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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  July 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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god are even vocal. >> what was the symbol back in the day, when you had like the kkk and stuff like that? they would hang people. >> a self-described white supremacist may not be who he says he is. >> he has a mixed brother and sister. he's not a racist. >> and that can make him a marked man among other white supremacists. >> if you get caught being counterfeit, you could have serious, serious things happen. first, all the tattoos got to
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come off one way or another. >> another inmate attempts to hide the true nature of his recent conviction. >> when word of that gets out, it's almost like a target on their back. >> he's a child molester. >> and the jail takes steps to protect him from, among others, one of his cellmates. >> he a sheep. i'm a wolf. ♪ fairfax, virginia, is a modern-day city steeped in reminders of the civil war. the cannons outside the old courthouse still face north just as they did then. and a nearby sign marks the site of the first confederate casualty, and across the street at the fairfax county adult detention center, christopher russell says race is still a divisive issue, and that his
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views are summed up by a symbol from another war. >> i have a swastika. the nazi battle flag is tattooed inside of it. it basically puts where i stand on life. i can walk into a unit or a room, and i can tell you how much racial tension is in the air by the feel and how everybody looks and how they act. >> most of the 1,200 men and women incarcerated in fairfax county are only charged with crimes. they're awaiting trial at the resolution of their cases. but russell pled guilty to possession of heroin with intent to distribute. he is serving three years here. and he says he won't let jail alter one of his core values. >> i believe in the preservation of my race. there's a double standard. especially when it comes to whites. it's okay to have black power. it's okay to have brown pride. if you have white pride you're a
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[ bleep ] racist. how does that work? how is it not the same for anybody else? you know what i'm saying? so now there's brown pride month. black history month. where the hell is white history month? >> despite his feelings, russell says he's learned to get along with other races in jail. >> it's all about respect. as long as you respect me, we ain't got no problems. race or not i hate you as a race. as a man i'll respect you because, you know, you showed me respect. now who am i more apt to get along with and associate with, yeah, of course, whites. >> this is a wonderful life we get to live in sorry ass jail. i guess it could be worse. i could still be strung out and sitting here. be dope sick. >> russell says heroin addiction has fueled his criminal life and harmed his standing with other skinheads. >> a true skinhead doesn't get high, you know. because you have to prepare yourself at any given time to be ready to go to war for your
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race. >> but staff say no gang or race related wars will break out in this jail any time soon. >> our disciplinary measures are harsh. the inmates that come here seem to hate fairfax. they don't like all the rules. from all reports i've heard, we have more rules and regulations than all the other jails. stricter housing standards and things like that. >> let's go. let's go! >> got 20 minutes to lockout. >> put your hands on the wall. >> we do have some people that may say they're a skinhead, crip, blood, arian nation. but we typically try to not keep people segregated based off of race because you're expected to sort of get along with everybody. >> matthew bryan appears to be living up to expectations. he's housed in the old section of the jail. small pods of five inmates are locked out of their cells all day and must coexist in a small common area with little to do. bryan is a minority here. but he says he doesn't hide his
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racial philosophy. >> what is that? >> that's a hangman. >> what does that signify? >> what was the symbol back in the day when you had like the kkk and stuff like that? they would hang people, right? if there's a new person that comes on the block, you can ask them. i make no bones about it. they know what i'm about. they know. >> bryan is awaiting sentencing on credit card fraud, auto theft, and grand larceny. he identifies himself as a skinhead, but has formed a friendship with denzel wade, who is awaiting sentencing for credit card fraud. >> i don't necessarily have a problem with it unless he flat out disrespects me about it. you know, calls me the "n" word, whatever. then there would be a problem. it's just like a respect thing.
