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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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becomes the first women's team to be honor we'd a parade through the canyon of heroes. and a very good friday to you on this historic friday. i'm kristen welker in washington following the breaking news from south carolina, an event millions of state residents may not have expected to see in their lifetimes. the confederate battle flag was removed this morning week after the charleston church massacre which claimed nine lives. let's go right to nbc's craig melvin live in columbia. craig, you hail from south carolina. you were there when that flag came down. what was the moment like? >> emotional, kristen welker. it was an emotional moment. there were people singing. they were chanting. people who were openly weeping, as well. joy reid here with me as well,
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msnbc national correspondent. so is chuck todd moderator, "meese the press" "meet the press" and pulitzer prize winning and author of "warmth of other sons." joy, let me start with you. to going back to the emotion of the day, to see a sitting governor crying, to see a former governor wiping a tear from his eye, and you were in the crowd, you were talking with people young and old black and white, who were visibly emotional. >> absolutely. there was a woman in front of me who began silently weeping as the flag was coming down. people all around was were cheering and chanting and shouting. she was just crying. and the reason that she said she was crying is that for the first time as an african-american woman she felt like she could actually look at this state house. she could actually see it and take in the beauty of it because it wasn't marred in her view by a flag that rejected her. >> 15 years ago there was a similar ceremony albeit much smaller than the one we saw here
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today. a ceremony to take the flag from high atop the state house dome to where it sat up until, oh, two hours ago. the crowd today though considerably larger. the department of public safety a short time ago i shoeing an estimate saying perhaps as many as 10,000 people stood in the sweltering summer heat in south carolina. they were as far down main street as the eye could see. a lot of folks just wanting to catch a glimpse of history. chuck todd, policicallye ically politically speaking, what could all of this mean for governor nikki haley moving forward? >> look this is a case where when you get national attention for meeting a leadership moment that meets you, you never know when they come when you're an elected official, when you're a governor or a president, and you meet a moment and, look, plenty of people will say, hey, she sdinlt lead on this the people lead. i think this is true. i think this is a case that people led.
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the families of the victims of charleston led on this. but she grabbed the moment. that's what when political leaders make that next step are seen in a better light by the general public it's when they seize a moment that builds a consensus. look, this was a very powerful -- you and i talked about this earlier. it was very powerful when all three republican elected leaders who all had sort of tried to placate flag supporters over the years. this has been a contendtious issue for decades. they put that aside and they led and they held hands and they went off that cliff together which some people five years ago would have said would have been a political cliff. and we've turned a page. i mean we have turned a page. i mean yes, flag controversies are not going to go away but, craig, i think they're not going to be what they were. >> i tend to agree with you, chuck. president obama tweeting shortly after the flag itself came down.
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the president tweeting quote, south carolina taking down the confederate flag a signal of good will and healing, and the mealingful step towards a better future. isabelle, can you put this in some historical perspective for us? >> well, of course south carolina is where the civil war began. the first shots were fired, south carolina was the first state to succeed. so today we are all witnessing today perhaps truly the beginning of the end of the civil war. we also have to remember that the civil war is -- was just the beginning of what would be a long experience of segregation subjugatoin and now people who l. want to know why it flew for so long. we'll have to know the history and tell them why. >> you know, isabelle, you hit
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on something is there. one of the things that has really struck me over the past few weeks, it seems as if there may be a paradigm shift. the shift in perception as well when it comes to what it means to be southern. i mean for a long time the perception of the south was, unfortunate unfortunately, associated with the flag that came down. do you get the sense that that perception is changing in a dramatic way? >> all i believe that it's a recognition that the south is more than just one story, that, you know that african-americans are southern too. in fact, it was the jim crow situation, the jim crow segregation that forced millions of people to flee the south and so there are a lot of displaced southerners all over the country who are. >> larry: also cheering this day. >> chuck, a lot of folks in these parts are going back to the governor here. a lot of folks in these parts are now suggesting that you know this might be the one issue that might propel her to
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perhaps a number two spot on a ticket perhaps a cabinet position, maybe an ambassador a role down the way. i mean is this a big enough deal for governor nikki haley that her political future is probably now cemented? >> i think it's brighter today than it's been in a long time. a lot of people predicted national stardom for her when she first elected. she ran into some bumps. maybe she over did the national exposure in the first couple of years. and then went back and concentrated on being a governor and got by re-election. and, you know you look at it and you look at the challenges for the republican party in 2016 reaching out to non-white voters and now you have a governor in south carolina nikki haley, who is going to be thought of, her national brand is going to be as conciliatory person, as a uniter somebody who moved past something. very well what is the republican party going to need in the summer of '16 when these decisions gets made, the
