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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," triple overtime. the negotiations will blow past yet another dead lynn extending around the clock talks in vienna until at least on friday. >> they night come back. they will come back. we are still working very hard to finalize the agreement. the admission in newly court sealed documents bill cosby admits to give sedative drugs to use on women he wanted to have sex with. what does it mean for the more two dozen women accusing cosby of sexual assault? the unofficial campaign slogan for bernie sanders as he draws massive crowds again is the clinton campaign or should they be worried? >> in case you didn't notice
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this is a big turnout. good day to you. i'm peter alexander here again in washington. that breaking news is out of vienna today where negotiations over iran's nuclear program do continue. the deadline for a deal has now been extended to july 10th. andrea mitchell who would normally be in this chair were she not on the front lines of this situation in vienna has been following it all. andrea, we toss it to you. >> peter, thanks so very much. that's right, they have extended the this deadline for the third time. now the new deadline is friday. state department spokesperson saying in part we're frankly more concerned about the quality of the deal than we are about the clock. and this is partly because the u.s. does not want to appear too
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eager for a deal. in fact, we've been talking to a senior official here who said there's no reason to rush ahead on this but this extension also is going to have an impact on a key congressional review led by none other than farm relations chair bob corker who joins me now from capitol hill. senator, this does in the practical sense, if they don't do it in the next day or two and most of the other ministers reliefving for other obligations in moscow and elsewhere, this does mean that you will have 60 days, twice as much as you would have had, it would have been a 30-day review if they had gotten it to you this week. but now if they stay here and keep negotiating you will have twice as long to take shots at it or to see whether or not it is to your liking. what are the implications? >> again, we don't know whether they're going to try to ship documents over be i the 9th or what. look, i'm thankful on one hand that they are taking their time and not trying to meet some arbitrary date just to keep us, if you will from having an
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additional 30 days. on the other hand, i'm fairly despondent that we find ourselves in this place where, you know, with we have these remaining qualitative issues that are important, but certainly with a deal that is something to be despondent about. at the end of the day and in ten years iran is going to have an agreed to industrialized enrichment program. they're obviously going to be able to continue research and development. i think, andrea, where they've done a masterful job, just a masterful job, is to get the p5+1 focused on the ir1 centrifuges, which are antiques and yet they have in this document and maybe i misunderstand it but they continue the research and development on the ir-forces, the ir-8s which would allow them to break out especially in a clandestine setting.
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look, i do appreciate them taking their time. these remaining qualitative issues could make a bad deal worse. but i'm thankful they're doing what we've requested, and to please, on these last remaining items, take your time and try to get them as good as you can knowing the context is not that great. >> senator, what they have said to myself and other reporters is that they are setting iran on a glide path through a lot of the complicated details here where they know exactly what iran will be able to do 10 and 12 and 15 years from now and that by as you refer to you know focusing on those antiquated or the old centrifuges that can't really do much enrichment they are in fact limiting that and it will be only at the tail end where they're going to limit other aspects of iran's program. are you concerned that iran will have access to fissile material and to be able to create a bomb? the president said that's a nonstarter for him, he won't
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accept a deal that will permit that to happen. >> no i think what the president said on npr is that in year 13 they would be at a point where they had zero breakout. so andrea, the world community, if you will has been involved in putting sanctions in place against them. so we're ending up with a pause, after year ten there's something called the iranian nuclear development program, a document that we have not seen. but what that does is allow them to tremendously ramp up and industrialize their enrichment. i don't think that's what they've said. i mean i think what we've demonstrated is that under this administration sanctions are not something that will keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. again, i look forward to the details, but i am very very concerned about the trend, the direction, i've said this several times, the direction of these negotiations for some time. but again, on these final points, pmd, you know any time
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anywhere inspections, please, yes, take your time and at least try to get these in the best place you possibly can. >> now, do you agree with your colleagues, senator ted cruz who said last night that all the republican candidates and hillary clinton who helped start these negotiations should now demand that john kerry return home? >> i don't -- you know andrea if i tried to respond to every campaign between comment between now and election day, i would be -- >> this is a colleague. >> yes. >> ted cruz is not an inconsiderable voice, i should say, in the senate. >> yeah. yeah. well you know again, i'm not going to respond to every comment that's made about what people ought to be doing. look candidates are going to be out trying to distinguish themselves on multiple issues. and i just don't think as chairman of the foreign relations committee it's my role to respond to those. i will say i respect every
