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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 7, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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anies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good tuesday morning. good to be with you. let's get right to that explosive new revelation in the sex allegations tied to bill cosby. in newly released court documents from a 2005 deposition deposition, the comedian admits obtaining sedatives to use for women he wanted to have sex with. kate snow is here with more on that. good to see you, kate. it is just astounding here that for the associated press going to court to get these documents this would have been sealed a secret forever. >> cosby's lawyers have fought to keep these documents from being seen from anyone saying they would embarrass him and
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they were sealed for about a decade. after the request by the associated press. a judge in philadelphia said because bill cosby so often got on a, quote, soap box about moral issues. he no longer has a right to keep all of these records private. bill cosby in his own words admitting he obtained seven prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970 and gave them to other people. in documents from a 2005 case cosby was being sued from a woman who accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her. before it was dismissed, cosby sat through a two-day deposition. was it in your mind you wanted these for women you wanted to have sex with? cosby answered yes. he avoided questions on who he gave the drugs to and when. did you ever give any of those young women the quaaludes without their knowledge, he was asked? cosby's attorney jumped in. do not answer that question.
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cosby described one encounter in las vegas. she meets me backstage, i give her quaaludes, we then have sex. >> i wouldn't necessarily call this the proverbial smoking gun. but it is corroboration for the fact that he used drugs when attempting to have sex with bimmen. so it does in a sense take a moral high ground from his position. >> for barb bowman who was one of 13 jane does in the case it's vindidation. >> it was a big, big breath, big sigh of relief of hope and looking forward to this next part of this journey because i think this is really just the beginning. >> in the documents, the accusers' attorney is complaining to the judge that cosby's loern was turning the deposition into a carnival. the plaintiff's attorney also said to cosby, i think you're making light of a very serious situation. cosby replied, that very well
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may be. cosby has never been charged with any crime in connection with sexual and drug allegations, which he and his representatives have continued to deny. a couple of other things that come out in the new court documents. cosby offered to pay for the education of the foun 5 accuser if she got a 3.0 gpa or better. also confirmation of something we have reported last fall that bill cosby agreed to give an exclusive interview to the national enquirer years ago if they would agree not to print a story about one of his other accusers. >> still waiting to hear from his lawyers, from bill cosby as well. we are hearing from some of the people who supported bill cosby over the years who are saying they're retracting that support. >> retracting support for cosby, exactly. people on the other side who, women who have been accusing him for all these years saying this is vindication for them. this judge did not have to put all this out there, but it's interesting reading his
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statement about why he decided to release this to the public. he said the stark contrast between bill cosby the public moralest and bill cosby the subject of serious allegations including inproperty and perhaps criminal conduct, is a matter which the a.p. and the public has a significant interest. he felt it was in the public's interest to put that out there. >> especially those women, two dozen women, over four decades here we're talking about. kate snow thank you so much for that update. good to see you here. of course, we'll have more on this developing story, on bill cosby, throughout the morning here on "the rundown." want to bring you breaking news out of vienna where negotiators of iran's nuclear program are happening. they're taking steps to extend the agreement in place with iran until the 10th. substantial progress has been made, and secretary of state john kerry will remain in vienna to continue the negotiations.
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we'll have a live report from vienna in a few minutes. developing now, south carolina is one step closer to taking down the confederate flag. lawmakers repeatedly cited last month's shooting at the ame church in charleston in a watershed moment of understanding what the flag has come to represent. >> the alleged killer of the charleston nine used that flag as a symbol of hatred and racism and bigotry. he was not the first. he will not be the last. >> the vote in the senate was 37-3, and a final vote is now needed to send the bill to the house. lawmakers there will meet today at 10:00 eastern, and likely introduce the bill this afternoon. for a preview, i'm joined by joy reid. and joy. even before that we're expected to hear from lawmakers before the session begins.
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>> yeah absolutely. good morning. we're expecting a 9:45 press conference by democrats who serve in the house of representatives here in south carolina. and i'm assuming they're going to discuss their strategy in the house. we're expecting to have the bill introduced in the house today. before that, the senate has a third reading of the bill. south carolina requires three readings of the bill in each chamber so there will be a third reading of the bill in the senate. it's usually just a formality. then the bill goes to the house. we're expecting to see the bill introduced in the house today. then after that debate on the bill tomorrow. there is a 24-hour rule before debate can begin. then we're expecting a third reading of the bill on thursday. if the entire package passes by thursday, it would go to governor nikki haley's desk and then she would have until noon the following day, presumably friday to enact the taking down of the flag. >> a lot of anticipation what will happen today, especially with members of the house there speaking later this morning. thanks so much joy reid.
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the fierce debate over immigration is escalating with prosecutors in california charging a mexican immigrant with murder in the shooting death of a woman on a pier. francisco sanchez is scheduled to be arraigned in the death of catherine steinle. sanchez spoke to our sister network in spanish saying he doesn't remember much of what happened but doesn't dispute that police say he did it. sanchez said earlier it was an accident, saying he found the gun while sitting on a bench, and when he picked it up it went off. and the case has drawn scrutiny to san francisco's so-called sanctuary ordinance because he had been deported five teams and has seven felony convictions. they refused a request to keep him locked up. donald trump has issued a new lengthy statement on immigration saying, quote, the mexican government is forcing their most unwanted people into the united states saying in many cases, quote, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, et cetera.
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let's go live to scott. to francisco sanchez's arraignment. procedural but what else are we expecting? >> fairly standard criminal arraignment. he will be read his rights explained the charges against him, and he'll have an opportunity to enter a plea as you said he is essentially in these jailhouse interviews taking responsibility. we don't know whether he'll plead guilty. then, of course, the issue of bail. pretty much a formality, he's not getting out. the arraignment scheduled for this afternoon. >> you consider the growing controversy in san francisco about the so-called sanctuary ordinance here. sow is that factoring into this case? >> well, a great deal of finger pointing all around. immigrations and customs enforcement saying at the very least, the sheriff's department should have notified the office that it was planning to release sanchez. this sheriff is saying his hands are tied by the sanctuary ordinance and his own policy of
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not paying attention to the so-called detainer orders. mayor ed lee who signed the ordinance and has been behind it and is defending the sanctuary city rules is saying that it was not intended ever to allow a situation like this. he's calling for an investigation, a review of what went wrong. clearly, that is fueling the debate, and that debate will continue. >> all right, scott cohen, thank you for that update. keep it here on msn brxbc. we'll have more of donald trump's new comments coming up in a few minutes. >> developing now on the greek debt crisis european leaders are gathering in brussels for an emergency summit that could make or break greece's future in the euro. banks are running out of cash and there are concerns of what will happen to people's savings. the uncertainty in greece is causing jitters in the stock market, and in about 20 minutes, we'll check the opening bell from wall street and get the latest developments from athens. >> now to the fight against isis
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terrorists. 20 minutes from now, ashton carter and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey will testify before a senate committee to try to explain how america's strategy is working orhow some may say is not working. they insist the plan is a good one but they recognize the u.s. has room for improvement and needs help from other countries as well. >> if we try to do everything ourselves all across the middle east all across north africa we'll be playing whack-a-mole, and there will be a whole lot of unintended consequences that ultimately make us less secure. >> all right, luke russert is on capitol hill. bring us up to date on what we can expect as far as any new bround breaking today? >> braebl no ground breaking news, but do expect ashton carter, the secretary of defense, as well as martin demsty, the chairman of the joint chiefs to undergo pointed and heated questioning from the
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chairman of the armed services committee, john mccain. he released a statement saying the president's policy against isis was, quote, self-delusional, and that comes with other gop criticism, lindsey graham said it's clear the president does not know what he's doing on this issue, and john boehner saying the president did not put forth any new winning strategy in the fight against isil. republicans on this committee will go after the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs aggressively trying to figure out what it is they believe should be done on the ground, through the air, and with regional allies. all that being said it's important to remember that congress has had an opportunity since this fight went forward in september of last year to move on an authorization for the use of military force. essentially congress could say what the mission against isis is in the middle east. congress has not done that because you have real debate between democrats about whether there should be ground troops. republicans who don't necessarily want to get involved.