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>> i felt pretty much comfortable with him because he's a pretty straight-up guy. that's the type of people i like to be around. he's not going to bull [ bleep ] or lie to you. me and him have been pretty cool since day one. >> you don't care about that tattoo on the inside of his left arm? i mean, i make jokes about it myself. i'm not going to lie. no, i mean, it really doesn't bother me. like he said -- >> it is what it is. >> he's a straight up guy. he says he doesn't believe in interracial relationships. he's open about it. >> i've never gotten close to a black dude. for him, he's not like a normal black guy that you'll meet. he's really smart. so, i mean, it's a learning process for me, too. i don't have a problem -- what you do is what you do. >> but i'm working on it. >> he is working on it. >> the only reason why i'm trying to change my views on thing is like for my kids' sake. hey, i can spell h-a-t-e or oh, my daddy has "hate" tattooed,
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and teachers will know. i don't want that. >> bryan says he tries to check in with his wife and two young sons every day. how are the boys doing? are they with you? >> but five years of arrests for a variety of drug related offenses have made him an absentee father. he was in jail when his youngest son was born. >> it's been about a month since she gave birth. it was probably one of the most emotional things i had to go through. it sucked so bad. >> and bryan's 2-year-old is old enough to notice his absence. >> tell him i'm on vacation. tell him i'm on a plane to california or something. every time you see an airplane, just say that. you know what i mean? that might make him happy. give the boys a kiss for me, please. all right. i love you. she said this morning there's a program he watches. it's a cartoon about a dad who he flies on airplanes. my wife was watching it with him
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or something, and he said plane, and then he said daddy. you know, and then -- my wife is like, oh, daddy is on a plane. i was like, yeah, he's on vacation. so it was cool. >> is that what you want him to think? >> yeah. for right now. >> it makes you emotional. >> yeah. it sucks. >> what makes you emotional about it? >> because i want to be there, you know. i want to coach his football team and stuff. i want to watch him play sports and stuff like that. it sucks. coming up -- >> during shakedown yesterday we noticed a swastika sign on inmate matt bryan's hand.
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it was freshly done. it was still red. >> matthew bryan finds himself with new troubles. and -- >> i own all kinds of guns -- assault rifles, shotgun, i had them all. >> an inmate with a hardened reputation on the street is housed with an old friend concealing a secret. >> i got to take care and deal with. (glasses clinking) ♪ (ground shaking) well there goes the country club. the 2015 dodge durango. now with available beats audio.
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washington, d.c. is a symbol of many things. but a crack-cocaine epidemic in the 1980s turned the nation's capital into its murder capital. violent crime is down since then, but a d.c. native who is now at the fairfax county adult detention center in virginia says it's still a tough place. >> where i'm from, everybody use guns. you don't fight. fighting ain't going to do nothing.
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i have all kinds of guns, assault rifles, shotguns, i had them all. i'm not aiming to kill. i'm trying to hit you. my thought process is i want to shoot and later be like i should have never [ bleep ]. >> andrew conteh, who at 6'6" can nearly touch both walls of his small two-man cell, says growing up he hoped sports would help him escape d.c.'s violent streets. >> i started playing basketball when i was 11 years old. i really felt i was going to get famous off basketball. i felt that was the way out. i know everybody say that. i really felt that was a way out. the lack of father figure in my life made me look to people on the street as my father figure. you see the cars and the money, and it's true. it's true, it really gets me. you want to have that.
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you want to be like that. you want to get all the girls. i started living that life. every friday i would beat people up for money. thursdays and fridays was payday. so we'll just wait for somebody, and whoever came, we would beat them up. take their money. to the point where it started getting fun. and it started becoming addicting. i wanted money. i was addicted to money. >> he is currently charged with two counts of robbery and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. he has pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. his alleged victims were two tourists from venezuela. >> they're saying i met people, met them on the bus, they needed help to get somewhere. i showed them and i robbed them. >> and what were they robbed of? >> they're saying $540. >> if found guilty, his sentence could be as high as 20 years to life. he thinks there's one good possibility in his favor.
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>> if victims don't show up from venezuela, then they're going to get dismissed. >> no matter the outcome in court, he won't be walking out a free man. he's already serving three and a half years in another county for a different crime. residential robbery. he was transferred to fairfax to stand trial on the new charges. and he says even though his stay might be temporary, he's made his presence known. >> i don't run this block, but i got say-so on this block. >> you're 20 years old. >> 20 years old. it's just the way i carry myself. i don't act like a 20-year-old. i just don't. >> his cell mate, jonathan lacey, knew him on the streets and says conteh garners respect. >> he did a lot of stuff on the outside to prove he goes hard. meaning he's not nothing but talk. he's a businessman on the streets. he's a real young entrepreneur. >> business. talking drugs?
