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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 7, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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raided federal and state authorities searching the home of long time subway spokesman jarrod fogel just months after the head of his non-profit was arrested on charges related to child porn. plus deadly collapse. ice cave popular with hikers crumbles burying people inside. just days after a similar collapse was captured on camera why are these caves so unstable suddenly? we'll dive into that. first, the stunning under oath admission tr bill cosby. newly released testimony from 2005 lawsuit shows cosby for the first time admitting he acquired prescription quaaludes to give to women he intend topped have sex with. the lawsuit was brought by one of dozens of women who claimed cosby drugged them and then sexually assaulted them. the lawsuit was originally dismissed with prejudice and then settled at a later time. cosby has maintained his innocence throughout every allegation. he has never been criminally
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charged. since the judge released that testimony at least one cosby defender has retracted her support. singer jill scott fired off a series of tweets. one reads in part quote, i stood by a man i respected and loved. i was wrong. it hurts. msnbc has been following this story and it is fascinating now this testimony has come to light. in the lawsuit the deposition the plaintiff's attorney asked, quote, when you got the quaaludes what was in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for? the young women you wanted to have sex with. cosby responds yes. so is this the smoking gun that people have been waiting to find out if cosby is some type of serial sexual assaulter? >> for some people it is. those who are claiming that they were sexually abuse bid the comedian. they look at this as somewhat of a vindication to the claims that they've been making against him. and for his constant denial that nothing that they said had any truth to this. they point to this and say this
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proves that we were not liars. >> meanwhile, the comes from the lawsuit in 2005 brought to light a decade later. what is cosby's response if any so far. >> so far no word from the comedian, no word from his attorneys. there's a lot of we questions being asked about this. those attorneys who tried very hard to keep this information sealed but the judge decided to release this information on what he's been calling the pound cake case. it was from bill cosby's own words. a man who has set him up as someone who stands for morality and moral issues. the judge said this speaks to that and, again, he cited what has been called the pound cake case as reasons for releasing it. listen to this from bill cosby. >> these are not political criminals. these are people going around stealing coca-cola. people getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake. and then we all run out and we
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are outraged oh, the cops shouldn't have shot him. what the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand? >> so again, the attorneys saying they didn't want it out. the judge saying he had a feel that he had to release it. and now we will continue to try and wait and see what his attorneys have to say now that this document has been revealed. >> we look at the timeline there. 2004 the pound cake speech was given. this is all falling into that same timeline of when the lawsuit was finally settled, in '05. when the testimony was given. thanks so much poop we're. we're going to bring in the legal affairs reporter who broke the story last night. we're asking our pulse viewers today the question do these new revelations change your opinion of bill cosby? we want to encourage people to go to to weigh in because based on the conversation we're ability to have it might influence a lot of people's opinions. how were you able with the a.p. to get these documents?
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explain the legal process. >> right. the documents had been temporarily sealed in 2005-2006 when the temple university woman filed a civil sexual assault lawsuit against cosby. they were sealed for a time. and after the case settled, the judge never was asked to permanently seal or unseal them. so we tried -- actually at the time we tried to get them unsealed and we were unsuccessful. there's a rule in the federal court in pennsylvania where after two years documents should be unsealed unless someone can prove a good legal reason to keep them sealed. cosby's lawyers did fight saying they would be terribly embarrassing and reveal information about his marriage drug use, sex life et cetera. the judge found that was not sufficient legal grounds to keep them sealed. >> we just had with rohema gaving us information about the pound cake speech that put bill cosby in the public square. i think under the judge's judgment to release some of this testimony, in the release we
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have from the judge saying to the extent the defendant has freely entered the public scare and thrust himself into the vortex of these public issues, he has voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim. talk more about the actual unsealing of the deposition. it's not the full deposition. it's only a small portion, correct? >> it's not. what the judge has unsealed is some of the filings in the court record from that time from 2005-2006. the deposition is not part of that but what happened was the woman's lawyer had gone to court saying she was having trouble with the deposition getting any cooperation or any straight answers from cosby because his lawyer kept interfereing and that kind of thing. so she submitted some paperwork, basically a motion to compel them to cooperate during the discovery and a motions for sanctions against the attorney. that's what we now see and they include some examples of the kind of delays and stall tactics that she felt they were trying. >> meanwhile, over 40 different
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women which come forward with allegations and stories of sexual assault, claiming bill cosby drugged and then somehow raped them or sexually assaulted them. no criminal charges have ever come forward and he has denied all of them. so for pennsylvania specifically and any other states that you've been investigating, will women have a platform to move forward with any type of criminal charge based on what's been revealed in this deposition? >> i don't know of any criminal charges that -- i don't know of any women who have criminal charges that could still apply in pennsylvania. if they were minors here in pennsylvania and at the time there's a possibility that they would still have time to sue under our revised statues. but adult depending again when the assault occurred, if it was a long time a i go in pennsylvania they would not have that opportunity. i know gloria allred and others around the country have cases that they may be able to lend themselves to potential criminal charges, especially if the woman
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was 15 or 16 at the time. >> right. so anything underage but it seems as if now civil is the only route many people can go. and then there's obviously the court of public opinion. associated press reporter mary claire dale. thanks for your time. keep weighing in vote at pulse we're going to hear from one of his key dependers coming up later this hour. we're following a story in indiana where federal and state authorities raided the indiana home of jared fogel. you may recognize that home because he is a long time spokesman for subway. he was seen walking out of his home earlier today with two investigators. and authorities were seen removing electronics from his home. our nbc affiliate in indianapolis wthr is reporting that it is part of a child porn investigation. it's happening a little more than two months after the executive director of fogel's foundation was arrested on federal charges involving child
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pornography. nbc's kevin tibbles is joining me now with more on this. everybody knows jared being the subway guy from the shops that he lost all that weight. but this is very serious. federal and state agents that are working in unison for this raid explain what they may have taken from this home we can confirm. >> well, i guess you sort of laid it out right there, thomas, in that they took a lot of documents and computer equipment from the home. you know it is in a way shocking because jared who is a house hold name in this country, a young man who lost 235 pounds and was picked up as a spokesperson for subway. i can tell you that in a statement today the subway organization has said that it is shocked and very concerned with these revelations and that they will be monitoring this case very closely. at this point we are unaware of any charges being laid against jared or actually what this full
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investigation that is being carried out by the u.s. attorney's office and being assistant by the indian in state police is going to lead to. we are also -- we've also been made aware the u.s. postal service is involved. the u.s. postal service investigation teams are also involved and that it may involve something that may have been sent through the mail. which would obviously involve them if there's some criminality involved. obviously a shocking day for a person who is a household name to many in this country. >> thank you kevin. we want to move on to breaking news out of south carolina. the faa confirming there has been a midair collision between a cessna c-150 and f-16 fighter jet. it happened lefb miles north of charleston, south carolina. roughly two hours ago. audio was released of fire and emergency dispatchers. take a listen. >> berkeley county rescue respond in reference to possible plane down. we're getting reports of two planes down at this time. small plane versus a military
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style jet. >> nbc's tom costello covers the aviation beat for us. and he joins us now from washington with the latest on this. tom, what more do we know about this crash? breaking developments. >> pardon me. this just in. the coast guard telling us they have in fact pulled one individual hoisted one individual from the scene of the f-16 crash. they were able to hone in on the location of the f-16 crash based on the emergency transmitter, the emergency locator transmitter. we do not know at this point the status of that individual whether he or she is a civilian or a pilot. and we don't know if status of anybody onboard. oath then one of these planes. we can't tell you the people onboard the cessna or the individuals onboard the f-16 were injured or fatalities. we simply don't know at this point. we do know this occurred at 11:0011 miles north of charleston, south carolina. as you heard from the emergency dispatch it was a full ems response. they found as you can see large
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pieces of the f-16 sitting in a trailer park there but they are still looking for the signs, the remains of the cessna. we don't know what caused this crash but it does appear to have been a midair collision. thomas? >> nbc's tom costello appreciate it. we are going to keep ourselves in south carolina where major developments happened in the shooting of the mother emanuel church where roof has been indicted on three at tefshed murder charges, nine murder charges and one weapons possession charge. south carolina's solicitor's office making that announcement a short time ago. the 21-year-old was arrested last month. this all comes as push to remove the confederate flag cleared its first hurdle today the south carolina state senate got a bill passing by an overwhelming vote of 36-3. the debate now moves to the state's house of representatives where the outcome remains less clear.
