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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 9, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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andrea any indication here they may blee through yet another deadline tomorrow or any idea what secretary kerry is going to say? >> reporter: yeah in fact that is exactly what's going to happen. i'm in a throng of reporters, hundreds of reporters from around the world gathered outside the door. the french minister just came out and said the last 100 meters are the hardest and that they're going to work through the night. and clearly they are not going to make congressional deadline of midnight back in the u.s. it's already 7:00 p.m. here. after 7:00 p.m. and now they're going to work through the night here. but likely they are willing to stay through the weekend if they have to. so if they're making progress, i think that this is not at -- yet and what do we expect secretary carry say, as long as they are making progress they will continue. they've done 20 months of work here. they have accomplished a lot in terms of getting closer to an
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agreement by drafting language that is agreed to by all sides. that's seven countries. and the european union. but there are lots remaining issues. and one in particular is the one the iranians and russians are supporting. the iranians brought up this week basically the u.n. resolutions are conventional on sales to and from iran sales the russians can profit greatly from if those resolutions were lifted. that is a nonstarter as far as the u.s. is concerned. the question is whether they will make any compromiseing here frankly within the last hour i was talking to democratic senator chris coons of the foreign relations committee and he said that is a nonstarter for him. he and the other -- they want to look closely at this. it's not just john mccain and other republicans who are very skeptical about what is being
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negotiated here in vienna. francis? >> all right. and we're asking our viewers to bear with us as we're speaking to you, understand andrea mitchell is there awaiting this press conference with a throng of reporters so you can understand the background noise there with us. andrea, assume that you can hear me, talk to me a little bit about what the white house is being looped in. i understand the president had a videoconference with secretary kerry and others as far as the u.s. negotiating team there in vienna. >> reporter: that was a very important moment. and you're right, i'm standing on a box up against a fence. there must be i would say, about 300 or 400 reporters and camera people from all over the world. and basically we're all jammed in waiting for them to come out and a to us. there was a huge rainstorm. there was bad weather when i spoke with you earlier today at 10:00 and it cleared out. hopefully they will come out shortly between the window of rainstorms. the president briefing was basically to tell them what his red lines are.
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i think from what the senator just said president is going to reject very tough -- partly for iran's benefit, partly for members of congress and also partly probably the reality that president feels they should not be making compromises here any greater than what he has said are his bottom line. very pessimistic thing he said that there is a less than 50/50 chance there will be a deal. >> we will see you and shetdd more light on that when secretary kerry walks up to the peed yum and gives his remarks. once that happens we will bring it to you live here on msnbc. andrea mitchell thank you so much. let's check in with youer later on. you can watch "andrea mitchell reports" weekdays at noon eastern here on msnbc. another historic next 24 hours in south carolina. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the confederate flag you see flying there on the state
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capitol grounds will be removed. it will be gone. it's been flying there in some form for over 50 years. governor nikki haley will hold a signing ceremony today at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. lawmakers gave final approval to the early measure this morning after 13 hours of debate. at some point that debate grew contentious and emotional. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. >> strong words and emotion from jenny horne there. joy, governor nikki haley is calm calling this a gnaw day for south carolina. now that they've been able to absorb that raw powerful emotion there's a lot of relief as far
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as reaction from the people there today. >> reporter: of course there is raw emotion on the other side, too. i was scrolling through nikki haley's gubernatorial facebook page angry candidates very upset in their view she turned against the flag that they still support as a heritage flag for them. they don't like the idea that he was backing this move to take the confederate flag down. as you saw after 15 hours of contentious debate 55 different amendments, most of them offered by just one state house member that flag is coming down. we're expecting that signing ceremony to start at 4:00 p.m. inside the capitol building up on the second floor. and then tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the actual removal of the flag. francis, what we are still awaiting are the details of how that flag comes down. what will be done by the governor's office in terms of will there be a ceremony or will they just pull it down and be done with it. we're expecting lots of people to be here tomorrow. one of the things we're looking for is whether or not any of the family of the charleston 9, 9 people killed inside mother
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emanuel church will come either today or tomorrow. >> you spoke with some people there as again, people are expected to gather maybe looking at it for one last time. here's more from what some of the people there in south carolina, columbia had to say. let's listen. >> i saw this flag all my life. so i despice that flag. i think it's the same as swastika, so i love it. i'm so happy. >> this symbol of hate needs to go. and i'm so proud that they're taking it down. and i drove from charlotte so my daughter could see it. i want her to be here to see history. >> and that's a 70ment from people who want that taken down but, joy, we've also been hearing from the opponents. i'm sure they're expected to gather there as well. some who have called this vote the flag being hijacked and abducted by racists. >> preerwe're presuming there will be protesters here. a small number is here waving
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confederate flags and voicing their opposition of what took place in the state house in the wee hours of the morning. for the very most part the two sound bites are representative of what we've been hearing. this is a state park. there have been a lot of student groups coming through, tourists coming through. the people we have spoken with are happy about the flag coming down. a little bit earlier gilda cobb hunter one of the leaders of the democratic caucus who crafted to deal to get the flag vote through was down here getting hugs from candidates, happy to meet her, call her the lady in green from last night who they saw speaking on the air and of course on the "rachel maddow" show as they saw that debate taking place. we are expecting some counter protesters once the actual signing of that bill takes place today and once it comes down tomorrow. >> signing happening at 4:00 p.m. eastern time there in columbia, south carolina. msnbc's joy reid, appreciate the update. this morning outraged u.s. congressman brought images of the confederate battle flag to the floor of the house of
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representatives. amendment to an interior bill passed late last night would undo new restriction on the flag. it would also allow the flag to remain on graves and in gift shops on federal land. today house speaker john boehner told reporters he's decided to pull the spending bill and he also had a message for what he called the adults in the room. >> i actually think it's time for some adults here in the congress to actually sit down and have a conversation about how to address this issue. >> and nbc's luke russert asked boehner if he thought the flag should remain at confederate cemeteries and boehner said no. phone call between donald trump and the head of the gop is now the latest source of controversy surrounding the presidential candidate. "the washington post" quotes unnamed sources who say quote, the call lasted about 45 minutes. and that priebus was cordial urging trump to quote, tone it down. that's in regards to comments he made about mexicans and
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immigration. "the new york times" later spoke with trump and trump agrees that priebus said if you could tone it down that wouldn't be bad. however, trump says the call was more of a congress grat latory call and last the call lasted for ten minutes, maximum 15 minutes. trump includes this hit on the rnc chair saying, quote, he knows better than to lecture me. we're not dealing with a five-star army general. co-authored the "post" story about the conversation. this is what trump tweeted about your report about 9:00 or 10:00 eastern time this morning. he said totally false reporting on my call with priebus. he said i hit a nerve, doing well. and -- here's your chance now to reply to mr. trump and that false reporting in his words. >> well, it was not false reporting. i just got off the phone with mr. trump. we spoke for 30 minutes. on the record he talked about his view of the call. he said chairman priebus did ask
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him to tone down his comments on immigration. which many party leaders see as inflammatory. he said his dispute was on the timing of the call. he said as you reported for about 10 to 15 minutes the donors who i had spoken to who had been briefed on the call close to priebus, they said it was about nearly an hour 45 minutes. so that's the dispute. but it's not in dispute that chairman priebus did ask donald trump to soften his tone and to speak in a more measured way. >> well, the account of what actually happened and what was talked about in that phone conversation was one thing. but that comes after nbc's katy tur and that interview with donald trump. he said he had nothing to apologize for. and if nominated he was con vipsed, i'm going to win the latino vote. do you get the sense these kinds of remarks are helping or hurting his about to last until at least the first debate next month and you consider here how well he's doing in the polls,
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new hampshire and nationally? >> mr. trump told me a few minutes ago that he views his rhetoric as something that's connecting with the republican base, be it on immigration or other issues. he at trish buttestributes his rise in the polls to speak bluntly, clash with party leaders at times and not be politically correct. at the same time, any party leaders are worried he's going to be perhaps a problem on the debate stage in the sense that his outsized personality could overwhelm the rest of the field. mr. trump also told me a few minutes ago he's not ruling out a third party or independent bid for president should he fail to win the republican nomination. he said he would like to win the republican nomination. that's his number one goal. but he's going to wait to see who becomes the republican nominee and then choose whether to support them. >> but when it comes to the gop and the jitters that they may have from donald trump and his take on immigration and other issues let me play yound another gop candidate said wednesday about trump.