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senator's ability and right to express themselves in however ways they wish. and certainly he's free to make those comments. i will say that i also am disappointed at where we find ourselves here on july 7th in a situation where he had six great countries or six important countries that we're dealing with one country that really had, you know a boot on its neck and how they've been able to sort of turn the tables in such a way that they have to me, is pretty remarkable. now, again, i want to see the sanctions relief, i want to see numbers of things that need to be determined at this point. but it is a pretty remarkable accomplishment for iran to do what they've done over the course of the last two years. when you go back and look at what the administration the p5+1 said in october of 2013 and you compare that to where
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iran has masterfully taken the p5+1 it's quite an accomplishment for them but certainly very disappointing to someone like myself. >> senator bob corker who is going to be in charge of the review once it gets to congress. thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll have to see what happens over the next couple of days. but there are a few fun facts here peter. they say that they have been here now 20 months several people have celebrated two birthdays here. there have been four hospital visits including one lead negotiator who broke her nose while racing to a phone to pick up a call from secretary kerry and, of course secretary kerry is still on crutches. they have had 69 crossings of the atlantic enough to navigate the globe, i think, 16 times. that's 400,000 miles since these talks started. >> so we wait to see if there will be any resolution from those talks. andrea mitchell in vienna.
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thank you. closer to home, of course, today we're learning more about the explosive revelations surrounding comedian bill cosby. newly released court papers reveal that cosby once admitted under oath to or training sedatives to give to women he wanted to sleep with. nbc kate snow has that report. >> reporter: bill cosby in his own words admitting he obtained seven prescriptions for qua lewds in the 1970s and gave them to other people. documents from a 2005 case cosby was being sued by a woman who accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her. before it was settled out of court and dismissed cosby sat through a two-day deposition. when you goat the qauuludes was it in your mind that you were going to use these for women you wanted to have sex with? cosby replied, yes. cosby avoided questions about who he gave the drugs to and when or whether he ever coerced or forced women to take trucks. did you ever give any of these
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young women the quaaludes without their knowledge? cosby's attorney jumped in, do not answer that question. cosby described one encounter in las vegas. she meets me backstage. i gave her quaaludes, we then have sex. >> i would call this the proverbial smoking gun but it is corroboration for the fact that he used drugs when attempting to have sex with women. so it does in a sense, take the moral high ground from his position. >> reporter: for barb bowman one of 13 jane does in the case it was a vindication. >> it was a big breath big sigh of relief of hope and looking forward to this next part of this journey because i think this is really just the beginning. >> reporter: in the documents the accuser's attorney is complaining to a judge that cosby's lawyer was turning the deposition into a carnival the claim the judge later rejected. the attorney also said to cosby,
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i think you're making light of a very serious situation. cosby replied, that may very well be. nbc news reached out to owns and representatives of bill cosby and did not hear back. cosby has never been charged with any crime in connection with sexual and drug allegations, which he and his representatives have continued to deny. >> that was nbc's kate snow reporting. she joins us now. thanks. give us a sense, for a better understanding, why is this coming to light right now? >> right. so we mentioned this is all from a 205005 case that's been sealed for a decade now. cosby's attorneys have fought to keep it sealed. they said it would be against his interest and would embarrass him if any of these papers were to come out. but the associated press basically went to court and said, the public has a right to know and the judge came down on that side of things. interestingly, he saids that cosby is often, quote, on a soap box about moral issues and he no longer has the right to keep all these records private if he's going to be so public with his
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morality speeches. and one of the speeches that the judge mention sed referred to as the pound cake speech. here's a little bit of it from 2004. >> these are not political criminals. these are people going around stealing coca-cola. people getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake. then we all run out and are outraged, the cops shouldn't have shot him. what the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand? >> that's bill cosby in 2004 with a speech that became known as the pound cake speech. again, he used to speak so freely peter, about morality about ethics about the community, african-american community and what this judge said in philadelphia is if you're going to go around talk about morality then when questions come up about your standards, it's okay for the public to have a right to see those questions raised and have these documents out there. >> what else did we learn about cosby from these documents?
