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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 4, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. on alert. security is tight as america celebrate this is fourth of july. what can be done to keep your holiday safe? lightning strikes one of the happiest places on earth. we'll tell you whether some of the biggest celebrations will be a washout. also something to consider before you set off fireworks in your town this weekend. hear how they might affect your neighbors who are military veterans. and the justice department going after the airlines accusing them of teaming up to keep fares high. but how difficult will this be to prove? hey, everyone a happy independence day. welcome to weekends with alex wit. developing news out of the iran
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nuclear talks. negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on some of the sanctions for iran. one of the stickiest issues to be resolved before a final deal is struck. the deadline is now just three days away and joining me now from the talks in vienna is nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrewa mitchell hello, andrea. >> hi, alex. on this a holiday weekend back home, technical experts are working round the clock in vienna. their narrowing their differences, they have reached tentative agreement on two out of the three main issues involving sanctions. they've reached tentative agreement at the expert level, but that's only at the expert level, on how to lift u.s. sanctions and how to lift european sanctions. they've not yet agreed i'm told on how to lift the u.n. sanctions on iran and how they would be snapped back on iran if iran were found to be cheating. and these tentative agreements are still at the expert level. they still have to be turned back to the foreign ministers
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and the foreign ministers have to agree before anything is final. and there's still other issues. while their narrowing their disagreements on other big issues, they have not finalized even tentative agreements on how much access u.n. nuclear inspectors would have to sensitive sites in iran and how iran would be able to resume nuclear research and development at the back end of this deal. ten and 15 years out at different facilities within iran. they've got a lot of work to do they're going to resume with the foreign ministers on sunday night and monday morning and they're hoping for a comprehensive agreement at the beginning of next week. alex? >> andrea mitchell thank you so much. back here at home it's a mixed bag of weather across the country. in north carolina, the beaches are open despite recent shark attacks. many americans proving they can't say no to time in the sun on a holiday. up the coast in washington, d.c., rain's falling. it's sure to put a damper on tonight's fireworks and concert on the west lawn of the capitol.
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heading to the north in new york, it seems like the big city is getting lucky. spotty showers will clear before tonight's fireworks show. hopefully it will be nothing like this. look at this lightning show near cinderella's castle at walt disney world in florida. no injuries and no reports of any damage there, fortunately. the weather channel's paul goodloe is here with more of the fireworks forecast. hello, paul. >> and a good july 4 to everyone out there. the big concern weather wise is the rain moving through the northeast, mid-atlantic but also here across the south. rain showers moving through northern georgia, including atlanta. but the heavy rain here and the flooding ongoing across areas of arkansas now into louisiana. all this is pushing into mississippi and we'll see more of this across the southeast. but already the last 24 hours areas here in arkansas picking up two, four ten inches of rain so ongoing widespread flood concerns. now this slow moving rain pushing into louisiana and mississippi will impact
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tonight's fireworks displays as well. scattered showers around northern alabama had flooding earlier in birmingham even atlanta some rain showers out there right now. although the largest 10k in the world, the peach tree road race delayed because of lightning. the forecast is scattered showers although cities like atlanta for the fireworks displays we're looking at dry weather to come around in the afternoon and extending into the 9:00 10:00 hour scattered rain showers, the forecast is for some rain to move out and for conditions to get drier a as we head towards d.c. new york even talking about boston as we head through the fireworks time. storms in afternoon and drying out as the fireworks should go off say some time after 9:30 in the evening. alex? >> okay paul goodloe, thanks so much and happy fourth. in the meantime, this july 4, police and federal officials are on heightened alert for potential terror threats. the concerns are especially high as the holiday falls during
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ramadan, also marking the one-year anniversary of isis declaring a caliphate. joining me now, nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. kristen, how seriously are officials taking these concerns. >> alex, happy fourth. they are taking concerns very seriously, law enforcement is always on heightened alert during big national holidays like the fourth. but federal officials say based on recent intelligence there's an increased threat from isis this independence day. to give you a glimpse of how major cities are preparing, in boston, undercover and uniformed officers will be deployed along with tactical units and helicopters. in new york city enhanced counterterrorism and security measures are in place. as many as 7,000 police officers deployed in new york. new york governor andrew cuomo directing emergency management to enhance the monitoring of tonight's celebration s celebrations and a heightened police presence in los angeles as well as police officers. and the city's emergency operation center is already
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activated. the cause of this is because isis has been stepping up calls for attacks, particularly on social media, and expert worsery most about so-called lone wolf attacks. officials say while the threat from isis is new, the same old rule applies -- if you see something, say something. they also stress this is a holiday, they want people to get out and enjoy the fun. alex? >> speaking of getting out and enjoying the fun, what are the first family going to do? the weather looks overcast kristen, is it going to cooperate? >> fingers crossed. we're hoping it's going to hold. the skies have cleared. it was raining pretty hard a short tile ago but the sun seems to be coming out so we hope it stays that way because they have an annual tradition at the white house, first family inviting military personnel and their families as well as white house staff members for a big barbecue at the white house. president obama comes out with the first lady and he often thanks the troops. take a listen to what we might hear from him.
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he previewed in the his weekly address. take a listen. >> as always we've invited very special guests to our backyard barbecue, several hundred members of our military and their families. we remember that all who serve here at home and overseas represent what today is about. we remember their families serve, too. we are so grateful for their service and sacrifice. >> the president and first lady will enjoy barbecue with military families. it's a special event at the white house. >> kristen, we'll check back in with you next and get a firsthand weather report in new hampshire it's hot dogs and politics, jeb bush rick perry and lindsey graham in amherst for a parade. here's how they plan to appeal
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to voters in the granite state. >> this is as good as it gets for a politician, the fourth of july everybody's happy and it's a chance to see people up close. >> i'm the tortoise in the race i'll do town meetings which i love doing. >> hillary clinton is wrapping up an organizing event about two and a half hours away kelly o'donnell is in gorham new hampshire. how have voters been reacting? >> well she's picking areas that are favorably democratic. and she's trying to sign people up, get volunteers look for supporters who will help her in these many months of the campaign. she is the democratic front-runner but also trying to be respectfully acknowledging to supporters who have come out to sieberny sanders, the senator
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from neighboring vermont. so( she's trying to tap into the patriotism of the day, the spirit of the weekend when people maybe aren't as much about the kind of hard knuckle politics but they enjoy the spirit of a holiday and people are in a good mood it's a great time to sign folks up if they're interested in being supporters. that's where the organizing event comes in. who doesn't love a parade? politicians certainly do. we're here in gorham where there's already been the children's parade, there's all kinds of fabulous cotton candy and games and throw the dart at the balloon and win a prize kind of atmosphere. it's fun. and so candidates are trying to tap into that good american mood mooded and trying to be better known, getting a chance to shake hands and smile. it's good pictures with lots of american flags out today. alex? >> kelly, thank you so much from new hampshire. keeping an eye on things hillary clintonesque. i appreciate that. other news now, tunisia has declared a state of emergency one week after 38 tourists were gunned down in an attack in the
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resort city of sousse. a state of emergency temporarily gives the government more flexibility and the army and police more authority the president is expected to address the country this afternoon. federal immigration officials say the 45-year-old man accused of gunning down a san francisco woman was due to be deported to mexico but was instead set free. francisco sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old catherine steinly as she was walking along pier 14 with her father in what witnesses describe as a random attack. federal records show sanchez had been previously deported five times and has a criminal history involving seven felony convictions. sanchez was in jail just four months ago and was due to be deported a sixth time. nine people are hurt after a malfunction during a fireworks show in colorado. it happened last night in avon. some fireworks shells were sent right into the crowd. officials say one of the shells exploded subpoena sendending three
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others toward spectators. with the nation on high alert, i will speak to the former fbi agent who once led new york's joint terrorism task force and hear what he has to say about the warning. plus, a show of respect you can make this week to neighbors who served in the military. why fireworks are not always a cause for celebration for them, later.
