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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and do we know how long the former president will be in the hospital? >> reporter: they're saying several days, alex. good morning to you, too. they're saying several days. they're also saying the injury is not life-threatening and they're not worried about paralysis. but it certainly sounds painful to break a bone in your neck. and that's the distinction that they're making is that not a broken neck but a broken bone in one's neck if that's in fact what they're trying to say. we don't know. but it sure sounds painful and it sure sounds like it could be something that could be very complicateded. but we're not getting a sense of alarm here because, again, they're saying he's in stable condition and that this should be treatment for a few days and he should be gone from here but we just don't know. we did something of an update from jenna bush hager, granddaughter, earlier today. >> he's doing okay. he's not the typical 91-year-old that jumped out of a plane.
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i think he can manage a minor neck injury. >> reporter: former president george h.w. bush is recovering this morning after falling wednesday at his summer home in maine. his spokesman tweeting 41 fell at home in maine today and broke a bone in his neck. his condition is stable he is fine, but he'll be in a neck brace. the 41st president who celebrated his 91st birthday on june 12th was hospitalized for a week in december 2014. in houston, after being admitted for shortness of breath. as the oldest living former president, bush suffers from a form of parkinson's disease that requires him to use a wheelchair or scooter to get around. last year bush celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving from 10,000 feet with retired members of the u.s. navy's golden knights. >> how did i look coming down? >> you looked amazing. >> reporter: overnight, words of support started pouring onto social media. chelsea clinton tweeting sending all my thoughts and good
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wishes to president bush for a speedy recovery. and larry king said sending good vibes and well wishes to my friend, george h.w. bush. obviously concern because he's in frail health and words of support, goodwill pouring in from around the nation. and jenna bush hager also expressing the family's gratitude for all that as we continue through this day, hoping to get an update to learn more about the situation. again, stable condition, here for some 24 hours now almost, here probably several more days. >> those words of support and well wishes also emanating from the 30 rock studio. thank you so much ron allen. another developing story we're following weeshgs, we're awaiting president obama's arrival at a prison in oklahoma. he's set with meet with law enforcement officials and inmates capping off a series of events this week he's taken focusing on criminal justice reform, including commuting the sentences of 46 drug offenders.
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and his address at the naacp's national convention tuesday where the president called for reducing or eliminating mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. in his news conference yesterday, the president said he is optimistic that there is bipartisan support for meaningful reform. >> i think people recognize that there are violent criminals out there and they've got to be locked up. but we've noticed a huge spike in incarcerations it's also driven by nonviolent drug offenses where the sentencing is completely out of proportion with the crime. and that costs taxpayers enormous amounts of money. it is debilitating communities who are seeing huge proportions of the young men in their communities finding themselves
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with a criminal record. >> nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me now from el reno, 30 miles west of oklahoma city. with this historic visit, has the white house said what specifically the president will discuss with inmates? >> reporter: good morning, alex. this is really a chance for him to get an inside look at what's been going on. and first of all you'll have this dramatic historic picture, not just the first sitting president ever to go inside a prison but, of course the symbolism of the first african-american president who is inside a system that disproportionately punishes in particular young african-american men. he wants to know what life is like in there. he wants to talk to the guards. he has all the experts. he's going to have the head of the federal bureau of prisons with him. but as we heard from him yesterday, this is something he's been thinking a lot about. and it is one of the priorities of what's left of his second term to get comprehensive
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criminal justice reform. and maybe the time has never been right for a couple of reasons. the number of prisoners has grown exponentially over the last several decades. one out of every 99 americans is now behind bars either in a prison or a jail at a cost of apt $80 billion a year. and reform experts believe if we can make changes, if there could be nonviolent criminals can go to perhaps another type of punishment, maybe a drug rehab program or house arrest that we could save as much as $40 billion. so it's created these interesting bedfellows not just liberals and progressives. but conservatives like rand paul and charles grassley even the koch brothers who have funded so many super conservative campaigns. so the president is going to come here. he says he wants to talk to them to learn things that will help him push this legislation through, alex. >> chris, he's going to a prison
