on let's say, two of the sanctions out of the three sanction baskets, if you will
7:20 am
has to still be approved by the foreign ministers and they're not even here. so this is a tentative agreement by technical experts who have been working around the clock. they've written some 70 or more pages of the draft that all has to be lawyered and still submitted to the foreign ministers and still have to agree on a u.n. resolution that would encapsulate how they would snap back u.n. sanctions if it turned out that iran were to cheat. and beyond the sanctions agreement that they are still trying to achieve, they have to agree on the level of inspections, whether the u.n. inspectors can get into military sites, suspicious sites, and they have to agree on how much research and development on nuclear issues iran can do at the back end of this deal. so a lot still to be done but a lot of progress here. the ministers return tomorrow. richard? >> andrea thank you so much live in vienna. 4:20 in the afternoon. appreciate it.
7:21 am
now i'd like to bring in david kimball, executive director of the arms control association. darryl, thanks for being here. what are the remaining points of disagreement that are playing and delaying here a final deal as andrea was telling us? this is a big ark with a lot of stops along the way to finishing it. >> this is a complex negotiation. these negotiations with iran have been going on for about two years now. but they are extremely close to a final long-term agreement that would block all ways to the bomb, the highly enriched path the clandestine path with robust verification. i think right now what they're working on are the final details on implementation of the key steps they have already agreed to. they already agreed to back in april in a framework agreement announced on april 2. so, as andrea said all the
7:22 am
foreign ministers will be arriving either later tomorrow or on monday, the chinese foreign minister is set to arrive on monday. i think we'll find out then whether the ministers agree with the solutions that the technical experts have work out the last few hours. >> what percentage likelihood would you give that this will actually happen? >> well i think the two sides have invested a great deal in this, a tremendous amount of work has gone into these details. i think they've come too far now to walk away at this point from -- what would you give it 80%? >> i would give it well over 75% at this stage. >> 75%. >> they're very close. there are things that could trip this up. we'll find out from the ministers. but they have really made a tremendous amount of progress over the last six months and especially over the last several days on these final technical issues. i think it's wrong to think that
7:23 am
there are major gaps that still remain. we're talking about both sides pushing hard to the end to get all of these nailed down so there's no ambiguities for the multi-year multi-decade implementation phase that we have ahead of us if they can cinch this agreement. >> daryn kimball, thank you for your time and perspective on that. >> happy fourth. >> you, too. after the break, stick around some food tips before you fire up your grill today. plus fireworks are undoubtedly beautiful but they are not without serious risks. we'll talk to an expert about enjoying the annual tradition safely.
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 for switching back to verizon. and so can you! verizon, come home to the best network. nine people were injured last night during an accident at a fireworks show in avon colorado. a few the rockets malfunctioned and fired into the crowd. here is a video of that display
7:27 am
last night. according to an nbc news report the injured retreated and released for minor abrasion burns at the scene. officials saying one of the shells exploded inside its case causing the others to tip over and then aim towards the crowd and then fire. last year's fireworks were involved in an estimated 10,500 injuries treated in u.s. hospital according to the products commission. joining me now is ralph apel spoeshgs person and former president of fireworks safety. ralph, i think it's appel, and i apologize for that. as you look at the number of injuries of 11 nonoccupational fireworks related deaths occurring in 2014 is there a rise or decline in that number? >> 11 deaths is larger than last year and i don't want to minimize the severity of those incidences but five of them were
7:28 am
gross misuse of product. one, i don't think, was actually fireworks related death, in my opinion, because it was an individual attempting to make m-80s and cherry bombs which are illegal explosives and not fireworks. that's why the council was formed to educate the public on safe and responsible use of fireworks. >> and so how common is this avon colorado incident? >> my expertise, i don't think it's very common. displays are regulated. the distance between the display and crowd, they have wind direction requirements, wind speed requirements. i don't think it's very common. >> what is common is the use of sparklers. we all remember them as kids and they're certainly a favorite, as you know. they burn at temperatures of what, some 2,000 degrees. one might not know that. that's enough to melt some metals and they account for
7:29 am
about a quarter of all fireworks injuries when you look at the statistics. what do you say to parents? >> well first of all, you can be safe with sparklers. that hot sparkler is hot close to the metal or wooden stick. if you only light one sparkler at a time you hold it out away from your body you don't run with the sparkler you don't stand close to another person with the sparkler and you put that sparkler directly into a bucket of water when it's finished, it could be safe. >> all right. thank you so much ralph apel in kansas city, missouri. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> nothing says since we're talking about the fourth of july, nothing says more of that than the old summer classic cookout. hot dogs barbecued chicken, burgers, you name it. it's time to fire up that grill. i'm thinking i should do it right now. but you have to do it safely. the food safety and inspection service is reminding families to take extra care not to let
7:30 am
food-borne bacteria which grows more quickly in hot weather and they will ruin the holiday fun. their tips clean hands and surfaces often, separate raw meat from other foods, cook to the right temperature, chill and refrigerate your food properly. joining me now to discuss the guidelines and more details is a registered dietician and ceo of the morning nutrition group. the temperature of the meat. >> right. >> this is something we were talking about a lot during our editorial meeting today. >> right. >> color doesn't mean it's cooked. >> right. exactly. according to the usda one in four hamburgers actually turns brown before it's thoroughly cooked, so you could still be eating contaminated meat even though it looks brown. i think everybody is guilty of believing that myth that the color of the meat tells you when it's done but it's not. it should be the temperature, 160 degrees fahrenheit. >> 160 degrees fahrenheit.
