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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 20, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart live from washington, d.c., and developing right now here on "the rundown," just after midnight the united states and cuba formally restored full diplomatic relations for the first time in five deck deades, the cuban flag was raised at the state department. in about an hour and a half cuban officials wig inaugerate their embassy in the nation's capital. the events highlight a remarkable and controversial change of course in policy under president obama to the kaumgcommunist nation, and there remains a deep ile
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idealogical divide. the trade embargo is going to remain in effect. it would take an act of congress to overturn that. also not changing the cuban regime in power since january of 1959. some u.s. lawmakers including some high-profile republicans vow they will not repeal the embargo and say they're going to work to roll back the president's moves on cuba. john kerry will travel to havana next month for a ceremonial flag raising ceremony at the u.s. embassy there. we're covering the story from all angles. gabe gutierrez live in havana but we go to luke russert live in washington, d.c. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> great. what are we expecting when the cuban embassy opens at 10:30 a.m. eastern time? >> we're expecting an historic day. i can tell you from growing up in this city i have never seen this many people outside an embassy for something that is usually not a protest. in this case more of a celebratory mood.
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the majority of the cuban americans who are here are very happy about this. i encountered a few who were upset, but mostly a positive happy vibe outside the cuban embassy. thirst is the first time in 54 years the building will have a cuban flag in front of it and will function as the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. it culminates what will be the first of a set of historic meetings between the cuban foreign minister his first time in the nation's capital, he and about 30 other representatives from havana will meet with secretary of state john kerry today. they also have a press conference later on today and expect to talk about the new thawing of relations between the two former foes. now, jose this is washington, and cuba as you know has been a political football for many decades. a lot of republicans very upset with what's happening here. there was talk on capitol hill about trying to block this embassy from being open. they sort of reneged on that but candidates are really going after the obama administration on this issue. jeb bush a floridian, someone with a lot of cuban american
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support in florida tweeted this quote, obama's rush to restore diplomatic relations with cuba is withdrawn. this will legitimize an oppressive regime. this will be a political issue in the 2016 campaign jose in the republican primary circles without doubt. >> i understand about 500 people have been invited or organized by the cuban government to attend today's ceremony. not just the cuban government representatives. >> indeed. it's the hottest ticket in town. there's going to be a cocktail reception inside the building, and the bar is named after earnest hemingway, so there's a lot of people in washington, d.c. who would like to be in there. i'm sure it's a hot ticket. but there will be a reception, and that's not only american personnel and cuban personnel, but all of the other dignitaries in the area. we'll keep an eye on that. >> luke russert, thank you, my friend. good to see you. let's go live to havana and gabe gutierrez. talk about the reaction there this morning.
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>> jose good morning. well, certainly a more muted response here in havana than what luke was describing in washington. in some ways it's business as usual. there's still the hundreds of people that line up here outside the u.s. interest section every day, applying for visas. today, it's very, very different. this had been a u.s. intersection for decades. a step below an embassy, but today it's a u.s. embassy for the first time in 54 years. and here's something you wouldn't see five ten years ago, frankly even yesterday. u.s. embassy employees now are handing out this american flag as well as a flag pin, and it's labeled the embassy of the united states. very interesting, though we notice is that here in the state-run newspaper, however, the changing from the u.s. intersection to an embassy definitely not even front page news. the state-run newspaper here page four which is frankly
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incredible. from our perspective, this would seem to be worldwide news but here in cuba it is on page four. an article on the front page on relations between cuba and nicaragua. it seems to suggest this will be a long road for the castro government and for the u.s. government. these are decades of mistrust. last week raul castro got on national television here and warned that this would be a very gradual process, trying to tamper down expectations. but again, some of the people we have spoken with in havana say they have a new hope for this. and many are hopeful this increased relationship between cuba and the u.s. might lead to greater economic prosperity here. still, others we spoke with on the streets say they view this with great skepticism. again, they're trying to see how far this relationship with go. and as you mentioned, there are many issues that are still at odds between the u.s. and cuba. most notably that u.s. trade
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embargo. >> and gabe interesting that here in washington, d.c. at the state department 4:30 in the morning, they raise the cuban flag. in about an hour they're raising the cuban flag in washington, d.c. but even though today, that building that is behind you becomes the u.s. embassy in cuba, no such ceremony until a future date when the secretary of state can go to havana and do something, right? >> yeah. they erected a flag pole at this building, but right now, no flag flying there. it's because the u.s. flag will not be flying here at this building at the u.s. embassy until john kerry visits havana. we expect that to be later this summer. you're right, even though this is a u.s. embassy, there is no law that says there has to be a u.s. flag flying here. right now, while there's all this fanfare in washington, here in havana no flag yet. >> gabe thank you very much for being with me. i want to bring in republican
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congressman mark sanford of south carolina. thank you very much for being with me. >> my pleasure. >> let me get your reaction first to the restoration of the full diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuban government today. >> well you know some people are upset, some people not. you know i think it's long overdue. we have a neighbor that's 90 miles off our coast. and i think that the way you improve that relationship is through engagement. >> how can a relationship improve through engagement if one of the two parties doesn't change and has no intention of changing? gabe gutierrez was saying the leader of cuba took to the airwaves this past week saying there will be no change internally. >> well again, that's the nature of any outdated government. they're going to hang on to what they've got. i think the question is how do you empower people within that country to make change? government won't it's the
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people who will drive the change. what we have tried for 50 years is a process of isolation or attempted isolation that hadn't worked. i think what you and i would agree on if you try something for 50 years and it hadn't worked. maybe we ought to try something different. >> you have joined a bipartisan effort to lift all travel restrictions to cuba. tell me your reasoning behind that. >> the reason is i think it's fundamentally less about cuba than it is about america. if you wanted to travel to anyplace in the world, literally in the world, you could go to north korea, to syria, you could go to -- i mean a whole host of hot spots around the globe. it may not work out well for you. i wouldn't want to take that trip to north korea, i wouldn't want to take the trip to syria or iraq or iran but in fairness it's believed to be a constitutional right, the right to travel. and it shouldn't come without government prohibition unless
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there's some compelling national security right to do so. that may have been the case in the 1960s. it's no longer the case today. and so i think that we ought to be able to travel just as we can to literally any other place in the globe. >> as you know the embargo codified into law says the embargo would be released or not exist when there are three basic conditions met. the restoration of rights for unions and people to speak freely. free and fair elections called. what parts of those do you think should be removed in order to have the embargo essentially evaporate? >> well again, my bill is actually on travel. it's not about the embargo overall. >> travel is part of the embargo. >> again, what i'm after is how do you empower those people who have started up restaurants that weren't there ten years ago, when money actually goes to the household? the people in the travel
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business, you know, one of the ways sadly, a sad commentary on the castro regime. people who have great educations, whether they're doctors or lawyers, oftentimes will end up in the tourist industry because they can make hard dollars. the question is bringing change to the government goes back to and the three changes you just enlisted is how do you give individuals more power and i think tourism is one of those mechanisms. >> representative mark sanford, i can't thank you enough for being on with me. >> my pleasure. take care. >> thnks. we're going to continue covering this story. you can keep it right here on msnbc. all morning watching the situation unfold with the cuban embassy reopening here. the u.s. embassy in havana has reopened. not the same fanfare. in the meantime let me hand it over to richard lui in new york. good morning. >> good to join your show. i'll be talking to you later in it as you ton to cover the opening of the embassy there.
