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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and him on the other. he is now leading the polls for the republican presidential nomination believe it or not. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight -- >> without a deal we risk even more war. >> selling the deal. >> if the alternative is that we should bring iran to heel through military force, those critics should say so. >> highlights from the press conference. >> that's nonsense and you should know better. >> then trump continues. >> i'll tell you a vote that i'll win, the hispanic vote. >> plus inside the unbelievable escape of a mexican drug lord and water wars. a report from the sky on wildfires raging after years of drought. >> the fire will burn more
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intense and more rapidly. that's the biggest effect of the drought. >> good evening from the hidden valley golf club in norco, california. it's not if it's when. that's what firefighters here if southern california say about brush fires in areas like norco where homes are built up into the hills. i went up in a helicopterer in san diego and that story is coming up. first, after announcing the historic iran nuclear deal yesterday, president obama began fighting for the deal. answering questions at a news conference for more than an hour and displaying an eagerness to address every single one of his critics. >> have we exhausted iran questions here? i think there's a helicopter that's coming. i am really enjoying this iran debate. topics that may not have been
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touched upon criticisms that you've heard that i did not answer. i made some notes about the other argument that's i've heard here. i want to make sure that we're not leaving any stones unturned here. >> the president didn't just answer his critics' specific questions. he also challenged them to offer an alternative course of action just as he did when critics of obama didn't plain what they would do instead. >> for all the objections of prime minister netanyahu, or for that matter some of the republican leadership that has already spoken none of them have provided a better alternative. there are only two alternatives here. either the issue of iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved diplomatically through a negotiation or it's resolved through force.
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through war. those are the options. and if the alternative is that we should bring iran to heel through military force, the critics should say so. >> there was one very tense motel in the press conference when the president was asked about the americans still being detained. >> as you all know there are four americans in iran. three on trumped up charges, one unknown. can you tell the country, sir, why you are content to leave the strength of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four americans? >> the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails? major, that's nonsense. and you should know better.
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i've met with the families of some of those folks. nobody is content and our diplomats and our teams are working dill gentlely to get them out. >> donald trump and other critic have points to that deal to attack the president. but it is not his ilk. there are members of congress skeptical of the agreement including most crucially some from the party's own party. joining me congressman brad sherman. my understanding is you are uncommitted on the deal. have you found the president's case persuasive? >> first, i want to put this in context. when the president took office he was in a very tough position. his predecessor had not only blocked all new sanctions laws during eight years but refused
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to enforce it in the 1990s. that will sound odd because president bush was so noted for his aggressiveness. you have to realize that sanctions are sanctions on international oil companies. especially the samingss we adopted in the 1990s. so iran had gone from zero to well over 5,000 centry fugitives. it was going all out. and the president has been trying to put a brake on this program starting from a difficult position. that being. this has some good aspects to it and some bad aspects to it. by then we'll have a different congress, a different administration. i think it has some really big problems. the good part of this deal, and the critics aren't given the
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president credit for this. is that 95% stock while of uranium. it could be purified on make ten bombs, has to be shift out of the country. two-thirds of the centrifuges need to be moth balled. the bad part of the initial phase of this agreement is that iran will get its hands on $120 billion or so of its own money. they will use this to help their own people to some degree. they've built expectations. >> let me stop you there for one seconds. the president points to this repeatedly and people who back the deal say, the money is coming either way. the sanction regime that has been held together is not sustainable any longer in the an
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sense of a framework or a deal. >> i think they may be right as of today. i don't think that was true two days ago. now that the president has declared that iran will be has signed a deal and is being reasonable. i think it will be hard to put the sanctions back on. i think the president is correct in saying not only is your alternative, but even more what alternative do you have assuming that the president is against you, assuming that european been told it is now reasonable to do business with iran. it is not what is your alternative two days ago. it is what is your alternative today? and i don't think we have an effective plan for the next year and a half that works better than stepping good parts of the deal that the president has
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negotiated. >> you sound like you've just talked yourself into voting yes on our air. >> no. >> because we've got to make sure this deal is not binding on future administrations. because next decade iran gets to build an allegedly peaceful program. just the crumbs will be enough to build several nuclear weapons. what i'm saying is for the next year and a half maybe we should prevent the president from carrying out his policy which has pluses and minuses and to go war with the president while we're trying to deal with randle at the same time. but we've got to make sure this deal is not morally or reasonably binding. >> we'll have to go back with
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this or that and turn it back. you have accepted limits for ten years. they have to be skenlded. >> there is been a lot about the binding and unbinding. the. it is international law can be a fiction in reality. so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the attacks on the iran deal have not let up since it was attacked yesterday with the right seemingly could competition. >> barack obama has now planted the seeds of world war three. and one day it will break out right here because of his actions. >> he is not a man of his word. he is not a man who could be trusted. >> this is the greatest gift. >> this is a terrible deal. anybody could have done but not.
