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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 9, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you're looking at a live picture of the confederate battle flag that is still flying on the grounds of the south carolina statehouse. but that will not be the case for very long. at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, south carolina governor nikki haley will formally sign into law the bill ordering its removal and it will come down tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the flag has been there since 1961. first on the capitol dome then moved to the front of the statehouse in the year 2000. but tonight after the deaths of nine african-american churchgoers including state senator clementa pinckney, it will finally come down. in a statement this morning, the governor praised lawmakers for passing the bill saying quote, it is a new day in south carolina, a day we can all be proud of a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal as one people and one state. house lawmakers passed the
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measure at about 1:00 a.m. this morning with a final vote of 94-20. the vote followed more than 15 hours of intense debate on the house floor, including this emotional plea from state representative jenny horne, a direct descendant of confederate soldier, jefferson davis. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday! and if any of you vote to amend, you are ensuring that this flag will fly beyond friday. and for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters, that would be adding insult to injury. and i will not be a part of it!
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i'm sorry, i have heard enough about heritage. >> msnbc national correspondent joy reid joins me now from columbia. joy, just first, i'd love to hear the reaction from some of those people standing there behind you. i know you've been there for a few days. what are they saying now? >> reporter: well, tamron, good morning. absolute jubilation from the people who have come by a little bit earlier today. gilda cobb hunter who was one of the democrats who led the effort to come up with a compromise to get that vote through after 55 amendments, most introduced by just one republican member of the house. people coming up and hugging her. and people expressing pride in the state. one young woman came by and said she's proud to be a south carolinian today because of the way the state came together. but people wistful about the tragedy you mentioned, the fact that it took the deaths of nine
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people including reverend clementa pinckney who served in this statehouse to make that happen. but people are very relieved and very proud of the state this morning. >> take us through what will happen. at 4:00 local time the governor will sign this measure. and then tomorrow, are they planning a ceremony? are they trying to just downplay this and bring that flag down? what do we know on how this will play out tomorrow? >> reporter: that has been one of the questions is how ceremonial will it be? we know the signing ceremony that takes place today on the second floor of the capitol building will be a formal signing ceremony. one of the things to look out for is whether family members of what they call the charleston 9 will be there for the signing ceremony. we expect some of those family members will probably be here as nikki haley signs. the bill has been certified by the house speaker, that was the legal requirement to take it to its next step. once the governor signed it. the lieutenant governor has already signed off on it as well. once the governor signs it there are 24 hours that kick in
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under state law for the flag to actually come down. we expect that to happen tomorrow morning. big question there, will there be any sort of a ceremonial bringing down of the flag? it's not a governmental flag so the same rules of bringing don't a flag don't apply. the question will be how big they want to go with it. >> after the flag is taken down do we know if it's going to be placed in a museum? what will happen after that? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. the legislation that passed now both chambers of the legislature here requires it to be placed in what's called the relic room. that is a room inside the state museum which is actually only a couple of blocks away from here. it will be placed there with other civil war era relic everything from other flags to other implements of the civil war. that is where it will be housed. >> joy reid, thank you very much. great reporting. governor nikki haley will sign that legislation today and tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. that confederate battle flag will come down.