7:31 am
so you have to have a thermometer? >> and only 23% of people who own thermometers use them. i urge people it's the only way to know for sure the food is cooked. it's really important, invest in a thermometer, make sure it's calibrated 32 degrees fahrenheit before you use it and please take them out and use them. >> turns brown why, though? >> the meat when it's cooking actually turns a color so it turns brown even though it's not really cooked thoroughly, so you could be eating contaminated food bad food and nothing ruins a celebration faster than getting ill or sick. >> you've got that one right. i want to move on to this as we take in all the hamburgers and hot dugs and kielbasas all sounds great and also the pounds you take on. >> actually it's a health reason why you should try to stick with lean meat at least 90% lean ground even grass fed beef. the fattier the meat the more that it drips into the grill. and when meat is really charred or burnt, it increases chemical formation, carcinogens, that increases prostate cancer by
7:32 am
60%. so it's really important to try to choose lean meat fish is even better some white meat poultry and vegetables lots and lots of vegetables to help you stay healthy, you and your family, your guests. everyone will be happy. more energy to celebrate. >> i want to keep on looking at the video of grills. that's chicken. mmm. >> yummy. >> hot dogs there. >> so you can still have some good-tasting food even if it's healthy and you're taking all the precautions to make sure that it's cooked thoroughly chilled thoroughly, shouldn't be outside more than two hours. >> ribs ribs ribs. >> there you go. >> i don't know what you're talking about, lisa but it's great to see you. always fun talking about whatever you were talking about. be safe. no i do understand. lisa, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a lot more coming up for you including more video like that somewhere. details plus on a planned rally today in south carolina over the confederate flag on state house
7:33 am
grounds. and beachgoers on high alert after a string of shark attacks. but is it keeping them out of the water this holiday weekend? what could be behind all of these bites? listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear it's only a half gallon. i'll take that. yeeeeeah!
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i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. south carolina lawmakers are expected to vote as early as tuesday on whether to take down the confederate battle flag from state house grounds in columbia where it has flown since the early 1960s. calls for the flag to come down have been growing since nine african-americans were shot and killed in their church by a white man two weeks ago. the suspect posted pictures of himself with the confederate flag online and told friends he wanted to start a race war. a rally will be held on the state house steps calling for the flag to come down. joining us now is the president of the state naacp conference
7:37 am
dr. lonnie randolph. what are some of the ideas, the solutions you would like to get out there during this rally? >> good morning, first of all, and thank you for allowing me to be here. today we will have a rally on our state house grounds to allow citizens to come out and show their support for our effort. this is part of an ongoing effort that we've had in south carolina for most of the past 15 years. we called a campaign for dignity. today we will focus on of course, some entertainment but we will have a few persons to make remarks regarding things that in addition to the flag issue that should be addressed, the health care issues, the voting issues in south carolina
7:38 am
the economic opportunities for persons of color, things that will allow every community to feel they are part of south carolina's efforts to give people the right chances. >> to make it better. >> yes. and what better time to observe it than on the 239th birthday of the declaration? >> amen to that. you know one of the numbers that came out recently you may have seen this cnn had a poll and it showed here that 66% of white americans believe the confederate flag is a symbol of quote, southern pride. african-americans 72% do not believe that. do you think there are ways to reverse this to get it where they're all understanding the dynamics? >> if you remember i'm not really fascinated with the polls.
7:39 am
i think they serve the purpose. the majority of the public supported slavery for a very long time. we are 150 years observing right now the sesmost horrid time in the history of not just south carolina, yes, in south carolina because we were the first ones to declare war against america over the issue of slavery. so i'm not fascinated by that. a majority of people may feel that the flag should fly. and i urge them fly it on your businesses, put it in front of your banks, in front of your hospitals, your grocery stores we support that. the first amendment covers that. that's where it should be flown. don't punish the state of south carolina plus of your political and personal views. >> thank you, lonnie randolph. have a great fourth my friend. >> listen you do the same and
7:40 am
thank you so very much. >> appreciate it. seven people attacked by sharks. you've been seeing the headlines on the news. in the past few weeks off the coast of north carolina most recently a 68-year-old massachusetts man on wednesday. luckily none have been fatal. but the attacks are still outside the norm. the area sees an average of one or two attacks over an entire summer normally. joining us now from wrightsville beach, sarah dallof. do we know what's causing this uptick in shark bites? >> reporter: experts say it's not just one main thing but a combination of several factors loading to what experts are describing as the perfect storm for sharks. we're talking about warm water, water that is higher in salt content than normal. you have baby sea turtles hatching, schools of herring spotted and you have a lot of people in the water. so the sharks are being drawn closer to shore. you've got a lot of people out
7:41 am
there in the water and it is a bad combination. now we've been talking to people here today on if they're nervous, if they're going to get in the water especially as the temperatures heat up and it's looking very inviting. most people saying they're going to go about their daily lives, going to get in the water. some saying they plan on staying a little more shallow than they would have in years past. you have to keep in mind the latest shark victim was only about 30 feet offshore in waist deep water when he was bitten on the leg, the hip and both of his hands. now overall seven shark attacks in north carolina in the last three weeks. four attacks in south carolina since may. and experts now warning people to take a couple precautions while they're in the water. they say it's better to swim in groups. avoid swimming at dusk or dawn. avoid areas where people are fishing or you see a lot of birds swooping down to grab fish out of the water. these can all be indications sharks are near. as for now officials have no plans to close any of the beaches this weekend. instead encouraging people
7:42 am
richard, to stay alert and use their best judgment when getting in the water. back to you. >> all right. msnbc's sarah dallof on the north carolina coast. thank you for that. as has been discussed it is the fourth of july and that means it's one of the busiest travel weekends perhaps to places in north carolina. according to aaa 42 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more this week for independence day festivities, the highest number since 2007. joining us is aaa's heather hunter. heather, 42 million people traveling this year. a lot of folks driving. how many do you see? >> aaa is projecting 42 million americans are taking a trip this weekend and 85% of them are 35.5 million going by car. so we are expecting the roads to be very busy. for automobile travel that's the highest that we have on record going all the way back to 2000. >> does this mean that other prices are going up? the more people you have out there, they're going to eat more, they're going for the
7:43 am
hotels more prices going up in those spaces that you're seeing? >> we are seeing airfares and hotel costs up slightly 6% for mid-range hotels. aaa diamond hotels. one thing that's down is gas prices. americans saved about $65 billion compared to last year and that's more money in their pockets for travel. so many travelers are going an extra step and using tools like the aaa mobile app to find the cheapest prices all along their route. >> all along their route, sometimes that tire blows out. sometimes the motor goes out. what are some of your tips you have for folks so they can avoid having to call aaa out on the road? >> aaa is expecting to come to the rescue of 360,000 motorists this weekend, and there are several steps that you can take before you head out. aaa has a battery service.