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as i ask that, is there any anticipation we're going to see more? >> i don't know if that's where it ends. there certainly are potentially more documents. that case was settled out of court. i'm not sure how much more is there. but to your other question of what else was in there, a lot of back and forth between the two lawyers during this deposition and really nasty terms. they were fighting each other over what bill cosby could be asked about. but one of the things that came up is that he was going to pay -- he had offered to pay for the education of the woman who was the plaintiff in that 2004 suit. he had offered to pay for her education only if she made a 3.0 gpa or more. and another thing that came up with something that we reported last fall which was about a national inquirer article that cosby agreed to give an exclusive interview in exchange for the "enquirer" to old another story about an accuser at that time. >> all right, kate snow, a
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appreciate that reporting. another piece of news, this is breaking news. it's out of south carolina. the faa as we have reported confirming there has been a midair collision between the cessna c-150 and f-16 fighter jet. this happened just about 11 miles north of charleston south carolina. it happened about an hour and 15 minutes ago. nbc's tom costello is joining us now from the newsroom. >> we can tell you that per jim miklaszewski at the pentagon the pilot ejected safely from the f-16 but no indication yet what happened to the cessna or to anybody who might have been onboard the cessna. that engine you're looking at certainly looks like a it belongs to a major aircraft. not a cessna. presumably that would have come from the f-16. our affiliate there wcbd is saying that there appears to be a crash at the lewis field plantation. and that witnesses saw a huge
9:15 am
explosion describing it as a fireball in the air and then as you can see, piece of an aircraft raining down on to the ground with. also no indication yet what might have happened to the individuals onboard the cessna. there is one report that a coast guard chopper may have been attempting to circle a pilot who was down, presumably with a parachute. that's all we have right now. apparently happened at 11:00 this morning in south carolina. 11 miles north of charleston. again, the faa confirming there has been apparently a midair collision between an f-16 aircraft and a cessna. pieces of the f-16 apparently raining down it would appear on the lewis field plantation. no indication as of the moment what might have happened to anybody onboard that cessna. we'll follow it for you. peter, back to you. >> tom thanks so much. we'll check in with you again if you learn any more information during this hour. coming up also in south carolina battle flag that state moving one step closer to removing the confederate flag from the state capital grounds.
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you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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back right now with breaking news from south carolina. mother emanuel church shooting suspect dil lan roof has been indicted from a grand jury on nine murder charges, three attempted murder charges and one weapon possession charge. all of this announced just moments ago by the south carolina solicitor's office. also this morning the bill to remove the confederate battle flag from state house grounds is moving forward. many pictures the country was riveted by shows roof celebrating that flag before this awful massacre. this morning the state senate overwhelmingly passed a third and final vote advancing the legislation setting up a final
9:20 am
critical debate and vote in the republican led house of representatives. >> we came together. we're here to tell you today, let's not go backwards. when you fly a flag it says this is who we are. and this is not who we are. this is not who we need to be. >> americans riveted and revolted by the pictures of roof with that flag. south carolina republican state senator is larry martin. he served with pinckney and helped advance this flag bill. sir, we appreciate your time senator martin. give us a sense the tragedy there really sparked swift movement on this flag debate. what, in a sense, what made you change your mind on this issue and what are the folks there, your colleague, telling you who support the measure as well? >> well, thank you, peter, for
9:21 am
the opportunity to speak with you. the debate in the senate really focused on the reconciliation the outstanding example that was set by the victims' families in charleston, just the overwhelming grace and mercy, forgiveness that was shown. you know just a few weeks prior we had the incident in north charleston. we have in south carolina i think, much better relationships than has been demonstrated in other parts of the country and the image of the flag that had been shown repeatedly over and over again tended to remind us of things not only like the deranged young man that killed our friend and colleague and the other victims but also the other instances where the flag has been misappropriated and abused over the years, totally
9:22 am