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eventual nominee gets made. you can see where a governor haley sends the message a nominee wants to have. you've heard all of the bad rhetoric donald trump has said here's somebody who moved past it led past it. i can picture various scenarios where governor nikki haley is a message, sends a message of a different kind of message about the republican party of 2016 that an eventual nominee might want to send. >> indian governor female governor, someone not afraid to talk about both of those things as well. she said to me in an interview a week ago that one of the things joy, even after the shooting, you know she was talking to her children and she was talking to her son and her son said that in history class several months ago the confederate flag came up and he asked her simply, mom, why does the flag fly. she really couldn't give him a great answer. there are so many children out here on the lawn today with their parents.
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and to see them here to witness history with their parents, with their grandparents, that was a powerful thing. >> yeah. i'm glad you mentioned grandparents because i was going to see i saw a lot of grandmothers gandrandfathers erk ss expressly bringing their children they're to witness history. >> joy reid, thank you so much. isabelle wilkerson, thank you. i hope to see a lot more of you. chuck todd moderator of "meet the press," we learned a short time ago exclusive interview with governor nikki haley this morning. excuse me this sunday on "meet the press." if it's sunday it's chuck touddd and it's "meet the press." enjoy your weekend. >> thanks. the confederate flag debate spilled on to the house floor in washington, d.c. thursday. republican leadership pulled a spending bill with an amendment attached allowing confederate flag imagery to be displayed in national parks and federal
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cemeteries. the amendment was met with strong public opposition by house democrats. >> i'm perplexed. what exactly is the tradition of the confederate battle flag that we're supporting? >> robert e. lee skadaid he considered this emblem to be a symbol of treason. >> bigotry continues to exist in this country. this congress should not pass any legislation today or any other day that would embolden those who continue to hold racist beliefs. >> congressional black caucus chairman g.k. butterfield join mess now. walk us through precisely how we got to what we saw yesterday, congressman. >> well, let me tell you, the eyes of the nation are finally on the confederate battle flag issue. the african-american communities across the south have been talking about it for years but
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it has fallen on deaf ears. but it took nine senseless murders in emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina to redirect the attention of the nation. the confederate battle flag is an insult to 40 million african-americans. it has flown proudly by some southern whites for many years. and it is a repulsive symbol of white supremacy and bigotry and discrimination. i am so glad that south carolina has taken the bold step forward to remove the flag from the capitol grounds. now we have to look at mississippi and other incidents of the flying of confederate flags. congressional black caucus is going to be engaged. we have eight statues here in the united states capitol that commemorate confederate soldiers. we're going to have to look at that. the conversation has changed bep need to constructively now go forward. yesterday here in the house of representatives -- >> congressman? >> yes. >> congressman, when you sigh look at that, when you say look at these confederate statues and
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confederate memorials in d.c. what does that mean? are we talking about removing them? what's the next step? what do you want to see happen? >> well, the congressional black caucus would love to see every confederate statue in the capitol removed. we're studying the procedure and we are told that each state has a right to establish two statues in the capitol. we've got to figure out legally how we can force those statues to be removed. right now we're focused on the confederate battle flag and that's the fight we are now fighting. yesterday on the house floor was absolutely despicable. the republicans the night before slipped into the interior appropriations bill an amendment that was unclear but it was full of legalese but once you peeled it back you saw that that amendment was intended to embolden and to maintain confederate memorabilia on federal lands. we stopped it. we stoppeded it. yes, we stopped it. yes. >> congressman g.k. butterfield
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from north carolina. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. in just a few moments we're going to get a very unique perspective on what we've seen transpire here over the past few hours. congressman john lewis will join me live in a few moments. kristen? >> craig, great conversations, particularly i think the points you and joy were making about what all this could mean for the next generation. all of those young folk there's sharing that moment with you all. we will check back in with you in a few minutes. now we want to turn to breaking news out where the nuclear talks are in trouble and there is no deal in sight. andrea mitchell is in vienna where she has been for the better part of the past three weeks almost i think now, andrea? i think that hope diminishing here in washington. are you getting any sense that there is movement there where you are? >> no, in fact we're moving backwards, not forwards, kristen. to bring i all up to date. today there was an announcement. it is only just one sentence.
