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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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international community will be able to verify that the islamic republic of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. >> as president obama was speaking at the white house, iran's president was on state tv. they're saying iran has begun a new chapter in relations with the world. one of the key provisions of this deal t limits iran's nuclear program for at least 10 years and nuclear research for 15 years. it provides for inspections of their nuclear facilities, including nuclear sites. it limitsfts u.n. arms embargo in coming years and lifts economic sanctions on iran. in the past hour speaker boehner called the deal, quote,
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sun unacceptable. >> it's going to make billions of dollars in sanctions relief while paving the way for a nuclear iran. this isn't about democrats and republicans, it isn't a bipartisan issue at all. it's about right and wrong. we're going to do everything we can to get to the details, and if, in fact, it's as bad a deal as i think it is at this moment we'll do everything we can to stop it. >> and former secretary of state now democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton who helped inbring about the deal with iran, praised the deal. >> this is a first step in stopping iran's nuclear program. but we have to treat this as an ongoing forceful effort which i personally strongly support. >> we begin our coverage now with nbc tehran bureau chief and chris jansing at the white house. we began with ali arousi.
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tell us about this deal especially with president rouhani talking about this being a great deal and celebrations already beginning there tonight. >> reporter: it means an awful lot to the iranian people. they voted for rouhani to bring iran out of the cold and preserve sanctions and it looks like he did exactly what they wanted. a big celebration there, even last week the ministry said the celebrations are strictly forbidden. they're organizing gatherings so people here are ecstatic. and the reason they're ecstatic is because the last few years, even decades, have been especially difficult for them. sanctions have been put on them. they wanted to be able to
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travel. they wanted people to come to iran as tourists and that has not been on the picture for a long time and now they think that's going to happen. it's going to be a huge key change for people in iran. when people go on president obama wanted iran to feel more than iranians feel. if this deal didn't happen it really wouldn't affect the everyday lives of americans. if this deal didn't happen it would have a profound effect on the lives of many iranians and they're hoping to see the course of their lives change. we also heard from foreigners. american business people have been visit iging iran over the fos months to see if they can come back to iran. europeans have been in the country, now americans can take advantage of investing in iran and starting a new chapter with this country.
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it's true that the president and hillary clinton, it's got the feel that it's just a deal but i think it's more than that. this is a new future with erik new prospects and a new era. >> we're watching how the u.s. congress receives this deal. i want to go now to nbc news correspondent chris jansing. certainly heard from the critics as house speaker john boehner and senators and house candidates lindsey graham marco rubio as well. how could the president sell this deal to congress and the american people especially when you have lindsey graham on the board, calling this a death sentence of time for israel. >> i don't think the white house is worried about this but there is a -- he's going to be doing
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more getting out there, making his case to the american people. but as far as congress goes he of both parties. hillary clinton said he had called her. but this is going to be a matter of sort of two parts. one is will he try to win over some skeptical republicans? in fact, many people here would consider them to be a hostile republican congress. or will he just try and -- i say just, but it still is a significant job in itself to shore up the number of democrats to have a beefed-up authority, so that's one strategy they're getting under way here and one major thing they have on their side are the facts. they'll get a lot of their folks out there, national security team, secretary moniz, they will be briefed and testify before
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congress and make their case that this makes the united states more safe francis. >> this one a hard sell and when the president offered to veto any resolution as far as disapproval of this the white house certainly doesn't want the spectacle of congress rejecting the deal especially when it's known this is going to be the footprint of president obama and foreign policy. the play book weave known for decades has pretty much about tossed out. >> would they like to vote him to reject this deal? absolutely. would they love to win over skeptical republicans and skeptical democrats. they will. having said that they're not going into this with their eyes shut. they knew they were going to face stiff opposition. they have been saying for a while now, and it's wen reiterated to me over the past 12 hours or so by folks inside the white house that this is not something that ties everything up into a neat bow.