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the state's democrats are asking republicans to follow the senate's lead. >> we now ask that they not try and pass other amendments and put up other flags and other symbols of the confederate si and other symbols of hatred and racism. they simply allow south carolina to move forward. >> joy reid joins me now from outside the state house in klum kra. joy, explain when the house is going to begin debate on this and the hurdle they need to meet to come to a an agreement to bring it down, the votes needed. >> as you saw from that press conference members of the democratic caucus calling on the house to pass a clean bill through that body. they want the same bill that passed through senate to go through the house. now, the house, just like the senate, has to do three separate readings of the bill. the bill was introduced today. that counts as the first reading. then there will be debate on the bill tomorrow. that counts as the second reading. there has to be a third and final vote. if it gets through with no
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amendments you will have that bill go to governor nikki haley's next. the holdup is the potential for amendments. and the press conference you saw this morning came in response to newspaper headlines this morning that said that several lawmakers within the house of representatives here in south carolina are planning on introducing amendments. some of which would switch out the current confederate flag for other versions of the confederate flag maybe even the confederate states of america national flag the flag intended for that succeeded would be entity. that is the bone of contention. whether or not any of those amendments will be introduced an whether or not those amendments pass. if they pass this all could come grinding to a halt because you have to go to conference. that is what the senate -- i mean, the house democrats are trying to avoid. >> msnbc's joy reid reporting in columbia. keep us posted. another campaign stop another big crowd for, yes, bernie sanders. >> in case you didn't notice, this is a big turnout.
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>> all right. so is the hillary camp getting worried? we're going to go straight to the sanders campaign manager and, also ahead, heroin use in the u.s. new numbers out this hour on just how many people are using that drug and you will be surprised. and a man takes to the skies using just balloons and a lawn chair. why this real life up ended with an arrest. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you
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we have developing news from washington state where search and rescue teams are investigating an ace cave collapse that killed one hiker and injured five in the state. they're trying to find out if the area is safe for them to recover the body of the deceased hiker. just moments ago the u.s. forest service talked about the danger called by temperatures that are warmer than usual.
10:18 am
>> conditions in early season or what we would typically see in august so the front desk here at the visitor's center and our staff out at the big four ice caves have been warning people that there's been crevices forming and the state caves were very unstable. >> nbc's jacob has more on the ace caves. >> thomas the three most critically injured patients are being treated here that cave area now closed indefinitely as the rescue effort has turned into a recovery. this morning one person is dead and five others are injured after a section of the popular big four ice caves in northern washington suddenly collapsed monday. >> being advised for a possible partial collapse of the ace caves. about eight to nine subjects possible injuries some subjects unconscious. >> reporter: more than 100 rescuers raised to the remote area, about 70 miles northeast of seattle.
10:19 am
>> they're essentially frozen over avalanche chutes sitting over a waterfall and below a rock chute. >> reporter: thee of the injured hikers, two men and a woman who suffered from crushing type injuries and broken bones were airlifted to medical center in seattle. a sfourt victim, juf nile not seriously injured, transported by ground. it was the second collapse. on sunday one woman was recording when the same cave gave way near a group of hikers. officials warned the public in may to stay away from the ub unstable and dangerous caves. warmer temperatures were. melting the ice months ahead of schedule schedule. >> county officials say the cave area is closed until further notice. while emergency officials recover the body of that deceased individual and as well it is meticulous work for them as they make sure they are being safe as well.
10:20 am
thomas? >> nbc's jab cob reporting for us. thank you. the secretary of defense is on capitol hill today and there he's facing heated questions about the u.s. strategy to defeat isis. republicans on the senate armed service committee described the administration's antiisis plans as unrealistic. >> so it's not ten feet tall it can be and must be defeated but that will never happen if we continue to delude ourselves about this campaign. >> delusion is a word that's too accurate. >> senator mccain grilled about the training of rebel fighters in syria and whether the u.s. would protect them from the assad regime. secretary carter revealed so far, there are only 60 rebel fighters trained. the hearing also touched on the nuclear talks with iran. negotiations on its nukes were pushed back again today. pushed back to a new deadline of july 10th. during questions arkansas republican tom cotton made a point to ask general dempsey
10:21 am
about u.s. soldiers killed by iranian militias. >> how many american soldiers died at the hands of iranian militias or projectiles during your command? >> i recently heard that both chief staff of the army and the current centcom commander put that number at about 500. >> so here's what it means to move on the calendar. delaying this deadline to july 10th means a delay in congressional action until sometime after the august recess. is camp clinton starting to notice the big crowd that are turning out for bernie? ahead we're going to look at the impact he's having on the 2016 democratic field. plus, fsu's star quarterback kicked off the team accused of punching a woman in a bar? what his attorney is now saying about what happened and about the charges.