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and now to 2016 politics reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee, called donald trump yesterday and reportedly asked him to quote, tone it down when it comes to his comments on immigration. that's according to an nbc source briefed on the conversation. but donald trump is now pushing back. this morning trump tweeted, quote, totally false reporting on my call with reince priebus. he called me ten minutes, said i hit a nerve, doing well, end. the call from priebus which has been confirmed by the rnc came just hours after trump sat down for an extensive and at times testy interview with nbc's katy tur. trump told nbc he has nothing to apologize for and he vowed to keep immigration at the forefront of his campaign. he also downplayed the impact the controversy has had on him financially. >> this is too important. yeah, i'm losing some contracts, who cares? people politically -- they're weak and they want to be politically correct. you wouldn't even be hearing
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about the word immigration if it wasn't for donald trump. immigration is a word illegal immigration, i brought the whole subject up. >> but yesterday trump lost another business partner, jose andre says he is backing out of a deal to open a flagship restaurant in trump's new washington, d.c. hotel. in response, trump promised to sue the chef for the entirety of the ten-year lease. joining me now, "washington post" columnist dana milbank and rich galen. thank you so much for joining me, gentlemen. >> nice to be with you. >> dana, let me start with you. you wrote in "the washington post," there's one party that can't dump trump, the republican party. you have sources telling nbc about this conversation with reince priebus, the rnc confirming a call took place. and then donald trump saying that's not what happened i got a slap on the back in so many words saying, good job. >> yeah. i'm afraid for reince priebus'
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sake that that man can't be controlled. that's why i say the republican party can't dump trump. basically he's playing the party. he had none of these views before coming into this election season. and he said, all right, what do i need to do to catch the attention of the republican primary electorate. and he picked immigration. he's hitting it very hard getting a lot of attention. he knows that's what he needs to do to bump himself up into the polls to get onto the debate stage. it happens to be the exact opposite of what i heard him saying 15 years ago when he thought he was going to run for president with the reform party. he's a fraud but he's playing the party and the republican primary electorate very well. >> rich, you're a republican strategist. do you believe that donald trump is a fraud, as characterized by dana there? >> well indeed this great line some are poll numbers for
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novelty candidates such as trump tend to be as perishable as ice cream cones. i think that's exactly what we're seeing. people are more sophisticated when it comes to voting than we give them credit for. they may be telling a pollster on the phone that they favor trump. but two things one, people who make their living being shocking at some point as they cry to expand the outrageous envelope to keep getting covered will cross over a line. but the other side of that is to dana's point, all the coverage that donald is getting is suffocating those candidates who are below the cut line, the ten-person cut line for the debate. they can't get any coverage. >> let me go back to what you were discussing regarding what the republican voters who were polled in these samplings, what they are saying. he's second in new hampshire, another poll shows he may be in first. you are looking at new hampshire where we've always been told this is the savvier crowd of voters the people who become
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engaged a little earlier than the rest of the country. if you dismiss this poll are you dismissing some of the republican base who seem to like what they are hearing in donald trump, i'll stretch it over to arizona where he insists he's more popular than any other politician in that state. >> yeah, but's a novelty candidate, novelty candidates tend to have a short shelf life. we see it in almost -- >> why is he popular right now? why do you believe some within the republican base are supporting him? >> he's fun to listen to. people actually may believe what he's saying or may agree with what he's saying in the abstract. but the type of language he's using and the type of -- and the fact that he keeps pressing his bet sooner or later will turn people off. >> dana, i'm intrigued by this. if you dismiss donald trump and his language his rhetoric you are in many ways dismissing these people who say -- >> why do you keep saying that?
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>> that's what the polling shows. >> it doesn't mean you're dismissing those people. it means they're doing a poll in the middle of july. >> what you just said to me was these people will say anything when they're polled that may be not what they believe. so you're then not taking these individuals -- you tell me. let's go to new hampshire. >> you're exactly right. "the washington post" agrees with me that he's a novelty candidate. elvis presley was very popular if he were to run for president, he would have gotten a lot of early numbers -- >> elvis presley wasn't talking about immigration and mexicans being rapists and murderers. what i'm saying to you, donald trump has said that he believes mexico is sending in people who are rapists and murderers. >> i know what he's saying. you're trying to portray him as the darling of the republican party -- >> no, i'm not. he's in second place in the polls.
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why would they do that? >> if i could say -- >> oh it's summer i'm going to lie to the pollster. >> that's right. >> some of those people polled would say they're being honest and i don't think they would appreciate you saying their feelings are just a whim of a summer conversation. there are people who support donald trump. >> not enough to get him the nomination. >> that's not what we're talking about. we're saying right now where he stands. go ahead dana. >> two things are going on here. he has celebrity appeal that bumps him up in the polls. the other piece is he is right in terms of the republican primary electorate on all these issues. i think rich is right. he's perishable. the question is, when does he perish? i don't think anybody believes that donald trump is going to be the president, much less the republican nominee. >> what we're talking about is the conversation we're having an immigration. it is being dictated by donald trump.
