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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 14, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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fuel and equipment for 15 years. both are in return for hundreds of millions of dollars in sanctions relief. sanctions will not t be lifted until the iran proves to the iaea it met obligations under the terms of the deal. iranian president rouhani has taken the first step tweeting a photo signing the agreement. the agreement runs 80 pages and struck after pain staking review that stretch into early hours of the morning. the foreign minister says the agreement benefits all sides. >> i believe this is historic moment. we are reaching agreement that is not perfect for anybody, but it is what we could accomplish. it is important achievement for all of us. today would have been the end of hope on this issue, but now we
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are starting a new chapter of hope. let's build on that and consider this everybody's achievement. >> a new chapter of hope is how the iranian are foreign minister is calling it. let's bring in chris at the white house. you heard the foreign minister describing it as a new chapter of hope win/win for everyone. what is the tone we can expect out of the white house today? >> the president is going to say this is a key step forward in making the world a safer place. later this morning you hear him thank all negotiators that worked tirelessly. we see how exhausted they've become. in terms of himself, this is a diplomatic achievement of his presidency and core to what his belief has been. diplomacy and dialogue is best way to resolve issues with other countries. we've seen this in the past with how the president approached
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cuba cuba cuba cuba myanmar. it was extended several times. he said he was willing to walk away with a deal. he always believed one was possible. if they didn't john kerry said we're not negotiating for the sake of negotiating. as senior advisors here are quick to point out, it's not immediately transformative. one put it to me, we're years from judging its success, moving iran from destabilizing activity in the middle east. the president will have to start working the phones. they've got a plan in place for dealing with congress that has 60 days from the time they get a copy of it to review this dock
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document document. one of the holdups because we thought we may have late last night -- most were here at white house in the evening hours. they have to put it in writing many english and persian. they want to make sure there are none of the problems they had when they had the draft deal. they don't want any question about the interpretation of the wording on what is obviously some very technical language here. i think we can expect to hear from a pleased president obama about what has been a long awaited and long sought deal on his part and the part of his administration. >> yeah, chris, i wanted to talk to you about that point you brought up which is the road ahead for the president. only from the iranian side probably bit of easier sell when they have to go back home this. deal has to come back here 60 days for congress to take it up. give us a sense of how tough that fight might be for the
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president and his administration. >> the devil is in the details. we know there's members of congress based on early facts or early rumors have said this is not good enough. the white house obviously is aware not just members of congress are skeptical about this but there are a lot of countries skeptical in the middle east and obviously the biggest stumbling block has been in many ways israel and benjamin netanyahu. let's not forget he came and stood on the halls of congress and made his case to members of congress about why it would be a bad idea to make a deal with iran. how this makes israel the region and world a more dangerous place not a safer place. that's what the president is going to have to do. having said that i can say over the last 24 hours senior administration officials i talked to have a great deal of
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confidence. given the fact this is not a deal reached by the united states but reached by key players in the international community. given the fact it does allow for what they say most intrusive inspections and verifications that have been seen of iran's nuclear program that it will go through. we know there's a huge sticking point of revolving around the u.n. embargo on weapons and ballistic missiles. that goes before congress. we're going to have hearings. there will potentially be votes on this. the white house feels confident in the end this is a deal to withstand the challenges on capitol hill. >> thanks i didn't say. let's go to teheran iran. we're expecting the president row manuhani rouhani. this is obviously going to be for the iranians a different