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politicians who ever lived in his success and not only while he was in office and since then. i don't have any doubt that hillary will have learned or had to begin with the same abilities as a politician. but i think that still has to be proven. i don't think there's much doubt she's going to get the democratic nomination. >> that's former president jimmy carter on "morning joe" today and no doubt about it hillary clinton is ahead in the polls at this very moment. in fact, she is in iowa with her campaign. we have live pictures over there of public library in iowa city. she leads her closest competitor bernie sanders, by 19 points in the latest hawkeye state poll but senator sendersanders is attracting the biggest crowds. in portland maine, he brought in a lot of people and in wisconsin 10,000 people came together to hear him speak. now the question is whether he can close his gap in the polls. jeff weaver is bernie sanders
10:26 am
campaign manager. it's great to have you with us. let's talk about iowa. how important is it for your campaign to win that state in the caucus? >> look the senator sanders says he's going to win iowa. we are heavily engaged there. we just turned out the largest crowd for any candidate so far in the campaign in iowa in counsel bluffs. working hard. i think on election night we're going to do extremely well there. >> jeff, talk about the money aspect of things because you just released the fact that the senator was able to raise $15 million since april 30th. does the senator feel confident he can still refuse super pac funding and get the money he needs to remain competitive against clinton? >> absolutely. 100%. look, this campaign is only eight weeks old. we raised $15 million from almost 400,000 contributors small dollar contributions. this is a campaign that is being funded at the grass roots. the life of this campaign is at
10:27 am
the grass roots as evidenced by these crowds that you are seeing in states all across the country. the polls are starting to move in new hampshire. he is within eight points of senator -- secretary clinton and he has cut her lead in iowa in half. so we have the momentum. the challenge is to build on that. >> jeff what about new hampshire. talk about that quirky law in new hampshire where people are concerned whether or not senator sanders will be on ballot properly filed as a democrat. where does campaign stand on that? >> look i think this is a little bit of a red herring in vermont we don't have registration by party. george w. bush was not registered by party bus they don't do it in texas. i don't believe al gore was registered by party. i don't think this is a real issue. i think if you talk to democratic officials in new hampshire they are pretty confident we're going to be on the ballot. >> you think it's a red herring. you don't think the law is going to hold you guys up at all?
10:28 am
>> absolutely not. we will be on the ballot in all 50 states. >> campaign manager -- >> and all the territories. >> no go ahead. you're going to be ready for this. all 50 states, all the territories. >> all 50 states, all the territories. we're going to be i'veeverywhere. >> i appreciate your time. coming up next we return to the stunning new revelations from a deposition of comedian bill cosby. i'm going to get reaction from a woman who has accused cosby of sexual assault. we are asking you in today's bing pulse to the new refrigerator lagss change your opinion of bill cosby. you can weigh in now. plus heroin use in the u.s. revealing the growing number of people using the drug and it looks like a real life version of up. look at these pictures. why one man took to the skies using just balloons and a lawn children. ♪ love ♪ in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange
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so a report just released this hour reveals the stark realities of the growing heroin epidemic in the u.s. here are the headlines, hair wayne use in the u.s. increased 63% between 2002 and 2013. overdosed deaths nearly quadrupled in that same time period. more than 8200 people died in 2013 alone. sadly, no one is really immune to heroin's hold. uses increased among men and women both age groups and all income levels. joining me now is michael shearling the former chief of police in burlington vermont. we know vermont has had its struggles with heroin. you've seen this firsthand. as we look at theette thes by this increased by 66% by last year. what's your reaction to the cdc's new report? are you surprised? >> i'm a little surprised that it is increasing on such a national scale. i know that here in the northeast and certainly from
10:33 am
chicago east we've been seeing these trends for quite a few years as the report indicates. i was a little surprised to see that it's as large a nationwide trend as this report indicates. >> nine in ten people who used heroin also used at least one other drug. and then 45% of those users were addicted to prescription opiate painkillers. explain how this is driving the heroin epidemic when we talk about prescription drugs and that's leading people to heroin use. >> i think there's really there's two things in play relative to the nexus between prescriptions and then harder drugs like opiates. one is a misconception that they are somehow different and the -- as you know the prescription medication essentially is synthetic heroin. used appropriately, it can be a wonderful thing. unfortunately i think we've seen
10:34 am
some overprescription in the u.s. and i don't think we've quite gotten to the point that we're mindful enough about individual physiology and the nexus between addiction and the use of those prescription medications. the second thing is for years we had -- >> go ahead. the second thing? >> we had -- the second thing is we had significant difficultversion and as they were hitting the black-market on the street if you will folks didn't take that to be as dangerous as heroin is. so you saw more folks, particularly younger people in that demographic that the report illustrates today the 18 to 25-year range, having fewer inhibitions about trying to prescription opiates. and then once you're there and addiction takes hold it's a step or two to get to a point where you are on heroin. >> it's 2015 national heroin threat assessment heroin users
10:35 am
are younger, more affluent more ethnically geographically diverse than ever before. so how and through your professional experience of policing, how do you get the genie back in the bottle? what needs to be done to educate people about the dangers of heroin use? >> i think you hit the nail on the head. education component is essential. and the drug conversations here in the united states are sort of all over the map where we're toying with legalization of substances like marijuana and trying to find the right balance and policy. i think lost in those gyrations and the debate is the need to really emphasize to folk particularly young people that these substances can and often are incredible write addictive and incredibly harmful. that's the first thing, is finding a message that resonate especially with young people. and then second we need to get to a point where we can deliver
10:36 am
treatment on demand. if someone has taken a prescription and they find themselves addicted or down the road of heroin and they get to the point where they're willing to make that change and try of get off the drug we need to be able to deliver that on demand. i don't think we're there quite yet. >> former chief of police burlington vermont, michael, thanks for your time. we want to get back to our one of our top stories, newly released testimony from bill cosby. he admits buying quaaludes to give to women he intended to have sex with. they fought to release a 2005 testimony from a lawsuit. the suit was brought by one of dozens of people who accused cosby of being drugged and then sexually assaulted. cosby maintains innocence against all allegations. he has never been criminalably charged. meanwhile, still well-known figures in the media who won't condemn cosby just yet. i'm going to play one of them. it's whoopee goldberg this morning from "if view."
