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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> a year in prison. and then walking away from that prison only to re-engage in his terrorist activities. and walker makes it official. wisconsin governor scott walker jumps into the race making him the 15th on the gop side. can he stand out in the crowd? >> republican field, there are some who are good fighters. they haven't won those battles. there are others who won elections but haven't consistently taken on the big fights. we showed we can do both. good day. i'm luke russert in washington, d.c. nuclear talks between iran and world powers are tripped up again just before the finish line. for the very latest we bring in andrea mitchell who has been in
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vienna for more than two straight weeks for negotiations. andrea, going on day 17 for you over there. what do we know? >> well, more importantly, the negotiators have hit a snag. according to western diplomats it looks increasingly unlikely that they're going to make tonight's deadline of midnight. that means a fourth extension. if so that could explain the grim expressions on the face of john kerry and the other ministers when we met this morning for a brief photo-op. i'm told the disagreements are over serious issues not just wording or minor problems. whether to lift the arms embargo in iran and when and what nuclear research iran can do at the end of the deal, what kind of equipment they can get in. and resolving questions about iran's past suspect nuclear activity has been a recurring issue and not yet cleared up. there are have been meetings all day. zarif meeting with lavrov. zarif then and european
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representative and john kerry meeting. they have to agree on every word in a 100-page text which zarif was waiving in his balcony on sunday. so at this hour the russian minister has now left the talks for now as had china's foreign minister. we don't know of any group session that's yet scheduled. and what does it all mean? i'm joined now by nicholas byrnes former u.s. ambassador of nato and ambassador at harvard at the kennedy schoo harvard. nick you've been through these kinds of negotiations perhaps not quite so dramatic but back in the day on other issues. this is pretty extraordinary. they had dinner last night. we were told it was going to be a deal today. we were all cautious because we've been through this before thaw they've really hit some major roadblocks. >> andrea as you know very well from your own experience covering these negotiations is always the last ten yards or ten meters that are the hardest to travel because there's a lot
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riding on these negotiations obviously. not just for iran but for the united states and the countries around that table. this is the most important foreign policy crisis i think facing the united states today. how do we prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power? how do we contain iranian power in the middle east. that's why the arms embargo is so important. it was instituted by united nations in 2006 and '7 and i was part of the bush administration that made sure those resolutions passed to prevent iran from arming radical terrorist groups and prevent other countries from arming iran. that should not be taken off now that iran is such a major problem in the middle east. >> now, if there were conditions built into it where if iran lives up to certain conditions on the nuclear agreement, and we see other behaviors change would you then permit some sort of or would you support, i should say conditionality built into this u.n. resolution that would lift at a certain point
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down the road that u.n. embargo which is as you point out, incorporated into two resolutions you worked on 1/3 that susan rice and this administration worked on when she was u.n. ambassador in 2009? >> the problem is that iran as you know is now fueling the revolution in syria by aiding president assad, fueling the revolution of the hootie rebels in yemen. iran is a major problem in the sunni world. its expanding military activities. i don't think the united states can compromise on the arms embargo issue. if the conditionality is the embargo might be lifted years from now, that's one thing. it can't be lifted now. we have to have a very tough minded attitude on this question, i think, or else i think it's going to be very difficult to convince members of congress from both parties to support this if suddenly iran is free to export weapons to different terrorist groups or to failed governments like the
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assad government. >> what about when of the other hang-ups, i'm told which is researchnd development on the nuclear issues down the road. what kind of centrifuges they can have in years 10, 11 12 when they can resume nuclear research? >> it's an important issue. essentially what this deal is going to do if it's faithful to the interim agreement in april it's going to put it in a deep freeze or in mothball if you like but in ten years' time that super structure will still be in place. the iranians could begin theoretically to begin building it back up. and so you don't want them to have been able to experiment with advanced centrifuges. that would bring them closer to a nuclear capability. and there have to be very strict, i think, provisions that prevent iran from doing that. so obviously that's another issue that secretary kerry and the american administration are trying to prevent iranian advantages here. not surprising given all that we've talked about, andrea given the stakes involved that
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these talks are in extra innings. >> what about the upside the possibility that we can continue to restrain as has been restrained, everyone agrees for the past 18 1/2, 19 months of the interim agreement, that we can continue under this agreement to not only restrain any advancement of their nuclear program but actually dismantle it at various stages? isn't that a benefit, plus the side benefit they've been withholding out of becoming our ally formally cooperating against isis doing things against our common enemy there, iraq? >> well, andrea i think the obama administration is right to be negotiating this. if they can get the deal in vienna that reflects all of the hard work done for the interim agreement, so if iran's nuclear program can be frozen if its access to nuclear weapons through plutonium or uranium enrichment could be cut off for