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thank you so much. we're going to turn to some political news. this morning, you're hearing from senator john mccain. this first comments since he became a target of donald trump's over the weekend. trump taking issue with mccain's military record. initially saying he was not a war hero. the senator this morning says the gop presidential candidate does not owe him an apology, though. >> there are so many men and some women who served and sacrificed and happen to be held prisoner and somehow to denigrate that in any way their service, i think is offensive to most of our veterans. the best thing to do is put it behind us and move forward and just express our gratitude to those who have served and sacrificed. >> if you missed the comments that have shaken the republican presidential field, well, here is what trump said on saturday. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero.
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five and a half -- >> he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured, i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was captured. okay. you can have -- and i believe perhaps he's a war hero. >> those comments drawing harsh criticism from many of the other gop presidential candidates. senator lindsey graham even saying trump has disqualified himself from the race. this morning, the real estate mogul is refusing to apologize and largely blaming the media for distorting his words. he spoke with matt lauer earlier on "today." >> i do also respect greatly people who aren't captured. nobody talks about them. we talk about john mccain and i think it's great, and he is a very brave man and all of that but we don't talk about the people that weren't captured and that's what i was trying to refer to. and i think i did. >> with me now is medal of honor recipient, vietnam war veteran and former nebraska senator bob
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kerrey. thanks for coming in. good day to you. >> thank you. >> what did you think when you heard those comments and we played them again just now? >> it's trump's schtick. it's all about trying to build his brand, the money. he's going to disappoint all the people angry at the way the country is going and responding to his language. but if it benefitted trump, he would insult them as well. that's what he does. this is all about the money. this is not about doing anything other than trying to promote himself. he has no chance of winning iowa, no chance of winning north carolina, south carolina new hampshire, he can't be the republican nominee. but he can improve the quality of his brands. that's what he's trying to do. >> brand, brachbd, money, money. you know senator mccain quite well. why is he not asking for an apology here? >> what john knows is that this guy is debasing the political process. you know, john's been insulted by better men than donald trump. this is not something he's going to worry about personally. what he's insulted about is all
6:14 am
these people that are responding to donald trump are responding because they're angry and they're going to get disappointed one more time when they discover which i think is obvious to all of us who watched trump for years, he insults rather than improving the quality of his brand. if he thought insulting the evangelicals he was speaking to he would have done so. >> you were listening to his comments in the interview, and there were folks laughing and encouraging him after he said it was because he was captured and he preferred people who were not captured. we're looking at the headlines on two of the national papers. "usa today" trump peaks or hits bottom. also the "wall street journal" we've got several papers the "washington post" also talking about trump. seems to be working for him. might it actually go the other way? we have yet to see a poll since that statement. and he seems to be at least in the past despite his comments, be okay. >> this is not a national election.
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he has to win the iowa caucuses or finish second in the iowa caucuses. he has to finish first or second in new hampshire in order to survive. except he's donald trump. he's got his plan, his wealth he's been bragging about. he can fly around the country and insult people from the 8th of november 2016, and people will pay attention to him. that's his schtick. that's what he does. >> you're saying his shuchtick has a limited amount of time. how much longer? >> he can keep it up as long as he lives. that's what he does. he's not going to stop insulting people as a result of people being offended by it. >> senator, thank you so much for stopping by today. appreciate your time. we're just getting started on this monday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, prayers and rem blnlss this past weekend in chattanooga to remember the vems of last week's shooting at two military installations. we'll take you live. plus about an hour away from what's being billed as a major speech from republican presidential candidate jeb bush.
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developing right now, new details are emerging about the gunman who shot and killed five service members at two military facilities in tennessee last week. let's go straight to chattanooga. sarah dallof. just getting new information on what the suspect -- what he may have been thinking and who he is. >> yeah that is correct, richard. new details emerging from several people in this case that paint a picture of a young man disturbed, troubled by alcohol and drug abuse. and people a lot of people wondering where there any warning signs they missed?
6:20 am
a lot of people said they saw no red flags. a high school class mate said there was a media class project that has been in his mind lately. it depicted him walking through downtown chattanooga walking to the beat of the music playing over the video, but he's wearing cardboard replicas of bombs strapped to him. the video ends with him walking into a sub shop in downtown and blowing it up. also, the fbi has uncovered a series of writings by this shooter that date back several years, painting this picture of somebody troubled by drugs and alcohol, facing serious financial problems and saying he wrote about suicide and martyrdom in the papers dating back as far back as 2013. his family issued a statement over the weekend expressing grief and shock at his actions. this as the community continues to mourn the five service members killed. randall smith passed away over the weekend. his mother paid an emotional visit to the memorial to him and
6:21 am
the other fallen. >> was he your hero? >> he's been my hero since the day i gave birth to him. he's my life my world. i have a half a heart left and it's for my daughter. his is gone. >> meanwhile, the community continues to come out in support of the victims and their families. church services over the weekend touched on grief and prayer. blood drives continue to replenish the supply that was treated, treating the wounded of this attack and funerals are planned for the next coming days. another chance for the community to come together in grief and mourning. back to you. >> thank you so much. sarah dallof with the latest on that. thank you, again. >> after the break, we'll get a preview of what's being billed as a major speech next hour by jeb bush. plus democratic lawmakers in new jersey are trying to force governor chris christie to resign while he runs for president. plus first, i just had to show you this video. no it's not sped up. this is real time.
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6:26 am
endorsement passed this morning. opposition worried that lifting hefty sanctions could lead to a militarized iran without capability. they'll have 90 days to take action before the deal comes into effect. >> greek banks officially reopening today. many restrictions in transactions in place, including withdrawal limits and forced check deposits. a decree published this weekend has added a withdrawal limit to the 60 euro a day limit in place. they're recovering after an agreement prompted the european central bank to raise its funding. >> and a bill forcing chris christie to resign is set to be introduced introduced. the bill crafted by two democratic senators come as a poll shows the majority of residents think christie should step down if he's running for president. proponents of the bill are focused on a lack of state issues and taxpayer dollars used
6:27 am
to fund security detail on the campaign trail for him. new revelations in the allegations against bill cosby. he admits to seducing young women with his fame. we'll have more on what else we learned. plus, a milestone day in the normalization of relations between u.s. and cuba as embassies open in washington, d.c. and havana. it is not without controversy. a live report straight ahead here on "the rundown." so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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6:31 am
u.s. trade embargo that only the u.s. can lift. laurie, what are we expecting when the ceremony gets under way, which we expect to happen in about an hour. >> exactly, good morning, richard. a lot of activity out here this morning. there are people who are protesting in favor. there are some very few, who are against this normalization of relations between the united states and cuba. but with regards to that ceremony, you're absolutely right. about 10:30, what we expect to see is the cuban flag being raised here. they installed a brand-new flag pole. and also, the unveiling of what will be the new plaque. it will no longer say cuban intersection. it will say the cuban embassy. we expect the foreign minister for cuba who will also give what they say will be a very relatively short speech about seven minutes, and 500 guests are here. it's a shame you can't see them because we have a large police presence here in the nation's capital because of this event.