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>> he chooses to ignore reality. >> today the powerful pro israel group called on congress to reject the deal which will put significant pressure on members to vote against him. to counter that, as it was announced today it was launch multimillion-dollar deal. joig me now, what is the deal? are you going toe to toe on this? >> i think we are. not just with them. we're going toe to toe with the dick cheneys of the world. and people who brought us the iraq war and told the troops they would be greeted with flowers and song to tell them this is the way to deal with a very, very serious threat. as the president said the goal
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of this deal is to ensure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon. and this deal achieves that to defeat this deal would ensure that iran does break out toward a nuclear weapon in place. this is the best of all the available options. it may not be a perfect option but that's what compromise and negotiations are about. we'll be explaining this is the best of all the possible alternative. >> are you surprised at all of the rhetoric coming from the israeli government? a nuclear super power, i believe the phrase was. a link to a history of the run up to world war ii. is that sensible to you? >> i think the ratcheting up the
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fear is the general operandi. whether here or in israel. the issue isn't worth iran is a. it is mettling in numerous countries and causing havoc. we all agree on that. do you want that country to have a nuclear weapon or not? if you want to prevent them from having a nuclear weapon. they are in fact a bad regime and this is the best way to prevent them having the worst of all possible weapons. >> i hear this all the time. obviously there is a certain factual basis to it. we know they're engaging in the fight in isis. bombing children by the ends of
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thousands. it seem strange to focus on just iran. saudi arabia, a quote ally of the u.s., they're bombing the hell out of yemen at this very moment. >> well the middle east is the middle east. a cauldron that is boiling and there are a lot of bad actors and a lot of them are fighting each other. but the one thing that makes iran stand out. the president and the world as a whole has come together is because of the threat that this get taken the a whole new weapon. that's why it is so important to keep the focus only one issue. there are so many other bad actors and so much regimes. this issue of nuclear proliferation runs the risk of such a dramatically different level of suffer the it has to be
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dealt with directly and independently. >> so the israeli government benjamin netanyahu and i should note the labor opposition supporting the opposition debt, are they coined offed bhi the regime generally? >> any point, i think they are wrong. the notion that there is a better deal to be had. this is deal. the choice is between this deal and no deal. and you can't, once you've agreed on the price of the house, go back and say wait a minute. i wanted to pay $50,000 and i'm not going to move in after all. this is deal. you need to take it or dwoo he will the consequences otherwise. >> still to come donald trump puts his, quote, massive net worth on display in the latest step on prove he is very serious about 2016.
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sfwhxt president obama was asked today about revoking bill kos's medal of freedom which he received from president bush president obama said there was no precedent for revoking it and preferred not to speak about an ongoing case. >> i'll say this. if you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge, a drug and then have sex that w that person without consent. that's rape. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating?
