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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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philadelphia. and on thursday he will visit a federal prison in oklahoma. that is all for "now." the "ed show" is coming up next. good evening americans and welcome to the "ed show." live from washington d.c. i'm back. i'm ready. let's get to work. >> tonight, money in the middle. >> we must raise incomes for hard working americans so they can afford a middle class life. >> there's been a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%. >> and later, border cross. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> they are taking everything and they are killing us on the border. >> and walker running. >> he'll be the 15th republican to formally enter the 2016 race. >> i'm running to fight and win for the american people. good to have you with us
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folks. good to be back after a week off. i start tonight with the question "where's the center?" what is the center? what is the center position on income inequality. what is the center position on the vulture chart? identity politics is going to destroy the democrats if they go down that road. what they have to do is listen to some of the candidates out there who are talking about the populist issues about where is the country. i come to washington today for a number of reasons. and i'm greeted by politico. and it says sanders's senate colleagues stunned by his rapid assent. why? it seems to me that all the things that hillary clinton is talking about, all the things that bernie sanders is talking about are pretty close. and yet there seems to be this
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big division taking place when you listen to joe mansion or when you listen to claire mccaskill that they are so concerned about what bernie sanders is doing. why? i thought debate was good. so it's hillary clinton's turn now. she outlined her economic agenda for the country today. fantastic. not surprisingly clinton echoed some of sanders' position. vice versa. many of the points clinton's made sanders has been pushing the last o 30 years. and so has hillary. that good. >> corporate profits are near record highs and americans are working as hard as ever. but paychecks have barely budged in real terms. families today are stretched in so many directions and so are their budgets. the defining economic challenge of our time is clear. we must raise incomes for
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hard-working americans so they can afford a middle class life. >> so we've got profits high paychecks low, family budgets, raise -- what is the middle position on that? left, right, blue green, center? what is it. come on folks. this is where the country is right now. clinton sates she wants to build an economy that grows and is fehr fair to everyone. listed out the typical talking points. good for her. clinton wants to raise a minimum wage. who doesn't on the left. build obamacare. protect social security. all great progressive stuff. she will introduce a plan encouraging corporations to share profits with workers. i can't wait for that. because that would be viewed as very liberal. clinton also laid out her ideas on tax reform. >> hard working families need and deserve tax relief and simplification. second, those at the top have to
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pay their fair share. that is why i support the buffett rule which makes sure that millionaires don't pay lower rates than their secretaries. and i've also called for closing the carried interest loophole which lets wealthy financers play an artificially low rate. and let's agree that hugely successful companies that benefit from everything america has to offer should not be able to game the system and avoid paying their fair share. i specially while companies who can't afford high priced lawyers and lobbyists end up paying more. >> okay. all sounds good to me. but here comes the fly in the ointment. where does former secretary clinton stand on money parked off shore and not being tax? because that is a huge problem. clinton then spoke about how it would need to protect union's bargaining power.
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is that the free choice act? can we get -- that sounds good but how? clinton also had tough talk for wall street. >> stories of misconduct by individuals and institutions in the financial industry are shocking. hsbc allowing drug cartels to launder money. five major banks pleading guilty to felony charges for conspiring to manipulate currency exchange and interest rates. there can be no justification or tolerance for this kind of criminal behavior. >> while institutions have paid large fines and in some cases admitted guilt, too often it has seemed that the human beings responsible get off with limited consequences or none at all even
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when they have already pocketed the gains. this is wrong. and on my watch it will change. over the course of this campaign i will offer plans to reign in excessive risks on wall street and ensure that stock markets work for every day investors. >> did i just hear hillary clinton say that if it's on her watch she's going to send people to jail if they do bad things on wall street? because so far under the obama administration nobody's gone to jail. they got away with everything that happened back in the crash of 2008. there was no follow-up from the justice department. well here is a great opportunity. last week senators elizabeth warren and john mccain reintroduced a gas steegal bill in the senate. it would basically reverse the deregulation we saw in the late 90s. the deregulation of the glass-steagall. many believe this set the table for the 2008 melt down. so lets get some regulation.
