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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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," opening day. we are live outside the new cuban embassy in washington as the united states and cuba reestablish diplomatic ties for the first time in more than half a century. starting before dawn as cuba's flag was hung in the state department lobby officially ending more than 50 years of hostilities. plus hero complex? donald trump and john mccain. >> that's what you don't do. >> i said i'm using one exchange. >> you're the media and you do the same thing. the next sentence was e he is a war hero. i said that but they never want to play that. >> while mccain responds for the first time exclusively on "morning joe." >> does donald trump owe you an apology? >> no, i don't think so but he mayo an apology to the families
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of those who have sacrificed in conflict and those who have under undergone the prison experience. >> and we will fact check trump's claims about what he did during the vietnam war. good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell. we have havana weather here in washington. history has been made. behind me is the cuban flag raised just within the hour flying proudly in the u.s. capitol after century of hostilities. secretary kerry will travel on havana on august 14th to raise the u.s. flag there. diplomatic relations will be established after secret back channel talks held partly by
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pope francis and the vatican. one of the negotiators none other than vermont senator patrick leahy, who joins me now. senator, we were both inside for the ceremonies. we heard the foreign minister call for a number of things including an end to the trade embargo and an end o to the guantanamo base being on cuban soil. any chance that congress would go along with either of those demands demands? >> eventually congress will. the american public, you put a vote to the whole american public, they said get rid of the embargo. hasn't worked for 50 years. let's have a real relationship with a country 90 miles from the shore. i think it's not going to happen overnight, but it's so much better. i was thinking -- i was down there for a baseball game 15
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years ago. castro was listening to the u.s. anthem and the cuban anthem. people stand and cheer. today we heard both anthems played again. it was pretty emotional. >> senator leahy and i were standing inside the embassy as we heard the anthems played, both the united states and the cuban anthem played. listening to them there were hundreds of people jammed into that room. it was as hot as it was, as emotional as it was, people were crying and hugging each other, a lot of members of congress. >> my wife and i were in tears. >> you have gone to cuba so many times. let's talk about that. was bring. ing alan gross back the key circuit breaker that made this possible? >> that and the remaining three of the cuban five. eric holder the president and i worked on that for a year or more. it worked out.
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>> the cuban five, we should point out, were those who accused of the convicted of espionage here in the united states. they were a cause in cuba for as long as i have covered cuban-u.s. relations. the last three of those five going back in exchange for alan gross. >> and you know what, the world didn't come to an end when we sent them back. our relationships are better. i think president obama and castro dezerveserve a great deal of credit. they obviously get along well. they both told me how much they think of each other. and i'll keep ongoing down there. we thought this day would never come. i'm a very happy senator. >> you know there's a lot of opposition to this. diminishing numbers of members of congress, but certainly others will be speaking in miami later today. what do you say to them about the fact we have normalized relations despite obvious human rights differences, prisoners
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who were skill kept. >> if we closed every one of the u.s. embassies around the world where we have problems with human rights of the country we're in we would close half our embassies. the fact is we can't make improvement until our embassies are open and can have our best men and women in there. but to say we can't open because of human rights in cuba, there are a whole lot of other countries that have terrible human rights records. we're not going to close our embassies there. >> pat and your wife have been tireless advocates for this, so for you and your wife this is a significant moment. >> it's a wonderful day. >> thank you for sharing it with us. >> thank you. >> the u.n. security council also has taken action today. i should ask senator leahy about this because the u.n. security council has taken on iran. despite members of congress complaining that it should have waited 90 days or longer until
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they can act, what do you say to that? >> many of those members of congress cakeme out against it. you spent a lot of time there watching negotiations. is it perfect? no but it's better than we were before. i told secretary kerry i'll support him on this. we will eventually get it through. >> senator, thank you very much. thank you for that little extra bit of foreign policy here. joining me from havana where the u.s. embassy has been opened gabe gutierrez is there. gabe, the decision was made that they did not want to distract from the events here today with all of the top leaders of cuba the foreign minister. they wanted to do that separately, but it's open for business even though secretary kerry will be traveling down on august 14th for a one-day trip to raise the stars and stripes
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over that building where you are today. gabe? >> reporter: good afternoon, yes, as you mentioned, it's a little different mood here in havana than in washington because it's not flying here yet. not until the secretary of state comes to havana next month. there's still a lot of excitement because this means that the two countries are now talking to each other. this is seen as a symbolic step but an important step. others in havana view this with guarded skepticism. as you have been reporting, the relationship between these two countries over the past few decades has been very difficult. there are still many unresolved issues here. but today the flag raising ceremony in washington was broadcast live on cuban tv. there's a story about the thaw in diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba in the state-run newspaper, although it is in page four.