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>> i seen you though. >> we bless each other while we're in here. that's what you got to do. >> treat them like your brother. >> got to treat them like your brother. you have to. no question about that. >> since lacey and conteh have not seen each other in five years prior to becoming cell mates, they have much to catch up on, including the circumstances lacey says brought him back to jail. >> came back, got caught and i'm here doing my backup time for five years. >> what was the warrant for? >> it had to do with child support and it had to do with my fourth dwi. >> lacey was in fact on probation for driving under the influence. but that's not why he's in jail now. he recently pled guilty to aggravated sexual battery of a victim under the age of 13. lacey says he pled guilty to avoid a longer sentence if found guilty at trial but he denies committing the crime and keeps
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the nature of it a secret from conteh and others. >> do you admit this to people? >> hell no. that's telling myself and telling people that i did this. [ bleep ] no. i got robbed. i got robbed in the court system. it's a personal issue that i have, to take care and deal with. >> when an inmate comes in the facility, there's a lot of talk about what you're here for, what you're not here for. there is a code. it's been in place forever as far as i know that you don't mess with kids. and you don't rape women. and when word of that gets out with an inmate, it's like a target on their back. it's not acceptable in the inmate code. >> lacey says his tough reputation on the streets and his physical strength will keep anyone who might want to harass him in check. >> everybody shows me respect. because they know me. they know my reputation. my real reputation.
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there ain't no rumor going around saying he's a child molester. people know i get vicious. i'm not using in a word disrespect of women. i mean in respect of what i do on the outside. >> working out has not been on christopher russell's schedule as of late. he spent nine days in medical being treated for a skin infection. due to the daily fluctuation of the jail's inmate population, when he got out he was assigned a new cellmate. the pairing did not last long. >> christopher russell came out one night. he had a laundry bag full of all his property. he approached the control booth for the deputy. he said that basically he was in fear for his safety. he thought there would be a fight in the block. >> after reviewing his file, i looked at where he's been housed. he's been up in the fourth floor for over a year and a half with no problems with any other inmates. i wanted to go downstairs and talk to him to see what has
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changed and is he, in fact, in fear of his safety. >> hey, russell. >> yeah. >> lieutenant. you said you feared your safety. >> no, man. it was all a misunderstanding. you know what i'm saying? there was never know fear. it's documented i'm a skinhead. so when i came out of medical they put me in a cell with a guy who was black. i said something about it. i figure they say i'm going to be reclassed. it was misunderstood as to why i was down here. as long as i'm celled the right way -- >> we don't accommodate the inmates. however, if we can try to put them in a place where he can get along with other inmates, do his time, not get in trouble, which makes it better for everyone involved, then that's what we're going to do. so what i'm going to do, i'm going to look over upstairs. see if we can appropriate housing for you and then go from there. >> thank you, man. i appreciate it. >> all right. >> i appreciate it.
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>> while the jail will attempt to find russell a new cellmate, they also sanctioned him by taking away four days of recreation time for refusing his prior cell assignment. russell says it's worth it. >> you don't put yourself in a position where it's going to jeopardize your time. it had nothing to do with fear. for real, it had to do with common sense. if you hate somebody, you just don't deal with them. in your cell, you can't get away. that's one place you can't get away from the person. you know what i'm saying? so you have to be able to at least have a common ground with your cellie. the only common ground with mine is you have to be compatible with what i am. coming up -- >> and you have to use the $5 bills. when you hold it up to the light, it's got the strip. it says usa 5 on it. >> christopher russell shares secrets of his life as a counterfeiter. then -- >> i say he gave me good four licks. i gave him about good five, six licks. >> jonathan lacey and andrew
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behind the walls of the fairfax county detention center, self-proclaimed skinhead matthew bryan has put racism aside when it comes to denzel wade. >> we're choosing fantasy football team. two tight ends, five receivers and a defense and a kicker. it's just like nfl fantasy football except it's harder for us to keep the stats and stuff. it's just something to make time go by faster. we have something to look forward to but also have a relationship with. men come together about football. so it's cool. >> though fantasy football in jail comes with inherent limitations. wade will have to get used to it for a while. he's recently been sentenced on his charge of credit card fraud. >> my minimum was seven months. my high was a year and seven months.