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ooh regulation is a bad word. meanwhile hours after that tough talk about wall street a clinton adviser told reuters she would not support reinstalling glass-steagall. in contrast sanders said he would support. on sunday he said there are clear differences between the two candidates. >> there are differences of opinion that we have which should be the basis for a serious discussion. number one, i have spent my political life taking on the big money interests. i have introduced legislation that would break up the large financial institutions on wall street. i think if a bank is too big to fail it is too big to exist. i voted against the war in iraq. and if you go to youtube and you look at what i said way back when sadly enough much of what i predicted actually happened.
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hillary clinton voted for the war. i believe along with pope francis that climate change is one of the great international crises that we face. i have worked as hard as i can to kill the keystone pipeline. you will have to ask hillary clinton what her view is on that. she has not been very clear. so i think on issue after issue, whether it is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour whether it is the trade agreement. i oppose tpp. she has not been clear on it. there are very significant differences of opinion that we zr. >> so is that why bernie sanders is getting all the crowds? there is no doubt he's on a role. he's drawing massive crowds of thousands all over the country. recent polls show him closing the gap in iowa and new hampshire. some of his colleagues in the senate, well they are not so excited about the recent surge. they fear he is going to hurt hillary clinton's chances.
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i just hope they don't move hillary so far left that people believe she is out of the realm. i've seen bases move people. senator mccaskill said this. i just don't believe someone whose that self described socialist is going to be elected to be president. sanders told politico he's been an underdog since 1981. he said people should not underestimate me. both candidates have a good record with labor. they both have gotten support from labor unions in the past. any democratic candidate trying to gain support from unianceons need to focus on the core issues we've heard before. they should be against trade deals to outsource jobs. protect collective bargaining across the board. raise minimum wage. voting rights a issue. quality public education has to be there. and let's not forget affordable housing.
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both candidates have a good faith record with unions. no doubt. so far the american federation of teachers has endorsed clinton despite the fact that richard trumpkah said hold your powder here. and there's been a lot of local unions that have come out and supported bernie sanders. so what it comes down to is this. we're headed for a labor fight. what is hillary clinton and bernie sanders doing meeting with labor leaders in july of 2015? there seems to be a rush to get support. there seems to be some concern. and there seems to be the beginning of a split. we may have two very good candidates. so how is this all going to come down? get your cell phones out. tonight's question. should the aflcio endorse a candidate early on? >> to to cast
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your vote. for more larry cohen, and laura tyson great to have you both with us tonight. larry i'll start with you first. there is a pitch being made by both campaigns. is there a rush? speaking from both perspectives. >> i think working americans across the country there is a rush for them. they haven't had a raise in real terms in 30 years and working people are saying yeah i like bernie sanders because this is what he's been doing for 50 years for his whole lifetime. so 4,000 union activists have signed up already on our website, labor for bernie. so it's a rush for them based on their own perceptions. >> why is bernie better than hillary? you have made that distinction. why would you select him over hillary when it comes to these issues? >> again i think it is because how he spent the last 50 years. what he's done. he's been with us on picket
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lines. he's been on organizing drives. he spoke out against fast track. we hoped secretary clinton would. 85% of the democrats in the house did. and i think those are the issues that divide them. more importantly they are very divided from divided from the 15 republican candidates running. >> hillary clinton has had a very good record with unianceunions. is there a fight? does this support mean a lot and you have to get it out of way early on? >> well i don't know if there is going to be a fight. but what i will say is in the speech today when hillary emphasized strong growth and fair growth a number of pains in that speech were exactly the points that the labor unions care about. her point about strengthening labor unions she mentioned the research which shows that the weakening of unions has been an
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important part of the reason why wages have been stagnant in the united states. she talked about the importance of overtime. she talked about importance of the minimum wage. she talked about apprenticeships supported by tax credits to help employers bring on new people to work. i so i think they are agenda whether from early childhood education to strengthening unions is an agenda that appeals to workers and is motivated by her overarching goal which is to have strong fair growth that grows middle class incomes and opportunities. >> what about wall street? she talked about criminal behavior. she talked about on her watch that there base -- basically she didn't use prosecutions but how else can you interpret it? she wants to get tough on wall street. yet her advisor says she's not going to support reinstating glass-steagall. how are we supposed to read that? >> i don't think those two things are the same thing.