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and still there seems to be a lot of people here and people we spoke with in line applying for u.s. visas and waiting for u.s. see is as. they think this is a major step in the long-term relationship between these two countries. >> and gabe of course what used to be an intersection now officially an embassy has been the focus of some enormous protests during the heights of tension. i remember going back down there in 1999 when there was the dispute over gonzales. that's where all of the anti-american protests were, but truth be told even in those moments of tension, the coupuban people were always so welcoming to anyone from the united states. it's really people to people situation. >> reporter: yeah, you're certainly not seeing a lot of that tension, at least here this morning. this is the u.s. intersection that once the u.s. broke off its
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diplomatic ties with cuba in 1961. the u.s. intersection was established and one step below an embassy, but officially it is the u.s. embassy. but behind me in the area right in front of the building, tourists and journalists and some cubans have gatthered throughout the day. that's a spot that you couldn't be in just yesterday because security would not have allowed it. today there seems to be a little bit more openness here outside of the building. certainly none of that anti-american sentiment we had seen in decades past. so many cubans view this as a symbolic step. the flag is not flying just yet, but they view it as an important one. >> gabe gutierrez from havana look forward to all your reporting. much more ahead on this history making day in washington at the new cuban embassy. and tomorrow don't miss my
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interrue. i will talking to secretary of state john kerry who will be traveling to cuba on august 14th to raise the american flag at the embassy. and today he's hosting the foreign minister of cuba. who is coming to the state. still ahead, no apologies. donald trump tried to defend comments about john mccain's war record by taking aim at the news media. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. >> i do also respect greatly people that aren't captured. we talk about john mccain and i think it's great and he is a very brave man and all of that, but we don't talk about the people that weren't captured. that's what i was trying to refer to and i think i did.
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let me ask you this. would you say to john mccain's face what you said in that one comment. i'm using the one string of sentences together. he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. would you say that? >> if you go on, that's what you don't do. >> i said i'm using one exchange exchange. >> you're the media and do the same thing. the next sentence was he's a war hero. i said that but they never want to play uit. >> donald trump playing offense and defense with matt lauer although "today" did play the entire clip contrary to what trump said. trump is slamming the media and many opponents after he challenged john mccain's heroism in iowa saturday night. >> i supported him. he lost. he let us do down. but he lost. so i never liked him as much as that because i don't like
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losers. he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. he's a war hero because he was captured. and i believe perhaps he's a war hero, but right now he said bad things about a lot of people. >> senator mccain tried to avoid engage. ing trump or escalateing this it during an appearance today on "morning joe." >> does donald trump owe you an apology? >> i don't think so, but i think e he mayo an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed in conflict and those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country. >> joining me now for our daily fix is luke russert, and molly
9:16 am
ball political writer at the atlantic. i don't know how to embrace all of this, but luke, first to you, you have been watching this the last couple days. i had an interview with trump on "morning joe" on friday. before that with mccain. it's only gotten a lot worse after what trump actually did say saturday night in iowa. >> you know, andrea, i think the way in which donald trump's fellow republican candidates were happy to throw him under the bus showcases just how readily they want to get rid of him. they view him as an impetment of the race starting up. if you saw the play by the mccain camp as they department speak out over the weekend and allowed purposefully the other contender to just declare open season on donald trump. now trump is sort of using this to his advantage, sort of saying that this is the establishment,
9:17 am
this is the washington machine of republican politics trying to take me out. but i got to say this. from someone who has covered john mccain for some time john mccain's arms were so badly broken he can barely comb his hair. donald trump can't comb his hair because it's fake. one of the things said was that john mccain let the veterans down with his v.a. reform bill. i covered that bill in congress. john mccain struck a deal with bernie sanders and allowed $500 million to new veterans hospitals and hiring new doctors and nurses 26 new hospitals opened up. the attacks were completely without merit, and i think it's something that's reflective of where we are as a news media that we jump on this guy when he's so out of bounds and he's going to use that to play on the fringe. i'm going to be fascinated to see how far he has this gasoline in his tank because at some point you think people will wake up and realize this guy is way out there. >> the argument that trump is