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he is attracting some support. we're not saying who is going to win the race for president. we really don't know. but the safe bet is he is not. what we cannot ignore is that suddenly there are people who do not agree with him that folks are just telling pollsters this for giggles. i could use another word they use for it. >> i don't think that's true. i think he is perishable but the immigration point is -- this is what i was writing about, the things he's talking about in terms of criminals coming across the border this is the exact same thing we heard from jan brewer and the others in arizona in 2010. this is the same sort of thing, other candidates talking about self-deportation have said just not in as strident a tone. he's a carnival barker but he picked the policy contrary to his own previous views that he knew would fire up the electorate. >> absolutely. and he's a threat to the party in many ways as articulated by a number of candidates, including jeb bush who are concerned of
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what he could do to the party overall. >> i don't think that's right. i think people are more sophisticated than that. and not only that but it also gives somebody like bush the principal opponent in all this a chance to really draw a very bright line between his immigration policy and trump's. i think it's helpful. >> we'll see if it's helpful to the party. thank you both. now to baltimore where the city's police commissioner has been fired. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced yesterday that police commissioner anthony batts is being replaced after nearly three years on the job. his firing came hours after the city's police union issued a report critical of the department's response to the riots that erupted in april after freddie gray died of injuries suffered while in police custody. the mayor denies that report influenced her decision but said batts had become quote, a distraction to hinder efforts to fight a resurgence in crime.
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156 murders in baltimore so far this year. a 50% increase over last year and more than half have occurred after the death of freddie gray. >> it is with the utmost urgency that we get the crime surge under control. and when the focus is on repeatedly -- on the leadership on who supports the leader who doesn't support the leader that's attention that we're all taking away from the essential work that we all have to do together. >> the city's deputy police commissioner, kevin davis, has been named interim commissioner. joining me live baltimore city councilman brandon scott. thank you so much for joining us, councilman. let's start off with what happens next. you have an interim commissioner here. with this amount of crime, the uptick in crime, seems you would want to fill that void as soon as possible. >> yeah we know that we have to
8:15 am
see what the mayor is going to do about hiring a permanent new commissioner. but right now, commissioner davis is quite capable of moving the department where it needs to go. we have commanders and officers that can do their job. now they have a big distraction gone. we have to move on. you can't cry over spilt milk. we have to have someone to bring the city together that has the respect of the officers of the citizens of the business leaders and the religious leaders in our community. >> what has gone wrong there that you've seen an increase in the crime to the numbers we just cited? >> well i think that you have a perfect storm of bad things happening. we had the uprising and we had issues with police and the community, we have issues with police and the commissioner. we have an element in the street that feels validated for whatever reason after this incidence in uprising. people are taking advantage of things. we're a city that's come so far
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in fighting violent crime that we can't stand back and let this go back to the days i remember as a kid. this is the first time since i was a child that we've had these amount of shootings and homicides. and when we have 7-year-old children being shot in the head at their dinner table, it's time for folks to do more. that starts with me myself every morning i get up and say, what can brandon scott do better and it starts with everyone else in the city as well. >> what is the city going to do for example, community policing, to your point. the police department a new leader will be put into place here. but how much of the focus will also be on community policing and going back to where much of this started, the national attention of the relationship that police have with minority communities? >> we know that we have to repair relationships and rebuild relationships. that starts at the top but it's different. we've already started that in some areas, in my district in particular. we're starting to foster conversations with young people and police officers. i have a football league where
8:17 am
we have police officers that are the coaches. but we have to get more in-depth, break down the policy issues we have. it's not just the police department. we have community issues. and we have to have a commissioner that understands that. they're not going to be the person to solve everything but they play a big part of i. and we have to all come to the table, community, police police union, commissioners, elected officials. bringing these folks together and have the tough conversation listen we all make mistakes, we all have biases that are wrong and we have to do what's best for the citizens of baltimore, not individuals of one particular group. >> thank you so much, mr. councilman. we'll continue to follow the latest developments out of baltimore as that city is in transition. coming up, a day after the new york stock exchange, united airlines and "the wall street journal" all suffered so-called computer glitch, the question now, what really happened and how vulnerable are we? and jeb bush is clarifying this suggestion on how to grow the economy. >> it means that people need to work longer hours.