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today, donald trump quite possibly set aside any remaining notions that he is not a real candidate for president of the united states. he filed personal financial disclosures according to the statement released by trump and possibly written by him. that statement about his financial disclosure was another reminder that trump is no ordinary candidate. it reads in part. this was not design for a man of mr. trump's massive wealth. frinls, they have boxes once a certain number is reached that says $50 million or so. if a building owned by mr. trump is worth $1.5 billion, the box checked is $50 million or more. as of this date, mr. trump's net worth is in excess of $10
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billion. those all caps provided by the trump cap. this does not actually itemize instead saying they are a small percentage. they will publicly release the form that trump says he has filed. if and when the form is official trump will have satisfied a requirement to appear in the fox news debate stage. and in addition to being in the top ten in national polls as required for that debate trump ranks first among republicans. he stands at 17%. bush at 14%. walker at 8%. but trump's unfavorability rating is also high. today presidential candidate ted cruz was scheduled to pay a visit to donald trump which at least prior to that meeting appeared to partially mystify him. >> ted cruz calls me. i don't know why i'm meeting him, to be honest. but i respect him. i respect that along with a
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couple of others he came out very strongly and agreed with what i said on illegal immigration. and he came out very strongly and he came out early. >> for his part cruz seemed eager to kiss the ring. >> i think donald trump is bringing a bold brash voice to this presidential race. one of the reasons so many 2016 candidates go out of their way to smack donald trump is they don't like a politician that speaks direct when i the challenges of illegal immigration. >> joining me now, charlie pierce writer at large. charlie, i will admit, i was a skeptic in every part of the process. trump in a statement said i wonderful get serious about declaring. them i wonderful actually file. i filed. they said i wouldn't file my disclosure form. if you're the republican party, you have to think, this is it. this is serious. this is happening. bunker in for the long term. >> first of all, i would like to
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compliment your art director. the new set in new york looks great. >> amazing. >> secondly of course he's for real. that depends on accepting two principles. number one, there is an institutional political entity called the republican party which i don't think there is anymore. or else this whole thing would have been nipped in the bud. second, if you accept that at its face the republican party is dmented. nobody makes less sense than donald trump so yes, he's for real. >> the first point there is a crucial one. i've had conversations with people who are just sort of watching this spectacle unfold. why are republicans letting this happen? where is reince priebus? and the fact is they don't have power. there's nothing to hold over donald trump. there's no leverage over him. he's not appearing to raise very much money but he just loaned
5:23 pm
himself money for his campaign. there's nothing they can do to bring him to heel. he is the inevitable product of citizens united. there was no reason for that newt gingrich to still be alive. there was no reason for rick santorum to still be alive at the end of the procession. they were alive because they had one or two guys who were willing to write them checks and there's nothing the republican party can do about that and there's even less they can do about trump who is so far off the reservation, that you can't even see him anymore. >> i want to play this clip. obviously his rollout was centered on these comments in which he said that the mexicans coming across were criminals and rapists. a huge amount of criticism for that. being abandoned by business partners. he is committed to winning the latino vote. >> i'll tell you a vote that i will win is the hispanic vote.
5:24 pm
i'll create jobs and i'll get hispanic vote. i have so many thousands that work for me and thousands that have over the years and the hispanics love me. >> there are two things about this. one, i love the idea of the people that work for me love me. like i'm the boss of people. of course they love me. and two, in the latest poll his unfavorability monday hispanics is 81%. how do you think that will go? >> i guess love means never having to tell the truth to pollsters. >> there's great power in making as little sense as possible in your public utterances. my favorite part of whole trump phenomenon are the now burgeoning conspiracy theories that either he is a democratic stalking horse, or as i heard on a progressive radio show today, that he is a stalking horse fortunate koch brothers who is
5:25 pm