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whether there's certainly a lot of security in place. but i imagine the secret service is not letting the prison run that detail. >> reporter: no. we've just seen along the road here it was quite an ordeal just to get in besides the secret service you also have local law enforcement. it's not every day that a president of the united states comes to rural oklahoma, let alone a prison. so talking to white house officials over the last couple of days they said the logistics of this have been very complicated. but having said that it was something that he feels so strongly about that it was something they had to make happen. >> chris jansing, thank you so much, from oklahoma. to further the conversation, joining me now, executive director of the sentencing project and a law professor. you have an op-ed in which you wrote for "the new york times" titled "how to lock up fewer people." you write, quote, even if we released everyone imprisoned for drugs tomorrow the united
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states would still have 1.7 million people behind bars and an incarceration rate four times that of many western european nations. mass incarceration can be ended. how do we go about doing this? is this a top-to-bottom change that is needed? >> it is top to bottom, particularly in our sentencing policies. we lead the world because we send more people to prison and we keep them there for longer periods of time. clearly there's much we can do with low-level drug offenders to avert them from prison in the first place. get them into treatment and community settings. people that commit serious crimes, the 18 or 19-year-olds running around with the wrong crowd, all of a sudden involved with an armed crime, he gets a 30-year sentence. by the time he's a 40-year-old, he's a different person than the
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18-year-old kid who committed that crime. when we impose life sentences for crimes like that we're not taking into account the capacity for change. so we need to take a much closer look at how much public safety we're producing by the policies that we've adopted. >> professor, i know you've been very outspoken on this subject of mass incarceration. you and others have called it the new jim crow. according to the federal government, there are 2.3 million people incarcerated in federal and state prisons along with county jails. are you encouraged the president is deciding to make some sort of a major push for reform this in his final 18 months in office? >> yes. it's critically important. it's the hair-on-fire issue in the black community. i was asked for extra authority for this. up to 90% of young black males will wind up in jail on probation, on parole at some point in their lives. that's staggering. we're talking about the equivalent of maybe 1,000 hurricane katrinas hitting 1,000
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in terms of the damage inflicted on the black community over the last 30 years as a result of mass incarceration. unfortunately many people don't see it as the new jim crow because they consider the old jim crow whereas many people who are in mass incarceration have actually made bad choices and committed crimes. and they would say, i don't see any moral equivalence between martin and rose on the one hand and drug dealers and gang-bangers and prostitutes on the other. and now president obama is challenging us to rethink our moral categories and see if we can find social oppression in acts of criminal wrongdoing. >> marc your sentencing project recently sent a letter to the house oversight committee calling on congress to act on criminal justice reform. here are some of the statistics you cite in that letter. the federal prison population
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increased from approximately 25,000 in 1980 to slightly over 208,000 today. that number coming from the federal bureau of prisons. you also point out the agency's budget has doubled over the past decade. $7.2 billion. are you seeing bipartisan support for reform marc? even the president noting that is issue is an unlikely bedfellow like the koch brothers him. >> we've seen more bipartisan support over the last decade. traditional conservatives are concerned about the overpunitiveness of the system. that we're using criminal justice systems. conservatives who care about the government who care about fiscal cause and i think many are concerned about compassionate issues. the koch brothers are very articulate about conditions in prisons and others -- newt gingrich called for sharp reductions as well. this is not a sort of
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traditional liberal conservative battle at this point. this is a question of how can we do much better than we are right now? what we're doing is nothing that a wealthy society in the world should be inflicting on its citizens when it's very counterproductive in the long run, both for public safety and for community development. >> professor, with regard to investing in education, is that from a social justice standpoint -- is that the answer? >> it's one of the answers. it's true that most people who are incarcerated from families below the poverty line either people are poor because they're bad, which doesn't make any sense, more likely bad because they're poor economic poverty drives a lot of the criminal behavior getting an education is one of the solutions but not the only one. jobs are important, too. and other kinds of social welfare intervention. >> marc mauer and professor jody armour, gentlemen, thank you so much. another powerful moment for president obama from his news conference. he was asked if bill cosby's