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some want ground troops some don't. they want the predto take the blame, the responsibility. that's the trump card the administration could take, if you have a strategy tell us. you don't want to move forward on one. it will be interesting to see how administration officials answer that today. >> expected within the hour the senate hearing on isis and the strategy. luke russert on capitol hill thank you very much. and we will be checking in with steve to talk more about america's isis strategy later in the hour. >> more breaking news on a very busy morning. new revelations involving bill cosby and newly released court documents. the comedian admits obtaining sedatives for women he wanted to have sex with. a cosby representatives tells abc news quote, the only reason mr. cosby settled is because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. that would have been very hurtful. so that latest statement coming
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out from abc news with a representative of bill cosby sharing that this morning. of course, we'll bring you more as this story develops through the morning. >> we're just getting started on this very busy tuesday edition of "the rundown" including this from death row. dzhokhar tsarnaev trying to get a new trial. plus, it was ten years ago today that terrorists shook london to the core. how did that day change our world? >> but first -- >> we're talking about illegal immigration. we're talking about crime. you saw what happened the other day with the young lady in san francisco. it's a disgrace. you're talking about illegal immigration, and it is a bad subject in this country, and people don't have the guts to address it. >> well donald trump's focus on undocumented immigrants help or hurt his chancing on taking the white house. you're watching "the rundown" here on msnbc. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up!
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want to bring you breaking news out of new jersey where governor chris christie could be forced to resign because of his presidential run. democratic lawmakers in his home state are reportedly planning to introduce legislation that would require christie to step down. they say he has been out of the state too much this year as he campaigned for the republican nomination for president. the bill would also apply to any future governors, and we'll be watching the story closely. meanwhile, in the 2016 race donald trump is not backing down from his controversial comments about mexican immigrants and crime. during a charity golf tournament yesterday, trump said his current position in some polls is evidence many americans share his views. let's go live to washington, d.c. and peter alexander. what more is trump saying? >> good morning. donald trump now dismissing the
6:18 am
latest company that's cut ties with him espn after it announced it's going to move an upcoming celebrity golf event away from one of his courses, not a big deal what he said. he's driving a wedge in the republican party, insisting in a statement he doesn't see how there's any room for what he calls misunderstanding or misinterpretation of his words. at a charity golf event monday night, donald trump teed off again on illegal immigration. >> we're talking about crime. you saw what happened the other day with the young lady in san francisco. it's a disgrace. >> he has seized on the death of kate steinle, killed while walking with her father last week. the alleged attacker a convicted felon who federal officials say had been deported to mexico five times. >> in a jailhouse interview, francisco sanchez said he didn't remember what happened but didn't dispute that police said he did it. in a lengthy news statement,
6:19 am
trump insists the shooting was merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the united states. later he added, infectious disease is pouring across the border. >> they're bringing crime, they're rapist and some i assume, are good people. >> in that statement, trump argued his controversial comments about undocumented immigrants are being deliberately distorted. he has quickly divided the republican party desperate to win back latino voters. just 27% supported mitt romney's campaign in 2012 down from 40% for george bush. >> i'm willing to debate any time on the issue of immigration. >> late monday trump also insists someone else besides him retweeted a message about rival jeb bush that said bush has to like the mexican illegals because of his wife. bush's wife is mexican american. >> thank you donald. >> thank you. >> still, the billionaire whose comments have catapulted him to second place in recent
6:20 am
republican polls says he isn't backing down. >> the polls are a testament. you see what's happening, now they say i'm going higher. the country is fed up. >> also today, the "washington post" is reporting many of the workers building trump's newest luxury hotel right now under construction in d.c. by a contractor say that they are undocumented workers who crossed the u.s.-mexico border illegally in search of a new life. trump's spokeswoman said that trump's company and its contractors go above and beyond following all applicable laws. >> all right, peter alexander, thank you very much. after the break, we will zoom some of the day's other top stories including this one. >> one hiker is dead another in critical condition after an ice cave collapsed in washington state. details ahead on "the rundown."
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capital, the pontiff takes ecuador by storm and the boston bomber wants another chance. let's zoom through the top stories. a nato military convoy was hit by a suicide car bomb in kabul. the second attack in the heavily protected capital in the last week. local officials say at least four civilians were injured in the blast. nato says no coalition forces were killed. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. pope francis continues his three-nation trip in south america with a mass expected today at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. yesterday, more than half a million people packed ecuador city to hear the pope speak. the mass marking the first day of the pontiff's first trip to the spanish speaking countries of south america since being elected in 2013. pope francis focused on the meaning of family following recent statements he made on divorce and homosexuality in the catholic church. >> one person killed and four others hurt when part of an ice cave collapsed in washington state. rescuers still have not been
6:25 am
able to retrieve the hiker's body who remains buried. one of the injures remains in critical condition. >> and it was the second straight day in that part of the same ice cave collapsed. on sunday, one woman was reporting when a portion of the same cave gave way near hikers. >> and boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has filed a motion for a new trial. the motion was filed monday but his attorneys have not detailed what they plan to argue. he was originally convicted on 30 charges for the 2013 bombing. his lawyers are calling the motion a, quote, place holder until they can craft a more detailed motion to file next month. >> we are just minutes away from the markets opening on wall street, with greece on the brink of a great depression-like collapse. tensions are high. plus, the next step in the push to pull down the confederate battle pellagon the south
6:26 am
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geico motorcycle great rates for great rides. approaching this next half hour with a live look at the opening bell from the new york stock exchange. that is expected any second now there. we will know the market will open and we're waiting to see what effect the greek debt crisis will have. the dow there down 46. s & p down as well across the board. in half an hour european leaders will hold an emergency meeting in brussels to discuss terms of the new bailout deal for greece. michelle caruso cabrero joins us from athens especially with the banks running out of crash, will europe throw greece another lifeline? >> this is a tough situation right now here frances, the
6:30 am
banks are still closed. we see people at lines at the atms again to get their 60 euros out per day. that's a good sign. that means there's still cash in them. it is widely expected that within days there won't be any cash to actually get out of the banks because the ecb, the european central bank has stopped sending cash to greece until there's some kind of clarity about what's going to happen with the greek bailout and whether they can pay their bills. there's a huge meeting going on in brussels. nobody expects some kind of resolution to the problems here today as a result of the meeting. they're just trying to see if they can nudge the ball forward a little bit and suggest there might be progress to be made in the coming weeks. >> that progress so needed there, with people so concerned about their savings as well and ultimately, the fear that if you know if greece leaves the euro here a sign of that will be ious actually used as a kind of temporary currency?