9:18 am
making is that he's getting enormous crowds. he's tapping into an anti-washington -- anti-politician sentiment out there. there are deep roots within the republican party and i would bet among some democrats as well in red states who agree with him. >> i agree with you, though i think the idea of donald trump as pop list is somewhat odd. but that is the role that he's sort of fulfilling at the moment. look, i'm with luke. i do think we may look back -- i think we will look back and date the trump candidacy as pre-mccain comment and post-mccain comment. channelling people's outrage at washington and politicians very smart and savvy as a political strategy. attacking veterans and let's be honest no matter what donald trump says about the media, he
9:19 am
was trying to make a joke at john mccain's expense. that's what was happening. that is the most fraught political thing you can do. i'm wondering if this starts people to take some of the shine off of him, even people supportive of him saying is this the message we want to carry? >> what gets lost is that evangelical crowd at the gathering in iowa was more distressed by what e he said about god, communion, confession about religious issues issues of faith than what he said about john mccain. >> that's right, i think there was sort of a rhetorical question hanging in the air before this weekend is there anything he could say that would turn off this angry fringe of voters gravitateing to him. he's testing that by insulting military and religion. i think for a lot of the republican establishment that is so loathed by that base in a way
9:20 am
this is a gift because it allows them to come together and to denounce trump but now there's a lot of nervousness. they are crossing their fingers and hopeing this it does something to that bubble of support he has in the polls. i think a lot of republican elites are waiting to see that next round of polling hoping that trump is deflated a bit by having crossed a number of lines now. >> here's a little bit more of john mccain's exclusive interview from "morning joe." >> i'm in the arena, but in the case of many of our veterans, when mr. trump said that he prefers to be with people who were not captured well the great honor of my life tofs serve in the company of heroes. i'm not a hero, but those z who are my seennior ranking officers,
9:21 am
those who inspired us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't. have been capable of doing, those are the people that i think he owes an apology to. >> and on friday also on "morning joe," trump called in and i asked him about john mccain and what he had been saying because he tweeted that john mccain was a dummy. >> why take on john mccain, a war heero and a senior republican? what is that work here with you and john mccain? >> i supported john mccain. he let us down because he lost, but it was a hard one with the economy. i supported him and raised a lot of money for him. and i'm a loyalist. i'm a person that if somebody is with me i'm with that person. john mccain was very disloyal to me. >> so luke russert, where does this go next? because right now donald trump is going to be on the stage at that first republican debate. >> he's going to be on the stage and we all have to see how the
9:22 am
other candidates react. he's going to try to take them down some of the rabbit holes that will make them uncomfortable because it's beneficial to his campaign. in the context of where the republican party is solidarity with the military is one of the central platforms of that camp. for donald trump to do this and characterize it as the paid ya taking words, he was more than willing on friday with you to go down this road calling out john mccain. we know john mccain is not the most popular republican and conservative circles, but even the most conservative critics might come after him for working with ted kennedy or immigration reform. it's never about the service to the country. what sort of bombastic things will donald trump say on the stage to cause competitors a lot of concern. >> and just briefly, where do the republican candidates stand?
9:23 am
so far ted cruz defending him. the others have gone off in the other direction. >> i was going to say cruz is the lone outliar here. there's an obvious reason. ted cruz believes that donald trump will peter out at some point, but his message will live on. and that there will be a group of voters with trump now who when trump disappears need somewhere to go and ted cruz wants it to be him. there's a reason that jeb bush knows that. >> and thanks to the panel. we'll be back to you in a moment. joining me from inside the embassy is chris van hollen congressman from maryland.
9:24 am
let's talk about the significance of today because you have been very involved in normalizing relations between the united states and cuba. >> well, it's a great day. we're changing and turning a new page in relations between the american people and the cuban. people. it was a great honor to have been asked by the president to go down to cuba with alan gross's wife when we brought him back from prison. and that story, the alan gross story, became part of the catalyst and part of the story of this new change. i'm pleased to have played a small role in it and great to see today unfolding. >> now there are protesters and there are people concerned about human rights in cuba. and the cubans today demanding that the embargo being lifted the prison and the naval base being turned back to them on their soil. what are the chances, you are a good judge of what's going on in the house.