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quote, to allow for the additional time to negotiate, we are taking the necessary technical steps for the measures of the joint plan of action to remain in place throughout july. that from a senior state department official. the real story here is that this is the third extension since this joint plan this interim agreement, since we arrived here two weeks ago and the talks are stalemated. they're at an impasse. both sides are blaming each other. signs of real trouble started emerging after john kerry came late yesterday, he came out and said this. >> we are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognize that we shouldn't get up and leave simply because the clock strikes midnight. we will not rush and we will not be rushed. >> how long are you willing to stay, mr. secretary? >> i just said this is not open-ended. president obama made it very clear to me last night, you
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can't wait forever for the decision to be made. we know that. if the tough decisions don't get made, we are absolutely prepared to call an end to this process. >> and then the iranian negotiators called us in late last night and said it was all the u.s.' fault. they said it was america's fault, that's what they suggested. suggesting that secretary kerry reneged on commitments he made to them at the negotiating table here after he had a videoconference from the situation room getting new instructions the night before from president obama and members of the national security council staff. well today iran's foreign minister zarif emerged several times from talks with kerry on a balcony at the palace here behind me saying we were likely to be here for a third weekend. and that's when we heard that the interim agreement was going to be extended until monday at least they're going to be talking potentially until monday. britain's foreign secretary
9:15 am
hammond came out and tried to put the best face on it before he was leaving for a quick trip back to london. >> do you think there's any chance of getting some agreement on iran here? at this stage? >> yes, i do. we're making progress. it's painfully slow as you well observed over the last week. but we are making progress. there are still some issues that have to be resolved. i'm confident our officials working with the iranians over the next 12 hours or so will clear some more of the text and then ministers will regroup tomorrow to see if we can get over the last hurdles. >> so he said that they're going to regroup tomorrow. we will wait to see whether they do come back tomorrow. meanwhile, if there were a deal it's going to have to pass muster back home in the u.s. from congress and as of today, and this is important, congress is going to have twice as much time, twice as long to review it, 60 days not 30 days. the expedited 30-day review period expired last night. iran's negotiator meanwhile, have to deal with their own
9:16 am
problems back home. they have the hard liners back home in tehran. and just for perspective, today is known as qods day in iran or death to israel day, and the anti-american and anti-israeli protests have been going on in the streets. there have been american flags burned along with posters of president obama and israel's prime minister saudi king all being burned on the streets. this is not a great day. even if they were to reach a deal, to be seen shaking hands with the secretary of state and bringing back on agreement with the u.s. even if there were a deal to be done. and, kristen, so far, there is not. so clearly a lot of fast-moving developments here in vienna. we'll continue to bring you all of the latest developments and for now back to you in washington. kristen? >> all right andrea thank you. we know president obama watching closely. he told congressional lawmakers he put the chances at less than 50/50%. we will check back with andrea in a bit. coming up live to the celebration in new york city. and the history-making ticker tape parade honoring the u.s. women's soccer team.