10:37 am
>> in america, you actually were innocent until proven guilty. he has not been proven -- >> barbara bowman has accused bill cosby of sexual assault. she's a paid ambassador promotes sexual violence awareness and victim empowerment. barbara, it's good to have you with me. what is this newly released testimony and information mean to someone like you who claims to be a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of cosby? >> it's -- it's quite vindication, thomas. thank you for having me on. you know it was a very long long lonely dark road as i screamed my story out and really all i was interested in doing in the very beginning was supporting andrea constand in 2005 because i believed her, because it had happened to me. and then when we got this fire storm going last fall in the media caught hold of it was to
10:38 am
empower just one other of the jane does who were part of her suit. so my whole ambition was to empower someone, anyone, to come forward and tell their story. and so i did that. but it's been long it's been hard, it's an arduous and taken a lot of energy to do so but well worth it because i knew this day would come. i didn't know when it would come. i didn't know how. i just knew that some day, some way, you know the wall would be broken down and we would have opportunities to really let the world see the truth and then march on and continue to advocate for sexual crime and violence and to make powerful wealthy celebrity people accountable for their actions. >> barbara, a lot of people might not know the back story as you being one of the first accusers to come out and speak publicly about what you went through with bill cosby. but you looked at him as someone
10:39 am
of a mentor as a father figure. do you feel you were groomed into untoward sexual behavior that then only became something that you realized was rape and abuse later on in your life? >> absolutely. >> how do you process this? explain to us what you remember going through and how you were able to discount it at such a young age but realize it at a later time? >> wow. that's a lot of questions. i don't know how much i will cover but i'll do my best. you said everything very well. i was a young woman. i was an aspiring actress. i was groomed from the beginning. i was with an agent in denver colorado. and the plan was to move me up to the next level to enhance my acting career. and bill cosby was a friend of my agent. and they arranged to move me to new york city and get me acting classes and get me housing and just you know help me out and open some doors of opportunity
10:40 am
for me. but the grooming process is a very interesting one. and that's how victims end up in silence because the drugging was not beknownst to me. i did not know him that way. i knew him as mentor. he was introduced to me that way. i was supposed to be well cared for and looked after. these were trusted individuals. so i put my full trust in both of them. the first audition process that i went through with cosby within 30 minutes he knew everything about me. he knew i was an only child. he knew i didn't have a father figure in my life. he knew i had trust issues. he knew i was vulnerable. he just dove right in there and got all of that extracted from me and told me i want to be your father figure i will help you, you're in good hands. so that's the short story of it. but then of course over time i didn't know i was being drugged at first. and then it just perpetuated. by the time i was well aware
10:41 am
that i had been being drugged and sexually assaulted and raped, a couple of years had gone by and that was, you know the process of transitioning me from denver to new york and a lot of trips in between that i was escorted on taken to for celebrity events to groom me and to make sure that i was worthy of training to be a superstar by a superstar. >> you talked about the vindication of what this deposition reveals for the women who have come forward. are you content with that being enough for people to have convicted cosby in the court of public opinion or would you like to see criminal charges brought forward if they could find a state where the statute of limitations hadn't run out? >> there's a lot to that question. as far as public opinion is concerned, i think there's a lot to be said for that because cosby cares moren't his legacy than anything else. and he brought this on himself.
10:42 am
he did this to himself. and it crumbled and it was only a matter of time. and my goals going into this as i said were not monetarily motivated. my statute of limitations had run out. but i lived with that for a long, long time. and so the cosby deniers, i believe remained cosby deniers because it's very difficult to -- to change your paradigm. when you've grown up with something that you know and you trust and you put your -- all of your trust into and then it's all of a sudden yanked away from you, that's very difficult for people to understand. but what people have to realize is that he is a man, he is not a character. he is bill cosby. he's not dr. huxtable. when i met him he was dr. huxtable. we all embraced him and needed him and wanted him in our lives. and with his honorary degrees and his philanthropy he had built up quiten empire and a
10:43 am
legacy for himself. so now that's gone. so for me that's good enough. however, this has opened up a new can of worms, we're opening pandora's box. i can't speak about anything legally but this is just the beginning of something much bigger. listen, thomas we have a movement occurring here. this is going down in the history books and i'm very proud to be a part of that story. >> well, i know how hard it is to be a vocal survivor. >> thank you. >> best of luck to you, barbara bowman. >> thank you. we'll be taking your pulse on this story. francis rivera is back today. >> certainly when it comes to revelations in that deposition we're asking you do you think these new revelations change your opinion of bill cosby? overwhelming amount of viewers saying, yes, 71%. they do change. 29% of no. so that's pretty stable and pretty set. where you see the fluctuation is basically in realtime.
10:44 am
when people are listening to conversation you just had you can stick a lot of the zigzagging going on here and people and how they're responding even more interesting to see the breakdown in gender and how that fluctuation. females in red, look at that. a lot of up and down in the last minute or so and with the males, they've overall been consistently saying yes. interesting to see how we continue to see this discussion and how our viewers feel about this. if they think the new revelations change your opinion of bill cosby, keep the votes coming much more on that and check the results later on in the hour to see if those change. thomas? >> francis, thank you very much. appreciate it. fsu kicking its freshman star quarterback off the football team. this after video surfaces appearing to show him punching a woman at a bar. what his attorney is saying about that altercation and his current criminal assault charges. plus south carolina senate votes to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. so will the house follow? i'm going to get reaction from
10:45 am
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10:48 am
methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. florida state university's newest star quarterback is now officially thrown off the team after video surfaced of deandre johnson punching a lady at a bar. in this newly released surveillance video johnson is seen arguing with a woman in late june. she raises a fist. he grabs her arm. she then tries to hit him but he punches her in the face. johnson's attorney says the woman yelled racial especially thats at him. >> this is a witness that heard this and that did not invoke mr. johnson to do anything. he then tried to de-escalate the situation. it wasn't until she struck him twice before he reacted. >> joining me now is ruth glen
10:49 am
executive director of the national coalition against domestic violence. ruth, it's good tv you here. as we heard there from jose baez the lawyer for aandre johnde'andre johnson, the lawyer at the bar egged him by on yelling racial slurs. what do you have of that? we don't have sound to hear it but we see the physicality going back and forth. >> well, i would say that anyone who is provoked there should be not a response such as mr. johnson's i believe that he was more readily willing to punch a woman in the context of violence against women. so i think it will be interesting to hear the audio. but any altercation should not result in what we saw in that video. >> the 19-year-old is now volunteering at a domestic violence shelter. first we should point out that
10:50 am
being 19 he shouldn't be in a bar in the first place, as i recall, florida still being 21 to be able to be at a bar to get a drink. >> right. >> in your kind of reaction, do you think that this is something awe authentic? >> well i think it could be a little bit of both. let's hope that he is remorseful and understands the violence that he's committed. on the other hand we are very well aware that in some instances the court looks favorably when someone is proactive about doing something as a consequence of what they have done. i will say i do find it very interesting that he would volunteer in a domestic violence program if indeed his attorney is making the case it was a mutual conflict. >> ruth we know that fsu has had instances before with
10:51 am
athletes, james winston accused of rape in 2012 do you think that there is a culture within sports that is problematic with being aggressive? i mean, it is football, after well. but do you think there's a problem and is it something your organization is working to educate on and to help people better understand? >> thomas what we're educating on is the fact that it is not necessarily sports in which we see violence against women in this way. it really is across our society. i think what we have seen in the last year or so is really more witness to it. this is happening every day in homes across other organizations, in our society in general. our advances in technology give us a bird's eye view we have never had before so i think that's the interesting twist to this. is i do not believe that we see more violence against women in sports. i do not believe we see it more
10:52 am
violence against women in any class or culture. i think that we get to see it differently now because of technology. i just firmly believe this. >> we'll see how this process goes forward with his day in court, if they're able to plead this out. ruth thanks for your time. >> thank you, thomas. so a question for you. imagine this. floating in midair with just a lawn chair and helium balloons. the real-life version of "up" that ended with a man being arrested. plus -- the exclusive look at the men and women who rush to protect america's borders and this is not a drill. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go.
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attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. question for you. how far would you go to drum up business for your company? >> a canadian man took to the stratosphere and now he is going viral. that is daniel boria of calgary.
