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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bland's sister. i'm tamron hall. police have now identified 59-year-old john russel houser as the gunman who opened fire last night in a crowded theater in lafayette, louisiana, killing two people and wounding nine others before taking his own life. police say houser has passed relatively minor criminal offenses. >> he previously resided in the state of alabama. he's kind of a drifter. he's been in lafayette since early july as far as we can tell. he was staying at a local motel. we found wigs and glasses and disguises, basically, in his room. his vehicle had a switched license tag on it. it was parked right outside an exit door of the theater. it is apparent that he was intent on shooting and then escaping. what happened is the quick law enforcement response forced him back into the theater, at which
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time he shot himself. >> police say they don't have a motive for the shooting this morning. they also identified the two people who were killed 21-year-old mayci breaux and 32-year-old jillian johnson. the gunman stood up about 20 minutes into the movie "trainwreck," pulled out a gun and started firing. about 80 people were inside that theater at the time. all of this coming three years and three days after the movie theater massacre in aurora colorado. a witness described the chaos last night in louisiana. >> i lot of the people thought it was part of the movie at first because there was a little pause between the first and the second one, but as soon as the second one happened i mean it was like panic. everybody climbing over seats and running. >> governor bobby jindal praised
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two teachers saying they performed what he called an act of heroism, shielding the other one from the gunfire and then pulling the fire alarm. >> as they were getting ready to start cool again, one teacher jumped over the other one to save her life. she feels a bullet would have hit her in the head if the teacher hadn't jumped over her. then after being shot in the leg, she had the presence to go pull the fire alarm. >> we're joined live at the shooting scene in lafayette, louisiana. set the stage now about what happened there and what we've learned about this gunman. >> reporter: what's happening right now is it's a moment in chaos frozen in time. the investigating agencies including the crime scene techess,
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are right now inside the theater and they're analyzing what is a debris field. when the chaos began initially some people in the theater thought they were hearing gunfire that they thought, is that part of the movie? but very quickly realized as the chaos and shooting continued that people were scrambling. inside the area there are pools of blood, cell phones keys a mess as everyone scrambled to get out. so authorities right now are looking at the scene, taking crime scene photographs and sort of charting everything that took place inside. we understand that they may have some video. i'm not sure if it was video from inside the theater or video at the ticket window where people come and go but if it's video inside the theater, that of course will give them a much better idea of what took place. as you noted, there are the victims. among the victims is 21-year-old mayci breaux. i came from her house a few minutes ago. i went there to see if her
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boyfriend wanted to talk. he was not home but their neighbor said they are asking for some privacy right now. they are devastated as is everybody in the neighborhood right there, in fact just finding out that one of the two victims was 21-year-old mayci. a coworker said nothing prepares you for the loss especially the loss of such an amazing young woman. jillian johnson's family also put out a statement, our hearts are shattered. we will love you forever. she was a once in a lifetime gal. mother, daughter sister and a truly exceptional wife. she was an artist and trooper and a true renaissance woman. the real question at this point is why, and there is no answer. why did john russel houser 59 years old described as a drifter, enter a theater, pull a gun and begin shooting? he's from phoenix city alabama, and so the authorities here are
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in touch with the authorities there now to see what they can find out. as you noted, he does have a record, but mostly petty sort of offenses with law enforcement between here and his hometown of alabama. back to you. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it. as i mentioned, a lot of the focus is understanding who this gunman s but of course it is about those people who lost their lives and those who were injured inside. you can imagine the chaos playing out, so many people saying what they heard in the theater they thought were scenes from a movie. instead it was real life and a tragedy again happening in a crowded movie theater. joining me live from the scene of this shooting jacob broussard. he and his twin brother were actually in the theater across the hall when the attack took place. jacob, thank you so much for joining us. first, tell me what you heard last night. >> well last night we were
