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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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go straight to "the rundown" which is up next on msnbc. have a great day. hi this morning from mexico city. mexico city is the epicenter right now of a massive search in our top story on "the rundown," the search for one of the most notorious and dangerous drug traffickers in history. this country is indeed ground zero in this massive nrtd national search for joaquin el chapo guzman. he pulled off a daring escape from a maximum security prison about 35 miles southwest of the mexican capital saturday night raising a lot of questions about how something like this could happen not once but for a second time. let's get the latest now from mark potter near the prison where el chapo escaped. mark, what an incredible escape story this is. >> absolutely. almost like a movie, jose. behind me is the maximum security prison you were talking about.
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this is the one where chappo guzman escaped over the weekend in a mile-long tunnel a sophisticated tunnel. it actually ran parallel to this wall on the other side of the prison. to a house, that's where the tunnel began. they tunnelled in. this is a major embarrassment for the mexican government which had promised to keep chapo behind bars. this morning, we're getting our first look at mexican officials touring the tunnel exit joaquin guzman, known as el chapo, or shorty, used to slip out of his maximum security cell. it's the second escape for the notorious drug kingpin. last time he eluded police for 13 years before being recaptured a year and a half ago. this morning, mexican police are desperately searching for the drug lord. >> this is like capturing osama bin laden, having him spend a year in prison and then walking away from that prison only to re-engage in his terrorist
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activities. >> authorities say the escape probably took months of meticulous planning. today, dozens of prison officials are being questioned. guzman was last seen on a security camera saturday night entering a shower area. there, out of camera range, he slipped into a 20 x 20 inch hole, down a ladder into an elaborate ventilated tunnel made of wood and pvc pipe with a small motorized rail car. the tunnel stretched for about a mile under the prison to a half built house in a field. >> the cost of building this tunnel probably was between $3 million to $5 million. that was simple nickel and dime change to chapo guzman. >> the mescon president traveling in france said he was profoundly troubled by the escape, which is considered a major embarrassment for his government. >> hard to imagine this happening without government officials being involved. the big question mark is how high up does it go. >> and that will indeed be a
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major question for investigators as they try to piece together how this happened and who was involved. meantime, u.s. drug agents are furious that chapo guzman with his ties to the sinaloa cartel and all the drugs that are responsible for coming into this country, they're furious he's back out again. >> so many questions without answers this morning. this monday so the newspapers here are saying it took about 3,250 tons of rock and soil that needed to be taken out, so this tunnel could be constructed. this is a maximum security prison. the most secure prison in mexico. and they have supposedly all kinds of monitoring devices for underground activity. but no one saw anything no one heard anything. >> well the way that happened wads the dirt was not in the prison. the dirt was carried.
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they dug from the house on the other side of the prison. they dug from the house into the prison. so as they dug in they would remove the dirt. i saw that happen years ago in the late '80s in another prison attempted escape back then where they dug down and they would pull the dirt out and put it in sugar sacks and then put it in trucks take it out overnight. so none of the dirt was in the prison. they would excavate slowly forward and pull the dirt out so that no one here would see it. the last thing they did was they popped up inside that shower stall. now, think what it took to do that, to go from a mile away and come exactly into his cell into his shower stall, just outside of the view of the surveillance cameras. what did they have to know to do that? what kind of sophisticated help and equipment did they have to do to do this. that's the question as this was a top flight operation. >> and then it's kind of ironic because this is a guy known for
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evading officials, precisely using tunnels. he had a tunnel under a bathtub of his house that he was able to escape from when they were close to catching him just last august. >> well that's how they bring all the druginize to the united states, also. not all, the only way, but one of the ways they bring drugs into the u.s. is using the tunnelling system. they perfected that in california and in arizona particularly. and that's what the sinaloa cartel is known for, so that same technology is now used here. and this has been seen before in mexico but this may be the biggest, the most sophisticated of all. this was quite a project. it took a long time and it had to take a lot of people both outside and inside the prison to make that happen. and that's what they're trying to figure out, how did they do it. >> mark potter thank you very much. good to see you. joining me now, global post senior correspondent in mexico
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johan. let's talk about joaquin el chapo guzman. give us a perspective. how powerful is this guy? >> this guy was the most infamoustrafficker in the world. his real power is quite hard to gauge sometimes. i have spent a lot of time in the area where he grew up around some of the people who work for him. the sinaloa cartel which he is the head of is like a federation of drug traffickers which have been around for over 100 years. they have been trafficking drugs to the united states since the united states first made them illegal in 1914. and they have literally billions and billions of dollars worth of drugs year after year. in some ways guzman is like an em emblematic head of the organization. he's not like a ceo who runs everything. he's somebody who can symbolize that cartel and control factions
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within it. they would often leave piles of dead bodies saying we work for chapo guzman. you do what we say. >> he's a ruthless bloody leader of a horrible cartel. thank you for being with me. >> we have much more on this extensive search for guzman. now to another major story breaking this morning after a marathon meeting, greece strikes a last-minute deal with its european creditors for a third bailout. omps in brussels worked through the night to give greece a chance to stay in the eurozone and avoid an economic meltdown. banks have been closed for two weeks. cash withdrawals have been limited to 60 euros a day for greeks in an effort to stop the banks from running out of cash. keir simmons is in athens. how are people reacting to this very controversial deal? >> many people are calling it a
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surrender, jose because remember, just a week ago, the prime minister came to the greeks and said will you vote on whether you agree to the tough reforms that europe is demanding, and people voted no. by large majority 60%. now, effectively, he's gone to europe and agreed to the reforms still, now, okay he's also got $100 billion help and this country is on its knees. there are still people standing in line at atms. we have spoken to one fruit importer who has been struggling to get the fruit he needs because here's the problem. because there are restrictions on the use of the euro here to prevent banks from running out of cash and they are very very close to that people are told they are not allowed to spend the money in their own accounts including businesses. this fruit importer for example, was able to order fruit but wasn't able to pay for it. it was left sitting in the port waiting. simple things line lemons, apple apples, are difficult to get. we think that problem will
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slowly be solved but how long will it take before there's another crisis? because the greek people have been suffering under the cuts that have been needed in order to pay off the huge loans that this country owes. and now what is proposed are more cuts. >> yeah and as you said people overwhelmingly rejected a deal that was presented to them very similar to this deal that now prime minister tsipras has agreed to last sunday a week ago yesterday. they said no to it. >> yeah. yeah, that's right. although the trouble is other parts of europe say, hold on a second. what you just get to elect a different government and have a referendum and you don't have to pay your loans anymore? the principle, the germans say, if you're going to accept that that can happen anywhere and the whole system collapses. you can see the argument from both sides. it was such an argument jose overnight, and you mentioned 17-hour debate negotiation.