10:56 am
there's 101 helium balloons and the $10 lawn chair sunday. after doing this he is catching heat from authorities and a few eyeballs for the cleaning products line as he drifted right there way up in to the blue yonder. kind of something out of the movie "up," disney movie. he was blown off course and parachuted. >> he hoped to land in the middle of the calgary rodeo. he was charged with mischief causing danger to life. he is definitely getting attention he wanted. >> looks pretty -- crazy stupt. not the house they were lifting. just a $10 lawn chair. maybe advertising, too. >> cleaning products? much more on the top story. what do you do for cleaning products? i don't get it. >> a banner and an airplane next time. right? >> much more coming up at the top of the hour. the big news today, bill cosby,
10:57 am
the shocking details unsealed by a judge in philadelphia that he bought and gave drugs to women in the 1970s. >> and our bing question today, do the new revelations change your opinion of bill cosby? then donald trump doubles down on immigration. it's like -- >> tripling. >> 20 times doubled. anyway, while saying the words have been taken out of context and same time another big business separates itself from the controversial mogul. we'll have that for you and much more. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand.
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11:00 am
this hour on msnbc, stunning new revelations of a 2005 deposition of bill cosby. i'll get reaction of a woman who accused him of sexual assault. south carolina senate votes to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. will the house be following suit? >> then this. this is not a drill.
11:01 am
u.s. fighter jets scramble to intercept russian planes off the coast. the exclusive look at the unit that protects our borders. but first, it's a stunning under oath admission of bill coe by newly released testimony of the 2005 lawsuit showing cosby first time admitting he acquired prescription quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. the lawsuit brought by one of dozens of women who have come forward to claim that he drugged them and sexually assaulted them. the lawsuit dismissed with prejudice and then settled later. cosby maintained the innocence and never criminally charged. since a judge released that testimony, at least one cosby defender retracted support. jill scott fired off a series of tweets. one is quote, i stood by a man i respected and loved. i was wrong. it hurts. nbc has been following the story and joins us with more on this. let's talk about what was revealed in the deposition. now, the plaintiff's attorney
11:02 am
goes ahead to ask cosby, quote, when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these for young women you wanted to have sex with? cosby reminds, yes. what more does the deposition reveal? >> reporter: it reveals that cosby was not trying to answer specifically some of the questions. he was asked specifically had he given this drug to a woman. his attorney stepped in stopping him from answering that question specifically. his attorney is always making certain that this deposition never released. it was sealed for a certain amount of time and when the associated press went to court to try and get the document opened, one of the things that the judge determined was that coddy presented him as a moral crusade crusader. because the pound cake speech. it says that he basically is the defender of morality. listen to this speech and this is what the judge used to determine why he should release
11:03 am
this deposition. just listen. >> these are not political criminals. these are people going around stealing coca-cola. people getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake. then we all run out, we're outraged. the cops shouldn't have shot him. what the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand? >> reporter: that speech was in 2004. the civil lawsuit against him was in 2005. it was settled in 2006. all, again, reasons why the attorney said from that speech set him up as a moral defender and now the morality is questioned and the judge felt it was appropriate for the public to see what he said in the deposition. >> cosby's people have not spoken out. correct? >> reporter: not at this point. >> thank you so much. joining me is pj masten accused bill cosby of sexual assault in the past and join me on the set.
11:04 am
thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> but explain what it means to you as someone who claims to be a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of cosby to know that this testimony came forward and matches with the description of what you say you went through. >> one word. vindication vindication. vindication for all 48 of us that have come forward. >> when you heard the lawyers asking him questions and his admission of having prescription quaaludes with the intent to use them and have sex with women, explain how this matches up with your story. what did you go through in the late '70s? >> i knew bill cosby for five years. i was a playboy bunny and then moved to several clubs and in '79 i was in chicago as the bunny mother in charge of the girls, and bill cosby was always around. i knew him for years and he asked me out to dinner. and he asked me to go meet him at the white hall hotel. i did. i called if the lobby.
11:05 am
he said come on upstairs. meet me in the suite and we'll go for dinner. i went upstairs and four men in the room and watching sports and smoking cigars and cosby me if i wanted a drink and 7:30 in the evening. i wasn't much of a drinker. i said i'll take a little. i'm such a novice. that's an after dinner drink. he sent the bellman to get the bottle. he came back and behind me he mixed it up. i was talking to the four gentlemen. i drank the half two sips and i don't remember anything until 4:00 in the morning. and i woke up in bed and i was bruised and bloodied and complete mess and i saw him next to me naked. i slivered out of the bed. i grabbed my clothes. i went downstairs. got a cab and went home. took a shower. i had to go back to work to get the bunnyies on the floor. he called me about two hours later and said why did you leave so early. he was so angry.
11:06 am
i was startled he would call me after he raped me. i told him i couldn't talk. he says i have something coming for you. being delivered. he sent me a four-foot ficus tree and a note saying you have to groom this tree like our friendship. make sure you clip the branches. you stick your finger -- all of this whole big thing about taking care of his plant. needless to say, thomas i threw it out. and he kept calling and calling and calling. for weeks. finally, he got the message i wouldn't see him again. so then he would call the private restricted number at playboy. which was my number and he would ask for all the bunnies. different bunny's names. i said i can take a message for them. i can't give them the phone. all of the girls that got messages, i ripped them up and threw them away. it was my i don't know to protect my girls. and that's what i did. i protected them. >> so you feel that this testimony is vindication for many of the victims who have
11:07 am
been vocal to come forward. maybe in your private dealings because you've spoken out, you know that there are silent victims that haven't come forward yet. do you think this will encourage these alleged victims to seek help, to speak out? >> do. i do. i want everybody out there that was a victim to know that we are here to support you. to get you therapy. to get you counseling. and to protect you. my facebook page is blowing up blowing up right now. there are many many girls, like i said thomas you people only know of 48. but there are at least, at least 40 jane does that names will never be revealed. mothers, grandmothers. we're reaching 100. >> pj startling thinking about the numbers and how they're adding up. just to point out, bill cosby is never criminally charged and the team and bill cosby not spoken
11:08 am
out about this testimony and the deposition of 2005 revealed. and we do know that he went ahead to settle that civil case finally. >> yes. >> pj thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> we're asking you to weigh in on the pulse question today. do the new revelations change your opinion of bill cosby? keep your votes coming in. the pulse is live. my colleague is going to be back with a breakdown of those results, how you feel about this coming up later in the hour. there's another story following today. developing in indiana where federal and state agents raided the house of subway spokesman jared voegl this morning. affiliate is reporting part of a child pornography investigation. an executive with his foundation arrested on child porn charges. they said we're shocked about news and believe it's related to a prior investigation of former employee. we're very concerned and monitoring the situation
11:09 am
closely. nbc's kevin tibbles joins me now from chicago with more on this. kevin, this is video that we see of jared leaving with authorities. we don't know if he was formally arrested. correct? >> this is correct. at this point in time we don't know if he has been charged with anything. all we really know is that the u.s. attorney's office being assisted by indiana state police and the u.s. postal service police are investigating, did remove some computer equipment. do have or did have some sort of a mobile lab on scene in the driveway in that home outside of indianapolis. and that jared who is a household name in this country because of his advertisements with subway was seen on the property, did appear to be cooperating with the authorities. but at this point in time we cannot say that he has been charged with anything and as a
11:10 am
matter of fact the authorities are not coming forward to say what this investigation is all about but as you did mention, thomas, one of the employees of the jared foundation was arrested on child pornography charges earlier this year. that person actually tried to commit suicide while in custody. and was unsuccessful in doing so and still faces the charges. so it is still waits to see why this raid on his home this morning. >> fluid investigation. kevin tibbles, thank you for the update. now we move on to the breaking developments out of south carolina involving dylann roof. facing new charges. pete williams joins me with more on that. pete, explain the new charges and what roof is facing. >> reporter: sure. two developments here thomas. first is that the stage moved to the next level in the proceedings. he is indicted by a grand jury. and in doing that the government sought and got three more charges. he already faced nine murder
11:11 am
counts and a count of using a weapon in the commission of this murder. now he's accused of attempted murder for the three survivors for the shooters at the church. it moves it to the next stage. it's still being pursued as a state case and the justice department has been saying now for a couple of weeks that they're doing their own independent investigation. but justice department officials confirm again today that any decision on those charges is some distance away and if the federal government were to come in here it would be as a backup. they would file charges if they did as a placeholder in case something happened to the state case or the prosecution wasn't successful then in essence there's the fallback. you can't have two professions at the same time at the state so the state is running the show. >> thank you. we appreciate it. we'll stay in south carolina next. as we talk about what's taking place inside the capitol there.