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probably about five to ten minutes into our movie, and all of a sudden the sirens go off inside telling us to evacuate the building as fast as we can. we walk around and get outside the building and immediately there was several cop cars several cops barging through the front door with large assault rifles. we walked around and in the front of the building there was a woman laying down. she had already been shot in her leg, and she was bleeding. it was a crazy scene. people were really in disbelief throughout the whole thing and not really everybody knew what was going on. it was really unreal. >> i've heard people like yourself say, because it's a movie theater and a lot of films that are playing right now are action films, when you heard the gunfire, you thought that you know it must be a movie, this can't be really happening. >> yes, ma'am, exactly. and it was -- in our movie, we definitely heard some loud sounds. we didn't think anything of it
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and it's crazy that it was that and it's a real experience. it's a real experience. >> i know a lot of people including your family has expressed gratitude for the teacher who apparently pulled that fire alarm and alerted people of the danger that was happening inside the theater. >> yes, ma'am. if she wouldn't have pulled that alarm, i don't think many people in our theater would be here either. i don't know if i would be standing here talking to you right now. the fact that she did that it really makes her a true hero and she saved a lot of lives a lot of lives. my condolences go out to the two victims. >> was it the siren that told you to get out of the movie theater? is that what told you something was wrong? >> as soon as the alarm went off, the lights went on and everybody got out immediately. nobody really knew what was
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going on until we saw the cop cars, police barging through the front door and that's when we figured out this is a serious situation. >> i know your father expressed gratitude to that teacher who pulled the fire alarm, laerting you and so many others inside. jacob, we really appreciate you joining us. i know that your nerves and your emotions have to still be frayed. it's absolutely terrifying to have this happen. thank you very much jacob. >> thank you. just hours ago before the shooting, president obama admitted that his greatest frustration as president is his failure to pass quote, common sense gun safety laws. the president actually spoke in an interview, again, before this incident in louisiana with bbc. >> if you ask me where has been the one area where i feel that i've been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do
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not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings. for us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing, but it is not something that i intend to stop working on in the next 18 months. >> as we mentioned, last night's attack came three years after james holmes shot and killed 12 people and wounded 70 others in a movie theater in aurora colorado. the penalty phase of holmes' trial is still in progress. the jury who convicted him of murder and other crimes decided just yesterday that the death penalty is still on the table. and joining me now from denver colorado sandy and lonnie fill phillips whose daughter jessica was among those killed in aurora. let me express my heartfelt condolences to you three years without your child.
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we appreciate you joining us today. >> thank you, tamron. >> let me get your reaction when you heard of the news in the theater in this country and someone who opened fire on people enjoying an innocent night out as your daughter was doing. >> i was on twitter and facebook, catching up from the trial, and i had just posted a facebook feed on looking at my daughter's autopsy report yesterday and reading it and realizing that a bullet had put a 5-inch hole through her left eye and blew her brains out, and had just posted that and was getting a lot of feedback from it and then saw on my twitter account that there had been another theater shooting and you just shake your head and wonder how this can continue on in our country. >> lonnie you heard the president say that he continues
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to be frustrated but is not giving up on common sense gun reform safety laws. i know that you are part of the a lawsuit that was filed last year against the website where james holmes bought the ammunition and body armor and tear gas used to carry out his attack that took your child's life. when we see this argument over and over again, quite honestly people said after newtown, things would change after what happened in that theater things would change, but we're at a stalemate now. what do you believe can forward this conversation if not another shooting as we watched yesterday? >> well as soon as sandy told me there was another theater shooting, i was not shocked. it's de javu on a smaller scale. somebody who sold 6,000 rounds of ammunition who they didn't
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even check his driver's license, he could have been 13 years old for all they knew. all they cared about was profit. this is not a frivolous lawsuit. this is people trying to understand how we can't keep anyone in this country or anyone who comes to this country get weapons shipped to their house, they can walk out the door, go to any movie theater, church synagogue, anywhere they want to and open fire with high grade weapons. those should have some kind of restrictions. it's almost unbelievable that we can't get anything done in this country that can stop this insanity. we filed this lawsuit knowing the risks that we were going to take and think it's worth the risk, and we're still going to continue on to try to get this law changed on a legislative level. >> i think it's important to