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south carolina senator lid say graham. >> my party is in a hole with hispanics. the first rule of politics when you're in a hole is stop digging. and then something needs to take the shovel out of donald trump's hands. >> if no one is going to take the shovel out why the nervousness by the gop? why the jitters? >> well, they look at how the party appealed to hispanics in 2012 and they see a lot of room to grow. they think the party could do a better job and reaching out to hispanic voters. they think that tone is part of that conversation and broadening the party's appeal. that's why priebus reached out to trump. they want to make sure they have a coalition for the future that includes millennial young voter, hispanics. a whole different part of america, not just the traditional republican base. that's why trump's comments have alarmed some quarters of the gop while some activists are cheering him. >> and you have the parallels drawn here. i want to read you something that karl rove wrote about donald trump. he write, plcht trump could
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become the 2016 version of missouri representative todd aiken who tarnished the gop prand brand in 2013 with an offensive statement. republican leaders like mitt romney on down immediately condemned his words but swing voters were persuaded that every republican believed what there. akin said. do you think he could be a todd aiken now? >> key question on my mind as well when i spoke to mr. trufr. you really want to fight on. he said he's going the fight on. he says he's going to continue to make hires. he framed his campaign as a serious one and one that will continue for months. that means for the republican party this is something that may not fade away. his candidacy may be here to stay. >> i want to ask you as you were wrapping up that conversation you just had with donald trump, what mood was he in with you? you know what happens when anybody challenges him. he gets combative, defensive. was he that way with you? hofs that tone? >> mr. trump and i have known
10:14 am
each other professionally for many years. i've conducted interviews with him several times. it was a professional rapport. it was one he wanted to make sure his dispute, what he viewed as a clarification of the length of the call was made clear to the "washington post," at the same time he wanted to give his view and he said that priebus did ask him to tone it down but it's not going to tone it down. in fact, he's going to go to arizona and nevada this weekend to talk about illegal immigration. that's not a retreat. >> robert costa from "the washington post", thank you for the update. appreciate your time. and donald trump is the focus of today's pulse question. so we are asking you at home to weigh in, is donald trump jeopardizing the gop's chances to win in 2016? weigh in at we'll bring you the results later in the newscast. take a quick look here at the situation in vienna. any moment now we are awaiting secretary of state john kerry to keep us up to date on how the talks are going on the iran nuke deal and status on that as we
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where secretary of state john kerry is speaking about the iran nuke deal. let's listen. >> for the many journalists who are here in vienna with us but let me assure you we would not be here continuing to negotiate just for the sake of negotiating. we're here because we believe we are making real progress toward a comprehensive deal. but as i have said many times, and as i discussed with president obama last night, we are not doing to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognize that we shouldn't get up and leave simply because the clock strikes midnight. and i emphasize, given that the work here is incredibly technical and that the stakes are very very high we will not rush and we will not be rushed
10:17 am
and we won't let ourselves be rushed through any aspect of this. all that we are focused on is the quality of the agreement, and that is what will continue to define our work. if in the end we are able to reach a deal it has to be one that can withstand the test of time. there's not a test of a matter of days or weeks or months it's a test for decades. that's our goal here. and the simple fact is that despite all of the progress that we have made and it's real some of the tough issues remain unresolved. we know that difficult decisions don't become easier over time. one way or the other, those decisions must be taken very soon. that is precisely why all of our delegations remain hard at work here in vienna and it's why a
10:18 am
number of my counterparts returned last night and are here now so that we can continue to push through on the tough issues and ultimately see whether or not the good deal that we have been working for so hard is possible to achieve. that's what we're working on and that's what we will continue to work on. thank you all very much. >> how long are you willing to stay mr. secretary? >> i just said this is not open-ended. president obama made it very clear to me last night, you can't wait forever for the decision to be made. we know that. if the tough decisions don't get made, we are absolutely prepared to call an end to this process. thank you all very, very much. thank you. >> the president said it's less than 50/50 that you get a deal. that's what he told us. >> well, thank you all very much. appreciate it. thanks. >> nbc's andrea mitchell there asking secretary john kerry some questions as he said very brief
10:19 am
comments on the iran nuclear deal. andrea mitchell asking very straightforward how long will you be willing to stay? he said it's not open ended. secretary kerry said real progress towards a comprehensive deal, they are making real progress, but they're not going to sit on a table forever, in his words, but he says that we're not going to sit there at the table and we shouldn't get up and leave just because the clock strikes midnight. they're going to focus on the quality of the agreement with and the deal must stand the test of time. this as the deadline is approaching there thursday. crucial moments in vienna austria, as we're getting that update from secretary of state john kerry. we'll have more for you after the break.lect iller whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility
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backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome back. critical stage for the iran nuclear deals. just moments ago secretary of state john kerry spoke in vienna austria, about the progress, the stat tusz of those
10:23 am
talks with that deadline nearing. secretary said that they have made real progress towards a comprehensive deal, saying they're not going to sit at the table forever but they shouldn't get up and leave just because the clock strikes midnight. stressing that what's important here is a good deal will not rush, and will not be rushed. that the focus of a quality of the agreement is what is paramount. let's turn now to alex who is in washington, d.c. for perspective. very very short, brief comments but very clear on where they stand. alex? >> that's right, francis. john kerry saying they will take whatever time they need to get a deal that will stand the test of time. clearly emphasizing the quality of the deal the strength of the deal over the fact of getting a deal. and remember this was a self-imposed deadline from the administration so they're not under the kind of intense pressure that some people might want to get deal done. the white house press secretary josh aensearnst saying there are still obstacles remaining but
10:24 am
are still hoping to get this done. >> talk to me about reaction from the white house. the president along with the other u.s. negotiators were on a videoconference there. and when our own andrea mitchell was shelling out questions after the remarks by secretary kerry, she was asking how long will you be willing to stay? he said this is not open-ended. what is the white house and how are they reacting at this point knowing that deadline is a day away? >> right. well they are not expressing ton of concern. josh saying obstacles remain. we understand that. there's no deal yet. he doesn't act as if the deal is out of reach or impossible because this was a self-imposed deadline. what this deadline affects is how much time congress will have to review the deal once it's finalized. it will extend the amount of time that congress has to review the deal but that's not a deal breaker according to the white house. it will just slow things down a little bit. it will be ideal to get it done