11:12 am
the effort to remove the flag from outside south carolina state house. the senate has approved the measure. will the house follow suit? i'll speak with james clyburn and wanda bailey get their reactions to what's taking place. plus the pga and trump cutting ties. and two americans gored during the annual running of the bulls. so how are they doing? we'll explain after this. today something entirely new is being built into bounty. dawn. new bounty with dawn. what a novel idea! just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever.... thanks m'aam. look how much easier new bounty with dawn cleans this gooey mess versus soap and a sponge. thank you! new bounty with dawn. available in the paper towel aisle. obviously!
11:13 am
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11:15 am
keeping a cles eye on this developing story out of washington state. five people recovering from injuries and one person has died because of an ice cave collapse. now, it is the second straight
11:16 am
day that a collapse occurred at the big four ice caves and people are urged to stay away. >> the conditions in early season were what we were -- would typically see in august. so the front desk here at the visitors center and our staff out at the big four ice caves had been warning people there's crevices forming and the caves were very unstable. >> again, five injured, one dead. the big four ice caves now closed until further notice. 15 years after the confederate flag was removed from the top of south carolina's state house dome and then hoisted in the front yard lawmakers have moved one step closer to bringing it down today. just a short time ago the state house of representatives voted 93-18 to bypass committee and put a bill to remove the confederate flag to the floor. members begin debate tomorrow. this comes just after the senate
11:17 am
gave final approval to remove the flag and the pole it flies on. only three state senators voted in opposition. joining me now is representative james clyburn and wanda bailey the granddaughter of south carolina senator strom thurmond. thank you both for being here. congressman, let me get your reaction to the newses that the senate decided to move it on to the house. they wanted to have this flag removed. the house voting today and taking this debate straight to the floor for wednesday. do you think that this is moving in the right direction an they'll successfully remove the confederate flag? >> first of all, thank you so much for having me. secondly, let me thank the senators for such an overwhelming vote on yesterday and i think the 93 votes will be more than what we need in the house to get this done. however, that was a first reading. we will go to second reading tomorrow. and understand there are 26
11:18 am
amendments to the bill. which means that there could very well be a tough fight ahead and i expect that there will be a tough fight. >> wanda, your uncle, the state senator, paul thurmond the son of strom thurmond, had a change of heart about his stance. here he is six days after the charleston shooting. i just want to remind everybody. >> i think the time is right and the ground isser if er iffertile for us to make a move and remove the confederate battle flag from the prominent statue outside the state house and put it in the museum. it is time to acknowledge our past, atone for our sins and work towards a better future. that future must be built on symbols of peace, love and unity. that future cannot be built on symbols of war, hate and
11:19 am
divisiveness. >> wanda, do you think that that was one of the first moments where we saw legislators moving from what they had described as a symbol of heritage to a conversation about hope and what it means for the people of that state to heal and move forward? >> oh absolutely. it was very profound. the remark that is he made. and only he could have been able to execute on that level. it was -- creating a defining moment because i think it's important for south carolina to understand everything that has transpired, all the ills autoll the things that have taken place here since slavery. i think resolve needs to take place here as well. so we can be the leaders in doing this but i think paul the fact that he did come forward, there are a lot of pauls like him that waivered and now have
11:20 am
stepped forward to support his efforts and i just commend him from everything he's done thus far. >> explain when you say it was key for him to come forward, it's because of the thurmond last name and what that means to south carolina, the weight that that holds to be in support of removing that flag. >> well it was a contrast to what his father has always been identified as being a segregationist. and i have spoken to paul a few months back and we had a conversation that also included where his purpose lies. and i thought this -- at this point, i think it was only him that could present it in the manner in which it happened. so it was very important move for him to make. i commend him on doing that. prayerfully. he executed in that manner. so it had to be him. it just had to be him. >> congressman, you talked about the fact right now there are amendments potentially that
11:21 am
could upend the progress that's been made so far as the debate continues. right now, 50 members support some kind of amendment including replacing the flag with a civil war era infantry flag and other versions of the confederate flag. but in your opinion, would that just be replacing what many people believe it's a symbol of hatred of for another? >> that's right. i was appalled yesterday watching a senator wave a book of names of confederate soldiers on the floor. the fact of the matter is the flag in front of the state house is a flag of the army of northern virginia. there was never a flag for any army in south carolina. the flag up on top of the state house until 15 years ago was the tennessee flag. both those flags were made
11:22 am
popular by hate groups. today, in germany and other nazi countries, we have people using the confederate battle flag that flag of the army of northern virginia as a symbol of their racial superiority because the swastika is outlawed. we ought to stop this foolishness and remember that south carolinans bought under their own regimental flags. but none of them fought under this flag that they're standing in front of the state house today today. it's a misapplication of history. they know that. and while they keep pressing that, i am at a severe loss to figure that out. >> wanda, i want to ask you and as you brought up your family has a unique place in the history of south carolina. what would it mean to you personally to see the flag come
11:23 am
down? >> well, for one, i have identified the flag as an inflammatory, iconic symbol. i don't see any purpose to continue to have the flag waving in the air. it's just -- it needs to go. and my -- my -- you know i preface in this in a way it's time for change. time for south carolina to make a change. as i said earlier, they could be the leading pack in doing so. it's not going to eradicate racism because i believe it's like an elephant in the room. there has to be conversation. people can no longer ignore it. things do definitely need to change. and it needs to change swiftly. that is my opinion about the flag. >> we'll see if it comes down by the end of the week and things are move i swiftly. thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. so will chris christie have
11:24 am
to resign as governor of new jersey if he runs for the presidency? that's what some lawmakers in the garden state are asking him to do. why? we'll have the details after the break. and u.s. fighter jets have a close encounter with russian bombers near alaska. that's coming up later in the show. but first, a live look of pictures for the u.s. women's national team in los angeles. the entire team is there at a rally led by new superstar carli lloyd. they won the world cup decisively against japan sunday night.