out there only to get rid of jeb bush so scott walker can be the nominee. one thing we're sure of. he has taken all the oxygen out of the room. people like paul rubio have disappeared from the room. there is nobody else in the field right now drawing the spotlight. >> that's exactly right. always a pleasure, sir. thank you. >> up next new footage from the unbelievable escape of the drug lord el chapo. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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el chapo is still on the loose but new video shows the final moments before he disappeared into a tunnel. the video also shows the tunnel itself which was extremely well constructed. mark potter got a first has not look. >> reporter: the authorities say chapo used this tunnel that extends about a mile that way to a house in a farming area that's where we got to enter the tunnel, the opening of the tunnel last night. and we were quite impressed by the construction. it is very clear this was done by professionals who knew what they were doing. who had the money to do and it the time to do it right. there's big a generator down there. we can see support beams, both metal and wood. there's more interestingly a motorcycle. we didn't see it but the authorities showed us video of it. you can see this motorcycle
5:30 pm
that's attached to a cart. it is on a rail system going up and down the tunnel. one of the authorities. that chapo guzman when he dropped out into the tunnel, he got out and they carried him into the house where he popped up and disappeared. he did not have to walk out of jail. he got to ride out of jail. meantime, videos have surfaced that showed him in his cell moments before he disappeared. authorities say you could see him dropping down. they say that that is the moment when he dropped into the tunnel at 9:00 p.m. on saturday. a big manhunt is underway for him in mexico and other countries. so far, guzman has stayed ahead of that manhunt. mark potter. nbc news near mexico city. >> now, if there is anyone who deserved to be in jail it is likely guzman whose organization is as brutal and violent as any in the world including probably isis. in the u.s. a place we've constructed one of the most
5:31 pm
extensive prison systems in the world, there are probably hundreds of thousands in prison who should not there be and there is a dawning political awareness they shouldn't. now one of the men responsible for constructing that system president bill clinton is apologizing. more on that ahead. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here. gangs and drugs have taken over our streets and undermined our schools. every day we read about somebody else who has literally gotten away with murder. when i signed this crime bill we together will taking a big step toward bringing the laws of our land back into line with the values of our people. and beginning to restore the line between right and wrong. >> 1994 when president bill clinton introduced the violent crime control act. law and order and tough on crime rhetoric were center pieces for his governments and many
5:35 pm
politicians policies on crime. 20 years later there not only seems to be a change in tone, there seems to be a willingness to could not front publicly some of the massive social ills of massive incarceration. >> about one in every 35 african-american men, one in every 88 latino men is everything time right now. among white men, that number is 1 in 214. our citizen justice system isn't as smart as it should be. it is not keeping us as safe as it should be. it is not as fair as it should be. mass incarceration makes our country worse off. and we need to do something about it. >> the president's speech of the naacp annual convention yesterday came a day after commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent prisoners. perhaps the most striking example of the shift at least in
5:36 pm
the way politicians are talking and thinking about crime and punishment came today when bill clinton for all intents and purposes, looked in the mirror before the crowd of the naacp and acknowledged his own role in filling up america's prisons. >> and the president spoke a long time yesterday and very well about the criminal justice reform. and i appreciate what he has done. but i want to say a few words about it. because i signed a bill that made the problem worse. in that bill there were longer sentences. and most of these people are in prison under state law, but the federal law set a trend. and that was overdone. we were wrong about that. >> joining me now, former congress congressman, what is
5:37 pm
your reaction to the clinton apology? >> well you know hijacked sight is 2020 for all of us and i don't want to be a monday morning quarterback. many of us who had raised initial objection of the house version of the bill lost our ability to stop it on a voice bill. for nine months we tried to put together a package that would pass. what made it pass were several things. there was a violence against women's act which was added to the bill which had never existed in this country before to protect women against violent crime. there are 14 billions for police to work together to fight crime. there was an assault weapons ban which had always been defeated by the nra. that was part of new bill. and an end to something called three strikes you're out.
5:38 pm
if you had three convictions, you got an automatic life sentence. those were the things that changed over the nine-month period and i think it caused some to vote for it. the president in hijacked sight makes a welcome stale. all of us have recognize, that you can't build your way out of crime. years ago the democratic party took a beating from republicans year after year because we were too soft on crime according to them. and so when the party turned in the mid 1990s and decided that it was going to be tough on crime. sense, the proof was in the pudding. nothing changed. crime continued. incarceration rates did not go down. the good things about the bill were fine. the overall problem was that our streets were still very violent.