10:25 am
before the deadline but it's not 100% necessary. >> sure. the latest extension of the talks on friday left the possibility the agreement would not arrive in time to secure the 30-day review period by u.s. congress. of course republican dominated there. talk about the issues of what iranian arm, missile trade, that's been on the table and many times even with tehran coming back to the table with kind of 11th hour additions. >> right. well, josh, press secretary was asked about that and did not take a clear position. seems like they want to leave that open a little bit here. but they're definitely trying to buy some time buy as much wiggle room as possible. the administration has noted that even with that extended time that congress will have 60-day window instead of the 30-day window to review it much of that time will occur during august recess when most members of congress are out of office back home in their districts. so they're downplaying that as a
10:26 am
loss. they are saying it won't make that much of a difference because members of congress won't be here to really consider it. >> especially when it comes to down playing it. what we have heard when it comes which side is needing this deal more. we heard that from the iranian side, that the united states is the one who needs this deal more than they do. >> well, certainly politically president obama very much wants to get this deal. he's come off a strong couple of weeks as we know but this would be a legacy defining issue for him. iran's nuclear program has stymied several presidents and he really wants to lock this deal down. it will last for several years, into the next administration. this would be a huge feather in his cap if he could get it done. of course facing huge opposition from congress, even members from his own party. he's really stuck his neck way out and wants to get this done wants to be vind indicated by getting a deal done in the face of all of those naysayers. >> the biggest milestone in decades when it comes to the hostility between the united states and iran.
10:27 am
appreciate the perspective. thank you for your time. >> thanks. an argument breaking out on the house floor arguing over the confederate flag. so that going from south carolina to capitol hill. we'll go live next. the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler. if you're a fisherman, you tell tales. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler! do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end!
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10:31 am
that flag to go. but it was the horrific tragedy three weeks ago in carlston claiming the lives of the mother emanuel nine that led to this historic home. let's bring in jimmy williams, executive editor of and south carolina native. jimmy, good to have you here once again. as you can imagine, remarkable three weeks not only with the speed of how this was done but after years of debate of trying to remove this flag and then now we are going to see that happen with the pen to the bill on the governor's desk at 4:00 and at 10:00 a.m. that flag actually coming down. >> the speed by which this has happened is astonishing to me. i think i said to our colleague alex wagner two fridays ago the chances of this happening were slim to none. i have to eat those words. and i'm proud to eat those words. listen the charleston nine what happened in emanuel ame church, it didn't just shake charleston.
10:32 am
it shook charleston to the core much like the earthquake of 1986. it shook south carolina. it shook our nation. right now as we speak on the house floor right behind me they're actually debating the confederate flag. on the house floor. the south carolina house last night voted to remove it. so i would suggest that what the go. -led house in south carolina the gop-led senate in south carolina an the gop governor governor haley what they have done is they have shown leadership. not all of them but most of them. and that is something to be applauded. it's a good move. name is robert edward lee williams. trust me i get all of this. but if it's offensive to any taxpayer and the history, the context behind it if that's the
10:33 am
case and that's what that flag represented to millions of african-americans that were brought here then the flag should be taken down. and that's progress. south carolina is making progress. that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. >> maybe the end of that flag there standing and flying on the state house grounds but certainly the start of much more conversation and change. >> sure. >> in south carolina. thank you, jimmy williams as always. great to see you. >> great to see you. as you were just referring to grak breaking news from capitol hill, that argument as you were talking about debate turned into a argument on the house floor over a resolution to remove any state flag containing confederate battle flag from the capitol there. let's take a listen. >> favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed no no? >> no. >> can you chair, the ayes have it. >> no! no! no! >> theayes have it. the previous question is ordered. >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker, mr.
10:34 am
speaker, i ask -- >> absolutely astounding. when was the last time you saw that passion, the shouting and yelling on the house floor. that argument coming from south carolina to capitol hill. nbc correspondent kelly o'connell walks us through how all of this happened. we knew it was going on. but little did we know it would escalate to the volume and the arrangement that we're just seeing. >> francis, the house is known to be the more volatile or passionate body on capitol hill. but what you just heard was really unusual, the kind of anger and passion and depth of feeling really on both sides does not bubble up every day. and what's been going on here is a reflection of what's happening in a broader conversation in the country. there are a couple of different things at play. there was introduced an amendment that would still permit the use of the confederate battle flag under limited purposes at some federal cemeteries where civil war dead are interred. that became its own political
10:35 am
football because it was attached to a big spending bill that provides funding for the department of the interior. so the backlash on that is one step. then what you just heard was leader of the democrats nancy pelosi trying to bring forth a resolution to prohibit the use of any flag that has some of those confederate emblems. as you know the mississippi state flag has part of the confederate flag in its banner. and there are such deep feelings about this. what we don't know now is how this will proceed. the roar that you heard was about what to do in terms of taking a vote. so it's the kind of moment where passions collide with the everyday practice of carrying out bills. we will be following this. but it gives you a sense of the temperature on capitol hill when you talk about the confederate flag. >> absolutely. the temperature we saw so highly heated in south carolina now carried over to capitol hill. we will continue to follow this and continue to get updates there. thank you so much, nbc's kelly
10:36 am
o'donnell. on other news. more fallout for comedian bill cosby today. one organization now calling on the white house to revoke cosby's presidential medal of freedom. this after a previously sealed deposition revealed cosby admitted to getting quaaludes intending to give them to women he wanted to have sex with. founder of one sexual assault awareness group said quote, we cannot yet give his accusers their day in court but we can fight back in the court of public opinion. the woman who sued and settled with cosby in 2006 is asking the judge to make the entire deposition public. she says cosby's lawyers broke their end of the agreement and she has been powerless to respond. and it's important to note cosby has never been criminally charge. joining me now is howard vice chairman of and 15 minutes public relations and in seattle attorney ann. both of you appreciate your time as we delve into this today. starting with you, howard, we learned that cosby and his
10:37 am
