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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 24, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ed and the casualties involved. two people are dead. police have just identified them as mayci breaux and jillian johnson. nine others wounded, one critically, after the gunman opened fire in the crowded theater before fatally shooting himself. >> the quick response by law enforcement is believed to have prevented further deaths. >> when we evacuated the theater, there was a young female, middle aged female lying down. she was shot in her leg. there was blood, and she was on the curb. when they asked her what happened she said she was shot inside the theater. and some guys had picked her up and brought her outside and put her on the curb. >> so just moments ago, the governor bobby jindal praised what he called act of heroism by two teachers wounded in this attack. >> two teachers here on summer break wanted to come see one final movie, a comedy as they were getting ready for school to start again.
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one teacher literally jumping over her friend potentially saving her life. second teacher felt like that bullet would have hit her in the head if her friend hadn't jumped on her. the second teacher was shot anyway in the leg. had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm. i think we'll see more and more stories like this. >> joining me now on the phone is jordan he was in the theater across the hall seeing a different movie at the time of the attack. explain what you heard. >> we went to see a movie across the hall southpaw at 7:15. at about 7:20 p.m. we heard some loud noises. we couldn't tell if it was from our movie or outside the theater. a couple seconds later, we heard the alarm go off, signaling evacuation of the theater. and we entered the back of the building, exited the back of the building, i'm sorry, and my initial thought was a fire.
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a fire alarm. and we walked around the front. we notice ten cop cars already in the parking lot. within seconds of the alarm. we see an older woman lying on the ground with a gunshot to her leg. blood coming down her leg, and people attending to her, trying to help her. she was in pain. and after that we took cover behind a car and had seen about 15 armed officers with assault rifles go in go sprinting in the door heading toward the right side of the theater. kind of towards what we thought would have been our theater, but it ended up being the one across the hall. >> jordan as we know the fire alarm was pulled. one of the two teachers injured in the casualties here she was conscious enough to get to a fire alarm, pull it to warn everybody about what was taking
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place. at what point did your mind shift from this is not a fire this is something else something much more serious? >> when i got outside and noticed that there was a person shot, it really shocked me and the group of people i was with. we were all in shock, and realized how scary of a situation we had just been put in. the teacher, i didn't hear about the teacher until after, about 11:30 last night. and my first thought on that was unbelievable act of heroism on her part. she really saved our lives. that man could have left and been in our theater, and she saved a lot of lives last night. >> you were there with your twin brother and a close friend right? >> yes, sir, my twin brother and a friend. >> how are you all reacting to the experience that you went through? are you talking with each other, are you trying to process exactly -- >> all of us have been kind of
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talking about it. we're just like wow, just if he would have been in our theater, it would have been a lot worse for us. it's really sad for the city that we're having to go through this right now. >> how vulnerable to you deal about going simply to a movie on a thursday night with your twin brother and buddy -- >> very vulnerable. i go to that theater at least every other week. definitely every month. and sit -- i have sat in every one of those theaters before. and it's a very scary thought, knowing that just minutes from home, a shooting happened in a local theater. never thought i would be put in that situation. >> when you got outside, you saw police and first responders there very quickly. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. within seconds. there were ten cop cars and about ten minutes, hundreds of cars hundreds of cop cars with
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sirens on lining the streets, and officers trying to get people to safety. >> you said you took cover behind a vehicle. is that what other moviegoers were doing? how were they reacting? >> most of the people who were in my film we kind of made our way to the front of the theater and when we had seen the police arrive, we kind of all took cover behind vehicles and a lot of people were pulling out cell phones trying to get video footage of everything going on. i don't think anybody thought that they would be seeing what we saw last night coming in the local theater. >> jordan a terribly tragedy taking place there, but thank you, and we're glad you and your twin brother and friend are safe. thank you for your friends on what took place there last night. i want to bring into the conversation jonghn yang. you just learned a lot of new information from police. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you a lot about the shooter. they're identifying him as john
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russell houser. also goes by the nickname rusty. they say he's 59 years old. describe him as a bit of a drifter. carries a alabama driver's license. listed his residence as phoenix city, alabama. the fbi was able to talk to his family in alabama. they say they really haven't had much contact with him. they say they're a bet estranged from him. since early july he's been here in lafayette, louisiana, living in a motel room. they searched that motel room. they said they didn't find anything really that could tell them what his motive might have been or why he was doing this. but they did find wigs false glasses, other things that could be used as disguises. things that could have changed his appearance. they also say that they do not believe his intent when he went into this was to kill himself. they think that the quick response of the police may have
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essentially trapped him. that he had tried to blend in with the crowd who was fleeing from the theater, came out of the theater. his car was parked by the exit. saw the police on their way in. turned around went back into the theater, and then killed himself. now, we're also learning more about the victims. the two people who were killed were two young women from here in lafayette. 21-year-old mayci breaux 23-year-old jillian johnson. mayci died on the scene krrb jillian died in the hospital. of the nine wounded, two were treated and released. one remains in critical condition. the other remain hospitalized with various injuries. we're learning a lot more from this but not learning what the motive was. >> john the young ladies you talked about, 21-year-old mayci
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and 33-year-old jillian, according to reports, they were directly in front of the shooter and then he got up to make his way down the aisle? >> you may have more information than i do. i don't know for certain here that they were directly in front of him, but we do know from authorities and witnesses that this started with houser standing up and shooting at the two people in front of him. and then continuing to shoot as he went through the theater. >> okay and john again, you get back to motive here and the fact they were able to search this hotel room. we all remember three years ago in aurora what investigators found in the apartment there of that shooter. they didn't find anything left behind like booby-traps or anything like that but just the items you described, wigs and glasses? >> wigs and glasses. they did go through the apartment with the bomb team before they did the search, just to make sure but that's all they -- the only things out of the ordinary they found were wigs and glasses.
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>> all right, john yang reporting on the scene in lafayette. thank you. i want to bring in shawn henry, a former executive assistant director of the federal bureau of investigation. let's begin with the details. the shooter identified as this 59-year-old drifter. law enforcement saying according to our john yang what they were able to find in his motel room. wigs and glasses. he was able to fire off these 13 rounds using a semiautomatic hand gun. motive is the big ning here trying to figure out what would have set off a person to do something so horrific. >> yeah that's right, thomas. unfortunately, the person who can tell you the motive is dead. and that's the shooter. investigators are going to be combing through his past what are the events that leading up specifically to the shooting was he interacting with somebody was he on the phone with somebody? did he go to the bank? there's just a whole host of things investigators are going to be trying to decipher to see
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if they can determine what the motive is here in this case. the reporting that we just heard about disguises is very interesting. was he perhaps trying to get close to somebody who might know him? and is this some type of a targeted event rather than a random act? looking at the motivation, that's going to webe the key piece for investigators as they continue to go through this matter thomas. >> one thing that the reporting demonstrates is that the shooter did not expect or anticipate the quickness of authorities responding to the scene, thinking he could blend and flee as if he were a victim. instead, he turned around went back in, taking his own life. according to police he had a criminal history. so now, a big question will be about what that criminal history is. it's unspecified. also how he was able to obtain a semiautomatic handgun. >> that's right.