6:31 am
>> so historically when countries are in the situation greece is in and it's happened throughout the world throughout history, what they're going to move from one currency to another, they run into financial problems. what tends to happen is they start printing up ious to pay government workers and things like that. then if they can't get the situation resolved the ious end up being, you get an iou and go to the stores and the owners says i'll take this. maybe it says it's worth0000 euros. they'll say we're only going to give you 50 euros worth of product because we're not sure about this thing. it becomes what they call a proxy currency. hopefully the situation doesn't last long and eventually everybody gets back to using the real currency. if things don't work out, that's usually -- so when people think about going to a new currency, they think it's an instantaneous thing, it's usually an unwilling evolutionary process. >> could be reality. michelle, thank you for the
6:32 am
update. now back to south carolina where the state senate is clearing the way to send a bill on the confederate flag to the 123 representatives in the house. we are expecting to hear from south carolina house democrats in just a few minutes here as a live look inside there as they're setting up the podium. they're expecting to get the bill later today after the state senate voted overwhelmingly for removing the flag from state house grounds. it has to vote once more to send a bill to the house and then they'll hold a vote. it could reach the governor by the end of the week possibly by thursday. now back to the fight against isis. the topic of a congressional hearing getting under way as we speak. president obama said monday is going to be a, quote, generation generational struggle. steve, nice to see you here. so yes, we heard about that. good morning we heard about that generational struggle here that the president was talking about. he also said the priority is to
6:33 am
dislodge islamic fighters from civilian populations by using coalition forces. is there any evidence that shows that can happen? >> none that i have seen. regrettably the president's speech yesterday that i think was very earnest and he's serious, nonetheless, sounded a lot like his previous isis speeches. when you begin thinking about trying to dislodge isis fighters you have to have the full support of the community, of the region, and that's not coming together. >> especially when he's talking about this is not simply a military effort. ideologies are not defeated by guns. they're defeated with better ideas. you think about that another part of the plan was to train syrian rebels when we're talking about something tangible here not just the ideas. yet we saw reports last week showing that fewer than 100 have been trained. in fact the associated press saying that the numbers are so low that critics question whether a meaningful moderate rebel ground force can be built in time to make a difference against the islamic state. not a small issue, right,
6:34 am
especially when you're talking about a handful, the number of 100? >> you nailed it. it really looks like an impossible equation right now. and to the point about better ideas, what we need to begin thinking about is what do you do to give young men in that region jobs and aspirations out of that place that are going to contend with isis. we're not doing that. on the issue of training and inserting moderate syrian fighters, when you've got essentially two extremes the government of bashar al assad, and then you have isis and other groups that essentially are the defining edge of the conflict there, it's kind of like in the form of captain america, create a captain syria and throw him in the middle and have him win. it's a completely unrealistic equation. >> the president also talked about winning hearts and minds when it comes to the strategy and this fight. steve, as always thank you very much. thank you. breaking news in vienna happening this hour from the high-staked nuclear negotiations. they are taking steps to extend
6:35 am
the deadline for the iran nuclear talks. andrea mitchell is standing by there in vienna. what can you tell us about the extension and something coming from the table on the iranian side, too, kind of a last-minute, oh, yeah we want to add this. >> well, first the extension. the extension is a done deal. they're extending the interim joint plan of action which is basically the agreement that has been in place for 20 months by which iran does not build on its nuclear program, keeps things at the status quo, and they get some money in return. some relief from the sanctions. so that is now extended from today until the 10th. this is the third extension since we have been here frances, so you can tell this is not going that well. state department spokeswoman said that they are frankly more concerned about the quality of the deal than about the calendar. and so they're not going to be pressed, in other words, to come up with a deal.
6:36 am
they have been under criticism by some republicans certainly at home that they're rushing into a deal. so this is their way of saying not so fast. we're not going to do a bad deal. they have been saying it on and off the record john kerry certainly said it on sunday on camera, but they are now making the point, they're not rushing into anything. and so now back to you, iran and way of signaling they're not that eager. if iran wants to fold its negotiations and go back to tehran and think about the public reaction in tehran to continued sanctions, economic deprivation and no nuclear agreement, which is right now very popular with the populous in tehran if not with some of the more hard line factions, they can take that and think about that as well. the other point is that by not having an agreement in the next day or two, they're already missing a congressional deadline. they're now going to give congress under the law twice as much time 60 days to review all of this and with the
6:37 am
congressional recess it's going to stretch on and on. so they no longer have this very short 30-day window that they would have had if they had done a deal in the last couple days where it would have been harder frankly, for the critics in congress, the republican leadership to object to it and try to take it down. >> those stakes mountding higher as the clock ticks. andrea mitchell in vienna we appreciate your time. thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up new revelations about what bill cosby admitted to years ago and what the revelations will now mean for his legal troubles. "the rundown" returns after this. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand.