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you make a point that it looked like maybe the negotiation would be the hardest part. well they have to get through this part of it but there's in five ten or 15 years the president would love to have this as his legacy. his message has been since he first took office that he believes diplomacy and discussion is the way to deal with our adversaries. so it will be. so that has yet to be seen, francis. >> thank you, kristin, for the update from the white house. the strongest reaction is coming from prime minister benjamin netanyahu. as you can imagine, he blasted the deal. >> the militant islamic state of iran is going to receive a short path to nuclear weapons. many of the restrictions that were supposed to prevent it from getting there will be lifted.
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in addition, iran will get a jackpot of cash hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression in terror in the region and in the world. this is a bad mistake of historic proportions. >> nbc chief correspondent richard engle joins us live from tel aviv. when you have benjamin netanyahu saying this is just money that will fuel a terror machine, what is the reaction? >> i can't say there is one universal reaction from the middle east. there is two reactions. there is a pro-rouhani camp that has come out strongly in favor of this deal. the regime congratulated this deal. russia has spoken out in support of this deal that it enriches
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iran. it is partly because of comments like that that the israelis have come out so strojly. ly the u.s. administration is being hood-winked, that they are falling for a fantasy. that they believe by doing a deal with people in tehran who seem moderate that in ten years' time the iranian government will be a different kind of regime than it is right now. just a short while ago, prime minister netanyahu gave another statement. he's issued several statements today to say in his opinion, that is a fantasy. that in ten years' time iran gnt -- but that it will be incentivized to be mora gress sieve, to be em boldened and
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will have a weapons program that it doesn't have right now. the u.s. coming out of this very strongly and used the comments to make its case. >> richard engel, thank you so much. good to hear from you. i want to bring in now democratic congressman adam smith of washington state. the top democrat on the house armed services committee. when you hear about this and knowing that work ahead for congress, initially, what's your reaction to this deal knowing 18 days 80 pages. will the work now be in your hands? >> first of all, the goal was not to change the iranian regime. the goal was to stop them from building a nuclear weapon.
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that was the existential threat. on those grounds, this deal requires iran to get rid of, and they get rid of a whole bunch so develop nuclear weapons, which was kind of the objective. we have a long way to go with iraq. never really acknowledged there are many different issues. i think. . it seems to hit those benchmarks that will stop them from developing a nuclear weapon. >> congress has 60 days to decide for themselves, to review it page by page word for word.
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we heard a criticism from john boehner who called the deal unacceptable. but your democrat, robert mendez menendez menendez, was also critical this morning. here's his words. >> this is the moment in which the details make an enormous amount of consequence in terms of how they're written. let's realize what the deal is and what it is not, even in its framework. the deal recognizes iran as a formal state. it does not end its nuclear program, it preserves it. >> knowing after 10 years, after 15 years, we could be right here in square. he was described as luke bathroom when it comes frmz. it gets rid of you know almost
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all of their weapons. it does give them the position of doing an energy-based nuclear program, but it takes away all things things. i do have a question about what this will do next. but i think this is a better iran nuclear program than the critics are saying. >> we appreciate your time being with us this morning. >> thank you. secretary of state john kerry spoke a short time ago with nbc's andrea mitchell reacting to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> he said the same thing about the interim agreement, and he
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was wrong. the many. he's making comments that are way over the top. he doesn't even know what the. there is a pros here. this is underattacked by people who really don't know the terms of the agreement and they don't offer an alternative. their alternative is what perpetual state. peek speaking with senator john kerry, fet net's words calling it an estate of historic proportions. many president from the national american council. and later, our first read. what the team says they must have to impact the president's legacy in a positive way. we're also following other stories