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two things. first, to address your first point, one of the things we're seeing, unfortunately because of how often we're seeing these types of snenlts, these acts of violence, multiple shootings, mass murders, police officers are getting very good at responding to what we call active shooters. police in this particular case by getting to the scene as quickly as they did, may have averted other deaths. so that is a good part of this to see the great response by local police agencies there. to the other point, how is this person able to get a gun? we're constantly evaluating and debating the rise in the prolific use of handguns in this country. if this person is a convicted felon, how was he able to get it? was it authorized did he legally have it? or did he somehow obtain it through some surreptitious means? part of the investigation here one of the clues tracing the gun, working backwards to find out what the genesis of that was. >> and meanwhile, for people who
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want to say to each other and their families let's just go to the movies and escape maybe the summer heat or just go check out a new flick, i mean comparisons to the colorado movie theater massacre. we want to go there, but obviously, this person is alive and convicted now, james holmes. we know suffers from mental illness. this 59-year-old shooter, does he fit a profile to you? >> you know there's so many pieces of this investigation that are going to have to be kind of unraveled to find out what profile he may hit, what may have been missed if anything. what signs or signals there may have been indicating that this type of tragedy was going to take place. so you can't really put him into a profile. one thing i would add, thomas though americans expect to go out and enjoy themselves at a movie theater, in a park or what have you, at a restaurant and we see these things happening over and over again. i think we live in a new world,
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unfortunately, and americans just have to be much more aware of their environment, of their surroundings. and things such as knowing where the exits are when you go into a theater. it's unfortunate we're at that stage at this point, but i think this is kind of a paradigm shift in our country. >> other countries actually search people's bags going into a movie theater. speaking of new world, are we going to get to that point where we can't even go to the movie theater and go in and order popcorn and a drink without having to first go through some type of metal detector? >> we're seeing that now. i go to sporting events and they're doing that. they are frisking everybody. you know law enforcement officials and security experts are constantly evaluating the threats and the risks we face. you've got to balance that. you've got to go through a magnetometer to sit down and enjoy a film but looking at where we're headed we may be
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moving in that direction, thomas. >> no such an easy summer thing to do to go out with your family and want to enjoy a family or with a group of friends, let's go to the movies. this makes you stop in your tracks. >> i want to bring in randy mann with the acadian ambulance services. one of the first responders to arrive on the scene, and he was here last night, and the story cuts closer to home because his 21-year-old daughter was inside the theater when shots were fired. randy, let's start with how is your daughter doing this morning? >> she seems to be doing pretty well. she made a comment to me this morning she's just glad the shooter didn't pick one of the theaters that had the childrens movies playing because she would have hated for the children to witness that. i feel like that's a great first step towards her coping with it and dealing with it. >> did she see the gunman? how did she explain to you what went through her mind? >> she and her friend were watching "trainwreck" in the
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second to top row in the theater. she said that the shooter was on the same row as her on the opposite end of the row. and that about 20 minutes into the movie, apparently just stood up and started shooting. the scene of the movie was fairly quiet. they heard two pops. of course, were startled didn't know quite what that was and saw the muzzle flashes and that's when they realized what was happening. she hit the deck immediately. her friend started to exit the theater, and then emily got up and followed him out. they were able to get out safely, thank goodness. >> so lost in this is 21-year-old mayci breaux 33-year-old jillian johnson. you talk about emily being able to survive this. you own an ambulance company, but you're a parent first. what went through your mind and your heart thinking this is where your daughter was? >> well you know honestly the work side kicked in forty-first. she ran, came home. we live about two minutes away from the theater. they ran home and were telling us this.
6:16 am
i grabbed my keys and jumped in the car knowing acadian would be responding. i'm the vp of marketing for acadian, so i knew i needed to get up and help wherever i could. then i started hearing sirens. it was that early. i got up about three or four police cars we eventually had ten ambulances on scene, transported ten patients. one, of course passed away. just tragic. i'm not even sure if the personal side has kicked in yet. i'm still in the professional mode. we train for this at acadian, and unfortunately, we have to use the skills every so often, knrout never think of it involving a family member. we're feeling very blessed and at the same time thankful for all of our first responders police, fire and of course our acadian medics. very saddens for the loss of the two ladies here in lafayette. >> the response has been complimented by the governor about the tragedy that happened there, and thanks to you and your team. best to emily and your family. thanks for joining me.
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i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we're just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown" covering breaking news out of lafayette, louisiana. for the firstsecond time in the country, a gunman has opened fire in a crowded movie theater. more details coming up on the shooter. plus, just hours before the latest shooting president obama talked to the bbc about guns in america. and he's now on his way to kenya. meet the press modator chuck todd joins me with more on that trip coming up next. [ school bell rings ] ♪ ♪ [ female
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following breaking news on msnbc and several new details following the deadly shooting in a crowded movie theater. in the last hour authorities
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id'd the gunman john russell houser. he's described as a drifter with an unspecified criminal history. police say he began shooting at this theater last night, 20 minutes into the film "trainwreck." she shot off 13 rounds. two people were killed nine others injured. houser then killed himself not long after officers arrived on the scene. of the nine injured, two have been released from the hospital one remains in critical condition. as we turn our attention to president obama and his overseas trip this morning, he's on his way to kenya for an economic summit. before he arrives for his first visit to the country as president, he sat down with the bbc. this was an interview just before the shooting in louisiana. and the president said the domestic area where he's been the most frustrated is on the topic of guns. >> the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient commonsense gun safety laws.
