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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 15, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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your local paper, local newscast, if you happen to see a presidential candidate doing something interesting, send it to something amazing. rock on. ""first look" is up next. it is wednesday, july 15th. right now on "first look," president obama will discuss the deal in a news conference as he tries to convince allies and lawmakers there was no better alternative. the tunnel el chado used to escape from prison. a nasa probe sends back inspiring photos from the edge of the solar system is. dash cam video of a hit and run involve an orlando police officer. jimmie fallon takes on lebron james in a game of facetball.
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the world is reacting with the nuclear agreement with iran. some call it historic others call it a fail with iran. how are lawmakers reacting? >> most skeptical but they want to get their hands on it to get the details. president obama is holding a news conference about this iran deal. make no mistake, lawmakers may not be there, but his message is for them. later today, president obama begins explaining this deal to the pub are licklic and sells it to lawmakers. secretary of state john kerry mists ten years of restriction is better than nothing. >> what's the alternative? go to war now. >> it's time for people in
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united states to stop looking with tainted glasses. >> sounds like they made a worse deal than we feared. >> we'll do everything we can to stop it. >> but can they? president obama says he'll veto any attempt to kill this deal. there's not enough on board to override it. >> i'm sure he'll work hard to get his 34 votes. >> lawmakers on both sides are ready to pick it apart. >> i want to go through the process and fully understand what we're voting on. >> devil is in the details. >> congress has 60 days to approve the deal. >> president obama won't be the only one trying to sell this here on capitol hill trying to lobby lawmakers about it. the prime minister of israel came and did a speech about this
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iran deal. he said -- benjamin netanyahu says he's not giving up against it and will continue to lobby u.s. lawmakers to reject it. >> okay thank you. a reminder. msnbc will bring you coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we're learning about the escape of drug pen guzman. there's video of the moment he vanished from his cell in the max security prison. he is sitting on his bed. then he goes behind a wall where he disappeared. we're looking at the mile long tunnel he used to escape. you can see pvc pipes and even a motorcycle. >> even though guzman is considered one of the world's
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most dangerous drug lords, some people in his home state of sinaloa, mexico are praying for him. >> this woman says he will feed the hungry something the government won't do. >> back in mexico city a flurry of activity after the national prison directors were fired after the tunnel escape. this farmer who lived near the house where the tunnel emerged said he never saw anything suspicious. he saw a white pickup truck go to and from regularly with two men and two women inside. this former u.s. agent investigated scores of other tunnels dug by el chapo's drug cartel and believes he's gone home. >> he's a locally wood hero. they're going to protect him. >> with the escape deeply embarrassing to the mexican government officials are widening the man hunt. they're searching in more than
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100 countries. nasa scientists say the new horizon space track will rain down images of pluto today. the first close up look of the dwarf planet was seen. >> celebration and a sigh of relief as nasa reconnects with the spacecraft. a rendezvous with the planet. a 336,000 miles per hour spacecraft designed to explore the deepest reaches of our system
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system. tuesday it got close to the pluto's surface. >> that's close considering we're nine plus years away. >> the surface and hard shaped image that could be a crater. the glam mor shot as our planet talking. >> that's amazing we can send something that far away and explore. >> data will be beamed back to earth over 16 months the place many dreamed could not be reached is now closer than ever. >> that is is so fascinating. search crews in washington state say they've located wreckage of a small plane crash. it is in the area where a 16-year-old survive crashed in the woods. no notification has been made of the plane or occupants. the survivor, 16-year-old autumn
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veach has been released from the hospital. she said her step grandparents did not survive. time to get down to business. we go to landon dowdy as always. good morning. >> hello betty. markets will try to make five straight days of gains today. the country's parliament must approve the european bailout deal today. inflation, manufacturing data as well as earnings from bank of america and fed chair yellen is testifying before congress this morning. toyota is recalling 65,000 hybrids nationwide. the software glitch could cause it to cut off while driving. parents plan to trim back to school spending this year. the average family plans to
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spend 635 down from $669 last year. most will wait a month before school to take advantage of the deals. hard to believe we're talking about back to school already. >> i know. the all star game was held in cincinnati this year. baseball all time leader in hits pete rose made an appearance. the 74-year-old got special permission to be on the field. he received a massive standing ovation. rose accompanied four of the greatest living players. hank aaron, johnny bench, co fax and mays. the american league has won 15 of 19 all-star games including the last three. listen to this. something no one else in the
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history of baseball had done. to win the ted williams most valuable player award in back to back all-star games. congratulations. tiger woods gearing up for the british open he won in '05, '06. he understands his surgery has slowed him down. he assured everyone yesterday he will be around quite a while. >> retirement. i don't have my aarp card yet. i'm a ways from that. i know some of you think i'm buried and done but i'm still right here in front of you. >> let's look at numbers. woods dropped to 241st in the world golf rankings after 18 months without a top ten finish. slid video showing the arrest of donovan mcnabb on 28th for allegedly driving under the flunsz. police say his blood alcohol level was .17, more than twice
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the legal limit in arizona. anything over .15 qualifies for extreme dui. this is his second dui arrest in 18 months. he pleaded guilty and served a day in jail for the first one. look at this. this video of performing an incredible shot. two flips, 60 feet away on a trampoline. this video is very much real. it is amazing. good luck trying that one at home folks. coming up, caught on camera. an orlando police officer gets ran over on the job. plus a massive lightning strike captured on video. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." a severe weather outbreak created catastrophic damage. six are missing. 60 homes are damage order
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destroyed by flash floods that struck randomly last night. this dash cam video captured a lightning strike in marrieta georgia. that's like from the movies. it caused a blackout in georgia. let me show you this too. this is in virginia. security camera captured. the oak tree is rotted at t the base. it missed the house. no one was injured. this morning the worst of the weather is near philadelphia. a lot of heavy rain in the last hour or so. it's the only game in town. washington d.c. baltimore area your weather has improved. there's flash flooding in the area. one to two inches of rain has fallen. careful in and around downtown philadelphia and suburbs towards allen town. eventually this is going to head toward new york city. here's the timing. 7:00 andrea mitchell, heavy rain
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between philly and new york. heavier rain bands make it toward new york city with possible thunderstorms around noon at the lunch hour. if you have a flight significant delays possible. 5:0 p.m. showers and storms near connecticut and rhode island. light rain in philadelphia. then this evening this mess moves away. more like a daylight hour type event for areas travel wise in i-95. the other story, slight risk of severe storms. chrls tornado threat low. compared to last two days we had 1,000 reports of wind damage. today is a lot quieter. >> we'll take it. thank you. some news this morning. the murder trial of holmes is in the hands of the jury. he's accused of gunning down killing 12 and injuring 70. jurors will begin deliberating today deciding on the 165
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charges against him. governor of kentucky ordered a clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or quit. the clerk said religious beliefs prevented her from issuing the license. a district judge is conducting a hearing. to orlando frightening video of a cop being run over. the driver steps on the gas, hits the officer head on. the officer is hospitalized with injuries. the driver is at large. still ahead, trouble on twitter for donald trump. looking for healthy school lunches on a pizza farm? "scrambled politics" is next. ein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill?