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police captain's son suspected of getting involved in an alleged terror plot was
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arrested last night. he was getting ready to carry out an attack at a college in massachusetts and was even going to use the same kind of bomb used in the boston marathon bombing. the latest disturbing for the people of boston especially learning the suspect's father was one of the first to respond to the bombing at the marathon. >> reporter: sometime this afternoon, there is an attempted hearing. as you mentioned, his father played a key role in all of this. he is a captain with the boston police department and a shors inside that department tells the news it was the father in fact that tipped off the fbi. 23-year-old alexander chicola, is charged of receiving a cache of weapons in preparations for a deadly isis terror attack on unsuspecting college students. police have learned his father
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chief chicola, turned his son in last fall after learning of his plans. >> they've been pretty vigilant but i don't believe that the threat has subsided. i believe it to remain steady and i believe they should remain vigilant as isis me tastastizes around the world. >> they made a statement saying they were saddenned to learn of his intentions but glad there was no loss of life. officials say, still, the government considers him a dangerous man. according to court documents, ciccolo was seen buying a pressure cooker like the one bought by the marathon bombers which he intended to fill with bomb material and rocks. he wanted to educate students live on the internet. investigators found partially
8:21 am
built molitov cocktails in ciccolo's apartment. >> bombs being made it's right across the street from my house. >> reporter: police say ciccolo suffers from mental illness. he stabbed a nurse in the head after his fourth of july arrest. this is the second isis-inspired attack alleged that was unfoiled here in massachusetts. just a few weeks ago, you might remember police shot and killed a man there after he brandished a knife to officers. they say he was planning to carry out an attack to behead police officers. >> thank you for the update. appreciate it. coming up, police released a new image of "el chapo" while the massive manhunt enters day 3. he claims to be a drug lord to
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well you've come to the right place. mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm part of a complete breakfast we are following several new developments of the escape of the notorious drug kingpin, "el chapo" guzman. they are offering $3.8 million for information on his capture. they are saying guzman must have had help from the inside. the associated press is reporting guzman started planning his prison break right after his capture last year with family members and associates. nbc's mark potter has the latest from outside the prison in mexico city. >> reporter: good morning, francis. the exterior minister is saying
8:26 am
now what many people said right away, and that's that "el chapo" guzman had to have help inside this prison when he tunldnelled out. the prison director here and the national prison director have been fired as mexican officials vow to capture guzman. as the manhunt for "el chapo" guzman intensified this morning authorities were inside the escape tunnel gathering information and looking for clues. they had this more updated picture of guzman with less hair and upped the reward for his capture to $3.8 million. two photos reportedly showing guzman after his prison break are circulating on social media today. on one he seems to be in a small plane. the other, apparently holding a beer. the photos showed up on a website which claimed the pictures came from guzman's son. but one official told the news he doubted guzman's son would release any clues about his
8:27 am
father's whereabouts. he claims to be the drug lord from and taunting authorities. he said, there is no cage to hold this great shorty. now i am back all my people with me. from the same guzman twitter page keep blanking around, and i'll make sure you swallow your blank words. trump says he's contacted the fbi about the threatening tweet but the sentiment it expresses is consistent with guzman's legendary bravado. >> this is a man we should not revere, and at the same time he really has built his brand on seeming both benevolent and daring and someone who really sticks it to the system. >> reporter: meantime investigators are now questioning more than 30 prison employees as they try to figure out exactly how guzman made that dramatic escape from this a
8:28 am