6:22 am
even in the face of repeated mass killings. us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing, but it is not something that i intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months. >> joining "the rundown" as he does most fridays is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. another mass shooting on a day where we're burying soldiers killed in the separate mass shooting incident. as we guo down the recent rundown, charleston with the mother emanuel nine chattanooga, tennessee with the military soldiers lost and now this. what are your thoughts about the conversation on gun control? >> well look. i think you're going to see two conversations launched again. obviously, the president eerily words with the bbc, and not
6:23 am
surprising that issue, the gun issue, viewed very differently in the uk than it is here in the united states. but still, very prescient on that front. and then we're going to have the mental health conversation, too. you know the two need to go hand in hand in here and i think sometimes you see an emphasis on one over the other. and usually, that's because somebody's politics gets in the way. if it's maybe one side only wants to talk mental health because they don't want to have a gun conversation and one side want to have the gun conversation and thought the mental health conversation. responsible leaders should be looking at every on the table and how do we do this. here's the thing. is this an epidemic? it feels like one. you ran down the list. is this also just we see this stuff more? why does it feel more frequent today than it did even 30 years go? and again, maybe it's a perception and not a reality, but i think i look at what i want to do now is look at even
6:24 am
more statistics and look at this and say to ourselves, is there something going on here? it feels like there is. >> with the charleston shooting you know that person that shooter in custody, and will face justice. chattanooga, that shooter, we're learning more about him and a distressing mental picture that is playing out, and we'll learn more about what this shooter in lafayette being described as a drifter and unspecified criminal history that he has. do you think that the president has the political fuel in the tacke to take this on as he winds down his second term? >> well i think he does. i just don't know if the system does. does washington? can they you know it's a -- when it comes, if he wants to push the gun issue, i think we saw if he couldn't get it done after sandy hook and couldn't get an increase in background checks on that front, and remember what we were talking about.
6:25 am
it was tightening the background checks and just trying to get a bill through the senate. it was never going to get through the house. this was just trying to get a bill through the senate and it didn't get there at all. i think, you know i don't think washington has the capacity to handle this to handle this debate, whether, if the president chooses to have it or not. i think that that's his frustration. his political advisers tell him, this is useless. i think there's another part of him that says but i don't want to -- i want to get caught trying. >> you bring up sandy hook. i think about these almost a assass assassination of congresswoman gabby giffords. if that doesn't get the attention, what will? >> two years, almost three years removed from aurora. in the middle of that trial, and a possible death penalty sentence. then this happens in another movie theater. i mean that's the thing. it all feels, and you brought up gabby giffords. that's what makes this it all
6:26 am
feels too familiar. and that's the part of this that i think all political leaders should say to themselves wait a minute this should not feel familiar. this should not -- we should not, thomas know that there is a standard way that we know how people react to stories like this. that in and of itself is a problem. and maybe political leaders ought to have the guts to try to say let's try to have a different conversation and come up with some results. >> feels like we're a little too jaded. chuck, explain, what do you have coming up on "meet the press"? >> we're going to take a look at the trump phenomenon in a different way, which is the rise of american populism on the left and the right. i'm going to have bernie sanders on the show. if it wasn't for trump, the biggest political story of the summer would be the rise of bernie sanders on the left. then john kasich and his first sunday interview since becoming a candidate. so going deep on that front. american politics is in an
6:27 am
unstable environment right now left and right. we all need to be more aware of it. >> we'll see you on sunday. you can see chuck sunday "meet the press" on your nbc station. we'll have much more on our continuing coverage out of louisiana and the theater shooting there. also coming up for you, a lot of developing political news to get to this friday as well. hillary clinton may find herself in the middle of a criminal investigation related to the use of her personal e-mail. we'll explain why. we're also going to head to jose. he's in the field, the host of this show live on the u.s./mexico border. for more on donald trump's visit there. stay with us. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit whose ready to have a baby? buster posey? you're not my doctor... c'mon. i'm sorta your doctor. i mean we both wear gloves and
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$50 gift card. book now at welcome back everybody. if you're just joining us let's get you up to date on the breaking news out of louisiana. several new details this hour after a deadly shooting rampage at a lafayette, louisiana, movie theater. two people have died. nine others injured, after a
6:31 am
gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater in lafayette, last night. the gunman now i.d.'d, 59-year-old john russell houser. police say houser took his own life shortly after police arrived on the scene. one community that knows the pain of lafayette first-hand is the city of aurora colorado. three years ago this month, james holmes opened fire in a crowded movie theater, killing 12 people and injured 70 others. holmes was convicted of murder in the attack last week and the penalty phase of his trial is now under way. we want to go live to colorado and scott cohn outside the courthouse. let's start first with how is reaction filtering there in that community to another movie theater shooting? >> yeah thomas a lot of people just waking up to this news. nowhere does it hit closer to home. three years ago this week the massacre nearby here in aurora colorado. we got in touch with sandy philips who lost her daughter jessica, in that attack. she said in an e-mail this is
6:32 am
horrendous. can't believe another mass shooting. will when will we become numb or say enough is enough? she wrote in a blog post about seeing the report of her daughter's autopsy and shared that in graphic detail. she said i share this detail because no mother father family should have to walk this palth of pain caused by gun violence. it's something that hits close to home with the families with the survivors. we'll see if it hits close to home with the jury. >> the reality of her releasing that information so tough for everybody to realize exactly what one parent has to go thru. now, we'll go through that again in learning the deaths of two people at least so far out of lafayette. but scott, specifically, where does the penalty phase stand right now for james holmes? >> right. we're in this three-step penalty phase to determine if james holmes, the convicted shooter in the aurora theater massacre should get the death penalty.