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note that this was not a lawsuit for monetary damages at all. this was a lawsuit to ask them to please change the way they do business. we're in danger every day in america no matter where we go because these laws exist, and our on-line sales are out of control. we just don't want this to happen to anybody else yet it does every day, and it's heartbreaking. >> we lost that lawsuit, and there is a law in colorado that says if you sue an ammunition maker, then you're going to be responsible for their attorneys' fees, so we're on the hook for $200,000 right now which will drive us into bankruptcy. >> and this is after losing your daughter in this shooting. i think people would be stunned, mr. phillips to know that you are now responsible for $200,000 and your financial life is ruined as a result of you taking a stand for your daughter and
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the others involved. >> they've taken our daughter and now they want to take our worldly goods. i think that's a little much. >> sandy and lonnie phillips we appreciate you joining us. i want to consider the conversation with you, the financial situation you're in and your battle to continue to fight in the name of your daughter and others who have died in that tragedy in aurora. i really do want to talk to you and we'll consider this conversation on this lawsuit and what's happened to you financially as a result of it. i hope you come back. >> of course. happy to. coming up sandra bland's full autopsy and toxicology report will be released today, this as the family prepares for her funeral, up next. i'll get new reaction from sandra bland's sister. also next donald trump's campaign is going back to iowa this weekend coming just days after the state's largest paper called him a side show and urged him to drop out of the race. what will this weekend be like? join our conversation on line. you can find the team at twitter on "news nation," and you can
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we are back in new developments in the situation surrounding sandra bland's death. autopsy results and toxicology results are expected to be released today. the waller county district attorney's office says they want to confirm how much marijuana bland may have smoked or swallowed, and if it was before or after she was arrested. now, the assistant d.a. yesterday defended why they believe this information is even relevant. >> it is a mind-altering substance and a mood amplifier as i indicated previously, so any ideations or thoughts amplified by a person who smokes
8:19 am
marijuana could be relevant. >> the assistant d.a. says the autopsy supports the initial ruling of suicide. they said it shows no evidence of a violent struggle but did find injuries to bland's arms including marks that suggest she cut herself from two to four weeks ago, and lacerations on her wrists likely from handcuffs. that is according to the prosecutor. appearing last night, her mother talked about one of the final conversations she had with her daughter in which she expressed optimism. >> she had been applying for jobs all over the place. she and i just agreed that she was going to stick to going back to texas, she was going to also be working on her master's program. and she said mom, you know i know what my purpose is now. she says my purpose is to go back to texas and stop all the
8:20 am
injustice against blacks. that is what my daughter said. she and i were in the car. and that is what she was going to do. >> bland's body has been flown back to chicago. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. i'm joined now by sandra bland's sister sharon cooper and the family's attorney, canon lambert. thank you both for joining us on this eve when you will say goodbye to your sister. let's talk about this toxicology report that the assistant d.a. and the district attorney seemed to focus on so much. you heard their argument on why this is relevant. what is your response to the claim that if there was marijuana present, they want to examine her mood and whether or not her mood was altered because of this drug. is that even relevant to you at this point? >> absolutely not. i'll tell you a few things. i'm thrilled that they're finally releasing the autopsy report. i just would have loved to have seen it firsthand myself legal
8:21 am
counsel and my family. that would have been phenomenal. we've been publicly asking for it since we were informed of her death. when we receive it will be the first time you all receive it. i don't think there is any question about her state. there is nothing on that dash cam that states that she was in a different mood. i think she was very lucid, very much herself. >> canon, i think what many people are so disturbed about from the video of the initial contact, obviously, to the intake form authorities say was filled out by sandra. hearing sharon say that the family won't see the result of their loved one's autopsy before the public, that there's not been even that extension of courtesy here to this family in respect, this is both a legal question and how a family is treated in their time of grief here. >> well for me i just know
8:22 am
that from the very outset when i first met this family all they were looking to do was understand what happened so we've been continually asking for the autopsy. now, the trickling of information from the autopsy is a little troubling. we don't understand why it is they're looking to release information that speaks to the marijuana, but they don't want to give us everything. normally you give everything. >> why are we thelgthey telling you why it's being released publicly the trickle of information leading to her arrest? >> it's not just the autopsy, we want everything. i realize that there is a protocol, but we've met that protocol. we've asked for everything right at the outset. i think the relevance as you asked about is just like what sharon said. there is not any real relevance. we saw her on the dash cam.