maximum security prison. francis, back to you. >> mark potter there for us outside mexico city. hillary clinton is on capitol hill. she's getting briefed on the iran deal. plus the most comprehensive response yet to the state department e-mail controversy. we'll have a live report up next. plus closing arguments are expected today in the colorado movie theater shooting. just one of the stories we're updating around the snuz nation. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ya know, viagra helps guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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8:32 am
deal, make them accountable and set up a system going forward in the future. >> we'll hear from john kerry in the next hour. meantime prime minister benjamin netanyahu is denouncing the agreement. >> what a stunning historic mistake. israel is not bound by this deal with iran and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iran continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. >> and till reserving judgment the number three democrat in the senate, chuck schumer of new york, one of israel's strongest supporters in congress. he issued a statement saying in part supporting or opposing this agreement is not a decision to be taken lightly. i plan to carefully study the agreement before making an informed decision. joining me now is the founder and president of the national iranian council which is in favor of this deal so when you
8:33 am
hear about this deal and you hear the president and his words earlier today saying that no deal meant a greater chance of more in the middle east do you bottom line it to that that it was this deal or the unrest and potential war down the road? >> absolutely. because, you see, what would happen is this. if for instance congress now rejects this deal and i world saw the p5 plus one accepts the deal but iran rejects it then there would be a collapse of the united states. the result of that would be the sanctions regime would wither away because they would no longer impose a cost to themselves when that fault is no longer with iran but with congress. then you have a combination of the fact that the iranian program will be under no constraints any longer because there is no deal and the sanctions would wither away. the next president of the united
8:34 am
states would be under tremendous pressure during his or her first year to take military action. >> let's talk about this when it comes to knowing the fear and the understandable concern and worry from persian gulf countries out of arabia israel here that this deal would destabilize the region and only enforce iran as a threat. especially when you hear from republican senator lindsey graham. he's calling this a dangerous step. take a listen to what he said on the morning show. >> all i can tell you is not dismantling their program, we've ensured a nuclear nation. we've ensured a military arms nation. >> he called it a death sentence over time for israel and that we heard from prime minister netanyahu who echoed the same cents
8:35 am
sentiments sentiments. how does iran assure us this is not going to happen especially since there is a history of distrust and cheating, and what will present iran from cheating. okay there is a smap-back clause here but that may not be enough. >> let's look what senator graham says there, ensuring that iran is a leading nation. what it does is ensure that program cannot become a weapons program. it was during the years of the bashad administration when they refused to cooperate with the result that the u.s. wouldn't go to the negotiating table, because back then the argument was we don't give it to evil or diplomacy. if anyone is responsible for seeing this program becoming much bigger than what otherwise could have been is the policy of pursuing no diplomacy existed
8:36 am
during the bush years. when it comes to the israeli concern, i think it's important to keep in mind that the entire international community, with the exception of about two on three states israel saudi arabia perhaps more of the dcc states, have expressed concern about this. the rest of the world actually views this as something very very positive and are welcoming it seen by the entire 5p5 plus 1 embracing it. >> the country feeling terror as well repressing of the iranian people and that's what the sanctions might do. your response to that? >> this is not money coming from the u.s. some set up this as a signing bonus, makes it sound like the u.s. is giving iran money. this is not the case. this is iranian money that's been held frozen in bank
8:37 am
accounts as a result of the sanctions. the administration makes an argument that i think is largely sound, which is if the iranians have so many economic problems at home and rouhani was elected on the platform of fixing those economic problems so they believe the vast majority of that money actually is going to go towards those programs. for instance, just for it rainthe iranians to get back the oil production of 2012 before the sanctions hit them hard they would need to invest $17 billion in their oil fields and we're talking about roughly 100 billion that will come. they have other things they need to do as well. but the most important thing is this. the deal just forged a relationship between the u.s. and iraq which would take away the incentive of them to perform their ways that people would find difficult.