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and welcome back. we want to bring in our next guest now to talk about this historic day in south carolina. joining me in capitol hill is georgia congressman and civil rights activist john lewis, 1961. congressman lewis was severely beaten while traveling as a freedom rider through rock hill south carolina. today he watched with the rest of us as the confederate battle flag was taken down in columbia. congressman, thank you so much for joining me this afternoon. i just want to get your thoughts and your emotions as you watched that flag come down.
9:21 am
>> i must tell you, i was deeply moved, almost moved to tears as i was watching msnbc this morning. and saw the flag coming down a biracial group of state troopers bringing the flag down. it reminded me of another period in 1964 when i was in africa in zambia, and i saw the british flag coming down and a zambia flag went up. people started crying started dancing, started singing. and i saw what was happening in columbia south carolina, and i teared up. they did the right thing. >> congressman, you have been a part of making this history possible. where do you put this moment in the fight that you started as a
9:22 am
young man during the civil rights movement? >> this is a significant step. this is a great moment. it is my hope that those of us here in washington and around america, but especially around the south, can take a lesson from the good people of south carolina and do what is right, what is good to bring all of our people together. because in the final analysis we are one people one family we all live in the same house, american house. there's not any room for separation division or hate. >> congressman, we've been talking so much and you just pointed to this about next steps. that this is yet another step in a very long journey. what are the next steps that need to happen and do you begin with getting other states that still have the confederate battle flag up to bring it down? what do you want to see happen next? >> well, i think those of us who
9:23 am
work here in washington in the congress, people all across america, we want to remove all of the symbols and the scars and the stains of our dark past. we must do it. we must leave our country a little better for all of us. and it doesn't matter whether they're black or white, latino asian-american or native-american, we're one people. we're one family. we are one house. we can do it. we can do this. leaders must lead. and the governor of south carolina led. i said over and over again, the leaders must be headlight and not taillights. >> congressman, just very quickly, your reaction to what happened on capitol hill yesterday. a lot of anger and outrage that this debate in some ways found itself on the house floor. >> well, i think there comes a time when you have to dramatise
9:24 am
what is good and what is necessary to set things right, to set things in order. we have to disturb the sense of false peace. and i think that's what members on our side of the aisle were doing yesterday, saying there's not any room on government property or government buildings, parks, public lands, for symbols of the dark past. >> all right. congressman john lewis, thank you so much pop for your insights on this historic friday afternoon. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and we will have much more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports" including the incredible scene in new york city earlier today. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair?
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right now where thousands, as you can see, have lined the streets to celebrate the world cup champions, the u.s. women's soccer team. it is the first time ever a woman's team has been honored with a ticker tape parade. joining me now from lower manhattan is msnbc krystal ball. i understand the team has just arrived. set the scene. what's it like to be there. >> it is an amazing atmosphere. right now they're playing "new york new york." it's been a celebratory atmosphere. girl power definitely the mantra of the day. as you mentioned, the crowd doesn't actually know this yet but the team --ly take this off because i can't see well. the team has arrived in city hall behind me. we know that they're having lunch with mayor bill de blasio right now. a birdie told me they're having sandwiches. i did see a picture of the amazing red, white, and blue cake they have also planned for the team to enjoy which, of course, more than earned. we expect a ceremony here to start at about 1:00 p.m.