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6:41 am
with. the 2005 depization was sealed by a judge after a request by the associated press. this morning, a cosby spokesperson tells ark bc quote, the only reason mr. mr. cosby settled is because it would have been embarrassing on those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. that would have been very hurtful. joining me is kim, the senior editor for "in touch weekly." good to see you here. we know a few months ago, some projects had backed out. he stepped down from certain positions. but what is this news particularly do to bill cosby's future now? >> looking at the reaction of people on twitter, obviously, and even people in hollywood, judd apatow has been one of the people who has been very out outspoken. last night after this news broke, he said he hoped poom would come forward and more people in show business would come forward and support some of these women. jill scott, someone who is also a big supporter of bill cosby
6:42 am
said all she needed was proof. she was very sad to hear this. she also distanced herself from this and as you mentioned, the netflix special was indefinitely postponed, the deal with nbc was canceled for a comedy special. tv land canceled the reruns of the cosby show. the fallout has continued and again the news last night, even though bill cosby has not been convicted of anything has not been officially charged with anything, you know we'll put that out there, but certainly the fallout continues. >> so much question about how the news even the past few months, has tarnished his legacy. how we view bill cosby as you know america's father really but how is this adding to yet an already huge hit to his reputation? >> i think even watching some of these women, some of the accusers last night on tv appearing after this news broke, you know a lot of them feel very vindicated. i think a lot of people are listening to those women now and maybe looking at it a little
6:43 am
differently. certainly, bill cosby had done several shows to sold-out audiences so he did obviously or does still have a laurt of supporters, but even listening to the women last night, a lot of people maybe who were on the fence, who grew up watching bill cosby, loved him, who just always respected him, maybe now they're listening to the women with a little bit of a different eye. >> you know who a lot of people are curious about wondering what's going through their head is bill cosby's wife whom all along, as you know has stood by him and denounced all of the criticism. how do you think she'll approach this? >> you know i don't know. you're right she has really stood by him. and i think we'll have to wait and see, will more women come forward? will this embolden more women who maybe were on the fence, worried about their own reputations, putting their own reputations out there, making these accusations. will more women come forward now with this testimony out there? and now with so many of these other women who had been
6:44 am
accusing him coming forward and speaking more openly as well. >> sure, and tough to imagine, coming there are more than two dozen women who have come out, to see that number grow. kim, thank you for joining us. >> thanks. the star quarterback at florida state university has been officially dismissed from the team after a video surfaces showing him punching a woman at a bar. we'll show it to you, but we have to warn you, you may find it disturbing. it is graphic. here's gabe gutierrez. >> this morning, deandre johnson is off the team and facing a charge of misdemeanor battery. it stems from an incident on june 24th at a tallahassee bar. in this newly released surveillance video, johnson is seen arguing with a woman. she then raises a fist. he grabs her arm. she tries to hit him, but he punches her in the face. >> he's very regretful he did not turn around and walk away immediately. >> according to court documents,
6:45 am
the victim suffered bruising under her left eye, swelling to the left cheek and upper lip, and a small cut near the bridge of her nose. johnson's attorney says while his client is embarrassed and apologetic, the woman yelled racial epithets at him. >> there is a witness who heard this and that did not invoke mr. johnson to do anything. he had then tried to de-escalate the situation. it wasn't until she struck him twice before he reacted. >> the woman declined to comment to nbc news. it's the latest in a string of football scandals. ray rice was booted from the baltimore ravens last year when video surfaced of him punching his fiancee in an elevator. johnson's also not the first fsu quarterback under scrutiny off the field. jameis winston, now a top draft pick, was accused of rape in 2012. he said the sex was consensual and was never charged.
6:46 am
he has since filed a counterclaim against his accuser. as for johnson, his attorney said the 19-year-old is now volunteering at a domestic violent shelter. >> the question we have to ask ourselves is do we want to teach our young adults when they make a mistake, that's it? your life is over? or do we want to teach them that if you make a mistake, and you learn from it that perhaps you might be given a second chance? >> gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> thank you very much for that report. developing out west now, the colorado theater shooting trial will resume next hour with the defense calling a star witness. james holmes is charged in the july 2012 attack that left 12 dead and 70 injured. prosecutors say they'll seek the death penalty against holmes who has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. for the second day, a schizophrenia expert is set to take the stand for the defense. she evaluated holmes in the months after the shooting and is expected to testify that holmes
6:47 am
was legally insane at the time of the attack. the doctor said monday she is not board certified in psychology or psychiatry but she has extensive clinical experience. >> i saw individuals with dementia alzheimer's disease and psychotic features so i increased my expertise in brain disorders where behavioral manifestations are a challenge and many times, neurologists don't know how to deal with it, and so i will join their psychiatry consults to work with them on patients with serious brain disorders. >> the defense is making a final push to convince jurorers that holmes was in the grips of a psychotic episode in the attack. prosecutors say holmes was legally sane. all right, now in london, thousands are taking time out to remember the 7/7 bombings ten
6:48 am
years ago today. we'll bring you more on that here on "the rundown." >> also, we're closely watching the south carolina house democrats where in just a few minutes here they are expected to speak. they get the bill later today after the state senate voted in favor of removing the confederate flag from the state house grounds. as you can see here as we're awaiting it, it looks like it's about to start any moment as the house democrats are coming. we know the vote when it comes to the senate was 37-3. it was required two thirds of the vote, and they'll have one final reading of the bill before it goes to the house. of course, we'll continue to follow this and bring it to you when it happens. for now, we'll be right back. er ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down
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6:51 am
members of the house senate committee are meeting just minutes before they push for the debate about removing the confederate flag.
6:52 am
>> what it changes is the present. what it changes, by taking that flag down is south carolina's future. we've all noticed the crowds gathering in front of the state house. we've all noticed those individuals out there who sometimes erupt into disagreements that turn into fights. we would ask that the general assembly of south carolina specifically the house take the flag down and give people nothing to fight about, that they remove the flag and the pole and that nothing go up in its place. this is our moment this is our time and the democrats in south carolina specifically the house, are going to make sure we follow through on our promise to take the flag down. we all knew senator pinckney. several of us like myself served with him for almost two decades. we all stand here knowing that this is what he would want knowing that the families as senator maloy said yesterday,
6:53 am
would want the flag to come down. this flag does not come down because of his assassination, it comes down because of their grace, because they stood and told a killer they told a murderer in front of the world that they forgave him. it is now south carolina's turn to forgive. it is now south carolina's turn to take the flag down. we ask our brothers our sisters and the republican party to not stand in our way, to not stand in the family's way as we simply take this last vesstige, this last symbol of confederacy down off the state house grounds. [ applause ] >> at this point i will call on our colleague, representative james smith. >> my name is james smith. i'm privileged to represent district 72.
6:54 am
it's a privilege and thankful for the leadership of our leader representative, tom rutherford, and it's certainly a privilege to stand here with my colleagues in the south carolina house democrat caucus. the death of our very honored senator and reverend pinckney which faced many of us a dilemma of removing the confederate flag on the state house grounds. community leaders, business and educational leaders, the governor republicans and democrats all across our state have come together with a clear message, a message to bring our state together for the future and remove the confederate battle flag from the grounds of the state house. they all expect their general assembly to respond. and yesterday the senate sent a clear message about passing
6:55 am
senator haynes' bill with a 37-3 vote. the house must do the same. meanwhile, as we come together as a caucus today, it is to tell you what concerns us. we see movement in the house, a movement that has 50 co-sponsors to not remove the flag but substitute it with another confederate flag or substitute it with an american flag significant support growing in the house of chambers among republicans. let me be clear. there will be no flags and no flagpole when we were done with this debate. [ applause ] >> it's important. to do so continues a legacy. not a legacy of heritage but a legacy of hate. do they need to be reminded when this flag showed up? >> assembly of house democrats here as they expect to get a vote today as the state democrats voted overwhelmingly
6:56 am
to remove the flag. they are from state house grounds. some more passionate words coming from the state house minority leader, thomas rutherford rutherford, who said this is something state senator reverend pinckney would want especially since he knows their family told the murderer they forgive him. it's time for south carolina to forgive and take that flag down. those words coming from south carolina house democrats there as the state senate expects one more reading and one more vote before that bill goes to the house. donald trump not backing down on his comments about mexican immigrants. how his stance could hurt the republican party. plus the pope takes on south america by storm. what he tells them ahead. this is "the rundown" on msnbc. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent!