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not between officials. between the very leaders of europe, right the way through the night. at one point, there was a report that the leader of germany and the leader of greece were locked in a room together about 6:00 a.m. european time, and simply couldn't come to an agreement. one of the youreuropean leaders had to tell them both you're not leaving the room. that's how close it got to greece crashing out of the european currency. the danger was if that happened it would be potentially a very bad image for europe, and they wouldn't necessarily know what the implications would be down the line because it's never happened before. it's not supposed to happen. no country is supposed to be able to leave the single currency, and europe is a huge, huge economic block for the world. so if bad things happen in europe, bad things happen in the world. >> keir simmons thank you for being with me. >> we're also watching developments out of vienna for the latest deadline for an
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iranian nuclear deal less than 12 hours away. in contrast to the last deadline, this time officials appear cautiously optimistic that an agreement can be reached. there have been last-minute snags. we're now hearing talks could run past the new and extended deadline. we have been following all of it. good morning. is this cautious optimism right now? >> jose before i answer your question, the iranian authorities here have just told us the president is due to address the nation this evening at about 1:00 eastern time. we don't know if he wants to update the nation on where they stand on the nuclear deal or announce that a deal has been struck. we have to wait for that this evening to see what the president of iran thinks. to answer your earlier question i think cautious optimism sums up the mood perfectly and it was clear in statements president rouhani made last night. he said he delivered on his
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campaign promise to solve the nuclear issue, and even if the talks fail in the last hours, he says he has done his duty. he went on to say he compared the talks to people looking at the talks from the base of a mountain watching climbers at the peak to the people who debate it looks like everyone has reached the peak but the people climbing the peak have some very very delicate steps to still go. now, if the deal is -- it's a deal that's been in the making for almost 13 years, and there's so much to play for here, and the two sides are still trying to negotiate very delicate things in vienna. such as u.n. arms embargoes. so we have to see how this all unfolds in the next 12 hours. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> we're just getting started on this monday edition of "the rundown." live from mexico city. coming up we're going to turn to domestic politics. less than an hour away from what
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is being billed as a major economic policy address from hillary clinton. we're going to get a preview of that. plus another republican makes it official today. scott walker joins 14 others in the gop race for the white house. a live report from wisconsin straight ahead this hour. and we're closely watching the skies today for a possible severe weather outbreak in the midwest. more than 47 million people at risk in the area. minnesota has already seen several tornadoes touch down. we'll have the latest on that and a whole lot more right here on "the rundown." two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge.
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welcome back to "the rundown." hillary clinton will give her first major policy speech on the economy about 40 minutes from now. she'll reportedly call for an increase in the federal minimum wage and tax hikes on the
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wealthiest americans. among the specific proposals clinton is expected to propose overhauling the nation's tax code to encourage companies to share more of their profits with employees. an excerpt reads, quote, studies show profit sharing gives everyone a stake in a company's success can boost productivity and put money directly into the employee's pockets. it's a win-win. the president of the center for american progress and an informal adviser to hillary clinton and helped craft this speech. good morning, how are you? >> i'm good. great to be with you. >> thanks. when you're working on a speech was it the feeling that everybody was on the table or did you kind of discuss different ishsues on how best to propose these economic changes? >> well i think, you know hillary has strong views on what the challenges the country is facing are. you know we do have a problem in that middle class families are really struggling to keep up between kind of stagnant wages,
6:18 am
wages and incomes that aren't really keeping up with costs today. so, you know she travels the country, she's heard that repeatedly. she'll talk about that today and how it will be the central goal of her presidency to have an economy that grows for everyone where incomes are rising for all americans, not just the top few. and so every idea that could address those challenges were on the table, and i think she'll talk about new ideas today. >> so let's talk a little bit about the whole profit sharing issue on companies. it's the private enterprise. how does the federal government get involved in telling, issuing, forcing private companies to share their profits with their employees? what are their proposals specifically to change the economy and the federal government's role there? >> so it's not a mandate to do it, but it really is saying today we offer tax incentives to companies. those tax incentives actually encourage companies to offer
6:19 am
shares of the company to ceos. what this proposal is simply saying is as a matter of tax incentives we should incentivize them not to just offer shares or parts of profit to ceos and managers. we should do that really for the entire company. we found that in the last couple years, companies have been incredibly profitable but wages have been stuck for most americans, and it's actually increasing productivity for the company to share those profits with their workers. so it's not a mandate, but it's a smart strategy to say, to actually help grow our economy and insure companies succeed and workers get a fair share of their productivity gain. workers are working harder. they're more productive than ever and you know they're not seeing gains from that productivity. that's a challenge for us that we need to solve. >> absolutely. last week, republican jeb bush
6:20 am
said under his presidency, the country's economy would grow more than 4% quote, as far as the eye can see. what do you have to see? how much growth will secretary clinton's plan grow? >> i think every candidate would like to grow the economy 4%. it would be a stretch knoll for either of the presidencies of his brother or father and we have achieved stronger growth under democratic presidents but i think the issue is not wanting to have 4% growth. i would love to have 4% growth. it's what you're going to do about it. the single difference between hillary and the republicans is you know hillary believes that it's actually insuring that the middle-class incomes are growing, the middle class is growing, that makes sure that we'll get that strong growth in the economy. and it's republicans who are start -- >> sorry, listen i have a small delay from mexico to you. i didn't mean to interrupt you. i want to thank you for being
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with me. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> again, that speech from hillary clinton is expected to begin at the top of the hour. we'll bring it to you live. >> after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories including a look at today's severe weather threat. it's a dangerous situation for most of the country. >> plus pope francis wrapped up his three-day country south american tour bringing his message of respect to the poor. we'll have more on the papal visit next on "the rundown." you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom.