talent agency caa, huge agency in the business, they have parted ways. no specific reason was made public here. but is cosby and his -- is his career at this point, when you have ca sdropdropping you, is it the point of no return? >> cosby is pretty much nuclear right now and nobody wants to be in business. i did talk to some sources at caa and they wanted to clarify. bill cosby was let go as a client about seven months ago at the end of last year right before the holidays. it just really got out. they wanted to make sure it was clear that there wasn't a cause and effect by the quaalude testimony but it was clear even last year he was in an untenable position professionally and there was no value in caa holding on to him. >> all right. now we're seeing more fallout with, you know some of the commendations and awards as well. ann, to you. excerpts from cosby's 200067 settlement and the deposition shows he admitted to getting
10:38 am
drugs to women he wanted to have sex with. now the accuser wants the entire deposition unsealed. we know the associated press was the one asking the initial request and went to court for that. so hue likelyow likely is judge doing to do? ? >> it's very likely. the judge said he portrayed himself to be a public moralist. by virtue of setting himself up that way the judge found public interest in this information was high and privacy interest. the judge has done that once for the a.p. i think the judge will do it again. and there may be a lot more bombshell bombshells. in this bombshell we just heard, he admitted, confessed to basically giving drugses to women so they would have sex with him is huge. huge moment in potential criminal charges against him. >> let's talk about this petition, howard the online petition to revoke cosby's presidential medal of honor here. no president has ever done that
10:39 am
pulled that. how likely would a president get involved with this or is he going to say, you know what this the way too complicated. i'm not going to touch it at this point? it's a really tough call. >> it is a tough call because it's never happened before. and, you know the medal was given for the many good works that mr. cosby did. and yet his heinous activities are coming out now. and it puts the administration in a position they certainly need to watch this. they certainly need to be sensitive of this. and what you have to understand is, the average person who said what a horrible man 36 women have come forward, and he's probably not going to go to a criminal trial for it they want him to pay somehow and this petition is a way that they can feel like they can make him pay if they take this honor away. >> let's talk about the other 36 alleged victims out there, at least, to you, ann. we have to stress here cosby and his lawyers have repeatedly denied the claims as far as never being criminally charged. we know the statute of limitations is expired with the
10:40 am
dpepgs of pennsylvania believe and new jersey. is that the case? so how would you characterize this as far as other charges that could possibly still come? >> there's actually one more criminal case where the victim is under age. so it's a longer statute so that one could come forward in california. even one just takes one for him to go to prison. that having been said there's three more cases right now that where suits for defamation. janice dickinson is one of the plaintiffs. got around the statute by saying he did this to me and through the agency saying you're liars, i did not. they are within the two-year statute. i think there are creative arguments that can be made to lengthen the statute. only lawyers and painters can turn black to white. i think there are creative arguments to extend the civil statute or to bring other torts against him. it could be prison other lawsuit, 36 women, 40 women, the number i think will be growing, too. >> sure. with the depositions out there now, other women may want to step forward. to both of you, howard bragman
10:41 am
and ann bremner, thank you. hundreds of victims of just one florida manes a sextortion scam and what you need to do to protect your loved ones from that growing threat. plus exciting news to tell you about here at msnbc. the global poverty project announced the lineup for this year's festival. talking about huge names, beyonce, pearl jam, ed sheeran, and coldplay. they will headline in central park. you with watch it live here on msnbc. coming up in the next hour i'll speak to the coo as well as grandson of nelson mandela. go to
10:42 am
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10:45 am
july 4th. on the fourth of july. speaking with reporters comey said, quote, i do believe our work disrupted efforts to kill people in connection with july 4th. of course we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. now back with a disturbing story and fbi search for hundreds of sextortion victims. 31-year-old lucas chansler is serving 1050 years behind bars. police say he targeted teen girls on social media, record them exposing themselves and then blackmail them into sending them more. the fbi has identified 109 of his victims. but look at this map that we have for you. in all those dots the feds say they are likely hundreds more in as many as 26 states and also in canada and great britain all of those victims between 13 and 18 years old. larry meyer is a special agent who investigates crimes against children with the fbi's
10:46 am
jacksonville, florida's decision. thank you for being with us. you look at that map, it is astounding how wide reaching this is and how many more victims are out there. how will the fbi possibly start finding all of them? >> well, so far we found 109 of them through more or less traditional investigative means, by looking at clues in each of the victim's folder which mr. chansler saved on his computer. the remaining approximately 240 left very little information for us to follow which is why following the release of the august issue of "glamour" magazine which features the story of two of those victims, the fbi has launched this media campaign in the hopes that some of those remaining victims out there will see this will strike a chord in their memory and will cause them to either call the fbi, go to the fbi website,
10:47 am, to fill out a confidential questionnaire or contact the national center for missing and exploited children so they can be located, interviewed, and if they are victimized by mr. chansler, let them know this chapter of their life is over and get them counseling they might need. >> it is pow wereful what these girls go through. here is an alleged sextortion victim actually as interviewed by the fbi. let's listen to that. >> he was not going to stop. and he was set on sharing my picture with whoever he could to ruin my reputation. >> sir, we are -- you know the days of watching out for the creepy person in a van, luring around are long gone. now we have social media. we have our computers. we have our phones. that can oozily connect, you know, these victims with somebody like this man. how pervasive is the issue of sextortion now?
10:48 am
>> it's becoming a growing phenomenon. i say this case when it started in december of 2009 which was the first time i had seen a case like this in fact it wasn't until some eight months later when one of our analysts had headquarters sent me a news article from seattle which is the first time we had seen the term sextortion. now unfortunately it seems to be coming much more prevalent where pedophiles are using coercion threats of violence to illicit sexually explicit images from not only young girls but young boys as well. >> hopefully more progress in finding the victims and even more of these people behind what we now know as sextortion. thank you, fbi and special agent larry meyer. appreciate it. >> thank you. baltimore's police commissioner has been fired. mayor stephanie recallings blake let go anthony bass yesterday after three years on the job.
10:49 am
three months of riots gripped the city following the death of freddie gray and the worst crime spike in the city since 1970s. deputy police commissioner kevin davis will serve as interim commissioner. coming up in the next hour we'll talk to a baltimore community leader working to stop the city's violence. tom selleck is in hot water. did the former "magnum p.i." star get caught tapping the water? new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at my school reunion's coming fast.
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want to get you up to date on the bing polls question. is donald trump jeopardizing the gop's chances to win in 2016. here's how you're voting to far. 60% of you are saying yes that is the case. 40% of you say no. this graph will show you as this is taking your pulse in realtime based on the past minutes.
