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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 11, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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cliffhanger there. jim gilmore, call me. if you want to play send us e-mail, who you are, where you are from why you want to play the news dump. we would like to send some junk to you. weekends with alex witt starts now. very, very sad thing what's happening with our country. and nobody wants to talk about it. >> donald trump doubles down new comments on immigration from the presidential candidate. who he gathered to support him. >> the latest on the heartbreaking story of baby doe. efforts to try to identify this girl. is it connected to a past case? struck down a bolt of lightning knocks a local tv station off air. see how it improvised to keep the news going. bang for your buck. a study out that determines what a dollar is worth in your town that's in big money headlines.
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>> good morning everyone. welcome to weekends with alex witt. new comments from donald trump on immigration stirring controversy. the gop contender is not backing away from his stance on undocumented mexican immigrants as he campaigns with a series of events. at a news conference in beverly hills yesterday he was flanked by families of those killed by undocumented immigrants. >> whenever somebody hears that it was an illegal that was involved with the death of their children it becomes politically incorrect for a politician to help them. that's how messed up our nation is. >> joining me now is ed o'keefe, political reporter for "the washington post" with a good morning to you, ed. let's talk about this. i want you to characterize trump's speech for me yesterday. how far do you think he can
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carry this strategy how effective is it with the victims' families there? >> that's adding another dimension and cast it as a more serious issue. this is serious, it happens and does expose problems with the current immigration system. but the fact that he still runs around using terms like illegals, the fact he's going to go to arizona today and meet with sheriff joe arpie 0, a controversial figure no matter how you look at it. the fact that a lot of officials in arizona, republican and democrat said we'd rather not have him come and stir things up i think shows you that he still is causing a great deal of controversy, causing a great deal of distraction from the republican presidential race boxing out other people who probably have a more legitimate more realistic to win the nomination. this is week three or four of this. and you would think that there were just one or two or three republicans running when we're up to about 17 by the end of the
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month. and so it's incredibly frustrating. >> how concerned are republican leaders, do they think he can do serious harm with latino voters? >> he already has. turn on telemundo, only one republican running for president and his name is donald trump and he is saying things that do not sit well with hispanic voters with other minority voters as well. for years the issue for the republican party has been tone. the way they talk about these things, the way they are perceived by the minority voters that they need to win back the white house. this has done nothing to help them on that front. they know that they are very concerned about it. that's why you saw reince priebus reach out and you only saw him reach out after several top donors to the party were telling him you've got to reach out to him and just at least say something, ask him please pull it back a little bit. you know and let's give trump a little credit.
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he did go to los angeles and meet with the people who have been affected by trying to raise. he's not raising them artfully but he is raising legitimate points that there are problems with the immigration system and need to be fixed. everyone else in the past has mentioned this trump perhaps taking it farther. and he is reminding people that there are problems, it's the way he's doing it that brings great concern to a lot of republicans. >> let's take a listen to a little more from him. >> i must be doing something right. i'm number one in the pollings. when it's all said and done i will win, win, the hispanic vote over the democrat whoever it may be probably hillary clinton. because i will create jobs for the hispanics. >> the first part there, is he leading in the polls? >> there's one or two polls that frankly most professional pollsters would sneeze at that suggest that he is on top. and look i think it was chuck
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todd said trump is the shark attack candidate of the moment the one that catches fire for a period of time and things change. if you think back at some point in american history john glenn was supposed to be president, bill bradley, mario cuomo, michele bachmann. all of these have a moment. we're more than a year away from election day, we're about six months from people starting to cast ballots in new hampshire, nevada and places like that. certainly this week it would suggest there is support for trump at least in iowa to potentially place second or third. ditto in new hampshire. whether people would do it remains to be seen. whether people are teasing poll sers saying wa the heck i'll vote for trump. we'll see. again, he's raising an issue that should be does skused. he's not raising it in a helpful way because it's incendiary. we'll see how democrats and republicans react to what he's
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saying. >> i want to talk quickly about ted cruz asking "the new york times" for apology. the paper did not list his book as a bestseller. i think it should have come in third. does he deserve apology? >> well i'm not the book editor of the new york times and i don't know exactly how they calculate their rankings. i think part of the problem was that there were large bulk purchases made to amplify the amount of copies being sold. so that has an issue. how many copies do you think, alex have probably been sold of the book in the 48 hours or so since "the new york times" announced this? i think if anything ted cruz should probably send "the new york times" flowers. >> probably raking it in. good to see you as always. thanks so much. >> take care. >> msnbc will bring you donald trump's speech that airs 2:50 eastern and then following that the news conference scheduled
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for 3:30 eastern. stay with us for that. new revelations by the fbi shedding light on the bureaucratic breakdown that could have prevented the shooting deaths a it a charleston church last month. pete williams has more on how a mistake in paperwork allowed dylann roof to purchase the gun involved in the killing. >> reporter: good day. the fbi director says he just learned that even though dylann roof was legally sold the gun by the firearms dealer in south carolina it should have been blocked by an fbi background check that failed to catch a problem in his background. the fbi calls it a heartbreaking series of missed opportunities that failed to block the sale of the gun that police say dylann roof used to kill nine people last month. roof was arrested february 28 at a shopping mall in columbia south carolina. police reports said he admitted to illegally carrying a drug.