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that scene is pretty as a picture outside of 30 rock in
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midtown manhattan. terror alerts have police with heightened awareness. in boston there will be undercover officers on patrol for the boston pops concert on the charles river. police commissioner william evans addressed the precaution yesterday. >> there's nothing geared at this particular event other than, you know it would be an attractive target. but there is no threats. people should feel secure coming down. i wouldn't be standing here telling you if i was hiding something. you know obviously we're just stepping it up just to make sure it can be as secure as possible. >> joining me now is don borrelli, a 25 year fbi veteran who served as assistant special agent in charge in the new york terrorism task force. he's chief officer for isufan group and an msnbc contributor. you heard the police chief in boston saying no threat but there are concerns to be aware of. what are your concerns? >> well there are some unique factors this fourth of july that we maybe haven't had in others.
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it's falling during the holy month of ramadan so you get an uptick in threat reporting during ramadan. there's more call to arms that goes out: we also just have a lot more people kind of in the system, if you will. the fbi director said there are cases open in every fbi field office. we've seen the effects of social media, how many more people are enticed to you know, be sympathetic if not actually join isis so you have that in play. we've seen coordinated attacks overseas in tunisia and paris so we know that isis spreads beyond just its borders in iraq and syria. so you things together and this does seem like there's more this year than other years. also when we were speaking of the warning homeland security and fbi put out, it wasn't just fourth of july. they mentioned attacks on prophet mohammed cartoon
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festivals. so when you lump those together it tells me there is some specificity specificity. they are getting snippets of intelligence but not enough to say it's going on the on this day at this time. >> so we have a lot of guys like yourself and in your past employment charged with watching what's going on monitoring the internet finding and ferreting out anyone who might be suspicious. but for the average citizen, are there red flags we can look out for walking the streets or attending gatherings? >> that's very tough: everybody and especially this time of year you see people carrying backpacks where they're going to parades picnics or whatever. so i don't think we want to live in a state of paranoia. it's good to be observant, to be attuned to your surroundings and what's normal and not normal. i think the key is for the people that are closest to somebody that may be on this path to radicalization that's
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the people that are going to find out first if somebody is sympathetic towards isis, if they may be making plans to travel, if they are becoming more kind of dangerous by way of this internet radicalization. a lot of times it's the family members, the friends and those are the people that are in the best position to go to law enforcement and say something. that's a big ask, though when you say "hey we want you to come talk about your family member. but in many cases that can be the key to stopping a threat. >> this new york joint terrific task force that you were a part of. very sophisticated. there have been arrests throughout new york city but other smaller cities that may not have as sophisticated an operation in place, does that concern you? >> not overly. new york is a unique place. there are more than 50 agencies that participate in the joint terrorism task force and nypd is extremely sophisticated and a great partnerment.
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but every fbi field office has a jttf, a joint terrorism task force and there's coordination that goes on at fbi headquarters. so it's not that they're standing on their own. there is a network of support in washington, d.c. and the other offices coordinating with one another. >> don borrelli, get out there and enjoy your fourth. thanks for joining us. >> i'm going to. the greek economy is dominating headlines as voters decide whether to accept a bailout in tomorrow's referendum. we'll take you live to athens just ahead.
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push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. an unprecedented spate of shark attacks have north carolina officials and beachgoers on high alert this july 4 weekend. despite the attacks, the wind and clouds beachgoers at north carolina's wrightsville beach were not deterred. fewer appeared to be going into the water. on wednesday, a 68-year-old man became the seventh person attacked by sharks over the past three weeks. that state typically sees three
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shark attacks a year. nbc's sarah dallof is on wrightsville beach east of wilmington north carolina. air is sarah, gauge the crowd. do you think people are concerned? are they getting into the water? >> well good afternoon, alex. now that the sun is out, the clouds have blown over and the temperature is rising, that water is looking more and more inviting to the crowds. seeing more people out there than yesterday. some, however, tell us this recent series of shark attacks -- seven in north carolina in the past three weeks, four in south carolina since may, this recent rash of attacks -- has them nervous about getting there the water and they're spending more time on the sand than usual. >> i used to surf back in the day and i was never afraid but now i'm more concerned. like i said for my kids and all that. >> reporter: the little ones? >> the little ones. >> i have a fear of sharks in general and after hearing the
9:24 am
news footage about it i just -- i don't feel the need. it's quite all right. i can get cools off by dipping my toes in. >> reporter: have you been in the water today? >> i have. not too far but i have been. >> reporter: was it on your mind when you were in the water or do you feel safe? >> keeping an eye out, looking around. there's people that were out a little further than we were so that made me feel more comfortable. >> reporter: at this point, officials have no plans to close the beaches in the area they are issuing a number of cautions for people, though, asking them not to swim at dusk or down reminding them to swim in groups to avoid areas where people are fishing and to take off anything jewelry, anything shiny that underwater might catch the attention of a shark, alex. experts calling the warm water and all of these people swimming the perfect storm of conditions for sharks. back to you. >> is there anything more to it is this are there bait fish in the area? the uptick is phenomenal. we're over twice what we would have in a year. >> it's blowing all the
9:25 am
statistics, the previous statistics alex out of the water, there is no one major thing experts are pointing to to explain these seven attacks. i mentioned the warm water, the water is also higher in salt content than normal and there's been many schools of herring spotted near the shore, baby sea turtles hatching making their way into the water. all of these combine they think all adding up into this unprecedented number of shark attacks within a three-week period in north carolina. >> okay. sarah dallof, thanks so much we'll check in again. a tearful reunion when a judge recognizes the defendant standing before her. turns out they knew each other a long time ago. what she says will break your heart. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 for switching back to verizon. and so can you! verizon, come home to the best network. welcome back to weekend's with alex wit. time for headlines as we approach the half hour. 66 people in florida sat stranded 400 feet in the air after the orlando eye stopped mid-ride friday afternoon.
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the riders were stranded for almost h 45 minutes. orlando firefighters were able to get passengers down with ladders and the help of a generator restoring power to the ride. the riders were safely evacuated and no one was injured. to baltimore where the police department has launched an investigation into a sign found inside one of its arrest vans that reads "enjoy your ride a, we sure will." the discovery comes after a leaked autopsy report says freddie gray's death likely occurred when the van he was in suddenly decelerated. and it's a celebratory weekend across the pond as the rierls prepare to christen two-month-old princess charlotte tomorrow: charlotte will be baptized at st. mary magda lain where perher grandmother diana was
9:30 am
christened. nbc news has learned a tentative agreement has been reached by iran and the u.s. it won't come before monday in vienna. sanction relief has been one of the most contentious provisions in on aver owl agreement but earlier today iran's foreign minister posted on youtube suggested a nuclear deal with the southwest a real possibility. >> at this 11th hour despite some differences that remain we have never been closer to a lasting outcome but there is no guarantee guarantee. getting to yes requires the courage to compromise. >> let's bring in christopher dickie, foreign editor of the daily beast and author of a new book on american history "our man in charleston britain's secret agent in the civil war south." that sounds good. we'll have to get to that at some point. chris, how important would an agreement be on sanctions relief?