10:25 pm
the judge thought i had two many breaks from my juvenile record and adult record. i have two misdemeanors on my adult record and too many misdemeanors on my juvenile record. she said i had too many breaks and hit me on the head with two years to teach me a lesson. the first person that talked to me about it when i first came was matt. it's a very special relationship. i don't know how to explain it. >> another friendship inside the jail seems to have taken a turn for the worse. cellmates andrew conteh and jonathan lacey were old friends from the street. now lacey has been moved out of the unit. he says he and conteh got into a fight over a card game. >> we fought for like ten minutes. it was a lot of wrestling. for him to be his size, i don't think there should have been a lot of wrestling. when i got to throwing the hands, i say he gave me a good four licks. i gave him about good, five, six licks. >> conteh agrees the fight was over a card game. but his account of the results
10:26 pm
are different than lacey's. >> we got into an argument over spades. he told me to shut the [ bleep ] up. my mother don't even tell me that. so i did what i had to do. i did what i know best. >> what's that? >> put my paws on him. i didn't give him that chance to put his hands up or nothing. i just punched him. >> steven says he witnessed the fight and said he agrees with conteh's version. >> conteh had no marks on him. i didn't see him get hit one time. >> i beat him like he stole something and kept going. his face was [ bleep ] up. his body had bruises and everything. he had bruises on his legs, man. it was good. i was all right. he a sheep. i'm a wolf. >> since the fight occurred inside their cell, it was not witnessed by staff, so no disciplinary measures were taken. lacey was transferred to another cellmate for a different reason. >> several inmates said he was bullying people and threatening
10:27 pm
people if they didn't do things the way he did them. >> though lacey has kept it a secret from other inmates, he is convicted of aggravated sexual battery against a victim under the age of 13. >> i think inmate lacey is a bully. a couple of inmates said yesterday he would make statements about he can't stand people that commit crimes against children. things of that nature. i think he was trying to build up a rep, and i think he was trying to avoid anyone thinking that's why he was in jail. >> all people have to do is say one little thing, you know what i'm saying, and these [ bleep ] deputies will go with it. i'm not threatening nobody. i'm trying to do my time like everybody else and get the [ bleep ] out of fairfax. coming up -- >> he's a child molester. i heard he [ bleep ] a little kid. >> jonathan lacey's charges spread like wildfire. and after christopher russell
10:28 pm
breaks a rule, he finds himself dining on a special meal for disciplinary inmates. >> it's kind of like chunky water. that's the best way to describe it. love loud, live loud, polident. ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪
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the fairfax county adult detention center is managed by a team of sheriff's deputies. stacey kinkaid is part of that team for 26 years. now as the first woman ever elected sheriff of fairfax county, running the jail is her primary responsibility. as for the inmates she says her approach is firm but fair. >> this is jail, that's just how it is. our major concern is safety and security. we have rules and regulations. the inmates know those. this is our house. wile you're a guest, you have to obey the rules. >> when inmates violate the rules, the penalties are stiff. they can be assigned to disciplinary segregation and allowed out only three times a week for a shower. they're not allowed possessions except for a religious book. their mattresses are removed during the day, forcing them to
10:33 pm
lie on a concrete slab. >> there has to be a consequence for their action. you can't let people do whatever they want. they won't change their behavior. >> and even though inmates complain about jail food -- >> it looks like [ bleep ]. i don't know what's in it. i wouldn't eat it on the street, then i don't eat it in here. >> it's worse in disciplinary segregation. >> except on sundays, every meal consists of nutritional loaf. a dry mixture of beans, bread and vegetables. to be honest, it doesn't have a lot of taste at all. it's just like kind of like chunky water. that's maybe about the best way to describe it. >> christopher russell has spent the last eight days in disciplinary segregation and has another two weeks to go. >> i guess it's a deterrent to try to keep you from not wanting to come back. >> is that going to work for you as a deterrent? >> that's not. no. >> he was caught with medication, and trying to sell the medication.
10:34 pm
it wasn't just his but also someone else's he should not have been in possession of. >> how did they find these? >> somebody told. same way everything else gets found. this is my life. this is what it's all come down to. take a lot more than this to break somebody. well, to break me anyway. >> drugs not only landed russell in segregation, they also brought him to jail. he was convicted of heroin possession with intent to distribute. his original sentence was ten years with seven suspended. meaning he must serve three and as long as he stays out of trouble he won't have to serve the rest. that can prove challenging. >> the last 12 years have been on heroin real hard. there's times where i have thousand dollar-a-day heroin habit. you know, and with not having a job, it's not always the easiest thing to accomplish. >> how do you pull that off? >> selling, robbing, stealing. doing what you got to do, you know what i'm saying?