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presidential medal of freedom should be revoked in light of rape allegations against him. >> there's no precedent for revoking a medal. we don't have that mechanism. i'll say this -- if you give a woman or a man, for that matter without his or her knowledge, a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. >> cosby's publicist declined to comment on the president's remarks. according to court documents unsealed last week during a 2005 legal deposition cosby testified he obtained drugs he intended to give to women he wanted to have sex with. the revelation comes after more than 30 women accused cosby of sexual assault. he's never been charged and denies the allegations. kenneth mack joins me now, a harvard law professor and attended a private dinner with president obama along with other
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historians and scholars last month. let's talk about the president's comments described as forceful, stunning, even emotional. how unprecedented is it for a president to speak so boldly about a current scandal that as the president said might still have some legal tentacles to it? >> well this actually isn't the first time the president has spoken about a current scandal. as you'll recall early in his term of office he responded to the skip gates scandal. and he made some comments in the aftermath of trayvon martin. so he's got some history of doing this kind of thing. but i would say that in this particular case the president himself has taken some criticism from some sectors of the black community alying himself with bill cosby's critiques of moral failures of african-americans. so i think the president himself
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probably wants to make sure that -- being very careful about his remarks, not commenting on the case itself that he's certainly willing to extend his calls for african-americans to engage in some self-examination to bill cosby himself. just one correction the historians' meeting was some time ago. i think a couple of years, not last month. >> i'm sorry. i did know about one a couple of years ago. and i was surprised that it was last month. professor, put it all together. the trayvon martin comments that of what we commonly called beergate in the press and this. how does this affect the president's legacy? what does it mean that this president is weighing in on these issues? >> well i think anyone who even reads his public comments it's clear that he has been very conscious of the fact that he's the first african-american president. he's also the president of the
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entire united states. but the symbolism of that and the responsibility of that's been -- it's been clear that he understands that he internalizes it. one of the things that's been discussed through his entire two terms -- almost two terms now in office is is he doing something about the very persistent problems that face particularly poor african-americans and other racial minorities? and i think this is a statement about that continuing certain policies that he and his administration have pursued earlier in his term. but i think in his last year and a half in office this is an opportunity to make a statement about both how he feels and to engage in some action on the issue. >> all right. harvard professor kenneth mack thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. we're following breaking news. we have new video just in of the man accused of killing nine people in a charleston church. dylann roof appeared in court
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just a short time ago. it is the first time he has physically appeared in court. we're live with what happened and whether a judge will allow key pieces of evidence to be publicly released. also ahead, donald trump claims he's worth a whopping $10 billion as his presidential campaign files financial disclosures. but in this morning's first read, do those numbers really add up? plus --. >> if you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, because the reality is, i can take it. >> caitlyn jenner makes an emotional plea to the world as she accepts the arthur ashe courage award. more from her big night and the controversy surrounding it coming up. you can all join our conversation online, find the team on twitter. ng your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein
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at 19 past breaking news. a hearing is under way for dylann roof. this is new video from the courtroom. of course, he is the man accused of shooting and killing nine people in a charleston church last month. this morning, the judge set roof's trial for july 11, 2016. that is just the first of many issues that will be discussed and perhaps decided on today. nbc's sarah dallof joins us from outside that courthouse. what else are we expecting today? >> reporter: hi, alex. dylann roof shuffled into court just after 10:00 this morning. he was shackled and wearing a striped jumpsuit. during the hearing, he was quiet. he did not speak and did not turn to look at the audience. a lot of ground covered during this 23-minute hearing, most notably that trial date set for july 11th. the prosecutor saying this has the potential to be a capital case. roof's attorneys indicated he is competent, he's participated in multiple meetings held with his