6:33 am
the jury had to find only one so-called aggravating factor in the shootings. they found a total of 96. so then it moves on to the next phase, which is mitigation. here james holmes and his attorneys literally fighting for his life here. we began hearing yesterday from a parade of people from holmes' past his childhood piano teacher, a high school friend teachers, camp counselors trying to put a human face on holmes, and the defense will now continue with likely experts, psychiatrists who can talk more about his mental illness, which four psychiatrists have already testified to as a mitigating factor where he should get life in prison, they say, and not the death penalty. >> thank you, sir. meanwhile, my colleague, the host of this show jose diaz-balart, is on assignment in laredo, texas. he joins us with an update on a couple major political stories. good morning. >> good morning, thomas. good to see you. we have been here in the laredo
6:34 am
area since wednesday night, reporting about the border. following here, the visit by presidential candidate donald trump, he arrived here thursday afternoon. he was greeted by protesters and supporters. and flanked by body guards. apparently, his campaign said he was coming despite the great danger. the hat he's wearing says "make america great again." his campaign slogan. he made the trip at the request of a local union, but they back backed out. he claimed they got pressure not to participate in the visit, and that's why they disinvited him. trump made his way to the border anyway yesterday afternoon. his motorcade included dozens of police officers two chartered buses for the media. one "washington post" reporter described it as bigger than mitt romney's motorcade in the general election. this morning, trump called in to "morning joe" where he again tried to outline his plan to secure the border. >> you have to secure the border. now, you can use combinations of
6:35 am
walls, you can use fences. you can use in some cases the river. in this case they have a river which is certainly helpful. but you have to do something to secure the border. we don't have a country without a border. without a border we just don't have a country. >> trump was talking about the river, the rio grande which is right behind me. the bridge that separates mexico from the united states. there is a river. here it's not that deep and not that wide. as a matter of fact, this morning while we were setting up camp here we saw two people cross over from the mexican side run right past this area where we are here and were tackled by border patrol agents. the problem is the border. is it porous, is it secure? that's a very interesting conversation we have been reporting all week. mr. trump, by the way, will be in iowa tomorrow for more campaign events. now to a developing story on the democratic side of the presidential race. this morning, the justice department confirms it has
6:36 am
received a referral to open a criminal investigation into whether government information was mishandled in cession with a personal e-mail account that hillary clinton used while secretary of state. the news first reported by the "new york times" late last night. alex is following the story for us from washington. alex, good morning. is this potential probe into specific people like hillary clinton or others? >> morning, jose. that is the key question, and what we don't know the answer to. when the "new york times" first posted the story, they reported that clinton herself was the target of the investigation. but they quickly revised it to say that there was only a requested investigation in connection with the e-mails without specifying who the potential targets might be. there's obviously huge political implications there. if clinton herself is the target, that's a potential game changer for the presidential race. if somebody else is the target that could just be a much smaller story in the ongoing controversy here. that's what the clinton campaign is calling attention to. i want to read you a story
6:37 am
from -- excuse me a statement from clinton spokesperson to msnbc. contrary to the initial story which has already been significantly revised, she followed appropriate practices in dealing with classified details zs as has been reported any e-mails ss deemed classified have been done after the fact not while transmitted. while they received a request for an investigation have so far not said if they were pursue it or if the investigation will happen. >> alex thank you very much. much more from here on the u.s./mexico border later this hour, including my conversation with texas congressman henry. i'm going to ask him about the great danger mr. trump was talking about. what was he scared of? we'll discuss nat. also thomas roberts continues our breaking coverage of the louisiana shooting and also
6:38 am
some of the heroic stories from inside the theater, including the story of two friends, teachers on summer break. we'll be right back. >> i don't know more of the way he was standing. there was no arguing that i could hear no fighting. it was just i don't know like he just decided he was going to do it. he was just standing there. like there was nothing else going on. rmed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. hey terry stop they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make
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6:42 am
clint, what does your gut tell you about this man and a potential motive. >> we're dealing with a different type of shooter here. when we look at the bell curve of shooters like this thomas you covered so many of them normally we're looking at an angry, frustrated bullied male in his late teens or early 20s. when we start to get somebody this age, this starts to become a guy we call an offense collector or a wound collector. somebody perhaps in his life who has had a lot of different challenges. things haven't went well. his family may have rejected him. he may have lost a job. but like so many shooters in the past this is somebody who blames society. he's angry. he's frustrated. he's seeking revenge. and in a case like this many times they'll seek revenge against anybody because when they're shooting anybody, it represents everybody in their life who may have offended them
6:43 am
at some time. we know this guy may have harbored some type of a fantasy that he had wigs and disguises and switch plates on his car, that he was going to get away. what that tells us is this wasn't a momentary lapse of judgment. this is somebodies who made a decision he was going to do something like this. what authorities will be trying to figure out is why this place, why that time why these victims? you know that three-letter word why, always hangs over the top of these situations. as we rub our hands together and try to prepare for the next one. >> meanwhile, we should not leave out the two women killed. 21-year-old mayci breaux and 33-year-old jillian johnson lost their lives. nine other people were injured in this senseless shooting. as you bring up trying to figure out the motive here but obvious clues point to this premeditation, because police say his car was parked at an
6:44 am
exit door of the theater, saying that his intent as he tried to flee as a victim and then not realizing there was such a fast response from the police he turned around and took his own life. >> and we realize, of course this is almost the anniversary date of the colorado shooting that you have been covering. and holmes did the same thing. he parked a vehicle out behind the exit. so there may be some aspect of copycat here but again, we're kind of saying why is a guy this old doing it at this age? of course, we know it was only a year ago that a 72-year-old man, a former police capt inain in florida, used a handgung to shoot someone inside of a movie theater, and of course the holocaust museum shooter in his late 80s. >> i appreciate it. our coverage is going to continue in a moment. up next we head back to the border in laredo texas. jose is going to have a
6:45 am
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6:48 am
disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. welcome welcomeback to "the rundown." we go back to laredo texas, and jose diaz-balart. >> thank you thomas. i had the opportunity yesterday to question donald trump about his statements on illegal immigration. but even though he didn't let me complete a question he didn't offer a lot of answers. >> do you feel that what you said, said that the people across the border are rapists -- >> we're talking about illegal immigration. everybody understands it. you know what that's a typical case -- wait that's a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. they take a half a sentence. they take a half a sentence.
6:49 am
by the way they take a half a sentence and they take a quarter of a sentence. they put it all together. typical thing. >> so let's try for a few minutes to separate fact from fiction. congressman henry cuellar, who is the representative here in laredo and a native son, joins me this morning. congressman, good to see you. >> it's always a pleasure talking to you. >> thank you. let's first of all talk to me about the reaction here in texas along the border to mr. trump's comments. congressman, can you hear me? >> yes, sir, i'm sorry. let me just say this jose. first of all, you know i think you're in my hometown laredo. i don't think you sense any grave danger like he said it was. if you look at the fbi statistics, you will see that the fbi will say that there are less murders along the border
6:50 am