9:25 am
>> people are right to be concerned about the human rights situation in cuba. i always make a point to visit with the human rights groups but it's pretty clear that the 54 years of trying to isolate cuba did not succeed in improving human rights. i believe engagement with the people will. with respect to the embargo, we need to lift that so we have the full benefit of exchange of ideas, goods and services. but as of now, you heard my republican colleagues. they are still stuck in the 1960s failed policy. e we hope that will change. >> one of the biggest changes that can be done by the president and executive order without lifting the embargo? >> he's already expanded travel to cuba. a lot of people needed to get narrow licenses to go. that's been broad. en ed greatly. a lot more exchange of goods and services in special areas so as long as you're dealing with the very small but growing private sector in cuba, you can have exchanges of goods. that's designed to encourage the
9:26 am
growth of the private sector in cuba. so some good openings but we do need to lift the embargo. in the meantime it's great to have today's celebration because it is a turning of the page from a clearly failed policy. failed to move cuban government. succeeded in isolate inging the cuban people and giving the cuban government an excuse to clamp down on human rights. >> there are a few hot spots around havana. they are beginning to bring the internet in. how important is it to have the internet and open access for ideas and the free flow of ideas to people inside cuba? >> it's very important. in fact, on the last visit i took to cuba, we made a point of meeting with the cuban agency responsible for the internet in cuba. and we're going to be pushing that. a lot of american communications companies are interested in opening cuba.
9:27 am
we have to recognize the infrastructure in cuba for communications is very tight. there is the issue of making sure the cuban government provides more access. it's very expensive right now. we need to bring down the costs. >> a quick question about iran. the u.n. today passed the security council resolution incorporating the agreement, including five and eight years down the road lifting the arms embargo. very controversial with many of your colleagues. >> i give the president is and negotiating team great credit for negotiating an agreement with the goal of trying to make sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. that's been the purpose. it's over 180 pages or so long. i'm in the process of looking through it. but i do think this may present that opportunity to the world. with respect to the arms embargo, this is something that may happen now or eight years
9:28 am
from now. in any agreement, as we know there are things that we like and things we don't like. we should like the fact that it will prevent iran from get. ing a nuclear weapon if that's the determination of the congress. i'm going to be looking carefully at this agreement. >> you're open to supporting it? >> i'm open for supporting it, yes. the burden at this point in time may be on those who are opposing it in terms of putting together a e scenario where we're better off without an agreement. i'm going to be listening to the hearings and the testimony. every member of congress has a responsibility to go through a process and understand this agreement, no knee jerk reactions. >> thank you very much congressman. >> thank you. >> very important day here outside the new cuban embassy. i'm heading now to the state department where history will be made this afternoon.
9:29 am
the first visit by a cuban foreign minister. they will hold a joint press conference and i'll sit down with john kerry u. more on that this afternoon here on msnbc. for now, let's go back to luke russert in the studio. >> andrea thank you so much. we look forward to your continuing coverage. we have much more news coming your way this hour including new details about the gunman in last week's chuting in tennessee. a family friend says mohammad youssuf abdulazeez went on a downward spiral just days before the shooting. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus...
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competition. look at that image. and up next we're learning more about the gunman who shot and killed five military service members in tennessee, including what his family says was a very troubled past. we'll take you live to tennessee next on "andrea mitchell reports."
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ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle great rates for great rides. we're learning new details about the gunman who wept on a shooting rampage at two military installations in tennessee killing five service members. according to a family statement, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez suffered from depression. a family spokesman said he had a history of drug abuse. this as a friend is telling us about a disturbing video he made back in high school as part of a class media project. the fbi has not identified any motives for the attack as the community grieves, remembers and waits for answers. and sara, what do we know about
9:37 am
this disturbing video? >> reporter: yeah a lot of questions about it today. terri jones says he's seen walking in downtown chattanooga with card board bombs strapped to his chest. he walks into a sub shop and the restaurant blows up. at the time it seemed funny but it's being looked at with fresh eyes ever since the attack. >> and you did speak to the mother of one of those who passed away. what did she have to say? >> reporter: it was extremely emotional. this was naval randall smith, who was severely injured and died early on saturday morning. his mom making her way down sunday to see the memorial for herself. she brought a baseball glove and an american flag to leave in tribute to him. she talked to us a little about his life and legacy.