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the fbi says if it had known that it would have blocked roof as an illegal drug user from buying a gun. he applied for handgun in mid april at this gun store which submitted his information to the fbi for a background check. his criminal history showed he was arrested in the county where the sheriff was told to contact the columbia police. the fbi data bases showed no such department in lexington county, only a different one the west colombia police department which had no record of arrest. the fbi says the examiner called the lexington county prosecutor but never heard back. sol the background check was still under way after the the-day waiting period expired. roof got his gun because federal law allows a gun sfael the fbi hasn't blocked it. we're all sick this happened the director said today. we wish we could turn back time. fbi agents met today with family members of the shooting victims including the husband of myra
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thompson. >> i found this out it made me angry. and i wasn't angry at dylann the system. >> some have longer waiting periods and a former official says that would help nation wide. >> sims three days you just can't determine a person's absolute legal status to purchase a gun. >> some big firearms dealers including walmart will not sell a gun even after the three-day waiting period if the background check isn't finished. now the director says this kind of failure because of a mistake in the data base is rare but he lass ordered an immediate review to find out what changes should be made. >> thanks for that. new overnight lawmakers in greece approve add new reform package. the parliament voted on the proposal early this morning and includes cutting pensions and raising taxes. today negotiators for greece will head to brussels to seek a
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third bailout. if the approved the country would get a three-year loan worth almost $60 billion. >> after 11 weeks we're inching closer to closing arguments in the james holmes shooting trial. yesterday lawyers wrapped up trying to show he was legally insane. jurors were shown holmes slamming his head against a jail wall. holmes accused of killing 12 and injuring 70 during the screening of the dark night rises. a lightning strike knocked out some of the equipment at the nbc affiliate in denver because some of the systems were down anchors had to improvise on air. >> we're having some technical difficulties here at 9 news. what happened bass 45 minutes ago our towers here took a direct lightning strike. >> employees say they heard a loud clap of thunder, then the fire alarms, anchors had to use
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an ipad to show pictures because some of the equipment fried. the weather outlook. here is reynolds wolf. good morning to you. >> alex good morning and our friends across america. one of the stories we're going to have in terms of weather is not what you see but what you're going to feel. as we make our way to next week the summer sheet back, high pressure across the central plains the jet stream for the plains going to retreat to the north which is going to allow things to be muggy and the high locked in place. things are going to be sweltering for so many including those of you in dodge city the next several tas. kansas city in the fray sioux falls, omaha, all places that are going to be roasting. some of that heat will drive some showers and storms and later on could be severe for the upper midwest. from today into tonight and tomorrow. we're going to see this migrate more to the east. so chicago, be ready for that.
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fargo, minneapolis, the corn belt. tomorrow expect scattered showers and storms to move into the ohio valley. we'll keep a sharp eye on them. alex, back to you. >> we thank you. reynolds wolf. the fbi director says it stopped isis plots to attack america over the july fourth holiday. how close terrorists may have come. and are they getting anywhere on those nuclear talks with iran. what happens if no deal is struck?