9:31 am
>> well i think for the iranians it's all important because the promise that the iranian negotiationors iranian negotiators have made to the supreme leader and the iranian people is that when there is a deal sanctions will be lifted. what the americans and other five parties are talking about is when there's a deal there will be a gradual beginning of a lifting of sanctions then a chance to roll those back if there's fudge tong deal on the iranian side. that's a big space between them. the kind of compromise i believe they're talking about is one in which they agree to a deal but it doesn't actually get signed until certain other steps have been taken so that at the end of the day when it's signed the sanctions can be lifted. but that's just one idea being floated at the moment. >> do you get a sense of the differences between the european perspective on a deal and the u.s. perspective? is there a difference there at all or no?
9:32 am
>> i think the french have been playing the bad cop in this and saying no we need to have everything much more ironclad much tougher, but you know there are six parties involved on the american negotiating side or the american-led negotiating side including russia. so it's a complicated diplomatic framework but that has to be agree to believe all those parties plus to iran and basically they're letting the united states take the lead because iran understands, everybody understands has to be a deal the americans will honor and that the american congress will approve of. >> there's also i don't know that this could lead to an increase cooperation between isis and iran and the u.s. how much more of a role could he be talking about here. >> this is a real problem when
9:33 am
you're talking to john jazareef. their interest is in freeing up the iranian economy and moving towards the future. so there is another side of iranian politics that yes, wants to fight against isis would be happy up to a point if it could be on the same side as the united states. it's also very aggressively expanding iranian military and covert influence throughout the region. so the idea that we're all going to be on the same team is a little illusory. it's good to remember that the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. there's -- you can't rely on the idea that one common enemy makes us friends forever. that's just not going to happen. >> but would that be effective? a u.s. and iran presence cooperation in the fight against isis. what would that look like?
9:34 am
>> well it would look like what you've got in iraq already, a very uncomfortable alliance where you have the iranian-trained iranian-led militias operating in iraq and taking the initiative on the ground against isis while sometimes the americans are running air raids against the same isis positions. that sounds like a good idea but then what happens? then the iranians say we didn't need the air raids anyway, we did this on our own. they say we owe this to the head of the quds force, the vanguard of these expansionist efforts so it's a very uncomfortable marriage. let's hope it will make inroads against isis. which is truly a force for evil. but at the end of the day we have to watch that the iranians don't turn against us once they feel isis is out of the way. >> christopher, is there anything you could see that could derail these talks in an agreement in vienna? >> well look probably we will reach some kind of agreement in
9:35 am
vienna if not by the seventh, the new date they've chosen then maybe a few days or a couple of weeks further down the line. but then the iranian supreme leader has to stop off on it. and the u.s. congress has to sign off on it. and none of those are givens. >> absolutely. you make a good point. christopher dickey thank you so much and happy fourth to you over there. we are going to talk to you in more detail "our man in charleston" britain's secret agent in the civil war south. we'll look forward to that. greece bracing for a critical vote over a bailout referendum that could determine the nation's financial future. this was the scene in central athens yesterday, police clashing with a group of demonstrators ahead of a "no" rally. let's go to nbc's keir simmons in athens with the latest from there. keir how tense is it there ahead of tomorrow's vote? >> lreally tense.
9:36 am
this time tomorrow we'll know what the result is and it's a very, very tight race according to polling prior to the vote 50-50. it looks as if the no vote may be 1% ahead. but those demonstrations you talked about with thousands out for no and thousands out for yes, they're not allowed to campaign because we're so close to the vote so we're in a lull before the storm, if you like. and there will be a storm, which ever way because the country is so divided that one or other side will be furious with the result and then alex things really begin. because if it's a no vote, the question is can greece even stay in the europe never mind the european currency. let's remember this is greece alex, this is a country that was a founding member of europe, a founding member of nato it's crucial in the region. it border -- middle east and eastern europe and you know all of the history of greece the
9:37 am
cradle of democracy, to see greece have to leave europe would be astonishing and people are questioning whether it will shake the foundations of europe itself. >> that's a very good question. can i ask you, keir about the banks and the fact that people are able to get about the equivalent of $60 a day out of the atms? the banks themselves, are they closed? if so, are the atms limited with their hours or can people get money any time day or night? >> it looks as if people can get money any time day or night, alex. wherever you go, wherever you go at any time there are these lines outside of the atms. let me explain what's happening there, though. it's basically to stop a run on the bank. what would happen if the banks just opened up people's accounts and said "you can take all the money in your bank account" is that everyone would do that and that would bring down the greek banks anyway. so although there is talk the banks should reopen sometime next week, there are a lot of people who are really
9:38 am
questioning that. that's how difficult things are here alex. people are only allowed to get just over $60 from the atm and truthfully we don't know when that is going to stop. while importers are saying they now are starting to not have the money to be able to pay for goods they're importing so then you can see a shortage of basic goods. so right now things are difficult in greece. in the weeks to come things could get a lot, lot worse. >> hard to imagine how that could happen. keir simmons, we'll check with you again. an investigation is under way by the justice department into whether the nation's airlines have been colluding to limit the number of available airline seats. this in an effort to keep airfares high. here's part of a report by nbc's tom costello earlier this week. >> reporter: some of the nation's biggest airlines confirmed they're under federal investigation and it all has to do with the word federal investigators say has been used
9:39 am
a lot by airline executives. "discipline." usually in referring to keeping the number of available seats or capacity low to keep profits high. >> maintaining capacity discipline is a code word that the airlines use which is a fancy way of saying let's keep the number of flights lower so we can raise prices. >> that was tom costello reporting there. we should note that united airlines and delta say they have been told they are being investigated. american airlines not commenting and southwest says it will cooperate if asked. joining me is seth kaplan managing partner at airlines weekly. welcome back to the broadcast and happy fourth to you. let's talk about the i have which also says there are more seats available this summer not fewer. is that true? >> that's true alex. one-irony of this is the justice department probably working on this for some time is but just as this comes out, the reality is changing again.