9:29 am
they packed the park behind me. there's about 3500 people here. about 12,000 people entered into a lottery to win tickets today. about 1,000 actually won that lottery. so people who got here early this morning, very excited to be here. as i mentioned, it is of course a girl power party. there's actually a female deejay spinning, female empowerment anthems all morning here. actually who runs the world, girls. there's lots of little girls here decked out in their red, white, and blue and soccer jerseys. of course, this world championship team has really embraced their role as role models. they started their own "she believes" initiative encouraging little girls to be whatever they want to be and to always live up to their full potential. so only fitting that these ladies would walk today down the
9:30 am
canyon of her can. >> what an incredible historic girl power infused event. thank you for that awesome report and awesome sunglasses. great report. >> any time. to a rare joint appearance by former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. they've always been political odd couple of sorts. on thursday they came together again for the first graduation of their joint leadership program. but with their loved ones in a heated battle in the race for the white house, this latest meeting between 42 and 43 took on a whole new meaning. >> reporter: appears together in dallas you would never know former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton had a horse in the 2016 race. instead it was more palling around than political. trading stories about their grandkids. >> when i walked in a room she said oh, there's your grand dad. she turned around and pointed at me. >> last night my granddaughter spoke to me in mandarin. >> reporter: and jokingn't their age. >> clinton and i are getting a
9:31 am
little long in the tooth these days. >> this is the one month of the year when he's older than me. so speak for yourself. >> reporter: but the comradery between the democrat and republican commanders in chief comes as the rhetoric is heating up between their families. hillary clinton and jeb bush trading barbs over immigration this week. >> as i said they're on a spectrum of, you know, hostility hostility, which i think is really regrettable in a nagsz of immigrants like ours. >> my record as it relates to immigrants is pretty clear. there's no hostility at all. >> reporter: could 2016 test the relationship of these one-time political rivals turned friends? neither 42 or 43 has been a presence on the campaign trail and president bush indicated he plans to keep it that way. >> i know jeb and i'm confident, secretary hillary, will you know elevate the discourse.
9:32 am
i'm not going to be a surrogate. >> reporter: aides say president clinton will dive in but not for a while. >> i know who i would like to win, but the more important thing for america is that we know what the heck we're deciding on and we make a pretty good decision. >> incredible to see both of them sitting there together. well, for more than 50 years it flew over the south carolina capitol. then after the murder of nine innocent people it took just three weeks and just a few minutes for the confederate battle flag to come down. up next what the friends and family are saying. how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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9:36 am
what for giveness looks like. >> that was of course governor nikki haley looking ahead with matt lauer this morning. her state has taken a big step with today's removal of the confederate battle flag from the state house grounds. let's go back to nbc's craig melvin who is picking up more of our coverage. craig? >> kristen, good afternoon to you. this is pastor norvel goff who gave that moving sermon in charleston after the massacre there a few weeks ago with president obama. i'm also join fred charleston by melvin graham his sister cynthia hurd one of those who lost her life in that church basement some 23 days ago. reverend goff i noticed you up there, you said something to her, she said something to you as well. what was that exchange? >> well, the exchange was about the state of south carolina and how we are able to turn the page and write a new chapter for the state of south carolina where our strength is in our people
9:37 am
and when we come together we can achieve marvelous things and, most certainly, the state of south carolina is showing the nation and the world how we can heal through a grieving process. governor haley and the general assembly need to be given credit for moving in a positive fashion to bring the flag down which represented racism, bigotry, and other negative things. but right now we are poised to write a new chapter for the state of south carolina. >> do you think the chapter that was written today, is this the beginning of something or is this going to be the end of something? >> this is the beginning because those of us who believe that our strength is in our numbers, who agree to work together and on common ground. we've seen this since june 17th. we have had outpouring of random acts of kindness and coming together throughout this state, regardless of color and zip code, we are coming together working on a common good. >> melvin your sister as she watched today, the flag coming
9:38 am
down from the pull behind me what was she thinking do you think? >> i think cynthia was very proud. i think cynthia would say that this is a great day, a proud day in south carolina. a day that was long overdue and should have happened long ago but she's just happy that it's happening today. >> i know that she worked at the library in charleston for more than three decades. what don't we know about your sister? what was she like? >> cynthia was a giver, a caretaker. i've had time to reflect back on her life. and cynthia was always helping somebody do something. even though she's passed away in her own way she's still helping people. she's helping the family in ways that others don't know about. she's helping the community in ways that i could never understand but i've had so many
9:39 am
random acts of kindness from strangers who say, i knew your sister, somebody i knew met your sister or my niece met your sister. i'm going, like, wow, she touched that many people just being who she was. >> we know that the library where she worked for so long is going to have its name changed. the library will bear your sister's name. as you watched the flag come down this morning did that make coping with her death any easier? >> no. i can honestly say when i saw the flag come down with my granddaughter, i knew this was an historic moment for her but in a sense i felt joy, sadness, pain anguish, just a ball of emotion and to repeat what my brother malcolm said once if given the choice between lowering the flag and having my sister, i choose my sister.