10:35 pm
there's a whole bunch of ways to get money. >> and for russell, that meant making it. the first step to his counterfeiting scheme was to bleach the ink off $5 bills and print new denominations on them. >> you go to the store and they take that pen out. you can hit that with my pen and it's good to go. because it's real money. all the pen is telling you is whether or not that bill is made out of the same paper that money is made out of, and it is. you have to use the $5 bills because when you hold it up to the light, it's got a strip on it that says usa 5 on it. $1 bills don't have that strip. if anybody pays enough attention when they hold it up, the bar is still there. nobody reads the bar to see what it really says, you know. so just put it all on there. >> the scheme worked for a while, but eventually landed russell an 18-month sentence in federal prison. >> i don't know how to go out there and deal with life the way life really is. this is comfortable to me,
10:36 pm
unfortunately. but this isn't what i want. >> now word is getting around the jail of another sort of counterfeit. jonathan lacey was recently moved out of his housing unit for bullying other inmates. he was also making demeaning comments about sex offenders. that's not unusual in jail, but lacey has kept the secret of his own conviction of aggravated sexual battery of a minor. now the secret is out. >> he thinks he's hard. he got exposed. he's a child molester. the whole time he's been in here picking on people about messing with kids and the whole time he's a child molester the whole time, you know. >> brian is in lacey's former housing unit. he and lacey have mutual friends and acquaintances on the streets. he recently spoke to some. >> people spread rumors. people talk [ bleep ]. so i don't want to feed into that, but once, you know, i started hearing it from his friends. that's when i was like, oh [ bleep ]. it's got to be true. people don't just make that up.
10:37 pm
>> liars. i heard he was [ bleep ] a little kid, man. i'm sweating just thinking about that [ bleep ]. that pisses me off, man. >> andrew celled with lacey and the two had gotten into a fight shortly before lacey's transfer. >> i'm in a cell with this mother [ bleep ]. i'm walking around in my boxers and [ bleep ]. you know what i'm saying? no. hell no. >> jail staff discovered his true charges were known to other inmates at the same time we did, and that raised serious concerns about lacey's safety. >> it's quite possible inmates could take it upon themselves to serve justice. assault lacey. take out their aggressions on him because they don't like that type of crime. i felt it was my responsibility to let classification known for inmate lacey's safety. >> i was upstairs. apparently they told the crew that inmate jonathan lacey is here for child molestation, and
10:38 pm
not only do they know, but the inmates in north four know. >> what's the name again? >> inmate lacey. >> i guess we might have to do something else with him. >> yeah. >> i wonder where they got that information from. >> there's several people inside and outside, i guess, that know about him. >> all right. we'll find some place else for him. >> thanks for the info. >> you're welcome. >> since everybody knows about his charges, now his safety is in jeopardy. he may not realize that fully. >> so lacey will now be moved to administrative segregation for his own protection. the restrictions are not as severe as disciplinary segregation. but he'll still be housed in a small one-man cell all but three hours a week. >> when he gets out there's a lot of people angry. >> somebody that's already saying when john get out we're going to [ bleep ] him up just because. he's got kids.
10:39 pm
you know what i'm saying? they can't be cool with [ bleep ] like that. coming up -- >> he's charged with making a false statement, tattooing himself, and possession of contraband. >> a new tattoo gets matthew bryan in trouble with jail, his mother. >> he's trying to prove himself to other people in here. it's just stupid. >> and even with christopher russell. >> there's another dude in here that claims to be a skinhead. which is totally -- he's totally a counterfeit. if you have moderate to severe
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>> during shakedown yesterday we noticed the swastika sign on inmate matt bryan's hand. it was freshly done. it was still red. it was probably 12 to 24 hours old. >> deputies also discover tattoo related contraband. the paper clip with a sharpened end and lead pencil shavings. >> you take the lead and crush it up and add a little bit of water to it and a little bit of lotion and make it thick. and you just dip it, you just poke yourself. >> bryan initially denied any knowledge of the contraband. a short while later he fessed up. but by then, it was too late. >> he was charged with making a false statement, tattooing himself and possession of contraband. when you're charged with these types of charges, you're typically moved from your housing unit. he was moved down to segregation.