7:44 am
we can come and check to see if it's in proper working condition. if not we can replace it at the roadside. also be sure to check your tires, both the pressure and the tread depth. that's one of the primary causes for calling aaa is flat tires. also, make sure that all the fluids in your car are full before you head out. and if you're unsure have your car checked out. >> talk about fluids make sure you have gas in the car. sometimes we forget to do that and we run out and have to call you. aaa's heather hunter in orlando thank you. >> thank you richard. up next let's talk about movies blockbusters magic mike, xxl and terminator genesis are battling it out for the top spot at the box office. we'll see if the holiday weekend can be another record breaker. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!"
7:45 am
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7:48 am
"magic mike" and "terminator genesis" raked in $15 million and $27.9 million respectively by friday. they are still competing against strong contenders like avengers be jurassic world which both have heated up the summer box office since opening nights and, in fact in june "jurassic world" with a $209 million debut. joining me now to shed light on the silver screen is senior film editor for buzzed. lots of movies to see. big blockbusters here. who will win, "terminator" or "magic mike"? >> i don't think either will win the box office for this weekend. it looks like neck and neck battle between "jur asassic world" and "inside out."
7:49 am
>> who do you think will win between those two, though "terminator" as well as "magic mike"? >> it looks like "terminator genesis" will pull it out. "magic mike" led wednesday night with a bunch of people going out to see the first night. it seems it's leaning ahead. >> schwarzenegger still has it i guess. >> some call "xxl" an incredibly feminist movie. talk about that? >> i saw "magic mike xxl" and i was surrounded by women who seemed to be having an incredible time and the movie itself is really about making women happy, giving them the pleasure that they want and listening to their needs. there's not much of a plot to that movie, per se but that is the sort of overall theme. the women in the audience really seemed to respond to it.
7:50 am
>> dough mean hooting and hollering? >> a lot of hootering, hollering, catcalls and people yelling stick a fork in me. it was a raucous experience for sure. >> all right. i'm sure it was an opportunity for a quick laugh on your side. the box office this year compared to the year before will we see a bigger year this year? >> absolutely. 2014 was a terrible year for hollywood. domestic ticket sales were down at the lowest over 25 years. this year it's up about 6.7% at this point. requesting "furious 7" and "50 shades of grey" lots of big hits this year. >> sorry to say we have to stick a fork in this segment. out of time. adam in los angeles, thanks. >> thank you. >> all right.
7:51 am
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whether you brave the mall or choose to shop online this weekend offers some of the year's best shopping deals. you didn't know that did you? huge bargains on furniture, appliances, summer essentials got it all. it's also a great time to get a jump-start on back-to-school shopping, some of the best discounts already early in the summer. joining us now for the best holiday deals, lauren lions cole, personal finance expert for the of all of those, what are the best deals here? >> it's really back-to-school shopping. a lot of parents are starting to clue into this. you either have to go right now -- >> earl. >> it's early. it's either early or last minute. otherwise you'll be paying full price. >> what about for the parents? >> while you're getting school supplies look for other essential items for yourself.
7:55 am
you'll get really good inventory for pretty good deals. >> what about cars and travel? we were talking earlier in the show. >> so with cars trying to get people on the lots right now. if you need a car, this is a great time. >> if you look at the sales over the july 4th weekend, how do they compare to the years before and where does it rank in the big sales weekends of the year? >> this is, of course a time retailers know we're out at barbecues with our friends and families trying to get us into the doors which means there are a lot of good deals. it's not as great as labor day or into black friday. >> what did you buy so far this weekend? >> i bought movie tickets. that's what i bought. i'll be looking online for the good sales. >> laura lyons cole happy to go out and shop now. do the american thing. still to come this morning, presidential hopefuls flock to the first in the nation primary
7:56 am
state this weekend. and we have the director of a new documentary titled tough love which focuses on parents with children in foster care. plus it's not too late to plan a summer getaway. you have months ahead of you. expert advice on how to save so stay with us.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and at red lobster's island escape, i can try new dishes like the island seafood feast with crab, lobster jumbo sweet and spicy and coconut shrimp. so hurry in, it'll be gone before you know it. welcome back. i'm richard lui. in the news for you that morning, secretary of state john kerry continuing marathon talks in vienna with his iranian counterpart and others to reach a deal that would limit iran's capabilities. the associated press reporting a tentative deal reached on relieving some of the international economic sanctions against iran. sources tell nbc news nothing is final until the secretary of state foreign affairs ministers sign off. the people of grease will vote tomorrow in a referendum that could determine the political and economic future.