6:32 am
we already see a lot of guests who are coming here to participate, and amongst those heading the u.s. delegation who will have no type of speaking part here is under secretary roberta jacobson, who we all know has been at the table and negotiating with the cubans in the last few months. she will also be accompanied by other members of the administration who had different departments who have also been engaged in those conversations. now, what will happen a lot have asked, after that? bruno rodriguez, the foreign minister will then go to the state department. he will meet there with john kerry. and he will have a press conference afterwards. in havana we don't expect to see anything happening today. they are not obligated to raise a flag there. and we're expecting that that will not happen until mid-august, but as of today, richard, that too, is the american embassy in havana. back to you.
6:33 am
>> new words we'll be using after today, lori for both of those embassies. thank you so much. lori live there in washington, d.c. now at the top of the hour we'll get a look at what jeb bush's priorities would be as president. the republican presidential candidate giving what's expected to be the first of a series of speeches. his campaign is calling it quote, taking on mt. washington. he'll be outlining those priorities in tallahassee, florida, where he spent eight years as governor. chris jansing traveling with the bush campaign. she's in the florida capital this morning for us. chris, good morning to you. what can we expect to hear from jeb bush? >> good morning. well, you said it. taking on mt. washington. what does that mean? you can see it on the sign behind me reform d.c. it's a campaign theme he used successfully as governor when he called for taking on mt. tallahassee. in other words, blowing up the system as usual. trying new things. things that he says as governor were successful. this is part of a week-long
6:34 am
series of events he's going to be doing with that message essentially smaller government returning more power to the states having said that. it's also going to be a time that he can draw a contrast to donald trump. he is going to be here answering questions. he believes looking presidential. showing himself as someone who is a proven leader and somebody who can get out there and talk to the people but also tout a record, a performance record here in tallahassee. this is by the way, the first time he's come back to the capital where he served two terms as governor since he announced for president. >> as we look at where he is making his speech today, what's being said about how he might be making florida, as you were mentioning, the former state where he was governor twice, what it might mean for his campaign? >> they think he's got a great record. he'll talk about things like balancing the budget for eight years, which is a key message to the republican base.
6:35 am
having said that his opponents will say the state law is that you have to balance the budget. he'll talk about the thriving economy while he was governor. his opponents will point out it was a time when the real estate market was going crazy, which fed into the tax coffers, as we all know, later, that collapsed. and there were a lot of economic problems here. but he is going to tout his record today and through the week. and you're going to hear him more taking on donald trump. he put out a video, by the way, over the weekend, where he said enough with the slanderous attacks. thill this will be a week of drawing contrasts. >> chris jansing live for us in tallahassee. again, that event with jeb bush scheduled to begin in half an hour. we'll be watching and bring it to you live right here. stick around. >> no comment from bill cosby this morning after explosive new details revealed this weekend about a 2005 sexual assault lawsuit. in a fully released deposition first obtained by the "new york times," cosby admitting to leading women into sexual
6:36 am
situations with promises of fame and career advice. the lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims she was drugged and molested by the entertainer. in the transcript cosby defends himself, suggested to a lawyer he was good at reading nonverbal signals on when a woman would consent, saying quote, she does not say to me don't ever do that again. she doesn't walk out with an attitude of a huff because i think that i'm a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in their romantic sexual things. ent end quote. attorney gloria alred is representing some of cosby's alleged victims. take a listen. >> i intend to use many of the answers that mr. cosby gave in this 2005 lawsuit in his deposition to probe him even further about quaaludes, about his apparent lying to women,
6:37 am
when i have the opportunity to take his deposition. >> cosby has vigorously denied all sexual assault allegations and has never been criminally charged in this. with more on these new developments, let's bring in former u.s. attorney kendall coffey. we have been talking about this case for some time now. what's your thought about attorney gloria allred doing what she just said. will she be able to depose bill cosby in her client's case? >> bill cosby's best friend at this point is the statute of limitations. certainly, that's going to be raised in a lot of these cases. but one or more of these cases is going to go forward. in those cases, i think they'll be able to use this dep zishz, which is a mighty ugly transcript from the standpoint of bill cosby. so normally you can't use evidence from other cases but because they're alleging and will be able to establish, perhaps, a pattern, false mentoring, drug-laced drik sexual abuse of a helpless film.
6:38 am
i think when one or more of these cases go forward, that deposition is going to be used and it's going to be dine nite. >> when you look at gloria all allred bringing up we will use this 2005 lawsuit and the deposition that you're alluding to you're going to say it's going to be critical to the case. what do you make of the comments? for instance, the ones we just shared? >> well, they're amazing. from the standpoint of the cosby legal team he was admitting only that he was giving partying drugs for purposes of partying rather than immobilizing drugs for purposes of exploiting and abusing a helpless victim. from the standpoint of the court of public opinion, his is tantamount to a confession. i think that's the way any jury would hear this information and see this transcript. >> going back to the transcript he's alluding to his ability to read nonverbal signals. what does that mean? >> he's implying that all of
6:39 am
this was consensual. that he understood that. any time you go down the road of the victim was asking for it with all this other evidence that's going to be a disaster in this day and age. i think cosby's arrogance as well as his insensitivity are going to be every bit as harmful as his statement that he was giving quaaludes to younger womens in order to have a sexual relationship with them. >> let's dig deeper on that, again to the transcript, a lawyer is asking him, when you knot the quaaludes, was it in your mind you were going to use it for young women that you wanted to have sex with. cosby responds saying yes. when a lawyer asked, did you ever give any of those young women the quaaludes without their knowledge, cosby's lawyer interrupts in this interlude, do not answer that question. what do you make of that back and forth here? >> well from the standpoint of his legal team that's going to be critical. yeah, it was a party drug and they were partying. it was consensual.
6:40 am
that's what they'll argue later on and it was just about engaging and entertaining a subject rather than immobilizing them and sexually abusing them. i think the word yes, as would be here by the american public as well as by any jury is tantamount to saying i'm guilty. >> thank you so much. kendall coffey on this case with bill cosby. appreciate it. >> thanks richard. in just a couple hours from now, families and friends of a woman who died in texas jail will hold a prayer service in her honor. sandra blanld was found hanging in her prison cell three days after a traffic stop turned into a confrontation less than two weeks ago. this is video right here. her family claims that shows her arrest. we have not verified this video. we don't know what happened in the moments preceding the video. authorities say they arrested the 28-year-old after she became
6:41 am
arg meant argumentative. her death was ruled a suicide. something relatives are questioning at the moment. they're ordering an independent autopsy. adam is in hempstead, texas. what do we expect to see today and what do you know? >> good morning. the sisters have arrived as well as the attorney. as you mentioned, they're demanding an independent autopsy. they want some answers. they also want to meet with investigators. that's the sheriff, the d.a. as well as the tex techrangeas rangers who are conducting the investigation. yesterday, a church service just feet away from where she was arrested. their attorney has seen that dashcam video. apparently, the video does fame as doesn't want to watch it. he's wondering how is a routine arrest able to escalate into something so much more. >> we're going to find out whether or not there is consistency between the two autopsies. you know there were issues as it relates to the concerns that sandy voiced about her shoulder being hurt and being slammed up against the ground.