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that's the only way we're going to get out of this rut that we're in. >> more of bush's explanation and what hillary clinton is saying about it. it is part of this morning's first read. plus this -- ♪ >> that is a clip from the documentary about amy winehouse that critics describe as intense and probing. coming up i'll talk with the director about the young singer who died at the height of her success. joinous conversation online. find me on facebook, twitter and instagram. [ school bell rings ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting?
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developing now, the new york stock exchange, united airlines and "the wall street journal" website are all reporting normal operations this morning after
8:22 am
being shut down yesterday by quote, technical glitches. trading on the nyse was suspended for more than 3 1/2 hours, united planes grounded worldwide for nearly two hours and "the wall street journal's" website was shut down for a short time yesterday. officials say the problems were unrelated and insist they were not the result of a cyber attack. however, a cryptic tweet by the computer hacking group anonymous is raising some eyebrows. the night before the new york stock exchange outage, it tweeted, wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for wall street, we can only hope. however, today is a good day so far, the dow is up 168 points even in the middle of fears regarding china and greece and their economy. joining me live now, tom kellerman, the chief cyber security officer at trend micro previously served on president obama's cyber security commission and on the world bank security team. thank you so much for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> let me get your thoughts obviously online and we know that conspiracy theories can be
8:23 am
found on any topic. but when you have anonymous sending out this tweet referring to wall street is it fair this early to dismiss that maybe this could have been something more than a glitch? >> i think that it's not fair to be dismissive whatsoever. the investigation is ongoing. i don't think we're going to understand the truth to this matter for a couple of months yet. the fbi and secret service are fully engaging in the investigation. hopefully they've been allowed in to both united and the new york stock exchange to understand what's occurred. but we need to pay attention to realities here. many times, that's software glitches occur internally or they can be introduced by a hacker. so that's the real question here. was it introduced by a hacker? is that why things have failed or because someone internally made a massive mistake. >> willie geist said when we think of a glitch, we think of buffering.
8:24 am
not an entire shutdown of the new york stock exchange and some 3,500 flights affected by united. with that said you're looking at some of these major companies. are they putting enough money back in to protect given the threats that we know exist if this is hacking or otherwise? >> no. simply, no. they're investing less than 8% of their i.t. budgets in securing the i.t. and they're appreciating nothing other than the efficiencies and greater access. they need to appreciate the fundamental facts that cyberspace is a dangerous environment. more criminals have access to cyber weapons that allow them to break into most systems over the world as ease if they download a nuclear exploit kit or angler exploit kit, they can bypass most of the security defenses in most organizations. >> with that said it is likely that all of these companies or agencies will participate in any
8:25 am
investigation with the fbi or cyber crimes unit. with that said do you feel that they're open? yesterday, for example, with the new york stock exchange there was a statement that came out very early but it was also very cryptic. >> many times they're not. we need to appreciate the fact that people view law enforcement sometimes as problematic to not only their reputation but to the long-term legal liability that is may ensue. i see law enforcement as your best friend in this regard. they've done a herculean task to help in this regard. there's an arms bazaar of different tools out there that hackers use. they can use them at will and they only have to be right once. the real question is were they right? a group like anonymous, you have to respect their sophistication. at a minimum, you have to respect that. >> interesting to see what happens next and what their
8:26 am
investigation will turn up. tom, thank you so much. we greatly appreciate it. up next the fbi is searching for hundreds of victims in a so-called sextortion scheme. it involves a man who's been blackmailing young women to send him explicit images. i'll talk with the fbi investigator on this case. they say there could be hundreds of people who are victimized in this. and msnbc has a big announcement about this year's global citizen festival. beyonce will join pearl jam, ed sheeran and coldplay in a special free concert with one goal -- to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. join us september 26th for special live coverage of this incredible festival. >> i'm proud to announce we'll be joining global citizen with the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. time for change will be bringing hundreds of initiatives dedicated to education, health
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i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. welcome back. the fbi is looking for hundreds of people who may be victims of a so-called sextortion. agents say lucas chancellor victimized almost 350 teenage girls over several years and they've only identified about 100 of them. chancellor targeted the girls on social networking sites, recording them exposing themselves, then blackmailed them into sending him graphic images and videos. he's now serving 105 years in prison. on child porn charges. it spans canada and great britain as well as the united states. but there are 250 victims they want to find. cassidy wolf made headlines in 2013 when she became a victim of sextortion.
