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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 24, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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calls for a probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. see who's now demanding answer ss 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. it's time for "way too early." good morning everyone. it's friday july 24th. i'm i can'tayman mohyeldin. there's another deadly shooting at a cinema. three are dead including the gunman that shot himself. nine wounded and one person is in critical condition. the injured include teens to people in their 60s. the gunman is described as a 58-year-old white man. a witness says he stood up 20 minutes into the 7:10 showing of the movie "train wreck" and
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opened fire without saying a word. we're learning stories of heroism. >> couple of teachers were in the showing tonight. one friend jumped over her and saved her life. the friend got shot, fellow teacher got shot. both ended upshot. the second one, one who's life was saved, she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm to help save other lives. >> police say officers race into the theater within a minute of the shooting. joining us live from lafayette, louisiana is john yang. what is the latest we hear about this gunman? >> reporter: we know he has a criminal record. authorities tell us it is not recent. we're not sure what that means or how serious offenses are. he was sitting alone in this theater with 100 watching "train
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wreck." 20 minutes into the film he stood up and started shooting. he started with two people in front of him and continued firing. as he left he tried to blend in with the crowd according to authorities. we saw police on their way in. he turned around went back into the theater. police followed him heard a single gunshot as the gunman apparently took his own life. authorities are looking for connections between the two people and gunman. they're looking to find the reason why. >> that's the big question. that's what everybody is wondering. why would this guy come here to this theater and just start randomly shooting people? we just -- it's too early to have any of those answers yet. >> reporter: authorities recovered a semiautomatic
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handgun on the scene. the gunman's body and one of the victims remains inside the theater behind me. >> thanks. president obama was briefed about the shooting on his route to kenya last night. president offered thoughts and prayers and those of the first lady to the community of lafayette. the shooting occurred during a showing of the movie "train wreck." the main star amy schumer took to twitter to pay tribute to victims. she said quote, my heart is broken and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in louisiana. stay with us here on msnbc. turning now to politics. donald trump paid a visit to the u.s.-mexico border yesterday. he stepped off the plane greeted by protestors surrounded by body guards wearing a white cap
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and dress shoes. he said he's going to talk about what he's faced. >> we're going to the boarder and hopefully will see you later. i love the country. there's nothing more important than what i'm doing. i brought up the problem of illegal immigration. people say it's dangerous what you're doing. i have to do it. i have to do it. >> after that trump made his way toward the border. trump made the trip at the invitation of local border patrol agents. he said they received participation at the local level. trump backed out. he held a news conference at at the time heavily traveled bridge. he says focus on jobs will win support with hispanics. >> the reason i win with hispanic vote i'll take jobs back from china, japan and other countries killing us.
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i'll bring the jobs back. hispanics will get those jobs and love trump. they already do. >> are you ready to apologize to those hispanics insulted by your words? >> they weren't insulted. the press misinterprets my words. >> donald trump sparked controversy for suggesting he would absolutely consider a third party run. he told "the hill" newspaper he would consider independent candidacy in 2016 if he feels the national republican committee treats him unfairly. rnc condemned the comments about the 2008 presidential nominee senator john mccain saying quote, there's no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage americans. >> i'm a conservative in first place by a lot according to
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polls. i think i'll get the nomination. we'll see soon enough. the best way to win is for know get the nomination and run probably against hillary. hillary is the worst -- look, easily she's the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. she's going to be beaten. i'm the one to beat her. >> i know him. he contributed to my campaigns. he supported me. he's running for president and got to do what he thinks he's got do. it's up to him to decide. i don't pay much attention to that. they're going to have a really big primary. they've got to figure out who they're going to support. >> two inspector general have asked for a probe into hillary clinton's e-mails during her time as secretary of state. the question is whether she mishandled government sensitive
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information. "the new york times" was first to report the story. her private server had hundreds of potentially classified e-mails. clinton handed over 55,000 e-mails and said she did nothing wrong complying with every rule. the justice department has not determined whether it will open investigation or not. her campaign declined comment. hillary clinton used the speech in south carolina yesterday. she said quote, yes, black lives matter. >> it's heart breaking to read about another death of a young woman, sandra bland, in texas. another young african-american life cut short. that's why i think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly yes, black lives matter. >> the black lives matter mantra
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has become an issue in the race for 2016 particularly democrats. martin o'malley was booed last weekend at a conference when he had this to say. >> every life matters. that is why this issue is important. black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> o'malley later apologized for remarks. yesterday at a town hall event in new hampshire, republican candidate jeb bush said he shouldn't have had to. >> he said black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. he was booed. should he have apologized for that? >> no. for crying out loud no. i mean we're so uptight and politically correct you apologize for saying lives matter? life is precious. it's a gift from god. i frankly think it's one of the most important values that we have. i know in the political context it's a slogan i guess. should he apologize?