8:23 am
the unfortunate thing is the dash cam caught the whole experience. we can glean from that that she was in lucid mind and was able to assert her rights and was able to ask for clarification why she was being asked to get out of the car. >> here we have canon, the d.a. saying that the autopsy concludes that the initial ruling of suicide is supported by this information. legally, canon, what happens next here as you represent this family? >> well the first thing is that i'm going to be with them as they lay her to rest. that's the most important thing right now. but the reality is when it comes to the legal aspect, when we talk about whether or not she had consumed marijuana in their jail and whether or not their policies and procedures are in place in order to make sure people are protected from others and themselves those are questions that we will be analyzing once we are provided all the information. >> and going back to what you pointed out, cannon there is at
8:24 am
least, and we'll know more here from the district attorney some implication that this marijuana was swallowed or smoked in jail. you say that you have a text message that was sent from the d.a. alton mat ishis, saying, looking at this autopsy report. it looks like she swallowed marijuana in jail. how was that possible? obviously any process means she would have been searched and anything on her person taken from her, so how would she smuggle in a large quantity of marijuana into that jail? have they answered that question? >> they haven't answered the question, and i think the real reality is there is no viability to that question. that speaks to the civil liability that they will be exposed to, and i think that there is some real concerns that i think they have regarding that situation. at the end of the day, this family wants to know all there
8:25 am
is to know about what happened. and wherever that leads us it leads us. and it may lead to accountability as it relates to the deal. >> sharon going back to your sister sandra and tomorrow her funeral. in the midst of all of this what do you want people to remember about her and what she meant to your family what will forever be missing from your family? >> i think for us the last -- it's only been about two weeks, and it feels more like two years because the outpouring of love and support from people worldwide in terms of what she stood for. she was very clear about the things that she believed in and i have to tell you in all of the discussions i've had over the course of the last two weeks, i've come full circle. i have become a sandy bland fan as well, i tell you. i already was, but i'm an even bigger fan because i was so
8:26 am
blessed to know and love her very the very very short 28 years that she was here. what she's done from a social media perspective in terms of reigniting the conversation around the possibility of police brutality and its impact on a community is astounding to me. it is just humbling. i'm beyond honored and one of the things that i'd like people to know is to just keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and i will never stop saying keep hash tagging, keep tweeting, keep posting posting, whether it's justice for sandy or what happened to sandy, because we are still at the precipice of this very situation, and there will be holidays coming up that we will be missing the physical person there, we will be missing the best thing about her, which is her awesome smile. >> we appreciate you joining us again, under these circumstances knowing what you will go through tomorrow, and thank you for your time cannon as well. thank you.
8:27 am
>> thank you. coming up the justice department is considering a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail account, but our first read team asks, is this the gop's holy grail? a live report is next. plus this -- >> black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter. >> presidential candidate and former maryland governor martin o'malley is now apologizing for those comments but did he really need to apologize? that is the "news nation" gut check for you this friday. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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8:31 am
already pushing back. at this point we don't know if clinton herself is the target of investigation or someone else in the state department. nbc's first read team says quote, either this could be the gop's holy grail in reshuffling the entire democratic race or it could be much ado about nothing, and that is a bureaucratic mistake. alex what are we hearing from hillary clinton's campaign at this point? >> there are still a lot of things we still don't have answers. the hillary clinton campaign is saying she did nothing wrong, she complied with all requests over using her e-mail account, and none of the information on her e-mail server was classified at the time. since then some of the information has been classified but they say at the time she did nothing wrong. what we do know is two inspectors general according to the "new york times," have referred to the department of justice a request for an investigation. the department has not said
8:32 am
whether they will follow through on that. but two big questions here. one, is hillary clinton the target of those potential investigations and two, is it the e-mails themselves or is it the way the state department went about releasing them to the public, which they've already started doing? depending on the answers to those two questions, hugely potential different consequences. if clinton is the target if the e-mails are the target that has the potential to completely change the 2016 contest, enormous consequences. if it's a bureaucratic issue, the state department accidentally releasing some classified information to the process. it's a much smaller issue, obviously. >> this morning secretary of state john kerry was on the "today" show. matt lauer asked him about this latest news. let's play his reaction. >> all i know is what i've read today, learned today, actually this morning. inspect or generals operate completely independently. that's why they were put there.