8:00 am
the vote comes amid a debt crisis that came to a head when greece missed a major debt payment to the international monetary fund. and in this country nine people were injured at a fireworks display in avon colorado when two or three shells of the fireworks display malfunctioned and rocketed into the crowd. all nine of the injured were treated at the scene for minor burns. first off, preparations for today's independence day celebrations are including additional security measures. law enforcement agencies are on guard for terror threats inspired by isis. authorities say they have no awareness for credible threat inside the united states. the muslim holy month of ramadan coincides. an isis leader's call for jihadists to make ramadan a month of calamity for the infidels. joining us now patrick tucker technology editor for defense
8:01 am
one. patrick, every year we hear about this. authorities looking out and are concerned about the holiday and what might happen what might inspire terror attacks. you're looking at social media and how that is unique this year. that tactic how is it being leveraged and implemented by isis? >> well, the thing to understand about isis and the way they use social media, they are tremendous on social media. the actual numbers of fighters that isis represents on the ground is somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 probably around 32,000. the number of twitter accounts alone associated or networked with isis is anywhere from 32,000 to as many as 90,000. so this is sort of incredible. this is a social media footprint that's unprecedented for a group like this. >> 30,000 to 90,000 twitter accounts, why are so many needed and how do they use so many?
8:02 am
>> when you are affiliated with this group you're going to be doing a lot of different things for them on the pr front. you might be sending out messages. you might be sending out footage. they make a lot of films. they do a lot of highly produced bits of content. you might be distributing those. that might get you booted off twitter, booted off certainly youtube. and then you have to quickly reorganize and establish a new account, find followers, retweet those links once they come online. that's another job that you do if you are a pr flak for isis. and a lot of it is you'll be talking with different recruits. so you might be reaching out to people all around the world in a way that's much more quiet, much more subtle. communicating with them about what isis is how they might become involved in isis on a lot of different levels. it's complex and there's many different levels of hierarchy. >> and they're using twitter more than facebook or youtube perhaps because twitter does not
8:03 am
boot off people from twitter accounts generally speaking? >> right. so when users report a violation to twitter of their terms of service, twitter will take action and remove that particular user once they verify that user has violated terms of service. this is part of the reason isis has a continued but slowly eroding presence on twitter. so once an account is suspended that account for the person behind it will quickly regroup, establish a new account. that account might be private for a period of time. they'll attract followers back and then they'll go public with some new piece of footage or something like that. facebook will suspend accounts and suspend associated accounts, take a network approach to removing isis from twitter, and that's why there really is no presence of the terror group on that site. twitter is only one of the many different social media platforms they use. most americans haven't heard of a russian site called vk the
8:04 am
russian version of facebook. it has about 80 million users, much smaller even than twitter with 280 million users. the terms of service enforcement on that site are completely different. there's also comment sections on vo game boards. there's just a variety of different places where isis can direct people to communicate with them and that communication is really ongoing. they begin to understand who might follow them and what they might be getting the followers to do and it's not always go to syria. it's not always stage a lone wolf attack. a lot is continue to be in dialogue and support us in a public way when we reach out to you. and so what they do they find a lot of different ways to motivate people to do a lot of different things. >> patrick tucker thank you so much. new hampshire will be celebrating the fourth of july with some fireworks and politics as well. as presidential candidates from both parties make campaign stops throughout the state today, chris christie hillary clinton jeb bush rick perry, lindsey
8:05 am
graham and marco rubio all in the first of the nation primary state today where they are scheduled to participate in independence day festivities. it's going to be busy. joining me now following all of that kelly o'donnell. kelly, i had to take a breath there because it is a busy holiday. we all want to get out there on independence day. >> reporter: well i'm glad you read the list of names. if you hadn't i would have had to and i would have been breathless. new hampshire is the place for first in the nation presidential politics and so it is a likely place for a work day for candidates. it's a good time to mix and mingle with voters people are in a holiday spirit. they're anxious to be out and about. the weather here in the north country of new hampshire very mild, almost cool which certainly makes it easy for candidates who have to do a lot of gripping and grinning as we say in the campaign coverage trade as they mix and mingle with voters. now what's important here? obviously the new hampshire
8:06 am
first in the country primary is a place where campaigns can be confirmed, launched or in effect ended. it's important territory. bernie sanders, who is from neighboring vermont, is in iowa today covering the first caucus state, and it is just a part of the tradition of politics to get here early and often. i've been out on the trail visiting with some of the candidates, chris christie who went from an announcement on tuesday in his home state of new jersey and has spent every day since here in new hampshire. you have jeb bush as you mentioned, one of the more unexpected parts of the holiday weekend was the invitation from mitt and ann romney to the christies and rubios to spend last night at their home here in new hampshire and to have birds burgers and dogs on the grill. i asked chris christie about it because both he and marco rubio had been vetted in 2012 to be the potential vice presidential nominee. paul ryan got that gig. and christie laughed and said i guess it's for the guys who didn't get the job.
8:07 am
but they had a friendly family sort of get together and, of course christie also described mitt romney as someone who has run for president twice, was the nominee of the party, and any advice or insight especially about new hampshire where romney has a home could be valuable. of course on the more social conservative evangelical side of the political spectrum for republicans they're saying that maybe a different sort of strain, the donald trump effect might be something to watch in this campaign season. trump wasn't on our list because he's not campaigning this weekend. he is not on the trail. richard? >> so not at the sleepover either. and i'm guessing though mitt romney had a quinoa burger. he did not have a hot dog or hamburger, right? kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. >> reporter: we'll have to follow up and check our sources. we're waiting for hillary clinton who is appearing about 30 minutes from where we are now. she'll be speaking and will be in a parade here in gorham where we're waiting to see her later
8:08 am
today. >> if that happens, we'll get to you. thank you so much kelly. here with me now for more on the 2016 presidential politics is raul reyes, attorney and nbc news contributor. we have scott bland, editor in chief of national journal hotline. they both like hot dogs and hamburgers. let's talk trump. let's do that for a moment. that was brought up. it's been in a mixed week for him. the reelz network picked up his miss usa pageant after it was dropped by our parent company nbc universal following his comments about mexican immigrants. and now nascar has become the latest business partner to distance itself from trump because of those comments. joining other companies including serta mattresses and macy's as well. but he's coming in terms of the polls number two among potential republican primary voters in new hampshire. iowa and as well nationally. all right.