unrelated to our celebration of our heritage. >> sure. >> and what our forefathers stood for. >> senator, take a second if you can and listen to what your colleague lee bright one of the three no voters had to say this morning. i want to get your reaction. take a listen. >> we're going to do what politicians do. we're going to pass something that makes us feel good that will make a great press conference. at the end of the day it will not change anything. what we will have taken is taken people that respect their southern heritage and we will have kicked them in the teeth. >> so does this just make us feel good and is this kicking people in the teeth who just want to respect their southern heritage? >> well, for 100 years, and i talked about this on the floor yesterday. for 100 years our ancestors -- and this is a historical fact -- did not have the confederate flag on state house grounds. in any shape, form or fashion. so it was only put up for the centennial celebration. but then it stayed up
9:23 am
inexplicably at the time and then later when many of us entered the general assembly, 15 20 30 years later. it was still a presence on the state house. so no it was more of a flag in that respect to the 1960s than it was a flag of the 1860s. >> what do you say to lee bright? >> well, i just say that i take exception to that. i mean you know it's like moses. everybody has got an opinion, they're entitled to it but a vote of 37-3 we were moved in the senate to demonstrate not only the compassion but also the understanding that what is on our state house grounds, not what is flying on somebody's pickup truck or backyard you know, they can do whatever they'd want or what tv shows they might watch. but on the state house grounds, it needs to be a symbol that unifies us not divides us. it divides us. >> yeah. senator martin we very much appreciate your time.
9:24 am
we will be watching closely of what comes out of your state in the next several days. >> peter, thank you so much. right now pope francis is on the second full day of his south american tour after meeting with bishops in aqua door's capital he's holding a public mass for more than a million pilgrims thousand of whom camped out over night in this extreme weather. nbc anne thompson has more from quito quito. >> good afternoon. this is expected to be the largest mass on pope francis' ecuadorian leg of this trip that will take him to bolivia and paraguay. more than a million people are thought to be here. many of them spent two nights sleeping in the open air just to get a space here. they have come from as far away as colombia and peru to see the pontiff. and it's a pontiff they have embrace with open arms. pope francis is the first pope from latin america and, no he is not native to ecuador you would never know it the way he's
9:25 am
been welcomed here. as the popemobile has gone through the streets he has been showered with flower petals a sign of affection here and roses. everything coming in to his popemobile as he has been here. and something that has become an evening event at the vatican, ambassador's residence. for the last two nights people have stood outside the vatican ambassador's residence and have chanted asking the pope to come out and speak to them. both times he has done that. he has come out and prayed with them on monday night he -- excuse me, sunday night he led the hail mary. and then both nights he has asked the people to go home so the people in that neighborhood can get some rest. the mass is expected to last about an hour and 15 minutes. then the pope has some downtime and then he will have more events tonight. peter, back to you. >> anne thank you very much fshlgs coming up, trump card the republican presidential accident not backing down from his controversial immigration comments. how is it affecting his famous brand and now a new company has
9:26 am
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we're back now on "andrea mitchell reports." we turn things back over to andrea who is in vienna today with the latest on the nuclear talks with iran. andrea? >> thanks so much peter. and negotiators are in vienna they bought themselves more time. they've extended again until at least friday but talks remain intense. i'm joined now by cal congressman adam schiff. congressman, thank you very much. i was just talking to senate foreign relations chair bob corker who raised serious questions about whether this deal is going to leave iran with a pathway to a bomb which the president and john kerry have said is not the case. >> well, it certainly will leave iran with a nuke trar infrastructure. as much as i would like to see that roll back completely that's the nature of a negotiation with
9:30 am
an adversary. you don't get everything you want. so there they will be an infrastructure but farther from a bomb they are today. that's a mixed bag. iran will have greater resource it is this deal goes through to do its nefarious work to increase it in the region and we will have to adopt a stronger containment strategy along with the gulf allies to meet that challenge challenge. if there is a deal it will roll back elements of the nuclear program and that's the only reason we're in this negotiation. >> earlier at an arms services hearing today with ash carter the defense secretary and senator john mccain there was a testy exchange where mccain was asking secretary carter about isis. and about the people who have yet not been trained. you have the intel. i want you to watch it with me. >> these people that you are training and equipping to fight in syria, is it true that you