8:33 am
i don't know what the problem is with this at all. all i know is we have a teamworking extremely hard to get all the e-mails out as soon as possible. i can't wait until that happens, i'm sure hillary can't, either and i'm sure it will be cleared up with the final release as we get that done. but we're working very hard to get that done as fast as humanly possible. >> alex we know hillary clinton has an event in new york. i'm not sure she's going to comment further on this. >> that's the problem, even if this is much ado about nothing, there's no doubt it is a distraction. this speech today on wall street, on what she would do to rein in corporate unaccountability, she wants this to be the focus. she doesn't want to talk about her e-mails or it will not be a good day for hillary clinton. up next an update on the
8:34 am
breaking news we've been following out of louisiana and what police are saying about the 59-year-old gunman who opened fire in that crowded theater, killing two people and then taking his own life. coming up as well donald trump started the week upsetting some conservatives over his comments about senator john mccain. but in the end, on this friday looking back has donald trump won the week? that's next. lift, shift, ride, glide hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. we continue to follow the breaking news out of lafayette, louisiana. right now authorities are going through what they describe as quote, a horrific scene inside a movie theater where a gunman opened fire last night, killing two people ask woundnd wounding nine others before taking his own life. the gunman has been described this morning as 59-year-old john russel houser a man described by authorities as a drifter from alabama. police say he had been in lafayette since earlier this month and had a minor criminal
8:38 am
offense record. the associated press reports his wife and other family members asked for a temporary protective order against him back in 2008. his wife saying he has a history of mental issues. his former attorney also says houser tried to burn down his law office in georgia in the 1980s. police say they don't know his motive for the shooting. they say he initially tried to escape rush escape, rushing out of the theater with the fleeing crowd, but when confronted by police he went back inside and shot himself. he shot and killed 21-year-old may mayci breaux and 33-year-old jillian johnson. two others are critical the others have been released from the hospital. we may have an update very soon from authorities investigating that shooting. this weekend donald trump is heading back to iowa where he
8:39 am
will take part in a rally and picnic. his visit comes days after the state's largest newspaper asked him to drop hid bid in the gop nomination. it comes days after he made controversial statements about republican john mccain. the latest poll of the voters in iowa show he's second place behind scott walker of wisconsin. that's after the national poll showing he's leading all the candidates. trump just wrapped up his trip to the border of texas. he was greeted by protesters yesterday. he the local borders union backed out seeing him at the last minute. he talked about his plan to secure the border. >> laredo and areas like that it down in the valley that's the really big problem. when people want to come in they go down in the valley. uf to
8:40 am
you have to secure the borders. you could use combinations of walls, you could use fences you could use in some cases the river. in this case they have a river which is certainly helpful, but you have to do something to secure the border. we don't have a country without a border. without a border we just don't have a country. so everybody is in favor -- >> joining me now, michael temaski. michael, thank you so much for joining us. our own casey hunt was in laredo covering donald trump, and she talked about his visit with the mayor of laredo with him, a series of black cars following, traffic came to a halt for him. but when it came to that press conference, he talked exactly like he did in "morning joe" in broad strokes of how he would secure the border. >> he did, and as theater, it was pretty anticlimactic and pretty bad. i wasn't there, but in that hallway and cramped and there were no big banners up and he
8:41 am
was wearing that kind of goofy hat that was hiding his exuberant couffure. it's a reminder that politics you know, looks easy to people and they think it's a pretty simple thing, but like anything you have to have experience at it, you have to be good at it. he just wasn't playing to his, let's say, strengths. >> this morning if you watched "morning joe's" panel, there are a few people critical of donald trump, saying it might have paid off for him, having the mayor stand there with him. let's see what the mayor said about donald trump's visit yesterday. >> it's exciting to have donald trump. the excitement he brings is on the plus side for our city and we appreciate all the attention, but we know the attention cuts through primarily this gentleman here. >> he's applauding the
8:42 am
population of laredo which is approximately 95% latino the mayor also latino. showing him leading with that block of voters. >> how many cameras followed him down there? i'm sure dozens. any mayor of any city likes that kind of attention. to some degree it's negative attention because it's highlighting a problem we have there. i wasn't impressed, tamron but it doesn't matter what i think, it matters what the republican primary voters in iowa and new hampshire and elsewhere think, and they apparently are giving him still pretty good marks. >> in your column you said sorry, folks. trump ain't cooked yet. that was your headline and if you think about it sunday morning programs dominated with this idea that oh boy, the air has been let out of his campaign, donald trump was against the ropes, all the gop candidates going in on him about the john mccain remarks, and here he ends the week as if he's president in his own head. >> yeah, so i'm a pundit.