8:09 am
raul we have companies including our parent company saying don't want to have anything to do with donald trump. but at the same time and watching over the last week he's popping in the polls and these polls are including these comments that he had made about immigrants from mexico. how do you put the two together? >> well that's the conundrum for the republican party right now. he is amplifying a message that the gop is trying to get away from that they are hostile to latinos, that they're anti-immigrant. and say whatever you want about trump, that he's a sideshow he's conducting the campaign like it's a reality show. at this point he cannot be ignored because he is figuring significantly into the polls. and not only that but when you look at where he is in the polls, consider that by virtue of his place in, say, second in some of these polls, he's bull pg other candidates who might be the first year for debates coming up out. maybe people laugh or don't take him seriously but he is a force to be reckoned with and that's a
8:10 am
big problem for the gop going for it if they want to appeal to hispanic voters reach out to latinos and it remains to be seen how that will play out. >> how it will carry over when we hit the general. one of the things we're looking at is donald trump and how he's responded to the backlash by doubling down on his comments. now he's saying for instance, in the case of a murder of a woman in san francisco by a man who was previously deported he's saying that is evidence of why he is right. so is he just going to go deeper and stronger to try to fortify his hypothesis here? >> i think there's no question that what we're going to hear from donald trump is going to be more of what we've heard from him in the past. the real question is how the other republican presidential contenders start to respond to it and i think we've seen since his announcement as he's shown a little bit of staying power, and it's worth remembering that he shot up in the polls in 2011 as
8:11 am
well when he ran for president as he fell back. more staying power this year we're seeing the other presidential contenders speak out against him. rick perry saying he made a major mistake. marco rubio in a statement just in the past 24 hours saying his comments about immigrants have been unproductive and wrong. i think that's really the next staining stage. i don't think we'll see much change from trump. we may see change from the other republicans running for president. >> also a part of that ted cruz responding to donald trump's response. here is a preview of what he told chuck todd in an interview that will be on tomorrow's "meet the press." let's listen to that. >> donald trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration, the washington cartel doesn't want to address that. the washington cartel doesn't believe we need to secure the borders. the washington cartel supports amnesty, and i think amnesty is wrong and i salute donald trump for focusing on it.
8:12 am
>> so raul does it appear here donald trump is now suggesting indirectly that all the candidates need to take a stance on his statement and the issue behind it? >> well that's the trump factor. his being in the race his making these incendiary comments puts all the other candidates in the position where they either have to condemn them or maybe by their silence appear to condone. marco rubio didn't make a statement against trump but it took almost two weeks. received a lot of criticism in the latino community for waiting so long. jeb bush also spoke out against him but in a bland way. at this point they're a little afraid of him. i want to mention something about this case that happened out in san francisco in the last 24 hours, this woman who was murdered randomly by someone who was an undocumented immigrant. we're going to see people like that. trump saying this is what's wrong with our illegal immigration system, in that sense, they're correct. this shows that deportation is not the answer. this guy had been deported five times and yet he was still here.
8:13 am
this guy had been on the radar of various government agencies, but why was this still happening? because the way our immigration system is set up our government is chasing after gardeners, maids, and people who are taking care of our senior citizens and our children rather than people like this man who was a criminal fellow with a long record. so that just shows it's actually an argument for president obama's executive action that we should prior advertise the enforcement actions and not let these people slip through the cracks. that's proof as well. >> and jay johnson, the secretary of the dhs is saying we're going to focus on the deportations and those convicted before such as this individual perhaps. thank you so much. i appreciate it scott bland. raul will be back later in the program for more. still to come the latest on a critical moment in greece's political future. what it means for the greek people and to the markets here in the united states and the growing concern as well over shark attacks this fourth of july. we've got the latest from the beaches of north carolina.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
greek voters will cast their ballots tomorrow in a referendum that could determine whether the country continues to use the euro as currency amid an ongoing financial crisis. joining us with more on the story is kier simsimmons. you were at the rallies last night. if you can, compare what the two different sides were doing and what that means for tomorrow as they make that crucial vote. >> reporter: well, the image that you had of thousands on both sides out in the streets was pretty provocative and told everything really because this country is divided right down the middle. right now those who will vote no
8:18 am
appear to be 1% ahead according to polling. so that's how tight it is. incredible when you think how important this vote is. i mean just to give you a picture, aside from the economic chaos that will be caused here there is a real question about how europe itself holds together over time with the kind of calamity that would be caused by greece removing itself from the european currency and maybe from europe. remember for example, the u.s. has a naval base on cyprus. this is a strategically important country that borders eastern europe that borders the middle east. there is more than just economics here. just to talk about the economics, give you a sense how difficult things are, even now before this vote takes place, greece's gdp is down by 25%. during the great depression the u.s. gdp dropped 29%, 30%. they are close already to a similar kind of economic situation as the u.s. suffered
8:19 am
in the 1930s and you see it on the street all the time with lines outside atms, people limited how much money they can get and the real fear soon supplies may run out, food basic things, baby milk, that kind of thing. this country is facing a crisis. >> gdp dropped close to 30%, boy, that's 30 times greater than when the united states even shudders when we see a drop of 1%. that is very dramatic there. thank you so much there in athens, greece for us live. negotiators from iran working to reach an agreement have given themselves a july 7th deadline to finalize the deal. that's a tuesday. the deal would require iran to scale back its nuclear program in exchange the lifting of some international sanctions against the country. yesterday secretary of state john kerry met with iran's foreign minister to work on resolving key sticking points that have stood in the way of an agreement.