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7:00 am
here on the"the rundown," i'm here for jose diaz-balart. they interviewed cosby about taking qaaludes in the '70s. the comedian was asked, quote, when you got the qaaludes was it in your mind you were going to use these qaaludes for young women you wanted to have sex with? and cosby replied, yes. they said, quote, the only reason cosby settled is because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put his family on the stand who had no clue and that would have been very hurtful. let me bring in my panel. both of you, thank you for breaking this down. i'm sure when you heard about this, knowing it was sealed and
7:01 am
they take this to court ten years later. with the exception of two states pennsylvania and new jersey. so how much of a bearing will these revelations from the depositions come out, and how many bearing have an impact on those? >> what's significant here is an admission by the defendant in the civil cases, by the suspect potentially in these criminal cases saying that he basically did partake in the very activity that's always been alleged. that's significant and different from civil allegations. as a criminal matter his statements don't generally provide the kind of evidence we've heard prosecutors in these cases say they would like to have. they would like to have basically physical evidence or video evidence or the kind of corroboration you don't tend to see in a case this old. >> jumping off what ari said there is no specificity to his admissions, that he actually had
7:02 am
these qaaludes at a specific time with a specific victim in mind, so that makes it hard to prosecute. however, this type of statement will absolutely come into play if something does get prosecuted and it's allowed in besides the statute of limitations. >> the reasoning behind this. why would they say, associated press, we're going to give you these documents. we're going to unseal them after all this time. i want to read something from the judge in this case quoted as saying, the stark contrast between bill cosby, the public moralist and bill cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper and perhaps criminal conduct is a matter as to when the ap and by extension the public has a significant interest. and usually once these depositions are sealed they're gone. they're sealed they're in secret forever. we would have never known the associated press would have requested this to be released. >> we have a lot of conversations about what do journalists do what do
7:03 am
reporters do? this is something the ap started the battle on over 10 years ago on requests, lost that round, came back here with the belief the judge was citing basically a multiple factor test that in the language of lawyers balances privacy with the public's right to know, and the specific interesting factor here is not just that bill cosby is a public figure as a celebrity, but that he asserted himself as a public moral figure and that cuts against his privacy standing according to this judge. >> what also strikes me the recent statement from a spokesperson that abc news got, saying the only reason mr. cosby settled is because it would have been embarrassing in those days and his family had no clue these women would have -- >> that's what everyone says. i only pled guilty because i wanted to stop coming back to court
7:04 am
court. he's a rapist. >> what they're saying whether you buy it or not, what they're saying by the word embarrassment legally is that to be accused like this would be embarrassing. they're not saying it's embarrassing that he did these terrible things they're saying these are allegations that would essentially be serviced for the environment. let's be clear a lot of times depositions may just have someone else's statements. what is so bad for bill cosby in the court of public opinion, in civil court and who knows what other courts is that he is the one saying that he did this that he basically obtained drugs in at least some capacity for the purpose of in ka -- in incapacitating women. he said an affirmative yes with regard to getting the drugs for the purpose of sex. >> then he was asked did you
7:05 am
ever give these young women the qaaludes without their knowledge, and his lawyer said not so fast we're not going there. we have to consider here no criminal charges against bill cosby. there are four defamation lawsuits against him, too, and as far as civil suits, how may this come into play? >> it komdscomes in, absolutely. no question. it comes in he wasn't protected by any type of fifth amendment privilege, and the state will come in and show an admission of guilt. in fact, with the defamation that he was actually calling these women liars and they weren't. >> and they weren't. all right, so we'll see. what's the next step? what can happen after this? >> the civil suits that are already in play obviously get a boost from this evidence. other civil suits can be filed, particularly with regard to those sort of defamation and lie claims. and thirdly, i think that's the bigger point. take a step back from all the legal details. there is a sea change in this country about how we think about sex crimes and how we adjudicate
7:06 am
them, and this kind of evidence may give some cause to other people who have their claims and everyone should get their day in court if they have claims to make. >> all right. thanks for the perspective and breaking it down for us. we are following new developments on the greek debt crisis. right now leaders in europe begin an emergency meeting in a possible bailout deal for greece. on sunday greeks voted overwhelmingly to reject the terms on a new financial lifeline putting the country in jeopardy about getting kicked out of the eurozone. in greece there, they have spoofed financial markets around the world. the dow jones down 90 s&p down close to 40 the nasdaq as well. let's bring in cnbc contributor ron allen. ron, thanks for joining us. set the stage here for brussels and what can come out of it. >> we're not quite sure. greece is supposed to present a new proposal to the leaders in
7:07 am
brussels today, and they're waiting for this proposal. most people believe it's not going to be materially different from what's been discussed before which could lead to an irreparable separation of europe and greece. if that happens, there will likely be more consequences to come particularly in greece where they're effectively already in a depression. the one thing i caution about looking at the u.s. markets, they may be responding to the weakness in china which we've seen over the last three weeks. the chinese government has pulled out the stops to halt a 30% decline, and it's not working. last night they froze trading in 20% of all the stocks that trade in china to keep the market from going down further, and it fell. some of the pressure we're seeing in the u.s. today is the uncertainty of the outcome of this greek negotiation, some and maybe even more is the worry about china not only declining so precipitously but maybe even falling further from here. >> interesting to see the backlash from that part of it too. let's talk about the situation in greece and how bad it really is. we know, we've seen the lines at the atms.
7:08 am
i talked to you yesterday about prices of olives and olive oil going up here too, and the comparisons to the 1930s depression here. how bad is it really for the average greek? >> for the average greek, they are seeing numbers that are equal to or worse than we saw in 1932 at the depths of our depression when the unemployment rate was 25% across the nation. that's true in greece. their gdp has declined by 26%, likely to fall more. and the youth unemployment rate is 52% and rising. so if indeed they were to break from the eurozone and reintroduce the drock, their own foreign currency which could plummet in value, they might not only suffer a depression but a hyper hyperdeflation. that would be truly devastating and they don't have access to outside money. so how they survive without a bailout is increasingly
7:09 am
depressing. today marks a painful anniversary across the pond. ten years ago today on july 7, 2005 suicide bombers launched the worst attack on british soil since world war ii bringing terrorism to western europe for the first time. as we speak, a memorial event is under way at hyde park for the 52 victims. moments of silence and tributes have been held all morning. foreign minister david cameron laid a wreath there today. it stunned the nation and brought new terror to terror attacks, a sentiment known all too well in this country. alex, thank you for being here. we want to talk more about the attacks, how they changed the way the world viewed terrorism in the united states. we saw it firsthand.