9:40 am
fuel prices have dropped and there's economic incentives when that happens for airlines to start growing again. just as we have a complaint that's not going going they are growing at different rates. the good news for consumers is that that will almost certainly lead to somewhat lower airfares maybe not back -- maybe not what they were in the good old days but lower than they have been recently. >> the "guardian" ran this headline "airline collusion, it's nothing new and will be difficult to prove." seth, what do you make of the investigation? do you think the justice department has enough evidence to prove its case? >> that's the big question. if there was some smoke-filled room where executives from competing airlines were jointly planning capacity absolutely they have a case or if they were doing so over phone or e-mail or what have you. this talk -- they were all talking about capacity
9:41 am
discipline. think about what that is. these are companies saying we need to match supply with demand to get fares so we can break even. isn't that what every company in the world is trying to do? that's the question. a few things are indisputable. a decade ago it was cheap to travel. in keeping with the independence day theme, we got used to our fourth inalienable right, along with life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that $150 ticket to disneyworld. the problem is that pushed these airlines into bankruptcy so they restructured, they merged started charging fees that everybody hates and, yeah they started not growing as quickly as they did before. the question, where there's been very good for investors and employees who aren't facing layoffs all the time anymore, not so good for consumers. the question is did they do anything illegal or did they learn lessons to prevent themselves from ending up in
9:42 am
bankruptcy again? >> we'll see what the doj has to say about that relative to the investigation. thank you so much. good to see you, seth kaplan. >> like wise, happy fourth. >> staying safe after dangerous mishaps. sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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a settlement was filed in new york city for treatment of inmates at the city's rikers island jail. a department of justice investigation revealed the sprawling complex to be a san of widespread brutality, beatings neglect, long-term stretches in solitary confinement for adult and juvenile inmate ace like. no one's story better exemplified the problems than kalief browder as first told by the "new yorker" magazine. at 16 he was arrested accused of theft. he was never actually charged but he spent the next three years on rikers island two years of it in solitary confinement. browder attempted to commit suicide multiple times while in jail and again when he was
9:46 am
finally released. but there was some hope, too. outpourings of support from celebrities and politicians, college tuition paid by an anonymous donor. in the end, it wasn't enough. and earlier this month kalief browder took his own life. i sat down with paul prestia who served as his lawyer things were looking better so what happened? >> what happened was kalief was arrested by an accusation for a person with credibility. he was sent to prison at rikers island where he endured a three year prosecution, or non-prosecution, by the bronx county district attorney's office who presumed him guilty in this case. during that time he was in solitary confinement for two years where he endured torture by corrections officers to who with there are to ensure his safely but kha leaf was at their
9:47 am
mercy and ultimately in the two years since his relief after the district attorney dismissed the charges without apology, he had made progress but ultimately i think his nightmares were too much for him. did kalief browder show signs of mental illness before his non-arrest? arrest for something he was never charged yet spent all this time at rikers island or do you think his mind unravelled. two years in solitary confinement for something he didn't do. >> absolutely alex. he was a kid when he was arrested. he had no mental health issues at all whatsoever yet during the course of that confinement -- and i won't get into the horrific details of what he endured, it's well documented -- he attempted suicide five times in jail and three times thereafter since his release. so there was signs of it during and even afterwards he had setbacks. i visited him in a psych ward
9:48 am
over the holidays and let me tell you, it's quite disheartening. it really is. but we thought we had gotten past that and then this happened. >> so this deal that i'm talking about it is reform which is would ban solitary confinement for minors. safeguards against guards who excessively use force. would this have prevented the trauma that led to kalief browder's death? >> no question about it alex. this is one of the more substantive reforms i've seen in some time. usually they're superficial almost to appease people. but here these reforms are substantive, they're real. >> perhaps even the more important issue in all of this is that kalief was held at all. a thousand days yet he was never charged with a crime. how does that happen? >> again, alex he was presumed guilty, in my opinion, by prosecutors, who manipulated our state's speedy trial laws in the
9:49 am
hopes that likely he would take a plea, as most defendants do in these cases. however, that did not happen and unfortunately there's no way to go back and change that. but reforms have been made. in fact, the speedy trial legislation was just introduced the other day in new york. the mayors tried to reduce the congestion by lessening the amount of inmates in rikers island and bail reform has been suggested. along with the abolishment of solitary confinement for juveniles. kalief browder was the impetus of la that law, alex. >> and the name of that law is kalief's law. just ahead, something to consider before setting off those fireworks today. how might the sound and smell affect veterans with ptsd? we'll explore that next.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
across the country today, americans are celebrating fireworks and for some, the louder the better. but for some military veterans with ptsd those fireworks can be a harsh reminder of the sounds and smells of the battlefield causing stress and panic attacks. now people are asking people to keep their veterans in mind before setting off fireworks. joining me is the co-founder and executive director of military with ptsd also the author of "the war at home" the story of her family's experience with ptsd after her navy veteran husband justin returned from the iraq war. shawn, with a big welcome to you. a lot of people might not have thought about this problem. talk about the ways fireworks affect some people with ptsd and how it came to your attention. >> well, a lot of times wherever there are the loud booms and bangs and pop, what happens is
9:54 am
veterans can -- they go into flash back they don't know what's going on and it's always the unexpected fireworks. the big fireworks shows, those don't bother them because they know they're coming they can prepare for them. but wherever you're sits at home at the dinner table eating or watching -- sitting and watching the news with your family what can happen is wherever it's unexpected all of a sudden you have your husband and your kids they're putting you down on the ground and trying to cover you, trying to protect you because they aren't sure what's going on. they kind of revert into a fight or flight. >> did that happen to you? >> yes, yes. and my husband, the way he's dealt with it is he started setting off his own fireworks now. he does great. he loves fireworks. he hated that he couldn't be a part of it so he dealt with it by setting off his own and with therapy at the v.a. and through vet centers. >> i can relate to that. even the past two or three nights in my neighborhood i'm hearing these sudden fireworks in the middle of watching the news or eating dinner exactly as you've described it and you stop
9:55 am
and think that -- is it gunfire? it's a natural response. what do you, shawn, want to have people do before they decide to set off fireworks this weekend. >> we don't want to stop fireworks. no veteran who served this country would ever want anyone to stop setting off fireworks. we're asking if you are going to set off fireworks, today it's july 4 veterans know it's coming but the days leading up to the fourth and after, because we know fireworks can last for up to a week, two weeks sometimes. if you set off fireworks, give the veterans a courtesy heads up we'll be setting off fireworks, ask him to join you or give him a chance to politely decline then they can go somewhere else if they're in the a place where they can handle it. if you give them a heads up their reaction is unlikely to turn stressful and bad on them so lock as they have the heads up. >> what's cool about your program, for example i'm not
9:56 am
sure exactly where veterans live in my immediate community but you're taking that and making it a prominent feature. talk about what you're doing. >> we have a map that what we've done is by zip code every sign that has gone out we have placed a pin in that zip code that shows exactly where all of them are. right now we've sent out 2,500 signs, well between 2,500 and 2700 as of yesterday. we have over 3,000 on a waiting list. by the time this is done it covers the entire nation. we have got a sign in every state state. >> it's wonderful. i should say if people want to help out, $10 provides a sign for two veterans $25 for six veterans. $50 provides a sign for 12 veterans. it's a great effort that you're under taking and i want to thank you sean gourley, have a safe and happy and stress free fourth. ahead in the next hour, a
9:57 am
spate of shark attacks have north carolina swimmers on edge. we'll take you live to the beach there next.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
. patriotism and protection. america celebrates independence day amid tighter security. fireworks on the fourth. a holiday show suddenly turns dangerous. it's politics on parade. presidential candidates hit the streets and press the flesh, stumping along with the stars and stripes. >> oh my goodness! oh my goodness! >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> and a chance meeting, a sudden recollection childhood classmates reunite years later in court. good day to all of you, welcome to week ends with alex wit. here's what's happening. police and federal officials are
10:01 am
bulking up manpower and asking americans to be extra alert amid increased terror concerns. it marks the one year anniversary of isis declaring a caliphate and it also falls during ramadan. kristin, we're not talking about a specific threat, are we? >> very important point to underscore alex you're absolutely right. law enforcement says there's no specific or credible threat and they're on heightened alert during big national holidays but officials are saying based on recent intelligence there is an increased threat from isis in terms of calls for an attack so expect police presence as many 7,000 officers deployed in new york and tight security everywhere. >> reporter: as the nation celebrates independence day with parades and fireworks there is heightened security across the country.