9:31 am
are telling them they're only there to fight isis and not basher assad? is that true? >> yes, we are telling them to -- that we are arming and training them in the first instance to go after isil. >> is that fair to these young men, to say we are send you in to fight isis only and, by the way, we will decide on the policy whether to defend you if you are barrel bombed? >> they know we will provide support to them. >> does that mean you will defend themselves against bashar assad's barrel bombing? this is not a pleasant exchange. i would like to have answers to questions. >> john mccain certainly as chairman and as ranking member of this committee he has schooled a number of defense secretaries and this is not a pleasant experience. but the bottom line is we don't have a real policy against assad and what he has exposed is that we're not training these rebels
9:32 am
to go after the regime. >> andrea, true in terms of this military program, it's designed to go after isis. and i think what senator mccain is alluding to here is we're having trouble recruiting people ent people who want to focus the fight only on isis. they want to go after the regime as well. i think the real answer to senator mccain's question if the regime starts barrel bombing troops that we've supported we are going to intervene. we are going to protect the people that we have trained up. we are not at this point in the road where it would force this confrontation with the regime but as a practical matter, that's the answer. >> congressman adam schiff thank you for being with us today. peter, back to you. >> thank you. in london now. across britain today, a moment of silence to remember the victims of the july 7th bombings on the tenth anniversary of the attack. 52 people were killed around 700 others injured during those
9:33 am
attacks on three underground trains and a bus. people gathered at those sites to honor the victims today. hundreds also attended a memorial service held at st. paul's cathedral in london. prince william attended a wreath laying at hyde park. he placed flowers at the memorial. wimbledon again paused play this morning to honor the victims. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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i think it's a testament. you see what's happening an now they say i'm going even higher. the country is fed up with what's going on. you know in the old days it used to turn silent majority. we have the silent majority back folks. >> donald trump on the silent majority not staying silent certainly about his chances in the 2016 republican primary race. and new today the latest
9:37 am
business backlash to trump's comments about undocumented immigrants. this one from the pga, the professional golf association. the trump organization announcing he will no longer host this year's grand slam of golf. a statement in part saying quote, due to the controversy surrounding statements made by mr. trump having to do with illegal immigrants pouring into the united states from mexico and other parts of the world, mr. trump does not want his friends at the pga of america to suffer any consequences or backlash with respect to the grand slam of golf. so joining us now for our daily fix is jonathan capehart msnbc contributor and "washington post" editorial writer in "washington post" national political reporter robert costa. we might need to keep you guys in those seats. i don't know on this, you're stand for a while, because we could be talking about trumps for weeks at this pace. i start with you. we're all wondering how long he will keep this up and, really whether other cap painers are starting to get nervous awaiting
9:38 am
the next round of polling to see if trump is more than just a blip on the gop radar screen for 2016. what is this doing inside republican campaigns? >> many of mr. trump's rivals to his right, senator rand paul ben carson, other contenders they are nervous about trump's rise but they believe he's crowding up their political space, taking away pro mem tum and donation from small dollar activist. this is a trouble mark for these campaigns that are trying to get political oxygen. >> yeah. he is sucking up the oxygen right now. jonathan, there is a piece on the front page of today's post highlights the possibility that there could be undocumented workers finishing trump's $200 million motel right here in d.c. trump spokeswoman telling us earlier the company and contractors not just follow but go above and beyond following all the applicable laws they say. but are these the kind of things that could start to trip up trump or is this just part of the deal? >> both. part of the deal when you're
9:39 am