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so let me talk to the issue of when there is legal wrong doing. that is what she said. she would do everything under her watch to go after criminal prosecutions. if you break the law and you are liable criminally there should be a prosecution. that is what she said. on the issue of wall street reform what she said was to make sure that we continue down the path of dodd-frank. that we don't allow reversals that are being pushed for by the republican candidates that we pay attention to something we haven't been paying enough attention to. which is the shadow banking system. she was also pretty clear on her opposition to carried interest. she was pretty clear on something you didn't mention, which is the treatment of capital gains and trying to adjust the system so we reward long-term capital gains for long-term investment. >> so glass-steagall is not an issue? i mean would she support that in
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the united states senate? and a spokesman said no she wouldn't. and there are many people around the country who think this was the crux of the problem for the 2008 melt down. >> so there are so many things that have happened since 2007/2008 that it is hard to know. i have not seen this proposed legislation. i i don't know what she has said about it. >> fair enough. >> but what i will say, that there are no pure investment banks anymore. most of the large banks have taken out much if not all of their investment banking. the issue what she did talk about was we need to continue to monitor risk. we need to continue to monitor how, whether organizations are too complex to manage their own risk and we need to worry about the shadow banking. >> glass-steagall is it an issue larry? >> i think so. and for people in iowa or new hampshire the real issue is which side are the banks are and
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which side are the candidates on? and people believe they have been screwed by the banks. whether they lost their house or paying 7% for college loans. and people want to see significant change in terms of regulation. >> thanks so much. remember to answer tonight's question at we'll have the results after the break. follow us on facebook. watch my facebook feature "give me a minute." and you can get my video pod casted at we got ed dotcom. coming up. the latest on the iran nuclear talks and what it means for the national circuit court andand the oil internationally. the signs are everywhere. the lincoln summer invitation is on. get exceptional offers on the compact utility mkc, mkz sedan... the iconic navigator. and get a first look at the entirely new 2016 mid-size utility lincoln mkx.
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welcome back to the "ed show." we're watching news out of the vienna at this hour. andrea mitchell is reporting there are indications a deal could be announced in the next few hours. the latest deadline is midnight tonight. negotiations are impacting prices of oil worldwide. crude had dropped by 1.6% around $52 a barrel earlier today as investors reacted to the potential of a new deal and new supply on the market. sanctions have reigned in in iran's oil production and exports. a nuclear deal would allow its oil to reenter the already oversupplied market. but the united states and other western powers appear to have
2:21 pm
hit a snag. they are working on several sticking points. the negotiations include whether or not to lift the arms embargo on iran. if so when? that is the question. also what kind of nuclear research iran can do at the end of the deal? finally they got to resolve questions about iran's past suspected activity. here is what josh ernest said a short time ago. >> there have been key issues in the negotiations that have been closed. that's a good sign. that said there seem to be some sticking points that remain unresolved. >> joining me tonight -- great to have both of you with us tonight. joe, is this deal going to take place? >> almost certainly it is. as my understanding is that most of the issues have been resolved.
2:22 pm
there are a few relatively minor issues left. and most of what they are doing now is just comporting the language making sure the commas are in the right place. remember what happened with the obamacare legislation. these guys are going to make history and while they are doing it they don't want to make any mistakes. >> and listening to the leaders over weekend they are saying this has a long way to go. your thoughts on that? >> it will be a fight in the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress. and because this is now going to drag out through august it is going to get roiled up with republican presidential politics. the first republican primary debates take place in early august. there is going to be a lot of hot rhetoric and fighting over this. but in the end i think the national security benefits of this historic agreement are going to outweight the petty partisan politics. congress will go along. >> what are the issues here? >> i think the opposition comes
2:23 pm
from the fact the burden is going to shift from the united states in favor of the iranians. the united states will be in a position now from all the reports i've been hearing, the u.s. will have to prove that iran violated the sanctions as opposed to iran proveing they are in full compliance. the issue is did the administration promise too much and get too little. every time you turn around the u.s. is offering concessions to the iranians. all of these sanctions should not be lifted until the iranians say we're going to allow full inspection and disclose our past activities as it relates to the proliferation of nuclear material. and you know ed now it seems the access issue is one that the iranians are insisting we don't have unfettered access and indications are such they will not tell us about past activity. >> that is really a big point there. a big point from the standpoint of unfettered inspections. i'm told there are going to be
2:24 pm