10:02 am
while there's no specific threat this weekend major cities are on alert. >> we're stepping it up to make sure it can be as secure as possible. >> reporter: in boston undercover and uniformed officers will be deployed along with tactical units and helicopters. in new york city enhanced counterterrorism and security measures and more patrolemen deployed to the streets. new york governor andrew cuomo directing emergency management to enhance the monitoring of tonight's celebrations. in los angeles, increased officers and security measures and the city's emergency operation center is activated. all this after isis has been stepping up calls for attacks. >> we had a message from isis last week when ramadan, the holy muslim month was starting where the spokesperson of isis said you should make an extra effort during ramadan. >> adding to the jitters, the recent beach attack in tunisia
10:03 am
linked to isis which claimed at least 39 lives. mostly british tourists. law enforcement officials are also on guard against lone wolf attacks. >> obviously in lone wolf is our worst nightmare but we have nothing to indicate we have any of that going on. >> the message to americans -- enjoy the holiday but be vigilant. >> we have a situation where perhaps it's night right for anyone to change their plans. but the authorities are right to perhaps increase security and to be extra alert. >> now officials are also saying that while the threat from isis is new, the same old rules apply -- if you see something say something. but they also stress alex this is a holiday, people should get out and enjoy it. alex? >> okay well i hope you get a chance to do that shortly. thank you, kristen. >> you, too. to overseas nows where where there is developing news today from the iran nuclear talks in vienna. negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on some of
10:04 am
the nuclear talks in iran. joining me is andrea mitchell. hello, andrea. >> hi alex. on this holiday weekend back home, technical experts are working round the clock here in vienna narrowing their differences, they are making progress, they have reached tentative agreement on two out of three main issues involving sanctions, they've reached tentative agreement at the expert level, but that's only at the expert level on how to lift u.s. sanctions and also how to lift european sanctions. they've not yet agreed i'm told, on how to lift the u.n. sanctions on're and how they would be snapped back on iran is iran were found to be cheating. these tentative agreements are still at the expert level. they still have to be turned back to the foreign ministers and the foreign ministers have to agree before anything is final. and there's still other issues. while they are narrowing their disagreements on other big issues, they have not finalized even tentative agreements on how
10:05 am
much access u.n. nuclear inspectors would have to sensitive sites in iran and how iran would be able to resume nuclear research and development at the back end of this deal 10 and 15 years out at different facilities. they've got work to do. they're going to resume with the foreign ministers on sunday night and monday morning and they're hoping for a comprehensive agreement at the beginning of next week. alex? >> fingers crossed. thanks so much andrea mitchell. an unprecedented spate of shark attacks has beachgoers on high alert this fourth of july weekend. despite the attacks plus the wind and clouds, the beachgoers at north carolina's wrightsville beach have not been deterred. fewer appear to be going into the water. vary dallof is in wrightsville beach at wilmington north carolina. sara good day to you. the sun is out. i imagine things are heating up. are people getting into the water. >> well, that's right, alex, the
10:06 am
clouds have cleared up, the sun is out, the temperature is rising. the water looking so inviting on the hot fourth of july here. some people, however, telling me that they are nervous to get inside. they're still dipping their toes but they're spending more time on the sand than usual. >> i used to surf back in the day and i never was afraid but now i'm more concerned like i said. for my kids and all that. >> the little ones. >> well i have a fear of sharks in general and then after hearing all of the news footage about it i just don't feel the need. it's quite already. i can get cooled off by dipping my toes in. >> reporter: have you been in the water today? >> i have. not too far but i have been. >> reporter: was it on your mind when you were in the water or do you feel safe? >> keeping an eye out. looking around. there's people that were out further than we were so that made me feel comfortable. >> reporter: there have been seven shark attacks in north carolina in the past three
10:07 am
weeks. four shark attacks in south carolina since may. right now there are no plans to close any of the beaches here. officials cautioning people however, to stay alert and use their best judgment when it comes to getting in the walter. they're also advising them do things like don't swim at dusk or dawn, swim in groups and avoid areas where you see birds dipping into the water where you grab fish or see people baiting, all those fish in the water, tasty meals for sharks. they say to be sure to remove jewelry and watches to catch a shark's eye underwater. make them think that watch is the scales of the fish. >> that's good advice. i'm curious. i see a lifeguard stand behind you. i imagine those guys have got their eyes peeled on the water today. is it just constant surveillance for them? >> it's constant surveillance for them. we were talking earlier to the lifeguard. not only do they have the threat of shark attacks, earlier there was a rip current in the ocean
10:08 am
that they were concerned about, that people still getting in still enjoying themselves but everybody we talked to who has been in the water says while they're swimming they are staying a little closer to shore. these shark attacks going through their mind as they are enjoying this fourth of july weekend. >> can i just say "jaws" was on tv last night and i watched some of it. what was i think, right? >> that was poor timing alex poor timing. >> i agree. thank you very much sarah dallof. it's a mixed bag of weather as americans head out for parades and parties. washington, d.c. saw rain a short time ago, it's unclear if it will put a damper on tonight's fireworks. in new york it seems like the city got lucky. spotty showers will clear before tonight's fireworks show. paul goodloe is here with more of the fireworks forecast. hello, paul. >> good july 4 to everyone out there. the big concern weather wise is the rain moving through the northeast, mid-atlantic but here across the south. rain showers moving through
10:09 am
northern georgia, including atlanta. but the heavy rain and flooding ongoing across areas of arkansas now into louisiana. this is pushing into mississippi. we'll see more of this across the southeast but already last 24 hours areas here in arkansas picking up two, four ten inches of rain so ongoing widespread flood concerns and now this heavy rain and slow move pg rain pushing into louisiana and mississippi that will impact tonight's fireworks displays as well. scattered showers around northern alabama had flooding earlier in birmingham. even atlanta some rain showers out there right now, although the largest 10k in the world, the peach tree road race delayed the because of lightning. so the forecast today, scattered showers, but cities like atlanta for the fireworks displays we're looking for dry weather to come in right around the afternoon and extending into the 10:00 hour, the northeast scattered rain showers out here right now. the forecast is for some rain to move out and for conditions to get drier as we head towards
10:10 am
d.c. new york even talking about boston as we head through the fireworks time. so, again, storms in the afternoon and drying out as fireworks should go off say some time after 9:30 in the evening. alex? >> that sounds about right. thank you so much paul goodloe. the battle for the white house on this independence day takes on a patriotic flavor in the granite state. the who's who and where next. i want my yoga pants to smell like i sweat money. i want to smell the way champagne tastes. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious long-lasting scents... ...unstopables in wash scent booster. i want my foyer to smell more like a foyer. i want his bedroom to smell like he's away at boarding school. surround yourself with up to 6 hours of luxurious, long-lasting scents... ...introducing new unstopables air refresher. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20?