than the actual national crime rate. so it's actually safer on the border, and if you take city by city let's take laredo compared using official fbi stats, you official fbi stats, you have less than three murders per 100,000 compared to washington, d.c. where i'm at. it's about 16 murders per 100,000. a lot more dangerous here in washington. and if you compare it to new york where trump is from it's a lot more dangerous there for 100,000 than my hometown. again, people who live the furrest awayfur furthest away from the border usually have the wrong impression also. >> i live where there are a lot of warm embraces but let's talk about trump saying he's coming despite great danger. i don't really know what he was talking about. he was asked that but he wouldn't answer what the great
6:51 am
danger is. i don't know is the great danger the fact that laredo is a city 95-plus percent latino was it i was trying to ask him a question? is that the danger he fears? because one in laredo finds a very safe environment. however, congressman, while we've been here in the morning, we saw two people cross the border through the river into lare derks o laredo. they were tackled by officials right here. what can and should be done to control this country's borders? >> first of all, i do believe that by having the additional not only personnel -- we got over 18,500 border patrol on the southern border -- i think we need to have more electronics, more surveillance. i don't believe in a wall. a wall is a 14th century solution to a 21st century problem. you've been on the border. you tell me how you're going to
6:52 am
be able to put a wall along that area. and by the way, for the ones that believe in private property rights, who wants to give that land away to the government by putting a wall there? so again, there are ways to secure the border. i want to secure the border but it's not putting up a wall. i actually want to see more bridges. every day you see more than $1.3 billion of trade between the u.s. and mexico. laredo actually has 40% of all the trade between u.s. and mexico and if you see the trailers, we have about 12,000 trailers a day crossing the border so great economic activity down there where you're at. >> no doubt about it but the fact is there are people that are crossing this border and they do so frequently throughout the day and throughout the night. congressman, i will tell you something that is dangerous about laredo and that maybe mr. trump fears. they make some killer cognitas
6:53 am
here so if you have them in laredo you won't want them anywhere else. so it is dangerous on that front. >> i think it's the jalapenos he's afraid of. >> maybe. we have more on the shooting in the lafayette, louisiana movie theater. acts of heroism emerge after the tragedy. more on that after "the rundown" comes back. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement,
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6:56 am
we have much more on the tragedy in louisiana coming up on "the rundown." three people dead. new details about the gunman still unfolding. meanwhile, in colorado the penalty phase continues for james holmes. james holmes shot and killed 12 people in a movie theater this
6:57 am
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7:00 am
hi everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts in for jose diaz-balart. we have more on the deadly movie theater shooting in lafayette, louisiana. a look at the gunman released. police identifying him in the last hour as john russell hauser. he shot and killed two people and injured eight others. >> he's 59 years of age. he's previously resided in the state of alabama. he's kind of a drifter. he's been in lafayette since early july as far as we can tell. he was staying at a local motel on university avenue. we served a search warrant on that motel room at about 4:30
7:01 am
this morning. he was driving a 1995 blue lincoln continental. we found wigs and glasses and disguises, basically, in his room. his vehicle had a switched license tag on it. it was parked right outside an exit door of the theater. it is apparent that he was intent on shooting and then escaping. what happened is, the quick law enforcement response forced him back into the theater, at which time he shot himself. no devices were found in his vehicle. no devices were found in the theater. as far as we know one one .40-caliber handgun is involved. that weapon has been recovered. it appears that at least 13
7:02 am
rounds were fired during the time he was in the theater discharging a weapon. our victims are macey, white female, 28 years of age. she died on scene. jillian johnson, a white female 33 years of age, died at the hospital. of the nine victims that were hospitalized two have been released, one victim remains in critical condition. the quick response by law enforcement is believed to have prevented further deaths. >> a lot of detail there from police examine it wasand it was in the last hour i spoke to randy mann whose daughter was inside that theater when the gunman started opening fire. >> she's doing pretty well. she made a comment to me this morning she's just glad the shooter didn't hit one of the theaters that had the children's
7:03 am
movies playing because she wouldn't have wanted the children to witness that. that's her way of coping and dealing with this tragic situation. >> joining me on the phone right now is landry berry who was at the theater last night seeing a different movie. landry, what happened when you realized the fire alarm was going off. what initially went through your mind? >> what went through my mind was a memory of a similar situation. the situation ended up being more serious than ever. i was not thinking it was a shooting. my friend and i stepped out and seen a lady on the ground who was hurt on the leg, and she was being rescued and is said be careful, someone inside is shooting.
7:04 am
we realized this was a threatening situation, we have to get out of there. thank god the police were already on the scene. everybody was going in every kind of way, going inside outside, everybody was really kind of -- everybody was disturbed about the situation, and basically this is the minimum i can say right now. >> landry how hectic was it when people were leaving the movie theater as the fire alarm was going off? were people thinking maybe this was a false alarm? >> exactly. because lafayette is a pretty small city nobody was expecting attacks on that city. so people were kind of relaxed and going slow going out. people were not just running out of the movie theater, everything
7:05 am
was, okay maybe it was just a fire or maybe something really really minor. we got out and the police were already there. we could hear some shots and we saw people on the ground that were hurt. there were many people just trying to be helped by rescue and the police officers. >> how crowded was the scene in the parking lot not just behind the police presence but by the amount of people that were flooding out from inside the theater? how many people would you say were there? >> oh there was a maximum of 50 people on that side. it was not crowded. even the room i was in was not that crowded. they were probably around 30
7:06 am
35. >> did you go out a theater exit or did you depart from the main lobby of the theater? >> luckily i just did the emergency exit. i did not move for the lobby. many people went for the lobby, and i'm really thankful. skblz >> landry, thanks for your time. we appreciate your insight and especially that you are okay. thank you. >> thank you very much. also this hour we're getting reaction from former congressman gabby giffords gabby giffords being a shooting victim herself, and she released a statement with husband and former astronaut mark kelly. in it, it reads, we wish we could say what happened in lafayette is unthinkable.
7:07 am
but it is not. here we go once again talking about a mass shooting, this time if a movie theater. we are reminded of what happened in aurora. right now we're going through the penalty phase for james holmes being convicted for what he did three years ago. the shooter i.d. is this 59-year-old drifter. law enforcement describing him as someone who was living in a motel but had an i.d. from alabama, was able to fire off 13 rounds of a semi-automatic handgun. he had an unspecified criminal history. how come this stands out as so odd? because he doesn't fit the profile for people we typically discuss. >> right. well, this guy is probably just living on the edge of financial society, apparently. if you looked back at what's been reported in the media, some bankruptcies, he doesn't seem to have any money, he's a drifter. there's no known employment at the moment. he's living in a motel 6 in lafayette, louisiana.
7:08 am
he switched the tag on his car, he's got a wig and glasses in his motel room. i would not be surprised at all that detectives uncover that this guy has committed some armed robberies in the area to get some money. there could have been more of that planned as well. is reporting that he sent out a tweet in 2013 supporting the westborough baptist church which is a known hate group from kansas who puts out some vile stuff about gay americans. so this is a guy living on the edge of financial society, maybe involved in at least some hate talk at some point, and, you know, he's surviving maybe by some robberies. the wig and the glasses and the changed tag are very telling here. was this just to get away with mass murder or are some other things going on? >> they've apparently identified
7:09 am
that tweet, but as we get to that scenario it's all too familiar where the gunman takes on an assault target and killing several people before taking his own life. we look at gabby giffords who was assaulted in tucson we have the theater shooting in aurora james holmes convicted of that and in the penalty phase, we have the five military members in chattanooga and now lafayette. and the president would like to think we could have a conversation about common sense gun control in the country. where do you think we can pick that up? can that conversation be had? >> well it should be had by the american people. i'm afraid that a lot of the politicians let us down on the things we need to do.