7:10 am
there in europe was it taken as somewhat of a shock or was it a sense that it was just a matter of time until we become victims? >> i think looking back in retrospect, there is always a certain amount of bias. but i do think these groups al qaeda specifically had been saying for a long time any country that is affiliated with any other country or even directly involved with the occupation of afghanistan, iraq or anything like that you are a target for us. i think it was a shock because was able to go through, but they were definitely warning about it. >> the aftermath there of post 7/7 as in post 9/11 we saw the debate we saw the controversies over civil liberties and having to defend our borders and our citizens. so it seemed like you know that's something that was parallel to what we experience here in the u.s. and certainly there. >> there's always going to be a push and shove, and the difficult thing here is that in order to sustain themselves, they have to be adapting and
7:11 am
they have to evolve. so to evolve they're going to use different tactics and different strategies. >> evolving too, and especially with the growing threat of isis. you know the united states see our efforts here in trying to lead britain in getting more productive role here in trying to fight that. how do you describe that relationship? >> i think it's crucial, and i think we are seeing we are working cooperatively. but it's necessary because the threat isn't just to one country or another, we're seeing threats of the cast being made against these countries and other countries as well, but there is also the threat of people leaving these countries and going over and fight. we need to make sure we keep our countries and our border safe. >> we heard from president obama yesterday in the fight against isis coming to a generational struggle, too, and wanting to go beyond the military effort and
7:12 am
fighting idealogyies as well. he talks about isis as a larger threat but there is the threat of the lone wolves too, and that can apply to this date especially when it comes to mind 7/7. >> we've seen the days of the group-sponsored attacks by al qaeda, these highly coordinated, specific attacks. but there's also the threat isis brings to the forefront in terms of these lone wolves. >> alex cesara thank you for being here with me. we want to take you to where the pope expects to hold an hour-long mass in eduador. this is his first visit to south america. yesterday he celebrated his first public mass in eduador's largest city. hundreds of thousands of people there attended in 90-degree heat as he praised families to be the bed bedrock of society. we're in quito, eduador.
7:13 am
we can hear the music and see the crowds gathering already. >> it is. they are singing to pass the time. they've been praying the rosary here because we are still about an hour away from mass. and people have spent two days francis, i kid you not, two days camping out just to get a spot in here. there was a tent city that sprung up outside buyicentennial park as hundreds of thousands of people waited. as you said, more than a million people are expected to attend. last night after his trip to guykill, pope francis came to the presidential palace here in quito, and he met with vice president reya and when he prayed on the balcony addressing this huge enthusiastic crowd there, he prayed that eduador would become a more inclusive
7:14 am
society, that it would not forget any of those who are marginalized or discarded. here in eduador there are two problems they are dealing with. one is one that's very common here in latin america, that is poverty. 22% of people in eduador live at or below the poverty line. the other is a refugee problem. 20% of people come across the border here to find safety in eduador. while they may find safety they find discrimination trouble to find jobs. pope francis urges everyone to be inclusive here in this country. mass today is expected to last about an hour and a half and then he has some down time this afternoon, and he really needs it because he's had a very busy schedule. he'll have events tonight. francis? >> thank you very much for that update, anne thompson. carnival cruise lines is making waves in its latest push to normalize relations with cuba. the country has gained approval
7:15 am
to make trips to the island that fell under the classification to legally travel to cuba. the trips will introduce a newly branded ship. the company still needs approval from cuba. carnival released a statement saying, we look forward to working with the cuban authorities for their approval to help make the social cultural and humanitarian exchanges between u.s. citizens and the people of cuba a reality. the country hopes to start the 7-day trips in may. so much more ahead on "the rundown" here where much of the action is at our nation's capitol. two sets of hearings are under way. answering questions about the strategy to defeat isis. that's on your left. and ahead, the probe for the u.s.-mexican border on what to do to stop the surge of immigrants that we saw about a
7:16 am
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7:19 am
both the south carolina house and cnet are scheduled to return this morning. the focus for both is of course, the debate over the confederate flag. after the senate voted overwhelmingly to advance the bill on monday it has to hold one more vote largely seen as a formality before it goes to the house, where it will be introduced later today. joy reed is an msnbc correspondent. she's at the capitol where the meeting just wrapped up and we heard from the democrats who right away mentioned senator reverend pinckney saying this is what he would have wanted to take that flag down. >> reporter: absolutely, and the democrats did just hold a press
7:20 am
conference in which they decried headlines here at the paper in south carolina that there are plans to run hurdles to remove that confederate flag. members of the house majority plan to introduce several amendments some of which would switch that flag for other confederate emblems, house democrats saying that would only continue the legacy of slavery, that any new confederate era flag that would flown over the memorial here at the capitol would just become the new symbol of hate. including jay rutherford the house minority leader they are asking the republicans to allow the state to move forward, saying that's what reverend pinckney would have wanted. >> how much could that hold things up there? we know this could easily go to the governor's desk by thursday but again, with the details on what would replace it. we heard from minority leader todd rutherford saying nothing should go in its place when the
7:21 am
flag goes down. >> absolutely and some going even further saying they want not just the flag to come down but also the flagpole that nothing should go in its place. the current bill the senate is asking to be passed which is a clean bill, would simply take the flag down and move it to a relic room which is a nearby civil war adjacent museum. they said they want the senate path to go cleanly through the house, but there are amendments some of which apparently have dozens of co-sponsors that would leave the flagpole flying and would fly other confederate flags. that is the bone of contention and there is a question of whether the bill would go to the judiciary committee which would also hold things up in the house. not out of the woods yet. there has to be three separate votes in the house as well as the formality vote in the senate today. >> very similar in 2000 where they ended up with that compromise, moving the flag where we see it now. joy reed thank you very much for the update.