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6:25 am
lightning, and it's moving east. today, severe thunderstorms expected across the midwest with the greatest risk of tornadoes in illinois. damaging winds and flash flooding are the biggest concerns for that region. and a massive cleanup effort is under way off the coast of alaska with tons of debris washed up four years after japan's devastating tsunami. experts say more than five million tons of trash has washed ashore. so far only a few miles of coastline have been cleared because it's so difficult for crews to reach some of the remote locations. $2.5 million grant from japan is aiding in the cleanup effort. pope francis is back in rome after wrapping up his three-nation tour of smaerk. he visited more than 1,000 families facing extreme poverty. he spoke about the needs of the poor and the environment, and concluded with an emphasis on a more welcoming and open catholic church. the pope also visited ecuador and bolivia in his trip. a new ms. usa has been
6:26 am
drowned despite the fallout surrounding controversy over donald trump. olivia jordan of oklahoma took home the crown. she beat out 50 other contestants including the runner-up from texas. >> a look at how the u.s. markets ended last week as we wait for the opening bell. we can expect the rally to resume after the report of a tentative deal with greece. and live in new york city the escape of one of the most notorious, dangerous, and murderous drug lords ever joaquin eljap chapo guzman. barry mccaffrey will join me to talk about this guy, and we're spend aglot of time around water in pools, lakes, and the ocean, but would you know how to spot someone who is drowning and possibly save their life? a special report you don't want to miss coming up on "the rundown." staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active.
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and a live look now at the new york stock exchange. the opening bell about to sound off. there you see it we're keeping close watch for reaction on this greek bailout deal which is expected to lift stocks here and pretty much throughout the world today. but now, more on that last-minute deal between greece and european creditors after marathon talks in brussels overnight. it's a major breakthrough that gives greeks a fighting chance to remain in the euro and avoid bankruptcy. banks have been closed in greece for more than two weeks and people have been limited to withdrawing 60 euros a day in cash from atms. the nation's third bailout for an economy in freefall. michelle caruso-cabrera is standing by in athens. good morning. this deal very controversial. >> extremely controversial because it's going to be extremely tough to implement all around. greek prime minister campaigned
6:31 am
on doing absolutely zero of what he's going to be required to do to stay in the euro. he said he would undo so many things. not only is he unable to undo the different reforms that a lot of the people in the country didn't like. he's going to have to do more of them. people are going to have to retire even sooner than they expected. there's going to be taxes on nearly everything. they're going to streamline the tax code that makes it less complicated and it means there will be higher taxes on almost all products they buy. there's going to be all kinds of tax increases in many different parts of the economy, and they're going to have to do things like really bust what are the equivalent of like unions here in here in greece the unions are much bigger much more pervasive. literally the equivalent of an architect's union, a lawyers' union, all things so they're going to have to fight vested interests, and nobody is sure if they can do it. if they don't do it they're not going to get the roughly laely 85
6:32 am
billion euros on top of the 45 million euros they have gotten that holds the place together. >> it's so odd because tsipras, the leader of greece, was elected specifically because he was the only one who said i'm not going to accept a deal like the one that he just accepted yesterday. >> it's incredible isn't it? yet, he's still enormously popular. we have really tried to get to the bottom of that conundrum. how is it possible the people we spoke with last night who were out protesting who said don't take the deal but still very much like him. the simple answer is he fought so hard that a lot of greeks felt like he helped at least restore some dignity to them. there's been a lot of talk about a lack of dignity in the process on their part. even though the germans will say the same thing on the other side, they feel they have been very dignified in the process. still to answer bhie is it that tsipras could still be in power
6:33 am
after what appears to be an enormous failure, that's the answer. >> do the banks plan to open anytime soon? does the economy have a chance of slowly getting back on its feet? >> no once capital controls are put in place like we have seen here in greece it takes a long time for them to go away for a variety of reasons. it could be that the central bank of europe sends more cash here, so maybe people can get more money out of the atms. but the ability for big companies to pay overseas suppliers, transfer money across borders, we could be months away from that. that's the biggest problem because then you can't import goods into a country that relies on imported goods. it's still very possible we're going to see shortageoffs things in the coming weeks as people start to warehouses start to run out of supplies and can't restock because they literally can't pay the bill even if they have the cash in the bank. >> yeah it's really complicated. just to our friends who are thinking of maybe going to
6:34 am
greece, the limitations on cash does not apply to foreigners or tourists. they're allowed to get the amount they can out of atms. michelle, thank you for being with me from the greek capital this morning. now back to a major developing story here in mexico. this is an all-out manhunt that's under way for bunn of the world's most notorious and violent drug king pppins. joaquin "el chapo" guzman escapes from a prison 50 miles west of mexico city. officials say he escaped in a hole in the shower area of his cell that led to a one-mile-long tunnel. most likely took month of careful planning. dozens of prison officials are now being questioned. this is the second time guzman has escaped from prison. the first time back in 2001. he was on the loose for 13 years before he was recaptured early last year. el chapo also wanted on trafficking and organized crime
6:35 am
charges in many u.s. cities. let me bring in military analyst and former u.s. drug czar general barry mccaffrey. what a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> good to be with you, jose. >> if this weren't so tragic it would be like a bad joke wouldn't it? >> i feel very badly for the mexicans. mexican marine corps and army to some extent really shed their blood trying to defend the people against these gigantic criminal organizations which do huge damage inside mexico also. we were talking 150,000 people counting subcontractors who are part of this sinaloa cartel we think. maybe $3 billion a year in income. a billion dollars a year on bribes spent in mexico. this is real more than an embarrassment. it's a threat to the american people as well as the government. >> and general, you and i have spoken about this. this drug cartel is just
6:36 am
ruthless. these are people that have no problem skinning people alive and leaving their skin behind as a message, as a message to the other drug cartels. let's talk about how something like this could happen. this is a maximum security prison. this is a one-mile-long tunnel. and how could this guy just disappear? clearly, clearly, general, this had to have help from more than just the sinaloa drug cartel. >> well you know it underscores the incompetence and corruption involved in the break-out is this sinaloa cartel has been involved in dozens of major tunnel projects under the u.s.-mexican border as well as their own hiding places inside the state of sinaloa and elsewhere. so we knew they had industrial strength capacity to dig major underground projects. so it's just incomprehensible. at the end of the day, poor
6:37 am
mexico has these brave soldiers and marines. they've got some honest cops and prosecutors. we have no reason to believe the administration itself is anything but pateriotpatriotic, honest people, but they can't make their institutions work. and that certainly includes both law enforcement, the state and local level, as well as these prison systems. >> and general, it's always good to wrap up remembering that these drug cartels and the violence they generate exists specifically to supply among others u.s. drug consumers that receive their marijuana, heroin meth, their all of these illicit drugs, they get them from these dealers that are based here in mexico but that violence and bloodshed goes right into the united states of america. >> no question. look, these cartels are involved in more than 1,000 u.s. cities.