tighter inspections and better oversight than we've ever seen before. that iran is not even going to be able to move on this deal once it is done. they are not going to be able to do anything that we wouldn't know about it. that there is no way iran can cheat. you do or do not buy that? >> i'm a little skeptical. it could be they have negotiate these strong provisions but i'm troubled our closest ally in the region israel is very concerned saying this is looking like a bad deal and one that leads to more insecurity in the mideast. i want to see the deal. >> how do we know if this is the right thickng to do because there is political wrangling going back and forth. gamesmanship being played. but is this going to be able to
2:25 pm
keep them from having a nuclear capability that would threaten the world. >> is there a verification method in place, and do you have a sanctions regime still in place that can snap back the sanctions to punish them if they cheat. every indication is this is going to block their pathway to a bomb. they are going to have to rip out bulk of their nuclear facilities. the buildings will stay in place but we're going to move all the furniture out. >> here is bob menendez of new jersey talking about his concerns of the negotiations. >> the problem here george is that we have gone from preventing iran having a nuclear ability to managing it. even president obama said that under this potential deal in 12 13 years they will have a pathway towards a nuclear bomb should they choose to do so. >> and nbc survey monkey poll
2:26 pm
from aprils says 68% of americans don't trust the deal. >> they don't trust for good reason. they are the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. they have made a lot of promises. you their prime minister in recent weeks saying death to americas and death to israel. can we really trust these folks once they put ink to do a document that they are going to follow their word. >> and lindsey graham is con concerned of freeing up money because we have a lot of their assets globally. is this giving money to terrorists. is this filtering money in a different way. >> they have been under sanctions for years now. it hasn't affected their support of hamas or the assad regime in anyway. but they have so many unmet
2:27 pm
economic problems in that country it is unlikely that much of it is going to find its way into the adversaries we fear. >> okay. joe, ron, great to have you with us tonight. coming up on the "ed show," donald trump isn't backing down on his comments about immigration. the rapid response panel weighs on whether his gamble will pay off. and a drug kingpin pulls off a daring escape from a mexican prison. we'll have an update on the search.
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2:31 pm
guzman used. it is the second escape for the drug kingpin. last time he eluded police for 13 years before being captured a year and a half ago. >> this is like capturing osama bin laden, having him spend a year in prison and then walking away from that prison only to reengage in his terrorist activities. >> today dozens of prison officials are being questioned. guzman was last seen saturday night entering a shower area. there, out of camera range he slipped in a 20 by 20 inch hole down a latter into an elaborately made tunnel. the tunnel stretched about a mile under the prison from a half built house in a farm field. >> the cost of building this tunnel probably was between 3 to
2:32 pm
$5 million. but you know that was simple nickel and dime change to el chapo guzman. >> and president hollande said he was. >> very hard to imagine this happening without government officials being involved. the big question is how far up does it goes. >> that will be a major question for investigators. >> mark potter reporting tonight. in other news european leaders reached a deal with greece to keep the struggling nation in the euro zone. the agreement comes after hours of talks between european nations and a meeting in brussels. >> leaders have agreed in principle that they are ready to start negotiations on an esm program. which in in other words means continued support for greece. >> the deal provides nearly $100
2:33 pm
billion to greece but comes with tough reforms. this includes increasing certain taxes, reforming pensions and cutting budgets. greek voters rejected similar austerity measures last week in a big vote parliament must vote by wednesday before the country can begin normformal bailout negotiations with european nations. still to come donald trump's comments and his impact on the rubble cabepublican party. and 15 is now the number for 2015. i'm hampton pearson with your market wrap. stocks rally on relief about greece. the dow climbs 217, the s&p up by 23, the nasdaq gains 73 points. goldman sachs has agreed to buy asset management firm imprint
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welcome back to the "ed show." donald trump was nowhere in sight during the miss usa pageant on sunday. too bad he missed hearing from the newly crowned winners. she claimed the country's. and trump told a crowd over the weekend mexico is still at the
2:38 pm
top of his agenda. >> mexico i respect the country. they are taking our jobs. they are taking our manufacturing. they are taking our money. they are taking everything and killing us at the border. we'll take the country back. >> he jumped on the prison e skiech scape of a mexican drug lord. they will invite el chapo to become an american citizen because our leaders can't say no. polling results today shows jeb bush leading at 15% and trump at 13% in the republican field. the reuters poll shows bush ahead of trump by less than a percentage point. >> i'm tied with jeb bush. i said oh that's too bad. how can i be tied with this guy. he's terrible. he's weak on immigration. i don't see him as a factor. and i know it is the bush name which got us into lots of -- i
2:39 pm
mean, in all fairness not the greatest. >> bush has responded with mild pushback at best. presidential contender lindsey graham says donald trump could ruin the gop. >> i think he's hijacked the debate. i think he's a wreckal alal aling ball for the future of the republican community with the hispanic community and we need to push back. >> joining us tonight -- let's unpack this. first let's talk about his trip out west. john ralson who is showing up and supporting donald trump? what is the attraction? >> he's the loudest voice among the candidates. he says all kinds of nonsense. he's a billionaire populist. take our country back.