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ten years, if the ieae can have oversight up to 25 years under additional protocol i think this will be a good deal for the united states. i'm very hopeful that secretary kerry will be able to arrange this. but on these two key issues the kind of work that iran could do in advanced centrifuges and the arms embargoes, i think the united states is right to hold the line. and if these talks go another day or another week we're better off holding the line and being tough minded than making those compromises, in my judgment. >> and do you have any concerns as has been raised by critics in congress on the republican side that the administration is too eager, too eager for a deal making too many compromises, it's the legacy are we showing a weak hand here? >> i don't agree with that at all. i think secretary kerry and his delegation wendy sherman have proven they're tough minded and willing to walk away without a deal. the iranians need to know that. there are some issues upon which the united states is not going
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to compromise. i think the administration has handled these negotiations very capably but it's always tough at the end. i don't think the criticism has much merit at all. i think, andrea the advantage the administration will have if they do get this agreement is what is the alternative? is there a better alternative to safeguard american national security and to prevent the iranians from becoming a nuclear weapons power? i don't think there is. i think this is the best way for the united states to proceed. >> and what we are just looking at while you were talking there, nick, new pictures just taken moments ago of zarif, the iranian foreign minister on his balcony. he knows the camera down below. he indicated they're tired, a little sleepy. certainly another signal that we're not going to get an agreement by the deadline of midnight tonight. thanks so much nick burns. >> thank you. >> as we wait and watch here in vienna, and back to you, luke. >> andrea mitchell thank you so much. enjoy day 18 my friend.
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you're doing extraordinary work. an all out manhunt is under way in mexico for one of the world's most notorious and dangerous drurg lords. joaquin guzman, el chapo, the head of the drug cartel escaped a maximum security prison skat not far from mexico city. it wasn't his first jail break. nbc's mark potter is in mexico just outside the prison with the latest. mark, you just returned from the scene where el chapo escaped. what did you see? quite an elaborate plot to get him out of this jail. >> yeah. that's true. and this is the prison where he escaped. this is a maximum security prison. he got out of here on saturday going through a tunnel. the tunnel is on the other side of the prison kind of in that direction. and what we saw, what we came to appreciate is just how long that tunnel is. on the other side of the prison in a farming area fields over there, pastures there's a
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house, low-lying house. not fully built. it doesn't look like much. standing alone. and from there they dug down authorities say, and then went across that field under the field past that big tree and kept going and going and going until they finally, about a mile away, got to the prison wall. went under the prison wall and somehow had the wherewithal, the knowledge, the equipment to come up exactly in joaquin guzman's cell. in fact, in the shower stall in the cell where the cameras that covered that area didn't show the area. they knew all that. they came up just like that. very very precise. but what struck us was how long that tunnel is and how long they had to go back and forth, back and forth constructing that tunnel and to get him out of there finally when they occurred. it was -- an interesting way, it's pretty impressive to think they did that all that distance under ground going under the wall of the prison and coming up
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in a very precise location. that put it all in perspective for us. this was not a fly by night operation. this was a mining operation. this was a month's long operation. >> let's talk about that for a quick second because if you look at this tunnel not only is it extraordinarily long tunnel it also is believed to have cost in the millions of dollars to construct. there is also a motorized railcar that he was able to use to transport himself once he went through that hole. there has to be i assume speculation on the ground there in mexico a country well-known for its government corruption that there was at least an idea that this could be very well an inside job. what are we hearing about that? >> well, absolutely. i mean everybody is talking about that and it's being investigated. it's being talked about in the united states as well as it is here. they had to have had help inside this prison. how did that do all that digging under the prison all that time
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without being detected how did they know exactly where to go how did they know the camera ranges. all of that suggests there was inside help. this has been done before. i mean this is a very dramatic tunnel but we've seen them before. i remember one in the late 1980s dug from a house -- two houses put together and a wall between them knocked down and they would bring the dirt in as they dug the tunnel toward the prison and stack it up in the house in sugar sacks and then take it out at night in trucks. they used tunnels a lot in their drug operations. they're infamous for that. most noted for that. it's no surprise the man known to be the head of this cartel got out of jail in a tunnel. i mean, they've done this before. we've seen the ventilation before. we've seen the carts before. but i'm not sure we've seen one -- a case this dramatic. >> no, billions of dollars. >> such a precise way coming unside a prison like that.