6:38 am
so you know i keep getting asked a question when will it represent a threat to the united states? they're already across the border. they're gunmen wholesale suppliers are recruited out of u.s. prison systems. this is a major threat as we have seen the city of chicago coming up in the net again stating that guzman is the number one public enemy in the city of chicago. he's probably been involved in the murder of more than 34,000 people. so again it's a huge challenge to poor mexico who so many of us admire as a neighbor. >> yeah general barry mccaffrey, of course now comes the retrobugz andibution and attacks. it's going to get bloodier here and hopefully not, but in other parts of the world. we'll continue to monitor the escape right here on "the rundown." >> developing in vienna
6:39 am
negotiators seem to be on the verge of a historic nuclear deal with iran or on the verge of having it fall apart. iranian president rouhani will be speaking around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. it's not clear what he has to say but clearly it has something to do with what's going on in vienna. kelly is editor in chief of the tehran bureau. thank you for being with me. do you believe iran is negotiating in good faith here? >> i can't read their minds, but iranians are very pragmatic, and this trumps their ideology and the propaganda so even in the 1980s when relations between the two countries were at a fever pitch, they were speaking with not just the americans but with the israelis as well. they were negotiating an arbitration in the hague. so i think because it's a country that believes i mean like any other country, they believe in their self-preservation, they need this deal, so i think it's in
6:40 am
their interest to make it happen and for sanctions to be lifted for the economy to be brought out of its crippling state. so yes, being pragmatic, i think they understand it's in their best interest to make this happen. >> and talk to me about if they get this agreement with the united states plus five. and they are able to have a process of nuclear power. doesn't that change the balance of power in the middle east? is not saudi arabia going to feel necessary to get that same process under way? isn't jordan going to think they should be doing that? aren't other countries in the middle east going to say this changes the balance of power between sunnis and shia in the region? >> that's what everyone says that they're afraid of. i think this deal is going to change everything dramatically, both in the region and in iran
6:41 am
domestically. and after 36 years of the status quo, it's very difficult for iran's neighbors are worried, yes, obviously, and i think there's -- it's a complicated -- it's complicated to answer that in a sound bite but yes, that's what many opponents of the deal believe is going to -- it's going to spark a proliferation, nuclear proliferation in the region. iran has been isolated for a long time and as it is it has projected more power than it probably has and this is going to change things dramatically and it's very difficult after 40 years for this huge shift in power to take place in the region. that's what everyone is afraid of. >> kelly, thank you very much
6:42 am
for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. still ahead, incredible video coming out of the mexican state where the so-called fire volcano continues to erupt. this is massive. you can see the explosions of lava lighting up the night sky. we'll have more on this next. >> but first, thec chis out, the seventh day of the running of the bulls in pamplona spain. at least two people were gored today. one in the abdomen and the other in the leg. the annual festival runs literally runs, through tomorrow. this summer, get ready for suspense. unbridled jealousy. she's still there. new beginnings. goodbye. and sheer exhilaration. and sheer exhilaration. lock and load. roger. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the summer of audi sales event. get up to $3000 bonus on select audi models now during the summer of audi sales event.
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what's in your wallet? this morning, a volcano in western mexico feared to show signs of a major eruption with an intensity that hasn't been seen in more than 100 years. it's known as a volcano of fire. it began to strengthen on
6:46 am
thursday and communities around the volcano total about 800 people. >> we have breaking news from the presidential campaign trail. scott walker has confirmed the news we've been expecting for months, that he is indeed running for president. the wisconsin governor tweeted his plans and his campaign is already out with their first online ad. >> there are others who won elections but haven't consistently taken on the big fights. we showed you can do both. now i'm running for president to fight and win for the american people. not sacrificing our principles. >> political correspondent kasie hunt is in wisconsin. good morning. so if my math is correct, he's what, the 15th republican? a lot of polling has him number one this morning, right? >> jose he is the 15th republican to jump into this race but he comes in in the top tier without a doubt. that said he still faces pretty
6:47 am
significant challenges as he tries to step into the potential role of commander in chief, not the least of which is introducing himself to voters beyond wisconsin. >> they want someone who fights and wins because a lot of great fighters out there, but they don't win. there's a lot of winners who don't fight. >> scott walker had to fight for his job three times in four years and he's gotten used to winning. >> it's now official i have more wins in wisconsin than jay cutler. >> the son of a baptist preacher, walker has been running for office since he was a teenager. he left college without a degree, then won a seat in the state assembly at just 22 years old. walker raised his family in wisconsin and sells himself as a harley riding bargain hunting midwesterner. >> we paid one dollar for it. >> walker was elected governor in 2010 and sparked a divisive recount effort when he stripped away collective bargaining rights. it thrust him into the national spotlight, and made him a conservative hero.
6:48 am
>> if i can take on 100,000 protesters, i can do the same across the world. >> but even some conservatives took issue with the tone he used, answering a question about isis. >> trying to make the connection between isis and unions was a mistake. >> walker became the first governor ever to win a recall election, and he won re-election easily in 2014. to do it he took some policy positions that helped in blue wisconsin. >> i'm pro-life but there's no doubt in my mind the decision of whether or not to end a pregnancy is an agonizing one. >> can you envision a world where with the right penalties and waiting periods and meet the requirements where those people could get citizenship? >> sure yeah i think it makes sense. >> that could put off conservatives in a republican nomination fight. >> i'm not talking about amnesty. i said the reason for that is over time -- >> you said you supported it. >> and my view has changed. i'm flat out saying it. candidates can say that. sometimes they don't. >> you have changed from 2013? >> absolutely. >> so jose walker has work to
6:49 am
do to define himself with workers beyond just that union fight in wisconsin that many conservatives know him for. he's also going to have to bone up on foreign policy a little bit, if you will. a top adviser telling the "new york times" that while walker comes across as approachable that's a word that voters used to describe him, they don't use words like smart and sophisticated. while doing things like going to mcdonald's where he used to work, which he did yesterday, the day before the announcement works iphis favor, sells him as the down home midwesterner governor, he's going to have to try to convince people he really can step into the oval office role. >> and then on the immigration issue, which is a problem that has been plaguing our nation for more than just since 2013 he now has a different but clear and definable position now? >> scott walker says as you heard there, one of the few politicians who has actually been willing to go up there on camera and say i have changed my
6:50 am
position on this issue. and that's something that when he was trying to win in wisconsin, it's the political geography of the place is different than the republican nominating fight. he's saying you know what my the republican nomination fight, and he's saying my position is different now than it was then. however, this isn't something somebody like scott walker wants to be focused on solely in the context of this fight. he's certainly willing to say, we need to deal with border security first. with someone like donald trump bringing this so far into the forefront, it's just not somewhere people in the republican race say they want to be. jose? >> let's say donald trump, someone not used to making headlines regularly. let's be honest he loves being in the limelight, he makes headlines regularly on the issue of immigration, he's got something to be said and he
6:51 am
included chaca in his comments. >> he had thousands of people in his rally in arizona and focused aggressively on this very issue. now with the escaped al guzman he was tweeting over the weekend, essentially, i told you so. problems like this are evidence to support his claims that mexico is essentially sending criminals to the united states. but again, jose this is just not where the leadership of the republican party wants to be. it's not where more than a dozen other candidates really want to be. this is not something you'll be hearing echoed throughout the rest of the republican party. it's an issue that the leaders of the republican party are trying to grapple with especially as we look to that first debate which is just a few weeks away now. >> it may not be withhat the republican establishment wants, but it's what donald trump wants and he's getting exactly what he wants when he says what he says.