11:25 am
11:26 am
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11:28 am
>> pilot of the military aircraft ejected safely and is enroute to a local hospital right now. >> all right. we don't know about the condition of the people flying the cessna 150. the national transportation safety board is heading there. senate armed services committee chair john mccain slammed strategy and the training of syrian rebel fighters. >> isil is not ten feet tall. it can be and must be defeated. but that will never happen if we continue to dillute ourselves about the current campaign. we are training about 60 fighters. after four years, mr. secretary, that's not an impressive number. >> now, senator mccain lashed
11:29 am
out as president obama saying the approach is inadequate and risked leaving the next president with a disaster. all right. new jersey governor chris christie could be forced to resign his post because of his presidential aspirationaspirations. lawmakers are allegedly requiring him to step down been out of the state so much this year as he campaigns for the republican nomination for president that something needs to be done. so this bill would require christie and any future governors to resign to run for the oval office. christie's office said he will not resign and veto any such bill. all right. so when we come back, much more on the latest revelations of bill cosby and why a judge decided to release this sealed information at this point in time. and what it may mean for any other cases that could come against cosby. but first, very sad news to report. hollywood producer jerry weintraub of "oceans 11" has passed away at the age of 77 of
11:30 am
apparently of a cardiac arrest. also this the actress angela peterson found dead in her home in colorado. police responded after she failed to show up for a meeting. he cause of death is not known. she was just 43 years old. erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra.
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11:34 am
them and bowman reacting last hour on this program to the admission from bill cosby and the released testimony of a 2005 lawsuit showing bill cosby first time admitting he acquired prescription quaaludes to give to women he intended to have sex with. the lawsuit was brought by one of dozens of women who have claimed cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. it was dismissed and then settled at a later time. cosby representatives said they'll release a statement tomorrow. he maintains his innocence and never criminally charged. some cosby defenders holding out jum for now. here's former "cosby show" actress raven simone talking about it on "the view." >> he gave me my first job but at the same time you know, you need the proof. and then i'll be able to give my judgment here or there. >> all right. you need the proof. francis joining us with a look
11:35 am
at the drug quaalude at the center of the revelations. this is what women say that he may have used to allegedly take advantage of them. >> right. a lot of talk about cosby's quaaludes, especially after the new revelations of deposition. what exactly are they? here's a brief history as we take a look. the technical name for quaaludes is methaqualode. nicknames are luds lemons and 714s. it was an anti-malaria drug. part sedative and sleeping pill and by the 1960s, manufactured in the united states. they were prescribed mostly to housewives of the time with trouble sleeping. that's according to "time" magazine by the '70s illegal use skyrocketed. teenagers use them to get high with alcohol for a drunken sleepy kind of high. but then there would be devastating consequences. respiratory arrest liver
11:36 am
damage coma also death according to pbs. abuse is linked to overdoses, suicide attempts injuries and even car accidents. and the abuse got so bad the feds made it a schedule 2 controlled substance in 1973. and by 1981 the drug enforcement agency rated them just behind marijuana use and i should say ranked. pbs says up to 90% of the world's production went into the illegal drug trade there. thomas, got so bad in 1980, total of 117 people died because of quaaludes. president ragan signed legislation to ban them four years later. with new details, we are asking you to get involved. do you think these new revelations actually change your opinion of bill cosby? that's what we're asking you. here's scoreboard. this has shot up a little bit. a few points previously around 77%. 70% i should say. now 77%.
11:37 am
23% saying no. so keep those votes coming. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. joining us now is chief legal correspondent, host of "the cycle." ari melber. this is a portion of the judge's decision of why he released what was sealed testimony. he said to the extent that the defendant freely entered the public square and thrust himself in the vortex of the issues he narrowed the zone of privacy he is entitled to claim. what is the judge saying there about bill cosby? because of his celebrity? >> close. i mean what you have in this area typically is that public persons, public officials, especially being a primary example, aren't entitled to the same privacy. a private person in a settlement never see the documents in the light of day. this is unusual because the associated press sued twice to get them and the judge is saying, yeah you don't have the same privacy. a person on twitter said
11:38 am
basically the judge seems to be using the same argument that the comedian hannibal burress did that he is a hypocrite. there's legal precedence here you get less privacy. >> looking at this from a criminal standpoint and for any woman who wants to allege sexual abuse and go after a criminal filing do they have the legal standing through any of the alleged abuse survivor that is have come forward? would they be able to prosecute bill cosby? >> most of the cases are essentially out of time. they passed the statute of limitations. some states run longer. new jersey and pennsylvania. even there we haven't seen prosecutors say they have the kind of evidence, the dna, the physical evidence to corroborate this. a sad part of this that makes the jobs of prosecutors is with drugging an individual and the main point of evidence you would have is testimony from that individual that's very difficult because that person even if honest will then say i
11:39 am
don't remember what happened or i only have a blurry memory of the beginning. that's the sad part of this kind of case with a fact pattern of basically serial abuse and raping through the drugs. but there is a difference here that's key. as opposed to yesterday, you now have an admission from the defendant. not from the journalists. not from the accusers. this is a defendant saying that at least as a general matter he was acquiring drugs to have intercourse with women with this. it is a damning admission and one we may see play out in civil cases. >> some of the verbage i'm using and people responding on twitter, if the actions are true and this alleged abuse happened this is not about intercourse or consensual sex but this is about assault and rape and we expect cosby again, maintained the innocence and never criminally charged and his representatives telling nbc they'll release a statement tomorrow. >> people talk about violence in the context of sex crimes using
11:40 am
these kinds of drugs on someone is a type of violence. right? it is creating the conditions wherein they're unable to consent and under the vast majority of state laws that lack of consent is forceable sexual conduct over rape and a very serious crime and obviously these are big allegations now that relate to comments he's made. we'll see what he says or the lawyers say tomorrow. >> okay. msnbc legal chief correspondent, see you next hour at 3:00 right here on "the cycle." a long day for you. long day. >> ed show at 5:00. i'm off "the cycle" today. sorry. >> thank you. appreciate it. donald trump, the saga worse for him and the gop. trump land, the pga cuts ties with him. at least nine. now the pga and trump agreed not to convene at his tower. trump doubled down on comments
11:41 am
of immigration drawing criticism for those on the left and some on the right. >> illegal immigration. we're talking about crime. you saw what happened the other day with the young lady in san francisco. it's a disgrace. you're talking about illegal immigration and it is a bad subject in this country and people don't have the guts to address it. >> joining me now is nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark we had trump issue a statement on monday about this. two selections. quote, the worst elements in mexico pushed into the united states. so what damage is donald trump doing to the gop brand if any? i mean are there some people because of the responses in the polls he's doing so well some might argue that this is a conversation that needs to be had? >> thomas i don't think it's helping at all with latino
11:42 am
voters a enthat's a huge segment. the republicans wanted to him prove on after the losses in 2012. if you remember correctly, president obama got 71% of the latino vote. mitt romney just 27%. so there was a really big objective to improve the republican party's standing with latinos. i think it's safe to say that the donald trump remarks aren't helping the republican party here. but, thomas also important to separate the rhetoric from the reality when it comes to immigration and illegal immigration of mexico. one, illegal immigration from mexico decreased over the last few years. deportations have gone up and then most importantly there have been studies shown that first generation immigrants had a lower overall crime rate than the populous at large and i think those statistics and reality is important when we're having this discussion and what donald trump's talking about. >> the rhetoric is definitely cherry picking certain things and that is keeping him up in the polls because if the debates were held tomorrow, he would
11:43 am
make it. we have "the washington post" quoting unnamed sources saying undocumented workers helping to finish one of the hotel projects trump has in d.c. right now, the old post office i think by the white house. if that's true it seems if his campaign facade come crumbling down around him because he would be actually using illegal labor to build his new hotel. >> well we all kind of knew this story was coming at some point, right, thomas? in the business i wouldn't be surprised on the golf courses that it might end up having a similar situation. but, you know you end up looking at donald trump and his ability to get 10% in the 10% which isn't that hard given name i.d. we're talking about him. that's the entry and able to get in the republican debates. >> mark murray, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. >> thank you. we move on to ask if you have seen this story.