6:42 am
so there's a whole host of things that we want to know. we haven't had occasion to get the initial autopsy back either so we want to get that. >> now the arresting officer has been placed on desk duty for violating departmental policy and also violating policy while pulling somebody over. the jail has been decertified for violating procedures in mental health and suicide for vention and also violating rules not inspecting cells which is supposed to be done every hour. the sheriff said none of this had anything to do with her death. the district attorney said all of this evidence will be presented to a grand jury and let the public decide. richard. >> adam thank you so much. now, still ahead, as james holmes awaits his sentencing for the murders of 12 people in a colorado movie theater, today, we look back and honor their lives on the three-year anniversary of the shooting. we have that for you next. first, what an incredible
6:43 am
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can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? less than one week after a jury found james holmes guilty on all counts in the slaughter of 12 people at a suburban colorado movie theater, today marks the third anniversary of that horrible event. 70 people were injured in one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. with the guilty verdict, the survivors and victims' families are trying to move forward, but it's a daily battle. scott cohn has more. >> for jansing young, now 24 years old, there are good days and bad days. >> sometimes it feels like three years and something it's differently yesterday. >> she survived the shooting only because her boyfriend died
6:47 am
protecting her. >> you never forget and you never forget the screams and you never forget i mean i'll never forget what it sounded like and felt like and smelt like. >> there's not a second a minute, or an hour that doesn't go by that doesn't remind me of the theater. >> marcus and his friend rebecca had planned for weeks to attend the batman premiere. she died in the aic tack he escaped with gunshot wounds and a life forever changed. >> for a while, two different people. one trying to think he's the person before the theater and one trying to think he's this guy who has overcome this obstacle, but i was fooling myself. >> i'll never forget that the worst moment of my whole life. >> rene's daughter died in the theater. she had been inseparable from her mother and grandmother. >> three years. that's been quite a while.
6:48 am
and we still miss her so much. >> we do miss her so much. >> but this third anniversary is different from the first two. >> we the jury find the defendant james holmes guilty. >> we just sat there, and i held my mom's hand. i grabbed her hand and as soon as they said guilty on all of those counts i felt good. for a minute. >> some people were cheering. some people were sad. some people were crying. i mean it was all over the place, but me i had this pit in my stomach. >> closure is really happening and justice is here. and it's like -- it's just the word that describes it is finally. >> but healing is a long way off. here in aurora the century 16 movie theater has long since reopened. there's still talk of a permanent memorial not far from here, but progress is slow. the city of aurora has donated some land next to city hall just out of view of the theater. rene and her mother are on the committee trying to raise awareness and money.
6:49 am
>> i wouldn't want people to forget about this. >> we want to be aurora strong. >> with the sentencing phase of the case about to begin, all say they're trying to find ways to move on in their lives. >> it will never be the same without her. >> no it won't. >> marcus got married, became a father and an advocate for victims. >> those disturbing images i don't think those are ever going to go away. no matter if it's three years, 10 years or 20 years down the road, but i know i can overcome it. >> jansing young looks forward to a life that's no longer in slow motion. >> obviously, i'll always be here on the anniversary and i'm -- you know never going to forget john, and on his birthday we're always going to bake a cake and we're going to blow out candles and sing to the angel in the room but i'm not -- i'm really hoping that this helps me want to move forward. >> three years, but in the lives of the survivors and of a community, a blink of an eye. scott cohn nbc news aurora
6:50 am
colorado. >> after a quick break, several rights protesters gave democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and martin o'malley a hard time this past weekend at a conference martin o'malley a hard time on progressives in phoenix. we were there. join us next. e for just about anything. go you always have choice. book now at [ school bell rings ] ♪ ♪ [ female
6:51 am
announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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6:53 am
this morning the presidential candidacies of martin o'malley and bernie sanders are recovering from a challenging weekend at a net roots nation conference. they got heckled and booed when they talked about issues facing the black community. msa reporter jamie joins us now. i want to play a little bit and then i'll get your response. >> black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter. >> black lives of course matter and i spent 15 years of my life fighting for civil rights. if you don't want me to be here that's okay.
6:54 am
>> jane first off, let's start with martin o'malley's comments and i guess the takeaway of that headline is he said white lives matter black lives matter and they continued. i guess that was the wrong words. why? >> to them it says exactly what they're trying to protest. they're saying white lives aren't the ones being hurt, they're not the ones struggling with discriminatory policing, and they're saying if you're saying that you don't understand what we're talking about. you hear the gasps in the audience. that wasn't just the protesters that was thousands of people in the audience going, oh geez he just stepped in it with this crap. from there on in he was off and running in less than two minutes. >> bernie sanders also came to the stage and didn't get a very warm welcome, either yet some in his camp might say that he for a long time has stood up with rights that are consistent with what that crowd cared about. what did that all say put together? >> bernie sanders wanted to
6:55 am
stick to his talking poinltsts. he kept wanting to turn it to economic policy and the crowd was saying no we want to talk about what we want to talk about. he was saying i want to say my shpiel. i think for bernie sanders a lot of things are better and these protesters are much younger and they want to talk about issues they see today. >> hillary clinton decided not to go to this. did they know what the other two, martin o'malley as well as bernie sanders, didn't know or didn't necessarily prepare themselves for? >> i think that clinton decided not to go probably because she had a bad experience and she also got booed in a much lesser way. i think she wants to approach the progressive movement on her own terms. she doesn't want to end up in a situation like this, and honestly not going made her look a lot better than her opponents. >> the question is what this might mean as 2016 gets closer.