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on demand tv shows and movies on all my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. at quarter past the hour breaking news now we're following reports that the leader of the islamic state in korasan has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in afghanistan according to taliban sources he was once part of the afghan
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taliban. and we're going to bring you more on this as soon as we get this information. we'll go to the white house and check in on this. right now there is new fallout from the disclosure of the scope of that data breach at a government agency which handles federal employee information. catherine archuleta, the agency that was hacked submitted her resignation friday afternoon. details of 21.5 million employees were stolen in that cyber attack. let's go to kristen welker and get to the latest on this report of the killing there of a leader of the islamic state. the latest on the administration's handling of this data breach. what do you know about that? >> administration taking a couple of steps for one president obama appointed beth cobert who was the deputy director at omb, to take over opm in the interim until president obama can appoint someone permanent. we know that the federal government is offering employees
4:17 am
who may have had their information hacked three years of protection identity theft protection. other protections. they say at this point in time there is no indication that that information has been used for any nefarious reason. however, there is a lot of concern on both sides of pennsylvania avenue and you have some lawmakers including some democrats saying that the administration needs to do more that ultimately that protection should be in effect indefinitely. you also have republicans saying that this is too little too late. take a listen to what one republican had to say. >> one of the fundamental problems is are they are still feeding the beast, still putting really sensitive information into a system that we know is not secured. >> reporter: alex, that of course the chairman of the house oversight committee. let me read you what john boehner said. the resignation of the opm director does not in any way
4:18 am
absolve the president of the responsibility to repair this damage to our national security. you also have some folks who say look, congress also has some responsibility here because they haven't properly funded opm, so there is a broad investigation to try to determine eveningsxactly what went wrong and how to protect those more than 20 million people who may have been impacted by this. >> thank you for that. let us know when you get word from the white house on this report about the killing. we'll check back with you. overseas where the iran nuclear talks extended after negotiators missed the deadline for a third time. the key issues include the u.n. arms embargo and access to the sites in iran. joining me from tehran good to see you. as always the case with these talks, lots of mixed messagings.
4:19 am
what is your read on where things stand? >> reporter: that's right, alex. mixed messages along the way. they accused each other, praised each other. i think negotiations -- no clear end in sight. talk of progress -- >> we need to make more progress. >> reporter: iranian foreign minister zarif accuse the united states of changing its position at the 11th hour and dismissed threats by the american delegation to quit the talks as counter productive. >> we still have a couple of very difficult issues and will be sitting down to discuss those in the near term. >> reporter: in iran there were huge anti-american and israeli, jerusalem day where iranians
4:20 am
showed solidarity to palestine. on the sidelines of the rally the powerful speaker of iran's parliament said that if the west wants to drive these to a dead end then iran's nuclear scientists will accelerate their work. while the senior iranian guard general said if they want to inspect military sites that's out of the question. british foreign secretary said that the talks were painfully slow the german del gags saying they thought a deal was within reach in the next few days. alex i mean these talks are going on in earnest, the two sides giving each other until the 13th, monday to try to come to some sort of conclusion on these talks. i think the smart money --
4:21 am
because obama and ruani. as we saw in the video there are a lot of people in iran that don't want this deal to happen and there is still an element of unpredictability between these countries to see if they can clinch this. >> a little bit of technical difficulty but thank you for following things for us. still ahead a record number of job openings in the u.s. so why are employers so slow to fill the positions? we'll find out. also we want to hear more from you.
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a good morning to you. look, anybody with a 401(k) had their eye on wall street this week. how did the markets end? >> it was quite a ride for sure. although interestingly most of the major indices ended up where they started, if you look at the dow jones industrial average, a narrow gain it was up .17%. that roller coaster this is a week marked by stocks in china bottoming out, obviously the dynamic situation in greece and then the new york stock exchange computer glitch that halts the market on wednesday. janet yellen speaking. and in terms of importance i think the situation in china is going to be the one that people really are concerned about especially with upcoming earnings, a lot of companies that have to justify their exposure. >> i think you're right on the money on that. to help wanted now.
4:26 am
it appears employers are taking their time filling positions, so what does this tell you? >> well, it's interesting. so there's 5.3 million open positions, that is the most since they started tracking the data in 2000. sounds promising but it is taking on average 28 days to fill those positions, that's 25% higher than in 2007 before the start of the recession. i think one of the indicators is people are gun shy to make hires. i talk to a lot of people who say i can't believe it i'm on my 12th interview. i heard numbers as high as 20. nobody wants to get it wrong. every month or quarter you wait to make hires you run the risk that the financials of the company change and the cfo or who ever is in charge says you know what hold off on making that hire. so i question the commitment of companies to fill the 5.3 million positions. one thing to put out the we're hire it's another to do the hiring
4:27 am
hiring. >> big difference with these stats. i guess in real estate it's location location. >> yes. the tax foundation said $100, what is the relative buying power by state. it really does vary. so for instance in mississippi which led the list you have the most bang for your buck. it's the equivalent is $115. which means you get 15% more for every $100. now, if you on the flip side of that live in washington, d.c. looking at $86 of buying power. the difference that offsets that is what you earn. so there's greater income in those areas, and it kind of offsets, one offsets the other except it has ramifications for public policy. the minimum wage debate in alaska it's actually the equivalent of making $8 in arkansas. that's why some of these when you think about why isn't the minimum wage the same. these are the reasons. >> skre interesting. okay.