8:21 am
legal team. another of the key issues discussed was the gag order the judge imposed last week. i want to bring in jamie novograd. the judge indicated the pretrial publicity could affect roof's right to a fair trial, prompting this gag order. but today it was a different explanation in court. >> today in court, the judge said he's worried about the dignity of the victims and of the victims' families which he says is protected under statute in the state here in south carolina. but as you say, that's a different rationale than the one in his order last week. it begins the court finds due to substantial pretrial publicity, the defendant's right to a fair and impartial trial could be in jeopardy. it's reasonable, legal experts say, for a judge to decide that he'd like to put these key documents under gag order in order to protect a defendant in a high-profile case like this in
8:22 am
a small city. but his rationale wasn't in keeping with last week's order. >> reporter: what's the next deadline? what's the next step? >> the judge said that he would extend the gag order until next wednesday at 5:00 p.m. he said if parties in the case don't put in a motion by then, he would terminate the gag order. if parties do file a motion by next wednesday sarah, he said he would extend the gag order until a hearing date is set. >> reporter: i know you were able to listen to some of the attorneys outside the courtroom. what was their argument for lifting the gag order, making these documents accessible and allowing officials to speak? >> well lawyers for the press will argue about the press's constitutional right to public information or information they say that should be public. the problem, legal experts say, is that in a case like this a judge often has to balance the constitutional right of the press with the constitutional right of a defendant to a fair trial. and in this case, it appears that the judge has decided both
8:23 am
in terms of the defendant's rights and the rights of the victims that they outweigh at least for the moment, the right of the press. >> reporter: should be interesting to hear what happens leading up to wednesday. and also dylann roof today waived his first and his second appearance, his attorneys saying that is out of respect for the families of his alleged victims. alex they were in court, representatives from multiple families filling the entire bench behind the prosecutor's side. >> thanks to you, sarah dallof as well as jamie. we have more breaking news to share. the tlc reality show "19 kids and counting" has officially been canceled. the show featuring the duggar family was pulled from the network in may following revelations of sexual misconduct by josh duggar, the oldest child. they allegedly included inappropriately touching four of his sisters and a babysitter, about a dozen years ago. he apologized for the unspecified actions in a facebook post but has never been arrested or charged. in a statement issued this past
8:24 am
hour tlc says after thoughtful consideration, tlc and the duggar family have decided not to move forward with "19 kids and counting." tlc also said it is partnering with two prominent child protection organizations and the duggar family and it will produce a one-hour documentary that will include jill and jessa duggar, two of the sisters josh duggar allegedly touched inappropriately and other survivors and families that have been affected by abuse. tlc anticipates the documentary will air later on this summer. still ahead, at least three are dead and several missing after devastating flooding in kentucky. this morning, rescuers waded through thick mud and snake-infested creeks hoping to find victims. new video of drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman's cell and the twist in the plan for his brazen kaescase. and newt gingrich is in debt
8:25 am
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notorious drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. some 10,000 law enforcement agency officials and dogs are working to track him down. we're learning more about his brazen prison escape. our sister network telemundo obtained brand-new video inside the prison cell of the world's most wanted cartel leader. nbc's mark potter has the latest on the search. >> reporter: a top dea official says the u.s. will do everything it can to help mexico recapture chapo guzman but it won't be easy. he has a long history of hiding out and being protected. chapo guzman has now been on the run for five days and still no sign of the billionaire druglord. wednesday night cameras were allowed inside his cell where there's not much left except a square piece of concrete that
8:29 am
once covered a hole prison officials say chapo used to make his daring escape. >> if i was him, i'd be looking over his shoulder right now. >> reporter: guzman's escape has law enforcement officials everywhere on high alert. a top dea official says for him, it's personal. >> i'm here to commit to you we're going to do everything we can with our mexican counterparts to get this guy back in jail. >> reporter: chapo, which means shorty is a complex man who's built a legend that is larger than life. according to a former dea official chapo is 60 or 61. he grew up poor and started growing marijuana when he was 14 going on to be named one of the world's richest men by "forbes" magazine. six years ago, he married his third wife on the day she turned 18. she's a former beauty queen who's also an american. >> it appears that they have a pretty strong relationship, which means she has all the interest in the world to protect him and prevent him from getting captured again. >> reporter: chapo may be in