11:44 am
paula deen making headlines far picture of her son apparently in brown face. two years after watching much of the cooking empire fall apart after accusations, deen posted this picture. she was leucine ball and her son painted brown and then the tweet was deleted. the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. that will cheer you up right? two americans and a brit was gored. eight others were also injured. some in serious condition. and then taking a look at terrifying crash that happened the stage three of the tour de france. 20 riders down in the nasty accident yesterday. five forced to abandon the race which continued today. all right. so in entertainment news justin bieber posted a rather entertaining photo. the bare bum.
11:45 am
has over 1.6 million likes. he he's vacationing in bora bora. he posted look over there and then pointed at the mountains. we blurred out his butt an saved you from that. finally, manager that the world's waiting for and likely never thought it would get. a skyscraper inspired by beyonce. there's an approval for the structure called the premier tower. it's not named after the pop icon but the architects behind the project say her video called "ghost" was their primary inspiration with the latest techniques it will understood late just like the star. yep. we'll be right back. guys listen up! jake, put that down point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel.
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or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. so the deadline for nuclear talks with iran has been pushed back once again. here's what the white house said just moments ago about the possibility of ever reaching a firm agreement. >> i don't know what the
11:49 am
outcome, likely outcome is right now. it's a possibility that we could -- because of the persistent negotiations, that have stretched on for significant number of days now, it is possible we could reach a final agreement. if iran is not able to sign on to an agreement that reflects the broader political agreement that was reached back in april then there won't be agreement. >> that seems definitive. i'm joined now by chris jansing. great to see you. explain the mood at the white house. the date line continues to move around. >> reporter: well, to say the least it moves around thomas. and they just don't know what's going to happen. where this is going. i think marie harf of the state department summed it up best earlier saying we're concerned more about the quality of the deal than the clock. but the clock does matter. it matters for a lot of reasons, not the least of which they have a couple of days to wrap it up going to another plan with
11:50 am
congress. will they be able to review it for 30 days if they get this done by thursday? or will it go to 60 day which is allows the opposition more time? what we learned late this afternoon the president is briefed on this several times a day and folks directly involved in these conversations in ginaeneva and white house staff keeping in touch. the president will be meeting with senate democrats, one of the topics as is likely to be conversation about when's going on with greece and the president's efforts including a conversation with the leader over there to assure them that the united states wants greece to remain in the eurozone. thomas? >> chris, great to see you, thank you. >> reporter: you, too. we have a new statement just in from the attorney of subway representative jared fogle. it says quote, jared is coop ratding. and continues to cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified
11:51 am
charges and looks forward to its conclusion. he has not been detained arrested or charged with any crime or offense. now, again, that statement just in from jared fogle's attorney and the allegation of whether or not he was involved with any type of child pornography because of one of his associates from his charitable foundation arrested for it. we'll be right back. isoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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so while you were celebrating independence day, american fighter jets were intercepting russian bombers headed for the west coast. nbc's amalgeur had a look at how they protect american's borders 24/7/365. >> reporter: red alert on the alaskan frontier. every second crucial.
11:55 am
the mission -- get airborne as fast as possible. >> it's adrenaline pumping time. no doubt. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: for these pilots, the job is a dangerous one. seek and intercept russian bombers as they did twice on the fourth of july. a mission the alaskan air command performs an average of ten times a year. last year bombers within 50 miles of the west coast. >> it speaks to perhaps an intent from russia to just be provocative. >> reporter: this, the first line of defense, a remote world war ii era installation at the westernmost tent of alaska. >> russia is 35 miles in that direction. >> reporter: there are 15 remote radar stations like this one scattered all across alaska. they're in some of the most remote and rugged terrain anywhere in the world. it's monoitored at the air
11:56 am
defense squadron spotting any suspicious aircraft headed toward north american air space and these are the pilots that answer the call of duty. >> europe you see the other pilots. >> reporter: using hand signals, the f-22 pilots steer the foreign bombers back towards rush why away from american shores. >> the american public expects us to defend and maintain air sovereignty over the skies of alaska and entire united states and so we're going to make sure we get the job done. >> reporter: getting the job done where the stakes couldn't be higher. >> wow. norad officials stress they never reached american air space on fourth of july. that wraps it up for today's show. thank you for your time. see you back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern. "the psychcycle" is next. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... deal or no deal? how about we just go with delay?
12:00 pm
good afternoon. i'm crystal ball. as we come on the iran nuclear deadline is pushed again. the deal worked in vienna supposed to be done deal last week but talks were extended until tonight. and then today they were extended through friday. iran says they don't care about the clock. they have got all the time in the world if the deal is good for them. teheran and six world powers including the u.s. remain at odds over how to verify if iran is actually restricting its nuclear program and iran's got a 11th hour demand they want the united nations to lift a ban on nonnuclear but deadly ballistic missiles. >> i'm not in a position where i'm prepared to nor would i predict it will get done by a certain date or even leslie it will get done at all. again, the


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