4:28 am
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not at all mmm part of a complete breakfast welcome back. we begin this half hour with the mystery around the death of a child whose body was found in a trash bag in massachusetts two weeks ago. while her picture has been viewed more than 50 million times, police are still unable to learn about her background. joining me is the metro reporter for "the boston globe" covering this story. laura, thank you for joining us. what is the focus of the investigation right now? >> the focus is finding the identity of this young girl who is believed to be about 4 years old. as you said in your introduction, her image has been seen more than 50 million times by people across the world, but investigators still can't answer
4:32 am
the question of who she is. >> tell me the circumstances under which she was found. >> a woman walking her dog on deer island came across this trash bag about two weeks ago after her dog was drawn in by this trash bag. she wanted to see what was interesting the dog so much. and made this gruesome discovery. >> and this little girl was wrapped up in a blanket, correct, and looked like -- they identified where her clothes could have come from right? talk about some of the details. >> investigators have released a lot of details about how they found the little girl. she was wearing a pair of white leggings with black polka dots partly wrapped in a zebra print blanket made of fleece. just two days ago they updated the composite picture that was
4:33 am
assembled by the national center for missing and exploited children, to add the fact that she also had pierced ears. >> is according to the report as you look at these items of clothing they can be identified as being sold at kmart, is target included? so this could be bought pretty much anywhere. >> right. the leggings they believe, are sold at target. and the blanket is from kmart. >> so what are they asking people to do to look around and see if the there's a family that's missing a child? i mean it's strange. >> investigators want people to think about these items, think about these details and think about that photograph and try to rack their brains to see if they know a little girl who fits that description. now, as we said earlier, the
4:34 am
image has been seen more than 50 million times by people across the world, but investigators believe that their best chance at learning who this girl is is by hearing from a family member. and they emphasize they can do so anonymously. there are so many unanswered questions here one of the most disturbing is that they don't know how she died or how she got to deer island. >> this is not a photograph that they got. this is a composite of what they believe she looked like. >> the national center for missing and exploited children went to her autopsy, took photographs and created this image to give people a sense of what they believe she would have looked like in life. and they believe this is a very true rendering to what she didlook like. >> well it is a tragic story
4:35 am
but we hope there willble an answer to the many questions you're talking about. thank you so much for that. let's go from there to politics and gop presidential contender donald trump holding a series of events. aiming to highlight comments about undocumented immigrants from mexico. he met with family members who said their loved ones died at the hands of immigrants who should not have been in this country. >> people came into the country illegally and killed their children. and it's a very, very sad thing what's happening with our country. and nobody wants to talk about it. >> joining me from phoenix amanda, thank you for the early wake-up there. we did not just hear from trump. we also heard from family members during that press conference. what did they say? >> reporter: you know alex at the heart of this issue is san francisco fatal shooting at the hands of an undocumented
4:36 am
immigrant with a long criminal rap sheet. this has become a flash point of the debate buoyed in part by trump making this a national issue. at issue sanctuary cities with they provide safe havens for undocumented immigrants and the sheriff's departments that are no longer complying with federal immigration officials unwilling to detain undocumented immigrants for deportation. the fear that they could be sued for doing so. now, trump's issues while controversial throughout the nation for some families they really resonated. here's what they had to say. >> my nephew was murdered by a gang member in the country illegally. we love mr. trump. we're happy balls we know he spoke up and he says something. so i just hope that when you guys keep in mind enforce the law. >> we're 5 to 8,000 die every year in this country, americans, at the direct hands of illegals. not just the one that's up in
4:37 am
san francisco, and not just the little handful that's here. every single day, stop reporting about the poor little illegals because their poor little issue they brought it on themselves. >> reporter: trump will be here in phoenix and the maricopa county gop organizing the event they originally were expecting about 500 people and a small hotel ball room but they said that they sold out in hours and now they are holding it here at the convention center at the heart of downtown where they expect as many as 5,000 people. so when trump comes he will on stage next to a controversial figure in the immigration debate sheriff joe arpaio who is in his own controversy. we expect many protesters pro immigrant rights to be here and we heard from senator jeff flake who asked donald trump don't come to arizona. >> but he will be there no doubt. thank you very much.