6:56 am
when you look at these sorts of conferences where they can drive candidates to places where they want those candidates to be at. we'll see how that turns out. jane, thank you so much. i appreciate it. coming up on "the rundown," we'll go back to washington d.c. and my friend jose balancert on this place in history. the speech ahead on msnbc. another hot day is under way, and it's going to stay that way, especially in the deep south t. 1 south.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
just after midnight and this morning the cuban flag was raised at the state department. but there remains a deep economic divide between the two nations and there are still many issues to resolve. the u.s. trade embargo, for example, will replapmain in effect. it requires the congress to end it. the u.s. is also opening an embassy in havana. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to cuba next month for a raising of the flag ceremony there. we begin with cnbc outside the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. michelle good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. the crowd is in front here already. there are hundreds of reporters here also hundreds of protesters. some of them are anti-castro, some are pro-castro. over my shoulder you can see the flagpole. about a half hour from now, the official flag raising followed by a procession inside the
7:01 am
embassy. before the embargo can be lifted outstanding claims by u.s. companies against the cuban government must be resolved and there are thousands of them. nearly 6,000 of them. there is an office building federal office building here in d.c. that's got drawers and drawers full of dusty old legal documents from major corporations who had all of their businesses seized by the cuban government and fidel castro back in 1960. big names: general electric all the major banks here in the united states, ibm, et cetera. all of them had either real estate there some kind of claims. the law says you can't lift the embargo until those are somehow settled. they're worth 78 billion. when castro seized all american businesses he seized all businesses. for example, the sugar company. it was traded on wall street and
7:02 am
the heirs of that business are ready to file claim to the cuban government the second they can, and to this day they still remember the day their father lost everything. >> he got this phone call and he just turned around and he said they've taken over. and we were like what do we do now? >> my father really suffered and that makes me very sad. and i am very angry that these people have destroyed my country. >> reporter: so the cuban government bottom line owes billions and billions of dollars to various institutions around the world, whether it's corporations in the u.s. exiles and even companies overseas jose. those are things they have to deal with. they're going to reemerge into the international capital markets. >> it's day one, first stage. michelle, thank you very much in washington, d.c. i want to go live to havana to
7:03 am
gabe gutierrez. gabe, this is interesting, not front page news in cuba's official press. >> reporter: that's right, jose. it is before cuba's official press, but there is some sense of optimism here among many of the people that we had spoken with. again, the cuban government warns this will be a very gradual process. as you've been reporting, there are many idealogical differences between the two countries, but some of the folks wii spoken with here say the main thing is they are talking. behind me the officials became a part of that embassy for the first time in 50 years. the u.s. flag is not flying here and it won't be until secretary of state john kerry visits the island later this summer. several people here have been walking by and they're standing across from the embassy, some tourists, perhaps some students here, and they do seem to want to see some sort of ceremony but at the same time again, there is no such ceremony planned here today, no official
7:04 am
ceremony. cuban state tv does plan to carry the flag raising ceremony in washington here live. so there is a great sense of anticipation here in havana but among some a very guarded skepticism. jose? >> gabe gutierrez in havana cuba. thank you very much. joining me elena rossman in florida. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you, jose. >> you've been in opposition of restoring ties with cuba. why? >> today is certainly a sad day for u.s. national interests. it's a great day for rogue regimes as president obama took his iran deal to the u.n. security council, and they voted unanimously. what a shocker to lift all sanctions on iran then president obama opens or allows the cuban embassy to open officially and then secretary kerry will do the same later this summer. and what has the u.s. gained? have we gotten back u.s.
7:05 am
fugitives who have fled from justice here and have sought refuge in cuba? no. have u.s. citizens been compensated for their illegally seized property? no. have we even complied with the law? you know the law says that u.s. diplomatic relations can only be established with cuba once we see a transition to democracy, and what happened yesterday in cuba? more beatings and more arrests of opposition leaders, including the ladies in white. >> congresswoman, so let's talk a few of those points. the u.s. fugitives are in cuba and they've been there for decades. u.s. citizens had their property confiscated decades ago. and precisely the embargo and lack of communication between the two governments, some say, is the reason why nothing was accomplished. gabe gutierrez saying some in cuba are saying maybe the fact that two governments are
7:06 am
conversing or having conversations can resolve issues like the ones you mentioned that have not been able to be resolved for 50 years. >> well that is a wonderful thought, and if you believe that, i've got a bridge over the everglades that i could sell you. wishful thinking ain't going to make it so. castro runs a tight shop. it's a communist regime. all of that influx of money will only help the regime stay afloat. it is not u.s. law that has prevented the castro regime to send back fugitives or to make good on those claims. it is -- they're a tightly controlled regime who won't allow anything to happen and in fact today, nothing will happen differently for the people of cuba. >> congresswoman, why is it okay for the united states to have relations with for example, the soviet union the embassy of the united states embassy and the soviet union was there throughout the time that the soviet union existed. why is it okay for the united states to have an embassy in china and negotiate with that
7:07 am
country? why is it that of all the countries in the world that the united states has relations with you think that having a relationship with cuba is somehow worse than china, russia, soviet union or any other country? >> well i do agree that the human rights violations throughout the world are egregious, and that should not be forgiven. and i am not a china apologist, but one can make the case that what goes on in china is a two-system type of policy. they have economic freedom while they have political repression. but there are many u.s. businesses that are doing business independently of the regime in china. i'm not advocating for that. we should have solidarity with enslaved people and repressed people and we've gotten the international community to say south africa for example, during their apparent time of apartheid, we're not going to do business with you. perhaps if we had more
7:08 am
solidarity for oeppressed people, we should have more freedom throughout the world. but we should not be advocateing for a communist regime to have u.s. dollars so close to our shores when they're doing espionage to the united states. that's an espionage that china does and russia does too. shame on us for allowing cuba to join that rank. >> congresswoman, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, jose. >> we'll show the flag raising live about 24 minutes from now. in the meantime let me toss it back to my colleague in new york richard lui. richard? >> reporter: we'll take you now to florida live where right now we have a republican presidential candidate jeb bush saying what he is going to do how he is going to be an outsider and reform washington. >> this order is enough to sound the alarm all by itself. when it comes to the norm, when there is no accountability and
7:09 am
few even expect it anymore, that's when we really need to worry. it's come to the point with the current administration and with the entire washington establishment that it so perfectly represents that it's kind of like alfred neumann, what me worry? we have the challenge that nobody believes their government works for them. i believe it can and i will take the skills of many of you in this room to help me make it so. don't get me wrong, i don't have such fond memories but i certainly have memories in my time in government here when it wasn't perfect. but that's part of being a leader, is to accept responsibilities when things go wrong. after the 2000 presidential election recount, we moved decisively to improve our election laws and they are envy of the nation.