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we have more now on the race for 2016 as hillary clinton outlined her economic policy in a speech this morning at the new school in new york. andrea mitchell who has also been covering the clinton campaign as well as iran talks knows a lot about these issues. andrea, what do we know? >> luke as you know i was planning to be in new york covering hillary clinton today, but she's been promising since we first started covering this campaign in iowa that she's
9:17 am
going to fight for working class americans. but is she going to go as far as bernie sanders as going attacking? in her first major economic policy speech of the campaign today she focused her jobs at republican rivals. >> for 35 years republicans have argued that if we give more wealth to those at the top by cutting their taxes and letting big corporations write their own rules, it will trickle down. it will trickle down to everyone else. yet, every time they have a chance to try that approach it explodes the national debt concentrates wealth even more and does practically nothing to help hardworking americans. twice now in the past 20 years a
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democratic president has had to come in and clean up the mess left behind. >> and joun joining me now is brian, press secretary for hillary clinton of america. thank you very much. blood to see you even from all of the way over here. tell me about her profit sharing proposal. some of the specifics because she's finally making specific policy proposeals that fill out the concepts she's been laying out since she started her campaign. >> right. what you heard her do today is promise that part of her campaign agenda will be to present a proposal that will be geared at incentivizing companies to offer profit-sharing programs to their workers. you know middle classworkers have contributed to these record corporate profits that we're seeing but they've yet to enjoy any of the rewards from those gains. but hillary clinton wants to make sure is that on this quarterly basis, as companies continue to reap these profits, that they have -- their incent
9:19 am
incentives are in line to give the proceeds back to workers. on thursday in new hampshire she will be traveling to new hampshire for a campaign event on thursday. she will be laying out the detail there's. and what she's going to be seeking to do is to adjust the tax code so we're not incentivizing compensation at the top but also urging companies to enable working class contributors to those companies to share in those rewards as well. >> of course we all know how hard it is to change the tax code even if you have a democratic you know congress of the same party and she would hope to have a democratic congress. but interest proposal. i want to also play part of what she said about jeb bush today. >> you may have heard governor bush say last week that americans just need to work longer hours. well, he must not have met very many american workers.
9:20 am
let him tell that to the nurse who stands on her feet all day or the teacher who is in that classroom or the trucker who drives all night. let him tell that to the fast food workers marching in the streets for better pay. they don't need a lecture. they need a raise. >> and here is jeb bush's instantaneous response to hillary clinton today, brian. >> announce my candidacy for president i announced a plan an aspiration for 4% growth as far as the eye can see which in eight years would create a minimum of 19 million jobs. immediately the left led by hillary clinton and the liberal economists said that it couldn't be done. >> well, one issue is the business about people need to work longer hours because what the jeb bush people say is that he was just saying maybe he didn't articulate it that well
9:21 am
but he was saying we need to have people getting full-time jobs, not so many people reverting to part-time jobs because the economy is so lousy. >> so andrea this was not a gaft. this was an honest window into his thinking and it goes to the heart of the contrast between hillary clinton and not just jeb bush but the entire republican field whose vision for the future of the economy is to put growth for its own sake above everything else and hopefully if we cut taxes for those at the very top, it will contribute to spike gdp numbers which in turn will hopefully maybe at some point down the road circumstances playing out in the way that we want maybe contribute to wage growth for workers. hillary clinton is much more deliberate about ensuring that workers see a rise in their incomes corresponding with the rise that we've seen in the quarterly growth figures. so to jeb bush's point you know workers don't need longer hours to get ahead. they can work longer hours and this won't help them. they need a raise.