4:38 am
and before that msnbc will bring you trump's speech at las vegas today at 2:50 eastern time. following that his news conference for 3:30. to the latest on fears of isis attacks in the u.s. fbi director james comey said this week he believes arrests in the past month thwarted potential strikes during the july 4th holiday. he said some of the roughly ten people arrested on isis-related charges were plotting attacks for the fourth. and he said the use of incrypted messaging is making it harder to track potential terrorists. >> there is a device almost a devil on their shoulder all day long saying kill kill kill. and if they find someone and they have found many of those someones in the united states who are interested in this and we can see twitter, we'll see them give them directions to a mobile messaging app that is end to end encrypted and tell them
4:39 am
contact me here and they disappear. >> i'm joined by shawn henry, the presidentch crowd strike services former executive director of the fbi. with a welcome to you, shawn. given the number of arrests the fbi made in recent weeks how close do you think the country came to being attacked over the the holiday? >> i think this is something that we look at every day. we know that there are these individuals that are following this jihadi cause, they are interested in attacking americans here in the homeland in the united states of america. and what director comey is talking about is now the ability for these jihadists to reach out and touch people with these messages through social media, facebook, et cetera. we used to think of our people self rad dalizing going on line and looking up interesting information about the jihadi cause. now this information is being pushed to them directly by those that are looking to recruit them and cause them to go active and to harm americans in the united states. >> director comey was talking
4:40 am
about a committee saying terror messaging is increasingly invisible because of this end to end encryption. he wants companies to make data available to federal authorities. do you think that's a good idea? can that work? >> what director comey is saying for many years one of the successful ways of disrupting plots has been able to identify them in advance. and they have done that the fbi and law enforcement by intercepting communications lawfully with a judicial warrant, people they believe are plotting these types of attacks. now with certain encryption the fbi lost the ability to track these people. he is not asking them to weaken their capabilities. he wants the fbi to have the lawful ability to go in and touch this information. to listen in on those conversations of those they believe are going to attack americans. they have the right to do with it the judicial warrant. they don't have the technical capability. they are dark. >> okay. are we seeing a fundamental difference in the way isis works
4:41 am
as opposed to allegation's methods? >> i think that historically what we've seen with al qaeda is their interest in getting on the big stage, attack on the scale of 9-11. i think what we see with isis now is the push to go out and attack where you stand. in other words, you don't have to come over the to syria and train with us and then come back to the united states. if you support us, we want you to go out and harm americans right now. so they are telling people trying to activate them. that was the concern over the fourth of july. there are so many who are supportive of isis and that entire cause, and they have the capability to go out and harm americans the here in our cities. that's why the fbi acted the way they did as swiftly as they did. >> shawn, how can officials slow terror group recruitment or prevent it. >> it's being pro active with the fbi has done is try to get out in front. they use intelligence which
4:42 am
allows them to peer around the corner and see what's happening. going dark and losing the capability to intercept communications is the causing them some serious concern. if they can go out and identify these people in advance of the attacks they are going to help prevent americans. >> shawn henry, thank you so much. a bit more on the breaking news we told you about, reports that the leader of the islamic state in korisston has been killed in a drone strike in afghanistan. according to taliban sources, he was once part of the afghan taliban. for more to the white house for the latest. what are you hearing? >> reporter: at this point i have a number of calls and e-mails 0 but to sources a it the white house and at the nsc. so far we haven't confirmed that the u.s. drone strike killed the isis leader from here. those reports coming from intelligence officials in
4:43 am
afghan. i can put this in broader context which is if true if would be the second top isis leader killed in that region in three days so. what do we mean. we're talking about the area that comprises afghanistan, pakistan, and india. that is significant because we spend a lot of time as you well know talking about isis in syria and iraq. now we're talking about isis in eastern afghanistan. call of this underscores the fact that the united states government if again this latest is true is increasingly concerned about the isis presence in that region. we can also report that earlier this week more than two dozen isis militants were killed in that region. so again, the question once officials come back on monday, josh earnest holds his press dreefing on monday, will be is isis expanding. is that the key concern.
4:44 am
waiting to confirm that a top isis leader has been killed and if true would be the second leader of isis to be taken out in recent days. >> thank you kristen welker. outcry from kochblthable accuser wants a judge to let her tell her story. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ you should say a few words. to steady betty. to steady betty! always ready. never quit on us. i'm gonna go...