8:30 am
hiding but on social media his children apparently are not. a twitter and instagram account purportedly run by one of his sons has for years posted pictures of a lavish lifestyle. those who know "el chapo" describe him as a man of many personalities who's hard to put in a box. he's also a man who's hard to keep in a jail cell. >> what chapo guzman is more than anything else is a survivor. the man has a talent for survival. he's ruthless. he's brilliant. he's efficient and he's evil. >> reporter: and in an odd twist, officials say they found a small dead bird in chapo's cell that they believe may have been used to test the air quality in his escape tunnel. meantime, later today, top mexican security officials including the attorney general will testify before a congressional subcommittee and will be asked tough questions about the escape here at this prison and how chapo got away. >> extraordinary. thank you so much mark potter. coming up in this morning's first read hillary clinton is
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♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. congress. we're back with our first read on politics this morning. donald trump has done what many expect he would never do, reveal the extent of his wealth. we'll also look at how he seems to have shrunk the republican field for president. a new poll shows a reversal in hillary clinton's poll numbers. and president obama as emotional as we've ever seen him. we'll talk about his comments on the bill cosby scandal. but he also has sharp words in defense of the nuclear deal with iran. joining me now, marc murray with a good morning to you, let's start with donald trump. you know he claims he's worth
8:35 am
more than $10 billion. not just the $8.7 billion he claimed he was worth last month. but "forbes" puts his worth at about $4 billion. does it ultimately matter whether he's worth $4 billion or $10 billion? he's got a lot of money to fund a presidential campaign and is there a limit to the amount of money he can put into his own campaign? >> he can put in as much of his own personal fortune as he wants to in this presidential campaign. he reported raising $1.9 million from the first quarter for his campaign. but he ended up releasing a press release saying he's worth $10 billion. that's more than what we had seen and other estimates. but the key thing here is that the actual document released to the federal election commission is required of all presidential candidates wasn't given to reporters. we've seen other campaigns give that same documentation to reporters and we're going to have to find out whether that
8:36 am
document that he gave to the f.a.c. is the same -- also ends up showing $10 billion or if it shows a smaller figure. >> i know we're crunching the numbers as we speak. how about the new "washington post"/abc news poll showing a reversal in his favorability ratings among the gop, the rating is 57% favorable versus 23% just in may. most of his gop rivals have been writing him off as many pundits have saying he will quickly flame out. but he seems to have shrunk the republican field. can you talk about that? >> a lot of it has to do that he's been the subject, the key political subject over the last three weeks. that sometimes is going to boost your poll numbers either in the overall horse race or with republican voters. and one thing worth noting is that he's getting a really warm reception on conservative talk radio. and that i wouldn't be surprised is one of the reasons why his numbers are doing a little bit
8:37 am
better with republicans. but as you mentioned, he's also sucking the oxygen out of the field. there are 17 republicans who are running. but if you were just paying attention to all the political coverage over the last three weeks, you might think there are only two, jeb bush and donald trump. and that really helps jeb bush a lot when it doesn't seem like the other republican presidential candidates, the ones that have a better path to challenging jeb bush, aren't catching fire. >> good point. positive news for hillary clinton in that same "washington post"/abc news survey which shows her favorability rating among americans now above water at 52% versus 45% in may. why do you think the numbers have reversed to this degree? and she's also having no problem raising campaign cash we should add. >> she brought in $47.5 million, an impressive haul. as far as her poll numbers, they're going to go up and down. i attribute this for to the statistic noise than anything else. some have shown her favorable
8:38 am
rating going down among democrats. there hasn't been a big event. and most poll numbers on hillary clinton are already baked in. she has perfect name identification. independents are down the middle. we need to wait and see from other polling to see if there has been a big shift. but right now, i chalk it up more to statistic noise. >> mark murray, thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up disgraced cyclist lance armstrong returns to the tour de france but how? this is one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." plus this -- >> we're all different. that's not a bad thing. >> an emotional caitlyn jenner says it's not just about her as she's honored at the espy awards. but first, there's a lot going on this morning. senator marco rubio sets himself apart from the 2016 pack with the lowest voting attendance record of all the senators running for president.