9:22 am
that was the point that hillary clinton made today. >> i wanted to ask you about donald trump because hillary clinton is going to la rossa today to speak to kansas city to one of the largest hispanic-american groups. donald trump is getting large audiences, a lot of residents. despite criticism by people like john mccain and lindsey graham about what he's doing to the republican party there seems to be a court that he is striking with a lot of americans. and a lot of people are being reluctant to krit sim him. hillary clinton has. in the past they've been friends and associates, have done projects together. what is she now say about the tone and the rhetoric of donald trump? >> well, first of all, andrea nobody was quicker out of the gate than hillary clinton to condemn the remarks that donald trump made. and it took almost a full two weeks to see members of the republican field gather the courage to challenge him for those unacceptable completely heinous remarks.
9:23 am
i think you're right that secretary clinton will be traveling to speak to la rossa today. i don't think he will see any he'd hesitation, i think for the fout or fifth time condemn donald trump. the question is why did it take republicans to get off the sidelines to do the same. the deeper question will continue to be relevant for the course of this campaign is is really no bottom line difference between the immigration proposals that donald trump is advancing and those of the rest of the republican field. a person almost to a person they support a second class status at best for the undocumented workers that are in the country currently. hillary clinton said today that passing comprehensive immigration reform is a key needed step to achieve that growth figure that everybody wants to talk about, but to achieve it in a way that where the prosperity will be shared and then comes lift it up across the board. >> brian fallon thank you so much. hope to see you in new hampshire on thursday. >> come back soon, andrea. we miss you on the campaign trail. >> thank you.
9:24 am
miss you guys too. and i'll send it back now to luke in washington. thanks so much. >> everyone misses you, andrea. we all miss you. come back state side soon. never one to back down donald trump has cited the escape of el chapo over the weekend as an xafrlexample of wide spread mexican government corruption saying i told you so. up next up with of trump's competitors in the gop field for president, former new york governor george pataki. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪♪ in the nation, we know how you feel about your car. so when coverage really counts you can count on nationwide. ♪ love ♪ because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange ♪ just another way we put members first.
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we're here and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. the presidential race is getting even bigger today as wisconsin governor scott walker becomes the 15th republican to announce his candidacy. this comes after one of the most recognizable names in the race donald trump, is using the prison escape of a drug king el
9:28 am
chapo in mexico to keep up his heated rhetoric on immigration at the forefront of his campaign. joining me now is republican presidential candidate and former new york governor george pataki. the first to challenge trump on his border policy. we'll get to that shortly. i want to ask you about scott walker entering the race today. somebody who has tried to make governing in a democratic state in a bluish purple state, if you will a top priority saying he can bring conservatism to the race because he's made conservatism fluorish in a state like that. how do you read scott walker? >> i think he has been a successful governor. he got re-elected in wisconsin which isn't an easy task. but i think there are a lot of governors out there and it's going to be not just about your record. i'm proud of my record in the deepest blue state. but also about your vision for the future and whether it's a vision domestically a vision for the future of the country, globally. we have yet to hear that. >> we'll certainly look to see where exactly the specifics
9:29 am
come. somebody who has been throwing a lot of ideas around some specific some not, somebody from your home state, donald trump, said this over the weekend in phoenix, regarding immigration. >> i don't blame the mexican government. i just wish other people were smart. they're really smart doing that. they're sending them to us and we're either putting them in jails or letting them go free. which is even worse. and by the way, they're coming from all over the world. including the middle east. why not? come in. come on in. we're stupid. we'll take care of you. we'll pay. get sick we'll take care of your optization. what kind of a plan do you want? so i had an idea. i think it's good. every time mexico really intelligently sends people over we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over.