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no. if he believes white lives matter, which i hope he does, he shouldn't have apologized to a group that seemed to disagree with it. >> meanwhile the death of bland is ruled a suicide. the autopsy showed no sign of violent struggle. she was arrested during a traffic stop that turned violent with a police officer. three days later, she was found dead in her jail cell. there's discrepancy on when she committed suicide. the autopsy found lacerations on her wrists possibly from handcuffs, according to the prosecutor. the report suggests they were from weeks ago. some questioned whether the release of marijuana in her system is relevant to the case. >> maybe relevant as to her state of mind to determine what happened on the street. may be relevant to her state of mind to determine how or why she committed suicide. it's a mind altering substance
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and mood amplifier. any thoughts that is in a person's mind at the time of smoking marijuana could be amplified by smoking marijuana. for that reason it's relevant. >> the jail had a history of violations including regularly observing an inmate who hanged himself in 2012. last night on politics nation sandra bland's mother told al sharpton she was disgusted when she saw the arrest video. >> we had been going back and forth over the years things we needed to apologize for. we did that, laughing and joking. we started talking about take responsibility for things you do. it's your choice to turn things around. sandy had been applying for jobs all over the place. so she and i just agreed that she was going to stick to going
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back to texas. she was going to also work on her master's program. she said mom, you know i know what my purpose is now. she says my purpose is to go back to texas and stop all the injustice against blacks. that is what my daughter said. she and i were in the car. that is what she was going to do. >> moving out west now, firefighters in northern california are battling two fast-moving brush fires that now consumed 6900 acres destroying one structure thursday and threatening 200 homes in the area. halle jackson has the latest. >> in california wine country, nine square miles torched. flames and smoke so thick they blocked out the sun. what started as a brush fire exploded fast wind whipping
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across steep, rugged hills destroying a trailer and and barn. >> it's fire season. you never know what's going to happen. >> 200 homes under threat. two neighborhoods evacuated including linda's. the fire burning within a few feet of her front door. >> it's burn into my memory. i'll never forget smoke, flames fire trucks running back and forth. very scary. >> 1300 firefighters attacking this from the ground and air in the area where record breaking drought turned brush and trees to tender. >> if drought wasn't bad, would you see it moving this quickly? >> probably not. >> one berning now at glacier national park in montana. duncan and his family had to run from the fire. >> i had my iphone hanging out the window. the flames were so hot i could
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feel the heat off my arm. >> most of that fire is still not under control. neither is one near washington state now threatening the town's water supply. near napa crews get ready for another night bracing for the worst. let's turn to business. wall street extended the losing streak for a third day after disappointing earnings from american express, 3m and caterpillar. we are joined now from london. the company that really bucked the trend was amazon. what did the online retailer report? >> this was a huge surprise which is why we got the spike. amazon actually delivered a significant profit. $92 million. no one was looking for anything that big. last year's comparison number was actually a loss. as far as the market is concerned, they're pleased to see this company starting to
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deliver bottom line. the astonishing thing about the figures and spike in after hours share trading and rise is that that now means that amazon has breezed past wal-mart in terms of market cap wal-mart worth $233.5 billion. amazon exceeds that. it's worth more than jp morgan or ge. additional $7 billion in just 45 minutes as a result of that hike in the share price. you know what while we're on the subject of jeff he probably thinks he got a real deal in 2013 when he paid $250 million for the washington post because the nikkei is just shelling out $1.3 billion to acquire the financial times. the pink paper that covers the world's markets. they are taking that off the hands of pierson. they say couple of things are
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attractive about the deal. one is they'll be able to expand to english language printing. there's a strategy that seems to work in the print universe. >> thank you for that. $7 billion in 45 minutes. that's probably about the same this show is going to make right? still ahead on "way too early" if you ever doubted video games qualified as a sport, just ask those subject to random drug testing. another huge discovery in place exploration. a planet nasa dubbed earth 2.0. >> this is part of the quest to find out if we're alone in the universe. that's a great question for science and humanity. bill karins has latest on severe weather expected this weekend including a heat wave that begins today.