8:43 am
i win some and i lose some. i guess i got this one right. i didn't think mccain comments were going to hurt him very much, and it looks like they dinged him a little but not that much. his appeal is broad. it's surprisingly broad. he does well against people who call themselves republican moderates, he does well with people who call themselves conservatives -- >> and evan jell cal. i think people are surprised to hear that some of the folks supporting him are younger members of that party. when you think about stereotypes, and let's be honest here there are many that fear they will be losing their country. there are young people thinking the same thing. >> he's doing well with evan jell cals -- --evan--evangelicals too, which is surprising. but as long as he has the money, he isn't going any wrchlt.
8:44 am
>> michael, have a great weekend. we really appreciate it. next president obama touches down in kenya in just a couple hours. it's his first visit there since 2006. what the president is saying though about some gay rights activists in kenya who are threatening to protest. we're live in nairobi. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's a rear end event. year end, rear end check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for
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of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. he'll take part in a summit in nairobi. he may also face another issue. anti-gay activists are threatening to protest. the president was asked about that during his bbc interview yesterday. >> the president in kenya, you get to meet mr. ito. he said that we have heard in the u.s. they have allowed gay
8:48 am
relations and other dirty things. >> yeah. well i disagree with them on that, don't i? in my last trip to africa i was very blunt about my belief that everybody deserves fair treatment, equal treatment, in the eyes of the law and the state. >> nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing is traveling with the president. she joins us now live from nairobi, kenya. what else can you tell us about the president's visit? as we mentioned, perhaps some protest but a great amount of warmth directed as well. >> >> reporter: well, they are calling it obamamania tamron and we saw a little bit of it on our drive from the airport. they're actually calling it obamacare. they're planting bushes and their sweeping the streets, and they're painting fences and they want to put up this good fence for somebody that they consider a native son, that they don't call him an african-american, they call him a kenyan american because as you mentioned, this is his an
8:49 am
assess tractor-trailer ancestral homeland a place where his grandmother lived. but there is also serious business that's going to be going on as well. you mentioned the gay rights issue. he did put that in the headlines the last time he was on the african continent, and there have already been political leaders here who have warned him not to talk about it when he comes to kenya. even the head of the african union making a snide remark that he was going to propose to president obama when he had a chance to see him. but he has said he won't back up on that on human rights or on these economic development projects. he's been criticized somewhat for not doing more. there were great expectations when he was elected president for the change he could bring to the african content and this entrepreneurship summit is a part of that tamron. >> as we mentioned, the
8:50 am
president will land in a couple hours. chris jansing covering it for us. the power outage this morning at la guardia airport in new york that's and affecting airports throughout the country. plus this -- >> there really is another earth out there, earth 2.0. >> we'll have more of what scientists are saying about the new planet discovered. the earth 2.0. it is one of the stories we are updating around the "newsnation" 2.0.x jingle slowly and quietly plucks.] right on cue. [cat meows] [laughs] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with 100% complete and balanced nutrition and the taste, textures and variety cats love, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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welcome back. this afternoon the first funeral will be held for the five service members killed at two tennessee military recruitment centers last week. that tops our look at stories around "newsnation" this morning. staff sergeant david wyatt will be laid to rest today. he was one of the four marines, navy sailor shot and killed in chattanooga. funerals for the other service members will be held this weekend and early next week.