2:40 pm
and he's appealing to the worst of the republican base. the company foeb company phobiczinefoebphobic part. the kpen phobic part. zine phobic. >> professor, is there going to be a burn out on donald trump? or is he in for the long haul because he's got the money to do it? for instance the gop i guess the question is are they in the panic mode with trump? >> well i think they are in the panic mode because he's eroding their moral authority to govern. i don't think he'll be in it for too long. the side show can only go on so long. i think he's really only appealing to those die hard tea party members who are really driven by racial threat. the obama presidency made it vogue. made it okay to be openly and
2:41 pm
explicitly racist and he's playing upon that. i think it's interesting he chastised mitt romney because he did not appeal. he only appealed to 20% of latino voters. and trump just a few years ago went after romney for that. i don't think he even believes this rhetoric. i think he's pedaling racism to get support. >> what i hear lindsey graham say i don't here priebus say. >> priebus did call mr. trump and did tell him to tone down his rhetoric. if you want to run you augmentought to talk about what you are for. how you are going to strengthen borders and make sure we have a strong homeland. not say that a certain group of people are rapist or the criminals. there is legitimate debate to be had but i think he's going about
2:42 pm
it the wrong way. and one last point to caroline. i'm sorry. all the tea party folks aren't racist. they don't fuel racism. >> i never say that. chris park ears research conformed they are -- >> that's nonsense. >> the tea party stands for taxed enough already. there are people who say the government is is far too intrusive. far too big and far too overreaching. look at obamacare. >> i didn't say that. >> you probably haven't met one, have you. >> of course i have. but i didn't say that. there is research documents tea party members hold greater racial threat than other members of the republican party. you should know this based on your work for that party. >> i the point i think we can both agree on professor is that it's important that if you move
2:43 pm
forward you need to have a civilized debate. donald trump is not part of that. >> does donald trump know the issues or is he just taking a big bite out of immigration. he claims he of course is igniting the silent majority. what is all that? >> well he doesn't understand the nuances of the debate. he's not going to have a civilized debate. he doesn't want a civilized debate. and he's not running for president. he's running for the loud mouth of the year. and that gets attention from people in my business. that is what happened. the only thing more comical than the republicans being silent or reince priebus making a phone call and not speaking about him are suddenly the democrats painting every republican candidate with a broad donald trump brush. i still think that is going to fizzle out. and i don't think he'll be in the race by the end of the year. >> john ralston, caroline
2:44 pm
heldman, ron christie. thanks for the conversation. coming up. scott walker is making it official. what the wisconsin governor brings to the race. stay tuned. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store.
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i can't wait to see that. a really long ball will score hitters with some bonus time. for instance an extra minute for two homers measuring over 40 420 feet. a new bracket puts batters in head-to-head match ups. todd frazier. 25 home runs so far this season will face two time winner prince fielder. and pujols leads for the angels this season. he has 546 over his 15 year career. and he'll face off against the cub's rookie who i think everybody is rooting for kris bryant. i think it will be interesting. but there is going to be controversy on this. stick around.