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time now for sports. we begin with major league baseball. to new york. mets hosting dodgers. kershaw on the hill for la. after struggling for the first two months of the season seems the lefty regained form. kershaw perfect through first six frames but settled for three hit shutout, striking out 11 in the dodgers victory. he has 29 consecutive scoreless innings. >> it's the mets. does it count? >> don't hate. tied in the ninth, houston at bat. he blasted a solo shot in left for a 5-4 walkoff win for the astros. in cincinnati and i'm sure you've done this bill. there's been trouble. a teen is in trouble after
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posting this selfie view of him jumping the fence at great american ball park and running onto the field during a game between the reds and cubs. >> he at least had clothing on when he did it. >> the youngster planned this stunt tweeting things like stay tunes and here goes nothing before rushing onto the field f. you're going to do something like this why tweet it and send police to your home. he scoped tout escape route. i'm sure it's not going to be hard to get caught. he probably would have got an way. unfortunately he did post online and will be charged for criminal trespassing by cincinnati police which is a misdemeanor. he cleared that wall. ballplayers like to keep it between pitches. this is tough to believe this is real. >> that's lifesaver work.
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>> that is amazing. he's full of twists and twirls. we wonder how long he core graphed the moves. >> the strategy is to bore the pitcher. the pitcher like dude i don't care. >> you've got to practice those. football players practice touchdown celebrations. why not do that? >> would you do that before you do weather? >> my warm up routine? >> let's see it. >> no. sometimes i practice in the mirror. let's talk about the heat. excessive heat warnings tulsa area kansas city. this area has been plagued by hot weather. it went away two days and now going to be back and probably worse than it was. heat indexes 105 to 115. some areas may peak hotter than that. omaha, houston saturday. everyone on the east coast enjoying the low humidity that
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heat is going to move our way. sunday, d.c. feels 96. hot week next week from mississippi river to east coast. watch out for severe storms. minneapolis about to get poured on with strong storms. later this afternoon, minneapolis through iowa could see strong storms. i don't think tornados but wind damage. what's your warm routine? >> i'm not going to tell you. i keep that private. >> why does it need to be private? >> you get in the moment. it's a ritual. >> a gripping video of a family of ducks trying to cross a busy highway. we'll tell you what happens when we return. ♪ are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path
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are we one step closer to finding life on another planet? for that let's get the update from our correspondent who has that and more. >> i like it. big moment in the search for life on other moments. nasa said it found earth's older cousin dubbed earth 2.0. nasa says if you put a plant on it photo sin think sis would occur. nasa says it has a rocky
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surface. i think it's pretty cool there's another planet like ours. let's go to sports news of sorts. performance enhancing drug tests are not just baseball anymore. the electronic sports league will test for ped's after a man and his team used ator al. the legal will meet for endorsement pointers. watch out gamers. don't use performance enhancing drugs. gripping moments from a minnesota traffic camera as a mother duck leads ducklings across a busy highway. look at that. ducks cross lanes of traffic. amazingly no ducks were harmed and no drivers crashed. the message there the minnesota highway officials, no one wants to hit an animal but don't stop
2:57 am
or serve in traffic to avoid doing so. i don't know. if i'm on the highway, i'm not hitting the ducks. >> i was watching that like oh, i hope they make it across the street. good news they made it. that's an important piece of advice. some people here would have rammed right through them. >> that's terrible. don't say that to jenn. >> thanks for joining us. that does it for me on "way too early." now mika for a preview of what's coming up. thank you very much. we'll speak to presidential republican front runner donald trump about his visit to the u.s. mexico border. he says there's no need to think about a third party run. and new calls for investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. the big question was classified information mishandled during her time as secretary of state? could there be a criminal probe? and we continue to follow
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the investigation in louisiana where a gunman killed two people and injured a half dozen more before turning the gun on himself. we'll go live to the scene. that and a whole lot more coming up on "morning joe." you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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