9:40 am
>> reverend goff the next step for the church for mother emanuel, what is it? >> the next step we're already well on our way. the grieving is a process, phases. grieving allows us to be open to the grace of god that allows us to be strengthened in numbers within ourselves and within a community. as we move forward we must move forward together in faith and we must continue to embrace our love your neighbors as you love yourself. it's a process. it won't happen overnight. but the good news is, we have started toward the journey of healing. and that's important. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. i do appreciate you. melvin thank you. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. >> thank you. thank you very much. kristen, we'll send it back to you. >> all right. all of our thoughts and prayers
9:41 am
continue to be with the families of the victims. craig, thank you for that conversation. we want to go to breaking news now from the white house where nbc news has confirmed that the office of personnel management director catherine afternoon archeletta has resigned after putting 20 million government employees personal information in the hands of hackers. nbc news senior white house correspondent, my colleague at the white house, chris jansing, joins us with more. what are you hearing there? >> kristen, this happened quickly. less than 24 hours after the extent of this massive breach was known. let's take you back to exactly what happened. five times as many people effected as was first looefd. 21.5 million people. virtual lie everyone who has undergone a background check in the government in the last 15 years has been effected by this. and almost immediately we saw the reaction from congress. there were many people who were already calling for archuleta's
9:42 am
firing but that number grew and included a democratic senator mark warner. now, what's interesting about this is that archuleta did a conference call with reporters yesterday. i was on that call. sheches asked about whether or not she would resign and she categorically said she wouldn't. she said she was the person to move the agency forward, to make the repairs that are necessary, to fix this and make sure it doesn't happen again. but late yesterday i was contacting a senior white house official who refused to say that she had the president's support. so clearly this resignation was pushed for her to put in and was accepted immediately by the president. they've already named an acting director. she's beth colbert. she is currently the directing -- deputy director for management there. but there's a lot still to be done here. talking to the people there's a lot of upset within the federal government from employees and their representatives and, in fact, there's already action on capitol hill to give the vast number of people who are
9:43 am
effected here essentially lifetime management of their accounts to make sure that nothing happens because one of the points that was made yesterday is that there's now indication that any of this information has actually been used, but earlier this week before a congressional committee we heard the fbi director comey say not only that it wasn't just him but members of his family who were with this information breach, his children some of his siblings. and so this goes so wide and there's a lot of explaining that is going to continue to have to be done including what the federal government is going to do next to make sure this doesn't happen again, kristen. >> absolutely. just a breathtaking breach. thank you for the late breaking details. we want to read you a statement reloosedly archuleta, quote, i conveyed to the president they believe it is best for me to step aseed and allow new leadership that will enable the agency to move beyond the
9:44 am
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and we are back now with more from new york city. you can see the ticker tape parade where confetti rained down on the u.s. women's soccer team earlier in an historic parade honoring their world cup victory. thousands of fans lining the streets to celebrate their heroes who are continuing their celebration at city hall. really great images coming out of new york. we want to turn back now to andrea mitchell in vienna pulling double duty. we didn't think she was doing enough work in the iran talks. she had a big interview with one of the stars of team usa world cup championship. >> thank you kristen. and carli lloyd, who could be better to interview, the team usa's hat trick hero would cup mvp, all of us were just gripped. i stayed up until 3:30 in the
9:48 am
morning here to watch it in german, no less with a german announcer. i was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to her before today's historic celebration. >> carli lloyd, congratulations. what a week this has been. a hot trick in the first 16 minutes. the world cup, a call from the president, and now a ticker tape parade. the first for a women's team in new york city. how are you taking all this in? >> man, it's been a whirlwind. i was home for one day and now i'm back on the road again and just enjoying all the things that are coming of the world cup. the ticker tape parade is unbelievable. just an exciting time really just trying to take it all in. i'm running on fumes, not much sleep. but it's a good thing to have i guess. >> tell me about the president, when he called. he seemed to have been tracking this closely. >> basque in the glory. you guys deserve it. you guys worked really hard and made us really proud. >> yes, he was. we met the vice president. he was out on the field after the game so i got to meet him.