10:44 pm
>> in the hearing bryan will come to his own defense and then they will determine how much time he will spend in disciplinary segregation. >> i'm hoping i only get five days if anything. plus, one of the charges they charged me with, contraband, they can't stick that on me. they didn't find anything on me. they found it on the block. they can't tell who it was. >> he said his friend denzel wade was also going to get a swastika tattoo. >> we were both going to get one. >> wade was going to get a swastika? >> yeah. >> he asked me did i want one while he was doing it. no, i don't know why you're doing it. i thought it was a stupid decision on his part. >> you've been charged with making a false statement. how do you plead? >> guilty. you've been charged with tattooing yourself, how do you plead to that charge? >> guilty. >> and you've been charged with possession of contraband. how do you plead to that charge? >> not guilty. >> what do you want to tell me
10:45 pm
about what happened or the possession of contraband? >> it wasn't mine. it was ours. >> mine and the other dude on the block's. when it was found, it wasn't found in my possession. it was not found in my cell. it was found in the day room. >> you said the contraband wasn't yours, it was ours. so you're acknowledging you had some ownership of this item. yes? >> i was aware of it, yes. so yeah, i was. >> and from the pictures, is that a swastika? >> it was. the thing of it was, it's not like that. there's a dude on the block was going to get one, too. that was the bet. >> anything else? >> i don't want to do any time. i haven't been in trouble. >> i did review your file. this is the first time you've gotten into trouble since you've been here. you were charged with making a false statement. you pled guilty. i did find you guilty. the report indicates you weren't officially forthcoming and you
10:46 pm
did acknowledge when you were presented with the evidence. i gave you ten days for that charge in d.s. you're charged with tattooing yourself. you pled guilty. i found you guilty. i've given you five days d.s. for that charge. i did find you guilty for the charge of contraband. i gave you seven days d.s. for that charge. i suspended four days d.s. you'll do a total of eight days d.s. i did take into consideration you hadn't been into any trouble. but again, you've been here long enough to have read the inmate handbook. you're aware of rules and regulations. these are things you can't do. when you're confronted with during the course of investigation and asked did you do this or is this item yours, you're expected to be forthcoming and acknowledge that. and you said you were trying not to get into trouble. you initially lied and were not honest. if he had been forthcoming and hadn't lied initially the tattooing oneself and the possession of contraband are minor charges. he could have lost gym or visiting.
10:47 pm
he wouldn't have faced any d.s. time at all. it was the lying that got him. review page 35 of the inmate handbook to tell you what you can and cannot having during d.s. if the inmate is not forthcoming, it makes our job harder. we're looking for everybody to be truthful and obey the rules and regulations of the jail. if they don't do that or when they break the rules, there's a penalty for it. >> being stuck in here all day, that sucks. it was definitely not worth it. definitely not worth coming to the hole. >> along with many other hardships of disciplinary segregation, bryan will also lose visitation and phone privileges, meaning he cannot speak to his wife and children. he might miss a scheduled visit later in the day with one of his main sources of support. >> what are you going to tell your mom? i don't know.
10:48 pm
she's going to be mad. >> coming up -- >> i just found out that he got in trouble so we're waiting to see if he gets thrown in the hole, which means i won't be able to talk to him and all that stuff. i'm angry. >> matthew bryan's mother arrives for a visit that may not happen. and -- >> they going to rape him. he's going to be somebody's bitch. >> andrew conteh offers a prediction about his former cellmate, jonathan lacey, and receives big news about his own case. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
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10:51 pm
at 20 years old, fairfax county adult detention center inmate andrew conteh has been in and out of correctional facilities since the age of 13.
10:52 pm
he says he knows he can be more than a criminal. >> my mom used to call me jekyll and hyde. she said i had that personality like i could be at home and watch a newborn baby with a whole month straight with nobody there, clean him, make a bottle. it's crazy. but as soon as i touch the streets i'm a whole different person. i'm scared. honestly, i am. like if i do this time. >> conteh already has a three and a half year sentence for robbery of a residence. he'll serve time in state prison, but is in fairfax county to stand trial for allegedly robbing a pair of venezuelan tourists. but today he caught a break. >> my lawyer just came to see me. he told me the state will not be bringing the victims out for my trial. so they're dismissing the charges next week so i'm gone. gone.