running for president that the microskroep that's on you becoming very, very intense and especially if you're someone like trump, number two in swefrl polls. people start taking you seriously as a presidential candidate. and then if you make immigration, undocumented workers and illegal immigration the cornerstone of your presidential run, you better have your entire house in order. not one person working on any project anywhere -- >> viable candidate, right? the bottom line is this just makes another headline and puts trump on tv for another 24 hours. >> sure it puts trump on tv for 24 hours and makes problems with other partners a little more problematic, people running awe from him. you just talked about the pga, there's macy's the beauty pageants. trump of comes from that school where any publicity and all publicity is good publicity, but if you're running for president, it does do a number not only on
9:40 am
your reputation but also in your standing. >> robert, if we can, let's switch sides to the democrats. bernie sanders, if you're going big you're going bernie. let's look at this crowd in portland, maine, on monday. it doesn't really matter what happens in maine right now. it doesn't matter how many people show up in madison, wisconsin, where he had thousands just civil days ago. what is the clinton campaign starting to think as they witness these crowds and this momentum for a guy who labels himself as a democratic socialist? >> the clinton campaign is monitoring senator sanders' events. seeing the energy on the political left and how it's coalescing around the vermont senator. they sense there's a real divide in the democratic party about what the post-obama democratic party will look like. will it be a party that moves back to clinton style politics maybe more compromise in the manner of bill clinton, or move to the left as the obama project continue in that fashion. that's the debate that
9:41 am
democratic voter, especially in eyeiowa and new hampshire want to say. >> jonathan your paper saying that sanders had more twitter messages. social media strength is his value right now and small donors. $15 million, i think they raised in the first quarter. should the clinton campaign should clinton herself start figuring out a way to go after her closest competitor? >> well, certainly, that's going to happen. and, yes, she should because this is not a coronation. this is a fight. they are fighting for the privilege of having the democratic nomination for president. so of course she's got to take bernie sanders seriously. senator sanders. she has to take governor martin o'malley seriously. the one thing i'm sure the clinton camp is focused on are two brief use races. her race in 2008 against then senator obama and howard dean's race back in 20004 where bernie
9:42 am
sanders is the howard dean of today, meaning that he's got a lot of energy a big crowd, but when the rubber meets the road and people have to go out and vote will those crowds show up? they didn't show up for howard dean in iowa and as hillary clinton learned in 2008 just because you seemingly have the people behind you, it can trib you up in the beginning and if you don't plan for after that you're in really big trouble. and everyone keeps talking about how welborn any sanders is doing in iowa and new hampshire, but what happens as the calendar keeps going? i'm not convinced he can hang on at this point. we're still a long way out. >> thank you. looking good today, my friend. nice to see you. coming up false promises. alarming report about pledges of support during global crises like last year's ebola outbreak in west africa. do donors really deliver the help that's needed? push your enterprise and you can move the world.
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we're back on "andrea mitchell reports." experts are calling for top to bottom changes at the world health organization after its botched response to the deadly ebola outbreak in west africa. a u.n.-appointed panel blames politics for slowing the health agency's response to the deadly crisis. this comes as the one campaign cofounded by bono released a lack of transparency and accountability with donors pledges. listen to this. more than 11,000 people have been killed by ebola since last year. joining me now is erin the one campaign's policy director for global health. it's nice to visit with you. in the break we were talking about this. your report calls for more transparency, more standardized reporting of donors. talk about the number one problem that you struggle to deal with and really came to fruition and came more clear during the course of the ebola
9:47 am
crisis. >> peter i know it sounds like a boring or dry accounting exercise but we believe if we can't answer the question, how much have donors promised and how much have they actually delivered on the ground it's actually a matter of life or death for us in this crisis. >> talk about that simply. bottom line is donors say we're going to give government donor, we're going to give this much money and as soon as they announce it, if well kept well tracked, you can spend it. but if you don't have that information you're not able to do that. >> exactly if moment we have a chaotic disseparate system where lots of people are trying to track aid flows and trying to hold donors accountable for their promises. at the moments there's no clear consistent way to hold donors accountable and to really follow that money to the ground to know what's being spent or what's just a talking point. >> when you talk about accountability, is that a real crises? are donors saying we're going to give $100 million and only sending $85 million?