6:52 am
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the united states supreme court is taking place in an opera, with undertones. ginsberg and anthony scalia have
6:56 am
disagreed on certain issues including the same-sex marriage act. there's much more coming up on "the rundown." live from mexico city much more on this brazen prison escape by one of the world's most notorious drug lords. plus we're minutes away from what is being called a major metropolitan speech in new york city. we'll have it at the top of the hour right here on msnbc. when account lead craig wilson books
6:57 am
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7:00 am
we'll have more on the search for the most wanted man in a few minutes. a live look in new york where any minute hillary clinton will deliver her first major economic policy address of the presidential cycle. she's expected to focus heavily on the middle class, including the proposal to increase federal minimum wage and a hike in taxes for the wealthiest americans. kristin welker is live from the event. she joins us this morning. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: we expect hillary clinton to build on the things we've heard from president obama in the past several years focused on shared economic prosperity. hillary clinton's focus will be that the middle class needs a raise. she'll be calling on an increase in minimum wage profit sharing, stricter rules on wall street as
7:01 am
well as paid family leave and paid sick leave. these, of course are all things that rally the democratic base. we also expect her to go directly after her gop challengeer, jeb bush. she's going to challenge him on the fact that he has promised to grow the economy by 4%. she'll say he hasn't given any details about how he's actually going to achieve that. the folks will be listening very closely to this speech those progressives who have been leaning toward bernie sanders. they want to hear how aggressively she's actually going to go after wall street. some economic alddvisers say people will like what she has to say, but that remains a question mark. in kansas city she addresses larosa. we expect her to face the gop there and immigration, and she will likely take on donald trump personally.
7:02 am
jose, back to you. >> kristin, as you say, a lack of details for hillary clinton, lack of details, for example, jeb bush's promise of the economy will grow 4% if he's elected president. do you think we'll get details on how to get companies to start profit sharing with their employees and how to increase paid family leave and how to pay for all that? >> a really important question jose. i don't think we'll get into a whole lot of specific today. i think this will be a broader outline of her economic vision and then aides tell me in the coming weeks, she's going to break down this specific policy from proposals she puts out today. jose? >> kristin walker in new york city. good to see you. thank you. of course waiting for hillary clinton as she prepares to give her speech on the economy and the future of the united states. when she starts that speech we will bring it to you as it occurs. now to the breaking news out of
7:03 am
europe. greece finally striking a deal with its u.s. counterparts to secure the conventional banks. for the last two years, greece's banks have been closed and apparently will remain so until at least wednesday when they will reassess. keir simmons is in athens. keir good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're getting ready to talk blt economy and the future of the united states. this one about the economy and future of europe. and it really really was. if you want to measure how seriously europe was worried, just think about the fact that for 17 hours, right through the night, europe's leaders, not officials, the leaders of up stuck themselves in meetings in the early is if they didn't
7:04 am
reach a deal this country was about to run out of money. they were about to see this country break out of the uhre european single currency. billions of dollars loan to greece and that number would be defaulted on but the other question is what would it happen to the unity of europe if it happens? what happens now, jose it has to go before the greek parliament. they have to vote in favor, as other governments around europe have to vote in favor, too. >> keir simmons in athens thank you very much. none of the negotiations that are under way and some concerns that last-minute snags could delay an agreement, again r, with just hours left of the current deadline. officials tell me that several issues are still unresolved. when nasa talks, it might be
7:05 am
extended for a fourth time. secretary of state john kerry wouldn't say one way or the other. we're talking to tehran's bureau chief. good morning. where do things stand right now? >> there seems to be a lot of momentum to get these talks done they've been negotiating hard for 17 days and all over a negotiated he is assess that that i recall very close. physical they do strike a deal they've been working on these last tls 20. from getting this implemented near the finish line. he says we're not privy to what's going on around the negotiating table. we have not found the problems and there's a tension which keeps coming up in the last week
7:06 am
but there is a lighter armed embargo because it feels likely they will heal the flames of content further in this season. it appears they're resolving this issue, they're willing to look at the embargo issue and i guess that's just the nature of the organization. now more on that daring escape here in mexico by a world renowned drug lord. an international manhunt is going on right here in mexico for chazman. mexican authorities say he escaped from the maximum security prison just west of new york city through a hole near the shower area of his cell. that hole dead to a nearly one
7:07 am
one-mile underground tunnel, a little rail system by motorcycles. this is not the first time that happened. guzman escaped from prison the first time in 2001. he was made a fugitive for two years before he was captured early last year. mark moistureis there near the prison where el chapo escaped. >> this is indeed the prison. this is the one where guzman escaped from over the weekend. it's a maximum security prison. many were surprised he was able to pull this off. but this was a major caper. this was an escape involving a mile-long tunnel. it went that direction toward a house. they and then ending up a mile
7:08 am
away hitting the deempipe. i would suggest they had a lot of help, sophisticated equipment, mining engineers, people wlov done this before that worked and got him over the weekend, the major r major embarrassment. they said they would keep him but they couldn't do it. you said the u.s. said it's willing to help. a source is telling me that u.s. agents actually are helping as they've always helped with these kinds of cases of providing intelligence whatever they could hear passing it so so they could get chapa recap toured. the president is speaking. she's at the new school in new york city. let's listen in. >> president clinton.