9:49 am
nd and it's funny because president obama tweeted me after the game and i didn't really even know about it after the game. i was doing media and the press conference and then i got back into the locker room and my teammates told me that he personally tweeted at me and to our team and it was pretty cool. and then so to have him call our team before we were heading out was awesome. you know it was great to talk to him and we'll be looking forward to our white house visit soon. >> do you think that this is going to be a real turning point for women's soccer and women's sports? the first ticker tape parade the world cup, what you've achieved. is this going to just catapult women's soccer into a whole new lead? >> i think so. the coverage the amount of people watching the game. there's people out there that don't follow women's soccer who were glued to the tv. and, you know having this parade, you know it's huge.
9:50 am
i think it's a turning point. and i think that we've really created history and did something really really special. >> i can tell you i watched the last moment and it was 3:30 in the morning here. not only was it you know ungodly hour but i was watching it in german and i don't speak german but the announcers were all speaking german. it doesn't matter what language you were watching in because it was just the most thrilling moment. what about the fact that it's the biggest audience bigger than the nba finals? that's huge. >> i don't think it's fully sunk in. i think that it will sink in and i think ten years, 20 years down the road people are going to be talking about this moment. and that's something that we'll be able to cherish for the rest of our lives. i'll be able to share that moment when i have kids some day. it's just great. it's great to see. >> but that said, with all the money that's being made off of a broadcast like that why are women and women's soccer players still so far behind the men in
9:51 am
their prize winnings? >> there's a huge gap on the pay scale unfortunately. you know we are doing just as good as some male professional players, but the pay is very very different. and i hope that this will kind of transpire that and help close the gap a lip bit more because we're all definitely deserving to get paid and reap the rewards and benefits. >> of your three goals did you have a favorite? >> i would have to say the mid field goal. >> lloyd with morgan, the goalkeeper. the post it's? >> that's definitely my top -- top few goals that i've ever scored in my career. never happened before. the look on my face after i scored it, i was, you know a little shocked that something like that came off in a final game. but it was just spectacular and fun. >> it was spectacular indeed. a world cup champion, a class
9:52 am
about. i sure hope carli gets a chance to get some rest. what an amazing parade. let's just hope i'm back in time for the trip to the white house, whenever that is going to be. >> andrea i hope so. what an incredible conversation. she is an incredible young woman. thank you so much. >> yes. indeed. you bet. all right. just moments from now the world cup champs will be given the key to the city after being showered with confetti and a huge outpouring of support from fans in new york city. we'll be right back. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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good to be with you for the next two hours. we begin with breaking news here on msnbc. in the wake of one of the largest security breaches in u.s. history, a key white house official has just resigned. we'll bring you more on that in just a moment. but first we want to get you updated on the other big breaking story. out of south carolina capital city columbia just three hours ago history was made. a flag that has divided the state for decades now gone. no longer flying anywhere on the capitol grounds for the first time in over 50 years. honor guard from the department of public safety, the same one that served senator pinckney's funeral furled the flag and marched it away for the last time. that's just over 15 years to the day from when it was placed thereafter the compromise of 2000. it now sits inside the
10:00 am
confederate relic room and military museum. the flagpole itself set to come down in just under an hour. live look there at the state house grounds are. emotional moment for some and as many as 10,000 people filled the area surrounding the capitol for a chance to witness history. but those who have been fighting for this moment it was a day they thought they would never see. >> i didn't expect it to be that emotional. amazing. this is such a blessing to the people in south carolina. >> this is going to help people feel better about themselves and will also we hope will force the members of our general assembly to disengage themselves with the confederate mindset which is one of unfairness. >> president obama also reacting today tweeting this. south carolina taking down the confederate flag. a signal of good will and healing. and a meaningful step toward a better future. it want to bring you some breaking news involv


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