10:53 am
a lot of you voting in the neutral or no zone. political party, that breakdown, you can see here. look who's been voting. democrats seen in blue mostly voting in the last minute voting yes. republicans more in the neutral zone. independents more in the neutral zone and noes. keep your opinions coming and those votes can go to pulse >> selleck is in hot water today accused of taking truckloads of water. the state's water district is suing the actor demanding that he cover the cost of their investigation in a missing water. nbc national correspondent has more from thousand oaks california. >> known to millions as magnum pi it took a real life private investigator to accuse one of
10:54 am
hollywood's biggest stars of stealing water. this morning, tom selleck is in hot water. a lawsuit claims a truck routinely pulled water from a public hydrant then hauled it 8 miles away to his private 60 acre ranch. >> we have a number of households in the service area ripping out their turf have drastically reduced outdoor and indoor water use. but it's really about doing the right thing. >> the suit says over 18 months water was repeatedly sigh fenned from the high drabt. during one week alone, the truck observed making trips out of the hidden valley area where the selleck property is located. >> it's bad that we are like actually paying our bills on top of it. we have people that just come and take advantage of that. it's not fair. >> selleck owns an avocado farm
10:55 am
on his ranch. >> i heard it's an off year. >> it's a draught here. >> did not respond to a request for interview, but has spoken before about trucking in water. >> as it works in the summer i've been trucking water. >> in the middle of california's crippling drought, the water district is demand k the tv cop obey the law. today, selleck is being sued for $21,000 though some say the price paid in the court of public opinion could be even higher. >> that was miguel al ma gar reporting. when we come back here, the fight over the flag goes to the nation's capitol. getting heated there. also we'll go back to south carolina where the confederate flag will come down and we'll be speaking to a leader of the state senate. >> and a day after the new york stock exchange stopped, the markets are rallying.
10:56 am
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hi, everyone. good to be with you this afternoon. breaking news coming in from the fbi. the director saying some of the roughly ten people arrested on isis related charges during the past month, they were plotting terror attacks on the fourth of july. this after we got words of possible isis inspired attacks on that holiday. joining me is pete williams. what more are we learning about this, those arrests, and what they had planned? >> well, there's no word on what they had planned. nor is it necessarily true that the fbi knew precisely what they had planned. what we had here basically is the fbi director in a session with reporters saying publicly what we had been told and were reporting for the past couple of
11:00 am
weeks which was the fbi was stepping up the tempo of arrests leading up to the fourth of july because they feared that some of these folks that they were watching that they had under surveillance might stage attacks on the fourth of july that they were talking about it. there had been as you say roughly ten -- just a little over ten arrests in the past four weeks leading up to the fourth. and law enforcement made no secret about the fact that they were stepping up the tempo of these arrests, in some cases sort of as a preventive measure. when they had charges they could bring to get them off the streets, they couldn't take any risks. some of these people they were watching had gone to end-to-end encryption communication methods. went to twitter private messaging that the fbi could
11:01 am
monitor with a court order to have communications with isis supporters overseas that the fbi couldn't monitor. for the last couple of weeks, again in a big push to congress yesterday, the fbi director has said there's got to be some means of giving the government the ability to have the companies do it or whatever give them access to that increasing part of the terror world that he said to the fbi is going dark. >> the timeline to get word of these arrests after we were just having this conversation with you on those hearings about encryption. any indication that there may be more arrested after this ten? >> no. i mean i think they'll continue to make arrests as they get evidence, but i think the big push is over. doesn't mean the threat is over. isis is still out there trying to get people to do things. one of the things the director said is different about this people who follow these isis
11:02 am
commands often do it on the spur of the moment. >> the concern there with the smaller cells and the lone wolves. >> precisely. >> as always thank you. >> now to two different debates over the confederate flag in just about two hours. 4:00 p.m. eastern, governor nikki haley will be flanked by state and local lawmakers signing to remove the confederate flag flying on state capitol grounds. the final hurdle was reached early this morning. that's when the south carolina house passed the bill after more than 13 hours of debate beating back amendment after amendment that could have stalled action for days or even weeks. for some, this has been a long time coming. >> nobody deserves to have their state capitol frying that flag. you want to fly it at your house, you want to fly it on your belt buckle you go ahead and do it.
11:03 am
>> meanwhile on capitol hill a vote is underway on resolution that would remove flags containing the confederate flag from the capitol. that led to a shouting match. take a look into that. >> aye? all those opposed no? [ screaming ] >> the ayes have it. >> mr. speaker! mr. speaker! i asked -- >> a lot of passion. a lot of heat there. now we are awaiting a news conference from leader pelosi expected at the conclusion of the vote. joining me now is luke rusterton. interesting how this all began this morning. discussion was the flag remaining on grave skbs in gift shops on federal land. and then it escalates to this. >> let me give you a rundown of
11:04 am
what happened here. this is fascinating. last night, the house is debating an interior bill and democrats move forward amendments that would remove the federal flag from graves, federal cemeteries of confederate soldiers as well as from gift shops on national parklands. that seemed to move forward without a hitch. then a group of southern republicans led by the congressman of mississippi, they were upset by this. they got those amendments that had been essentially overturned and that's what created this entire dilemma. they really got caught off guard. so flash forward to today. everybody wakes up. they see this controversy brewing. the house gop putting forward an amendment to preserve the confederate flag. a lot of uncomfortable republican members that don't really want anything to do with
11:05 am
this. remember, they have stayed away from this controversy the entire time. it happens to be on the day that south carolina moves to take down their flag. what you're seeing right now is a resolution that was brought forward by minority leader nancy pa plowcy which would say that you cannot have the confederate flag on your state flag in the united states capitol and that is directly targeting mississippi. many are opposed. so pelosi is just done in a masterful stroke of procedure, she's essentially forced a vote about the mississippi state flag with the confederate symbol and by a parliamentary vote and by insisting they have the vote on the house floor, she can basically then say these republicans were in favor of not removing the state flag of mississippi with the confederate flag right away. they want the issue to stay alive.
11:06 am
essentially can spin that to say republicans are for the confederate flag. the leadership stepped into one. i spoke with leadership aides, they were not happy this happened today. the timing could not be worse. >> absolutely. and if you consider the shock factor here what took gop leaders by surprise. you have the amendment itself. and then you have the fiery reaction to it. >> right. and we should point out, what you're seeing on the house floor right now and what you had in the introduction of the very loud yelling, that is a direct thing that -- direct result rather of what the democrats are trying to do here. they in fact are voting by hand. this is an important thing. why is voting by hand any different? well they usually vote electronically. in this case the democrats chose to vote by hand to keep this floor vote open longer to
11:07 am
show the chaos longer to basically try to move forward saying look, the gop doesn't have control of the house floor. it's a fascinating development in the at least. i will say, i will be very surprised if the leadership allows this continue on into next week. this is not ground they want to fight on. this is very ugly ground. they want to keep the congressional side free of those types of issues. >> certainly a lot to watch there. the topic alone, the shouting match, the way they're going about this vote. i know you'll watch it. thanks for keeping us up to date. >> thank you. >> of course the debate now on capitol hill as we've been seeing. joining me from columbia is joy reed. quite an astounding 24 hours there, what we just heard. is that the sentiment shared by the majority -- we're seeing that debate on capitol hill. we've seen it there in south
11:08 am
carolina too. but now for at least now and today and tomorrow it's come to an end. but it may also open up more discussion. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. it was fascinating listening to luke describe what was goin on in washington. overnight this morning, the debate herein included many people making the point that the world is watching south carolina. a lot of people on the side of keeping the flag up saying that it was just a heritage flag. but you even have the point when state representative jamie horn who's i believe great grandfather or ancestor was jefferson davis saying that it's not about us individually it's about the charleston nine. so this debate played out which in a lot of ways was an old fashioned filibuster. you had supporters dragging the debate on for 15 hours by offering amendment after
11:09 am
amendment to try to slow down and in a sense kill the bill. it was very clear from the state senate that an amended bill was essentially dead on arrival. so it's interesting to note that while that was playing out here -- and by the way, not just individuals watching but also corporations that would locate in the state of south carolina. this was a very important move both for governor nikki haley and for this legislature with the spotlight on south carolina. for republicans in washington to pick up this debate as well is really surprising. we even had political candidates weighing in. hillary clinton weighing in. we can expect that this will become an issue as we head into the 2016 campaign. >> absolutely. but it will be crucial when it comes to that signing at 4:00 p.m. today. and then within 24 hours, the flag must come down. we understand that's happening at 10:00 a.m. and then in the confederate relic room is where it goes?