7:10 am
if we go back in the gun laws we had stronger gun laws from '68 to '86 for almost 20 years. the gun laws were stronger after the assassinations of jfk. those things were backed down. the lafayette shooter, he could not have bought that shotgun the way the laws were between 1968 and 1986 because he had a texas license in virginia. but he could have gotten a gun in texas. he was known as kind of an oddball in texas, and if someone had seen him walking across the parking lot with a shotgun, somebody may have reported him. so to say guns have to be purchased in your home state did
7:11 am
not affect the law of human rights. you could still buy guns you had to present your i.d. and all that, but you had to do it in your home state. we rolled that back so it's very bizarre, anybody can get a gun. it's pretty simple we're flush with them. that's something we need is brazen politicians to look at it. the american people are at least willing to have reasonable background checks and reasonable gun laws that don't interrupt their gun rights. we have to have tougher laws and we shouldn't have to learn that lesson again. we can go back to each instance. we can find something we should change and we have to learn a lesson and fix it. >> hindsight will always be 20/20, but when is enough enough? we have new details now from the scene of the theater at last night's mass shooting. john good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
7:12 am
thomas. we're learning a lot more details about the shooter, about what he did last night. we're told by investigators that apparently the only reason the shooter stopped was to reload. he stepped out of the theater, ejected one magazine and reloaded. but in that time these women, the teacher who had been shot was able to get up and pull the fire alarm which just emptied that theater out and made them save more lives. we're also learning more about the shooter john russell hauser known as rusty, estranged from his family. according to investigators, he was having money problems. he actually reached out to his mother for money, and she said she sent it to him. they're also trying to figure out how he got that gun in that motel motel room was a gun.
7:13 am
we're learning more about how that purchase was made. macey macey breaux jillian johnson who died at the hospital. the one other question they simply don't know. from everything they've seen in the hotel room everything they've seen in her car is why he did this. they can't find anything that would suggest a motive yet. >> mayci breaux the sister is going to join me soon. breaking news continues. new details we're hearing just unfolding this hour. meanwhile, we have president obama just hours before yesterday's shooting expressing in a new interview frustration
7:14 am
about gun laws. he's on his way to kenya. we'll take you there live when "the rundown" comes back. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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7:17 am
welcome back to "the rundown." right now president obama is in the air enroute to kenya. it is his first visit to the african nation as president. his last trip was in 2006 as senator obama. a lot has happened back home since the president took off from andrews air force base last night. chris jansing joins me from nairobi with more. we know the president was briefed on the louisiana shooting. what was his reaction? >> lisa monaco his counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, briefed him, and clearly there's been a level of frustration within the white house about the shootings, and
7:18 am
you heard the president yesterday in an interview with the bbc saying nothing had frustrated him more than his inability to get through any kind of meaningful or any gun control legislation. i can tell you as someone who has covered virtually every mass shooting since columbine up and through charleston i never saw so much belief that something could change as i did after newtown. and we saw very up close and personal in the president the level of frustration, but i think these series of shootings we've seen just over the last several weeks have given this administration new impetus to see what can possibly be done. although i can tell you that in private conversations with senior administration officials before this shooting, there wasn't a lot of optimism given everything else that's on the plate and how strong the forces against any kind of legislation are. thomas? >> meanwhile, interestingly, the president gave an interview last
7:19 am
night to the bbc, and this was before the shooting but he came out with a very strong opinion about gun control. i just want to play a piece of that for everybody. >> the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws. even in the face of repeated mass killings. >> so chris, two things. do you think the president will be addressing this obviously taking questions about the situation in louisiana, and also maybe taking questions about any news that might spring from the president's visit there, the first time coming back to that country as president? >> reporter: yeah, you ask a very good question. air force i is scheduled to touch down here in nairobi at about 1:20 and there isn't anything formal scheduled, remarks are not scheduled. but we've seen it before with the president when he travels, and sometimes it's just walking
7:20 am
across the white house lawn after marine i lands, he may come here and make a comment. we don't know that. there is a lot of presence here in kenya. this is his homeland. there is a summit he'll be co-hosting with the president here there will be a lot of talk about counter-terrorism. he is traveling with 20 members of congress for whom a lot of these counter-terrorist members, agenda items are coming up and particularly as it relates here to al shabaab. and he's going to talk about human rights of the lgbt. he said some strong things about giving equal rights to lgbt and he got a tremendous amount of pushback. again, senior officials tell me he will raise it again. it will be interesting to see how he does it and how publicly he does it so we'll have to
7:21 am
wait and see. nothing scheduled today except the landing. we'll have to wait and see if he decides to make any comments. but tomorrow he does have a very full day beginning with this conference for entrepreneurs, thomas, and then we'll have an opportunity to hear from him. >> chris jansing is traveling with the president in nairobi, kenya. chris, thanks so much. coming up next we have more breaking news on the political front that we are tracking a potential criminal investigation and former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail. we'll also head to the mexican border with our own jose diaz-balart, the latest to get a tongue lashing from gop candidate donald trump. >> that's a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. they take a half a sentence -- they take half a sentence -- by the way, they take half a sentence, then they take a quarter of a sentence and put it all together. it's a difficult thing, and you at telemundo should be ashamed.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
back now to our coverage out of lafayette, louisiana and i want to bring in the head of the louisiana state police. colonel, thanks for joining me and bring us up to speed on the latest in the investigation, especially now that we have the identity of the shooter. what more do we know about a potential motive? >> right now we're trying to put that together. this is about taking the pieces of the puzzle and trying to figure out what happened. why lafayette, why the middle of this neighborhood why this particular theater just a stone's throw from the university of louisiana lafayette. why did he have wigs in his room, glasses? why did he have tags with switched plates? why were his keys left on the tire of the car? why did he tryn't he try to get out
7:26 am
of the theater as police were arriving? we're going to talk to his mom. he reportedly sent him cash when he asked for it. i've got dna and crime scene inside the theater, still, trying to locate each one of those casings of those 13 shots that were fired, trying to put some motive as to why he was sitting where he was sitting, bought a ticket to a specific movie, shot in this general location. all of those things i think, are important because two human beings lost their lives and the shooter. these were two beautiful young ladies. why did it happen? i think we owe it to the family for closure, and we're trying to figure out why this happened. we're working with local stores with footage trying to figure out why he was in there, why he had the gun, the gun box itself that was still in the hotel room. i think these are all critical
7:27 am
pieces of this puzzle that detectives will certainly try to work with. the police officer on the scene in less than a minute. those two heroic teachers making that decision to pull that alarm, that was important to us. now we have to put it all together. we're talking to family members as we speak in this area of phoenix city alabama. the fbi is working very closely with us and fusion centers working with us in louisiana. we have to take every little bit we can to try to find a moefshtive. that seems to be the difficult part right now. there is no rhyme or reason why he's here and why he picked lafayette. >> it makes no sense why he took those two young lives, 32-year-old jillian johnson and 21-year-old mayci breaux. her sister is going to talk with
7:28 am
me later today. >> i'm looking at the lives of these two individuals. it's sad. we have to find closure for those families. >> unspecified criminal background specified criminal background? what do you know about that? >> some arrests were made in the 1980s, so they're dated. arson was one for buying and selling alcohol for a minor. nothing that would have said okay, let's put him in this location. no medication that would lead us into a different direction. we know he was a blogger. he made comments on social media with different things happening around the country, around the world. he commented on that. but nothing in any of that and we're searching everything. nothing on the internet we found so far that would tell us why he did this. but 58 years old -- i'm 56. this is a normal individual. that's what it seems like. but something caused him to do
7:29 am
this something caused a motive. this was certainly planned. why did he have a gun on him? why did he buy it? why were there wigs and glasses? why this particular shooter and why were those people shot? >> when we talk about premeditation premeditation, proof that goes into this when you found the wigs and the glasses, those were found inside his motel room or in his vehicle? >> no they were in the motel room. he had some cds in the backseat nothing really in the trunk. we didn't know because the dog actually found a package. that caused a little bit of panic last night. we saint roent a robot in there and it didn't explode. nothing on that. the dogs hit the movie theater and that took a little more time. outstanding work by the lafayette police department. chief jim kraft and his men.