9:38 am
>> is he your hero? >> he's been my hero since the day i gave birth to him. >> reporter: now funerals are expected in the coming days. the community is rallying around those families and the victims who were injured. blood drives have seen record donations, church services were packed yesterday with religious leaders touching on grief and the power of prayer during this difficult time here in chattanooga. >> sara thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. with more on the investigation, joining me is shawn henry, president of crowd strike services and cso and retired executive assistant director of the fbi. thank you so much for being on the show. we know the fbi has no motives yet, but they are reviewing a set of papers kept by mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. what are they looking for specifically?
9:39 am
>> this all goes down to motivation luke. obviously, the fbi is looking at his travel records, what happened when he went to jordan. there's been some reporting about friends or family members who said there was a distinct change when he returned back to the united states. but the motivation is critical. was he radicalized and that sort of thing. this particular issue that we just heard reported about this video, it goes to the point i have made a number of times that there are people when we talk about lone wolves how difficult it is to find them. there are people who have heard things that seem unusual. a guy strapped in a replica of a bomb to his body and why those things need to be brought to law enforcement's attention in a case like this. >> and from reading some of the reports about this specific individual, it it seemed he had some varying states of depression and also had access to high powered firearms sometimes to the bewilderment of his parents who are upset about
9:40 am
this, from the articles i have read read. how possible is it for the fbi to really know about somebody like this in a place like tennessee where his friends say in tennessee it's not. abnormal for a kid to be 24 go around the mountains, shoot off some steam with an ak-47 and come home. how do you pinpoint this? >> i think you're absolutely right, luke. it's an incredible challenge to the fbi and law enforcement generally. but frankly, that's not really law enforcement's role to be monitoring everybody's day-to-day activities. that's the challenge we have. whenever we see an incident why didn't the fbi know about it. because the fbi doesn't have the resources or the mandate to monitor everybody in this country. we live in a free society. in a situation like this, you have to look at the totality of the circumstances and our family
9:41 am
members and friends seeing things that should raise an eyebrow. is he showing some tendency towards violence. whether it's tied to isis or not. the people closest to him are the ones that an understanding of the pulse rate. what can we as citizens in the community do to prevent a tragedy like we saw in chattanooga? >> we'll close out with this. a a lot of attention being paid to those seven months he did spend in jordan. and there are a lot of voices that say, look, if there are individuals from this country that do a long period of time overseas especially close to these areas that are hot beds of activity, maybe we should be paying closer attention to them. we don't want to cast the widest of net, but maybe there should be more in terms of review. is the government doing all they can that spend a lot of time in the middle east? >> the government is doing everything that it can within the boundaries of its authorities and the existing
9:42 am
statutes. i think the united states citizens of this country need to make a determination. i have said on the air before that security is a balance between privacy and security ask you can't have 100% of both of those things. the public needs to decide how far they want to expand that. that the government can monitor people that spend a great deal of time overseas. that's a touchy situation. i think we have to weigh that as the risks and the threats continue to change. >> indeed, shawn henry, thank you for your time, we appreciate it it. coming up, the incredible close call in south africa. a pro surfer escapes a shark attack attack. this during a live televised surfing competition. hear what the surfer is saying now, next on "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks,
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talking about today. one of the biggest names in surfing fought off a shark during a competition in south africa. it all happened on live tv. joe fryer has a full report. >> reporter: in the final heat of competition, a surprise entrance surfaces. >> you can see a little splash. >> reporter: a shark holding the surfer under water. for a few moments there's no sign of fanning who disappears behind a wave. anxiety then gives way to relief when he emerges unharmed after punching the shark, pulled to safety with an a amazing survival story. >> i just kept coming at my board. i was kicking and screaming. i was waiting for the teeth to come at me. >> did you get a couple punches in? >> i punched it in the back. >> reporter: it all unfolded on live tv. time standing still as his mother watched from australia.
9:47 am
>> i realized it must be a shark attack and i was terrified. i thought we had lost him. on the jet ski, i thought that was the moment thank you. >> somehow perfectly fine. >> reporter: he's grateful because his fellow finalist actually swam toward the danger to help his competitor. >> he got knocked off his board and a wave popped up and i was like he's gone. he's gone under. it felt like i couldn't get there quick enough. >> all of us questioned what would we do if there was a burning building or explosion. very few run towards and we know what kind of person he is. >> reporter: a real life jaws adventure with an ending fit for hollywood. >> even though we're still friends, just trip ingping out. >> and joe fryer joins me now
9:48 am
from london. fanning is a big name in the surfing world. i spoke to a few friends who are big-time surfers and he's an all-star in the sport. he's heroic right after wards and punching the shark and then the emotions got the best of him when he realized what just happened. >> yeah, you could see it sinking in. fanning is a three-time world champion and definitely the emotions kicked in. a little bit on the boat but more so back to shore and talking about it. the same thing with wilson one of the top rated surfers out there and really hit them when they got offshore and they realized just what they had both survived. that was the ultimate definition of close call. >> and joe, how unprecedented is this in surfing competitions? >> basically u in the 40 years they have been doing this they can think of nothing like it.