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reaction. we saw the country's response when the delegation came back after talks. this is considered by iran a victory for them. why do he consider this to be a victory? what are the benchmarks they're using to say they have come out of these talks successfully? >> to address your first point. the foreign minister zarif comes back a national hero. there's significance when he comes this time with the actual deal in hand. for iranians it's important. they say they've come out victorious. they're saying we haven't had to dismantle anything. they can still enrich uranium. for their part, they have a nuclear program. [ inaudible ] they're getting rid of sanctions
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which built a huge victory with iran. sanctions have had a bad psychological effect on people in iran. they didn't see light at the end of the tunnel with sanctions. they were frozen out of world banking community. iran was treated as a state that got under the skin of regular iranians. this is a massive victory. they feel they can join the international community. for the last five six years here you couldn't make a money transfer from a bank in iran. a simple money transfer from iran to europe or anywhere else was impossible. this is economic victory, political victory, social victory. i think it does spell a new chapter in iranian american relations. i wouldn't be surprised at assembly this september, rouhani
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and obama may meet each other. these countries haven't had relations for four decades. it wouldn't be implausible the two meet first time iranian and american preponderate in years. then again, the relationship [ inaudible ] unpredictable. things could go either way. if congress managed to scuffer this deal. hard liners in iran would say we told you so we couldn't do anything with america. america can't be be trusted. or if iran went back on negotiations in the long deal, reasons and america would say we told you all along the negotiations were a long time. there's still a delicate path over the course of at least ten years while this program is implemented. the reality of the situation is because they've made this very tight deal looks like between
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america, iran and p 5 plus 1, there's going to be a snap back option on sanctions, america and iran have to keep talking next ten years. like it or not, they have to have a relationship. i think if that's the case things could only get better unless something dramatic happens here. i think the government in iran over the years have realized for iran to get over problems its faced over the decades, it needs a relationship with the united states. >> reporting live from teheran, we'll wait for hose comments from the iranian president and more reaction. thank you. let's see how this is impacting global markets. what's the latest in terms of how the market is rallying? >> very interesting. the market found former
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stability a month or so ago. $367 a barrel. it's coming down. now trading significantly below. that in today's session down 2% on global benchmark and wti, u.s. benchmark. wti currently $51 a barrel. i've been speaking to oil experts today. they wouldn't be surprised if this adds to the sentiment sending oil prices lower. we're already well oversupplied by the tune of 2.5 million barrels a day. u.s. has great demands via shale. russia has tremendous amounts. saudi has record levels as well. the world doesn't need the ex ra iranian oil. it will take a long while and investment. they have a floating storage between 25 million and 40 million barrels.
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>> obviously the iran deal is booing the confidence that the markets have. that in itself was coming on the heels of greece bailout deal announced earlier this week. that's certainly had a positive impact to say the least. no? >> sure. this is extraordinary. you wait for an international deal to be signed. you get two at once in 48 hours. very interesting. the greek deal is tenuous. this is a bailout process. there's a load of hoops the greek government need to go through. don't forget they voted over a week ago to turn down creditor terms. germany, imf, ebc got the terms harder than greeks said no to. he's got to sell it to his party and country in the next 48 hours. otherwise, the chain of events won't happen including the approvals are from parliament.
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that needs to go through in order for greeks to start getting money. they've got tight payments including big one to imf on the 20th. they need to. >> two huge impact deals. thanks steve. we continue to monitor the breaking news on the deal struck on the nuclear prap. plus the latest on the man hunt for one of the world's most notorious drug lords. there's word the u.s. may have known about it.