7:30 am
we're here to support them and hopefully we can put this all together and find a motive as to why this happened. >> state police there, thank you so much. i appreciate that. we're going to shift gears and go back to laredo texas now. my colleague jose diaz-balart is on location there now. jose is at the u.s.-mexico border and that's where donald trump wrapped up his speech there. jose? >> a lot of people heard mr. trump talking about people who crossed the border illegally, calling them rapists and murderers, and causing a lot of commotion. he addressed that head on. >> the reason i went with the hispanic vote is because they know i'll take jobs back from china, i'll take jobs back from japan and every other country that's killing us i'll bring the jobs back and you know the hispanics are going to get those jobs and they're going to love trump and they already do.
7:31 am
[ inaudible question ] >> the press misinterprets my words. >> joining us now, president and ceo of the national council of la casa. jen, thank you for being with me today. >> thank you. it's a pleasure being with you today. >> tell me about the reaction you feel to mr. trump's statements, those he made when he announced he was running for president and now those that he made here yesterday. >> well it's just more of the same. he's doubling down on what are clearly racist comments. when he made his presidential announcement he ascribed terms as rapists, murderers, drug dealers to one set of people. when you do that and you do that to demonize and denigrate them and stereotype them that is by definition racism. and you don't have to take my
7:32 am
word for it. the anti-defamation league is the leading organization that is an expert on what is racism and for him to not apologize or to clarify what he meant is highly offensive to latinos in this country, and particularly to mexicans and mexican-americans in this country. and as a mexican-american i was insulted and offended by his comments, but i wasn't the only one. >> janet, putting aside the fact that that was part of the question that i was starting to ask him when he decided to cut off any conversation putting aside false bravado and issues that don't really relate to the conversation at hand one of the issues that i think is important we talked about, and trump is
7:33 am
talking about it however, the way he says it is kind of diverting from a very real question. janet, this morning right here we saw two men swim through the river and run past us. they were tackled by officials. that was as we were setting up camp. there are some people right now on the other side of the river that may or may not be waiting to cross. the fact is there are parts of this country that are poor. people fear the possibility that the border is not controlled. that conversation is not really going anywhere on capitol hill or anywhere else. >> well that's right, and a lot of it is the way that trump is talking about this. he's not talking substantivedly about the need to fix our broken system the way everybody acknowledges, he's basically talking about division and creating misconceptions about a certain group of people.
7:34 am
and that is what's highly offensive and insulting. jose you're right. we do have a broken immigration system and we ought to be talking very seriously and substantively. but what i noticed in that press conference with donald trump yesterday is he did not want to answer in any substantive way specific questions about how to fix our broken immigration system. and i think until he can get into more substantive responses and specificity, no one is going to take that as seriously as it should be taken, and certainly congress seems to be ignoring the opportunity that they have to address a comprehensive approach to bringing this up. >> well that was certainly what i was trying to do yesterday, and i'm sure in future meetings with mr. trump, i will give him that same opportunity and hopefully we can continue to have a conversation on substance and not bravado. janet mira thanks for being
7:35 am
with me. nice to see you. >> thanks jose. now to a potentially major story from hillary clinton. this morning the justice department is being asked to open a criminal investigation in clinton's personal use of e-mail during her time as secretary of state. it's not clear if mrs. clinton herself is a target of what could eventually be a d.o.g. investigation. but they're asking for a probe if information was mishandled. alex, good morning. what more can you tell us? >> it was another late night at the clinton campaign responding to another bombshell investigation alleging use of her private e-mail account. this one, the inspector general and the intelligence committee asking to open a criminal investigation into potentially classified documents on the e-mail server. i want to read you a statement from chris merrill of msnbc.
7:36 am
he said, contrary to the initial story that already has been significantly revised, she followed appropriate practices in dealing with classified materials. as has been reported on multiple occasions, any released e-mails deemed classified by the administration have been done so after the fact and not at the time they were transmitted. so there is a question whether it's hillary clinton or someone later in the process, perhaps when the state department was releasing these e-mails to the public, the department of justice confirmed the investigation but not how to proceed, and just moments ago we got a statement from elijah cumming, who is the democrat who is the top democrat on the benghazi committee, and he says that just yesterday he spoke to the state department inspector general who said there was no criminal investigation requested and that the investigation is on that process wantnot on clinton
7:37 am
herself. so is it about the investigation or is it unrelated? >> thank you very much. coming up it's the scene we watched before just three years ago. this month shooter james holmes opened fire in a theater in aurora colorado killing 12 people and injuring 70. we're now in the death penalty phase of the case against him. new this morning, investigators trying to find a motive behind an eerily similar case out of lafayette, louisiana, a murder again a senseless act of tragedy in our country. we'll talk more about that when "the rundown" comes back.
7:38 am
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7:40 am
♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. breaking news right here on msnbc where we're following new details after a deadly shooting in a crowded movie theater in lafayette, louisiana, authorities i.d.-ing the gunman as 59-year-old douglas russell
7:41 am
hauser. ees being he's being described as a drifter. he fired off 13 rounds two people killed nine others injured. hauser then killed himself not long after officers arrived on the scene. of the nine injured, two have been released from the hospital and one remains in critical condition. one community in this country that understands what lafayette is going through all too well is the city of aurora colorado. three years ago this month, james holmes walked into a crowded movie theater in the denver suburb opening fire. 12 people were killed 70 others were injured. the jury found holmes guilty of murder last week and now the penalty phase of his trial is under way with prosecutors seeking the death penalty. msnbc's scott cohen is outside the courthouse in centennial colorado, and scott, obviously there has to be a reaction in the community there to this recent tragedy in lafayette. >> reporter: absolutely thomas and you need to look no further than sandy phillips who lost her daughter in the massacre three years ago this week.