8:20 am
chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is in vienna covering the talks and today's development. andrea? >> hi richard. >> reporter: the technical experts working through the holiday weekend have reached a tentative agreement on two aspects of the sanctions that are still on the united states sanctions and the european union sanctions. they have not yet been able to figure out exactly how to lift the u.n. sanctions and how to snap them back on if iran were found to be cheating and that is another complicated part of the sanctions regime. once these agreements are reached here they still have to be accepted by the foreign ministers and the different capitals who are going to be returning on sunday to vienna. so there's still a ways to go on the sanctions alone, and they still have to agree on the access for nuclear inspectors to military and other suspicious sites in iran how much notice they have to give before they go to those sites. these are sensitive sites.
8:21 am
some are near or on military bases. so that is another aspect to be agreed to. they have to agree on how much iran will be able to do ten years out and 15 years out on different facilities still in iran that will be disassembled and eventually reassembled once this deal is over. a lot still to do. they are narrowing their differences still hoping for an agreement they hope at the beginning of next week. richard? >> all right, andrea thank you so much there in vienna austria. by the end of today more than 4,000 people born in other countries will have taken the oath of allegiance to the united states. more than 50 independence day themed naturalization ceremonies across the united states of america. in texas and pennsylvania, people are still in confinement while their cases proceed.
8:22 am
between june and 2014 and april of this year almost 5,000 parents and children have been booked into detention. at the camp in texas more than half the detainees are children. back with us now raul reyes and co-director of new york university school of law. last summer we did see this. we saw that when you looked at the surge of the tens of thousands of migrant families that come into the united states and seeking asylum here those individuals, the thousands we've mentioned here. >> well many have been deported and there have been reports of those deported some have been targeted. or even killed when they returned to central america. they are here in the u.s. and
8:23 am
seeking asylum. there are laws to protect people who have a well-founded fear of persecution and we know the vast majority of mothers and children who came last summer were able to meet the government's own test for showing that they had a credible fear so they should be able to seek asylum today. >> why were they targeted and killed when they were deported and sent back to their country? >> there's incredible violence that has surged in central america. it's not just the u.s. that's seen this uptick in asylum applicants. countries around the region have gotten an increase in people fleeing that violence. it shouldn't come as a surprise. the u.s. should be treating this as a humanitarian irn you itarianitarian issue. >> so, raul, when we look at what's been happening we still have the children we've been showing pictures of that are part of the entire narrative. they're looking at detention, family detention. why didn't the administration say in their announcement last week let's just end family
8:24 am
detention? let's end detention centers altogether? >> right. those are great questions, in fact, those are questions that many applicants have been asks. and i just want to remind people that when we're talking about it first of all, immigration detention is basically jail. it's prison. so they're just using a euphemism for what it really is. second of all, people are not in immigration detention because they committed a crime. most of them are, the overwhelming majority for violations which is a civil infraction. the reason people are held in detention is to make sure that they return for their hearings and possible removal from the country and yet we have far cheaper methods of ensuring people return for their hearings. >> like what? >> ankle bracelets, which cost like $17 a day compared to $198 for people in detention, community release programs where someone who is released into the custody of a church or family members, and these programs show that people come back at 79%,
8:25 am
99% appearance rates so those are successful cheaper alternatives that are far more humane. >> i want to get both responses. jay johnson coming out saying we're going to refocus our efforts here. this is something that dhs is going to do itself. and that's refocus their efforts on three groups of illegal migrants convicted criminals, terrorism threats, and those who recently crossed the border. is that going to work? >> i want to be hopeful about it. a lot of work went into it but there's so much skepticism because isis is a tremendous bureaucracy. an unfortunate history of not following their own guidelines so it remains to be seen. >> we really need to be focusing on prosecutorial discretion in the deserving and undeserving. you always see families suffering. we have to see prosecutorial discretion if every case deportation and detention are incredibly harsh, harsh ways of dealing with the social problem. >> thank you both for your
8:26 am
perspectives on unauthorized immigration. still to come a provocative new documentary on parents accused of neglect fighting to put their lives and families back together. and a string of shark attacks has beachgoers keeping a close watch on the water this fourth of july. we'll go live to north carolina. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? july 4th is one of america's great family holidays but for parents with children in the foster care system, it can be a painful reminder of their separation. in 2014 more than 250,000 u.s. children were entered into the foster care system. 79% of their parents were charged with neglect which can be difficult for parents to challenge in court as they try to make changes to keep families together. a new documentary illustrates the hurdles to parents. one in new york city the other in seattle. what they face as they try to rehabilitate their own lives and reclaim their children.
8:30 am
>> i've made some huge mistakes nobody is more devastated than i am. >> you are this close to being able to have your child returned to you and that's been put on the back shelf. >> the kids do ask for mom. they're young. they don't understand. >> i never put my kids in harm's way but, damn they want too much. >> joining mo now is the emmy nominated director of "tough love." stephanie, what is that struggle as i was describing in the introduction you are trying to bring out in the film? >> i think most people when they hear about foster care they think about children who have been abused horribly abused by parents or foster parents, and i don't think most people think about actually there's a lot of parents who are just going through a lot of different pofrnt related issues that have brought them into the system and then once the system is in their lives they have an added stress.
8:31 am
>> the characters in the movie are going through this economic social difficulty and they're trying to get their children back. >> absolutely. >> what is it you learned about this dynamic not many people know about? >> one thing -- one valuable lesson that i got in making the film, the family values the family structure i come from is very different from the family values and family structure most of these parents came from. >> like what? >> they did not have a childhood experience that i had. and parenting is all about what you learned growing up. that's the only skills when you become a parent. >> i want to play more. let's take a listen. >> i have huge concerns as to how patrick is going to be able to manage everything and his little daughter. >> i have a hard time with this case. it seems to me patrick is being held to a standard that other parents are not being held to and we do this to a lot of parents which is we require them
8:32 am
to do treatment programs in the middle of the day and appointments and meetings in the middle of the day that interrupt an individual's ability to earn an income. >> are parents that are trying to get back their children from foster care being pulled in too many places? this is sort of saying that in its own little way. >> absolutely. they are required to be in court in the middle of the day. they're required to have jobs to have sufficient housing when they're roird to do services besides appearing in court, domestic violence services or mental health therapy, all these other things that they have going on and at the same time trying to prove to everyone that they just love their kids. >> another layer behind the foster care system the parents trying to get their children out of the system after they had some trouble.