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former cuban president fidel castro made a rare trip outside his havana home yesterday. the pictures showed him appearing on a panel at the food industry ministry. it was his first public appearance in three months. he stepped down from the presidency in 2008 due to
10:14 am
illness. his brother raul took over the post. on wednesday, president obama announced a plan for the two countries to reopen their embassies. let's go to new hampshire where it's hot dogs and politics. presidential candidates jeb bush, rick perry and senator lindsey graham are celebrating the fourth with potential voters. they're about to march, in fact in a second holiday parade of the day. about an hour away from wolfeboro, former presidential nominee mitt romney joined governor chris christie at that town's parade. meanwhile, hillary clinton about three hours away in another part of the granite state getting ready to march in a parade there, too, after just wrapping up an organizing event. kelly oe dobl is'donnell is in gorham new hampshire. kelly, trying to follow these people is like trying to follow the bouncing ball. how will the voters react? >> we might need tacks on the map. but it give i don't say the sense of how on this holiday people are out and about trying
10:15 am
to connect. the candidates with voters voters trying to enjoy an american holiday and here this is a place where hillary clinton will appear in the parade. it's a big event? this town. we've talked to a lot of people building anticipation, the seats are pulled close to the sidewalk and kids are out and family pets are in tow. there's even this fried dough that my producer decided we had to have. all the good stuff that makes a holiday. and hillary clinton is also talking about the issues that matter to her. she was asked by voters earlier today about things like the supreme court, even the family mets and she talked about losing dog seamus earlier this year when a little girl in the red white and blue dress asked about the names of her family pets. so you get the whole range from policy to just plain fun. here's a bit of hillary clinton earlier today. >> i want to run a campaign that is not about me even though i'm going to be the name on the ballot. as president, i can use the
10:16 am
bully pulpit where necessary but i can also try to make sure we're doing more to provide the opportunities that people need. >> and in a place like new hampshire where voters have the opportunity to meet candidates up close and personal not once or twice but again and again over many months these conversations do matter. they build a relationship that you don't often get in other states between voters and these candidates and with so many running not only the 14 or 15 on the republican side but a handful on the democratic side too, hillary clinton needs new hampshire to cement her place. she had a good run here in 2008. of course we know bernie sanders from neighboring vermont has had a lot of attention. he's in iowa talking to voters there. she'll be in the parade shaking hands just soaking up this holiday. alex? >> clearly she does that very comfortably with potential
10:17 am
constituents. do you get a sentsse she's warming up to reporters or not quite yet? >> she has taken some questions. i'll give you an example. she made a stop at an ice cream place and offered to buy ice cream. that happens from time to time. when reporters follow a candidate closely there is a familiarity. one of the reporters who was there said "instead of ice cream, how about a question?" and that reporter asked about the relationship with bernie sanders and she obliged with an answer. she's taking voters' questions certainly earlier today but i think she manages her access to the media a bit. this is a day where we'll get to see her, we'll walk the path of the parade with her, we'll get questions in and see how that goes. >> if anyone can do it you can kelly o'donnell. i'm betting on you. thank you. one republican candidate not in new hampshire this fourth of july weekend is donald trump. he and the party have been dealing with fallout since trump's comments about
10:18 am
undocumented mexican immigrants. joining me is lauren fox with the "national journal" and david mack neuroa nakamura from the "washington post." so lauren, i'll reach out to you first. let's listen to governor christie's take on the controversy and how it will impact the party. >> i have and others have about the inappropriateness of the comments and i don't think they have any place in this race. beyond that what more can i say? i think in the end voters will judge our party by who we nominate, not by who runs. in the end i think we'll dominate somebody that is going to be able to be inclusive and reach out to a lot of constituencies that maybe we haven't attracted as well before. >> on that point, lauren, is this something the party can bounce back from after ironically trying to widen its reach, particularly with latino voters? >> certainly. and i think what's interesting is we've seen a few polls where donald trump seems to be polling at second place. it speaks to the fact that we're very earl will any this race and
10:19 am
there is a small part of the republican base who sympathizes with the statements that donald trump made. with that being said i think the republican party as the field narrows it's going to be harder for donald trump to expand his base easier for some of the others in the presidential race to expand their bases and that's when we'll see the difference here between expanding the tent versus this early primary rhetoric which often gets the republican party in trouble it's very tricky in early on. >> lauren how much of this surge, the fact that he's second in the pollpolls, has to do with name recognition? >> when i talk to pollsters a lot of it has to do with voters recognize who he is they've seen him on television, they know of his business credentials. that's attractive at this point but not so much they're looking at him as a serious presidential contender. >> david, let's talk about new
10:20 am
hampshire. mitt romney a few minutes ago was spotted at a sprayed with governor christie. he held a get together last night and hosted christie and senator marco rubio and their wives. listen to how he describes the gathering. >> hamburgers, hot dogs baked beans, corn and potato salad. >> did you give them any advice about running new hampshire? >> no advice. these guys will make their own mistakes hopefully they won't follow mine? >> any plans to enzmors. >> i won't endorse anybody at least until late in the process. no plans to get behind. but a lot of these folks helped me behind my campaign so i'm going to be loyal to them as they were to me. >> so other than serving up the quintessential american holiday meal to them romney will meet with jeb bush next week. what is his role now for the gop is not going after endorsements? >> it's interesting. i think the party has looked at him several years after his
10:21 am
campaign against barack obama in 2012 as a potential king maker, as someone who can still make a difference, reach out to the republican establishment. it's now popular among the republican party, that bad feeling of 2012 and how he ran that campaign is settled and he's more natural, engaging in a way he maybe wasn't before. i think for people like marco rubio and chris christie who were at his house last night, it could be help informal fund-raising. jeb bush is looked to cement the republican establishments and fund-raising but i think romney still has long tentacles on wall street. he talked about hot endorsing anybody just yet. i think you will see him do so and sort of galvanize somebody probably somebody the establishment feels as someone who can stand in a general election, not be too radical in the way that romney initially tried to position himself. that's probably what we'll look
10:22 am
for down the line. >> let's head west to iowa where bernie sanders is. the latest quinnipiac poll shows clinton as the democratic front-runner however senator sanders is catching up and we are seeing big crowds. how do you gauge his popularity and what it means, if anything for hillary clinton? >> i think this early on it's interesting to watch hillary clinton have a challenger that excites people. i think one of the big concerns within the democratic establishment was that hillary clinton if she ran on her own and didn't have someone else pushing her to the left that it might not be a very exciting election. it might not make it so voters felt like they had to turn out in early states or even down the line in a general election. i think bernie sanders being an excitable candidate for a lot of people in these early states makes it so hillary clinton has to work harder. she has to be more entertaining on the stump. she has to sort of connect with people in a different way so i think ultimately it might help
10:23 am
her be a stronger candidate in the end. >> i want to switch gears to a new report by the "new york times" that the president will be commuting the prison sentences of several non-violent drug offenders. david, what do you make of this news as it relates to the president's final year in the white house. >> this is something the administration has been trying to do for more than a year. in fact, the president has done about 40 of these cases where they've commuted long drug sentences for non-violent offenders in cases they believed were too draconian in their sentences years ago and i think what you're looking at is the administration hopes to do many more of these but even so these are long cases that take a lot of paperwork and analysis to make sure if these sentences are commuted these folks won't be repeat offenders. the administration feels both parties support the idea that our jails are overcrowded with folks who've gotten sentences that are too long and in many cases it would be better served for the cost for the people and the communities and african-american and hispanic
10:24 am
communities that are represented too heavily in these cases that these can be commuted and ultimately they would be better served but i think a bigger policy solution to this the something both parties need to work on legislatively. >> david nakamura and lauren fox, good to see you both. get out there and enjoy it. >> thanks alex. in just a moment an unforgettable one-minute classroom reunion that could change a life.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
. it's become a fourth of july tradition. it may not be any safer than playing with fireworks and slightly disgusting. the nathan's hot dog eating contest has just wrapped up. drum roll, please, matthew and seen they is the new winner. consuming 62 hot dogs and buns. stoney defeated joey chestnut who could only manage to wolf down 60 dogs. chestnut had won eight consecutive tournaments before today's -- oh, just heartbreaking loss.