9:49 am
they have never had a close call like this during competition. so this is really a first of its kind as far as pro competition goes. >> will they do anything differently? there's talk of the shark nets that we see in australia and in hong kong. anything we know about future competitions? >> not yet, i'm sure they will assess the situation and try to figure it out because it's such a a rare thing. maybe they won't jump to make any fixes now, but they are going to evaluate the situation. i heard people say this particular area off south africa is a little more prone to seeing shark sharks than perhaps other competitions. they have another one next weekend. wilson will be there. the question is whether fanning will show up or take a little time off. >> joe, usually in los angeles, but now in london where there's not a lot of sharks in the english channel. stay safe. thank you for that story. >> no problem. which political story will make headlines the next 24 hours? that's nexton "andrea mitchell
9:50 am
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which political story will make headlines the next 24 hours president bush chris is back with us. . obviously, donald trump taking a lot of the oxygen up. but tomorrow is a big day for the gop field because they add somebody that at least on paper one would think would be a strong contender. he's the governor of ohio an important state in the electoral college. republican turned the state around. john kasich jumping in the race. >> it's good to talk about someone who can win. i think john kasich has a path to winning. he needs jeb bush to stumble a little bit, but this is a serious guy. someone who run briefly in 1999. as you mentioned, governor of a
9:54 am
swingy state. it's been a long time in congress. so an impressive resume an interesting guy. getting in a little late. the key for him is he has to get people to pay attention. he needs to qualify for the debates if not this first one certainly the others this fall. i think he has an interesting, compelling message and story o to tell a about ohio. the question is can he tell it? i do think he needs a jeb bush or scott walker to stomachumble to get into that first tier. i think he starts out strongly right there with ted cruz in terms of chances of being a nominee. >> he openly talked about expanding health care in ohio. he talks about he wants to have a state in ohio where people feel free to live their lives regarding sanctuary u in some of the cities. he's more in the moderate tone.
9:55 am
he was paul ryan before there was a paul ryan. how does he cut through without a stumble? he's not going to be a prolific fundraiser out of the gate. >> look n theory luke it's through one or two policy proposals that really make him stand out. in reality, though, i don't know if a policy proposal makehouse stand out unless it's we're going to raise taxes. it makehouse stand out in a bad way. i think he needs to get an update. it's his best chance to have eyeballs on him at once. >> being governor of ohio with those approval ratings at one time would put you at the top of the list. that's this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show andrea will have an exclusive interview with secretary of state john kerry. her best friend these days after iran and cuba, fantastic work. thomas roberts joins me with what's coming up.
9:56 am
>> if we spend 18 days with secretary kerry, we'd probably be closer too. coming up next the war of words. donald trump refusing to apologize for comments he made slamming john mccain's service as a a p.o.w. did he say he was a war hero or not? john mccain is firing back whether he should apologize. and revelations out about bill cosby. what he says about using drugs and fame to seduce women. then a new era, the u.s. reopening its embassy in cuba after 50 years. what's it mean for the future of these one-time regional foes. that's coming up. re talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many ults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that
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10:00 am
women. plus what happened in a texas courthouse to sandra bland? >> someone as vibrant as sandra going to a new city to take on a new job decide to kill herself. >> so communities in chicago and texas are mourning the loss of an illinois woman who committed suicide while in a texas jail cell. her family is awaiting the results of an independent autopsy. good to have you with you, i'm thomas roberts. top ing topping this this hour of "msnbc live", john mccain versus donald trump. trump made controversial comments about the senator being a war hero. trump told matt lauer that nothing had he said over the weekend about mccain's war record and his preference for soldiers who weren't captured was inappropriate. meanwhile, senator mccain appeared today on "morning joe" saying he's not the one trump needs to apologize to. here's trump this morning followed by senator m


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