7:09 am
i like the sound of that. america saw the longest peace time expansion in our history. [ applause ] nearly 23 million jobs a balanced budget and a surplus for the future. most important, in comes rows across the board not for just those at the top. eight years later, president obama and america's hard work pulled us back from the brink of depression. president obama saved the auto industry imposed new rules on wall street and provided health care to 16 million americans. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> now, today is a shadow of crisis recedes and long-term
7:10 am
challenges come into focus. i believe we have to build a growth and fairness economy. you can't have one without the other. we can't create enough jobs and new businesses without more growth. and we can't build strong families and support our consumer economy without more fairness. we need both. because while america is standing again, we are not yet running the way we should. corporate profits are at near record highs and americans are working as hard as ever. but paychecks have barely budged in real terms. families today are stretched in so many directions and so are their budgets. out-of-pocket costs of health care, child care caring for aging parents are rising a lot
7:11 am
faster than wages. i hear this everywhere i go. the single mom who talked to me about juggling a job and classes at community college while raising three kids. she doesn't expect anything to come easy. but if she got a raise, everything wouldn't be quite so hard. the grandmother who works around the clock providing child care to other people's kids. she's proud of her work but the pay is barely enough to live on especially with the soaring price of her prescription drugs. the young entrepreneur whose dream of buying the bowling alley where he worked as a teenager was nearly derailed by his student debt. if he can grow his business he'll be able to pay off his debt and pay his employees, including himself, more too.
7:12 am
millions of hard-working americans tell similar stories. wages need to rise to keep up with costs. paychecks need to grow. families who work hard sdpoorld their parlt deserve to gaet head and stay ahead. the challenge of our economic time is clear. we must raise incomes for hard-working americans so they can afford a middle class life. we must drive strong and steady income growth that lifts up families and lifts up our country. and that -- [ applause ] >> and that will be my mission from the first day i'm president to the last.
7:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i will get up every day thinking about the families of america like the family that i came from the hard-working dad who started a small business and scrimped and saved and gave us a good middle class life. i'll be thinking about all the people that i represented here in new york and the stories that they told me that i worked with them to improve. i will as your president, stay on this challenge against the background of major changes in our economy and the global economy that didn't start with a recession and won't end with a recovery. advances in technology and expanding global trade have created whole new areas of commercial activity and opened new markets for our exports. but too often, they're also polarizing our economy,
7:14 am
benefitting high-skilled workers, but displacing or downgrading blue collar jobs and other mid-level jobs that used to provide solid incomes for millions of americans. today's marketplace focuses too much on the short term like second to second financial trading and quarterly earnings reports and too little on long term investments. meanwhile, many americans are making extra money, renting out a spare room designing web sites, selling products they designed themselves at home or even driving their own car. this on demand or so-called gig economy is creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation. but it's also raising hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the future. so all of these trends --
7:15 am
>> hillary clinton in new york city with her first big policy speech on what she would do as president to improve the economy. her mission from day one, she said is to raise income for all americans. we're going to be keeping a very close watch on what hillary clinton has to say in new york. we'll bring in former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. ed, let me start with you. this mandate of raising income for americans, her mission from day one is to raise their income, it's something we've heard by politicians for what generations now. is there a lot that the federal government should and could be doing on a national level to change the fact that wages have been stuck for decades, but more recently for a lot of people? >> sure. and i think we've heard about some of those things. investment. we've got to spur investment
7:16 am
again in this country. investment that produces extremely well-paying jobs. investment in research and development which opens up so many avenues to consumers. we need to make sure people aren't trapped forever in low skilled jobs. she's been a support on obama's bid, a mandate for overtime pay up to $55,000. she's going to talk about family leave, extending family leave, things that are very very important to building up the middle class and giving them the opportunity to go forward. also, to make college loans more affordable, i think you'll haerl something about that. so yes, the answer is the federal government kt do that. it can do that by some rules and regulations, but mostly it can
7:17 am
do that by investing in a low economy that concentrates on producing jobs. >> michael, let's talk a little bit about how jeb bush's promise that if he's president, there would be more than 4% economic growth in the united states something we haven't seen for a whole long many years, and if you look at how our communities, african-american communities, the latino community has been impacted by the economy, wages have been stuck for many but for a lot of us wages have actually been dropped. i don't know if there's anything in the future that can guarantee that 4% growth can happen. >> nothing can guarantee that nor can it guarantee what hillary clinton has outlined. in her case i'm curious as to which definition of investments she's going to use, the obama definition which was bakely a code for tax increases, or if it's something that's really going to put the power in the hand of entrepreneurs and small businesses around the country
7:18 am
who are the back bone. in a state like maryland 70 or 80% of the jobs created are created by small business owners. that's true across the country. i agree with governor rendell in terms of the idea of creating all this opportunity. but it really boils down to this. it was true for jeb bush and it will be true for hillary clinton: priorities. what are the priorities to get us there? there is a laundry list of things i could tell you i can do. everything has a price tag. what are we willing to pay for as a society to get there? and i think that's going to be the ultimate test in terms of whether or not we actually reach those goals. with respect to minority communities, who will soon be the majority in this country, creating that wealth center inside those boarded-up nand and cited of the run down businesses, i think, is going to be the kumpling.
7:19 am
we have concentrated individuals and communities of people who are disengaged if you will. engaging them will help lift that. >> is this a little low key here? >> it's a policy speech. it's at the new school and policy speech calls for not just flam flambuoyant rhetoric but a policy deal and i think she's going to roll it out. your commitment is what your ideas are and how you're going to get them done. i think hillary clinton will get things done. her time as a u.s. senator was marked by her ability to work with republicans to get things done, to make progress in new york state, to make progress in the the. to lay it out in a non-rhetorical flare that's sort of old fashioned t. we have too much rhetoric.