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positive reaction throughout the whole negotiations. it's been clear two important u.s. allies israel and saudi arabia not in favor of this saying iran cannot be trusted with a nuclear program of any kind. this morning, we're getting comments from prime minister netanyahu. he says far reaching concessions have been made in all areas that were supposed to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capable blts. iran will receive hundreds of billions of dollars to fuel the terror machine. that's a quote from netanyahu this morning. strong reaction as expected. he says he wants to wait more details before commenting further. we are waiting for more details. it's more than 80 pages long. it's a lot to react to o. we'll
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see there's lots of colleagues in congress. we'll see opposition to this. we'll see how much israel pressures congress. think of republican candidates throughout now, 15 of them out there speaking bound to try to put pressure on politicians to make this a huge issue in the u.s. >> joe friar, keeping eye on global reaction from london thanks for that update. switching to politics. he's been at the front of the pack, but scott walker was not an official candidate. that changed yesterday in wisconsin speaking out a podium or teleprompter. he disstingstinctionished -- distinguished his roots. >> how many other governors can say that? we defunded planned parent hood and passed pro life legislation. we enacted concealed carry to
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protect ourselves, family property. we now require a photo id to photo id to vote in this state. my record shows i know how to fight and win. now more than ever america need ace president s a president to fight and win for president. as a kid, my first job was washing dishes aat the time country side restaurant. i moved up to big time. i started flipping hamburgers in high school at mcdonalds to save up for college. my brother and i learned if you play by the rules and work hard you can be and do anything. after a great deal of thought and a whole lot of prayer we are so honored to have you join with us today as we officially
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announce that we are running to serve as your president of the united states of america. >> and walker begins his campaign in the early voting state of nevada today with event at a harley davidson store in las vegas. there are reports the u.s. knew of plots to free the sinaloa king pen from prison months ago. mexico security secretary says they were never informed. his official mug shot is released. as time ticks by odds are worse and worse he can be found. nick has more. >> once again, the exploits of guzman are frustrating the mexican police and military. his nickname el chapo means shorty. his legend is larger happen
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life. authorities were gathered at this non descript rural house beginning at mile long tunnel authorities say he used to exit the prison. >> from this vantage point it's easy to see how long that tunnel was. they dug out past that field, way out there on the right and kept going. that's how far they had to go underground to reach the cell. >> by leading the elaborate double, some suggests he didn't escape from prison he checked out. many suspect corruption was behind it. >> this is someone to hire the best talent in the world. he himself probably can't read and write. >> he once appeared on the billionaires list. he's thought to be violent as head of the sinaloa drug cartel.
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>> he fought against the cartels, the bloodiest battles mexico has seen. >> to some especially poor, he's seen as a benefactor, celebrated in folk songs. >> he's one of the all time figures to shower people with gifts, santa claus, role. >> he is reported to have been seen after his escape. photos were suppose edly reported by his son. >> that was mark potter reporting there. it was a tough night in terms of weather inarea. >> still problems mow. yesterday, amazing pictures out of reno county.
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obviously tornado and funnel cloud to the north. this was captured many angles. thankfully it was over the corn fields and didn't do much damage at all. yesterday, 500 reports of wind damage. this is flash flood areas. way too much rain in kansas missouri, indiana and now kentucky. today, more bad weather over kentucky. enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms. yesterday we had a moderate risk. this is a huge area memphis, raleigh, washington d.c. baltimore. everywhere in between a chance of severe weather and flash flooding. wind damage is the greatest threat. we have impressive heat. today, we're going to be 110 in a few spots including little rock, memphis and column be bybiacolumbia
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. now let's bring many mika for a preview of what's coming up. >> breaking news. a deal has been reached in the iran nuclear negotiations. we've heard from iran's president this morning and waiting to hear from top u.s. officials. nbc's andrea mitchell joins us live from vienna for more on the deal. richard engle is in tel aviv
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where israel's leaders have vowed to keep the deal from going through. we'll get republican candidate lindsey graham joining us and joe manchnin from west virginia. we'll have that and more on a jam packed edition of "morning joe." we'll be right back. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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live coverage on "morning joe." breaking news. a deal has been reached over iran's nuclear program. iran pledged to make changes to nuclear program in exchange for easing of economic sanctions in the historic pack agreed with the united states and other world powers. here are the details. according to western diplomatic sources, iran and six world powers agreed to a deal to limit iran's nuclear production for ten years. it will curve their access to nuclear fuel and equipment for 15 years. both in return for hundreds of millions of dollars in sanctions relief. sanctions will not be lifted until iran proves to the international atomic energy agency it has met obligations under the terms of the deal.
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iranian president rouhani has taken the first step tweeting a photo of his vice president signing a road map plan with head of of the ieai. iran will provide answers to the agency's questions. the agreement runs 80 pages and was struck after painstaking review that stretched into the early hours of this morning. the agreement benefits all sides is what was said. >> i believe this is a historic moment. we are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody. but it is what we could accomplish and it is an important achievement for all of us. today could have been the end of hope on this issue. but now we are starting a new chapter of hope and let's build on that. let's consider this


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