11:10 am
>> the confederate relic room is a museum operated by the state of south carolina. the flag will be deposited there with other civil war era relics. there will be no flag flag pole here on the state capitol grounds. there's still a huge confederate monument. that's still here. this is essentially a park that is full of totems to the confederacy. it's not like it will no longer be accounted for, it's just that flag will no longer be here. >> nbc's joy reed. appreciate the update. and right before the historic final vote to remove the confederate flag from the grounds of the state house lawmakers spent 13 hours in a long and emotional debate. here is some of that. >> i can't go home and tell my people that politics was more
11:11 am
important than them. i can't go home and tell them that the flag was more important than their feelings their hurt, their pain their anguish. >> if we try to hide our history, the unfortunate facts that show throughout history is you have a tendency to repeat it. and the studenty of it. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday! >> so much emotion in those overnight hours. joining me from the state house, the state senator who introduced the bill in the senate to bring down that flag. senator, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to ask you, you were
11:12 am
desk mates with senator pinckney. to know that this is the point that you've reached now after all your pushing after all the debate and emotion, how important is this to do this in his name? >> i think it's really important. but i'll be honest with you, it's very bittersweet. i came out and said that the confederate flag should come down last year. little did i know that what would lead to its coming down would be the death of my seat mate senator pinckney. so i'm thankful today, but it is a very bittersweet success. >> and bittersweet i can imagine too with where you go from here. is there a concern that this is a pivotal moment but also there's concern that those who oppose it will make this more of a divisive issue going forward. >> yeah. listen, we've got a choice to make in the state. are we going to continue to live very divided as we have for
11:13 am
generations or are we going to try to move forward. make no mistake, it took a lot of pressure for this flag to come down. several of us came together and said, we are going to come out strong and put pressure on the governor on the general assembly and we are going to make this flag come down and put it in a more appropriate place. it shouldn't have taken the death of nine people in south carolina to do this. i'm worried we'll lapse right back into that same mind set. i'm committed to work with people who now maybe see a little more of what the world looks like. >> you say you're worried that you may lapse back into the mind set. what makes you worried? what needs to happen? >> well, i think all too often something is accomplished, a flag coming down and people think we can just move on or go back to the ways that we were. i think you saw some of that in the debate in the house of representatives last night here in south carolina.
11:14 am
there are already signs that we could just go back to what it's always been. people don't speak out and loudly that what has been is not good enough then we'll slide right back there. >> talk to me a little bit when it comes to the leadership and bringing that shift into the community where it goes beyond just a flag being taken down and being moved to a relic room. when you're talking about gun control and race relations, you were governor haley's opponent in last year's election. what do you make when it comes to her leadership knowing that that is what's needed to see a difference? >> yeah. you know, i came out in the governor's campaign very publicly under the confederate monument and flag saying it should come down. governor haley stridently said it should stay up. and other leaders did as well. what i want to make sure we change in south carolina is the idea that it's going to take the deaths of nine people to do something like what we've done or the deaths of someone shot in
11:15 am
the back to do body cameras on police. that's not good leadership. it's not a way to operate. leaders in the state themselves have been part of the problem. our districts in our legislature are drawn on the basis of race. we have seen our leaders pat black people into black districts, white people into white districts. we've got to change that mind set. that's what i want to see moving forward, specific changes like that where we can see through the eyes of other people and not just through the perspective we have. >> conclusion when it comes to the fate of the flag there on the state capitol grounds but maybe just the start of the discussion for your community and state there. appreciate hearing from you. thank you. >> thank you. i appreciate it very much. >> secretary of state john kerry just spoke last hour in vienna updating the iran nuclear talks still underway. we'll get reaction from the white house and we'll bring it to you next.
11:16 am
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11:19 am
overseas now to new developments in the iran nuclear talks. just last hour secretary of state john kerry gave an update. he says real progress has been made, but they are not there just yet. tough issues, he says remain unresolved. >> we will not rush and we will not be rushed. and we won't let ourselves be rushed. >> joining me now from the white house is our senior white house correspondent. good to see you. give us a little bit of how the white house is reacting to secretary kerry's words this morning. >> reporter: well, we heard
11:20 am
francis from senator that is one of the senate democrats that met with the president the other day, he was sounding a little more pessimistic. telling them he thought the chances of a deal had come to less than 50/50. one of the other things that secretary kerry said today is we're not here negotiating just for the sake of negotiating. but these are very complicated issues. and there have been a lot of reports of rising tensions there. even some of the foreign ministers yelling at each other. asked about those reports. here's what josh earnest said. >> they're working really long hours over there and they're talking about really serious issues and extraordinarily complicated and complex and have significant consequences. >> there's no doubt about that. some of these negotiators have been involved in hundreds of hours if not thousands of hours of negotiation. so there's a human factor as
11:21 am
well. if they go past midnight, it means that the congressional review goes from 30 to 60 days. something that the white house has dismissed as essentially irrelevant but does have implications because it would give opponents of any deal a longer time to get people to go against it. the president talking to secretary kerry and other members of the negotiating team. we will see how it goes. one indication that it may at least go into tomorrow francis is that sergey lavrov of russia suggested he may go back to the negotiating table. so it continued. >> making clear we will not rush and be rushed. the quality of the deal is what is the priority there. as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, there is a new interim police commissioner in charge in baltimore. so who is he and can he stop the rise in deadly violence?