8:39 am
according to "the new york times," rubio missed almost a third of his votes this year compared to the senate average of just 3%. running for president, a very pricey proposition, just ask newt gingrich. a new filing shows he still owes $4.6 million from his campaign. and a victory for california's professional cheerleaders. the governor signs a bill classifying them as employees. sports teams will be required to pay the minimum wage and stick to a higher standard for working conditions. those are the things we just thought you should know. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? we are back with a look at the top stories at the "news nation" right now. dylann roof the man accused of killing nine people at a south carolina church last month was in court today. his trial date was set for next july. tlc announced it's canceling the reality show "19 kids and counting" featuring the duggar
8:43 am
family. it follows the scandal that erupted in may following revelations that the oldest child, 27-year-old josh duggar inappropriately touched four of his sisters and a babysitter a dozen years ago. and former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital today after a fall at his maine home left him with a broken neck bone. the 91-year-old is listed in stable condition. we certainly wish him well. also this morning, a surprising new solution to get online almost anywhere anytime. light is now being used to bring users a superfast form of wireless internet. keir simmons went to scotland to meet the man who came up with the idea. >> reporter: our world is bathed in electric light. it enables us to see but soon could help us surf the internet as well. streetlamps, shop windows, vehicle light, potentially every lightbulb in the world could be used to access the internet says this professor of edinboro
8:44 am
university. he calls it lifi. we can't see it but huge amounts of data are firing across this space? >> across this space. >> reporter: just by light? >> just by light. >> reporter: let's try this then. wow, there you go. that is fast. almost any light can be fitted with a lifi transmitter like here in this classroom in the uk where schoolchildren are trying the new technology. >> i think the light gives internet, it's quite amazing. >> reporter: and at this year's mobile world congress grown-ups got to try it, too. >> i never knew you could get wi-fi from a light. >> reporter: lifi says the
8:45 am
professor, can be used where conventional wireless technology fails or is forbidden. and because light doesn't go through walls the way wi-fi is lifi is ideal for data protection, here being tested in a server room within the u.s. health care service. >> we're actually controlling that from the lifi workstation here. >> reporter: and it's fast, very fast. up to seven times faster than conventional wi-fi. >> you can download an entire dvd in a couple of seconds. >> reporter: the end of download frustration? >> the end of download frustration. >> reporter: it is an illuminating thought when you're desperate to see that latest video on your cell phone or tablet and it just won't play. the solution could be all around you. >> using light at the speed of light. >> reporter: keir simmons for msnbc. we'll talk more about caitlyn jenner's emotional night at the espy awards. it's how i try to live... how i stay active.
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authorities in kentucky are searching for several people missing in the aftermath of severe storms. that tops our look at stories around the "news nation" this morning. at least three people were killed in flash flooding in kentucky, that includes a 74-year-old grandmother apparently swept away as she was carried through floodwaters on her grandson's back. the storm leveled some 150 homes, also downed dozens of power lines. 11 commercial flights reporting lasers flashing on their planes as they flew over new jersey last night. the incidents all occurred between 9:00 and 10:30 p.m. several altitudes as high as 9,000 feet. the faa is investigating. lance armstrong returned to the racing world today taking part in a charity ride that follows the tour de france route. the 43-year-old won an unprecedented seven tour titles between 1999 and 2005 but was stripped of all of them following a high-profile doping scandal. armstrong himself, a cancer survivor aims to raise money
8:50 am
for leukemia research. and the nominations for this year's primetime emmy awards have been announced. no surprise "game of thrones" leads the way with 24 nominations. picking up multiple tuesdays "house of cards," "mad men," and nbc's" parks and rec." now to caitlyn jenner at the espy awards. in her first public appearance jenner had a powerful plea when she accepted the or there ash courage award. many calling her words beautiful and inspiring. and others questioning if there was a more deserving athlete. nbc's halle jackson has the story. >> reporter: in an ivory gathered gown caitlyn jenner took the stage to deliver a message to the world, as well as the fashion police. >> please be kind on me. i'm new at this. >> reporter: she quickly turned serious in her first high-profile speech as caitlyn, taking on critics who argued she
8:51 am
didn't deserve the arthur ashe award for courage. >> if you want to call me names make jokes, doubt my intentions go ahead. the reality is i can take it but for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn't have to take it. >> reporter: on stage the olympian known as bruce when she won her gold medal got emotional when she thanked her family. >> i am so so grateful to have all of you in my life. thank you. >> her speech perhaps the most high profile but not the only memorable one of the night. dylan steele accepted an award on behalf of his daughter leah who is battling cancer. >> thank you for supporting me while i beat up cancer. hey lebron, hey, daddy. >> online some wondered why leah wasn't being honored for her courage or amy hill. but on the red carpet for many jenner was the right choice.