8:31 am
a perpetrator hacked into her webcam and as many as 150 other online accounts. joining me now, special agent larry meyer and wendy nogle with "glamour" magazine. wendy, when i read this i got chills, goose bumps, thinking this person basically sat in his mother's home and preyed anon all these young girls. >> the fbi found him living above his mother's garage. he reached out to ashley and she told us that she was just sitting on the deck of her aunt's house in arizona getting a text message and it suddenly said, i have naked pictures of you. if you don't send me more i will send these to all of your friends. and she was terrified and not sure what to do. >> did he actually have images of her? >> no he did not. but this is a common tactic that
8:32 am
they use. and ashley thought, well i've been on webcams and she thought, maybe i left my webcam on at night in my bedroom and i was getting undressed. and she started to have these doubts creep in because he was bombarding her with message after message. >> larry, when i look at that map and how many cases you're looking at across the country and in other countries here did this guy just sit there day and night looking for people? how did he find the victims here? >> actually he was full-time college student while he was doing this. and he had his computer set up in his bedroom and he would peruse through myspace and stick-cam, a video chat program similar to skype is today. and he would go around in
8:33 am
cyberspace looking for young teenage girls who he found attractive or someone he felt he could victimize. >> again, when you look at these cases, hundreds of them -- and we talk a lot about how the law is behind technology or technology has provided bad people a chance to do things unimaginable. when you first saw this case, what did you think was happening here? >> actually it came to us -- i was the duty agent in the jacksonville office that day. it was december 30th of 2009 and literally it was five minutes until 5:00 when i got a call from the national center for missing and exploited children. and one of our analysts up there had said that this complaint had come in to the national center for missing and exploited children from a victim's mother, subsequently ashley reynolds. and explained what had gone on there. and further analysis complaints
8:34 am
that had been received by the center tied it to possibly two or three other complaints hence the case was referred to the fbi. during their analysis there at the center they were able to trace back the i.p. address which came back to the comcast account of the chancellors who were living here in jacksonville. >> incredible. wendy, i know that ashley at the time was 14 years old. the average age of the victims, 15. "glamour" does a great job of reporting but also telling people how to protect yourself. so what is -- what can we take away, especially young people, young girls who are on social media? >> the most important thing is if you don't know the person behind that handle, don't engage at all. also if you are putting anything up on social media on your own facebook page or sharing images with someone, if it's not nothing you're willing to show
8:35 am
your grandmother, really really think twice because once those images are out there, there's really nothing you can do to get them back. also if you are a parent make sure you're checking in on your kids. kids today are so comfortable in this online environment. they're used to chatting with strangers in chat rooms for games and things like that. so it's very natural. they think they can handle this. and what we found with ashley is she was actually afraid to tell her parents about this because she thought she would get in trouble. she knew pornography was illegal. she thought she would go to jail. >> incredible story. and obviously the investigation continues as we pointed out there, at least 100 other victims that have not been identified yet. thank you so much for your time, wendy. and, larry, thank you as well. we'll keep our audience up to date on this. you should read this "glamour" article. if you have a teenager, have them read it, too. coming up, medicare plans to pay doctors to cover end-of-life counseling, a plan opponents call death panels.