11:22 am
plus stocks are up one day after a trading halt. but could it happen again? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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11:25 am
at least they can laugh about it. the new york stock exchange must have a sense of humor about itself. ringing today's opening bell were representatives of a cybersecurity fund. on monday many were worried that that's exactly what happened after the exchange went down more than three hours. the exchanges says it was no hack just a software glitch. ron, nice to have you with us. so tell me here they call it a glitch. you know, we're talking about a
11:26 am
glitch that temporarily shut down one of america's well-known symbols of wall street that caused it to halt for those hours. how can that happen? >> it is true that the new york stock exchange introducinges new software and hardware on an ongoing basis to make sure it's as up to date as it can be. piece of hardware take over the operations that was previously done by something else. you can have a disruption. that occurs in every business where the technology just simply either fails or creates a series of bugs or other problems that throws the entire system off. as things got worse throughout the morning, they decided to halt trading as we know. it also happened to come at a time when the markets were quite nervous about both greece and china. it seemed like something else was wrong when in fact they
11:27 am
still insist today this was entirely a software-related issue. >> so many were watching closely with fwrooes, with china and counting down to the opening bell this morning. let's take a look at how the markets are doing now. positive territory after falling yesterday. certainly up. what kind of disruption does this have on the market, if at all, especially when we're seeing the rally that we did especially earlier this morning? >> i think we're going to move away from the concerns about the glitch, as it were and focus more now on the uncertainties around greece around the iranian negotiations around whether or not china will maintain last night's 6% bounce or return to its losing ways of the last several weeks. the one impact that it does have insofar as no one really lost money as they pointed out earlier in the day. not many people lost money because of a trading outage but it does impact investor confidence. when you're worried about
11:28 am
systems and already disinclined to invest in stocks to begin with it doesn't help all these other things going on at the same time. it wasn't really an issue for the markets given that so many stocks traded away from the new york stock exchange, that the market actually traded almost as normal when it not for the outage of the big board yesterday. >> this time yesterday, i got information on this tweet. i was like it was this anonymous tweet the night before the market shut down which says wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for wall street we can only hope. really vague. anonymous there. pure coincidence at this point? >> they're saying it was coincidence that united air had its computer glitch. i would imagine that dow jones and the "wall street journal" website was shut down by really really heavy traffic.
11:29 am
we have to take everybody at their word. you know whether or not there are people who want to hack the new york stock exchange system we know there are. whether they want to hack united airlines, we know there are. ceos have put a great deal of money and time and effort into trying to make their computer systems invulnerable. that's just not possible. so cybersecurity is still is very big issue for all these highly complex systems. there are back doorways and front door entrances as well. we live with this every single day as long as we're this reliant on technology. >> brings the reason even higher. thank you so much for breaking it down for us. greece is racing to finalize economic reforms and remain on the euro. those reforms are supposed to be submitted today. but there are concerns china's economic crisis could eclipse what's happening in greece.
11:30 am
china represents 60% of the global economy. greece less than 1%. the chinese have lost a third of its value in the past month alone $3 trillion wiped out. we'll be right back. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ.
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and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap. now back to the big news we're following from south carolina governor nikki haley will sign the bill removing the confederate flag from the state house grounds today. the signing ceremony is just 90 minutes away. it comes three weeks after her initial call to lawmakers to remove it. the flag is expected to be removed at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this will be its new home. the south carolina confederate relic room and military history museum. i'm joined now by dot scott president of the charleston south carolina chapter of the naacp. >> thank you for having me. >> the charleston naacp has been involved in trying to get this
11:34 am
done for several years. give me your take on this now getting done in such a short amount of time and the price that south carolina had to pay for it. >> well, it's been more than several years. it's been many years since the naacp has been involved in trying to get the flag removed. and you're right, it's been an awful price we find ourself paying for this. i cannot be more proud of what's happening now as a result of that tragedy of losing ten -- i mean, nine folks in the emanuel ame church on the 17th of this past month. so i -- kaccolades go out to our governor for her involvement in and taking a lead in seaying the flag will be removed, it must be removed. and then the hard work of all of the legislators. but particularly the state
11:35 am
conference of the naacp. they've been following this year after year after year that the sanctions are in place. i look forward to the fact that that's going to be removed. >> sure. >> and today is a momentous day for all of us in south carolina. >> what you're talking about -- absolutely. what you're talking about is south carolina been under an economic boycott by the naacp and other organizations. in light of last night's vote the naacp president released a statement, as we head to philadelphia for our annual convention our 106th annual convention this saturday we can now consider an emergency ruz lugs to lift the economic boycott of that state. when you talk about the impact of that flag going down you talk about it socially culturally, morally and now economically as well and how -- i'm sure you believe that is the next step that you need to see.
11:36 am
>> well, absolutely. and that -- that's has always been the intention to withdraw remove any sanction for the state of south carolina. because the only thing that was being ask in return is to have the flag removed from flying in a position of sovereignty. at least from flying at all and to see that it be placed in a historical context. so absolutely. this is -- this is major for particularly those in the naacp who inspite of the nay sayers, in spite of those who say it didn't make a different, that the flag is now being removed. our president, mr. brooks wonderful to have him on board. this predates his time but it doesn't predate naacp. >> charleston south carolina naacp president dot scott thank you for your time. >> thank you so much for having me. in baltimore, three months
11:37 am
of the death of freddie gray and the riots that followed, the city's top cop is out. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake fired chief anthony bass. the city in an upheaval ever since grey's controversial death. he died after sustaining injuries while in police custody. and six officers have been charged in connection with his death. joining me now is pastor of baltimore's empowerment temple. thank you for being with us here. you've led and encouraged so many demonstrations in baltimore. you were so vocal and visible. now you've seen what's followed in the recent months and the removing of commissioner bats. is that enough as far as improving the situation of the deadly violence baltimore's been seeing? >> absolutely not. when you consider that baltimore this year has had 153 homicides. this is really just the tip of
11:38 am
the iceberg. i think it's a step in the right direction, but we've got a whole lot more hurdles that need to be crossed. and i don't want anyone to be distracted. i don't think the full weight of the responsibility is on the commissioner. we're still focusing on economic development and police reform that has to take place. for the mayor's credit this is a step in the right direction for healing that wedge between the police and the community. >> what needs to happen between the roots of the community that's been so battered since that death and all the violence that we saw afterwards what needs to happen? >> i think now we're in a place of marriage counselling between the police and the community. what we begin to see after the indictment of the six officers is there was not just a disconnect between the police and the people, but the police and the commissioner. and the commissioner was unable to galvanize the rank and file of the police department. which hearing for the new
11:39 am
interim commissioner are hoping we can find ourself in a peaceful place, but also beckoning to the mayor that we would in fact find promotion from within the house. baltimore has a whole lot of responsible, noble officers. >> you're speaking of deputy kevin davis. hopefully we'll see again another corner and another turn that your community so needs at this time. >> absolutely. we're looking forward to it and a group of clergy and myself are going to meet with the interim commissioner on monday to see how it is that we can start rebuilding and moving forward. saturday, we're opening up the freddie gray youth empowerment center. it's going to service over 500 young people in the city of baltimore and inviting the police to come so that we can start moving ahead as a city. we believe we've turned the page and a new chapter is beginning for baltimore. >> best of luck to you on that.