9:30 am
>> i was in rural virginia over the weekend. the few people came up to me and said donald trump is really speaking to me what i like to hear. how long can the party though survive nationally if donald trump continues to suck up all of this oxygen? >> luke, i've heard that too, from people. that donald trump has hit a nerve and isn't it good that he's out there? my answer to that is that it is important that we discuss border security and controlling the border, but to demonize people like he did with the mexicans who are here and to go and say that the mexican government is intentionally sending people here doesn't make sense. he is a promoter he is a celebrity figure. you can't worry about what others do. you just focus on your ideas and your record and your vision and that's what i i ten to do. >> you spoke up earlier. should some of the other candidates speak up early against donald trump and to the party? pre- should there be a ground swell,
9:31 am
we can't have this really go for the neck here? >> i would hope that everyone of the republican seeking a nomination would stand up and see that demonizing mexicans is wrong. i amhave four immigrant grant parents from southern europe, eastern europe. they were demonized during their era. it's simply wrong. we want immigration that's legal. we want to control our border. we have to respect those that have come here and obey the law and are working and contributing every day across this country. >> lastly under the current rules of debate you do not qualify donald trump does. is there a problem? >> i don't worry about the rules. when i ran for the governor of new york there were three hour democrats. was that fair? believe in yourself and your ability to lead and bring people together and fight the fight. >> governor george pataki from new york buffalo bills, the only team that does pay new york taxes. you're a jets fan but i could say you're probably a bills fan. appreciate it. coming up midwest advantage. the strengths and weaknesses of the newest gop candidate.
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card on select 2015 passat models or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $209 a month after $1000 volkswagen bonus. another week another republican announces they are running for president. today wisconsin governor scott walker jumping into the giant field touting his toughness and conservative credentials by taking on the unions in his home state of wisconsin. joining me now for our daily fix msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt there in wisconsin, chris aliza and molly ball politics writer for the atlantic. welcome. thank you for being on the show. kasie, we'll start with you there on-site for walker's announcement. he just finished a contentious budget battle in his state and now it seems to be the focus primarily from here on out will
9:36 am
be on the presidency. what do we expect to hear today and how conservative will it be because he is trying to run to the right of jeb bush. >> that's right, luke. this presidential announcement is going to take place on the same stage where he celebrated that recall election that he won and this turned him into a conservative hero. that's something they are going to emphasize but they also recognize i think that they need to broaden out. beyond that you're going to hear him talk about broader theme, growth reform national security in part. that's really an area where he has struggled in some ways to make the case, especially behind the scenes to donors and establishment figures that he's ready to step up into the commander in chief role. we are seeing the highlighting of his down home roots here today. flipped burgers as a teen down the road from paul ryan. i think you're going to see that on display here today, luke. >> obviously democrats are quick
9:37 am
to attack saying that he's a national disgrace. you have hillary clinton who just said this. let's play the tape. >> republican governors like scott walker have made their names stomping on workers rights. and practically all republican candidates hope to do the same as president. i will fight back against these mean-spirited, misguided attacks. >> chris, hillary clinton calling him out by fame. i'm sure walker probably likes that at the end of the day. >> this is probably a roar of applause went up in walker headquarters when that happened. hillary clinton mentioned three republican candidates by name today. jeb bush marco rubio, scott walker. i would say that looks to me at least like what the clinton people think the top tier of the republican field looks like and i think they're right. look any time hillary clinton mentions you by name as scott walker who is not as well-known, frankly, as jeb bush it
9:38 am
marginally as well-known as marco rubio, it's good for him. the more he the fainted as she's worried about me so she's talking about me, all to the good for him and same thing with being attacked for organized labor. all of those things pulse of the image, a guy who stood up, fought,nd won. which is the message in his video this morning and you will hear again tonight. >> molly ball he has won in three governor's races in four years. survive that recall. and has put together quite an impressive coalition of support. doing well in union households no one thought to be possible. what i've heard is that if he in fact, makes it through primary process, his focus is going to be on the midwest, sort of son of the midwest. he's going to try to compete in wisconsin, michigan ohio, pennsylvania, minnesota. states where democrats have done well at the presidential level over the last few elections. going focus on the older, wider electric in those states as opposed to colorado and virginia
9:39 am