7:10 am
when the tragedy of aurelia wilson took place, working with the legislature, we stepped up our commitment to community-based care and made the system much more responsive to children in need. and when senior people in my administration violated the public trust, they were removed from their jobs. when these problems occurred i took responsibility. that's what floridians deserve. and that's the kind of leadership that has been lacking in washington and that is the kind of leadership i will bring to washington d.c. [ applause ] >> presidential candidate jeb bush there speaking live in tallahassee, and as he was trying to do there, he's outlining what his economic parties will be as president. he also mentioned abuses of the irs before we actually got to comments he was making. i want to bring in cory bacon
7:11 am
and ed tore of the "washington post." jeb bush saying he's an outsider in so many words. he's not from washington clearly trying to shut that layer -- shed that layer of being a bush. >> exactly. two of the things that were really challenging but potentially could reform the government a lot. one, he's talking an idea of a balanced budget amendment, meaning each year the president would sign into law a balanced budget that has an equal amount of spending in texas as well. the second idea would be this idea that you would ban members of congress for becoming lobbyists for up to six years after they leave office. that would sort of stop the revolving door in theory. part of this idea that congress is going to pass a balanced budget amendment, they have in the past and members of congress often like to go to lob bying jobs because they pay a lot. i'll be curious to see if that's a movement as well. >> some stuff that may be
7:12 am
practical may get done. other stuff will not get done and where we are in the arc of running for president in 2016 and getting to election day, can he change the narrative that has been so clearly all about the other guy? >> well we'll see. and i think the way the bush campaign looks at this is it's a long process. there's always some kind of candidate like donald trump. remember michelle bachmann in the past or herman cain who pop up temporarily but fall by the wayside later on. bush trying to remind people he spent eight years as governor during a successful economic period, truly reforming the state government in many different ways. of course, his critics point out that he was lucky because he was governor during the economic upswing, and as soon as he left the results of the housing boom in florida took effect and the economy cratered in the state. this is also part of his attempt to get people to focus on his first name if you will and not on the family legacy. the idea that he is his own man, that he has his own political record separate from his father
7:13 am
and brother. going to tallahassee taking on a place he calls not tallahassee, he has to federalize it and nationalize it if you will and take it mt. washington. >> mt. washington. perry, how crucial is this to jeb bush that he takes on the role of being a successful governor, the only one to have two administrations there, and be so be loved by reporters there. how is it that he keeps beating that drum? >> i think it's important. two top contenders, i would say ohio governor john casey who gets in tomorrow. the republican party is pushing the idea of a governor will a better governor be more effective. bush has to show that walker knows republicans that was a bold leader. bush was last governor in 2007.
7:14 am
he'll remind you of his record and what he did. a lot don't know what bush did where they know scott walker blew the numbers. >> he got some to come along with him. none of the other candidates took the bait here. who gets the voters so excited, at least in the early polls that wii been seeing? >> you mean who gets the voters like trump has? >> that's right. >> i think you're looking at ted cruz or some of the more socially conservative guys in the field, guys like rick santorum, ben huckabee ben carson because he's not of a political figure in the capitol. you're seeing what ted cruz does these days that he's eager to get support when trump leaves or becomes a political party candidate of some kind.
7:15 am
bush not interested in being part of that crowd, trying to appear as anti-trump. >> trying to look presidential along the way, as you can see on that stage. perry bacon and o'keefe on the "washington post." thank you. >> thank you. about 30 minutes from now, the human flag will be lifted and the doors of the cuban embassy in washington will open. we'll take you there live coming up on "the rundown." to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep
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7:18 am
new developments this hour in the shooting massacre that claimed the lives of five service members at u.s. military facilities in washtennessee. there is a disturbing video made
7:19 am
by mohammad youssuf abdulazeez as part of a class media project. we'll go to chattanooga live sarah daloff. what else is he saying? >> terry is one of the people looking over the past with fresh eyes wondering if there is something he missed. this was for a class project. it shows abdulazeez walking with bombs strapped to his chest. he's walking to the beat of the music. it ends when he walks into a sub shop and blows it up. law enforcement said they found writings by the gunman talking about suicide and martyrdom back in 2013. he suffered with depression and alcohol abuse and was facing some financial difficulties. meanwhile the community continues to mourn those five service members killed in the attack. navy s.e.a.l. randall smith passed away over the weekend due to injuries he sustained in the
7:20 am
attack. his mother visited met moralthe memorial and spoke about her son and his legacy. >> he died doing what he loved. he would have it no other way. >> reporter: he was passionate about his country? >> very. >> reporter: he would give his life for anybody? >> he did. >> reporter: and the community response here continues to be huge. sunday services were packed and pastors, reverends touching on prayer, grief and healing. blood drives continue to replenish the supply that was depleted during treatment of the wounded, and richard, people continue to come out here to this ever-growing memorial leaving flowers and american flags behind. back to you. >> days later, there's so much action there so many people with heartfelt concern about the families of the survivors. thank you so much msnbc sarah daloff. we'll go through some of the other headlines making news including this video everyone is talking about. look at that a shark attack on
7:21 am
tape, pro surfer he kicking it away. minutes from now the cuban flag will be raised in washington, d.c. we believe it's happening right now as we see one removed and one unfurled and raised. stick around. which one arrives first? hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile. so maybe the same things aren't quite the same. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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7:24 am
straight to wall street. investors keeping a close eye on greece now that we're at least a week away from what has happened. first the banks are opening for the first time in three weeks today. mandy druly is here for "the rundown." >> we're looking a little soggy on the markets right now, but the nasdaq closed at record highs on friday. even though we're a little bit lower right now, there is a very good backdrop forming here.
7:25 am
not only better than expected earnings at home but as you mentioned offshore after three weeks, greece finally reopened its banks, albeit with controls on the amounts you can withdraw per week that's 420 euros a week, and we also have to see what impact the new austerity taxes, sales tax now at 23% and a lot of household general everyday items. what kind of impact is that going to have on consumers in the already very fragile recession economy? that is something that we'll have to wait and see wa kind of impact that will have. by the way, we should also expect to see controls not lifted any time soon. could be in place for months if not years. generally it's an easing tension in the market it's a good thing, and you have systems from the b.c. and the eu finally paying a debt. it gives them a little breathing space until the next one is due.
7:26 am
it also gives them something to focus on other than greece. good to move away from those headlines and focus on things like earnings in our economy. >> and if we're going to focus on our country, the eye opener on friday was netflix and google. holy hannah. >> as i mentioned, the texas index closing at a record high certainly those strong earnings on google helping with that close. >> i like talking to you on monday like that. >> mandy drury, have a good one. >> thank you. the nigerian president will meet with president obama today in the fight against the terrorist group boco haran. a pro surfer on sunday in south africa.
7:27 am
this, yes, there is that fin. the shark attacking surfer mick fanning, one of the sport's biggest stars. the shark knocked him off his board, pulled him by his leg rope. a water safety crew quickly then getting in to rescue him. let's take you back to florida now. we mentioned that speech by jeb bush still taking place right now in tallahassee. the republican has just weighed in on those comments that donald trump had made on senator john mccain over the weekend. take a listen to jeb bush here. >> our systems are swamped with regulations. only a handful of giant defense contractors can compete in the larger contracts. that's why i support initiatives by the respect active chairman of the senate and house services committees, john mccain a real hero, by the way. >> he bowed to a comment made by
7:28 am
donald trump about john mccain. he is saying he did not agree with that comment, and we will have that for you a little bit later here on the"the rundown." history unfolding as cuba opens an embassy in our capitol. we take you to washington straight ahead. up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance.