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we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. and finally tonight, here on "the ed show," we have breaking news. you're looking live at a live shot from governor scott walker's presidential announcement in wisconsin where they played a video of yours truly, ed. walker is expected to take the stage in few minutes from now. earlier today, walker put out this video previewing his campaign. >> scott walker showed the path to victory is to run on our principles conservatives, bold
2:54 pm
decisive. he balanced budgets, cut taxes, beat the special interest improved education created jobs and showed how to fight and win. >> america needs new fresh leadership with big, bold ideas from outside of washington to actually get things done. >> today's announcement makes scott walker the governor of wisconsin the 15th republican candidate to enter the race. for more let me bring in john nickels, washington correspondent and editor and chief of the "progressive" magazine. in 30 seconds, we were just told that he's balanced the budget he's created jobs and made education better. both of you are wisconsin residents. john nickels, has he balanced the budget? i thought there was a big fight in wisconsin about that. >> well, it's an incredible controversial issue and interesting that taxpayer
2:55 pm
advocates actually refer to this budget that the governor just signed yesterday as more of the same, not a fiscally responsible for efficient budget but this governor has developed a narrative that he is trying to take national which it solved everybody problem and made everything rosey and wonderful when even many of his fellow republicans actually voted against the budget. 12 republicans oppose the budget, many because of concerns about fiscal responsibility. ruth, the jobs, what are the numbers? is the truth out side the ad or is the ad correct? >> well, walker came into power promising to create 250,000 new jobs in wisconsin and you can't find that anywhere. the progressive magazine we've been searching for the page that you get directed to to see how he's doing on the jobs promise and get a picture of the family dressed as pirates and it says
2:56 pm
arrrg. page is missing. he's created less than half of that number. it's really the bottom line and he's outsourced a lot of jobs and given money away through a job creation agency to help create the jobs to corporations without sourced jobs. wisconsin is running a massive deficit in terms of jobs and we're dragging behind the rest of the country and at the bottom for reason for job creation. it's not a good picture in wisconsin, which is why large majorities of wisconsin i'd say they won't vote for walker for president. >> john has he gone too far to the right? there is observation out there that maybe he's distanced himself out of the possibility of a nomination. >> well as he declined in the polls after running up very fast in january and february i think scott walker got very very concerned about losing touch with the base in the republican party. he knows he can't get to november of 2016 without getting through those primaries, so he
2:57 pm
has moved hard to the right and i think it is a strategy in wisconsin he's had some success scrambling back to the middle after going right but one thing that's very important to note here is this speech today, if he delivers as expected is going to be a very very right-wing speech that highlights his attacks on unions his conservative stances on gun control, voter id and a host of other issues. >> ruth what has happened in education in wisconsin? he claims that he's made the system better. he claims that he is his reforms have been successful and improved education. that's the term he's used. >> i mean this to me is really the most devastating thing that scott walker has done. he took a top tier k 12 public education system and just
2:58 pm
meat cleaver to it. we heard about the cuts and university of wisconsin and a lot of republicans are upset about that but the k 12 cuts are just brutal. they are historic. they cut off opportunities for poor kids. he's signmultaneously cut the budget by a billion dollars. every state will suffer a cut on top of that and voucherized the system in a move that's wildly unpopular with republicans and democrats, siphoning money to private school parents in the form of school vouchers. >> john nickels fought labor in wisconsin and he got a lot of victories. how does that play on the national scene? >> well i don't think it plays that well with a great massive americans but it does play at least to some extent in the republican primary, and it's very important to know that governor walker anticipated
2:59 pm
speech tonight will use his attack on unions as a pivot point for that speech. he will he's expected to say we took on the unions and we won. the other thing that's important is he just signed a budget with attacking the prevailing wage and removed living wage language and take away protection to make sure that people get one day a week off. he's running against unions wages and against the weekend. >> finally, john how does this crowd compare in numbers and enthusiasm to a bernie sanders because bernie was in of course, madison, wisconsin and grew drew some 10,000 folks. >> this is a very enthusiastic crowd. there is no question to that. i think it's a bit smaller but look these people here in this county that voted overwhelmingly
3:00 pm
for scott walker using his favorite turf here are pretty excited about it. >> all right. john nickels, ruth great to have you with us tonight as scott walker is officially in the show. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. >> tonight on "politics nation" scott walker is in but can he out plank the donald? trump's wild weekend is big trouble for the gop as walker tries to grab the spotlight and hillary clinton comes out swinging calling out republicans by name. we'll tell you which ones got hit and which ones didn't. also, president obama making a key move on criminal justice righting wrongs and changing lives.


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