8:38 am
this is nothing to be compared during the previous years. we are expecting to see even more of that change. >> we appreciate your perspective. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. we'll have reaction from former secretary of state hillary clinton with top diplomats. in fact she addressed us about an hour ago from capitol hill. >> this does address iran's program, but we still have concern about the bad behavior and actions by iran. all in all, i think we have to look at this seriously, evaluate it carefully but i believe based on what i know now, this is an important step. >> clinton is on the hill today for a series of previously scheduled closed door meetings with congressional democrats. clinton's campaign released its most comprehensive response yet
8:39 am
to the kroerscontroversy of her private e-mail account posting a 36-page sheet on her website. alex is here covering all of this. alex nice to see you. she called the agreement, as you just heard there, a positive step but also voiced concerns as she used this term a few times: bad behavior repeatedly. you said this is a tricky issue for the former secretary of state, especially when you factor in that she helped lay the groundwork for this deal but also leaving herself some wiggle room in the words she used today. >> reporter: absolutely, francis. a very careful statement from hillary clinton here today. she has long been seen as one of the more hawkish, one of the more pro-israel voices in the party, so she has some division on this. in 2008 when she was running against barack obama foreign policy was at the forefront. she said obama would be naive and reckless to meet with the
8:40 am
eye iranians on this issue. it was her campaign that initiated the rouhani negotiations in secret. she said she's going to take more time. she'll be briefed on this she'll meet with the secretary of state before she puts out a formal statement. she did not say the words, i support this deal she said it was an important step but with reservations. >> switching gears in that fact sheet she put out in the clinton camp about state department e-mail. it's interesting when you said the document covers very little ground, but in the same light, it is detailed it is extensive. >> what they're trying to do with this document is put all these questions to rest, have a one-stop shop for anyone especially their allies who have remaining questions about this e-mail controversy which has, of course dogged her for months now. first learned about it in early march, still major headaches. this is a one-stop shop for anyone to go and get their questions answered. whether it will put the questions behind her, i highly
8:41 am
doubt it, but at least for the campaign, it's a start. >> she's there on the hill meeting with congressional democrats hoping to gain more support, especially the support she didn't have last time around. alex sites, thank you very much. appreciate it. what they say must happen with iran. later, do you think congress will approve the deal? it's our "news nation" gut check. pplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. stoorp . we're back with more on our first read on politics. the deal with iran could be the first move when it comes to foreign policy. first he has to move with congress and possibly his own members of the party. mark murray always good to see you. >> good morning, francis. >> let's start with the iran
8:45 am
deal a new national move that was spoken of about this. at monmouth university 49% said it was a good idea. 55% said they don't trust iran at all when it comes to this. how much of a concern is this in selling it to the american public or is that something that will lead the 2016 candidates? >> that sentiment mirrors what the public is pretty much thinking and also what the congress is thinking right now that diplomacy is a preferable approach but can we end up trusting iran. francis, it's important to note how the congress of reviews is going to go down and our capitol hill producer says congress has 60 days to review this. this is not a normal treaty where you need two-thirds of the senate to approve of this or not.
8:46 am
what would end up happening after the 60-day approval congress would either have a motion to approve or disapprove of what was constructed and of the deal and if congress disapproves, and they probably have a motion of disapproval, president obama can veto that and then it would take a two-thirds vote in the house and the senate to override that. bottom line francis, it's very unlikely you're going to end up seeing an override of president obama's veto. that would require a majority of democrats and members of the house and the senate. >> you've got the president who is already calling up members of congress trying to drum up support, then they stop and take a break. who is that going to benefit anybody? the president, or does it give more time to the people to make their case against this deal? >> my whole observing capitol hill and washington politics over the past two decades, francis, i would say the more time opponents have to scuttle a deal, it always ends up
8:47 am
benefitting them. if you want to pass something, you want to do it very very quickly, so the august recess would give critics an ability to be able to tank the deal. it gives them certainly more time. but i would just argue that with president obama supporting the deal, you have hillary clinton who has come out about it 95% of the way. not completely, but 95% of the way. that's going to make it very hard for fellow democrats to go the other direction. you'll see some democrats oppose it but right now as it looks on the politics it's going to be hard to see with a majority of the house and the senate but president obama and hillary clinton backing this. >> i'm very anxious to see how this affects foreign policy in the years after. mark, thank you very much. >> thanks. president obama has a new policy reform for our criminal justice system. >> there is a lot more we can do to restore fairness at the heart of our justice system. >> what he'll do later this week for the first time in
8:48 am