10:28 am
yeah. in a moment, withdrawal pains. the limits banks are putting on depositors in greece and the worldwide implications. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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welcome back to week ends with alex witt. the president of tunisia has declared a state of emergency one week after the beach resort terror attack that killed nearly 40 tourists. state media says it will give the army more authority and restrict the right of public assembly. tunisia last declared a state of emergency during the arab spring protest that brought down leader ben ali. officials are on heightened alert for potential terror threats. this is in response to an isis call making ramadan a month of terror. police are increasing patrols and asking the public to stay alert. joining me now is peter neumann, professor for the study of radicalization. i want to ask you about this
10:32 am
week we have ramadan. we have the anniversary of isis declaring a caliphate. we have the u.s. celebrating freedom. how concerned should we be about the symbolism of all this? >> there is a degree of symbolism symbolism. isis has been trying to attack people since september. they said "you should kill the unbeliever wherever you find them" and it's given enthusiastic supporters to attack people. we've seen attacks in ottawa sydney, paris, copenhagen last week in france. so there may be an attempt to exploit that symbolism but the threat is more or less constant. i don't think it's necessarily a huge amount higher now than it was last week or it will be next week. >> you know, peter, i'm thinking on a practical level. do terrorists look to attack on
10:33 am
a significant date? because aren't authorities on higher alert and they know that? >> yes and it's a bit of a game that goes on between the authorities and the terrorists. of course it's harder to attack on symbolic dates. so for example, the madrid attacks that happened in 2004 were almost -- were exactly three and a half years to the day after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 so there is an attempt to exploit the symbolism of dates but it is harder. >> which is the greater threat? is it a domestic lone wolf or a foreign fighter who's returned home? >> well certainly in the united states there that many foreign fighters. the estimate is still around 100 and we don't know how many have returned. the threat of foreign fighters would be greater in europe where you have up to 5,000 individuals have have gone to say, in iraq
10:34 am
and many of whom have returned 40'm. in the united states it's that enthusiastic support of the islamic state who may carry out a lone wolf attack which may not necessarily kill a lot of people. these are small-scale attacks but they could be great in impact. as we have seen over the past few months even small scale attacks can cause a great deal of terror shock and polarization. >> peter neumann, many thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you, alex. developing in greece critical hours ahead as the nation braces for a bailout referendum vote that could determine its fate. protests in athens got heated and police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. let's go to keir simmons in athens with the latest. keir, is there a sense which way greek citizens may vote on tomorrow's referendum? >> greece is on a knife edge,
10:35 am
stairing into staring into the abyss, choose your metaphor. by tomorrow evening, we will know the outcome of the vote yes or no to europe and the tough austerity measures europe is demanding of greece. but we don't know what the result will be because the poles are split 5050. perhaps no vote is 1% ahead but that's clearly within the margin of error. and when we do hear the result if it's a no people are predicting that could mean greece leaves the single european currency perhaps leaves europe all together. that will shake the foundations of europe and send ripples around the world. if it's a yes there will have to be tough negotiations. the greek people are already suffering profoundly. there are lines outside atms at all time ss as they go to just get the over $60 they are allowed and there are fear there is may be fuel shortages in the weeks ahead, footd shortages.
10:36 am
greece will need help whatever happens. that's the irony of the situation. alex. >> keir simmons, thank you from athens. let's bring in jessica meantnton from the international times. why should america care about a country that's half the population of new york state? >> greece is only able 2% of europe's gdp. that sounds like such a tiny fraction why should we care? the big thing is how this could turn into political contagion. if greece leaves what about other highly indebted nations like spain and italy? those are a way bigger chunk of europe's economy than greece. those are the third and fourth largest economies. we saw the market selloff this past monday, the worst day in the stock market this past year yet we saw volatility upwards a couple days afterwards because there was many sentiment that maybe something would get done and it didn't. so when it comes to 401(k)s and consumers, why should we care?
10:37 am
how will this affect my money and 401(k) when there are situations like this there's a flight to quality and a flight to safety and people will go and buy u.s. treasuries. when that happens it does help sectors that are more interest rate sensitive like the utility sector telecoms but that also doesn't help companies in the technology sector because those companies are more exposed say like intel, qualcomm are more exposed overseas so that's where you'll see volatility on the down side for those type of sectors. so if you have a 401(k) and your money is in those tech stocks you could see volatile swings there. >> so jessica, give my a worst-case scenario be based on the outcome of the vote. as i understand it it's not a vote on whether or not to leave the e.u. >> no it's not and the prime minister has made that clear but the world is viewing in the a way that it is saying they would want to leave. the worst-case scenario is like i mentioned previously, this political contagion. if they leave, what about other
10:38 am
countries out there? this past week, the greek government put in capital controls for greek citizens. if they go to atms, they can only take out about 60 euros. if you're a business trying to go deposit those checks. they're not able to do that so people aren't getting paid. so their economy is suffering right now so that could work in the creditor's favor because if spain and italy wanted to leave before, they might not want to now after seeing what's going on with greece and their economy. >> you mentioned spain and it willy. we have to talk about puerto rico. the governor says they won't be able to pay the island's $72 billion debt. they also didn't declare bankruptcy because puerto rico is a commonwealth. what happens now? how dangerous is this? >> base tonight reporting i've done and these sources i've talked to, they're not as concerned with puerto rico. they are a commonwealth so they can't file for chapter 9 bankruptcy like detroit did a couple years ago. but as far as puerto rico is concerned, because they're not
10:39 am
part of a monetary union like greece is they would haven't that contagion effect like greece would have. that's why they're not as concerned with puerto rico as they are in greece. i'll mention that they think that investors should be more concerned about the situation in greece right now. >> jessica menton enjoy your fourth. >> thank you, you, too. let's get to today's number ones with a focus on the holidays and the top cities in which to enjoy the patriotic pomp and pageantry along with the snap crackle and pop of fireworks. wallet hub included cost and convenience to determine the 100 best cities for celebrating july 4. minneapolis is the overall leader and first for attractions and activities. seattle comes in second. the other half of the twin cities, st. paul comes in third. because of high prices new york ranks 56th. it's a holiday gift to motorists, july 4 pump prices are the lowest in five years. the national average, $2.775 gallon. and the state with the best
10:40 am
prices right now in south carolina, $2.42 a gallon. alaskans are paying the most about $3.46 a gallon. >> coming keep coming. all right, stop! stop! >> finally, a number one salute shoutout going to the rescuers who saved this horse which became trapped in a six-foot sinkhole. it all played out yesterday in north bethlehem, pennsylvania, where the rescue team carefully used harnesses and bullies to extract that horse after an hour-long effort. the emotional and grateful owner spoke with a reporter. >> reporter: how is the horse? >> he's fine. he's fine. >> reporter: he'll be fine? >> yeah. >> thanks in part to the expert rescue effort, the horse emerged injury free. those are your number ones. dawn. new bounty with dawn. what a novel idea! just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more.
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huh aren't we clever.... thanks m'aam. look how much easier new bounty with dawn cleans this gooey mess versus soap and a sponge. thank you! new bounty with dawn. available in the paper towel aisle. obviously!