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7:31 am
we're following breaking news right now on msnbc, the u.s. and cuba entering a new era as the island nation opens an embassy in washington, d.c. at any moment right now. the u.s. and cuba restoring diplomatic ties just after midnight after severing ties more than five decades ago. we have luke russ et outside the industry. we're waiting for that flag and
7:32 am
the number of people seems to be growing. >> reporter: yeah i would say there is at least a few hundred people on the streets for what will be a historic moment coming up in just a few minutes, richard. the flag of cuba will be risen in front of its embassy, first time in 54 years that that tiny caribbean nation will have diplomatic ties as more than just an office of the swiss. this is one of president obama's foreign policy achievements in his second terms, and at least with the people here it's getting rave reviews. i would say those in favor of this outnumber those opposed to it. i would say 5 to 1 just in my conversations. the flag ceremony that's going on behind me has a lot of dig dignitaries dignitaries, as well as a few members of congress. secretary kerry will meet with cuba's foreign minister today as well as officials from havana.
7:33 am
this interestingly enough is the first time the cuban foreign minister has ever been in the nation's capitol which gives you an idea of how far away these two countries were for so long and how they're trying to be more close these days. he expects to have meetings about what the future will entail for u.s.-cuba relations. remember, the embargo is still in place. but john kerry is going to make an historic visit to cuba in the month of august. there is also a cocktail reception, because this is a joyous occasion for many behind me and over there, and the bar is named after who else but ernest hemingway who is from cuba. we have dignitaries coming out of the capitol. the flag will be presented, i'm told, about 10:33 it's supposed to go up on the flagpole. a very joyous jubilant occasion here at what will be the new
7:34 am
cuban embassy, new after 54 years of being dormant. >> so lucas, we're watching this. we can see some of the pomp and circumstances that begins the dignitary describing what looks like three military representatives marching out the front door. while this jubilation does exist, there is also i heard, some of the chants around you, and it may be inaudible, but what are you hearing from the protesters themselves? >> reporter: well most of the protesters are actually in favor of this and they're shouting viva raul viva obama. i'm sure he's probably not thrilled to be intertwined with raul that directly. a few things you have heard from people that are opposed to this say cuba yes, fidel no. i would say there is still anger at fidel castro. but there are probably some anti i-war protesters want the
7:35 am
united states to be less vigilant around the world. the breakdown is the older you are as a cuban american the moreau posed to fidel castro you are. the younger people believe that in modern day, cuba will reach its full potential with an influx of capitalism and influx of american investment and influx of european investment. they want those who are poor and afflicted -- let's watch this right now. you have the cuban flag going up in washington d.c. for the first time in 54 years. it truly is a historic moment. ♪
7:36 am
[ people yelling ] >> there we have it 10:36 a.m. eastern on this monday and as you have said luke 54 years later, we can now use the word embassy. and this building has so much history to it. a grand marble staircase in the center of it. it is quite a building within itself, and as you have said this flagpole was not there before this agreement, before
7:37 am
the united states and cuba came together for this day where the flag was raised. >> reporter: no and nor was the flag at the state department. because the united states and cuba had officially not had the same type -- sorry, did not officially restore their relations. the flag was in the state department about 4:30 a.m. now you have the flag right behind me for the public to see in washington, d.c. i was talking to some of the older people here in the crowd. i said did you feel you would live to see this day? a lot of people were supportive of this. and many of them said no because it was such a politically expedient issue in the united states, especially in the state of florida, which was so important in the electoral college that nobody really wanted to be on the wrong side of it. it wasn't worth going all in on. you saw jimmy carter tried to do more bill clinton tried to do more, but president obama making the decision, and i would argue some democratic strategists
7:38 am
probably saw the difference between older cuban americans and younger cuban americans on this issue. a lot of republicans oppose it jeb bush and others speaking out against it. but as you see behind me a lot of jubilation a lot of people thrilled about this because they feel it's a new step toward cuba eliminating some of that nastiness we see on a larger scale. >> you have to battle not only the 85-plus degree weather -- >> 95 at least, my friend. but who is counting right? >> the crowds behind you screaming "viva fidel." we also have the cuban national anthem being played at the same time. we heard that as you were giving your report. all of this coming together because there clearly is controversy that you're discussing. there is also the issue of the trade embargo and what is going forward. >> reporter: very interesting thing we should point out here is the trade embargo is still in
7:39 am
place. and what you're seeing behind me is some people who say, look just because you have a restoration of diplomatic relations, that's not enough. we want the trade embargo lifted. now, that probably is not going to happen because that takes an act of congress while republicans control both chambers. but what you're going to see on that front, richard, is a real movement in the next few years of united states business professionals, those around the world that say, look the best way to improve the human rights condition in cuba is by opening up foreign investment because then we have more eyes and ears on the ground similar to those you've seen in countries such as china that still sort of operate as communists capitalists and government if that is possible. that's what you're hearing behind me. but i will say that if you just talk to these protesters and you see them most everyone is very supportive of this historic moment. even the ones who are opposing it they're a little tempered because it's cuba.
7:40 am
yes, we love cuba but fidel, no we hate fidel. we don't forgive fidel for what happened in the 1950s when so many people had to flee and become refugees in other parts of the united states. so a microcosm of struggle about cuba going on behind me. when you look at the context of something very important in history, but what does a president really have the most influence on? that's foreign policy. president obama is able to say, look he restored diplomatic relations with cuba. he may in fact visit cuba and be the first american president to do that before the end of his term. he's really trying to make his mark on this big tent foreign policy doing what he said in 2008 was i want to talk to our enemies. i don't want to just bomb them or be deliberate right up front. so keeping that promise, richard. >> i want to talk to marissa
7:41 am
peron. lucas was commenting as well as hearing, "viva raul," "viva fidel," the national anthem part of what we were seeing as luke so well described what was happening there. what do you make of what we were hearing? >> reporter: well unlike some of the stereotypes that luke mentioned, i'm a young cuban american who sees this day with great sadness. the way i see it with great sadness is that flag that went up is worthy of the hands of free cubans. instead it went up by a regime that had blood on his hands. not too long ago, cubans were arrested for giving their opinions. to raise a cuban flag in washington, d.c. the united states did not have to lower its standards. in order to reach this agreement and the talks that have been
7:42 am
taking place in the last six months united states lowered tremendously its standards, including accepting violations of international law, which are not accepted anywhere else in the western hemisphere. for example, one of the things that we're going to allow is that only 4 out of 51 -- think of it 4 out of 51 u.s. diplomats in havana will be able to travel around the island. the cuban regime has refused the viability of our freedom. we have accepted this lowering international standards simply for a talking point and for a line in the history books for the president and for a flag to go up. i think, frankly, it's a sad day for diplomacy. i think it's a sad day for democratic solidarity. this week was captive nations week. what it was supposed to do is honor people living under tir tyrannies throughout the world. as you heard in the background
7:43 am
they're shouting "viva fidel," and violating every fundamental right of the cuban people. that is not celebratory by any means. >> morissio what the white house has said is any discomfort that has accompanied that time that what we're satisfying today by the flag being raised we should do something different. and you're saying doing something different is not good, and also what they'll say is there are only a handful of countries, of policies around the world that the united states does not have some sort of relationship with. and, therefore, with china and russia as well why not do this? >> because the fact is that 34 out of 35 countries in the western hemisphere are democracies, and foreign policy is done regionally. we have something here called the interdemocratic american charter which holds democracy to be at the forefront of our regional policy. we are now downgrading democracy
7:44 am
and freedom in an almost universally democratic hemisphere for the sake of embracing the last of the americans. i think that's a short-sighted policy. by the way, all the debate we're having here about open embassies is similar to the debate we had a few years ago about opening embassyies in syria and that didn't turn out so well either. the fact is this regime remains an anti-american regime, to hold fundamental rights one that defies other nations, one in venezuela that keeps them conducting affairs hits against our interests there. i think it's a very short-sighted policy by the administration. >> morissio luke russert live on the ground there by what is now the cuban embassy.