7:22 am
>> reporter: thank you. in california prosecutors charged a man with murder in the apparent random shooting death of a woman on the san francisco pier. francisco sanchez is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon for his arraignment in the death of 38-year-old kathy stanley. he spoke to her in the jailhouse saying he doesn't remember much about what happened but he does not dispute that police said he did it. the native said earlier that it was an accident, that he found the gun while sitting on a bench, and when he picked it up it went off. the case is drawing attention to san francisco's sanctuary ordinance because sanchez had been deported five times and has seven felony convictions. but they disregarded the request from authorities to keep him locked up. donald trump already facing criticism for comments he made about mexicans while announcing his presidential bid. he just announce aid new lengthy statement, standing firm on his previous comments saying quote
7:23 am
the worst elements in mexico are being pushed to the united states by the mexican government, tremendous infectious disease pouring across the border. those comments triggered these comments by former governor and mayor george pataci. >> i would be delighted to have a debate with donald trump on this issue. donald, let me tell you right now, i am willing to debate here in new hampshire any time on the issue of immigration and pit your ideas against my solutions. i hope you say yes. >> there is a formal invitation. joining me now, the national journal's lauren fox. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> jenna, i want to start with you. that invitation is out there, but you have to keep in mind holding their own debate goes against gop rules. can't exactly happen here. what do you make of that
7:24 am
challenge saying donald trump, i'm ready. >> donald trump has maded the headlines dominating the news cycle. he hopes to be sort of the reasonable realistic republican foil to donald trump's sort of far right, oftentimes offensive remarks. he's hoping to break out of the polls. he barely registers, if ihe registers at all, on most polls. >> lauren tew here i want to ask you about trump doubling down on his comments about the mexican immigrants and what we just heard. not stepping back full force on this. what's the broader impact this is having not only for his presidential campaign but for all the gop here presidential contenders? >> i think donald trump is going out and making statements, and these are things that we know donald trump has said in the past. these are things he's not going to back away from but the party
7:25 am
has started to get concerned that on the debate stage, if he continues to register well in polls that he'll end up on the debate stage and then other republicans are going to have to answer for his statements and he may end up having to talk a little bit more about these issues. they may have to end up talking about these issues more than they really want to. >> why is that the case? is it one of those things right now, let me kind of straddle the fence before we tohave to get in there, let donald trump take it away? at the same time he's doing pretty well. he acknowledged that. >> i have no doubt he'll be on that debate stage. he's pulling very strongly above other people. the republican field don't want to disavow these views but they also don't want to side with them. they want to go down the milgdddle be more moderate it's just not a normal position to go against
7:26 am
an entire ethnic group. >> he says i've lost a lot during this presidential run, and he's like all right. >> he's not going bankrupt any time soon. >> thanks to both of you. >> thank you. up next we are keeping a close watch on the situation in greece where banks are quickly running out of cash. emergency meetings are under way right now that could determine the fate of greece's position in the eurozone. it is having an impact on the u.s. markets today. you can see the dow up more than 100 points down to negative 119 up there on the big board. we'll have more on this straight ahead on "the rundown."
7:27 am
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7:30 am
mandy? >> we're not doing well at all. we're extending losses here. as you were saying there's the eurozone summit going on. it intends to find a solution to the ongoing debt crisis in greece, but it really seems like there were not any recent proposals from greece from the new finance minister and that is causing some form of difficulty in the market. when yields move below, it's a good thing, at least, in terms of our borrowing costs because they go down. the price of oil is dropping again after yesterday's plunge of 8%. so obviously there is a knock-on effect of energy stocks which are continuing to lag in the market. remember francis, it's not just greece we're focused on, it's also what's happening in china. this is the world's second biggest economy, and it fell again last night even though the
7:31 am
minister in china came out and said america is taking care of the stock market. it's only natural the stock market should fluctuate day to day. i don't know what his idea of fluctuating is but we've had some crazy moves. the nasdaq is down about 27 in the last weeks, and that also includes copper and other metals. a couple hot spots in the world to keep your eye on. >> those emergency meetings are happening, the emergency talks there. greece believes there is a lifeline they can find through those talks. mandy, thank you for that. we have been watching a fiery hearing on capitol hill. two leaders, ash carter and arthur dempsey, have been talking about plans to fight isis particularly the strategy to train rebel fighters. they asked general carter what kind of fighters they're getting from the united states. >> is that fair to these young
7:32 am
men to say, we are sending you in to fight isis only and by the way, we will decide on the policy whether to defend you if you are barrel bombed? >> they know we will provide support to them. >> will we tell them that we will defend them against the barrel bombing? >> i think we have an obligation to help them. >> have we told them that? >> we have not told them that. >> so you're recruiting people and you haven't told them you're going to defend them because you haven't made the decision yet. >> live at the pentagon they have been very harsh calling the current strategy delusional. are you surprised about these tough talks, especially what we're hearing from mccain? >> not at all. republicans on capitol hill particularly the chairman of arms senator mccain have been aggressively critical of the president's strategy. as you mentioned, mccain called the president's strategy
7:33 am
somewhat delusional. and he dove down very deeply into the strategy to train not only the moderate rebels in syria but the rebel -- or the afghan -- i mean the iraqi military there in iraq and said that progress has not been seen. the strategy is just not working. and at one point, general dempsey, the chairman of the joint staff, acknowledged that efforts to recruit sunnis who are very suspicious of the shia-led diplomat are in baghdad and have not joined the fight is not going well either and the u.s. has stayed out of that effort. even dempsey admitted that if that doesn't work the u.s. is going to have to step in mora gress civil -- more aggressively and take charge of the commitment of
7:34 am
sunni. we need more strategy in the bombing of iraq. we expected that but it's more fiery than even we thought it would be. >> that may continue as these hearings go on. thank you very much. another story we want to bring you this morning, msnbc police right now are searching the indiana home of spokesman jerry fogle. he was arrested in april on charges related to child pornography. fogle has been a long-time ambassador for the subway chain and lost nearly 250 pounds on the subway diet. tlu see there you see him, a familiar face, definitely campaigning for subway and how it changed his body physically. they did not immediately respond to msnbc for comment.