5:39 pm
i think whether or not the president signs it there are issues about systemic poverty, people not having jobs a lack of values a lack of training. >> let me stop through for one second. i think this is a key part of it. when the clinton folks would talk about this. this made the first cut. the argument was we signed this crime bill at the crest of the historic rising crime. then we saw in the next two decades. it is somewhat stunning that that is something this president is apologizing for. >> well, i guess you have to talk to mr. clinton to find out yes feel compelled to do it. the fact that he is doing that at the same time president obama is talking about another approach to the issue and several democratic candidates are, as well as republicans, i think is some realization that
5:40 pm
we still have a long way to go in dealing with this issue. a lot of it as inbefore has to go, in my opinion, back to some of the long term systemic things that drive it. segregated housing, lack of jobs in inner cities, the racial profiling that takes place. the tremendous amount of police brutality that has been documented since rodney king in the last 20 years. there's a lot going on. i try to steer away from a quick fix one size fits all answer. it is a deep hole. i think you got out. hole the same way you get in. one shovel at a time. there has to be one effort after another to get that done. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, more "all in" america.
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this hill is all brush so it relies on brain. >> for homeowners living up here in the hills of norco, california, it poses danger. not only is it a risk when the rain finally lives because there are less plants to anchor the soil of it increases the chance of wildfires. i went up into the helicopter with the san diego fire department 100 miles west of here to see it from the air. that story is next. terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after $1000
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family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. . what you see in southern california, you can see it as we're flying we build along the top of ridges because it is where you get the best view. it is where you want to live. we look down a slope that is then covered with brush.
5:45 pm
and fire burns significantly quicker uphill than across. it pre heats ahead of it. it has that slope so it exponentially moves quicker, faster with more intensity. what has happened, and this is not unique to san diego county we build right at the top of where that arrow is pointed. that's why one of our biggest concerns is structural fire protection. >> last year almost 500,000 acres of land across the state of california went up in flames. destroying hundreds of homes and costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars. this year conditions in the state are even worse. firefighters in california have already responded to over 3,000 calls by this point this year. that's 1,000 more wildfires than the thousand over the previous five years. increasingly dry conditions have departments in san diego and elsewhere preparing for the worst. i went for a ride in san diego's
5:46 pm
fire rescue helicopter with their chief of air operations to discuss how the historic drought is changing the way they do their jobs. >> tell me about the basic conditions for you and the san diego fire department are for in fire season? >> well i think san diego fire rescue is similar to all of southern california right now. what we're looking at is impact to the drought on the fuel conditions which means dry fuel a lot of it. and then if you add the wind we know it will happen but we cannot predict when. add the wind to it and then any degree of slope and you're going to have a significant fire if there is an ignition. >> does dryness, does the fact the state has been in this historic trout for several years, does that increase the risk factor.
5:47 pm
>> five burns dead dry fuel significantly faster than green live fuel. so we really look at how much dead fuel is out there. and what the drought has created is large pockets of dead fuel which then provide the base for the fire. >> you guys had quite a season last year starting may, 2014. tell me that. >> i think what was unique about that it was in may which is not really where we would see this. number two, the majority of the fires we saw were along the coast. and historically for us you don't have as much. less winds. fire starts to the east and moved to the west. this is a unique situation. >> so you guys had a bunch of fires along that coast. and that's not something you
5:48 pm
would, you really dealt with before. >> no. my experience has not been that we see multiple fires along the coast. normally fires are inland and the occasional fire along the coast. it was an extremely rare occurrence. >> talk to me about the effect of the drought happening here in california on the work that you guys do. >> well it three thing. they need the terrain, they need slope, the fuel and the weather. the dryness and the wind. then all it takes. what you see with the drought, the increase in the fuel. a larger fuel bed which mean fire will burn more effectively. also in some areas it is
5:49 pm
affecting our ability to get aware. the quick of the way to fill it is to hover over a body of water and snorkel it up. as that continues, the body of water dries up. that means we have to travel farther to get water which means for us less amounts of time we're spending on the fire dropping water. >> so what are the bodies of water? >> we can. it is the last thing we'll do if nothing else available. that water right there. anything on golf courses, we utilize golf course water. as he's snorkeling the water up the weight of the aircraft increases so they need to maneuver as they come forward.
5:50 pm
they're getting enough lift. so they're looking and then enough depth to the water. the drought is affecting the location. >> that's really interesting. so the drought increases the amount of fuel because the drier things are, the more dry fuel you have the more dry fuel the more you have increases your chances of something igniting. and you're using water and work in the fire suppression. as those bodies dry up through drought, it gets harder to find those. >> as he told me it is an matter of if there will be fires but when. what california should be doing and more on the battle between farmers and environmentalists over the california water supply. next.