8:33 am
thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. again, still to come this hour the latest on heightened security on this fourth of july weekend and concerns about sharks along some of the south's most popular beaches. live to north carolina. ooh i think i saw dessert! but you just had a big lunch! wasn't that big steve... hey! come back here, steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts. with each 150 calories or less try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one!
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in the news this morning secretary of state john kerry is continuing talks in vienna to hammer out a final deal that would limit iran's capabilities and offer some relief to sanctions that have damaged iran's economy. >> i think it's fair to say both sides are working extremely hard with a great sense of purpose in a good faith effort to make progress and we are making progress. so we will continue to work tonight, tomorrow sunday and we certainly both want to try to see if we can arrive at a
8:37 am
conclusion. >> there are reports this morning that a tentative deal has been reached on relieving some of the economic sanctions against iran. the sources tell nbc news nothing is final until the secretary of state and foreign minister sign off on that. the usa women's national soccer team gearing up for the world cup finals tomorrow against japan, a rematch of the 2011 final which japan won. the usa team hopes to reclaim the title this year and vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden will cheer to vancouver to cheer on the usa women in person. parts of the southern u.s. could see more severe storms today. this incredible video was posted of lightning over cinderella's castle at disneyworld in florida. amazing pictures there. this independence day weekend, federal intelligence officials are warning of heightened security risk throughout the country. law enforcement agency drawing guard against the possibility of terror threats inspired by isis. joining us now for that story from washington white house
8:38 am
correspondent kristen welker. kristen, good fourth to you. what is the administration saying about this terror threat? >> reporter: richard, good fourth to you. they are taking it very seriously. law enforcement is on alert during big, national holidays like independence day but this week is a little different. intelligence officials say there has been an uptick in isis calling for attacks on this fourth of july holiday, also during ramadan. what does that mean? beefed up security in major cities all across the country, boston, new york right here in the nation's capital, richard, in new york 7,000 extra police officers on hand for the fireworks tonight. we're seeing stepped up security in los angeles. they also are cautioning, richard, this is a holiday. they want people to get out and to have fun. they want people to enjoy time with family but they're also just saying to folks, be vigilant, and the old rules
8:39 am
still apply. if you see something say something. important to underscore there is no specific credible threat a broader concern about that uptick in calls from isis for an attack. most of the calls, by the way, on social media. richard? >> you will see in the airports as i saw in the last 24 hours definitely an increase and a different process being undertaken by again, the personnel at the airports. let me move to something else. let's go to what the president is doing. how is he celebrating the fourth of july? no doubt a hot dog or two. >> reporter: or two. i think you're right about that. the white house has a long-standing tradition of inviting military personnel and their families here to the white house for a big fourth of july barbecue and then they watch the fireworks. one of the other highlights, president obama and the first lady come out and the president usually takes that time to thank all of those military personnel and their family members for their service to this country. so it is a long-standing
8:40 am
tradition here at the white house and really a special night here. richard? >> all right, kristen, get in there and have something if you can for us. a day at the beach has a whole new meaning on this fourth of july particularly in north carolina where there's been at least seven shark attacks since the beginning of june. sarah dallof joins us from wrightsville beach north carolina, with more on that. has that caused some folks to stay away and is it quieter than normal sarah? >> reporter: well, it hasn't caused anybody to stay away from the beach, richard, expecting record crowds this weekend. it is causing some people to not get in the water, playing it safe and just staying onshore. another couple of people saying they did get in but just to wet their feet a little bit to cool off. you have to keep in mind the latest victim in the shark attack was only about 30 feet offshore in waist deep water when he was bitten on his leg, his hip, and both hands. he is now in good condition,
8:41 am
expected to make a full recovery. as of now no plans to close any of the beaches up and down the north carolina shore. there have been seven attacks in three weeks here. four attacks in south carolina since the beginning of may. experts are pointing to a number of conditions calling them the perfect storm for sharks. we're talking about warm water, water that's higher in salt content than normal. they've spotted a lot of schools of herring near the shore, baby sea turtles hatching and you have a lot of people in the water so the sharks are being drawn in the people are going out and it's led to some bad situations between sharks and people. right now experts cautioning people to be smart when they're getting in the water. don't go swimming at dusk or dawn. be sure to get in in groups and avoid anywhere where you see birds diving down to feed or you see anybody fishing and very interesting they also say be sure to take off any jewelry, any watches, because underwater sharks might mistake them for
8:42 am
the scales of fish richard. back to you. >> thank you so much sarah dallof, the north carolina coast. up next it's not too late to book your summer getaway. it's only july. we have some key travel tips and as we go to break, take a look at live pictures there in new hampshire on this fourth of july. democratic candidate for president hillary clinton talking with voters in the first in the nation primary state. a busy day for candidates. we're back in a moment. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression.