7:20 am
>> formaler pennsylvania governor ed rendell. >> you can keep watching hillary clinton's speech live on new developments as we get them but first fmt fmt. we'll have more on that in "the rundown" when we come right back. next.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
that's the positive for the year. again, we're seeing quite a lot of bounce this morning, and it's a classic relief really. we got an all-nighter for euro leaders. they emerged and looked like they produced that three-year deal for greece. it looks like a conditions agreement, and the conditions can be quite harsh, in fact and it's a very big price because the agreements are on terms and conditions far harsher than what the prime minister could have negotiated earlier. this is a pretty tough hill for these people to have to swallow. he's going to have to sell that agreement to the parliament as well. while we're seeing relief here i don't necessarily see that everything is off to the races. right now we have a rally on our hands. gold is down. we'll see how this rates. back over to you. and developing now, here in mexico officials say it would
7:25 am
never happen again. well saturday night, the notorious drug kingpin escaped from a maximum security prison the second time he's managed to pull off an escape from a federal prison. he escaped from a hole in a shower area near his cell that led to a one-mile tunnel. most likely it took months of careful planning. dozens of prison officials are being questioned. a massive search is under way. joining me now, anchor julio. julio, good morning. tell me about his organization and how ruthless this guy is. >> well we're talking about the most wanted criminal in mexico and around the world. he's a very influential drug trafficer. he's the most powerful criminal sensation in mexico. this is a guy who managed to escape before from a maximum security prison in mexico. authorities were looking for him around 13 years. when they captured him, he only
7:26 am
stayed in prison one and a half years, and now he's escaping again. that gives you an idea jose of how ruthless he is how organized his criminal group is and how dangerous he can be. >> and julio, you and i have spoken about this in mexico city when we have covered these stories together. the problem now is that there's the manhunt on one side but then there is the justice that takes place within these criminal thug organizations when this guy comes out of prison and has to kill those that have kind of filled in his shoes while he was in the slammer. >> that's right. while he was in prison the criminal group called calisco grew a lot of strength in the area. so a lot of families are talking about the violence that could grow in the area. that's one of the reasons authorities are extremely
7:27 am
occupied in looking for him and taking this manhunt, looking for guzman in the next few days before he can escape even further and it becomes more difficult to capture him. >> and julio, a lot of people here are saying it's very difficult to conceive of something like this occurring in the maximum security prison here in mexico without at least some officials aware this was happening. >> yes, it's a huge embarrassment for the mexican government. also a huge price for the mexican authorities that they are paying because they were too confident, too sure that they could keep him in jail for the rest of his life. however, he has just proved them wrong, and it is evident that a corruption took place here and some officials helped him, because no one can believe that a tunnel 155 sentcentimetres long
7:28 am
could be built without helping him and that's why the outrage can be felt around mexico and other communities here in the u.s. >> thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> thank you, jose. much more ahead from mexico city where an international manhunt is under way for the escaped druglord. but first britain's prince william has a new job. second in line to the thrownne reporting for his first day. we will be right back. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready.
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we head back now to vienna where unresolved issues have put a damper on the nuclear hope of a deal with iran. congress will still get 60 days to review it and try to block it
7:32 am
if they disapprove. >> it appears as if the administration's approach to this was to reach whatever agreement the iranians are willing to enter into. i think it's going to be a very hard sell if it's completed in congress. >> chris jansing is the senior correspondent. chris, good morning. is the white house worried about selling this deal to congress? >> first they have to get a deal right, and any senior official i talked to over the last couple weeks, whether they were optimistic or pessimistic depending on the day, always said it's not done until it's done. that change last week when they went from 30 days to 60 days that congress now gets to review this deal and they've got opposition on both sides of the aisle. you heard from mitch mcconnell yesterday, bob menendez who is one of the senior members of the intelligence committee on the democratic side, said, we've gone from preventing iran to having a nuclear capability to
7:33 am
managing it. a foreign relations committee, i should say. they know they have that difficulty, but also there is the question of prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who we know has been opposed to this deal and questions of how closely he might work with republicans here on the hill to try to push back on the deal. so the white house believes if they get something in place, they feel they'll be able to get it through congress. they're not taking it for granted, jose. >> the president has said over and over again, secretary kerry said it this last week that if there was no progress they were ready and willing to walk away. it seems as though as we speak, there is something fairly concrete, 100 pages already written occupy. what are the snags? >> reporter: there's a whole list of snags, not the least of which the united nations sanctions that have to do with
7:34 am
ballistics and arms sales. it gets down to specific wording on those kinds of things. they say they have a lot of the technical parts of t like limitations on centrifuges, the enrichment cap, those kinds of things are part of that 10 on 0100 pages you talked about. andrea mitchell has talked a lot about this and she's been there through a lot of these negotiations, that sometimes things change. the difference between this and the preliminary agreement we got is that this is going to be written down. so we won't have presumably at least on paper, what we saw there where what the united states says was agreed to was something very different from what we heard from the iranians. they have to get everything written down. this is not a treaty this isn't something that gets signed but they will have it written down that this is the plan going forward, jose. >> chris jansing at the white house, thank you very much.
7:35 am
>> thank you. we've been keeping an eye on hillary clinton's speech in new york city. she just took a jab at jeb bush in comments he made about his economic proposals. take a listen. >> you may have heard governor bush say last week that americans just need to work longer hours. well he must not have met very many american workers. [ cheers and applause ] >> let him tell that to the nurse who stands on her feet all day, or the teacher who is in that classroom, or the truck driver who drives all night. tell that to the people who march in the streets for better pay. they don't need a lecture, they need a raise. >> and three democratic potential contenders including hillary clinton, will be taking
7:36 am
their message directly to the latino community today, along with clinton. bernie sanders and martin o'malley will also speak to the largest spanish civil rights organization. in the meantime do bring in ce president of latino voters. how are you today? >> thank you, jose. i'm fine. >> what do you want to hear from the democrats today? >> i think it's pretty simple. we would love to hear their vision for the future of this country and particularly their concern for the latino community. for us it's a big day. three democratic presidential candidates. of course, we are disappointed we're not hearing from any republican presidential candidates. but we're eager to hear the
7:37 am
vision that the three, governor o'malley, senator sanders and secretary clinton, will have for the future of this country as they run for the presidency. >> jenna, why are you not having republican presidential contenders? there are 10,000 of them running for president. >> that's a good question best asked to them but i do believe it is a huge missed opportunity. as you know jose the fastest growing group of voters in this country are latino voters. here at the national council of the la raza conference we have the best gathering of community leaders, grassroots who are very engaged. it's important for them to hear from those folks who are seeking the office of the president, and i guess i don't understand why they are not coming to these types of forums and talking directly to our community.
7:38 am
>> the largest, most effective latino organization is called la raza. they were invited and didn't go. let's talk about donald trump for a minute. he tweeted about the prison escape of joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he tweeted the u.s. will invite "el chapo," the mexican drug lord who just escaped prison to become a u.s. citizen because our leaders can't say no. >> they are using his escape for all information to talk about what is true and that is a broken immigration system. we do all agree we need to fix a broken immigration system but we do not agree with donald trump when he characterizes the numbers of people coming across the border. this is not true. the center has stated quite clearly that we're at a low when
7:39 am
it comes to migration from mexico to the u.s. it's a net zero that we've seen in the last three to five years. so for donald trump to be trying to stir emotions in a very negative way is not positive it's divisive and it's not going to create solutions. and all americans, including hispanic americans, want leadership, and they want solutions. instead he's creating division so for us it is absolutely offensive to hear this kind of talk. >> and jenna, what's the message of la raza and the latino community for all candidates both democrat and republican who may be looking at looking for the support of a latino community? what are the issues they need to be focused on that they need to be telling us about, that they need to give us a vision about? >> well clearly, latinos, like all americans, care about a
7:40 am
strong economy and jobs. and so that is top of my or us in our community. education is so important because we see it as creating opportunities for our young people to be fully involved in the work force. but also access to health care and making sure that we have the work force skills that we need to transition into these new jobs that are going to be more technology oriented. so we have and a big agenda don't care about a lot of issues. immigration is one of them but it's not the only issue we care about. >> absolutely. la raza is very involved in education on a local level, and i would invite you to look into that because that organization that janet leads does a lot for our communities. janet, thank you for being with me. it's a pleasure to see you. >> thank you, jose. thank you very much. i think i exaggerated, by the way, when i said there were thousands of gop candidates running for the presidency.