5:51 pm
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. this is the water that makes those cantaloupes possible right? >> that's correct. this is water supply. >> where does this water come from? >> from about 400 miles away in the north part of chasm in shasta reservoir. >> most of the water that fall in california most of the snow pack in the sierra nevadas, up north. how does it get down here? >> first of all, it is captured there in reservoirs.
5:55 pm
like ours is shasta. it is allowed to flow down the river. it is picked up in pumps and from there on it is brought to us by canals. >> with me now is steve, the director of the water program. the natural resources defense council. thanks for coming out here. we heard this piece last night. and central valley farming at one level it is just a mechanical process where this food is run from the ground. it is at the central of this really beautiful political battle. you see signs like congress created the drought and nancy pelosi is cutting off our water. and they feel like environmentalists care about their little fish and their salmon and cut off their water and environmentalists feel hike these folks are operating off this massive public investment to make money for themselves in all of our collected water. i want you to talk about why the water he's talking about, 400 miles away why it is so contentious. >> a lot of that water come from
5:56 pm
the san francisco bay dealt la and the rivers that flow into it. that water is critical to fisheries in that area and critical to the fishermen that depend on it. so you can't have fish without water. you can't have fishermen without fish. they need that water. the water is needed to keep the salt water back. the salt water from the ocean flows into these rivers. with sea waters rising it will go even further. so it is pushed back into the ocean and that keeps water fresh for crops, for farming in that region, as well as for drinking water supplies. >> let's just be clear about how zero sum this is. like there are other ways it isn't. that water is coming from up north. the vector by which it is delivered to everyone is the same vector by which it goes down the central valley.
5:57 pm
the central valley they want that to flow down to them. and there are others that want to make sure it doesn't go down. >> there are a lot of interests and everyone has a stake in it. it is not an either/or. there are solutions out there that we can satisfy all those needs if we use smaul smarter strategies. >> they will say they have this obsession with the dealt la smelt. it is a small fish. they say the endangered species, they don't pump the water across there so these tiny little precious fish can be out there and we're out here in the sun. >> let me tell you a fact. there has been zero water curtailment. zero since 2013 for the smelt. there is been a 2% curtailment for salmon and most is for the water quality implications to drink it fresh for drinking and farming. >> you have a republican who
5:58 pm
will have a bill form republican caulk us in california's rallying around that would basically like stick it to the smelt. >> yeah. they're blaming the drought on endangered species and the environment and that's not the case. mother nature and the lack of rain is the primary cause of the drought and the lack of water availability. so there is this bill tomorrow in congress. they're trying cut the endangered species act. when that really doesn't get to the core of the issue. and there are management practices that we can ever as well. >> can the, can california department in the wrong term? it is a relatively dry place. it has come up with ways to use water to support farming for humans. this is drought is an historic drought. it is the worst recorded and there will be others. is this a long term sustainable
5:59 pm
thing? >> not the way we're currently operating. half of california's farms, and i know last night you showed that drip irrigation and that's important. half of california farms still use the old ant quatd flood and furrow techniques where you lift it up and let the water flow through and flood your farm. >> is that true? >>s it's true. half. there is about 20% that haven't even filled out the forms the state required in 2009. they were supposed to fill out water management plans and splanl how they would conserve water. they don't price water on a volume basis. so you get as many money based on but not how much you need. >> this is to me, the price naturals around water are completely screwed. the inputs are not true cost in any way. and people can take those inputs
6:00 pm
and then profit off it in a way where the price signaling is not getting past properly. thank you. that was illuminating. that is "all in" for this evening. good evening, rachel. good evening. >> i'm loving the "all in" in america water stuff is stunning. thank you at home for joining us. nice you have to here tonight. are you ready? ted cruz footage playing with barbies, take one. >> you were like my kid brother. you know? i think i must have done so many girly things made you play my barbies, made you dress up and do all the fun things that kids do. >> i'll start the answer looking at him and then come looking at me. >> i have


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