10:53 pm
i don't got to worry about this no more. >> with this case out of the way. conteh will transfer to prison to serve his time, as for his former cellmate, jonathan lacey, who will serve six years for aggravated sexual battery of a victim under the age of 13. he says he believes his former friend is in for the worst. >> they're going to rape him. he's going to be somebody's bitch. ain't nothing you can do when 300 pounds of muscle walk in the room and tell you to lay on your stomach. it's the facts, man. what the [ bleep ] you going to do? you can try to fight, but it's over. >> but lacey, who jail officials have moved to segregation for his own protection says he won't become a victim. >> i got to be a man. i'm not afraid if anything does happen. i'm not worrying about nothing like that. i never was since i've been in
10:54 pm
here. never. >> still, lacey kept his charges hidden from other inmates until word from the street trickled into the jail and began to spread. now self-proclaimed skinhead christopher russell who was recently released from segregation says he's gotten word somebody else is misrepresenting himself as well. >> supposedly there's another dude in here that claims to be a skinhead which is totally counterfeit, you know what i'm saying. and there's three black people with him as well. that's not going to go down either, there's too much stuff that doesn't make sense. there's a fresh tattoo that wasn't there to begin with. that's a disgrace. when people are found being counterfeit, like you could have serious things happen. your green light dudes are like that. and first all the tattoos have to come off. one way or another.
10:55 pm
either you get them covered up, or we're going to take them. this isn't a game. a lot of people think this is a game and a lot of people gangs you just join it because it's cool. no, it's not. it's a lifestyle. it's a way of life. you have to be dedicated to your way of life. lying is not being dedicated. >> bryan is safe for now because he's segregated from other inmates. hours earlier he was given eight days in segregation for violations that included tattooing a swastika on his hand. >> here to see matthew bryan. >> and now his mother has just arrived for a prescheduled visit but is being told it could be in jeopardy. >> i found out that he tattooed himself. so we're waiting to see if he gets thrown in the hole later today. which means i won't be able to talk that him and all that stuff. i'm angry.
10:56 pm
>> andrea says her son's problems stem from drug use. he could receive up to ten years in prison for his latest convictions, drug possession, credit card fraud, auto theft and grand larceny. >> he's in here because he stole my mother's car and drove it to florida. and left it there. and my mom pressed charges. i mean, i say it's a blessing he's here. at least i know he has a roof over his head and he has food and he's alive. and he needs to be clean for a long time. and if that means he has to do a long time, then so be it. >> while her son's future is in question, jail officials have a small piece of good news for andrea, bryan's time in disciplinary segregation will begin later in the day, allowing for the visit. >> what's wrong? >> i want to see your hands. >> my hands?
10:57 pm
>> uh-huh. >> for what? >> put your hand down. >> why? it's fine. >> no. >> mom, really? >> put your hand down. come on, man. dude, you're smarter than that. >> i know. sorry. >> can't you just sit on your butt? this is what happened. they told me you had your hearings. >> they'll give me eight days. i'll get out next sunday. sorry. >> that's not worth it. >> i know. >> matthew has never been racially anything. i don't know where that comes from. he has, you know, a mixed brother and sister. he loves his brother and sister, you know. i don't know if it's an act or if it was a way of fitting in somewhere. but he's not a racist. you have nothing to prove to anybody in here. >> i know. >> you understand? no, really?
10:58 pm
>> i do. >> the only people you have to prove something to is me and your kids. that's it. >> i know. >> that's it. i'm mad as i'll get out for that. and i know what's under there. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> you need to grow up. >> i am. >> no. you need to grow up. i would smack you if i could reach through this glass, right? >> yeah. >> and stop lying to my about stuff. >> i'm not lying. >> you lie to me all the time. >> mom, i don't lie. for real. are you serious right now? >> i don't even know what to say. all addicts lie. matt has always lied to me. to be honest, i don't know what is the truth and what isn't. >> this cannot happen again. do you understand me? >> i know. >> or i will put you on 30 days of no phone calls or commissary. you think about me when you do that stupid stuff.
10:59 pm
you think about what i'm going to go through. >> i know. sorry. >> if you care about me, you wouldn't do that. >> i'm sorry. my bad. >> he's trying to prove himself to the other people in here. that's just stupid. he doesn't have anything to prove to anybody but me and his kids. and that's truly how i feel. >> all right. i love you. >> i love you, too. bye. >> upsetting my mom is worse than getting eight days in the hole. i don't like to see my mom upset just because she is there for me no matter what. she supports me no matter what decisions i make. if i got life she would still be here every weekend until she died. ♪
11:00 pm
drawing big crowds and creating big fears for the gop. >> the silent majority is back, and we're going to take the country back. >> you may think you know where he stands -- >> i'm very pro-life. >> -- but do you? >> i'm very pro-choice. also, lost cause. the confederate battle flag comes down in south carolina. and with it, the anti-civil rights era it came to represent. i'll be joined by nikki haley, the republican governor, who said, "take down that flag." plus, cyber


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