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american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked? american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here. federal immigration officials say the 45-year-old man accused of gunning down a san francisco woman was due to
10:44 am
be deported to mexico but was instead set free. francisco sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old catherine steinly as she was walking along pier 14 with her father. federal records show sanchez had been deported five times and has a criminal history involving seven felony convictions. sanchez was in jail four months ago and was due to be deported a sixth time. a rash of shark attacks have north carolina officials and swimmers on high alert this july 4 weekend. beachgoers at north carolina's wrightsville beach were not deterred from enjoying the sand and sun though fewer seemed to be venturing into the waters. on wednesday a 68-year-old man became the seventh person attacked by a shark in the past three weeks. that state usually sees shark attacks three times in a year. let's bring in george burgess, the director of the shark research program at the florida museum of natural history. with a welcome to you on this fourth of july holiday. let's talk about the stats. your museum stats show there are
10:45 am
between 30 and 40 shark attacks in u.s. waters each year. >> even more than that. even more than that. 52 last year. >> okay, so are we seeing a trend, then? is this an above average year for shark attacks right now? >> it's above average year for shark attacks in north carolina. in fact, it's a once in a lifetime for that state. but as far as the united states goes we're pretty much on par for an average year. >> okay. so then this particular recent rash of shark attacks specific to north carolina, what is behind it, can you offer an explanation? >> i can give you a few hints as to what may be going on but i don't have the whole picture. it's been a particularly warm year, the amount of salt in the water has been high both of those favor sharks. lots of food fish which is favor sharks. sea turtles nesting season which favors sharks and then of course, it's summer and school is out which favors people. so what you have is lots of people lots of shark ss and lots
10:46 am
of food in the water. that said, seven in three weeks is not totally explain bid that so there's an x factor out there we don't know about right now that is also contributing. >> george we're showing pictures of great whites. thanks "jaws" and other literature, those are the sharks that everyone seems to fear the most. what are the most threatening sharks to humans and where are they generally found? >> there are three species we're most concerned about. you already mentioned white sharks, of course. bulls and tigers are the other two that we're most concerned about. all of them get to a large size and consume large prey items and humans can be in the right size range. in this particular case the north carolina, probably bulls and tigers are the two suspects. >> okay. i heard a report about someone who fended off a shark attack -- actually was bitten but not to a severe degree and literally punched the attacking shark in the nose and the shark turned around and ran away. i mean, is that advisable?
10:47 am
>> yeah. the advice we give is just the opposite of what they say if you get your purse taken in new york city. don't play dead. be as aggressive as possible. sharks respect size and power and you want to fight like mad. >> okay. there's that if you are being attack. but what if you see a shark nearby. what are you to do? do you go flailing out of the water? do you try to stay calm? what do you do? >> well of course you can get out of the water you always want to make that your first option. but if a shark is approaching you in an aggressive way and gets close, a spark to the nose will generally get them to veer away. but be careful that that nose is just a little north of the mouth. >> hey, george, are you comfortable venturing into the water? would you go go into the water if you were at wrightsville beach in north carolina. >> wrightsville beach i'd have no thoughts whatsoever. it's been almost three weeks
10:48 am
since there's been any activity go. enjoy yourself, have a wonderful holiday. >> okay. well, i hope you do that george burgess. thank you for talking with us. i appreciate it. of all the stories we bring you this hour, this will be the most memorable. it begins with a burglary near miami. a man who had a previous run in with the law was arrested making his first court appearance on thursday. and what happened there, take a look. >> f-1513303. mr. booth, did you go to nautilus for middle school? >> oh, many i goodness! oh my goodness! >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> oh my goodness. >> this was the nicest kid in middle school. >> oh, my goodness! >> he was the best kid in middle school. i used to play football with him. all the kids. look what's happened. i'm so sorry. >> oh, my goodness!
10:49 am
mr. booth, i hope you're able to change your ways. good luck to you. >> oh, my goodness! >> what's sad is how old we've become. >> oh, my goodness. >> good luck to you, sir. i hope you're able to come out of this okay and just lead a lawful life. >> well booth's story continues in the courts. his bond was set at $43,000. the judge is left to wonder and reflect on what happened to her childhood friend. it's a tragic reminder about the perils of fireworks. why experts say leave the fireworks to us. towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300
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so take a look of this video out of avenue -- avon colorado. a malfunction caused one of the fireworks to explode in the tube and that sent three others
10:53 am
toward spectators. fortunately all injuries were minor. and this 14-year-old boy from michigan lost his hand to home made fireworks. he's already gone through two surgeries and is expected for. and joining us is ralph macy. and thank you for joining us. but i want to ask you about colorado. is there a way to check this before lighting up and checking the fireworks. >> i'm not a safety for fireworks i know they are hirely regulated. there is an expert and they determine the distance to the crowd based on the size of the shell they are using and look at wind speed and wind direction. so i don't know if you can tell of a malfunction before the show or not. >> let's assume they can't,
10:54 am
otherwise they wouldn't launch the fireworks. but i want to ask about home made fireworks and how dangerous they can be and the poor 14-year-old boy in michigan who was hanging on to a firework and something that wasn't regulated and explodes and takes off his hand and what is your expertise on that. >> you never try to modify a device or make your own firework. and the myth is an m-80 or a silver salute or a cherry bomb is a big fire cracker, it is not. it is made in basements, in garages and sheds with no regulation at all. very unpredictable and dangerous. >> ralph, from your experience, what is the biggest mistake people make when coming to dealing with fireworks. >> not having a designated
10:55 am
shooter, you need someone who will read the caution statement and the performance statement and know what every firework will do before they shoot it. >> i remember a time when fireworks were not legal in certain states. is that the case now? >> i would say the majority of the states allow some type of consumer firework. >> okay. are they say to buy at the roadside stands in. >> yes. what you want to do you do not want to buy from a friend of a friend. you don't want to buy a firework out of a trunk or a garage. you want to go to a tent a stand or a store licensed and permitted by the city or the count. and quite often they have the license or permit on displace in the tent or stand or store. >> how about the sparklers, they seem to be easy access and parents give them to kids because they seem to safe. what do you think about safety measures there. >> sparklers burn hot but you
10:56 am
can be safe. teach your children and watch your children and make sure they only light one firework at a time or you light it for them and hold it at arm's length don't run around and stand next to another person and most importantly when the sparkler is finished, drop it in a bucket of water and not the ground a lot of bare feet on the fourth of july. >> and you make a good point about the heat and fires. a lot of communities are preventing fireworks and how can fire risks be minimized in a vulnerable environment. >> quite often the city or the county will ban the fireworks and even if they don't, you need to look at your backyard displace. make sure there is no dry gas or leaves around. wet down the area before you do your fireworks or use common sense. >> that is a good idea. thank you for that and the discussion.
10:57 am
ralph apple, safe and happy fourth to you. >> thank you, safe to you. >> and that wraps up "weekends with alex witt." i hope you have a safe and fefive fourth of july. as you were... where were we?ive fourth of july. rive fourth of july. eive fourth of july. resive fourth of july. sereive fourth of july. ive fourth of july. ive fourth of july. five fourth of july. eive fourth of july. esive fourth of july. tive fourth of july. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage.
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murder for hire plots caught on camera. in north carolina, a preschool teacher asks a stranger to throw her husband into a power line. >> i know i am a cold hearted bitch, but life sucks. >> listen to her story, preschool teacher, married, kids, she's everyone's next door and in new york, a businessman tries to use murder to end his marriage. >> only thing i could walk away saying, he was a jerk and wanted his wife dead. >> go deep inside faces few


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