8:52 am
>> you would be hard pressed to find anyone more courageous than her right now. >> i think that caitlyn is giving young people the opportunity to be comfortable in their skin whatever that is. >> reporter: and that's exactly what jenner hopes to see. >> it's not just about me. it's about all of us accepting one another. we're all different. that's not a bad thing. thank you. >> thompson joins me now, entertainment reporter for "usa today." welcome to you. i'm curious about your reaction to caitlyn's speech last night. >> hi thank you. so you know it's really easy to be cynical about this and say she's just in it for the media and the makeup and the magazine covers. but why don't we look at the bright side of this and say she's truly seeming to want to use this platform for good. you know i was really struck in the speech when she said you know, pile on, if you guys want to make fun of me that's fine. but i'm going to stand up here and talk about transgendered
8:53 am
youth who are being bullyied and dying for the lifestyle that they're living. so you can be a critic and you can say, oh, there are all these other people that deserve the award, but that's sort of a champagne problem, isn't it great that we have all of these positive people that we could have given out -- the espys could have given out four or five awards this year. i think it's a great thing. >> a lot of people who listened may have been daughters before if they listened with an open heart i think i that would have found something they can hang on to the positive in this. however, as you know lots of critics say jenner should not have gotten that award. that includes nbc sports broadcaster bob costa. listen to his reaction here. >> this is not anything against caitlyn jenner. i'm pretty sure they could have found someone who was much closer to actively involved in sports, who would have been deserving of what that award represents. >> is that a legitimate argument there, that this is an award about courage in sports and this caitlyn jenner's courage comes
8:54 am
from something other than sports? >> i think it's sort of, you know it's up to who is looking at it. being a decathlete that's a huge moment. one of the most famous athletes in the world, of course. when you look at it that way what's bigger than that in sports. but in terms of did she deserve this award for courage? i really think so. it takes so much courage when you're one of the most famous athletes in the entire world to say i'm going through this huge life change on such a public stage. again, when you're tied in with the kardashian, everything you do is public. so there was kind of no way of getting out of this for caitlyn. you know she knew that she had to take this to the world stage. i think that's really scary. >> yeah. my sense of it was it a pivotal moment for the future of transgender rights. what did you think? >> i think that when we look back on this acceptance speech in a few years it's a huge moment for pop culture, for sports, for the transgender
8:55 am
community certainly. the way that she got up there and just showed the world who she is and, like i said really made a stand and said yes, you see me here in this versachi and flawless hair and, yes, i'm a privileged white woman, but i'm going to use my voice to speak out for the transgender community, for those people who don't look like me, who don't have the money that i have who don't have the support that i have, so that i can make their lives better. that's just huge. that's a huge moment. >> "usa today's" aryary aryary an thompson. here's what the "newsnation" is saying. we asked, do you agree with the decision to award caitlyn jenner the arthur ashe courage award at the espys? 12% said yes. 88% said no. craig on facebook said while i admire and respect jenner for the journey she is on what has she done in the world of sports? walter said regardless of what you believe about transgender
8:56 am
people, you can't deny that it takes tremendous courage to do what she did. she deserves the award. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm alex wilt in for tamron wall. i'll be back in for you. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? hall. i'll be back in for you. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." b get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at why pause a spontaneous moment to
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all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at right now on "andrea mitchell reports," selling the deal. president obama goes all out to build public support at home and abroad for the nuclear agreement with iran. >> without a deal we risk even more war in the middle east. if we don't choose wisely i believe future generations will judge us harshly for letting this moment slip away. obama on cosby and the president unloads on bill cosby trying to send a larger message about sexual abuse. >> would you revoke the medal of freedom from bill cosby? >> i'll say this.
9:00 am
if you give a woman or a man, for that matter without his or her knowledge, a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. >> we'll talk to april ryan the white house correspondent who asked that question coming up. on the mend our oldest former president george h.w. bush recovering today after breaking a bone in his neck during a fall. >> yes, he's doing okay. i mean, he's not the typical 91-year-old, jumped out of a plane. i think he can manage a minor neck injury. good day. i'm andrea mitchell. back home in washington where we have the latest update


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