7:45 am
we're going back to washington d.c. on this historic day. 10:36 a.m. eastern that flag was raised for the first time in over half a century. ♪ ♪ hp instant ink saves you up to 50% on ink you can print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ ♪ welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow.
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for many of you, this is the first time you're seeing this in your entire life. and that is the cuban flag raised upon that flagpole about 9 feet across. it will be taken down every day whether it snows, rains, whether there's sleet. and that is the first time in 54 years that the flag was raised at the cuban embassy, now for the first time being called the cuban embassy. it will remain and we're watching what is happening on the ground. over 700 individuals there watching this. it's a full day of activity now that this has happened in washington d.c. 10:36 a.m. about 12 minutes ago. we'll continue to watch that for you right here on msnbc. we're also watching this another developing story this hour. the u.n. security council just
7:49 am
unanimously endorsing iran's historic nuclear deal with six world powers. a resolution that paves the way for lifting sanctions on iran. some of the members in congress not happy with this preemptive move because it's happening before they get a chance to debate and vote on it. today is in fact day one in congress' 60-day review period. the obama administration officially handing over the conclusion of the deal yesterday, both chambers having until september 17 to review that. secretary of state john kerry went on all five sunday talk shows to defend the agreement. take a listen. >> we have a plan in order to deal with pushback against iran's behavior. we're discussing military intervention, stopping the flow of weapons, dealing with counterterrorism dealing with special forces training capacity for some of those forces. there will be pushback chuck.
7:50 am
but the simple ideal is if you're going to push back against iran it's better to push back against someone who doesn't have a nuclear weapon rather than someone who does. >> steve clements is also the editor at large in atlanta. the news that just came in in the last hour. we're getting that stamp of approval from the u.n. security council. much expected, though, right? >> it stacks the deck against congress because it's a 15-0 vote in the united nations security council. everyone is on board with this. so as the clock has begun in the 60-day window congress has to either approve or disapprove of this arrangement with iran it will be america that defects now from an already agreed to global arrangement. that adds to the pressure that congress is feeling. >> steve goiti got some developments coming out of d.c. now there is $100 billion that
7:51 am
will be released to iran. that's the estimate here. on the flip side israel gets more than 300 billion from the united states. what's in balance here? what can iran buy with that money? >> i think the amount of money israel gets is far left from the united states. it's more about 3 billion. in the money that goes in as president obama said this is iran's money. we were able to block it temporarily, but this is iran's money and i imagine iran's citizens have been harmed in which the way their quality of life has stymied by this embargo for a long period of time so they'll do that. iran will also pump money into i see foreign effort but i think you'll see this money rebolster the relationship with american citizens. straight back to washington d.c. nbc's luke russert with new information. we were talking about the
7:52 am
protests ongoing this morning. luke what do you have? >> reporter: quite a startling development. it seems to be an anti-castro protester that sort of was in front of the gate of the embassy and drenched himself in what appears to be fake blood. it looks like it's red paint. i believe we have some video of this. he is in the process of being arrested as we speak. i see on the back of his t-shirt something that says, emilia emilia viva, and from a quick internet search it appears he's addressing what the cubans see of the first cuban woman exiled because of her political beliefs under castro. that's what i'm assuming from what i've read. i don't know definitely but that seems to be what the protest was about. he was put on the ground and has been subdued, arrested. he's got a big media swarm around him and he's in the
7:53 am
process of being put in a van, d.c. police doing their best to keep the road moving. this is a busy street 16th street, a lot of people use it to get to work. this is sort of emblematic of what's going on here. a lot of people in support of this, and you have a lot of people who are very upset with this. i would say, though from being here for a few hours, people in favor of it certainly outweighs those opposed, and they're already moving on to what they believe is the next element of the u.s.-cuba relations and that's lifting the embargo. a lot of political protest being heard today. this one got a little graphic. some thought that was real blood, but then we realized pretty quickly if it was that he would not be standing up. >> luke russert live in washington, d.c. in front of the cuban embassy now. for the first time we're able to say that at this 10:00 hour.
7:54 am
luke, thank you so much. let's get back to morissio director of the cuban embassy pact. you heard this conversation earlier, we're talking about the trade embargo. what do you think is next in that? >> first and foremost let me put everything in perspective here. over the weekend, gerard hernandez was one of the cuban spies who was convicted here in the united states for two life sentences for murder conspiracy of americans, so murder for americans. he was exchanged by president obama, he was exchanged by president obama in order to be at these talks and essentially released to cuba. so they're saying we're now establishing relations with the united states and cuba is not reseated one iota. the united states has credeeded a lot here. this regime remains a totalitarian regime a monopoly
7:55 am
which means every export the entire tourism on the island is owned, operated and controlled by the cuban military and the cuban intelligence offices. until those changes occur and talk about loading billions of dollars and put them in the hands of the cuban military and their banking companies and operating companies is really just a nonsensical conversation to have. >> why wouldn't you talk about the trade embargo until certain issues are resolved that that will remain in place? >> because since 2000 we have legalized the sale of food and medicine to cuba. therefore, there have been a lot of sales of agriculture. about 50 entities have sold a billion dollars of agricultural products to cuba. on the cuban side there has only been one recipient of every single one of those contracts, every single one of those dollars, a company owned and operated by castro. when a few people can benefit
7:56 am
from it we should reconsider. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning as we watch this event on the right-hand part of your screen there, the raising of the cuban flag at the now embassy there. we're still waiting to hear from the cuban foreign minister who is set to speak any minute as well. stay here for that event coming up. that ends "the rundown" on msnbc. tamron hall and "nauzews nation" is up next. stick around. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card.
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settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we're following breaking news out of washington where at least one protester was arrested after the cuban flag was raised in d.c. after 54 years in a political war that has now
8:00 am
ended. a protester drenched himself in what appeared to be blood, it was fake blood, but he's been arrested. we'll have a live report coming up from washington d.c. quite a scene playing out there. it was obviously high sensitivity to what is happening after 54 very long years. i also want to go to a developing story following john mccain. he is now saying that donald trump does not need to apologize to him for his comment, that he quote, liked people who weren't captured, but that trump does need to apologize to other u.s. veterans and their families. senator mccain gave his first response to donald trump's controversial remarks just a few hours ago this morning on "morning joe." >> there are some men and some women who served and sacrificed and happened to be held prisoner and somehow to denigrate that in any


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