7:35 am
the latest on talks in the white house, and two weeks in and it's already being called the summer of violence. from baltimore to chicago, what's going on on the streets of america. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪ ♪
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bounty. the long lasting quicker picker-upper. and now try bounty with new minions prints. minions summer 2015. breaking news now on iran's nuclear negotiations. we now know that talks will continue until july 10th. the united states iran and major world powers are working past today's deadline to try to work a breakthrough that would make an agreement for a decade. substantial progress has been made. let's go to msnbc financial correspondent chris jansing. chris, what's happening at the white house? >> they knew this would be a challenge, but they want to trust senator john kerry on the
7:39 am
ground to come to an accord that the white house can get behind. obviously there are still a lot of major sticking points. the last 24 hours have been particularly difficult with iran essentially upping the ante talking about lifting an arms embargo as it relates to ballistic missiles. but maureen hart, who is a spokesman spokesman, says we are concerned about the quality of the deal rather than we are about the clock. we know the deal won't get in the way of time, that's why we continue to negotiate. of course the clock does matter. it matters significantly to the association who wants to come to a deal after what has been some 20 months of negotiations now and really tense ones over the last several weeks. we know on thursday that's the last day they could come to a deal before congress would then get 60 days inn stead ofstead of 30
7:40 am
days to reach the deal of the opponents, so more intense negotiations under way right now. they've been working virtually around the clock. >> we'll continue. chris jansing, thank you very much. let's go now to elliott rusi in tehran. we all know iran needs this deal more than they do. what does iran say about this? >> iran doesn't say much about the extension. they predicted it would go beyond today, and their prediction is right. according to the iranians it works well for them to continue to drag this out so they can bring new elements into the field. there are three outstanding points and that's why this deal has been extended. he said it involves nuclear work sanctions and u.n. resolution. the french foreign minister left
7:41 am
for paris today but went into further details about this. he said we need characterizations about dimensions that iran may have had before on the program, they want sanctions and how a snap mechanism would work if iran appears to be reanything ingneging and they want to put limitations for at least the next ten years. the russian foreign minister also said the main point of contention is the dispute of u.n. sanctions on iran's ballistic missile program and an arms embargo. iran is insisting it should be lifd lifted because it has nothing to do with the nuclear program. >> appreciate the update. we want to turn now to what is becoming known as the summer of violence across parts of this country. in chicago over the holiday weekend, a rash of shootings
7:42 am
left 10 people dead and at least 54 others injured. the mayor and police chief there citing gun laws that they say are just too weak. >> i am both saddened and sickened by what happened. you have too many guns on the streets. you have a criminal justice system that lets out too many people repeatedly who use guns. >> with me now is msnbc contributor james peterson of lehigh university. sir, thank you for being with us this morning. i want to ask you, we just heard from rahm emanuel. they're saying gun laws are just too weak criminal justice system overhauls needed here. is that an easy out for him or is this violence part of a bigger problem that they need to step back and look at as far as a new set of laws that won't be able to fix it? >> that's a good question
7:43 am
francis. i think, yeah we're not going to get this solved in sound bites, but i think the first part of the mayor's equation is correct, which is the municipal gun policy that we have in cities like chicago is not enough particularly because it doesn't reach out into the suburbs and the other rural areas and places where gun conventions are held outside of cities, right, so it doesn't really capture the whole problem of trying to manage gun sales, especially those gun sales that have low thresholds for background checks and things of that nature. that's one piece of it. i think the mayor is a little bit misguided here on the criminal justice piece. he's saying the criminal justice system may not be aggressive enough. i would argue that in many ways our criminal justice system is too aggressive and because of things like certain kind of recidivism of race in chicago recidivism can be high 30 40%, those are people who end up going back to jail after their release and they end up committing worse crimes. so our criminal justice system
7:44 am
is not working with folks, they're in some cases creating a worse criminal so we need to think about that. but we have to think a little more about how do we get young people engaged in jobs? is there a job corps program sufficient for kids when they're out of school in cities like baltimore and chicago? how do we engage kids to give them a sense of hope in our society so they're not drawn into certain kinds of criminal behavior? so there are large structural ways for us to approach this problem before we try to react to it through the criminal justice system. >> especially just outside chicago, homicides, up 61% from this time last year shootings, up 100%. you're saying go back into the community because the law can only do so much. >> they can, and law enforcement is part of this issue, but structural poverty is a big part of it. crime rates are high among the poorest neighborhoods in our communities, so we have to think about how do we establish and make a more robust safety net
7:45 am
for those who have less than the average american? if we start to think more holistically about crime instead of being aggressive about criminal justice practices, i think we can move the needle in these young people engaging in these behaviors. >> hopefully we'll see that number stay the same or at least not increase even by one. professor james peterson thank you. >> thanks francis. i want to bring you another live look of an important senate hearing under way, protecting border security and the surge of undocumented mineors we saw crossing the border last year. and the dow now off close to 200 points. much of this due to lack of progress overseas on the greek debt talks. we'll continue to watch that closely. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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7:49 am
developing right now on capitol hill the senate homeland security committee is hold ag holding a hearing on what's being called a humanitarian crisis. here's a live look. earlier this month we saw the beginning of an influx of unaccompanied children crossing our border and today the government very viewing the response to that crisis. here's senator ron johnson just moments ago. >> each agency is charged with a certain responsibility in the process, and there's just no overall coordination of everybody's effort. and from my standpoint i don't believe we're really truly enforcing the laws the way they were meant to. as a result we continue to incentivize this kind of illegal immigration. that's got to stop. >> here are the numbers. about 23,000 unaccompanied minors have arrived on the border in just the last fiscal year alone. let's get more now from nbc's amanda kunin.
7:50 am
you've been covering this and you were just there in the spring. how much of this has changed in the past year? >> as you mentioned, the 23,000 kids have come since last october. that's about a 50% decrease from what we saw last summer. things are starting to slow down, and some of the factors is the administration is going to the source of the problem. most of the kids are coming from guadalajara, salvador and honduras. they're also asking mexico to play a role in making sure kids aren't making this dangerous journey through mexico. many things we're finding is these kids are eefrefugees and they're coming to the u.s. as asylum speakers. the center in texas was specifically built for women and children. what's startling is they're finding that 90% of the women and children held in these detention facilities have met the minimum threshold to prove that they are asylum seekers. these aren't just kids that are fleeing for economic prosperity they're fleeing from extreme
7:51 am
violence, and our own legal system is finding they're making legitimate claims on this island and that the detention needs to be a shorter amount of time because the u.s. cannot legally detain asylum seekers. >> it is hard to believe that a year ago how it's changed even in the smallest way. thank you for the update knowing that's been a year ago this month. up next we'll take a look at this massive collision at tour de france. did you see it? it knocked at least 20 riders off of their bikes. look at all of them go down. we'll have much more when it comes to spills next in today's five things. we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature.
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7:54 am
stage 4 of the tour de france is now under way, a day after a multi crash caused three out of four cyclists to drop out
7:55 am
of the race. they got tangled up with about 30 miles left in that race. it forced a 20-minute delay in that race. number two. fiery finish. check out the huge crash at the end of this week's sprint week in daytona. upside down into the racecar fence before shooting back onto the track. he walked away from that with just a few bruises. in the air show last month, driver ryan driscoll got sideways. too bad we don't have the driver's perspective of the crash, you know? wait a second they actually do. of course, they do. here's a front row seat here at what the driver saw in at blink of an eye. amazing upside down roly poly. uh-oh, better get maaco.
7:56 am
number 4, i see london i see france. i see his underpants. a speed skier nearly lost his under underpants after the qualifying round in london. paul goes in but so does his head. he actually dunked himself. of course these things go viral, it quickly did. he said he really didn't intend to do that. yeah i don't think he intended to do that. everybody okay in those cases. and that wraps up this edition of the of "the rundown," msnbc. "news nation" with tamron hall is next. thank you for being with us.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
the indiana home of subway spokesperson james fogle. he was seen outside his home a short while ago with two investigators. authorities have been removing electronics from the home and loading them into a van in the driveway. state police will only say they are assisting the u.s. state attorney's office for the southern district of indiana. the fbi tells cnbc it's conducting an investigative activity in the area. they go on to say, we cannot disclose the nature of the activity at this time. now, this comes after the april arrest of the executive director of fogle's non-profit organization, the jared foundation, on charges related to child pornography. at the time, fogle said he was shocked at the charges and that his foundation was severing all ties to the director russell taylor. we'll bring you more as we get details in on this but right now this raid is taking place at


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