and florida. walker, heck of an experiment, heck of a gamble. if it turns out to be right it's a heck of an opportunity for the gop to completely rebrand themselves in the midwest. >> absolutely. i think as a matter of political strategy the midwest is republican's biggest opportunity. it's the place where the demographics are changing the most slowly. a lot of these states are older and wider and losing population as opposed to the other states that you mentioned that are rapidly becoming more diverse and growing in population. scott walker has got a couple of obstacles getting through the primary, however, i mean one of them is that even though he's got that winning record in wisconsin, wisconsin isn't too fond of him right now. he just barely got through this very tough budget battle. just signed the budget yesterday for pretty far overdue and with a lot of flack coming his way from republicans in the legislature who previously had been loyal to him. his approval rating is pretty low. part of that dissatisfaction is that people feel like he
9:40 am
campaigned on one thing to get re-elected and now he's on the national stage they don't really know him anymore. they don't recognize the scott walker who sort of took this very pragmatic line in order to keep getting elected in wisconsin. >> it seems that when he's tried to become more of a national figure it's hurt him at home more so than the other candidates. kasie, we'll finish up with you. obviously walker is going to be in this for quite some time. he does have big money backing him. rumors he's the favorite of koch world. but jeb bush striking number last week. $114 million. how does scott walker withstand that amount of ammo that's going to come after him from jeb bush at some point? >> well, luke i think that it's pretty clear walker will be in at least the second tier fund-raisingwise. he's going to be right there in the mix. i think the path he has to the nomination and some of the shifts that you've seen him make as he's moved from candidate for governor in wisconsin to presidential candidate are some of the things that are hurting his fund-raising and will hurt his ability to go after jeb
9:41 am
bush some of the social issues stances he's taken. he's acknowledged he's changed on immigration. he's become more aggressive on tone in gay marriage and abortion. those things have turned off some of the republican donors on the coasts whether it be, you know silicon valley or new york and hurt his ability to raise big money. but the reality is that his path at this point to the nomination really goes through iowa. if they don't do well in iowa it's not clear what his path is to the nomination after that. if he's doing things that are turning off evangelical voters he's going to have to balance the two risks. the reality is that jeb bush is an extraordinarily formidable presence in this race. if he decides to turn that firepower on scott walker that could be game over. >> it's all iowa for walker. he absolutely has to win iowa. if he doesn't win iowa it's over. i'll say that right now in july 2015. thank you so much.
9:42 am
we appreciate everybody's wonderful analysis. now we go to san diego to comic-con where congressman and civil rights super hero john lewis, he was there to pro met his graphic novel "march" which documents his life and commitment to nonviolence. after speaking congressman lewis led dozens of kids in a march through a crowded convention center wearing an outfit recreated the look like the one he wore on that bloody sunday in selma back in 1965. >> well, this is a moving here in our history. in spite of all the changes, in spite of all of the progress that we've made we still have a distance to go. >> remarkable. and in other literary news. atticus finch as we never knew him before. that's next. >> there's a lot of ugly things in this world, son. i wish i could keep them all away from you.
9:43 am
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northrop grumman. it's the most anticipated book of the summer, harper's lee "go set a watchman" companion novel to the classic iconic "to kill a mockingbird" hits book shelves tomorrow but growing outcry from readers from one of the heroes. atticus finch, how will lee's second novel ever published impact her legacy? nbc's harry smith went to her home state of alabama to find out. ♪ >> "to kill a mockingbird" was published in 1960 in an america not quite ready to look itself in the mirror. >> we're living in this place where racial slurs are as common as pass the peas. and then we get this book and it tells us you know that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.
9:47 am
but it does it in this rich story. it took a sermon and it wrapped it in a story. >> reporter: a sermon delivered by the book's narrater a little girl scout. >> there's been some hard talk around town to the effect that i shouldn't do much about defend defending this man. >> if you shouldn't be defentding him, then why are you doing it? >> i think it made it simple enough to go down. it's like that old remedy that we used to have for colds, you know white whiskey with something sweet, something to get it down. >> reporter: tens of millions of copies have been sold. "to kill a mockingbird" may be the quintessential american novel. >> who gets to say they wrote -- not just one of the great reads of our time, one of the great successful books of our time, who gets to say they changed the world? >> harper lee. >> harper lee does. >> reporter: but there was never
9:48 am
a follow-up until now. "go set a watchman" an old harper lehman knew script found in a safe deposit box will go on sale at midnight on monday. >> what has it been like in alabama? >> you know, it's the cradle of the first book. and now we want to look at this new child, you know see if it's ugly or not, see if it's got his mama's eyes you know. >> what is it about the south that grows up folks who know how to use words so well? >> the smart people say that it's the conflict, that you know that we've lived within that we've grown up within. people like to say it's you know that front porch. tell a story with flavor with imagery, with detail. tell a story that you can hang on the air and our air is thick enough where it will stick. but tell a story that you can hang on the air.