7:42 am
she was tweeting about the louisiana shooting following it in realtime last night. theater shooting last night in louisiana, numbers of injured unknown. here we go america, she tweeted. this is freedom? and later ptsd tweeted, post-traumatic stress disorder in high gear after the shooting in louisiana. this is horrendous. when will people say enough? she has been in the courtroom throughout, and it will be interesting to see whether this has any impact on jurors who certainly aren't reading anything about the aurora shooting but may be exposed to this and certainly, as you said, the community is talking about it very much so. >> scott, bring us to the reality of the courtroom. where are we in the penalty phase for james holmes now? >> reporter: right it's a three-step process in order for the jury to order the death penalty for james holmes. the first step they cleared yesterday saying that there were indeed aggravating factors in the mass shootings three years ago. now they moved to what's called
7:43 am
mitigation, and this is really the heart of the defense, the effort to save holmes' life. the defense began putting on witnesses yesterday, really a parade of people from his past former piano teacher, high schoolteacher, friends talking about holmes a boy they knew as jimmy, who was a bright kid and eventually became more and more distant, more and more difficult to know. but the prosecution jumping in multiple times saying you haven't seen this person in years, certainly not before the mass shootings three years ago. so this in an apparent attempt to put a human face on holmes but the defense here has a tough hill to climb. >> msnbc's scott cohen reporting for us in centennial colorado. thanks so much scott. coming up next we'll follow more of the breaking details about the shooting in louisiana. three people shot one of which was the gunman. more details in the hour ahead, but there is a heroic story of
7:44 am
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good morning, everybody. we're bringing you new details on that mass shooting in a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana. secretary of state john kerry trying to sell the new nuclear deal. he spent yesterday selling the deal at a senate hearing and it faces more scrutiny at a house hearing next week. in an exclusive interview with matt lauer today, kerry said it's the best the white house can get with an untrust worthy adversary. ears more on that interview. >> something people forget is iran has cheated in the past. >> sure. >> they've violated international law and i don't know if there's anybody that trusts them. >> there is no trust. this is not based on trust. that's important to understand.
7:48 am
everything in this agreement is verifiable. it is a process by which we'll know what they're doing, and if we don't know what they're doing, we have all the options available to us. >> joining me now is msnbc contributor and editor at large, steve clemens. good to see you. i want to get your reaction to what we just heard. how important is it we use the word verification as opposed to the word trust in our relationship with iran. >> i think during the height of the cold war with the soviet union, trust was not part of the package. it was always verification, it was always doubt, it was always lots of layered efforts from different corners to make sure the soviets in that case were staying on track, and i think exactly the same thing will be true with iran. >> so steve, how do we sell that and listen to how it's being sold without thinking that it's an attitude of failure that leads into it? because we're not dealing with somebody that we consider to be an honest broker. >> because i think there are a
7:49 am
lot of factors. a lot of critics of the deal have said iran's basic character is such that you can do no deal with it whatsoever. that track leads us to iran with a nuclear bomb with a nuclear shield, able to hide behind it as it engages in other nefarious activities around the world. or this may be an influx of people from iran that is so upset with the course of their government, elected in place a moderate with president rouhani who brought in a guy that had been run off the course underground and bought jivad jivad zarif back so you have pot terrible that perhaps iran is considering a different set or course which could be completely different for the world. so it's a gamble but we're not going to gamble with iran having a nuclear weapon. so i think that issue, you have potentially an untrustworthy ally, we're not quite sure but
7:50 am
it's far better to have one where you've preempted their ambition with a nuclear weapon. we're forced to do two things with iran. either we accept iran with a nuclear weapon that becomes a vital feature in the world, or you basically go to war and we remove that nuclear weapon from iran. and those are two bleak choices. >> congress has 60 days to review the deal with iran. we'll see where it goes. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead right here on "the rundown," tragedy last night in lafayette, louisiana. we have two people killed inside a movie theater, the shooter taking his own life. we will learn about the acts of her oeism her heroism that emerged inside that theater when we come back. they don't need me right now.
7:51 am
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come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ welcome back to "the rundown," everybody. it has been a fluent morning of breaking news events after that tragic shooting at a louisiana
7:54 am
theater, but we're also learning new details about what's being described as an act of heroism. what a tremendous story, alex. >> it is. we are getting a tremendous story of mayci breaux and jena meaux. 20 minutes into the movie, gunfire erupts and that is when one of the teachers jumped in front of the other, possibly saifrg saving her life. despite being shot in the leg, the other teacher was able to make it to the fire alarm and pull it alerting other movie goers throughout the building. >> her friend literally jumped over her, and in her account, actually saved her life. if she hadn't done that the fellow teacher got shot that bullet would have hit her in the head. both teachers ended up shot. the second one, the one whose
7:55 am
life was saved, even though she was shot in the leg, she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm in order to save other lives. >> in just the last hour one of the theater goers said the movie at the time of the attack spoke about the teachers. jayden jayden broussard was watching another movie when the action erupted. ears here's what he had to say about the teachers. >> she really saved our lives. that man could have come in our theater, and she really saved our lives last night. >> this morning both teachers are being treated in a local hospital. this is likely one of the first of many stories we're going to hear. >> it's one we would all like to think if we were in that position, we would have presence of mind to do the same thing. alex, thank you very much. much appreciated. that's going to wrap up this edition of "the rundown." i'm thomas roberts in for jose.
7:56 am
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right now on "news nation," breaking news. we now know the identity of the gunman who killed two people and then took his own life inside a louisiana movie theater. we're live on the scene. i will also talk live with the parents who lost a child in at roar a movie theater shooting and get their reaction to this latest tragedy. plus will the department of justice investigate hillary clinton's private e-mail account. they call for an investigation this morning. today sandra bland's full autopsy and toxicology results will be released. plus the new shocking claim from authorities in texas. i'll talk live with sandra bland's sister. i'm tamron hall. police have now identified 59-year-old john russel houser
8:00 am
as the gunman who opened fire last night in a crowded theater in lafayette, louisiana, killing two people and wounding nine others before taking his own life. police say houser has passed relatively minor criminal offenses. >> he previously resided in the state of alabama. he's kind of a drifter. he's been in lafayette since early july as far as we can tell. he was staying at a local motel. we found wigs and glasses and disguises, basically, in his room. his vehicle had a switched license tag on it. it was parked right outside an exit door of the theater. it is apparent that he was intent on shooting and then escaping. what happened is the quick law enforcement response forced him back into the


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