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introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. 19 minutes past the hour. here's your fist look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." a poll by suffolk university showing 17% named donald trump as their top choice. we spoke to trump yesterday during a stop. here's what he had to say about the iran nuclear deal. we have to inspect immediately. any time anywhere we should be able to go in and inspect. if you don't have that you have
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nothing. you know the iranians are going to cheat. >> mean while mr. trump took down this campaign ad from twitter. some have suggested the bottom right corner were nazi soldiers. apparently scott walker thinks the minimum wage is a lame idea. in an interview walker said the left claims that they're for american workers, and they've just got really lame ideas such as the minimum wage. the american heart association teamed up with funny or die and we get a tour of a pizza farm where healthy snacks are grown. >> we have orchards of trees soaking up vitamins from the sun before we pick them and deliver them to school lunch trays.
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>> can i have one? >> are you sure you don't want an apple? >> eww, no way. >> kids no what their bodies need. go away. >> the video ends with a message from the american heart association and says our kid's health shouldn't be a laughing matter. jimmie fallon talked about the nuclear deal last night. he seems to have an idea how leaders came to this deal. >> this has been in the works months and months. there's expense about whether or not it would go which explains how the president made the decision. >> i have to ask you this. deal or no deal. >> deal. >> kind of amazing. exciting. >> that's how it went down. okay, now you know. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 21 minutes past the hour.
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let's bring allen. i have a feeling it didn't go down exactly like that. >> i'm not sure how howie mandel made it in the room. >> what's in it for united states? >> you've got a regime you can go in and verify iran is developing nuclear energy solely for peaceful civic purposes and not developing a weapon to be used on israel or other players in the region. >> is trump right when he says unless you can go in and insist immediately when ever you want, it's really not a good deal. >> i don't think he's necessarily right about that. obviously the negotiators for u.s. team have some experience with this trying to figure out how you go about nuclear disarmament or making sure there's not nuclear ar ma meant.
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i think this system is one professionals have put a lot of faith in. >> we hope so. what does iran get out of all of this? some say it's a lopsided deal. >> i think on both sides people will say this. for iran they've had a huge squeeze on their economy destabilizing their country. we're going to see if in fact they're move ago way from a nuclear weapon. you're going to see repeal of sanctions placed on them. that should loosen things for their economy quite a bit. >> some sanctions include the u.n. arms embargo, correct? >> i believe so. i'm not entirely sure how that piece of it works. >> if that's the case -- and we'll get details as the days go on -- the big question is how do
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we inspireure the arms embargo is lifted. it's been a question whether it's arms we're talking about or is simply money. iran is a state sponsor of terrorism for the united states. a lot of people are skeptical in part because it doesn't change that dynamic. they see iran as more of a threat on that as they do as a nuclear threat. >> jonathan allen, we'll watch closely. thank you for your time and insight. >> take care betty. >> you too. and this won't go away. a dance party on uss enterprise. find out why next.
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all right. doughnut gate it continues. >> do i have to see this again? >> yeah you do. owners of the doughnut shop said they would not press charges. now the owner does plan to pass charges. grande was caught on video licking a display of doughnuts before saying quote, i hate america. she has since apologized. in this promotional video, elba stole the show. ♪ ♪ >> breaking it down like bill karins. >> my robot is better than that. >> lebron james in a game of faceketball despite being down one finger.
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>> okay. oh. >> that was awesome. >> oh. >> he should know better than taking on the king. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts now. this is the most dangerous, irresponsible step i've ever seen in the history of watching the mideast. >> this is an important step in putting the lid on iran's nuclear program. >> he went from desperation. he shouldn't have been desperate. we're giving them billions in this deal. we should have kept the money. nuclear fallout after the deal with iran. now getting it through congress. is trump front runner for presidential nomination? see why democrats may be celebrating the latest national poll. now you see him, now you
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don't. the video of el chapoing escaping from prison. it's 2:30 out west. the show "way too early." we love a disappearing act but not from prison. ♪ good morning everyone. it's wednesday, july 15th. i'm ayman mohyeldin live from washington d.c. president obama will face lingering questions about the nuclear deal in the press conference today. the deal reached after two years of negotiations is a diplomatic break through for two countries at bitter odds for more than decades. news set off celebrations in iran. iranians spilled in the streets


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