9:48 am
are there examples of that? >> some donors have reported different amounts to different tracking devices. we have countries like australia who are a bit late to the game. finally stepped up and contributed research and then returned $8 million to its own government saying their job is done when the crisis is still going on on the ground. it's a wide ranging problem that really needs a modern solution. >> how does the account i'm compare to other recent disaster, tsunami in southeast asia, the earthquake in haiti. >> it's quite frustrating us. crises are very different. in many ways the accountability challenges are almost identical. for many of those crises it's been very difficult to hold donors accountable, to track their pledges through to disperse sal on the ground. i think it's resulted in a slower, less efficient response than we might have otherwise mustered. in environment where foreign aid dollars are precious and tight we want to make sure they're being spent well and efficiently. >> that's what americans want as well they want to know it's part of an effort activity
9:49 am
willing accomplished and executed on the ground as well. this comes ahead of the u.n. ebola recovery conference. i think that's being held later this week. >> that's right. >> so what do you hope this in real terms accomplish snes. >> inevitably that recovery conference will cover a wide range of issues systems strengthening for these countries to recover. but we think if donors don't use that conference to start a real conversation and do the hard work to build a new, more modern accountability system they've missed a golden opportunity. >> we appreciate you talking to us about this. >> thanks for having us. now to spain where two americans are among the victims gored in today's running of the bulls in palmmplonapamplona. they were not seriously injured. eight others including three americans were treated for injuries. thousands participate in this crazy annual festival where bulls chase runners in those crazy looking red scarves through the streets. you know it's crazy because the red is what brings the bulls at you. coming up empty, banks are
9:50 am
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9:53 am
. developing right now overseas the latest moment of truth for greece. prime minister alexis tsipras meeting with fellow european leaders and the country's creditors hours after speaking with president obama by phone armed with that referendum result and hoping for more financial relief. nbc's keir simmons is live in athens for us again today. the finance minister showed up in brussels today without any new proposals. could they really walk into these meetings with no concessions? >> reporter: isn't that stunning? they came with no written proposals. they did make a verbal presentation. but just to go back to as you mentioned, the fact that the president called the prime
9:54 am
minister of greece while he was there, i think that gives you an indication of how serious this now is that the white house feels it needs to intervene. and here's why. because, of course europe is one of the three main pillars of the world financial system really including china and, of course, the united states. and what they're talking about is european leaders negotiating over the future of the european currency. the euro. back to the point. incredible that the greeks turned up without any written proposals and the other europeans in that meeting came out expressing surprise. then as -- and the dow dropped by, you know something like 200 points at one stage. >> right. >> now we're beginning to hear some news that at least the greek finance minister's presentation did go down well. so a bit more positivity thankfully, maybe there is some hope, the french in particular are really pushing to try and sort this out because if they
9:55 am
don't, greece will drop out of the european currency and no one really knows the full implications of that. >> bottom line it's a lot easier for the eu to dump greece it would seem than for greece to send a message back to the eu. they have much more at stake here. >> reporter: yes, they do in the sense that times are incredibly tough here in greece. as we have been saying over recent days you can compare the greek economy with the u.s. economy during the 1930s' great depression. it's that bad and it's getting worse. we have spoken to some greek importers who say that they are struggling to pay bills, to get food in. so things will get a lot worse here. it is very difficult for greece but it's also difficult for the rest of europe because of the billions that are owed and because they don't know what happens if a european country drops out of the european currency because it's never
9:56 am
happened before. they think they have made plans but they don't know what the implications would be. >> keir simmons on the ground for us again in athens today. i know you keep us posted. thank you very much. again, the reporting today that president obama has called the greek prime minister alexis tsipras. that's going to do it for this addition of "andrea mitchell reports." my colleague thomas roberts joining me with a look at what is coming up next on "msnbc live." >> ahead we're going to speak with two women who accuse of bill cosby of sexual assault as new revelations come to light. the comedian admits he required prescription quaaludes to give to women he intended to have sex with. a child porn investigation. we'll find out the details of that. star fsu quarterback deandre johnson thrown off the team after he throws a punch at a woman in a bar. that's all straight ahead on "msnbc live."e... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha
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raided federal and state authorities searching the home of long time subway spokesman jarrod fogel just months after the head of his non-profit was arrested on charges related to child porn. plus deadly collapse. ice cave popular with hikers crumbles burying people inside. just days after a similar collapse was captured on camera why are these caves so unstable suddenly? we'll dive into that. first, the stunning under oath admission tr bill cosby. newly released testimony from 2005 lawsuit shows cosby for the first time admitting he acquired prescription quaaludes to give to women he intend topped have sex with. the lawsuit was brought by one of dozens of women who claimed cosby drugged them and then sexually assaulted them. the lawsuit was originally dismissed with prejudice and then settled at a later time. cosby has maintained his innocence throughout every


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