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4:48 am
there was a statement they have never removed a star and have no plans to do so now. the allegations against bill cosby received new attention after the release of documents from a 2005 legal deposition in which he admitted to obtaining quaaludes. crosby has never been charged and denied the accusations made by 36 alleged victims of sexual assault. joining me is defense attorney and former prosecutor, karen, a welcome to you. we know that this -- one of the accusers is asking a judge to unseal all of the documents from 2005 from this entire deposition. she even argues that look i know i signed a confidentiality agreement but it has to be voided now because cosby's team is talking about it. >> you know it's interesting first of all if you are the -- on either side of a civil case you already have access to the
4:49 am
depositions, your attorneys have copies so you wouldn't have to go to court to say give me a copy of the deposition. they have them. she wants to release them so any one who wants ta release you go to a judge. in this case it was the associated press and it's not easy to get depositions released if there has been a settlement that says they are sealed. depending what jurisdiction there are rules, if there are minors mentioned, if there are third partyings mentioned, then you have no right to release those. so a judge has to go over the depositions, kind of in camera take a look at them what you can release and captain. it's difficult. so in this case obviously the judge decided hey, there is public interest especially given the very strong nature of the judge's opinion in this case. >> is that enough though public interest? is the volume 36 people claiming somewhat similar, not specifically but somewhat similar situations or the fact that cosby is a celebrity? does that all weigh in? >> it does in the sense
4:50 am
according to the judge it does because he's out there making moral and ethical speeches and he's out there making admissions against what he said in those depositions. and therefore there is a public interest component to it. but it is very difficult to get depositions unsealed. were he to be charged in the future. how likely or possible is that and could this deposition be used in that case? >> the deposition could be used in a civil case obviously in civil cases you have to the testify. you have to have your deposition taken and you are going to be cross-examined on this deposition. in fact the attorneys in that case have a better case of getting the whole depositions based on the fact of being able to cross-examine them in future cases. >> so it's going to damage him
4:51 am
because obviously this is pretty disturbing. although he doesn't say that he purposely or unknowingly gave them drugs, so that's one of the difficulties with this case is because he goes so far but then he stops, his attorney objects and therefore you can interpret it any way you want. >> it's interesting. to be continued for sure. thank you so much. >> it's a medical mission that could turn drones into life savers for those in need. we'll show you how.
4:52 am
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our nation is entering what soon may be known as the age of the drone. next week an australian company will team up with a medical care non-profit for a research flight to deliver medicine to a rural virginia field hospital on the state fairgrounds. patrick tucker technology editor of "defense one." let's talk about this test flight. it's set for virginia an faa-approved research flight in conjunction with virginia tech test site. one of six sites nationwide.
4:55 am
i understand this to be a two-part test. a nasa remote fixed wing aircraft that's going to fly the supplies from the airport to lonesome pine airport. then doens will take packages to the wise county fair counteds. how does this affect what ultimately will be used here? >> well this particular area of drone capability is one a lot of people are interested in. this particular flight would be first within the united states. this is something that the united states military has been doing for a little while. there have been test flights, for instance in afghanistan during the u.s. campaign there to move supplies to remotely -- remote forward bases. now a lot of different drone manufacturers of different sizes including lockheed martin, the creator of a big helicopter delivering drone called the k mexer saying this could revolutionize a lot of thing. they're looking at it for not
4:56 am
just delivering medical supplies, but medical evacuations and even forest fighting. >> what about other industries services where we would likely to see these drone bs used. >> a wide number of them. department of homeland security continues to look at uses for this sort of thing, perhaps border surveillance border security. amazon and google have been talking for a long time and pushing the faa to allow for delivery of goods. what this shows is that at least when you're talking about vital medical supplies it's certainly possible and can be done safely. that's assuming everything goes okay. all of what that does is push the faa to finally begin to come up with coherent drone legislation. that's still pending. >> how long do you think it will take until we see pizza delivery by drone? >> depends on when the faa says it's okay. if you live in another part of the world, it could be today. >> patrick tucker interesting. thank you for joining us.
4:57 am
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wow, i love it. the tobin stance! that is totally what it is! the donald heads to the border. all right. good morning. supposed to have an introduction, i guess we don't today today. thanks forgetting up with us today on "up." donald trump is sticking to his position on immigration, set to give a big speech in arizona later today. we'll have more on that in just a moment. also ahead this morning, as the confederate flag falls in south carolina, a stunning admission from the fbi that the shooter never should have been allowed to buy his gun in the first place. we'll tell you how that happened and what it means. plus the shocking plot twist about one of the most be loifed literary and movie characters of all time.


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