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we are back with our first read on politics this morning. jeb bush says americans need to work longer hours. that comment raising eyebrows today and democrats are jumping all over it. but bush says he's been taken out of context. joining me live now, marc murray. before we talk about jeb bush a new company saying it's breaking its ties with donald trump, perfume mania says it's winding down its retail business with donald trump fragrance brand, according to the brand's publicist, jonah wax there. >> the hits keep on coming for donald trump. and this comes after we learned last night that reince priebus, the chairman of the republicans national committee, told donald trump, according to "the washington post," to start toning it down on immigration. but donald trump tweeted that reince priebus and i had a nice
8:40 am
talk and that i dispute some of his characterizations of what we were talking about. it's clear that donald trump isn't going away politically even though many or more businesses are cutting ties or distancing themselves from donald trump. >> let's talk about jeb bush and the comments people have been discussing. >> on the face of it it looks like one of your gaffes in american politics on the presidential campaign trail. the headline that democrats want out of this is that rich guy jeb bush wants americans to work longer hours. but the jeb bush campaign was quick to point out what they were talking about was -- what he wanted to stress was that people who are working as part-timers have the ability to actually be full-time employees. but there is a bigger philosophical debate on all this. that is, what is the better way to prosperity? should there be more worker productivity or more wage compensation compensation? is there a productivity problem or is wage stagnation the problem and the statistics end up showing that wages haven't
8:41 am
been rising as much as productivity has been. >> and i should play what jeb bush said in his own words when he was speaking to the new hampshire union leaders editorial board. let's play that. >> my aspiration for the country is 4% growth as far as the eye can see, which means we have to be a lot more productive workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. it means that people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more income for their families. that's the only way we're going to get out of this rut that we're in. >> the clarification there, do you see it as being enough? >> tamron a lot of it depends on what was going on. what i do think politically this is going to come from is that jeb bush is saying greater prosperity means that workers are more productive that people are working longer hours and a lot of democrats are going to push back and say the problem is that employers aren't giving their employees enough money.
8:42 am
there should be a minimum wage increase more overtime pay. that is probably your bigger political disagreement in the months ahead. >> thank you very much. have a great day. see you tomorrow. coming up, the search is expanding for three sisters who vanished on a backpacking trip in wyoming. it is one of the stories we're updating for you this morning around the "news nation." and this -- >> [ bleep ]. >> a lot of people not happy this morning with pop star ariana grande. she is apologizing for saying those words that she hates america. the video was obtained by tmz and now her behavior there is under investigation. we'll explain what's going on there and why some are saying her apology is really not an apology. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection
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are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. ariana grande is apologizing for saying she hats america. tmz posted the video on its website.
8:46 am
the pop star said it while at a southern california doughnut shop where she was also seen on tape licking a doughnut meant for other customers. now the public health department is investigating her actions. ♪ ariana grande has a big problem and it's gone viral. tmz posted this video tuesday. surveillance footage showing the 22-year-old singer in a doughnut shop with friends. she appears to lick the pastries on display and then makes a questionable anti-american remark. the clip quickly spread across the internet sparking intense backlash against the singer. now california police along with local public health officials are investigating her actions. wednesday grande apologized online saying in part i am extremely proud to be an american and i've always made it clear that i love my country.
8:47 am
she added, the fact that the united states has one of the highest child obesity rates in the world frustrates me. however, i should have known better in how i expressed myself. angry fans have been outspoken in response to the apology. one saying i love you to pieces, but it really was unacceptable what you did. another, this isn't really an apology, this is you ranting about the obesity rate in america. ariana grande has pulled out of the major league baseball all-star game concert. she's been replaced by demi lovato. grande claims it's because she just had surgery on her wisdom teeth. up next a look at the riveting documentary about the life of amy winehouse. ♪ i'll talk live with the film's director about the controversial claims and why amy winehouse's father is now threatening legal action.