9:49 am
>> and harry smith joins me now. harry, thanks so much for making the time for us. i'll just get right to the heart of the matter. what is it that is so concerning about this next chamt chapter for atticus finch? >> the truth is in this new book as it's been reviewed and "the new york times" and the "wall street journal" says that in this new book atticus finch is a bigot. and there are so many people who find the original book "to kill a mockingbird" so beloved, they've named their children after this guy. they've gone in to practice of law, their lives have been changed by atticus finch, and now they're shocked to see that in an earlier version of the story written three years before that now he's just the opposite of this paragon of virtue that we have all come to know and love. >> certainly a traumatic thing for a bunch of people because i grew up learn that atticus finch was the apotheosis of what you
9:50 am
wanted to be in this country. there's aspiration that harper lee did not want this book to be coming out. she has been in failing health over the last few years. >> we spent some time in alabama last week and she talked with rick. we talked to other people who intimate of some of the folks who are closest to harper lee. and we've been assured that she's totally with it and that she's onboard. i would recommend folks look at the "wall street journal" piece this morning written by her lawyer who kind of walks through step by step by step all that's happened in the last three or four years the uncovering of the manuscript how it came to be published and everything else. i think the tables are turning on that story and it seems like she's with it and is all for it. >> harry smith, wonderful snapshot of americana. we appreciate your time. take care. >> thanks. up next what the next 24 hours could mean for greece europe and the global economy. this is msnbc. i am totally blind.
9:51 am
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breaking news from the white house where president obama just xoo commuted the sentence of 46 federal prisoners. p president will travel to oklahoma where he will become the first sitting president to tour a federal prison. mr. obama will speak and address the issue of overcrowding in federal prisons. we'll keep you update odd than story throughout the day here on msnbc. and a breakthrough overnight on europe's bailout for greece. no new loans for nearly bankrupt country and the euro appears to be secure for now. there are still a lot of questions about the stability of a bailout plan for the greek economy. nbc's keir simmons joins me now with the details. keir, we had reports of eu officials saying to the jer mansgermans and greeks you can't leave that room, we need a solution. what's the latest? >> yes. i'm told that's exactly what happened through the night
9:55 am
during the 17 hours of negotiations where europe's leaders were locked in those rooms at one point the leader of germany, the leader of greece wanting to just give up on it and they were persuaded to stay negotiating and in the end we have this deal. but now we have to see that deal agreed by the greek parliament. that probably will happen because part of the current greek government is likely to be backed by the opposition. even if the government dividing over the proposal it will still get through parliament. what you're hearing from many greeks here is huge unhappiness, huge frustration. take aside the question luke of the finances of it why does greece owe so much money. should society be reformed? and what they say is that this is a democratically elected greek government went to the people for a referendum, the people voted 60% no and here again, they get handed very very tough reforms that they say they rejected. but they will say are being
9:56 am
imposed on them by europe. the unity of europe is not safe as a result of this deal. but at least for now the crisis is simmering down. >> yes indeed keir simmons. thank you for your wonderful reporting on this story. i have a feeling there's still a long way to go. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember to follow the show online and on facebook and of course on twitter twitter @mitchellreports. coming up next thomas roberts anchors "msnbc live." we'll be back tomorrow. take care. ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. today on "msnbc live" all eye on iran. we are following major developments over sea where's it's unclear where wl a historic nuclear deal with iran will be reached. iranian president is expected to deliver a tv speech to his country within the hour. we're going to bring you the latest on the negotiations from vienna. that's coming up. we do begin with a frantic all out international manhunt for one of the world's most
10:00 am
notorious drug lords. joaquin guzman known as el chapo has been on the lam for 48 hours. disappeared from mexico saturday through elaborate underground escape route. he was last seen on a security camera saturday night entering a shower area of the prison. then out of camera range he slipped into a 20 by 20 inch hole by a ladder and into a tunnel made of wood and pvc pipe and then a small motorized railcar whisked him away. that tunnel stretched for a mile under the prison. end it at the house in a farm field. nbc's mark potter is following the story live from mexico. mark? >> behind me is the maximum security prison where chapo guzman escaped through a mile long tunnel heading off in that direction. this is a major embarrassment, a slap in the face for the mexican government which had promised to keep chapo behind bars. this morning we're getting our first l


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