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of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. well today the country celebrates its independence from britain but a lot of american eyes will be trained across the pond this weekend because of the big royal event tomorrow. yep, the christening of princess charlotte, the daughter of prince william and his wife kate. it will be the public's first glimpse of the new princess since the day she was born. it's already been two months, ladies and gentlemen. joining us now from alonzolonalonzolondon,
8:46 am
kelly, it will be fun. >> reporter: i know you can hardly wait, waiting for those pictures. >> baited breath my friend. >> reporter: i bet. princess charlotte will be the star of the day, a lot of reminders of princess diana as well. the baby princess whose full name, of course is charlotte, elizabeth diana is now two months old. she'll be baptized with holy water from the river jordan flown in especially for this occasion as was the case with george. she'll be baptized in the same chapel as her grandmother diana. the official photos will be taken by mario, diana's favorite photographer. he also took the pictures of prince william and duchess case for their engagement photo. the ceremony will happen late in the afternoon local time about 11:30 in the morning eastern,
8:47 am
will last about 45 minutes. it's private and has been described as informal whatever that means, for royals. we'll find out tomorrow. the public has been invited to play a very small part though they'll be able to watch the family walk in and out of chapel along the same route the family takes for christmas services. this is a rarity for christenings which are completely private and for the first time we'll see all four members of that young family together. richard? >> informal is just four horse drawn carriages instead of eight maybe. i don't know. kelly, thank you so much. a lot of people have already taken advantage of the long holiday weekend to plan a vacation. but some of you are probably doing when we're doing here in this studio today for the holiday. we're working but we're loving it. the average american worker allowed 16 paid days off but get this last year almost half of americans took no time off.
8:48 am
still various studies have shown that time off with actually increase workers' productivity. even if you didn't take the independence holiday off, my friends, don't let the rest of the season pass you by. someone who agrees with that is mark murphy a travel expert and ceo of can you believe almost half of americans take no time off? >> what are they thinking? >> why are they like this? >> i'm in the travel media business so i travel. i'm actually working. i'm the only one that has an excuse. >> why are americans doing this? >> i think it's about productivity, wages are flat and they want to keep their jobs. they think they can move up the ladder. people are like that. people are connected with smart phones, we go away come back facing a stack of things to work on. you almost get stressed on the return.
8:49 am
go to spain, italy -- >> go to great britain and watch the christening and then take a drive. how about that? so tell us about the trips? >> mexico is hot with americans, it's been hot for years. great value for the money is just about the strength of the dollar against the peso means what a great value mexico was a year ago. it's 15% to 20% bet they are year and the big thing down there is all inclusives. so it's pay one price, go in know your budget and families can get away to mexico today for less than the cost of going to the jersey shore for a week. >> how do we maximize the 16 days? >> what a lot of people are doing this summer instead of taking one vacation breaking it up and taking two or three shorter vacations. you get to try and sample different places. mexico is a three-hour flight from a lot of cities in the u.s., so get out of town and
8:50 am
enjoy it. >> the old school travel agent? >> there's a a trend that people have gone online and done it themselves and been burned are now going back to the traditional agent. they're also overwhelmed. you do a search, there's so many options, they wanted a vice. >> what's the best length of a vacation. two days? three days. >> three nights four days. if you want to immerse yourself or a cultural destination, go for the ten10 or 12 day trip. >> mark murphy appreciate that. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. up next americans, we consume a lot of food while celebrating this day the fourth of july but a lot of it will likely also go to west. we'll tell you how one grocery store, though, is trying to fix that. stick around.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
picnics are a scape l of the fourth of july celebration. the average american household will spend $71.23 on food items
8:54 am
but a lot of that food will likely go to waste. an estimated 133 billion pounds of food goes uneaten in this country each and every year even as one in six people struggle with hunger. one grocery store in massachusetts has found a way to tackle both problems at the same time. nbc's ron mott has a way to solve this. >> reporter: at the nonprofit daily table, this grocery store is helping solve food problems. >> many of the items we have at daily table, if we hadn't gone out to collect them or if other food recovery groups hadn't gone out to collect them they end up in composts or in landfills around america. >> reporter: investing some of his own money, he buys food about to be thrown away by big chains and others because it's getting past its prime and sells
8:55 am
it for a modest price. red delicious apples 49 cents a pound. the average, $1.30. spaghetti, 50 cents a pond. broccoli and potatoes sizable savings, too. can the customer depend on finding bananas for roughly 29 cents a pound? >> since the day we've opened we've not run out, i it's kept this small store in boston's dorchester working class neighborhood very busy. >> i live the prices it's very cheap. >> we waste a lot of food drives me crazy. this is a good option. >> reporter: in fact americans waste about $133 billion pounds of food every year. the equivalent of filling the rose bowl everyday. his groceries are also healthy. no junk food here. candy, chips and soda replaced by protein bars and fruit smoothies. >> daily table is a health initiative mass crating ase masquerading as a health food store. can we make a positive benefit to society? >> a resounding hearty yes.
8:56 am
>> totally blown away. >> blown away. >> ron mott, nbc news boston. >> great story. aaa is expecting 41 million of us to take the road or take to the sky this is fourth of july weekend. among the popular destinations here they are -- the nation's national parks. just in time for the long holiday weekend, the national park service has released its list of the most visited parks. look at that number there. number five on our list rocky mountain national park in colorado. number four yellowstone national park with over 3.5 million visitors. number three, yosemite national park with 3.8 million visitors. number two, grand canyon national park with 4.7 million visitors. and the most visited national park? the great smokey mountains national park with more than 10 million visitors just last year. i haven't been there yet. now it's on my list. that's it for this hour.
8:57 am
stay tuned. we've got week ends with alex wit. whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh! when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices. ♪ your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion
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for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz and routinely check certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you have been to a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. ♪ one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz.
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with volvo. on alert. security is tight as america celebrate this is fourth of july. what can be done to keep your holiday safe? lightning strikes one of the happiest places on earth. we'll tell you whether some of the biggest celebrations will be a washout. also something to consider before you set off fireworks in your town this weekend. hear how they might affect your neighbors who are military veterans. and the justice department going after the airlines accusing them of teaming up to keep fares high. but how difficult will this be to prove? hey, everyone a happy independence day. welcome to weekends with alex wit. developing news out of


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