8:54 am
has been charged in the shootings. dramatic rescue in dallas or a car crashed in a motorcycle pinning the biker under that car. take a look. police tried to use a jack to lift the vehicle. when that didn't work officer, firefighters and bystanders lifted the car high enough so first responders could pull the biker from underneath. she was taken to the hospital. she did not suffer any major injuries. unbelievable. early morning power outages are causing major delays at new york's laguardia airport. according to flight aware, 55 delta flights delayed three hours. the airline says 119 flights actually canceled. construction caused the outage around 4:30 this morning. crews are working to restore the power still. and nasa says it found earth's cousin, they found it yesterday. the agency announced the discovered planet keppler 452-b
8:55 am
is similar to our own nasa has ever found, like earth it orbits the sun, temperature is the same as earth and it may have water. we're going to take you to a news conference developing out of louisiana. we're getting an update at the shooting in lafayette. let's listen. >> what the chief has been saying is the fact that it's not on ongoing threat. there's nothing to lead us that's any indication that he had any accomplice anybody is out there trying to do what he's doing or trying to follow up on him, whether he had any type of friends that would possibly do that. his mom had loaned him some money. he was going to get his life together, he told her. we're hearing all the different stuff about 2008. we saw on there that there was a restraining order put against him, his wife was fearful of him, his daughter was fearful of him. we we've got to put facts to that. just because it's written that it happened, those people actually said that. we've got to find that out and provide that information from a
8:56 am
perspective back to the police department where they can follow up. as we're sitting here chief kraft has investigators here in the lafayette area lake charles, around the state, fbi is in multiple states interviewing and talking to people every single thing that y'all provide us that the public provide us and what we've been able to locate on the media and the internet, we're putting those things together trying to find some type of closure. it's going to take a while. this is not a 100 yard dash. it's a marathon. we believe we've got to do every single thing because, you know what, it happened here for a reason. lafayette, louisiana, right near stone's throw from a major university right here in the middle of a neighborhood. we owe it to those families to find some type of closure and put those pieces together to give us answers. thank you for working with us. certainly -- >> this is the law enforcement aspect is one aspect that's critical of what's happening. but the healing aspect is
8:57 am
something else that's important for our community. as we look out upon you we thank you for spreading the word worldwide to let the people know about lafayette and how strong we are, how together we are, and how important it is that we come together. we've received literally tens of thousands of well wishes and people wanting to get a memorial under way right now. with little doubt that is going to happen. we respect our fallen loved ones and we respect those who are hurting we've had some folks who wanted to come here. we certainly ask that you not do that. we did receive some outreach from our lady of pastor father mike arusso who is making his church available just down the road for those who want to place flower or notes or well wishes to the family to help us continue the healing process. the law enforcement process is a marathon, the healing process is a marathon. but we're out of the blocks. we're out of the starting gate. we thank you for your help. please help us come together and to our community. thank you so much for respecting
8:58 am
this crime scene, for respecting your neighbors, and for respecting the job of these first responders. >> state representative terry landry. >> i want to applaud and congratulate and just commend how great a job the police department has done how the quick respond. these men and women are trained to do what they did. they did it magnificent. i think i'm in a position where i can evaluate and give a true evaluation, having been head of the state police and worked these guys. but i think it shouldn't go unnoted how the leadership and how these groups have worked to the. they are out of here to do a job, they do it very well. it is our job as legislature to close the loopholes in these gun laws. when a person that has a mental capacity or not mental stable getting access to gun and wreak havoc on our community it tells us we have to have a serious conversation, we have to have some serious repeals on some of these gun restrictions or lack of gun restrictions in our community. if not, we'll be meeting
8:59 am
somewhere another day, another time. >> any questions? >> chief, two questions. one, is there any more visibility of why he has any connection with louisiana or lafayette? and, two, can you tell us a little bit more about the magazines he had and how many where they were on his person or somewhere else in the theater, anything like that? >> we know he had at least one additional magazine which he dropped in the lobby. he reinserted, reloaded and returned back into the theater at which point we think he fired one additional round and that was into himself. regarding the information, we're just starting to receive now, now that we've publicized his you'dity and his picture, some local area businesses are calling to say we had interaction with this guy, we received a call from lake charles a while ago. so anything outside the city
9:00 am
state police is following up on and anything outside the state, fbi is dispatching, investigate investigatingers to those locations. 1078 people are not sure if it was a guy or not but they may have videos. that's another process with we have to go through with. and we're receiving information as quickly as our crime scene processors can get it to us but they have to be as i said very slow and deliberate and so that information is slow in coming. so now we really get into the nuts and bolts of an investigation and trying to put all the pieces together. and hopefully we get a picture of a more valid profile of who this guy is and why was he here. we know he had some contacts early on in the city with some businesses, but, you know nothing that would have


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