7:41 am
the republican presidential field now is 15 candidates officially. i exaggerated a little bit, but 15 is the official number. republican scott walker officially joined the race this morning. he tweeted his campaign announcement and released his first on-line video. we'll hear from him later this evening when he lunchesaunches his campaign in front of his hometown supporters. >> reporter: as the stage is set for scott walker's big speech his campaign launched a new video this morning, officially launching his 2016 bid. walker enters a giant field of 15 candidates that has recently been dominated by donald trump. >> we're going to take the country back. >> reporter: and his fiery rhetoric. >> every time mexico really intelligently sends people over we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over.
7:42 am
>> reporter: trump was out of sight sunday but not silent. over the fugitive escaped drug lord trump speculated. they obviously let him go. he is possibly in the u.s. and his drugs and drug dealers freely cross into the united states across our pathetic border. other republicans are frustrated. >> i think he's a wrecking ball for the future of the republican party. >> reporter: back to walker who signed his state budget sunday hinted at his campaign message. >> the difference between wisconsin and washington is we have to get things done. >> reporter: walker first earned national attention and credibility with conservative voters when he took on public employees' unions. and survived a tough recall election. walker celebrated that win here where he will kick off his presidential campaign today. >> he's got the ability to both excite the base and also kind of be acceptable to the party
7:43 am
establishment. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. coming up right here on "the rundown," some major developments in the killer james holmes. he is accused of killing dozens at the theater in aurora, colorado. first, for the second year in a row, roger federer was at the finals. and just like last year he lost. djokovic won. and serena williams captured the women's title, becoming the oldest woman to win a major tournament. the 33-year-old beat la russa in two sets to clinch her title. what an extraordinary accomplishment. ogress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit pope francis wrapped up his
7:47 am
week-long trip to his native latin america to a visit at a slump in paraguay where about 15 families live in povrererty. the pope was impressed by their hope. your struggles have not taken away your laughter, your joy and your hope. struggles which have not lessened your sense of solidarity but if anything have made it grow. >> the crowd that showed up was just amazing. nearly a million people came to mass 100,000 in paraguay and eduador as well. i think the question now is will the leaders of the three countries that he went to paraguay eduador and bolivia, will they listen to the pope's message, his message on the need for better economic equality his message on the effort to protect the environment. and that's the real test here.
7:48 am
obviously, for that week there was great excitement, but that is the key test. ask for his criticism of global capitalism and what that might preview for his visit to the united states in september. on the plane back the pope held about an hour press conference and he said he hasn't begun to study the united states yet. he understands there has been criticism in this country about his criticism of capitalism but what he is looking for is a dialogue between himself and his critics to find a better way for a more just economic system. jose? >> ann thompson thank you so much for being with me. it's great to see you. >> it's good to see you, too. now a story we've been following out west closing arguments expected to begin tomorrow in the james holmes shooting trial. he is accused of shooting a dozen people in the aurora theater in 2012.
7:49 am
>> reporter: three years ago this month, james holmes opened fire in a packed movie theater killing 12 people and wounding 7 others. this week the jury begins deliberations after two months of testimony. 270 witnesses, most survivors -- >> i told him i loved him and i would take care of our baby if he didn't make it. >> reporter: -- or first responders. >> by the time we pulled into the hospital she stopped talking. she lost consciousness. >> reporter: defense attorneys admitted holmes carried out the attack but argue he was legally insane or didn't know the difference between right and wrong. showing this video of him walking into a wall they said he should be found not guilty by reason of insanity and locked up into a mental institution. >> i do not believe if he were not mentally ill, this would have ever happened. >> reporter: the burden is on the prosecution to prove that holmes was, in fact saying
7:50 am
trying to use his own words as proof. his diary shows months of meticulous planning. his goal he writes mass murder at mutethe movies. >> reporter: because of the horrific nature they heard of the crime and preparations made by james holmes. >> reporter: the jury heard chilling testimony from the defendant himself. >> i thought i would kind of make myself more valuable. >> the psychiatrist who interviewed him for 22 hours became a key witness for the prosecution. >> whatever he suffered from it did not prevent him from forming the intent and knowing what he was doing. >> michelle phillips lost her daughter. >> this has been our focus for three years, losing our children, burying our children dealing with that profound grief. >> reporter: hoping the prosecution will prevail and holmes will face the death
7:51 am
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7:54 am
the drama of the united states supreme court are taking stage in an opera. judge scalia and ginsberg have been against each other on certain issues like the care act. >> this is an opera based on and inspired by the writings and statements of supreme court justice's opinions scalia and
7:55 am
ginsberg. >> she's such an interesting, iconic figure. i hope i do her justice. >> on opening night, the stage at the castleton festival in virginia transformed into the supreme court. ♪ >> in the opera, justice scalia is imprisoned for excessive desenddeid he send-- descending. his trusted colleague breaks in to rescue him. ♪ >> they disagree on constitutional interpretation. but in the opera, at least, friendship wins out. after watching the premiere the notorious rbg had an early review. >> what's the secret of your
7:56 am
friendship? >> he has a wonderful sense of humor. i think that captures it. each of us respects the way the other thinks. ♪ >> that wraps up "the rundown" here in new york city. thanks for coming. i'll see you here tomorrow. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card.
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good morning, everyone. i am in for tamron hall and this is "news nation." we begin with developing news. the international manhunt under way for one of the world's most dangerous druglords. there is still no sign of joaquin "el chapo" guzman in mechanics can despite even the temporary shutdown of an airport.
8:00 am
he broke out of a maximum security prison sunday using an underground tunnel that went right to his cell to a home in a nearby neighborhood. it's a blow for the mexican government. he escaped from another maximum security prison back in 2001 and was on the run until february 2014. nbc's mark potter has the very latest from mexico. >> reporter: behind me is the maximum security prison where "el chapo" guzman escaped in a very long tunnel heading in that direction. this is a major embarrassment, a slap in the face for the mexican government which had promised"el chapo" behind bars. this morning we're getting the very first look at the tunnel exit used by "el chapo" to slip out of his maximum security cell. it's the second escape for the notorious drug kingpin.


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