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the threat of more severe weather tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" this morning. at least 67 million people are in the path of dangerous thunderstorms today. stretching from the ohio valley to the east coast. it is part of a multi-state outbreak of severe weather. cars were swept away by fast moving waters. in kentucky one person was killed and several others missing in johnson county. this tornado kansas city that was caught on tape by a drone. no serious injuries were reported from that state fshlgs. and new york city will pay the family of eric garner $5.9 million as part of a wrongful death suit. the agreement was reached yesterday. garner died a year ago after an officer used a chokehold to subdue him which was caught on tape. a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. this afternoon president obama willer a rooifd in
8:52 am
philadelphia to address the naacp's national convention. and during his speech he's set to announce a major push to reform the nation's criminal justice system. it comes a day after the president commuted the sentences of 46 federal prisoners given long sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. >> i believe that at its heart america is a nation of second chances. i believe these folks deserve their second chance. i also believe there's a lot more we can do to restore the sense of fairness at the heart of our justice system. >> it is all part of week long effort by his administration to spotlights criminal justice reform. on thursday he will become the first sitting president to visit a federal prison when he tours the el reno facility in oklahoma. joining me is political analyst and radio host ela farry hutchison. earl, thank you for your time here. >> thank you. >> i want to start with a major aspect of the president's push focusing on the mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent
8:53 am
crimes which disproportionate addresss men and women of color here. look according to both the aclu and the naacp. african-americans are jailed on drug charges at a rate of ten times more than white-americans. the president who is urging a bipartisan effort to reform the criminal justice system. how does he get congress to see this as broader national issue than just a thing of race? >> well, i think two things francis. first of all, he's made it an issue. by the way, it's not new. two years ago the president took the first steps, big step when he commuted certain sentences of a number of people again, nonviolent anders drugs. remember former attorney general eric holder made a big issue of that about reform. also the supreme court weighed in on its too, with a very important decision. and also congress you mentioned congress. the u.s. sentencing commission of course, which was mandated by congress, actually going back to the clinton administration, they looked at the racial disparities
8:54 am
in drug sentencing. so it's all right put in place, francis, where you have, you know, all bodies of the administration and congress now really looking at the drug in america but zeroing in on the drug sentencing laws and, of course, the unfairness of it. >> it's interest you put it that way because this is what you wrote when it comes to the president's actionss yesterday. these are your words. you you say it's a great news for a nation that has acquiesced far too long in the thoroughly debunked notion that the nation can incars rate its way out of the current morass. >> i think congress has to take the ball. i think they have to eliminate all of the drug disparity on the sentencings. i think they will do that. remember, we had crack cocaine versus powder cocaine. it needs to be eliminated. the second thing is a huge revamp in really ramping up
8:55 am
treatment, care counseling all of these kinds of steps. i think the third thing is look at what california and some of the other states that have taken a more enlightened position on dealing with the drug crisis not as a prison, incarceration issue issue, but a health issue. i think once that mindset is there and it's getting there now with the general public i think will be even further down the line to true reform in this country about what i consider a failed and flawed policy on drugs. >> well, when you say that you also have to consider the gach that we've seen over and over again when it comes to law enforcement and social reforms. the president even referring to that in his state of the union address which he is referencing michael brown, tamir rice eric gardner as well. what needs to happen on that when it comes to focusing on law enforcement. you know, what let's get the police commissioner out in one given community. it goes much further than that. >> it's a community effort. understanding that drugs, we
8:56 am
cannot incars rate our way out. we cannot just lock them up and throw away the key. that has not worked. it's a health issue first so i think that you have to have educators and i think you have individualing coming up to the plate and saying this is the way we have to approach. i think we have to see the first steps in that direction. >> appreciate your time as always. thank you very much earl hutchison, appreciate it. before we go be sure to check out today's gut check online at we want to know if you think congress will approve the iran deal nap does it for this edition of "newsnation." up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? right now on "andrea mitchell reports," breaking news. a new era. the u.s. and iran along with other world powers finally broker a deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for an end to sanctions.
9:00 am
>> today, because america negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region. because of this deal the international community will be able to verify that the islamic republic of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. >> but the deal will be a tough sale at home for both the u.s. and iran. >> translator: today is the beginning, the beginning of a new movement, the beginning of a new joy, beginning of a new hope hope, beginning of a better future for our young people. >> and with key u.s. allies like saudi arabia and israel opposed to the deal, it could be a rocky road ahead. >> iran will get


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