11:40 am
we thank you. what happened in a phone call between donald trump and the chair of the rnc? we'll talk about that next. >> and we're also asked today's bing pulse, a donald trump jeopardizeing the gop's chances to win in 2016. weigh in now. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. ♪ ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching
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11:43 am
presidential circles now, donald trump still commanding the headlines. the latest is a phone call between trump and the head of the gop. they told trump to quote, turn it now. trump says the call was more congratulatory. quote, we're not dealing with a five-star army general. want to turn to mark murray. interesting how you're writing today why trump has peaked and
11:44 am
he has nowhere to go but down in the gop race. today, the white house leaked trump's comments on mexicans and the confederate flag amendment. does the gop have a problem growing with him dictating the discussion for the gop? >> so far over the last three weeks, much of the republican conversation has been about donald trump. and that's not where the republican party wants things to be. the "washington post" reporting that there was a conversation on the phone yesterday between donald trump and the rnc chairman. what is interesting, he's saying that the tone of the remarks were different, that it was cob graduate la toir according to trump. he didn't agree with the series stance that the rnc asked him to tone things down. but two slightly different versions of the same phone call. but overall, the message that even donald trump isn't disputing that the rnc said,
11:45 am
hey, cool it down just a little bit. >> do you think this is the first stage as far as red alert buttons that the rnc can press saying we got to watch this because of potential damage and more damage he can do to the party? >> there's no doubt that a lot of republican party folks are concerned about donald trump. there's a limit to how far they can end up going. in a fup this afternoon, donald trump dangled the idea of running as an independent candidate. there is sometimes of a limit. they might want to forcefully condemn him. there's a limit to how much they might able to do. >> doesn't really listen to anybody, does his own thing. nbc news senior political editor mark murray. we've been asking our viewers to join in on today's pulse question. is donald trump jeopardizeing the gop's chances to win in 2016.
11:46 am
so far, since we launched this at the top of the 1:00 hour 58% of you say yes. previously that was at 60. and now 42 of you are now saying no. political party, that breakdown. you can take a look how that a fluctuating in realtime as we take the pulse. democrats mostly in the neutral zone. and let us know what you think. and we'll be right back. sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. i'm proud to announce time for change will be joining global citizen with the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. charm for change will be bringing hundreds of initiatives. so please visit global citizen and choose how you can help. >> i bet you're going to do it
11:50 am
now, right, just because she said it. of course that was the one and only beyonce. she's going to be part of a list of musical headliners. msnbc is proud to partner with the global poverty project. she will join cold play and ed sheeran in a special free concert, with one goal to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. we have the ceo of the global poverty project. and we have a global citizen ambassador and film maker. it's exciting for us to have you here. it's exciting for us to be able to announce that we're going to participate as well. amazing to get these names and headliners too. we knew pearl jam that was in the works. interesting to see such a pivotal role. tell us how they came to be.
11:51 am
>> chris martin called us and said that given that 2016 is a historic year where the stakes have been raise, what could he do. we said why don't you make a long-term commitment. he said he's going to make a 15-year commitment as the cure ya tore. he called ed sheeran and beyonce and amazingly they both said yes. >> how telling is that. friends in high places. he's the one saying how can i help and let me get my big name performer friends in it as well. >> he's so generous. such a kind heart. he wants to make a real change and you can see that. >> that is what's so important here. whether it's chris martin or these big names. you have been involved in three -- for the past three years now. what is it about this movement that says out of all things that you can get involved with that you can take your time that you wanted to do it here?
11:52 am
>> i think it's the way that ultimately you are asked to be engaged and participate in being a global citizen. it's more than donating money or signing a petition. finding ways that you can participate participate. >> that's part of the campaign we've been pushing here on msnbc. we have to ask our viewers to share their experience how they're going to be a global citizen as well. >> the way that people can actually earn their way into the festival has changed slightly. this year you take eight actions as part of your action journey. all of these actions enable you to get into the festival. one action we're calling on global citizens to take today is do a phone call to the state department and amazingly 45,000 global citizens did it today and we actually exploded their switchboards. >> that's a great problem to
11:53 am
have. >> ran out of room and they couldn't take anymore messages. >> somebody at home is saying done sold i want to go. it is a ticketed free concert. >> the way you go is you sign up to global you create your own user profile and then you start taking action. you can click through one of five action journeys over the coming months. they each have eight actions each. once you get to the end, you can enter the draw. you'll ultimately go to win two tickets to this year's festival. >> when it comes to call to action, we're seeing you and your tral travels to oslo. you're seeing more of a cooperation in participating when it comes to world leaders as well. >> indeed. we had the prime minister of norway come last year.
11:54 am
this year we're hoping she'll return and create $100 million annually for us to put towards the global partnership for education ultimately which is something that brings equality to girls and women around the world. >> and it is to skeshl when it come to the the partnership with the united nations as well. in 2015 sustainable development goals. talk about that partnership. >> last night at the launch we had someone appointed by the secretary general of the united nations as the special advisor for post-2015 planning. she's been working with member states to convene a process where they come together and map out 17 goals, the new global goals for sustainable development. they provide a road map to end extreme poverty by 2030. these are the goals we're spearheading at this year's festival. making those goals famous and building a movement to ensure those goals are realized.
11:55 am
>> it's interesting when you talk about those goals being realized from that perspective and ending extreme poverty by 2030. it also has to be so satisfying from the individuals that you're hearing from and shutting down systems already on its first day. because that's got to be empowering on that end as well saying, i can choose to do so many things in so many ways to make a difference, but this is the way i'm going to choose to do it. >> we even had a member of congress. >> off the record. we're on national tv right now. >> we had a member of congress call us today and said he was going to co-sponsor the global food security bill. that's the power of this movement. >> that is on the record. hold imto it. great bragging rights. it's got to be tough on your end when you see every year stakes are growing higher and -- and each year it's getting better it
11:56 am
seems. >> i think we're definitely making progress ultimately. we've seen unique commitments that not only governments but corporate companies are making. my hope is that again we have a long way to go until 2030. >> we're getting there. >> we renew the commitmenter year. >> we thank you both for being here sharing that and getting the word out. hugh evans, thank you to you both. see you in september. for more information, visit and be sure to join us saturday september 26th for special live coverage of the global citizen festival right here. that wraps up things for today's show. >> i'll be back here for thorms tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. "the cycle" is up next. >> it's time for the your business ebt parenthesis newer of the week. the virginia entrepreneur and
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
good afternoon. as we come on the air, south carolina is set to make history by reversing history. next hour governor nikki haley will sign legislation that will completely remove the confederate flag from the state capitol grounds. it was 15 years ago that the state removed it from the capitol dome moving it to the confederate soldier monument on the north side of the building. tomorrow morning, the symbol will be removed once again, this time to the military museum that is about a mile from where it currently flies. the final vote in the wee hours of this morning was 94-20. and many believe the speech that tipped the scales came from a direct descendent frof jefferson davis. >> i


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