8:48 am
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welcome back. this marks four years since the death of grammy award winning singer amy winehousewinehouse. while her struggle ultimately led to her death it was her fern nominal talent that caught the world's attention. six grammy wins in a single world, second only to beyonce. she made history by pulling off a sweep win for every category she was nominated. and now for the first time ever we're getting a deeper look at just how vastly talented she was and how she cope with her sudden rise to fame. >> i don't think i knew what a person was. i know i felt funny sometimes, that i was different. musician. that's why i like music. i look like some messed up person. a lot of people suffer with depression that does have
8:52 am
outlets. half an hour and -- >> the new dock mintumentary "amy" captures it through her own voice and through those who knew her best. joining me now is the director of the film. i saw this documentary a couple weeks ago. quest love was there. he was moved so much so that he actually took a break and left out of the doc. he was supposed to work with automatic my on her return to music. they were hoping to work together. first, i was stunned be i the the amount of personal video you were able to getting access to. >> the nature of the film started, i did a little research, talked to a lot of people first and had to earn the trust of her circle her friends, her family band member everyone around her. once they trusted me and had opened up and started to talk all of them sort of said well, i've got some photographs, i've got home videos answer phone
8:53 am
messages. everyone had a personal memory which they were really el willing to share. it was little bits and pieces from parts of the world. >> it's interesting you used the word trust because i found many people close to her have been guarded about what happened to amy. i think for a number of reasons. they saw her, and you point out how she became this cruel joke to people comedians on late nights shows and everyone misunderstood in so many ways what was happening. this was a girl struggling in front of all off us. >> i think that's the big thing. the film started off about amy and about her as an artist. how brilliant, funny, intelligent she was, how witty, how she wrote the songs, played the guitar. really nobody in the u.s. knew any of this. we came into this story quite late here. after "back to black." then she became easy to make fun of because no one spoke up no one to defend her. the film is about who she really was and how the fame is k. not
8:54 am
be great for everyone. not everyone wants that. >> she says at one point she doesn't want the fame for fear of what it would do to her. >> yeah. >> which is incredible to hear that. >> yeah. no, she was aware that even though she was an artist she wanted the music to do well and she wanted to create she was worried. i guess you can hear that in her voice. she was worried about what it might do to her. >> she knew herself better than anyone. let me play another clip from the documentary, please. ♪ so we learn like the true story behind those lyrics and that voice. i said yesterday, you know i have my four voices aretha franklin lena horne, amy winehouse is one of them as
8:55 am
well. what is it about that that smokey voice and that spirit that i think still mystifies us? >> i don't know. you know people around her really know what they're talking about and the music would say meet this girl and it just -- the voice didn't fit the body. she's tiny, petite jewish girl from london but she sounded like a 65-year-old black woman. she was almost carrying this other energy within her. it didn't fit. she had it. she was born with it. she had something special. >> her father has expressed his unhappiness with this documentary. what is your response to the threat of legal action from him? >> i think the film is made up of archive and sbe viewinterviews i did. it's honest -- it's the essence of what i saw that was going on around her. in a way everyone has seen the film, 99.9% of the people who contributed to the film have seen the film all say it's honest. even if they don't come out of the film as well, they admitted. one, the real amy came across.
8:56 am
>> i left with the feel that her life could have been saved. that there were so many points along. to your point, well before" back to black," well before we got to know her as the singer amy winehouse winehouse, there was a chance to see her. brilliant job. if you're a fan, you should do it. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. check out our gut check online and "andrea mitchell reports" is up next. she has an interview with senator john mccain. o insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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9:00 am
tone deaf? the head of the gop tells presidential candidate donald trump to tone it down after his bomb bass tick interview with nbc's katie tur. >> i have a great relationship with the mexican people. i have many people working for me. i have many legal immigrants working for me. many of them come from mexico. they love me. i love them. if i get the nomination i'll win the latino vote. and coming down after an emotion emotional debate south carolina lawmakers vote to remove the confederate battle flag from the state house grounds. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday.


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